Personal Correspondence - Thomas E. Will. Apr. 4, 1916 - Dec. 28, 1916


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Personal Correspondence - Thomas E. Will. Apr. 4, 1916 - Dec. 28, 1916
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Miscellaneous and Personal Correspondence
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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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April 6, 1916,

Mrs. Thos. E. Will,

700 Randolph StjN. W.

Washington, D. 0.

Dear Mrs. Will;- ;

I regret very much to inform you that tI will have to have possession

of the premises that you now occupy namely, 700 Randolph St. N. W. ,My

reason for this is I have a lease on the property where I am now living

and the lease expired the Ist of June and if I want to remain I would

have to sign another lease for one year and inasmuch as you will not 7

renew you lease for the year I am compelled to have possession by June ist

If I can assist you in any way Inwill be more than pleased to do so#

Trusting however that it will not inconviene you any and that you can see

your way clear without any additional trouble. Under separate cover I am

sending notice to Mr. 'ill so you will have sufficient time to make your

arrangement s,

Yours truly,

per LI.


Okeol nta,Flap
April 7,1Q916
My derarost Mcmio i--

Havoboon wr-ntinE to writo you Piiht. Myi minohlne is
on the co-st,-rnd thi one is tricky und slow to me,

Am st.yin at home now*. 1'hore is a lot I should liko to do 4e
on the oo- st,but thurc ir .i lot horo too. We :re having almo t oerfoot
weather. Thing; arc begining to fpo'-, .g' in finely. My holpor,Mr.
eorgo Gr h:im, h s gone-- rwntc d tc apcnfi the v-armmor in thc north. Mr,
Rgussell Or.gCo i. here now. He i, fine young mn. Wr sbro-;llth u n a b%
f:-rm in Can: d-'. ho ,hoto shows it to h v been welw.iequipr'od and welml
stocked pl. co. as knows g good doal bout farming. He i, a Fruitorost

Thi 1: dtr time, nd fire-. rc fro nt,:'nr! pretty b d.
On the ca b:.-nks, they got into thodee or: Oki:,; nd burn for dzys,qeatinG
grent or tort: in theground. We Freging a good deWC uf1 tir.u- to fiShting

Oni of our finest pAi Got out nd ato sorin '!ot th t 7h-:d bea
doped with stryclminc for bird:'- tha-t ull UT' tlhe ozrop;;'. 't nover feo-.sed
him. Th.iy s ; you OC:ut p iaop a oog. A ; nernou. V first,.

I am enol.osing other deed- -'loaso sign, "n'dr,'turn to mnc hen

rlwronoo i:; woll.,as alw' ys. INo 1. -.grett comfort to mo-
Ho h:s crowl int such -' groatstronl,m nfly follow' ioui7oulld h rdly knm
him "e hac s one. througI h-rdh her-',lbnt i.'i n ny -'. y thi:. ox criooni
has been the m kin;g of him. He 1ainhirhly thought of in thonoighborhood,

Z enjoyed t-O girls' l.,ettoro, over c muZoh. It Ia a r ro
treat to 'icar f:-'om eitl-e -f thcm. Tc hc:ar from bcth At o; co w- U a our-
rise,) rty Surn enough.
I h ve ben doing n ot of office work inco roturninghome.
Sam wil:-ing,bu not very frnliiar with the work.* .-rion would bo ; 'Jewe- It iF
here. It s pretty fT-r for hor to run verOd.
It Youldl bc Intcrosting if some of thcfrmily money should f"I
to you -thon tho -rosentornnor.: :are through with it, We don't ait to hurry
them,tho,of course.
tWou'd Gertrude like the pictures :-r birthcd y reosnt?
Ho .e you roc your money 7jIl right, aso looking for a
loette r f:-onr ycIu thi; -n il. Didnt git it. 7Tho Brewer;y book woul1i hu
hve o been np-reoiatod,I r;:zs uro you, V1-i. "pa-.or" do you w nb ma to send yaa
7 I asked thoSentinel m n to sond your Sentin-l; ,r. -e. rlol, I d n w nm
invitation brick to hi 4old firm. Wa w noted him vory much to stvy, -rd ho is ,
st ying. l,,1id V. soom quito d vote to coach other.
Wish I oould soe the rond rful "George", Ile mu:.t beo prodigy

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MO1 '"S inc Oil I
n't th'-t b:. dJ.A.lhtfl? ( o-n m h i-i,: bc-- t? think: i:' It v: nt. o
vorj tU~l f- 0 LU. .

I ni oc.'-t: jf'.y s.L Q I Q <.i U" 'o- "JO r ving r .t C ouci tA.WOB. II. s y yout
:In ;-) to '.7or ... !Vtt fo u Th, j .",i

By tha W r-,,.n't I ulur-.:-2--. 'sc, Yfinj'J. SPorc-"' rc! 'V.
!oth.or on t2 .,. tn t. tn Ut, '.,. y .tiw J,.tx, I .... I. t !Y lIttY:
1*1 t tMli th.- bi ii t t : X ; y" m;3z: ; r S us"
u '.,lrl, t it.n. r o rt,
-l 'U sr--t-:.-r-c1'. T'' .t l -1 ;- '.r..,-L.' rced ',-y.
t' : rod r! t c; ,'"x" ,." i 3 'f."i- ii t,. .. 1

S t o, 1Jr U'i"r'' ) "
I- a,
nu:l' childr. '.: n o.. ,1 *;' t. n jr .* ';. ..,'Ki rv t- x. t'-" V 'l .. z.' 2 t TO .

O yc 1" r.':., 'k 'r! r' pr"-I -- l0 C' ;. ;11. 1 7r r.. v
-g trry. _at t itt't : l a*;. T.. i i T' 7- "ivo
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bol ut d a1,.. IoI* .N -- t 1 1. ,' i3 h .*',thy ffi
,, .
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.or 1, .'- l3 -w :;.- .0. n, &,*.*., U .- 1 i oo ci:.l
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*or'.ny you

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fro h0 Iith 'th.-au,7 't. cl: 3; i- z*n LP, I. III 17:- -ix I .I
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,I vti 3r 11n nd thb- at.n- Youv n mtsn tv n! oi, ,an y- c y' -t 1 ci!: |
Al! Idoith toi: li "lro wh rusts". So r-on-',v-:- Ar-1f' "ibr you;'

.bsuntou nibionl' rv- "n yo"-. "nmretho' tuikhJntoll."

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Okeolnnta ,Fla.,Apr.11,1916.

