Association of Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations; meeting. 1916

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Association of Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations; meeting. 1916
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Writings and Speeches 1891-1920
Rolfs, Peter Henry
Rolfs, Peter Henry
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4. Address. Association of Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations; meeting. 1916


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University of Florida
Agriculture -- Florida -- Experimentation.
Rolfs, Peter Henry
Agriculture -- Study and teaching -- Florida.
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Draft of a paper for the second convention of the Association of Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations written by Peter Henry Rolfs

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Peter Henry Rolfs
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,i;s. ;- "l ^ ..* : ,'' "., ,' U --. *'' *, ....

1 .3r. 0. A water, Director of the Offfoe
: .. perla-i..on-, 1 1.9 U A.w, transmitted to the Secretary of ,

S.l.u .rrici a., 4o3. J.. Rit, a manuscript to be published as Bi .l
e Off e- of i ent- stations. This contains w t

Vpeare 'on the fAhe of it to be a report of the second convientl an
; of the Asaola~tlon of ANg i33U-ra3 Colleges .and UBpeetlment Statione'

The me e ting was held at Knoxy 13 e, Tenn, convening on the fIrst day
*. I .- .
J .

of ranuar, &a 3889. 1Ith the limited time .that has beeh gaivenvor

research in agr"icultural terature, it is Ifmpracticab e to state

whether tihe report of the first meeting qf the tsaociation is in

aour library at this time or not. Howeeoer, as the ecoperiment Sta-

tions were organized n o 3888 it is inprobable e that the minutes tof

In a pienliinaa y c1ir8ular, dated lDme. 3, t i8 the foa lowing spvara-

graph occurs:

"tixisting, circuamiatances seem to make it important
S etha-er t he KnoxepErt o a e mrsteg asould oonstider AExpariments
Station matters rather than. College -affairs,, except as- .
the 1.atter involve the former. it is theveTore O auggast-
ed to the. sevreta3 nstituttorts interested that the .de _e-
gates to this convention should particularly neo.ude
dlo sectors anda staff Wor ers of Aexeriment Stai ons.--

The tlrd p u aet ual -omeeting- AEp.ear t have been ~ shed a-t si-

Ington, Noalimber 12, 13 dated 1. 5, 1e889. o

At the fourth aincua m etange whseem h waos.e. i at Cenpantgn,
Station matters rather .tfan. Coo ge .a.fil-re, except aa t

., there t were six seerations reutcognized Agrtecud ltuat rete .e

themiatfy, college aWor, st ntofaolo and Borticulmture. t Ata ttat
ington, oebr 12 13,4,' 15, -AL

b A' k....:j .

..... -.' .. ". .. ,e 'an.a. w o or .he '." ...
: .. % -, ..' s- tr, ..

.'r. .i_ o.e.s n. af t e r a:o't e r ... .l e0 v ". *;,".
Sof* 3,e weak a to ha ee pra,
".- "1'

S,; a t tu became. apparent in me oear31 history

t".- A spcation ,of. Aluiira Coteges and SKperiment Statio. ,
tku i 1Q11wo0ld be i'ratlqkable to continue with general dtacusutane

metnoh and methods o? researctli. Prom year to year the paper& har
' gradual ly changed untilnow the program is made up 'of a'inii strat
-i :, ;. .,.. .' ,. ..
I A,

'i ve era4 .

t ihe me eting in the sua8er of t 90I0 curred at Aln eort. :.A

that time your Directr was Secretary of the section of Botany.
fli oarg&nizatidn of' tie Aerlean Botanrical society. and the large

number' oat papers in the totanicajl ine .pre-sented to the AmercaS .

AssPelatfoior thie Adivance t ment of Science, natural oversaaewe
ad .S ,. periment Ditations. T:he, ta ~ r a'tions.eof the Ai sofct .

Maie srauaily disappeared until recently efrsKE. were only :,two aseC^
T 'ilons, tat of 3Agrleu3 tural, co-leganB -and tSie E Weri the I talogn.

r'In genpa eral during te t.anat teln years tHe noning ind night
es.sio fn are, rdot ed toa general l oScus~loe naaid dre ese sui a
as are of interest to tIe whate body attending the- Association,
wi. .. eneat a teraons .-a given 0p to s1S r US neI Asjn' thes.

a. i ns. '
*: o 0. --te a ina y d ;sappe. -a-re d tha re cenn h. tt were oi na "va ; ..,.

; .n .en.e--,_ d. ... -' ..'.. t ten, years t*e m i nig ht.
slon s. are dpYm e od tto. rehe rla3 dfiu Tom ye jLn to er ne" s .. e :

'are or '. daV4, t W0 ye ulnei-tno,.n dUWe ohe u A'astciatimn 'lt .A


'W ,-.'"."

?6.' .., .. : ,' .. .. .

4 -
.' .. ,

~he :aosooatta i.s now 'composed of three strong sections -

Xttsistop sBectio the ngWineeariitg worR being represented as a di-

ha its own -officers afl,.. qonuacts its own -Meetings at the propeT
f_.., _

time. 2th atnutes of the meetings- and papers under discussion

that occur. in the sections, are transmitted to the general secre-

tay, whoo has them printed lii the Annual. proceedings.

The res2 wor oof the AsMoalation is done by the Executive

~,~piittee. consisting of five, mebmbrrs. These members for' the coa-

necting link between the Association and the Department of Agri-

Scujtu-re, or such oth r organizations and agencies s ma be en-

countered. The Executive Committee of tVe 'Association is made up .

of unusuaul3y strong men, unquestionably tie best men that can be

Xfound in the country.

