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Resolutions, Petitions, Briefs - Okeelanta
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i AAt an adjourned meeting of the Upper Glades Cooperative ^asse
.-tien,Okeelanta Braneh,it was moved by t- f and
tneanded by / an 8 ws- -
SThat we hereby iign the ae8empanying ptition to the Loegs-
.lature of Florida with the express aenditien that the aecempanying
IGREMITT" between the signers( herewith) and the "Offisials and Cit-.
iazen' of Breward County,Florida" shall be accept ed by th p said effisials
and citizens as therein provided, qnd duly recorded on the minutesef the
Commissioners of Brewsrd %eunty,

Pollowing discus.sion,thiq motion w s erried by 3 vete ns followse--
er $)9' Againlst, Tortal, t4.
PlaBe,Okeel;antaFla,,Date, April 7th,,1199,

At the wme rmeetin.,it was mrevd by el/,- ,.t .and

seeended by& t L~, that til citizen of the
abeve 8 AGREVNTIT" she~n include a substantial mnjerity of the leading
eitizen- of eadh and every *eemrunity in Broward County.
Following disevssien,thi notion was sarrild by q vete am follows:--
FTo Zj Agiinst, Ttalo t
? r -- T l"

.Att Pres ident.

I a ay / r atrry.

Lf im14

llI I

Q i


ml7 1


! 71

4 so

,; crops mrp a. year pnai..wouup -
pp,0(0 m;i odre. eoaiing into, the coimty'

*$10 *i:s acre of below tye reality-.
fyt-dollari~'isB ery" modrateY .
"~ Thift: of the 'dditonalx tapf, of the
Str-taj I trobld bring .to tle East Coast..
Thbin.a~ f the.stbikyards` the elevatori
tewadehouses, needed to take care of
.prbduce- It'. would. .make 'Palm;
bchCopy- as.well -known in .the
t: for'its agriculture, as i. is now:
kmn'wi 'oyein the eotintry, for iti,. cli-
naiirte.' ..
thie: pebp'fe of~:the 'Glads are iotf
.aigontb .ven:"an.thf.i Thp.
~ wis- al- ~ tohpay ,'i beii' d ,oas m .s
eairu .eth ayor.tlaidr land and for
rlp i : to' troprty'i ,
theyUow it' fasJ-be done' '.Pa
efch Gi as'.th beet part of the '
verglade"-buit t. iU osr ..It-, if., it
.dbs noto t.~;e. -i e :'-....
'" .e.,naom b.a k wh, ,to bdild r6ads t .
telke aid' begin at 'he coast.
'Beau the- bst land, and the highest
la rend 4dy6or imnedlate' eultiv'at1ni, '
i afunmd Lke. Okeeehol6be,.and:,i'
iibed( while lhpadreds 'ofL toboisa
r'areh ln between ''the ga .d,
poine. 1ted ette 1 er drainage .aiid i1to
r n bore theys are ready

el Keelata went 'Soialistia .in the
Lepral .e "on. Next tine it will go

I:Si 'kiand .]olioway's dredge ar-
ved: e' November 7th, and will be
'or wbork isi as few days. When their job, a road.
1 bi. apen from West Palm Beachi
th" ..Le Cou"nt e.' -
.,,r ,, .. ,' .. ,'

..T .... '.' .,, ',



Oelnamta is the olAest Upper lads Nettl mi at is lere thlates ti "
afri3ithtf the Plg rims lat de4eand began the trwSloe with the esa ',
rasse the rellwing Y8s years has Gena nmeot soDAntl.iaw straggle wti the
' the .*ieotives have bee* to lear wait to raiser andhow to

drain age, reads, aehols,rel3giom seorrses esd ting prelnst~,reaoer
Sins, earasementas and all the 'reoste
leek of an eapelrLent Station has been a flWeefi ha aM ap* R ,owho therede
feritis almost pastilt slee itIs to be esta biphed bythe legiAature,
WhePalm eah Bainage and lifghway istriot is doing great work S is
i atting -hOot dLtoheu on ea o half-aotion lfenozrth audsouth ietweet .
Sensd-anal and the austard apple ateirtig the Lak.e* u I the' Trianl
I ergSan between the North New ltver anal and the Ellieorotnd between 4 '
mB *Beadl anIthe kethls work is now almnot ane* ,th huge Ell the *w

kl the area between the ote h ilew aIT r %anal andthe 'lUim~ andt between ithe
S arnea moutia dt fr danger orecess water
a adltlsthe big diteher not only plows out a wi4e furrow,'bat itthrovd ikp
Sa U baukb Adhis make a fine foAndation for a loeal roa* A wure i ai to
e oNArS h Cahoae inbae to complete a! soodtrIt road.between taa al t
sad .Reile r01ad4 the fleriaMialg and enterprising eatament onthe hlll borue
Z e Ukiaeross 1.- pdlnnet to eamplete stbh a *ii't road be' e kel i'
spA d Kweia -hLp w enable a jitnery sarioe 1engLteenoatdto be

.* 8A .. -:I,. IA ,. ..

A. A. A i
it... .f4 4l, _,-t,. ha.! t s.1 *.. .. . |



Agan,thce above tpanlage Bistriet,with Nsoe help ftna thoe ounty OeanissiioaeMn
is pUttingthe Bolles oad nd fanal onaemoreinto condition between this oeaal
andtho Minadi possibloon -to Lee County9 Nearly 4 years .agpthbi road saw jit-
ney searieoe HIoweverpitwas allowed to fall. Inte deesaln part|andthe inal
almost wholly* his n gleat almost destroyed the settlement on tJe Mltimu
Bolles -anal Orossing. A few have ho onhol onowever9 till now th irhpes
approach fruition,andthey should soon again be abi to run fom theirpoiat,
both by water and road. to Okeelantajand thense on to West alm Beaoh*' ar.
thertheir water way to the nakeenoi obstraotod lwll be again opersedgaan
with the progress of tte Gross-State Load systefthey will have a rond up
the jmfi Canal to th Lake*
AS to the Oross-State Roads.- that raoter sc longer eoognisetbythose with eyes
to se e as absolutely esseatlai to the salvation of the Upper blades so nt00ry7
an the bindingtogether of the Oounty. hie road is vwiina g its weary length
slagj yearssnultipliedebeing consumed in what should have been rushed throuM
in months n Dee, 2l1913, the Qhairman of the BoardofOounty Oomeissioner
wete the presentwritter -- As to a road froam Lake northh to fte Myoraslthis is
a pet scheme of mine that a m adroonatganadX believe it 'wlI be seeomplishe-
in twq oa three y4aI at least. We have lot a contract for a good graI wzrm
the western boundary of the Gounty to about one pLlo east of the North eNr
MLver anaal. This iaon thde owinhip Idio just south of Okeelasta*.
this is the road whidafor TF8 years,a few of us representatives of the sawm
grass *
region-. the in thefaoe of endless efforts to almads"'
or diverbhaie fought to put through. We shall get it it' bAt how soonT
That depends largely upon the size of the army we oan master forth effort
to abaMo' or divert it are tireless and endlese. Let ABBErME EVTI~BADERS
OGrs iould. ran nair from the county seat Tvi GladeoresteOkeelanta and S.oui.

*- 4

(a) ,
Bay. to)4itj)Mi a point near ia tap- possibly to ittaj andthenoo onto
Moore aveo and Pf. Myers if the barge.terrie sloeg readyleouldonly be at4a
toned at their respective pointslp iz Palm Beach Oanalynear the Send, ills-
brM.r'os.-Oanal rossingugOkeelanta and onth ay.
Work on mte levellingof the eolles Road( between Okeelnta and the liami Grossi
iq to begin almost any day. zeaoslijao hes to connect the )ross Banal adt the
Riaig ditehosand bridges over thosoditehes are being put in esst of Okeelanta
by the stalaage DBistriotj others vest of here aro to be put in soon by the
same authorityL- a body whir h seensto realize he need of saving th Glades .
civilization from dry rot.
Beats can no:1 1 n from the 1ake via Okeelanta or tho Hillaboro an %o s 9 nal
azdPalm Beaoh Sanal to the Oonnty seat- When suff ioint water is allowedin the
Palma eash Oanal Tihogreat water thoroughfare, meaAbtileas from the first
between tho 'at Coast and ake is the North New Rver ?al* er this,
ria good passenger and freight boatson sohedaletheyear roundmas they have
deaeestatements to the contrary notwithstanding u inoe 19s13 Over this route,
the finest boat over run regularly on any Everglades waters is now plying
It owaldnea passenger and freight servioewith passenger equipment sggestfng
a palace oarinoli Iag meals,ele-trie lights,berths for X33and modern toilet
servriee A substantial boat service has recently been established from
Moore aven to Upper Glades pointsneinolad in Olkeelanta. Who oore Have
ReoA is completed almost to Sand Poipts Boon the boats will oarry freight and
passengers to that pointi about i/3 the distanoo to ts Lauderdalee
Lee ouabty had long plannedto oeme east ia the Upper Glades andon aresosthef
theOros 4ftateloote. nrwhoweverPaln leaph papers tell us ,Lee is so'wearied
with vaitlagfor Tala lBefth build her portion of the Road that she has roe
oent-ly sent a delegation .to ani to negotiate with th t livTehustling Oity

vr r eiroughfwae via the Tlt, Trail .- running far to the soilth t.
SMyers and thence easa*e
4I -

