"Will's Everglades Work" - Documents, news clippings, etc. regarding Will's work in 1921 - 1923


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"Will's Everglades Work" - Documents, news clippings, etc. regarding Will's work in 1921 - 1923
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Writings, Speeches, News Clippings, and Miscellaneous Papers
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Box: 23
Folder: "Will's Everglades Work" - Documents, news clippings, etc. regarding Will's work in 1921 - 1923


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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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.L:r 1 -- ;-; illi ng Convera t ioS~in buto; n ''i ll s' Will and;U; j #2F-~C ,
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ik--Oa'.&].. iSq or;~3 C 'eeting atG o o.1 ..00 ; c.E',
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01-iton, 8
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IV-- Rtlfl'. I. 010, ;0utocis H.ari or on GL -ar Road

March...r1, .,
b- ft:r-Grdgrn n '3f ..Killi 5 optG ( at u? .1s -"t,r yg
anooas i havng Fan Aceped ..C .0a ers*and ide
or Bukldin Roadi:nlC a )orTie inL"~~ Prea 41Z p'3; ~ 'n::;
e-~ie~diatng Aentrnd fohibting MS Ativitee
save u~lor iJ i 04asership;C~:l Ta i:nl of3~1 Readaion::C.it I (
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tol .Neewr Oleela~nta *blt TP*.u%.I..
c GI--ftectoz* SIarrist s ,I4eting, ,at~ U~eel .nt:1,Sept,~ 3R15,92 a caused.
by~passageR, of eI3,Soluionsr3 OS 00p.r. -topudiati rn '~rosert.1
intg Or~eelantr's .s Agenit) 47 J

R014l Got.r.6-100 rag #os's Falm~ Bo:lrsc .Ch: I-ee-; of .Eocran ;oygiveh~n ,,

by Ini a ia. 4

:I...-!c~ort~ .oif: iroesrd .CGasmit;e: ..stilsrL- :4', il.1--,De!-~l :;:alnor? n of
GeSR's::.L~o,17, ?2, r.10awI~ ;y ': 4. --' li3Fquest, 5
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Contents at Baok.

Will Corres~with~ Rothi,
Newhlouse andt Shadinger BRTISTrLES
and TEEMIS wvith vital,bistorical
data on the roads anll cmnal

Matter at pp*38 B,463A,and- 63
were not in copy of bookrlet
sent M~r*Rotb

See ,Also," Road stmrugle*,and Bundh of Slipt marked,
"Okeelanta Commmnifty Coruncl Hesolutione",eto.

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.- Elear the auithorities:;~ a -
/ .5:Four yearrs ago see L ne, greeinau- -
theE~, soulgjt, to scettle sjoldiers on the!
ii.ols nd, by the way, therir' "YES"
wasuponios.Hr 4nid: "Ther pns- I
i; ; U*~ ion for the city is uponi us. c-'auses
-ine of soc~iet y in the strintry,. thel -IlL C
isance bertween~ farml banIes'. thle re-13

,Ci tejnreq frloml past Iaflce and newfs ~ L
pa petr, thr nlumed~ .uperiorityr ot' te I
f 'jl Ity maln,' tin- ..le-ire for better schboo l
Q. n: ilities, etc
2 Broosting thie Lane Settlument.P'lano,
Pro~lf. Elwood blende wl~rot: "The
A.~ FRIDAY' JUNE 9 ,19-'9 orlr need~ :I tiirrerut n bt
L, ~~pe of rural life. Honr ne thle ablerstl
.indsl inl Enlropei took; upI the task.
Obe riexiul ws nn agrarian reformi
hb e siguiti nlce~e nd val ue we

an~ ~~ of Sel enent,

I~lan of SetlemeFIper tiv e ilyon.\ of r llwot 4 up and t
r 0 he lde ,

Pllmiai ar :Iel ls. osO th~,,; nal. p~ros ti ical asttlemwent n.1 de

Wha\r~ t is it: c;tt ~n*.!, t Pronf~ I.. Mru l. In- tincht (CalifOr
How? c an devlop. ,p a;.. :ldl Re H Hal ianlk

A ny" bcr i the plinoe uphtell, po 1 1 ftil-ls> a

bjth eb PJIIUA ni riou.~jll~

me ~ di@1Igoi-l. an -od-ay..s
r ~ee tirs : aT be 40 t Ir cni h ..1 1 nt t lho u

-pIgleatyCA, andp .Unsglie: progress 3Telt Irqun n~t;*aliori andicapped~, pcthe judici ou g rievdwa n.etl enrsent aboard. gave i ti~ 4C11113.non

a n co m m o ri h t n so e a i~pp tea ed a d m ain n olI II~r rea l es at p of tee i n e
jo. fF U lun H s. Lie ode igolp 1.1nlt 119 app l~ien ions1 wer invitedlll t

'I 1nndra s O el, a dthl e Woirr r d' Faierc -n. -a v e ea u t know how. i "
je City ofr '93 d. ,ases..an sharct 1;1ul 1c1) wi111:1)1 111tll, and t
.S Thn Amerl da i ba. I'rel l 'ifi* n j: a tl'- ane moey and or ys.n ife must
Cn olountr Lif e Conun irsin rC11 rde RaIoI(. na, pri e~ticl.~ Or~~~ riganzd P.H-
:Il~throg tim an Grang t e coun~try di ster i emtied cooeaie ul.il-a-

1 needs igadre, nd. No community g drou ucsale.ere nhsat
*~~~t At tito n and. Po-operat on un. L n iting list iol -l. l~
thought ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l:1 of.~ Th on81acdn.Nw h anfcnt~i Eveglde

RObCi'nson c C r eoo the ideal. piin frees or fr1dls Salw

wasutr th ite Cslogn,"udllsn for town Rtragedy. Ih~'t ould be mn strous ,.5
wrtrlvdthrough rr a .uthi,F a d sought. winntinelsewhei~iptrnte. DLets ryit here.o
toc hown. The~ city h as n pumpedr~t thsluri l .n THOS. Eylr. WILL.1
copz~unrF dry, and bled it whi. Right hea1tFoi
. nowlr ircnsttown ao re su-kin gth hn-u nh~~r~ -
man. subsatanc fr d om t e G tlad oo ku.FLn m ii~ l~
dbuLfo.Tetw I cier o. h Ilrgiie-t IrrldsI


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SI OU Wan .0 l~!!!!~~~~!:~one quick and c~ood, call on ni~e.
r .p O. BOX 6011 JRHONE 14-A


~-i3rfrfrfrirf-m-frfrfim-f~i-r-- "----"- -L---L-- ~~L~.~~..._~.~._1_~._1~~~.1_.. ~


i I'.portant inI~rts a. nt nte irs r ihn hae b hlirh b. Ge 1. anul tu thirdl uniti
inall.Sir 14~jl~~aT1/ most \;illuble punlaze'. Thley ure I ar illila fi#
teild f itti 't!wet ll dring thepdtiatings e ason whor~ Tt( isi;bgl;@'si~~ cla agsi
314 Brit sh convtorln nt. the alrvnr' 91o brnt on tightingF nuer tr e s ie
Srln~l is& 11n....el .n mi- thems1elv-es for` po.~ssesin ojf the f twol I: Idrthrbellhe s in dlirt *
:.I ul mles fromr their manlnl that ther~ are not coglniznnt o~f -,
in Britis-h coimes Hr- pursuerrs.. FAREWELL PARTY FOR
ublu pulrchasrr Little In the escent aIttemptr of blr. L~ubln
th C:gi,1s:I ad ortobrnga olnyofth brd narrBLANCH FREEIVAN
hil fl~ di e er~l I'rJrb .~il e ~ Iuir et T1hg 11au l Th'' c'hrisitian Enlarr Steelery~st
it~ug for the best inethl- cl.utrie~s btrle .1* en teutedl a: being rthe Pre :l*,virianI churlch hld a1II \tr ~
,gthe li,- +\ suiitable brea~ling places folr ther bird. de'lightfnii party~ F~rblay~ evening. July :
sirds~ firnt uIpll arred pien Hawariii, Portoj Rio. 8oulthernl C's i. 14. illl~n1 housr their plrl*.idenlt hllJ~
eFIoSmjdd~eld tem fet flIn andwler a lel s )g threlm Flo ridil BI l. *I.h Frreemanl whn lIves. .oon fo~r
off the fljet before ex was declined that Foirt Landallrdale was~ Manylr .mel-- were plnayed. alnd~ at a
Trhe chn-aces mi~de for the logiial situationn aine" it is on tLe~ late houir rrlici..u< rrfreshmentsT were
Isle bird frolm tbe winter ,lines of travel bt~etwen Puliln Reach~ nlldl serl'ed. The So@ tylt presented Iklism
.fluinea to the shore was;binall a- well ud cofoIrng~ing best to Freemanl with a beautifull ivory trnl?
it i0 Maynas~ fablulous, blut- the climate re~quirements. The f...llowning youlrng people werer
Ipd Fa us-e. This territory.r The tirs shipment of' mlateriali for rsu:
b o~f the birds, was inhab- the c:ages has alreadyg beeni rc~eived i\i se.. Blunch Freemaen. Ivy Berry-
lillilsB. It tnokl a brrael here anrd 1-, itoredi for the plresent in bill. Charlotte Farringtou.. Phylli3 Far-
Itur~e into the wilderness. the lumbetr shed< of the Errglades rinlgton. Aledu O~lnndier, O~lie K~arnatz,
MNajor Small. there are Lumbller Co alJnd ork: on thre consltruei- Myr~tle Palrk~er. Ca.therine i\Ilarshll, ll
of the birds of paraldise. tioln wil' I~e ctartrd within the next Paullinr Senr'es. Doris 1'incenotin .
r aluable Is k~nown as~ few wreek. r oni.ltrae surY
ry little attention is paid Their will be three ouges The \onne Thlompso n. Dorothy- DaIhiquirt.
k~ind sine its plurnnge: i. firet. 21) feet high. HI feet widle and W \ inifred Dlbliquist.


.Our Gapacity: Double that of any office in Florida
.Our prices: The lowest living conditions permit.
White patients only.
Cor. N. E. First St. and First Ave. (Opp. P. O. Miami Phone 8335



ru~l~w ~us~rrar~f~~rt-~uW~sr L :e :~Bilb~~~P~i



~Tgg no.RT Nig 8@1, QAN~d s &biJri I'gB;.8 DigiTROUY; at (,1) A OigraliVERSATIOre




ta~ke: rl .11,80 Y:1,017e.


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shtp .to, Grarnd oi~nts,.osy gel a~ disily rad.1 fLra~o tw~' :r tet ic.1. r~ig lt Washl
no-t; .ljctsr

h~6: :UL d32o
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D~~i~L5 ir.r
IP.v.1~ ):t.l4l -y .-a a t lel~~~ uG the~C

whic~ ;30 .
F; s
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lake7 '.i imp~ rb:pooiin 7 r ,.o1 ao .rso.-n 2
qusto ol th : gt fh ,1olvl
M~~~~~ DoLa11mn h fotof uha11'c ve oO. Fi, ??ly.iGCi .
U .i1 ll- *,s.a 1,. .Gl 2 L : ig 1< .t a: t y io
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km~~~r ..310a i :C nss a a-7 u '? cu-c< ..

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situ-L ti n o .1 e l 0 'a nii p .~P; r.bnF 1;..o -= ^.. Ti Aig.i ; he

3f ..?-' 'lily:-7:1 C';1'Z t o o- tr-.g .iu hc ihy-*Safi h
Ossor~~ C nl?

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*!.-0 over .tio hed beto on 1108* s Jil and X ,o ct 7 2,111 cEncene-1,shrty v52asraby ., re -:::=ory3:+..cv .30.,.. ?
8-Praot~l~ on .ii 0'9 'L :-'re.X n xed et Ppoi iisoGntr -b
io i*'.c~iio.0fI-roran i;sresoi Wes .t rin~h
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prg. Na.(. a~na.1 l ,
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kI.100 l*1,4. 0:31n .-ld.cot)o I -Jus :ror'+. t
45 poac :3 a wj~?1i thIL : tzy:ot ra alet: riy*?I bennd

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'g1,--"r :olTi ,Wh t 0, e .3. .Eg@
W --n ~~ ~ ~ n a : 1tLug o : '. m A -0 *o -/ a
t h~ r u u 1 : t 8 : 7 O fT m e: ? 1 ; 4

1.-~IZ 1:3:-,Y~-jl a t2:- 40R
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is(:~ in :rar XI i .co oi .8,1

-:.'isf-M. .F?! 3~ -t my n t e ot n
here, or*. .,- .. c.. u
fini' I!C ". );.rc..,1 I- ." ion of
.: 00 --at: .7 ::,
'.- Ir h10 1rs; 3i.'.ta 1o ss aLmL alr i s Iec f l .l nu I u n
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ititivegO~ i~t; isneg~Lkib e in, i'tportunac .40flnhi riln;t
1)r~il3 .klusi..ness shouldif naooo narlary: seeking~f itel m intef:')'~81rnsty le.TY:

hatudnrt.(11, iL.nsist ncle6;cand-~l, ~in,.e.y Oelul.in .u n eo h -n;r-
nameor ofot Ne ie aa rnpr7dn.7.41110.<0*il#,

Caann uglpt tran R I0r itint, 'Et" faUtit.W DR -1.00, ..UM' A-1 0 180 t

Since~L thoperpetuation ot.NKie sr an11't: tIL, T~l nPR?,;rtation in ,S 3, 1 '\'0 r: ~!~i-;
TH '1 99 'R TYTP ? O .N V7.1 LI~i. ) o .' 12?. .. 0 on .1J.307 :: 1 in

lier owIn Co~untV boat~,tan irte7rest di'rec~~F raly~ hot3 hi;r C. 1,
Of 0 u s,. os r 4 0 ,.1, 1t 'kee -Loulcst e s e

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L.. ~'-3FL

Again. M~r. Scott is much pleased
w~ith the perli:onne-l of the? Conanittee.
''berlr lorcui ~ilqualatance. their stakd-
ing. eac~h being president of his local
c.0turtunity (colnneil, their connrcticon
Ll.r teleisbra~ne. nodl th~e re--ideuiee of

otherr ranal users ran be seeno daily,
anld db~o n wihib orders can be sent
w~ithsl..til dellay tor the? lol.k-tendrsrr, all
*:.aultrib~utj $rcatlf to: thl~ sll.*a es of
the uln w lan, now happl? Inurncted.

