Trip 11: Vicosa, Lavras.

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Trip 11: Vicosa, Lavras.
Rolfs, Peter Henry
Rolfs, Peter Henry
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7. Trip 11: Vicosa, Lavras.


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Rolfs, Peter Henry
Vicosa (Brazil)
Lavras (Brazil)
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Brazil


Notes and photographs from Trip 11 taken by P. H. Rolfs

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Trip ho. 11.
T'o Tigoso, returning by Lavra..
March 2, 1022, left ello lorizonte on thle 4:?P train, arrived
at Juiz cle Fora at ':00 A. Jl. FridTay. Put uin &t Union "ntel, no inner
at the Station for the "oFel Teencissance. Union Fo*el rather -oor and
lacking in ecconoda' ions. Left on Leonoldine FaiIv/ry et P.00 A. '!.
Drizzling rn6 inte-i-ittent rain between 7:00 and 8:00 A. -. At 1?:'0
ook rrcr'n7irfapFt, Sr. Filler and foxily
)ok dinner at Rio '!ova. Arrived as
room No.5 at Grand r hotel. ""t three
-uwnsta anrl rion "Lac1,do AIDo

0Ol I"a M 4 A
out to .he r uin Thildir.F .nd -round
for 1:.reakfast. P. t. wall-ed out with
vel, ViqoFa to Sao -,pi7l .0 d
-t is twenty five kilometerFs f om ViqosE,, The road runs through tCe
re rroundi n .p
.-oent near totel, talking'to vfric up people. "Tp.odoro
itally egreeahle, only excitement was nrr-'inp, of the
he railway y v19tion and back over the -nacarl-rized s trees,
Fs "-e F n-,,Ol)obil.e truck was also riFp-o, out for ioy
~Penle as well o ehilIaren were NHtpli, rides, evident-
e Sf the sneer, ruinp about ten or twelve miles an

ay. TIFa1C'd out to "0'Tei n Eiuilding -nd looked over the
,o see where the -ost Iiic,:! !oetion, for the vari ou
rocee-ling a lif le more rapidly. A!rmtfiir.v 'en
sp fr'e o,: 6ut with irio, Ai.'usfo 1n0, r'ih wP .,Tinc
IFrr,:, vo exposures Nvift r" -era to s,1.h n ,ethod of
hc ncl ing r,ay roll r t thn t juncture. .

'rip Tjo. 11.
o Viosa, returning by Lvr,-.

:4arch 2, 122, left -ello "lorizonte on the 4: P train, arrived
at Tuiz de Fora at ':OO A. ,,. Friday. Put uin rt Unin otel, no runner
at the station for the "otel neraissance. .nion Hotel rather boor nd
lacking in rccornoda ions. Left on Leono1dina rilway et P.O0 S. '.
Drizzling r-nd iniermittent rains between 7:00 and 8:00 A. At 12: 0
arrived t Furtmao. dos Crmno.. Took 'hren lfcst, Sr. millerr and f-Tily
arrived on -".io trrin from Ub6. Took dinner at Pio !Iova. Arrived at
Vi(osa at 7:30 P, .. Ar...F'da to room ,.-.5 at Grand Tctdel. ,. t three
of the engineers, Comelio, rio .'u,7. st anrld arion acdn. Also
Isadoro Dion, and r-noel 3oy de Souza mib. y
March 4, 1?. A. ". Wal-ec out to the "ain building rand around
the ground, and bac-k to the hotell for breakfast. P. .. walked out with
Isodoro 'ion, to the Esl.rada Automovel, Vi~osa to Sao "LigIl. do .S" -
it is twenty five kilometers from ViQosa, The road runs through t'he
-gnriculura.l College .-'rounds. .

Mprch 5, 12'.. -oeint near Tjotel, talki-nmgto various peoOle. Tcodo'ro
ma".e hins If esnecially a-reeable, only exciiem.ent was nPrrin,- of the
automobile up to the railwav station and bac: over the maead.-ized streets,
carrying r-i-isFen4ers. Ihe autorobile truck was also rippdr,, out for aoy
riding. People as well as children were tr,]pg rides, evident-
ly for the plea-.ire ef fhe l peed, running about ter or twelve miles, an
March"6, .ondlay. walked out to ""ai n Building end. looTed over the

plans generally, to see where the -iost lir.,1lu, locations for the various
buil:lings. -'ork proceeaing a little more rnapidly. About ft1i rt f en
employed. P sta-rte'r out w. th Ma"ri A-us o '.na, who "aS iavng
off the Ilaborers. "!r,:r, fVwo eposure-0 v.ith ,,I era to show Method of
h^ndinp *r-,y roll Ft juncture.



P. w-ilked out to tone quarry with 'arin E-.nd saw hi- nvy off
/ men there. Lkqde two exposures there. After pyinp o-f men "arioA kk
.! trued un the tram tr'ek. lrhl.e for t-r&'m rorF '.ad been delivered. lack
'stone querry hpa been irptnller.
sardoro tool- me to see the political chiefiCx ,
o hip house by indisposition, cold or .rirore that
nds. I met his son sunday night on the walk about

Tuesday.' Uaotun feeling nun, think it ws bilious-
pson salts. .o'-o breaksot bhut it did r.ot taste good.
tin-ni to,.,n hut .rot dizzy so retlrned to Tote! rested
elt better but 'p Fted at aotel s'n mdied, ta,1ted
o t R aros of "ovo l riburrpo. -c E was taekinp photogranbhs
freoin tret w th e vie of Iin S hem for nrn. slides.
C. public W!e0-ool -.oUt. sixty ,, rc o ',-anor"--fly
we_.. suited 'o that g-rade of y'ork, showed ra num-er o.. chits 'a othe
things tht he h,, copied onto sliraes for illustrate tion irnoses, also
..... .... ooeAt night he,.6-.W'.H on tmid e fdrte a
)ke. 0o0k it 'o the iev,84er'icrops
me wrarpred in tissue ner. "U ,C
ition o .nendain' had cleaned it

ked out to the !ain buildingg after
ng on the 7ain 7:uilding and about Cs
own on 'he side o-r 'he hill. StuMCIed

locations of the various buildingrs.- on of Cie reservoir holis a
prominent nosition on the andsc:pe.
The organization doer- not seem to be f.-nctioning well, probably Tue

