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lhis package contains 10 Champion Spark Plugs
which have been thoroughly inspected and are
guaranteed against defect in workmanship or
materials. If contents are in anyway at fault,
please return this slip with your report.

Inspected and packed by
Champion Spark Plug Co., Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A.


i ,

h.+ *~ r a... ,o : .,
''A i8er oeaul mesai frop
i, 9-th .er .. a -
, 1 is r;LI. .E t~ happy and tr-
ain forward. tho kths a clo. watchab
. 41 9l: th ahOlren.,, told her Law-
8.aal rooe A t. to~f with crand
a*^ sanh shj s 'uhid ualh (Tr ) orer-
I li gogaa4, *..^.^: ^.'*i I'.n :.. ,."- .'
iE Z goa.n6 '~ t ...r .afst feel ha .
Xf.flOateb M tW in. .s za*ers with the
S r-W .t"- ta a &t .*' lanat t -a Lav with
^$.t^pfCsift saw. them bo9th standadlg
betatqm BevT eppaites,asnd for qaits
-had eawl ttr hyma ." Ii~a tbt a
W;eione 'At tHit tbi" re was as rI
bpenfs. Thea otiheF pa.s the sg b*eau- .
itolr. se naovewt of my Cea. tlrip
(~re-,su aabl to'a ,C.). She says I ahl.
lt ei. alU 'S^t jttIa ye4t(but *ei-a
* dently I may i'part.) I 'h&nv sme
ola~yw$ days abe *'. b* *abt happipeas.
. .atiF am GoeItrud-e ha a fle aIt-
tie 'byi, She soees larien .f I
told hea of a letter eod. stan barr
ILari6a-ead Gearge,;atad also aome p1id

'-te next 4ittitg. was oun et wesday.
X. tad rofi yt ?i d her the =-At n i j. e -

iTho I arsed b". whethere I shall be ,
able to do the important things I want
to do do,. S3e said*" Yes,iB large
Rea-alre*.' )
ba.d Apg)* as.
ietper- sp of Mrs.Davis having
.reaturne4,aid. being able teoigp u., .
It was I ther who A ent i.raeavs ay to
our' hoiusseto se ma .
She reptdiate th* elaggeutnu made by
softe t-hat ~she -bould be let alo 'ie ts$d
not troubled with qi'etlions. :ae eel-
anmed tlhes e--a-
(1) '0D Wes, ti1itr6rS.Davls said that
0o a&qdtaySO Zal theree we have th.yrj
she atentaded t.0he piseCipal Charcba(to Tih.
whA.thr el.,alosed ).,a nd that ct1Uer?
ko el -t t the'faltarwhirle the rdetcr
was trainstigared.


,.: *11



.' L'r a' -' ; .." ; '


.~6~*aa~~PnrurrY~I1- *-- ---- --


zY 'asbhingtn.D.C.*l933.
tAt opi:rituelirt Church Service,nepr
Thom F Circle(ai on 4-3-32,descrited.
AgainMlr.3i-nm ons .1as present and -ct--
ive. I'e notad by me woman whoaw hmir
had bl--n coiled around ond around her
head .-nd Ibrought together on top.
This wom -Jmhe say- ,is encwurgiao
Ime ".nd' puh'in., nr? on. .-he says,"Y. u'll

He s.'yp things saera to have been Co-
ing -.gainst me,and that it looks.-s
though I hbd .-Amost becoma discour-
oged --nr fs ?lin i;e .uit-ing.
AT tbi ,I rpokc ui,)-pnd F,; id, noV
-er quit "
These conditionz how:ver9he contin-
ued,are mfEking turn for the better.
Then he spe'k. orf Uotier's Fufftr-
ing from a thro0.t rublee qt the t.o.
( I hod never ret him in private in
my life,nn4 never -entioned Mother's
passing out, It cl er of thee t.',o
8ervice?,in 1922 .ndl' 1935:3mor hi.td I
Iu.-nt.iIne- 'y "f l ire in his het rini :it
e-ny time. '.siie firof myself',th-.re,.,G
not v :.,.:ul prpseot .,t either mre tin&
hnm I had ever se n iay i.here else,/
Fur her,,,:t both me9tinesI was bit
on'e nf an, ho net f-LeldS. fro,. Lc-
yond,--.d -71 *-. e l. fuuly s.-tl fi ."
withI wbh*t was n-.i,.)
iir,9.Si'ons 'i-verticed a tneeting' at
NO.60'' Iennr...Ave*,,f :., the home of
Mr.E: ]rzT. StrJke,le-.:dcr of thi.- Chu-

On -'.,l1 .tlnde: a me Lting held
by L'rt. n ,n ,oc,- :o, d,n:.-,r the au-
thL~.i.~ J-hirch 1, Tho n:a Circle. 2;50
p ma.
Loti.er v;-- .re' -g' in. She pointer to
L ring -hich .he ,ci':- to *want Lan'--
rence,or r;: or tc, hbto give to Lob y.
I doid th.t -ould ;lec se ,I of u.U(
the Iill f-m.ily),and she smiiledi ,indi-
catinc her p:1e3 iure.
I -.,L not cLrt in -f the vwhereaboutL
of ithu ringeiovidni.nt" ,' -othtb Lwta ):t
'',as un i,.r the i. 'r..:r ion it v .- i.i-ft
on ti' r': fiua'r.
Next a affir.: rl :rC discu.-uei. I
\1:s told 1-3r, j 'oul] 9 F .ore more de-
lay)t:::.t or 3 people were in tV.o
wsynrd msus: 1r-e got'e'n out cf th e way
Ltwrence seers& to be making a trip.
(Wias it his retir.e;ont from t'he st.rn
tine following Gov.Sholtz'tL advic-i?
Father Will( Jopeph L.) ap ,eirC agz


.+ '-. it -4
A --wearv

'a M;P at. .( as l, 4, S a

: *i^ 'im +t/i +ivfty eo ^*a;rfi. ,:
bat* was 4agewth a- leasphea tea
o:t~cat~t~i7, m5( Net s wis.*e abta
ai,,", *. at. .ti.st n tduq .~-r -..-

'-..lpa;.ll. bl'l:' f& *.,ha, ainfg' ;*. ..|

B.Itt --h-0 -ba *
S.'2li .e 'TiaM~a^ ) ;*.**** .'
tbsp W. 1Xa4wt or B-,1* ( I. &m
S. l sh alpo B"a red4" See
...before,) fr'.. l .5 r h E .lr.
,rn' $ estiors giv. it ".s. I
,.houll qee *DyV.flood 4MeAd.atdrior .7
DeytCht: t e0jf t1asatto..assa,

S.s aso. s *ttlw nt* I .. ui *l
:it it4Hflstatd. But tie had. told ma
;the sei sittletiq w6tk woald aot
Tall -fto hiagand3 V'hp* gjltsB larned
$t baa besi.. sRaignaed to Dr.U-.4, 1.-
sssat tka. esid Pept. 6wahom I ax mor i
S $4) :ttryiog to inteset

I '

IP7==3 r W Present 'torldi :tr-H;arierm'ru-Da-
via and T.E.W.
.2-Foa .Spirit Worldd
A--Rarper lFwily .Tife, sons and daughtow
f.-Orin .s : Mother.
-.-WiL I 'a Paroent ifeisister.da
Counieat~ions eoadueted by questions from tl
side.a el table tips or trunpet taps fro' tle
other side.
Vishi'bityH Mrs.iUvi i.3 l.irvroyanot. ie one
else fro, this side was. :trs.Davin saw plain:
+he spiritnand what they did.

LMrs. M.R.F7. andLeasnah :o.Ad behind me.
Mrs. W.t said;ho is withi no often* Has seen
me, ertrude,Lwwre ;e and I.arien" Uertude hE
net spoken to her Ye+, Ye2" Iler end wan
caused by sweLl.-in; tongue" No tro:ke a

The tr.ipetozithis c'Bsaeionwa handled Ia
m anlr *wS.arper &her nonslr'* Wfllrnd other
It rent about +,he rooenmay tines. It touoHte
e (TE,7.) -robably .o to p5 tijieg. Light ta]
Father '.ll left it on othe a~s of a y hair.
No one t-C-ked .hronutih t.. Not ableas yet,tc
do so at th Marpor fittings. :3oceded ad-
nirably,horever?.at the ~Inni Temple. ( "atez
suocededaloo,at t1he garpers.

Table-TiL.pringJ e ue fron this were very
satasretroy -Aj great ::.ny answer:; were re-
oeived. About rll were about what night have
Seen expected.

At the oloa:;e,he table--utouehed by huima
h-nd-nd--dulged i:n angru.indd-noe of jubilatil
showing the delight of the spirits at the su
*eas of +.heeveninig
Great satisfy etion wis expren -sed by the
spirit s t thoprenenoo of 'W7. -urtherthoey
said that this eirole is moving toward the
point where the tru-npet an be uned by the
spirits in mor-uniaating iith mortials

Father Will said he is guard -g Ltawenee
SEOa' y business mtftern: -ill come out :atia.
fatorlly:t ough not so soon as I nay think.
SIb.r. '.l. said 1ho a.o d tal'- to Dr.Bnnl:
re iY 1bu noe'3 'nttPrs.: She is not eert:-in
as to outeone of the law suit. ay.1 B'barrao
Swill help ne .
Irs- DWai r.nid Pt' W. foadeld me i.t' th
trcnapetaand showo'e her pleasure at haning no


---..-----___----- --------------.Street -J_.
-:~7 C- 4 ^

Z- > /


C --~ t

_ oj 2a 0" OF -3n0-30 ( Oontin.)
She astond hb.ok of me umd .viread flowers over
my head ad .Thouldiers ;-tgyi:i i hr-rd to attract,
Ws atentiou,
I-: answer to 7,y que:-tion:,:;3ho said she had no
desire to oa.me bvcr.-. As for mea(T,-7) she %
thinks I had bo-.-ter stay awhile longer,ge'utIin
-y job'lono. Sho says I ll soe through with
it yet.