The real work in detail, -of tee Asociation, is carried on

by Standing Cbmmittees. Six of these occur: -

The Standing Gommittee on Exten@ion of Agriculture
n GraAluaate Satidy
*Collge Orgialzation & Polioy
'" -" Exper, Station B "
p Extensiona
Special Committee on Agricultural Termlinology

The.three on organization and policy 1:On out to be the real

battle ground between the various contending forces, whether it e

the Department of Agriculture or other agencies. These comittw s ,

on organizatloan and policy are really the steering machinery fo
a n .. '

**' ... t ; ,

I:. ." r^:....,. S '" ."' .- :' :- ,", I' '- ,
: -'", :. '... 4

., ": ta are a.oited. -- th e largest

f.W.,ff ., 4k,,l natural & ollaege and Experiment n ib tons

,u. .a. "aq b..t ,e t',:' lgS3.2atutse wojrK before the -
tray of Agreulre, or other SBeetaries wbo may be entrusted with

o en' 0T t orf- the m.a i scared onm by Vlae Executive co1-.
;lt"ete. o0 .mihQr matters maon f as conference, the sections' gen-
S.erJSy are -Jeft to' the, oopaettees onoranon n and policy for par-tiul ar section.
/' The Assoaiation of .AmeriCpa Agricultural Co3leges aLd.t-
pariment Station, is rather apomnUlloated organization. Itais

., r.elated. to the Department -of Agriculture, to the Department of the
Ite rior, and. to the Treasury Departnfent by organic laws. Diver-
gence of opinIonu arises from time, tp time as to what is good praO-

ice and .correct law in various respects. It is therefore of highA
sa8t iimportande tnat tne ablest of the Association- should pre-

what shoud be published In Me. anmua Proceedings, The 6ed.
sofent tAe intituton. Jm side. of t hele that o ertainn uttwit ace-

were/-toper naterea to tbe publieed by tes Dep-arteent of Agr1L-
Stprou eedin he as cairgon, o te oter hand, he 23d that Pro m- '
oeeial Owbjered to tpy. the eert etar y of Agridc tu e ertwas suc Age -
cultur'. during that year a dn-tereenoe or opiation arose as to

what should be pbalis ed in the annual Proceedinga. Tlo e eC.
of -Agrioulture, Scm. James WiJ.o4, held that certain uttetanae,
were/j]roper ateaia to bee wbliasbedbY y toe Department of Agri-

terioal obented to eby theaoe eetary of Agricultura was such aS

eflosl G be published in the Proecedings. There Awas no qtuesltio
r .
e e swr 'S1~ .y ~e,.loi~ ftz er o gl

, .Q. K F,' .--' '' ," .. '- -':. *', '' ,, .. ... .. '.1. -' .'

*, eUaf at'oU. *@la that ime tile haO 'een

; *_: y. ne. .de' a a mobea'onc'g^W) te ETexperiman station
t t o*8;r t TeWenaea sr coivductiwg the affaire of tiae Atpsso 7
.- ., ._

*tiot. .iatls thought to bae burdenmwine by some institutions'-b .'

: it the priba that has to be paid for the pleasure of being

b,.e '- "say just what the ass ol action wants to say in the woep'

.. iawion t wish-es to .say it.
It has been necessary to give the foregoing diacusacton in

'erded that a'asomewamt clear comprehension might be had of the pa--

pers which were presented. at the last meeting, held in Washington.

-Wi tthe Exyerzfimerit Station section the formative stage nan

Seena passed. Te relation of the. station to the *Agricultural Co3'

lege has been well -es .tblis.hed, The relation of the Experiment

S .'tit.ttofi .to e Departnment. of Agricul'ture has been pretty clearly

defined, and its standing as an educationala institution is nowlwre

lhw Extension section, however, is in a very different siat-.

S srsti'on. The Smith-Lev-er law is just being tried. A newew eemeit
.7 ,. ,
.. ,.
has beenlnjeated. in the attempt to havq a coopelrative orgai z" -

ton wShfo--h .ep iids for its maintenance upon fund a from several

sourees.' The 'Extefsion DlVision is going through the' formatiVl

stia e vOry mch as 414 the E~periment Statlons about twenty ye re-

-''"- lU t his ast dinfferenace iower er, a 8f mo"rs Io
*. ^ '^. ;^.''" ,.. ? ; .. ^ ..: ; ,-' ..

o i d '~ m. kA
41 0
. ...... CV



., ... '" -.- .. .. '

1" 4U 9 ." -c Jelon -itvalon. it seeaeda to '

niz"d t b At"j
S.^ 'thi# p-t'ltoTor AhiAasefif 1 a 'inolineda to believe. that it .

A eson a1 .,att. ser::.. SaAe in.estigatoras a.e taste or talent

.:l 'r esa;. it" d a"g t'- et in a fro"ra- aO~eptSe ae to many of the

t he tcurk paper, tmpl3oyment of Istearcah Assistants ihd

.r .-YL Et.,,,,-.as_ ~ 'rauate Stude.ts at -the .O11age, brought out e

z;tzer general ^%ei opinion of making use of \.stud-ents for
'' .. ,o..Wor ..
o .. .. .
.. .. ,

S .. .--

2 P --
tt' lir oD.;" .'o.: ib

1"W",. "'te ." e r 4 t "-


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