Business Correspondence. Oct. 3, 1935 - Dec. 29, 1935


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Business Correspondence. Oct. 3, 1935 - Dec. 29, 1935
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Everglades (Fla.)
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October 3, 1935.

Tip Smith,
South Bay, Florida.


I am returning herewith your mortgage
in duplicate, also the Exception Sheet from the
Memphis Office.

Your wife must sign on the froht of the
mortgages just under your name, then she must
accompany you to a Notary Public's office and
have the back of the mortgages filled out and
properly signed by the Notary. It is essential
that you wife sign her full name, not .rs. Tip

Please do this immediately and return
these mortgages properly taken care of also the
Exception Sheet to this office in the attached
self addressed envelope which requ res no post-

Ve y sinqe ly yours,

I. CO. Ceeger,

- .- -






October 4, 1935.

S. J. Hiers,
South Bay, Florida.


I am returning herewith your mortgage in
duplicate also the Exception Sheet from the .Temohis

It is necessary that your wife sign on
the front of the mortgages just beneath your signa-
ture, signing her full name and not Tirs. S. J. Hiers.
Then she :must proceed with you to a rotary Public
and have the back of the mortra-es filled out.

Please take care of this imr:ediately and
return these instruments to this office in the self
addressed env-lope which requires no postage.

Very sincerely yours,

I. eer,

- -i- -'pl IL I

Belle GladePla.,

yW dear Mr .Maakensies
I assume y~u have returned froan.qyur wonderful trip,hence I'll "drop
a line."
Labor day was hurricane day with South Florida. We escaped all but
rainbut theKeye caught it,hard, Alot of veterans were lost,and much
criticism followed as the the careless way inwhioh they were--NOT--
cared for, The American Legion was active in this. A train sent for
these men arrived so late as to be caught and wrecked itself. It is
said there were plenty of trucks standing idle to carry off every maun
but that their custodian refused to have them so used.
I'e been farming again--from June till Sept.l. Spent much time
restoring my little "shack" at Okeelabtaplanted trees,flowers,bananas,
orops etc. Then the rains beginning Sept,2 continued till now,
drowned us out,and have kept me from living at Okeelanta ever sinee.
I've rented quite a bit of land to farmersbut all are too potr to pay
for plowing and seed. So we went after Uncle Sm,onoe more. I did the
work,for 6 mengeach asking $300.J0. Whether we'll ever get anything is
the problem. We'te still waiting;but this morning's paper tells of a
lot who did get their loans through. So here's hoping.
The man in charge of the loans is in Ft.Laud. and know well my long,
terrible struggle for Glades salvation. Somemonthe sinceI put up my
best talk to him about loans for my asesoiatesand he said Well,Will,
if you'll round up that crowd,with and machines,I'll see that ev-
ery one of them gets $300.00" So I'm holding him on that.

'- "own loan?" Ch no. None for me. You ought to see theforms we must
fill. The Wallace idea that poverty makes us all rieh,and that it is
better to destroy crops than raise them is right on the job here. Note
this "No borrower may have funds to plantmore this year than he planted
last year." New note my case. Thru the emissaries of another Governmeni
( that at Tallahassee) I wad expelled from hame,farm and all I had,and
driven into exile down on theCoast. This was in 1920-21. I thought I
could retire in the fall,and resumeoperations
But I had not reckoned with my officialse." Ifstead,oonditionagever since
have been so utterly bad--from uncontrolled waterlargelyland from NOT
building essential roads that had been adopted and bonded for--that,
never till this summer,could I return. That meant I had been fenced out,
by one Govt.,YOURT3 N YBARS. And now oeaes another Govt. and says,as
above "We'll help you plant no more then you planted last year." H ow
muah did I plant last year,or the year before and before thatad infin-
itum? Not C3S SqUARS 70 T. So I could ak for no more loam that would plal
tthatb So I give my time to fighting for my renters,and wondering. In
1916,I first tried to get Federal funds for farming. Since then,I have
often triedbut in 19 years I've N Y3R GOT ONE CENT, Wonderful ertes.
we have One making you fail and move,and the other trying to starve
you out!


That suggests Polities. I mote that a few--how many they may become is the
questioe--thiak we might do better by voting for hat we waat. I'm wveder-
nug when the Au.ppl. will get sense enough to 4o that* You'll field strong
suggestions of that In the last Q(g.,Record9e-10--35 Seee.g.,aruest
David Lewis has become a strbag umagbut I suppose he has to stay a Dftmerat.
That was one of Henry eorge's listakeradrillilng it into his followers
that the Old Dameoratio party was worth its salt. Cur greatpelitt al
trust--theReputbloean--Deoeratio eombination--that always hogs the votes
and then twinkles its fingers at the votergsia an unmitigated aurse to the
country If we could but get pplto voting on ISSUZ8Bfor this and against
thatgaad recalling traitorsthey'd soca shelve the above trust.
As to Dbmoerate falling for taxing ground restryJaeksen Ralstouoia the sar-
lydayseuaid it would be a long time before they did that. And look at
the Cong. Just retired. With all their supposed ralioaliam" and attempts
to tax the rishilf taxing ground rents was ever ose maetionsd I never heard
of it.
hueylWellhe was a sharaotersure enough I read every word Lof th ose 10 pp.
of his speeches you sent me- and every word of his post mortan history till
our paperthe Miami Herald,atopped. running it. I suspect tney saw it was dan*
gerouely strong, Whether Long would have done ihat he wrote I can't ay*
but if ever we aould get a President into the White Hease for Oris,8MUIf YBA]
that would pursue sueha policy ou Nation would face the better daygand no
mistake. lbatbuaeh of hi pmdla,I had readbut I'm glad to have then,
ohaptera fra his boc-k
WellI'll saw off for this tie. When you see the old fritedsplease let
them know I'm as radical as everif not more so. sometimes I years to get
into thefight again.

As ever yours,


Belle GladeBla.,

r .J.,HHolferty,
Iy dear br.Holferty
I reed. your letter of July 0Oth.,a ad almost envied you your trip, I ser-
tainly fOpe it was free from aocidenatetad meant a great deal to you aad
your wife. What is a college education in oomparisen with a round-the-
World trip like that?
I'm glad,as are yhupthat you get through the lgyptian part of your trip
before Museslimi got so busy in Africa. As always,I'm for the under dog,
and I only wish our world were wise enough to take eare of uesh misohief-
makers as the Autocrat of Italy.
)y people ,till reoeatly in Coral Gables,are now in Miami Springswhere
they are building their home. I refer to Mr.and Mre,Harold Loring Land;
he of the Everglades Construction Company, I have not visited them yet,
but hope to do so,
I'm sure you're deeply interested in this potato issue. Mr.Wallace's
idea that we can all be made rich by creating more and more poverty is
madh too mach for me.

Sincerely yours,


^ .-r-^L < I PRYOR, OKLAHOMA.-_-^r CEC ___ iaa5

wgcc tSr^-i~L-S^<^ A^~z/s-Cc^'*-^-*- A47L ,-
'Tr~ ^9<. / ____________________ <.h^j^

(t -^ ___ 1__________

t^L^&^-t-^---" L ^^3~7 CJi^^^^Q_^-^^^r^tz~ uL/4A-;-C C-1^-*-^0



^tC -Ti^. ^--/- a-^( *MZ-'^a^-'L^


PRYOR. OKLAHOMA.,--- a ^ /7

.P~~ -CJ Zcu
^<^<.*-(-^^ ^<- 1- ^/^^^C~ friB-<--UC_77F^2-^

-Trrck7, e.

T^-^--<;--5R^ (~-

)elle Glade,fla.,

Mr.Ira O.CreegerSupervi or,
Court House,
t .Lauderdale la.

iydear Sirs
Eoelosed find Loan papers for Tip smith and wifeduly signed and o.e
tarised. Receotly,I sent you thepapers for S.J.Hiers,& wife,also

Teoday'n mail brings card from Galif.stating that my letter to N.H.Will
arrived Sept.30 and was forwarded at once to him* He was en route to
hishame in Oklahamalfrom where he will answer ,with necessary signature.

If any other work needs to be done,I'll give it my first attention.

Ihavejust met ",gord farmerfriend who,with his brother,would like to get
loans tofarm in Okeelanta,where one owns land. I said I would ask you
to-day whether it is too late. Ifnotkindly send requisite papers for
2 loans.

Very truly yours,


Insurance Company

cMa dison.Wisconsin

October 8, 1935.

Do, Thomas E. Will,
Belle Glade, Fla.

My dear Dr. Will:

Your letter of September 27th is very much appreciated. I have
been interested in the Everglades from the time that Bryant & Greenwood
sold tracts down in that country and as a result of that I have been
paying taxes ever since fmxxz on a few acres in Sec 21 T 46 R 36. Some
years after that, while on a trip in Florida, I purchased 5 acres in Palm
Beach County, described as Lot 10, Block 9, Sec 33 T 43 R 35, and I
believe that this piece is pretty well situated and must be very close
to Road #25. I imagine it is about 10 miles from Belle Glade. Sometime
when you drive over to Clewiston I wonder if you would do me a favor
and check up on this and tell me something about it.

No doubt at this season of the year you are very busy
and I hope by the time this letter reaches you your land will be
dry enough for planting.

Very much interested in your comments about the fellows in the
North. If you care to write up something along that line I may be able
to get it into one of the Milwaukee papers.

What do you really think of our Fruitcrest proposition, Is
the situation any different than what it was ten years ago,

I was very much pleased to hear from you and shall look
forward to getting an occasional letter from your typewriter.

Very tr yours,

S_ V


w ~

'a ~i"~~

Bellse aadel1a.,
Oet.9,193 .

