Business Correspondence. July 12, 1933 - Sept 30, 1933


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Business Correspondence. July 12, 1933 - Sept 30, 1933
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Business Correspondence
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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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St .3 c t#2- -- ________ ..~"-?


Ive s, JtW.1
Eric Lttr to
og 7-12-53.



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Nolne Gltds or rsosmer
r- ,flIabr Wi sIasl--

I saqt ,r eo blanko t ats Ue tl ., th f lonti
wlitt -1 Sad0914t *opy o'f lettr tr o Xt*t"*M*imhebia e

fn nlaote 9Wat is mid re HAVING TIM NBfJLA S
'iTWNZ Gwul ar"s .s8e.Jiletehaer & mRypWinzcX.

SI' authlsorities hero think onae maEo,.r wa hautful,
*is Waant oamehtiBng they t*n'st get istarejata<3jQz
L" t re' aro' ite asay BIG THINGS *a BOw.

.2 anybofQ waEits the Sou th OQtlet or the No*3teh
Canal#** b0otutxlet Uim SAY SOemtrcqle0aut guni
ta wr 8rao. An# tih -1"ut that IVs r.prlsntt.i g
LaklC so Gla o as -ze-le eaOIf to b9e a0etioned.

o*'? get a btl ig __tifgUt enam haoaa fl at S

lease show the :letter to am fsal as yF it "'
It sight 2e well to havt tt at thi fre-ot PRGO
a"qud hate Xr.*lf call attesti"n t i:t*<






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:;'..a "llte' t "" '
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os of tlg. pP.
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' '. : "." '. -- '; ; :

1, wwrellt a itt new
1ie)~ -e e ral i er' '.6
fei-cketed p'j bdt. the effect ihey DID PRODUCE on minds
Le'e stresE the VERY HIGH COST of th. NIorth Canal and the LOW
Canal. They quote the North Canal's HIGH figure:ever mount-

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tjhfta~E'. a~p~,; &fia~i ioBk P& flfcZoiitt ^* *f~aa'^***^ta 3 ^acf',MSbt'.ikah-A~ xvy ;~re
WH~ '~ rW|K~i *^W W^ ^ ^~r ^r <;yp~^F^ ^ ^^ TrF y p ^* r~- w_ I [i ^^ ^" ^'^ ^ y ^ -^*^ f-^ W
:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I tM^ m t'MXnmli ^^l^i^^s*~c1as.u~ ~ri!Lrt
'^miT^y-TT~^'*'*jywa w Ilcw~ ? HsU tr *-^S^^f-^ E1^^ '''^P''"^l-- *?""
* RMl i wr^V^VWLifWd 'wfli~iB. W 1w TiftrsF~ :l~ Vr~l~frirt^^Mff^r'TT'JF ^^ .n l'^w1^'Vrl-Bf fllpw ^
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ftfc^^t^siofl uleui uo 0u Hwfl~ititA ^p^^^^ KMB rui
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W.;f ..I .,. ..1; 1 '., m T ,0 ., ,, ., .. 1. ,-. : -.,,
AR -_Rx-4 A :- "9 !- ..-. ..,%,
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.., o ..... :,..
...1. , .. .: .. ,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ j~~'! ,_ ., ,.. ,, .,:t. 1 '

rB :1



Enc Lttr to Ktchn of

Willet ts,H.W.
Eric Litr to Ktchin
of 7-12-35.


Will,L..t .
Enc Ittr to Ktuhn Jj

Rao6sByQVr.A if 7-k2-33 ,:
1124 y.-'A
July MS.Ws
My dear 'lwrea-e-
Sts mighty gli4 to nrceive your lettern-ofithe -2..ultI Shockingphat wait #f,
Mlie. You knowit's always. "Work before ilay",with m I and the work holds out f1
ly, i
As URualo*l'B in superb hec-th. Apeatite fine4 Sleep ditto. Take two lb-miaute -'
me p. dr.ily,vwhich help iacouelyu
Am much pleased that your work is coming on all right-l-dr was then;and' that all,.
the men are'still. on the job, I hate so tehear of men beivg discharged RooseVelt ..
has made suoh a claughtr here that,with him booelI've been pretty Pre on ha m- ,
But to-day,le's talking the bther way, Guess he hoard hL- people feel abeut wip- '-
Ieg out the Kerit System to make roam for Deserving DEamorats." -we thoshtt ne',*
outlived tbatjsort of barbariasm, -
We, are wondering whether he has the nerve to got the uewnplsyed back at wokt*, k"
quoer that the things thy'r 6 proposing to do are very muaf the same Itre beea
advocating evsr since you started to sohoolpand before. He'll butt, up agsinastt.i
magnates who don't a,-'rove of short days and long payand he' 1 pioba-bly think efy4l,
eral times about the oampaign fund he may lose if he angers a dSzen of them in helrit
ing 1 0000000 common people* He has paunnd out all right en the Gold bugabooohtowi-
evor;tho I thet he'd never h've the nerve for that. -
At to our hot weat, her9--w-llbwe'y AI a Srew, hot dayse;bit marg ti-ws i' .I 't
wished I'd brought on a fuller supply of winter clothes and a blanket. Itold yoU .
about hanging a Congl.Rftoofd over my chest. I've done that recently. Two mornmngs .
ago I had to get up and pull on more oloetheB And to-day,It's quite cool* 1 like
it,1tho. when it IS hot,you know how it is, Then the BIG BLUFF we're oa--It's ,
GRiAT for scenic effefietbut when yfu qlimb -t a few dozen times,you wonudr if-- '
On July 4,w;$ jad some friends in,in the evebing. We went out on the 2d.Wtory, .
powoh looking out over the CITY. Right boforeus are the Linooln Memorialthea the
Washiangton bn3umentaud beyond .that the Oapitol--.a great. rWi, Of 'urxse,we -wa&the4.:'
the fire works esaw a few lew wrinkles;e.g.,the search light creeping up the Ifott* ',-
um-nt and craw.liag down. It did that masy time.. Still ,we saw "econUoy" aeaa iln '1
fire works, Couldn't bumr up too mush money*
SnUd Boboy still resemiers GrandpaZ. PINE He has her picture tig't out iefere )KII t
Shim ad aches to hug her, He's got something for her which he hopes she will like,
Last Sunday I went to fhurch--for a change Foundry iM.S Have often seaw i t ,JoT
er in it before. We heard a wonderful senourpone cf the kind th&t do you good, .
.LavingII weut down to Thiae Circle where I lived last year;and saw Lr.GeoWBar*- :,
ran for the firot.time einoe coming. He was very nice and muoh interested. Theo "
I awont n to tiEaufmanua whets I- took so may good diners last year, They were ;
at homeoetting ready to get out on a little pienicand I"IWST COOi ALO.TG,"11 Which ",-
I did( stieui*e) Wae weot to a loag pieait park on the rintr--eomaP of the iaprfl*0w
; -mtet that have come in our absence, Lots of people th re.Had a good diot nr aed ni'ce.
time. Then rain threntenedgaud wi left. They insisted ip bringing me balsk-to Roma". 9.111
lyn;and woole of us got wet, A Ibland friend was with thibjtt he wa so heeful .:
and self-helpful that few would have gueased he did not see


L*' '2. .
MSocking about poor M&ax.- I at ons letter I knew how towritt tier, I'Bm Iria 1 4 ea L pretty low financially, She
told me her pension had been cutaad .rasuevst may have given 'it another alasha-
seaving' on the people. who deserve. moets and get least4 Such policies arouse me. ;,-
Enclosed, copy o1 letter to Mr. Ketchtv will give an idea of tioe NTusiuees" here,
I -think a job hasp be framed up on us. I don't dare say namh about those reports
froa Jax, L New UOrleanm Sbut wia& I COULD rayLIt's astounding r..nd scandalous.#
I'im convinced certain persons have been .". fird" by, ot Bp. I can tgure easily
14,0003000 profit 'in 0Q of those St.Luaie laan toraotCit only they van put
this rotten scheme through and get the. 0.3, money workinugadding a little them i
Only snooe c-ming he.-/have been. smtten with another idea. JUST WH ,'has there
been such a protnroted ~aad determined war on letting water OUT of the Lakioand.
pulling XN TO it every possible drop.eBVon from Glad1 e Csnals? Hitch that ane 'smae
more onto this EAULTATIONI of the -.,#aiLoi aund you've. GOT XT, T' Tat? A Grazd DRAIN.
A&ME -51D IR.-:;GATIONI SC}LC iE OR'IRf ST4TUCIJ DB32 RT. -Buy it for $)-4-5 per acre;
and tihea re-sell at $100 eor $20:) per acre9 Y.gire on'that a minute. 1D0,000 as.
in ONE BLIOK by r. BIG CORIPRATION. Who se blind as hbei'whu WON'T see?
But if they knock us down againasB 4 times, beforeI'l vet thYbugh, I've More
cards to play* i'or one thingqthis JaxzRReopt was gotten up to the wrong Way, Thea
ing.FIRTED the ordira from CongresoethaI, i worked upanud were passEed. The eni
lovers were. to do C2RT. 3I SP0CIFIC thiage for certain purpoaes;TiS 3DXL N0OT 1m0W
Tl2JIR JB; t'ney iere being FMD UP TO TiUS T3CK by--you know whom. I told Genl.
Brown they ought to see our country tand .qur jroposition,tbat they night 3NOwy.--
wiat they ver .:bnut, Ie naid," Surel ThMA t's right. I'll do that." Now I waI t ,
our people Ito help me hold them to it'asd'get the Committee on Commerce of the 6i4.
ate to 4RJSMR to accept tihreport-till. they obey orders
Th4jn thei-e is another good play I'.ll. ot stoep for here.
P&ease read the Ketohin letterpand then .show it to some of our best men, I
.want the let'uors I've mentioned in. that letter sent GeunlBrowB"-lots of them. ,
Theytre trying to make it appear that nobody wantsany of this but just 012 liA N,
and a Vary few more on the S.E.coruer of theLake.If our people &reU a fl rfor
their future the.; maut help me* I don't mind doing the work of a doean or twolf
but when tha4 ie US3D AGAINST OUR CAU$E and against me--as once in Okela&na--5it'
I'mi about to send several copies of the Kietter to good naame with the hOpe
of getting ACTIOK, Letters to %qnl. Brown Bruwa,S9en.Pletchar & e .ark Wilcox,
Love to all and my best wishes to the boyE in the shop and store.
As evsr youres
I'S, Forgot( --, hookenzie was out to eas us# 1.e had 2 or2 3 hours together Mush &a eT
AU.ked about you and others of the family. Is in. GovTtwork.
2--Att-aoed my first, show Beieo long before leaving 3s,G, FORGOT TSR ww.P,..'.Y
DOt miss t it i t comes.8 Ifafter ,seing thatany -body talks WAR4S" he' eh-"lf
nod upl and a wimaa In furs, But it liatp8 isoTOWS a alS
.r. worse, You'll have a hotse autre enough if ymO ke~y on, 111 bo inteTest*b
e to see it. _in ,oremt serve t0-e4day, 9ot a soul. there I ever saw.-Nlco
pe plet hough, faut, to t4k, Gladues fereugatoo wit. pas, To..w.(N4dw)th

Once more--
I called to-day at BIreas of Pi l et RaeAu,aud learned things I hope 1. put tu.
to a. stofly to send Shnrp wad Ft.d, .Ner. ~or one CthlAejithe 22 ailesa Jlett er
end of N.Canal--whoere grads is--are lift output similar grade on the ltami Cairn
UlI up t-. Graham's plapse L# IN. ftYayI Tflts Ma0ne beea done bby out BSIt.d.Rd. -ay-
Ube thPbq eutt Zsplainpbut they should -begiven a ohante. Wai toid fby the Mlatter
might be fixed by drawing on another fSud;but that would %ave to meut thie on1Q-.
sent of t;e St.fld.J3d Our member is r. Mootye,of MWIAM ,iIf left as it leok,
praoti;cally 1 the trafflo would go. dova to the 20-i, d.thdnce STRAIGHT 80,
to thae HiACiAI;',,;: on to Nl, jand we could resch FYt.LdriLke Worth eo Miami. -Im
juat wondering if it's another of thV kind we kaoe so wnll* Z told the of-
fiao here that,as the Wild est had horse-atealirgesu o we ie h long had roadt-uteal-
iAg'fL'No: you soe it .ud nuow you dou 't.

-. .I




July 15.1953.
-lr.T~oi- s BE,/ill
Box 24
zdss lyn
My Dl,-r Dr. ;
Yovr letter of 1 3t. is vastly interesting to neS
I and f.rt'ker confirms me in tie belief tliat we are being'.,d of
aboit all -);u 1_..- in t Gt-ts d1ides.
!.a yow :fnow Commodore Brook recently went to .&a Lington
to .'L., .-i:d in .i_.. n hl'. tW's.. PortW _aivei n -v..g-tblae.T'ls trip was
I fin.-nced by tke Chimber of ConrIerce and th'e Port .l-,Iy cont.-ntion at
t ti w tiM. t.2.t if? they wofr.ld snL tsbt.t nonr.vy to Dr.,'ill it wov.ld
iav.;v SoeTl, of doingxsome gpood,bi.t I W.-3 over rw.led.Cornmodore
welt :.nd oame b:ok whispered confidently to nme tidt everything
[was allriglt ,tl.-t we ware to not oaLly get ". rQ along tie l!ortL
River,bwt the l-iver Was to be mitde aagabli.I bad some tine getting
information frorm him as to the sojce of 'ais information bit a-fter
faboat week lie told e ,that steo.B.Hill 'ad said so.Irsediatelymy
I worst fears were confirmed .Iiow tiLenXn yoi. give me any informt ion
as to Geo.B.Hill's interest in the 3't.Lu~ie@pr'b.kps I Ia& b'stt.r set
o0.t sone-. *i--'. tion3 -2 to his -ctivities.
1st.Is re drawing w.a sal-ry from tlbe State?If so,How xm.vo.? bae --n inte.ru7t n ti lapd along tiVe 3t.L.ciePj An owner?
3rd .Hli: e an int rest in tl&-i cooling._ l-ut being or -:boxt to be
b ilt at Port Pierce?,
SSome time rgo I w'sj in Tony Yofwng',L office kt .,est P-lm tnd learned
ta-t -$ w-s very interested in the develonp-ent of t'.e t .Licie
and &i. coolin^_pl;-nt at Tort Pierce olso ie witla otier 'aad parclasaed
Stke admirall Bird b bat and contemplated pvtt i t g iajtoLrt..Aervice to
c r ryj. gde *-p -ce from the St.Lpie to Bjltimore.
Any brief facts along tahse iTnes I 'aal!eippr cite very mack.
Especially facts concerning Geo.B*Hill.1ersonu.lly 1 believe ke is
largely responsible for ow.r bejp*gAjt oat of tli picture.
Itas still mighty k-rdcT.o laold of mron,.y,bi.t if yow will tell
me wla.t you want done Tt tliis ond,I will try to do it. I ca.n tcl k
to people and write letters at least,

'", -6
*e~ -,- -.

I f

Y r y s' ,'. l' l"

Ir .Howard Sharp,
Editor Rivergladee ivs,
Cabal Point,'la..

3i dear iMr.Sliarps

You mar be interested in :
more hard to find that the

YesterdayI west again to
fasts. Sh Ill try tu send yoi

I bhpe you ar enJoying tI
in 1894--a little while baVl


if '






/ I




J'uly 16*1 33) 1

i li d learned

a a shor I stewr In time for get Vriday.

/ very truly yPuBr

./ I

V v

i I I 'I '~ -"lr:


,... bd

, /

'' I

i 24,
July 18,1953.

Belle GladeFla,

My dear Lawreeeus--

Here's the Roead 26 story. HaTe sent oepiea to Sharp and Ft.Ld.Newsa,a4 am
writing Conuaodore Brook snd A3lisotu,

wonder if your Ch aber of Commerce oadrt wake up long enough to help get thit2
Mess straightened oet? Looks for the world like another of out oldpfamaijP
ROAD STZEALS;but I'am hoping we may not have arow with the Magic City at t'ft~ very
time i'm trying to get cooperation from there on the N.CanRl -nd 'Shark R, Out

I had a round with those follows in Tallahassep in 1029,They were oreoked am
a gLrape fine. Would say," Yss,Yes "u to your face and run round the orner avnd
do their dirtiest to SThIAL TIH ROAD OVaR OHTO TIL' MIAMI BAITA.L,

StrangulySharp seoam to be with us en Road 26,now. Nurse him some,lf you Oan,

As eTeryourme


~ 4/'

ld itr l .Laud erd Ig Daily

i '
' ( ,


'^ S
*: ', '\

Pt.Lauderdal fla.

ily dtar Sir:-- 1, i

It mesas are troubles over eoad 25 atrest fl
ofylt.lauderdale will become ietile at one.

Thoe News. has bpe* able to send xO a bundle o0I
iug my stories9tbesl I Can distrlbsLte. Damaged
agntwe. .

A" 1 -


I' BdssidIU*VEL.: i



over. I hope reprolssltatsimS

if b"ut-fit t'

o eat will


,' -
~ F-.


- .. I


' ,, .i ,. ..' ;
I .'1:
I i

-,' ,- < ..
I . .

1 ~'.* .ttt .j 6a
Lr % '1 : ,,,! ..' :,,
..' i.
,..,-? ,. .. .., ,,: .,.. ., ,-.,,. :






'1 1

,_- ,_ ..'l ,i
: "- *- / ;'*, !
@ h '-^
".. .!/:' .
4t .t
B~rl ~H

..- )

i ",

- C-


~. ~,~C

*: r
*/d/ ^<

/ /L .-.
kr' t/

... .*r r '


(9/ Yww' ~.

: f '~ L,


. w-2)L


----- .

" ?g

(P I--~

64 fW r.;ttC

iJV Fpi
7' ec-f

. ; C # t- t -t.

7 -7
* I-- --- *

V s .
-. z, -- /.

-4" I.


Y --

43 -.










c I


" / "'/1 i


": ""
:,' -." .

-. ..._

- -. ... *- *


~e/;f- -


6 -;k '

- A


%4rt~r 4/f

;- ;-i

4 -


~ ya~u



i- ~'





July 16,1933,

fr*G ,PAllisou,
South Bay,Sla.

