Field Notes, Livestock, Section 18, 1948


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Field Notes, Livestock, Section 18, 1948
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Gurupa Project Files
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Mixed Material
Wagley, Charles
Charles Wagley ( donor )
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Folder: Field Notes, Livestock, Section 18, 1948


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Anthropology--United States--History
Galvao, Eduardo Eneas
Gurupa (Para, Brazil)--Photographs
Indians of South America--Brazil
Tapirape Indians
Tapirape Indians--Photographs


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Pura engorgl .Cr pur.o-(;r pP25) ta- Mrol t&

Cortar aa costs do proi.uiiiho comn tesoura purb eniurdar Fpz-se umna
list de 2 dedos acompanliando a espinhu.

' '

CriaQno alimentaego .(C.g,-9)

i-ilho seco,cruera, casca da mandiocatanto rresca como Iputa. A raEao
(e dada pela tarde)que o Jo&o faz cunnsty de bagago de bacaba, frinha
d&iua, 3al. Du.ixante o dia come casca de mandioca, cruera, ou arind sol
to pel maua.
Morena tem felicidade -ara eriar pato e porco. A Maria diz uea n
nao tem sore. Dizem ",u6m e4 feliz com a cricrqo, e Infeliz com o ma-
rido" mas e mentira, (M, PDfeta) pois a .orena e feliz com o Joao.
Maria Profeta diz que ela fol inf-liz com tudo. mxf'llra

Pets cherimbabo k Cw. cad.2 p.71)

Joao, Veiga has two birds called bugres" (live in a hole in the e
earth) as pets. He also has a periquito. Zeca eara keeps a monkey
and a periquito. Almost every house has a forest animal or bird as a p
pet. Wife of Joao Coimbra has a domestic pig whichh follows her about
as if it were a dog. W-hen she sets, Ghe pi6 lies at her feet. 'f.nen
she moves to the kitchen the pet follows ier, It follows her from
their house or Igarape Itapereira to u~rupa t2.1/2 5 kilometers.;
It she leaves it, it squeals and cries. Almost everyone.hus a pet
of some kind. People are not especially kind to animals.Dogs are
beaten/and thin, but everyone is interested-in pets.

-r~n -- -.V~----l`----- `------r-' u-ir.--- ._-- ~-

Cacurl (CW. b.3 p.o) r Nhunduca p / ,

lingua 2N

15 m. /
chiquairo sala

Nhunduca and Ernesto are constructing a cacuri in partnership. It will
be about 20 meters from the s oro to the sala. 14e "esteira of the-cacuri
Sis made of talaa de a-ssaizeiro" made of trunk which is s,,lit into sticks of
12 and 12 palmos long. Those which are in deeper water are 10 palmos long.
These are woven "tecido" with cipo timb6 kso- que prestaj into parf" (pari
is the s.tiks woven 40 talas 1 pari) with parf make the esteira. His"estei-
ra" is made up of 10 parties. The whole cacurf will use 2) pari de sala.
They bought all material, did not go to cut it from the nrato because all the
land is now "requerido" nearby.
Talas 2u cruzeiros per 100 Compraram 650 talas Cr1350,00. Also bought
6 panos (de 40 talas) from Abilio per 10,u0 each CR$60,00.
Cipo cipo Cr$1,5u per kilo. They bought 36,00.
Estacas i.e. polesto hold the "esteira" of parl CR25,00 (25 pole. -
1,90 cad&) -
Total : 25400


Cacuri (CW. bo.) p.b) NThunduca. 2-

In addition they calculate that they will have spend k2 mienl about
16-lo days work in construction of the cacuri. In money loxl5 -270,00
for two men Cr'?!(0,00.
Total value of cacuri Cr:i; o21,00

Cacuri will last for two years.

ihnunduda also needs a net to clean out the "chiqueiro" but "linha"
is s selling per 100 cruzeiros per kilo. A net would take 1 kilo and he
would nave to pay "t bnaneira"man who lives beyond igarape on road to
air field) to weve and tie the net. he charges 25 cruzeiros to make a net
Nhunduca plans to use a "paneiro" made of jacitara (acipo with spines)
which is strong.

Specialist VeaVing in p.izL fibber is -specialty of -.i-nuol Ferreira.
He will charge _inunduca Cr.5,00 for a "paneiro" for fishing in "chiquei-
ro", For paneiro for farinha he charges Crl,,00. Elias Veiga also knows,
also many others know. Larger ones for fruit, he charges 2,00. Also
2,00 ror ,oaniro to prender pinto

GriaQo (-G. cad. 1 -.2)
Gado L- ~ LB posue :rezes.
Galial-.a criacao dificil por c'-austi do Coo., !i.,. i ficou roca.~3doa J csue l. l. e 1 alo. Patos, ja teve
52, ~oa0 o tei 4. oubarai avw..tu quendo estavam franros.