Outline of Suggestions for Secretaria da Agricultura.

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Outline of Suggestions for Secretaria da Agricultura.
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Correspondence and Subject Files 1921-1943
Rolfs, Peter Henry
Rolfs, Peter Henry
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4. Outline of Suggestions for Secretaria da Agricultura.


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Rolfs, Peter Henry
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Brazil -- Minas Gerais.
Escola Superior de Agricultura e Veterinaria do Estado de Minas Gerais.


Outline of suggestions for a Secretaria da Agricultura

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_- -. .

.. ..- -. ,_- 7.* .-^

: 1). THE SECRETARY. To have vigilance over the whole ad

-_ *mA= z Realm of tural Economy, Guide the policy of the Secretaria

Sand 6ecnt ttts necessary for a Progressive Agriculture.

2). ADJUNCT SECRETARY. To harmonize the'different Divisions

and Bring them into Unison. To Relieve the Secretary of Myriads o&

details that now Smother his efficiency. To Substitite for the

Secretary in case of the absence of the latter.
I "

3). RURAL ECONOMIST. To organize 4 raa work in rural Rm= .

Organize the Statisticf so that he can intdrprete tmr meaning. -1,:

tt rpr-^-e th i= tbjti. i This man should be a trained expert. An"

Untrained man wmmild makes too many costly blunders.

4). A DIRECTOR-OF SCIENTIFIC WORK. To organize Instifutos

-:d iologicos; Breeing Farms; Seed Farms; etc. To direct and supervise

"-. tution T
Small outlying iural Institution TQ Direct and Supervise all Animal

: and Plqnt introductions and Distribution. Have Control over animal '

l- and Plant banitary Measures. -t _d ai t--

A. n&^ ^^ ^ ...zS a. *"

S. '- ,,," ,

.' .. *" '- ". < ,
2:,:... :,:u .... .- C. .
... .. ...........-....... .. .-

__ _M ; _4 t .. ..; z.. 'j tc-

5). TEE AGRICULTURAL .COLLEGE. Organize acbmmission of 9 men,

_4. "
one. from eachgzone, appointed by the Presient. Their duty being to --

Ssecure the funds necessary;-to make-rules for governing the instu-

. :--. ,** ,
;" .- .:; ....- .
--. tution; to asset the policy for it-and to make a-rigid examination ,'
| ., ,~ .< ^ -_
-. of its work as well as the expenditure of the funds-. Serve without
l -i ~ -' '

--p. ay but zmiiMnm have their necessary expenses -borne by the State.

_? .. .. -. "--- :
Sknot by the Uollege). They should meet at the Uollege-at regular" inter

i.. gevals, three or four times *'InFa P1 P ImEl v a year ^
i K -- "s. -^ -

.: 6)'. OTHER DIVISIONS already organized -should -be continued

44:'t, -o o of th St te The
and so directed as to improve the rural condition of the State.-The

present great burden is to regenerate the agriculture of-the State.

S7). There should-be the greatest possible difftsiton of .

- Useful Agricultural Knowledge. The Policy of the-past has-been to.

:,,- reserve it for a favored-few,- "There is no slavery so degrading

S, as the slavery of ignorance." '
3 -- ;- ..a.A

..!' -("A Agricultura Mineira e Seu 2elhoramento" Submitted :to ,:

.| ..'. e b Sa 5. '
the. Honrable Secretary' n. March 51, 1930. .. d

L -~ -, .._ -, %'"S.m
.,:" ._ _. .. ....
2.............................................................. "'"' ...6

-... ....
,. -. ." .. .-.--.

^r i" .

the present generation has to pay for the lack of fore-thought I*' .

:;.- our predecessors. .

e. The' speediest and most efficient way would be to impo-rt ..

m-en wno have itnmtAt 'tmh and experience, but that is -

financially impracticable and politically impossible.*. Tne salaries

that the Department can pay would'attract onjy the inexperienced
fm the out ide. .
or ineffici rom the outside. Thq Department must also -be

"- ,.. :-' !; '-..
1-constantly mindful-lest it lose tke- political support for securing

S- funds. .:'

.... _...

I-.' '' -*'* .- '

M.ENDE r-- .
;i- ,.^ .. .
-t ,-' .. -. -_ '- -...- ,:

,_ ._ .. -. .A.. .


-, ... -, .-., .. .,....., :'.r-r :-'., Ls#... .



!^ ." ..
1 M-

0 W
:* ..

Q^t7rL ^
In the last fifteen or twenty years there have been enough

agricultural projects started to have placed the State ahead of any

state or any foreign country in South America, if these projects had

been properly manned and properly supported, .. -
___-.__-__ =1' -',<

i "..a

.j ~ To secure the proper man to direct a Mmioi an agricultural .

project is a more serious and difficult taks than to secure the initial .:.

funds for starting such a project. after a p Ject has been .

well started it was permitted to starve tnto extinction. The numerous

,'- rules promulgated made it quite impossible to serve even a few farmers.

I The trouble has been that the chief magistrates have been too.-

jealous of their own prerogatives. They have been so lacking in confi-.,A

:' dence gE themselves that they have been afraid to delegate any auth6rity 4Jr

to their subordinates.

( .

=? They have been so anxious to flatter the officials above them, to .

curry favor with the politicians of various parts of. the State, .

that many times they hive inaugurated elaborate plahs, mlita fre-

quently iniciating the worth with great pomp and, ceremony, when

a careful analysis of.the situation would have shown them the

economic falacy of the establishment which they were furthering.,
WIthm m Witixtknxm zmjmwbhwm -m yvfzmxmtmammxrm 'Im wxilm-v

wien-rhe funds available =e woefully inadequate for the enter-

prises already iniciated. The constant establishing and abandoning

of m.s institutions, however wuwthy their purpose, has drained

away --- MR the funds of the state without remmnft
\ ,'
producing even a small portion of the benefits which might have

been obtained .ar- -. t h. ,F-,. A smaller number of i B'mhs,-
.- "

agricultural establishments, with higher paid 4and i i more

efficient, 00 chiefs and subordinates; and proportionately -

much .... ...vevb.. and more certain verbas, for the ontinuance--.

^ -* __ ^ __ .tf -ri. i

L s ..


.. .
i. -"**. ..

A i '.. ...- -

.-. : .
... ." .. .* \ '

I -

x.r1 ,.

of work begun, is the great crying need of the agriculture of Minas.

Suc-cesful scientific work in agriculture cannot r _-d

under the uncertain conditions as to financial support -f=

S.... r.. ... T".. Tpd. Th-e great paucity of truey scientific worked

in agriculture in Minas is =' due to this more than to any

one other factor.

^--Lack of Personnel^

W Among the seven to eight *jillion inhabitants of 11inas we

cainot find ten real agricultural scientists capable of conducting

such institutions as we-nitiatied for the betterment of Agriculture

it is no surprise therefore that men totally unfamiliar with their

prospective duties have had to be appointed to positions for which

they lacked fundamental training. (As for instance, when a graduate

veterinarian was placed in Charge of a citrus station.), eTe 4o'1&



1 I1

Never-the-less, Minas must begin at once to inaugurate and

conduct establishments designed to improve her agriculture. Knowing

full well that most or nearly all of the men appointed to conduct

these establishments are lacking in practical experience or technical

training Such men are inefficient, time consuming and very costly

but there us no alternative. It is the penalty that the present

generation has to pay for the lack of fore-thought on the part of

our predecessors.


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