Morgn frayheyt


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Morgn frayheyt Morning Freiheit
Parallel title:
Morning Freiheit
Distinctive title:
50th anniversary issue, 1922-1972 : Vol. 51, no. 17, 255 (April 2, 1972)
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Morning Freiheit
Place of Publication:
New York N.Y
Publication Date:
weekly[-sept. 11, 1988]
daily[ former june 1929-]
triweekly[ former <1979>]


Subjects / Keywords:
Jewish newspapers -- New York (State)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- New York (N.Y.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States of America -- New York -- New York -- New York


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the New York Public Library.
In Yiddish and English.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 8, no. 77 2669 (June 17, 1929)-v. 67, no. 19,372 (Sept. 11, 1988).
General Note:
Includes: Morning Freiheit (Sunday English section).

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 10844066
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issn - 0747-4342
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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHElT 72 1972 ,2 ~

1-02. V50 V U
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Xe.D I 0,013VII

I Sunday, April 2, 1972

MORNING FltEIHErT 72 t"M"-lWj!-lkC

1972 t2 j3kftM?

III I1041tZ ITlPlrjiv-5 Va'" Jim

111,011,11110 111M.,i

1*12 SZZ 15 '44

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'fl~'?mp ID MW 7,M1'RIs POTT i' .T'!)n~1mg IMUT
-ISI 1U,11 ~VlTIM IYT 7~-)rrPD10 1'13 JIM `I7l"
.lXit 1-O5D''DIYTI PM37*IYV~OD~.'n1SD I% p~m nmmWtflR

xy-mly~ 'tm" yy y~to Tw~i -l Vta ~

'W~flR3?'~-TrI D ~i~r 3'18 .1 4!D I PVO .

.080 tpolRi'. 3?2 ~fR1T"iD

qyto IMypL"'-j7 v onn y t g Jim ID1 W MOD ?.? 'IPP9"T~37I'm

~ PR DV350 ~TR AU T~



m Freiheit

.......... ....N
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.......................... ............ .............. .................. ...
... ....................................
. ..... ...
Sunday, Aprfi 2, 1972


The great event has finally come about! This Sunday,
April 2, 1972 is the 50th birthday of the Morning Freiheit
America's only progressive Jewish labor and people's news-
Congratulations to the farsighted and clear thinking
pioneers headed by M. J. Olgin -
(1878-1939) who founded the Frei- continues to be supported by Jew-
heit as a crusading newspaper, ish progressives and broad masses
and to the countless thousands of of the Jewish people.
Jewish working people who strug- In the lead editorial in the first
gledsacrificed, overcame huge ob- issue, written by Olgin, it was
stacles, even worked miracles to pointed out that the Freiheit was
maintain it throughout the 50 years a child of the new historical epoch
of its existence. And they continue the epoch of the October revolu-
to do so with ever youthful vigor tion, of human liberation. The
and determination. Morning "Freiheit has remained
The heroic effortand devotion faithful to that ideal. In the ensuing
Theat haveroic effortkeeping the half century years that saw the
rethat have gone ina halto keeping the most profound social and, political
Freiheit alive for a half century changes in the history of human-
& one of the great sagas of pub- ity the Morning Freiheit matured
fishing in our time. We know of as a fighter for the democratic
no other journal in Yiddish or in and socialist aspirations of the Jew-
any other language that can lay ish people andof all peoples al-
claim to such a loyal following of ways following the cherished Olgin
activists as the Morning Freiheit tradition. In those years the Jew-
commands. It is a dramatic, in- ish workers wrote many magnifi-
spiring story with stirring material cent chapters of American labor
for poets to sing about. The young history, of mass struggle against
tree planted in 1922 grew tall; its the sweatshop, for militant un-
branches spread in every direction. ions, for unemployment insurance
As the oldest progressive Jewish and social security, for black peo-
newspaper in Yiddish, the Morning pole's rights, for women's rights,
Freiheit, inspired and fathered the for the defense of the Soviet Un-
progressive Jewish press in Canada, (Continued on page 4)
France, Poland, Argentina, Israel (Continued on page 4)
and elsewhere.
The question must be asked, By ANNE FI
what motivated the Jewish work-
ing people to bring into being and EDITOR'S NOTE: Anne Fried
to maintain the Morning Freiheit ican Assoc. to Combat Fascism, RE
during the 50 years of its existence first part of the address she deliv
at such great. personal sacrifice? ish Defense League held March ]
The answer is both involved and ganization's sponsorship.
to an extent, simple. The Jewish * 0
workers, who at the time of the In September, 1968 a new Jew-
establishment of the Morning Frei- ish organization appeared on the
heit were predominantly in the scene-the Jewish Defense League.
needle industries, needed an organ The founder of this organization
true to the principle of class strug- was Rabbi Meir Kahane. An ar-
gle for militant trade unionism. tide in the New York Times of
They needed a newspaper to fight Jan. 13, 1971 revealed that "in
for immediate needs and for social- the 1960's Rabbi Kahane worked in
ism. The Jewish Daily Forward, Washington as a consultant to Gov-
headed by Abe Cahan, was a sensa- ernment groups like the House Un-
tional, opportunistic paper, and American Activities Committee."
although printed in Yiddish, de- In 1967 Kahane co-authored a
nied the values of Yiddish and book titled "Jewish Stake in Viet-
continually predicted its demise. nam" supporting this unjust, im-
Olgin, who led the class conscious moral war. The co-author was Jo-
Jewish workers-in the struggle for seph Churba the founder of the
the establishment of the Morning Jewish Society of America organ-
Freiheit was a revolutionary, an ized by former Jewish members
internationalist, and at the same of the John Birch Society.
time a fighter for Jewish culture The slogan of the Jewish De-
in Yiddish and for national Jew- fense League at its founding was
ish interests. J.ike Dimitrov. he -- JNEVER AGAIN. Its purpose,
valued the progressive tradition of according to a booklet published
his own people, the Jewish peo- by the JDL was:
pie. It was all these elements "The founding principle of the
combined and much more that JDL is that of responsibility for
*brought about the establishment all Jews. Their pain is our pain,
of the Morning Freiheit and be- and their suffering is our suffer-
cause it has continued to be faith- ing. And so the JDL was formed
ful to the principles motivating to counter what it sees as the
its establishment it has been and frightening, escalating American

How to Achieve a Just

Peace in the Middle East


In my report to the National
Convention of the Morning Frei-
heit in Oct., 1971, adopted un-
animously, I sharply criticized the
Golda Meir government for its ap-
proach to annexation, for actually
committing annexation through es-
tablishing colonies in the occupied
territories. At the same time I
"It would not be amiss to note
that it would be an error if the
present actions of the Israeli gov-
ernment should serve as a crite-
rion for describing the character
of the Six Day War of 1967. It

policy that that same country pur-
sued previously. In every national
war, even a just war, there are
various elements. Negative ele-
ments that were previously in the
background can subsequently come
to the fore; a previously positive
element can subsequently become
negative. Precisely this occurred
in the United States with regard to
the war against Hitler,_ which was
a just war. Later on, the Trumans,
Achesons and other servants of im-
perialism came to the fore. Of
course they always pursued their
aims, but after the war they gain-
ed the upper hand."

of the JDL Ultra Right: 1.

lander is the Secretary of the Amer-
acism and Anti-Semitism. This is the
vered at the rally against the Jew-
1, 1972 in New York under her or-
crisis that threatens Jewish rights
and physical survival...
"Thegrowth of direct anti-Sem-
itism is seen most clearly in the
open and bold statements and acts
of black militant racists."
On a Friday night in May, 1969,
the JDL sent its troops to defend
Temple Emanuel, in New York
City. They were armed with base-
ball bats and chains for an ex-
pected confrontation with James
orman of the National Black
Economic Develpment Confer-
ence, which was demanding "rep-
arations" from churches and syn-
agogues of a half billion dollars.
No one connected with the Tem-
ple had requested the JDL to pro-
tect them. The senior rabbi had,
in fact set up a plan of action
with the Police Department. A
large number .of.uniformed police
were present when the "defend-
ers" arrived. The Rabbi, Nathan
A. Perilman was horrified when
the JDL lined up near the Temple
building with heavy chains, base-
ball bats and sticks.
Rabbi Maurice N. Eisendrath,
president of the Union of American
Hebrew Congregations reported as

follows to the UAHC board of
"The Jewish. Defense League
in essence, is no different than
the Ku Klux Klan and as a group
violates every ethnic and tradi-
tion of Judaism and every con-
cept of civil liberties and demo-
cratic process in American
life... The JDL members are
'batsman' who- were spoiling to
commit assault and battery, be-
lieving that had similar tactics
been used by German Jews,
the Holocaust might never have
happened. Jews carrying, base-
ball bats and chains, standing
in phalanxes, like goon squads,
in front of synagogues, led by
rabbis, are no less offensive
and, in essence no different from
whites carrying robes and hoods,
led by self-styled ministers of
the gospel standing in front of
burning crosses.
"Neither Jews nor Christians
nor America need such 'protec-
tors'. If these be our friends,
then God preserve us from our
enemies." ..
Rabbi Eisendrath warned that
"in a climate of emotionalism, such
vigilantism may grow."
And grow it did. In May, 1971,
the JDL raided the office of the
N.Y. Board of Rabbis, smashing
the furniture, destroying equip-
(Continued on page 4)

Editor, Morning Freiheit
In its struggle against reaction and chauvinism, for a
creative Jewish life, for the security of Israel, the Morning
Freiheit has played a singularly important role with its posi-
tion on the crisis in the Middle East.
On June 11, 1967, the last day of the Six Day War, the
Morning Freiheit published a major .
editorial which stressed the follow-
ing three principles: 1. Against
annexation. 2. Against Anti-Arab
hysteria. 8. Against anti-Soviet in-
citement. This line has been pur- -
sued consistently.
Our aim then was and still is
to mobilize the broadest Jewish
masses for a political solution on
the basis of the UN resolution
(No. 242) of Nov. 22, 1967 which
the Morning, Freiheit endorsed
from the very beginning.
Even before the resolution was
adopted, we stated in the Morning
Freiheit of Oct. 3, 1967 (our Rosh
Hashona issue) that regardless of
whatever position one took on the
Six Day War, it is imperative now PAUL NOVICK.
to unite all in the struggle against
annexation and for a secure Is- is not my intention to deal here
rael in friendship with. its Arab with that war this is at. present
neighbors. not on the agenda But it is incor-
SHARP CRITICISM OF rect to say that the present policy
ANNEXATIONIST POLICY of a government reflects on the

Celebrate Our 50th Birthday With Us At Hunter College, This Sunday, 1 P.M.