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.pa gI gII naNIIIHN~
Zst.el a nar'AV(J IA *

~LNas ~I~QII~I4nVT~ ~L~8d

1 i

5 pe~r copy.- No. 30


Con1p O f Ne wT

River lanalBgu

The Canal C'ourrol Committee is on
Ithe obh. COn July 9, it rabose its chbar-
Injured msn, M~r. F. Ai. Shiadinger, Okeelanta,
due noctic~e of which wrent to Engineer

00on Julyo 10, C"hairman Shadinger
z145 ent downo the Caonl, and, on ble
Sretulrn, iriticarlly inspecited all loclks
and qpillwaysF, iid colnfe~rredi fully
t with the sev-eral loick-tenders. C=er-
Stain Fitall improvrnements be found,
Imilstt be mad in the spillwasys of
looikv RNm. and 3, that the watzr
may be anodledl fa-t rnourgh ton ensure
.,draiongt;, and. at the samie timel, per-
ruit the painage of bolats.
Ettweencl mile-poists and ito, ts
tbe bigh point, the dlau spot in the

thre paortial filling of the canal by .
erosionl andJ the sudd~en inrush of
rrater frcom the newr ditc-hes, mlak~e
thia situntioin yorse.
Until this ledge o~f rock~L is removoed,
or rtlors of the land above the rock
ledge will be liable to followP heavy
riifnflls. Ojn the 11th Inueb land De-
tnween mjile p~ozts 25 and Fjn Ithe Int-
fo~r 1 mile tbid side of the Lulke), sas
tunder water, while below mile post1
".5,c~onditions were nearly normal
On Juily 16. the CaunalCm te
ruet to formIu1Llat e a po~lily an d border J,(io~te
andl rcqik~ improv~emlentb fr'oml the
1. I. Board. On the 19th, they went
in a 1..ody to TV. Palm Beachb, and vis-
ired Enlginee~r Scobtt in his office. where
these,'and all related canal probilemsw
w-erel fullyl dislu~stid
The results of this; meeting have
been enroumlunicatedl to the wrriter by
SChnirman Shadinger, by letterr, and
Engrineer Sco~tt. in Demon:~. Bothi aidest
w~ere ourc~h pleansed. AllI realize the
se it~usnes~ of tbet gbrIrl eprtP 1m

nold all agree that moneyr must go
auto the ianlu1 befcre~ .ul y Jubta~t.-
01) anyu.Iilin .1 result, Ican re rFl~leach. HIC-
ur us2 ll~i ee\rr. they all r~ealize'tlil: the cHowe
b~!~;lul U ltianl1.uI tourb and quick ac~tio o w prr~yossible
"aalay co. 'i* a neverP 1.ef'ore, are great factors i
I .,to 00001the- hanidlinig of the situation.

I I I a 1 ~111 111, IIIL

- -----7-lrrr;y;- I_






L L'








- ~S

. on

ocal l

'"ilnf Jo

a.ra *MddC1' ..III 1o
as ing sinI, ni
uOjqg Ill~nl .to I'
dolia amons at itn't

Rql .aain jutuadi
[u pol.Iad .ap all L

aql qdno.lql amo.,
u.i9 aqi *.la.na~coH
Plaid eql Ieanlp
pog.Iad Mua~l eqi l

Ir 1 sool palalaum
at pdraldou sed'lf l

"sJuluIq Pp!~l.ja

:q~ ag~l ja\uas a.nl
ni parl J a.Iluo 1
eq1 *lois tu 0.18
1169 J so~eiligo ?d~
By lalouc~ nI uly

Gl-lean pau
fll nguzaq ng1 ealltm
It% aqr eas .i il l

u0 )nl ol of II
pur Ju!.uj.lis adel.lfe

gi ill~% at~ili 01 nl

sadu.1 asql q!u ~
O1104r Ju l"[l-eds h

o~al yetialse. .mil~l d

~ ayl'

;ay~ sf~

Jr- .~~
.i-P ;
:?: ~:x-I~'~'' '':r-~-~~f"~

; i
'i I E;
I -~-

_ ____ ___

9 .-

maended, at an estimated dir
of about $25.000, a yeaur.
to a large Indilrect Lonol
redurion of wo~rk to be pb
the several qtnices. .
-The conso~idation-af the s
.ofRcesi of the trqasuryg and
alon in the auditing system
seven naval officers wh~o at
tomss accounts at the prinr
was1 urged. The change wa

an*** -----

o o n n o

n o n a n e n n n o n n o n

'' I L J I

I I --P--l;r~wnur ~IC~7;r.~F~3-~GJ~FC~ V

rect saving
n add~ition to prounceO nr: nalu d-iate saving of ht
myg in the( least 18ti,000) vbtlyl.
rfPormed in .Fromu hIsl lI;oderlt start oter cha dges
and -refol~un andllravingrr were re he
ix audi~ting riande., -* e.;
the inc~lu- Biit'r- wTkrie~rr'r- int restedr-the
emu of '~it~l~he- i cost of governlment. arre th high'
udited cus- cost of lIving eleven yvears ago. M3r. '
cipal ports Taft didn't get a rise out of us. Hea
Isse~pected didn't .have much of a ppHll withl co4-
are~as pther, pnoo,man, and all his in-

whose ,ain~-rintes are atmuost as v;aried
as those- of the entir business world.
Mi. Harding,; I b 1Be;L, sharee this
feelinles *
As Mr. Ttlft pointed out, tble great
organization has never been studied
la detal -asF one pieCe of admInletra-
tive mechanism. No compryhensive
effort hlas been moade, until voery re-
cendy~, to lst its many activities or to
~groupg them in such a way. as to pre-
sent a clear picture of what the g.,
enlument is. doing. No satisfactory
statement has Ceve been published of
the 8Mancial tr~ansactions of the govr-
ernmlenjt as a whojle. With large in-
terest~s at stake cougress and the ex-
ec~utie have\ never hud all thle Lufor-
mation wh~ilch should be currently
available if the musLt Intelligent diree-
tion Is to e, givpen to the dully natiouini

C'niivilrS, the PresjJiden and the ad-
mininsatra-tiv uIJ~ctri havr beeu al-
tenipring to-i'l* hargeC their IIutieS

nih t our ful. I nfoJ ~ rlluation -.1- ls... the

agenrse T itf t.*Lig;lJd utl l [ile tltl"K ;i f
theii governriieut risor bein perf ~rml.
In thepast csen~rvin \.l ugencies Tlaur ans I
IIIn-- : C eI Il**: U I.t*1 II l' :C1 111?-Illen ] to111-
\\cwiinal, s'lalittl ..r int refeenn to I

an.;c rilll h r I liiie [if ..rp l..::att. n of lee av
Ar.i-l. Taftl l...duled11 out l~Sl? th il nod

runt:lli no e-~~lnlries .-I~r otoir hngu t.
WIthIII I what rel t? Why, l~ l j u tex ct

lic-t uenin in you\e~ at .nd me--wes older
We srll~idan. I ae nin teres in t heelet~nn
pr.. I :t nl dieril~ :I rei a cr..ngst ~ I
taken .u ove ~ tlr sh~t. ar. Tat wus
give n*ligli~ town ,~ to~ dmlng a n elh

tno inee in.4mr. **,wo th~ed m thod o
ri""* -ingtio s a nd I.,;,ticnvo$ i e r\su t rse
sxtuieado deartrueur s and thern guL-
remin ente int bli-Isnne.. dear etr
'th\ea esinsassyi. mhadea this cnld
tijn~oldr eenl dn oui.Tin a algo o

,riktha .1100 Tafs le tatth poli-

sueg twinlitinb the retlro nueeuhr er o

Anthe neir report reommended that
t-l lihhuea dIf-a igsr cs

End Nort~h Thirdi '
'h,,, ..Pjstor. .

both mocrning






-I .

*plat Davie
awhouL, Pastlr
I At 27 p tU., Mrs I
vIce At 3 p. s.

3rlnuett. recen~lt'S oIf

clI o frnc wil r r l~l
the Sout (I 1.-thod-

:IrI Rev.1 A. Wh

n~iRI.1s.\~rr lel. .10

ept.blerd 1. ~

n Rlev C.u F lauk A

undeRSBL El


bepherdP. Sut.
0 :30 P.M
Bibe osudyg class at

jeg 11ednesHabyes. ing

6:30 P. M.:3 an

.New Mc1Call Palernms 2801 an~d 2802-

-- --


"There, Mother, make me

a dreSS 1ike thatl

Saidl one y'oung- daughter w~hen~ he saw a style
picturled inl the M~cCall Summer Quarter~ly.
ASt last, she had foundathe styles that met.
her gr~owing-up ideas, styles that w~ere simple
and suitably young.

Mothers and daughters agree that the new
McCall Patterns are the ones to use--for the
garment always turn out, just as good as it is
p~ictu red.

H'ich is~ due, of course, to the new' M~cCall
Printed Pattern. printed for simplicity and ac-
.lray in the cutting'out and making of all kindls
of clothes.

See New August Styles in the New
.McCall Pattern, "It's Printed"

UllVer DI OS. CO.

VOL. XH L, F 0 .. t n ire 'chair

COUNTY SEAT OF BROWARD COUNTY 8: ..w.. I,.r is tw-enter seat, who, in
turn will usestify flue premier of Locks
Nos ts. 4 of flas.- us-sy --talli s, aud
4 will allicially diree-r them to obey the
..I.In-rs of 15. Dianto Executive Chair-
man of the J..irst Unisemittee on Couni
I *
I'aull..1; nud n ill us.tify Executive that
110 li=ss nottlied look tenders.

1 G. STATUS QUO:-In. the event of
10 1 0 the failure of the allow plan to mater
idize, or function sues.e-shilly, th.
State Engineer reserves the right t.
resume the present form of canal (on
iispet.. nwl again arrest on ever* trol.
In its deld. the North New River vital point More important. NI
Sincerely yours,
Canal is a vital utility. Like the Nile. Scott brought alth him a letter fr.. THOS. Bs WLL.
it stainds almost for life or death to Enginest Elliot in relity to Mr. 8* Wr Copy of above was sent to \fr. S those atected. letter an him following above s out, t- who replied as follows:-
[M DO For several years, it has been n eu. e.
problem. In the last 12 months, this. In fl.ii< reply. Engineer Elliott point West Palm Beath. Fin., June 26, 1022
problem her been acute. ed ..ut the dirlie ulties somethues at- Dr. Thomas E. Will,
Both drainage and transportation trudirag effort to..ward neighboril..od Box 283.
L are indispensable. How harmonize agreement anal co-operation. nud sited Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
991 S them? bas been the question. At times the fai ure of a sianuar attempt in an Dear Sir:-
floods have threatened or occurred. Wherganized neightnerbonal. Your letter of June 21st, enclosing
Again, over-dralonge has menaced the However, the adsfantages enjoyal copy of letter to Mr. Shadinger he
crops, invited fires and stopped boat NY <=ur three coulusianities because of heen received.
traffic. ,their existing or:-anizatious, are reed Your letter to Mr. Shadinger embod-
The sent of control has been remote. ownized: and >Ir. Ellion cordially am- is all of the dirYerent points we dis- %
it has been (ph that local control bas. sure to. The sn:*gestion that, in our cussed and brings out the only point
ed on Inthuare knowledge of changing use. neidelsorbe.:.4 ..anal .mutrol be suggested by Mr. Elliot, that being,
conditions. and permitting instant ac- trimi. that all of the interested communities
tion, would help. This has now been '-an ini, reforn to has .,tth.e. Wine organize and elect an executive chair-
authorized. The following correspon. .1.2.75 bouce. Mr Scott at any regiI.--r, man who will he the only person hav-
ence will explain: will write* use-. f==r pill.11s.ation. .1 letter ing authority to issue instruerious to
Fr. Lauderdale, Fla., June 21, 1922. eralan.lyirly the pra.-risul. naminiatra- the look renders
Mr. P. A. Shadinger. President, tale features I'.*.'l...mi j- As soon as someone is cho...en us
Okeetunta Community Council, d I,,awr.-r by n-remient with Alc executive I will instruct our lock
Okeelants. Florida. q,.ntr and lia.lt re-s.*Int... land .<:..11.[ tenders ten follow his instructions in le-
My Dear Mr. Shadinger*e-- 7,,>..< ari..x begin .Tr on...- I .,an wrilin-. gand to rise control <,f rise water low-
On the 7th inst.. I wrote you of the 7,,11 man razanting rise pr::. ria.;il pen. els.
coalerence held on the 13rb inst. at ,same wherb **elus monar rollisable,} .Yunr- very truly.
W. P. Beach between Afr. Glenu V.- vb.:- siLENN 1. St'siTT-
Scott, Chief Assistant Engineer, and I Jr INT COMMITTLE:-Let the I'h-of A-sistsit Engineer.
myself A the control of the water Caunranisir.r I'.aunt il- c.f Paurb Bay. >.es=----..----
,level of the North New River CSDHI. Spig amille .100 UkesIGU[d threat "a
a .Ivau I In that letter, I said: .Tr.int I.'r.turnittee on Control of the 4 a -
2 am my "'Bare been in West Palm Beach .Norm New Ever I'anal.
ano.4 eqi Had a good conference with Engineer -: EXECllTI1'E HEAD AND. POL
ing; Scott. Told him all our ttroubles. We ICY:--Let this ce..nsmittee meet. Organ-
300"0.4 agreed. fully, that LOCAL CONTROL ja, by electing an Evesitive Chairman
sadu.GI is file great need. He suggests it to carry out its ordFrs. nud agree on
c.una2 might best be exercised through the a Practioni Working Policy of Canal
a Community Councils of Ukeelant*L Control.
.nead "South Bnv and Belle Glade. These 1 MEETINGS:- .1.terwardz 'le:
I peant.xu agreeing ou a policy would give or- thi< e-mainittee meet regularly, or ou
3} sn.1443 fiers' to the lock tenders below Look 1. call. :,nd handle the **nual situation
Jan .Ia$.I. These orders) would I.e final unless as .-hunging ensuditions may require.
.38; eqi 8 Engineer found it nece'ssary to make 4. ORDERS: Ler the Executive r
Jo teamd, diaanges. Says Pompano real i< con- Clinirunnn e-ommiulicate the canni
)oo us trolled in that way with perfect sale Couiruitte -Is order' to the tenders ..f
a sal..s A tess. Briid he would write Engineer looks Nov. 2 tc. -1 wounting from use d
JugSun.up Elliot that soul@' day (3th a recom Enke i.
4 Ala.h a, mending this po!h*y Will awnit re- .T. NOTICES ALL ARO('ND:
Ig sun .; turns with hope."' W1wn the three cominanities named O 9 U i
ris iso'tiar Eugineer Scott called ou me hers lial's: create their J...iar l'anM <.'*.En-
2ngso.12 this morning; and. ingether. we r untree, 0.1 (51.4 committee has organ-
4 Jo 0.7 viewed the entire subject, in all I 17 1.1571