My dear LIr.Allsous--

Here's auotherj I gue8es w oa gueuo it out,bbut tle aia thing is
to head it off, That road mausj follow the route laid out by the LqOX-

I'm sending a goyy to iharaud -jaother to the FPtLd,News;and writing
Commodore Brook *

NIo tellit~ how soou a oorreatieu fight bu hard eor impossible to aLaker
heace QUICK WORK is essential.
Sincerely yours,


4 q .
f____ L =, ,rt =^~~fl ii

....... ... ......... .. .... ,- ... '....'. ...
r* eM

. -. ,. ` v
I -P* '


Jtl Wi t

* .3. ~

.3.., <*'s~e


Qansord* AXBolreo
proa ,~~,.rtsa of Camermr,
St Laud 1d al e, fla,

Wy dear Ouatcdflt--

Here's aetter JOb. I wonist your friend Leefilerof Miami,
will not provethIs taea frie at in need?

It all L3olgaSiuati
anw while breaking wy
lhere for.e

pXeeabeit I 4oI't vast to Wkte a sltYI g
olck to seiswfl sooperation for what I oeas

S- 3"

. . ,. .--. .
..':. : .. .; 1,3 ,; 2


_"*- '"

., ,i

:::' ": .i::
; i
", -.-**i-
... *- ., ** -<
'. -. *- 4..:ii, -t,:

'" .. ': '.. .' ,
.: ... .:, : ,,. -.:,. ^.,
:'..':,. -, '' : ],:'.-:... ---^,
. ... ..: ..-.,-.,? ... :,, ;;, ..-,,

I'T-e O ot a coy j. tbie S.Nws*

iSJseely yours

, ,, ,,
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Rosalyn, Va,
# 24,
Tuly 20g1933*
lr,\an.M,.Ketahin, Jul 20195
Ft .Lauderdale, Fla.

Wy dear Mar.Ketohiu --

Yours of the 15th, reed. It makes me feel better. If only I were allowed to
tilk to a representative Ft.Ld.audiunoe more th&n 5 minutes,and open up the
Official D6cuments,I might get some vital facts before that community.

Your surnmi2e as to enemies and robery is correct. I hope you will get some,
goodopen-minded committee together that,when I get to Ft.Id. again,I may make
one more try,

My experience here gas been much as there. Once let me start to lifting the lid,
and I'm"out of order" imiuedica:ely,

Opening this up may star$ a libel suit(one of which I was gotten into once by
over-zealous friends);butI'd glory in th e chance to show what I've got to a it.
I'm ASTONISIHD to hear that our old fiend pT,Y. ,is ALSO in this thing, All
the more reason for lifting the lid,

Here is where I think the MOHEY is to be found r That. St.Luoie land is bum;
SAN),and even quiokseaad Butout west,the UOjfc-, Govt. turned some Lca d sagnd land
into good farming land by IRRIGATIDN.

Raising the Lake 1bank as now will greatly increase the capacity of the Lake
ar3 a GRAND RESERVOR;from which todraw water to irrigate that sandherd by

Insisting th t AL. POLS'IBLE watur must gtt intn the Lakes Kis immii' water,AL-
LPATrAH FLATS water--the biggest scandal of all--water from Taylor's creekpish-
eating crek,&and FRO EVERIGLADES CANALS,too;DAL=ED UP,CHOKED Upla.nt otherwise
I|barred from functioning--all these PROVIDE A vAST VOLUME OF 7ATh$R THE YEAR-ROUND
for that irrigation stunt.

Then,wtth the Ev.Boards friendly,anVd the U.S. Govt, tied up with it, all you
need do wnen you want water for yjur desert is to wire Tallahasszer,'.Palm Beach
or whatever your headquarters are, Ask and cECEIY3"u A mortal snap.

Then as to dividing up the swagt That needs investigation* A search of Martin
Co.b oks ai to recent changes--if any--in land ownerships might help. But titles
might remain unchanged, A "gentlumen's agreement" might exist whereby those own-
ing no landybut GETTING THE JOB OVER,would get a specified per cent of the unearn:
ed increment. I don't know that H. owns any land there;but he WORKS just like a
man vwhone personal interest was GREAT. Read his reports, Snow ought to have them,
I HAVE THI3Xdon't yfu doubt it.

You know thefirm of "HLills,Ydungberg & Luooe",Jax.,Fla. In the Port 3Bdofficel
see report of Hearings in L unitions Bdg..iMay 12,19.28;p,66, Thele you will find
Cbl,Jotuston introducing Gilbert A.Youngberg",and sayings "He is the Engine 'er
REPRESENTINiG THE DISTRICT", That was the St,Lucie Inlet Distriet.

While exploring that look be sure to see how Hills flopped over,bodi#to OUR
I I i I .'- .

t1,e t thin.) .
RetsiI -attub4Bdfg, eetga(aboeoe) p.58&aud following. Better read all Hu1Ii *ali
Se ,;Com,Coa.Heariug;Iay,2,.&6, B 9 & l1930 IHtllBsbegin nin P18 ;g|tj m
in him fine work near oud of his talky Wat& closely to see his pont "
I learned last fall that Hills has been Eag.,fot ay Dst(as sthe
we had sot had enough trouble with that anyway) Sharp keep elin about
Hills'vs tU o00 salary froi the Flood Board(said to 4be 7,?500 1ow). V uulde e beW
tar spent if used to keep him on other side of the World wien Flood Bill was u
here, '
Hille was engineer for our Port Board till a few years ago* Tried againi a0'-bout.,
Sears ago*I did my little best in that matter then
4tain.after the Flood of 1926,a great INDIGNATION "'2"JNG was held at Claew"iete..
(Data at hand.) They were OUT 'YJR ELLiOTI8 SCALP,pnd wanted an engineering 1itel
tisation, C ,,MK JAun ? & yI THBRM WAS OHL, L
They 1at it. It ws'.by the Eydtag.Bdror Beiew(l get report ftoiElffot)/ HI
WAS O1 THIS BD, It turmed'out;-to be a EIG E.LIXOT BOO5TIG BOARD. Did al' he watei
and proposed tbgh the Hills,North & Miami Canals ALL be DAMLSD SOLID Yr'ULAS I fTLY/.
admitting that that would OINAVIGATIO0 ON 1iOGE CATALS. ( See pp. 78,79,83 &88).
I put Tidball onto thisand Ilger toldi me it nearly resulte%'tj n a fint-fight be.*
tweet Hillu and Tidball,
Running that Bird boat goes my guess uoe better. I guessed they--after getting
luesSau tV do their biddiug--would put o0) swell land boats,advertise them ia our
tourist hotels up and down the Coasttake them over "Thu Great U.S. CROSZ-STATE ,
'iATERHWAY" d with high-powered sitl hh-poweed ame SELL Ti. TiAT BAD LAWDwith Govt-prOoquru
WATsB ON 1 auspeotnuowthey'll do both.
I Was going to Jump lauthf4irrt thiangto get ready for a -cnferenae with GOtl,
Lytle Browl the ONLY ROP3 we have among Tthe Oovt. egineenr Then I reed .your let*..
tore Am rushing tlat,,
As to" 30I1EY"; I did not say one word about that. I told the -'ort Bd, that I
ffiured thaton a 30-day tripowhioh I hbped to get hLru one-I could get by on
$00,OO00 They gaspedandt well they might. You knaw I oane travelled for Uuo.Sam,
rode in Palace oars,ate diners,and put up at swell hoetel--the AuditoriumChi.#
cago,belneio h M TBut I koew well that *if I asked a fraction of that now,I'd be
smiuliagly/trdstay at home and eat my heart outswatching traitors paid by us kill
our donutry. So I fiCgure DO' Bnow RIre's my statemetrn to-day:;--

.I,-Raised for E',posemls--
l--n Y iLa.uderdale--
As-eIndividna. u'l SBoriotiosa, 7'00 .
B --gort *, .Board. 100 ,00
2- In Upper svergladeBIuddtdla,, 36,00J

4--Total 1Raiaa'sedl to .4-,.0-
:II-- Pwtbet. wiMay 10 & July 20,' ,a
III-.e.44Ba,13*0ianB1ad,705r, 5 i ,.,;
CsBflarq iBs witW th yway i wlifhich 1 RIAL VIERaaADsS" are finaused: Zitttle "'
3I-i _lt. Y*u*t~ eaembe r of Leg,padl .el auAerisaatiou eo BTv,Dmoyle .Carlt"B *tad1.'. gd.

........ ... ....


WaxMX,--3sHerald 9%,*-06-a0with many patounding iteeasa -
Telhona bIbli 0855,20 '
TelegrFniB, 177. 98
Ueals, 1.15 i380 Datly items on. do. -$25.98136.70;19.15; 29,90g26,V98i
GrandTotalof 21,65i 1930' 27,25 43.85319.35, "
All Items, 3,320.98 Note attached reads: Balanq frM.TJ W 1910013G44i
g.Mt-r More to followS rNdrirk M\nv i-Ct

I met the Honorable Bruee in Miami in the office of a amtual friend, This
friend introduced us and said to Young,' Nowif you wnut the R.AL LOW-DOW- on
this 2verglades stuffshere'e the man Who can in ve it to you," A sug-ettiosthe
great statesman did nut heed* Later he left suddenly aMd the same frienu(above)
told me, "I told him if he ever came back to Miami I'd have him indicted by the
Grand 3fTy"--thia for something else thatL eating heartily and talkiug freelyiin

In Miamilast Jan.,I was lucky and worked a miroslel I oolLected about one-thilm
of an old boom-time oommiesion;smallbut big wheo you re broke. Of that,I haVe
a fraction left,and I had planned to finish out hereand returnmie on thatyald be.
broke again,as usual,

About $25.-- more was subscribed for mae'but not paid. If I had that,or its equil
--alentit would carry me farther than tt would the Hon.Bruace HoweVer,old DC
friends who have been helping carry the Ft.Ldeburdens for auld lang syne can't
keop it up* The room I have occupied without charge since May 15,will be needed
soon;and It11 have to pay room rentI assume.

r' Further, I want to return bL-Tallahassee,and tell the Governor things he ought
to know. That will add a little;tho I roomed well there in 1931 at $2.00 per week
right across the street from Gov,Carlton'* mansion. Could look acrutb and see 1b

Now must jump into that Genl.Br :wn stuff. Let's have that session when I get
"back.They can't more than mob me, If jailed,that might give me more free time
and fresh meals and lodging with 'vhich to make my ease still stronger vY. the
paid BenediaoLt rnolds. Iueed to conduct religious meetings in the Ft.LaudJaULl
iand I thought thnt if I 'ber had to move into one,that irery jail would suit me
beat. masrured the inmates that I was sure there were worse fellows outside thanft
many of'them were,

1P.S. Maybe y u have heard of the Cordially yours,
great work Rep.Youngs did for his
money, If so,pleasetell ime.
Since the Diat.1-46s.' office in /
Jax. has virtually defied the Conmmer n--I think one rea en for Hills'a deep
Committeeoand since I shall try to tell interest in the St.Luoie is the prafun-
that committee some thingsI'm hoping dity of EJlioBt's interest In the same.
we nay start an INVESTIGATION of this It looks as tho Elliot is an unfailing
whole mess But to get it I'll have to fouat of Jobs for Hills. Jeff.would a
show that somebody else wl:nts it in adui r hu've dare to hire an engineer in a
tion to y*urs truly, There's one of the local DRAITAGL," Diet. without firut
main clubs in use now here. Think I could consulting the CHIEF A2NGIES KR, And
ruee', where it came from. dignitary wuuld find nothing more ea,
T.EoW'. than Boname the distinguishedHMri.Hli
I've no doubt that's the way/tIt the
Flood Board job. I've wondered how he
got onto the Port work;but he had. a
pull with I~rls and the old Ft.Ld(tUg
Them atOeasoned lobbyist like Hills
would come mighty handy to Elliot, I,
haunted the 1931. TW'E.

.. ... -....... .. .. ............ :
--- .4 .' .. .' ~ .." ;," .-,. ,. 1:

Bell.e OladepFlo
Jilg 22,1914,

g{0, D.U.flatoclr,
3 ,0 Bld ,o
T/asbln ton ,DC

iSw doarsemitor f'ctc4efr-

fow that tUh' president ham signed the; ReaLoi bL1l,I write for a eOi.y
f Pand such infonm.tioa as uaty 'bf had ra its value,

Of course,e know F.rLda cannot baorown Howeverl Lote the Agricultura
olauaeanud wonder ifit is nvrc-ilable In florida.

In 1921':.was driven froan 7 VerSad&sa hare &nd farna.aad bh..TY never yet
been biblee to id-turn to theam.However natuir-l drynesiazd kope of results tiW
our work tog-Athr in DI,;.1pluB St.Road 26we obt, 1 ed from TullchJaseea i
1931,9ause ma .to hope that I may return #tad rasiumey l ikatartu, ted efforts,

JUt hw tu o got tiat agricultural muasyeand what usee auy b1 moda of it.
ari i~t:Al poinkan You know I h:Ivobeen exious CogaessB might ea 'bN, u=a&*
played people to gt 46a the l;:ad,,at last to e: mr taeiJr own living. Whether
t;ia s V mad posousible by these noew billions I Bhould like to know,

taniWcJ"ng yoa ._.nd lrforill for your helD -nd oourtaey to,
Si.nwvcrely yfoUs,
rS. I aw Ftd.Llc~udurt^L^c LInV iaria ~aetEn L I-.e I
reltured,n,1'. fouiithew rut.dy to help prepare
for the heiBrttrg. S-l1 rjo'-On c,.n- vue tbhl
section to thae aime ead, The Preeident of the
rt.xLud. Ch.::abetr of Coinmorce s,,id to imss
We triest it -lnd faued, YOU DrD IT. Nfow
I aM ready to do iteatTver you wmat." ThjB gu-
oourt g.s one to try a-:sAn
MeanMil#,th- lgos of all I have looms, Non-
beneficii texes piljd highland sale threatened.
A litti% money would unable me to save the best.
t ii ct ginger B.C.TaUnn in Ja, He
Said oulsd put SMrOairkeley Blawlll aen ourn U
job, )Art,.will begin in Aguet. fLrst flaring,
ept, 8,nUext T.R.W,

-- t ,j
t .."\ .. ... ,1' .. -. .. *- ". .. '' **", ,'** :.-"



Broward Drainage District Referendum

This *referendum ought to carry. BIG. It's the ONE THING that ,will help the Back Country.
And the Back Country will then help the town.
*Lauderdale needs the Glades worse than the Glades need Lauderdale. Lauderdale can't live
on tourists. SHE MUST PRODUCE.
That.jeans her Everglades must be farmed. Then, as in Dade County, factories will follow.
These will Bring pay-rolls, and a YEAR-ROUND TOWN.
But the Everglades must 'have reclamation funds. Hence the Broward Drainage District must
sell its bonds.
But it must first have more people and more values in it. This the bond-buyers insist on.
,-,. This won't cost Lauderdale one cent. It will cost Broward County one little mill-on the dollar, about
$7,000 or $8,000 per year.
But the new taxes and new business this will bring will turn this little outgo into a BIG INCOME.
Further, it will help put a foundation under Lauderdale, and make if a city.
Do you know how the Everglades have been carrying the Coast?
... Do you know BrIoward's Everglades have paid in $700,000 or $800,000, most of which has
helped build the Coast, rather than the Everglades?
S. ,Do you know that, for 15 years, most of the 20,000 old Everglades buyers have been barred
F. out from their own properties, kept from voting, arid.taxed without representation?
-;: Do you want to keep this up? Do you know that, badly as it hurts the Everglades buyers, it
hurts you still worse?
.s:,. If you want to do justice to Evergladers and yourself at the same time, VOTE "Y E S" on
this referendum.
Some have said, "We won't vote any more money'to the old Board."
But do you know that these men are all out?
You ask, "Who will follow them?" I answer-, "Let the Everglades owners name their own
i:'. board, by petition; and then let us all petition the Governor to appoint them. If, later, the Ever- ;
gladers want these men removed, let the Governor remove them." That's'POPULAR GOVERN-
|=. MENT, and it's the solution of this problem.: ..*..,
,/..0 VOTE "YES." *And then help the Evergladers get their own kind of a Board.
-.-...':209 S W .- W Sixth ve. Ci y,. ^ S .

.; : .. ...... '... .": .. .. ."".--W

'." "+3 ^ w..>^ ', % ;-- *. -* .. " '" "." : ".; '. "-"" ". ,' ^' '" ," '" .. .' ri I ;'"% '4 '"-'. '".'., '.' *.

i 47 '*'' :*:"]} *:iVD 4" ':'"?;n :;*-' "' rt r


w.' 1 ; :I; 7 .

S' ..
*' III Igi m *w W ia i:'l ;' :';

1 fltna. too. r""- *
.. ... . "

S. .. .. .

ttfl fe Mi.xt:er is 'i 4

I *AM& A e im o
,*u '.a g .4 '_,, &,A p ,, ..
Saa onst, t.ef lr Ia t+mato a tnbs~ a ma wal ,t .

.. .. m . .
. :r-iS~~a i k~
;. "sJ J 4 umu ,J/,. 4 ,. l+ .ilr: lllnl:+1 L.. e IK I ,+-:e

Oi. ,, t ... ,. ,. .A,* A N -0 ', .

OM. bArn A*w t- tuo#l 'ii a-
+. n ta, Y ., ,-#,,,t R -- .. .' .,. ,, ,' ,..

. .- A, '. o' .. .h "..' .: ,.' .2.. 1' ,'-.. k -. .... .. .f ', "'.
IS-'~ ~
u MA Sob&-: I
Sw *

"W a m. "'4PI

Thu 'I

a*.tinW Wflaft W._
".' / -,I; .. ',, '- .. ..

r J

-- ,

Jt. ,C." ,.n, .". -
-h." & ,;'.. tqi4 Z d ;;Ao.- 'o4 4 z'y-. ,- t 4 zy ., '* i ,Y*i i

'7". 4 V.4 ,:tl.,-.: ",uA41, ,,' ,-,, ~ +.

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W e-, ,- ,...
Q-,: i = Piii P: .
S-.. :. i,,4 ;i ..1... u. *. ,;. i',y ;,;** -' 4 4t4 '4 4'' ... .. -. "-.
"+;' ='' "+ t1 1 :i

2 .;;, ., 1'. :-' :_ :

5,; '^ ^ .

44 ?*'.. i -.i '-;. ll a "; .i "^+ .,... 4i^;- ,"',. : A-^.." i :.L.