to wa--t C.. 'ari_.l. Soviu men were cui ing #he eC.noelira on the lilviculz'ne

t -2-

P. ". walked ou.t to r tone quarry with .,'ario .and saw him ,nay off
"men there. -6de two exposures there. After nayinp o-f men "-rioA taiak
trued up the tram frck. tC>hle for ry-mn cars had ben 1deli wred. laek
smith shop at the s'one quarry had been installed.
JIonday nipht Ssadoro tool.- me to Pee the noliticl cbhiefis x,
wvho was confined to his houc.e by indisnosttion, cold or rrinre that
wa.s ring the Vrounds. I met his son Cunday night on the wall, about
town with Isadoro.
,,arch 7, Tuesday. .,ot-up feeling nunk, think it w .as hilious-
ness. sought s ec pson salts. 'bo breE, akrt but it did not taste good.
Tried walking ar'oundr town but got dizzy so returned to %'tel, rested
and read. P. Pelt better but st-ved at Hotel and sftyied, talked
also to Professor Lmos of 1ovo Friburp-o. le "was taking nphotop'rahs
of scenes o- the street with p view of lFing t-hen for lrntcrn slides.
hc M ixty
Is a teacher in the public sel'ool. ,'ot o ixty T'rs oil, .anareftly
vwe2 suited 'o that fr-ale of ;ork, sho-'ed a number of charts anr1 other
things that hi h-,d co^Died onto slide, for illustration nurnosos, also
charts that he had in ?he school. At night p i aI Sc' mid., Idrote a

letter to %unnicutt, ca rvat nin broke. Took it 'o the ile-.wer ncroqs
Sthe street. "e brought it back to ie wraenned in tissue naner. He used
to nccc-pt nay for his work. In addition to 'nendinpi he had cleaned it
-, rch P, Wednesday. "'nlked out to the Main. Puildinc, after

breakfast. About fifteen men working on the 'lain B'uilding arnd. about as
*nany .ore working on the road to town on the side o4' the hill. Studied
locations of the various buildings. Location of ithe reservoir holls a,
prominent position on the landscape.
The organization does not seem to be f'.nctioninR well, rnrobably, lue

to want of nr erial. Some men were cul-ing he canoe ira on the Cilviculhuvi

.....lo p ,+ L s

-r ... 44 --.

'Oe Alp

F. ". wIked out to s tone quarry with 'arin
rien there. Made two expouros there. After payi
trued up the tram t reck. naI,,e for tra-&-1 -,k, -ad I
smith Phop at Ihe stone quarry h.a been inpfnlle- d -

,.ondry night sadoro took me to see the ro1 i
who was confined to his houI e by indisnosttion, .l:.' L
aL .--oinr, the rounds. I met his son -urlday nig'
town wiv th sLItoa. _el M

breaa fn
bo1- "brer .c-i~ t ,1] .. L^ ,.' *... ..,. .. \ ~

dizzy so retlr of.. .t. .ir
e at 'Ofel P'.nrrl Ffvrlied, tall-ed
ilurc'o. T e was ta@Iing nrroraohs
7 of iiPsing them for cin. rn slides.
,-. o Fit ,sxtv ,ears old, fly
j2'~- ti L U, u ,UcJ h~c,. ., I uz r., -o'ed a numil-er of h. .r'ts aon other
things thC-.t hc, hc. eontied onto sFlicles for illustration nurno.:s, also
At night of t --.. -e mid. o'-rte a
ke. pook it po the oevn er acro s
me ,rrtnnd in tissue vr'er. He 'usec
oition to renilin-. he had clIeaned it

U .ed out to the ",-ain Nilding ift-r
no on the 7 ain ruildinp arci about as
own on the side on the hill. Itd Iied
locotions of the variousr buildings. Lo'ction of fte ropser.oir rolts a
prominent position or, the !r-dseope.
Tie organi .,tion does not seem to be f.,notionino- we1 c, 2 rrobablv ,iue

to w.a.':,nt r.,c t, l erisl. Some men were ci)fuing fhe crinoeira on -he ilviculhre


P. '. walked out to F tone quarry with .rarirn .nd saw hiMi ny of
-ien there. Wide two exposures there. After paying off men "a-rioA tkak

trued up the tran trfek. Cfaile for rsa"'e~rF Url h'ae"n ce!ivered. rlack
smith shop at thle stone quarry har been installed.
-.ondk.y nipht IsFarioro took me to see the political c'ief-x Rw,
'who was confined to his house by indisposition, cold or rrinpe that
was ing the rounds. I et his son unday night on he wal about

tom with Ispadoro.
T.arch 7, Tuesday oetup feeling nunk, think it vas >ilious-
ness. Bought s -ie ,pson salts. !bok break cFt but it did not toste good.
.Tried walking around town lut got dizzy so returned o "poe2, rested
and read. P. .' Felt better but stayed at 'ctel and sfy-lied, talked
also to Professor Briros of 7ovo Friburgo. He was taking ,Iotogranhs
of scenes on the street with a view of using -hem for lantern slides.
Is a teacher in Ihe public scIool. A-omt sixty years ol, a rr" FIT 7ly
well suited 'd that grade of work, showed a number of ch-f is anC other
things tht he t 'lie co/Died onto slicdeF for illustration rimrroSes, also
chcarts thf-t he had in 'lie school. At night sa, sa C.ns c id. 'irote a
letter to Munnicutt, c-rvat nin broke. Took it 'o the Iev'rer across
the street. i He brought it back to'me r,,np-rd. in tissue rE, r. He"used
to accept -av for his work. In addition to ,ending le had cleaned it
A rch 8, Wednesday. walked out to the -.nain Building after
breakfast. About fifteen men working on the ltain Building and about s
'"iany more working on the road to town on the side o-n the hill. Studied
locations of the various builings'. Location of the reservoir holds a
prominent position on the lands ope.
,lhe organiyation do oe not seen to be f-nctioninF well, r-robably due

to W. nt of n-n. trial. Some men ,,ere cultinF the canoeira on the ilviculhi e

: ,.i



hi I .. "

A few bricks hod be--n mcle laid out t
maeria1. After spending, about two bt
the walter way to tfs head I more tInn a Kilorieter
Found three dwellings at the inlr:e:. fofter vars 1
along new trai' made by the men working cm !he r
the trail found Isodoro Lointrirl ting the avnrnr.

had an elevation 6f seven hundred andj forty meters
rise of one hindrecl meters fi.n-m the station at o '
fouar percent grnde. qre o.le exp-,res, ^')n
distance by Pfucusin,' Lack of toie oundre, foot ar -,- .. r- c
|nd I v^as tho roly' eqxhuF--t 'on..n r-o, T. Lo oh ome c)l-se un vi'ws

of Isodore "at work. o on- after t frrting br, hII a ara, 'raa -iet u0 with hot
-ure on 'he naina and p.,,Ae1leria from location of
to 'Pwn, a boi tre. .. r',. iust befo- it rained.
la!rs, 4'; resi r be fcm'.rl in 0oV,1 ..a, wet 1ith
ald o (hot. 7Ven ,oal,:&.l through mv Va'hi suit'. 0o:'
ricult job in this hotel.
oi le(I nfter runner. Went to the movie and saw i'Coradoa
otth seeing rgn in. 7o word orom Hermeto yet.
hur-,day. ',A&rio Pe.nna saicl flhat he would wire I
sehold goo,.sF and library stored( in a r of the 'ln:

