Forage Production for Suwanee County [newspaper article]

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Forage Production for Suwanee County [newspaper article]
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Writings and Speeches 1891-1920
Jacksonville Union
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3. Forage Production for Suwanee County.


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Rolfs, Peter Henry
Forage Production


A newspaper review in the Florida Farm and Poultry Notes, Jacksonville Union, of the Rolfs lecture about forage production for Suwannee County, Florida given at a Farmers' Institute in Live Oak.

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Peter Henry Rolfs
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' .... I
,; '" ?1;.,* *I: 4j.a ,c' .'* 2 "
,, /. d r

,..,aBa. l a iuxji-an ly' ant
y" Rhod, sr ntroduoed *aonis
fIve. i', yeX a n ad-has proved
mllaelf l3fitHnosl all i parts
j a ll l aO ,th, state
t lar a h te plarictnr
thtye piita'' e b p iJblllty ar
te lUna ied. -h ah Ia' e o .o l ipO Ost
prole lIg'n-6a1ow,e- astn reEraa6lea
that ha 'beer lntrod, uc ';. .'., ;
*.M61ia1ea grasa hbaals a bepnintro-
duqedLt' m0 Ite &.ve rgela "aop' and-
un.,der ,FlorIda'a,'ondIlo iq .Quito valu-
ableI.,8 'M1uqi- a ariska.g a good
i'.Para''r. r gS i'tp.abeenited -and dia-
trib.l.edi-to'1maqy "dit ,places .-A,I
showafse itr'nel., adaptp molst tarm,
lanp! and"'gves..abundan inutrl(t6iu-
gr a Iflanrd .bu n/a btCoo

most .l-'uaIubleacqu1ltio '0 'rf' It not
,for' tadi(tet:'rhat'isofi ia ;,dthe's -thet
do.b,etr. aeA a *does' weli
rm.,,the 'central porttlri' 'ne penin-
aula-Fdoulthatd;,i6 V. .
S"., .-.'' .apaipgee Ca '.
"uTlb plant,bl6hig'to. ih grlah .
II/ 'and- *laIh taf).1.5 rsel d a
artripnisurer :carf' "r..numLi6 ot
year&'Jrtwa,,.latglIydt4t d ad 'aBaIy-
'rUp tna 'ugar ptoducIltk. and ucn-
der,.rhaw.e:.'condal.on- wa. omd Into
diarivort-' AL.the'. prBsac. Li ,we mai,
Bll'Jt; LB4(Glngoftorags ila a'lJi'or-
lda' !It,,tlll produce lar q ritlities o
IrteenWaorage juat ai,1r naeme. tr,j tniost
needed.e,%StOckrse n hb.'plaI d*l early
fn'stlIe;'fA!L, 'pr e. rl '%win aar l t,
profitable" 16 reseVe th nU htl 'at
leasL Hi'd p rDtcbeemlar.' a
nmoahait jiuab, Io[ateis apdly s
lanrc' fen' .Aph'Dihllh-ak ten enty-saei
en a pgrnen. -mattelr' a.rhav
bEWe 0 uce d.' 6t,.ttlhc,'. itlf-tipL'
t i I Wyargo

iwr r a. RNA


:.ON -...r.N'r.RL"

btalh.e.3 by .egiinoua la t.rom ane NIt n country
-the ptmospheregana 'therefore :oan ;be Gi. re froma' cf g f
obtained frue. e: hve'thenii'"lI to .t ov.r for
supplJ the potad'&an p logphorJc aqid. 'eah-. ao ti "2 t l14 hatiik 'thar the first
(It i poBelble..t. tulphur- may' be Intoadutlo 1p've.u4 rIAbqsL 'f tqo
sometimes need'io, aalso oaeloum).*.' varlleles .tha. ,ajf be. ni oe ,are
Carbobydrates and', Pr'teln., *-. t'eterore 'made -,iew inrtdduqilon .and
S have ieoClved'.tour'.varielieso ,ftom Japan
Carbon, hldrobn and oxygen whdn which are noiwbIngjresra4d. Seea canes
combined' in lhatDroper' forms masce of-eight varl(IleBframto 'layon-have alzo
bu[Ler,.starth,- sUar and nearly all of beeq rrpelve'd.;-.T)oee will 'be tested out
the 'looda which we eat. L A mall and If any o(., the ,ve.ritle, ar.'euaerloe
amount .o r.ltrpgen -occurs In 'the" ti- to the 'old wil as;ablihted.,varJety. seed
sues of plants combined -with bydr6- canns will be "distributed with a 'vldw
gel' -tr ,on aind1 botyaen rnd thEn Is -.r rpplqrlna ftl' "n.i er

u ct r em lt flnd that It is uip of I '