................. ......................

--- ............... ..........
JEWISH -:*:::::::::':::::-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::i::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::,

.......................... : .....

The Six Day War, I pointed
out,, is not the main question for
us at this time. To raise this ques-
tion now can only result in di-
visions at a time when it is neces-
sary to mobilize all for a solution
on the basis of the U.N resolution.
The Morning Freiheit supports
the "Movement For Peace and Se-
curity in Israel" which in its great
majority is made up of elements
who contend to this day that the
Six Day War was of a defensive
nature. Included in the organiza-
tion is a small minority that brands
the war as aggressive. This "Mov-
ement" came into existence with
the condition that the character
of the Six Day War be eliminated
from the agenda. Such a position
is also imperative among the Jew-
ish masses in the United States.
The Morning Freiheit has con-
stantly emphasized that the with-
drawal of Israel's military forces
must go hand-in-hand with recog-
nition of Israel's right to exist.
While supporting the struggles of
the Arab masses against imperial-
ism, the Morning Freiheit has not
overlooked Arab chauvinism nor
chauvinism in Israel. Nor does it
overlook the fact that reactionary
elements among the Arabs also
utilize the liberation movement for
their own aims, as witness the
recent events in the Sudan. The
Morning Freiheit does not over-
look the fact that Syria and Iraq
(to speak only of Israel's neigh-
bors) still do not recognize Israel's
right to exist. And while we sup-
port the right of the Palestinian
Arabs to statehood and call for
a solution of the refugee problem,
we are also against terrorist attacks
on settlements and kibbutzim in
Israel. However, we always em-
phasize that Israel, as the victor
in the Six Day War, and an oc-
cupier of Arab territory, must dis-
play greater initiative for peace.
We have constantly been critical
of the position of the Meir gov-
ernment; any statement that claims
we have been "apologists" for that
government is refuted by every-
thing we have written in the course
of the last few years.
We insist that Israel should ac-
cept the proposal of UN repres-
entative, Dr. Gunnar Jarring, to
agree in principle to withdraw to
the previous "international bound-
ary Tine" with Egypt. (That is, the
border that existed before the Six
Day War, with the exception of
the" Gaza strip which has to be
considered in relation to a so-
lution of the Palestinian Arab prob-
All of this should be dealt with
in the framework of the UN Re-
solution which calls for "secure
and recognized borders."
A political solution the avoid-
ance of a new war, as the Soviet
Union stresses frequently, is a
crucial question for Israel, for the
entire Middle East, and for world
The military budget, which con-
sumes 40"% of the.entire budget
of Israel, weighs heavily on the
people of Israel. In my convention
report (the section headed "Against
Chauvinism and Annexation"), I
noted from an article by Prof.
Toshua Arieli in the Israel month-
lv, "New Outlook," published by
Mapam, that pictured the effect of
(Continued on page 4)

Sundy, Aril2, 172 ORNIG FRIHET 52- 172 2~93 J3 3-

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Sunday, Aprfl 2, 1972


1972 p2 ""IN# r:*DSIT

1972 I0 88 ,1U';ZV' 1tD50 *


MyD 25


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Vol. 11, No. 17,255 88 Pages New York 4A b 26 Sunday, April 2, 1972 1972,2 ,JAm Price 25 centa

* .
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Sunday, Aprff 2., 1972

MORNING FREHMrF 10 z"m"wits1rimm-

1972 f2 NmIBLI jl$Wl?

Sunay Ari 2,192 ORINGFRIHIT 62 I1972 I-2'W- -I- F-I IT

?w'yrills )15 oy35rut;z ~

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"" l'n -in 1i' 50
,rn5V 71i2 "x 1 ?yD i K Sitt X TD'7yru Y3"12 7ib 1 3"M s '

My heartiest congratulatio I yns on the occasion of the7
BuaA B I Pp'7B ,nBt*'ypO fb B' 71lY g -3S D ;YsUMsop:
Yin memory of my beloved w'T ife
iyBwnp 1it B3"-is lmya' y 7'? E fib sI '5 -nIU tUWvyl 7"T5 '?$T

Fannie dreamed of a better world for all mankind, in the best
traditions of the working class and the Jewish people. As a progres-
sive person, she was always in the foreground of the fight for
peace, social justice, and she was an active worker for progressive
Jewish culture and the Yiddish language. We shared the same
ideals. We both read and supported the paper through all the years.
Her husband, CHARLES BARSH

w"vl ike nvy oy4 tsw

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Sunday, AprU 2, 1972

MORNING FREIHEIT 62 wAm"viampoup

1972 12 410 t3tWIT

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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIIIEIT 38 -

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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 12 41D# t2$t=

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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 31 1nlBWa^^B 1972 2 ?188 ,age

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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHKfl 2 3~'fl'~9 1X9~

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Sunday, AprH 2, 1972


1972 12 4010tl I:pSlt

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Sundy, pri 2, 972MORING REIEIT 79 -197 .2~'93 JMZ'1

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.O.VA lo 5TVTK 3T 1 'U( ,Ix 21tv"' YIP Y1~15I 1$-qY1 "X r n1 -1 V





156 FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK, N.Y. 10010
256 issues a year subscription $4.20
12 issues a year $3.00


jfi ?Zzr IMPA42m MI
11ov VY 11 1 y
PVT.?f1 IM Viom

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ISO 10y ,

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New Yok Cit

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Diane Chrisomalis

Theodore Veroutis

I. ~IF 3?17'l l5

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t~w?"^*'^ r^ KT U^ S D U

.jr7a yzy myns z ppym p ynyoz ,mrnv y- \

418 WEST 25th STREET, N.Y.C. ORegon 5-5115 T "1'']J1'12]U 11350 "7'I is


Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 12 "DO ItMMT

Sunda, Apil 2 197 MORINGI-FIVET 73- 19f".2I- 13ID M .5Ni3i

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"fau pl. o1i'm-Sjg05

wz'rp ywim50ID,1 pyn wi: i

S~37 113MD fit

50th Jubilee Greetings
1529 Walnut Street
Phila. 19102, Pa.
LO 4-2154 GE 8-7499

PIDYTW'0 '*1X7
IYP)jf 0,01
m~pu5ib 'mly-I jutK ?v1
P'0town$n L4.3o lup1K "1yp
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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 2 Nftiox jmtom?

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 46 -


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Sunday, Aprfi 2, 1972


1972 12 N'Ibtt t2021?

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Sunday, AprU 2, 1972

MORNING FREIHEIT 19 t"Mwilo-12-1p

1972 .2 4%10M .3ftMT

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHElT 64 -

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Sunday, Aorll 2, 1972

MORNING FREHMrr. 64. t"M"W12-1$0

1972 12 4158 j2pMt

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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 5 1972 .2 ~ .2M~2'I?

Sunday, April 2, 1972

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1972 2 Vlbkt IftMT

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 58 1972 ,2 ~

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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 F2 7.4-lam j:*t2lT

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

MORNING FREIHEIT 71 t ,lrirm--

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IK~5t~n ~ P1K l~$

BOSTON, Mass. BOSTON,' Mass.

Jewish Deedholders

Cemetery Association, Inc.

We have a number of lots for sale, at $200 per lot
including perpetual upkeep.
Those who have lots pay $2.50 per lot (per person)
per year, for upkeep. Perpetual care $35.00.
In case of emergency, call: Fisher, 284-1029;
Zeidman, 889-2388.
Board of Directors
J. GOBSTUB, President R. FISHER, Sec'y

Tel GR 2-4070 PR 2-8498 .0?o ,'03'1p ,-1u0 B Oxm Sp 106
y*1 iK tID TnT33 Dn p'a"to 7 1DB Ig o rsT I'm DOS'9D

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14oll p i

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#:IK p I'om I5 7'L'~wn 1Jim
1-1,10 yw-D1ow

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'!'It535 P1 131D' I.375
.5ID5l-bw5*D 5Iy

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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FiIEIHEIT 17 1972 .2 ~3K .~K~39?

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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 2 Nftlb#

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHElT 45 1972 ,2 ~1b~ ,2V~3?

wo 31.11 I'M .011olimSI?" nn "15 Inn

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

MORNING FREIHEff 45 t"M"V12-1*0

1972 j2 Nftlbjl t3#a=

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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 74 -

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'Poll$. 1flu1210 135
btl s5 ilP*bt5IDva

In loving memory of my


and father HARRY ENGLE
They were both devoted readers of the

and believed in peace and social justice for all mankind.

the children



In memory of my beloved parents


who were active in the progressive movement during most
of their lives. My mother was a life long member of the
Emma Lazarus, "Morning Freiheit," and active in building
the textile union and worked for the betterment of the people.



