Commission Men and Producers.

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Commission Men and Producers.
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Writings and Speeches 1891-1920
Rolfs, Peter Henry
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29. Commission Men and Producers.


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Rolfs, Peter Henry
Agricultural economy


A letter to the editor of the Sun regarding an editorial taken from the New York World that discusses the relationships between the agricultural producers and the commission men/produce retailers that keep prices to producers low and prices to consumers high

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Bditor, The Sun:-

"Tour editorial of March 25th, ta:..-i fro., the New Yorl-

World, ban b'-nn rea..l. I tJhink it is good so far as it goes, but

it fails to 2't at one or :ore of the fundamental difficulties.

I thiir the fundamental difficulty that h s permi' te,.1 so vicious

a system to arise is in the fat that the -i.j:inlstrat io0 of te -a'ys

has b.;ion e::tro.,!zcly ineffective rn f.r ,- the T.r'.-.cer 1,3 'of-ri -l.l

a.. d extrc:.cly favorable to the dishonest c- rui.lsion no 'n riii- at

th.e a.;-c ti-e to toe dlsadvantage of tuie 1hoie:--t c,-,nis.-ilo ,e,.. Tt

ta;:es awyv})erc' froI. one to three years to convict .T.d pe-n1.11iz2 ..: .an
f.-r rlisdoin.v:j in the produce cor.L ission business i'. azny one of our

l-irge citi's. This is nota liy the case in Phuila ic' ,ila m)I. ?Mtta3-

bur'. It ;:i.:3 it rea.Jonablly c.[ t, disD .3 on0est CThfrnid:E.i-in

j.,a, cL A practice frau.J-L) 0. ti. i tlI] c r iL., if -c. i.- caught i1. t 0,

act, ti.a'. : ca c- j; ro. c matters ), d ]:.'.' .ro suff-rji tie ~-e-

na.1 iss of t10 1aT.

'1he measure ac roc.'.td. by Seuator lokq S, ith -or ci.-

]Jctin-., ,.',;ta as to gales of food. stuffs a"d tracsmlittin-_ those

tlaily to the -producer, would. Dave been a long SteRT in the ripajt J.i- .-

Srection. 11 -;oul; not be more difficult thani to collect. ti daily

reat.h iir'.,ji.'. and jItI. .tU oul. S t .:0 tire be ex:-tr. ly pTrofita'ule

to the :.-c ccr. Such could be made at far )cs.3

expense thca;. is now e..tai3cd i:-. col3ctti .r te-c wvaather data r-".

tratsrnitti2.:: this to tie prclducer .-aily or al :;uchl tir-s as t]eyr

need the v:.- Ji.-r reports.

. This year thousands, and possibly htmdreds of thousands

of crates of produce have been lost to Florlda because th all '




ron held tlhe pro duce at a flure jo hi.h hat the average consumer

could not buy it. Thi3 condition is accord. ll.;e]. 1..-Tr7-l]y through

the or"inla-Vation of the produce retailers .o he:o.. fro,.' oiutti..r un.ler

one another ad. tIhus hoping the price of produce hi.:h in spite of

the fact t .',t t...y bu'in : it at a lo0i fi~iro.

t tV1hin- .u,.er o r 'roent; arr. ,Anet.rit we ov3] .1. not Vat to

do ac,7.,r ,tr W th-e vrI'iolenr.] or rett2iler of t.hcoe goo.5.. in,.t our

arrt'.mei o.'j GI s a .'. t G, r .i.e '-b,; to serve the ibi..,rest;.. of "','.y 0oct-

r ro .uc.Cr, l'.o] O:I; : :aJ.or2,re(tal3 dealer and c.-' -, .v, '.n for the

lar'gst poni.ble ar.outt rr ;ro'.l.uce putt on ti.Vact,, coiintc.'Int

irT h t1f0 1. of 1 o c 1.111 ty. Thi t id.d.1ir.c aEli' not o. 1'" r-.j ,

but 7il' be foiunra vat'ualo se'ants of t'e pro just 3o cooe; as

t:'iey are T',.,, servants rC d n.ot t.Ce! n.astero. Tre I sou) :,o no 1

occs .i'on i 'm dlce (J.'.1-n j':.. t. Snt into t' o fi J1 to by'" u ,

stuff n.t .3'I -.i o!-. cOt-.t s,, or Ci.,n .act for it in) t"eC fieal. j iaZ

rn rely bri ]-:, 1.. the elorent of 2ImIbling Thic iA-L ,t r1r.? 1 3,1 cmoCs- -

-in:,"r ?' the l7vr joul,.1 un.i sih t-,o occan ional I.doieLt Yro-

"'cucer _71 ris-braaid, or in '.ther ways deceives t1he purci'iser of
h'* is .- oo13. TTUnfortunatoly the present systol., has ;'7orl:ed. out in a

..7y tha it puts a pro':it o:'. every kin;l of .oohr practice ;.o,:1..:c,,

and if t-, c- is tm.c 3I streak: of dishi.o:oesty in thle 2.a:e up of

the prollvccr lt- has 070ery in -ctiv to r.ractico dlsi'onest j.t:o J

a:nt very llitt]ee incentive *o racti.:c rli.1. lhon cuty.

n :. -: *

S" ." "

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