.WfiR -e.1T- In AT HAiRN.RMf
TRUMPEUn1 I'.T-IrN A'1 H..PRR';4-15-30.


S.......... ... Street.


.d'~ CCL I~




eans admitted tnat,in selling tne Ev Bonds as %ate Bondaeo
.'mneaY had been obtained umder false pretense.
And how about the methods whereby the lsa.dlgt*i:n na, in 1911(,
Fred ELliot, e.g.) argued that the Fed Oyt was to blame for the
altr at Lake Ok, and et to paythe WiULE OOST of Flood Protexnn Was thi
Steo, getting mny under false pretensesT? Or trying to ?


Mhst think,nt eolsvly an pEACE lieesbut much of the time on
WAR-LINES, Othrwee,will be misled. Ethics of Peaoe & Ethics of
,War are, as i. Spmoer brot out, far different.

Mstry of Flood Oaseg--
19]0-281 Okeelanta andExpulsien. (1920s ll-10tP
Mtore Haven Disaster and Swnrgen Report. k1liot Press sto.
1928 9-18-28. First "urioane. kry,& Flood Plan,
vl-l-27jIliet Biennial Report, 1925-aS.
Meeting oj EvvPpl. &Tk. Offidls at W P 4oh.
5-a-87. Ev Eng.Bd.of RevieowReport, Oee pob. 2p.Il7 .
1928,9-18-28. Second Smrrioane.
1927-28. 1-1-29. j ELliot Biennial Report.

\1) "Resist with ditcem' Why not release,thru an OUTLET? J12),
,2) Benefits" oenfined, largely,to LaKe shore. Burden laud upe~
a large aresainoluding the Ev.Proper, already over-taxed, neglected
and retrograding.-
8) See U..SS.Doo 228,p.76. ( nills on *Evaouating region "
(4j Ohanged by bill oe 193l 'la Leg. Drpt.Units "
(6 Eag.Elliot's Flood-Proteotion Plans. 13;

86j Levee carrying *bme sites on Lke Soore 4). Returns from
eot Sales to help finanoe project. Parall levees ,150-o00'
7) apart,1iled in.
(8) .Wd use ,sand or muok. Fed.Engs to disebo ( /
(9) Some rook omn be found and used. l1) C.
lW1Wooden pole mattrasses.dangerous. 1) .\
k11-12) 1ow, wide levee, afford, home-sitesp, and, pe Lkb si e,
read teowater front and wide navigable oaannel ( 16-17.)

i13a Act oi eOng.,2-14-27 re Nvgta & flod-Oterol318).

(11 For cutting waterway from Lake to Gulf, Sb.,via
Snark R&ver, at low oost, see' lieotDoo. 2gpp. 85-";
Parallel ditones,"300 to 3,b100 apart, out out mid-
dles: TEW. suggests,as nave othersBT FIRE.
Information upon about every subject under the um-
relative to the Ev.DDst, save ONEt .how oan the
20,000 Pld Buyers or-1909 and feilowing ever ,get a
penny baok out of their iuvestmentas" p176.

MAP 19: Deviations in
Lake Hal tr-

fflrbw z P2. 5 2.6
1916 162/3-181 1/3 1 1/3
3917 14. 5-Jfrlr 5- 1.5 v
1918 14-15= i, 1.
1919 14-Jj1/4-21/4 2 1/4
1920 143/4-17=1 1/4 1 /4
1921 15-17 -2 2
a1922 14- -19- 09 6 aeavy Rains: Spt-Do.
1923 17-19=2 2
1924 16- -19 1/4 =S 1/4 s 1/4 nea5y BasOot-Do,
1925 17 3/4 19=1 1/4 1 1/4
19J9 17-19.5-2.5 2.6 ftrrioane
-1927 14-18 1/4 = 4 1/4 4 1/4 Pop frm arrip -19 -
--1928 13-18.5= 5.5 6.5 (SteLo.at wok oane.) 28G
T ****o,
.. Te Pet zee--Lk' Snore & Ids--ia the AMGE A The Ev.
Proper is the Heom dabg" that evryt dykioke aro.aul. The
Ev.Prpre is ompld to paywilly illyato protot tne Lk Sure.
The Ev Proper am spare this jUGE OU0i A ds nt needs
Stht this 9 las go eoto that petty strip. And the Hrones-
plus Lk foods do not urt the Ev Proper, mtrily,

Frtherit now look aggy mon as the the' Id ppL. are abt
p to be sor-od, as tnoneike/1 and lands andrequired to move
out;and get pay, i' they Bafenr thr lost lands;
Why and the Lk Shre ppl. be preferred above botn the Er.
Proper and the Ids, too No reason fr thi swtver. If the
Lk Shre Iager onb& iscte reqre son an antl e, and the Pre-
seribed, robbed and snubbed Ev must hlp pay out oZ its pov-
erty,fr this Lk Shore protxn,we may well says-
"Well,if the Id IPl. mnast be put out,to ave the Lke
Suorp. and
IfU4 ,Lke Ide, and Ooast,and Oallier,Hendry and Moroe
must all -.be required to PUT UP to protect tne pampered pet,
way not let the Lk Saere-pple N~eB MDO K a little andtase
pot luok Jd4iheEr Pi.- Why must we be kpt out ox Ev.
Reo fnds ,ii a s, adiverything to favor the Laks-ihore
whn that ileuas than 1% of the Ev Proper, Preposterous,
Teu arenow saorifio~ag the WOLE ZV. P1OPBR to p p er andhe
p the Lk Shore wi is net .~ anyway. It is NOT Oi XT.
If this fvrtsm on be stepped the Ev Proper may, at lastget
Sa onanoebfre its old 20,000 areall robbed of thr heldage,
and have died,& thr Inds ruined by ovr-drage -and soil-
ankg andfires.
_sitd of mkg lWOLE EV wait frver,let Lk Shre-the 1--weait
I aamile;and live in the v & hip gt hp fr the Evh Pnlty of
reoa THERE fr us all Maybe tht kind of t1k will stop the
sneering of the Lk Shore ppl. and lop threyes to the Ev
itu atan."
'he Ilis the- voano orator. Evrybdy ds nt nv to pile in
thre;& TE THE WHOLE Ev to mke thm sfe there.

dstr7Brooe Mtgphkena 927 p. 26



q19ow i4 / 4j- -I t ftt
Im ^ '3.t 4 so

Tie Pet rtno~k to%% Ida-i, the EOOMS WO.. gh*'gj a
-e* 1s t-at U# g ...
1n a-4Syie- ocld to peagtriI Mfltc the jlc t4 r
%bie WftpW1". It- dawt. used:
Uthti-tstLU a gpi O Nthat petty. toLp-, lad thte wrM1wnb
-Sj~ue'rs iffMli abt the a& Papnt1Mtfl :-l

I 2--

Mhbe sites an Lke Shore a14) ttumzs from
p finance project. Parallae levees .10-Boo'

uIie sand nr ioko, led.nrgs to use tOek* (jS)
me z mk oa be found and used.(15)
?Iooderi pole mattrese s dangerous. (35)
11-12) owwid l weenafforde. homte-.fte mi atrnga Lkb aide. 1
road. -t4e water front and wideoamrigable abnel ( 1-17.)
(13) Act of Cong~,2e-14fl ,r9e Nvgtn & lood.0oantoi(l.

(r11 1or cattijg wuterwirs from Lake to Glaf1, kbti.a
Sbark Riverat low oas gsee Ba.1otDoc peIaf 6&4.
Parallel dita; h S300 to 43I000' apartcut oit mo id
ae dls TES aggests,as hav-e otherBIl VE .
ir aton upon about every subject under the .su
.. .- .. .iave to the r. Datft save OafEi *ow can the
Z.fAbo Pld buyers of 1909 and following ever get
peawhy ba o out of their .ivestm ntas (I.,)

r,&AP 9l Daiations in

Is. IA V-r V-W. _S
m93y 14& S-*l$. 3.6
191V 14. 8- 1

319 2 0IB15" 1.
19-$ 1%8-19 3- a Q
**^ u _S..a.: .l .

" -69 98 1-3 I) 1/4 1 1~
S" 198 18S-1, go 4, a

1 1/-S -

: V4 / ,

aB Us ias ,
:- e, .uC wo .-r .) ow neri,. .,
\at T~pA. oone.) *

-7h Pe ,e.,Lk r Ida--.s ,athe NAUMR ZX r She 3Az,
Prop i the a* Hss doag that earybtp kileks aimnaxm. The
S- Pis i d to p. llA atM .,attL.r t"o Lt -dSa
T he P r a C ape this fiGS. W4 de n need -
thtc it4 s A ia Ko artO theft petty,. arip. And the inapoaC
ALu $ Wends a3t it6B a the 'r PaperitArlly. '


fr'therit Lbw too : 7 mah Fmbas tho. the Id. ppi1,s are aS -'
to be aerfVod, as to hBeka$ and landqiandraquired to ns2"
out. arni g5t pay, if they. tan fr th. 3.at 1 uand a b.
ay sahd the. Lk ISre pp1. be preferred aNe both the
P Aler and ti Ida, too No reason frt t e,tvei If '--
L Aro Pk nger- Zoe iscto reqra, .ac si aut'.e Y and the Prt
rxbed, robbed and dubbedd Fr must hip pay oub of its poe-
era-yqfTr this Lk t:iore protxn, we- may w)l sayE.-w.
Well,f the Id Ilg* aust be put out, to 3se the bke
-., iore and
It W~Llce 4,Idand Ooast and Onillir, Hendy Sad ibm a<.:
'M at ai. be required i ~ PUT UP to protect the pampered' j t
Snot let the-Lk SLphopr e Mle E l]OVLJWX a little
p luk fttl he PdL-. Why iasu we bo kpt -utae M
Roe. fands I zads andaverythl4g to favor the I'ke Shore
whn that i slea than i: of the 1r Proper Prepolarount .
Youe ronow sacrificing the TNIE BN%. PMflR to er andhea
p the Lk Shore wh is not 4 a It is NOT eS. t
it tidi frtrs3 an be sepped tga hPwroper mqyaat laati get
a ohancebfre its old ao, rewal rob d of thl hbeldngs,
and have cded4& l-. ".. -.. '
snlkg 3ndfJirae,
iiLstd of nkg f:OL EV wait, frver,let lk iun-a-the Ij iti
amhileen id live in the IDr,& b2~'. hi.p fr the JW l'
room TI dRS fr us all. :Maybe tht kind of tik will stop tI'z
e 'ring of the Lk shore ppl., and opn th.eyes to the Ev 1
situa ".
-he ; is the v in orrater. Evrybdc ds nt hfr to pi.le in
thre I- Xi:. tl' ,IOLE Ho to mrke ':th, r.- '.hro.