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ts'y -I311ts tit s-, vuins-51r rro'o 5vpnn 1 mt jen1v-1m

13-01 Broadway Fairlawn, N.J. Tel.: SW 1-0015
Jewish Memorial Chapels'-


Sunday, Aprff 2, 1972


1972 t2 4108 12XIOM

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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 t2 4&10@ t2#Z211

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 76 -

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ti="m Y37T" Jim D-Itp

IDt'UrD 1r=79 5'

p~~~ 1'"'~~ P'~~mD-,

"IA'1-5 'R All

In loving memory to our
mother and father

Shifra and Gedala
Father Gedala was a steady
reader of the paper and Mother
Schifra a long -time member of
Emma Lazarus. They were both
active in the progressive move-
ment during their entire lifetime.
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Hanowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Abe Mitchell

Stanley Blake, B. S., R. P.
Paterson, N. J.
Phone: 278-5808

Paterson, New Jersey
We remember our
and brother NATHAN LISS
with great sadness on the
anniversary of their death.
They were both readers and
supporters of the Morning
Freiheit since the papers early
existence. They Were both
progressive fighters for social
justice and peace during their
entire life time.
Children & Grandchildren

In loving memory of our father

who passed away January 1971,
a salut to the

The paper he put great effort
to support.
Daughter & Son-in-Law
Jean & Lou Moskowitz

*n a-stuB ^ w

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

MORNING FVXMrr 76 t"m"wivairip

1972 t2 %NIBX p2MWIT

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Sunday, Aprfi 2, 1972


1972 p2 4100 0$0311

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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FRETHEIT 61 -

ovpywrTls olp


"14 "fli~l.1i~fl,-is" 50
I=D)Ml IIYTI1K TIM 0103VPy lx PM t27" 72~1p5fl1,?3 051
.t)531. P2"V 56 x PM ylo75g 5 ~01

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D5ywr'o, 01$5

Sunday, AprU 2, 1972

MORNING FREnEEIT 61 t"M"'101mm

1972 f2 Nvllt$ A"311

'"13 " -11 " -I m -in sn ??

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MQiNlN~ FREmFJr 69 ~

fi Tw;v25 Im IOPI TI

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'WI ~ A I V~~ ~' 01

'11tu I-it ; l lly -11 -Do


'In ito-opt-P.

"frr Iwuo amis

Our greetings to the
on the
50th Anniversary

Our gretigs to the
o.. .. .. thei -
50th Anniversary .
May you go on-for many more
years to come in your fight.foi
peace, equality and justice for
A nll mankind. .e

We greet the
on the wonderful occasion :
of your
50th -Anniversary
We hope you continue t fight
:,for peace and civil rights foEr
all mailind. for ..many yea.
Bob Manewitz & Famnily
Greetings to you on the woider--
ftil ocasion of your
50th Anniversary
Keep on with your fight fbr
'civff rights and peace all..over*
the .world.

would like to take" tis
opportunity. to greet the
on the occasion of her
50th Anniversary
and wishes her success for many.
-oroe future years.

Zin4 & George Mostovoy
greet the
50th Anniversary
and hope you continue to go on.
in- your fightfor peace for
all mankind. /:

Milton and lUse Herst
and family greet the
on its
50th Anniversary
and you continue to go on with
your good work for many more
fruitful years.

Anna & Isadore Marcus
greet the
on her
50th Anniversary
and' wish her many years of
success and hopes she can
continue to go on with her
good work


Lester & Alice Schloaberg
& Family.
Wish- the Morning -Freiheit"
to continue the fight for peace
and justice for everyone.
Happy 50th AAinivesary I
In-memory of our parents
Mr. & Mrs. Harry

Greetings to the
and all its readers and
supporters on the
50th Anniversary
Much success in the Future.
Custom Embroidery Co.

SBest. wishes ,on the .-
50th Anniversary
of the
Esther & Louis Blumberg

From ur departed parents
Philip and Sophia
we learned to. love & respect.
AccepAourbest wishes for many
-more years o-f-:good .influence
and inspiration for justice' and
e .p e for all.

In fond memory of my
beloved wife
Igreet the
to the -
50th Anniversary
Keep- p the .good work in.
fighting or Freedom and peace
for all mankind.

Greetings on your "..
50th Anniversary
Many more successful ydars of-
Service in the cause ofPeace.
Harry & Celia Farmilant

Best wishes to the :
on 50th Jubfilee

Our sincerest wishes for lasting
success,. in future, years.

Extends Greetings and best
wishes to the
on its

Greetings to the
on the 50th Annaiverary
and wishes you many more
successful years in your fight
for civil rights and peace
throughout the world.
Irving Steinberg & Family




greets the
on their 50th Anniversary

and wishes them many more successful years
in their fight for peace and evill rights
Sfor all people.


We extend warm greetings to the
its readers and supporters, on its

We hope sincerely that the main line and editorial policies of
the Morning Freihit' fully restored to a working class
position, in the best traditions of Morris Winchevsky and Maissaye
'Olgin the traditions of true working class internatio sm against
bourgeois nationalism and chauvinism; for complete .unqualified
support and devotion to the Soviet Union and the cause of Soclal-
ism; -against all forms of racism and anti-Semitism; against the
'shasiful framneup of Angela Davis and for her complete and
unconditional freedom; for peace in general and in the Middle
East; full, unconditional support to the U. N.'s resolution, including
the total withdrawal of Israeli forces from all occupied territories,
andIthe rights of allnationsin the Midle East to exist in peace and'
security, including Israel. / .. .-.-
'It is inthis spirit that we extend greeting to the Morning,
Freiheit on itt Fiftieth Anniversary.
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Any Type -.Any Area'- We Have Buyers I
Lit With Us for RESULTS I
5457 W. Madison 1740 No. Newland, Chicago
HrHy oand Ann Aeyn or, Brokers .
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,Sundy, April..;, 1972

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Sunday, Apri 2, 1972 MORNING FREIH~lT 37 onMi" 97 2 p a i~r

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

M2 Z"m 14m
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MORN-ING FREIBErr 33 V"M"%1V-j:M$o

1972 2 4ftlb@ Ml?

Sunday, Aprf 2, 1972, MORNIiNG FYIMEJIT 21 -1972 ,2 Nftlv

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1050 012 A121-12?

Sunday, Aprff 2, 1972


1912 o2 141*18 p3$031t


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Sund ay, April 2,1 9729M~OR NIN F~l 48 19i72 I

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.1-= 11J
Bt'Dyiwyb g ]ytI0 D11. '1
:0*V'r ID'WI n t13pn "-
P.O. Box 178, Cooper Station
New York, N.Y. 10003

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C"04118C Ioe, 11711131;1140. is ii

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BtyIS Jiro t 'm D CJim 185 iEm
-sims- PH IPBOi I ?Sc ~i

1133 Broadway Room 1429, N.Y.C.
Telephone OR 5-8854

1110-080 ID llt;$ MI 010 1

i 0V31~pt't 1$'101114 ~tD:mkp ,

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Dillm, IN 11,19

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1972 12 N-Ibjt opal?

Sunday, April 2, 1972

7 PIf181 1V V'K 1100 WMIS 0;1 It. Voot- M


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Sunday, April 2, 1972


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1972 12 401014 f2HWIT

Sunday, April 2, 1972



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Sunday, Aprff 2, 1972


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1 .0.5

Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 A 11914 .3ftnt

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

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Sunday, April 2, 1972


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Sunday, April 2, 1972


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Sundayi April 2, 1972

MORNING FltEIHErr 27 t"mwivIriom

1972 2 nov iftnt

Sunday~ April 2, 1972 MORNING FiIEIHEIT. 66 -

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Sundayo April 2., 1972


Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 32 -


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Sunday, April 2, 1072

MORNM FREHMIT 32 WN"144-10-12101Z

1972 12 t2t$WIT

(my5yvrud m$5) TIOVS ZJDVI 710


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Sunday, Aprff 2, 1972

MORNING FREIHEIT 22 wArm"vialrip

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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 12 4180 tl"217

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

1972 2 Iomlolt 21ftnt


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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 12 j2"M?

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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 12 N-198 tA"rf

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Sunday, Apifi 2, 1972

1972 ?2 401014 j2ft2l?


Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 6 1972 ,2 ~ ~

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lvolw 11111 lit I

Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 t2 p2"JIT

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 40 1972 ,2 ~I3I5 ,3~Z1?

.lm I Os"1 I 'm m8p lT D11

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5to 354 itT 1p511 ".c .0,, "Ys li
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y.D 1 "31'ti1C iV 031oy5i .Vl ,I'M
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"35l'3 "'" ,B,"11 'M1 B."T1 IK
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tllt 'PD''iP 15mKtyW 02o1D2p 1ni
.I'm lK ,i31'g l t j 1b D D'pi '
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.10I't'Ps I'M 1811W IK 711 i's
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"15im'1 0315 ,0155B op5go o71
W1 p n ,10151p 1p511p .1y1
l1o 0'mW? (K' 215P bP 0100
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n 5*1 115 2305

Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 ,2 NIbtl P#Wlt

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vily 8 IV 00PY21yI' vo Von -*-I' TIM TIV 0137 13 311im xtu
-Itlo v I'0i? J TU 1 TINS eM y "W"It Von YX 14 1 W'1'K V~ k% .M 1 2mb.
W'trim vvbp" 14l" Jim VDV-13 VWT Ilk ,f"r'1m 11Y313TOCI148

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"Wr Bop TIM .' b'17 F'f I'~M 111m C)*I, IU~I'K j]?%
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loynt; Y0Y.11 1=3H 11V7j~jtj4C" -O
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"Y2 WN l? ."117 --I rI" 'm ly4 WIl"? VIOVon t)P-tyl V'InM
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SundayAprl 2, 197 4MORIN FRIHEI 7 0 i -!i 0 107 9 at 1A

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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 .2 Nftlbbt .=Milt

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 8 -

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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 F2 401014 12MIT

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Sundayj April 2, 1972


1972 2 %OIBL4 M-11?