./ I

(0) st... .
t -like mannerthe Moore arven boats and railway threaten to take theoNSc8e
o ses from our County seat* ~ther,Moore aavenand er neighbors have
at lastestablished an All-Blades Oomatyvith an eye siasle to the interests of
the Everglades owuntry. Possibly a fei more ofthsee oraoks of doom will
wake the dad. in our own Court Souse*
Okeolanta ,as a poiato eountrymay well aspire to become another last la
Who quality other prodnot is par excellence. The quantity per aorepis bigJ
digging season is again b. giiniug* hconly draw back is the poor market.
the O inese- Potato,or 0asheonfis the one orop iahohALONEwvold make the saw
grass country worldsbmtCous but fur th': same laok i neified l The Oovern.
meat is puahlngwith ampetty appropriation to help find this market* Grow.
era arc trying to findthrough the hetp of ooamistswUhy e cann ot san.esa8
fully sonvery our product into starch and ftel alcohol* learnhileGLlades
friends everywhere asould eat the dasheen- a delicious rvget.ibleoand help
IbIulA the market, ( Cilder seti on application.) -
Sagar can is a great Gliade ocfop* B rap mLlla make a flae sirtp* The big
sugar mill iain eight* He will need many companionse
Iogs,with proper care, do vel here* Two oiernanent hog-experts, esra seftM
and Fshahave just been here,studying hogan* hey advise changingl lots,aMd
mirIng into the feeds gol tifRo-,
.rhgyo phorio Aid opateool
-.renv copperas
4-nSilioom* Sand
b--Potash, Hardtood uAhoe
-COaiirbo goal or Oharooal
7-Chlorines alt
s8-Iodine, Peotaa lodidoe.
for a elmplesafoesuro and ineas Ozivo startertihe thing thattto dateghaL
Seerythingelse beaten is the k3iML 1E'1 To the oldb-tie Blades investor1
worn with w ary waiting or to the fresh reornditve may well sayaerG nto a
Glades settlement- drop all the nonsan eo about waiting tinl $Wi iraet

_ ____ ^ i

is drained*- find a settlement that suits your start oney and get intopoult.
YouIll do moreowith less moneyand- do it mo e quickly tha in anj other way
yet dieaoqvred*
Andyou're NEIZED EIAE. The present writer has fought your battles herein
the typical saw grass region for most of a deo demand advised you to stay.
oat till the problems were solved.

Now It is high tiae to change the text and thcsermon* tou old buyers,es-
pocsallyhave a les.-on to lear' hiur Tour best lands are growing up in-
to elder brush that are going to cost you labob and hard cash* 'urtheo,you
are facing a competition now ofwhioh you never Imne beforaoro dreamedl* Tau
blight in the saw grass landka* there vere no other lands offered the aost
of you. Saw grass lands areall right when mastered. %t they do not ropro
sent the sanapa that theother lands do that you had no ohanco to buy--the
Lake and island lains* The rush of settlement is on to those snapz lands*
Bodies attract in wapthoratio of teilr mass and inversely to the square.
oftheir distance* This mass on the oaasyelands isswelling,anc itt'diatanoe 3
from the seat of powerpin comparison with yourosis lose thuai zoro.
The result? ou are* getting loeft las for you don't go". You are
* tol far away, mere speoulatorsanyway Ibever have omeOsu-Ila nmevr willg.
lour ftmbtion Isto pay taxes and bond moneys to to build improvements for
the' aotnal sottlousse
You *oaunt like AeI IdLko 2~eedOs old. votim .you are aukod,* What are you
going to do about itPT
4 answer Isa Cut out your waiting* det into tho Ola es and gco' in quickly.
let where yop own be countedLaid here you can do someVOTIflr Show some
sigas oflfeo* Spa pi i ke e ohn Alden,' for.youraelf.* fight your own battles.
Bent nt a settlement. Anything else tu too wild to consider* If lmitled
in fmundlget a little plat of ground l,bld nod.ostly,and raise poultry to

M__ __ _M

these,add a feev pigsa oow oa: goat,and a gardea* With a little balance to
fall baok upon,andwith on-e and industry, and thie inRalxable experiene already
asequired not up north batRI.HT ERE, you should win. e ing hereoyou -o
REALLY EIK build the GlA.does

thos. E.Ill,

S sWE. SOOW W iA D vY. OopaIT learOe ImCollt
^er Soath WiwiMaa espeolallr the ';vgl te.A D VKW1EUT ia the one thag
0aeetldtho ge pn s &in a _~ t S o m 4e VAXb SIE W,4
Saouth.l SldsarI aL poiu tlliti are y coideat ate Matbarrlng aa oatw
apfte and a feupl24ttle latesor apoh moonamleatanatk to aaywat ^ -
p *aay neagep .,
Anad wl Beeause the rEA? XIMrIs the ak OunP te Ag alt
o ler tast beeefthbs ftra melaholy stepla-Ila ittle rphat ALne
ETosptng rpmrtly f pmlaa State drainagaband hcroulea tiaoraf
Qffora btr h kata of *er blades $laneoabrulonodto thoir f datW th
J agiden h as th a d o of tom Louk4Eha oestda"avdhteilye bo aue~ a
ba A cl lhleaBal without elathroui tasda awsl Intarot barges,
tfm thoe n ~at.3 t rgolyuo othr sootOvla.
Tatfta lasAness", o. you aav Maylbfr Pape e tat it'sLlgt eoath for the 61awEa
and fefetho Oeastvas wall*
esthbe Pae re earll O~8 00 old Bverglad to. lay aloneum I Vmle thaL ale
to the n rem Ia oas a o e tmhao lIa 1910 Nkll MOIealse sai I/, At 4m
fo tao the fst Dvr. rglatom BMywarts Orgiata i on esrtannd peseaed to
It a tePoe
1 e uspe alatoaea SNot oa yoar lIfet$ Owe wde called the U* wrglaoes
la = ian*latS O st O ateaatheuo was going eto Fsorfascittle pdaeloping
e~t~ ag t UiA a gresatanr ao eiliatimon a alean ta bloua ntr Maol

dfes thq comroa Far one thhanbooaunse IXta koepag tha out* To sac,
to 00le os tor adOM'ay loadseattercdt lie the leaves of Tarajoaa
at San eanoeass1ebleonA rith growing eadseflutaprAb1aes naclyvod
have mo at aumitAe*
1i910sr taO st to mako it pea sal for those old flyors to eaee.
jlat a ftlat it blas boa.- amt -i eot Moroy draw the val.
~l* their yaim are !1M4 74 yen TthIflr arc OvIlUfljUE an t ix-agrront
n ~ ote w$b(Mkjt, LOok at thG UtEo tax uSnalol And with laima g

e these Iyao worth holding" Aro storoe..-utmora worth havlnggar iSd.

Sth Ole ates me fitoM r mettlaaent those 30,0000- or the half oa thoe.
4ot ied kerowaravolatiaiao ooalttm in Smoth orstd'a
o a ag notathaqr wealdtiaw Vt ar tas anil laire.A ofthou=antM It
'mbe o over agaBta,ltt raised to the athe poWer
no ttuottheo rt Uladaes atiria wvoald be soothaye klke on sat sl*l
towam ld uSlmo tate attteirclasQmIthe hSo iat @oeaat trwa
to tomast PEEau d beyoaap a beo one son astslou 0sttls7cae1
r makfc t SpoatSSIE Let Set Both fori Ae lspme'W2e WaOlen or UirA m
saw. x ,

Irl I I I

Im .


- *

I. /





. ..1 .

is wee'r they saat ~~ilt his rail road amt his pi rate foltdae Wby first

Re taught his fame r he to 'fairoompell d aSeSitls that meant asoes
for thnaesPnQ thn maeumaoeY.andthma Ot 15X = MsaZBS*.
What an 'nreslment forr bIS Wriere he spent? hundreds la helping his ftrhaer
ie reiertd beapPrealjth saaua te' a thoumaslaaO ad the bcSitdU

SNgiMisan*s t itt Plain as a pike staff. Ay edey a see itamow that it's
danee oal ll is dead and gone*.

At Ijy j an't South Floridaa sflu m.i mon alPl- aliTessee ittroaaamd et
,apon t I
Why oan't she foilew the beaten traok to i.a and., fortuneS
* X So oS PQrrmnADiEiOt~PERt heaven great that itMseen the vlleu1 anM
wIl bit the trail.

Maybe VMsaper -will nwn and publish vital Bverglades facts whiaiaan heaps,
are now M3alae;

TwayWo e a w.s l i the areny that will reveal -t0lP other emasetaul fts-
ftie uperiuaet taid ,or the In tiat te f erop al -j~ ea enm

PO ~sa$ _ay we evea are to h eosp-ahe wll swriteh same of the t14.l
atre irxta fra satndto namek,Mand emalt same REAL MO lUri REAL BDEEL
OP' aX the REAL MIAS B thCo saawrar s weauorlal.
iliae WELLXES atrhappenilgdpsissibly Wh6o knonws.-ahe will actually
zAzE pE= sAPP e
.Who legal Weo -i e in an age of tirals. e oneoelTablyeven this airsale
I s, et ampusstble.

ampwaynoae time, smewheressomeboldy VILL pot. Iis eva -o
ua 4a1 gmemrataos wl all ban hii amassed 1
hao.. EWUll
^ : M

I ---r

~.~-------- -----------.--- --- ------

-~~.-.-Y--------------------- ----

..,i- .a ."



