Florida Horticulture.

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Florida Horticulture.
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Writings and Speeches 1891-1920
Rolfs, Peter Henry
Rolfs, Peter Henry
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56. Florida Horticulture.


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Rolfs, Peter Henry
Agriculture -- Florida
University of Florida


An address, "Florida Horticulture," given by P. H. Rolfs

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Florida Horticulture.

A gl~at iiany times lit ta3lkng to isy friends in tie orth they

speaj: of Flori0a soetiing! i!. tle same woy as a person u siaiy speaks:

of a city or a -co.ILtL iii a :tate, it is a] jo quite evident fr--.m

a large .numbriber of ti:c letl;rr we receive t."at few people realize tc, travel frorl PenSacola, the westermr:unot city i. t.e State

to IFni, tLe south en uos t i3ty in ti.e .rtate, one 1as to trav-

erse nine 1iundred. .nilca of ral:!roal. It i: a3 3o quite a surprlse

to :,ecrie to find tl-at we have betv;een 1000 r,,ad 1200 miles of

seaco.:st ti-u: giving a tr;.ennous ,:tretc-! of country ad-.Jacenit to I

Salt water.
S fact ti1.t seems to be enitirelj overloo]3:C is t.-at

F7orirl n las a Ver.y ubstLCntia3 agriculture. rTrIuL the

year 'A].1, for instance, t::e( corn crop of '.'3oorid a r. s.ocr only

to ti'; :citrus croyp an yet I di:xe say that not o.e, pierson oui of

a tt'ousManId norti of the 01:.o River cuuld answer definitely njiether

corn .was ever ago''7n as a real fari.. crop ian. ori'-:;. Th.e fact

tl'at l'-Jorija is, unique in producing citrus fnrits n-2id tropical.

fruits 31has accentuated ti~is point. '

Truc':ing is done at s:ci a time of tle year :as the rather is

too .cold in more nortlerr. State to rej'crmit this to go for.7arrd,

consequently a great *.leal of ad.vrtisement s- carried' witll, the

fact these" trucl crops are being s3lLVir?- f-rward front rlorida.

These crogs bring in an i:;1m onse a.ouiit of ;.oneyr to ti.e State, af-

fording e-.ploye;.nct to a large numbLer of laborers,'and ver; fre-

quently tas the railroads to t'e li it. .

' .k-7.' .7 '. .2 I *i 1, .-
,. -

Citrus growing is, however trhe one Industry'that. has been carried

S* tote fi t degree Of perfection in the State. -_ T a very large ex-

tent this h. beeii. rduced t a irfle .o thiuo !ethod so that all one

Shas'to do is tn use grynd business- judgment and tnen employ labrr.

There is yn :-r-3cre ...I O ifricul y -rr uncertainty nnim t atinrF a suc-

cess of citre grcwingh in Ploria tanm there I1d ,j' r T-.iinr-; a success

o fa enttnnn actrry, a machine sholp or an electric ;wrk:.3 There is,

'however, plenty n r rLnorm frr developing ju wnant r.s vell .as ingenu'ity.

k iNortn Floraia the Tranrsitifn R.eginA:.

The r girnu lying bet..qeen 8. AJgusT.ine on tn? .--.ast an d Pansa-

cola on th:7 '.~-t a,:y 'e spoen -as a'nrtn Florida. This i snrt

of transl-tirnal region bet-een suo-tropical Flnrdria, a,:dl th .e 'ere te:n-

perate rmaiona tn thVe Lo'r7z-T.lar. Here we r':Il th i, ctt h:, fieldd, the

-crrn .riale. and ;en'ra.1 raa:r-:ing predlnlnatin:, '!ith a re?; ica.ttere(r
I -
cl.tras grnveO r.rin.l.:' 17j airnu ?inr.: i, avlrR .rrr..jis "!re lFsT