'i, the Sria, n c,,.e in. I met 'him befrr- on f,'% .rain.
_ Snoke grod_ rn.i1h who *vao selling d i.monds. ool-
.- .'fer',:.rt qii:.'itie i Y.' 'lj .li-onqls. on "yttMmor1
-r'. n:_.. t q iorOn c; ra, a o: .ntn
U" W for one con to t',o IFl 0 re(r'erl, rr e t a_ o. A two r'.a-at
di io-1ond i s worth ,3no.ble th1 rice nluF: ten eereent. A three crarat dirt, nond
iF worth ths-ee t imes onlus wlweve or fhirfeer, nereent. A four e-ral ,1immond

- _

A few bricks h-ad been m'ir"e and laid out to dry, pror-bl.0 as a test of
t ic material. After sr.' enlin, about two bonrs o0 the pite I walked along
the wa Cer way to Its head -ore nthan a kilonter along its tortuouF route.
Found three dwellings at the irtake. Aftevwards I walked up the mountain
along a n. w trail .al ,e by th,- men -vorking co the ro;-,d. the end, of
the trail found Isodoro Doin directing the work. Hc said that the nass
had sn elevation 6f seven hundred ,and forty meters, iore or less. 'he whole
rise of one undeclared icters from the- station at i"osa is "Fade at less than
four percent Tried soie ex)"-rL ,on -"c ',re -ried to --e4
distancee by focusing back of tle hundred, foot mark. It 'vas a hot cli-b

ind i was thoroly exhausteJ on refechin0 *he ton. Got sone close un vievs
of Isodore at vor-:. Soon after st-rting brck a nanarada -:t up with hot
'luarle exno ure on qe naheina and gafhellaria from location of
residence. Got back to town about three i. 1. iust before it rained.
Bought six sport collars, 42 nr'-ept to be found in town. *a, wet -vlh

perspiration fron cibad +.o foot. Even soaFkel. through tmy a uhi tuit. '-ol
,a show-rbath, a difficult job in this hotel.
Roquette called after runp,.r. Went to the movie and saw ".oragoa
do a ulher was wotth seeing again. 0 word from Hermeto yet.

Jar(ch 9, -hursday. ,,ario Penna said that he would wire* Met
-pquette and saw household goods and library storedrl in a krt of the G,"'n-
sium building. Curi, the Syrian came in. I 1--t h"M before on the train.
Met a Frenchman who spoke good ng.liph who was selling diamonds. mook

painI. to explain differe-nt qmT.-lities of di;- -;o'I1l. X one eprat 3di,-.nn-,
Sperfect white,sells fr' one conto t',F o hi 'l-rer1, ( 'nrI-et t "o. two crat, i
dia-inond is worth double th,, nice nloF ten nereent. A three carat dia-iond
t is worth three times -nlus Iwleve or thirteen percent. A four c:,rat dnmmond

in e h -< u t c I-t 0 -o s
adds about twenty pe'-,nt to vlu. n t crt io is
worth eight tines a-s much as a one rC. Prat d ia'mond 7lus about fffty percent.
Anything larg-er thcmn rn uilht cn- e- is not remiula-rly listed but sold at
private tesce. Tie told me that f-liiond. in the rough are bouHiht in bulk
a quantity htiri, tniee, in a small box, roiPghly surv-vye and the Durchnsed
g'i6.h about frorl one to threCe minutes for casual e x.min-'ation. "'ie bid is
either to.-en or refus.-d. The rliamonds are then send in bulk to paris and
-mL-_!c;'rj.nil_ -Iieip _they_ are r'aded cut. 'hen they are sent back
M -The Iboll.ndish bcu is very similar to

SI he"I six' diamonds Pet in rings on
nds to reflect liguit better tha,- te

Iese as superior scones aitheo tfe faces
helodlI bold 7re h h ,orth eight
1d reENini t,' -not visible without
.-. ohr 1 one had a .e,-i2 belck noint in it.
0v ,oin V u l .- I .LL,. h i. d .. ihiy a n i,'ond a ent did not orilinarily
Sel. the diamonds to a e'e-hnt but le ft them with the me rch'eant to sell.

.. ........ fo ihew u16d return and either take ba ck

,for, those e had been F-cold. I
i js about he limits that can be han-
ave to wor'- for several weeks on the
ne carat in clir" os is equal to two

me that C. C9'm, in oello 7orizonte
t. It value lenended entirely on

privEte no,-ions b'- aIJs, iv was very -Iark an. yet not a blhek diaron.
Cr. CamI6 's nlace of busniess is about 1,.vo I.,r -Ied meters down on a eilo
,I-reet fror-i Ihe ner bail.- buildings on Poze e o O1!fobro.


,, +.4- 4- ..Ali ^ eight Carat0 diamonld is
adds about twenty peient to .ho lO. An eight crat iamo is
worth eight time. as much a, a one carat Viamond plus soouit fffyv percent.
Anything h larger thn C n eight carat is not regularly listed but sold at
private sale. .Te told me f -haI cl-i-inonr0s in the rough are in bulk
a quantity b,:oir'i, o]Tceri in a small box, roughly Fsurveyed and the morchased
gi6 about from cne to three minutes for casul 1 exc .i-"mation. hie bid is
either ttl.-,,-n or refused. The dianond(I are then send in bulk to paris and
forw.,irded to Holland, h1-ef-- they are gradrled cut. 'hen they are sent back
to P'aris and then to South Anericc. The 7odlandish cut is very similar to

the -r:--ilin cut, having F--,iall faces. I held six diamonds set in rings on
my vari.-us fingers, The de enrr lia-ionds reflect lipht better thn'- the
shallo'.,er onc-. "h-. trade regFrds. these as superior stoneP altho the faces
they show are not -o large. The six diamonds I held rcre worth eight
ontos;. One of th'i, diamonds had a cloudy -.reinitale, not visible without
the aid of a .wagp.ifyin, len-e-. ,Another one ,had a s all back noint in it.
'lot visible excUt ing-I ndler a lenre. T., his,, diamond agent did not orldi-iarily
Fel. the diarrionids to a merchant but left them -,'ith the merchant to sell.
In the pio-; of three or four monThs..hb ,w.ul( return owl either tfae back
Sthe diamonds or recieve ssx -nym,:.nt, ,,for,,tiose i-ha' had been 5'old. I,
the,,malle, pl-ces a one carat diamojs.i about 'he limits that can be han-
dled. The locil dealers so'ti"ies have to wor1" for several weeks on the
cusom.r before they. make a sale. One car-t in dia'-onds is equel to two
hiuiidred -illirams.