T.y domr'^.t wife:--
Your tvno letter- of the 4th.?nd 'th.'t hind. *hne
second is a 'I;P I .' ho told him e wouldd not ren..-'
However,,'c must make the "best of it. ':v,:rttinr- is for the Let"
niy-y,you know. Now the firs' tihinr is to !fee- corl,an!d r-r-rimnhqr thLit
tht- Lord is on our oide,and -'ill se. us +hrouprh if re ill let 'hi .
As tV co, inmr to Florid~. I do not mow ".LCethe' r rion is 17ill'nf~
to ('ome. If so,thpt rise! the .jueqton,to which place should you
" ,tter come? T:e .P."',;"., rn:,'i, wil7 take time- to buiilt-- -rd':yrIn a year
or more. You cannot reit on th,.t. You -.iiilt co- e to o". r".:peL qny-
*w.y, tlo I could not visit ,'o : so often -i if you were ne,-"er ,aS in
L-uderdale, or as if ve hT-d the '-o;d.
Or you i-h.t co- to Lnuder.aleT v' r nCo i3 (?iorvo t'Lfre to-morrow
( t, h''ve a ,outCl ra-rired.) lie will. look into1 the house question.
L, is a nice little town. _-om tbouriats like it letter t Vn t s' w well
tourist to-ng,T"iami -vid '?lrn ,ri-,i. It is a"or qnietl l.v exo'naive,
and, on the o. r ,veiy c.0-. -rt..leo. v'Te lordi" ',rr.':--'f are no vorse
than the .:as in -ton summTnersI, 'rl.iji. TL nre9 "'itb C.
Finally,if it scee's, bctt.m- to m/oui,.o yn,-:ht *;ti; for a -'hilQ in
'nshliniton. In that easw,it would seem '-.*nt to tave my mountain of
junk storr" i.n Fri., dry' inr.u nivo cellaRr Cr 'ttic,anid t a lo. rent.
Avytl'in.- bulky you cared to shrnre night Po in with it. ,1 aiz done,
you thrc?? rirl" ri r. i/-:t find some homey houwne, smallBrthan the pri-rnt
one,but ni(!ely situit~ed,or a. s ite in so0" cor"PortL 8.'- 'p-irt!r'r.t,+ house.
"-rion coul.u do rost of t.Lh" lofkinr" up. Idu"- her place is temporary.
As to firi;in" a place to 3tt.rf the ot'.ff,you oifi-:h. to have some
Sndvisor to find that f'or you. 7 r. J."''b'b '~rlcr-- vouw'd hoelp you.
lie is P splendid fellow. Phone 811 hSt.,"". ";hen,of courqe,you
1'.-ut ilw-ve .-'oud help tO i'.il! e tl 1' f. .' ; LY :' KILL

If comin,-r do~nn in Jur e loot roo-,1e ',-ill find -'.!'te r 2.he ("oods
you l'rint cannot b'' lbrouh-it fror-v; ".t'r, to T. qiJe-Iali by water Thnt
will sve p lot of money/. I'er?? r 'Ir. r l-no -'o-.tlU'iri.- of the count
of brin-ing do m r-oods. Oette.' ;v j i.i'Kit' him. ie .'as a rhlone
at his bu-ie and in tV e In Prior Dept. ,';.f -ice of theo '-nocr.tnry. e
will inquire on the copst ias to - or bring csn *imlly -y Ja-tesr.
If it see-s F Tjest to come at IIhia timeo,T.'l. 'i I ou',"' to co c ur
,eid9' t-ke chnrge rvf r,.ntters. "isnIt e-7. otinrf to t.-c'" i sauch e Vhi p
4ol, 3u"t -t this time. should 1c delight to !hlve yoi 1htree .-.t near*
tVOLu,:2,. if yo' "'iink it hest at this tmQn.
This i'- a mi, nii'.t letter. ill write moro -''ul!j on other mat-
ter3 in next msil.
7-, are all vell. Thinrs ar-e r.(;vin, alonri nic l:r, 3"'--; that 'the
tractor no i: sorn- cl]nn.r i Tfore it 7"ill do its '-eis 'o:orl:. It ln
at our nl'ce, sn d -r. '"enrle n will. `O) here to-noro'.-o" to att:ind to it.
Lauderd", o has a finpne'-' "cLool 1)uiTdin.r-, lund, 3tind thle i-; h
aclool is r- od. Te on- at ".".sBecl should 1- fine.
ust ato' here.

, i "I >$ -&.^ ,
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Ft.Lauderdale, April 19,1916.

My dearest Mamioe:-
Ypure of the 10th. was read. Am
in Lauderdale for a day or two.
And comirgo Fla.? Well.wonders will never
ocasel Webl to say I am DIR-LIGHTE0D i to put it mild-
ly, As the small boy said to thoother who was very
sick from tobacco- Grin and bear it Bob;we all have
to- orTn to this somen timo." So we all have to come
to flsa First LIwrcnce,thon Yours truly, then Vtie real
Nextas tf thejumping off prince. I think
we'd better say 3uderdale." It's a nice little
town. I feel meor at horia here tha-n anywhereelse'in
F1.,ssvoQ Okeelrmnt,., The school is v-ry highly spok-
en of. Tihc h,3S.,tho nev,,is aoaredited. Thnt is,
grnduatos oann enter certain colleges without eram.
Haven't seen the list of college. The ochbbWR bldg.
is vary nice.- lirg",,new and modern. Bryin Spoke in
the auditorli:n. 'The h.o,l. is lean here thRn else-
1where. There arc two reasons. Thero are not so any
tourists,lience rents are not so high. Then,we are
here on t eGlados toat line,and it 'sill be poa-ible
to send products down from Okertlanta tile year rou-d
.- "'" to supply t';etable. That ought to save a. good deal.
As tp houses: I looked at one yesterday.
It is one of the niceset little bungnlonn in town for
rent-- mot guiti sure it will ne availlabl?-.ut will know
shortly. At is very tastefully built. Is ia.-ti e
best prirt of tcvm. 2le neighbors are among the beat.
The house has five rooms ,bntha smnnll ror porch nnd
a big, fin front porch ,cro aed in. It is prnct&6I
ally th living room almost therear roun d. iesidese,
it catches the breezes from the sea.and they are oer-
ta inly fine* The whold place has a stylish look.
This placere"nts for $18.00 per monJi in t'' sumnor and
t 20.00 per month in t a winter. X e .Il say that is
o" rat y high." 1How does it sound beside Washington?
$15.00 per month is quite ow-mmon here for dlecet
Then there is an apartment house. It is w-ll
situated. Prontn on theri erwhioh riAsee the txfoes about 1/3. Is a
good-looking ploeatndutsnde well in thetown. Five r oms, first floor,
Wifurnished.will cost $25.00 per month-- unless they mqke a out. I don't
know that you would care for an apartment house. Thought I would gifrg ye
an idea as to possibilities andrates. "15.00 -- $20.00 per month ought to
fix Qs out here nicely, It's in the city that rents are so high.