Wy dear Nerves
Your letter of 10-6 at hand. Mighty glad you had mueh a flue waeatioe,
Maybe I caa get one *qme day--if I ever get out of the holeo
Plenty of men would have surreudIred long ago ij lur plaseelat I 'a a
* ever-aurrender" fighter. So here goes,
I'Te get 180 aeres of Snd. r ted If we can got a CRht that will help e
buy a pair of soekekmabe.
But my renters are ALXL BRCE3,ad we can't do a thing till we get moesy,
I'* the uma trying to SET IT FOR THEM THAT THEY Aj FARMOUX LANDgand
pay us one-sixth as reat,
I've goae jhrbugh enough with this matterphjust aSi fall,to drive most
mea erasy but I'm getting opt of the woIj e a l L tasif I aCAN
I've written ypl rTRii letters about it, The one you answered is O0.2.
By this time you should have NQJH0ZS, New three is the VITAL Ors* It
contains muoh more stuff than relates to youand we are tied up till that
let of papers oeaes bask,
Now you DO HOT PLE BB YOUR LANDor ANYBODY'S LANDI Z 3do this as pUt"
as a pike staff that we alldo is to.pledge the SeWt,,as I said in evsry
GOTTES ALL HIS SHARE. Then we go is for what is left. WI "BDPk CSrn2f
0RWOpo.t another thing ogarth. o Psflpuo liabilili ,o Vw Vw6-0
WUI U JUI AMhAD Oef HIsIB ofrop ise ip W PLDf WB WAvo(TT
The papers you have are those of Ei 8 and he is my MAI MAN. He has the
traeteriplow and Ilsk* He same to ne for landand brought ALL TH-SE OTHER
WEa TO E.* Now N3 MUST 33 PUT THROUGAJ, AaImach of the land X rent him is
YOCUS as I said. If you taileu fa IS OT'land flH rLT *1 tT OUT 8I
Your baek taxes DON'T COUT as I VROT3 LONS AO#0 You are not taxed 0N CROP.
I've spent weeks and made trips and written letters on all thisoandeught to
knsw the requirements
I hra y-borrowers (reuters)a I have to seethat *he papers are rightand
then sead them. I seat thewhole 6 tethe 0evt man on the Ceast.He sent them
to theSoet effiee in maphiaTenn. They found the same s07 ]H,H LL was LACK-
MAlED 3Bf3 TO YTO BY AIRl iilluore,o/e Hettie. to W.O .to you. I hope you
have tW I've put oe the ferms in pencil just where the aqqq 8e9peu
Gretehe and TWO WITMESS you get. ITen fire the stuff tovthe Coast Agi
home frasked envelope is with the forms for you to Use. And send me a ard
a ed get me off the hot griddle. Now I'1 rushing to the get this edir.
Cordially yours,




October 9, 1935.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,
Belle Glade, Florida.

Dear Mr. Will:

we are in receipt of your letter
of October 7th. attaching the Exception Sheet
and Mortgages of Tip Smith, and same is being
forwarded to day to the Memphis Office for con-

In regard to further applications
for seed and fertilizer loans, please be advised
that September 30th. was the closing date. I
regret that it is impossible for me to consider
any other applicants.

Ve y nc ely yours,

I. V. Creeger,


I lw read LU I o thier ite att M

e a' it.
mat Sells to Ieila.,

d for years that rt ad .C to

t. Cer Mr.L lgi I

t .II'e S ace 1i te IIl4s Aevy tioakelr to b) amifrd State aald,
eed miles of it.
te eu 1r-,I' ref rr~la to your speeal s the HoCew f asmpre eatitwe
A Maat 0, 195 A(Cuasqeoardt ,ppfas3, to U r)t
At ea eittidgo f(C r rri tla a tak for Lup .erI oead t lhrie als )nd la
I'vte taour for at ts as thae8.i.saip wat we aenbat i It to ri ew*
te. CmeudPle i as leiltio e Ie leawed t-mkt hsa spec"all theg 10 PeUt
Lae slet se ia the llseiaota .Iate oNathe al(: )tad AUnaAXrt Audges?
(Ml8 fi91)l Ad s teaAy -a tAe bjeaert irs level te lls t. w
i Steio aI1 th ose ear or remG sita eve2 a wo ails a elmo fSre of the idole
'meast;ra seeaadl em riest antee yb u r lav oade at itsea are mais thea
31000 miles at ito
=at Mid of pele baw ws La ts Aiited Sia^te aoauy tate68a years a fter
tte adeotO ofa tshe Cb-eig the uri it r O a pe t Je daled Kag -te iount
to do it-to et away with a judSAeal Veto ea C~aIpsuesaals a leitslati-e ,
Am ow made t thatm ia ubeeSU at epree aAs bhve y et at a li rvast Xormd t
vetr bst waters a d lsay wth their law as a eat play within a taeums
gme an emt es that lwe are mt entitled to self- Lveiaatl et r i to e lat tat
but sth servtu4e forced ul oa to a lUttle buee of eaLtallsc aed lae.

It ie at did at it laoat selotorgead sat awe either t to do a hti t iw o,
o eav e might Ose aa' riet ar XAm3rE athoo Ate tbar tieg mgiel
tan sleet audeam rpla1eP? Or ae thE apsiettdet1rrmoevable judg^s? 2s
evmry eivilised euater as erfipages to edXer its life? If aBteway hs we ?"
jad stfllt*e tlk I hber or reBd ean almeot .rhllar tra the ether ade.
Xt*a te rsetiwaiO-esoeat the libertg-loevlag oitlseake are rski t1e

Xeated of of slowirt the *pt rt at th sales we eaLled XEas Sef dee-
agd made deia the arIat aOrtear i Lt'e the e are a1llg as 4we eiat
7S-2sbtnearlyJ 8 yrars ageal Led N the w hlp fe a sUtitatiel'the
hav rlvd with a we HmaSeeaml thay Ueme it ito auoejbeaLe. .t. f.
ens ose S-patrloef set Bp hel that tbhe ~rdtnta veto i ertexal but thft
it its bt lit-Be fert of ias to sest tht eithe the eaUtittetiwn or
tse eert mliht be modiLfed to met Uear ging eeds.

-- --

- 7--tJ.
C dl s morelalig the Mimi Herald M e 4ZaP lmus of sixaspet t I
i 0i Cill lf riing the eaut and all ito walsists vote lato re
ne say that "'emy 49 seta of Cogres were held emlld ever a weq S
a aeetr and a quart"er"and lessa t a d a these of a gr aat
I Iortae*.'I
But ls the exat paLqt e saysm,"Tmr was the Mir ef the Da1d Seott
detialsoeq==ca CIVIL :JAI r .9
IXh ifut wderdiaLeg atethera tbSDlm Antattr thei recent dr4Ubtg byr
thiA dturtwtll have the bralas mad bagfeone to eollow Jyour aash
this thiao up as it ban ever been shou up b~eroter ad dmnnad e4i81aS
te a by elected legislatrtn lmstead of app eoted tusurpes.
Th acceptedd lus* tt r you is just ahead. Congrep m ss ts ia Jaeraa
t I devoutly hope you are saying with Pa 1 *Tml ew thtiu I dea0 d* tt
pea will premo it In the Houe as Leeg preseed his tleus in tao t %e te
Th'maseem the eaasaigpbrekkBseyouur speo-, mou be seftte~ed to the attftr
mast Limits of the iatioeeaSd debates sbauld be duemeded as lu th dap
of LiZeola nsd Douglanssad reported Tver xadio aed pros.
YF are abaslutelyright lo yur eoatelstiandsprr~erly prerented4riht
ti trrel stible mitst.
tsiaerely yours

Qogz*, Jill. /

Pr. We first met iL 1900I MiLagLeat a grest
-msetlu. thi ek tnrut seatrol,
LZter e ile liuvig i as1~iungtomD.C.*samd you
bad lbee elected to Cea greaswe met a few times.
Zrrmber well -en you wer pue ing the Poatal
ravings propositis...

, /

Belle Sladefla.,

Miss Bula Howard,
296 Went 2d.St,,

My dear Miss Howards

On yesterday,I made my first trip to West PalmnAince our eorreepondence,
Irot having the legal description of your fatherfe land we were at a lose,

However told CoClerk Geo.O.Butlet I thought the tract was inSec,ll or
14,in Tp.43 *S.,R.36vA,
He then made hie huntaud brought me this,as tge probable description:

"Lets 13,14,19 20--Sec.14--T.45 8, R.36 A.
Dleded by a Chicago Trust the executors of the estate of George 0.
Howard to Carrie H oward Plummer and Luther H1 toward "

I did not have yopr letter with me,but seenowthat this t*aet was the
land of your Eather's brother.

MrButler advises that you write himdirectly,the description of ytur
ESther's tract. He will then look it/up.

In resent yeare the legislature has provided that Co.Clerk's charge for
looking uptax data on lands. I tried to learnwhat this would be on above
tract,but was told the taxes on it were paid in fill.

When they get the number of your Father's traetthey will look up the tax-
es from 19281and tell you the amount of charge for lo king up back taxes.

The hurricane this Sept.2d. did not hurt us,but it hit the Keys hard,

Lawrence has built up quite a car business here in relle Glade. I live
I have just turned to my letter(Aug.10) to Mr.Dresbaehland find the traete
I discussed with him are theame shown me by Mr.lutler yesterday. So we'll
just have to know the description of your Father's traet,as we know that of
his brother.
I enelose espy of letter by T,,. to L.H.Dresbaeh.

Sincerely yours,


Box 186,
Rosslyn, Virginia,
October 12, 1955._

Dr. Thomas E. Will,
Belle Glade, Florida.

Dear Doctor Will:

Find enclosed note for your signature in
amount of eighty-five dollars (:85) in renewal of that
now held by the Hamilton National Bank.

I enclose also several blank notes as per
your request.

Kindly sign this note and return same to me
at your earliest convenience.

Very truly yours,

Lucien Greathouse.



Belle Glade,Fla.,

Mr .W.J.Waadrey,
Suardian Life Ins.Co.,

My dear Mr.'andeyt

X thank you for your letter of the 8th. Land near theLake is high,
semparatively,apd yours is probably free freowater. Judging by the
map,Sec.33,43--35 should be cultivableeven in wet weather. Right
new we are suffering from excessive wetness,

Our Okeelabta land id net yet dry enough to farm. It may be moon,
I hate 6 renters of land in Okeelanta Additiouand am helping them
get Federal fund- with which to farm. Helped put three of them through

Fruitorest land is aamng the very best i1 the regienabut till we get
reclamationald transportatiousettlement hugs the eanalsland it is
nearly A of a mile away.

I regard the Pruitetest propositionafter all these years,as inompar-
ably better than any other gverglades proposition. Our grouping fea-
tureour cooperatien and other points have never been appreaehed in
this country,
mut if we were trying to settle and develop sdea,and it was ever-
flowed with water every yeargd denied transportation,we'd make slow
progress. Very much of my Averglades work in these 26 years has been
spes in trying to get reclamationtransportation and fire protectiea--
th the State sheolduUnquestionablyhave supplied many years sinoe.

Ninety-odd % of our troubles have eime directly from theretissnese
of the State. There's an element in Florida bitterly hostile to Sver-
glades settlement.lest we seupeteor east too many Yank" votes. I
am confident their influence has held the State b ask froa doing its
swore duty.