"-""'''-''' .. .. -
,< .. + ,. . .. ..:.: + -, +'i,+ .... : : ,. : : +,, + ;, '- : :
:'! :'' + .- .. ". .~ r,' .'l;' ",:: -. .. :. .. ., ... .. ,-,.: ,: ,r .. ,/ ,. +).,, : ,. ,#
.jr .. I 't~ "" ..i "- )' + ...-.. ,. ., .)+ ". "+ "" i ., ;'' '. t"% ~ ir t' "l' '- ," .)'. '.-'f -' + ;i '

.. ~ ~ ;. ",L" -,: ,i. 'o: :~ ; + lr.,. ;"" ,,z'i !' = ,. : ...= ...+ ,) .', l' "),'i
.i ; ". = '- '# ,,, ., r L" ," ". ,,' '. ",,, ,. I + .- ,.. ) ?
," .',)'J ;" i -<'i) ''- + i ,' ,+i++ ''' : -"I. -' "' '2 I.i"f~;3!s ;T:1? ; L '"
: .+D ,,:. o.;,.i .;" :. +' : ; ;::'' ,- :,-" =:..::-+ ~ + i> ,,- ,I- ., .:.+, +::+ '.,, .. +,+ ,. ,=: :+f .,.'
.- I,-. .. L .. :. ., ., ,' ,'i+,. ,l.,P.r ,' '" ,, -",= j + !,i .': ;L l+; :'';,... + ;;= ., : ,' +i"" ," ": l


(L1 01.^ 69 PL L


.''"--./- -' ^- -'0*-
"C '^"-"- -7 --- I

_.. __ _- '- -- ,

_- -- _,.- -'

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1 /--- -t.-

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- -/* -' I -- =- I.
t-. __._ --.
s-a .. *.. :: ..

S- J--_ -t- .

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1---- '-- .-./-- --

i<-- "J =-=---------- ""
..- .._-J --.. o A .....

, _I_ l...__- -. --.4- ~

IU .- -^--. -,
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/-- -II- r.^ f
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--^-i2_/__-^._ '^^ ^'4
-^~~ -" ^ --^'---<^ -* ,, ,


,~~F~ic~VC~~Li~ -- -C~U ~

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/7^-s L^--:--(^-^ee~~ee~~ee~~ ^U.3^^
,Zt^ <_r. 3_z3

;"U ^^,^..7^^ ^FY^- 31L~

-- -_ -
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e-Lc%LS/d~ LtZ- C eJV~ e-~---yZ-
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~eCC~o~-rrL C-c~--~YL /~

S-?L~e~e~~tZ~cd~c~ ~ c-'~--te-q,----c~-~
~I/1~Lo~i) a -~ 72iFc-aI

-~~Gt~~C~i( 5,-~ CO~N-~


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:l 4*e" .,

*mo O l~.a id.

1 f W..qw~pW we .wd ,MP oV' JAi t, M.Y i',
1 t'

t-a eek I. rlr4sl bow. Att Imes I have .itf. tL t t Like ,ownpJ

1w.toa ma"t yaw wo "L-V".,a aew Wt7f %m ourS ad

?f,-kl tfb-Ast wiait ofwot .ix. ,--. a. -s s to
2's grwcat to %am zaro0 At Imtatla a earI& istI %a t&jtL t UWss ta-
taatt wUS 4a'We i;WlVGur4.lOWO ear drulive asss S bY I" tIC.
VW4. an your dutes yes aoDefg wrnrawe e= -a te" a torn ba aXc <

Wave .t 4 iat to paoure st posncts our fiU'S* bawflwlttI asfl1R to Ia V

Tbobat h1Aias relm met nV tba wre seeth .O meWt weLB 4

-amen w-as Beii we&t 00t surel a 0 rv ra5 L5 b4fiRy an tltw pq
but all tnttutita built -a thisSwtatiss,

a goaemuu under *1* a3ll, unll tb tto oi*."

?3sy@V83? 4lt8 the wiasl of the,. sahaA l raUe posses6 f** nisEswa -fI
Uf,*eand so p -o cnslly lfa Mia
S^^^fi+c;-j~iVHt. sfeat mqift tatdV HsB suns c&M malstess w. rRt f*t
thCm Sa "r^e' the"-

V ". J .' I ',
".7 '7' 7 Y'I

For t*il repoq acile w S Rt :; LaS is 1DrUaa eB lmer Alleo9f lseratad well..l
know to itta veastOn.v
I'Vlru 3aie'lma for years. H1is a 'bom Tribune of the fuSbs aad c.ia un ruf ioi of
un4er dog*
Tfhatt le mAight Lihtx thubatt1s oiaa Vag gaIiu wanf and TAu GQMBa go A4,)# tou A
the Xlsghayrd roi.l oQ UsivsBrw1y atj-dyIwot as `aotrit ibat a garid2ltwrOVeWl
lag .i:d yamiug fAds vith wittI t-4 pay Ulu way*
la Ari /boWr aud Aiuimadhio. Ef&Os'a the studlis beove aor(2o'inct 3;goiut g to Ie
bottom for hi. faotegnd to the top %z colLege iaUss tiara.
HI taCsld 'robl-;ae 4Uk those %'blfy9 a a rich couutrdypu c Sz.0"lu,1vhonwoit iS- W
talostrious people poor?" Am51,;i0 a 'bioth n0 l;Ad o..1Ud c- apital cAi niU GUtp&aad with"
mfltitudea eugar for ttw iirnduciauoi3iy oaa't such pecpiw find wo.ik1'i
Apdsin tbosre cv.rly deaysowiLb so vol8$( S&spjho found tho ucave4rss 4ouopoly of .
opirtueidti4evJLaM t4 W -06 cb.Lauc ti iog tie productpbut 2ot thl power to 4ciaa
BIue it* 'Se .,-irCe the dilnhiSrL ed act exploi.utt could got %mayt itit aAt W w
louet and U nuFazd 4.. "ovcr-^bouuc waclt-lfor 1U.aok Uf w- W4tiovpl ; wyriJawdo
.A*i rOawdy" -dljstrliU ti'tiDo .lr WJA.tU. Lie th ..igaLty pQueSXu @rf GOVf c l '
iseluoKing Va tiou a.d Ai4iRat doiuia# -.aid jnrivk'ito UiJOUOLY.JQiy WLLe-opQftj tirty .

* peazti .et this gooaow-c -trv'el, br-U.; i, r tiQvt l c trinu Us e40oflUgs.
sade tha press ; l.nd on the p inrtfoiazul' 'in L"Battuaa cr bLoomrtr o unl :.o plueIc '2t
*outral.he wmts tade 4vemieont of tVU Gtato 'rLeultural. Colitaeld.idtorof its -
oaieau Zr'l u*me Ea ho0 qui fl.oy =4d1 a live wir lDirectore of t!0 %Spe#
aiant _UQtatioa :Ld Ak..4ser of tha tate Board of 4uoat1ap,
Ia 100vias n orambs of the X.tioaal "eIna.corntie literary ArvOtu in G'oi0 Do:hae
uiaYsd and fnCty used a gViat oyportuiity-ea rudtcnin deAttLsrouvig thea ISaL5 .
ciuSt &tarwitL the voteraamzirat folstead.
l gtla"on9 Coasa *Goe ,tary of tase MiSri-ca Foresty A EGoietioB*aid seitor-
of its gazingnc 'Coonefrvationa ho fought tV bat:.liee by .aich to prot'et uncl
wisely use our atural resourcer. H. aided ai4htily to offset fla thq establo ik
mat of the 4itito Lountain aid Southern PppalclGla= atioos-l PFruct I:ocoreIala
fAi0la eftartsUw p-ubalieUbd wi4aly#l- qtunredi oV-2- tuile sat half of thu Uulte3 SZtatauV
st i 1908 dJdeli vered "4 leturoe Io U weloke before iLpatkh Chiautcuqua.s
In Jaraj ro'at yVLLsPBsi.4ril1 'JsI ooacentYriazd Om uieflasBa'u pfSiatust *csar3rSo:
projectlta l:Worg liidea sf e1'oriajUincvlud logI its reeloi:ttion#flo d pr tXivtiit ad d,.mvCloluamot3wlch diaork basa brought bim to -ashiucton* Vbet our X4Uti
hbas at lasat grasyed thu priaiplles for whif*i ho has eo long foughtgivoug bin pno-
fowid utIsfautios.
If you would muikei yourpapar a Crus&der for the Cow:on 09o4dhei:ro*' n ; f 3L2 IfDi T
Ssud4 *Procooiig bouuid 1etr hu'lth eueorgymathusi.aan nd ar1i1 *1uton,;^,r.ill-4f hs
exrvine oaa be sigaured-wem051 quickly make your paper a pouer to thUic and* I o
you may got iatQ touch with him before he Iec iflves ill 'ka&Shngto n riddreu is 4 A

*; t.oiz'clooded !.herow aalXl t "hie' V.eo is imorTrl ca
on imeu3. ^ajaiar ind~ai~lg( -n) Very sincerely yotuara

WiashiagtoavD .C.,
216 A St.S4,

1W dear Mrs.Maoekensel
I tHieLk You for yours of the 3d. 'be Balt.Sun also had a goo.d acc-ount ef
thvi GlaBia case.

It all brings tap old time* to ae. I had & little Lo do witU exposiV g Bal-
liugerfollowinig investigntions of m owo, wmIr.. Piehot expressed his great
delight vita the way I handled it.,

I too lost my Civil S3rrie standing. Burtain persons aeaured as they wo ld
keep it &tiive while I was in the ornestry Atpg,, and then did .ot-b#t did deaud
zW resigoatioes.

MEigty g8la your dofts day hasa bees deferred. While thsre'r life there's

I re-read your long letteraad in it found ftl things you tameci. The RieHta
story is before ro, and LAb9 to usecit as you s4gcestod.

Th* Barnes letter int-erests mo You may not Io-ow that it was the tucersigoed
who put i-atr the ^Scpltfoa3n of 1904,after reference to taxation,the words*

Fartha.rafter reference to things Lhat should be taken over4 ,aud arming of
%reaws of productionnnd distribution. Z iauserte the words," J6cD IJUU.AMIi'
I uam'qeuotitg from miaaory29 years after,but I vaell recall the t*,o points I mat
on the platform Comuitte. Dr4Geoi.ueizerroo wrote the platfo mr-aa exxel'eat piIm
* of work,. I studied it with a microasoez.*provided the above to additions
and took thema to hiasaSd askod for his approval, He readily granted it. ]R
one else objeetedaS thus the "L;Ji)-VALUS TAX" aed "GOViRSMHMfTAL CONTROL' 0
OUR"SYST2I O Z=XCHAIGE"--the tabooed "9neyy quetiou"--got iuto the itAtlNll
platfoza of the Socialist paLrty of thet U.S.A. Of coureaI got kncaked' af-
tewzard f. r doing thleee thVgsBbut I gloried in thb kenoks*

Ia a little walk t-dtayIl discovered that our old friaileds, ward Kiating and
2l.Jaonlisetom,are fixtures in the office of LASBE" -big bt~4 Aiig iPt west
of the new House Offiin Bldg. Both were outpbrut I expect to call shortly.
Johnstoa is away. lie new handles work in the getting of legislation. I kiew ai
welleacd advised with bia early in 1912 re the desirability of starting a .: "Di
trIt Suffirage" maTe. He was for it STRO)GLY, and said," The sooner the better.
That helped hui-ry me., I think we advised with Cog.KsE8,
Have read much oftha Lubor Defeoder,and shall probably finish it -U41ibat.
seea to be a Co almmist paper, whioh I regret. "Co Bniem"( tie t u ?aan kind)
means .A3SOLUTIS4*ieh I hate with a deadly hatred. As to absolutiraI see i
tie to thozses betwe-c Hitler and Stalin* Ho everthe pap-r is strong.
Learned yesterday we mast move Satsmext. If a "Opecial seb -ioa" of CoWgrot
which I hwve felt ,;Sg to be very oneua qpcurcthiat should play into my hbads;ftor it looks as the we aust get legfila.
tijo o- nr B-rtattr,7The tFovery m v kee may need it. Mote balks by the Puw
(SpcIal session) Cordally yours,

~F~sR I .-~*- I'~- .-"~i;il.i- I ~-- --lr---

... '.. ." " .-' .
S. ...... ..
. . . '.. '.... . ......
ut ?'.-:..
.-. ." .: S
.. -- h.m--
4. c .I
Ir St...rp .C

1BM galled attevtoa$9 y ceet 14eitar *4 tdjulXnr
:.- of Uo'a. O

I. bad Wth 0lrw<^& 0 Af'l "A a
SI a wt eer ot ia via .izfba 16aM.i4rA
G& tl .,ere sf Ole toat the matia^r on .hlT8 atalag i tta, 1 pul

W lUw t oarp st af.o .t BN t tux.ftla o is, a*

AI~or sn an ew Jtlweo at th Ge ..... nvs C\om -tte
,4 F ." .
O hsai e stow wa oert afm.a susaI tt. t fidao" by app tr'ar.
-- aooperat1oa. '' A .t

-a 1tei&is tbAelpri^MS ev6=66W il Jazo pr jrt
bapi.on tltM pet obmetssf the ster ow l 6I sat -'snaaalip iat

V40 OW.g fae,0ut- I bavw faced
I arll 5oa ,r Mwi ttIn efte srth sat %ea ais not = .o C

fLS tbi bD wht ,4.fltfl is 19Sae m.aa tan rtapt r.d.r "..

IPy a* Imx"t haFute v lQAaw 6 AW'*,"pbe Yv "d-
Tlsbnotabl tie i at=wn.. aoi. # '
*'*s* a a Sax o rnsutea t in te wi et cu aes 'mle..

~ls'i -44.

Belle Glade, Fla.
S -.... Aug. 9, 1953.

Dr. Tios. E. Wilt,
216 FirsR St., ,S. E.
Washington, D.,' C.

Dear Dad,

Received your letters of July18, and Aug. 1. Am glad
to know you are in good health, and hope you will get a chance to
see as much of Washington as possible, as well as such ptber placz
a:. y.-ou may et\to, such as Roanoak, etc. See if you can get a
a little holiday along with your work.

Our storm scare was mostly a fake. The wind did not blow
here over 25 miles per hr., just a nice breeze, and not much rain.
About the time we heard .hat the storm was at Stuart, the State
and local officials drove all the colored population onto trains
/and shin,ped them to Ok echobee, where they arrived just in time
r to Lme.t the senter of the storm there. Fortunately there was no
particular damage dcne. There was an attem4t made to feed ihe
refugees. SeveEal told me tho, that all the feeding the; got
) was a man would throw five loaves of bread into a boxcar full of
|people, and those nearest *the door .'ot most of the bread. There w
were some meals cooked however and others got the benefit of this.
As usual the inajority of the population left the Lake, altho from
(all I could see, there was not 'the least use for goin1... I did
not even make any preparations, to leave. One of the things
that gets people panicy, and that should be stopped, is the
(broadcasting- over the raJ:.o of advice for everybody td leave.
This time, all Saturday afternoon and until Sunday night, every
halfjwour one of the stations in Miami, broadcasted Eng. Elliott.
telegr- am, urging all people in the Lake Okeechobee section to
leave at once. ilot satisfied with getting the peol:le to leave,
Elliottfity-in took them right into where the 7torizxwas. A- a
result of the exodus, all busiL.ngF was al, at a sta-rstill
for three or four days. afterward, and people spent---money that they
could noT- ffor--dtso enrI"in running away. The plan of having
a train or rather rains at the stations on the lake was a gf od one
but forcing ,-ti.Alimerlgs onto the trains, when there was iig need, and
//then sending the thins in the wrp-ns direction _ias justiJke the
/rest of meetingg was held here a couple of
,isys ago to discuss The proper 'handling of people in the future
but I did not, attend, and do not know what was done.

The name and address which you.w.,nted, vwas- I J.
?'Lawrence, Gales.aIrg., lich. Mr Scullen was in lere yesterday but
I did notj,hink to ask him llr. Whites liame. However I shall do so.

Will try to get the bag of muc- shdpped today

** ?

me e

eswas made Monday by W,P.Iooty, issinz Link }..i Rd. 26 to Toe, Friedlhem
ber of the State Road Department, Cur Cha!lber of Commnerce meet only
representatives of the South Bay 11 a meeting and. brin- up the matter-
aber of Commerce who attended a Y.c-1'Yrle CrqL:eer, CG.. Comrli9sioner,
ti g of the Department in Niami. tended a roaj__jeetin' in FTi. L.,
)ers of the party from South Bay wt,.and State nave allotted :l4.00.
S.J.FisherFloyd Allen and G.P. aFirc m Ft. L. to 2O.,-iJe hbend and
ison, (Everglades News,8--ll--33.) .aney' is pr i.ded- for biibding the
S3.L-Cj.l o4-'uic'thi of P. B. Co. Line.
i i it ,j 'Lhe Fed. Govt. appropriates *75,;_,00 7fo. 5wori-
froim L-T:L. to 20 mi. bendV: and .f50,,('00 froi &, Li;i. .en.. o co. Line.
;'7.' i'he 3tate.-puts up ;50Q009 Crockler said he "ras t'he only-one from
Sil- 3. county 'who vror.ked for thi .-.-road.. He !ke-.i. i:rguini-: our "Rep-
resentativte" Mr. Elvin to to -illCfo- it, Lou'"T- n.wpld not. say
i/a Twor. 'Thle representat yve from the eoaa, ..tated .Ta t .ill
;i Qi.o lj,,on this .-oi.,a..a ~J he. viantled tc et._aJ of "Che_ a-!.propr'iation
1o1. u the Diie '.iv. ,'lvic. they .-ausi^aed in L~. 'hey qsaid Rd. '2C
.;tpould coite w 1hh the i..e.ti ofi.he 'o now you .e ere
S.he ne::t work will have to be done, to get t-his road built.

c;' b,',-in"e is hold _11p very. well, alto as usua!1 at this
time of year tLere 1.- buL verjy .jj.tle Trey ini circulation. I have
not ,join ed thie 7eRA yet altho I expect to. kAm waitinr-j to slow the
as! ,e!e anr fi .. li.,_ ;ta, ic:. noperator.!-- titiie to :et ".hei)r code decided
i..-'on, a well a -tto pI.T off the e.:'tr? _e. sense of hirin 'o re .len
/ littlejcnger. There is not ..enf ,:itork here now for the present
cirev, bu0t qinice i will be preveL.ted from sh;'rteninrg. .the hoi,'?-:-
,cf th e business, it will be neces-a'ar to put on another maui or two
Sto loaf -h"ru Lte o.ay. pl. a riaf e rscifalvisT- thin tiir- of year
7 uill -Tor: quite a hardship ,n the business raen, as there isR Do
i.jrovijiSon for r:: : any r-ice" to rc' rn-p,~sate for the additional
1o-ertead' and nlt ,) "in enses- have about all the over-hedd that
*ihey can carry. The alteret.ion of thie bui2dino- is prac-icaill-.,-
-i a -,ed now arnd ':.ltho it in not all ..aid .'i; I_.a!n. br.-ke .jnd
Pdlont see any Lchance for a trip thiTs j:.iinier.. This iHLj is Lcoin.-"
to , sti_.Jarder. 'he lan is a '-.:o'd one an.d everybody will
better, off after it has had a chance to be In o,-eration for a few.,w
,iontihs, but at first it is likely Io make a _g6od maiy_ lusineses_4 ;-o

I for'.wvarded Miarianj; letter. 1043 Stearns Drive, Los A.
Mr. Scullen says he thiinks Lr. k'Thite is not in Phila, but
posibly in -alin Zeach, or deceased. Je fr;li,? will be :-ere in a. few
di3:.r and he will find ou;. from him.