.0 ( )

in i I o "'. "
'"-3 tO O:

r ;,'," 1 J.
v( .L -u.. o.. t "
.a v.ll "' -,I
W O : i. "* ,* 0:.. ,

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rc'nt ?
f t n. Is '
. .rl" *
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t. .u IT~

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'IL ?
-/ I.. 0
01 '

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ed n <'ceo
~~te% ~ Si a IQ,:
n ~ -~
l.0 *.h


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2.Y'~1 rJI: c-

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, 4 .. *L 0 ."
'"~t Ir. } i-O

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e''v ',, .O

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il-- ', A ..

to o *v ;, .*. ;* :i. i (, I *
,',I- .-. .," i "L'r .! :. t *: ( ', i .' *
o-n! :.' ,1 ;.1 .? I

.'! t *. r ". w' '7. f '.. *t _.c '. j r, o_ "
,3 t .. .- .. i :' t in I ,sel
'rI 1 t 11ti ",'. "c'i
** L? l.J t .' i" O "* .. .. .,. I ...I

1' ; : l 0 i',l I .'i "': '.. "' .
. ... Q 1' i ; ,'t '. '" '' li -' i "" ',0111 "; .. '+O '7.'- '
* 'c ....
.... ; :; a :i"
f.t it,.......". t1 '0 ...;

'T (-_,.i *,

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1.T 1'* '
c ; 're

o 4- .- (1

t( -.. t. ,
t ... ',
*'0 .-. : "
"vZT .. *..)''

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I -, ,I
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i;. e. It t
"" ; d t .
coar ""-',' to i ,
I *" ,, 1 ,. ':: in ';.,. ;.
'* .' ; t i6'n ." : .. ^ *iu, *...,

i Qp_ ni1. .. r-_ ^.
'* o *t '* wi" t. 1 .- .

'."**" t .i c.' e 0

t, p e./'e lO '.! ^i. '. .

,- '. ', :-,' *, *- ; :, ;.n '[.
Sa' l t/ o ; :.. : .ll..,1. e .

O0 *l *-'
1"3i4r 3r~ II a
S. :?:.13

,t -,
....-~'u r : i- 7: ', t ,ro,, '

. i :
c'.'r 1 'oti t i t, ,. *: ; '*

';.t- :r : 0'

1' ^ ? *-, '
t ) .," c : *) '' :. .. ","\

... .. I" ,
S' r 1. .1

.I : ": r, 1 .. ., ;
t" o d .. *" '3 ... '
_i, .' ** a., i. ,. -, .. ,.

" .] : .1


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0 ,. a i

, 4. 4: ': i

".' '- '. ;..
"' l i "' -. '

"''* '; L '.^ i ,
S .' i ,

, f" .

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'',: I "i.
'. ..L l-:. : ".. I


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-"' :'iil.

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I -'


4 (1

.C .: ---I-.
3a -. A.

.-i -. L.,
* *.. *
I -i. *v:-




C 7r~tr "'
v I~C I:

in I"f p1 '. t n t'. t!ll yo.'i on' t se-. t. be, -'xc-c:(; *i ov.'r
JLI:.4 .o '., -.s. e *: n' t "." ,'.t w -':' "*v:- your' ".IA ]4Qf.i .*.-! 'I'd

1 1

CI.' 3u;'u ':'0 .' ,t. h iI 'd i your.-
101o f clovn, v' 1-- : ,. Iirs h p c' .V:,. o h ,.'h',t y''
T, pl1:n i *:ric arUi ) p:.'+c **
I... ^ : -l f : at *' a '* I II + .* .
c-,tiont i **. +. '.'h .' I T* ^ "'+.
yo 1 n.! ...'". ':
yor t1Yi n o lvT .. i. "L ^ Li j- 1: ou c .. t 'I t ;:, '' !. 1I

b.ut OlJ "- *0 *'* Oi* l *
['or 0 0 T .

o C tk rz' ,:.* .' I !. I. ,7 *

loi-t f n 1t 1 .. .. 0 S ; ;.r,1-:-. 'i.c t ** r:-' .[' C ij 9.1 "'

i-v c + i to *l. -. *' Th'1l *i.T
means! l'r ot. uv ) i + 1 "'I i i ,-
*. .r'c.'.. t' ,+U. o,, z* -* o 1 :iy i *. .1'.

4,' f :''" vc o *- ';-'r T hof- .0 r icnn
Sutoo i L. i; r t .

Io Iu i L i. 1 iv 1 '' t
d.on ; "r t "; "v. -. i

l to ''. 2 '.I .. f-! ( r! '' .. .. .
'oni '.r; i.. **- r : ,l -
~~ 'O i, j. l ''- ? ,I.+i V. .." .~ + l .Il
;~~~~~ ~~ ; ", : t + '"- +' +I II'" { + I t I "' +*

"" ;,



. .. L4 6/, /


- Zef

.a-L~. ~Zt-~Z,

r-7 ~ ~ YJL i ? ^ ^ A/^^

^y^.~Z / / /^ZL.'N// /
/ 9

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77 -N"^ $,-^
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~2L->t f aZ7/^,. a/ -
g A / 4,- -^^

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^xt-~--^^-^^i^- ^.X.


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/L~~--~t L+-L~1~~~03; iY~7/te

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^^ ^ /r.wL / ^ y )6^^^ ^
r^. \~ r\, ^\A~/~ \^ l I ,
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^mzit~ e oas. ^ \ $ ^ ^>^V ->

^> iri^ i-7^c^^ t^J4cm^ dUusi^Y i-u&^ ^c.
-f B 1/A- ^LL!^6^ ntt-, i^ ^-'1,^/^2
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it> ,.+~*n-~~rda2U-*D

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6U/jL4 /l1&1&4i)J
b t~e ^ L ^ \t 4 1



,- ---~ 111 1




Ft.Lauderdale. 3'la. ,April ?.,1916.

My dearest T,;unietwe-

Just bnck from tinami. T3eon getting som,' hohinges
made on tractor X seem to able to do things in d-ys where our n oX-
pirts" t.nke weeks or longer. I find I hLave to mnke a machinist,
engineer, agrioulturist and a dozen other things of myself to handle a oh
a proposition as FPC. Have to deal with too mrny people Tho seem to 'be
charter min'bers of the Can t Club. M'y club i- nnr ed ," I CAN."