Walker, Pastor~ .-"; iI
9 :45. .J. N. C~iti. Irn-
hip at eleven coor-Itl

e P110 Bar gain Days a`~;

for puiils uindcer thr
.3,lg nvte to nl. At The Penny Crocery and Market
ing library of author
einc literature is/; M1ONDAY \\'e sell all kinds of quality foodtstuff'
c at the close of each at extra low prices on our bargain dlays.
Those bargain days occur each week and -
AL CHU:RCH ar~e notedl at the left in this adl.
rnr Jl 6b itinity. 11RSA Re solicit your co-operation in keeping 3
rh.Fot. auerdleFRIDAY prices downi to a level that is satisfactory-;I
;Iudndr School. SATURDAY to both buyer and seller.
]oly Corrununion andl
a -rinlyt.,o.GROCERY MEATMA RKET~ j

R. D. TR~c'T SUGAR SUGAR 11'e have just install a

AN BURCH For Saturday Only 14 Ibs. $1.00? baos rhkeep atl rura ea
Svaleotine Limit of 14 lbs. to a custo- in perfect condition.
vieat 11 o'lock. Butter, Cloverbloomn or Brook- Round Steak, per lb. _... 2Sc
avor at 7:30 p. us. fieldl, per pound -- __- 45c Loin Steak, per lb. ------_ 30c
ted. Churngold, per pound 35c Porterhouse, per lb- ----- 30c
.Deaijns of Puont Mlaxw\ell House Coffee___ 37c lIfilk Fed Veal Cutlets and

ina e"Dul "Fort Lauderdale's Best" Cof Chops, per polind _-35c
Smeintiership andl inl. Argo Peach No. S1. can 25c UA UEDHM N
2 Campbell's Park and BACON
ormllerlr or: staren Beans, __ 13c, 2 for 25e Hams, whole or half __ 38c
k nd is rep~resenitr i Armlour's Pork and Beans, Slicedl _ __ _ 45c
ora usuti ialty large cans --- ------ _- 10c The very- best Box Bacon 45e

X INSECTICIDES SFliced Bacon1 __ __ _. 35e *
Walker's Devilmenlt 25c \Whlite Salt, Bacon ___ 20c
BQ~: ee Brand Insect Pow- Smokledl Bacon __ __ ___ 25,
8 O11T cler __ _ 10c and 25c Nice Fat Henis. per. lb. ..._35e
Gs~ Shur~ D~eath _30c and 50c
OSn Olarsd n~ Fenl ---- 50c and 75c Nice~ y.oung fries, per' II. .. 45e
T:..spapy ~ ~ J UnACOmplelte lile Of 11OIS- handle 110thing but the.
XTI.D EOM holde nee~sit est E? el l;ting~; bet'e~t i1 ns eleithat

Sbuli~-i i ~nl (11 \. W. E. PURDY, Proprietor E. A. WARD, Prop.
iintuar~e w'ith b~unlz N G O R A M T I I(

refrarded the go ern P N Y G O R N E T M R E
me of mechaiuismi i
evrherr, and with no,
pow er- tr n sm i ssion
yg of operation.


~~o. a 10A~'
, .. 3

~ C_ __

r s.Ia221.I A',ttag
r a!sia popuaixa 1
anroty .sey a.r0 .uo.s

\11 }'l 'slean. IP~ra
rl ndast reg elq.n-
1 Jo 's.lady *.lly


loaH aauastu,) *5.11(

qil aqunat 1.vdx ]als

'o-IIC puu' -.11

a.Ill' ...' s inedS u

iq p~atiaellr "'!I"LI

uanlnHH *(I *{ *.11

(IIo on II1(I rel qI I

30~~N ao1 111

[g .~n.IN la. -l

oa!.Its la[}{ lls.lo a

o au~ll3 1103 V l

oou r .II( '91...0.

a114a Je> J puguna
ury.a. .10.10 a~~
1 *-*A .N
gP-D 0!39
rpospnuIJ 1.10..{ 40

H*.aking anal.

~ar~Sfl 3'Ic AAar-wn su'- ay,


(t.'centinui- l Fr~om Page 11
fli-nes.Folr sE\'el;tI p-ar-` the I:on OA NO
.IIliltion of th Is'.:nual last Ifeeni~~ fllrious
frurinig tha~t time,. .1\t: for1 11'1 weescl;.

l.. to-idit In:1t un. Iallltl-.. rilnfrm h

No l raie wa hs.mas

or- ,a7eli ie f b.is iet e n F.r

22 2u t(81.1.- nld rnt.-<. UItII evr\.l\r ,nr knows OE: S O mo adO

--lurrtly~ after. C.11.t:inl F..I~rle estab- e
tte 111;d lais throuich, "La;udle rdle-l~ lto-t
1 of 7"'rns ThiiP iana~li t ..
k~~ Lr.lilling it I:ourld he hardlyJ~ less dlime-

trl'u; for colluruunities (I:(incerned than] .r
nould the killiing of the F. E. C. R-. R.
andli Dixir H-ighway for~ the can~ croast t------- yrs *ql 9
dlin- citieP and towrn4. To ctakeel~iitnt, e. ~
FL"Ill-inity, it has been a ma13tter ..f ife .
webls~ IorI dea~th. WTere~ relief caught fromo~--- q 91 ql p
ent Ith Cros-Srntee Road,. that bni now +
resi- been ma~de imolylsible byr ther isurflc~ing i

an.] \liht are ther pr..hlemsl of thiis ca .
The nal?1~ 30 380 LS Yt
per- 1. >Inch rock and~ many IjlooE. libu!d-
ith- J es< were left byr the cariginall emlnal i adn .1108I 11~ &
,,,In riggerrs;
nle q. Frllllrt ing ent. Fi\r Jitching.
tlin, much""-1 I~loca-= earthi has bclen wn--hed into,

il. ,. ft. null von 4 ft Thiiz ba ,

th- --1rI.l wre ns.10 n.~ e

0lr u li e f s.1 .hr In- m ut *ft-n
Lir- ~ ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ 'il 6 el a hi*i

'it t h. r a me ,

\i;dedt usr,rlil: Ilummath~le close lowlC1 ail *!~.~ '.:~~
,~i--Hfi Illrick Isltler s. Canall prl'l.elems a ;re
5; il. Sjhadinger and his br

-.l pp1iu.1.WL ait~h'Pq~i.Iflo-o sinemald
'srr '1O' p0 'saq;~l ald 00Inoqu "sariq
cr llptiug 'p. o. I STVS 11101d :>oos sa~aq Iq smnr'~s i&aj,-31YS HOLM

;" The cuommlittee for the control of
*. Morth New River Cannl hns I.,een
to anized. The following letter wiill
lan zlalo
of I't. Lasuderdale. F~la., Jullyr 1;
ad ar. Gleuo icott.
e Assistant (~hilef Engineer,
aiTl'est Palm Beac~h, Fla.
Ily dealr AMr. Scoctt:
'" ife organizations of the cojmmi
lIer for the control olf the water level~
1 the North New~ River Cannal bas b
aste~mpleed. rt ks as ollows:
- On For Ok)leelaura--F. A. Shadinger.
on" For South Bay-P J. Fisher.
len Fer Beile G~lnde--1Y'nler c:reer.
'Irud Exeen'tPive Ob'airman-F. A S~hal

't. This is ono escellear committee.
atInc.ited. repir~enrnrive and compet
Twro if nojt all its membllers are p~
"e dents o:f thezir Ilonl~ C:alomunity Ci
Ibl cils. All are oner psach other
.f .111. I think~. balre ftelephones`.
committee mayr be rexprrcttd to
forml itS dult~es in~telligenly~I and fa
.ie flly. hairmanll Sk1ingingr lives
d; I the Ns~pth Newv Riverr Canrrl. and bt
t caln seud hisi conununinc~tions to
yelork-tentrler-4~ b prlssing boats,
"Owith minimulm olf inconsen~ie`ure

-11 mir toraenuizatriwn e t r n Iern
,T'' terday lerneln~ un rtici 1 n-. tba r

I f~orwrdnl thl informlurio. u tl. .100

respectcted dail?-. neriviji, I w~ili forn
,i tl t.i'ou prompytly

All triroader 111' thc Fu~l ;1 Il
a depenellent esslnInsunitie \. wll rejoice
jr i t'l..ntinua~l onl Page Folal ~

-4 ~~r ----"- ---- et [lny



LN~S'aYa[~IB~nV? ~LII09


,' -

I __~______r~__ _~_____ __~_ ____~~_ __ _____________I~____ _


~_~C ~

Where Your

Tax e~s Go

How Uncle Sam SpendS
YOur Money in Conduct-
::iiEkOur BUSinOSS

Anuser "washlngton close-Ups ""Bank and
Flnand Satl sstrn." sece. Contrbutor Pohricl
and Eeonomic ArtlEles to Leading Perionclsl
and a Writer of Recornized Aut~horit onl the
National cermnrnesBanusines~ehods.

copyright. western Nwsmpapr Umon

'"Coor~dination" ;i a tired, hagg~arl,
nerrousr wrleck of a w'urd that was
nearly wrclke~d to death at W'ashington
during the early day~s of thle war. It
wa~~s the firasl of the dollnr-au-yeur words
to come forward to do nuar storki, and
It was worn to a frazzle. I hate to
drag the poor won thing out from the
qluier retreur in myt dictionary where
It hlas been resting and recuperating,
but I must say that this lackh of co-
orldinaadon, lack of organizations, du-
pileation, Lnedflelency, waste, and hap-
hazard bodge-Bodge structures~ of the
national governmental machine is no
scret dtomathose ato s\ahno,h he h.)

even more directly responsible than
we are for the co~ndlon~ into which
it has fallen.
I submit pleas of' avoidance and
confession from booth Democ~rrats and
Repubitcsans It is not a matter of
po~ltles. It is a matter of proived and
confessed negiligence o~n the part of
the men we have hired to run the ma-
chline, and have kept year after year
in places of trust and power and re-
%Donsiblity. They haven't kept up
the plant. The form of organization
Ia grotesquely Inadequate. Thle mor-
ale of the working force is hadly im-
paired, as I bas~e set forthl at length
in previo~us articrles. We have paid
the price for this, grossly and hugely.
in money and In poor sera nle. This
has been costly npegligcncre oni our part.
1 said I had Itonfessh~..ns. Here they
ure, Reed Smoot, Rdpubilean and a
senator from Utah. speaking:
The administrralise branenes of the
government hate undergeoni no funda-
mental zhang? since the organization was
devised by Alevander Hamilton.
Nx dte government rsnat re wol
paid th billl@ In\olved in our waslteul
.methodss n. 1ministratiojn. Weo tve, be

had r~esources and wealth unparallhled.
,But the war .has brought. us at last to
realize that these w~ll not last always.
T\'e need a complete. survey' df the whole
situation do nqvo by a codemittee of men
InllgS ro recolusize thht at la a twel of
day adiiht for a year, (Lud~very1 Ikely,

Joy and Happiness to the
house with the PACKARD


It is an easy matter to own
one. Ask us.

41 E. Flagler St.


O)ne Ford Toulring Cuar f'or sale at
the Dir-ie Hlighwfar Garnae May 31 to
pay storage to thre Dixie Highway

_ ~ ___ L~Y_~LI-R- --~-~-

~)i~~? I CI~ II1~IYLq~-~a~;i~t~~;~F C*~~~I~FBB~I~~
Il--*l~C I
;~ ..,..?r~ *~

FRIDAY, JULY 21, 19tt

vot Extensions
stement showsj a
Asof business dur-
isacc~ount is kept l
Riter salles rlw ex-

815 ~.-

lesel\lrst operate

to fulrnlis se.'rtare
I.co-t as prrssible

s on hand
$0.3for exten-
ustormer--. .?21.9 I
water furn~iabcd
ving a ballon~ed du..
46.095 due. amll to
little change unle
or operation since
anges at that timue
ice biern cnmp~leted
eeitems being th
~entrifugal ptUL~)'
crdto the 23 b. p.
raed during ends
et length ofr timie
uimum charge 'or

Sand supporljts hav.
*8 work; is not en-
it has beeno done
don regular ~eek-
1 complleted,. thei en
paint wi I be- let-
priice for noib wornl..
aff with paint fnir-

able shows~ detaile.:
ting system:

le~oeb not include

siions conltempilnted
ndr f the plresent
ilion of sm~c~hbr-
to the m;,in engine
nor PIRe~iRs to the
Iipes in the soften

ii~rs Is` a l~jii o-;uwrk ~ldon by the Navy
department which could perfectly prop-
erly be transferrcd to other department.
After' sevem years down here in an ex-
ecutive position I cannot help the
conclusion thatr our governmlenal meth-
ads are cumbersome and wanjteul. The
first Improtemenr must comi mn wht is.
.atter all, the source of~ Ej\1ernmental ie-
tivities--that Ir the legislative bra nch
This met~ comes from congress 11e need
also a reclasslnlration an~d ridistribullonn
of the wor1k of lbe rl:.ecause' deOart-
ments. This8 can only co~me IIf .ongrass.
working In accord with loself andl wrlli
the executives, alli dis..usea the wholei
questlion slimlta~neously and not merely
. Well, [here you are! A RePulblican
who has been In usle legislative b~ranilh
Of the gov,~erincnt fo~r Sevenleen years,
and a Delmc~rar who, bas be~en In the
rexeutirt b~ranch for seveno serar, b-orn
Telling the p8100 er-,ry of hoWv badly
the national business is maornaed.
The odd thing abour It is that our
agents arid representatives at \l'ash-
ingtjon who Let this wa~sre and ine~-
fleiency- run on, ,Year after year. pay
no penalty. W'e pay the plper to the
tune of millions and billioons-lit*rally
that muc~h. And the roudition wrill eft
dare until we make a real roar about
it. Congress increasingly shakes irs
head over tbe situation and bring in
various proposals of reform, and Says3
how wrong It all is; but lacking a
Ilvely. Inflamed ~public pressure, noth.
Ing gets done.