S,, This diamond ldruimer *-old. i-me that P. 0* in Pello Torionte
has on,, diamond of sixty four carts. It value renende6 entirely on
private notions Ceca se it ,ias very dark and yet not a bif ck diarnonA.
-.r. Camp6's place of busniess is about ,wo undeclared meters down on a Pide
street fro-g ihe ie-. nk building on Praea Doze de Otiobro.

a Is

Oarch 10, .riiy. Wired home and also to Hunniciitt, 'Tere
until onday. .ario received s wvire seating hat He-me-to would d arrive
tomorroww nip1t. .....
,Wall-ed out to the IMain Building9 ands ;d off some of th',
locations east of the railway track by i-,-an- o0 xcs. h-: r-,wv auto-
mobile roaq. as prono.'ed by Isod1oro 'iom cuts off much of th' valuohle
deanns'ration land and a consilrable triangle of the uInrer end of the
IHxasi field.
After dinner Vallarares Pooquetfe called and visited till after

nine ,'clock. He said that Port. Orrisgo would give m.- soie less-ons
in Portuguese- He also wanted some lessons in BEotany, he speaks no
'-glitsh bu4 knows s few '.vords.
March 11, Satu cday. Walked out to the gounds rnd looked never
the,jocations 66r the Silviculture nursery., Tbe location originally se-
lected ',aF''s i-.racticabe, not sugficieit level land ihd the elevation
rather,high for the water to be conveyved.
Dr, Nemeto arrived on the 7]3p, train. Looked rather iaded and. thin
from hi.-ilness. Remained uo till 16:00 ,.P. '..
CSchmid talked a good deal about the Colonia Vaz de "e-lo and gave
a general description 6f the situation. ,
*Avrch 15, Sundlay. asked d out 1o the stone qairry in company

withDr. iermeto. 'he stoe'e T-eing qVurried is taken from an inclusion
or dike. It is a mixture of hornhlend the hprd black particles, also
tourmaline. Stone a nixurre of gra-ite .an.griiss. On our ,.-v back
-toppec1alt the deposit. mhe big auto truck was broken. "levations were
taken of the Jlain Building showing a difference of only f .9 meters between
nortbwvest and south west corners. Aind 1.6 meters, between north east.and
south'e corners. After dinner w,-aled to Chacara San9'Anna, iua 'anta

,iia 'iqosa. It is yned b"y ir. .wnnolrjo St. Anna. His son waq very


- -C9 -A a--h-a4j1 a lot of lar-'pe flec"'s that "had occurred on the

y i-rned out to be lfhe rniprl a ,reF of minute beetle.
were *eeein7F on iic-.e' ihsecs. Of course ha had '
,-t .n'B .i + "
);"ie !zrrav mixitur. to ,e troy the beetles. "-.,r9 .a ,7s.
pent de'troyinp- 'he scvle insects.
*3 o-n da v ly. aed up to -1ater siply stvtiion with

---he wa- IV'mt shown sonie exut'a@vtions arid examinations
dCe for another .f the dike. This rnart of the
,r*;ely with rounded bou1Ier,. Jus1 ,bove this dil-
the 1.ater surely. II will Q-rohbly be best to eant`"
on to eucalyptus or other trees. inetlied -o cah ilis
mixer workingg. Dr. eerMto e ai it v, ourl cost about

buy one of the irroved brick m ixinp mvehines, 1,i9e
-. f r_ m_h._ c-ost of trnns)ortation end -1nPti a!f ion. '17 u.i np ',,Ie old-

S,-e t) 1 the briclks necessary for,
P+, Nhe sin rl +it i F" oinp fo r),.r, a 'o
-od for a-large sanvd F tunni' I ork

o the position fhct v. surp1Ef ei.
la )houil Opnotie the dommitory.
11crTeneto returned to Fe7,lo -iOr'iznnie.
-was on his way to 'io C-rnIe do Sul.
.'nTr-ou,. ,.o __u, _.o. -..-.Ae Puildings. Fnnr :nrio at the
Sn fhe room in "'hich the i.,.truments

L.eturned to Hotel for -re ok npt.
d corners for the dormi forv ond

S nel te 30. Fop bepan to

,'h to runt he "o Fcline for the
op rrvi crrring off w'4ole FrrIns of
rin i r. (f ri ntil fhli7 rolled

much con-edned about a lot of lrge flecl-s '"hat had occurred on 1h-1
orange trees. "hey turned out to be the nupma stages of minute beetles.
The larva of these were feeinpg on 1ec'CF i=.ecfs. Of course ha, Q a
in'rended to i<-ue sone Pnrav mixtur-. to ,,eptroy thie beelles. ',-re .was 70
alpQ a funpup present destroyinp "he scale ]insects.
,.lardh 13, Monday. Walked u-n to waterr sunply station with -
Dr. Hermeto. On 'he waB was shown some exfeavaions and exaninations '

that were being mride for another nort of the dike. This part of the i,
dike. yps fil.k d largely with rounded boulilers. Tus-t above this di e-
is the intake )f the vater sunplv. It will -robibly be 'het to nlant>f,
this general region to eucalyptus or other trees. e'ed to c US

and '9und a brick nixer working. Dr. Herqeto .aid it would cost about
twoh.ty condos to buy one of the -irnroved brick nixinp' machines, Aside
from, the cost of transportation and -instilaD ion. ?Pv upinp ,he old-
fashioned nixers it is possible tr r re.all the bricks necessary for
r~I i
that amount. 7*ork in excavating the san.d hit ip going forward. 'o
me th6 prospects do not look very pooW for,, large sand -unnly. '7ork
is goi-ig ahead changing the road to.the position ,tht. suc- epted.
This road will cross the railroad about op-nostie the dommifory.
"'4 rch I E, uedav. .r. Iermeto returned to Pe ao orizonte.
it v,'s reported at Vigopa that he was on his w)ay to Pio CGrramd do Sul.
Ywnt out to locatehe sites for the Buildinffps. Found ario Ft the
deposit. He found that the key to the room in whichh the inpstruments
were lorjed wap at the stone quarry. Returned to Hotel for breaknst.
In P.... re-tur-ned to Cacnus, located corners for the dormitory and
for th' residence.
March 15, Wednesday. Left "ntel at 7:'20. Fop bean to
lift at eight o'clock. Clean enough to run.,the base line for the
biiilrlings -t the deposito saw eauvsp carry ng off -ohnle Fraiens of
corn. hese an:s would work at prn inr of rr.,n until the rolled
*1 '







6 a

SMarch 16, `hurslay.
A(emained at Hotel straightening up, wired home, ;nd to
A .. after breakfast walked out to the ca-nnsi, examined loca-
-i n o n *or" 'n "" & ......
jtio for nursery for Gilvioulture. lo examined location for Vet-
erinary usi.iciinP nn walked into the corrn fn.n cFne f.eJ.d here the
Agronomy Buildingps rn, to be located. ve:y hot iob. Pound it necessary
to :_.ove the Veterin-r-'y Buildings toward the mc",t,-ard.and to nove the
Agro-i-iomy Puildings a couple of hundred meters farther ur the callo,.V.