I enelose a MS. you might get published *by some publisher you knew and
could explain matters to, Twenty thousand of us bought this magnif-
loeat laogand practically oess has ever gotten his money back, Very many
indeed have not gotten 1% back, Florida papers will rarely publish mat-
ter like this. Same strong paper from outaiderealising the outrage per-
petrated by the State on this army of innocent purehasere should shew
the thing up. Personally,I am very mush poorer than when I bought a
first blades land in 1909. Unless piblishedplease return Ns.
Very sineerely years,




^ &6^padei< d^d

cb-mz ^*/&f.irint, ,1UItAeL'

\^c2 t~ '^^A^'Srl^-1 C

^^1 Cnt <^%-7
^ofe^^r ^&AA^ ^<^je t^^^

i2*-d< J t ji^4udtT/ 'CSt A^:d

O^444 ",m'- Ai 6 d

rr^cd ,rwlx~ 4^Au- ^3^^^ ^A~t^^LAAA-W" <
04^ CS0^^^- J^;fcc,!^o^^ ^^i/ IL.CCrdUJ

,." -< 1 '
46e- 'd~LyL^tr^^d4
a<^yu^ ^4rt^^ ^I^C^L^ ^edat~t^ci
0^^^~d c^^Aje^ ^rc CCw/L -LZw^
o. ^w~t^^ ^J~f^ A^^^y$Jlet
^^A/ty^^^^ ^ ^i^^^i^^^ t^M^
^^^A^^^^ ^ieC4
~vc~j fiWdleM
a- eL p a Jare4Cte4_
I rcl u~/a

dr E~r;yp~uL;Ar ~ Z~-C-~1c ~~~

4 v
/2-*kr OCIlI A9 h.Q~~*

~IIPG 4,1J


-. .' 4. -
sj~;-d ^ ,


rr W. LORD I~4rl
""""i^ i/-y ^ ; C" A^a pfuttit ^tt

^ J"-^^ "p^^^^^^^
^a-n-- j
a^%,t -^-' R

(;2321 1 -
(-~yw/~ ^^t

b~c'I ~affYLC6 dM

^^c-_6^^^ ^^^^-'^^^^^^



/ Z/#?5 1tt~t






'3 w" &


a~ucv 4JcLI
< 9410t.
9'~cRr^ f0


Belle Gladela.,
MIieso ary Pierpont Blair,
503 'est 121st.:3t.,
New York,J.lY.
c/o The Faitb Jkse:
iy dear YLise lairsa
Your recent letter received. It is a comfort to me to know youkaew
iMrs.W1ll bFck in theCambridge days. 'If ever there was a lovely and
loving creature it was Marle Rogers ,ili. It was on March 5,1930 that
she was taken from us,and suddenly. I remember it as of yesterday.
No,the lat hurricane left us untouched. But it visited the Keys,with
disantrous effects.
My address? Yes1 Belle 'Glade,Florida. I spent part of my; time at Okee-
lanta,but it has no,
With de scriptioniI can locate your Glades lands on a map. A. present,
howeveralmostt1ewhole 'verglades is inundated. Almost constant rains
since Sept.5,not forgetting to-day.
As to your especial objective,I deeplyregret that ,at this time,I ocabjot
think of anything available. The Coast expects a crowd this seas BMiams n
especially;and if in touch with any Siami people you might get elp., there,
BelleGlade is up near Lake Okeechobea,and tea groat fafting c otrykwhile
the Coast specializes on tourists.
Very sincerely yours,


sele sLadePla.g

MEss rea.J.3 Morgam ad JIa Jonaes
Seth Iay,fla.
Dear Friends.
Ynu spoke of oseing me soon. To-morrow I plau t go to Okoelantas
ad ilf prRctieableto stay a few days. So you would find me there
iatead of here.
Tb land is,of oeurseomeoh to- wet to fam as yeteI am sorry to say.

As to looting your traotemthe meathd in this&
Ue bring in n traeterl6peratedgeapJby Mr.Hicks.
I follow behuad with maps#and a measurung wifesash as Bicks has.
thishs outfiiew. eor lay off efiry man's traOetgts kin lt at the same

! used to do this bask iL 1916 and our work was accurate.
Any other questions you desire to askI shall be glad to Oaewer.
Very truly yMursB

~3 "~~





/LP~ -
/u-6 ^ ^l~
^7/ ^'U-e.--^



c r r.~ I
,,. ^

^ N?.








/' i'~

Z4., --



/I kC^-^


/;, zj









/t6-Zv S ()


.0 '





/- c~ZR ~ /P
~-G-h-h- ~ze 1(,Tlc





-r~' L-c

"-(c LC-<





? z-








C-Y~-=SI~-~r-LCc~L a

~e3 -





2 :/


L 'U -

22 ~



~7Lccz ~



Belle Glade,Fla.,

Mr. I. f,Creeger,Supervisor,
Court House,
Ft .Lauderdale, Fla

1ty dear ,r.Creegeri
To-day's mail brings me a card frmn N.H.Willay brother,re the Hicks
mortgages. He says he has followed my direetioas in igniag,twitneasing
etc.,and had mailed the papers to you.

This relieves me His traveling caused delays which neither sought.

You have probably heard frm Memphis(Celutbia?) re Tip Smith's japerls
S,J,Hier's were a match to hieswife signing,etc.,and left me about the
time Smith's went from here.
If there is anything else I should le k out foryplease write mejand
I'll miss meals to get it dome on time.
We're pleased that the three who west to West Palm Beach seem to have
"pts'ed their examinations."

Very truly yours,




Fort Lauderdale, 'lorida,

October 17, 1955.

.'ir. Lhomas E. Will,
Belle Ulade, ilorida.

Dear 1ill:

Yours of October the 15th
received, and for your ovw information
letters are going forward to several of
your tenants today.

A letter from your brother
N. H. Wills arrived. It has been delivered
to the memphis office for consideration.

very sincerely yours,

1. 0. ureeger, /


Belle Glade,Fla.,
Hon .Dvid J.Lewia,
Washington ,D. .,
Iy dear Mr.Lewis:

I thank you for your letter of the 14th.and pkge.ef documents. When
I was back in civilizatiow,Preflaines was active. Think I did not
meet him,but recognized him no one of theoollege professors devoted
to truth and the people's well-being--of which I wish tnere were more.
Any of the old Single-Taxers or Socialists around Washiogton can tell
you all about Dr.ifll, I mixed with both erowds,and spoke for then.
I'm an old Harvard man of 1890(A.3.) 1891,( A.M) Taught in colleges
when permitted,seap-boxed when shut out them. When I met you in Chicago
in 1899,Ihad just bean relieved of the Presidenoy of the Kas.State
Ag1.Cel'ege,where I offebded( the Republicans) of course by teaching
the kind of money system the banks reprobategoing to thebottcm of the
demouttisation of silver( for which I roared little),writing Washingteo
for transcripts of records our library or mine did not bave.and found
that said demonetisation was a FRAUD ,sure enough.
I epitomized this an a story or two in our College magazine--which was
high treason--to Wall Street;and wrote a big book on itpbacking every
vital point with the documents. That is what made it so bad. They could
not prove me a liar.
I tried several dozen publishing houses but in vain. The reader for one
told me oker the phome(in Chicago) It's a pity to turn down such a re-
spectablething as ttatlbut we couldn't possibly publish anything that would
het-p,the silver cause." I think that was what affected aost of the pub-
lisherseless frank.

A former member of our K.S.A.C.forge-had published one of themisleading
accounts of the same stery,and had'Suplished by theGvera meantreoeiving,
I was told,$1,000,00 I still have my MSS,in triplicatesever yet pub-
then we met in Washingtoo,I had spent sone years as Seeretary of the Am.
7 restrt Assn.and editor of its magazine,"Ceoservation Jut e old
enemies were on y trail,so I retired frao that with their help.J
Then Ibuilt up an orpgaisation in Washington,"Th, D.C.oaffrage League",
which sought to put the Distriet eo an American basiswith pure and
simple S~LF-GOVRSMYLT. We made quite a stirtoo.
Then m attention was called to the Florida Everglades as a field of en-
deavor. I entered it in 1909,and have f ought the battles of the wilder-
ness ever stuee It's a wonderful seuntrybut under the ban.It's eon-
trolled by the old "Jeohny Rebs",and we who bought (20,000) were almost

O N 1

all '"laskety-blank Yanks.Cinnooent enoughef coursebut gall and wers*
word to thenatives.)
So they've choked the region to death,and keep it that way. eBund by their
agre.:ment with CongresB,(Aet of Sept.28,1850fSwamp Land Aet")yto RE*
CLAIM the regien,that is Just what theyis 85 yearsahave never doue,
and I am convinced they never willunaless a fuse is put under them. They
got our moneygyears payments of robber taxespad left our land as 6me0
-emss as before. Of course they don't admit they are fooling uesbut
friends of minebrought up in the "Rob" countryitell me I"have got the
diagnesis ',and that they don't intend ever to go up against our cmupe-
tition in oropsaland*sales and VOTES. Hayes te*k the Carpet-baggers oat,
and they don't went another invasion. But our moneay--ehthat was all right.
As go d as any,but we must not came downB here ,crepsell land and VOT34

My tseosophical friends would probably sayl was bore under the sign of
Marsland yet I am a pacifistfrae center to circumference.
Iwwent to the universities to leara why we have se auch poverty in the
richest country on earthband why gordA hoestocapablewillian workers can't
get the chance to works T7at was in 1888. My profesesr(I speoialised,~n
econooics,political science and seoial science) would notifor the werrij
tell me the reasouaso I plugged awaygaloneitill one dayFthevieion eaame
The reason was because e e let a few, ha L almost everything worth while.
'hat makes trouble all artad44 '4 ankethingsnowbaot to fseobut to EZ3LL
at a profit. There are tw&tgand classes to which we try to sells 1l-The
RICH, They have thebuying powers-could take almost the entire product
"surplus"includedibut they lack theCONSUMING power, T ey can't use the
2-Then we turn to the 1251000,000 otbers,aad show our goeds. Their mouths
water. They ceuld easily consume everything we jave and shout for mere;
buttheugh long eo COSOiK SU G powerythey are frtgltfullly short on JUYiNS
power 'hy? Because the other class have itb
One claes could buy,but not cousuaes The other souid eeasume but get buy.
Our system requires that each should be able beth to *onsume and te buys
We haven't got that arrangements the system breaks dowanwe writhe in a
panic and starve through years of depresiseo. Graduallyjthe "murpou m rets
or gets used some wayanud slowly the system picks upjand heads for a
repetition of the above.
Ten craiyfor word lbut Vl haag monte it like grin death.
I have never published a real boekbut I have published hundreds of ste*
rieaand given hundreds of lectures.
Iremember you as one of theesh.hard-hitting Singl- Taxers. It was seorge
who first showed me thelight in 1884.

If yu eaa start and put ever the movement that will kill that vi eeus,
Judiieal vetseyeu'll be eue of the a eat in this era ef change.

Whea. i D.C.againI'll certainly eall em yeu.

Very truly yours,


COMMiTEE ON S AND MEANS Congres of t)e Muniteb stated

oouze of Repregentatibet

*ias)ington, I9. C.

