Trip 12: Horto Fiorestial.

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Trip 12: Horto Fiorestial.
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Correspondence and Subject Files 1921-1943
Rolfs, Peter Henry
Rolfs, Peter Henry
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8. Trip 12: Horto Fiorestial.


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Rolfs, Peter Henry
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Brazil -- Minas Gerais.
Minas Gerais (Brazil) -- Rural conditions.
Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Gerais.
Horto Fiorestial (Brazil)


Notes from Trip 12 taken by P. H. Rolfs to visit Vicosa (Brazil)

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0 .

Trip No. 1.-
0or To vipit Vigoso anr continue 0loeation of 0bui-dings,
.n--6oflfetnedso-with enpireers.

April 4, 10':. es`lav. eft i'1o JTorizntfe '1 :20on
O octurno.
pril F, ,dnescdav. Arrive t jiz de For', l?:r0 A.'.
,O _) To I n Fon e kL l
Took room at notel icnsissance. At 8: A.M. took Lepoljlina for Fur-

tados dos ea ppos. At Tu-py bought some fruits of fr. eta cle Conde.
The lcirgc_,st om. was about six inches in ianmoter, not quite as rough
aF sugar e-tmle, ruln soft and jelly like, r,,ore gelptinoFs Iha n su-
gar apple and not so F'',eef, s sreP about fwiee .i'~ size of !n.frar rrnnle
veeds '-ruits much lger than an-mie r.bout sare neunmbe of
se,.ments. -Irvor not so Tiro..ounr.ed.
Took brrakfaot at FIur -ls ados vno.. -n*W 0'
on the rarnicl on hi. w.y to rLio to buy machine" far 'voo- v.ork l.A
'iiossa. Finmi itn necessary to construct all of the wood, iFt l ies
needed, '.' ill be nccess'ry 0to install a saw mill, crr eentel s oo, etc/-
Arrived, at 1iqosa at 7:30 P. .". Loonlight a n, beautiful.
April 6, hourss cay. a alked out to the aenmus and. found
Mario nt fhe depos-ito. sr,1 infrodlwcd to "staniFla -.oij!p-e Te is
in charge of the electrical, gas,Awater surnnlyinp' system. 4P vears
old, born in -,ussia. Lost his ir-rents and went to live with his uncle
at five y-'ar- old in Ii'Ciiiny, Studied electrical and me-char-nicil .ni-
rcC, erin1: in Germc-ny. Ta, -een n 'razil ?8 years. ".orked with t T;
"Light and Power Co. % for a niil-Tr of -o ar's. .vns, t','.'o v ouseF at Lav-
ras. Knows Gsnrmonj.,iuhnnicult, and night. InFttalled el.?c+ric light
plant at CX,' a.e Ta-l soe connection with 'Khhe electric lif6+ `-.Iant
at lavrC-s. Uarme to "rrzil to install machinery in spinning 'retory
for an 7n11lish fim.

0 I 1
Found crio wo' rkinp on the monnhl.y nyrol. Spent the
day looking over the grounds generally nrl studying sit uat on of
different buil dings.
he big auto 'a,- still disabled. ad t send to Tio for
a -rt. It is"Adoloho aurer"manuf'ct tr,.
April 7, Friday., Found that r. Woiske s eeal'> c-rrien so
IhaC an all day -epsion with him fbo6,t wiring ana fhe lispoFiftion of .
electric apparatus in nz-i ,.1 "- Also di. cs sed' th it-,a:ter os waser
s-upplies and the location of different arts.
April 8, Saturdc-y. ith soisk-e went out aer falls to
see about possibility of Fecurini. oo'yer. i Aatio worked on .,-o01-s. In
Count e d
P.M. walked out to stone quarry. xBmixy ff 19 me'n at work. Ca-le
and apparatus for running tram cars about ready. After dinner studied
pl-nts again wi-h Prof. Orrisco 7Y3 3 4 HIs, M,. ,NA alx
ye^^-^ PW ;<.~~ t ent to circus, lasted till ?: A. ..ith
,,r oiske.
Arpil 9, Suhday. Slept until 9:00 A. ... Ater. break-fast,
11: O A. 1.a lked out wit' Prof. Orrisco, making observations onl'lfns.
After dinner re-iained in hotel, wrote home.
z iil 1, 'onday. ,t 7:30 A.M. Mario 'as waiting for me at
the door to go to the campus. Sppnt till 9:45 straightening out
plans and getting things generally straightened up at thle denosito.
After lunch set stakes for Hort. slat house and shons for -ura1 engineerr -
After surne', Isidoro Diom offered to set out ad ear,- for
experimental vinhard. Said he arl cared for as "-iny as two thousand
vines in one field at Itatiahi. He offered to hc've all 1e work done
through' his son, who he skid was an expert in pronagrting vines.
April 11, "us.ay. "5:,O A.,.: Left hotel ,vlith