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-Suuday, April 2, 1972

1972 2 "N swUMM


Sunday, Apri 2, 1972 MORINGFEHl 8

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Sunday, Aprff 2, 1972


1972 t2 tMOMIS t3#WMT



APRIL 2, 1972

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

MORNING FREHEM 15 w4m"manivikm

1972 p2 'Olllh ?3"21T

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 50 -

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Sunday, Aprfl 2, 1972


1972 p2 411914 t2"MT

IlT 1D'-TOt PO

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 65- ima ~2 ~qa133 J3m~?

.lO~W~b -1 9-~ ib~11 1 onl ~~V


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- 1911'rillMori

-$updayt AprU 2, 1972

U72 #2 "so p3ftM


What Mike Gold Said About the 'Freiheit'?

It struck me with a special poignancy the other day to
learn that the Morning Freiheit, the Yiddish-speaking daily
which is the talented voice of the Jewish workers of America,
was celebrating its 43rd anniversary.
Their friends onr another paper, "The Worker," said
in a congratulatory telegram that F--l --
the fact that the Freiheit had sur- Anglo-Saxon society. Were there
not Indian tribes, prophets and
poets of genius, whose cultural,
Michael Gold, the world fa- treasure the white conquerors
mous author of "Jews Without trampled into oblivion?
Money" was a regular contribu- Both the Negroes and the Jews
tor to the pages of the Morning have put their full heart into their
Freiheit. One of his last acts- folk songs and writing.
before his death on May 15, The magnificent Negro spirit-
1967 was to attend a Morning ual is epic with Biblical gran-
Freiheit meeting in San Fran- deur and has only become known
cisco at which Paul Novick was recently. The Jewish folk lore is
the speaker. His column on the humbler and more expressive of
Morning Freiheit (above) is re- his daily life and struggle. It is
printed from the May 30, 1965 still largely ignored by the corn-
issue of "The Worker," of which munity outside. A loss for Amer-
he was a leading columnist for ica. America is a nation of nations,
many years. said Walt Whitman, our great na-
tional poet, who best understood
vived all the tornadoes, floods and the broad spirit of the American
frame-ups of McCarthyism was in people. He preached constantly
itself a magnificent achievement. that Americans must recognize the
It was a battle, indeed, which place of the non-Anglo-half of the
no pampered Henry Luce or other nation.
pillar of capitalist journalism could The late Louis Adamic, a Yu-
have had the brains, guts or prin- goslav immigrant and scholar,
ciple to have endured. spent his life in study of the multi-
Sa. national nature of American cul-
A sick friend in hospital, who ture. He died too young to finish
was entering that vestibule to hell his work. Some successor will some
which we call "old age," was ask- day make a study of the Morning
ed to name his ailment. He smiled Freiheit and bring to light its cul-
__ ..M "VTT ... i tural treasures.

grimly anu saiu, i- u name it,
I've got it."
The Freiheit staff could have
made that answer at almost every
stage of their paper's career. They
were always being sued for mil-
lions of dollars. Always on the
razor-edge of bankruptcy, their
presses were once seized. Some
fainthearts on the staff cracked
up and resigned. But the paper
still lived, always bright, militant,
challenging, with the fighting
sprit of a young David to this day.
Like an iceberg, the history
and culture of America still lies
submerged and unknown to the

0 0 *
An anthological volume could
be made of short story writers who
like the current author and humor-
ist, Sam Liptzin, gave a semi-auto-
biographical picture of the Jew-
ish sweatshops and the Old East
And the voluminous writing of
Moissaye Olgin, the first editor,
would prove fascinating for the
historians of the struggle for Yid-
dish culture and socialism.
I knew him and loved him
through the years.
Olgin was truly what the Jews
call a "liebeling," a darling, a

Our 50th Birthday...

(Continued from page 1)
ion, against imperialist war and
fascism, against German fascism
which took the lives of six million
of our people, against postwar Mc-
Carthy reaction, against racism,
a n t i-Semitism, a nt i-communism
and the cold war, against national
chauvinism and nihilism, for Is-
rael's survival, for progressive Jew-
ish culture.
The Morning Freiheit is to a
large extent the embodiment of
these struggles. For thousands of
progressive Jewish working men
and women and middleclass peo-
ple it is a matter of honor and
pride to support the Morning Frei-
heit. It is their paper, the only
Jewish pro-labor, pro-union paper
-in the country, the only one- tatt
opposes the barbaric war in South-
east Asia, that supports the UN
Resolution of Nov. 1967, for a
just political settlement of the Mid-
dle East crisis, that opposes the
political frameup of Angela Davis
and of Father Philip Berrigan, that
exposes the ultra right Jewish De-
fense League, that fights for Amer-
ican-Soviet friendship, improved
Black-Jewish relations, better hous-
ing, medical care and education.
In its march to its 50th anniver-

sary the Morning Freiheit is proud
to be associated with and to render
and receive assistance from the
progressive Jewish organizations
and periodicals the Cultural
Clubs and Societies, the Emma
Lazarus Federation of Jewish
Women's Clubs, the choruses and
orchestras of the Jewish Music Al-
liance, the YKUF and its Reading
Circles, the Jewish Schools, the
magazines Jewish Currents, Yid-
dishe Kultur and Zamlungen.
The Morning Freiheit begins its
51st year with the firm conviction
that only a broad coalition of the
labor, liberal, democratic and left
forces in our country, black and
white, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Chi-
cano, Indian and other minorities
can cope with political frameup,
racial bigotry, the degrading con-
ditions of poverty, the accursed
war in Southeast Asia, the pollu-
tion: 6f the land ard the rivers
and all the other ills of our so-
ciety that stem from a govern-
ment that spends billions for de-
struction and pennies for construc-
tion. Together we can turn this
country around
"Brother, march with us today,"
concluded a poem by Morris Win-
chevsky, a founder of the Freihelt.
"Come with us!" Come to the
Morning Freihelt's 50th Jubilee

MICHAEL GOLD (1893-1967)
warm center of life. Never did
any editor with an ailing heart
toil such long hours at his desk.
Never did a socialist editor knee-
deep in political battle have such
a rich fund of international cul-
ture. And no editor was always
so ready with a smile, a flash of
wit or anecdote.
He was constantly speaking at
mass meetings, in some great strike
or popular struggle. At the same
time he loved to have his friends
around him, in that French-Rus-
sian style of warm-hearted friend-
ship and literary comradeship.
Olgin had mastered three lan-
guages English, Russian, Yid-
dish. He wrote in English a big
history of Russian literature pub-
lished by Colhmbia. He lived like
a warrior, writing the things that
were needed in the struggle, with

Middle East...
(Continued from page 1)
the present situation on Israel.
"It places the State on a con-
tinuous emergency footing, forces
a perpetual arms race that de-
vours the country's material, social,
political, psychological and moral
resources, and increases depend-
ence on the continuation of the
struggle between the Super Pow-
"It frustrates political and social
development and places the coun-
try at the mercy o war time lead-
ership and war time organization-
al patterns.
VIt forces Israel to govern a large
national minority, which is with-
out rights, and creates the frame-
work of proto-colonial policy, hu-
mane and enlightened as that po-
licy may be. This situation inevi-
tably corrupts both the governors
and the governed."
Prof. Arieli reflects the views of
a considerable number of Israeli
intellectuals in the fight for peace.
"New Outlook" expresses the po-
sition of elements in the Zionist
Mapam and other Left Zionist
groups. This should remind us that
in our own country we must seek
allies among such elements, for
a common struggle against such
reactionary groupings in the Zion-
ist movement as the Zionist Organ-
ization of America and others. It
is clear that- dogmatism and sec-
tarianism which refuse to differ-
entiate between Zionists and Zion-
ists, between followers and lead-
ers, between leaders and leaders,
and lumps them together in one
basket, presenting them all as a
celebration at Hunter College to-
day, Sunday, April 2, 1:00 P.M.
Join us in celebrating an important
moment of Jewish history.
-The Editors.

never a secret craving for immor-
tality that dope of the intel-
Paul Novick was named editor
at Olgin's death. To Novick fell
the task of bringing the paper out
of the filthy morass of the anti-
Soviet cold war.
No doubt that Stalin, in his
last years of sickness, had de-
veloped a pathological sus icion
of the minority people, including
the Jews. After Yiddish newspa-
pers, magazines and books were
restored to Soviet life, the anti-
Soviet reactionaries still continu-
ed their slanders. Novick made a
tour of the Soviet Union and made
the most accurate search for the
facts. These facts showed that
the damage done by the cruel ac-
cident of history were not a per-
manent part of the Socialist sys-
Establishment of the truth was

a great and necessary task for
Novick and the Freiheit's staff to
have accomplished. If it were not
for the Soviet Union, Hitler would
have won, and slaughtered every
Jew of the 15,000,000 then alive.
It always has seemed disgraceful
to me when any Jew, however in-
fected with the current distrust
of Russian Socialism, should forget
for a minute to be grateful to the
Soviet hero-martyrs who gave their
lives to crush Hitler.
Today I see still marching in
the Negro demonstrations and civil
rights parades, a middleaged Jew
with dark, kindly face and warm
sympathetic eyes. His hair is gray,
and he knows the pain of arthritis.
But he marches, he reads, he is
still alive with the great dreams
of world peace and world social-
ism. And the Morning Freiheit is
still his militant voice.