October 22, 1935.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,
Belle Glade,

My dear Mr. Will:

Thanks to you letter just received, my recollection
becomes clearer; for I was one among the million unknown pupils
in those early days. The triology includes Parsons, Bemns and

I think your general analysis of the productive and
consumptive problem, entirely sound. What can be done to correct
the evil presents, I think, the most difficult question the
human family has ever had to face. There is no socialist wise
enough to do it a single stroke; I feel there is no capital
industry wise enough to do it, and many of them even are un-
willing that it should be done at all.

Pardon the brevity of this response and let me see you
when you happen to be in Washington.

Very sincerely yours




r' t Lauder -i.l:e, lorida,
October 28, 1935.

:r. I. E. Jill,
belle Glade Service .t'Ltir-n,
Belle Glade, Florida.

Dear Mr. Will:

I am a-t.ichi g the check of Willie Hicks.
If I recall correctly he is a colored farmer, and a
tenant on your place.

The County Agents office f',iled to specify
what fertilizer house this check was to be delivered
to, so I am mLiJli.,J saune to you for proper delivery
and disposition.

I hope you will use very precaution in all
o.erations this year, as the money must be re; Lid, with-
out fail,

; ry sincerely yours,

I O, Greeger, -

v c7~


glle Glade,Fla,p

Mr..'lilly Hicke,
3suth B.y, 1la.

Dear Lr.Hielsp(
Ynur oheck oame tr-day,and is new with Frank Frans.
AB Be'n as weather permitswe must gs,with traoter and
measuring tape,tO0keelanta sad lay off the tracts the
men are to farm. Thave done a lit ;f eubh work.

Very truly yeurs,



Mr.Ira 0,Creeger,Superviseor
Court Houee,

Ty dear :rr.Creegers

Have read. to-day your letter of the 28th,,and have
turned "ver the ohect t'i tr.Frank R.-nz,Belle Glade
and Seath Baylhe being the man to whom the whole 6 checks
go,as I understand,

Rest assured thatthe having no personal responsibility
for the ohecksI shall leaveno stone unturned to see that-
when our rains stap--t f ever--work s-tarts and MOVES;and
also that the funds baroawed go baok to the Governor.

Thanking yru for ybur courtesy and h!:lpfulnesit.and hoping
to se- bnoe more,areps growing on my ltnd from whioh I
w as drlTen 14 years asg aC b"y HA N remain

Very sincerely yours,

The% a, ,.Yil l.


MAN* .635


ROOMS I'01021 10,3
Circirrati. lio

Mr. Thos. B. Will,
Belle Glade, Flai

Dear Mr. Will:-

The newspaper accounts would indicate that
Miami suffered from a hurricane almost equal in viblenoe
to the one in 1986. I trust that you, on the shores of Lake
Okeeohobee, suffered no great damage.

I am curious to know whether the dyke built by
the Federal Government around the Lake was effective in
keeping the water from overflowing the banks.

Is work progressing on the State Highway No. 26,
(Federal 19)?

With reference to the Rural Resettlement plans
of the Federal Government, as applied to the 40,000 acre
Everglades tract, I have made but little progress, being
referred from one official to another.

Bas this Division of Government developed any
other tracts in Florida?

Believe me,

Si'e relyy youn -

S' '

November 6th,-1935.



Belle OGade,fla.,

HRe.J.3.lrk '1lrsex.M.C.,
Harvey 31dg.,
'7.Palm Beaeh,Fla.

My dear Mr.VWilesox

li the ziami Herald of this mBrsisg,(p.2A,eol,l),I read," Plans Reala*
motion of 2verglades Laud."

The story tells of the florida Planning Seardwhseh has made rdse -
meadatteos to Gov.Sholts re sundry improvements is this Stateiselud-
lug iergelades reelanatim.

This Beard's "aTiatto program eontea latest the establiabemt by 1946 of
197 airports in Flerida". Ihis iteami partieularsautesls your lose
eonneuties with this beard.

Strange to siy--sewspaper reAder that I rn--I have sever before heard of
this beardhhesee y'u will pardon me for asking you for information.

1- .that is the 1lorida Planning Board?
3E-'hat is its origin? (The press story says "Plaing of 32 of these
beards ae a peormaent basis by State legislatures was additeioal
evidesee of the rapid growth of planning for better conservation ad use
of State resources." (Is Jashingtom,D.Co., was editor of the Ceoservaties
magasine,and lectured widely en this subject.)

3--Has this Florida Plaaning Board bees thus put on a permanent basis by
eur State legislature?

4-Hfas this beard any Federal senueatien? ( Date line of story readasWadh-

5--that powers has this beardlegal or moral?

6--here are its headquarters?

7--two is its Seeretary?

8-BtlallypHave we any ground to believe thathis board ean help us get
Iverglades reelamati e?
I'm still working eo matter I mentioned to yues Cembiniag eIprehews-
iveneen with brevity takes time.

sicerely yeurs,





Congress of the tniteb Otates

jouse of Representatibel
waggington, ID.C.

West Palm Beach Florida
November 7 1935

Dr Thomas E Will
Belle Glade Florida

Dear Dr Will:

I have received yours of the 6th instant, calling attention to the
news item which appeared in the Miami Herald of the same date. I
read the same item and was likewise confused as to just what is in-
tended to be done.

The Florida Planning Board, as I understand it, is an organization
of the State Government charged with the responsibility of working
out a definite plan for the development of the State of Florida and
is probably headed by or at least under the direct supervision of
the Governor.

I do not know just what this Board may be able to do in the way of
practical assistance in the reclamation of the Everglades. I believe
however, that its only function would be that of planning the develop-
ment and seeking aid from other sources.

As you know, I have had up with the various Bureaus and Departments
in Washington the matter of soil conservation for the Everglades for
the past eighteen months and I believe that we are working out a plan
which in the very near future will be put into effect. When this plan
has been adopted I am sure that it will be of practical value to the
land owners in the Everglades. In the meantime of course, any plans
which may be submitted by any agency of the State will be welcomed
as I am sure that the Federal agencies are most anxious to proceed
V along practical lines.

With kindest regards, I am

Bllle Glade,Fla.,

Mlr.I.m .P .relsnd,
18 aast 4th.St.,

My dear ur.Poelnd.
YoursR f t a 6th. Just reed. Glad et hear from you again,

Noeth.e recent storm did not teuoh us tp here, nd the damage eo the S,E.
coast as miners-ent to be eeanred with that of L abor Day.

Thus far,the dyke has suffered me tIst. Persu5nally,I expect it to stand
up for awhile--some yeares,sy--emtieing the whole Everglades erowd sate
the Lake Shlreland thel,when another 1928,pr something s little woree,
arrlveeI expect a holneaust such te MSerid has never yet known.

You knowI think,that the fle d scheme was framed up by Fred lliot,eafter
he had done the same thing three times before--only weaker--and with the
results experienced in 1926 19r8. But HIS JAYpwas bheSELY ,YadYmdoas
usu&lgthe U. ..'gs. fMr R.& ie.fell in with himas though he knows it all, 1
T1e changes V ey made were petty, They followed him as a peedle follows his

I may have t Id y'u,T eame to kncwin Washingtoina man whL had worked near-
ly a third of a century with thise same engineers. One dayg showed him
what I ws after and what his engineer friends wanted. He exelaimeda

Don't y'u kaew that all that means? Illl tell you. That fellow up in Tal-
lahaeree hr.a beaughlught by this erewd"--painting to the St.Lueie Canal*//
great wwers nll along there-2-mnd he's eame up here andbeught eurerowd."

I answered," You don't want to tell me that these engineers take graft!" He
answered, 7ellthey DO",and he proceeded to give me a ease.

The watrr,instead of being dammed up to defy gravityashould be LET OUT,
in Taat Telume down thru the empty region s~ulhef the Lakeinto the Shark R.i
and into the Gulf, 311lot signed a paper ,oneecdeclaring for $ust thatand
afterward damned up that main outlet and got the F ed.enge, to dam it new
mere solidly than ever.
Net a thing is doing with Rd.269 I'm disgusted.

Yea,several settlements are onin Fla.,three mentioned resentlylbut NOT
033 iaer near,the Glades.
There's hith indignation in So,Fla.,ver wasting thqt $146,000,000 an that
Cress-State Canalbelieved a deadly menaeebesides,to Se,'la.waters.

Sienerely yours,


VI ~

.. i !
o ...
* ** -

*:,* *"' ',<

elle Glade,Fla.,


U.3.Dept.f Agriaulture,
Bureau of Pl:nt Iudustry,
'a shingtl ,:.C.

Geatleme n:

I should be glad to have data eo the fullowings

l--The 3.7t SANsaulturepmarketig,uses,ete..
2--Riee;aueh type as may be suited to the. U,'.,especially to the Fler-
Ida Werglades. -"
3--Feeds: a booklet maming tbea leasmts eatetag into fi ds,tegether
with the effise ef.eaeh.

Very truly yeurs,

Thee.l l ll.

.', '

I I rl I II Irr I

- ; -

Belle glade,pl1.,

Frnol L.Frans Lumber Co,,
:-outh Bay,Fla.

GentlemeB: e

,ir.J, X.Eorgan b7as just called on me,and explained his use
of his loan money. From his st&temenf,I fer'l that he is
on the right track;and he promises to remain there. Jo let
him hove what he is entitled to.

Veyy truly yours,

Thos. t.Will.

e. :


Belle Glade,Fla.,
Nov.'l4 19b.

?TrP. .:.*ckenzse,
17 05 nal -r I c.',
.'uashin to ^,

dy de:r 'r- ..c'.;nzle:

I've u.;t L.3 G lI k-in; over a .:la: .'f your cor:'-rpondonce ,plu3
endc .-ure-, n' S ir,)re u.'. :'ur-ly fe.: aon evlr Ihld such a cor-
se sp )ndl ~n t

Takl .t *=..e ': Q^ ckon ortson i; (1a arg 'lt jeto clomoe
t :ote tli *t t .'t u --rjt "*f .r .John 7TI-yne :I-oli ..,; "y roadin
of inry :;u rf .-'s mrlasterpiece mDirked in op)ch in r.y lifa. L my
tltoug':it u,1-ir! t si' sec '-1 juY.tion and all my irk for social refnrr
began i ththe r di ing of this bo k." I could 3 y precisely that
sane thi.n *

Then note Yburn r! 7ti.w, A )ci list since e btforu--he wrote
Sa : Lye or -f tthe fin--st Et -teNentS )f the :ingle
?z'x I ever Ir' .d.

:am.Lloyd Z.r iw-n,d.,,I k:ne! in r')t:)o in 1bb.- ..

3uch a st itea :n t as Judg, ri;lan.djia uj.ko&s iieanu uch from ouch a m:n.

Ton there .re y ir 'ingle r':aX me tings. Thte tihe ti in .anhingtoo
John i. .hit-- .hy1 I knew him in Chic',go in 189:2. Ie .-as the heav-
iest heavy-woii it in the Chicago ;ingle-Tax Club.