^?-- '.^I


it over onto their back's, then would stagger a, ay under .the ooad. 'hey
all worked singly and seemed to have no idea of mutual helr. Locafed
corner staked for residence of nrofessor of Horticultuire shelter
for Pomocul ture ins truients, shelter for ins rctic'iis^^ fun'cai3 nnd
,10 aCb nery r -
rch 1, IlC -. 7:S00 7 .0 started for I ,rV. On
trai,- met Qre Ir.., field Veterin rian fr roVto VeterinCrio, 0 e harT

been up,to onfo ,ova,. where there hd. Veen Pomne trouble ,with foot and
month dlseance. ,o.-' unfavora" le reomilts had been ohbinied by us inp
the seru-fm r Fain ft .hip ^ease. 7e 1is a Frenchman that neast-s lih
quite ll. s .rav-led a --reat deal. ,Fromrn hi- talk it would seem
that traveling .nd visiting strange countries was his -1. in -rroi',cL.
And that earning mone.vs. a minfr project to be r'arried on only when
it was impracteicable to indulge in the ia rajr, Pwroject. e .e'ms to have

traveled s pFreat deal in the Orient and -"1ca-. Te ,T'syF thpt Tf 0oon
as he is able to do so he is ioing to p'o 1icTr to the It teP andT want.s-
to see thie whoIe country. I Tdvised him toseegt by the a-ntomnbile
route. He told me that natives of,'', dagascar used the roots of
new44 sprouted -ice to nois'n +heir enemies. The rice seed w'Cs, niaced
in small stratification.between coarse cloth and when the roots were
a few inches )Ting they were cut u-n .-nd .put intro hr. food. Hr. ,aid.
he had tried these rice roots on a chicken, nd it had died very C'uickly.
He tQId me also that they used the -Picule- *"rom the sheath f of bamboo,
when .
sprou4 s. These siciules W're rlr, food produce a parasinifis
in the victim, fro'i which he never recovers. Isodoro, "'ri.o and Roquette
were at the dernot to see me off.
Aup-,l to
LaPt night a big Fsupner "..*as .piven to OudPe g'' ..iais C TIm.
Ice e'as Frved at Uba fvr breakfast. k

G- Cr. 'Jreslau had with him th,. necespary ainPrrtu.F for


aDrministering the sernm for aphtosp, Pnd two hoetles 6 the seru-i.
He is of French d escernt about ir- ,enrs old, Pner kp nc-lish vell.
? es in Ii!-a '.
four soldiers arrest, non 1 aa#n
-ine and tel-en his -ores and live
a y umg fello, I C than tenty
lertt looking ant fairlyo.el
y. no-, o o a elkR i tk or disturbnance
7'' nt J.are F.about 730. ',nt to

fh o:fl. thrfin tor iaitio but
fl did pot: know tbt eit woulg mfr e om Ti ectioni. remained n noon tun.
Arrived at Sito on time, arrived in .Tocn dael ei Fl T out oix 'Citocl
Put un at HOet el.

-.F-rch 19, Suhray. Left So Jo5o d'el Rei for T9vr1s a t
7"20 o'clock-. Cen't tnd-ke myself believe that it is Sunday in suite
of the fact that it is. -heached a t 3:. unicut Was at
the train. Ccid he had made the fourth trip to reet me. o,. e it "
',',s possible io get through from Juiz de 'ora orn the nigh t train.
his would have brought -9c, in at, 'Y-6dy afternoon. Took Tr rfi to
hhnnicutt's oe. 7,-P four children. Horace, Hrris, 'ilbur ,nd
John. The baby is named after 7Yrs. H's father. Found three letters

f Vm home, IEst one dated 16".
--r. -. went to Sunday School about five o'clock. 'etwt'ad
to take me to church. It rained so we did not go.
March 20, '',ondiay. 'oo.( coffee at 7:00 A.M. 'Tl.-,. to the
saw Pilo, stable, ]horse b:rn, .b, laboyatories and new

-,, --

administering the serom for aphtosr, ond two bottles 66 the serun.
ie is of French d descent about 3F ,ears old, spe'sr aF'c-li.h I-ell.
Had been in 1iadapascar ,nd other niaces in ALia.
"t Furtados de 2 a-rnos sa w 'four soldiers arrest a inaUs8o
front the matto who h-d killed .some one and fr--en hi? horses and live
stock and' sold them'. "he ladrao was r y ung,1 fellow, less f1an t'vwenty
five yeers old smooth shaven, rather pleacqrt1 looking and fairly ,,,e1
dressed. The arrest wa very orclerly, nolovd talking or disturbance
about the ritte" t all. arrivedd at F.about 7;30. '",nt to
hotell Fenasp.ance. J ,ld hrve 'ken the 1 I :. train for fitio i-ut
hMUIV did not know that it would makec on-,eetionp. remained iunil noon t n,
Arrived at- itio on time, 'arrived in San Toao diel Fei about -ix ''locl.
Put up at Hotel. .

-!rch 19, Suhelay. Left S'o Jo o d'el ei for IavrRsi at

7:00 o'clock. Can't make myself believe thpt it is Sunday in site
of the fact that it is. -Leached Lavras at 3:10. 7unnicutt was at
the train. Said he had made the fourth trip to -et me. "'o]d ,eT it
v.vs possible 1o get through from Juiz de 7ora on the night train.9 1
'-his would have brought me in -aturday after-.noon. Took Pofide to
four urTT-
.unnicutt's house. Has four children. orace, Harris, 'ilur and
John. The baby is named after Mrs. H's father. Found three letters
fromT home, lest one dated 16".
'.r. H. went to Sunday School about five o'clock. etw~ed
to take me to church. It rained -o we did not mo.
,.arch:' 0, .onday. o o\ coffee at 7:00 A.. Y,7,.-. to the
grounds saw ilo, stable, horse birrn, new labCratories and new
*- .'-,i h,


dormitory. Latter was not yet completed but students will occirny
this i..
After breokf-ft rode over the farm, noted a grat many