The Jewish People...

(Continued from page 2)
in our ranks, a general merging
of all the peoples, a mankind of
one language, of one nation, of
one race, then it might perhaps
be no more than right that we
Jews, who almost take the lead,
shall go along in this as well.
Then it would perhaps be desir-
able that we be the first to leap
alive into the melting pot.
If however, as I have shown
here, the process of humanity's
development is in the opposite
direction and Jaures grandchil-
dren will be no less French, but
more French, if Bebel's children's
children will be no less, but more
German, if Turati's coming gen-
erations will be more Italian and
Plekhanov's much, much more Rus-
sian, then it seems to me no more
than just that our people shall
for the present remain Jews...
Imagine a French or Russian
writer, or a writer of any other
nationality who first has to ex-
plain that his being French or
Russian or anything else is not
an obstacle to the internationalism
of his Socialisml
In my experience of hearing
and reading the speeches of So-
cialist labor leaders and theoreti-
cians I recall only a single instance
where it was necessary for any-
one to make such an explanation.

This was August Bebel's address
to the Berlin students, "Is the In-
ternational Opposed to the Na-
tionality", in December 1897.
Not only is the nationality not
opposed to internationalism, Rebel
explained, but internationalism is
not opposed to the nationality. In
other words, Germans may remain
Germans if for no other reason
than that is what they are. What
has to be made clear is that no
international Socialism can in any
way have any objection to that.
One must laugh out of despera-
tion in order to have to say that a
Jew may remain a Jew and feel
this statement is not as self-evid-
ent as it would be to say, for ex-
ample, that the sun and the moon
aren't lamps hanging from the sky
and have no connection with the
Standard Oil Company...
In our Socialist circles we must
become accustomed to link the
propaganda of Socialism, the ad-
vocacy of the great ideal for hu-
manity, with everything that has
a direct or indirect bearing to it
in our own history and in our
own traditions.
Socialism does not request the
destruction of the German or
French nations upon its altar; it
therefore cannot make this request
of the Jews and it also does t.
(Transl. by S.R.)

The JDL Threat...

(Continued from page 1)
ment and leaving the office in a
shambles. Why? The JDL con-
tended that the rabbinate was mo-
rally obliged to take up the
cudgels for Avraham Hershkowitz,
a JDL member who had been in-
dicted for passport fraud. It was
the duty of the Board of Rabbis
to raise the $65,000 bail, said the
JDL. And when the Rabbis did
not take action the JDL did
their duty..
In November, 1971 the JDL

hostile," chauvinist, pro-imperialist
mass, is harmful. Such an approach
can only play into the hands of
the chauvinists and pro-annexa-
tionists who are, regretfully, quite
strong among American Jews.
We proceed hand-in-hand with
the "Movement For Peace and
Security" in Israel and advance its
slogan that we, ourselves, had in
effect formulated immediately after
the Six Day War: "Peace and Se-
curity Yes, Annexation Nol"

once again acted to stop anti-Sem-
itism. They "occupied" the offices
of the New York Federation of
Jewish Philanthropies. They were
a little better behaved than at the
time they visited the New York
Board of Rabbis. They only cut
in on telephone service and disrupt-
ed the work of the office. They
demanded an immediate alloca-
tion of $6 million for their program
of Jewish Education and $200,000
for private safety patrols in crime-
ridden Jewish neighborhoods. They
left peacefully when the police ar-
Sanford Solender, 'the executive
director of the Federation stated:
"The JDL insists that Federation
allocate funds for a private defense
force. We have recorded our op-
position to any such vigilante
movement. The protection of citi-
zens and property is the respon-
sibility of the city police force and
we are in continuous communica-
tion with the Police Department.
(Continued next Sunday)

Sunday, April 2, 1972


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Sunday, April 2, 1972

MORNING FREIBErr n o"moAnammm

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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 78 1972 .2 ~'m"1SK .rn~2SI?

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1. tO5S~v)


sends warm greetings to readers and friends of the

on its


As a leading authority on travel to the European Socialist
countries, we stand ready to assist you with all your travel

Special low group rates to Israel now available.
Combine Israel visit with travel in U.S.S.R. or Bul-
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1776 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10019
Telephone: (212) 757-9595

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JimIY5,x ny~y-v [7D n-mn imny"5 l IDY
I"72,5 SM ITH'S RE~wnvSTAURANT,7Im7lypvl
Universit y Place a7D Ind13ythlStreet, iNewYrklIr 1


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Sunday, April 2, 1972

MORNING FREHMIT 78 -tvim"witalrip

1972 A t"NIDN 12"r?

Qon-Nsr, Jig jk;t:mt35 M-In

Suday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 4 -- 1972 ,2 ~"3S 1qmw


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Apat"8 S **.. : -


Funeral services can be arranged at any chapel the family desires
in Manhattan, Br6oklyn, Bronx, Queens, Long Island or' West-
chester. For information, phone Area iCde: 212-842-1273.
V S I 2c

'. MORRS, INC. ..


Brodklyn, 901 Church Ave., cor. Rockaway Parkway,
342-1273 .

Hempstead, L1. 46 Greenwich St., near Peninsula Blvd.

Greater Miami and South Florida (305) 358-6763

OP~3?W.rU1~ bI$5.

0151wru13 bi$5

.- T $8 ,$5 ,$3 : 10Tw
. PAYS ro

| of Cost :Dy' alST,'JE^ l1B
(Before Grand St. for 80 years)

We Serve Medicare & Medicaid
Open Daily 10 AM to 5 PM
Sunday A0 AM to 1' PM
Closed Sat. Parking Free

..t. m proo'
Community Chapels, Inc.
*Funeral Directors
comer 47th St., B'klyn 19, N.Y.
ULstr -4oo000

B 'Pa SMPy) s' (10 1"i3 91 Dto8yl

tilt "1' 1J" Iny'Pr" 3fWil.
*.0390D'a8 p "rnybylD V1

Tel. 342-1273 ,
BROOKLYN, 9701 ChurchAve.
LONG ISLAND, 46 Greenwich
Street, Hempstead, Lrng Island,
T I Tel. 4867-2500
Greater Miami Tel.:
3015-3 58-6763

. lit .m1W -47 4M p 1"' .
: 1111"., ,MP ap 42 -1vo
SW *LW T .21234-12734

T. 48P6. ,250

4-1162lp88r -lip In -.TWL4
PitD f lyTn lit V yayirmy
1 225. Jerome Avenue
Bronx. near 167th St.
Tel., -WYmiott -Si00O

525-6621 -p~.

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Sunday, Aprff 2, 1972


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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 t2 vlbbt

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHElT 41 1972 ,2 ~'F5~

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

MORNING FREHMIT 41 wAmwivalritto

1972 p2 411019 oJkMM?

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 75 -

"I TD 1PO lIa

-7"i.W 150 1 I''13

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n"p 1B I 2I3 ,5vt' a, t1 8 n3 7 "
tpl ,ua3wli1ty, 1K 31l
-i "t r3p. ,1"I I?5 'IDtso In?

Poultry -y Marketb
%5 4 O JM3 DY- ti ?o1i -110


8LAmbert 5-98041



Poultry Market
LAmbert 5-9804
Hamilton Ave & Washington St.

IK0 12'5 I'm jb o yuq P'

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.3ZY5 I'll Jim lo -ji'l 037'S1P3sl

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5yag w-3ISI5


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1'K03 0'.3 3 N p~5mo
)31ML*1~0Z 05KL
P~D"l5P;LK' PH 5svy

SW 6-0340

Main Ave. at Delavanna Ave.
Market St. at Midland Ave.
East Paterson, N. J.

VT .flfl SIlf113lH I3723"- 37C)01$0

371~'~TpH ~I~ 71H ft -Ol7 03t 00W~1
'1 -~ ~1 Sq3'~7p3' k7r


Sunday.)' April 2, 1972

MORNING FREHMIT 75 t"m"aiampaitto

1972 ?2 4108


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Sunday, April 2, 1972


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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FIIEIHEIT 30 -

14,t .5'ow lm PMS"5053PU'
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.1968 5is01 IM 01" p0T SI -? -pp'K M yr 'WISI'm ,"2"11 I'
5'etsP 3Dytiyo' B"11is 8 ,113 B"w1 i"? ; 1964 'm a5514t
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unday, April 2, 1972

1972 12 4%108 12$Wlt

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"SS '5 p0131-c.221M'1 '0'1'1M S

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 54 1972 ,2 ~'9n~ ~


V3?3Y0 T4I~
rMw~l1, '5'

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Sunday, April 2, 1572


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Sunday, AprH 2, 1972


1972 t2 Nftlb$ 12#%2211

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Sunday, Aprfl 2, 1972

MORNING FREIHEFr 44 t"M"'1012'1160

1972 t2 4-109 jJ$t2lT

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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREUIEIT 51 1972 2 ~IbM

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

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Anti-Semitism and Jewish Culture

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following excerpt is from M.J. Olgin's
essay, "Anti-Semitism and Yiddish Culture." It appears that Olgin
-wrote this essay in 1938 with a premonition of the coming tragedy
which was to befall the Jewish people of Europe as a consequence
of the war which fascism was then preparing. The opening sentence
of this essay reads:
"The intensified anti-Semitism of the recent period, the. brutal,
senseless and incessant sadistically refined pogrom on the Jews in
Germany in the first place has confronted the Jewish collective and
each Jew individually with the dilemma: either resistance or destruc-
This essay was first published in the December 1938 issue of
"Yiddishe Kultur," magazine of the YKUF (Jewish Cultural Alliance).
o 0

