Windward Islands' opinion

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Windward Islands' opinion
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Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles
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completely irregular
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v. : ; 31 cm.


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periodical ( marcgt )


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v. 1- July 1, 1959-

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OPINION "i ••-.'. 'AlfOB T LABOR •UUTA r I H C T > *LOTE 4 LABOURCQ^Sa SATURDAY J'U N E %  9 1 .9 5 ^ *ol. 4 No. 42 ^ PricG Fls,.0,25 •_••.; THAN IC S \ It is with a great feeling of appreciation that I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all who supported my Party, (The National People's Party) and myself at the poll on [i May 31, 1?63. In spite of all attempts to slander, belittle and degrade a*; by those who would like to keep the people of our beautiful little is-' lrnd in ignorance, you .havedemonstrated by your vote that you understood the issues of the campaign and what is mor$, that you appreciate my efforts and the sacrifices I have made over the years in the struggle for Freedom and Justice. We have not tteen victorious here, but neither hare tie been defeated, because we have, with your help been able to maintain our one scat in 'the island council* •• I x wouId like you to taow ttet your confidence in mc have*given me added .courege and you may rest assured that as long as the goo* Lord .gives me-health and strength I shall continue to fi^ht for the


T ,fi:~D %  AR D ISL^lflDS' OPINION i 3ATU:JL^Y JUI^ 9. 19 6^ %  THE Ifll-TD./J-^D ISLANDS' OPINION la published every Saturday It was established by J.H. Lake,3rj on July 1, 1959 as a n&gna of helping to improve thesocial,-economical, education and politicsn conditions of the findv.-ard Island s by advocating against the cause of injustice and oppression. aDITOa DUTCH 3JCJTI0N : J.H. Lake,Sr. P;0. Bo:: 22, Philips burg, St. M. :rten, N.A. EDITOR F-^JOH 3JX3TIOK: Mrs, B. Morales, Marigot, St. Martin, F.'-T.I. Printers: The People's Print-cry Backstreet, Philinsburg. 1 KSPR2SINT:.TIV3S: IU A.1U3A: IN CUX3..0: %  T.x-5T.TIA; IN 3--.3A: %  Mr. J.F. York Saba3tra."t 55-A San Nicolas Kr. V/enford V/iison Konte Verde 135 '.Jillerastad. Lr. V. To bin Qranjestad Hr. David Donksr Q*hc 3ottom .rights of the people of our island Yes, my dear friends,, the struggle for Freedom and Justice shall go on. hc% us all therefore look ahead wit ft faith''in God end confidence in the future. Your humble servant J. H. Lake.Sr. -;* -*-:HKK: .:-::;:--:J-:H>-*-:KKHM:--;K? -.' -5&4KH -•**- AT.T03sig3 AT UM £3 : 2LBLI31&D HSaJ Recently the Attorneys at Law mr. H.C. tfillemsen and J.B. Wix opened a Law Office here. The occasion was marked by a reception held at the Sea-View Hotel At the reception which was well at:ended mr. H.C, 7/illensen former Police Commissioner of Aruba ;aa:de the opening address,in Dutch, in which he thanked all present and expressed the hope .that he and his "r.s-sooiateo my b" able to :aakc their contribution t^wird the progress and welfare of 3t. Maar, ten Lt. Governor J.J. Beaujon in well chosen words and on be* half of all welcomed mr. .f ill emse"n and his associates to St* K:arton and wished them much success (also in Dutch) J.B. '.'fix then spoke in English and in addition to repeating what had already been said in Dutch, made his own remarks, he con* eluded his short but most appropriate address with' the follow^ ing rem;.rk: Your Honour The Ltj Governor, ladies end gentlemen, have a'wonderful time; because the next time we meet, you may not have a good time. Persons of various political conviction as well as different walks of life were invited to the reception; this was most unssual, but welcomed by all and most people interpreted this as proof of the broadaindednoss and unbiased policy which this new establishment intends to follow mr. H.C. iflllfceen and J.B, Wix have their Head Office all i-ruba where they have made a £oo name for themselves as outst-and* lpg lawyers and fcany in Curacao and ..r'uba consider tacm as the best criminal lawyers In the Netherlands Antilles. T heir Law Office here, the first of its kind, to be csjtabUs! OH the island is located OVJ the Backstreet', in :|>hilipsburg and is o'oeivted by the 30ft. spoken Ishsrio 3. Fanyte, a former fcigh ranging rove ripest official. The Windward Islands' Opinion welcomes mr. jillemsen and his •associates to St. Maartcn and wishes them much success. ^-:S"i:--: :•-: % %  ;= %  :: %  .: %  ;:••::iMHKHHHt THIS 13 Y.O U 3. %  3 \1 3 RIPS Ia SUP £L 5 T I tl VOLUME TIGHTLY BOUND