improvements over conditions of liest 'ay. Saw rIpcr, ns in bed, looked
alright but not very vigorous. alaw coffee plantation, experimental
orchard and other plantings. Prof. H. had insttrcted them to save
some of the mangoes for me but they would not'keep. Foul hd a number
of citrus trees affected with Crown Pot. One tree was conr'letely
girdled. There was no gurn, formation. In other repnecls it resembled
foot rot. The orchard r onsisted of a nun.ber of varieties of oranrpes,
several types of Pahia being represented. Pear, peach, quince and
apple trees were present. One variety of apple trees were'uite
vigorous and hardy. The rest were rather indifferent. Prof. -T.
picked one of the apples from a tree. It was of good size but very
The eucalyptus trees Fbd made splendid gr 'th during the
-7ar. Ot-her forest trees also seern.Ed to be "-ving vigorously.
Live Stock. A specimen of Short Horn Puill. Prof.H.
thinks this will made a good dual rurnose breed. Several Brown
Swiss .cnws. One Brownm Swiss Pull from rational "over'nmcent. Also
soem Hollpladafise. Some of the milk cows are mill-ed twice a rr and
others only once. Preparation and outfit for the worl- rather nrimi-
Sheer. Full bloods. Several present of the horse barn.
Lambs usually die at the age of six months; of a disease like tick
fever. One nice lamb was suffering at the time of visit. Frothing
at the moutl and looked dejected tho in good flesh. Prof. IT. did not
know what the trouble w7r.
Hogs. The best hog s and those for breedn- r-ook are

kept near the College Builr-in.. There were a lot of nice animals
p rc.sent. Some, of there showed superior excellence in conformation.
The hogs kept for feeding nurnoses are located on the back farm
near the experimental orchard. It is nearly a kilorE ter from the
main building. The hogs are slaughtered here an, the cercases taken
to the College. These ^hogs v-:ere divided into fkux lots, gaded mostly
according to size. AI parently all of the food is hauled to tr'-n.
The pens wrre entirely lacking in forage material. About fifty beqd.

The first pen hell those that ran forty to seventy Pounds In the
s5:coUrl they ran fro about 75 to 150 lbhs. In the Third from 1'n to
250 Ibs and over.
Silo. On return to mrin college building we watched :roeeos
of filling the silo. The corn for this purpose was grown nrcir the
silo on the hill side. Tropical variety, bery long stocks anna not much
corn. Using a small cutter and belt elevator. The silo is located
on a hill side so there is only about ten foot rise from the cu'ter to
the silo. "ic, silo seer.s to be -bout '4 feet tall and 13 or 14 feet
in diameter. Gasoline engine, seven horre poofer. Filling of the
silo loves along slowly. Tsirg aA single ox cart for h-uling the

corn. The corn is cut, laid down in bunched, then riene un and
loaded into the cart. cart will hold prob,,bly six or seven hundred
pounds. It is then 4rken to the cutter, unloaded and run Through the
At four P. ". :';,nt to "r. Gpwon's for dinner. Again :,t
-,-rs. i/loore, mother of frs. Gammon p.7 L-rs. Gammon, mo4hEr of 7r. G.
Both very elderly, staunch Virginians. qrs. Dr. amnon knew 7rs.
_urphree, also her former Tic-nce, professor ioore, who died sunyenly


Y narch ?1, =uesday. Had promiFed Prof. Hunnicutt to sneak
on smine Agriculturail subject. .hremainecI home to rest up p 'ink
ov r subject matter, while Prof. H. went .over to fte College Walked

up to the Park for ecerci--e. Saw there a largpe legu mie-tre n-areinarntly
Erythrina. About oel r-t'ter in diameter. On the trnk of f'te tree
a number of orhe!-jir-ls hnd been Islnted. Saw the s'-iF -n;e ies that
was taken in the Serr. whose netal waved like moving 1ies. Also
a specimen of the-Vellow flowered species.
Delivered lecture to rgrieul lurel students fit 2: 00 P.'"I.
Tree or four-eitizens were nr,,,,ent, among the -m the Tres.. rend Sec.
of the local Agricultural Society.
A'4er dinner Mr.',well, anA itinerant nrtacher, 'om over
to call. He is un,E:rried and ?",de a long' trip into the sertao ,fIong
the Incldiens. Has several cix rges in the country sirrouriing Ti4vras. .
i-n addition to this itinern- -nr-erching Aere are some six or seven
of the advanced si''c-nts who hold sunday school classes a+ various
points around Lavrs. ,iiss 7`able Davis te'acher of TonIe. e.
who was at one time employed in St. louis and -.Iss Buck.W E,2lter, teacher
of nusiccalled. Very interesting and robust looking young women.
rch 22, ednesdy. Bode!. out to -azenda near city o,'vn.ed
by Wustidio de Souza Pinto. This as the same farenda visited last ".ry.
hode ell morning through the coffee plantatin- caw coffee Plantations
in various stages of development, one year, three yeirs, four years old,
and some that wac twenty ot thirty years old. One plot of ten or
twenty acres had been pruned and cultivated. It shower a good resnonpe
to the treatment. -nother porti on of the same field,Awas left without
treatment was r-ractically worthle.'s. Sr Custodio was reenin"' his
pl, ntat-i on up in excellent style. '7-es citfus trees here there for
rors int,,..., -.e^ Snw one O in -s tree -thait h,-l been enrnletely

defoliated by sauvas. They had taken ,ff p11 but the merest remnants if
E* few leave, but IhF.dl not attack-ed the 'ruii. Thip tree had on it
a good setting -nd look,:,rl rather necular.
L11 of the cotta,-es on this faze2nda are brick structures.
The last of the mud cotkagc, wa- being emolis1ed. mhe cottpes are

practically all of one type, about five rooms, the DarFesi of which
seemed tn be about two rnrl a half by four meters. All of te c6ott.oo s
are whitewashe1. .
of t,, fazenda for hi,',-,lf. `7e is
icola ap6 I hF some idea of his
-. .. ^a |ndawvhich anpear inpracticobie to
...F -- father is among 'L"he roFt progressive

the fazenda i mahng As s-reci, ality

Se coffee rnlantation returning in.
time for a-locn. 'nok breaOast with the faily. "re. a-rid "iS Custodio
taking breal.:f'rf t ,ith us. It '.ap a s rintuomuis meal. S .iner-l water a-
drink s for toeC, that wan'tedcl the."i
After break'"at left for the fazen:l; of Octavio Alv,'s *ouveia.
lie lives in. the other direction from 1-e College, about leali.e d instant.
A storm threatened as we were leaving town but '.e rnushecl on to the faz-
enda. Beached there about thirty minutes before it bep-n to rain. "his
fazend, makes a sneciality of Puroc. hogs. Iad probably Iinin'ire, or
wore of different sizes. Saw one larpe Duroc boar about lt'o v ars old
belonging to the Ao-ricultural College. TIe was a fine srnecimen. cone

trouble had been encountered in thiq herd by affectation by a-htosa .
l buildings
This fazenda has a large numbEr of yKxlixigs and er.npiderable -'achiner;

A steal engine, rice cleaner, and crne mill were. there.