The I~ves of sevCral kilnds of plaur lb ve shaundedibled byd VI \'nn b ras

their blossoming and germn~lation.

. 't


Whlekers Explainea".Ora.
The early Jews were Ilterally lony The Dixie! Highnai G~arage.
:: whiskers and made good use o'
hemi. The~ Jew's heard was a sort of THE THRICE-A-WEEK EDI.
Randine notire to: the world concern- TION OF THE NEW
rag his state of mind. If everything
,as prop~itious-wfife and children well YORK WORLD
nil businers goodl-his heard was IN 1922 and 1923
bombed out and perhaps oiled. But If
:canll hand entered his family, his Practically a Dally at Ihe Prlee of a
Eard was a mere tangledl mass of Weekly. No others Newspaper in the
air. The rcondition of the wnhiskera world gives somuchst so low aprice.-
190, indicantedl the eulstence of other The whole world is belog made over
emotions. /and the United States is taking the lead

Inspraton t Hoe Afecton. in the work. 'This year, particularly,
"Whlen a man her on a lame hoss," history ~ilj be made, and every Ameri-
said Churcont Eph, ruminaotively. "hlt can citizen wiJl be deeply interested. No
pure do gir Inspir~in' honw he yell fo' jnther newspaper is better equipped tu
ilaigs t' git on dal old c~rowball fo' de g-ive the news of the world at the time
sake o' his wifp anr rhillun."--RICh- it is news than the New (drk World.
mood Timep.c-I~isPatch. The Thrice-a-W~eek edlition oS The ::

World is the greatest example of com-
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*seq~Ppyway. :uI tioe Engn~a rhtr :islri (j -i- ixld ,Ire*Pll
Iopedysuog~~(I Fl~~l~ .1-I .<11iga uvat, I u

ft. (1.. c,.l~r l i in 1... rhs r *l sq Ia i en .,

ic ef prmar nipa in*I**, ail ni q IIJ' su I o~k No 2I Ilf ll arl jontIlit
qu l".. U i ias1 Tr~i~i nr pastll it-Tl~ ll i-. ;11 g1' 1 rra 2 i n IIL .rll been reig. I I trw Int I I.lalllt

*~~~;lil IJrnctl Irisel "ll 0-0-il. 1;n musti Is Il-atainl.I .,
t'I* .. .a tht *,il wheni IUt' wi ll .4 ilnster~v.Y w ialn- H dB lil h llw .;
.) I Eli f hih wag la al* into ~ = re < ,m .l ll is< ...
Un ~~~~~~ ~ naL 1.*' pIfletsgigf. ,,
it ed .1 1..1 u se I ., r s..n ni th E nit T h i 0 1..1.1 I
I.I.Ins lym.. :11 .v I...el; N.* .. 1- the :ra llial r in l n b
s q j a r~ l h on -. es a p e i~ li t a p ly es f ee i n a r li CL.~ ; I ni 1 ill I 2 f t n i n f t
al~~~1I"u ill-* habitell IIII1 IInu -d [orti n-- of t e Hel:P. at

PIII.- ~ l L 1 IUrl C0).~ll .0-a- will be.~l mal tol k'Pp ..d go if run ervice t all times. I 11 'iSIO q
uai *n sa u c m ite il e d lera y r 0T\
Ii 3'1 A \ .N oi min I ch i m u -n 1 .tr
me .tqu .II hrai be in rf d, o*\rp flint ,. ui" ISon U.~

q pa no iua EnginIe e alr, tcn center ;u7 t ca se c a il in. .I 0 ,.i 'SI 'sr.p O~t O U
Ird) II s! 111' ai ul l oracr y nt nltie. h llh prlpt ni ll usal Pa0!
ual unga q ui a :iolmte nha llu ly s theyved. il h:Tsg te an aR
ng r. hnirm n tr i u l f l U il Inin. fller .n 11 1 1.. ~ le***( **..r
3 qs l pa .I~t g o ds o wnt~er~ flevels andr for re inrl i
.1 all f 'lein l I .*kl. Oni~r i above, anr ~d -..iAl ..n l alO.1 .o irin r l=I.
.n; :1 lite 111~ 11\:! Ir 1..
cy.~~~~~\~l n locks .mal -silwe .r pir. reut' l
nania. Irl.,u dS gf same (l elt`U .l vh~Re...uuesnto tv1 ^"* thiisir rtinoug ,ar e
rl team Ill ~ cloo -idr s anr~ re i nvite 1. k-reder thel hopeil IIa Il y, a e
Psall o al are.11 auP ~fth. rized.rl ake nud sar e *,Iir mi~ii;rsy un ,lesst.irel. the 15 rer~ p3 I

1[ ri Enlls .Inek- uselrrr is g.iven Ipei:aii II Ir

"H ~L :1 .' llili it ni0 lplillrrz.. 11 [oggy "et I'O*-.j
''"lj.'..i.L .Int )1I ~~ll .11 111. 1111
~Enl q a ss I'n ~ tjth e l ul io.th solitaitl F .n iniLr

me. irur~ biWme to .711L pu Thn

-- nrtouttocr tn ISIDOnO IBIn
p no-3IY er.bne h lu i
n nu b l~ c u d ing~ r he La erim nr e o alel:r l. w 4 *

H. Haroldp Homne, Wml. P. Pinmoioon D A. M~orrison. Jr.,
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wil leaVe Rga R

wednesday July 26

at 9:30 a. m. From in front of Gerren's Grocery. Free
Ti'Ckets and Descriptive Folder at +t




tension F~ind ~

he Water Extension
erird lovelredl by this

ign __..... b.31n.21
age -----~-- '-'.,10-19.

rS in ;o. 2-.31

rc imn..l Int.u(li~le

trest .01e. rrlr nn

is~ ~~.n. illn ly

iilt~-~ Lln thr 1,-17

hn\~ral toirj pm ]

nlee[ If watr lleins

foPrd'~ ranging rlll bn

Mrifz t b ru.ill I. *.n
t peis.s Byn lay- rr~i

itsIn which rnodel

31' byit I'fflc e*[~
Ereso ~)nns rloi

have crt~irbe ben
now rton o.-.r' Ib.

enion, at n 4 in

incl byfrr .:oun. 11

BC,\il 12 1 9110 ISnr\
mler it elny togeth

chels t aid Ferve

tithout inerferin

Elnere la indless dupHORUtln of work
among different depirt~ments, an d even
Io use sam department ... t a
Ihe same through all the govcrnmint
'2 incons, andennoor rahedn thesbudni no
. ~n the peopcl]e. we can no longer nerfect

s'Itan eur in t hep ahnJ No I
r., biring abloul the r'etormurilon so bal-
.v Ineeded.
And non'v F'ranklin Dr. Rooses~\lt, for
Sr.en )POars ases~tanti~ecretarylr of the
navy\ And re.enltly the Demorai~'itlle (.an-
.Ilelate .for vire president:
rne cnure se9em oir ,-eanonsh,,, ,,,,,,
e'.~sse D*-lrwen congress and trne :~rU
r.1@ deparrtmens la fundamerntllly wro~ng
ItI me illustrate I ma.]< an offer one
~pring to !he appr.-c.rlarkins .:.,mmlittee
iof born house hni 3Cna(te teling them
thar I waold tuirnorrom dlisharue ]L pir

Fare m-, complete stainority ro~ take one-
nalf r1 the salaries ..( Ihe employees so
dsischarged and add II io th e alaries of
tree other 5.5 per cent of thi bmployeen
rli leni In the deparrmerst OEl
'~~rse, restevel. IUndtr the prosent sSe-
I ii r.ongrres nuuld not Enlnk .:4 giving~
xr ,,ause~ .Ilawrerlnn .:.1 rhs rind
cor~grosa. iar \url:us reaicone. IQas so
"iea the hands r..(i re~cv....rue or~l..cs
of meo eaternni-nr that Maryv na'e rno .]as.
natlionn an !he fornd-amenrar qusion~l~s .:.f
nit oyren~ 13 a\ oat .n1.in:~ I
stances~ rher emlployeei of rIiv gorirn-
rneat are as em, seint 3s rney a~rilull) are
Congress laEishleis Tur en ry minure Ite~i
of empt~osmenr There as a lot
of work being don~ .n career dcpalrmenls
which ought pr,pilrl.1 t be under Ihe

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9;a1ry Givel it to thel Iabildrenu b~cause
it iplelertly unrmlerss andt can not

DHinmittsia t Of
titt'g abril Q$888 Enaha rantgl

Th~e olbjec~ts o~f the Evergladesj Good Roads
League shall be as follows.
1. To lay~ out a b1oad, comprehensive system ~f
public roads in that portionl of the Everglades
lying wlthlin Special Road and Bridge Distriict No.
t; vf Palm Beach County, Florida.
2. To dIesig~n this systemn of highwaay :-0 that
every community in Distnect No. C, shall have an
outlet over a suibstantial, handl-urfaced highway
to every other community in the District- to the
Dixie Highway along the East Coast anid toj thr
Tamiami Trail along the WVeli Coast.
3?. To make this systern of highways so com-
plete as to sat;sfy andl fulfill the legitimate needs
of everyg E\erglades community within District
No.. t
-- ARTICLE 11.
1. Every man andi womlan of respectable stani-
Irg.\whlo is hleartily in favor of and may desire to
asrljt in building roads in the Evelrgladas in Spe;--
iol Road anJ Bridge Dintrict No. 6 of Palm BEads
County, shall bie eligible to joini the Everglades
Goodl Roads League.
1. The Lteague shall hold such meetings aj may
be provided for in its By-Law.s..

first semi-annual meet noJ of the members shall bie
called by the Directors.
Special meetings of thle members may be
held at any tirne andl place by call of the President
or on order of the Boar~d of Dllrectrsr.
3. The time and place of every Directors' meet-
ing shall be fixed by the Directors at the preced-
ing meeting, except inr case: of special meetings as
hereinafter prescribedi.
4. Special Directors' meetings may be called for
any time or place by the Prejident. TIhe Secre-
tary may alio call such special meetings upon
writtenl request of three Direcctors.
5. The Secretary shall n all a written as~ prlnteel
notice of each meeting of thle member.: oi Direct-
ors at least ten days prior thereto.
G. At each meeting of the miemberr, the Presl-
dent shall preside, or in hi.; abjcnce, onle of the
7. At each meetine of the Directors the Presi-
dent shall be ev-offiio thle presidinlg oilke5r with-
Out. vote.
1. Any member may vote by written proxy.
2L. Any Director m~ay vote by written proxy.
3. Every proxy shall expire 30 days From date,
and shall be deposited wvith the Secretary before
being used.
1. Five shall constitute a quorum for all meet-
ings of Directors.

al'8plapn~? ~lod pile alAsa CMlr~3

U0!13;) UI n;oi~ aql aaS pueI lo slauMo ol ~le~ PU" paMOld seq 1! splay ~an~ (j3 f
'' "'

:-~aJ~t~ Jad Zp~g SerlMol~
i! 'uoila.iacio
aLIO ~1? puno~B ay~ S~IIO-' PU" S~\0~1"~ '"JS!P '~"Old 1"~1 aU!qJ~LU ~!~~Luo)na u~

'say~u! ZL b~ dn %u!y~Lut!
:~: y~dall pue sayau! g ~aa~~ ~Jo.:ty~p!M B s~n3 nrrold Ale~o~ lun~n aul

oan ao~ l~

----- !14

----. ~

I---- u.n

ag 104 is

qu~nadt J., a

31lli I

.-lIO a.tilJool

B l 'jlk .1 uqtlp

'8 do Alln YPeasuo
00 *~e paqslignal a'I
[~~d1.u3 .ri~an) I I

pus paslsal-auLil ?l: ilanpo~d so,\ G
*qsmi-I ne3 sology so..aG la8 as amns
eyetuno.(J i1o>LIEUJsao IBJ[aS.Inc..
qof .GolanJSnISes aP opus no.( puy
'ssauqioc~uss Asol3 si amuel
-11paq Sulzzep sol go pnold aq LlinoA
*qsjul,4 .m3 Joodyy
aonaG Jo toon a II a^!D 'ead sul
uays.Ia~unoX yool snq plo aga e51941
,;'uaaq-saq,,~ w parap~ruoJ s! ans
--aoros su! oo2 Mioq JalUI l

-gtggy-*iiny Jo- .tt'I 11si-
ar41 no "ppl"d.iojU .Iap.au aqi .1J Lilnle.,
pins aq) rI .iladu~ 1118r [,.0 isal'rin ahis
loqi na '1. slla.laH es a slog puY t
.018150 s! Jo nohljnie!
-a~ruzpa us lnojrl~l N aLu aql yo a~sotl.1p
pub anay~ls,1 .au plurl!IPu algi J'.. ii.
-.Iado~ad aml plog pus .Iaso equl ol uiaqll
ipart oqlns 4.Inoa p usgo Japao us
up a pus 11,:ngp on Suptual
pns.~,~l~~~~a~''~`,ay sitio s~q
A~w n ,h...:,, n9; sava mmw

Coujlrt Houseir.

