Our Experiment Station's Work.

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Our Experiment Station's Work.
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Writings and Speeches 1891-1920
Rolfs, Peter Henry
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4. Our Experiment Station's Work.


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Rolfs, Peter Henry
Agriculture -- Florida -- Experimentation.
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Florida.
Florida Cooperative Extension Service.
Agricultural Experiment Station.
University of Florida.


Article in the Florida Times-Union, August 10, 1911, by P. H. Rolfs about the Agricultural Experiment Station's work.

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Peter Henry Rolfs
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Ifry Noies n
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productl.-,n of, bee, poFiarnd milK that
put"hm. t,1in the'1 nkwith,'reat inv.esti-
Salore of the Unlitieftates.- pie.has
'In- t ilk been repeatedly 'im0orCLined to go to
0 M4-v hA7r h J .l. other states, but .like- his ,co.worker,.
t 1 feels 'too intlresBed In- .thecondition
otice-he pr nounu 'ed -l 't ber to leavaels althouljb.E9rest.r nAon-
''otaboou 0 pronoun-ioueei Ine
'for;,IU has a meanff. ieto 1 ,1 rqmdue rat ion woulo ,be-n r'c4lved.
oi e- ,has at mIeafg ew. nern *' 'have sO marry different e b.reeds
realizee ohat thatteo lerna htt efepimals end so many different oto-
there-enploied, are workngimo age .crops.n there I-.a gret reed Of ,en
*Ih e o or in g t .o ot 1. Ran ol lnd u er tall-e Of ". P rt al Be o Ll'S
netsly to solve the diffioqltle. fae, animal indu al '',1.
the 'tlles or t e soiinlJrb d--r b Ity. ': ." .' ,;:
the i preve' of the "le beaa aireaady.deter.lned thatbeel
to inprve' our-' b~ndhitiobeLv ri cn-e produced bler qeconom'eloh and
cd po eetiote a table sbolrlg,reetllt s'gvn
ofarlUth O, horat ', for ,the difereno to edsu'dsr'd- thedfe
peo.pleI know 'thiat tls -B cuost p'ap Td of'bae'fmadee'by these
I o dLiffere.o 'rs, a re q .A sla n Uar hexperjm nl-
tieqiirts. ft, qsL'pe sto'i m- Is nowb.leiBngdetirio, .,n' with- hogs.
ie aL' tent gn 1 loni R nations. tor- allcn. -cows Eha ea.'-also
ts' fullatFetl o.a been' tested, ahion-fgn a',-v lde varl. lo
ihet. work. car onm. .ti .va iost per gallu, t elilk. 'fAnotner
dpartm nts. ;I 0 e' iIt lnportaLnt faCLor In? cost of'. TnllK' I
view oC, thedlr, o .'7o r a I quanltly given by a cow. -'ianycowrs
who ba 'enotlre2cortrot ilefal 0b'nt nave such poorbr milk producing 'quali-
Is' of value accordlng.toithe .ielt'a'a6k, Ues they should 'be fatened-apd. ocid
of Jt, 'I tale pieetir l tglvil 'i b ale to t e butcher. '. .
account pf'our 8tatlon .lenatSaI-S .. The DrFrk in'attla basrnot
aso theat work/they. arei olng-r4' run'long'eri ghto givie'definite con.-
.o, '"." PfROF. ,. .ROLS. lclualdhiS7T1d-proseeny of flieen.'ns-
Prf. iRolFtaed tame. tP.' 'l rl tit L'e.cow arra'e -lte fir' these expetl-
years ago, as a -i'l ontdtltf'' ny ments. One-third are, grade'. hort
Is aletlL fBoonr, though. Ob'jb HoOdos)one-lbird are. grade eiereforda,
gan to hear f omt'hlnM.' bmost and- o-ethird natives. .86 fartheina,
slhoe turned an' attenir[el., tives:-haru'done.-a 'eU` aslh "'others
first succus iaIn lmpot'tk O, h oundt v uligant flL'isbeli'da
searchti,was t he..dIScoqyenA;'f ir dI'reic intbls.fir oulars
headed Xtuogu0'aB.. 't ieee -.lfebeda.vpel d ]. Le ntq-.
'Jop .Seale pes a re eABg' eL
that it also -bn taeke1 ne~,
that Ifesilt 01 istP I. k', r ."I-fll-
Important as it cleared Pit Maeued Q3-ya
So,' sudden htlutoing o.o lee elttl It
alve sld econm.W cal 'ctt oot rof fiaIi oeBoutcfsi