Planto return to Ok.jto-morr'W with :-achin? p-rt s rjnd r-et things
started again about Tlondny,
SBn Eiiuni Stes.mshi .pMopp to-dajr. Gooda cin *.C hliulod by water
from "alto to Ft.Laud. vTia hiami,as I said. They a-iy we cn sav oe from
sI.,to 2_i, by so doing. I got a lot ot data which must copy ad send i
I -ter.
1ou can ri d on Stnamship to axe. i'ust tite!i t-kce Y, :.C.R.R.
All three must pay first class ftnre9G. beinr 13.
"ave to look out for classifications" a bo-totoo. However,
the agent said it would be all raijit to r-ix in your bookepictureseto.
witl'i the straight "* household goods",an:d so gAt them all down to the
loa' r-te. If pc'-:cd oepnrgtely, a number of things we hiavo would ,g
at a higher rate. They could, even then then,be shiipned SGep3ratelY,
and so not b oat the rpte for the whole stock of goodsl
Th- I ia lni Steamship Co.,Eir-i'ii Fln.,should i, notific-d of the date
onthich tlhe Coods lenve Balto. 1he former will thrnm t'&toh for tlhe
goods in Jax.,and trrsnsfer them to ibr; line.
We must prepnqy freight to JTax.4 over ?'arrch-'nts and ,:ineras) The
frlip ht fromn there to Ltuderdale can be pani hore.
.ore rcnon on tliie
Yours of the l4th.recd. Am sendina_..OCOO. haven't -een the
bo- yet. mighty good of you. Glad you are t-:kingp treatrnentsa Ar-
r--ne with 'iss Gray for abeent treatments after you hnm:r' moved. You
certainly do renpondreadily. You ought to Fet nll the treatment you
Here we ur-ve electricity, Better sell khe -'a lights. That gas
rec-ipt I fear munt be in onF of my filas in "ahington. Will look
in a pocket bookl in the Gladoes,tho. 7iglht ask whetlier it is Impos-
sibl., to ,get the monr.v if the receipt cannot be found.
A3 to c,.m-ng to Uoude dale. This is the piFce hndiest for us to
reach from tlhe Glades. We could easily be together hrre ,'rhilr wait-
ing for t'ierond,-s comp red with brcing together in P',]. or '"irni. The
h.o.l. gets in its w- rk in those tc, wns,*oo.
I sighed the lease with the understn ing I was to get full time.
If V. kept us out after that ,Pnd is honost,he will mike an allowance.
If he won't we can stnnd it.
411 hsve to 'g up tie money to pay your freight *". 1 tr-velling
exp nses. .-o0Id to co- C some timn, anywa.,
Vhu4esadjun. cnnTh&nkindlae jutakxhola lot*
Yours me ever,

''ly deapest r;--mirj:--

-Ld -: ',-c .rlIl. cldunnj. dr. tr r. trip. ;oni', it
winl) i clear. .a I'* u h ...1 *i. -] ") t' to s-%or-' *'4 t-ff in
attin fu oust: OU h1 ".'|. ir:i' I. 'T !c yo!' c91I I Ould
J3 .,v ii;, i, I p." .', -, out o! th -' r y. 'hbo- in tho'' co-'- .-rn. )

I ke -n i.,':':it O n ; :.,l 1 ;ioU:'-"- In Pi-,'ull ',. p. ,re c e '.11
- ..hle to fi .l l ,.ou3. '..i -.t 1 trt'n la.3 '* / v-
.-' Q ri] y:y rt 'c1 v* if' lnir ". i. il i :cL ':r1 '''. V ill
nbI) r It i l -F :2-.r'r.or' for

Am1 nr "T '.c *;': *- e'-" ,r t i-i". t! '- tir..?
tor tog 'th 'r, -* iwi. *i "i10 ': 1 ''r *' '' : 'I I o t(ci.:-Orror'

r. -'re deo-- r I-. to ra. rn '0 n- ,:' ." jr i '., t'. T e' i t r.
?rid :y a' t1li '? '- :'i,'.'u. I v? c i si. ;i to
ii Ip out.

You oU fIit. o.U ;.!c 0"3 p- O^ .U.* i-i. t ." *". '. .Il, !:'.Lnfl. L'i.'-

"n 3 p ctj .r .... *. oco n. .1 i .

'I -'V' r -T o.- -,

il'. i .. I I*_ *i Y'T :I.. I 3' I 0 'I ) ..1

SCiie r
* *reir:

( in. .* ,i "..I i .lo. t-'o 1 "t'.- t r tn t. .,-.1'..,-n ; ,.'O_.

L, p ,' sJu 0*u l f--
"o. & ." :. 2' :. u nt0 t*

'.'l 1., ,','3 / '. t. 00 IC .,1.'., = 14d .Ot, :r' o,, .. .. :c ,N1
] ": "' 6 '
16 0
me u I.ML;

S : i t .. .i.:.A i l;'' .

-'-;'I .iC O0

O ".L_,. *.*i, i 1.:t; & :1 i -t -:. -' ":9 -" .. ')il l.l .4 1.. ,-.-';-O is

oi "' L.. 3, r. !. : L I ', ,.- T ,i j. i.". i *rK l.: .3 -I.; ., ,GOil -

i 1. .-m .* .

.4 u : ', u -' ''

o :.1-io to J;-:n:. ,G? 100 11)3
"--. to 't., .') 1
p., j.: r 100 Iba
'ut- 1 .1.54 :'.00
t ar.,- 1: s t 7.2 L _,s 10 1: Or
T.. ..... 0 ........ .., UP.
-32).. .0 ", '" t .: o A, % 0 ( ." 1 jL10.. t-
:, .* ..J,:L : i .. -.' ; *:,:,:', :i:t.&. to ,". 0 uvt 'ta.
( O i : "u j" '? a" "t' .1 t
1 0 't:;.. "i -. '. '. 1 ..... _* i ,y ...;/,, ..V. ., ,'r .
'. .' '" '.! L I "

r1111. O 1"Jlku:!- n'i., "-,.y bil ILn :tiunt -..n,-:r-tc cli 'r-'ct-r x .i i u ,.'r of

i .r I to( to J'. *I oral .i1: t i in r, 3
Jr., to ..'t.L'u. nrd-o( '( vin L i '1i) uso M in :Ite-'.,lip Co. Co- L' ad
r-1no ti c 'z." Line.