UBilX&KD ISLAND** CPINICM 6 SATDBDAY JWB 9. 1963 1 %  %  %  %  i %  i i %  > D.P. 158 votes (2 seats) ST. HTJSTATIU5 %  D.P.I. 12 votes (no seat) S.TLE.E.P. 258 votes (3 seats) JfcP. 178 votts (3 cents) SABA 8.P.P. 208 votes (2 scat 3', T.T.&P. 73 • vctei (l seat) FIGURES i'ND PEKJENTAGE OP THE ELECTIONS IT CTJRZCAO ISLAND ELECTION srirsi ELECTION ISLAND ELECTION .1959 1963 Figures Figure 3 % Figures % H.V.P./C.CP, 20.505 P 47.16 0 v 1 a 22.622 52.06 D.P. 18.872 43.40 £#•95? #L64 .17.530 40*34 K.7.P. 4*102 9.44 | 1.501 3.43 RADICAL — %  • ..— 1#^69 2.72 1.803 4,15 thPoKo \ — M4 603 1.31 +m *— TOTAL 43.479 ioo 45.852 100 43.456 100 N.V.P, SCCRJS COMPLETE'VICTORY AT C U R A C A 0 On Friday May 31, 1963 the National People*s Party (N.V.P.) soored a complete victory at the polls in Curacao ~ With 12 of the 21 seats the N.V.P. headed by Mr. Dr. M.F. da Costa Gomez obtained a complete majority in the Islandoounoil of Curacao and also the possibility of eleoting all five deputies of Curacao.The Democratic Party (D.P.) headed by Primjer E. Jonchhoor got only 9 seats and suffered a dofoat* The K.V.P. did not get any seat neither did the Radical; even though the Radical mad some gains sin JO tuo last election on June 4, 19 62 this party got 310 votes less than the required amount for a seat. ********* OBIT PA BY HHth deep regret we announoe the death of MRS ELLEN MATRTLDE FRCSBCN bom Carby, who died at the hcne of ,(3oe OBlTUAHY-on page 7) HANKS 1 y 'TTr.. Mr. Edgard Froston and family wish through this medium to express thanks to all for their kindness and sympathy during the illness and death of our beloved motheri MRS. ELLEN MATHILDE TOCBBOBH Yfho dopartod this life on May 16; 1963, A special wdrd of thanks to Dr. Hj POM I / BEMERJL3BENTS M. Leon


ffi]tpw; Bp iswjfi j g o fna a i -yattw i tf jT ffi n fi q, 196 3... ra •„ !?* CO is ft St; ha Co to ft' i CD' :\G W, m 1/3 2/ > 4E. rr -< > > i i • %  ; l run 5*2 t 51 "2 DO Iff I C=3 dot ,— .../. 55 i


/T TCHHrARB ISLANDS' OPINION •y SAXlffiDAY .-JUNE 9.1963. LA VENUS Simon Jeff r y *• A. Marigot St. Martin THE GENERAL ST OPE FOR C Textiles ladies wear Gents wear Grt&eries Furniture Household ware Confectionary • Msdioine C oanetio s Lotisns Colognes Sweing notions Soft drinks e Ioe oreap // ff CEMENT BLOCKS 21 years of experience we only use fresh v oement* What you don't see a* for. Save time and money / BUY AX e^rujL4" ^% CHBI3T SECOND? PC CMBIG Byi Bro. Simon Jeffry The heading of this artible nftty sound to certain people as foolishness, or a duck story; a tale repeated over" and over without much importance even to professed Christians. It is said"in the United States of America that there are more than 300 religious groups; \ each teaching their own doctrines* Could these numerous gnoups be correct in the sight of God? The answer is N0 You will ask why the answer is NO? Because in God's sight there are,'only two ways, the right way or the wrong way, if you are not on the right .path, surely you are on the wrong path*' How can we knipw these two ways? Is it by our' own judgement or our feeling or our belief? NO; the Bible teaches the3s is a way that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof is death* ] This -verse of soripture teaches us that the ''' way of man is abb the right way regardless to his instruction, education, talents or wealth* Man's way without being mingled with the will of Cod is the way of deaths When we speak here of death we mean'everlasting death* When we speak of Chri3t eoming the second time; many people sayi "If He is ooming they have to see Him cove to believe 1 Other say "Let %  Him come', this time we 1 will meet Him with the Atomio bomb, to blow Him in peices" Others sayi"The second coming-of Jesus is Adventist talk, ever since we are hearing He is coming and still He oant reach. The apostle Peter call these kind of people scoffers, read 2 Peter 3i3,4. Knowing this first that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, where is fehe promise of His coming? For since the fathers.fell asleep, all things continue' as they were from the beginning of the Creation. In the 8th.'verse the apostle Peter oontinue saying: "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this thing, "that one day Is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a'thousand years as one day; read the 9th vorse, the Lord is not slack concerning His promise as some men count slackness; bu^ is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should oome to repentance. The promise of Jesus return is found in St* John 14* 1-31 Let not your heart be troubled Ye beleive in God believe also itvnes In my father house there are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you; I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go to prepare a plaoe for you I will come again and '-receive you unto myself that wtoare I am, there ye may be also* Also, read in 2 Peter 3 1C 13j But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass.away with a great noise and the Elements 'shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also-and the works that are therein sh all be burned up* Seeing then that all these things shall be desolved, what manner of persons ought we to be in all holy Conversation and-godliness* Looking, for and hasting unto the ccming of the day of the Lord. Whereinthe heavens being on fire shall be dissolved and the Elements shall melt with fervent; heat? nevertheless we aooording to H^.s