astry ,;,o.':o tgPehkee .1-7 J p. .6 t p" ,6"

-- -1. I:


OAR r*" Ged, treng, finL engine, 2d. kad may :*. mist e '.
TRAILIa)-- Oartis GLan; Idea* Net ti fine e asivey.
-rrm rrt a.an effiseebed resmkitehen, liibr shopl--al L on
EZTRASA ( If praetisaX.i 0an B -sre pae M. Arraage to
.rWmr tu to h1per in Ft.1', say;lamtUhaetr seribed AT ORON,
und d d t--
1--Lbtte rs Stamped, wlistated bht at reads, 34 at 'tVLd.lh
respate. TIW not to see taem. Taketaem on fail A.
2--MUs. Retad AT fOJ1 teTIW. Oprtr has TIW' d itnrary, at all
times: 2--p writer. TRW to use,wkn oe-
*! ay. 5- U1me**'rp. Fr quiek get-ourt.
If m*tlamp. Krsen. 4--Lightl Xlee.wlth portl e battery?
If aetk,lap. Kee-eo


5--Oeeking. Heater that will ee*k
e*ifse ,Pestun adeheoslate. AMb ley need fr heat.

%tI was FREE BORN,
Insemeg F D League.
Preflterst*ep Brisbase it. Get taken along theliae,Wy
seein thqm, skewing tme tMe stuff,axndta list of takers. FRBI
INCOME( Gontia,) Get St Drag 3Bd to put in Dtob-Dke-Pmp
system at Okeoaltaisol,.g part or all of Oid Ok. Let ths
Bd nke arra mt wth TEW whrby TEW shall get tenants in on
tniaOld Okrlad, and ie get a anarein the rentals Thenas he
goes abotthe preaches the Ev, andssayr, ome and .ee fr
yreelves. Oonquer in the Qamp Oar ,as am doing rt now. Try
it out a season or two. Little outlay. No shaokeven to build .
Liv in your oar Varry such tools as pou will. need in addtn jr
the traotor--plow--diso outfit that you will findthere when y u
arrive. These you can take away,if you leaves Try a season or
two truoking,rang ahknesinour Oallotve Plfry Far, feeds or
smntng else. Low rent 25%?) .Wrk under guidance of our apt,
wi knows and will help you amid mndtkes*

Invtoe m of thm dwn to farm on
Old Twn Site. -
wve arrngmat wth St Drage y Bd
tht I gt them RENTRS and get a
.fr my part in gtngths andh1pg
them- savoeed. Lt Bd gt Tze at ,
least eot of lad.
,a e it. Jt 'I ke a rr .u pa,~e1 :) .amI
tirUs4e td, tae prra ",0 ff iw
Ssui t. s to. that et Plut i. *en
ne toiatwith TW,
L*"-"" *'* *' r '-*I -

n&?,. 'wr c


2 .. .

-. '- ,.--'i
* -. .

,, .:- "
'- '
'I~.K it~ :

alp 0.; Fla.gt more in an nONEST
WAX aftbe killag the Gmblngthn od
.Gas Tax a oDUroe or munch oom-
Smn wealth Bgat not the only

Gov. keeps calling onLoeg to.
find NEW SOUROES of Revenue- Here,
is a vast souroeeof multiplied
millions oe dollars*
Your Sohool land there ,if ali v,
should easily pay this-q7 1/2
Millions pr year fr Sohools.
S If Tr Soa Lad Aorge wre all
v,it od esly pay the 47 1/8 mlas
fr sohl a If t all so moh the
bttr fr ,- andso month wrse fr
that you aren't gettiggood out
61 yr Ev lands.
Your 800 000 -as of I.I.Bd.lad
@ o100 pOer a per yr --a mod-
e'at retr frm well-reolmd well-
khidled Ev Ind--wri yieldper yr.
\i What a Suroe--New source, at
That --or Revenue.

S Thus TEW will be .
Sl--Prohng Jv Gapel.
2--&ap g s & 4, ,
a.--Wpag get taxes pd;
Supporting hOself,
[ f"?nftg P.G.O.

"4 aJuly 19 24, p b
***** *
Fer prevntg the Ov of Lk Ok. the
The St Lc GQl,wh is tne prnpi unit of ik ontrl piu,
On A-.1-24,90o empltL
An al prt of tjhe 1k prtxn pn ensts ...in tht regn *
S" By F.O.Elt,Oh U Eng. */ g
' Il 9g,flg p- 2088 & 9/ olg 23P la pge.
i The Alpttn Eits ...to b drnd by aon V,,,to ok-st la onl,,,
dend tax nt only to oarry,,, & 000 sod ft of wtr fr ontrl Of
wtr lvl in lk ok ,,,bt also drng of onl V.." Do 2p. 13 )
The St Loelt prvds the mns ,,,of flood. Thus the hi Ivl
will be wth in entrole.' 20.P. 37. )
LEVEE ARND LK OK.kp,13j;. of sfot ht to hron odtnq p..3,
MMd// attrotv hm stes thus prvded.. as ma ,,, reobrse
talf inprt by ale of Ite" 1L4. -- 18).
SSae prp of the abv report tne fig 1w ha bn enotd by eg,,
,o,,tooe a ary of the els rvr drbg area ,,,and of Ik ok and ortn
ty brdrg its shreq ontrk wrk ,,fr nvgtn in onxn wth fld ontrl,,,
and,, srvy of 1k ok ,,,and,,ty brdtg its shre...&o (P.18. )
E & W eulaprfrd to NW & SE onl e. 23--,) Ontrl of 'k Ok.Use of St
Lc Onl 3n-37. Inoldg. Th St Lo ,,,wthn oatrl* P 37. )
Do 21: d14 Prtxn --Oke. p 22) 4rnn or 28. "Abelt nasty
redog the dgr to hmn lifs ,t (22),."nstran or anadqt Ivee ar
the SW rDo & SE shrs of Lk Ok*..e&o*023 ( otd m h Ft
datd 1-r7,."), p 23) ld Prtmn arnd Ck k.*w, pp 2r,,Hro of
T g '28, 26)..,Lke Levees* (0o).-- P.58).

4 4
Ev ppl,in thr terrible poverty,are gid to donate,frm tneir
pittance,for the protxn of the Lk ~ore frnds, if the plan
agreed upon aeouely meansprotection to them.
nowever,is it too much to ask ox you,in your oompatative ,
prosperity,~hat you, at last,aid us that the reagin that led ev-
ery move for the up-bldg of the so-ealled Ev region inoldg Ev.
Proper sad Lake ShoreO Mt- the Ev Propernanay, at lest, be
allowed to remain on earth.

.. *I
Like all injustiae,this unpardonable injustice the Ev Proper
is now reacting on its supposed beneficiaries. Coast is
bankrupt.andthe Custard Apple is in peril or it a and the
U.S.Govt. is conservative --saveonly on humanitarl grounds--
because in the Ev. it ean see practically no tonnage and no
population. savethe Coral Gables contingent that swells the
20p000 figure of alleged N Ev.population ..
ni,- .'-_, -. -.... __ .....'"

C x I k U '-

Qhkns Grnag -g e to osGt.
iro :nts by 'r ds b wt 'I Wkd & li' -
-1''el d d y -: !:-12 .1?
_0' -.ma s- S a) .,;

t pn fi s(t prt nf pnrer .v( Okinta) hot
ed e eo TO LIVE. L
CaEklas Q n hone.-' -": a 7'n m oc.
'If hndl to r'iise, ahndn A sury '.r1t shd t
droo.c., d..;rtd.rj ti Slp pOr' O,0n' Olg" to hl p 7?
-Let haiT go wtl hide. '" '""

.by -.d Cst tns h1p save tail? FU'La 'a.3 feUns.
San PI -'. o: -DYIPATHI'.,3 Fine t.rte-, pr'l4if kno fx, & ar
Streted rt hut whn norel _r D 4
M'- iet 'it Fhkee-Bfoolce i T +- "t Fd Gvt
in -t ai.s "II( toi th it efi ft.
t, gt thn in on St tc on y-rnu of N iv-tr.. It.S
trans by m.r;but, if pa i. it OUTSD r:.v, r:i '3 a.
RIV, TO TH 1V, .n b -.. D c.U..T JJ .i I
to HLF ESV.. T1: BxNj'lT -BV BD .3ITIT, IT"f'T IT? '*1-iO