::otivfyin V; "'y. isio.
On 3tarti ,"c.iin- .t .ro' .- :_,tQ,onotify V'i" Line, tint r .2prenentf-
tiv 'y." receive g~or">d 1.j. JT..,xd cnrry thr'"i'- foJord. to .t.L,'ud. Ad-
dresn," ."i-ii JIto'" niilp C ,0.ia!ii1la."
aa3egn rr'r i'ie.
q- q ,-'S ?.L'. io ~y 9 oitLir l-nr o',O V r,,' t o. aOIsj Ce. on to i-'.t,,veon
t'' t-o -t -'x. In b1nd. Cnn t-' 1 1I.f1. at Jax.-.'are.1tnlt to .rn-.. on
J T'i-,l l n. -,'r .i-, -- -'. .
>. __*__________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Att 624 '/ f
X""k. /^, rY^^^ ,v

*y- ^^by^^.^^ ^a s

^-i t///7
-e^a^^ ^ ?^ t/ ^<^ /^
c^U^^y~Z Jl~,zznc^^c^. c^ ~'-^>r^<
>^^- ^ 17a^^^^M^^^,--




IorC "

\ aP ir ^ ^^ i '\ ^ ^ ^
v I A

: 6,

i ,-^ "*^ t 7__i ;,^-'^ C ... .. ^-t L '-,*U ii,
I y

6 Z .. -- .A 2-. (r- c / '
^~I l7: ~t ^^^2 ^

A/ /
/L~~c-icc~Y l< ru^y LeuA-c L^^^^AM
i ,"-C ,/~Z/~R?/~~ I / / /
. .C~J c-i u A.~-' -~ /?-RL / J/. / -

;*"-. Al< ^ ^ '^ ^ / -(Jr (). J ^ ^& :'a
&. .~,,

-P I /eP-^^-/^^
r y Q '^^~

I" !zA4-, AI. JitZ
ir; ;t" e alr^ ^l^^t- /^ ^
k^ ^ ^^- ; L^~~;L ^S^' .^'^^-yr^
I- e % w',

I~~-t ~akt

i~ J~r~-.-L-L i2kbL P:-te V~eta

jv~k/.~LM- ,_?/ a a2/1./2i~r,~
f/z~: -~% zt~z~ ,-2/t-- /Z4-- ~ :~

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L~,~Id7 C-LLLdbit- 4~ ?Af

ta~-e cia~e 6/-

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2/f cLeAg44,t~uazTcutej~ 6t

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a-;/44Ma~u 6~7~e/Lt-e~t.

@tRl-~~d- 'iiLec idlrz-v/

/~/-e Qi~aLl~~bz-
~~z~i~~~e- ~- --z-J~ caut

~Z ~

~~c~~~ ,~&~ L~SR~V

trip ,, i,- tfh l., piril 25 1 916.

My dearoeL ,TInioPo-

Alo Q eYIo-t c -r*,OS s;oon. v i is pl .r :r shippin/? foods.
Al* o a re boat travel. ^ ^..t one ^ Ls il .,'-re, fIOUJ.d ,;:e co t th
trip is one of tlfe +omU eaw+ nh !:t t on++ .nia &cQ. "' "9

It is 'I) ier(. o1u h:ad ltont+r npmly .to t WS f ico .n. nO;" tL,.tC',r
yLinr: ,a n be done. 1ieo rQcpt. i. ,".riout c.'.-L'ii. in one o0 in
file.p iz, 1,:-;t c-r lrmf1 c f I-'U o" i:.jnn.

Trihty fin. wether her. o--- ,' -or:i,-, Orn m ,Ii;n. 'i
-iV It rer-cdy t'- ty i rn an hou o1r O,preulwbly.

r c-r'in:._.y,

PiS. :';n,. fire rrp( lhnj-ick-- the 1<-.t for '.ro. iec.'-n.

T. ..'0

P.P.S. 2'i2 hbcya put. tOe trcotor t..:-etheI' 3(d ot.' *t ,:!' it thi
afternoon. It E-. been r'nrl in3 i: ., To'. al .:' -: l
!"'. '; r e ri t3 L*u..
S',~.L. ler.rl ,3 .f'V-"i.U7j are ),O, -l b 'Ck to P.-,-,'!. ,. :1
onie of tte ki'lo !' -t Mu:'. dQr .. -l_ f i. .nor, t' .n fL',irly
ot rtv-d. 'e _..bC to' _t -'.-- no' ?
lhere 2 t, d1-2y. XttooI: no ,:o.1i:]ir:nbl7 123 ti;i: to oro to the co'"ot,
seF Fth Vx!I "rt,,tn cot the '-orl: done r nd ret b+Voc it +ooI: a
him t t t l me rn .I':I t +.o do. en en, I found o.L 4ti oor.t .'.li"t loere
w-o ~ "btrtr t-y thl',n tlo on., 1,e -dcvised. ;e lhm it ,' en;- b'en too
kuch oof l r'esf i ."-0 and ai i 'ifr p;::'o.t' : .o c r'..'2 c- tl' 't
tnto Lawr-rr !.,.r-n t j'T or hiC s in r.:..n.- rys i'J.i L c-- in-
Sistbut .'.'ll kual, iV,'lInt Ih n h n iri lnc.' i r,! ori::y l .l -
t'ii nT tn ro .o....,+ l :q'.,'"+. di + or it lm oA i'i is ruining ,im.
o--n ,terv].+g inud -linr lt:,o~i', .

R "


Ok., .L',. 2, 1916.
Deares t '-ni3e:.--
our u of ti,' 21Slt.-.- oi' t..foj-- r'ead. '',ve J ',t -'rit-
Lon 1 nous IcLt,'r r .or- ,__,pace. 'ill t-y to get 6 rootn,tio -.m
iot F u. 1 ;,.L t
^oul -'dvice re F .t tlir-- tIir.g,--. !to 'ltto.,it "e,, ,/to t"'koe a l.r
instLcr'J of s,-rdi:r- hy bo.t,do Bd O Ui -;-t c.;-eit ,.eljht .e 1.:It to
brinf; tie attic t..fu'. i.-l, I c'l.d :;oit, it,-iur l coul,; I.ot, nfforil to coil
hio ,. to do tiL, tk
tn.l Iyou o10:0.o0- *. a .-' to mn ke a a le .;..i t 1n;oui]; i;,

ia- Gr.'- .ir a d ,. t i Iv n.ij.r-: ( nhot+ to ('.' 1'. r- "e
littl e -.bii.e 1 findt t;in- .. ? ror ri. I ion ".! "siok
c'i, rJ ui... .. ,ir -t In ; .: '.c, -i ,o > ,,'-j.'!fi i<
Iov r -' ;i the,- e I c. ,.rve 'I., '-: t C p, a--
M o -- .. t l-.t. q.- U
h"'vc -.*,'lnn wti nil l' x rxp cfi;!):r thb- *' o n:r --, .T. iho,, :""**chirr: ,' *. **t'-..r i:.h

fid-r. ir ti(rC ,- .C',, ) -" : t, i < r r '.