rost a-rnr -,r fcr S r.1,I'Ct r reasr, t. e citrs r.rr-v' arp. Up:r'iitted

to..persist. '.nli the esLvatlirrn or t.lhis r3.rln prorbcal- a(s not

reao:n ove'r tl re't t-rere I stiL de.ia-Js .vnrla .Lin in cl;,tatic

effect. ThrTI;'.,out tlhiis'" region 'lar;r>e acreage-s cr ?ca^. a orchards are

planned. The Satsum.a c ange, tne mr. st, arY y nr our citrus froiits,
occurs here t greatest refr'ec'tion. :Josrever, nowhere these

planted in extensive areas'. .*ere there n: Martrer rl:rti.onfs of' 'lorida

a considerable portionn 01 this area culta be uisd 'rfr thie hardier

citrus fruits.

central Florlda tre nogimnning cr the Citrus Area.

Beginning witnztlie istlnus part or Floria and extending 'down

Swell into tile peninsula we have the area tnar was forrnrly (Cvnted

largely to citrus growing. It was in this' region stha tre citrus

;roves abrmnded most extensively before the disastrous freezes or

' *4 ar' 'Y5. Here, well to the northward in this r'irn Wr8 the

i rst extensive orchards planted and there cat still be round same

of the groves t~lat,',d '1.rni those freezes ard are now consia-

ered extremely valuaole property. As a matter r' ract some very rine

Groves are to. be fruna n tile east side or ths tt. JnIhn's river strq ch-

S ingr nrthw.rd al~ m iost tro JacKoio;Ville This region, however, has been

-' arfgely given over to trucking ,and general Tarring. For -vinter trucK
. '_ ',, .

orrps we will. find mainly the w.rO7 veaetabfles ni, ;' as cabbage, lst-

triee, celery an~d ca li~lfnsr. fPor late spring rKettsa -R e ;ill iind
1 7-

the tender vegetables. In tnis region, ton, :e ?h/ll rl quite

frequently tn:i7, te general warmer does sore traok~;- as a slie,

but makes general rarmin2: ttle crop tn i'-inntain hilrisll al d .S ls I'S .it.lry.

In some re.icIc. citrus grqving preaemin:ites t OTC.:.' .u I extent ..s t

exclude almo SLL rfIuckiir, nr general Zari'Ar tile ini rter rs-

gions- truc.inm: p:red-:minates't s Suc" an extent as to cause people it

almost loed sDi;,t f' cit-L :us rwn, anid general I'ar:;min,, ,ut it Is
quite unusual.rir tVe !neral.' rftr:nr to lisccrd all iada ci raising

f'nlt or ,truck.

set tr: Florid.a tne TropicxL ruit Ieie1rr".

.jeginnin-'r. .ltn anr;ut tne liatituae Of tfie mcrut; n0i tnd 'aitee

River we final tne reglon given over almost entirely tr 1"rvit growing

and the raisi i of: tnrucK crop ror tine eqrly. rprinI Ir,:,rXet, o;r tn

-the southward th- ,rn ing. or ter.ndir truck i:'r iiidwinter market.

whilee general farmers occur in this rac'inn t.Vly :-re tihe exception

rather thian the rule. In tnis region still occur Larre areIas doe-

voted tn stock ranges. -These however are beijig crowded fur'ner back
.. ,-*. '- T "

S '. :,L :i'. -,,1'*. ..'* p '' '' .. -- .'-"
:. -/ ., -I

ra. pmeos r va- d Iee of" ,t are fr

la~the 114 or aga 1u uiral. development. n-1 r:arl-y ery Qd3 nar
.mreug in se ha en taKen in tee agricultural c.l lul rad-

mi:,a' ouiR inng go one viay or airc tnorr c amaunt or

m aer&t wilL eieanra a younxi 'sanzr anyone ,se refr that matst-
i' --f V zt --t "m l

-, aduat ,b h r. v ax n ir, r ..ia. ..y* or

t:'a ,,:ert t.:rnat quiaglqty ral dvelpoent as cormey -r se. IIver an ms,,e

S" .w ie a -und ine nc8ng ty ir saho ing thaz thei-are r eally cap-

.' l-. 1--"V *! ... .
S 'aUiccrOmplisenlI; I imeninri a ynuhj n rone ir allrin almost ayahere u-
te wvt .T t quzl ,Ly 1,- as C nfi O.-r. ...".. I se,.ms-,