The program of the YKUF states:
The Jewish people cannot be
separated from -Yiddish cul-
ture and Yiddish culture is
inseparable from the Jewish peo-
ple, from its laboring masses.
The more strongly its forces are
organized, the more richly will
the Yiddish people's culture blos-
som and the more powerful will
the resistance of the people be
against those who would de-
stroy it."
The YKUF advanced the funda-
mental truth that Yiddish culture
is a source of strength for the
Jewish people since it is in Yid-
dish culture that the ordinary Jew-
ish person finds "a direct, com-
plete expression of his entire life,
of his intrinsic nature, of his hopes,
of his struggle."
The words indicate the sig-
nificance and the role of Yid-
dish culture for the Jewish people
in the present period.
When we speak of culture we
do not mean a sort of abstract con-
cept, but the numerous and varied
cultural values which we possess
all over the world and which are
able to permeate the life of the
Jewish collective everywhere.
We have in mind Jewish litera-
ture beginning with the fiery
protests of the prophets up to the
poets, narrators and essayists of
the present day. We have in mind
the theatre, against certain of
whose tendencies we have object-
ed, as we have of unhealthy tend-
encies in our literature, but which
was and can be a great construc-
tive force in thfelife of the Jew-
ish people. We have in mind
the Jewish arts, Jewish research.
We have in mind the consciousness
that there is a Jewish culture
which is thousands of years old
and which expresses the genius
of the people.
We do not forget for a single
moment that cultural work must
consist of two self-supplementing
areas of activity: first, the creation
of cultural values, the elevating
of Yiddish culture to ever great-
er heights. Second, bringing the
culture to the people, bringing it
down to -the very depths of the
Jewish people's collective (which
must definitely not be understood
as a vulgarization of culture.)
Both of these great areas of
cultural activity need to be devel-
oped with especial vigor in the
present period to serve as a de-
fense mechanism against external
foes, as a means of winning back
those who retreat within within
the Jewish collective itself and as
a means of attracting those Jewish
elements who do not know "why
they are Jews."
Superficial observers, particular-
ly those who generally maintain a
disparaging attitude to Yiddish
culture, have more .than once ask-
ed in the recent period: what point
is there in devoting oneself to an

,organization such as the YKUF?
What has culture to do with po-
groms? What has Yiddish culture
to do with the nazi barbarities in
We have -heard such remarks
not only from those who have
withdrawn from the field of Yid-
dish-culture, but also from activ-
ists. What relationship is there,
for example, between literature
and the task of uniting ever larger
numbers of Jews in a single peo-

M. J. Olgin
pole's front against anti-Semitism?
The answer lies in the fact that

the task of uniting the people and
organizing the resistance to its
enemies is not the labor of a day,
not the act .of a passing moment,
but a process which must cover a
certain period. In the course of
this period the people will have
to achieve the maximum conscious-
ness, the maximum self-conscious-
ness, the maximum unity and the
maximum fighting ability.
The Yiddish culture must be
the animating force which inspires
hope and strength and patience
and courage, not to speak of the
ability to perceive a clear perspec-
tive. The Yiddish culture must be
the cement which unites the broad-
est strata of the Jewish collective.
The" Yiddish culture must be the
factor which makes the resistance-
more spirited and determined.
When the struggle of this historic
period shall be concluded and
right, broad horizons will be
opened to the Jewish people, it
will, due to the Yiddish culture,
itself become a quite different, a
newer, a more vigorous collective

capable and worthy of entering
these new worlds...
Consciousness itself is a great
weapon. The enemy, in order to
dominate, strives to benumb, to
vulgarize, to degrade the spirit of
the people. Culture in its best ex--
pressions is the great antidote to
this poison of oppression. A people
which needs to stand up to its
enemies, a people which must un-
derstand who is its friend and its
foe, a people which must see a
clear path before it, must drink
deeply from, the sources of its cul-
The great majority of the Jew-
ish people speaks Yiddish and
lives its life in iddish. This major-
ity must drink frpm the springs
orthe Yiddish .culture. But. also
those sections of the' Jewish peo-
ple who do not know Yiddish must
drink from this source of conscious-
ness in those languages in which
they are more comfortable. This
work, too, must be encouraged and
led by the activists of the Yiddish

Portrait of a Jewish Poet as a Young Man

Peretz Markish, one of the great Yiddish poets of his time was
murdered during the Stalin era. This memoir by Markish's sister was
translated from Sovetish Heimland, the Yeddish journal published
monthly in Moscow by the Union of Soviet Writers.
000 ______________________
When the fifth child was born tales about princes and princesses.
into our household, my father said: Mother was smallish. She had
"I never knew my father; he died dark eyes, and wore a black wig.
when I was one year old. But I do She used to sit and knit all evening
know that his name was Peretz. It in the dim light of a small lamp.
is a Hebrew name. It means to When the children were too noisy,
grow, to expand, to multiply, also she would call out: "Quiet, chil-
to bloom. I will call my new son dreen, I am going to tell you a
Peretz. Let him grow and pros- story"... And we stopped every-
per". This was on November 25, thing and surrounded her eagerly.
1895, in a place called Polone, one "Once-upon-a-time there lived a
of the larger of the small towns king...
of Volynia. Peretz seemed to enjoy mother's
Father was tall, bearded and tales even more than the rest. He
distinguished-looking. H is eyes would not miss a word. Perhaps
sparkled. He had an acute intel- the muse, who accompanied him
ligence and was an authority on to his tragic end, was already visit-
ancient Jewish writing. He used ing him in those days. We were
to discuss with us the ways of the seven, five girls and two boys,
world, complaining that evil pre- Peretz and Meir. Peretz was the
vails. He was a kind and good favorite in the family circle.
husband and father. Peretz drew At the-age of three, Peretz went
upon father for his character to Heder, or rather was carried to
Mendl, Ezra's father, in the novel Heder as was the custom. Heder
"Generation After Generation",. was a small and dirty room. The
Our mother, Chaya, was the boys sat at a large table and the
daughter of Samson-Ber the tailor. teacher walked round and round,
She was a simple woman, devoted carrying a short whip in his hand.
to her family and always busy Peretz was rather lively. Being
looking after us. She was full of closed up in Heder was agony to
Yiddish lore, knew many folk tales him. At seven he was sent to a
and aphorisms. It was her great higher Heder, where he was taught
sorrow that she could not provide the Bible with the Rashi com-
tasty dishes for her children. But mentary. Peretz was extremely
she made up for it with wonderful bright. He had a remarkable mem-
ory and a wonderful grasp. He
was also eager to acquire knowl-
Cil Ian Jew s edge. Another of his attractive
qualities was his habit of speak-
ing up in the defense of other
(Continued from page 2) boys, despite warnings "not to be
estimates, but I should like to an advocate."
present here the sufficiently rep- YOUNG PERETZ HAD A
resentative opinion of Roberto Levi REMARKABLE SINGING
referred to above. Levi said: TALENT
"We are undoubtedly going When Peretz was ten, father
through a Revolution, but our moved himself and his family to
people need have no fear of Romanov, a nearby town, in search
progress, or of nationalizations of a living. In Romanov they had
or socializations. We must ad- a Talmud Torah and Peretz was
just. Those who want to leave soon one of its star pupils. Yiddish
will do so, but the others are and Russian were no problem to
the great majority, him. He often recited poetry on
Various le keep their "speechday". It was invariably a
hearious people keep their great success. Peretz had a good
We hare howevr the pope of singing voice and our neighbor,
We are, however, the people of the local cantor, persuaded father
the Prophets and this in itself to let Peretz join-his choir for the
obligates us to assist the pro- High Holy Days. Everybody was
gress of the country." soon talking about the remarkable
(Transl. by S.R.) singing talent of young Peretz-he

was then twelve-and his fame
reached the ear of the cantor of
Berdichev, no less, who made the
journey to Romanov and asked
father to entrust Peretz to him.
Peretz grew into a handsome
young man. Of the family, his
favorite was our sister Goldie. She
was three years older then he, a
great expert in Jewish lore. Goldie
died at 32, and Peretz dedicated
to her one of his best poems.
When the time to leave home
came, Peretz went to Polone, where
he was born, to be apprenticed to
a local chemist. He stayed with
our maternal grandfather, the tailor
Samson-Ber. The contact with the
tailor boys was important to Pe-
retz. He learned about the lives of
working men at first hand. But
he could not stay in Polone for
long. He soon went to Odessa, in
search of knowledge and inspira-
His first job in Odessa was as a

messenger boy with a gramaphone
shop. He had to deliver the gra-
maphones to the customers' homes.
After an eye operation, Peretz
moved to Slavite where he got a
clerk's job with a firm manu-
facturers of china. Here he came
in contact with industrial workers.
When a strike was being organ-
ized, Peretz joined the organizers
and threw himself into this illegal
activity, life and soul. The owner
of the factory, one Segal, threaten-
ed to inform the police about Pe-
retz's strike activities if he did
not go away. So Peretz left Slavite.
But this strike episode had a de-
cisive influence on his life.
He served in the war and wrote
poetry; Worked in a bank and
wrote poetry. Revolution and po-
etry were his life. His first book
of poems, "In Search of the Moon",
(how topical it is today!) appeared
simultaneously with the Revolu-
tion in 1917!

Pour the Drinks!