The -ou .l" 1"[):. w -.' i- :o ,,, ,ly th*:,l tb(1 I ly
atl. u iaOrc L ,., on it`oUd; .u j '.J..i.j

ii? J ot}i. -r. [o: s riOu l 3-2 ver.y c .r* X:- ,',rtfl O c '3 '.n' ,o tiofl'lj e ri
i"tuff t;C -r ou bi, 0i i ~ c fi73 "y). )r t t r
-; '.. re ',.. ; % l ,s:-,Afio"':ton Aiisn,-- 'r. ". :i or ar. .*11: or 'r.
R Cj, 'rSt *l 3t.) u.,; "' -' iu .,;., it uid i t i:o j o.
"- ". "'. -i o -o T----- "~J 0 --. .l ,
O 'rl? ?Jt ". -' lp rO O ,' ,i r y to 3.e '-, "..iai" ..j ",'l ^bi + 1[ v 1.
trJ.+c- C o B J., os- I OA. i ll 94, h r. :.: oi. e

iL., tr to -af drc53d d'toene;'.. ru out o ee e no
4tii" 1' It 1 1

't id r ::'- t : in 1 I .;. r-!. Y)!.. tt thi S .":,.;. If, ir ; of 'ic.
Stuff, l.;,-re ie r do.1k fl-,i -y } \ -. un..ier I"'.CPtC. nC I I.' J

'rnd.?" U-p-i-r.c In the -.". t; ,t ++d+ c ..-, + 'en.t. I ,lo,'tI J t. .t yI
(.I!~z' to r'' vui_ j .4 o' i t -r-1 .
n) rck, Lth.-'/ r s :.r," piotiure l)y Iv,. e k, .-J, OU or b-ol' .'r
dOl noU. thou lt.

UeSrly nr,icnirhi. +r!r lots m +'re to do.

a-mie, just love you '.i ? + LO';-': T;.",-, -i..," .+ t .ie i .

.YI0 ,r o.-n

/ _


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It". ZZ 7t^- 19
6z Z /

v! rf-^ ^-Z^" i^l^ ~eC^C{ /tLjZ~rt^t^.-A-~r

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~--zt-Cc/t :~L-e ~/Utz~ L
^4^^^^^ ^z S ^^~- ^UL^-^r U^L^^ j
^ / ff/ 9~z~j/ ..Z--~2eJ/ 'Z;L^(1/0[/" ^
^M^U^,_ ~-c^^ -T^Z-^Z^ Jv^^2^-
^ ^/ /-" /2tb~ 4 y /?
u^~ ^ t L Li t ^ ^-^^ --YDUt ^^ ^^
/z~c t/?1Lt ."' -7L~ yc2~ L/? / f // /
yC -- z / ./ /// / / / fr / / / /
COrL^ A^U^C~LL-L U^^j;^ :-/L^^ A^


Ra-'I Ri -; r


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R~c~e C22~3~-

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<4AL j .j /t/ 6e2
ftZ5 Z4 Y-7


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rlz/nti, y- i)6

r4L~e-d- -~~i~eK


OKIt l' ZITA, 5l. .'.-y 2.19916

y deareat -emli3S-

.0o .;',il tli8 tline fr- on- -ke. 'f] n y2uci letters
of April 1 I cu. onIe f'o. yuu tou. ,.'. ,:.*.--i1_
It l: tI as th ou. ', ; .._lo_o .o ,' pd h ,' ,'o ,ove. I '- :' t-'. 't
t' :,i0''e o --o > 'lou .d .. '. i'il i. ud. i- t ,. 0' t p1 ."..* f.or .'o*l,
t pr".'"nt, X ".ri L.too,.r, ]opii. :.'o':. all *i]' .- 'iti V ; n3ure l the3
Glcde'n a while t. ita ?. ,. crr. ... -v--1I :I've r.ocL:]' lu;. ioro: roomI no.
%it%! t''., bwr,: -:lcnl.'0 *'boet hero e c-n also r,'Jo t 'P"c kir; c e
in,' I th t L""1 ve u lot ui'. .). :-,
S -'i *:'r,1 fre d li ..,- ., i ron3er-
aq ful t l.!, t ro i1o .': .... t' i: .- r,:loean, -;o :u,:;. ;', t.t ". iu: "t 1.'' e?:<-
portn" diid.
T~..-1yre m-il "-iIl n"n *i ': fro o t.I,..'.o -' +. "ut 1:I1, v .-'vc r. -e1t-
od '. of"'e3r o[r o ,",!,, -:' ~.*ill 'o i' e d'.,iC f'or'i to.l,:, lotS i. L
Ok.hoeL-'' on the enlc.'l1ut. t 0i1.1 ho .''t. 1* t- -'r ti 31rt
no- '"onrt. sal~ '-.le. 'vl d" ..i fir th .-l ,. .' l" .: ."-. I
Oxp'Ct Do: n tO ..e '" "i Cl, -'j" *. 'Ii: .L L "C. ,i:ii '! .L. 'Lu *ar, .' 9Ss
pro'oin'- o' lot '.1 if, a d &l.=:;t i-r tv.,- ''7e. ".o 'n pl'n1. r,(, uct more of
%'.e i .11 ave hG'-e i *... L ook. r.' "r ,rl 1v..; e ivin[,
t ''r. 1:'yk, -, -- d It-, lmi e not re 'r-. ',r ..- ,-r; tbin; -'i:d
th e .;iitL i'- c"ri:. o iere. ,t I...1 -. c e o:.. t 'e -" "c,' r,'. n ;
Cf t,'L i ic'.^ in *e "'il.1 C.oo'- ."'Or 1--. ;...'iIt i-' a 1Jo1, "'
-ive time foer <"c."lld cw.rr
I tiu i" I c ~net io. m nic i'.ou Livin- in *'Y.u-'il
~. clo', .' i n *C. -';n i z'i. ..' ,- in Laud. o '.u 1I
:sot mu .f'ir7 o0' ny .k:l .nvev for co- .L:i i.7 .ico ,1A ; o. ', 1. li:e.
1.o, dan't 9-.ll o,.' ni ifurni i.ur If,'e"re 1 ve r*? c- r t1i--' i ;' --
oilOul, ,'o in. If I co0 I -iL l.. r '. 0o W7.? uu.'" a lot of f old
bO0ok3. If L Ino 1i; nr"- 'o ;ol' ".. rth)t '. t'-- a 1R '' of old
kool.o .:::, n .. -Ivo : lo' o' *t........- 'y. tih
Public ibrir vd. li' e a lot o.' ou -t'f'. If I ret r *'Lr.I c.n help
sor' ol'. ;v.'ih t- e h"-.t
S."ill 't ? .- c t hIlp t. me, assure .,o,. ') Ileedn't v or-.y
nbou L ..V cloth3' :oilir u' 'r-', itcvr Y '; e ti] cn''-. t':' "0 at
L.1' exp-ri ..: -- iO very .'-n si'rinri. I S.-it ': r 'nL for -:y.
-' Tle ,3 -t. ] 0" t, r*" T.ucfl r- Lc'..'.i" rt1~i imto orilyv ^y 1 ...":-' yo[iu
st'?r.--, h r,I 'a,. l 'l tty .l d .f 1. i ll"~ tre-'t'- on'.- "'o'.
T.iA r. Cr y?. '' -t. I .. ...'- t v.r,, nl, .!,
'r. 'C:.-~'i.. r 'l t-;ice. 3 .-, .-, i.t J o'':.. o or]r-nize
A*P'.. i :-"J'. 7 ,0 "o, 8tl. *',Y, -, .,, ATj 'it. ; hi.r.
L A!h C. 7.. 1.' l "- irra "oon-
fidenti I" u. 'u.ii r, 7. -~ :1 -;i rn ;- ye.''y,,)l' vgr~e queor. Ai:- ti-in-
1,in- ui sr. 8 I- u ry, too.
S.'.o:e "r',rtyad t-' V -i rtlrt,r-' for her birtli d c:, I too
--nt *r to e n go.d ti *-'"'i '. h- is lit' R :-;:ir'l.
'e', r ,t trnk. ,,ir, n"v, .ouI., ine onJn on '.'.St.--
pr'" ty hirh.1