Aad the rerry 'loitge :;cbh, 1 of ,ocial Science". hby that name miii.;t
have ben :~ .lied ti my cl:r.: -ro m: in Lawrence Univ.,Appletoon,;i.E,
in 1l91--95,,ihen I was riding for a veiy heavy fal .;oot by degmatic
teaching,but by opening up to my classes both sides of all eoonori-
is quootionZ;foll owing whichtheir view were extremely objection-
able to the plutocrate on Uy College Eoard.

Then the brrad-gu.-ge speech by ir.Geo.. ..;arren;it sounds just like'

Till I a:3ti these cut'ings,and a st iry--I thinf in the Christian
Science !onitrr--reatest newsp3,par in Americal--I had wondered
what had become f the Single Tax. 'f couree,I knew yiur club in
ashingtoobu it se med AbYut 11 in sight.

It is a wonder to me that,\Nith men like eekert in Congrese,and
with tax legisl tion on--such as ?UR's "T;'x-the-Y~ich'--Bome mna-
tion ,at leastc-nr't get into the press ,of the T'-.X TI LAND-VALIA..

T pay off this frightful ro sevelt public debt ill cr-st figures
of astranomicfl typeland why can't same of this money eane out of
the unearnedd learemeut",the private collection of which i much
a lear.
% u_________^^^

2. :,.--2
cnse ff thievery.

.Jel,for a 3oci;liEt,t iis is a little sin.le-tnxis h;butihile
I've mi-etu. wiith lot of scholi,seduc.atiooiltsoocipl and religious,
Itb I t'in k I've n vs It yet forgot' enand huve certainly not repudi -
to -n i utP h-rev-r I leUrned it. The earth is the Lord's,*
*4 l ', n. -vlunes unrquesti7nRbTy -eloo; to the public. I told that,
years to ::. '-:1nti n-iglhbare when I s-.u r ;kin' in uTame by
aellitn' lts;ut :thy h'-d not ti-,nle en uvgb t~ folbow uppeven when
I st- d I:, ian diur public me tin r.-nd offered to D-U1'L.T absolutelyly
grn-ti,to t! r t -'ns:u!e a;xc.-*'ent lot',if th.e ple w il only
ke i ii .n ta i7 1 .L dia til able to m.i-lke use 'f I -an. Jot one tr.kerl

I've' jiirt -'.c- fr-,-; '*ur old f-.i " .bil ley,hir 1 *teit,iityleA
T': 'o. : ... .' It's Eo d'to *. 1 be h1l onj If ever a m1nln
Was C I eil ,e .n: ,t''ei),t>~ t fi n V s .31iblcy, I first ,iL.t him 'n
1)J7,- .i; -.'v 1 'n fr .tn ver i:ncc. I11l h1V: to write him not
to -l-nrln,.r .ci.liosm by !r-yinr it sta.ns ] .r uAlic oo:.'n..ri of
A. 1. tV.-: n. ns -f prouctli:.n. It cert'rnly do,,zs 'OT. In 190491
s'rrvi n thV .latform C- Ittee .*f ti.r ''Tti.o. 1 Convention bf t)ie
iocoi .at P .rt-' in C' ic- ?: ; *n :,de ,oint f/thrt v ry 'thin .
I toll t bit cmr it'e that I 6id not st: nd for nny 3uch st: te-
a'ent; n3i Vict.-r "-',r,7r~'r;.id," r, o r;ir Cut it out." in that I 4i -e.
lic corm itte n't -one voice i.;: riised f.Ir th}'.t arratt nonsense,
'il in;- -fd -in in ..lic ,'n rship an cr:trati-'n "f rl th.'1 ne.a.
st ndafntod -i oe-niniL .t.-i'df .Ti sil t f. r:- ;d E:-rd-:ne Rtcl
cTh' f'rc:: -f n-a in"- corund n f t'tler 'ol ,. :nt to rver

th:.; ;i,; tjiIsr t'l.t-lef t in 'rivi to om:n.rc- I,, rei uied to rot an
plunoer t: ?eopjte,;-,ond bud. t'-e ':-ovetrnmnta the utilities scoln-
drel? areril;it n.i~,tryin1, to do. Ain.-le t.yaert ought to vwnt that
to .

And h.r-:'s a little m r. -;inie .'x: li. in yu s.ent me E-yinj
tlbt .rt!.ur I. vis--a stalwart ingle '. xer- conceive n
fU/ Tuuld'r .' r,:Vn1 Fui'pe,'vEL the mnst in;port-nt of the investi-
rg ti': n-, I .: hi_ ell.,

i t:hnk I told :r-u I kh. re ned f:Lrnmi:n el dow o here,%man pro-
pos s ainj office .ldo di-sposa.. 'ig.inI w-s driven out by exces.-
waterithit -night easily have Le cared forknd have be-n kept out
nearly 3 months rib":.t in the busy season. I h-ve six ten-ats eager
to cbegir wo-rk I rairee funds for all 6 fro~t:e F'e.Farm Loan,
ind bhef they *"restiel up tilht.

I'@ u1nin- ny enforce-' le iurowritinc uiP thie itory of mlfeasincr-
S and iy C ni-rc :; I, tel me he will use it in Congresoa. ought to
be t-iere,to ut dontt km w -,hotiher I c' n raisei t'e funds. The
faietu :,ri sh-ck'ng,'bu covered up.

Anoth'ir election c-Aaing, .' '*l hope f-r '.!i best.

Cordiri'y y-urs,


Belle Glade,Fla.,

Mrsfertrude Maokenzie,
1705 Lanier Place,
Washington, D. C.

My dear lrsi.I.vkenzie:

qorry machineneeds a little fixing(Se above.)

I've just been locking ever a mass of your clippings;and
tt'e surely a wonder.





*j.' ember ', -

'.r Ainw.t .'r':

I ... .. I .. i ... .. . L

-.- '- .i 2 I. -' -' .L : .I.

S: : .r -.. .

.,_. .' L.
... .. ...' .

- I -. 2. .L r .

-1 :.


.- '- '..1

..,J' .',. ,: ". '.. ? t u

-. I. .

* ~C -.4. 4 2

_(1~__~~_~____1_1 __ ~__

o,. A

l'lle Glade, la.,

Cal ;.1.'.Bro k,
Sweet Eldg.,
t .Laud erdal;, 7p:.

Ily dear Commnodore Bro ks

Before : te ia theu Liami Herald for to-day. On p.8, ool.6.I read with
mucll satisfaction that yoW are to attend the and Har-
bore afngres&s next moeth at New Orleans by appointment of Governor

',d I note viith great satitfaction that you are again t- plead/ for
the deepening of theh'orth New River C'nalthru ut ty thePederal Gor-

Ve toth kno'a what this canal has gone throughpthe efforts made by
a few of us to revive itatbe turn-doyas we haTe sufferedaand the prob-
able difficulties still aLhe;dgif we do actually get the firat.great
etrnl :verglades aanal maJe bavigable.

'Xf course you need all the backing y.u o-n get. If a rousimg reso-
ltion from this section of the Gludes is cared forI'll dro; other
things and go in to got it,

We e~ould know the day on which you will leavethat we may get our
matter to you in time.

After 14 years of exile from y hoaefaxm and town sitebecause of
bed water conditions8I had respmed,and gotten things going For one
thing I ueainted 6 farmers to join us,and I got Federal fund for all
sixaand they have long been ready )o start. Batthe end of August
ended farming for an indefinite tie,. Wator,water, AT2BR. Why does
it mat rue off? Because of the 3CAIDVALO3U~ CONDITION IS 1 EIGHT THI

I have pledge from the Road 26 engineers that they will elean up
the canal in 'bu Ilding the road;but the read has,ae aiaglp gone
dead againoso the road people do us no good.

ie tried JefIriessand he said he had a S"d and would remove the h7-
aciatb a ad other zAbbish from the easal> oe in the same soltumB
I read that those roving this rubbIsi have bnu CALLED 027 TILL
LY ZIL' .Thy is it that our best friemnsand those for whva we
woxrkax t eternally try to kill us? Xaybe yaoe CE say a word on
thisprmembering bow eertaio broward Co.peeple9lamt yearda-'ed the
easal and raisiaed that yearg d remembering that In 191 1 1 started
the fight for Ft.Iadrdale's barber, adhblikan aBN Stftd to get
traffic to Ft.Lauderdale and her port. AgalctPt.Lad.peoaleit
eemsaJM trying to prevent ar doing soe But "ill never aurremders.

Cerdially .yors,




November 29, 1935.

I.r. Thomas E. Will,

Belle Glade, Florida.

Dear Mr. Will:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter of
November 14 in regard to the improvement of State Highway
No. 26 from Lake Okeechobee via the North New River Canal
with a road leading to Miami, Florida.

to connect

The State Road Department allocated a sum of about
-- $162,000 from .'.s apportionment to the State under Section 1
of the -Eayen-Cart-rigif Act for improving about 1.7 miles
of this road located about 4 miles south of the most southerly
end of Lake Okeechobee. The project statement No. 168,
covering this contemplated work was approved on June 12,
1935, and the State was authorized to advertise for bids.
Our latest information with respect to this project indicates
that following the receipt of bids on July 16 the State Road
Department considered the bids on the bridge work to be
unbalanced and for that r~sasor it wa believed advisable to
reject all b.dti and readvcrtise the --oject. We have no
information in -..his office at this time of any cause or
obstacle which would prevent normal action with respect to
readvertisement of this work.

In addition to the above contemplated improvement on
This road the State has also allocated a sum of $331,000
of State and regular Federal-aid funds made available for
the fiscal year 1936 for improving about 3.6 miles of this
road. The program containing this proposed work has been
approved and our District_Engineer may authorize the State
to advertise for bids upon receipt of satisfactory plans,
specifications and estimate. Until such time as the plans
are received it will be impossible for us to advise the
exact termini of this work.

We are contacting our District Engineer with respect
to the delay in undertaking the actual construction pro-
grammed under the Hayden-Cartwright Act.

Very truly yours,

Chief Engineer.



Belle slade,Fla.,

Mr.August Burghard,Secy,.
Ch.of Commercei
Ft .Ltud., Fl.

Before me is theMi.Herald,ll--26,p.8,eol*,8ar.3. I've read and
re-read it.
Mr.Eurghard,this is the kind of thing that makes me aic~l

Pveasibly yAo may not know thatafter FOUJRT : YVARS of exile-driven
bodily from my hiae,fana and towu-siteaad rigorously K'PT OUT be-
cause of the utterly MON T~TUS mIladministration of those wh have
had tri d withthe fllades,I feltlast June,that AT LA;:TI .might once
more mrke an theirr try.