De W Bir:-

B.M keelnatas Protective Assoelatie bs bnee
ferret by peraos who are st eetoheere or .h are M title to
stooa of the olsa nta Coporation, hlok oorporatten was
foznae to take ever the sift leal froe aorFrs verrglates
lan Co. to I. J. Chapman, aJ. Ohapla mla 6. C. Beats
Tmratees, for the bnefit of oestraot bhoters or purchasers
from Plori"a Brerglaed tea Co. Those lants were aoelPd
to the tald 51T tees tartg the year 1912. hae Protective
Aasoeeation hs beea fore for the purpose of esoring proper
management of the affaire of the earporation aoa the lssuanoe
ft the teek to oeatraot holtors of FlorUs sv rgla es Lea
Co. The gift lauas hare now become lmmasly valuable
they being iwrta aet lees than fur hadrel fifty to five ),La.'r
thousas a, lrrs are readily saleable at ash price.
he msagesm t eaA 1ireetlo of thoee lA al at&
f the affars of The Otelastas Corporatein rhav beea vesteS
exclusively in Mesars. Chapman, Chmpieos A. Barr al 5. 1.
Austinat, a it I ou r pinion that the eastraot bho ers ho
have not been isened took will arer receive amea sa those
to whoRv toek has been iuaned will never roeirve say returns
therefrom unless aggressive measures are isaei&atfty takea.
1.a 4. of -s
; Briefly stat6, tlh heiatfry of thw-e Itir -al
toe ,rraul4tts taM wrwoo, .a. bbe sq.tees r ties are
as fellow:
he corporation to be fozted t take vore these
14M was. regilret by the aet& of treat to hare Its a toek
AlTvtlet n.t 4,860 rabre, one sk re of whtLoh shoal be aIsawe
to the oatrsot holersn fr o bh oetzret held fro thto loarlt
Tre l.a Les OLwco.o*, Ba y D MAe_ a"tMlmspa.
aa Obh"ftan (over th to act).
as a majority of the tateet.a oawreaysl th lisi. to Th Okee-
lants Oorporation mad revival tr e the oeprZfelea 4.860
shares of ftoek in trust, uwhth ashoal have bhees leaat to the
eontraot hebo rA in the above rties withaot eot*t ObapiSon
Chap .ma Barr wBa Austinj eaffi seT at dieniorf of the
Serporation. aisregartag the O bier a requlremants ef the AeeA

4- .... ; -; ~ .. 4 *1
'.' i' L-s *,n 1 S .'* i &Z.:xt;s.. ;M

v" *

. . . .
Ji"'- '"i. j

,-Btrat ti hs prtlgtlagr, a s m. -' a e th t atke, ly abett 19 O eadttest ho1Aer4 oom-
.*,...1 pl.l .. this* w' thUnk& ,lntual reitT. mnat am the
roaeinder of the steak ws Mbel by the ftrateea or by the
Sabove umedA parties -a the Recnmatie 0mitte of ~the r-
ea4ttBf Iwho exarelsdo fll Totnfrg ow ae o s o tfe east
Sthaa ey virtue thereof have awt ly atateA aelase
Sontot' the ortportlea. Seursl eg A in utter
Sdiruegrt of their dut y toh *eltrrst lr, 100 ehars
of steek were son by the Ae:atire oBamsittee of t ewporr-
tnt er s the inMia price vof Us50 per sharn Sa It pie BBad
tjrely pe siie tat all really #teek bao ariM bemn oU.A,
tabtlesB to pwreem fl.ari y to othl It 1 oar Ye4mtentiu
"at bdUtef that the ale of. tl .stIek rs ill .i sao ean. be
enllt by epprepriste legl setita Aill sat new M boA
:by the !nramtn r the Nmoative OmBittee Am la.iti tH.
18t0 ata o-, f e*tk wrestllyA is be tiuet to
the pmartel teaS~ ute Ia the Ae& Sat AtS m*lyS the
ean htrt eha erJ fr r foritst Nre.a fsaft. 9, ar M it I~
Sor parpwa to Wike every effort to Oepel this to be dAae.
In cities to their wra l eta seswe of sto6oku
the off to i. Bet ire terB t the 9 r#/ st6Bm batte nfgleMote
:their aty iy pnittiae the sale so'e le. sa taeMs mat
S r f. tre to takeo ay stp s or seesarew W relso SawM
ids t oeBa by Maes or oprf ttina as the l a0 top au
imsamfle e passes of the, arfof tla .aA ilvr&flAea to Its
tolnkake&ers. We re also rtwst that thwy bre aoe psui
thiViso zlair sltranl al ough tiwq barrn aly i-=t
(Aptfa m, ta rour $asates. hae st arp ro t tee. ye
Wbelivm that y, their Istu. zlest as hmaaemet, the
present offltwns ar imftatrs wpll pealt s a ea.e, the
.asset of ute a to i wastot, Atleaipate eat de-
appr, .t ag~ e aa ttlste. sat mag-gressiT Oteps twe taken
to. pjnMrnt it.

it I hi~try of tbe Sitt 1 &d' th0e rtioae et the
*entta: f trWm their asesptsaen -at se willu Wre entirely
Without pay. ThiB eoupittoe Is aao* MeBr of east, Wim
Le. ialorer lat the nfUal Sttate ,*s "agatv )r.
0. Bats (fte of te nginal rtet A iii. Ofls)t, T.
OIufnlosg foaer ly of a e lWorthh all e W a b liagts* D.

'-K -.', ,-.. ... _..,,


.1 c~
I *
4,.~. ~,L

ar. eS & W. e ger (Sormerly fl ttat)ur $) Er. *A.
RtO M *r. W lliam K. oa pas e a1l tf Whr par mfatnt
b~waeie os om f 2e worth eat in elese tau l& th X t the lel81
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frea thX Aate of. th gsint of this leam.
Onz to the fStt that te enastrat heM~en are
me~ rans mi wuey seatterat tat the a pewse f ay atioen
i too great to be het0 by a fS personal aA thot Wy ro-
salte the At soati obeltaie will be of at al benefit to all
la ike sitoat iea this Asooiation has bu fernaeet that
-w may take unitat sntion with but slight epease to ayone.
t pr+e*Amrs )tmmt ware e a of th origi=at 486 par8hasenrs
tri a Forlas ates lar Co,. vaA are (nttlea/ome esarl of
Aste a h oe Okanta 0o31perattan for rrery eentraet ~o pure
-a a:~ae by you het h trt ha bee ri" out
.by P" or p ositt e to wije5a e a a a ti o ar C'~ yos
.:in ywithla MAd isti 9L OWear efforts to obtsi Use itook ao
preetos thereof to whISh you are righttally iasfltX 4 as .arq
effort oa nr own .behalf s nst e.ssarily abe of lbqefit to yU&E
BMMWvr$ we to Cnot a*c pu to eoatritbte or pem6mally bwgm
able for ae oeato but merely ask that u seslgaip ns. pltae
yar wt"kt (e if yan her not been tala i tea... your rght
to stood) to the extent of one-thizS of its lvat e fo the pur-
pose of raisal aejne for nessasry tdpeae.- It we are' -
suasesasfl you will not be infared, as ywr took or righbft
Iow have no valueT in oua opliuae. Mles if we -r mnseeatf.
yM emhal&a relWiv yoWr projprttonate part eo the preetas .ef
the gift laas lesa your just part of the .oagem of of tata-
ing swah proceet s. It ip therefore zurg tnut ym sign the
"milneO s paper, mark form. S. 1. f in Uhere boeeon soat
took, or fora oa 2, if you hUae Aot been teahnal stoc., aA
the aBmoirel Fray. befoa two wItaMass m mail as to Dr.
bhoxs I. aWir, the Secretary of the Q0aittes. at t.: ]ate r-
tale Paortiaa.

aI yor
measte with ...

asitr fLrther laermatiron please ear
S.* ". .
". _..; ,

Tows very traly

S ,, ~.



'77 77157"_

-- ~-~-----


. L. : '
' "* *



ihasreas. it in a matter of coonon report that the transportation
facilitiou of all that portion of the Evorglado country lying south
of the Hillaboro oanal, including Okoolanta, Ritta, and adjacent
iolandx and territory, is in a moot deplorable condition, and that the
inhabitants of that region can sea no glean of hope at any early date
from the authorities of their county in the way of better facilities
both from water and land mean of tranoportion, and that
WhorMa,. rooidonts of that aootion, ohafing under the above men-
tioned diaadvantagoeshavo augCoator th thathe Legolalturo at its next
saaelon ii April, 1910, be as:kod to eat off all that traot from Palm
Doaoh County and attach it to Broward County in hopes of getting batter
facilities to onable thon to market thoir products with oortainty and
deopatch, therefore,

E IT RESOLVED by the Fort Lauderdale Chanber of Oon;oroe and
oitisona Ceonrally of nroward County,Florida, that we noot-heartily
sympathize with the aforoeaid residents of that portion of the
Evearlades, and we do hereby boar tootlnony and h roby prga oa that
in the event that they may be ouooesoful in thoir aeforta and have
all such land as abovo dseoribed aot off and attached to Brorard
County, that we will uoo our boqtfgdoavor to secure for those
distroosed people a hard aurfaood ra along the banks of the North
Nevf Rivor oanal, and also leave no stone unturned for the improvonant
* of the watorransportation in said North Now River oanel, and

B IT FURTIIi PrESOLVED that we, the undeLoignod, are in hearty
sympathy with the anticipated action and no hereby promise that we will
Ido all in our power to aooiat in the laudable effort to obtain rollof,
BE IT FU TH.E REDIOLVED that no will enoourage and aid, in all
practical ways, the doZg rpnoent of that portion of the Everglades.