No eTlnint, no .2i'YTHIUO. Aut Caesar aut. nulliua,
A ***
[/ 6E Ta:c FIGH Bi vs ].-ittie Ccos.
Like ., f:ly ",T.1' II.RG DSTI (0 OUPBRD, PINTRY &
O-VR J' J1D '! FO' D;-i th' ft -vr a b.-c a c
Sru St.
Anfdwlile f.;;,1 Itt v, kue r...n y et brnt ,
up .anrsz( by fwe,4 f.'ly. ( lilJln I,ln- uit.) ..v
70,000 as of ol}. dig pr-dc lO. n,? pr .ore =
7, 000,00, Nt, NT ). Uttrl I '-..
S80P, 000, as. of 3 Bd Lnrl. 10i. pe:- a:re, r yr,=
r80,000, OO r yar If{'l TI:D, nt br-n-. a Ir.e i-rt
Sf. this .-un. If fr: IJi,w'l brn; 'kch :ore.
'Rei lr brcd, chok!c. t *, to hb .-z. t'y Porick.
Rovel nut an.on-ntr 5 tnt. n rght r cr'unbs...in it
elv-r full of foId g ur- i-i ;, ke r into hn'.', of
, fpes. (Ord'.ra).
* *
SThe nIT.', BIG YFFAT, '.., RT .
Not to lrw eo" r oc o0f' rilth. but t /f4
Ft oer tqe'Bore c rat;and'
Push t'Fe PGO ch-le. 7e ..HIT 'il nr t ,- orX cs
ark. Bi( an.!little oas both are i.n I itVi Th':-
tha ave agreed on. 'a--. Votes bh Cons)-
Settlnnt:, Plntg as f "n *a \ir cur.e; v; plant, (,rove:
r 'kht. .;OST of the 1 oo, sottiratn rnlin.
,n This ill triten, ,rei ..y,hT :.03T of ti'.e v ws sol d
&Wb Ind oos. 3S :t 3d Lege, Cos NVRi LFTD A
I yFGEiR SION. trin Il tUh sit Only if/ anxz to TRiK
QUT THEl V ,I'. And 1v wrkd-'it .opt. Tnr BvO9DK; and
L.FTG over bone kOrst. LA __

TheI.v pregressin g &Prospering, .
Say the dog is.* twhen,.in fata,theprogres and prsprty
are all for the Parasites on his baek.and smoking his blood.
This is the oas&irecisely,with the alleged uSv Prog &Prsprty.
Areas &Atioks get ail the prsprty.) Tax-eaters.
Parasite.auek his blood andthen denouacenim as a a pyrrtless
ear, a and a mongrel,
he one, grand excuse fr tne exazlg e ofthe pa Btes isthat the
dog needs themes St.Le cFlood-eontrol, "
*** ,

What of3andingKies Water out via the harlotte Marborroutet
See Sens andreps. frn tht datrot.

Probe the D E E. See Davis, -lis et al Who aretay? How
v sots are they? ew .all thetrble might be enddd save the
VOT%.trblef ig r Es %tn'wd wrk out a line of nna-compet. erops an
and a pros. Mayotoo.
While inTal, get rdy fr D.C.

1DOG AND TICKSr The dog has now been starved till the ticks,
/theselve s, are also in danger of starvation-

SLong-contind. starving of the dog, is thrtng the lives of the
a* ***

Fr librlty andsimploty,lets makethe figrs read 99% & 1f

Y9% a vietin or endles war.

Use Bantz letter in Settlnmt series.

rIRESI --In pb stmnt,in U ad 0 0 H inwrtrs g, St Fr da(p 133
Ev ats g0. 190. p IBs. cl S.
On Mtg. (p,1 34)za d 3-24-28.

S,..Z U 1/4 of Ev Area he ba dstryd by f4

V G L Di .-



_... .i3

6ee ipn-sey, B- oi 1 ..,";, & nrbr s 7.-,, B.;,, Mta s B1 ..-.
5-_-?8 &A0 D :'* oa i.'? et, .5r.;:-, fr N NR Gnl.
'vjnr was all t!.is i.;;-red ia SUc* 13.5


"X".. ...4' A .
..**" -i f. r. # "- '*". .^ ; s "m -" .
!-. v'- "..LF. -'',F*" '. ". V 4 l' ..*, it. ,,- ** ;-t ,, ". ** ,* ..- "" "- ',.;.

--. '' ,
-, -' ., i -

,? ,j ,.o t: -, -.. .; ",.',:-'^ '.'" ..-. ,, -, :' -, r .-. ^ ^ '
X V: T6 A 11. j ldi.....i di. .
". .:,.., ;14 ., -. J r. ,.
.- .. [ ;,. A-: r l.

'I b^li ^^i. I
. . .. ,* ..
.. .. .. .

-. ; "' .: ,V. ." .;


vi .'. --


/'nawble,the Lg strgglesover taxes. De any nbr kno thtrtly a- .l
diede.he 70,00 as or Ev sohl ladmt annlyy prdee the 47. 5GOrOu 0 ':
needed by the souoolsea tht he 800,000 as. or Ev st land at yld,
per year, 80,000, OuO T
Are these resources even maimtainedy Insteadyhey are left.
be devoured by flamesor seized by ordtrs. While big & littbo
e day unite to greet and aid thel W W elmnt whose slogan iI
on)t work or let others work, Mae is a Play Ground only f i
ement made by a Senfr on day whn Senate passed Gmblng bill
ov, 's veto. and, laterfight like fiends over gas tax

veyou heard of the family whidn,with oupboard,pantry and
ellar bursting with foodleave it to thieves and fire,while
they tear at eshlother for a bone and a orust lyinf~on %he floor
, 4itrapled,

e 4t ntt e r sto '7 I
e-f b''a 1 t 3 ? ft1 -.' tc-t e t- '-:

In sitD.,.l o lt .
trees fr:i a .r-'dh
frgt t1,n f-re-Tero

-v 1- %r-i' "pint:" .a. 1 it ;r'op
srp;'ic, p:... a tr- les nr.h, to
: -ni : 1. hLe r- .n 13i t 7tl-i

c--:A 'lr-: .d :x: o'fly- sl .t'.td, -h:i .,'i;..C; -' e
ncs IfctLs, phys, fli Ki.S,

For all practical purposesthe Ev.Properrthe 99%-seems abandon#
and forgotten while the Lake Shore % Lucie--ot an '
.Ev. anal at allreoeive the whole attention.

av wttlatm nv bn swpt,as with the besog of destrxm,from the
map. The best looated, and most representlive,nv bn ardrd,
stltily buried, thr resrma blord till thr lads od be ssed,
Oursafored to be absenteeesv bn tzd ou9 of.exstnoe and thr
lads oarsoated. Al 1 we laok is the Chinse Wall and the tamdg
rwmandwe now navetheir full equivalents

Thea, following years of Iplaities, erushg &.~ontiu ous,& early
admin ose as at 1 t prdod Wfesot reamn has eq& pp
drxan; the o.kns hv onme home to roost.

Wth the regn wrkd & ruinEits repta blknd 1, st
frds eardat, aggresve hlprs saok at heart, broad n I F & rdy
to crse God & die, who, till shown, wil blve frtnr pzmn*sm
Bv promisespay more taxes or buy more bonds. E no aswers---



.? -, ,

1" *

S^ bbfiiiddLyEEIooouhnu inhhhnnnhnhhuhnn
Sihhhhuim uuthnhnnhh hhfhhhhrh h
2 thing dog join Da he oTO all



2 -:
s --U

^ .


-2 th- se-eled ;Ir, whk i the Mr Proper & the Ostrd-Apl
ima of the Sh e of bk O1. Thig if is at r, as the US OGr stied
,a id b prints of Ar lAd- at~n Al gal needed by Lk Shre ppl.
a Ai ria ors a '1 eI the sme-ei "*r,
4--g T thisthe DI Proper & OIt cities are addig $2 mia more.
5- On the al atdthe av Preper--taeg99.g --blir almst the
wiofe tz brda fti st, eo &dsts;&Ts tfhe prist of the tnd OuaS/
4 See U SS Dse 379l913: PP. 5-0/ 8 )It is roeqr to pay fp
", e one La-p.earg Kiss wtvra;fr Upg pritet the Lk "hkr*

7--g a4mwsdp invat, thr my rith tkhe Ot or the OstratApple
!!--3 as L At *4 OLe .2-aa Ovr- ttr*ears, iny-dvrg, sa
h ata & sihd of the d49tlyige wholly cutsIl the Nr Proper,
kpLt opear & etrall dfrg its da of sirta. & hlpg igal
.Aeeoo-CZatrel,,whiMa at hip era the Lke Shre i' a crisis.
S-- ',if a crisis,

8--2 Mawhl*,the phle,iniellg offels in Pla and WshDO,i.
ftoel into blrg tht ilpg the .i% is ale hlpg the g999. "
& tht the loew,fid ereep of the Lk She means g rtfrd i ride/
fr the Ir Proper.wih inst4, i erataly, &reoslesaly, iippag
bkwrd trd the pit.
Hold tais for later use, as in FTG THE BLOOD-ONTROL 50HM1.

0--2 heap. frm wA e-ne 1/wde-sprdg, diastr fire doee.