Corifrnmed iro.-icdistely to l.Cy off lines for 'nima HTus-,ndry a"roun


After breakfast set eorner stakes for feed house for hogs
and for hog pen ,dairy building, horse barn, hay bern and calf shelter.
Closed work at 3, P.. Cs "ario thought it vr." too lae to run a level
Closed wor letet o .. ..un. i

to th1e location orthe Veterinary iBuilding.
,/r "ermeto, wife and yourgest son arrived at 7:,' from 'io.

April 12, -ed. Went out at 7. A.M. Loccted elevation of
Veterinary oun and. established bape lines and angle of divergence.
P. M. located corners of building for small animLls, cr-e-ating room,
store room and pens for large animals. Four P. M. took elevation of

location of Silviculture slat house and set corner star-es. Closed
work" at 4:30 P. r1.
April 13, Thursday, Doliy. Dr. H. was out to the escriptorio

and got back at 11 o'clock. 'r. "oi!,e had been with Dr. H. Said they
had tried to let down 4 car load of stone and the cable failed to
function well on the -oulley. The cable Rlocked and the 4-rem I,
the track. By doing rome work they were succ-ssful, in getting
the apnaratus to function noronerly.
Lifter breakfast had a conference with Dr. Fermeto- on Coll-,e.e
matters. Te said it i:ould early enough in two or three weeks to
locate the corners of the ,Agronory buildinpr. By that time the corn
would probably be out of the way. 'he yoymg sugar cane is growing
rapidly but will probably have to be seerificed1 in order to pet suf-
ficient open groun, for locating the building properly.
M'ario had suggestr'r that my books and fis household goods

might be stored( in the escriptoria. 'r. H. did not think it would be
well to do so.
I suoesterl to 'r. HI. that a fcnorary structure be erected
5 x k meters, not far from Directcor's residence to servw as a t-ioorarv


location for the library, by placing in tf-mporary ph1ives and other
temporary arrI,-lSment. it would psrve provided it is nrotecte', ainst
Discu ped the matter of a gas machine with Dr. I. ie sug-
'ie ted that a machine to *nake grs from coal woula be servie-'.ble
as'cokk would serve as fuel in the kitc"en!. his seems i-,wrc.e'ticable'
as it requires more or less expert 7,nagerment to produce thre ss. T
surfpeq ted a machine to -iake gas from u ,vo'-obile gasoline. e r.
DicFL.]5st, the time as probably necessary fo-ie to return

from rello Horizonte. Dr. 7. thought two or three weeks c-:rnle.
I asked him about the ran\ and ,-irsonnel of the work at
Yi9osa. "crio .-Ichado is his assistant in charge of accounts
Brnes to.
ana general office work. -Geovanine construction of the principal
edifice. Cormeli-o service terra mnlen-gem. Guarino,feitos pedreira.
slt anisu Noi ."Pke, -echhanic and electrician. .Job ezencles, -'--.ositier

da pedreira.
April 14, "ooI Friday. Left Viqosp at 7:3'. r'--led '7l
;Dy very comfortably as tb trains were ei-o".ded only -t local points.
Arpil 15, Safurad^yT, arrived at Bell: %orizonte. Took sleeper

at Juiz de Fora, 18 mril eis.

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