*'e:.;l:-,See. "tcaoras.iu college gradi ate, not Onlwitn the 1.jclennr's cis-

; lRi':.'ls.,i.s ci it-Over.t n ae. l -coll e graduate wic as

%r^s^rits it et to LIDn to dli&UiG starja s if nolitng; more attractive

gire It telr3:- w1' ver*y promptly rind. that ht wuill nLr* nre permitted
i.l' tifl. inie'a ud-:energcy -in that asirec tinn n but will snon be "firedir
*, '. I i .. .
o- is eo sitain o Int. goimthinr qait a gre at, dea l!,etter. The point

I, a -nt t tsthat a ery large lot r a ur. aricuLtiral..ol- .
:l. gr;iaduats o nsot e te eloyer to t. tiei-r -word frcr it that

thy wgreilt aetoaAe, Out are reauy to LubQ hold nf anything anq show

.. *,. n- e e
,'rt' te ,et oti .i n "thing "ore .atrti ve

: .i. i. n. .
, I" ," n. nt,/' .. i a t t -l-

,,,:., i@ iP %sll- uil V'~j ~roll Il rnd, ll~ }' vll ;n:r~e ermlte

..hI' .,
.. .- 5

great mand tor .lea e,

te pbpulatlon or-'Alortda duridth-e last decade increase d.42-
aa.*'' is a larger increase tann occurred. -anywhere east.or .the cCe Xy
., .'. taine in thyr sawe d'cae. tArally lte. largest lrnfi'xe. tA ,- .-

tea was Oy men. wn are #vntxnge t miatte ZfiestYmenta atf ese kin .

Stbte' posaittilties for, tnem are- minoP smuperinr T.C tnose occurring nl

K; Qtflr a8mawshse-se people call for -a-larg.em aimuntr nf heLp, either. -*
i. trf rs o'r latbo, or-injat form r rraor nagers, supertntenaents- an

?arten iAcettore coOUa be no.possibility r'developinli thXs ciass
. ..,- I"I ', I. -. ,o
...f ati locally it .nuat be orouht .tn r ;lt Qutside. A certain de-
'gree or'experieniiq it riegessary. .ut il posj.ibie tnox1covince an l.n-
'ye7 t vestf)r tat thIe ersor is really to .make good umei the opportunity

pre,"nts itir .ld naturally thie coLtrte graduate rho n f) ser e nhls

appre-"ti .ceanip a GiT. ig ,' sitinpe igra dateI it t"nc.Lt-lini1 a. squad f-r a

half' dzen mer"; qr havil.s. Ghargpe or a. .tew .creas f r Ld, is quickly
*ntrnsted TwiT. t '- :McIlxiw of a ,ar'r prripstiton. ar Our IP"re rfrleC iv3 cRUTti'3 arr alw h I rinr.-e orn Of

.tts type to serve in the 'tp4fwitvy ofr Ununty A'ivilSrf. 2ase are

' n .~; an h-ave yr ri a rc, rin in t.1 .. te, ha !vep 3 h. exelence and

:.'e',a- r.pible Of anVsing not onl.the tnier c ni-erl as 'tt wra.T rE his anet

'. lis or devil cLppment., but ars- iason nf in sttct in l.Qder reo-

. i -- -- a
l;. deI.. nts newer egritq ure. .u.e .alary T'ete T.'e ounny UAnm -

'iser is equal to that paid t a college yroiaenor; it will enable a

vm oug man to iave a rTry large elt o' .userulness aM at tgHi saTm

ttie .enables lir. tc dsveip a'certati aeriut, of property or s.r

tfr' b _
i. t:.e rity, tus ai'tl.. ; t.- ph'g.iAi.- an ex .ingly atractie one.

- .. ,

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