0iir oQLatnl only avsry.ll a nts oi n"u r ,c.nt l 'i slumber of
i o( mineral naLfo er. hu .'eoaall a y.arar-lt w"i i- as a Oy-
S'nly'. blit R.e cen a ,'-etoanq of A .el'h t. fl t'and la,con r at lori, e omr Inio
r o rdsL' nly A'.ilk ri:nmtb r-ei;o nd dgvJ bitenro'hurave tcan v a onumbs .it
ar andnrs hi matter'.) a'notaleasts i Thre-t'cwa,ler trai i d. ap o en By-e
1hl4'er hoefo r' ostAtsi :n Ueirted oteel n' o JJ-%.slid un-

1e t 'i .hO .L We. uld'% oa Lain ,ln dia. aveork.l' ,ths8p arsei 1 w may

*- O n' sa8 our d-)a .tt tenfrg JtW a itd ida.'bd e
Si) d ,.PPeanLt t' m lile needed.' lppk an a i rly
An EW P rld r ihbt,l

P yI P "'t a Nh Poslible4 .'. I U hrn. be 'otrod, a on la ie t ASr, .B lo the

Carbohydrates ad Prooein'" he ae ird 4u a Irtl
,combined'io tl.f l proper", ornm mane of eib YovaritTia fto Ci arn.havke aIs
uIthe l dswhipo 'e'. eaLr ',.A amial andiita '' thA te arq hirlbt
amoi.nt ofnitse tocrs' n rhd t- e thb e oldwt jJ5 ated vriety, re,

ase'oetf piantdcolrained ,, -I;L nyd) carletta w il b ,i'nt a' hvie.s
' ,t'ce'rbon on 9 andy ena wi 're B, e
D".i 3aherolltbuald. u Ni

r tl aLntt e', ocedrs' ', h' th'reorea,, dd'1'qJ l edJmlaaaptl ,o eef

the animal 4ot 'l s'tad'-r nl i' -e
i .r. I e

q .-ittt& th 1r,0.Me ?

mompher.' ether as gas' or As'r.water.
In 'total" amount of minet'al eleme nts
presept in the animal body.ameonts to
1 per cent or' lebe. in a' lean pt ( y end I
about i 1-2 per oent.b amfat pig. Ani-
neais must d' pend on-platttfor.'i "heiir
fod L o build o ip the' oody-.,tl eues.'
Ciste, ,Cas'. Forage ". fbr'"Twelve
Moonths. 2el the .Year.
Tne aacrt 'Lflt the:elimate 'will permit
a.'tile .i f eorge -for tr elve- montLna hason
betr, knuwn since Florida was disco.-
ered 'lat.)rillods. wild graase .grdw irn
p abundance Irom about tie middle ,"
7 Maroh.untiqlaste int th fall 'Duriltl thi s.
eaon of 'plenty cattle inrfas. npli y
r. in aire'and put I n .alorsiderable am untI
S t l~, 'Af Lter that tr, .a-lures r i,-
Sthe e poorer, until du'on tiie
Swinitr B oftr ; rttiCt' it acercel)y etioi ltg I
.' 'it liep- thle at a satNe' It' Ma during
the' .tat wirit,' and. early spring that
they h uld be providedd nithI geonli ru-
inriltiou fotrl'ge rom rultivated tiaid. I
W'lera our knoqwlfgr of a rletalus I
was rdim 6r;ii.= e., aarr .n',e'ph of ,"
I' ,phoutd In dertaknJini toarowa unticil
L nn.. cr t t Int a dttc nlew-bn as- fo.' ,
cuitiivtion. .Tlri WaA notantilio' f-ti
S Forida, but" withP ur, presq tttl I.
rl4 'r. Onet .-'nes,: t o ue he:,afr. ".'
o na ': -" 't 'i-ta., r u' rl p iit .
: a i d" a. ar,'l I Y l:' i '
~'. bo?,lVeop bid -'at -i ',- pp fr, I