Mre. McCullough writes "I'm delighted to hear that T're. will
and thegLrl mny come to fEla They can be Just as comfortibl_ am in
D,C. and fnr happier to be in touch with you and L. You will all be
stronger. And,oh myl what an inspiration they will be to -"lot of af-
fairs and people. I'. re joined. It in good news to everybody.
As for eohools,there's a lot ne can do for himself with a little help.
Gertrude won't suffer for cultureand the change may add something to he
equipment and character that D.C. could note narton, too;they kno-',
D.C. oul-tur, vory well and book life they can still continue. It's,
/worth $1,000 In money to you io Imovethem come. rae. 'ViL io a host
Just to look at.-- it will mnk..jyou, forjier to,._.e. A goo d and
(wiae man is all right,.nd very desirable to a oomi unitybut he is much
(bigger and finer with his family beside him. Ho1.oay fjr I1ra_ll,
Vt-ll her lfenid so, qad I feel she will never regret it. The woman
who could do r'hgt she did when th'_Jbaby watllurned ill como into her
own anywhere. Toe more I think about It,thLemore enthusiaotio I am ,
and I can't estimate ho, much it will be worth to Okeolnnta for her to
be even in Lauderdalel"
Now, how's that for a little ap-reciation and encouraigcanint?
Now DON'T WORRY, AND VAH YC-UHr3tIf ALL OUT.WTo've too Ouch use for V
you to be nble to afford that. le w. nt you to be bright nand frgAh
and ohinper,-ind to enter on your new lifo with zest and enthusiasm.
Will consid-r very cnrefully my affairs. Belioe I c =ns.rnee
to ooQe,.helpyou- aort,"ok Tnd -e't s.j(ff' off. Then trYvtl, -it! you.
Should enjoy it im'enseely.
Good by. Till the next time,

Yours as ever,


/ /^

,I/)ee4L /aeLtL

- (7~&t~cczi

7fZ 4z&LJ424

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>L L> ',->C" -^ t 2 .__
'" -J ll/

^Q A'.- /Z-Vt *' / /] // /----'-- -^-

/z;t /- / ^/ // -.,, / / /;

L, y **"/. ^~
/I "^''/.7.^^ /Z ^y -/^ '-I/ -"'~ *^
t Li^L '^ 7 C ^i ". <. L^- -- ^ ^< _6 ^ <' c< ,
/ '' -

,- Ur

- t- /

~Zn-L~e~; a"~tet~, n;p~7~ / J
,, --
/ "7-




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W6d 0/

vJ^ ziL I
^M/2 /// /)/ ] /
T~c4~mn~tac ^-^^^/^^^/^


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Q, ZZ,

~ BL~.~;z~u;$~-~e~~~~t!

#h, cwd6



N. N



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.7 a-L",




SEND the following Night Letter, subject to the terms
on back hereof, which are hereby agreed to
MFay lO 1091.

M ra. Krle n.Wlll
700 h" ndolph St.,JT...
Wsshington,l). C.
Approved untington trip Good idea. Will mail tomorrow lis )of' books
to be eaved etnting loo tion and simplifying celnotion. kuat not
overwork Will come asd holp.p.-ck if dosired Letter follows
In Lauderdal', for fen dPsy Am mrilin..Jhncok Am well hope you are .
Wire reply here collect
Thom-s IT Will


lj ^I ,.-* ^ -t^ ^ *. r".: ^ .:- .^

T':,et-e. ..:U: ... iiDT C.will receive not later than midnight NIGHT LE-TERS t be tl.ana.rifed only for delivery on the imnni:.
the aefeinums lsiinesnsria Mte9a MlUl lower than its standard night :oleeranr rates, as follows: The standard day rates foloten words shwll b e aged for.tsw.-.
*-"'* ~" ^'{rat uaoi SiM~ntia rords.oarLeag. Bad ne-Sfithpf sucrh Ltandard tle rate fur ton words sLall be charged for each additional ten words or lee. -
;.*To guard aih mistake or dils; he crr of niehiltter hold it RIEPEATED, (hat i" tele-a"p"ed barkto tits origtntiti offce f bor -
F* -Forth's oneehalft theunrepertid sight letter aretis charn. in addition. Unlless cthorwue indicated on alelraee THIS IS AN UNREPEATBD NIGBT M.;1 -
'AND PAID TPOll A bUCJU, ui ronsiderencion ebl'reu l it 13 asreed between the sender of th night Idter and this Company as follow' d
s fle Company shalt not le liable lor.n unus .,r d-l e, in t h,,ranarniesion or delivery, or, for noo-detis'erv, of any UN REPEA TE .D nigt .etta yo
the amount Wreivyedfor sending taeaInen; otr for mitakcr or riclave in Ihe lranetmino.iior dlhrerry, or lor non-delivery, of any REPEATED nighilttetrbepea
.. f .i. y .m h eum reei.ed for- sin. g the same, unl-ess ap.cflu .-.r.d: nor in any case ur dlays arising frum unavoidable inlerruption in the working of tret.
.. .. J r rJrS is b ..s ai .rl .rra.