defolifited by sauvas. They had taken bff all bu1t the merest remnants of
a few leaves bu, brarl not attacked( the nru t. This tree hr1 on it
a goorl setf ting 'nd lookerl -f -her peculiar.
'411 of the cottiFes on this fzecnd^a are brick structuNres.
The last of the nul cotagcl was being rlemolished. mhe arec
practically all of one type, about five rooms, the largest of which
seemed to be about two nrr] a half by four meters. All of the cottanIs
are whitewashell.
A son isto hpve a nofrion of the. fazend;' for himself. e is
a graduate of the Lwvras scola Aricola, and hps some ideas of his
own r-egrding the running of o fazenda which anpear impracticable to
his father. Prof. H. says thAt his father is among t-he rofp progressive
of the' fozenclciros.
In ,drlition to the coffee the f-.z'.-dnIr is rraing s Fr, ecili y
of Duroc ho.s.
Eode all forenoon over the coffee rIlantaMfion returnin.' in
time -fnr aIoc..n. 7o 0L bren- Fast with the family., "rs. a i piss n.fto'io
taking breea1-- ,.:-Ct with us. It was a sui Iuous mer l. T.inceral -a -er ao
drinks for toFe that wanted them.
fffer breck a-t left for the frz.n:11 of Oc' vio Alves Iiouveia.
le lives in the other direct ion fro17 tFhe College, about a leamie distant.
A storm threatened as we were leaving town but we npished on to the faz-
enda. Beached there about thirty minutes before it began to rain. 7his
fazenda makes a rr,-eiality of 'Duroe hogs. 'ar! -nrobpbly p lurnrlre,-l or
more of different sizes. Saw one lnrp-e Duroc boar about two belonging to the Ar'riculturril College. Tk was a fine specimen. Some
trouble had been encounTered in this herd by affectation by riftosa .
build ings
This fnzc'nda has a large ntimbr of zxxsiixrs End considerable nachiner

Asteam engine rice cleaner, I.nd erne mill were there.


After the rain we went into the hou1 e -nroper r, nd had a e'up of
coffee. -s soon as the rrin abatedc sufficiently we rode -ack to
the city.
Pt 5: P. r. bd r inner at Uydenstricker's. 7,r. ra r....
iuTnfllut-t .and. M8 :sis"ter,6of r. TT wer h're..
Rtex March 23, .hurFday. left Lavr-1'C at 0:30 A.". 'roT.
'unnicutt took me to the station. Dr. Gammon came in later Fnd.
bid rme "Good bye". Supper at Sao Joao d'el Rel. '1'ook slee-ner at
7: P. I. for Sitio. ERemained in berti until tij"e for arrival of the

Noc ( tirno.

Arrived at P,1lo Horizonie at 10:00 A.'".

7-rch ?4,

-4. ....

U~LA&ta~L44, 6W oL~c2-rr6~~e/ .2'JThS'-2.~

-r -

~KY ~
11. ~ ~
d~; 41L -4V ~S>4.

c~, (~,
-A 4~

A-~O( ~
~ f414%~4S 6ff~.
e&~.* ~% ~e.

* <. y^-L -o

^ C~^ -C. c:^/~ -<<; 4 ^. ^s4 ^

6" 7U 'i "~e Ci. j j .

f, f, 45

Q I,, ,.5,., ,- A -o-^ ^
c-E 'J / et -..-4 -^v7< J. 1^^-f
/ ^ ~^^ ^/ / /. '


.e C / ,z A ,

.' *..''. *

l ,'
< ,~ ,2 Li T ^ "^ 4 ^ ^ '

^a c M L / &Z..6 WLx ---~

# fr J
7i &<<--^-tU' z^-

/ /7

g., A_ 67..^...^^-.^ ^

" i 2'AA4LA4
...., .. ....-'L .,-'' M ^__^"



67 CjfZ j,4-'( '

4w^tc^L A^ ^ ^/'

. ,-c- u..i,1,-,.4-4f _,-c
C. ( ,,<-z'
MOL y Z^ ,a ^---<

Vol. IV

Page 2

No. 22

"Tipburn in Potatoes'due to Potato Leaf Hopper. The big striped Colorado
potato bug is not thQ only insect we have to fight on our potato vines. During
the last few years it has been found that the little green leaf hoppers are cap-
able of causing nearly as much damage. These little, light green, extremely
active insects,only about one eighth of an inch long by one third as wide, generally
make their appearance on potato vines in central Illinois about June first, and
two weeks later in the northern part of the state. They lay great numbers of
eggs, and in about 10 days the young hoppers hatch and begin sucking the plant
juice. In a short time. the tips of the leaves turn brown and dry up, the whole
plant soon being effected in the same manner.
These insects can be controlled by spraying the plants thoroly with Bordeaux
mixturg covering both the upper and under sides of the leaves. Apply the first
spray when the leafhoppers are first found on the potato leaves. Give at least
two later sprayings at ten day or two week intervals.
One cannot hope for a maximum yield of potatoes unless these insects are con-
trolled." W. P. Flint, Entomologist, Illinois Natural History Survey, U. of I.

"Nitro-Bacter Soil Vaccine 'What next! First we find "Nitro Bacter Liquid
Fertilizer" much in-evidence and now it is a "soil vaccine'l A representative of
the "Natioml Nitro-Bacier Corporation" dropped in the other day and under quiz
4 admitted-'You can get it in any barn yard'.
So we thought. 1.100 a quart is a pretty stiff price to pay for rainwater
and barnyard manure." A. L. Whiting.

I -

a, -. a-. ..
j;.r r ,- c 7 .
X 44 fr /vm*

,V k 9-6,.-+-d vt-,4,
^ / A-Cr^ <-- U--> S*t-~^(
v. ^3 '7R^t .

J 9 dc^-CwaQZ4^ i ^.

/, Pne-t
(. 7 ,S
S 4 6ao~iaoy

Vol. IV

Page 3

No. 46

Improvements in Dairy Herds Follow Cow Testing ,iork. A survey of the herds
in the Knox County Cow Testing Association shows that the average production
for each cow the past year was 7,319 pounds of milk and 288 pounds of fat. The
average return above feed per cow was $170o.44. Every herd is headed by a pure
bred sire. Twenty-four pure breds were purchased by members during the year.
Forty-seven unprofitable cows were sold. Only two members do not have silow.
Approximately sixty per cent of them raise alfalfa hay, there being an average
ef over five acres per farm. All herds, with the exception of two are tested
for tuberculosis,
These dairymen appreciate the value of pure bred sires, clean, high produc-
ing herds, silos, and alfalfa hay." C. S- Rhode, Dairy Dept., U. of I.

Bran and Corn are Cheap Feeds. Dairymen who are feeding legume hay as a
part of their dairy ration can make an extensive use of corn and bran in the
grain mixture. Large quantities of milk and butter fat can be produced on corn
silage, legume hays, and a grain mixture of corn and bran, er corn, eats, and
bra .- C. S. fRbodo.