I 'rwn'a 'total-moiu f mi.k 6 I's I *a -


Florlari. Tne long-Ive.d varietlea ale Ieea
Le-1. II, toughh some pf- Ith early former .
such an EarlI Amber andI. Kaffr Corn.
':An ol- ued to _rood advantage-in spe-
cial l .ase. Tne Experlinlot blation hael
Ireled aomeneh)ng like.sttly diffenr.nt va-
rirliI --of Ir e. "urna.? anti ooe .Ne l
nae gcnetrall3 1l'er. the beet .astlsfo.
Lion. During certain yeDal',olltfr vAtrle-
11.; hate pihen baller drrps,.bul. on ihe
average iheT. liao '.a'letfa Ra6m to lnve
larger lals n '.- I "
S Legume '
The leguminous crop are the' erv; blat
forage that can be' gr0,Tn'.ln'. an. 4srl-
cultural secilon Not only :do thei'.nrO-r
duce abundant arid nptlrltous,f tiage, hbll
ther have it.l power oI extLralin'g nlro1 .
'en from ne atimosphlri and entllchInr,
the .oll Atn' i It This',maket' Il possible
to gror. a crop of 'legdmesl 'a.d rterove,
them from the. sol,'aid 't Ill.l eave- thI-
land more produttlye.tha.n.',bofore-t the
legumes were 'planjed..-*And, since nllro-
gon Ia the most expenlive'.'element'" In'
our fertilizer It. la dodbly',d6llr.ble, t:.
grow legumes not ionlr, l.or.irn bull
for enrlcling the' jll-."%Jgi3ea pro
erly haon..ed on'Floridu 9oi0Ea-111 enll le
the farmer Li. outr.hll, fetiller biIl' i
half. 1 ;i;T.,. ^ J',, :

The Experiment :Statilonh( B a. ba l?
teen thirty and,."forty Iffn.vao arl
tles. receiving 4eedrmr'. u r,:l a
tan, Mongolia anil raly: eViiaI R0 l
falta-producing ountl .fd .t aot
All the seqdtdger.nJa. ll
.dua .. ",-vorou sl A n' 1;r : '@

* L


ever, the crop failed to, be, iUfficle
productive to be pr'oltable ,commeri
I.y.'. This experlene'".' olnaldeaseka
with the experlenco e r thoeLtat bfti
er.ah.o have rled altil.
kAltlfa aeed' i r 4Inae q 5
drt as gorol.aplintlbt
llieIlrBL. Bring; but
alon mosL oft

recelhed by the? experiment station In'
the spring of ll90....As only one:seed
was received It wIaasgLven tne greatest
care.*being 'planted ,*in-the greenhouCse.
and. after .-'. height of elghLi
or ielt incheA In Ia opbwor put as Itran.'-
f.rrid' to 'the 'o etn'1'lY tirid. All "of ihe
seed .from th3,s.plIarqtiwas saved anid
planted In 'thA 'aprJqlg.: 6 '1l11. That
fall. In spite 'of aes'pre ra&'ag'eo qf,'c"al
erplllare. a Ilusltehp"z'soEdd :Wahal'YveIt-,
ed.," In thp prn 'giobC"19.naonthilng
Lover two iEorpj'kof'1 thla i bean";w6r I
planted. 'IL ';taka 'etne at an QuLaLiW
month tlpmat li7 rlrg s)-
apec from'th, l tlan
Lyon velvet .piafleIqojbat'bloom
'only In lately l. is lth lme
of plridllng. .n' ii )et ,
.on the other, ba h ar thR
yea r and' riaLu oid, durin O,
Stob. e':itu ltin ,lg ii a t 'm n h
toalbly s e ed' of theqlr-
lIda velvet ,anikn, rodu nea
seelma .equal'bi "other,
*klhda I" vigF rw.h Illa the,
tibet woa'l frveh It.'.aL th

'. 'Thls was, InL1ro


.. .

. a .Li

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