10--. eltvte thr lads. Frltr,byag thee lads hklp frakh Gr
Brd awA the fads wi enold ha to prtet the i frr szre,
Sthe iaminaintand to laM ns hs astlpree prgrsm. pBea"7-4-190g
TMW e byiarsald the wher,wre aisar eferly roe, a in 1 or y

i--o thr lad, & fr its reelta:. &-fr tkie pytstha hv red4, t
e, thr petty bafts or abiltly onea at ill(WS** sas of era
s i tr*f a ladsIas il as tz bks, .egaitlf.)
Z s-.sijrely atrl,.
i Il---1--tlris in oe*pyg & u s th'.1 .l4i.'ek reeat iis6 4 ld
_r I Lk Tkr h dappi i eu hr ha zelirly dradbt
ithk dsat r reit.o Sae below. Tra k he pd fr, s ba Pfe ,Esatt
Qil avta the te erta, hqdatrd. Lag trp by byrs,fr fltat
brt so r-ts. ia.yLe arl til they a' at u Sr at txa-pyg
or t.x-al tasethl a r tfi4 at tha r te- l hp.
rt-hi l **s wr ge ag bik;& lm
- p pa wLhrby es thr la. dafrvror.
A 17-S pt it.as bt'jrl wtr irn.n ustdr Pr al)_i /
alas iLat the'ftle StBLk wh elpltdp&wl *pa as ba a, i II s,
tle.'ft Lke-k bt 1 ftI-l iir by O* L.T.
FPtir, Chy U S 1hger, 4 a. /

Ev Pha s

I--.OWginal --

--Settle by n.- Bldrs.

2--Spoale om tue A'.Proper.

3--Utlze avlble EVOanals

Exploit with aid o. Gigan-
tie Corporations.
pol ze on the Lke Siiore lad

Destroy all saeu. anals fr
Nvgtn, Utlae OUTSIDE MNLS.

4-Open Up The Er Proper,by Do-this wnoily,or enfly
Ree.,,TraaseOnBvtn,S & D .smadd pranoe a weint pi Brw
-o.p on Custard aad 'Neziga-
brag Lnds. Keep Ev.Proper
Lokd Up ,Hidden, laaceassibke
&w,,olly unvlbl e,
5--.nip Prods to SE Fl a Git- Bnip Prods only tnru St.
ies & ports;&tjnee,by water,Le SNot an Ev. Canal &No.
ineldg. Pan. Caoaalto WORLD to pta sufl as Saranman atd
MARKET. Baltimore.
6--Baild am EuONOMlI SYSTEM Lye SE Fla, to tne PGO, ex-
of tLe Ev. & SE. FEla Mke olsvl.
regr" aelr-Sustng.
7--Stres Presence ,Iavstnnt Utterly IGNORE tne exstaee
a Objetres of Old Ev.Buyers;e: tneOld Buyers; saefor txg.
wuo bot to S & D in Ee.Prpr. bond. prposes. Omit tU,
WuOLLY fra all EV.DomS,.
g-Put Traffie Routes turn Put No Traffie Routes thry
TaE VERY HEART Of THE EV." the Er.Proper. Ignre tht re-
Proper. gion. Steer all traifi, inso
'far as pos sible AROUND THE
Ev. and along the Uke Shre;
wn, isNOT an Er.Areaas the
Two Coasts, Atlato a Glf,tne
Caloos. anad St.Luoi, are NOT
Er. Areas
g--0ppesq,t tne limit,the Develop policies that will
D S E & the p G 0 intrfrein minimum degree,on-
ly,witn tne DEE & tne PGO.
10--BLd & People tue Er. &eep ErT a Trackless wil-
11--Fill EL, witA Proat Bar voters out of r. Like
Nettles; wiOI, inodtlly, itspopltx ensist,enfly,of
wILL BE vOTRS. Bosses & Wageaearaera,as
Irgely BLAOQ as may beg &.
purelyTRNSIENT in enroter.
12--alist Fd. Fads to Enlist Fd'a~ds to ake the
tne Ev.Proper gt of it tne
irreducible minimum
13--Are dt to rke the Are out to END tne Pieture,
PIOTUBR a REALITY.. &to Ornmant tue FRAME.


I I I .

"' "

S. f



South Florida the Coming World Center.
Mast shape her polish asoordingly.

Coast and Glades a Double Team. Eaeh horse
msnt pulled Both mst pull together.
Anti.-Gi es War Old0 as Broward. Thought ead-

ed about 1912-13. Still onbut underground.

proofs that Hostility to Sojth Florida Ex-
iats Reasons for. Meaning of the conflict.

Old Florida vs. New,-Noath Flodida vs. ,South-
Old0 south vs. North ( of the early 'O s.)
Self-Support es.ehtial to Salvation of

South Florida. Includes Extrasti ng raw a~-
terials;making ame available for satisfas-
tions of wants; and transporting to oonsunm
ersa Elonomic SsWtem.
Above iZpossible for So. FlaS without use
of her Glides lands: these being prinoipal
source of raw materials. Henoe Glades Sue-
sees 'ital -to Ooast suwess.

South Plorida's Foes Wise in their Genera-

tion. Strike at Base of Suppliesg to prevent/
building of EBon. SYstem. Suooeas of this
would leave So.Fla. hanging bY her finger

Long-Time Hsledaeation of S.E. Pla. Coast,
Y "_ PEt.Gsd.* Co2Feat. Palsely and mis-
chievouljY teaching ti4s section that it
.. is "Nothing But A 'esY-Ground" endthat"al-.

Poe s m
,prastioes police whereby litm esar Oon-
quered Gaill is e,, Divide and Oonquer." Thus

splits So.FLa. into a multitude of warring
fastons:weakening the section; ndhelping

foes to retain CONTROL the GRAND OBJECTIVE
Sabotage. Monkey-Wrenehes,bY the soore,oon-

stantlY thrown into the Works" of So.oFlas
Preventing preparation of Glades for Usel as
Killing 0an1ls,for Trmanportation,drEai ge

andany use. 'Kil -h Roads already paid for;
Burying Roads alreadY built( 4 eases be
instanoed);Getting L0 oal Dranage Work in-
to wrong hands; Hessing Up* our Harbor;
( Getting men into Control who should beoon-
Still it.
troled ) foes Burning un MILLIONS of
irrelaceable *
DOLLARS worth of A^GSiabs soil;eto., .edb.
putting over a Flood-control pan Ao opted

by the uninformed as Faultless because pre-

paredand Proposed bY FEDERAL ENGINEERS;and
PAS ED BY OONGRES.. ( Investigation shows it
came fror Tallahassee; from which flow few
blesdingsbut endless troublesfor Glades,

and allied interests.)

St.te Boards failing,for 80o ears,to RE-

CLUAI" Ev.lands,as oer agreement with Fed*
G6vt. Instead, ubstituting DRAINAGE" for

REOLAMATION"; a most vioious,dangerous
substitution,as consequences haveproved.
Keeping lands out of condition for cultiVa-

tion;this including large areas of OnAST

fkm lands:thus inciting hostility between
coast a nd Glades owners;and cutting down ag.
pertlfing man3y miles of roadAs ad R.R.
lines to be built without eulvetts; thus
effeotivelY dminingbaek water upon lands

upon wh. thousands of dollars'of previous ree-

lanation funds were being spt;o nallY to
make useful. '

rTwent.Y-ear-Lonr g easmpaign against the 01d

20000 Glades Buyers"( maEs of whom TMW. ease
here to represent., STYtamaticallY expelled and
repelled. Startling storY of mraner in which
large *ontingent who oeaeto Ft.Laud. in 1911
were treated, An eYe-witness andparticipast my
mezt.door neighbor now.(TEW.)

d Buyers,for years," Bled White" with taxes
and bonds pwia7 without representation or
soneantl ad in vast number of cases,without
b eneft to the tas p-yers ot their lands. Th a

making redemption impossible, Haene,whole-
sale expropriation of owners never allowed e en
to see the lands they bought 20 years ago.
Onta down enormously the population S.E.Fla.
wd hatehaA;the buainesshe wd have done; the
vanenies S.E. Ooast cities wd. have reed. in
tradeIandthemembers thy wde havesentto the

publio documents loaded,now, with reports
audrepeasentations that make against standing
and developmentof S.E. Pla; but in favor of
the St.Lueie region. Tone of these so sim-
ilar as to suggest stronglY one,oommon origin.
Boulders rolled into the path of success for
Port Everglades and her sana, the N.NeRiver,

tease in StateadPed. documents,

ion iih Bood Ooatrol of a eharaeter to
threat serious reaetion if Oongress ever

gets A ql1 the faotsa.(& 3

---. g one.
The So.Lake Shore Spil Eati that
a Safety Valve he supplies ,that L e hirhl

waters instead of being BOTTLED Upmay be
LET OUToover wild,unusedland; to empty in-
to the sba;instead of killing settlers by the

Admitting all Kissimmie Valley Mater t4 *
Lakesandplaoing whole peot of hadling these
on Gladees eoplein defimioeof andol h Oomxn
issioa's aliee. (pp. 8B-8.) Denying iver-
ion of anY of these trouble-breeding wa-
,term. ,+r.
Ad ***r :
( Ad meh mdre.) i

.-/- i'


-9 _LL"- n I -Sff'-nt :,ier; Pearl of Groat Prior G.RAT :ILBERi4

1Cp'.--HrcnO. 3t Lc.ll G. Nt 2n."'li o o -1jg; "
But FU IlD be' '+.r'n &P Dso ?i.-?'.1 )
19T; 2500 altrd. t3 Li Abi ti G a-T rt.tr of t, 1 1 livo ;
.n3: "S'. rtco at Bi GI T 1. COG .
L.F.Frzier P 0 8 os ft
,rt C o C nt "o 'T b Co. 01-- .i :J4 RTN
T ..'9s T R S T L o0
oD (iT. TOPS .I '. i o St LU Lok UP i !, i.. yb r TRST., h
*Ti'lR int i OUR SFTY, after t-na .v.U nJ,'.) T,:. F':-.
cot,. & t.,t/ a s'd -, Po h-.'i .'. I ,'UI! C T. 3cot -i 5,0 p'
es. t 6 "- iT.iS .3 A F1 ', D PRT'JTH.

* -Ye

_ _.LUCI .,4.



.Sal aSag U4q. Stua.t
I.AiM 4F a %WA 4asky. axst..
.I a -Lt els ,( lk, si s 2Iiura li,, .