Local Units Serve Best. Farmers' Elevators, Co-operative Live Stock Ship-
ping Associations, Grange Locals, and Farmers' Clubs are rendering efficient,
economical, and satisfactory service in purchase and distribution of feed, flour,
coal, and potatoes for their members in a growing number of counties.
A significant development in the attitude of organized wholesale dealers
toward these local farmers' units is the action of one of the leading wholesale
produce dealers in one of the larger cities of the state. This solicit-
in th b sine s of local farm units on thesame basis as the regular retailer.


" ^ ....^ Jto. 3---^y ^ % s j

- I .2. *_ ^
^^ay-~~~~ p^-^^ <-x ^ -^^^ y

' ,,I2 :. ,. /,L ~ x v,4/.. .. -
,c A.,^a A- X^5- ,

7/ -f- .' /

^x- v h .
^ .,^^/^ /y-^ 7'

~w' I.

ZJf extenm fssmnuer

A series of brief notes from the weekly reports of the Farm
Advisers, College and Experiment Station Workers and the
State Leader's Office


Vol. IV

JIne 1, 1921.

No. 22

Nitrate "Mien plowed under green for corn, Sweet Clover offers the
I most promising indications that the problem of supplying a cheap
Production source of available nitrogen (nitrate), for farm crops can be solved,
Bulletin 233 of the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station jlst
for issued sets forth the merits of sweet clover in its ability to con-
servo the nitrate of the soil, to add nitrogen to the soil, and by
Sweet Clover its rapid decomposition, when plowed under, to produce nitrate in
I ample amounts and at the proper time for the corn crop,
Results obtained from fields in northern, central, and southern Illinois, and
representing the brown silt loam and the gray silt loam on tight clay, Where swwet
clover seeded in wheat has been plowed under in the spring of the second year for
corn, arc presented showing the influence of this practice on the nitrate content
of the soil. "
STho la go nitrate require-

*" i { 7 '
i^ L.^i^1 ^i^-^^

c-^-'-t 4.i>44 ^i-L $ ~ct4 '' ( /< ^ .

i^^. s2^0 ^^^ A

1^ 4 i *f '7 y 7 ~
-^<^y- (-^ ELL4.-^ --y A^S rf-B- ^L 7EAA-f .^^~e
A"I % x

" J Z A < < ^ C L ^ T -/ g *L ^ i ^
*^ y y-^^LI^vz 2 p^^
^^-_AU~1^ ^ __fi^ .-~~i^ ./Z-^-^.

merit of this crop mau .... co study the effect of the sweet clover treat-
meont in its presence. It vas found that the plots on which sweet clover was grow-
ing in the spring contained more nitrate than untreated soil or manured soil,
and that within three or four wooeeks after the sweet clover was plowed under, thoe
nitrate content of the soil was inmost cases doubled and continued to increase
in spite of the fact that the corn crop was utilizing considerable nitrate on these
plots. The critical period in the growth of corn usually occurs between Juno 25
and JLily 15, when the greatest demand for nitrate occurs. It is shown by the
study that sweoe- clover may be relied upon to furnish sufficient nitrate nitrogen
for the corn crop, and that it properly meets the critical feeding period above
mentioned. The results were as outstanding on gray silt loam as on the brown silt
The height, green weight, dry weight and nitrogen content of the sweet clover
at about the time it nas plowed for corn are also reported in connection with these
/ studies. From the data on the nitrate content of the soil and the nitrogen con-
tent of the sweet clover tops, it is clear that a material addition of nitrogen
was made to the soil, from the air, thru the growing of the clover.
The information contained in this bulletin deals directly with a vital factor
in crop production and proves the value of green sweet clover as a cheap source
of available nitrogen for corn. It emphasizes the importance of this crop in
well planned systems of soil improvement." Dr 4. L, citing, Prof. of
Soil Biology, U. of I.

Much Democrat and Champion White Pearl Corn has been planted in Uontgumery
County as a test in chinch bug control. Adviser Snyder says the demand was greater
than the Farm Bureau was able to meet. Some sunflowers for silage will also be
grown by a number of farmers.

Si --- 4-74- 5-- -

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/ dM {A.- a.-^

Vol. IV

Page 2

Table II Comparison

Hong Kong
iMedium Green
kediumi Early Yellow

NO. 46

of Composition of Soybeans Grown at Urbana & Fairfield 1917
Oil Protein
Urbana Fairfield Urbana Fairfield
18 1 1=.6 41.7 43.0
17.8 18.1 40.8 44.4
17.6 17.3 45.1 47.3
16.9 17.8 44.0 43.3
16.8 16.7 44.2 48.1
16.2 16.1 46.2 48.4
16.2 15.9 45.2 46.7

Table III Effect of Soil Treatment upon Composition
Residues Residues
Lime, Rock Phosphate Only
Oil 12.7 17.5
Protein 54.1, 45.l
Soil treatment, especially if the soil is decidedly acid, may produce a. re-
markable effect upon the composition of soybeans. This was shown by the 1917
crop of Ebony soybeans grown at Fairfield." R. W. Stark, Asst. in Crop Prod-lc-
tion, U. of I.-

"The soy bean picker purchased from a southern manufacturer by Carl Walker,
is doing first class work. It takes off all the beans that grow above 5 inches
from the ground and saves nearly all of them. I made a count in several places,
and found an average of only 12 to 15 beans as fast as teams can walk. Mr. Walker
a io ki m- A 1__-_..'.;6 III- __ .





, ~ d,, w ;.A .Z % j~ .. ... .2

, c ,,, %
i' */ <7 !y/

. __ .' F-' -,I--
^ t-fc^ s~At^e^ ^^Gi^/-tcz-~^iC ^ ^

^ *^ ^
^^ ^^/"^^L a^^^L^^^s7**-

acre." Robbins, De/itt County.

Soys Become Popular. "Reports from soy bean men as well as those who have
not grow beans this year indicate an increasing interest in the plant, and we
shall probably have a large increase in the soy bean acreage next year." Price,
j | Kendall Co.

S"Our membrship drive temporarily closed Nov. with 1352 members signing up
to support the Farm Bureau and I. A. A. vie have two townships yet to solicit;
also some scattered areas, our magjOership Will be well over 1400 when this work
is completed." Wise, Iroquoisjmty.

n"One of the members of our Executive Board said he felt that his year's ser-
vises had been repaid by the amount he had learned about the Farm Bureau move-
merit in general and especially his trip to the district conference of farm ad-
visers etc. at Centralia ." Tarble, Bond County,

"Bull Sale, In connection with our Pure Bred Sire Campaign we are plan-
ning on holding a bull sale November 23. 25 Holstein bulls will be consigned
to the sale." Kline, Boone County.

"The Mclienry unty Farmers' Co-operative Association held their Annual
meeting on Monday, Oct. 21. -This association was organized for the purpose of
handling the business interest of the farmer which has fcrmerly'been done under
the direction of the Farm Bureau. During the year nearly $175,000 worth of busi-
ness was carried on," GafkeMcHenry County.
'4 .

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