En.joyed r,,adin-_ yozur travelog on ".'VsshinGton. Expect I.
vould. have to lear,'' 'iie old o. town all over if I went, bh-,ick.

Hope vtour m...ney is holding out. 'Would .end._u Q-uie nov;,
1 but iust .inYenpt__.O t _i.. .

)K'Vomise that "we will be throwing
d4'irt on state raad 1O.R6 wI+hin An.

1 ,'



1--Fed.Govt.allotted how much?
State allotted how much?

2--How much from Ft.Laud. to 20-Mi.Bend and
Palm Beach County line?

3--Is no fund allotted to building the road from
the 20-Mi.Bend to the Miami Canal?

4--Is no fund allotted to builu this road north of
the P.B.Co.lineand on north to Lake Okeechobee?

5--Did Fed .Govt.appropriate $75,000 tor woik from
Tt.Laud. tou 20-Mile Bend?

6--Did Fed.Govt.appropriate $50,000 tb build from
20-Mile Bend to Palm Beach County Line?

7--Did State of Florida appropriate $50,000;and,if
so,for building what section of Road 26?

8--Is it possible that any funds appropriated to St.
Rd.N0.26,whe her by the Fed.Govt. or by the State
of Floridatcould be diverted to Dixie Highway,or any
other road?

9--Has any such diversion taken place?

10--Is all of State Road NO.26 now fully financed?
11--If notpfrom what source should the necessary funds

/' Sho.-:.ed your letter re. MTissinLg Link o.i Rd. 26 to Joe FriedhPie
/ an- talked to others abo1Lt it. GLr er of Com.merce meet_ only-...
promiqedtocall aH meetingu and bring. up the matter
/1 Uu.J-...iont ld- I...,Iow(,ve;g, "royle Cro l .'er, CG.. tCo.m, ...ion..
ac ere ,yes. r-sat) Lad Jraf a tended a roadleetinp: in FT. 1,
i/-es relt!a. that. thile ,ed.o. t. and State have allottd '1:so000.
!to "nediate building o.-the roa.ilrom Ft. L. to 2.CL-.ile ben& and

Isect on .io!!i 20 mile bend :o Mil .i.-C o-icoth of P.. Co,
As .I remembel.r it ,.the e. Gov.t. appropriates "75,,00 f6-r--or-
froin ?T:L. to 20 mi. bend;lV'and "50,000 fro: P 0, Ul en.;n to co. Line.
; he tate_-.t... ~up .;5 ,0Q. Crocl:er said he :1a8 the onlone from
l. -3. County -who worked for thia..-road. He k:ei. 1!a-iti. our "Rep-
Sresentative" Mr. Elvin BEhs to ta'lfior it, o 'w ild not say
/a vroaj. The repreentat-ves f romi the .8os -..tatd t e d iJc --
_n..., t!..; .L.oa,. aci-lc e., granted to e t e i -ro- riation
: ,u -th Dke DBiie .. tVhwic. they tZg.^jed in etti--. They-d Rd. 26
17011,-.. com.zee ;'fi,;,1 tie re il. r_ ,-,
^. ... comt 'i--, t._1 e i....:t .es of the So now you sg,.e ere
lie net xore will have to be done, to get t:is road built.

:.r h. ines is holding _I verj well, altbho a-; isaual at this
time of year there i b very e i. but very le iiey in circulation. I ave
not .oinmed the ;RA alitho i expect to. kA! waiting to-allow the
larr7e and. fili:n 7ta ioroper. toi- tiie to get their' codern decided
I:,'n,' as veil,: pu.. off the e-.tra .jpen!e of hiriil i.ore !men1
Slaittlecnger. Ti-iere is not. enuf zork here' nuow for the present
crew, but ,i1ce I will be prevented from shortenins tLe ho':,i
i the business, it will be toput on another mnaa or. t wo
/ o loa :1.u the. ay. "-in s plan erp ciPallTya 1 thlin tin: of year"
will ,'o;. quite a hardislhiip n the business men, as there is Do
rovison for '-iins any pr-icer- to comi !4te for the additional
over..e-, antd hmont '.r-inenses have about all the overhead that
*they can carry. The altercation of th"e bui.din is practicll.-
flini-t ed nov and ,iltho it is not all paid ioI l am br, ke -,nd
fdiont see any chance for a tpi.a this si.u--.-mer.. This .JT-L is g, ins ,
Lo -makleit stij.harder. The plan is a L'c.'d_one and everybody will
better off after it has had a chance to be In ol eration for a few.Tw
monthsh, but at first it is likely .0:o make a g6od -maJy.j ^sine?.0esjo
ibrok 0e.


I fore-iarded Mari an. letter.

1043 Stearnrns Drive, Los A.


l--Fed.Govt.allotted how much?
State allotted how much?

2--How much from Ft.Laud. to 20-Mi.Bend and
Palm Beach County line?

3--Is no fund allotted to building the road from
the 20-Mi.Bend to the Miami Canal?

4--Is no fund allotted to builu this road north of
the P.B.Co.lineand on north to Lake Okeechobee?
5--Did Fed.Govt.appropriate $75,000 for woik from
Ft.Laud. to 20-Mile Bend?
6--Did Fed.Govt.appropriate $50,000 td build from
20-Mile Bend to Palm Beach County Line?

7--Did State of Florida appropriate $50,000;and,if
so,for building what section of Road 26?

8--Is it possible that any funds appropriated to St.
Rd.NO 26,whekeher by the Fed.Govt. or by the State
of Florida,could be diverted to Dixie Highway,or any
other road?

9--Has any such diversion taken place?

10--li all of State Road N0.26 now fully financed?
il--If notsfrom what source should the necessary funds


t. .

I1r. Scullen says he thinks :lr. W'kite is not in Yhila, but
possibly in Pal-n Beach, or deceased. Tes will be 'lere in a few
d'c~ys and he will -find ou;: front hii:'im.
En.joyed rea.d1ine your travelog on Washington. Expect I,
vrculd have to learn the old town all over if I went, back.

Hope rtor in..1.ney is holding out. '/'lould sendr.4wu -QLe rrow,
but Jius.t haventff-t i.t.

1 1


~S~S~S~S~j~lrt~LaQ.-k~--C- ICI

....... ......

t Aft

*0 U


In All"
a Sol




40" W' _$Il I $I a"

p ,xww lww "Wopp-q! -w -VRWPWlw)w


_VWW 4w
7 77'-


'.. 4.. i. : "

1.w, 1. -T-
^a :,;' -. ^

*Ut .. .p**
j. -A
.. ..- -
.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~ra ..-. .

,,r X

ft m a "rn 'in i .'*' w ^ ^ w M m~
watI nn 2fl( L

n. & i,
fLy- ..,



P a~z~;" '- I -" 'w "-"agii

- 4 A .

a DiSSet 5S. dibiaai pflrl hi S.L.,
ewesU jr .sa s

-wwa i 6m ki 1 aft-Apw &w


,dlpr- sa

- S r M
*.-'- i. ,te e


-- ;--lr~~:~~~:;1:!i ~ i-~;
:~. ~!.,~, ~ i;i!~l~:-jc~~, I* ?;*; ,:~
;;:.I~;,. ":
*- i:- l;r
;r~i. .
:r --:;; ::r"*"
1.. ,~ i~ .. ...
i a,
.. j: ...b a 2
li~c~9': ::
if' '- ~
:... i. ;: ..*I 1. _~_..I~. _:II-;-~;(-L-L .i;!;~-;L ~~IC~~-;~-LL;i;~ I'



..... .y.. ..... ."... ... .,.o


Mm~ wrK +.

a w l ,n ..*mod" ..:-m
.6 wC1i*?4 -m

l 4MWI #W*
to bola us

go-- TO --l I I
-jjVast fami uLw wtl u t Su I ta miZt '"
A'MM MiWE~. L~lbrr~tW abY'~YIl IM w=-~ ;~i~:

W -StE ,wB. .o :
xy< jxw it *fy.ytt^*an ~ r irfiir

I mTOM or Vi

. a S WS .m.w..S
m Lflw*

I- 1 .

m IA





;? V .i*~



4 1 *W 5 usp r aid tin bnontr $S "d e*i MW

igW ton ats 6-and kr aa .mtmrnesa eel fl4ue Vallem awt
oiilalmwt of bet tof fliEta aSo id 51tU mmd tee.;1 "ad.

ain tiefl Vtl tfin of 1^ isatm; aed

StiiaAIt t os beUevd ateimsutati lo
ypro fl 8i*O0-t tu gbow a3sBto tue
dimiXPOflt Sad

"JI TarrC K ,lMM Valj lt 1au9L
swAito^f &rA fliWtvIeeeititfua

Ib ufai betu at Iw CW yod Mamtk GeLseuwM(0a ar faie WAbbfls ga
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ U Uw lf ltr tr mN~fauMema cows ate %*Am~ a*- Otshedgmria

* Ithere to natm % ibe lo Mat &pa ea4pLiwtat Gwr
iEo rf f lfritd t, taste WA a44 bl in-m marto t s ti i w eaU of
Pntlsq sill bm e ga ZQl~ thornforsbe u A

41"4 h

pT~fIiY^.t ^yi~Stf flbji'l~~ iMIy 1t?y etlarsaatly IsaUW~ose 'Ma Ul ftw~IaE;r atidf *aaft HM^

-, aa.. -
8o*t at florida~te utske r44dapifltaiios at am e&sity Our.


" *" 'x T ...:" L. Jr i' ".ii ,. *'.? .- .. ,.
" -. R ..
I .l e

*?3L D St.,U,.S. "
S. Atg'15,195

Belle Glade.Yla.

WEar- 4 L9awrence--
Pleamei-yBtMe ab ont atdne.:. Came in here Sat. Destroyers had reached our houe ,
as I left-

Am smeleiO:t-- "
2--Ieitter to4 Y tolt aker.
2- -Ltte e to W,, .Llctkiu,
3--Two'eopies of reWlptiona to be sent to Governor and Forester;each abould
haTe a copyw( Three copies.)

Above e, pi.Lnso An winning a victory here;but florida must cooperate- ot all
'Will fail.

I fiit. to :,iask you tor--
I.--GOet a.oh of your loal civic organizations to adept resolution and aiill
as abe;both kecan use sae s espy.
2--Get Swuth Bay'sa organization to dD same.
3--Interest Pahokee(if you can--say tLrough lltitt--Ford man toere--)to do

I'11 write Mdore HaTen' & Ok.City & .Canal Point.

Now if te can get the Lake and the 'L. Coast citie4we're pretty safe.

Reed, a zeply from Auat MakLy B ell to my circular last Sat.,sent by aeroplane.
tick work*

.. iAat get breakfast :,n3d to to city for a day. Health fine as ever.

K /' ever yours

S .- *. .

/. -r ; ,' t '* *- .., Q E

......... .Y......... .. . . ......

. ," ,.. 'v /.
? ', :..' : JBUE|J

f '.;,

; i ;
," '

'* ''1', B


tv% i 4 e '~

~~-~- 'F: ~ -,
A~i;a c; .

H* :^[S



4`1 AU,






WL, 4



FP-FC allahassee la
E'vergiad U Zallahassee, Fla.
A > August 16
1 9 3


Mr. T. E. Will
713 D Street, N. E.
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. Will:

j I have read your letter of August 10 with
much interest, and it gives me an entirely differ-
f) ent slant upon the situation surrounding the
Everglades. I will ask the DistrictForester to
ascertain whether or not the landowners or counties
located within the Kissimmee River watershed are
interested in cooperative fire pptection. I would
favorably consider organizing a firecontrol unit,
in which case we might bhable to secure a forest Thus far we have found it much more
difficult to interest_landowners in counties in the
southern part of the State in coopeyative fire pro-
tection than in the northern part of the State, but
the Florida Forest Service is ready ai willing at
all jaimes to cooperate, and I shall do what I can
with my limitedpersonnel to organize a fire control

/ I am wondering if you would consider it ad-
visable to attempt to acga re a statIe- rest that
would coqe a large-4part of the headwaters of the
(Kissimmee River. Laws relating to this matter are
enclosed for your information.

Very sincerely

Lee Baker



Forest Fires Make
Idle Lands
Idle Industries
Idle Hands
Stop Fore.t Crow Trn
Keep Forest Land Working

';:,, ,4 *,
^ C' "'" ''.'. "
'(:+.'+ '. ..i.+ ... ~ !..
,. i., r" 74- .,

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+ +; 1: +. .. L .t.. ., % -+ .':'".. .p.. + .,... +. -.
.~ ,,, + .r..(. '+ .., s ,.'. +, 7;''.++I+,

c,' +.. il' l ':# .' g,-, ", +..j .," "' :" h''':+ +"
o L. .I c'r.;,I +.+ P ",. ,
-,_ :T[ + .++. + r + +.. ,- ..,..+ + .. + ,.,.- .+.; + +j.

,. -. -.. ..., ". .",'r.
+''*.' .* r- +,": ^- */: ". -". ;*; ,; ," ;,; *' "*; + ; .- ..*.-;. + ,
r.,..;,++ "i- 'I. ++ '/ .** ; -...-T+. +; >,., *--. *:, + :".. ^.-'.' + +
, ,.;* .* ^ ... ., -,, .: .... .. -. ,
iri-^ 1^-'^-';'^?.?^
, ;. ,,, .. -. ... .4 ,, ... + ., .. r '

i '" ,, ". 'r '' -,**: ^ l! / .. *^ L '< ;-' :' L" '' *. *.' ,
.. .. ., + .. 4 ,':. t,'. .9.*.'4+. ,'

4. ; -, 4- '. ^, 4, '
',. + '';;'.-.,, +, V ",,, !,-..,_'. 4.4 + + ... ,,

I* :*> ^ -"^- "~ 4.;T '1- '- .
* '. .., r. r 'Ii o. ,. ,
.. .. .+ '_ :. .. .. *

.:. ',,r \. ? 'Th.. '.. *. .., +'. -. -. :
.... ,; :. )
-.. ... ... ..... i -+.+E ... .:-, .. c-P, -:
,+ .v "I -. .-- ,: iB ." : -.
o+.. .. ,' M ,t .!" j l. ..." : .. I~ .. :.
S .' ...; ,, ".'. -!~~. "-~ .,t, -. ..'. .J -" .
w c : _,, _. -,'. .~ ;*. : l- ,,; ,t .

~ ~ ,,,, ." ." ".,,-t.. -','


*' : ; I

-t ',. .* .* .
4 V.-; *. *
^^. tM^*^ii
e ta4Oa;^

- ~ .44'i,

..' ""< C. ,. I' '" '

n' -*i. j ;. *" 1' .

4i.' .., '. .

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",Y .?.h." .';. .: *' ,, -',. +~ '^ 0 ; ;' 3, .
1 44 42*... 4 .

+ .'* ,. '* ,; ,''; .' ,: ,." .. ", ; ,;,
S ", *. ,. + ', .4 ,; 4 '-
: +.'; ^. : '- ,. '. -,' '.'. -. *,- ... ,,/ ,
: -. .. ". *- 'r "." ". .-:,' 4
, ;. ;. 1 ,. .' i, ; .r.,- :.'
: ,- ..., ,-,. ,,.. -, ,

* .+ 1 .', ...; .^ l :., ,.? .'; .,; 1: ?., ." .
*. 4. .4 .4 ,,.. ; '. .. +
r. j, '. ,, ,"',
"94 -" -. 4 .- '' '- '' ', ? '
. .' .' '4 *' *: 4- .4 .. 4' .. '
r 4k,

4 ,, r -, ^ ,,, ... -,: ; ^, .,,,, ; ; *"+- f, .. + .. +- +
; :' 'i" ..'^ ^ I .'1 ,,- ^ _.. ., ,'."',...: .-^ f, *,'t. '' o<: .. + ',
*' ^ ^- :', .. .. + .. .. +"+ '** *'* "." ,, -" r
'-, *.^ ,,. r *-V,+i, .,, *. + ''..; ,;Y',, .,. *i_-.'.'. ,.', .,..
1." "- '. ."., 3,' -4; :
-: .. .. % !. ,, .. 4+ +. -; -.
4.. 4(4 -
444444 4-' .44 444 '*
4., 4'
~ *.4~'.-. '~1 .q' *4 '.444

-I.-- Tz-

4..........- ,. ',
y '"' ^ % ?' "''*'' ,'** .+ *"' ,' :l .' ..-' "- ;
,4... ,'. *
.' ,1 ." '. ,' +' I o ,
'+ 'L ",' '- '. *- t.+ '
''',,i ~ .; .j :, ..

. .. .

;-. I -1

4lo 3: $ : 1' AN
A .. .. 'f l .o M e.n . ,- .I. .* *. -

-!'As yan koT10 the tX.S: sawu ntwt.*n tJieJ fry vAeIjia. Va.0 guratUa -Y" wheth.e

4' O b -f M6.. ... J;B "t i ." '
. ., '-. .-b, -gau -- U ai-,;' 'a r ed' .:'

*"A par of thA isBy g p;i -z k .. n
.. .. "0' greatly to : .

z ,f'r ser' ot 'er .." o ''is ,l,. "at. wD.'g tIeQ' .t 'ter.v1 y m
Ohf k t 4, ,'lw. 'f. f .tdt'. tars;a p$*t fl nostawt.y uts od wwhqst. tas; en- '* .

0 L. :' ,-- .tpe ef -. ',., ,'Q o n '"p n" .X -
Ith 0 AS

;? or nA' ii 'awareiE 'of t'Okade^olt rb .ct th -t the 'tb1f4juiot 't W- shtuzesQb-t'. -
(If Rc. llsw Stt. 9T t* ,.tf ? I, t ,lt a, -t htrt ,t f 8 'b qflit oS .tat
pod, Snt t.b.^ l'tb' twUi8lne fly-. woitd fgrqtly"Xerot-tosr aogetktu i

$ -, i t; .
.* It.i. .. greatly to 4ssired..thete r.orpt r-? h t:-. ,.wt
, .' E ". .. ,-

. ,' .. -,:l ',i ; ,. .^ i.:,... .