.3. Salary~ ofI Secret to ..

i. Typi-writes desk I.
8. P'ostage~ stampsj andl tutreamlll~~l.l
9~ .Lists Iof votFII.
10. Anly other incllknr'Jl cxe.htmeliui- ne1ces-
onl.e to allance( the- w~.i.k lof thei I~dLlau..

adiministratir:~n If Ilhe Ilu -!ru-c; .f' the L. ..-o u..

.1\mcndrr.ent .

orf a miajor~ity' of thle members..tll thec LeaguF pres..-
ent at any mcetllng oif the Leag~i ue
.2. The Seen t~uy --hnll manil n walltten rol~ti.:i n
the meetlrng, togetl~er v:7thi aI e..pg of the pr~oposed
amendment, to each member at hIIs last knowrn ail-
dirers. at least thirty dlays Ilrior t., baid rr e -tr ng.

~Ilecting .~
1. The mernlbais of thle Everpiadc s G:od~ Roads
League shall hold a reguilar semi-annual mieetin~
at such time and place as they may design~ate. The

Thle obJect- of the Evrerglades G~ood Roads
League --hall bec as follows~.
1. To lay out a bload. compir-henlive Jyrtem of
public roads inl that portion of the Everglades
lying within Splecial Road and Bridge Dist~rict No.
I; oif Palm Beach County, Florida.
2. To dlesilgn thlis SyS'teml of high~a~ys so thlat
ever y community in District No. d shall have an
outlet ove~r a substantial, hardl-soarfaed highway
to every others commnunstyy in the Di--taici to the
D~ixie Highway alon:.* the Eaat Coast anld to the
Tamiami Trail along the Wei-t Coart.
3. To make this sys~tem of highways so com-
plate na, to satisfy and fulfill the legitimate needs
of every E\erglades community within District

1. Everyg ron and woman of respPretable jtan 1-
Ieg.who i hieartily in favril of andl may: desire to
assist in building roads in the EvergFlad~j in Spe:-
inl Road and Bridge District No. 6 of Palm Beach
county, shall be eligiblE to joini the Everglades
Giood Roadsl League.

1. The League shall hold sulch meetings as may
be provided for in its By-Laws. I

1. The OfFicrl shlrl Iloncret of thle follow~\?in~:
1. President.
". F~lst V'ice-Preenient. .
3. SCecond V'ice-Preeident.
4. A Director for. East Beach, Hlilbboro, Ok-
celantai and Ritta, anid four D~irectors from
the Coast section ofd the D~istries. so that
both sectionr shall be equally rep~resented.
.">. The Secretia~Yry 3 h ll b c~hosetn by thet Boa'd
of Directors.

1. The admniss1ion fee for ~joinus;d the Ever.
glades Good Roads League shanll be Twro Dollals
($2.001, nuil this p~ayment shall also cover the first
year's dues.
2. The Annual Dues foi each mlniembe .:hall be ~
Tw~o Dollars (82.00).
3. The Leaguel shall 0120 too ie suc~h dolnatlon.-
as its friends shall see fit to mnke.
l. No ojfficer except thle Stecretary, shall r~ecei\e
any compensation.
5. The expenses of the League halj lover Ihe
following items:
1. Engineering setvies and expenses.
2 Mlaps of the Distr;ct andt proposed roads.




$Ulqapllttuit 0ro p~aaaCIZt3 '

tir 0113 DU! Md d a S a r; pe osagitt Officer"pa~ l sq s.la ~a~

------ ound ~il),

~----- Ig Qj

----' u a.

asu mged is

a0k- aunt 941

use prio .3

ll it *H 'l L'

all IIn.lJt}J. GI3N`LH.1Y'I

it1 --gais~i~ .~il 101- Jo i I io.;

.1)an i\l lJou.) r p' P 1a rd.Ilu p n l~ pl
4.3an Aliumn.' alone myI Jo uoipu.is!
aone paqsillll ail -ulupse us Inoq .n arulue al Jo ased.i4p

For! age1P ar nI So!ntoqine .Inoa p us go Jap.Io au
*il~e Bq) aspswzaq o .Io. .Iadmd pau21saspurt exp 'ooqiled
'9 do drp gi~ rl- q LP! 2crl P98. : ag on jup up

pus passal-a~uls alo PimpolJ so,1eg
"pslurgI .my ologgy so.;aCI tal or a~ms
a smU no.l p Iso> Iloems n is viasnona

-ssaullcicours Assol2 nU anuel
.qP~ Suqr ap sil Jo pnoid aq II~no~

uznD a~unppuA yo s palpoqagl e -

-.solous say pgoo moq .sanBus Ol



~ansfitutinn #nb


.rl. ITI~:~ 'F~E~- ~2~


"?, +

P4 ~

:----- onludfuo

----~ PIYla

I -'CI

lel pu~ paMold s~q ~~ spla~ lane of)

: :*

SdO~3 ~UIMOIB ~Oj 2:
-daaq pue I!os sapel~lah3 Bulillahlnd Pt

say~'ur ZI ~O Y~C

pu~ pazrlahI"d ~cIY~nO"OqLL

1Cq paMold a!,~ea ~B PU~I:

apPCZ1 s! Mold ~-'elo~l


SEPTEMBER 4th, 1950.


0; ann pna at l~

qiral jl H i
1 .uriJ' n~u ii

lolnaas3 o0a pok

),) UI11089
,JO .18;103 NI

'd uno uld '.

(Inag 1,7 13
u.]nea p us II pa
r lau~llag a1 p GP
,yeesqlin snailoo
!ro .iaqung s! IT
'1 'lupuaget
su neweysq grliI ~

pa~l I 000 aj qriy 'nos mu ~o.)

ea .id .ap 03) SOu w nilsld .l-'ri. p.u

ajdllo.~, ne.iam~ory nes' -nl'3.lnuJ J1n.ar

-40Ilaall uB ilo algwi ri s u! vl'l pass? .so;

'Z"j E 'lubl y Ad1!9t:18
H359l1O'IA3 a p'Eou ar a o In;

p us aql ol Gldds [I! pauasSall[un at
1891 *na!gr Sqa.laag! a 0:.oN prY
atlilsa sy lo noqle.lis

pus: Joy ng, *r pauqa!8 pis asl- ety 01
-.Iadosrd aql.plog nas maso eay8 04 uaHL
upir~ir~pio.i~0 :od 188* a.o Jap~io' us
d~oi;i a6ib;''n ;lq9 MVefNx,:otld

"H"e: 1

rd W;. H. Da(`amara
C. C. Chillingw~orth
L. N. Simon
H. P. Pierce

Chas. B. Hea
Thos. E W'ills
C. W. Bell


-1.sadxa suejX 91ayl.q payacq~ue.10.d

.gslurg~8 JagoIog ao ;at la3 as alns
ayetu nod3 J!'son Ueus e is 'J as.no.f

*ssauqtdooms ssol si '!asuml
-litaq Surllzap sti lo pno~ed aq Il1noA
ual! 2aS~po( yoo ~snq Plo arlf a~t a
,. .:. .
..uagese,, a aapars sqoo so



-!II-. ;?i
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~ all~e Jad ZC~ dulMold
auo 1~ puno~x~ aq~ d~lol pur? sMolleq 's~s!p'SMOld .~eql au!q3~Lu s!!a~uo~n~ u~j j

;say3ul ~I o~ dn %u!y~lue ~E
y~da~ pur! Eayau! g ~aa~~ ~o Y~p!~ I! s_~n3 nold l~elonlun~n aul

~ rp~ -G # ut~

Haggy~~~~~~~; Th Peidntsal ppin Fnac Cm

-9~a Jo1 pbr.1

1.y~i No9J billda lla shllbepad nlssitha te rite

0 ~'oc 0u 01 $le au auditedd eac yeary byanideedeta iora

u ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ u us ,~o~ aq IR0 eting ofr th yar ad headiors eprtsh

Y~~dah Ire tra3U a1 fi the sal~rr I ceorthhelf

3da pu3 !O sae;rn idia.,an ""d nraing",ol ,0 ap,, fr, th emes
Gygg`so~ gU00.l .~" Mdln 0.30 w'"V ay lAenmns

P~ro~ln~l Saq~u! ZPI rol "a a i aru
.Iar~y "Guru *a~~aI dI~~ o,3qJ. pc 2. ~ neoluc"- The Seretaryn shall mapit a w iritn ntce Cof
11 1 -833 ) &C~l~l P U~ puno t J Juo.I. aaa amedmnt toenhmebr thi ls kon

9 o dess at pleasttendy prmiorto said muh teeting.

-0 17 uprYro j 18ell MO' ~DoPr ue- 1 no.emn pna teFc~rt o heBado iet

Topkis `Bu tr
Union Lisle Sox
Sults '6 pai~s

S $1.35

SOX, 69c


Separate Collar to
so values.

^=rmw B and SikndC 1
onlyt 15
50c Value I Uu

Pure Silk Hand-Embroidered
Clox Sox, a $2.50 value.
SPECIAL, $1.45

$3.50, $4.00, $5.00

VALUES1 -------0UsuU



One lot of fine Madras Shirts
that formerly sold for $2.50
Special Price~~X~, _1

Men's Fancy, All-Wool
P85 alu~nts. g g g g95


I~ I

GeHu He H~ng iSh

" 1MEN 7
in luck.We
pairs of W'hite
wil-W'ool Pants
values, sizes
o 44, only .

* 5



'3.00 Straw Hats
ek Up for

EASILY $3.50
R~and Knit Ties,
rr for _85c
ie __. ,3


At a Give-Away Price.
One lot of very high grade
Suits consisting of genuine
Priestly Mohairs, tan pop-
lin and genuine Palm
Beach Suits of the Highelst
Grade and Make; Suits
that fonrmerly sold for not
less than $25.00,

Grade Quality, $37.50 val-

Genuine B. V. D.





Genuine Ivory
1 TC
SO0c Collar Pins
1 5e

o Union

. 85

37-39-41 N. Miami Av*
Mialml, Florida-



MOnit0 isle Sex

$29. a

.3 5e

p pf f OKEELANTA, FLA. d
\vCN O4JEct : First Planned Settlement

Rarckd. sell lalc. and rent wnth bnle
Turn weto the peace ul lile, .,pEv~erglades
Frorn the hell of H ar's alarms .I~ I THOS. E. WYILL,
To M "



Wa.I.-' 8 TITT

----~ ~ ~ tlU UUOra- Pe TFe re C~n-
S i 0 O000 13,764 87

x Ke son. ; 50

67- I 0 -~
o6 .f
3! .3

o7r .0~:2 losas

T~~~d55. 1 rr-: F

sos ,i *i!
16h, c/ on .


3891 57 36
45 re a <

47 31 4

50 34 225~

91 75
see a5
os a r so -- 5 s

Sec 35, T 44S, .36E
Bega wit Trcs6 o74icuie

PSi, I i~,._l.._ka ~7C~ i


Cross St.Road
i U"E

Il~-cur- ~prrt-


Heart and Center of Upper Everglades


FRUITCREST, Sec. 27, T. 44 S., R. 36 E.

See Upper Glacies IMap, opposite page

IBeslt- Openaing

OKE~ELANTA POULTRY FARMS: In sections 35, 27 and

"THE SQUARE:" Territory between North New River and
Miami Canals, and between Bolles Canal and Road, and
Lake Okeechobee.

"THE TRIANGLE:" Territory between North New River and
Hillsboro Canals, and between Cross Canal and Road, and

NEW OKEELANTA: Center of Settlement. At Canal crossing.
Section 35. Expanding,.

FRUITCREST: Designed to group buyers, concentrate tracts, and aid co-operation. In Section 27.
Corners with Section 35. Quick run from New Okeelanta by jitney on dirt road.
"OLD" OKEELANTA: Center of Florida Evernlades Land Company~buyers. Includes Section 25 and
E. 1-2 of Section 26. West half of townsite fully ready for utilization.

NORTH NEW RIVER CANAL: Old, historic highway between, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers.
Forbes' Pioneer Boat Line carried passengers, freight and UJ. S. mail in 1913.
BOLLES ROAD: To connect with Lake by road on east bank of Miami Canal.
PalmP Beach Drainage ar nti Mihway Ditstrict;
Cuts ditches, and builds roads and bridges. In "The Square," (above) cuts 10-foot ditches north and
south, and leaves Dirt Road banks, one-half male apart.
LIMITS: .North, Tp. line 42-143; South, Tp. line 46-47, 12 miles south of Bolles Canal and Road.
East, Range line 37-38; West, 4 miles, WJ(. of County line. Includes triangle between Hillsboro
Canal and Range line 37-38 extended to S. E. corner of Sec. I3, T. 45, R. 37; and excludes Territory S.
of this triangle and E. of Range line 37-38.

FRUITC'RES T, FLORIIDA, the practical plan ~for settling a new country- BIRL VIEW

f or; x!I 11 6O se 2,0 ;- n 9, ( shzown~ in (0.20 ):l, thoc clh b
1't intlo thle f~irs-t sectio- of roa~d built~\ HO19,,L ?f~ i.)

First Planned Settlement

17pper Everglades

Racked, till late, and rent with strife
Turn we to the peaceful life;
From the hell of War's alarm.

\' ( ARMS8

16 mis.

road.,'1 wldst n. toj
to Lee C may;-'
2.:G, 10bulilt

The F~ir~st, of Jr.ou?ney,:' .,'2 8 nlcoii'c;?::ti;ns fol Real
Dolle G~l:d;: iieotion, .lt %; .:, ` ,,wioulZ ha_;ve bui*~ ~lt that
wYider? eLst to PCl~t:..;a 18"I deep?; pilurs aa .
15- w~jie th rx 18" deaf *plus nllt t~hS late~-.rl rhown i:
i: wide '1 lani 12 oo; *



ys.amri~ershk~qi~~9es a:gaios

Ve y argl~aiaply,fn ~ our liTlRE ROAD g8Tig S ,$.n~E $1s
ijs, qq ~rconnagpgdgd, jsyte DL~rqqtorqof~h ,AeRoaqqe Leaga.
and Chamlb or of Connnrtd!oe, is iLn Lake Yor th Herald., 8-19.L

f9 g.1~s!,msCqatfting ICJScQ ifto~,_c,~c,attoziniga ~tfa~t we m8ay also

11) fr~qq 1a~;ange qfe r sectionsp of State giLft L;~nd. *(.n

29 Pryomq gafte pIqginers 11R D bB Olon oad
NO.4,820 mis.@ 97,500.00, per mi.~,. 000 00oo;
n .Total1 qza;eatrq
It is fr~ too early to talk .Sn

..Ps.Lan~dersdales Pla.Aug,18,ions.~i

My .ertogy .shor li45 bar,?lith.$eaP~qQ Qdf boats wLer cap ..
very prqpa~bly,tinnish, qur HE'llRe SYS'PyM qp'' R A~nu~s~pt
11s9sreoggler _Iat~ed byAgreq'tors of: tlgg ziiSpi tLeagu'e:
and. QlChamber of Coneneraelia *In Lakge lort"h Herald,8.*19.