scele krw Mont where slepob ed+'ohi
'escrlblng the'bva5iops d diteasee of0It, 1ialr s
matwe. This Is one of ins moat poa .
ular publlcEtlions',.e'er issued te
Florida Etperlment -llIobi. -, Thae Wnt
elltlona have been made'bPi'tietde-. aemieli
mand has never been fiod. _g 3. la
But plerp&psa hisa great-est 'scientiflo' 'cuIai $'onfi"ii8
victory dir e bean the .recogtnltlbo' o' o b e tI l l.
the witherrip fungRus and thatit cause tuItandptclti
ihe several maoi feslatlonsB. of.slller-rwie r
Eip on branches and spotting o leaves jug
arLi frulL. ThIa lo so rcanf'l'dd.dnl aak ;Bne&eaB Cpe'rntac'tl 09 11 !-P. pod;.
Nail known thai there Is' ed pubolncaldn'a ught
recounting all the benefltet.ilel.dlaoov-' agrloulturaldjkaLtlonef df ia8 ali
enreygave to he etew groweqr-. ,4L -n gr.owere th!roAod,
Prot. Rolls' standing in the Scientific Careftl' an al yne t lb 6y
world, though, I am sure his many.ada ,osot L'bofoe i0 t-u'
nilrers In tre-.tLate will be .gJad to men(ts'
know his natme has been termlald xa AC
flowering plants, three- fungl oausingi 'i ne
dlseaeiet oF plants, and one spel8,;os
Insert. *-aT-"- ',niuoriipabl Vqibittl r6egardl.
i, As director of the Experrment-Bta fo
tlon' in 1906, Prof. Role had to ngan prop onu
ioze6 almost an entirely new staf ter. Ing, thBs c A e
It ias decided to movelto Gal eavilleh r per- itbsLNU
land the most vaJuaole.aIrvlcee Lhtle d iIr
Sever 'given the- state bas' been'-in'atie 'veall-i a ot
kielectllon and -direction' of' thIg'lsBLttuL ljre tL 11afl1 6u-sol0lSi t t I
Nowhere could there be found more : ratv lea go fti too -
earnest or skillful' torkera"and -they, .eF 6tkfl1ffUlLt'atid bt'e'gIs
all nrite Ih loyalty to F-ro. Rolfs' poll dev i
flies-and cooperation ,'p.; K,1 fgW6 ; the' ; 'pind4i,
When one reviews the1'cacomnplshilt tt- rtola
'tents of the past few years-one can ftbi6' t l
inotieall to admire the far seeing.quail '
piles of the director and bthe manner n' io
.wlbLi these Important' probleansfdll fl
aeen workad-out.. 8 7, t. R5tr 1ptep1et -
Special attention has beeti glean .to au
bringing the work-to the people.. In q ji
1o10 the. mailing list numbered about trn t
000 In the, stLo wphle at the present t f
ime It carries over ilu00o name% Tie -at
,million pieces of tree matter: Cooper- 'dlv ,l
ative work has been established In a ; 1r
dozen different counties. rfar e 'slehnJ "tVA r a a
stilutes have beenheld .with remnarko-
ble success Four years ago oie 'work
c Wlet of forty 7two3sasslegns with nt. -T Wb a
tot ,. .ndance of!* lesedti h.b 65000. lrA
while du" it.le fiscal earrJt, closed ra deaa h
192 sessions, wimre held wHhJ total' at-b n Ia
I tendance of 19,064. Boy',Cprn 13a h t.oi- a lb
land WOoen's Institutes havi.-.Laso. e:, n II NprI
eived "attention.;' In Ffeantii I t t
possible for anyone .,ot.losl n n h r.wIn at
touch! wJi, the, work to,'apeTe olf a aoi ti eeby eil

i OL X AsCo g al t u e un
as-ope s. :fe tSS t ilpdr JimA p "ns'l'e lsriedson

ae PROFade. -rom.g hpa t h'.ird' n-ajAtar

adnct arlitlon iete -*
tank'-6b farest a1'
h',yearea 1.1ee a'aci.otYoff r.I",'1't apX.atBo s.le f soil

sod' is" k'jooon -t .r t a' ndr','.ardge
thjthe atot drala]geeadwteri'n" bhe

constituentsr, utnder eaqh' b system r' the
elam of- this t rc'dbelng to> deter iide
1leak sted. fo naLtTjinange*a

.ae uoubiedry, much Ino. ane tree

waste candle pr'pepned bs'inteigefl(
can. are l an m' a
waer- wl .l snowl' .oo.,teJ ernlye na .

hsow % tp.'-et; stlbfa.&tory$ eults,, witl.

'lorida 'Bxperleont -BtaLldn' Rope r t-for'
h1asO, andls esoiomlo. Ye.1e l ldeut
,ad ',ILndoubledly,1 m uh 'of "t re' -a eent.
Iwaste can'.e prlpv'enifed'fby Ltelrlgelb
care. loe .' -:I* r j, t^ '0 V

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