Higher than the eagle's eyes
We clambered up the mountainside
And reached the peak and took our stand.
So pour the drinks with generous hand,
that all we longed for in our lives
shall ultimately be realized!
Deeper than the ocean floor
We dared to dive and to explore,
And toasted it with song and chant.
So pour the drinks with generous hand-
may all the people's founts be full
and naught be lost beyond recall
How quickly did the summer fadel
And then came fall without delay,
Now winter strikes across the land.
So pour the drinks with generous hand,
for those nearby and far away,
for those who'll come to take our place!
We don't regret that we've gone gray-
We filled our lives with turbulent days,
among the people, with the land.
So pour the drinks with generous hand,
that the future may remember
us with praise and even envyi
How much longer is it given
us to taste the oys of living
in this world of mortal man?
So pour the drinks with generous hand!
Fill the glass and raise it higher
for our final, last desires
(From the Yiddish by Max Rosenfeld)






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I Sunday, ApriU 2, 1972

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

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Sunday, AprIl 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 64 -

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Sunday, Aoril 2, 1972

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Sunday AprU 2, 1972


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Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 24 -

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All ;C- 1 8 v 8 M 1 8118

35 EAST 12th ST. TEL. 254-9480 NEW YORK, N. Y. 10003
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Aunday, Aprfl 2, 1972


1972 p2 1-100 p3"MT

------- ~ ~~5~~ -. ------------------------w -

SWIIV D: V9 ZI't '2P1-x

4m to ,b7-101


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SON 71 81 IT12 70,8-2 14,29

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1972", 91,O) -10'3-5 1,937,

.$85.00 0M-11
t~$8.50 1xv~yinrlyim 37"Mr

774-9084 .30r*'v3,'i'3w iit5-80


$i25 v M TIBD Pa. P T. W
$ -..250----- -p---- Wi p p
$ 250- - - -- -- Boft 'o D
wmpnaq Tm apps aM ,Dlist p-

$ 250~- ---------- 80
$ 250 - -- - t'3, J
$ 250 -- - - - -.:l p , 1

$ 250 "11"--e Bi

. .. - lB a ` pBR. 10
$ 250 "---------- 70T'M TI
$250 - 14.- 10 aIij I% TIM
$ 250 -- - "l" abIM Ca'J IM 10I

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$ 250 -- pW t B11
$ 250- '. 1fl ' l
$ 250 ---------- -- ye'
j .250- -- D 'pTl Tm l Tp, w a "

$ 250- --- - --- Oi i
$ 250- -- --- - -1pM mT
$ 250 - -a
-- *'% TIB PZy I TM ,'l Dl 5
$ o 2 m-y

$ 250 - -----
$ 250- ------ - ------
$ 250 ------- -WI-W
$ 250 - -- -.- wnypp ap-
$ 250 -- ---------14 T5 B B 8
$ 250 --- --- - -- 8iM a1
$250 ------- 1TIWWB rs

$ 275 --- te8 ..

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$ 250 ------- --- Vii *
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$ 250 ------ - 011 'I1
$ 250 ----- t)9D 'p TIB Ds 'D 8
$ '250-- ----.-tt 'ji'? TT }w M 'It
250--- BpB5D tp3 M.ft"a" 'TB W 6 M

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.250 i w ~ IM"'3 $

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250 ------- -- -B' '1 -
250 - -- - -- -'- M "I

250 %- -- - -- "a y iTs .py $ .400
250 - - "pfa 'pTs I W'M o $ 250

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$250 --- jWvvvI r: ,nvaD#V 5D4
$250 l ,yllIV'Rfl IVII1val1 14 I 1~ 'TIMD1

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$ -500 -111118m
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$,500 - - -
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$ 500 --'III pw

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$ 400 ---- ---M1
$ -300 bb4 VIP 110IN)WISO1414 :41WI~
$ -300 - - -- 12IDJ3'im tfl
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$3 0 0- lippop mbAus
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$ 250-- -" 8 0 tv Jim W?'p
$250 --- 80 J:14fttl'~~
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$25 0. --- - ,1Vzz:Sw
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$ 250-- -- -- 144=V-102 -4JIM N"IV
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$,,250.-,- -5: 11W W'j' 1114 OPP
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$1,000 ----- --- pap"D ,'(nTO aDIs'
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$ 300 --- gtIl ,Bp'3'B ,BIIA *.
$ 800 - -- --v an' ,.l '18 t'
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$ 250 - 'Ne 0I1 ,rpB"32 ,9 i
.$ .250 --------- spW ,w"BV pI'nlw



M'jl ". NO ~t

'Sundw. APA 2, 1972




- Sunday, April 2 192MRNN-RIHEIT 70.-

1972 ,2 'lib tla t

"worlpo.y. J. 'IMP


o'H, I-I jvo

"I v 5 ),38

.0'PJ~TT5~rx b *w -1111) qnp rx, ftrr~r v 'p4'K fl.'-ORI


to the


ini memory of




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8 ra -i mi iu-'6 rl" ynt*, PM o liWp D itvnU




Sunday, Aprff 2,_1972


AllInal-It 150 TR IU

"12 ~' '~ ii'

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 42 Ma-I _1*1:p 1972 ,2 ~i3Bt I-01

fi4b 11=10'~2111O .3I 0fl11 P1t

ove tun fix D31.34= -

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1972 12 "614 t3ft."t

Sunday, Aprfl 2, 1972

t"IDS: lit tl;r "I-it I,

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Ji 250 $- -P= -~ f iIDM lt M -1
$ 250 --- b~n:( 18-12 $ 250 -- -8O' II-
$ 250 -- - ANVZ142 D$ 250 - 1#1080~Ms~'
$ 250-------- --I~p n#I $ 250 -- -, %P5ftio
$ 250 -76 - .2 t~win$ 250 V --- mqo
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$ 250---------------- iplSD

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$ 250 -- --- BsiD S $ 300 - - - .B .v!

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$ 250 - - Bpw'r ,i$ 500 - - pW

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lit Z244-10 M 2v Z4a9 B lvn

$250 - - -- - $ S--- - - IraM z 1
$ 1,000 - - - - - - vi ,o n

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a2 t"s 12:30 ,1972 .,1V V O9 p J$IrIt
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tIapBlo hlp nB
spBVw 9p?4 Vsi0 113 1I BVBDa1. UgaTY *1

namao jwrn i
: t3on :*1sis 8 yvu irs at
J. GEROWITZ 2868 -48th St., B'klyn, N.Y. TeL. 946-5886

25-- p"v t
500--P1P s
$ 250 'Pat$.lloe 9ortM
$250-- --tPO

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$ 250 ppsi
$ 300 Ovirosp,2117Z 't1~b
$ 250 r- -.- -


1971 -1970~v
5$ 1,000 --- 0 ?nsiD
32A0- -IO s.1
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3 00 -us".& 0 'lfM
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$ 50 -- ip"M V120

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21000-------- B

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S250 ------ ppna
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iW2 2 IMIV 36MMI

Sunday, April 2, 1972


Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 60 1972 ,2 ~%mj

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r5lumL5 two 'm In
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13,043 n~~ ~ ~7~K"Zf,"904 D m- A. K 1 -ppar. m11uV'

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m-i wi pD J~btv' prmyluna 3,2'1, U7 -3 T fly .O"'7'7
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Sunday, April 2, 1972


1972 12 4010@ PtWlf

Sunday, April 2, 1972 MORNING FREIHEIT 56 ~D7~9~ 1972 ,2 ~%e~3~ ,3~3I?

D 'TtDav W:)O041IDO =

-11M PC yoO 132p3 a"Tlilt p"Mli~3pT3Dpon Tr I'm Tim
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Sunday, Aprff 2, 1972


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Sunday, April 2, 1972

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Sunday, April 2, 1972

1972 t2 Nwlbt4 t2ftrt

Chilean Jews Support the Socialist Government

EDITOR'S NOTE: The author of this article is the edi-
tor of La Presse Nouvelle Hebdomadaire, the weekly French
language supplement of the progressive Yiddish daily news-
paper, Naie Presse of Paris. Jean Liberman visited Chile last
October. The following is an abridgement of Liberman's
@00 __---------------

"Our people have no reason to
fear progress," the secretary of
the Jewish Representative Com-
mittee in Chil6 told me.
Another Jewish leader, Levi Se-
guro, the director of the Jewish
Community Center in Santiago,
said, "Our assurance is Allende."
This Jewish Community Center
(Estadio Israeliteo) has a sports'
club with two swimming pools,
a park, a restaurant and an audi-
torium. These facilities are enjoy-
ed by more than ten thousand
members, mostly Jews.
Politically there is no "Jewish
question" in Chile as there was
before the election of" President
Salvador Allende in September,
1970 and as there is now in neigh-
boring Argentina. However, there
is a Jewish reality in Chile and
its problems are of specific im-
32 thousand Jews live in Chile.
Three thousand left the country
since the victory of Pres. Allende's
Popular Unity government. Jews
have been living in Chile since
the time of the Inquisition, among
them a number who achieved great
prominence as scholars and writ-
The new Jewish immigration
into Chile began in the early
years of this century and another
influx arrived in 1933 after the
nazis gained power in Germany.
The Jewish population is 90%
Ashkenazi. Aside from the large
number of native born Chilean
Jews there is a significant num-
ber of German Jews and also Hun-
garian and Sephardic Jews.
Though only seven thousand
Chilean Jews belong to Jewish
organizations, this grouping is
quite active. At the same time
this fact indicates the "Chileaniza-
tion" of the large majority of Jews.
A visit to the magnificent Is-
raelite Bank which has 12 thou-
sand depositors or to the ultra-
modern Jewish Old Age Home in-
dicates the middle class status of
the Chilean Jews. I was especial-
ly impressed by the fact that in
a country where such institutions
are immeasurably poor, the Jew-
ish Old Age Home is an exem-
plary institution with excellent con-
veniences and sponsors concerts,
birthdays, etc.
The participation of Jewish
scholars and personalities in the
economic life, the arts and politics
of Chile is noteworthy. These in-
clude Jacques Chonchol, the Min-
ister of Agriculture, the son of
a French Jewish father; Prof.
Alexandro Lipshitz, a noted an-
thropoligist and student of the
Chilean Indian people, who was
born in Latvia; David Beitelman,
the agricultural specialist, a Com-
munist, the Yiddish-sp e a k i n g
grandson of the first rabbi in Chi-
e; Ephraim Friedman, the chief
of atomic research; Felix Schw-
artzman, a philosopher; Miguel
Lavner, a leader in the urban
renewal program, the son of Ukrain-
ian-Jewish immigrant parents; Vo-
lodia Teitelboim, the outstanding
Chilean writer and critic and Com-
munist senator.
A Center for Judaic Studies also
functions at the University of San-

