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Scrapbook: Everglade Land Sales Company
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Everglades (Fla.)
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Biscayne storms
with reefs which shelter it from
>te the con
400 miles in Dade Comity, Florida.
al rock, of which there are

Seminole Indian village along banks Qf New River.
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Seminole Indians on New River.

Seminole Indians of th.e Everglades. They are the finest physical specimens on the North
Seminole Indians on the New River headed for the Everglades.

Scene in Miami, showing vessels and clocks at mouth of the Miami River.

Miami River. One of the drainage canals has its beginning at the headwaters of this

Young banana plants on reclaimed Everglade land only a few miles east of our property. One bunch has 228 bananas on it. The owner of this small tract refused an offer of $75 per acre for his land, which is still practically in its raw state.

Docks on the Miami River.
A street scene in Miami. White Palace Hotel in foreground.
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Orange blossoms.
Orange tree growing on pure muck soilreclaimed Everglade land.

Five-year-old citrus grove on pure muck soil, Everglades.
Young orange trees laden with golden fruit.
Grapefruit cluster. Every tree means dollars.

Mango tree, Dade County.


Papaya treemelon fruiton Waldin's farm, edge of Everglades. This fruit is especially fine for making pies. It is also very rich m vegetable pepsin. A piece of the rind boiled with tough meat causes the meat to become very tender. '-/Y
Mango tree at Experiment Station near Miami.

Mango tree in Mr. March's grove near Miami.
Mango tree, Southern Florida.

Mulgaba mangomost delicate fruit grown. Combines flavors of all other fruits. 5,000 on full bearing tree. Seventy trees to acre. $3.00 per dozen wholesale price.

Avocado pear. Southern Florida is the only section of the United States where this tropical salad fruit can be grown successfully. One of the best money-making crops.
Wax beans 6 weeks old on Waldin's place; picture taken in December, '09. Note the young grapefruit trees and method of planting between the rows.
Avocado or "Alligator pear" tree in Southern Florida.

Celery ready for shipment. Glade soil is especially adapted to the growing of this crop, for which there is always a great demand.
Southern Florida cabbagea big money crop.


':f';'v i ^

Onion field, Southern Florida. Sugar cane in distance.
One acre of Bermuda onions in Florida will produce $400.

Field of young Irish potatoes, Southern Florida. 60 to 100 bbls. .per acre is an average yield. Price, $4.50 to $7.00 per bbl. F. O. B. Miami.
Florida winter lettucea very profitable crop. Brings $300 to $1,000 per acre. Can be followed by several other crops during the same

Scene on upper Miami River.
Cocoamit tree, Miami:, Southern Florida is the only part of the United States mainland where, the eocoanut flourishes and grows to maturity.


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On the south fork of New River. Ample
width and depth to carry all of the surplus
water the Glades.
New River Hotel grounds, Fort Lauderdale.

A panorama of Miami, Florida.
Court House at Miami.
Royal Palm Hotel from Miami River.

Wharf an "New River where produce is unloaded, is about 30 yards away, shippers.
The railroad station Very convenient for

Fruit packing house on Miami River.
Making crates, Dania packing house.



The Conqueror of the Everglades. Note size of the shovel compared to that of the man.

Dipper of dredge digging canals in the Eve glades; this giant dipper has a capacity of tons per minute.

This shows the-difference a dam makes in the height of water. Locks will be installed later on to regulate the flow of water in canals.
Looking west from first dam, north canal, out from Fort Lauderdale.

Looking west into the Everglades, from dam of south drainage canal.

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1 way* W*Z^^M

First dam, North Lauderdale Canal, showing fall of water in the Glades.

Secondary canal on Comfort-Huyler tract. High water due to temporary dam for floating dredge.
Lateral flowing into Lauderdale main canal, showing drainage.

View of south fork Ft. Lauderdale canal. XntP rinoles on the surface of the water caused l^IeX^'sodthea^ trade wind which blows over thP GladeS dally from 9:30 a. m. to b p. m. At nignt the breeze reverses and comes off the Gulf of Mexico.
Temporary shack on canal bank built for accommodating early croppers on reclaimed Everglade land. Picture taken December, 1909.

Temporary dam-north fork Ft. Lauderdale canal. Note rush of water, showing ample fall. Locks will later be provided to regulate the current in the canals.
Drainage canal in the Everglades, showing working dredge in the distance.

' Reclaimed Everglade land. The saw grass ^ applalinT'n til f egrpund %f ^r^eSg preparatory to ploughing. No other dealing expense. .
General view of canal' and Glades looking east from top of dredge Okeechobee. 17 miles in Glades out from B'ort Lauderdale.

Sandy pine land covered with scrub palmettos; cost of clearing land like this runs from $25 to $100 per acre* This is a good illustration of what our land is NOT.
General view of our property_looking w^t
rdale611" foo^f^?* ^s^romFf iS-to grub. 6 Iowa prairie' No stumi-s

Hotel. Royal Palm and grounds, Miai Steamer in background bound for Nassau,
llj'II M ! IP I I HJ | ,|

New River Hotel grounds, Fort Lauderdale.

Docks.on the Miami River.

Water-front at Miami. Royal Palm Hotel in the : background. Biscayne Bay in the foreground.
Royal Palm Hotel, with Miami River and private yachts in the foreground.

New River Hotel grounds, Fort Lauderdale.
New River, on the way to our property.


Panoramic viev of reclaimed Everglade land, southeast of our
than our propert;, and only a few months, ago (before reclaimed)

The Beach Club, Palm Beach. This view Southern Florida.
Typical Miami home, first story constructed of native pure white, coralline rock, which is comparatively soft when quarried, but hardens when set. in place.