WINDWARD BLJPy OPINION SATURDAY JUNE 9. 163 New Brunswick, N, J, June 4, 1963 The "Windward Islands' Opinion Philipsburg; St. Maarten, N.JU Atti Editor. Herewith my little contribution to your interesting little, paper* COCKCROW: SI NT MAARTEN A rooster crows goede dag Across theGreat Salt Pond Below the Oostenborg* A wraith of rooster orowing, As if from Marig'ot, Replies —in Frenoh, no doubt. Another now, in Cul de Sac, And on Prins Berhhard Brug; ,4 .9 In Voorstraat, Aohterstraat; St. Jansteeg, Apotheeksteeg, De Ruyterplein deadconter^-^And one, I'd swear, right in The Pasanggrahan garden. Back and forth aorosa The bay, between the hills,. news• In a lazy, overlapping, Morning counterpoint, The cocks in fugal doodle Do all they can to wake The day. Oh, they • are daft, These birds, with madrigals Of reveille they chant So loud while it is still Still, blaok, and hours tiXl daim. r—Hubert Creekmore" X

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m^ T7INDB&RD ISLANDS* J&&1& SATURDAY JUIH 9. ;1963 t It bor son Edgar& Preston at Hameau-du*Pont, on May 7 1 6; J.963 at ii'45 a.m. at'the age of 89. "". The deceased is survive^"by three children I Two sens* Leon Frostoh, S ormerLLagd employed and Edgard Fr^ostcn, both reading here and one daughter'residing at JLruba and nine grandchildren* The funeral took plaoe on May 16, 1963 fit 4i30p.m from tho house of mourning to the Roman Catholio' Church' arid tho no e to the Roman Catholic*.oemetery at-'Ma rig at. To the bereaved relatives vie extend our sympathy* • • x • Charles Louis Illis of Middle Region died at the Snoot Repose on May 24, 1963 at 3|45 p.m. Ho was 88'years of age. The funeral took plaoe on May 25, at ... 4$30 p.m. Tho body was taken from the Snoot Repose to the Methodist Church in Philipsburg where Rev. Khan performed the burial ritesand the no e to the Met ho. dist cemetery at Pfeilipsburg. To the bereaved relative's wo extend our sympathy. EMILY ERNESTINE J/COBS diedlat.the ksicsHxait home of her daughtdfll, Mrs.'_ ., Milton Potors at Cole Bay ortj^ay 29, 1963 at 1 a.m. She was 96 years "-of age* The funeral took place on May 29,. at 4I30 p.m. from the house of mourning to tho-Mothodist 8h'uroh at Colo Bay and thence to the. cemetery at Coy Ba.y. To the bereovod relatives we extend our heart-felt sympathy. MISS HILDA JMliiDA CONNER died at the St. Roso Hospital at Philipsburg after a short illness on Sunday June 2, 1963,' at 545 p.m. "Miss Hilda", as the deceased was aff eotionatoly called, was taken to tho hospital on "Wednesday morning;-and hgr condition was considered to be improving So that her death came as; a shock tfe her friends and relatives. "Miss Hilda" was a teaeher at the St. • Joseph Sphool school for pv%r. 35 years She was a very kindhearted iady who always tried t c help the %  underprivileged Her simple and kind mannerist won for herj "the -love and admiration of the whole community and her passing will long be felt by those who loved and respected her. To\he bereaved relatives we extend our sincere sympathy. *************** v Y APPING, BELLS Ctt May 22, 1963, Mr. Marius Lionel-Gum^s and Miss Agnes.Wiolotta Lake were joined in marriage. The civil rites were conducted at the Courthall in Philipsburg at. 10i30 a.m.'by Mr. C. TSllliams and the_ re| ligious ceremony was oonducted'by Bav* | Khan at the Methodist Church at, Philips-,* burg at. 5*30 pm. \ •At tho redoption'whioh was attended by Lt. Governor and Mrs. J.J. Beaujon, &v. • and Mrs. Khan and many other*, the're was %  plenty to oat and drink. Tho cakes which wore, well designed arid beautifully decorated wero made by the | mot her of the bridggroom, Mrs. C. Guabs" and Mrs. Inez Thomas. ~ The "Windward Islands -Opinion congratulates the young-ocupla and wishes them ;ood luakn %  HERTZ •fc^M** •••BnBpn • inn wry ORM piece women hnvn nfwnyn %  tHM,fiMcn war adMtw nuty and unrivalled ••H-windJntf., Whatnloy, watch |w*ky antf • w*U.Sol!lnioo!ThnKtothnnii>qun nn y 'm t, 5hida In onn-fifth tana #•. formnr tMnrftxt ladiaa' automatic -*& %  Nn-.vMntn: L