SO~aSiwa wraiting ver;itteetion, indica~t~e thiat we may ~also
equnt qq additlons fgadd as fPoSollor;
1) Fom.'t14oe of9r secti~on~ ofP State Qift Land, In
Tp ~g gs, f. $ 30 M0*000
2~ ,1Pqqn,stbt _t~ategeep q het e Rad
w0. 4 20 mais, e-, 00, 00 p qr m,Id .~ 150 000.00
.. otate qztra, ;.~lrc-o
It is far too earlyi toltcalk. .Strenger?5
Very~ r~eheegtfullyl

rt .Lauderdjale,Plaw, ,Aug.18g 1982 .
EBoar zr1qq2s- .. ..
my aslory showing howF~ with ~$850,004.00r ofbondsB~~R :ire.06
very probatl2~y finiq k~~~og lp _ERISESQD.lrSYS'fEM 5J Di~D t o~
it,ase resquenqzy5._'et. the BSrsotars bf. th4e Ripeads Leqghaee
and Chamnber of donnaerixe,isr *in LakZe Worthy Heraldc8--W,

01.a:1m tsyn~itI~n ,tyriflgaigattizx14c~late~~ddt that~ we ma~y aso
count pa _addi~td~nafQl.qr ftp~s s ollo a'L,*-- ,. ....
,2) Prgy p lang e qf7 da eotionsa33 of State ~irt ~LandL $.it
Tysr.444~iEf,.n ge-sa, Aso, ooo~agg

Ilt infecr too -eax9.y ye~ it~alk~ ,Sryg~ind~g '
Yety reapggall

eaar $M~-Dde

Da gsamera, H.
Ilensageeo 9*

Roibin~s qn, I. *
Lak~e ~

Qosen- ---

'o e k* *

~bgathe, Jas.P'

,RouslyaP, B.L*
apeelan~t~L *

gighou~~se, John
jpa *
ca~es,` James 84

i I

. "' ..F

'I ;'1
: i .~

Chapter P e r io 4.E ni ue i-in ansh.Ui"
I holles danal Beg-~inning 1914- E9002,00 ui-; ne-n3Zhxrd- --
to Orga~b~ization of LeagEIuel920
II L~eaguec Organizationn to
Fall,1922, 350,000 One-Th~ir~2
III F'all,1922 to Com~1Pletion
of Proposed WYork, TLZ651,500 Twvo-'Thirda
1,r,0 F oulcTrTirds 92(40) fT.5
IV EXiond'iture of :681.,500
til gyg fo-Thirds -%.5r ppt

(Jr) Cost per Miile,014,500.00

gr~1.:PiQYIV"'ry. Flpqtg23~~i Dit ;1'iK3 ne ha JI-s!TPEl I5~i'TS 'tV Ej.:MTE17

.... 4 31 illfl I DW
40~ isngns4 3.yC a 1.
p.~~~?ia~ b. Id~e.. .d1.. 90 00,-0
0 Cole?> 0\ OL

3At-; 3;g;;,tl.Mon miolk Lt~.) Ex>

*oi'~~c eee, (X) ota

r :M/C .

: 691* ~

10, "'
Ij s.,

riftil it


IL' L'Sst e4 1 -s
4 .1~ iUn3d~ 2 P eg
O 3arnloP: 1L7a '; t*-1.0hale a a:-

A M'"wto TT? F
ss:s~e3~ j~lW3~P
V- f ;&~c~~~R' 8


Road Mliles Attyper Mii Cos~tl A~t;per Mieo vgosit
Belle'lde to AftE ----
Lee County 19 gb10,0010 470000 C15,000 q255,000
Remaining 84. 5,'785 4300000 4,'102 395 000
Miileage, vr ""S~B GU S~,i(

rlrgBend to'
Belle Glade--16s s 1.51~ x 1r 424 onofts flor $9,000 pef mile.
2) Laterals-;- 9P0x -i it xJc 20 9 a a 3/8 of 24 ou~ft.3/8 x 'f9,000
43,375 per mni.
Punds ava~ilable,for same,as per above, ~4,102 or g95,785 per mile.
-9-f x 17. X 14O = 1,760 oun~tosasper mile.
84 miles at; 1,760 oneyds*per mi~t*149,840 cuoyds.
147,8&40 ) 480,000 a $3.25 per oney~d.
# $395,000 = $2.67 n

1) Hal~se,now~,ra much more tham.465j0,000 as possible.
2)Build Trzunk L~ine from B~elle G'lade to Lee County on lo ankeand o
quality equal to that of present Bryan job( B~ig Bend to Bell"ld)H
bank;r is expensive, unceaessary and a. pernicious, wer-menacing fire trap.
3j Build all laterals as agreed upon by Road League and Chamber of Comm~:ere;
ViZ.,of 1subntantilly equa~l qYuality;that quality to o3e the best possible
from thre funds not requireli to completethe trunkr line, above);and including
alow bank,and a, rock strratum of,probaibly,92 width andi 12n depth.
49 what additionllf~undscan be raisedglet this roon stratum of enoch lateral
be widened anadeepened as rapidly as possible.

'&.and uisttrit NO.11,2.n Pam 13enahQo,Go*Ranslsuilstl.2 a efam afaeast am1

91cVa8:; ro;:itas( P at t Tribl 0~L ota~lsad.) Bartsoree 1014 ~arrt 1~020 Mcthe was

sapent on thf~r sytlste :'10,500.00., -'ore recentlyetherehan bean adhled. $850,0004

OneOi axilout--thial rzllion Dollar
: r Fil oc o.01 lda ) hs04i uiso iacd

*~~~E 1s .1e b .fis.: 2 f-2 inclsive plu #0.11 sub -CU atL3~laZirf ll;'m al *ea
um w
:1.:? a dcfclEph~bat r os~tteaos..tt :;':epnu

Br-proosesiuteatcc,to carr leb ficive~pc void.G (4 mle),1t ML.Wisdoes~l Othere
wi;ll'-7sEb grd~d.oroIte. eTal.
Ad.ns h' lnsti re taaolwl teepniur f0*

b,- 19ifficu!ltSi~o.= imiositl' prv~ovs tava wouldf J., rinunx-10c
ax1 ~ ~ .1 sot P~spros.@ id~ prospctiv wou*) bedaacosa

ora~= seald.~.trg L~i~~ Jight~;hano..r3;, thian6-* B6103~ quetion~~L isdEL-" 0^14 'L7. SY~E'ET al:(#7
PLE.12D .11IGW~m :E~w ,*G JEC S'di'HI'dL liND 1-toP sma
4: 'el i u esio inol e 1d3 1~i to r Ostlui epl s 1141.. 1e
an n r d e l d -1 2 t aI..1 o ? .Ei o e
Of E ee daq40,TU ile folo anl)1.TS Pli 1'3les onli Gradua an~
canna. 3~, ~Z ~% 11;



,i .
.~ -. Lar4 o nux ohtededa0u d.e-. .1t anl7ir ear od ian.)
a tn'"To a;:ct r:: TU~~~ 4,75 i'~ l ca,-at; most,(IC~ mJt3 r -1

~It t~ .~'- gg t~a. .:.>. rofii~~ f ol*;*k tre J I UsadsAhu.M'muic-ool o.Ic

ii.. .. 194 4 \oks*co :TaL to(Ra ) mcsm
1 1 ag---1 0 1:--- i'O .1s. 4 y tL ckG 1.-- J mlylc u.Y r l o s

-0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ear' Fer-T wilb gatyag.oi.Sn
Yory ti yours

Otrotr11oy .. od oldoMre
9->2 '-::0; jat ,l wdt


T ~~_an~a :isg~~ lo~~~ :me ; dhg~7L~Wreq~i~jj .m lF~~~~'iFSh;3q~
arta ijti;g~4t.. 24@~il~ tremanent of 111
.~~*h806* damakto,~j~t~; -aintertaps. rot*

(3) Belle Gladie, South B~ayl,zLae Shore to Lee County Line.
Four miles between Belle GlRd~e atnd. South~ Bay,on anlok grade,would. Eee
receive 18" of rook, zLlaxiuzl haul,2 miles.
Thirteen milesbotweren Souzth Bay anll Leo County Linel onl hnildcus
t-rd. apple land. waould~recei.ve 12n of rock. 3itaximu~m haul in3 3.5 miles.



I: I
1' ?


;'I j

I ~~.. ~ ..
: r'L~'
.r, ~tr
~''' '' ~L~ ~lit.
41 :.~



j ..
,7r .i, I"
~n ~
E ;
,, i .. :.
"i "
= 1.. '- : i
.i-_I_ ~21 ;
t. ~I.- I'
'' mi :r;
pjir~p~g~t ''~ I'

~-L~ i~i~.;f ak ~r~8iS;I

r ~Ea~ -r.
&I ~Bi~~a,
c~ rkY 'I
~. L.IC a


1. -----lr~ -Y I------------rr--- r--------- -i'-'-'I~--'--Li--~:I~--iF~Y~-~'--


L_-- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ M naml C-Uies ass-ICI 41C _lll-- 1r._ YRlyL ? 9L~ I

,~~s~t~a ~ilt an




IIP;:~~~~~~~~I~~~~llj~~~~~ : .. lir jdtjtJbj ~tlljES=ZII_~

role o

sin~ril. ~apple,

~3~-~-"i~i ~hea* 13 IIason~U
elearre4,1 rnd. gwweded.
nEl gBrade,f inished.
CltstEare apple, oleare a na. gransa0))

9 ailes,snJ. an.~l shell,alearedl.,uaed.

so *. aa k ,~~cs rt ~~ eare 3/( 4 nzi.e.