2 in any eaent the Company shall not be liatlo fr r ritmopgs for any mistilce or ulrInc in the thnertission or delieery, or ITo the nor,-eltory,of 4sEyfrhj
lttr, whether caused by the he .lrpn.e of itsaervanr or oth rsani.-. heyn d d hc sui cif lFTY DOL LAfRo at ehich anmounl this ibaht letre is w s'eb7va.d.. .
unis a greater value ie stated ih writing her-on fat Ih itric the oBht ledttr is ofered to the Company fur lraqosassonand an additional sum paid or a bred td- B, h e
paid basad on.ash yan equai. 1to one-tenth of one rct thereof
3. The CoPimy is heroby medethe ageuit of the sender, withoul liability, to forward th, night letter over the lnes of any Compagy-whep. necesisary
o ".i rle isn wrll be delivered free within of -hal fighter hof e Coumpany'sder it e a. to n of 5,000 pr.putalp:n or o sa- and within one mior eos' ofsc';e '.
a their dins or towns.. Bo end these limiLs the Company does not uodcri-nne to mlak delivers lb-ut onill t hout il As'ity At the Nender's a Gqnest; s iJ s sesall.-
AND t his e ps. endeLLv[ or to nderatint for him for suh delr b a bt aen trhsoneble prie t, gh ltter Company foow- ,

I. No responsible y tc a es Liable f r.Compn 'onern nIgrhd lrte tranrsi hs on s.e ardeli e ace'plfd at uor, of it, rsianysiing offices., a d If a night ettoer .
et to s t office by one cding the -Comany'e esse ngers. he adts for that purpose tras 'or deer, or for non-delry, of ans Ratr.PEATED nigl

SThe-Cmpni ill t be libl fr dms orstatutory pc-ni in any case we i .ri lmia not proucnavd in wring withinn sity days alter the night:
letter is frl rd ith tcre ngComlny for tras.ision.

n further onsiderat on of the teduoei~ratce for this peci l" aNIGHT LETTER" s vicr, the fnllnraissinn oral terms oare hereby e agreed to : .
A.' NIGHT LETTERS mny t the option of the TeleEraph Company be matled at deltnatnion It the address, and hc Company shall be deemed tord
have dihsehr, ,eaei itob;igtion in suebEros th lo delivery, by mailin sauch NIGHT DLETTERS at destinatioou, p stag prepaid. l ,
B. NIGHT LETTERS shall be writccn in plain Engliih Cde language is not pcirnseaihle. ,
7. o employees eI e Compn i'auhrrd lo ary tie frror g. THE WESTERN' UN ION TELEGRAPH COMePANY:nt there
pd oINcoPRAO R ED .
Sat i epee endeavor to r- NEWCOMER C ALTON, PR SI NT


':A full-rate ex-pedited service;
S ".AcrepftBd up.-to 2.00 A.M. at reduced rates to be sent during the
i .. "night and delivered not earlier than the morning of the next ensuing
business da-y.
SA"d leeJi d day service at rates lower than the. stantldard telegram
rates-aII follows: One and 'one-half -times the st.,: Jlard night letter
....,Tar.e*for-the transmission of. 50-words or less and ont-fi'th of the
-' -i1tial':r;te for each- additional 10 words .or Iess. Sub.jrdinate
to the priority. of transmission and delivery of regular telegrams.
Mukst.b-written in; plain-Engli6. Code language not permissible.
~ ~ .....

Telephonic delivery permissible. Day Letters received subject-1o."."
express understanding that the Company only undertakes deliver, of -
the same or the day of their date subject to conditions that sufficient .
time remains for such transmission and delivery during regular office.
hours, subject to priority of the transmission of regular, telegrams.
Accepted up to midnight for delivery on the morning of the next -
ensuing business day, at rates still lower than standard niglit tPle-
gram rates, as follows: The standard day rate for 10 words shall be
charged for the transmission of .51 words or less, and one-fifth of such -
standard day rate for 10 words shall be charged for each additional
10 words or less. Must be written in plain English. Code language
not permissible. Mail delivery, postage prepaid, permissible..

i i

En Route,#hy 10,1916.

My dearest Mamie;--

Your letter of the 5th.(?) ,"Fri.
day",anyway, came last night. I decided to Oome tma
to Lauderdale and wire you. Have been writing you
more frequently than usual,but canal conditions may
hnve delayed a letter'

The Huntington invitation changes the sit-
aation somewhat. Of course, I am eager to see all
of you. Yet,as you ay-,lt is highly improbable
you will ever see the aunts again?= In the circum-
stances,since you csn visit them as well as not,
it seems hardly fair that you should not do so. I
can arrange about thle house at L. It may not be
necessary foreme to pay rent all su!1mer on it. If
so,it will be much lessth-nn we h1ve become accus-
tomed to. I can receiv- the good- when they come,
and largely dispose of them. You will avoid hav-
ing two big jobs, picking and moving with consequent
unpacking,come so close together. I am very anxious
(you shall not be overworked with this packing and mov
\ing. In fact,I was planiJDg to start to T7azshington
sho/ lyvto help you out. In t e circumstances,
am wondering whether you may think it necessary.
Please go over it with/ rYionand tell me frankly
wiht you and she think. I shall send you a night
letter to-night fran Laud. (Wed.),and pl-n to stay
th re till I find rhnit seemba.t -a to up.

Now as to thatvond-?rful attic. I have just
been gojng over my Library DtaA" When I moved
th -Libray 2)(years ago.,I made out a list of everything,
Sust where it had stood on G St.,and w~'ere it was
plnced on Randolph St. To,on tie -;vergladp
es boat, itlis 11l just -bout as clear and orderly
as a Uerman pl:'_, nof c-maign is to tlhe general. I 3
hiivegone over tbe whole thing, checked off the things I should like have
" go ir:to teark of safety."Fand the rest,unless som- one of you wants:
it.may be given away or s-crificed' In Wichita, I succeeded in giving
tic Public Library a lot of my books. tou might do the same in D.C.
may have to work hard to get t is into The next mail,leaving Laud.Thur8s
night,kay llth. 7'1hen you see itit it my help a lot. However.if you
think it better I shoul4j.lome, and I will tnke traiin. I am sav-
ing sometliings for us in our Everglades library,y "ct to come.
'y records of stuff left at office .re nil. Use our b.-t judge
mEnit as to whether worth s -wing. Don't hes tat e to call me if you think
best" I would not for the world hive you overtax yours-lf just to sqve
cost.of trip.
Lovingly yours,

II -