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-e '"" ,;. ,' t" !' ,
o i ...... I m I n i ..n n m m I m n n n" .. nn '
.: ] i .. err~ -PQLalB qfF o '.. .. l~oT C... k t.,, 5, 'Q ; gt~ l 4.o,

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..n4 ',, in ;i' Iq I: :.i. n i ,n s: e n"; p'~c 0 1:3- i~ INii~ .$r 9:B n~t i: pn n i i i'z' N'
.: ...~~a ~ s .: ,, ., :m im/'' m:iUm "i ".m"m

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7i ?,.:
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.F .. ,' ,:i, O.f,
'". ... ... t- p-"J.. 4.- I ..' -I .. .
: : ,, '" -i," : .. .. '

'''S., 'p
1 "" I l "ll p .`- r l .. '
t.,A $L,- 4 -'" "'"". ''" .- "' "
P ., .* .. + o +" + ",. .. : -, . +' .. . +." .-, ; + ... + ", + +. + ..,
," '' ', ; + + + ". ; .. : -b ,; +. + ; # .- -.,. ; ., ,. ,+

-tm + '. ; ++. "; .'-, i+ !e.' : ;" C+,, .%- + '.' m' + + + ', ,. ."
,,. : : .:- ., ., ,. ..- ,,,. +:, ;. .. ,: p.-,+. #,,., +].:L ; ,,- .,!,, .. .+. .. ',". ': ;' ..',+ ; . _. +, + + S ,


Aug 18, 1933.

Dear Dad,

Am forwarding my recent letter. It was senit to the ad
address on your letter, but I notice that on the Picture
post card, the street was A instead of First. However, I
just recd your last letter with new address, so hope this will
reach you.

Will try to get local organizations to act on your f
reforestry resolutions.

Everything is about as usual here, we are all well.
Have mot sent that muck yet, as we have been having plenty of
rain and I wanted to send fairly dry muck.

Glad to hear you
hear from you agian soon,

are still in good health and hope to



.p~' `i.. :I
~- ~rII


WVashingt on,D. C.,
715 D St.,#N.I.,
August 19,1933.
tr.larry Lee Lanker,
State Forester,
Tallaha ssee lla.

1y dear lMr.Bakeri --

I was very glad to receive your letter of tbe 16th.inst, I want to oongratu-
l1te you and the State of Florida upon the excellent forestry laws you enclose,
Having been out of the State sinee May 10,1 1ad not yet learned of them.

In view if trte character of these lawsuit is easy to see the appropriateness
of your suggestion in your last paragraph* As. to your queotion,I cnn see but
one answer.Aseuming only that other parties io&interest are agreeable,it seems
/to me eminently desirable that you avail yourselves of The liberal proviasins
/of these lawsand proceed tolt&kflldeO steps "to require a state forest that
' would cover a large part of the hae-d waters of 2% KissBmmee River,"

bolosed sketch A indicates roughly the waters that feed into L-ke Okeechobee,
They inoltde the KLssimmee,and others, Of ,he latter,the Allapattah Flats de-
eFves espefl:.l attention. Under .resent conditioxsunotably the fact that the
St.Lucie Canal diverts its waters from the Atlantic into Lake Obleechobeet
seems especially desirable that its head watersaws well as those of the KissiSa
eebe intercepted by an adequate forest.

Sketch B indicates further the difficulties encountered in efforts to reclaim
the f.verglades. These be inoreasinginstead of diminishing.

In my judgment,the above facttsmake it absolutely essential ithait the Ever-
/glades be granted : Lll the help forestry can possibly bring it.r-Otherwiseit
Iould almost seam--what some flatly declare--that the Glaes/be written down
'an utter and final failure. =ust-

Of courseby the Act of Sept.28sJ850,Floridz, is BOUND to reclaim the Ever-
glades;aud many people--I for one--bought t'verglades lands in 1909,and following
years,with the distinct and positive assurance that not only would the State
carry out its reclamation obligation,but that #at that very time,it was ACTUALLY
DOING 0,. Without this asaurane,I ama oure tlhat NOT ONE of the 20,000 who bought
when I did would have paid one oent on Everglades -landas

Furthermore--unlike many others--I have given practically my whole time since
(1910 toward aiding in the fulfilalmet "of*this obligation.It was just this that
I took me to Tallahae;:ee in 1931,and has'brought me to \'ashington in both 1932 and
11933;these three trips covering a F1ULL YEWL of timswithout one cont of salary
jor feoBs ..

I regard it as a hap -y circumstance that thl.. II.Board occupies the important
position it does in this forestry matter ThUey should be especially eager to
ensure the entabliebshment of this proposed Above-Lake Forest.

Kindly command me on anything I can do. The EVERGLADES MUST E SAYD The

Very truly yours,

*I .- *

.Pa sty-em om ('8-8 '; '
Elit's Machf-lIkg. '6o ttr ibtGy.
Rg kikd re Wrnge by al. gt tht
1 "sTti rt at 1st. Evrybd:y Tn& Nt.Elslt
.GRT .AUTGRTY.CdAt run Fla wtht bm.
Shid. agree among :f'lvs re-Wrqgs.C'Com G.
Thn tell Gv. Atma tm,he shd kno':w Er pp
':hold Ellt, Wd hlp me if I em via Tl &
,.tell Gy thgs. M)Lg S h id. He shd be in
. 4 all soh. Oldt. Inihb.Mk most of ths.
:/'liks fa .Mrs La address. Anxs o.o gt
(Whites'B sm & ko if ghe is lvg.-
Rd 26:S.rev. Date. Yr pewsa Will see Rd 3

C hr' re KIKG .RD .'
o.: YS Feel petty eufdt if
piitr-r^L;ilu OK. BRA

(VT EHd %% f aflit anis re litti ma. No.
ass se t w rek. ,
On8.d seeem %jr be addg" onto Broes.
Cnu btr ErKIKG HRD,
BROKE N. Io Trip So A
sjeaaTHX O d i
rn'ia.mot. .10.*

M a Tell Dbtrss
Cafdtrn wn of cn but STK TO IT.
Frstr. looks Good.Latst. "'"
Rd. To preprr a Brf fr the Rd Buro, .
Stayg: Bdg Slg. 6 x 12cft rm. Lvg on
The a GRT TIME TO GT THGSs Tht 3 blln
fed. Frs-ur? & Rd bt h frm it Nybe r
N Cnl & S o Outlet too.

Pub.Rds. Buro,Willard Bldg.,Mr.Toms.
Last Call thre,8-22-33. Sd. Prepare a
BRIEF on St Rd 26. ( See TEW. to LEW. fr

r ', .: :-.: ... .

713 D NeE-oil
1. -33.
-Mr *
r.L .2.Will, "

Belle Glade ,Ila ":"

My de-r Lawrone. :--

Read. yours of..the 9th. this morning. NVow 2155 P.M. Also yrs,of 18th. enc.
Always glad to kear from you, Thru desire Sro ke p in touch,and also to tell
you re the InIAI'll answer right now.

Yes,I'm keeping in first clas:- ehapoend doing lots of work too. Getting-a llt.
tie 15-minute nap twice a day helps im:aensely. Can then go on 5 or 6 hrs. at
night. -

Whoever is Gov.,Ellioc continues the GRTD-KiI SC}HIEF-MAKEB, Your ppl. ought to
let the Gov.,how you feel about such things. I think the MAIU RLASOn for Elliotl:*
eternal hanging oBl*.nd rt -iading at Tal, as the GRAIDS.i Sand SOLOMON of thl E.y
is that ', iI:;V'-r: ICNI, I'm getting ready to do aL] itibnse job of it: and I ought
to have @ l1 the backing I con get fro',. Home Folks. Tha.t is one thing used against
me by the Fed Engs. 4ereo. Thy pretended that I ifpd. no body, ud v;an out try-.
ing to grind my own ax. It's maddening. showed a lot of naail,but they tried to
suecr these awaya.nd argue what I showed did not fit. JNothlnt. fita 'Fth these as "
sos 'ut :,.LIOT'S STUK-': and they pretend never to have hoard of him,or to know
who he is. 7iaere is another point on whtc!i'a'm off the mubjeot," .With all the r
proof I carry in my pocket that 3l1.idt is the MHOELE THIrGwith them as with Tal,.,
* I \.e's not alloved to present it,eith'er to th. full Board or-to thu resident am
ber to whom t walked froe; ently. It's mighty hard not to conclude that.:Ia lot
of the.i are twi, th graft game .1 am convinced is tke BIG ARG. for tsat RI'TTEi ST&
LUCI joheiae. Iv'w concluded S-'s BIG 3C0I,2. is to Kill the Ev.,and BO3'TL7 ALL PO8
SBL3 ..ATER T.] I.N LK.OK. to IGAR-..IT3 THE ST LUCIE SAflfU- You'kno the Ghvt ir. igat
western sands and made them1ialuab1e. The R probably paid not more thn $3 to
15 per ao:'?e fr those 15QO0+0"0b both sides the St.Lc. Howif it can get th USA, ::
to DRATIUA & IIU;I iT:', THOSU JiaUiDSD, and make us IIS, P ?AY iE IT, and 4t th 'ri same get
the 3v. put why orc ib"ftooraTmisniou save the little fridge aroun*-(the Lake,and
selitl'. lands at' '100 or more per aorie;l .t multiply Ihat aCreoge profit bby
150,000.,Otd see where Ybu come out. The ylcpuld buy a whole corps of engineers' ,
just out of thatprofit and have a gage fortune left, One can't CHARGE all this
specifically against one indiviidual'-vithout being ready to go to court about it,
but I can muster the doos, that mount higih,in proof of monstrous orookednoss i im
this job, nd theirr emanating fromw.the same source '

You might remember that our former Chief Justice of the Pla. Supreme Court/s13d
thred times in my hearing--oncebef ore vitnosr-es--t&aa if he ever went wroun,theg'.
on to spcvaifys faeatsFAOTSa ist-e -linked 4iain of argument: ABSOLUT LY NO ESMA,
He had seee me tnrfom ocase here before the Moaas Conmittee on ;S. In the IQOF R,,'
in 1911--121 but what I did there and then is not a patching to what I am pre-
pared to .do, vith this thing. So,if I seem a little slow.rewember I'm piling u p
the fact' and streangtheming the steel-linked chain, I'd hate to be at the other ,.
end of it, -I may return via Tal ostensibly to 'talk Fotestrylbut before I get 14.
of that town,if the Gov, Oan be seei. at all,I'.m liable to talk. something elseytk

Ifaeanwhiie,this latest Elliot perforumande were. madi the occasion for telllhg .i.'1
the GoT.* where FoE, stands in thi Ev.,pIt-would help pave the wuy,mad protect me .'"
from aaiin being assumed to be the. *nly pebble onsthe beaeh. ;.

,. ....
~ ~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~:... .-.: ; ..',:'.; ;. ;.' .' ., ." '" -- .".. .


L*W.-- ---
In such a showing it ought to be made 'transparently plain thntvbut for i4s -
rotten levees,the slaughters of 1926 &192 would never have occurred. I' lm.Ba- .
bar well yoiur telling me in FtLd, --when you were working on thdse 1 veces,-
what a shameless job -was being made of it, And now he ha persuaded 6t1e U.S.GoVfl.
toO3 IT QVITR AGAIT;the ppl. being fooled into thinking 'thatsince the preeet :
levee will cost so many will make people safe* Don't accept thatr.'iMou*e
sense for a minute. Wait till. you see what I can show you on that. Just as you
told,about 3 yra, ago,what is neocded is to LET THI WVATR- OUT; NOT
DAM IT Up," lbut that would spoil thatwenderful IR' IGATION SCH2IL'Z I spoke of.-
In one place,Jlliot said that the one thing that hurt him worst wag the assump-
tion that H13 V.'AS TO BLAMCE for those 2 slaughter-housee,. RLB THAT I If he'd but
stopped with that record it would bjave be? n bad en<.,ughlbut to -1FASTE3 TI7 T'HING'
on US POP.EVIER, and XMSJl&i AY 'FOR ETTIKCG KIL; LD, that's too much. Your advice
to Fletcher wastnI1fPREICISML:i RIGHT THING TO SAY. You said it first. I'm sayiog
it all the times /'
As to Rd.26: Did yoy see the d-.4ews item on 8--ll,p.l,Col.2,Top? Mooty quot-:
ed as. saying "V'e will be throwing dirt within 30 da'ts"--this ti 'S.Bay men in M-,
I've planned to carry this and your statdmoent to the US.,Rd.Bd. and try to get
the l-test. ,d-s to go to-day,but we're having -in all-day rain.Jait till to-morrow'
That of Mooty.'s did not say that the WHOLi RUOAD was yet financed. I want to knew.:
The usual treachery of W.P7,Bch vs the western Ev.,helped out by -ahoke.,is inter
eating. I've felt ior years that having &ur region in P.B.Co. w.- having a dead
man died onto us.( TPul talked n:bout that, Roman custom.)
Mighty glrd yourbsnecs... is holdg.up despite the uation-wide calatmity. I believe
( tho I'm not much of a -Roo4evelt ms0n ttiat if you can hold on a little longer -
the trouble will be nvornot merely fbr now,but,mayberight along. Thereon hantr.
a tale I must tell- you.
Last Frud'y, I went to the Sen.Commieroe Connaittee room to copy most of theo U,S;.
1bgs.' late-t smasLi t us. Worked about 35 hr. when Secy.l'eville said," I'11 haTy
to go mow. Stay as long ase you pl.aat. Lock the door on leaving 'Tis helper al-.;
so left. I finished bet, 1 3; 2;then glanced around. and saw a book left on a sofa:I
near by. I picked it up. Title,"R-VOLUTIONt O1:JOBS." Author,Thomas -wing Dabney, -
Financial Lditor ,I" i'ie -New Orleans States. Sub-Title: The Odenheimer Plan
for Guaranteeed &ploymcnt." The Dial Press, Inc.,New York. A big bouk, to/c
Sigmund Odenheimer,New Orleans,3is a successfulpractical,money-ma.king dapi-
talist in lJew Orleans *sPresident, Lane Cotton iill.s.Uew Orleans. 52,0)0 spindlos.
He studied in the UnaO. of Karlsruhe( Charles's Rest),Germauy. "Thereoje read,
aEtrong bent toward Socialism.(p.44)Laterhe straightened his ideas to meet the
capitalistic conditions of ioduseryrbut still thea human sympathy remains,"(p.44).
In Jan.,193.',adresseed the sub-judiciary Comm it LOe of U.S.Senate here.( p.229.)
S.0.(Fbove) rkies money eveniard times but ke'2ps his thinker going. He knows
the proletari it" won't forever stand to be tramping the roads by millions
( 12,000,00 the top figure)* They'll get jobsor blood. He sympathize with
themB,but knows he'd be a Viotim,too. So he has two reasons_ f1or- helping straight-li'
en out this mes. .
Here's wherv his thinking brought him. ALL capable workers MUS'T HIAVE% JOBS; "
for their sake and for oura,too. .We can't stop to make millions of- UEiM jobs.
Te must fit these millions into .the EXIST;nG JOBS.( There's tbo point you're faef,
,ing,) We must out the hours,till theregaB room for the -whole 121,0009. :,
If,at firatthat neoesitates splitting up the wagesetpo,eo as not to boost thej."'
over-heacStoo muchdo t t,,Better a half wage,than 3REVOLUTION.( i.e.,the uS-
81AB jind* ) if can paya XIJIe. moroe do that. BUT QGT Ea RY MAM INTO AS JFIB ITF
>".;03, ,- :-y. 3. .. : .... : .- ,
S- .
. .. .,, ,_ .. _^ .. .. :: : ; .. .. : .'

L.E. a;. -
W',ith AL_. employed,two things ,will followL--l--The CHARITY drain on the pub .
lie will atop. ?--The formerly-employed,but scared to death l49t Uaey go onto,
tho street too,will get over their scaoare, -Some have saved some money,but gripped
it like a vice while the scare was on, Now they'll lo .eo up,and begin to spend.
Tile 2 or 3 layers of men above them, ,better off,i,e.,who have saved more but
squeezed it just as hardwill -.lso begin spending,

Now when 3-? IDING begine,S2'LLIIG begins,too. And,on its hetls,here comes MAKING
stuff to sell;manufactorieE,rnills,mioae,farms,.-.ll get busy to L.;. STUT.-,' TO SELI
'TO GET THIS iL'YL UONSY thus YU i1.D LO S.,( 'T'hLts far,ia thib,we've not had l1 Of
inflation, :he're just spundina the cash tied up in to pealck. But
times are getting a lot better, J

Now,because times are bettor,tho pay of these pcor devils who have been living
on j wage or zo,will begin to swell up. Better business makes it poBsible to pay
better wages. And sinoe no one is trampingthe man working for a pittance oan get
o. little more chesty,and first ask, nd,then,if -o.ces.-aryILiST oa

JLow,when he geLTs this,he P-_ihDi; T-ii-t NWIV UONO Y,and thus makes "~u:z JUSIl":SS
right down the line from the retail store back to the ground,from n..hioh comes
the agleprodathe mineralsoetc.eto. The whole system is ". looking up",and keoep]
rig'nt on lo l:ing uphigher and higher, In a word,hard times a-re over;and,if
tn. higher powers inEist that this syotaem of keeping all employed be tiim: reguI
lur,serra.nent thin- -,the hard times will stay over: T;Z' LIZ LJliJLi OUT .OF

"Socjialism?' el,call it ..hrt you like. -t w;ill be a big improv t ,h-nt over the#,
pro=:entt i1ZL,. In f&C, thiB iew 2jrle.ans Financial editor says, Yc,IT'3 &CI'ASN
Then he lio;ts the lot of Siooi list things we've got now and are tickl.?d to
deLcth over...nrid \-ouldn't give up for anythingg : Public Schools, Iboic L.ibr-ries,
Public h&rk-,5osStal Svings Lmnkz,rost Offices themEelveo( for tbht matLekA)
and a lot more. The Govt. is mai-ling them all thW time,and they're The very things
:e a.1 Bws;-.r by. So he wants a little more,in the py desaribe:i.

J-r.S.O.had hard,businoes sense enough to kno.-, thio opuld never start itself,
If he wanted to start it in his cotton mill,thepther cotton mil m men would
slap their backs,CUT P2rIC:4S and ruat him off the field. He knew t+le GOVT, ILkD TO
Ir. IT GO; n& he thot,it would takt 4 new Conqstl ,-mndiont.--Vwhichl \'a tih oae,
longsjow fe-ture about it, -nd tho BLO'7-UP might come while '.e ure haltingg fr
the .Amndmnt. ':Ce've been foolin'- along for EANFi years fr a Cnstl.!mndmnt to take
the poor little children out of th-' mills and only a handful of states have ap-
proved it.