J.A.B. Shippey, Pron. Chumbitr of Con-lorce.
W. C. 1yle
W. J. Roed
A. D. lctrshall
Frank Stranahan
W.3. nolloway
Carl P. Woidlingn
J. ., 3panlor
A. D. Lowo
Sam Gillian
S.~, Onydor
U. i. Boyd
V. Blosoh
O.P1 RooSi
F. Wo. Harper c/
H.V, C.ldor f /
Oscar Peterson
II. C, Crim c
Robert Ferguon
Frankc White
Lon Coro
Earl Hunt .
John I. Kyto f P
Frank H. Beilfuss
0. E. Far ingtona

3.J. Clark
Ralph A. Horton
II. C. heoolor
nI, H. LIarahall
Jfunmo 3. Riokrrda
II.R. Fit.athi
C. J. Ooyle
Claronoe Wodge
Tom U. Bryan
".II.. Lotis
A.L. FitazIugh
J. B. Shaw
L.3. Brendla
C.E. Rickard
T.II. Monifoo
E.11. Frank
C.C. Aunhrnntn
W. Auntin
Goo. .. Ifal
J. J. Joyoo
TI.D. Duaonbory
o0.. Joiner
U.A. Hortt


~ ~



e.s' r .4; 44 a% '-a 'a a r
vW:J S, S a 4Nl

. -a a 'v ..' atr : '" '' '' '' '- ". : ',, *' .' .- '* ''- '" ,' ,

St e t0

', .' .j ,.
00 .0
Ia.' ; ,. ', 1 'a -' .. ", '.. '% ^. ''J* :. ;
.f 7. .. e. Later ht f is.hed te R6... iden. ; ... er wth eo d 6 'U .
.;- ,a a 2 -' . . ,- 'a -. '.4- ',' ,"
S.a"t e a. eti PuMtlio Roada, i.' ash ti a. j. he &'
a a ; "aa : f .. a" a.. t. f n' t.. i- a .. .

Dfu jiOhedf nl eiee. eqoe x-it -ll eo tobel tAba 44
'd.6," -".: a.... t. er fur 4ished. .p pi. .. .
,, r whi e ope i.h .opyt- h r d .

A' *.., t ttto fl he appeared I pp .eta nitt bfwqrtt *. at.

.the b : .... r A af ',rb as -.t pr the fr he. roth. n

1-4- aa .. v o_ t .i nto .* d th a b o a...d ....L .. .
r gt+.r aur k.f rst....a t was ....... .....t ,i.; ......y w it, w.... ,' .. ...
e ti e .t rt .nr i ,nisher dn oae bn l, wth d .ert= wo, ir' i. .

-t '; Q w S it i a *,ya atanPbgtet JP|Be 4 i I' a a 1*;;*t a

; w. ". "iat h at )-.i landr 'e f .ll ,lidotei 8 i 4gA pis 4 ih 1,"o fo he *,opt.."". ":" '
a .+ ,-a .. .- .... a ,., .. .

a. .'a: the ,p, itplf. '.aarB d i. ..ed -.t'.", -.iidn.. f.. *

a-, a ,, --. .e rt1 i.Qlik..t3 idg indne 'u ncle;y p s"a
H4ot "1 'a;OV" "+i: :

-of l ptoery.tE iator hei than thet t ti a w i oul4'b1 ie t te 6 S
S a C ; .. ., ... : ." ; -- a, ..- 'a* a.
r. i"ga, g. : .' .1i '. u U i c -

ofjchief. Wou ..vah a

a* 4 J .. 'a r Ia 'j, a7
At mt ,s t ta i i- ..i ill, s ,zf ,h fl. u. ,, $i, b ... n o., ly. .t ,

a" w ih t..'p od ,I .. A -l.e ,"
a. a. ,

.,a I-. a a a In 8 4 ,1
.a a a a ?m'. P i ar. -W.

,. ,,,,,
s .-.o 4.2 d ..4 + .''. ,,, ,,_
)-"+~~~~~w $A A,. ,,k..", ,, '",: '"". ";
: II II I'I I"" I I :I 'I I I +I W oul d I fw wI I II;', '"
; ~~,o of- -.i,. En io r in ,n i l j. ;i,. %
h 4 : '" 0' ; : "' -
~ ~~~~~~~~ t h e f l 46 -. .,,r. ,
,',v ,i V -, ;6 f '..' + . .. ', +, ..'fa t r o- .. .. ii. : :...]! + -, ,.,0 6,,+ ,

To this, General Brown readily agreed, but said I must get authority
for him froa "the hill". This, with the help of Senator Fletcher and his
Secretary, Mr. Hill, was promptly accomplished Ao a resolution tlaf adopted ,':i
by the Commerce C committee of the Senate.

Of these resolutions, the chief clauses were these :

"Confer with the residents of the regions and others regarding
existing conditions, investigate physical and other aspects of
the project and of the proposed project."

Tio' Submitted" (nominally) "in response to the" Commerce Comittee
r resolution, adoptedd June 9, 1952", the above course the very one we had
urged, General Brown had cheerfully approved and promised tnat 'he Commerce -
Comittee had directed the District Engineer wouldpnd did not follow. /~7t

First, he objected to hearings, as not worth the trouble; but did
consent to R conference, to be presided over by his oesistant, Mr. Berkeley
Blackman, and would carry little weight. This conference was held at South
Bay and presided over by Ur. Blaokman, an ideal officer. To the local people,
it was highly satisfactory. By vote and without dissent they agreed to the
improvement of the North New River Canal, and to letting the excess lake
water out over the ancient, natural route, via the Shark River, to the Gulf.

But in making up his report, the District Engineer ignored this
conference and all its works, and at no time did he, or any of his repre-
sentatives, "investigate" as r-quired above. In conseijuenoe, his office
remained as uninformed as before, and even more hostile, ns his reportclearly

Inasmuch as the Commero' Committee, during the recess of Congress,
is scattered, these facts have not yet been laid before it. But they should
be, and with full explanation. (9

A like case occurred not long since. Congress directed the U. S.
Engineers to survey the North New River Canal, which they did not do. This
writer called thr attention of one of them to this failure, upon which ha
was informed that the engineers did not feel obliged to carry out orders
from Congress; but, in auch oases, usekheir own diaoretion.

The present would seen to be an opportune time to ask the Commeroe
Committee of the UnitedStates Senate whether a subordinate clerk at some
distant point can obey or disobey its orders, at will. If he may, where is
Congress in our system.

Let us look at the report. .It is that of the Distriot Eagineer at
Jacksonville. However, theDivision Engineer at New Orleans copies and approves
it in almost every important detail. Then it goes to Washington, D. C) again
to be copied and approved, this time by the Board of Engineers for Rivers and
Harbors, and with the same general effect.

'Bas this report made in Jacksonville and by the District Engineer?
Much the same report was made by his predeceseer, Colonel Frasier; and his
was largely made by !is predecessor, Colonel Brooke.

I -l i, r
JAri7 jJ-ubr rc-

*' And whit waf. of C fial BrOeif A re-p In. tn i-tal
t *am ramwe Mr* remdrtck- Cotn siA et .alsaaa^ ta ,U'

o all. ida tht, but th y wil im lW(- theA willt ehd uhe foll g frquV :,
1 ..,

v- \ ,'-< z, I florida Maga.,li sotot ,, sta. d .Jul,, ,11( Driainin :the -

t to 19424

...' ,- ,a ,i a fo' K, fr E.-"" Co, t o B 4 q Ta:s* e, u u i -- ', '
** *. .", m' .*:: 1+ ... ;.*L.., : ,'* :,; ,, i .

e.f l Un ncbeer, thIak they oferthek floc t eutr l e ahd vatv astIon In
,- 'i .:. th,. b t t, e w il of. 19te w t, he f- re 1 0.t

they WUl:.taftit the ir t gal d eCe out W I r. E11Ae^,.aI 8Aridian, Ad
lanet tero, i. *e be e r e
i"ritaU ni ot4'.'v, ha.end July 144 th 'Dpraiigsemt r*led
,t ga ft y worked by Mr. .llit a fl of .
125, iS, 3. eT ae l y deti lee hurriaie a .*' f
*te ItU. s

hat ,,ir. P.. C, aiItfci worked oat tlhts floo d navigation plan *
,' .- in ^24, p d 1't ta 1 6, fwa the first ,pAttriiane e iis and developed it,
S .. 9 4 6. t pe.hi t. t h o. th .
ta .,a, re Vbi"ctf., th. M. tA no hioi g lh. te ts, oftir. The .. l a J.eks.-

"t"* .il shtut h wiho r. .:,- k .t. ....

/-.' i Mr '. .1 .i 'ed n et ^ e tl "' w ..Ca. ,
l ,' ,n. te. ,Caoay- e a a b .. r ., r. .. ur. e. .,

Sbe. ak anAttl so U.S. iEnin-oa ae wat be 'jt

r 'b J .
.. ... ;..* -:.x 'z~z,, *: .. in 19... se.d h ,..l.e
.. .. lo ofh
4 ..2 -

_' ,', ,n .h, -

.n. x t U e mb en n r.e

r.. 1,. b tshe toir iut 1 on the ,i nth. Ad Sqtmwsih" hso

3 L:shou Ld knio4Sw .t i;: f t Ipeakr lt *eetTt' lan g*' *
b. '. .i i t, )3. th., tSP t bt wh ate e a t I .T hoBP.e Ule J e.
** ', ". "o-. -IV.,11 4 ( -b "'".'-. a'. t ha nd);" h-.h ," s be are' a e ai nt' .*
M .4

,'":,,.,.; ::'. :'!r~U Lk; .h e .-bi4. w ,h B l tiaiSht Sa laet 'lm "ett''lva" t .