"$SfR 5 Que 000
14jS~~~fa 9 ....w as r~ c
B .8t~ @** at e .a god
s o a re too no

00 3 000
10 9;b:'- 00p i~
B~Pana ar".~k- 1o Iia w iie
srer i
1~ ~ ~~0 gg -~~oZS i5f
~~~~ -?srw

8 *PM ee.-E~i i~
a o 14 ;nrQ l~9~~
4-~. ~santiang
a Ip ? rll~~~r

Qij* So &@*84

~sA e". Wasrr qua ; ~~
ea4~ aa.at.

.I~ 1L.d~$Wro

,a smaok y- ado, f intshed.
itted apples cleared.

-m el :1- ed.



1UI~ ~t~tcnr f~b~feC~;LZl,.~iE?~i~


I_ _Ymrri _~CI_ Wa_


R As 1 P R ;; 9 A~

~ Y
~rd~ ~apai~,~nLrll~a~L~Pr





rr~LY~LI~IA~ ~DI.




4 mos to sets ~FdTL

a *~~.ta i~h'1

as emanatta i~

ILt gTamer to It$*2

Hrerrv3zt tr~


000 i
man aw

I 000
ge~ Q3Q00

an C

45 9

non ~


.I F.i

'i 'a



ag) tease


I"l: ii ,



*~ r r,

r I

'''' ~
:2 ~


r '
... L'~.


~-~ u.


il a rc

.C;(C~ & M

I I r -

__ ___ ______I_ ___


. '+ r ,
ana@gi oo vsta at e r fom 'hisamoets tat
A. st e .

_ _~_~ ____~__

J.erisr~e .~~at~ l~)

useY now g *r ." Cwo)

Me wd I sLsa tol~c Mr r7 lli~~~~~~~ttttttt~~ eag
an:~7~EU LfFL 13eepset Daeasiona)M'l 1 mie~ *rI Ou
:: at~e eririi i;SaCtnam ad3iJl.r~l~ oi~~e~lj~~`~~ ~1 lrrf~o


sT *J

dlEl, sunzJ eR 'I s~l~:3.Ing

id .L .Y 50M s 99

ti a1~c zi4tnGkra .
11 .xr ; !ae, as~

10. t .5 .if4ri
mi p. Morsea
~at esaa



(i'sr 31'x li "a P~

get ey e;.. t 1

micrid~j ..ne~arand~~~


II-1 a 1

;~ ~~epat~i~r@;R
,:~~~~~~ *; 'ri6~;~wi~r~~
ot a.erss

-i .* = 14m A


~i~s~ ~



II _



on.QiEn .. one6~o
~e~~ Y~l~& usq t
~iassa se*Ps base on 4

~D n

ear .')2allarsjr

~r~saewsxn ~~ljiat

.. sajei ~ ~ o~a.*~rPy;~oa~r





















:;~~ .:*

.( i''


L i ,
.. .
.. .,
.... :-
.i ,.- ."
I I: i
'1 ` r~L
'k' r.
F ~
'" ':R'
~ ''



-; --:~
r r

: b .+
..... ?~
b~ ~ I- i : --L ~- I

r r-

i:' .

I-., :- r;

( .1~$~JT~lllJR?13~~:! il~lli~h~~~l~0~ I~iZli~JEtdC~l~ff~i~91' -;iE~F~a9~85~' ~L16~ P#

~ ~kib~~



P. 'I

bir~ '. ` ''
.. : .
5- c? i.'


:~ I'
N:...:. (5~
'hr .^ '
1 )

r- I

ii ;

"Fi~;r P


. .







~` : :

4" (-r'
13.l-~Y .~ZI .-:

r. ,~
~- i
~i~Lh~k~w~~- L:~b )


~T5a0,. ffC3fl!


~P; r ~ (j e

ROAD! AND1~ lul:)G. DIU?"`0 "U'~: L.E


On ARi'~l 6,1231,a2 PETTI`'I:.f signed by Ji.H.E11iott; anld 4068 oth~lers warts filed
wtith County Comut:issionzers,azs followvs:--

l'et;itionl, oddre~s~se to counf Comiassioners. Items :--
1--PetitFtonere is registereda votelr,ri'l _!: derl ;ciirosident:; of to~r.itory i:-~
porsed -toforgothediz in-to Roadl anzd Biridge D~~lr istrict;-;
f2--;jr.ay for ~i~striot;;descr~ibod--
3 ~ ~ ~ ; TBa or1_E.'.f .'.D lillU.'tIDGE,31in saic'rjs;istrict~doscribed:--L

Aeos At Whatl Point
V.PWa>~r Catnal, Crhosnin f :ton~ld. 10
nt at nt SCross;?ing f Zno;d 20.:e.1T4,.0
Oroocho'o:er .ier Roa Can.:1~l~; S. e..iity~d of Roadl 4;S.14-4

st~~I 1t n Sot :. o oa.2

less tha~cn 100' widejandl~,ofen~ch of otherk- rancisp~of not; loan thn-rn CI' wyide.C
thazn 16' wide* R~oad to be ofrackr,l::b;ll~ or ct':o alysi'l :u l
ily obfLtainable r1:,teriail.
5S--l-stimalte enlou~nt necea nary' fo 0 constructingroads an br:l9 'ICLlidgs 6)t;o Dc)
...:3,00,0000;of which, *10,0!00.00 is for? Lakle T;or~th :.:C. Id:?-'itsn br~l.idg' ove3r
I- 'ayinent-i ist~o~hb thrs~:llllh onds;thzose tIo be _:l;L3idfo fr"on t:axcelevicd
on :;ln:- rty in :.-ropoao-d District.
GouLntLy 00maissd~fionerss, alt fir~sti meeti.7tl lo~l:rli rooni-j-: RF.ofoi;toion,io iiVe3S.ti-.
gatae fctss If fPindl 'mi:"L I:tition :is signed by7 '"'7- of i -: T.GV
.:.SID :.. I DIS '-i'CT,0Cont~:isn:ioners~ tor orderI milE1t~olotin in? I.;1iitoryg to ae
mad~e into D-istriolotsto decldo: ifterr~itory3 is to be noder~ into Bist*,n rtl Loadis
andzi bridges constlructefd, I~*-'nt rtifo,Al:S:C;~ 8111 I11:11,dee
Obay*6,208,Lcwrs of` Florida~;Alpproved June1; G,1911,andri ot;er :Lcts,etCc.)

UInual of: titionrs ;J.H.E:lliott aInd40 ~P othe~rs;tottl,400 = 25, ,or move-.~
( Go.00mo~isauzrs.00ontinuo
Llet o~n Hayng 18,1.321,aftrcl rcceI~: of C71titrio)nJI nd aoplcted..OL -i,
1-- Pfetit-ion had been received; -
2--Co.Comma.lnrs. ButII investigi. ted7 fac~t;sj :udlifoun~:l--
A'--iotitri ion wa~s sufficiently signed;
B~---"-'iltion isinl strictl azccorda-nce with- rclillequilronnt ofthe~r 7;aw*
31--lesolved tihat threelectionz be hold;
4-- *thatl,if f;andr; are aut~ho~ri~edl,thezy be as follows:- ~.al
A--In denominat~ions of ;';1,000OOp;B--DaTted July7 21,11921 ;0--i:r::inci); :1. begasI
follo~b"S-64 000 on -1 ..'.;t4,0000f 7-1-83,tc.to 1340;
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II Wlhengin the course othmanal eventspit becameanecessary
for one peopleto dissolve the pooliftial bonds whidh have connected them
Wlhen,.in the course othuman evenftspit br moesnecessary for, one people to
dissolve the political bonds~abiah have connected them with another,and
to assumee samo the powers of the earth that sepatrateand equal station
to wnhich the laws ornature and or~f~ natue's God entitle theplpa decent respect
for the opinions ormnakind requiresthdt they shall mareknobwn the reasons
than impel them to the separation.
We hleld these truths to be self-evident: that all men areclreated equal;
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain un~lienable rig~hts
amonlgwhich arelife,1iberty anclthepubsuit of ha pisnessythiat to seoure
theeerig~hts,governmentsare established ,derivin~g'their just powerstrpom
the consentof the governed~thatm,whenever a goveriyment1 beoones d~esetuantlole
of thesqends it istheright of the people to alter or abolish it,anato
establish a new government
nonenoknoneno~nsoccrnanonennonncnonennnnrnnnooooo vb
nlnnnf Y ststa~fatstssf gdgaig

When,in the course othuman evennts,it becomes neaeasary for; one people to
dissolve the political bonds which have connected them w~Eith other and
to assume am~ongthe postra of~the earth that separate and equal station
tA which the laws of nature andor nature's God entitle thema decentt
resp ot for the ipinionsof~mankind requires that they shall makBe kEnowny
the reasonathat impel than to the separation*

W~henzin the courseof human eventstit becomes necessary foronepeople to
to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another,

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On May By gg9,theh Okeelai~ta Copammnity Council again addressed the Co nty
Colmmissioners -in-reply' to a spestion ma~debyr than Aprill.21 to alv w
the diversion of 6, 0.00 f~the wleeklnta-R~i~ladearest -8oad ftedt-f toh'b
blildinrg of the agge at; keelanta.
The Council declined toa sascee to this re~quest~and saids~ -,?.
WA Ppetition from the Okreelants 8 oisani~ty Coannoi is now beforeyour Boardj..?
asking that ,tjhe_ 1i2,aaaaag?~~~a~~806,1eft in the Okeelanta.Glade ere st road fnad be
used to togere tbiwwawd this road$..
**Ce~hereforegrenew our request of March 21st. las that you proQCeed.
With naing the above mentioned bzazlane in improvinga te said road...*

Gerald M*WhB~ji.te,Beletretry.
Okeelanta Cormmunity Conneth.

SOn May 8,1922,-T.E.Wil~ll wrote V.W.Roths-c~~..: .
"lRave been givntg anch ti2me to getting0kreelata-la de erest Road rooe Iei
iiope there will be no let-up on Ore~ektata cooperaion with mrgCtorts a//
prevent switakiong: the fun~rd,and FU THERi~ DI~ldr IN ITPS USE. Marshall A
Stone areREADY TO DO IT OW0?1 With d~eTE,no tellini VBOEN IT CAN BE
E." ( Then tollow about 5 pages .of mtater as strong as -the writer
could write re theroad situation,the imporftanoe orgettinLg~fth Okeelanta
Gladeorest Road In usesthe fierom position offered sonBtantly by Harriaete~
Part -of this was to be P O S TED publioly at Oke~e~lgta) -c1--
On Ju~ly 25,19224, just before the Good Roads ue meeting o'bf A'ug.2~~[ See
Spp.27,8rt) ThosE.W~ill atte~nde a very larg go t'r Okeelanta Commrunity Coun-
oil,at w~hich all phases of~t2 road questionsilnoluding~ the Gladecrest Road,
wh~fich any could think to brilr up,were disoesaed fu/llyzand very harmoniously;
and fa~ll and complete agreements were arrived at onr all points consridered..

;Als Okeelanta's ]Diretor in the Good Roads LeagueLt~and Chairman of Sier road
eiram~iftteeL T.E.il~~l eantinued thise fight fo r M:0N9THS~antil he had WONI HIS
VICTORII, harris had been forced to yield,and had ADVERHTISED FOR BIDs
TO DO TRIS IDESTICAL PIECES OIF ROALD WORE. Then followed his relations,
carefully concealetswit~h certain persons at Okeelants onlminating~ In
the meeting of Peggg5,18l22,whhich killed the roadrep a~ted Okeelanta's
Rlad ~Leag~ue Ulirector-- without warning to him-- and advertised Eda in
the press as a fraud and an iLmpostor

;~nra 2r/


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posqt, po thei~- oCm of he EcavPtantatit Gotm~od.I~~n1Cofllmsah a~ll tor; late
t~he tippi: qn~ sellyma~ d2 wil age th coceeZ .0 Qsiov in pubicjSS tllraprovia~rrats.
Thtr nPtg~ht to rPrO]FPe0ntmighl~iY ty~7CJ pay racpay fee atownghu~))ltI Okaonr?;F~Tlan~ hna nevr
as Toptellp, o~Yit yte.,. PosL43 cope! at;I.1 her 912S.1 ol. erplb~~ so. y can' I; You
start -ul Q. 'er *t to qn 1i ry~r! 9CT ,144 cLash;c~'. sh 1; r, tly : ub!tc into b3~r l$i bnrov
mentiat I, ,ahoulr d 3e, w-in*Inn" .tq h;ave .e'1140 small sur n7EonewyJ-~ tfn I,,y for~ *Fod+
taxess, thatP. 7 W,r13 noSe ;r4ca~e rt pofnt ,zomana~-lyste L' n 19t r~fa sadd wadel thia sto.;P*
*~~~~ Maiqle1l*,.IiS~rt npae $4 ,pZTopoal on .thss oniic e t tt. ne kn~re-ooi tin .01
don*,198 ol0se g8~l rRSqxta en,4RdcEit agi~,ngr~nQ,.3,ast summearseent a foualn,
'' written aggerf io;t~lt, sip4L D9 the ,Q0aJppmanLtyg dOttsol,,but~r neverQ: hernr. ~f~rom lit
X Ipiaps l,eyte qver .iFn n,Ir2lled. urpon tcl hastae ::ayy clauda i-t sccer~i:anon with ,
ga. th fff,at'forjgn ,the Town .8,44 ,~rIa overgroawnl~ wih eee,r[s 'rOso 13M'Town,1 Hall neat
still1 wPI~~i~tahe: n841 nee4 .pagnLI~EZ~~eti pe ~tret nood. ~to, bra 1:Cdr outs~trcona ".4 ,
mi shelger gfipnt; theGb ,Town 154 )1 iri.sFiht,Chedth w the kePt~ in co~zndi~tiqrtlDR'set ,
wP~ith ql4cngrgogrea3Qt~f agl of: w~iiah .oqu~idi nearly .be sid. f.-r~a out,of. 1rta

*Do ,yop., 14014 .thazt, t.hp .riae .eslo ef, thogo Luat has~ bnroug~ht overu $goo,000,0
AndA ,414e.~o34~ntf4has~ be~rEst .gst, hp a ,oon~ tF2 ,, i iave as 4 ay hqr~e ,~been dornated~Ain
&a40,9rl vZ~~oltpaest I .1abr ano ago ~c,ongoru l to tax~ ~c~j;ind. VLue t~hat t9wns may;
.hav~e sqquay~ .$Op:IT mrvmet ,S1BPnir elaya~Z n~taV .Parr haver th2em Witou figShtstp.rgfor,
neaoawlegsRaltione~ 1 ,pp hap~9 31to 8413 s lot ~~~, .n alga ~,thiPnS ryl~ ,Jutgr bo na
essary 18diL48* igry -.ast9" *- 3

I1 rZge~0 ot theb above ftclro8too fro .nystion r.wa~y otfierss; Jar~q;-ad ther :Ldauve .arkta~t
Inent .gnegardtr axs~s~ng.1;hes me).bode ,TOT I900001.2I '.1R (,ggP wa~tEBtersl~ .ggi~BSiG .
TfEB4'"F 48lr .,1sozWltoSl~bqud~ ,aax .eloa23~f potass3 lithet;Tr, t'l3cpl8.ovebltpzuf~8z .2340,,
Bd~tart 4 laprzc~t t (,as,osft.Ledah~IZ~na ~ j b2,and~ewbdot fto~s .YE~bB ,nznri@:aunt.,.WS& ~4~50;~
Jaelsta~L te g m.to saw ordense,'8 :,


Townsite of
Being a subdivision of a portion of Okeelanta Addition, Section 35, Township 44 South, Range 36 East, in
Pahn Beach County, Florida.
Address THOMAS E. WILL, Okeelanta, Florida

!, i

5 cent *


Here's the Glades roads issue in
Palm Beach County: Not, '.Cau we
rat~e the money?" We can. Nor. "Do
we want to?'" We do. But. "Where
shall the money go?" e
Where can it go? It CAN go into
roads. How many?~ The whole Lengue
System. How do, I know? I have
spent five solid weeks in learnin;?r-
SHow?, Cuollec~ting, clnrsifying and -
digreting facts, and interviewingl road.

And their tr.-timony? .nisely and
bonestly used." they say, "the money
prolio-ed will finish the ENTIftE SYS-
Is road mo:uesr ever used otherwise?
10i.LAst January, bids were c-alled --
I or the Big-Bendl-Belle-G lnde Road. 20