Truealast yenr,we had visited upon us anAther of our almost annual
cutses. This time it came in the DMEIAS, solidinflat violation of
the law,of the North Canalby whom? Maybe you know. By a lot pf my
old Tverglades friends whom you see every day.

They did no'w.ns 4Y thru the Two-Milion DollarA Canal cut by
Sov .Broward forthe express purpose of carrying water out to sealso,
in the darknes- of ni-ght--we may assume--anywayN1T C. 37UL in Ft.
Ld. could tell me one word about t wheapio 19 34,1 spect weike
there--by stealth,and in defiance of lnw,tosay nothing of neighbor-
linessethey stopped the excessaewter from leaving our lands,and
,thus do-rmed them to wetuese and worthlessnessland another year passed
pA with I never got 1% out of my acreage.

And,after ;1] our protests,they tried,in the last Leg.session,to get
this orime L IALIZ4T aes PZRMAT I NT THINGiSad our greatrith region
should forever lie there as worthless as the back side of themoon.
We totk this thing up again with Jeffriesuand he said he 'd secured
funds and would CLIAAN (OIT TH r: CANALS. then the Road 26 engineere,
& Mr.Mo ty promised mesoleunly and repeatedly and emphatically,
tbat,in building theroad they'd take out the obstructions,building the
rubl ish into the road as I bad requested of them.

B3t our section of Rd.26 N:ViR S3TS TOUCRaD bybuilderaland that
pledge does us no go-d. And now c:-me the pledge abouteleaning oat
e hy8. ete.,etc.
But,firstowhy do e care? ;ell.,I'd worked my best for nearby 3 meo.
on my 'keelntapropnsitn.,and SIX men came ad wanted to rent 30 as.
each of land from me,dolng all the workc,-B Wpaying me a ge d rent
that they named. But they had no mouey;8e I went again audagaia to
the fed.Fram Loan ppl. and finally got a little fund foe .:AC3 ALD
wYsw OT 0r To'.~ 6 mentabd now,ftfMONTHSjthey've been waiting for
right conditiousthat they might begia tilling this land.
But,Sept. 2,our land went under water and it is UND EB WATER STILL.
3 mes. after.gidwrby?2eau the NORTH H.R.CAKAL IS CHOKED UP JATaR-


:I"MLI;7 nd won't carry offin montihsthe water it should carry off
in days.

4nd nobody taes it oft. Nobody wil build road 620that I've worked
:nd fought for AI',!I':L N YIL:t.;,ando le~t the rublish and rock from
the cnI g.o into the roadbed.qiadlo aud beholdeow,when we su .osed
at lest that the hyacinths v'ere being taken out,we find, HA'T?
"hy,:orti CU'-nr-l iV:.rIGATION is impeded. ILUAR Ntavigatlon .21ot kil-
led stone de.Ad in 1924,and as deliberately,kept dead ever since.
jid our fi eud,iiorttnq dam ed the cln.;l osndowith no scintil-
1. .;f right to do ,oglnnd yAr ;.nd my E)-d fhnendoin :rvie and
f1-'ealt ut daru ed it v gnin .'st year;-ad now r-me deor saints you
kno tuit d nrtnr-i :r'rt.ied ob-tt two things: 1--The boits
vn't run I.i ui l21 t h?-I dcrr. d a3Eian..nd .-j-intracked up by Coo,
"i' :t t: ey never shal' ru: .nd a decree I'm eter'-illy fight-
ing/I I i,- n nontihs in D,C. doing do. ;aodu--"?/egetV-tiot, caused
dirconfort to residents of c in il,; ,vh'-re the lilies have washed
backl; so the rimovil- of the rub ish is Etopped TILL ZRPINCthat is,
TILL T' .7I '' T- i FPL. ,. .A,ensuring or rising i'uT T.": C ''
) .'- of cro.... once more,

Iit's heA; venlyB rotheur B'urghard. ,hy -.ik f;r a Kingdom of
:'eovr~.n :n nrth 'whsn w. can roll in luxuries like this?

7ute,ot c-'ur.--,I've sent r.nly 26 ye-rs on thiaso what's tne d .f-
frerc.--? nd Ima tli man whr.,in abtaog ton, 1911,- -prc fc
ri-ht t t h nd--started the EH:;T.B F^.R 7T,.L :.'3'J ;jand h ve tOb -n
at ever Psine-,. C.n -as part of the harbor interest,-we were to Pu;.;;
TO: .' up in t7e up oer GlaAres--by fr T": J3.? ,'TRT--a.rnd send it
d -,n '-1 : r'. C~L to '" .L ;'L3 i,.',JBO?. But TTO. Ft.Ld. evidently,
dneqn't %-11.t ton-,age for her harbor. ; 3s so swe tly wostent to L.&--
the "t.Lc.c'untry and St,.ierce and Pled Lliot and :ieoreL:eT '"L -
AL3 7 'I BU-llS '.ij ',.M'ii' T.1, N'1 1)RT' C.CJ/.Landfrorn Ft.Ld.*' Hab or, -
and senrd it thru the St.Lc.Goan-l and it.fiercd Harbor. 0 no. ..t ,
does 't.LI. c-re for a little thing like this? .hat she has cFAred fr-..t4L
t)tm :.tny ye rs, is to ob truct in bout every conce ivable way,
the T;'r-;, ?'-4N ho "'ws giving ia very life,agd gratia at thatto do
the thing that would make tt.L... a city and her port"the beat*"in-
de deas I herd declared," between Portland,m~aine and 'RUapal."
ut it can't be that without TOIn.:G',and part Z'.,T BoU2GI!lW;for
wb. Ft.Ld. :oes not care one fig:

oel ,I know you're symphtbetic;but you've g0t a hard crowd to deal
with if yon ever ask them to help build there a TRODCUCTIV:: WiSTli--
the thing th-t brought me to Florida.
'Taybe yu con get that rubbish-removal reaumed;but I won't ask the
CPrdial-y y-urs,

I r


SBell e Gld e, la.,
I rov.30,]3 C9.5.

Mr.T-' *Jeffr es,
riiir irn, ;tte o rrt.r uf
taJtx 'r i --e Cr-i ij.ioner s,
lat.'r tl.'- > :'-K i 4 .,
Li .".ti, '1 .

Miy de:.r r -, e.ff 'ien:

In thq "j.ini Fer ld for the 2tBth.instop.8,columun b,I read:
Fort 1;.uder'l: 1 .*:,ov'7/,.
"Augunt Ji r'. r':',' ecret- ryv, t -ld tjh: t v.otrk progress: 'admin.ititrn;t i -n/,
ffici,.].I ;'--ve :'tn ed cle, rin -f hy.:.cint:i; frjom th.e canl aintil '
nextspring. ')LC grin-t meesea of vegeto.tion floating down L;ew river
has imieded n:;vir-.tion and crauF'ed discomfort to residents on canals
where thtg iili-s hn-ve wqs'ied back. 'Tae work wne stop ed for the pres-
eat :it the r-quest of the sity :.nd the chamber of com erce.'

'e udersti duiwae tim- your board had secured funds which
would b: used in clenringc hyacinths and other rub ish out of the ca-
ntals .:hethr-r this is fthe fuodl do not know.

Agaiq,iI we talked -'vr in ..7 .Ini Le.ah n~rae monti-s sincel.te ungia-
Oer f _.-,3d .c6,and :l'.iootyas -urUd me that in building that road
they ,wvldwle-tr much rub ish fr7r the North Canal. '!owever,work
oa t'.e -uner stretches of this road never beginshence this form of
. olearng tie er-nlAl alwiya fPils.

Fourte a years :,go last spring I w: a driven from my hoBe,farm And town
site .nt 'ew k'Gk- larlt;r beelune Tf advorsa c nditi nE. Not until last
June ws23 I ever warranted in returning and r- siming my work. But I did
retrasdid .my ::;rt persou~l'ygnd enlisted 6 farmers to use land in
Sec.35--4 '-j36,..- rcres edch, I also secured forming funds for all
el x from t-'.e ied'rral 'aWrm source.

Since 3ept.2,1l:at,the region has lain under water and deadeand is still
in that condition, ''at.r stays because the TNorth Cainal does not fuoc-
tion properlyas it has not done .iace 1921, I had hoped that the
two above forms of relief would make it possiblegat last9in what Mr.
F.I:,;.rtl-nd t-,Id me was the aest strategic locution in the whole
3vergl;idee',to m-ke another begin-ing in farmiangbut it does not lo:_k
promising yet.

As heed of the 'r-in:iee Bo.rd.I .Irite yiu to soe. if something cannot
be done. ". s t 'stop age of clearing hyacinth" reminds one strongly
of what we "'ent t.'rough lasetye r'" at the hands our friends :',
and years before. That there has lnag been a conspiracy to prevent
use of the '.Terglrades I have long been convinceld;.ut one can ot al-
ways know Just who is ia it.
Very truly yours,


Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce Y s

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

December 2, 1935

Dr. Thomas E. Will
Belle Glade, Fla.

Subject: North New River Canal

My dear Dr. Will:

This is to thank you for your letter of November 13 and
to tell you that in my opinion you are unduly alarmed. The Fort
Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce has succeeded in having removed
from the canals almost five solid miles of these hyacinths. We
finance the application to the government to have these hyacinths
removed and were assured that the work would be done last summer
O z and that it would be halted in the beginning of the winter season
S as large masses of these hyacinths completely demoralize traffic
in the river, pollute the beaches and otherwise handicap the winter

W You cannot blame the hyacinths for your water this winter,
> if it is peculair to this winter, since I am informed that the
j hyacinths we have had taken out of the river are an accumulation
of the last five or six years period and not from any one season.

Since the hyacinths are in the Glades it is our feeling
also that the Everglades Drainage Board should pull them out on the
canal banks or destroy them there and not bring them down into the
settled areas on the coast--not the busy winter season at any
rate. ')

You will be glad to know that the Fort Lauderdale Chamber
of Commerce is sending Commodore A. H. Brook to the National Rivers
and Harbors Congress at New Orleans on December 13 for the purpose
6 of again urging the importance of completing the North New River Canal
from the Lake to tide water at Port Everglades.

Fort Lauderdale is much interested in having this canal
completed and reopened and we appreciate your interest in this matter.
If you have any arguments to support Commodore Brook's appeal I
suggest that you contact him by mail as soon as possible as he is
leaving the first of next week. With all good wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,


AB:ES August Burghard, crety

Stuart, Fla.
West Palm Beach, Fla.
602 Bisbee Bldg.
Jacksonville. Fla.


P. 0. BOX 3436
December 7, 1935.

P. O. Box 430
Daytona Beach, Fla.

Chief Engineer and
Director of Procurement
P. O. Box 36
Jacksonville, Pla.

Dr. Thomas E. Will,
Belle Glade, Florida.