*, ,.. .a eohS 1

*; "-. '" "' .Y .- J ,c'J*rtu ate bu 't,. r ea ing .f 7"-

S. ,* "' .? "' r l "' ,, ,'; W,'tt e e e -. W M tm e t.- ,r l I W .w t .,' e a" t r
,. ..Etineer, e trolstCoo Ont .

Sta.rt ", a., n e "
S .... 8

4. ;' ""* .! ; ' -, ; '": v j* 't

S :- ...^ ; .. ,h; ,-' .. ^. -, the.- :.. .,'. ,. ,o-l' th i ';- o .. '
-- ~ ..., n~ .: .' ,. :,.s .,. ,~~, ., ; : .. "
~ ~ ~ ~~r .." :..ld~ .re'l .... .i .U_ m .IEi .,r-rr z rs,

T ., ', + ii I +V+ i '1 .. I" I" I l r I Ii' iI
. ', ." +';; ;,. .'. + '' + < ... '' '. '. '-, ., ,.' ". ,. '" + i" ,"' / ,

Since'Elliett policies and U. S. Engineers policies seen to be OSiamese
twins', should we not know just what these Elliott policies are? For years it
has seemed difficult to grasp them, but now the light is shining an them nmre
'brightly. They are .

1.. Soak the* Everglades. Admit every possible drop of water' into
S and onto tre, Everglades. The Kiasinume leads from the North.
Mr. Elliot is anch opposed to the diversion of a single drop
of this Ktseimne water to either Ocean o0 Gulf, saying it is

Cukling the St. Lucie Canal into the Lake lt fito it a
S vast volume'a f additional waters, the Alla at ah late, formerly
e* ptying into -the ~Obean.

2. Bar water frop running out:

a. Shark River. This was the old original Lake discharge
outlet, washing all soil from the rook over an Last and
TVeat strip five or six.milee wide. klliott locked this
water out and,tries to send it baekrard, prhill, thrit
St. Lucie sands to the Ocean, knowing little will get out.

b. Canal Da aing. For years Mr. Elliott has carried on a
policy of dammingnerrglades canals; Miami, North,' Seoatb
Tamisai and .so forth. The worst was the scheme of the
Lverglade Engineering Board of Review, George B. Hills at
its head, and meeting at h1liott'A elbow. This plan
involved the damming,eolidly and forever, with four br
eight dams of earth and rook, the Hillaborough, North,
and. i'ami Canals. We are assured the State Drainage
Board vetoed this schrae; but Distriot Engineer Dunn,
after some six months in sia Jaoksonville office, in-
sisted that the Drainage Beard had' ADOPTED THIS PLAN,
and that therefore the North Canal is thus to be domed
forever and carry po boats.a This is a fiction, but Mr.
Dunn, dead greenis dead sure.

c. Culvertless road grades. The Everglades has two low sides,
south and east. Aeross the south, the Tmaiai. Trail was
built with no salvert. .-Later, across the east aide, the
West Dixie Highway and Seaboard Railroad were built without
culverts. T~$5 means that water, forbidden to run thru
dammed canalas4shall oAt run over wild lands, and out ~ru
natural channels.

All t.hs mean .backing up water into Lake Okeeohobee. Now, how
make the Lake hold it? By building a 50-mile Levee around the low aide
mentioned above by Elliott.

Then open the St. Luoie Caoal-,if it will stay opea- cut, .son
laterals, and, IERIGATE THAT DkS.,RT, cleaning up a million or two of "unearned
increment" to pay expenses -- and statesmen?

TThus keep lew Florida unpeopled and poor, that Old Florida may
forever rule,and fatten on How Florida's taxes.

,~- ,

~ I

And a Aorthern-ruled, Mational Goerament is helping this along
Thby? Because it is blind.

Some high spots in the Dunr reports'

1. The Lake Shore is the .anly Lverglades. In fact the Lake Shore
is about 1% of the Everglades, tho Major Dunn makes it 100>.'
The ignored portion, 99%, he usually counts as nothing.

True, he talks of "reelaubtion", which applies t. the 99%1
but then he argues .that the Elliott plan-- St. Lucie and
Caloosahatchee, thru a doebts, a Lake Shore ChadUk to fill
with hyacinths, and a levee 50 miles l(ng, with three or more
of the main Everglade"oanalsa dikmed solid forever, will
"reclaim" the Nverglades. Cduld foroe of folly fa#lmr got

Again, if the 9S is, how can it be xpesoted to pay
two million. dollars, .nd maintain the St. Lucie and the
levee? Surely the Lake Share will not payI t.

2. The St. Luote is the one, great and only canal; and it is
the only oanal completed, according to specifications.
How does he know these things? Have the U.Se Engineers
ever .surveyed or systematically studied the St. Lucie Canal?
They have not. How do I know By asking the .U, S. Engineers
in the Munitions Building in V:ashington. They are as green
on the St. Lucie as Major Dunn is on about all Everglades

kind the St. Lucie Canal is not completed. At his Everglades
meeting in Baltimore, Presidnt Varfield of the Seaboard
quizzed F. C. Elliote thruO4 page to learn whether t Vwa
not true that to finish the St. LWcie Canal would cost
$1,250,000.00. After squirming in all possible ways, Mr.
Elliott meekly replied "Yea Sirn" Ahd tiita Cansl"oompleted
according to speoificatiens"; so t*ated by the "Greatest
Engineers in the Worldi'. They had better take a Kinder-
garten course.. on the Wverglades bieore writing any more

3. The North Kew River Canal. "It's navigation was finally ,
suspended". It was not suspended. It Was assipainated
and by Major Dunn's Everglades oracle, Mr. F. C. llliett.
In his Press story of May 15, 1924, o6rried iA the Fort
,auderdale Sentinal, Mr.Ellioat admits that he did it.
Then he tells the Lake Shore people' they can haul their
stuff wer one of two railroads, the Atlantic Coast ine.
'or the Florida East Coast; or they may take it by West
Pain Beach.. Thip shews why he'killed it, for the benefit
of the Atlantic Coast. Line, thin ijs coning intda Clrwiston.
ohethor any considerationo" was allowed, we aoanet say.

The District Engineers have been fully apprised of when,
how and by whoa North Canal navigation perished; but
knowledge is clearly what they do not want. It would
weaken the oaes of Messrs. Blliotf, the U. S. District
I nginepr. and other.
-i" C *,

I.. -u

Major Dunn argues that there will be nothing for the North
Canal to carry. After writing so fully on reolamatlon,
he should realise that the first-Everglades Canal, out
straight thru the heart of the region and connecting Lake
and Atlantic, would, if permitted, do some reclaiming;
and that North Canal soil, which he concedes is the best
in the Everglades, would, if rightly reclaimed, produce
sqse tonnage. Did it not d.o so before ElliotW killed the
Canal and the sawgraas settlement&with it? We have
affidavits if he doubts.

iMajor Dunn dreads-the vast oest of making the North Canal
again carry boats. He has been shown that one million
dollars will cover the cost; but he scouts that figure,
because foraeoth, the canel'* slayer had now run his
figure up from sero to $4,171,648.

The following table should here be interesting:


I. North new River Canal.

Date Amount

Feb. 1919 Nothing
1-1-27 41i059,e00
1-12-29 3,500,000
1-12-29 7,000.000
1-31-29 3,671,000 or
2-8-50 4,171;648


100o completed.F.U.Elliott Canal Statement.
Doo.4,p.10 Report, 1925-26
Doo.12,p.182 To Uol,Brooke,H.RFlood CoMn
Doo.12,p.182 n 8.. .'- .If'

Doc.13,p.28 to Col.Frauier Engr.Report D 213
Uoc.14,p.86 Hills,Flood Control Diat.Report
Doo.14,pp.84-6 "" (2)

II. St. Lucie Canal


Doe. 6.p.21

Uol.Frazier in Lng. Report Doc.11 (4)
Elliott to S. Davies Iarfield, Report
of Conference, Fla, LE. Rec. BaltimoreMde

iajor ,Dunn was instructed by the Commeroe Coamittee, se his
Chief, to see the North Canal, see the settlers, nnd get 4acts
instead of the fictions upon which he and his predecessors had
been fed. Wh did he not obey orders, and fit himself fo speak
from personal knowledge.

In speaking of the Qanal's cost, he qualifies "Cost" with "probable".
Hasd he obeyed orders'he would have been able to drop his nsub-
junetives which swanr in his paper, and talk like an informed man,

"V;hyM, he asks, "seledt the North Canal!" To
mystery. Had he possessed the knowledge of a
canal, he would not have asked this question.
did he ask "Why Pennsylvania Avenue"t Or, in
he ask "Why the Atlantic Ocean?"

, .

ia. this is a great
child on this famous
Then in ;ashington
navigaties, would

, 4 e -6- .





* > I

4 ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^

Major Dunn mays that the North Canal is *srvicable only to
South Bay and elle Glade. Here again he exposes his
ignorance. If he knew but a little of what the North Canal
did before Elliot' killed. it he would avoid such exposures,

Again, he says that the North Canal is a "DUPLIGATkn of the
St. Luacie. A duplicatee" when the Aorth Canal is in the
-heart of the hverglades, the riahest region on earth, and
the St. Lucie Canal is in the heart of a desert. As well
comparee the Valley of the Nile with Sahara.

tlat might be gained, Major Dunn says, in the upper Everglades,
by restoring the North Canal, would be lost in the lower
Everglad4. e Will,he then explain why the people of both upper
and lower Everglades are joined, heart and soal, and working
like twin brothers, for the restoratieon.of the North Canal?

Again, if he knew a little of the meaning and value of the
South Outlet from the Lake via the.Shark River, to the Gulf,
he'd knov that, with that outlet reopened, which he and 'r.
Elliot6'M'resolved to keep closed, that one outlet would /
end forever all the risks' he fears, ,/;' end of the North "
Canal would r,- by jbe proposed isproem nt. As to his
"arterial canal he should know hcw these areoetested by
Everglades people, while the reopening of the South Outlet
delights their hearts.