Wellthis editor romes in here. He studios iLr.S.O,' scheme till it gets soaked
ia6.his jouxn :liutic,oapitali.tic mind,and he's convinced it'a a GO..D ThIinIG, Theq
he begins ri.ting abokt it, ldL. in hisp.pcf! l3yndicate stuff scattered far and
Side. Letters,enclosing the printed stuff,and sent the STATL'lSLE TqITocluding,last

TDR, repliesdisEid he was much interested. Got Inaugurated,did several things
in .fe v;ay of eget ing about el!, the powers of govt. into his own hands;and theta,
in due tinenTII 11 RAP. i

I've been wauitc4ing and studying this N1RA. right along and trying to see if it
.was goodg.o; another disappointment. Lut when I learned 1V.JLRII IT CAT PFROM and
Vii',aund whon i had studied out the Uouee-Thst-Jack-Btllt oIl iore spending--More
Selling--Mlore Mikaking--More Y/ageEs--M-ore Spending,sto.,eFi, I got the point,

If uow I have any fear of this soheme,it's fear of laik of back,-bone on the
-___________________ -___'_______ ;

'L. 9.W.- -4

part of R'D.e Some of the BIG PLUTES would KICK. Than more of them might
repeat. Mtybe they' say something in hiE ear about his next campaign fund 8J
wbich he hopes to ride back into tho ',hiite Ilouse;and thftt maybe ho'd Bimisaur
down and fade out;and leave the people in the aame,olJitLuroh.

So I'm watching like a hawk tha kioko that have come: The Oil larw suit,the
Auto-d.omrad for tije tpen Shop,etc. And TLvo done noma mighty wondering.
And if this thinug'had bee-n L'wruly one of FI D.s notions; encourrcaiedlmaybe,by
one of hidi' Brainu-Truot"seo.kin to oavvy the boss ,I'd have at yed dubious and
suspiciouL till tht: last gun '.as fired.

But PRADING THAT BOOKI That got mia, It mLLde mo louk de..per into the thing,
-qd rseo thu. Hou.a-th.-t-Jack-Built fe;.oture. Not that the author Laseu this phras';e
but that's what makes it G};0'O,' Pnd EVOLV-.

Nowt,RYD. didn't wait for a CobsAtl.Amndmnt, ieo's too busy,anvcay,kill ing the
best one we ave-r had, bAt he got all thai U3SOOLLII 2OWLR from Cougresa--scared,
too,lest he'd punsh.them as he did King-Fish Long(Long Wouldn't hl;i him stare
the noldier,so FParley gave :LV JIY BIG JOB IN LA. TO LONG's -7:ruT-'j.. There.'
boasism,if 3_yu :vant to sec it. '.-d i've no doubt Congres iI ,s'eas stiff
lest every man-jaick of them lost his patronage too unless he bave PMD. anything
and everytuitig he wanted, Co RFD. GOT !LL Tli3 PO'TJR CONGRES:.. {AD(almoa-t) in addli
*-ion to what the rirsident has I:;'.'- A TiM ,( 0h. IB about ae.ll ny Czar ever had.)

So RFD. do.-i,'t ne:d to --it for any Cnstl.A/mndmnt.,or much .f anything g else,
In hs ian JOIN30ON1,he oceuis to h,.-ve a FIG.TSTL of lihe first w'.tc'r;.rd it looks now
ad tho the pluteo will have to knucAle down, rnd crawl in under the blue e:;gle.

You aee,tha.t BOYCOTT they've ystuok into the scihme: I saw tlwE.t the first time
I read of it in the presF. The I've boun ac.yinnc, "ITO BOYCOTT., UO,.., "tbut,wi`en
lie found it naco;eary to apply pire8e:.Ure,JO}ai30S SAID LOYCOTT.'d So,if PFnD, &
Johnsou ygo~ ac reasonable numb.-r of plutws in a big industry in v;itil theam,thL'se
wh,. ,wa/int to stay out DOnIT DAR3] TO. They can be wiped off the n;-.p by having
all thoir bu.Anesv-: taken from them frer-ni ht, Talk about P'01TR1 If Caesar ever
had half -a much powr,ll'd Liko'to no3 where he hid it,

Such pow?'r ',nono, know bettor than I,js DAITG5i,'OUS--V.2RY D.1 IG'ROUS1 Ydu can
nevur toll wla!.t :jse may be made of it. Look what he's doing with the 18th,am-
unduient I-iere to "BOoleiimly S' !2ARS ,..that I the B1 :. I MY .P5ILITY ,
LJ-mRkf.V,? OT:CT 'TID 3:aIi'i) I T-'. CO jUTITJ T.,3:NU of. the U.S." -'ot ti{l. ConBt. he
would LIZ2 to haveibut the one he goes under, ;nd hei-e/..Poaking his neck
to tear a great section out uf it. THE ADNIInSTRATIQN ITSELF is at this". If I
ever did such a thigg--wellI know what might happen, And suppose he wanted,
next, to tear out the Income-Tax section,gand tha thn th woman suf.Lage section9
and the popular-eleotion-i.,f-3en;tors section,and all 4ie rest? Hie's got pre-
cisely as much power to do any or all of these and a lot more as he has to
out out one great section, 'Whether he likes it or not is not the question He
did not swear to protest,and defend. JUST WHAT H4 LIKED. ,'7h1A would the coun-
try come to if Presidents could play such tricks with the 0iX2A.ITAL-LAW' Ol' THE
LA3ED7 We'd l::.nd in Russiaor Italypor somepther God-forsaken place*

So I say sucti power as he has gathered into his halds is DANIEROUStr the LAST
D2GRE;:, We don't know where yje are or where 'elli be before hIs time is up, A1d
aochado ,you know,would not stop, -ZViii HIS TII 7 ',.AS UP, He got IT LXTal4QJ ICLLE
GAI.Y if J THR'-: YE1ARS MOR3,nnd was going right ahead when the REVOLUTIOTN j1.
struck biLa,
And even if .FD, DOS WEL .,as Julius Caesar did welle-UIGHiTY welliwhat may fol-
low? aWe know whet followed Caesar,

i I I


Despite alli and deliberately gingI I I roordad I want this lettr-
,?' .':" .' ."

would as riuy to .ak anE. presideot grow ioto an ...SISTILZ AUTOCRAT as It
.a. to ..wht. W47 done in Rome,

F-7rrse~saynj p0*to d this out- &Ie sidth. U.S. Was in luak in that body buMt,
Soa*evtiv* me at :ilod eri gotwan onto the aite leouse;but that if a Ily 0"'rONO, 4--
ever goat thaereg1ii COULDf DO Ae. w 1ut to whatny One questimrnedpall heP w oR.U
have ati-io would b.o to START A V1. wh ae ayerls Bald wohauld ewi raay bof deM
easy tomdo~;and them -E1'D USiE TE2 VWARt P6O7f;and I1T,3ODY MiEW HOW GRPAT = H38 W-3B t '
esfor NO'e all hA) I I' dPelibeAC Utel Toig e've onlyre to look at this leto ii-
a -.onsearvdative 'O1Iv. A Tdt Root evelt miga fort have gone but r00ies fartherat it
ABL, thisio etidce tat I'm not endorsing ian 0a, a*
BIG BUSIIESS is'"aVe dokDerous as an -e4peror, Uow we've reached a poiot at wh*ta *
atlaetjBIG BUS-l{z:SS CAGI 1M C ltjFO32TtiP AUD -P' UT I1UTO ITS PLACS. ,%ad I pray the
Lord that this may be the outcome of t4iUs Imperatorahip and this NoRA .
-Booy the wrayIe had the honor to ditcoverhn 1890--while a etudt iat Har1rd--_,e.,
efondtti of thia s rel buc ies DO JT I disov PiE d t at leti. g a question hve ,about a
easy buyiDng po;erand lhe- vinD US out all thP e consumiag3 power it0y KE Hu G U1AT T2I wv-ti
.almost ao b Huyiag poweriwould ruin a uountry;azd 1[ST BE CO lkCT13U an iX5,ils ftl
aI Made at fir- graduating seo h on TIE] Dvelt,mgiUt hIOve fo l,0.TIle 4 at h1 know
then -was badqnd must be imnproved;but I caw still deeper into it "i 1890 'Tis NR.
seAllks to do-in a aldeae that I st Juot dorthis thing. aad the ore dime striutit of

buying puwer is equallitodtht; I2,TT,1-E IT 1YilL BE IFli? BUZUI1"'E"SStho our IW5IN"MS8
IG USA have be its roust as n ieperor-lackingow brawe' and consa pcience.t at

Love tv athlli ey the outormed. of e o
AD ever yours,


ifjwV .wf -

P.S. I've been worried a little over the little .iAt under the NRA, Have
Made inquiriesbut anawera seemed encouraging,

As to "overhead":- -,
I.-ar.S.0. avoided $hat trouble by"taking itkenu. df the wage-earaor. That looks
hardaand has bean avoided by the NRA* I'm afraid small employers will have to.
run awhile on very narrow margins. But I'd feel hopeful over the House-that--
Jack-Built" feature. '."ith the acora blowing overeaasy ties may come soon. That
sapndling of hoa .rded money will help, arther,uJider the UF.A,the workers will have
muoh more to asend than under the S.O. plan,
Z--Aa to "adding" onto prices. I'm not uoatiusiastic over tha-t,tut it senms tu
be all the go, Johnsoo tries to kecp prices- from jwuping too high,but raising
prices seems to be a part of the gamoahere. That of oourse,hits the. "c suiamr"*
whose income is not equ-illy raised at the Sa.. e tiae;iand I judge there is ean army
of these. r'nd titere'o some tall kicking *,to. The only reason it may not get feOzt
midable is that .COS M MUERS A.U iOT OC:,IG.I;D, ,e il minor way. There's a pre-
teens here of Governmentl- protection of conawuners,but the prosi Loys; -:e:.i to re-
g:-.rd it ds a: joke,

I have, a letter from Forester Laker,Fla., which is better than I had hoped. It
aeems the last ?la* sed Gome good forestry, lawswh. i&r.]3.sends me. Under
these,the Forester and his BoErd mr.ay select eligible sites,got them adopted by
the Ta., poan.ors(I..Bd) and tit LO ;'... :C Y' on the land fro., Unc.L,iam with wh.
topay,:off taxes ttc,annd develop th forest.

Mr.Baker a a ame how it would do to have SLCIL L forest est:blisiohed above the
L.fCke for flood protection L.nd first usorc. 1 rely that that ;oul I' JS T
WTIIOCGa.and tha-t -L hopo he will put it vetr. Thin foatuxe should Lu added to the
resolutions srr till bettor than asked, I had nr vr h3;:-rd of it,,.ud pooplu hare
did not mention it.

Stress that 2,7], CAN COUTNT -TTiC TV2Pr fro-, our sT.3Rl.O2 OAR-;3and
tha:t .thc R -'.iT GOVT.PLOOu SC:;.L 1i, 1C0.'Z, a- cant be found .,t length in EOTH
iUS RLTOT;TS ;and that we surely haTvo g49uough of .2lliot's floi.-d protection.o,
but thq FOPW',T above the Lake should CrTK C.'i C'?1T'iOL FLQ:DX :JAI} &SLY, I tell
Baker he should get above the Akllapattah Flatsatoo--nae of the woist things we've
got. NHture sent it's waters into the Atlaantic;but cutting the St.Lucie Canal
right acro .- itsebjs its vatserTo T1: :' '. Tzis looks like one of tFhe'.i\II
S'ATUJ';.:3 r 1 -iiI? IR IGAT1IOI; :CU. Geat all pc::..ible ,water into th- --ake. lUI'D A"
HIGH T.EN- around the low places THAT TUii L!YEI iJLYA iHOLD MDIL .,'AT .i._hQenwheu
needed.plet it out over the bt.Lucie desu:rt sandsct make tlhem blocs:-!o', as the rosee
meanwhile keeping the Srnrglade3 dead a.s Loctor,so thoe WILL i:OV CJ'.AT2 in CROPS
OR iLAMTD SEL iG ":;ITH THIE RR.&33::T. Llliot m y trycovettly to hoad off' the forest.
That should be watched. & -_ % N% ,r- .
A.B to my fund a The laDt of ry contribuiieeij5f'tihd")C 5 ut llaat Saturday l ap-
S. pily,I I& aQUgh of what I collected in 1iami last Jan. to take am honime i6d car-
ry me/Etfile still ha. If.that :24 or 425 that was subscribed and promised to
be hah'ded you .ore in it would ciLmost Day for return trip. I think you have the
list. I have it.
I know hoe to llve decently .;nd ecdnomicailyoou. iMy present rorm is G ft. z 12 siie:wt I blve thihgsoso arranged tliat I have room enough.( Last room &a*
S16 % 22s) Mut 'leave this: esonfor house woe suddenly eold;bOat do not expect to.
* suffer in the e xhange.
1 pay. 1.50 per week reaantad board m yeslf. I recently bought a. 591 electric,
oet-bUrner stove. I bj excellent food at th, groceries: and caok what I likee.. ,
Discovered a chocolate, easily made,and containing- te cups for 10Q. Spcbr 4Awttl
i Us all milk I want* Sat.I lougnt at Kresga e :(ea.1 .) the 4 t(hig.i.,) redh 2 W
a. .* .. -'. . J...
": -':":"J."." .""7.. .. ...." ;2 :. ,.' : ".. ^^ ^ M- .. .."." .r" '.:.: ^ .

QF ,. ,9,-4. ...

M t5i1 Iw^ 5 16 rIaMti


4 6aad a '. -ee e4a in ge~ttEing -hold' of. a'.litta- ..
Ir; a'y'year-I resolved tvt this&0
$ trip v'".O. ...sot co t you *a coot.... .-. ". .. ,. *,:._
Swrry a t that ". .

..i....&a f tb.d-- . .-.* : + -- .. .K
r1BarteA.U $X0. (x)
R /. .. .. ... ......... .. .. ... '. .

,-epuwA 33. s ., .... .,. -.00 .-;'
W^ tl ok ..N.. .. ...... ... : . .. ...
Ad S...""U' A in -hold, of aI

I r.a d .. .. ... g Y ; .. .. *.-.- ..- .1_

3. .. .. f .. ... . :"." : .
: *."* v, ..-.. '.. a. .,1

C ,y : l ,
...:4 Te .i e...IB,. .. ^ *' I ,. --*-* -4'-.. ... I
t, aeo. b. ainie.
t r i; .+: Sb !: I ; .i o. y- u .' t, .: ^ "- ': ^ -i "- i; -; : -" :".'*:

la.x4-"ei*a l .id. Uside my. rn t ;e : ';v "-o .ee' ,

\x Thought ,aa, pd.Do oot -nd i *' reord ii
.Pd. .0 i would pay & "scond' "..00 f dsi d .

tL.0.:;6J prob .fc .OOF m fably ad.d sntkai go < 1* -
g--d', d~e.~t. R-ity .l their- `abOo3iption t L" :-.-.

4.. ; -..,
"}, .4,00

... ..."" ."..A

SLat: t.I.,ai ..1. id .st,1 ..M j,.. ..1 .ti.Ti, Reum B y.
tb- .1 iwovo t. a r-k iu~ r, ....l"
'so T'. ...... .

M..++-_: ,.
:-"'... :I
.". "'.. '.'-~::; '. ; "i-r. :"i; i: ,+ -..-. -': I' : -. i: -. E .. ; : .'
.''. .7 ; ,' %. '. % <,' ; .
L '. 'a . .. -.-. ". ,. r,
... iJ" .. <, . _. > .- ., ."

:** .-~.~7-2 ^I'* -
.. I

713 D St4-z C',

8-- 23--33*
My dear Lawrence--
:'r. got' prolific,but occaion doea-manda it,
AC. find Johnsaon an rai.l ,ig prices, 'has Ith ok -L re-ison.-.blid aun6 it in
p-sitive. HIe ,,.'nt:. no ruob'er b.,:ris in ,Pricoss,tut duee w--,at tht putlio to held
thj, 'smTlCaya;Efru c:ur-ry tb.t eewvi load.

In to-d;y't, ;ror.-:m we find him. on Boycott."'alhis dalfititiior: (my lafg)#
If you :queze : !. *.i For ;''V Oi'IOU-"' this- his w',rd) pur:o:.oe it's ,* tboycotot; .t '
if you uue e ,ze ; for a good utrj'o-ie then it isn't a boycott, '"eL1 to hold that'
definition.. I t::'w that squcetze i:. thile XR~K ce01e at once. r-
IotiC-. th-re tii on Iti clip,i-incDi r -on l, li.c.i.% -;ith 3.ha.ql
in wanting 3,LA. 1.BAUCH watched. He' a G.IAN'5T -JeT t;ho they ci: ir, raan '2ison'-Si-
'~ar rmitain hu -IG 1. Din tfhim adin. 'ie Ga tns be tl-A- kidt, their Ford
writ-er h..ed ,;. Irt f.t he points hit~ out, S3orry Johnson rePu'mo toooome from
hi ":;tfmut as iaai,re0! e* that Johnson is working on th-i; aq ci re.

( YePrT.-.rdy,I went to the I., S. d Ituro re wY-at you wrote. S3n th- 3 "'in nfalm, p.
I find now th.3t :hilee his bo'rcd has the "POl' ,-: arid the ON0"i te 'sblI.Rd.2lthseyt
h1?.ve not yot ajci-r:e.;d 4r it, lie :4..r,; -Uit1 vli'at you ,.Jrotae e royed ,p oan. froa t

SptVend lI j; for 1 .26. J-,l8 s-:.miod open rmilded :.nd &aid, /I'll t.-lsL. you ;'hat to.
11le. You xurite fo. i us on itrstg That's y nozt job, Tie o-w to t'L i'nk+-Gof
rik' ^sru g~'uii *oo thick in -:, le. I explained that that I.:;:,siqO '2iPUl of the
!vA tht tht i.- thL Y:L O.- C DOG thb.t retE all the kicks and norna of the favors, TOO
that '1 Dixie 3- j iLeen doubled and in siretchea TRIPLFD; but we never yet tee n
able tr, get A road tLaru the center of the v', Us sea.3md iappreseod,
*-n ycu LeaI- mf i-L\T Diizi tu J IJ3. oupwd are ifter? It n ust tL A thwir :-aectt:B
of t.'.t -.'3T: DIL;l: frau4, tht i killed wiaeri they were bond i2.B.Oo3.Co, Lfe
$ G or 6' million dol! Th Brd.Co.raection is au trawd pure uad siBelu; the
ONLY rond avur 'uilt in kroward Co.--I was told.-thatL vas blt.bfy ':ontrct;and
the pxe tlht it viaa full of graft.
3Aixt i h.-d fi rriaad in tue Umna-ey iSldg;fnais-idvg v:.ich,I ran in to se the t
rmeatative 6o1 the ransey Tnrat Co.Q'i:g'.Pope, YU.A know I had O2,000 lep6dsitod t4"!
re quite ia-le ;-..nd have some old escrow p;.pear& th-er1 still. .:.
d good tl,. Told hl of (:;ur trouble d w aY erUid here: ;,ith, .
arrestry ppl. and Road ppl. Jie I sTkaed,"hat can wQe oT Incidents.iy,hs had m z :e
tioned that hi23 Go. is the IiRCEIV.lR for the seaboard By.
I put things together like :-a flash, I lhad told him of that 150#,'*u0 as. en the
StLe. abd thu bisblundere in the Fleo d-4 NY pIans. ad t g.aid

: iare. The liast -ltme I wasB .io .La-a" I had a talk with al. old l'rlenC of sins. "..:
ti tih offices of the Fia. Powar j Co.( aosubareir.) 4e to!d mL i tst,.l *.
\ne had recsatly told a rp. ;, .the S.eabd. that thoJ* mfaoey lay aot in tha-t "Sti
L.e-Bnd tbut in th^ XjiifCLAMATITh (tF T011 :X.i.tb ita saettlemoot 4 dn&volopjaent, Tiat
!:oul marke them aore tonnage thazn they could hall ;.saaid this |e:abd,-man secS'4@
r. fly .I.mprcso ed. ,,


TMian I oQ tlh.t if the 3eabd- ; cd 'bU setmn rand have CLII tha f cte laid
D:,for-'a dh.. .rn& t';:en gat a re:li invu',tip'.ti".t ..:,.e :f the r.n tte-r by_ th;tir -own --
pil. thi.t mri&ht turn the tide .~,nd get thim in on the tv.,,and not -"- a rivc.l of tbhr,
v,,up itn tlU, '.t.Lc. region.