Jewish institutions cultural,
social and political have been
in existence in Chile since 1906.
Robert Levi, a scientist and the
general-secretary of the Jewish
Representative Committee which
includes all sectors of the Jew-
ish community, had a long con-
versation with me in his deligh-
ful French with its trace of an
Alsatian accent.
Levi enumerated the organiza-
tions which for years were domin-
ated by the'Zionist ideology with
'a left coloration. These included

the Hebrew Education Center
which conducts many education-
al institutions in Santiago and Val-
paraiso with 1,120 children, the
Jewish Women's Organization, the
Yiddish Ashkenazi Center and the
Zionist Federation.
The Jewish community main-
tains two newspapers with a cir-
culation of three to four thousand
copies. These are "La Palabra Is-
raelita" ("The Israelite Word")
which is published half in Spanish
and half in Yiddish, and the "Mun-
do Judio" ("Jewish World") which
is primarily devoted to Israeli af-
The Sholem Aleichem Center
is the independent, progressive
Jewish organization.
"No race question" exists here,"
Roberto Levi told me. "Those
(Jews) who left the country did
so because of their economic in-

terests. There never existed any
official anti-Semitism in Chile.
The unofficial anti-Semitism is of
no significance. The real racism
here was directed against the In-
Senor Levi added, "As in Ar-
gentina there is an important mi-
nority of Arab origin (Syrians, Pa-
lestinians, Lebanese.) Relations be-
tween Arabs and Jews in Chile
were and remain very good."
The sports' director of the.Es-
tadio Israelito related that until
recently Arab teams participated
in its athletic events. Only lately
we noticed, .from the other side,
apparently at higher instigation,
an effort to disrupt these peace-
able relations," he said."
On this subject the Communist
senator Volodia Teitelboim stated:
"A number of the Arabs here are
among the textile magnates and
wealthier individuals. Relations be-
tween Arabs and Jews are very

The Jewish People and

The National Question

EDITOR'S NOTE: Morris Winchevsky, (1856-1932) one of the
major founders of the Morning Freiheit, was the first Yiddish labor
poet and writer and the first Jewish Socialist to advocate Socialist
ideas in the Yiddish language. He had a traditional religious education
in his native Lithuania, but became a Socialist in his early youth in
Germany. After being deported from Germany for his political ac-
tivities Winchevsky lived in Copenhagen, Paris and London where
he stayed 15 years and published the first Socialist newspaper in Yid-
dish, Dos Polished Yidl in the 1880's. Winchevsky emigrated to the
United States in 1894 and thereafter edited a Yiddish newspaper,
Emess, in Boston, and in 1897 was one of the founders of the Forward
which he hoped would become a militant Socialist newspaper. While
still a young man Winchevsky was admiringly called the grandfather"
of the Jewish Socialist movement and his poems and essays were
enormously popular among the Yiddish speaking emigrants.
Winchevsky has been misrepresented as being- solely concerned
with general social problems to the exclusion of any Jewish interests.
Actually he frequently wrote on Jewish problems, fought for Yid-
dish and sharply opposed the assimilationist views of contemporary
The following excerpts are translated from his essay, "My National
Belief," which he wrote in 1911. This essay was reprinted in -Volume
VII of "The Selected Works of Morris Winchevsky" which the Morn-
ing Freiheit published in 1927.

0 0' 0
I clearly envision a fraternal,
international mankind in which
each people will have its place,
each nationality the opportunity
to further develop in accord with
its specific peculiarity, its history
and cultural strivings.
I perceive the national indi-
duality precisely in this fraternity.
I see in it the greatest expression
for that which is specific in each,
just as one can observe the most
perfect rose or most perfect lily
there where the roots find equally
good and wholesome nourishment
in the lap of the common mother
All the flowers will not become
a single type of flower, but finer
flowers of various kinds will flour-
ish where freedom is finally achiev-
ed for all to grow and nourish
themselves equally in their blos-
soming and maturing...
In the course of time the speci-
fic peculiarity of even small na-
tions, as in Scandinavia, becomes
more pronounced and expresses it-
self in a Brandes in Denmark, an
Ibsen in Norway and a Strind-
berg in Sweden. (The fact that
Brandes is of Jewish origin does
not concern us in this instance.)
This specific peculiarity leads to
a more defined; more enhanced
and:clearly formed national per-

Even here in America or in
Southern Europe or in the sup-
posed international kingdom of
Austria, the national individuality
becomes greater and more pro-
nounced as more people are able
to read the various literatures and
as more people are able to create
in these literatures or help broaden
and elevate them. And as the num-
ber of new readers is continually
growing and with it the number
of new writers, so every new Ib-
sen, every new Turgeniev, every
new Maupassant reinforces his na-
tionality and becomes a new star
in the national firmament.

By dwelling together in one
area and under the same condi-
tions, perhaps with children at-
tending the same schools, Italians,
Spaniards and French, all of one
origin, of the same race, can to
a certain extent mix, merge and
diffuse one among the others.
This can even happen with us
Jews dispersed as we are among
various peoples... This may hap-
pen. It has happened in the past
and will certainly happen in the
However, neither mixed mar-
riages nor mass conversions nor
exterminations, as sometimes hap-
pens to us, can cause the disap-
pearance" of more than a part of
the people.
Had it not been for conver-
sions to other religions and the
intermixing without conversions it

And not only is the specific is possible there might now be
peculiarity of each nationality not twelve million Jews, but sixty
created in its literature, but there million or more. It can also be
is a further development of the imagined that of the present twelve
national drama, the national opera, million (in 1911) there may through
the national art and the national intermixing, with or without con-
absorption of each people in its versions, remain six million. All
past, its history, its origin. this is probable, but it is definite-
And if this is apparent in the Iv impossible that the people will
case of nations which stem from disappear entirely.
one race, if there is a further de- JEWISH NATIONAL PRIDE
fining of themselves and a dif- CANNOT BE SUPPRESED
ferentiation of peoples of the same
Slavic, Latin, Cermanic and Celtic Thus the question remains: is
races; if the growth of the national it desirable that there be such a
literature, of the national music, people as the Jewish people in
of the national history, in brief, the world?
the national culture establishes To this it is not necessary to
ever more clearly and distinctly say more than these words:
the national character of these If the future of mankind entail-1
nationalities, this is also surely true ed, and this was once dreamed of.
of the Jewish people. (Continued on page 4)

good. They refuse to bear res-
sponsibility for the war situation
in the Middle East. This seems
to us -to be a good thing."
In Chile, as in other countries,
the Jewish Community was par-
ticularly affected by the Arab-Is-
rael war of June, 1967. In this
connection the position of the Chi-
lean government which supports
the United Nations Security Coun-
cil Resolution of November 22,
1967 won the acceptance of the
Jewish community as well as of
Arab circles.
Another leading personn I had
interviewed, the attorney A. Itzik-
son, who describes himself as a
left-Zionist, said he is convinced
that the main reason which prompt-.
ed three thousand Jews to leave
the country was the economic and
social uncertainty following Allen-
de's electoral victory.
Itzikson asserted: "The com-
mitted course of development in
Chile can't be halted. The Jews
of the middle strata have not been
touched as yet. However, we will
arrive at a point where they will
become proletarianized and then
the question of aliyah (emigration
to Israel) will be considered."
Though Itzikson acknowledges
there is no problem of anti-Sem-
itism in Chile, his own "strictly
personal" view, at any rate, (and
it is not clear on what he bases
his belief) is "there will always
be more insecurity for Jews than
for others because of their foreign
Nevertheless, Itzikson concedes
that "the general relations between
the Jewish community and the gov-
ernment are good." He emphasizes
that the Zionist Youth Federation
doesn't share his own "pessimistic
"The Jewish youth," Itzikson
remarked, "supports Allende," and'
the president has shown great ap-
preciation for their questions in
regard to Israel.
It is understandable that the
socially conscious education of
these Jewish youths, who are main-
ly under the MAPAM (Socialist-
Zionist) influence has brought
them much closer to Pres. Allen-
de's politics than to the class in-
terests of their parents.
The departure from Chile of
three thousand Jews was actual-
ly not a specific Jewish phenome-
non. It appears to have been sim-
ply the calculation of wealthier
There is frequent mention of
the personal efforts and private
meetings of Pres. Allende to allay
any fears among Jews and to en-
list their responsible cooperation.
The Israelite Bank and the Jew-
ish community have responded to
him with the generous contribu-
tion of three million escudos to
assist in the reconstruction of the
Valle Hermoso (Beautiful Valley)
area which was destroyed by an
earthquake last year. The Jewish
newspaper, "La Palabra Israelita",
reported that the residents of Valle
Hermoso received the aid convoys
sent by the Jewish community
with great satisfaction. Many Jew-
ish' youths volunteered to work
in the reconstruction there as well.
* This is further evidence that the
Jewish community does not stand
apart from the movement of the
Popular Unity.
Of course,. Jews differ in their
(Continued on page 3)

Sunday, April 2, 1972


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Sunday, Aprfi 2, 1972


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Sunday, AprH 2, 1972


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