^wTNMTARD ISLANDS' OPTICS SATURDAY JtWB 91 963 CHRIST SHJOND CCMING. (Continued from page S) ^"•^rtto^b^ 011 !^ ;jr + eM *^i ^ lleth righteousnesB. liefart^LlSu^^XS^^ 8 and faU iU *•— ~"' *-*the h Bibl e 8 JhfTf "•J 0 ^ ty f the Chr i<*ian *orId who arc not acquainted with STinS t! ^ r bo "W* ^ ran *oman, they accept Him only from His take to himself Hie own as he has promised wheather you believe it or not. AJ+W* But now that you have reached to the knowledge of the truth voh can nn Z ,, and £ LOHTSS ? o y U : Por /r thBr lnf mation "* the Bi le ln spirit of prLr tfuth shalTset vou' 8 ?^ £ ^iT rM^ ^ ^ TOal to ^^ the'truth and'the "l u n Bna ae you free to seek' salvation in the right ohannel for -hhfire 1 <, „i„ 5TJ21i2f" •* t he "^ ^ ** S od f ho !" ^k JST-iil? '• ELECTION RESULTS IN THE WINDWARD ISLANDS On Friday May 31, 1963 the people of the Windward Islands went to the nolle to. eleotmenfcers of the Islandcounoil for the te 1963 U67. ? At St. Maarten the D.P. got 4 of the five seats and the N.V.P. got 1 the list caute of^n:^ 011 Wa8 + headed b HV Person did not'get any seat and o2 cause of the small amount of votea whioh this list received the fls. 600— *M Q h was deposited with the list was forfieted (lost). ''vJu^'^flton ? e0ted *5 J?" C x OUn0il Bt **• MQQrfcen Q *" D P Claude Wathey Charlie *!!V 4 PeterS and Clem Labe Sa H.V. P., L.B. Scott. narxx At St. Eustatius The SHEEP headed by Vincent Lopes got 3 seats the D.P. *fc 2 seats and"the D.P.I. did not get any seat. ? The members elected to the Council Q t St. Euatatius are. SWEEP. V. LopesSadler and Buncamper D*P. i A. Woodley and H. 0. Berkel. + TL thS .? P,P Sot 2 seats, the D.P. got one "seat and the T.T.D.P. got 1 jlJn n.?^ 8 r eleGted t0 the Counoil Qt Sab a S P P 0, Granger and E.M. Johnson D.P., M. Levenstone and A. Anslijn and T.T.D.P., Nioholaon. BREAKDOWN ST. MAARTENi / D.P. / NO NdtE N.V.P. L.B. So ott 59 Claude Wat hey 279 Wallaoe Peterson 80 Eli as Richardson J.H. Lake 7 66 Milton Peters Clem Labega 65 64 William Peterson 19 Total 99 L. Guy 0 J.C. Larmonie 12 I Done her 7 Julian Conner 61 s Mrs, M. Scott 4 G. Illis' N. Bergland 6 17 Total 143 Charlie Vlaun Total 120 I 614


1963 A