Lsd ..,n.: jou ,0 y that '.n"n i. po :r up thVri-ri ''l Yesi- ad. 'And that levee will
Si*jl ;-oyho-.; r .ogs concede that ti't levee must 1be .'-: -' M; ,Y PATROLLED AIM
_7 TT '. ;ut thT law Trrvi..ies thttjthic sh.ll. I-e cone 10 :.., LI -: U.'. but "BY
L.r. -. -,- j L 1 ..
.. :;/. 1 U 7 T- ;- .'.nd your ppl.
l. n L.-t .1^l Yto 1; y Qo ny ,, -ur troutlea?1 ft .wmts have
quit "-L) a. ..I.,. C: i reir al-nd,.. o,
'" '"u p-o::o ; c co,..,; K yo*j'i .t -.; w) u,,.ioc~:' c,;:ioted .iti i. Ji. ui ,u. cnh you
CO.- V,- a .-
t I't vir .;I 1 t I-LLVG toklk 1s & disI JLJ I 0 tusi. thy t0inri:.f / oi-w C Q onf-'
bie r^.id, -.e Ea. r,,' fro* ground floar to o tai l5.;. ZLs.j''alser'u &L4:.', lie .;ai out at
lunP..; Q.... L. t'.-t I .iould ,. i '.t 2 .,w hoa :d gr ...-th
I,:: t Lufi -- ,. .-.--o' cl Ltuf %;;tcrk. ior -s y.;o -. u:-. .,_,n -.i; ,. 3i a .-r,
iat .r. uiuce to hi U11J* vic'I 1ia t UD .iu c I:, 11,. J51 .t.l x ;-t:t<] *'d.13z
; ':id, lio', l.on .'ii-. :ou Ldt h:r.'c?" I aaid, ". I-,-:-- '.-e.k iy,.'.3.y,y1 think.r,
He E .id, ur chief is li -3Te .ork Ibut -LLt ym liara LQut C;xpt. t .,n y.. '.b, -
'l re then r" 7 '. ii I'd te thDrc. i.hen i l;ft Ju '].'I'd w.n'I i Jii ]ot,;ihoto'esiin-
cl,,;.: ,'J>iitL : ]. on tl''Vao.grbob..i3 .' on our iT. CaniFl itj ll14 U..,y... t 19 li.fitprUr
t;'.t rs JO '0l r3..., l rdtC c t C. i ..' iC inter,.t h i r.l-t y.

Y1li try t.. iouttneQt the Chief*,vjW mAust ba -; big 3Be;thon aitl lija-t or Ur.WaAl- -
/ ,, ) )v--r t.l.i i! ,.ith th :- b,.-rd 'p,.;1. it > l.,l thcir ofio.C :.-vrln,I t-:i.A
IC. ,, n...xt ., ovO v A 3..J ba to v,: ti.i- ofiltic,. i.,-l, ',- ,e :[i .~i ,-,, O..ey ..-. fJ ,g to -. ;.'lC.,
I' ,nJvor the *.;-1. 'A i mat Ler in th.: intcr-, t ,.of ttie: .., and its .. 3 (--1 I;anio the
.; blIdg.ra- -l oho,of caurAr.,; 4, nt thI.i :-LR. to 0:LucLedC- zeInit it aii C t -' ;;- ibi
"' in L'7. ot t 1d"--2. 3 o*F l" I:.J'4'->;s int-..rT s'ed ion icc, 01 h v, --
pf it ,-.y to LLke .j ood st:rt; -d, :u. th., tufff o'n t-1 .:o.;. 1 to -ih,-ir

;y soh o l IL 1.;an;.l iinpmoviucnt 1 .n Il 0;tlCt, CQioi;binea,7;.ill i..' ;i ...
ir3 "''..-_ I aul .17 ou t"L -.y, to 'A. L -r&E -t :-.nd iiox oti' i2 EJ.ol 'res C,Dnl.J. line,
*i .G.% ," ., iVth so'-W2 UZ(" ,,A loc? pWu p1. I i'uo ."3oat x'rJJLt.,. .if.c 3C .t- a
J-;o. ton tn-o it ev ri E: i,.

-, IU..' e a t 4i in talk 'l ti h": t3,o tLut C&.'itl ..L ..igint bs iP. *r'r.t > 12d i. L, : rz--
01@ i in g,Eet Lt'" L..nd i;rodUL;it.-. ut conc It" LiO. thle nIunaStt Co.,il Zea-
iLd .T:. are th-:i flrnd to 'i'"i.; G CT.':,. ;:hi'ii.d ot the Ll, lnd I byer f3I John
I.tu-tintn' ./0," ''0,000 bond u' uc. (au'-a.thoy h i ..owu :.,uli Uj i- ',:. g f. ^ :'1
St:L-'e bond btrnfrn: and Johnll';tin ana '. lot o01 big gunrs at hivr 1 :l .: Jv ;le:ti-,
^ i 1A9:/?7;- i. -L`r'f. a. '-,CL's d inr l;-S utmirost to g.ut Tili V"0']. i. i.-' '. T,And s .iag A
a[ cd .y.. ..... I .ar;iy 'by h.uli:n;. .. to ri t,. t i_ J u__ ..: in:'t;oUriI,..zA.--m
11y i,:-l-lk fo' :1.ny

el ;,j c.. r, :i o..ibtilitiu., ny. y;.no i'm out to PUL .'. ] C
ol'1, raL ti0on: it"'" th:j3 uao '2ruEt Co,,.ini y .cJiice call t ;r y-;L'daiy( I aw
anoraur :f t ir mn.o,last y,-ar;of which T.:-y .,.' )uc:;'. JviJrnc j.,ni1 tV_.'Z' ccT thhat
I .'-,. ho iinj; on, 'fli .til. Joi.-n u Ut..;-r t ,~.. ''.- ';v .rJ r.U'reg int tJ'j tba .
i .%f ,, '. .. .
3. fte l tn.t thisTYSI ..L. TI :.: I ou ..t to II i:a,aad-aut L'be ruicwd -a.', IT Iy
":t-t 11.,] f' r IL dV lc c 'di. --or *;uia: to be inte ro.t0J.-i: .Ii.3 as3.t ,
j.CEice~extoc : vt.,i- o0 D.S0 .Q. ',you Lngat giV< L.:; t eihint .;. the -ovoc.-ry Ira
ab P I., THI. : TJ ;J .. if 1 ca:- n liy YL s14 ;0C ': '' T 2 I


S7/- 7--

tay .1 pieKfc a oriar .ot -.'. r a away Iro- 5uCiL oportuait'4e;t3': evat if ia don't get
Sjo t- r away^ frI bUv tt i,., tiv\ ',JO;. y:C.^ 2' t a r 80-
A 1 -, 1 in on;ui L.. i x,.LCm ac &tcbc i^or a
richly ernj vi 1 .c1tion;tt yI' i in ro Lao :r-ji i. ',Ly-
If -,i' J goi. ',I] xy own"(C='h 1b.-l'nc)?,G A,,. b. .-; nd. ~ d n S1Dili.'J .iT:
%to 10 18e twlc nest before tAia e6 .i. ami -itQLtldoaLus oCrn uoLf.-ie Lt 4.2Q for kceis0,

l i LI,--t- t .h ,.: ..V3 L 5fl .L L2 i'.t I .LL
-- i.,-1 ti -. ; -. "1
..i&. t o .,-uv3., nd liLn n t.. I.' .; (,d ie --.).-, .I K -..* *tiros b.1c th'.
- ir t C- t -. t .L2' C^o L 0 .. v' ''y ,.,L ,^ .:. Lt t
.in .JI ; u C v r i O .y -. _
-s t .. ,.'- L.Z (- .:,o n. *:, tt ..r rh -,'h3]-.. ) :, .-- o.;.Ly
Ult h i. .. 2 .. t ... ... .. ...... r I.r C ..iL-r led
[tit ,'ALm :r' t', culd kn'-"w cV.U.. .. 4. *... .... .. -' .. ..
,vur.t h .-t .La .. ;:. *. i jUs'.l a_' t-l. d 1 ... L i... ic just
".h- Y t r: .,IL .-rV i1 A ,. ,ci .,u ,.ho ." rW u'.i Jt.
: .- -- .
.. -P-
-. o." PJ 'i .... .lun i.i ..:. .. ...ic... ..1. 1 n u-: 1.0 .. c i ... t
tdv tt 01.

Si ,. .l .'* t .;ui'vice -i 1 c. fir2 n: u tn. L *. .at .3;! hicjr
T,-A.-- .- .t.?n .1 '-.. : ; T
.-. :.-*... ;.: .... ...... .. ... n tb
L':. r- r .. -.,L .

: .- i', ... 5u 1 :. ^i : tii',. '"t lft.. 'o .- XL." r/. *LIJo. I o, .
-.. .I. :-; I..~. *
An z n, t -c q r". r.-, 1C
.. ,,. ,. .' '

".v- :T- z o o.ur ,.

&Jaa gteD .C ,,
62n-lth. St.,N f ,

Gl.rLytle Brn v#,
ChiL f of iueerser for
RivLers d .Harbfre*
]haltien fBldg.
'aahlggt on *.C.

W ea dear sirs-

For record in seuestite wial the .Okenehoblsq Flood-oiestrol ad LTaym
ipatlio projet;lit is but fair tait I state the followingi--

Ybrutgas ym kuadtpi hamv world iapartially for two projectaBtamelyi--

1--Tahe I weT nut of the North N5e River eieal for navigation;
2--Thu opeoiing uti o the S ut Cttlet from Lake Okeehbobe. via the
Uppe3f Mial Canal asd the Shark River to the Ql Ul

Howe er,I represent different oiastLttuencieuvwLth soeslwat different

1--Semr aas the IXasl dwellFrsA. Lke Okeenohbeear. aager for No#
2.abeveeiwameas I bave spupt to Bflwtthout it they must chdoa in
hurritae. tltUs betweeun t lft cand Oertain deat.*

2--But somewas the Govorerag Board of Port rvergladessfeel that their
interest is maftisd to NO.1 wbiah I *tio,greatly desire.

Xn the ctruswmtaoas,iLtias tt ftir ,that you should understand the
attitude of eaQ&I of these bodies of pfoplo.

Ver .y truly yours,



e .. .3. .) St -....
*r*- -. .. .t -:-

S 10T T-T Th -o tae itrt -,rd I had -Irud of .te-

.f-the people down teere tu addition to desiring to aM3rke bs and- gets; ma._y
1it iautiug, also dqoine to savne, %har Ufl3,lt'e gttiu bhb time they zh*sh
it. t

Reomtber that one of my thief =dtfiaies tt I 0 any -ense la-
Ig ut factr apr the abt-r y to ezpresu atnllBut that fe A4cgt basa st-r s
t htneeZorB amin ^ J rd ua to their ack sta4 thpy pano tfe a ugi p herelpndta s
We RSbour people eAem so lndtfeent t6 th at tZha the ob rWthZ W2hic8h fthey ibit
-me ha ost here iabta m do ylu represTent?. "Orini their revPrts#,t Thosejfl
and 8a vpe ew ot hers&raUtsn and Uoe, Then thesy i -g about hLzat Instead ef So&
etirttf at ao aidslen l they are dQaIRg to the leyeeth8 84fluta t it the OshaoSw.
a~.ato1aeeetc,-utb. Then tl y wor nl tilis t asty stafftlZ-
S The rsquepsts of a wafl aud t9eeh4tially UIUHY DC t VOCAL group ef leq4i
resiedeu;n for changes in t;he existing Pedeal project aro not believed to be
founded" And a oitlt n. .
S These fellow show thnselBvn,in altt o At eatOfr paagsetp,toy besaly IIagl. 'to
sanUt of twh.i:,thty are ri tirg. about I hive lvhad thiais iszlste in- my L t, n 6-
for inntfsbitvtil 'retenutlygI Pn.sJ38! 18A T-hTTf :l=G hfTi) La k Sas nt q,::.
I hUa- 2*-hoveo with Geeral t 3 rown;ado I htb4ea.a this ad a 19ot mor'e ith j
Suurtely drid talk 'staightI for he ficP -geautIiwWLE an s d wtfl stand it4 He 0o w

S Those eniaueers were CB.lIh) by bveir ia strations so emSe down into the .p1*0tA-
ed fterrIlory study +te rubjeot at first bhaadand iWoW iOa TingI82LBasintea4
of taking ,otrYf l 5 frm arliet &0weori e I 11illls And they aDaer aR"IGiT QYVX
IN3UTreJCIySlidaad note reports this tans sq uoCrasttWa Srilaa more aHtntep
than- before.
oiwi at glaist bav wse grt for SPSAiUGltl ? ft* iS tAlb Bola w o astl'
add it was only a mey of Got that y lt ,-esapd -i, at t.,.T*s4)liSd ths eiib*
U that they ,-
L--tBsobe3yW ISntrnftl noamil 1itaxly maen at that
a2-esToolc no atlep to intro thmaselvel!
3a 'rete loeaE 5 Jtoaeyt roport ;s
4-_.tOeWd tano IntOirst tn "trying to help our pellet ""
&-TIaslihaed vas or *or* BTLX(H -oU*W LI$e; acd
*-a-pan at least ewe zwfShZ.aTib4 Gmeral Wowaw tttS to f a ast WSP4.
x wia% ye woul4 hate ses mlasenaltipu mt act4"ast en$ wi4ly fever tlhe
0 .reis; fei a t5afl. THe Gittes ergatnfle etvc t t?' sUeps p1s*

- - - -*3.- - --r....." "

EO.)U.IJlo tubherr,UU. Seatore
Senate Office Building,
Wa ilangton D. C

Dear Sirs

Isa Vlw of our flood situation heretand our neod of ever efrerotivo sufoeguard
for hua-s lifcwe earnestly request you to aid in supplementing the present flood
plan with an outlet to the South via. the Upper Latmi Canalnnd diaohrirgilg through
the Shbark iveor into the (Glf of QI'aj ooeaQ advocated by Dr,,Voiaomai. -..iluow is
Ia slaigtou,

_____ AJD'_S jliIGLD ADJY2S




authorizes us
to say that a
is desired
3938CH W 0 NM X
3CH WI 10 NM X

Ie line on hfull-rate telegiama and day letter, and the time of receip t at destination aa shown on all messages, is STANDARD TIME.

828A SEP 7

5-rfc^6 1' -V- f^/^ i
tz .,-(^>(G -

&-^an^~~b"L~~-^ f^rU AJU-^ ^- ^


DL Day.erter
ES T "" D NNM = Night Message

LCO Deferred Cable
NLT CableNight Lerter
U N IO N [WLT Week-End Lettr






4, Z"'Tfjft

ly W4


.Z .

* .4-..

,- C ."
raehington, D. C.

vzm x. w~an *4. w.
fgiflrf ii -X* 'S
i ^,.m


*. 1
.. .
.' .

,.~ ~ .
'_ .. ', '
,;. ; *.- '.. ,

.- ..'.' .

.,* -"' % ., .. ,. f,,
. **.. -* ." '** .-/. :. .."* ,. -'?
*m '"* :' :" "* ** i'

: .-;?: "' ': '1 "Y

: .' i :.- ^ .
_. ', *' ; -.., ..

.- i .


3l1. tia X1. sma- 4idow- athe ucr wyt w r AWaNo
- m La 1. eWe ardn. at st hata ,A t-aw 'ma pr i. m U

wi hus 1t.* h4t Is O-n amwSy ta rle ew dw ie ZW Ari
4 sirw*"nt tn4ls PN t- pwp sX`aw Up w t $I"

If*s $gt*. W1a04 u tha Ms flrnlt C OW *flfltau 4t

Nplaattea C a tatfs tte 94t4nil stwil amua
resbfltv aMie nf.~a~v W. it will l a* wuifuNRMl
*bs tr mingba s I ealS isI 4wi at tt a t Tert t poe- a, i b ar laaa pm tAuZly. I s.,raniy 1*.lp^ Ia

Ita mai, a t anuw, s jg n, all wfs nt maXp *

U f la i j" i t M ... us '.r uMwS -. a -& .a .

Wath Qeuai i t h s h '

. ~... -*

., .


...l ," ,, ,('

. .\ .;s 2

.' '....^:



" -' U' '.
" 'i .' ; '. : ,* ^ *

.. ::
.- -'
. .:

"^ "^ *''*'^
^ :.* -
.~ .

ar .-,

4 G1

S -. '- aop
:'' '. imp'.'. *

' -'' .

to Dr. Thomas' A. nWilt
713 D. Streett. o D1 .
Wahington, D; .l

- :. a ,

; ..

r ., i ,inican- ,,r

4 ,. '

.. ._ .




Bo ~k ~


::.. .


:: -::~


Ito. -- ,




This is a full-rate DL = Day Lerter
Telegram or Cable- = Night Message
gram unless its de.- =NLigh Letter
ferred character is in- C DfreCal
dictated by a suitable LCO = Deferred Cable
sign above or preced- NLT = Cable Night Lertter
ing the address. WLT Week-End Letter

The filing time as shown in the date line on full- rawe telegram and day letters, and the time of receipt at destination as bhown on all messages, is STANDARD TIME.
Received at 708 14th St., N. W. Washington, D. C.