4, "Arterial CanalS". Major Dunn refers repeatedly to the
"arterial panels". recommended by the Review Board. In
paragra h 94- he approves these canals, and aaya they
"were adopted as the present official plan of the State,
Reclamation Agencies". In ..paragraph 103 he would advise
additional arterial canals "os per Review Board and Hillas.
In paragraph 104 speaking of the Review Beard o 'bast
and West anals, he refers to SUBSTITITM of these Am for
"Langer agonal.Canals". (illiot'ail over) He held
that the diagonal canals were "primarily for drainage"
(Elliot) and"any additionall expenditure for navigation
as such would not be properl.. four of these arterial
canals would out the North Canall hence requiring a rock
dam at each intersection. In paragraph 104, he speaks of
"the present position of 8tate Reclamation Agenoies",
which raises the question as to how he could keow it
with the Board bankrupt and wholly inactive.

The Board ofEngineers for Rivers and Harbors refers to
the above (6-20-33), paragraph 6, saying: "The Distrio-,
Engineer ti of the opinion that the exalting Federal
project for the Calorsahatchee River and Lake Okeechobee
drainage areas accords with the present Uteam and future
Everglades reclamation plans and will fulfill all re-
quirements for Flood Control and reclamation". (Whioh
they would by no means do).




As a waning to the VU. E Engineers agsiot this arteriRl
canal propeultion, by whkih all navigation would father
be destroyed on the Hillaborough, North and Mima Canals,
this writer put the !'rllowiug matter. ito his statement
to the Dpiriot Enineier, fall, 1932, page 356


1. On' sy .1927 the Review Bmard report -Mas nade. Aloeng
with other vfiao s reoomupBdations (populat with the
Tallahassee Everglades Offioe)uwa one for dastroyinm
forever the nevigntio on three diagonal canaleis.:
i- L.bereugh, tdrth -and .iF ap


-t .*
I '

2, On July 18, and 19, 1927 the "CORFEREINC O FIOfID4
j iRGLaDiS R AiMAITIC"., called by Mr. N* DaIiesl'wfeiald,
was held in Baltmore. At this meeting Oeirred the following,
that beer on.aboveL

A. Dahlberg questions and 11listt aninwar (qtzteod elsewhere.)
Mr. Ellistb asmures Mr. tahlberg that the recoMaendations
of the Review Board ,arie to be carried otb, isa the
$20,000,000 used to that end. ^hiq would result ~ n a
series of Glad-a oalaiaities, listed elsewhere. It aeans
failure of bond iseue was, probably, a blessing in disguise.

B. Piaei Herald Editorial of July 16, 1927. This relates to
the Rview Board program ADOPNED .by. the State Drainage
Board. By UNANIUOU .vote, this, paper' was made "a part
of the permanent records" of the meeting. 4r. aggg
moves, Mr. Wat-field seconds. Beadetr of the Tallahasaee
Everglades office (GovT John Mart$ni4F. C. Elliott and
Gao. B. hills) present. No dissent to statement that
program bah been OFFICIALWT ADOPTID. Square absolutely
with Elliabtts assurances to Dahlbergg and his later
adwurance to Senator Fletoherp (JooM, aP. 465, Dec.
6, 1928.) ((I.^^^,fu ,^ 1

3. Talk of Thos. E. Will with Arutel Corpestion. eO near,
eo. 1, 1927: "Will o th dCnal be finished if bonds are
sold?" "Not according to plane ofTallahauss*.

4. Snglneers' hearings in D. C,: Pay 1, 2 1920: Others,
preont, represedative of H. R. tr ., omittee.and
Port -Lrrglades and others. QuestiLa: n al l;Worth Canal
navipgtion to be anded beoouse of Review uiard'I recommenda-
tiai?. ;

Geoc .B. Hills, Sayi:


Review Boerd (heoa member) so reooaPended.
were working from a "DAINAGL 8AliD-PQOIT EXC'GUIVELYT,
%not from GladIem-Welftre standpoint.)
Said reoonawpdations were "NOT ADOPTED. Had only been
"filed, received ad APPRO *D" .Hills has no idea A
will eer be sdeptt. State Berd waeia navigati' rI.ig o
,. ... a *. j .


D. Highly approves North Canal, as opposed to Okeechobee-
St. Lucitoute.
F. ., Elliot wires: Contract let for completing North
Canal in 36 months. Other improvements to bring great
business to Port bverglades.

6. Fletcher-Elliott correspondence of Dec. 5, 1928. Elliott
sends 12 Review Board reports. "APPROVED" by State Drainage
Board. (Moaning it can be used in legislation.)

S. Hill's Senate Doe. 225; Feb. 8, 1930. Clever special plea
for St. Lucie monopoly on navigation between Lake and Atlantic.

7. Hills before Comattee an Commeree, U.S. Sesate. Pressed same
views as in Senate Doo. 225. Argues Florida has done great
things for Everglades navigation) but he favors SA:JD-LAD

8. Fall of 1931. Two State Everglade Boards, Drainage and Flood,
adopted resolutions asking Federal Aid for North Canal
navigation. On request of boards, Ellioti for Drainage Board,
and Hills for Flood Board, write affirmative resolutions,
which were adopted. These were sent to V. 8. Engineers,
Munitions Building, D. C.

9. Improvement of North Canal. No'l.1.00 spent on this by
officials in years.
If Engineer Dunn read the statement by the writer he must have
read page, If he doubted its truth, hte had only to send
a.copy to the office in iashiington, $natead, he assumes: to know
that this monstrous policy of permanently dauiaing essential
canals had been officially adopted.

Major Dunn's predecessor, Colonel Frasier, came upon this same
matter. He said hM did not know whether or not this policy
had been adopted. he only knew that its adoption.would be
fatal to navigation. But Engineer Dunn wept aside all caution
and declared that the matter was settled. This greatly Weakens
confidence in my other statement he might make.

65 Distances of townbfrom Ports. In pleading for a monopoly of
navigation between Lake Okeechobee and the Atlantic by the St.
Lucie, Major Dunn was eager to prove that the St. Lucie route
frdm Lake to Ocean was shorter than the North Canal route. In
this oonneetion,it should be noted that he shows no interest
whatever in distances between ports and points in the Everglodes
proper-- the 899 area.

Before Elliot destroyed lNorth Canal navigation settlement had
come from the lake down the N'orth Canal to the Sight Mile Bend.
A fair computation of length of.hauls would have figured the
distances from hhe Eight Mile Bend to Port hverglades and Fort
Piece. Again, the great Brown Company farm is some 18 miles
or more down the Hillsborough Canal. Tho' Major Dunn gives

I _




much attention to the sugar corporation, he ignores the
auhh greater $rown.Corporation. The ftrbt is on the Lake
shile the second is in the heart of the Everglades proper.

Major Dunn considers five towns only, all on the Lake Shore.
Two, namely SouthBay and. Belle Glade, he comnedes are
nearer Port Everglades, Two others, namely Moorehaven
(almost dead) and Canal Point (a lightweight settlenbnnt)
he claims for the St. Laeie route* But he want a majority
of towns. The fifth is Clewiston, and this he claims is
nearer Fort Pierce.

Mwr note the followinel

1. South Bay, he admits i. nearer Port Everglades. In
going froa Clewiston to either port the traffic must
pass South Bay. With' Suth Bay nearer Port Everglades,
how could Clewiaton fail to be nearer the same peoti

2. Again,hi predecessor, Colonel Frazier, considered thif..
same matter and said: "The distance from Olewiaton to
Hollywood Harbor via the North New River route is about'
60 pilesa less t7xia the distance via the St. Luoie'Oanal
route." (Doo. 21U, page 29.) Clearly, the attitude of
iajor Dunn was amuch more that of an attorney than of
a judge,

6. Reclamation. 'he attitudes of the several U.S. Engineers on
reClaoti4a is conflicting.1n pleading for the Fred Elliot
plan for Flood Control and navigation, general JadAin said:
"This plan would assist greatly in the Reclamation of two
million aore of rich land in fhe. Everglades." 1Doo. 216,
pp. 4 iLd 11) General Deakyne twice confirms this statement.
In disoussisg reclamation with Colonel Loving, Resident
ngineer,in Tashington, he insisted that reolanatia .had
nothing to do with 'the usue. majorr Dunn in his report
gives mucn space to his discusaola of reclamation. This
might seem encouraging, but it s' not, for in suringx up
he stresses that the plan already adopted by the U. S.
lSngLitBra dasets the needs for present and future plan' '
for eubeastful reelamatie ." (Pera'. 10)

What -i that widely comprehensive "plan"?It includes,
A. A roas state waterway, almost wholly in the
Lake and in deer sands outside the Everglades,
2. A levee' 50 mileA long and 31 feet highbto keep (lr1t
water in the Lake, but wholly without effect on
water falling ea the Everglades.
3. Three main EvergladeWs utterly destroyed for / O.i.A
either navigationor drainage by the presence of
the above dams, which Major Dmnn insists must be


The reclamation this plan would provide would be utterly
worthless; but Major Dunn is sure it will meet all the
requirements oT an .verglade area as large as two states.

7. Competition. Major Dunn is fearful of competition between
the several improvements in question. In paragraph 74 he
suggests fear that the North Canal will compete with the
St. Lucie Canal; and in paragraph 70 he fears that Road X6
will compete with the North Canal, or vice versa.

To.Everglades people the thought of the St. Lucie as a
competitor never occurs, unless it is granted the proposed
hard nnd fast monopoly. Without that, i' the St, Lucie san
keep out of the way.of the North Canal we'll bid it God

At the thought of competition between the North Vanal and
Road 26, those who for years have worked mlkr indefatigthly
for both can but-smile. The more of such oompetition we can
get, the better.