Dear Dr. Will:

I have your letter referring to my trip to the
Rivers and Harbors Convention at New Orleans. This is a
special session summoned by the President to take up
matters of importance to various communities matters
which have not had much attention heretofore.

You spoke of being able to assist in someway.
If you could give me some authentic data that I might use
to the advantage of the communities in this section, I
would esteem it very highly. I know that there is not
much time to gather such information as I might need,
but I am intending to present the same old reasons as
they have heard before, together with the additional
tonnage that is now being handled at Port Everglades. In
1932, when General Lytle Brown turned down our application
or request to have the North New River Canal dredged, he
said in the last paragraph of his letter that the amount -.~-
of tonnage did not warrant the expense necessary tc do the
work at this time. The writer believes that that time has
passed. The writer also believes that with the influx of
business, which is now being carried on at Port Everglades,
the time is ripe for the bringing of such commodities as
_vou people may have to sell to the world bring these in
barges to shipside at Port_ verglades. In addition to
this, from Port Everglades can come to your communities
by barge such commodities as building materials that can
be sent cheaper than it can be hauled by truck or carried
by rail, and the saving goes on to you.

Another reason for the work is that right now
our river is crowded with yachts of all sizes from different
parts of the north and west, which, by the use of the

~~~ ~~ __ __~_


Dr. Thomas E. Will
December 7, 1935 Page #2.

Intracoastal Canal, have arrived already enough to clutter
L up our river. Many inquiries are coming to the Chamber of
Commerce inquiring if Mr. So and So's yacht can come right
up to our City and, althou-h we boast of the deepest river
in the world, no boat drawing six feet of water can come
up our river except at exceptionally high tide; so one of
the points that I am going to stress is the cleaning out
and dredging: of our river in the shoal spots, some of which
are only five feet at low tide.

Such information as you may gather together, I
would suggest you send to me at the Roosevelt Hotel, New
Orleans, because I am leaving here for Jacksonville in
order to contact members of the Congress who are located
in Jacksonville to try to get them to help us get our
North New River Canal. I think it is better to do this
before the actual meeting at New Orleans.

I am happy to say that the Chamber of Commerce
Sof Ft. Lauderdale has seen to it that part of my expenses
are paid this time, so it looks as if they were at last
alive to the situation. I feel that there is more behind
this movement now than there ever was before; so send me
what you can and keep your fingers crossed while I am
away. God knows I'll do everything in my power to put it

With kind regards to you and yours, I am


P.S. Under separate cover I am sending you one of our Books
on the Intracoastal Canal, telling you about at least one
Florida accomplishment that is well worthwhile.


Lelle CladoeFla,.
Dc. 9,1935,
Comanodore \1H.Broek,
Swe"t BLdg.,
Ft.Lnuderd ale,Fla. g

7y dear Ca odores

I certainly want to thank you f .r your elegant bo klet on the Intra-
coasts. waterway. The bo-k is abeauty,ndthe task it represents should
make you iamprtal.

You doubtless tve the resolutions and petition I Bent you Saturday.
I had but a little time,and less strength. rad to divide my time be-
tweun bed and work on the street in getting the 157 names in about 2/3
ft a day. What do you think of this: I did not get enesingle tira-
dwe in all my solicitation% Every one apked signed.

That resolution from the State Drainage Board should getresulta. Feder-
al engine-rs had beeo f-.oled into saying that fitting the North Canal
for nrvigatioo might spdll it for drainage--too crazy for words.

I r ote a resoluti-t for the St.lDrngi.Bd,,aod took it to their seeti;g.
It wa- a little, tho, nd Mkr.i-_la 1i3 kej over at Pred :AlA.iotaund
Qoids "eZrer g4ing to dinner preeently0 Predod,.n't you write us a rem-
olutios?" Fred said," s |."

After dinBrer liet read his resolution-4 e enclosed--and it was so go d
that I Ji Wed upland utged the ioard to pas; it. And they did*tuaoimously.

Bat the idea of Fred i1 lot--werst euema in the world of the KNrth Canal,-
writing a resolution for it so go d that 'IL. BO STED FOR ITI But Slliet
was uad er a different beard,and was coming up soCa for reelectiou;so I
glee he thought he'd better be good.

Let's put over the North Canal and Road 26 if we aedver do anything else.

Go .d luck o your tripeard give them all that's in you.

Sincerely your.n




Belle LladeFla.,

Mr.August Durghard, Secy.,
Chaiber of Cammerce,

My dear Mr.Burghard:

Thank you for your letter. E c. find copy of my letter to the Commodere
wbh ob may serve as an answer to ydur letter ,toe.

I only suggest that it would be fine if nsme people at the lower end
of the North Canal could know that there are people at the upper end,

Elliot wrote Walsh advising him to dam the canal, Walsh fell fir it,and
published the lettering the Ft.Ld.ewe,which EDITORIAL Y SAID, DAM IT."

A little later,Ralph Horten dammed it solid.

Last year a bunch in Iroward Co. dammed it again. We got both dams out
after fierce efforts. Thenia the last session ef the legislature ease soe
tried to get a bil4 hreugh LRSALIZINGas a permanent peliey ,such dam-
ming of that canal a u/ad a few month before. I fought it. It was killed.

And I have not been permitted to raise 5% worth on the finest land in the
world in FOURTT-N Y3ARS.

Sincerely yours,

_ ~~ ~~II

Belle Blade,Fla.,

State Road Dept.,
Tallahassee, la.
My dear &r.Birtley:
Before me lie the followingiueRoad 26):--
1-- ar Oorrespoadencesincluding your letters and wires of and May 24,
19351 ;
2--Multiplied slip(capy enclosed) prepared and used by me in informing
friends re the latest faotasandfinally,
3--A.P.dispatoh of July 2,lastsaying:"The State Road Department today
called for bids to be opened July 16...(including)"constructing bridge
eo Road 26... 145,000"
Of course,T know of the Mackenzie,supposed to be satisfatotry,
and its cancellation late in August for a reason hard for us to regard
as serious. However,we were consoled by the assurance that new bids
would be called for VERY SOON.
Some 3* months have since elapsed,aad/hear not one word about the bids.
What can be the matter?
Yeu will recall that the North Canal and Road 26 out through the very
heart of the 73ergladesand both are essential to thie vast region. You
may also know that mouh of this land was sold,some 20 years agote
4,860 people,plmos. all of whoadenied both reclamation and roadthave
lost every cent of their several investmeatsia land payments and taxes.
On Oat.24,1913,this writer started the active settlement at their tow--
Ckeelanta--butin 1921,but was driven out by bad oonditions(WhAch might
easily have been made good)gand now,for 14 yearsphas been kept out from
home,farm and toasite.
Last Junephe tried again,but again was run out following the killing of
Read 26,and heavy rains which a dead canal could not carry away* We are
still workingdesperately(nete meeting,this weekin New Orleansof the
National Rivers and Harbors Ceogreassand our delegateCommodere AE.HBro.k,
appointed by Sov.Shelts and whom I am now aiding),for restoration of the
North New River Canal. But wn;unut have both canal road,as one must have
two blades to a pair ef shears.
Please tell us whetherat last and after all our 18 years'campaigning,
Read 26 hasbeen abandonedlor if not when work on it will at least be be-
gus .
Very truly yours,

* / -

h I- -- --------- -- --

Bell GLadePlae
e*c .10,1035.

tr.Po t .J. 4'son,
Clief 3agieer
Bureau of PAbl Roads,
WaAduigter D.C.
Wdeavr airs

I apprelate your letter of Nvember 29th.
fre your Distriot blginrawr, write agaie.

Iaasueh as you have not yet heard

The 1.7 lmles of Road 26 begia at the eroeslag of the Beith N.R.Casal uad the
Be il ae OCal4 miles mouth a lake 8kee~Co bee aad at the site of vy little
hesesfirst house built in CokelantaL~s lrtplarn d settleleat ti the Upper
GladeesfEunded Ost.24,1913.
As yju atatethe bids nre receivedgaa it was umdersto d that the eoetravt
weld probably go to the Matsearse Capanyof Clewiutae. This pleaeso ae. I
have kenou their engineer for marn years--a mao at esharaeter and capasltyso
- epec-ted as hboest Jebvgiorsasly pushed.

lq* we were dinppeoited. The eatraet wa uo t let.
that oneof the Aider offiaeala oblected not to Vte
to the prixe of a s~agle iteft hue t a little bi h.
This ended the trasaetierbsw t we wer esoseled with
State Road Department weld a se *all agaia f r bids*i

This recurred late in esat.
heard of ne bidse

Th reason gives was
total price enaed but

Uite tatemaet that the
uad for a greater mile-

sam 3f masths bhae sie pea edbut e have

Abeot 3 l.14,I .sumht iuformatico frem ee So positS n to know. He umdersteod
that .ralZ read building in general was bein held up that certain other
vorke a %ht e yuedbat he believed thiL would eot last l~eg

Sitefor oeeein the 18-years delay in building
ability pr thre hderal s evrM dtaheooevl wrote

this readplaoed the resos-
yur of f ie the same day.

Read-buildieg Is the rweqlades is a teartal sad wodertal Wlingas 22 years
tof eerimee with it bavi taught me. et that the NMrglades is at Sfaul
far it i seot the ridlest rextei earth. Ner do we eoanter serious
pwlrteal 4Lftieultiesfor these Tav been solved. The diffieultie are niani
ad they teer tV heaven.
he the fall of 19,asB father of Read 26 and lang and iatersely interested,
I mad several ealls at the Rbad ]l eau offIee i 'sadingtl naaid had several
talks wit Mr.R. -.Tes ase a vrglade road-bmulding. At his requestpI set
dew i writing same of the vital poItetsmaklmg a Ns.of 13 pages. Ne that
the work is In yjr haeda, feel that yew should knew the s f*tabhrme en-
eloed eOW.
1Fr manyearsea areundergru nd but fiereehbas beeI waged upoe the Zvrozglate
anoagai,I eas state tfr eperiae. Many thtwandd eof am bopt la4ds here*

P.St.J. .--2

Ibt hardly eoe Io 1i003 bas ever realized a penqty o hi iavestOeut. 'WNG
The sallst reasne are inu the paper emolosed,

videetlyeif eaemies of Road 26 anU kill iteer ludefliitely delay its see*