*93 0 *Frel A
I PUli0 -babee th.s.a ,hI&a Ae.
U tUhis i- the itdnst tf, 4,
Cale-s rr t.dif0Im, Ind &4I= AhLib 4
has lmbeep. toU LOUR THE
.LAE O LNJ 8 0 a 0 0N
w.Bxnrni5 j M t 'v Us




ehe .,a I
Prorei : --
1--Utter Lack of IrtrRt of Strt in
A--fty t nfLke more pr .
B--V.fro qf j1 as a wihole(ao r.L, tt Flo..i-
Control pin IS of h1p tn .v as a whole).
2--Utter INCAP .CITY of :.t.Lc, 'JD: D'lPIT,.'. di 3-
ohrgng. water at rate ,f
1--,0P00 .eoft :., at trLisc,
2-6,00n qec ft. ( Glenn "cott to TL'. )
3-.-'F.t that LT:" 3'ore ppl. are LIVI:I I
FOOL S" Paradisie. .
4-Fact t.k.t E Cities are pnryiin, gr a
5-- Y.propojr aroe ottinr 0 at all;
* --Oongrco s i fo-oli;--, away its
, 000, 000 on a put-up jeb.

., '





^6-l/ 1!
^ ^^

/ I



. 1


Eleod .p% jt Lusie
1 j Trytrs explted tk,:--
1--Fears andterror of the Lke Shre ppl;
2--The F~Yrp thiss of the s .,. Fla. Coast Cit4 es and.
3- 9--The G rsty nf COongrems t; ther y O-a i".
--The kes Sre Pp l. to dwell 2 ie thea Ziiad s, ui ; an
seeure e n the crater ofa aleeyifig V-oleaio.
2--The SE Fla. Oities to -
A--Cowlit Cemoareial Suicide an-'
B--PVa for thar Own FUJilR.AL9 s;
R--The Cong. e t!hei -USA) t.pr.-priat- j.a HUGE ZU.,4for a
Now, aRai n, andat thiqlate dat:., cooe.; one 1:n enof e tuart-
Late hih, lpaid,nd'tharf-uoun Atty. fr the Fire S of t o Ev.
Dr:.-e- Dat--.0 FRBJD'3 1the adctn of -
i--T'o CIOY FAIR QFF:1 ever nrde t ,e Old, -v.Buyers. &
n--TTeOnJly prctoble 'in ever .f:'-:red ir 3ettl.h t':e iv;&
Y--Fr Utliz.nr the i.trst :- egeyrne- O.f t c .1.1 Buyece--one
of t'--. greatest at a et-'the Ev eve-,r -ad., -ir.dit hL bn .Lhl stl.-- t;.r-.n:
an iy.

A~d why i t this plan roje o.e;1? De' -. a eate:s-rical nr.swer
fro- -t'e ho --
AJ-Vot L the GIBL'i;R' BILL.t e irrst blow ever 'i ue.; at `vr.
su'eeur- o Sn'
B-- bto KILL TEL .V. ET'L LTR..' BILL. '.7 1t n.r -:1 ie of fur-
thor iesa? ----

BJ on GV;'. t rpafr R R aoutrt, o':,; fr n a-,. but:
0'' O ''.T "' 1 : 7. Ait'' 01d i.7v byrs ylo, fr, E-"- "'rr b bn
pyg fr RC, ",h va tvr riel vrd.4:' who ,;ill n:,v if ,-r -ittc., at 1 7t,
hlp".- !
13--rrve t1e *;Bs d;
2--Rae tc.: Pric 4. tl.e 1 -dsl^.. t t" e :I I Bd1
p 3--Kip sd Bd. --el' itr, inkf1''cF.' cant Lericc;
4--Got I-nds bok: on 'ho t- ryL -tBt ce will l-oa -.Pna ofi; .
S5---nbl "lew Drnge Bd to ':I .a :it t0t cn bie u c.l.
p_--uppil.: o o'.c of t-n ln,)r.-&-dr-rt .i pop]n the .'Ov
7--And, S last, lhp .3.'.Vi TH:E DAY FR AL CIICR!:D.
SThes ppl. 7ont. BUY over :aain. If t.:a did tht wd .rvy, to thr fro&
a tht tha bl.nd' in- the Inaane Asylum; :
Al will liner lon,,, anrin .Lda ,pi. .' ill
t ek tk'e !;v r'.: r, 31'onO-Ft 'Pole.
Those ppl. iThou you Iave. robber, outraged, insalted, tre ted almost
as FIlONM -.the PPL.F. THE :3NLY PPL. to rihom you caun o10. fr
settler :3 NW. .,r

Ar: yoa say, "IT
spk.-now r frover
r, c'^'a-.^ .

. ',

.3H T*''[P herld- 's reaeoe

"""""' 4.-' .... ^.- "
.^.. fe .- ),,)
..- ,,13

? p

On wht grinAz? Lt J~I

a w o-A BskgJ~JA thm el swhre. Og dret.
'its 2gs to grvy the I Ofr shBbl Fd imprvnit Seh ilEpit
ill ily al the y rl the Ror the rdI enrumly uat
its *est.o "At
a On req t ef the Ft Ldd-Oty Omu,& in eeop wth alI nlpt-
,At only Fi in eapprpyag the Iz 1l fr by the Fd 2gsAbut kx by
vati thr o e,wth oh addta1 data& gv tbin frthr ineghts into
the poshlties of ths al,mxx mWprmnitted to faotn. P/g //
red id, fr wh- I am/ whoa ense, o / still w &rk,&
wn I regard as qute possblewill entbte vatly toorly & erdtble&
1f emplt+:.f.this rd//~ipas dserbd in the bill,& the the emplx
---d-_-jm'---t- a;" one. of the met imp khoma on the Ontinent.
a niway wn ma well prve

*r( iI". *

* F I .L E V
Goo-tains Will WritingsW.W. ), ohiefly on
State Read NO. 26 adthe North New River Oanal.
Index or W.W. was gone tilru, -20-31);and,
in Ool.were oheked those now in rile v;and,
in Column 2, these not in File V.
Number and page are as on Index of W.W.
A very few of above are not by W;and a few
may be on other subjects.

Road Numbers appear ri

NO. Pge. Date
35 41 6F-Of -233
42 8-11-23
4o 8-18-28
37 47 8-24-2,6
38 5u 8-6l-2
) 40 52 9-7-23
41 53 Q-19-23
4 54 -14-23
41 -5 9 -21-2,
49 89 9-28-23
46- 55 9-21-23 Edtrl).
52 69 10-19-23
54 60 11-4-23
68 -13-24
75 72 8-1-24
20 122 5-2u-27
20B124 6-3-27
21 125 8-5-27
21 126 11-4-27 Edtor)
23 128 11-25-27
41 147 6-29-28
1-22-29 'Ms )
1-22-29 ")
6o 180 P-7-29
65 6-21-29
76 9-25-29
78 10-3-29
76 10-11-29
79 10o-B99
80 11-6-29
95 5-17-29
94 5-21-30. Edtrl,
Oanal Numbers

In File V

; r



Oantais Will' Writingsa(WW. ohiefly ft -
State Read HO. 2 andthe North New River 0anal.
Index of W W. was gone thru( Af- -31) and4
in OCl jwre oheked those now in ie : "nd,
in Column 2pthose not in File V*
Number and page are as on Index of tW.,
A very few of above are not by Wgand a few
may be on other subjects,

Road Numbers appear first.
In Mile V
0N, Pge, Dae '" Wi
33 -4IT PuW-Vm
48 8-11-23
46 8-3- I
3 47 8-24-23a
38 50 8-31-P2
40 52 g-7-S 2
41 53 9- 29
.4 54 -14-23
S9-21-83 U
40 s 9-38-23
46- 55 9-21-83(Edtrl),
52 89 10-19-23
54 BO 11-4-23
88 A-13-24
78 72 8-1-24
?0 12" 820-207
30B184 R-3-27
S21 1s 8--27
"1 12 3.-4-" BtEdtor)
23 128 1-m-S 7
41 147 6~-29-:8
r-Sg-9 (Lis)
5 s -2r2-9(') *
63 ISft -7 -290
s F -PI-s2
76 9-25-29
78 10-11-8
79 10 -a29
80 11--29
93 5-17-29 a
94 5-21-30( Edtrl.) :
LA-1-31 "
Gaual Himbers

Aas found in several oellectieon ;
S3ileotieo Title,
..da28--MA al Vote. p,78
Retr Tras Bet nre & Lke.eg -'
-Lt Ld & Mi Ceeprto.n Cals & Rds.79 .
TEW Outlaea Be Needs.wh Leg. On Fnrash.el32 -"';,.-.r ..
IIsea. Wi. Strt.toill & TBW Mi RHrld. Noest. ,
Prepead Loop grotem 2 -
Map of Ores-at Oroa.za 28
Our Grt Rd rote. ext ) 2b
Good Ads Bdly Neoedd. i '.
Our Glds Rd Will Pay.4.
Brwrd Ge*Is B14g Hr d*5
Beth Ends va tne Mdl. 6 -
-TEW to Ft Swtoh.7
.3d Bad Pldge.iSorp of taper ? 8
Be Orfl abt ASwrtohng,"8
-Swtohag, Eas en.TKW. 9
Ev Rd Orots raw Moh Dene? 10
Trans. fr Ev Otms Fast Arrivt 1 A--
Wnt Ld Oh of Gem Sd Do. 12
III--Ld to Lk Rds.,1923s 1
-Grt Rd Orot Texts 2
-1 N Oresa-St fisghway:glf to Ooa 3
-Our Gdn Rd Will Pay. 4
rARda Evryware. Davis; C.E..5
,Brd Oe Ia Bldg Hr id.6
-8En Ends vs Middle.7
-LEW to Ft Swtbhag.8
r Swtchg. Eds en. TE 9
Rad Bond Pldge, 10
oe au Be Orfl abt Swtohg.ll
.Reportl in on Rd Orot. Hw Moh Done? i2
IV-,Both Eds vs Middle.o, 2
.,Map. Grt Rd Grot.3
Ld bityg Wton it Grew. 4j--
Gidos rdy fr Rds. 5 ,-

-.-TEW to Swtoh. 8
Swton? or Kp the Faitan 9 '
.Swtongg Eds oe; TIML 10
iRd Bead Pldge. 11
" Mae Be orfL abt Swtong.13
ETv Rd Orotiaow Mon Dome? 14 -"
Edtrl Why -elay RHd 15 .
*-Report on d Oret. 15
.-Trans fr v Otzmsa. Arrvg. 16
1--- i- ae from I, II, III& IV;
and Add to V.
e-- This Ghook, ~ means rDUPLIOATE."