iles lona. Speelfic~ati;ons? 'Hsrd
matterial. 26 feet wide and I86 inches

An Everglades Road With Funds very
Scaree! .
Sec~tious of the same road, already
built, were 0, ft., and 15 ft. wide. re-
apertively; the next mlust be "6 fr.

Igels and mlinidters of grace, defend us!
That proposition, we call 'The
,Twenty-Sixr. Thirty-Sir Atrockly."
IDid it go through? Hardly. W~hen
Pthe bids camle la. People got scaired.
B Iullding buch roads would break Rock-
"Cut it down! Otlt it dowifu!" they
cried. It wa> cut. To w~hat? To 20
j. ftttI widie and 15 inches dleep.
Aud the atut? <.ut oiit would hav

mile4 farther, i. e.. toj Clewis~ro
**mlle savingq But listen, T er's *
n str~ip r~ut froml the r~oadl ;ide. 6 ft.
v. idec. i: ft deep oud 20 milel long fbis
tro~`ulrl bulild al road () ft wide and 1 ft
cleell. 40 in le long A fine Ghlides lat- '
Ilra~l. godacsl l the D~ixie H~ighway onc~e
nan. Thisi would supplY two links
.nowzissing: one~ besween~l Big Bend.-
nuLC OnuaI Point. andl aUlthor between
the G~ladecrestt Crossing. nal G~arlena.


All worth 1)owni;nell? At present,
Har~ris, Lake-Road prices. 20 mliles at
$;13.764~ equals $278,280. At a fair
l~rLke for roads 94 fr.x12 inches, 40
muiles at $5,0003 egnalls $200,0050;0 Total
.N..8.Figure at any reasonable
Rate, and you'll gasp
Waste, absolute?, lusa~ne wa;;te! How
[n explninr Some lick intelligence: somle
seek **raft." If there is a better elL-
planation, let's have it.
S"'How graft?'" asks Simple Simon.
Thle full price of that 20-mile Main
Road. and olne-half' of that 40O-mile:
lateral COULD GO) ro the grafters.
SCau we prove it on the Rarely.g
Too easily .hidden. We can prove the
ORANCE IS THERE. I ve done it.
WThy was it pur there?'
What netst The same people--the
'"26-36"' meln--are behind thle present,
repog'sedi road scheme.
This scbeme is loaded with julst
sulch chanres;: four prize IDackages.
Ib Two, call :or $10,000 pler mile,: one
use fr $13.1:00i. and the folurthl for $1R.,7114
I.~ per mlile for road bulildingq.
SAre suc-h sums neededl? They are
*not. Holw do I k~nowf? Pracrtical roa~d-
h-uildlrs Psa so. What do. thev .any?
Thar' the $10!.000 per mile needtl r.n
be built, wrell. for about haRlf that lom.
-!'i The ;.(:13.10 ro~ad for about $.1.1110: and
I. :b. $187tI vil roud fer $11'.inal1 per mlile.
~4- C Figure.- theI Warg~ins Put intol
c rl.ADS. t~ey will linish the Roand.j
Leagule hJr~EI1: the jo~int. sacred.t' unAn-
.. iinuou. wrritten. iSined, ul.are
m e nI~ t, wfitho~ut whiebc. the C'ro-ss-Btalte
Hou was;~1 ar1 fninrle. Put into erazy,
waRntoni waste, or graft, they wrill not
rinisrh It. Wh's~ shall it be?
A fe~w igurtes. If this wi~ld acheme
Cjo e els thro~ughr.lnod the tracks are heing*
grleased for it, there will have been1
s rl-ent on so-canlledl "Gladles" rond-. in
h ,thris distjrit 11 systrnm, $1,33-1,000.00
=d~~J .And foinihed? Abolut 9" miles, at
aIbout $11.500 per mile. These roaks
tr;will c~onsist of whlat? Chliefly, two BIO
--o~BOI,'iLEVARD)S. O~uc, n ross-8tate,.
iL QTouis~it Boulevard; the other, an ex-
travagnut. Lake-Shore BoulevaRrd.
~" !PAnd the E\'erglades? Will pay their
a full share of' the Onue-nod-one-third1
ra million, antd WILL LOSE MO~'ST O~F
,wo; THfRROD H~w mruebt About'
0 (OOocinuedl on Page Fours,
..,Co a :
L THcI ROD.,n 17T9UR'H

E ;s
e boe co
crC.rC ai
E:. -- J








c, ~
I~ =
'I ,2'
14 -
'I 'L'
"- P
Jg3 3
2~~ r
L--~ C, %
a c "'-
r I. ~q Q~ "
;~asa3 i5.~.~~8
~ qj ~n tR C P_'P'
mCE r
I U ,,,
E 1 cell
Eg~w 2I
'E: id ~
rClrCJ E~ IbOr
acea, o (d






C'nlpt Dodgerr haosb
channel through hyde

the Southl Side Drainage
the rarmichuel-Ross lotl
Thb*s enall is to be 50
will connect Tarpon It~
Iriver at nl point west

Roal contractor Johed
.omllpletinlg n new six.
on the enr jdi Did of A
twepn South Secondan~

SThepr ii all th~e-dill
world between a newsp
zine that has everybody
lor elect to see it as a
pears, and the one vlri
carelessly aside unread,
ura.lln the'r io re

lauderdale Schooli ~ut ('" .moll~cu~ sI11to ~:
brought lujunctio~u Drl(rroceings inl the
0('iricuit C'ourt last week; to enjo~in thl
in the Dania-Davie school distrrit. It
--------is understood thlat the ground on
The Fort Lauderdale' Sc~hoolls open ~hich the injlunCtion 1- as k~ed is that
next Mounda morningr at 9 o'clo~k, *ome outside the district ot~ed in this
prompt, with the following list of Me~etion.
tenebers and assignmuents:, Tho a perso~nil homt it is chlimded
High School voted illegally, state that whether they
.H. B. Rober~tson, Prinelpal. are in the Dania-Darle district or not,
Mid~s Maory F. Dawfson. English. itheyg bare been paying taxee lu th~t
Mdiss Estelle MIoutga~rnry, Mathe- district in the past.
mader. The hearing oin the injuncrtion will
.John P.. Presicott. Selence and Ath. bhe somell timle next weekb. Arror~ney C.
leries~ 'E. Farringtron represenrt4 the brchool
L J~~r~s. Myr:1 Malrshall, Ma~thematiics board in this; injunction .uit.
and History
Frnucis M. Ellis, Latin and 8panisih. REV. J. C. WALKER
~C~arl A. Hlinssen, History. RESIGNS PASTORATE
B ~CommeJrical andi English. to: he sup--
liled Rr\'. J. (' Tnalker~. Ilaunr of theI Bsp-
MisSde idmeyr ae tist Chu~rchl of thii; rity Iresigned his
Xlh 8;d Graides ,pnero lii. g~c rntt e Inst Sunday night to take
17~. B. Klnmmel.'-Seneuth nud Eighth fctNvmrlt.R.11lk
Grae-, a velry inelligent man and the ieon
Miss~ Alicre Elliott, Seventh and 5th gregaltion madte excrellenlt pro~gr'rs un-
gradess jdr his few mlonths' pasbtorate. He is
M~iss Mnc~ia Dune~nn. Sixth grade. aI mano of positivr idlena andi has the
Mrs. Myrta Fenwfick, Fifth and Sixth orgtoErsthmatrtmu
Grade. .to be ndmirted in anyv unu. However,
Mlrs. 17. B. Kimme~l. Fifth Grade. it waus his idgns regarding certain
MissLoi Jakso, ForthGrae. needed reforms in this town and other
Mrjs. Alice }1soodar, Third Grade. 'matt'ers which he considered as neel-
Mrs.hI. Mafice BTdaerd, Seelad- Grade. ed refopsl t~hat brought about tro ble
Mrsi~ B.~:~ Pabank, PhsJt G ade. beTgi:i abT*~ Pee ofhscu

Bank of Pompano (on tract Let f or

oens Monday BeatliBridge.

The new B'-ankl of Pompnllll" ir At a 5pec;inI meeting of the B~oa~d
scheduled to open for busine4~ next (if6 Cou~nty Commissionler, Inat week
Mo~-uday. Septemlber 18 or if for any contrac~ts were let to the (i'Enupion
reason there is delay. it will only be Bridge Co., HP Qmu~iin. of third city,
for a day or two. ;rreresrntath~e. for the construlctionu of
This bankl is to have temporary Ibridges over the constal ceonll on the
quarters in the ,Bevet Building on ( Danin and Pompano, breach roads The~.t?
fIPie- corer us:lrth of rhe pos~t otlic-e All bridges arre both alik~e andl aret -ter
the furniture nodl rithre~ have al-- Lswing draws writh n drlliveway, 10 feet
readly been indtullel andl e\i-rrthing! ;s in~ther~ c~ler betweenrl' thre unrd. The
aipparently. ready to? do imminuews dr tw giv~es n ebanuei width of 1 jT
Thle officrers of this bankl are. (1. F. feht between the fendtrs.
Hammoicn, a large deverloperl andl .nlr-j he .Danip blge rdg ill bie about 20
mecr wrear of Pl..mpouo. Plr-idenr; .L. r feet north of the mention' o r he pres-
.?inl:) ~ thon ..r acksouril l. ri=?e ,Cpres ed(f b~ridge, ffhiCe thle Paompano brlidg~e
.l..-t anid Mir. C-stes of: Jck~sourill*, wfill be on the rite of the old.
In--hierl. The dlireetl.lrii lre H. F. Hanm-l Duringg the wor-rk of clunsitruc~tiuo the
ulanal. A. P Anthonly. Jobu 11'alton, ~old! Pompa~nn bridge will be moved
.I C'rlllpell. n1 n 11est. Mrl. R~obl..- inqut 101 rent north so as toi keep the
,on awld Ge~c. L. Blollun. -ra open. 4'lle Dania beach laond will
F'or n per'mnncut be~inie. thie bankl of- be closed during c~onstr~uctioln.
B~ink~ have- allrenl.T laur~hlchur lots .:.a Rork ir! to be begun by, Octlober 1st
I:,ceno Drive where theyr exfieti to bie- finished in 100t working days.
gin w~orkL about Novetmber Thr, on crrect c
ing a two story concrete b~uildling at n .
c~ost o f $5,00)0. RECEPTION FOR TEACHERS
AT. TENT.Y MILLS, A,reception for, the teachers of th6
,Fit Lauderdale scool drill be held la
The -~~it$..;i~d~JI ext on-s oogte-h 1 Pi'mn~paet_!

yl~ eul sD a p~~
r ~ason i~s *pep." (Onea
ifltingly parapbrazed
"'the worktaday namd-
nitesrar quallty in a
journalifsm 18 aPIed~
la orderht/#



%au et ate


O 3,KE EL ,A It .T ,. .
r The" citizeronP1 ,of Gke3,atai\~we,eo ge*by,,gpio lso t
visi feel UCOun C A~s21; doe lctr, is W aee.s.19D

TO-- 00~dll iEIt0 tg ITDT

r.Tr~al-.Ms C;::p0 ? .vey .e ~~'L'crac agt10 t. 'ilk an itr ac" ~- 24,
to see w~P!~~t tor 1~odicts fcy' oneli on ni1ty .3':aI: "

i'hia :r;trticle f ,s pubhlished, i5 lta 4 a'13 i?;sn rch~f YaCrst fo lr. rtR,281.OBpu~lblsaB
nubth?.li shes:1,syn I.TTICL?. .l;r:'rTY US.~f:8

...~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ia ,,73 "l < ;e~.:t tley e41~ ~wos:. ]* (1,an ,
sot ,and. IG P,1-J32t ron; rding:lp -; 1~~ :9 5-rttl
1.--i"To C94itL~~fio L f. Hoo~tor M~:r 4i. ,1; \y:;r : .ti r ni 3'3

i hp~='L,t I). .-) ICjlL~r, R!OAL ,L*CT.':F T f ,tril d,1c 21.)

of 10,00,0 of Ithe coping00 boa tid (a uty itano

Q I o~3~ roaCt Riio;M1. ,
Okoolana peope m.):r a.1,c lot,upon Yzr't HS l4 gi;:bs 3~?r: an'!:c 0.- .in
rc..election l;a.r n.i fulf~il~lng h~~is pe-1 'ct-1. IPIZ ;: a .Lr30 1Zi, Q31;1CinatTL I of
Souiti 25,1: 2,


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men,;tunateq~ 2Ea c~~twear
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.8#~~ :f to a C~ititJCRes canytrypaesse~f~ true gant
weei a~ ewa god tto axq* and a
re~~~~~ tw rat reret-4a
a g-. .te Inn gravel~2 butrives~ 4
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$I] 00j~ to 4000Wy~i ~For,122r pp'posaeas ( 44reltan;J;ly.-preparest ~Bables3~b o

I.. 44a trill noust BR1 t6~sot~e S1f)iiby 4 banslae."ttr Jdne aborad; ~ laird~~aha without'l
radign.nrsatall~Sf~t~ .nh al,} asJ .we41 aJI f3Tzzzl f..in hard'ri. 1mend.4g the@ Akteralr.

PrevemenJ~jts. 441 Sa~t~ D **pl shoukZLd~ nt c-fbe cons~iidere. Sit means only ev~i

.717. A Gama !hy Asd.:r lareA.~G trts~ISS qttmet '' tel.~irt.u AllumintQ rin. E1 tlbLa.Ji.0ancl;Ln

cafh ~se- -hotmat~Ji~~~3,-Irg.9 a ate~-eta.$oA to writer,that~ r HarrisyBanwill not
5 : e ::Pprove@i,~~i f lary E.St~l~mil Id DP;"S11

?Sp Westa Wxoob14: ie. to make amQZ~~C10r ause (Gitype~r feeling ,yotrsjg v roast
$11jl not~R~c~ 900~QM) c toQ a ocac .%aerr wrrite .itool skin up at anoe~
with. :L;7: M>fr*S~ ,Manager3lt~I --.4itt~ of Pal Iteada~jsol4 .g, I<.1xt~lilderll". anti3jons~
agiteer 'a9 x1Q for ~c~~: F7brya :auG GreansrookE L at. I~SVery editsfa ory
sonfe~rnc~e u~ti' JFr~' hearrux1, e~fW Al~-,rJ o l~rdr l ,wetho ccksakon;omiesr radzehe i
emply ast.4py.5;;,1~`S~~ flX;r~f~g pruo 417,aea ,flsawpA2'~;;.tion ol' .Mu~ll Trng-lt3 syria;n on rrtt.11
30loss ~tE~dcrQa astro idPlany t.Mat wk to to followed- uiPpear ate~Lr yea:~,r;~tl ith ectB..

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:. h~ip ige w( e lose agrjhrIbegrph f.SilratCfor ~~i etaondl systtrao thimu
t.fkras 'ldC-ps: itle ert)~., at,1tyrfesentJs w$.an or~ pranesel

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essnes ~tre advioaa c at IJEnaoP. orrin M~arxilph hoeiuldhlo ou~rastly wdelame
W1.m.fIY,eths*mtossi at ::.t~tacrpa to had.14 at oneopl~et~C;Ir=olass~aeingotoi ,
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~ec actlg.ex1~1y andsiuscoessfully only on ~tale gradn4. plnSc~gt u
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facts sientaiuticallyl~. hanoerkdpelilhancena ,a. cafu3fl~ phys6io. esma~jinationC
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West Pal the~ Good igko~auesfth e top~icl 4rothe Palmo Dead Post
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