8. The WilMiti WILL. For some reason, Major Dunn seems worried
about the activity of the present writer; frequently calling
him out by nnse- an honor he pays no other.

For the pushing of the North Canal, he sees no other reason
than that one man has interests there. If better informed,
he might know that, once, several. thousands had interests
there, before these were wiped out by the MajorAs patron
Saint -- Killer of Canals and Settlements.

Then Will wan/maeTveral improvements in this Elliot-made
plan, as every Everglader always does in every Elliot-made
plan. Of these improvements we note:

1. A navigable North Canal, possessing also a maximum
measure of drainage and flood control. "This im-
provement is requested by a considerable niuber of
residents u... of territories immediately adjacent
to the Canal"-- an unusual procedure.

2. The second improvement "Proposed by a very limited
number of residents of the Lake Shore area headed
by Dr, Thos. E ill, of Belle Glade, CONTEMPLATES
together with the present plan for control of Lrke
Okeechobee discharge thru the St. Lucie
and Caloosahatchee and THl SUBSTTITTI THERAFOR
SHORE OF THE LAKf wide enough for all emergencies
..." (Pagfe 226)

. -11*


Overt4mis, note the statement of the Board of Engineers
for'jiverrs nd Harbors (June 20, 1933 paragraph 8):

"Local interests... pointed out the desirability of
... a spillway on the South Shore of the Lake with
floodway thru the Everglades to the South end 1kest

This statement is correct. Insofar as it deviates from
this, that of Major Dunn is wholly a creature of his
imagination *.

'Realising -,hat the Elliot plan provided for two outlets--
St. Lucie and Calooahatoheee-- the latter sr.all, long
delayed and pnpromising for flood control; and the former
(St. Luoie) a not -rious and chronic failure- we ask that
in addition a third outlet be added.

This outlet was the one which, for ages, nature had con-
tinuously and.successfully used and in no sense inter-
fered with the other two. However, it possessed one
fasal defeot-- it did not bear the .Elliot stamp. For
this reason, it was taboo. But the argument for it being
unauswerable, the proposal had to be distorted and mis-
represented; hence the Dunn stateme-nt, corrected by his

The apiritpervades this Dunn report is suggested by
the following paragraph: (Pagagraph 96, page 53):


General Lytle Brown, Chief of Engineers, on seeing this
declared it to be "JL4SUL IN'G". He also sought the identity
of the member of the Board of Engineers who obstructed the
presentation of our omse.

"But did anybody want these changes but Willl "Let us


Individuals and Interests For.

Among friends of the South Outlet, from Lake to Gulf, the
following are listed:

1. Lt. Col. James H. Kreamer, Engineer for Disston interests:
A. & G. C. C. a 0. L. Co. (See report in U.S.S. Do.. 89,
62d Congress lat Session pp 1014)

2. Gov, H. B. Brouard, First message to Legislature pf Florida,
Ibid pp 99-109; and including above Kreamer report in full

3. Major i, O. Wright, First Chief Drainage Engineer. See
i1ap, 4V pwg..k-, showing route from Lake via Shark
River to Gulf of Mexico.

4. Dade County Drainage Commission. REport published in the
Miamian Feb. 1925, pp 3-5. Note unaer this:
A. Object df the Board
B. Membership of Board
C. Witnesses before Board- illustrious group, in-
cluding many engineers, namely Dan'l. e. Clune,
U. B. Garris, former Governaent Engineer, Ernest
Cotton, widely experienced, later Engineer for
Kiami; Hobart Crabtree* County Engineer; Joa
Moore; Chas. f. Ruggles, Pres. State Engineer
Society; and Frederick Cotton llliot, Chief
drainage Engineer for State of Florida (p. 3.
Col. 2 Report and see unamity of below.)
D. Conclusions of Board, with reasons. Approval
of SOUTH OUTLET for Lake Okeeohobee flood
waters shown in paragraphs 3, 7 and 8.
graph 3 reads: "This Comassion also investigated
very thoroughly the general direction dt flow of thd
water over the Everglades when the same was very
high and ALL THEi ENGINEERS who testified before
LAKt OKhl- UG.Kh SOUTBWARD 'fO TP GULF..." (In para.
7 and 8, enforced.)

F. ,Unanimity of Board: "This report has the UNANIMOUS
APPROVAL of all the Coammisioners." (Introductory
G. REcommendation by Board Xc "THE DELPEING AND WIDEN*

5. Charles A. Walsh, Davie Citrus Grower and Lvergladta
Leader, of Southeast Coast. Confessedly following Frederick
C. Ellioth in championing the damning of Everglades canals,
that water might be held baok from southeast Florida,

- is ..


though at expense of.Upper Glades, he'beeoae a strong friend
of the above South Outlet as shown in his press story of April
25, 1931 (in Ft. Lauderdale News) Here he appeals for so
"handling the Upper Everglades and Lake water' that they wtll.
Bot be allowed to back up. on the Upper Glades, nor of
swamping the lower, but allowed to pursue their old course
to the southwest aid protect, possibly, the land owners of
the Central Glades, by spreading out as far as by nature
they can.I.

64 Minmi 1930. In Ft. Lauderdale News of Oct. 22, 1930, page 1,
is an account of a meeting of Everglades leaders and repre-
sliKttives addressed by Thea. s. Will on the Soabth Outlet.
The discussion that followed was UMANIMAUSLY FOR this outlet,
as was the vote then aken;

7, D. Graham Copeland,. verglede, Florida, representative of Barron
Collier in Collier County, and former member of State Drainage
Board, In conference, in 1951, with Thoa. E. ill, Mr. Copeland
expressed his decided sympathy for the South Outlet..

8. Settlers on Lake Okeechobee Irlands are emphatically for the
South Outlet. In thi entire oolmunity there is probably not
one dissenter.

9. Very many, in Everglades in general, are for this outlet,
while known opposition is practically absent.

10. Petitions numerously signed and favoring the South Outlet are
held by Thos. E. Viill. In circulating this petition, almost
Sno opposition was found.

11. At Distriot Engineer's conference in South Bay, September 1932,
this outlet was discussed, no dissent coming from the floor.
SThe Chairman, IMr Berkeley Blackftn, then oaplled for a vote
which was unanimously for this outlet.

The above shows that the expressions made ind'lote .that
practically the entire Overgladee,'with leading sections of
the southeast ooast, are for the South Outlet. The oppositia,
Sif any, has yet to mauifegt itself.


What prospects have we for these things we so desire? On September
30, 1935, the writer visited General Lytle Brown, was cordially received, and
a conference of tE over two hours followed. Following is 4 substance of the
conver at ion



General Br wn: "l'o'; you want your Canal?"

T'hos. le. .iil: "ro certainly do."

B: 'Aii w iioh one do yui ~.jAn most?"

: File iorth Canal, i+~- 'u fail."

B: "'el., let me suggest chis. Separate the Canal from
the flood proposition end let i' stand on its rmn
"See T;he committee on rivers '. lnrbors, nsk them to
investigate lhe i. ortfb :--w hiver CaOial, with u view
to its improvement for navigation. If they approve,
S they will .urn it over to us to investigate.'

S 7':. 'I certainly thank you. Gooi bye."

O n the following L.onday morning i called 9t i,,e office of
SCongressman 7 ilcox nnd stated i..y case. lie r-plic-d: "I'l be 4lsd to do all
in my power to rne ip ;-,u put i-: over.

I snid, "I':, ;.;oint no.' to the HPiers -r.nd Harbor Comrittee", 1nd
he said: "retl toi-, I'll be There :nd naelp ie.oam InAr.l. t:.e.

I hrd lp.lsn:-nt onfer.- e wit., t. h i-ivoru I.d liarbors neocrel-s.rv,
answered qu3etions, ,i tol.' him of our b cki;i uIr ..rha 1 Brown :.und
Congrus nn:i .ilco;;.

SHe anw.ered: "i.a':. atll ight. ~, Lgo tallhed on hlint."

Si.cxt I saw coloneL Cta of t'i:,- u. i.nineers orfice,(Qp-n 'ral
Brown being out) and asked him n-s io our chances, aIfter huaing been turned

iiu said: 'Tnat needn't worry you. e have often had oases which,
combined with others, ; e had r.-portod against; but wVion they came up agRin
and alone we reported them favorably."

Shortly aftur, I left. `'asilinrton. I' this case sl followed up,
on the ground, I re.:;ard the prospects ai; ooId.

Again, i had many conferences witt tlhe Bue au of public Roads
on Road 26. At their request, 1 prepared them a brief on it, as stated

Gn my last call there, just before leavirin; V'ashington, tMr H. L.
Toms of tL e Bureau said to me:

"You may say that tilia office is favorable] to Road 26 because it
has been added to the Federal Highway system." LIlr Toms had already told
me that the fact that Road 26 had bonn added to thJ Federal Road System
meant t iat the State oan get no more roads until salo builds Road 26.

- .