atnrutio,tlhy -111 leap at the ohancepas they have deoe ,newrfor 18 yards.
At the elose of or last talkUHr.TTa said to rss "wellIf they deu't build
U road1they'll sever get any mer road marey out of us", I have attea
thouat that if this iafoirmtion could bs convyesd to Taliahaa-ee sur read
i gbht ultimately get started.

Very truly your s


Belle slade,Fla. ,

Commodore A.HBro*ok,
Roosevelt Hotel,
New OrleansLa.

My dear Cammodbre:

I enclose herewith figures on teenage from this section for 1932.
Had I had more nbtice,I should havetried to bring these uf to date.
Howeverit is a safe statement that,in the three years that have elapsed
since this statement was prepared,the teenage from here has greatly in-

flrtherand absolutely essential to am appreciation of the ease,let it
be emve* forgotten that these figures are NOT FOR THE TWRSGLADLSbut on-
ly f r the LAKE SHORA. This represents,at beet,but -bout 2% of the Ever-
glades--the hem to the garment.
"vh soet data for theRverglades? Because the Everglades has been thrown
back many years by the wilful destruction $f its C ANALS. Of thesethe
chief in importance is and waste SRAND,93NTRAL WATEIRWAY,TH NORTH NEW
RIVER CANAL. The Businesa it brought Ft.Lauderdale as early as 1914,and
1915 is still vividly remembered by the elder citizensA.D.Marshall,for
one. It was the chief seuree of business for that city in those days.

Killing the North N.R.Canal killed practically AL TH PRODUCTION en that
canal for 61 miles.

If this canalalone,can be restored--not naming the ether canals that
should again lbe permitted to carry water--the tonnage resultingin a few
yearsshould produce far more than the Lake Shore produces now,or ever has
Restoring tie eanals,with suitable oads folewing themaeans restoring tUe
Everglades--a region richer than is the Nile Valley,as I was oese foeribly
reminded when lecturing on the Everglades in Washington,D.C.,over 20 years
ago. I mentioned the Slades as seeoae only to theNile Valley. A stranger in-
terrupted meand said, Siryeu are understating ybur case. I kaen the
Nile Valley and I know the Brerglades. I want to tell you that the Ever-
glades is superior to the Nile Valley."
And yet,it is assumed by sme that the reason for iEgland's deep interest
in the Italo-thippian Wat anw is EDgland'e interest in LakeTanafeeder
of the Nile and the great NileValley.

Sincerely yours,




Hw. J.Mark lilcox,L.C.,
Harvey Bldg.,
West Palm Beaoh,Fla.

My dear Mr. 7ilsx:

I mente by the Poet that this is yltr last week in W.P .Beaah before
your departure for 7asmhingtan.

Ve should have a conference before you leave. I wender if you
oea name a day,late in the week,that will be coavemient for you.

Very truly yours,

P.S.Then I amete the S17,000,000 and $146,0000.00
of Federal funds pourag iato Florida--muah of
it clear waostesud oet $9100 gtein iate the Ev-
ergladee,I have to curb my feelings to be Par-
lla mentary.
T.B : ...

_ _


South Bayo7erita,

Mr.M.U.MUunts, County Agent,
Palm Beach Coenty.
West Palm Beach,5la.
Ceurt House.

My dear Sirs

In our talk last Thursday,D6e.12th.,I mentioned thatfer 34 monthasur
group of six farmers have been kept off the land they agreed to use. This
is because of excess water.
The season is growing late,and same of our meo feel that,if they eannet
so n use the Okeelanta landthey should be allowed to use other land,till
the Okeelauta land is fit. To this,Dr.Thes.JVill heartily agrees.

We should be glad to receive from you a written statement that such action
will be permitted. Then all oencerned here will feel free to preoeedat
eacewith the farming (though eo different laad)for which we received Fed-
ersl Farm Leans.

Very truly yours,



Congress of tie Vniteb states
3ouse of jRepresentatibes
*Waljington, 3B.C.

West Palm Beach Florida
December 17 1955

Dr Thomas E Will
Belle Glade Florida

Dear Dr Will:

I have received yours of the 16th instant, from which I note your desire
to have a further conference with me before my return to Washington. I
regret very much that I have found it necessary to return to Washington
earlier than I had originally intended. As you know, Congress convenes
on the 3rd of January and I find it necessary to be in Washington at
least a week before the opening of the session. There are a number of
important Departmental matters requiring my attention and it is also
necessary for me to do certain preliminary work on legislation before
Congress convenes. I am therefore, leaving here in the next day or two
and I am afraid will be away before you can get into West Palm Beach.

I am always happy to hear from you on matters affecting the welfare of
the Everglades section or on any other matter that you might wish to
communicate with me about. I will be very happy to have you write me
any time, therefore, after January Ist, when I will be in my Washing-
ton office and be very happy to hear from you.

With kindest regards, I am

Sincerely yours,


RER T FILE No. T- December 19, 1935.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,

Belle Glade, Florida.

Dear Mr. Will:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter of
December 10 with respect to the delay in undertaking the con-
struction of sections of State highway No. 26 between Lake
Okeechobee via the North New River Canal to connect with a
road leading to Miami, Florida.

As you were advised in our letter of November 29, 1935,
the low bid received last July on the work to be financed with
funds made available under Section 1 of the Hayden-Cartwright
Act was considered unbalanced and for that reason all bids were
rejected. It was subsequently believed advisable to redesign
the cross section of this contemplated improvement so as to
effect a saving in cost and make it possible to extend the length
of the improvement in the utilization of the available funds.

We are hopeful that these design features can be settled
within the near future and our District office has requested the
State Highway Commission to expedite the preparation of the plans
so that the project may be readvertised for bids.

Very truly yours,

Chief of Bureau.

/~2 --ia~ -s;
tsa ~rr Nw.1bf qs go. That will probably be necestearyi
A Ik~ ~r~u~u sd qj' tho,to bring out all the vital poin~i
Jew Ysaw frC6 pql. yip asr gt 3g.t~ aLnd get action, Oulr effort last t~tr
4~hjfge vernieb lo aerrlagsQ but was mixed with a project cing~'esc hc
X's eawP ps'w,~ a'b~3: tCas Snn pr'Md 'been wheedked into- -by the enemfr-anr
bsmaera y'sr h~rv. fowad th*) evrce of this hulrt ouz' case. We'd have no
Of.13 rt ila. hp'?iueuii such mixture -this time.
Th18mk 7aw, for v.. stroars an Co rdially yours,

(h#l 3rbbPIS5g~ b~bt tow
~ rrS, Y'TU.4!;ImgysuF ~w~ t..
Selt 1*) g.SC saw Soaley eve' tho
hllrmadr Drrvisi teswav4 the K' Ing..
WCe Ww~J taungtst t o.!umu 1er is
muttmyrklu sad I are m
V4b haeuwile yriif.rrr atu eee abz OuTh
the bwoa..ed eglt~ted~rt; i bdednf
haer thedeltlap, P]~ra'el~y b'~ve
these d~ay.. It's the mane9 og storY of ewoal gSnr rem.
tsr.~Liag cwland s88 od mmlrieng sre it's nerver dit goer -ase
Wblen is D.C,we Il~pAi our Br1')V ~,l~h~a 1ianr t~ru (kelaOtas
a1l~g the gnrthk Jan'~l~to Yft.Ld.,and 3Bieami.Ln the bawl. bf~
~the Ped.GOvt. I felt That ~that~ act tied Itland thatb sowi the,
rsad wor1d g$et btuilt.a 16t it sevCer doesi It's lying 6Fad as1
a grrtajs~a1d riC~t sow.
I'd *tstitedul~,t JUCt@~~rt ?orU. 3 dovelopms,0BtS atI Oke~laotr,,
ThIbRaking the road would~ so berun log right pabt my doer,
rndi realizioC~7li ,t pIh miealJ *onditieos tbnese rre Meal~ 43 e~awt
ad loi with atll st:y night. I gleaned up my1 little heuase,we-
ionf~d itlla~rgery w..flon red ~ttlpaoresme the wiedoa rsd p~~Iut
Lu a bed .84 *o kiuie u~atfitlo Irsurld live there .W~i~oh I did
~3 duyo pewr wee9kRpera1ng the rmrairing t81a is 3d Glade~4, I
RI'S~ 05es thS p~l~r @@l.~aerd presently aw9 beog. aesiag to me
to wsllt Lad1 fuaw~ ie~ther doing1 a;liengd I to ~reBOtLtYe,--a
their pitopoeb .ose..algsizt. I Sujwped lrs iand get Q9e't.lsams fr~s
6 of themn *o renrtec 30 ares ead fram iO ms~laud we eapeelted Ito
taf~rt rigbtls~aud m-r ~ ke a little mdosny cows, rao~ta'e
Bu~t Septfi2iae )mIsrrinsa o~anelutb-uz t of a.)with haiviug(
rains ~that *metiaued,peabir dod or land rauc havet kerpt It we~t
TJYI~ ZHX I1)0* Not tlat~ it has rained iiSoeSnaatrlyBnt *be-
Qosuse of finiajls WtL 11 1O)0 K T;ILIR Ii3JTY ,thq ha allw8 aw i
North Q4apral to Becwns'i so dioke4A tbat It wUil sot oarry off the
user.r Toa eprpeal to threa I blr at th~br~owlag a11ay 006'S tliSA s*4
postage9 i get nO ransuew.
Nowr X's getting taglrtber n a~rrafy /of w fa es all tbhi swine
euraarg s walas uePe a~*mled~ befcrr. If's t3 50 to Coapes~s,
salr a. Coeptes usiaaa;3r pwtulrried to do bi bestf tege help frr or %el. t* I want CosgreH- t'iti ~ke0?er~ ~the Jobtaebrsdwlth Jtbth Stat~e lad.
pttO ~t1~ lao4 is cl~e41tisr glou Rlaut oae oIf the~awl) serrimentsa
there and ~3RC'L~i9 t dWo4 dtheregaQio tri.21a ,,a~ $STIL .E~P3
ofl preoplp wcil~sl ~ls~
uC~ 1 brieg me, .gai tor D.C.,~tihe haulve get'4,yrtlta

H. M. BRTLEY December 23, 1935

Mr. Thos. E. Will
Belle Glade

My dear Mr. Will:

I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter
of the 10th with further reference to Road 26 and pre-
vious correspondence regarding same.

Road 26 has not been abandoned as it is still
included in the program of the Department for construction,
as originally contemplated. It is true that there has been
delay, but this delay was not intentional, merely a con-
dition of circumstances over which the Department had no
control; that is, changes of design in the method and manner
of construction in order to coordinate the plans and ideas
of all interested parties.

There is still an item in our budget, and according
to schedule now proposed there should be advertised or contracted
a section of this in the early part of the coming year, probably
the latter part of January or the first of February.

I am sure if you will contact Mr. Smith, Lember of
the Department from your district who lives at Pahokee, that he
can give you further information regarding the Department's
plans for work on this road, as it is in his district and there
is no one any more familiar with the condition and importance of
this work.

(0# Yurs very truly

Hi: Ogp Secretary.

A1ev _t5S
~&2e4t?9 9-t/Fc4

~-~ (i /zp -ikL ~~

-b 4%


~LrtJL" .