& PtC-,?a t~

jrazier, Col. L.V. You shd nveqbegun)
, i oae

oner*," (To TEW, 7--31,

him copies ot' my letters:--
1--To Xpungberg,
2--Dean sey,
3--Fe cherk Hee oid Bfge
k Booklet: Ok'. ~estioa")


S y --~-w B- A -ware at-

p~k: Going to WI p.Boh?
.ek is thru.) ,
':u to '0 P Boh.orLk Wrtlit
,Iliot Re ort N Onl. 316o.
AW report Leg.SesR3I. %Ip
rhrutht on agree on.
,Roaera,O of Qpm.&c.)

- By RI

1_.1 111

I I1'.A... L 2.
^il^ Anates
^**** ng le .. *^ .

S / a
) *< ~ .r P



Jz~j~T~T' ?V~

r i-AA

9k., r


It '~~N



://4 0-

lr '

rNTEIRPT Was arranged or a
Mass Meeting
Of the Voters of
Everglades Regions
S^ be Held at the

gOh -rT-.l.:- Co.3d, Road "-.'


,- -, -
,/ 1 "* *f "- *'

'- r', kU "--

L^ 3 '7 --- ,; c

i .
*v ,'w sf "i'
,.,. ,., .
.ri? _.'- :'


tt~ i

iC1" i r"

_ ~

/ /


*P I



. 1
- i <


- l

f|- Horace Bowker is president of
the American Agricultural Chem-
ical Company, which manufac-
S tures fertilizers. Addressing a
Group of merchants and bankers
at Lakeland' November 14 Mr.
Bowker said:
"According to the latest fig-
ures available, a larger propor-
tion of farmers were adjudicat-
ed bankrupt in each of 44 states
than in Florida. During a recent
two-year period, California with
S21 times as many 'farmers as
Florida, had 24 times as many
bankruptcies. So you men ought
S to be glad you're selling In Flor-
ida rather than in California."
And yet California is an old
3 state, with a long record of agri-
jcultural experiences, and with
many co-operative, .associations.
The r rro iCalifornia as
quf bff B r tend to con-
fig wh he rglades News
has aid, at co-operative associ-
atlos ba;krut their meters.

-- .r

ni, Novelties
t, Fla.

lorida Evei'glades

S 7,/ '""

I -~~
,~e&K-, -
% II ,p~~

North- No....................... St .....

South- No ....................... ......

** *1

East- No ....................... St. ......

....o.o o.. .... ..... .....

E a.t-- .o....................... .....

W est- No....................... St. .

.. ........ ........ ....... .. ......

Ded t: .. ....................... .. .....

Deduct: ........... ................. ...... -

,, les IlI ll IIIII
A T T I -0 .
Bel e e ade,
*** ..I
.I led there,Jul.y 29, 1312-- s,tied)- :
1--U. S. Front UppER SIy in Stuvy.
2--L. S Lower 'helf "
3--Fl. Floor; Ei & ume, C193
Taxation and Leg. nstry,
| |l l | | I I I I 1 1 1 1 .

.arge W%11 Map s.
5-Snma2n boxes of ASumnd; Near Man-lole.
8--Paer Bags & Seet*
I---Filed There Before:--

Onest, Dr. Rogers.
Bolts,Bag of., Good fr Shopj
Oastors, Fixtures, screws, eto.
Bottle s,
Oar Seat Cushion,
Wire Hooks.
Light Bmubs.
curtain, Cotton,Large; paint daubed on.
pieces of Goods:-
i--Bag of. Uses ?
2-- "; Good for Ties.
Boxes; Gartons,nedium &smsal] sized.
plank; Fine,iride, ovreing 2 spaces bet. rftrs

MEM: More Bds. shd be put in fr flooring, &
getting in a out.
pole with point on one end hook near pnt.
od be used:
A--To push boxes & bundles back iroi-, R-
Hole, on Bds, or TL:!';'1 tins frm L,-'dle);
B--To pull them back to nn-nol e.
Arrngemrnt: IBds &Tie shd radiate from mn-Jdle
like spokes from hubO

r' --_

ln. i

Are you interested in dairying, stock-raising ian
growing? Would you like to look at a banner prop
If so. come wWh me to the OKEECHOBEE dOL
Okeelanta-Fruitcrest District, (57 miles up canal
can't show you "the goods". I'll pay your fare.
Boats' leave Fort Lauderdale: Monday. Tuesday
nesday, Friday and Saturday at 6:30 to S:15 a.\n.j

President Fruitcrest AssoI
Office-River Front, with Broward County Abstract Co.. P.
IOvrdi I



y-cl V,


A fl


-I- '~-~


;I- / y

>. .. '

i %

-C ______

'1 2"

/ I.

sC/ j'L 1.?/J~

e 'e


__ __~ ___

Zhd ths dsastr follon,nny Ing yrs mst elp.se
bre Fla* on wipe .away the stain :fm its
ISM ths dsastr fojlowthen,in vw of the
attitude tkn by the' St trd sellng those
thsds of trx to .tneold byrs,,'h hlpd hr
f f/g / ~re I~ Inrd frm zre-p,, carry on hr
reo;&: hr oblgtnr. to the Ntn,
E--Nr r u cht the Bd in sch a trade. \Ihy?
a--Bose, a u nd I n), so the Bd nds
sttlrs. Alwse rit cvano sell its Inds,pa
its taxes or re m'lnf. Its ship will snk,
as, alrdy,it As mgt2 done.

( t1 iT
,I i Ife
4 JL ^
tkr, W? 1

N' '


S 'iA


., q 189,? the engineer frmlly offcl c.
S In "cd tht 7 to in rv ths cnl to scr nvgbl ch.n-
i l 6 ft $0 ft vide atlt.m,c cst ",171,6G
i(U S .,TO 2 .-5,t 71 st.Cg p. ^, )

F 4 TWEI -
.I I

Let's Keep Gandblig Out!

S INCE.the advent of the present administration of affairs at
the Miami city hall, this community has been more nearly
free of gambling in its various manifestations than for many
It is a well known fact that the present city manager, the
Present director of public safety and the present chief of police
personallyy believe in the "closed town" idea.
It is also a well known fact that law enforcement agencies of
this community, or any other, for that matter, cannot always
follow the dictates of their own desires. The pressure upon
them from political friends and personal friends sometimes is
too great to be withstood. That doesn't mean pernicious influ-
ence works against them, either.
It has been an open secret in Miami for nearly a decade that
gambling has been permitted to flourish in greater or lesser
degree. Many business men have felt that a certain amount of
gambling was necessary to the prosperity of the community.
They have believed that our winter visitors desired-a liberal policy,
not only in gambling, but in many other things, and they have
been willing to give it to them.
So, to that degree, and to the degree that many of our promi-
nent citizens have urged law enforcement officials to maintain
a "liberal policy," they and the community as a whole are as
responsible for gambling here as any elected official.
There has been, too. the argument that if night club gam-
bling were stopped, those controlling it would take steps to close
the race tracks of thL area, "tp the detriment of business gen-
That argument no longer will be available to those in favor
of winter night club gambling, or other forms of gambling. The
referendum on race track operations this fall will settle the
problem, insofar as the races are concerned. If the people want
races with pari mutuel wagering, they will so express themselves
at the polls. If they do not want the mutuels, Miami might as
well consider that her racing program has gone into the limbo
of things that were.
The mandate of the people on the racing question, it is
believed, will be also a mandate on downtown gambling and
night club gambling. If they vote for racing, it may be reason-
ably assumed that they do not desire any other form of wagering.
It has been contended by those favoring racing that legalized
pari mutuels would make it possible to stop other gambling evils.
That contention will have to be made into a fact if the people
vote for the mutuels.
If the people do not vote for the mutuels, that should be
taken as a mandate that there-shall be no form of gambling
heie: that it shall stop winter as well as summer. There should
be action which would have the effect of serving notice on the
gambling fraternity now, that gambling has ceased to be a
profitable enterprise in this area. If out of town gamblers de-
sire to make investments in night clubs, expecting gambling
privileges, they might as well save their money.
Law enforcement officials of Miami and of Dade county will
be relieved of suspicion of corruption if they maintain a closed
town and county. With the coming referendum on racing, these
officials are in position, politically and otherwise, to close the
town and keep it closed. It is now being demonstrated that
gambling can be stopped in Mrami.
If the gamblers do not like the situation, they may quietly
fold their tents and silently steal away to more hospitable lo-
cations. Miami no longer will view them with tolerance, whether
they are "home town boys" or strangers within our gates. The
time has come to change the moral tone of Miami. It must be
changed and the new standards must be maintained. The Herald
omises law enforcement agencies and the people of Dade
unty its militant co-operation to that end.

er a
ave her
He declare
taken from.
lace, Atlantic
it works and
bout $200000 an
as or eliould have
bout m300,000 ort
'having m ov d Eutch
lewElry' irom her Atlant
lizabeth. N. J lfo the a
being near her paramour
Searles pleaded thil neut
hi wile Wa- a citizen of Flor
time his wile brought unit agaL
He said she had filed proceed
New Jerst y, and argued he shou
be made to support the Florlda
Mr.. fiearles. In ner action. place
$2,000 a month the amount of liv
expenses she and her child v.ould r
quire. and also wanted lunds to main-
tain the suit
Circuit Court today suedd an order
in which it decline to take jurledlc-
tion oi Mrs Searles' amended bill or
complaint. The court appointed an
examiner to take testimony of Mrs.
Searles' needs and on her husband's
facUeitie. for paying temporary altwiony
and other cotas.