' 4 ." ,- ,, ;** : .. *

Thru work with Mr. Fcohner, Lhief of the Civilian Conservation
Camps, and Mr. Harry Lee Baker, Floria State Forester, I feel we have
gone far toward securing the planting of a substantial forest just above
Lake Okeechobee to aid in chucking the Kissimmee floods. Unless we are
o opposed at Tallahassee by the sane influences thnt have ruined te
iverglades and crippled tht cost towns, I feel hopeful of our qnHances
on this third count. /

.. .. e 4 1 -

November ,' 14 1953'

,1 ,0 V ,
.* * -' ," ** '. : *

. I


WBERFAS, TH l~BDilZX Florida East Joast railroad company ia under-
stood to bo eeKLng right of way between Janal Point and the
Okeelanta distrLct; and

WFEnEAS, at five different points, namely, Lu OeutLons 9 and 17
'ownshLo 42 iouth, danro G itast; in Seution b, TownIshl 4Z3 south,
dange 36 East; and on the 'Jortli and South borders, reseutivoly
or the OK'elwata townsLte, in 6eution 2L, 2uwnship44 souLh, ;i&a.e
36 cast, the- railroad route, as indicated, will Lntcrssct the
"Gift Lands" donated by the FloriLa r.verolades Lund oormany, in
1912, to its 4,860 buyers; and

W-HEREAS, e understand that said Railroad Jomany has already
encountered complLcatLons in endeavoring to dross SbetLonu 9 uiid
17, above; and may encounter still more; therefore be it
3-OLV Ei, That this body, with others representing rLgitful
Interests in t-e said ,iLt land, hereby states:
Ir- That the indLvidaala roprecltint tihemsrolves as
officials of the Ooolanta Jorporation, and as
.Qs5essLgj rittc and Jolcr Lo J.aLtrrl lid. aliolltanLe
the said Girt LmYids, or portions thereof, aoutally
enjoy no such rL.Ihts cnd powers;
2-- That no tnd.iv.duals or interests olaLmin or iassumning
to hold portions of aald lands from the said officials
have any rights eLther to control or alienate any
?o. tion or saia lands;

PiSOLVED, That we hereby warn .the said railroad jomp Lyy not to
deal with, or to pay any moneys, either to the above said off iLluls,
the said Lnitivrinals or interests, or to any ol them, in return for
any lands, or rights in said lands, in any of tho arbas above cioocri)iud

RLOLV E, L That this body declares both its profound a,,ireoLation of
the servLe the said 4,GO60 buyers may expect to enjoy from the
construction and operation of the said railroad, iad its earnest desire
for the successful and early comnloetioni of the same.

RESJLVELr Th t we are convinced that the values this uiLlroad will brLng
to the Everglades will far exuoed any that they may ta,
R. SOLVIEL That for this reason, wo hereby affirm our conviction t .at,
for rLin-t of vay through any and all acreage owned individually or
collectvoely by the said 4,8GO60 buyers, no charg-e should be mado; and

.... .. o.. xi. J r *
....'. L. ...A .. v.i ... .... J 'az-6 '3 .'i 2..i ,'. .

U.:: .., .o ;.JAA. lor.du .r'awt .u"i3t "tiroad norniay la Wi.Ler-
atooc' to be co.:Lt; rgi;t. oi ..-y bet:.oen .nal .oLut wiL. tho
.G L'..' 0 .Lat'i.rL.t,; J1Gc

v 1i&. a.. .hL .ve LiL.aQiXeat iouilts, iU:ioly, Lu jcAtiuiuu 9 ai&c 17?
owi.hii.. 3 aItng, t..a;:c ;u uant; Laz ..outLjn l b .owg ihi .. ath,
riale 36.' ....t,; and on ith -o iort.ri Wiu ..uoth b riLL'.es, res..o tLvroxy
Of t io 0 .ol.ita 1L.Owh.;C, In .u'tiAuon ,, *.ivvJit .44 u .L.h, .u:;o
3 .act E '* rV ilE,3 A. "u L.E Lic att, t Li. L.utSruout tre Lz.Ui.z" .o;FL. 07 yh .l i.lor L.-a v4r .>LcLUL 1 11- o.)auy, Lit

L:.n..Va3,W: (uin.Lrstra.i that said . ocoutrc om. 1iclajL.Lbu'.a L.t wncvuri'i.i, to .ro;.c aeuL..ons .aH
17, aovv; .i.. tr.ay c.. CoLi-r atti.Ll mToreO, ro ui Lt

__.__J_ h! t '.LaD bjdy, 'i tf* others ro :r ,nc! ri '.L N ;
tnteret i tL' co .uld ;Ll't liua, he.oby Lutea:
Ir- i'lat th :itiv'iLuals rore.utin, thoemsolvcs as
offlulals of the Q:-eOlu.ta& Jorporationl, and as

the suaa -t LAtLs, or )oriLonas chorcof, au t~J y J
e.Cjoy no ou-ah -Lrt_:ntai 'c iower3;
2-- Thnvt no Liiclvi.kixuio or inatresta aoiuimlrn; or aaua'inl,;
to hold portions of out. lantu iruoim ti-u suid o'if'LuLalu
have uLL rLj3hts oc L'hr to jtintrol or aliena to :an
j3 tion of ELtU. 1.xaLs;

.A'ULV.r, Zh-at we hereby w ar. Lile aL d aaLiJr'Oua om,,wiy not Lo
Teal wkth, V or to pUy ury mTiLney, ci.thor to thi above said ajiiuitualO,
thie sa Ltc knviduls or Lntortuduor r to anuy I bhom, la rtuarn ior
tuy land, or riptu Li saLiL landIa, Lii ;iy o,: Lho arias abovu aou-riLbod..

FLR.LVE', &hit thiu body aouliaoa both Lts ruioounu a ,'roo-atior. of
the etrvLe t.o cZia ,L.O3 buy.urs mnay ox. -ct to u3njoy f'ran the
oonstruotio!uo LaidL o.'.orat;Lio 01 t'o salcu ri&.lirua, uuid its oarn'Cut deoLro
for the sucuOoslful Cw early ;j'mLotL oin of' the uamo.

tRj.&J ii'h t w uro roouvLiiod that tre ValuOe& tIiB .ualrous wOLl brig
to th#0 7v1r ,:lases wll :ar XUCd aniy V ;ht tocr -:ny taLo away, therelCronM

:j 30LY, J;iut for ttILU UDiOjn n, we hereby ar'LiLrm oar convioti on t 'at,
'or r tt L a .'.ay ;rau J uay und all acroage owned inai.vLAually or
colleiutLvely by the otna 4,8G60 boyurs, no char;:e should be -iaae; ai


dy-- --
'z l zH2: t &:;?A 2u 2t..LrV. ; .: % )JYJA.L.. AN. ,AII. ,% .tT ,jP ,
WMH'- AS, lU. 2iUiL florLCa :.aat Joaut atilroad .mdany is Lunder-
t to be b oo .Lrn rliht of ay betreeo-. -anal ..'oint and the
Okeolanta distrLot; and
1-..&A., At ilve dirXferont oznts, oanoly, Ln $oetiona 9 au 17
0u.rini 5 A,23 Louth t i .a Co U-0 ".st; in Aoitbion ft, 2i'wnahL? 45 :oath,
Raz'e 36 J.t; arid on the -iort' aw'd :i.ouith iord-ers, roa,)ectively
ao the Ocoilanita torm.aizo, in 4o2tLon b, i2orrnhi.tL44 boa-, .joanc
3 a st, t!e railroad routo, as Lina atod, w'll intorseat the
'":1t Larse" Ionjated by the Florida i.Veragloie Land Jom;any, Ln
312, to its 4,860 bpyora; and
i.AiEJALv.e ranwersta^nd that said daLlroad joTntihqy as already
en-ouarntered ,om. ,iLoatLone in endoavorLn' to jross aeettLas 3 u;id
17, above; and may en-uounter atill 'aore; therefore be it
.;- O.LV:A:, That tiLs body, wit l other ro:iroenontins rLjhtfui
Lstrots in to SaLe i 't luan, heveby states:
2r- 1 Jt the i.Ldividuals roireeo.uti.n. teO.soalyee as
offLoials of tte OGieiuata arorporatLon, and as
.;a3Sanf tLW< ZL;2ltD anWLL djouLr .. w. siuL dijuual w
tbo said Girt JaUsda, or ortLoas thereof, auatally
enjoy no &cah rlihts &and powers;
2-a- That no LadivtLuaLs or lnterosts alaLmbLig or assuamliG
to hold portions of aua lan ds from the said offioiLLo
have -any p bIhts oLthor to control or aloinate nLy
pa tion of saidt latds;
RISOLVI That we heroby warn the said ~Aalroad Gompany not to
e al with, or 3o pay any moneys, either to the above sald oMLioiaia,
the sala LndivLaials or interests, or to any or them, Ln return for
any lands, or right Ln saLd land, in any of tho ar6as above aoocrleud.
a ..,-VL ihat this body Geolaros both its drroafoun ayreuQoation of
the aierv.e the satLd ,d03 buyejra mjay exeot to enjoy from the
construction and operation o1 tme sai railroadd, ~nd its oar: eat aesiro
for theo aQoeasf'u.l wai early 4o:.3aetLtio of tho asme.
LLV-D. ':8ht we are convLnoed that t'h values thio .-ta.lou wLll bring
to rthea ;vorilade ilU f'ar aucea ajny that tray may ta,.o awaWy, th.erfrom.
. SOILV'.. That for this roason, rTc hereby t tAlr our co vicLtion,
foro 01 y -tro th a&y sad all oruageo owmrd LndLv wtalily or
collect i.voly by tno said a,863 buyers, no;e ahoula be !aEdo; and



tb&t, for right of way through Okeelanta, .Qharge, i. any, should .
b6 nomLnal only; at that we hereby pledge oBr influene and
effort to thiS enad

ExecutLve Coi ittee of
Okeelaata Protet ve AssoiaLatton~
Prealdant. orgina~ed to protect the rights
.antc interests oa the 4,860 buyers
Secretary. Ln tne Gift [Jatls donated to them
iby the Florida Evergladea,,Land
Member. Company Ln 1912.


- |-

Right ul-owner of shares inL

Number of shares;

4 -~


~ __~ ---- :r

- -