$4,000 In Cly Treasury Cannot
Be Used For Maintenance
BOYNTON, Fla., Aug 3.-With the
July pay roll of approximately 81.000
scheduled to be signecl;. .,lh.. t..ly
council tomorrow night, officials of the
tovn of Boynton today continued to
seek a solution to the pay roll prob-
Although there is alm st 4-.000 in
the city tteasury.ja recent order of the,
Circuit court hel" that te-e funds are
to be spe onl for pa nnetni of inter-
est or n paof out ~ar ng bonds,
and at iot e used Ir intenance.
Unle mt th a procuring
the neceIta pay/o11 o y within the
na'ne 4'hourc is- sible that the
half dozen employes ill hl'e to wait
until some tax money is received. Of-
ficials today, however; said there is
little hope of fax money coming in be-
fore November 1.
City employes have given assurance
that they will not quit their jobs.

August 3. L.l1 -'-1
S 6Ba in WZ'fL~B o m:
ouetr'. ea le tl .. 3i i u.l i 6. s
7, 84 83


Homestead Taxpayers League To
Appear Before City Council
With Proposals
HOMESTEAD, Fla. Aug. 3 -Charles
T. Uarper. president of the Holmestead
T.*zD'ayerg'_Lqague, presented a petition
to the city council here tonight stress-
ing 20 recommendations for radical
reductions in salaries and elimination
of certain offices.
Following the regular meeting the
council discussed the petition with the
taxpayers con'mittee. Members of the
committee Include Mr Harper, G. I.
Gault, A. H. Hinman, N. C. McCourt-
nev and Dr. Frank Hausman.
Mayor S. E. Livingston was sus-
tained in his veto of the ordinance re-
cently passed by the council calling for
a special city election, August 25, to
exclude certain property from the city
limits. Mayor Ltingston said that he
vetoed the ordinance because voters
'Aere not given sufficient time tl
quality by paying their poll r".
ubsitute-:brd nance etftitg t-t ha..4
.-on fro'bro obc:r 6, received first
second reaaings



m. w

See Notes? attokd) of 7-31-31,
Outline or 7-z2531 ."
Dow, 3; pp 1,5 AS. on Kis-- W'.ter.
_p. 19 So. toute. :
Hw ed lfiLbe Ehg KNO thee routes' wre.'

impretobl e wan ad nvr gome into?- ..
Hw ed t..a posbly hv gone into in the few wefit
they had. "De 3; S3 'ee mass of wrk in oloa
Dp, Shos nt THER wrk. Eliiot's oifioe, J.>..j
Credit kre ordit is due &blme where bljo,.
see Ok.News. fur Two redss: Elliot 4i-S.,
Levee; Elt rr 8904,
Moore Bavr Trble in ln23 Arodia Ent prase'.-
ortese or "imprl Ohf ng-" Levees tnen,eoo.
6Morigans sotaag ortosms. Do 4.
bee 0 aliot Jeket; No 794 d" /



idrsa in August:- .

w n- -'*'- ,. ""s
; .: i-."-


If Ks Wtr is af prib of Lke & Evi,is there
at ime way to gt rid of it?
Wht of cause & Effeet?
Instd of ding only wta BFFWX, ont we
find the OAUSl?
Taen ^erove the ose,& effxm will dsapp1. "
S of r Ev wie n of 19-p. )
RevT Bd "ays NQ" Oat.
El1 I nve onis ted,
Keed Br"an and Ingranam, tho.
pgs & aymea I hv Oansted, Non -v-Of l Enag
Ft pree Route.
6e. Young East Route.
Why nt FIND OUT?
Glen Scott;Irrgta Needs.

Rmdlph re OUR pAYING FR BEING KILL ED. p 5plu u
***** '

Al1 mat onode tht the auge inpr or the egce-
wtrs of the Ka V y is tae root cse of the grt:
o r Er Treas.

The mtad o.' id soi, & .a so tht of md prctol,
admistrtatrs of al] in all fi sld this':

WYan a dfcl-ty or rou ari s, f D 3StGW;
Taat done, next RE3IOV THA 0 JSE;
The ol d-eut-A-try, emirol cut-&-T way sa
to tnbl only oi effx, Ft those etrlly.&ignre
tal tant or nCAr ESI

One & affet.
01 dtay.
Modr a Way
Find CAUSES. Remove those, Efffz will go.

Wht is Jn one of Ev Trbles?"
Kiss Water
Big-as EV.
E ties on us.
Will Inore in volume.
Nt only ORSES US but
we pAY FR THE CRSE. I RdLph Reprt 5. ) -

4-1 tik of the ET prob." Wht is it
OhMfy, the exstnee of xce3.:, uncntriti after.
Whkee ors this?
SLst wkl Sky aKiss.

We i1ak, onstatly, orxTH EV prove, '
Al1 oaede we Av an Ev prblmp
Bt ife & +.ne unvrae r full of prbs. an-te .
roe agreed on any of svg tm? -

QLd-Fmiud Way. Dra B1 eedg--Pil1 -EZzreas

Gtg on wtn Nbrs: Killag tam, HRace 1.
Dsevrd at 1 t, tht every prob ~ b 'ax ffet
& Evry Effot As a CAUSE, f /
Nw,Ead CAUSE. Reove It/& BFFC G

Er prb ia lrgly EXCES UN rTIr D TR,.
Wrst ot it -ens frm KISS, 1
Do enua

ooudh--Water--Baes, etFX XLIdO
Upr IEv "tra; Kiss Vly--Sky) 7

Kiss Watra r pARENTS or bur Trbles,

SEood-pl n -
prat 3iss Infl ow, NO.
Flow will INCREASE; Denge-a,m d-Boom.)
Wht Fld-pla proposest
St La & 1'LoosB
Levee ci & 18 miles ong,
Will it solve KISS pROEL34?
En a tnink *"Yea "
I Atink l?
"ill It uoatrcl Sky-Water? NoQ Ignores th.s
Sky-Water Goes whrey
Tli i wta L ke Ovrfl ow, went, 1 rgL y, SOUTH,
Some SE ,.. SW, too,
probe Mde GREATER
1--Kism as above,
R--sk-Water ALRDY WORSE.
Wall a on E & So
Water pouring dwa to L &
Wiat SE 1Fa, as done to sta t s
1--Barricades over and;
X--Damning Oansa s i sh-horton IT, RT NOW)
3--I8o0,pp0 fr Mi. Rver.
S1 prtgto, s BROi(.I VS ArTNTIC?


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Jgt.hon buan is t.he S3t.LucicE

Jut v'-re ds th TEIR'TD :-I L co"e :'rT tt'. i; -.r[:.
tht- ra ae ,-anr-- to HOG evr-t' n;.?
rit r-: +ht inr b'- ,Te -' tc th I I Bi?

non did :-:; ever 'ice trn ire t.'- 'itr'J- 'd Co. to
irii'.ve the 11 :0an'- ?
\d '.ha %v 1 -one tc Lak!et- (r, note.s -a". :tr!cd: -z
hJ.rr tolld ----it 'D) i T' THl LT; iT.'.T H% **.0 n)

Jtrt v, I3 ."; 2T. Fl a. Like a -arrid d.- bo' 'sr a
Gr.n Bit+,ery nf Big Berthas. 'Thy do -.' t' iyon---
sense ,n on? ll /s
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Onst.r hrw Lewin beat Tonsllo fr '.ir.
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S0.1av -i,e or bi- :st u.a-tie, :;- 2 .
ILt i- .1 "i : 7 ppl*. : 'Ie:, do iO 0.
Tnt Bnns tht tha cin no '. ::eo, either.
T'- t I ill out 2 ways:
f-It irri pv.J -o- Wk*
"--lt wvill out i.... Cr-;rh-. oj. lhec-.3.-
Z--'t ill sto(- ptor Ixood 'x
4-That 4'ilr so- 0:," pr rtn-*
5--,Tn wil] I:1: .1~ ,E L) JC(-3.
L--l LL ".1.~: .3-oir s, were ar e ne Ev
bds .. ;l i," e'~:io:.'.-'-s? GC; l .

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br RHec.
Fr S & D-
Fr 3: Ja- e"ll i ,Ln-: 1ii*,;.'--(ol0j .

I want to -o to D.C. andsee the F; -.:s
audsee that this wrk :1 .-'s o on.
..o those ..,.B -,,this prop is wrtn II.; ilS*
To them it ina n .ut' o i.~ or 0dth.
-',ie, sent li+.le Bruee Yn13, at a cost
of over 7,ml .
If I :-m .1io nore --o0 th-- he 1' ithn
di'rch i"..
I wantny '.:r- 2,.. 'L .,
As -:.:.i- 1 have you in.t tLi t at. of power?

__, ,1


The National Home Building Co.

301-303 North Main Street

Fletcher Block. WICHITA, KAN2.
11 '... .. .. '



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7o, ;
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, : '-_ .. ..' .' .' ,,.. i '
S- ,.* ,/ : L\ 91'' ., .|,






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1. ,,113~'F 4.- ,l

- 4, p.

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