713 .D ST NE(










a~ 2:
-~. 'a
AZ,5 u

C-V t




: :' :::;:


Form 101 A







Your telegram of




.is undelivered for the following reason:


All efforts to locate'the addressee having been exhausted, we shall be glad to have any further
information you can furnish that will enable us to deliver the message.
In communicating with us by telephone about this message, please call


Prnted ,n U 9. A.



7 1933


anu asK lIor

Washington, D .C .,
626 7thS3t.h,.2.,

lr.Le o, Sr.

1'v1 rot seen you sinoe the conference ina y little
Bell.e Glade room;but I've bte leaving no stnues un-

Mmuot of our troubles some from drafty man, I've .m2ade
it n. point to find the facts concerning the method-: uf
t,.esae;ad now have a nass from whiph it vwill be hard- to easape
I want to lay these before -h meW Chief Bmgineer(whoo
;P..OiaotoJ) and tic Com.teroe Comuiittee,

Our Chief Juetice,JudgLe ae.H.5. lsa,tol4 a group il Ft.
Laud-rdale that,of all men,ths ONQE he would not want bo
his Lrail--if in th3 viron6--was Thomas .;viili Later he
told -me this twice,

:e'll see if somo evil men oaaniot, be brought to"'.bo:.k,
and Justive for Lhhi outraged 3verg)lades at last meted out.

I'm working gratias,and paying My owu expenses not. Thie
is O,K.,if the money holds output minO is now running low,
T to do somo importait thing3(Be eonc.letter)beoifore
returning to Florida. Their I WLut 1to ree our peopleJtcll
thorn things that should opea their eyes~au than return here
before Congress meB.t-,

I h Tv never asked- you to contribute to my efforts;but if
you think them worthy little suboariptiod at thE. timo
will- help. I must not run a way from a good fist$pand leava
our neighbors to perish.

Sincerely yours,


a,' oshiugato D,.C.,
6.- th u i..

tiy dear L'r.'vhitneyt
m holding onl, nd e'pccitiag to -WI. The ways t;Lt are
da-rk and tricks that are Yvlin here,and in J'lorida,would
, -ctound you. Lut theo proofs 'I now hLve on certain gen-
tl';imen ought to inttorue t t'Le new Chief anf the Comznerce

In 1951,I Li.e'nt 2 mos. in 'I'allai Lcee. In 19't,-,G mou. here,
io'"v,in 183Z,4 mos. here,;i.nd tho end not yet.

workingg gratisaon my own #e*enseel O.K. till the funds rAu
out. Then it loi .-o like "'b;-ndouing :.11 one has done before.

A little will carry me through tblhs eummuer but I mu s t be
bhre when CongreeF meet,

If you can spare =, little t'o the' Coau'on Cauasit ,Aill be
ap reoitted,
Cordially yours&

\ i ,

u'' l '


L .-. 1 : !! i ii i ,... ... ji -
...2sV .-- &." r"-'*' r" ". ".
S. ,' -- .. _.
I i
I ~2P

I -V'ashtugtufI..C.,

; $eyi,11,1933. "

p .

* devr Ux4cyal I

I did not see youths tiiae before starting to D.C.
But- I expected to.,gEt troug1 ih I mouth. I hare ued 4 aoe,,
and must use more, 4

Xt's very impertaut that I sea,the nuw Chief nMginser
before the wrong people got at hila It'b astounding
whEt prejudice agaipst our aase- has dap her,. But I
think 1 know rigbt -where it caaw frsa. aS wr.y,

It's a big Tilgtt;butif not starVed outoI' confident
,:Eg CAN WIM. I'c =o4ki1n gratis-Maad paying my own eapeulz-
ee,hbnce therefPrenle t5 "tparIcaug out." I'y aot beaoon
allocad- to raise t-O0'us worth of produce at Okoelaata
Binoe 1921;hen'ce my funds are limited,

it 19m,,,yiiu gave $5.00' toward my expenses* Can you re-
pe"-t this now?

Cordially yours,


m at it up to my .

o sporting -there. Dopcut
m at it up to y yegnbef, returninghre o i. Thell muat be
inr 191whe6 ne here in 19ts a.d,Qow,4 BOe, here il 19335
end not rght noed yete

T'at I'm Oha dealsipd tiog mady dub inerard frgem e fact
t iMUST working grtihe andw ie of,paying all before lances.
againsorting cause as been going on

I'lHopiag to haue a liclal rore no:wIyto firnis main
suu er CeUMipa4g nbeforo retUrnisg to F!a, Tl'x= I i uet ie
here WheP ( Coaree.'-- aoets,

/ou 'emoall .that you Bubeorlbad S^.OQ to By tz %-ipad
piid C.lQ )riht no\,;I need the remaaianig 4.0) aore
thsa L have oeeried larger suBs.

1 Ji'Iuly MUSST fu the new Chief' of Znga before leaving,
andtefoe'e otuera.prejudice himuaod emdles prejudicinE
against our aauee has beeo going on.

Hoping you san reuit now ,I rtmaiin

Cordially yours,


a-. .. .. s

'7?&aBl~ri iitoaD G. ..
625 7th.3t,^^,
9 :eptXll,.935.

.-Roaeose Braddookl

liy dear ribraddooks--

Wil you kindly complete a-d.res es on tie t two
eanlosed lettertsand mail thea ?

I1,a in the Lyergi-..des fight here up t o my
eyea. If ouly I can hold oeIl'ta confident f.

I've got the goido" o. some of the. chief
mischief-makers forour cause ;avd la' eager to
see things through,.

Cordially yours,

1 -


ahiats gtonuD,c.,
,2r 7o. to. oT.

* My dear MrsWells:

CongratulationU ot finishing another r building.'
May they "neTur grow Iesa1.1'

I'm strongly hoping thQe XNh.A. will Make all su-ch
cunstructive activities nou~iir mUrcomon at an eaxly
day '

heL ".no.lettcer will showwha.t _I f-- doing. By bsnging
on and keLpiUg uverlastingl34 't itI am sure W3'LL WIN.

It's highly iMajcrt:.ult tlati 'the new Chief "-n-
gine.-r before returning to- Florid:-. He'll be KING-of
ti-t 'bi offiboaxgd cana het'l or hurt uc beyond me.anur,

i wun.ot to see hin before ti\e criwd do. Few know
boi minds in Government servi3.e havu poisoned against
our aO.uBe, I thlik ['ve tr:-ced, it to its souaroe--IN

'Im working gr~:tis and piryiqF; my owu expenses now,
I don't mind that,if the YUi.DZ HOLUD OUT, But now miae
r rutnninMg low, '

V';aen I %;as preparing to take my first trip herepyu
gcive :05.00 tow:Ard my expenses. .Tli i. wadB appreciated.
Can you send a b.5u0 or $10.00 at this time? I sinmly
nast not run away from this flght,

co rdially yours,




G25 J'7StL.1,.J.,
Septll ,19.j..,

ijr dearr i;rryaa
The goods" I've got ou thi ought tU in-

toruiot thUQe new Chief aud tho Comaierce

If not starvod outI'm expecting to 'WI1i.

I need but a little to fifh'the umIrher oaap igu.
ITa-.n I must be back wheu CongresS meets,

::.vo tried to furEkot thailt k.0.Jbut necd it nO..

Cordially yours,



__ _

*1 -

S-i. '*

Va -b .., Q

Mr .2. .W^il, l

MY dear Lawrencet- .

To-morrow we wove froia 713 D -St.,I.. to 625 7th.St.N.E, This house sol.d. I
shall have a still bet-ter la.y-out'there. Saame ,-ric 1,5pl,8 per wetk rent. 2ice
house. plenty of room3.Peple VQ.ry hice-ial. Still batohinng; intlmsd&ily.Good & -

zEc,is copy oi" letter to vTJ.''.IT6oa 0Saves reLating. Am enclosing ycu copy of
*ircular letter. Will Aend copy of Repott(4.23 pp.) if you have tiiner to read it.
Were not allowed towhisper a word till l4wct to a.ouCoum::ittee. L' e beea theor
a eo'd dealainceoo. -ot copies of- everyto!. i''d be in thle position sumB
of those e.age. are in. ;eat ovur it Nf$ly'vl4tbh Genl.Brownl,wec.k ugo Sat. 2 hrs..
Hewms very nice. I think he sees his .en bHye made a mesa of tti;but hietime i up
ft.30;a-Ohen be probably goes to FIt ipJpn0, Pine man. Hlate to losre him. But
a bIf.OCRAT coming in over the btoacdwtf rthaeeq inflated Reptublicans may be more
sttiot than G:-nl.lrow n. Iesnt to aeae'hiim ITET,before the wrong ones get in their
work, Hence w.nt to huld on till 4atly in Oct ,:.nyva-y;and my change is a little
too short furthat. FLi sending cirbulart ia--RIed bryan ,lr I-es,J-7, :rthur Wells,
SH.A.k:ilIetr4..BiO-n .Baolue,ar LeQz,lr.r.d IpclSrO. -*."oyal,A..." hitndy,(Old D.C.
friend ,i .Yi.) ,;rs.g!.. La'wrence,Glelo8tlurg,LiqcL. L.1y a3d more.

About a month inoe I heard frc i you, Uiope MLP. A7 wel3,4 Still think 17A. -A ill
hel:slbut want to oa.i the ,3ALTH-I:),j Ti' PPUJ BT*tUTD ;GOISUI AFT2tI .I A R D' There's
where the buying power is,& wh~re rsout of it aghlo- not to boe. Gouging it out of
littlu;-.eoplw isntotthiethios wrong g morally aond.,oep not EZaP B3USIX{:LS3., IPut funds
Sinto hinds of pe.'l. who WANT TUZ GODSo The, eilnesE *wLll OV2. Ro.'.;Qevelt has bo -,t
far too easy on T,-ie rich all iloag. '.
,, vA eVr yours,



~Li~ 1

_. I. *

JW shiagtonl.C.
625 7th. St., ".iE "-
''.. Se, S pt.l:J, 19 -5 .

" Cincin.c t ib. > -

.' -.ckin": your :t. .Numnber;tlhis iLay 4taihs you.

A~A C3.nd!ing circular re status s.f or t r:ttere haire.
Iop.d TQb"026 will mean much to :t.Lat Le Bland 44,000 4o
'ref. Tthu forstatoahould go far tow-rd ending paur
flood probler:c I believe I "cEun get tttu oC fall'
*( ITrth u.NT.) -nd the SJui.cQesay neA set:GiOa. C' h ge
in Adrninb .ory help. As1 ap spendoring .4or relieving dt-

I crrtrinly db not want to' ,ive just .yet |aq if
my own littlerund were a -'t so lo s,I'd he saire. t to-
mrics t:i.e chance to see tL-e new Chief of %'ngin-Jrs.
- Putting a Dnmoc.'at over & lot of chaety L:epublic-;rs
( 9O1 vice vers.: ) suTreti;l-es Ivea 'good. I had no idce.
S tS. engineers could be sodtgnoraot andconceited.

Despite Florid.n's flunk on th& "Nverglades,I'm -
fui.'y expecting ';.e shall .in out yit.. Getting rid
of o5siLructionis may mean uchiu.c.

L "ri-.cerely yob,

... '* .''

'I it. .'



:'.ashia tt oa,:..,
`.5 th.ot, ,A ..
Sept .13,193 '

^,. .di l i 3,

;juth i.^y,. i .

V Jy ati.w r '-r ii '.,t . ) -

1 hope t'1 -11':'.,. J io' r.. .t' you, j:o-'d 26 c:i
ab ,i lost o-o,.'-TheCi I ,,,-'. Civ.:. cl;oance ti, rit
a L.riol of it. -e.x; time I '.vXs t tItOi.fic f ,t .!i,
lo lu...d uch l ett-:r.

-- L.. .b..::ik .J :,.'i r i re i n. J Cri .-oa l;:. 1)or
c'. L ,p n';.'r y;uL' kto., of ti e i-ok'j .Jn'opo ly, .

.,aitth c-,a ,, i.a adrain" i t1. li ve 1 c-n ge t i' .
cao;:.1 rj.rough, "Le next Lesi: -n o.f ( a ,Il
,,,ge- r tho t .i: L. rni~, CuI I -' .f ngs Get: inc
in ^.rl'y theru .ith : nc-", ruan ru:,y do iu.clh go;.-.

I I ioie i. c pi b.l :Le tta;y eit le longer >
4 -hi].. ier:, .on,:i ,'',, t83. t* < .ii l

.,1L') ,_ c : ,lu"' . a .11 of ,i' u.d friend .':E]i |
i- ie J.. -b

lhl 1inr ton,J j):..
62 7th. S;t., ..,
a4pt .l4,3 93.:.
j J ..V (-; :-

y dear T-;.Iv>: ;--

I .'am :qenjfi ,.l ) ::-'.r : itl a copy of ij.rt of my r-:port to thuo .Li,;, njitldr!-.
Lfou mra.y tb' intert .,Led to know tlntt c.,i; ;._' 'J'L. 'li T 1.',i,s3 vinc *L- L .nviroe '. :;nd
D, L_ If'I to ,. ., .,

I hLv.: lT .-'- rk: .! :T.o.e pas:a".o... .- _ur .::ooplo uutL-itto n. -J- thr i :nP. rncc-,bo igatry
Lnd PtuX Liit I :".i co:i,- ille tc f:'o; ir olf.T .:. tC, :tt: c'ur c..I : Le. LEci'- J-.- ;-'ii,.t iLve .. T .. t.. .f they w may
)-hovic; nc- '].-1. ,'/- st'-

To i1 l.;t:. .I ,4.i. I;y t; ; at tlhe ''" 2.':.j'infL' ,I h:'.. of u'.,on i. *7 .! I, Ic. t
h -'Z rrd-o .iz'iv ".i\ l "i" i Lj- ... "

A 1it il l. -t ,,on oftli '. 'u t" ongialeur- who .-re pnL; ii r 'G1Ut f.1e U -i
."d t d, u iu-ricd imu in z;c Lir 1ggo L ti Jule ..... k nj t,
7-u,- jr L ... t...: ,' n,-: n i t ou h_ tlh: .t regie -C .: ...... r
Su h ;...;i.i .t 1 V -./,.- ... .., tL.y kno of' ur :ft.i .ir I -;.'-ey t? .- Loud-
aou '.h. i .,ri. -_ ;.. .... [.: ti o Lo .:vi. e r.. '., *,o"r~i. ". ,, ^no.. L c' r id ju ,& .. t-t.. u' li.'_.-

S.. .-',m u. I_. 1. t-,iiG .U,'l t tL i LL > .'ie i fn it r "nii rlI0 t ,it!-, '.ii, : .!. ..l. :d
But L.' 1'? t vi cc t LCieYe our -matier t 1`u-.;; i0'I .iL-,
savo in 2pot:;." H;e o;- il, '.I '. ILL road it.'" ''l: ..uv .be ho ,Jid;tLut f r ,Wfc(c;,
it might : _-. ,ill :; .vo ni v,'.r b-u,, ,,nLit-Ien.

laIL. li"J ,ti..-1,i. '. h dl.VU d. Lt ..J.-yc',; into ir h F.t:d ,Kt- if t_.', 7 vo .r'i o.r
and orud-r tir; : if; ,v dod ed .impuly c. nn ct be rightly explained. A',tLey aire
sBOi! to have '..' n :i o, ;,os ibly o01 -ilother Opirty. -Ie is to i.' iI-,lt-t .i d soon
aiftor 'the -nd of :;,....t,,T h,-r.:

Now I L' T l., nd L..y L. .o ir ti. ;n s iintcd ...t :.,bovoe ind ri. i-l more, i f a;'
t ncw ,intn hcis. n.-n Lind f u. itu-n, fuily to so Urn I -v,:k ri, n Thun i
to -aiF khin -htal. e-thcir ytc iS aiot Pro'T..-ed to a.,.s tiLa tt h inruLcOt1ionC i gv:.!? Wy tVie
CQiAitrC. COi.L it ;. y.tL^ g-0 t; -hczi;.. J it).. cri, t.y 1 t I ..',. .... 2 4 ti ua whioi..Ly
igaorod, 1t c1.': iCot out,

Vur I Ihrr, I 1-v "- .L" ... c j c* ..-p..j i ,I:' :'o:2 uirce UuI .i ttCo o ..ioeQ Ls.d .,li n
its ::.erb(-rn 'rriw.9,I ljun to shol t'B V1 oiictLter up to tieGl,O.L f 1;o.'le
1--I -",pnt riopi:f.-Lh.'e l.e Llast yc'ir to i.C. t.hl.t,tjt L.-atisnLU,, ii. J t;..:iai-. th.-r )oiatt
froii 1. Liot ,i li r,there cEui: '.- 44; 2t L t i to t' 6 Jo 9ji.;zrir.LIcw; tLe -juojle ,e
odQ Tbea.r tillo L.urL:} -:,.,nd pay t.;u, Lil 3,-nd get th ir vi,:W ,:- int. i pt,,1y ) .y ild
atudy'T :].1 ;. ,t':,e t zh.l eo rc e :u rnd tIin thin they are bo,-nti nrg Tor.
p0or extAxpla,r .ft'--r .11 .o.rtt Ai t;.. 1 t:1 in fcrow, t..e,L re L., w'on t-rf. ul CUti, ia '
Caaal by investij..-ting I fin-? Lioy L LV n(evu.:r yyt 1j'D;1_.f.ri ..IAT: C.' 3. L or LJi .,AMY
I/. TL-IV'3::'.''IKi C,. IT. i. Hesn it e By to syi ,,hy tthuir officoivl tlk J 1 all
:flhiot--sna --- j:l i. E ta. lk. "
2-OtGnl,Pro-wn ;'.rccd. ',.
5--a Coirr.1rc Coa ittee gave The instructions. v Os.
S--.. 'r. ;'
7 .': ) **_ -___.

j". .r.1-2
n ry ir rert teyLhu.d done cll tui.y '.;re told to
--7-j -i:3'" I C;'0"T' things they were dire ted to do Di I)D. i L',OT TOUCH.,
6- V1hu tihey turned I-e re,),,rt, %hoas ignoranoc--notto mention .-rae features--
is in redibi c.-
7--Lut they ibtill accept thu ":ll-iot sJuff ase though it had come :'.. inspiration
from Godiandy-,: t'.-ed,t'eat our matter thLewerk if bl:,tant icooramuseas
8--l'And 6hLoy .ra li .inteninr our-:obple on to dsstructioa,all Lbec.uso they ILL NOT
o quaint thenrmielvawith tht facts.-
.ith ;ill t; ezo factesplus tU'ue 0Unge in adliulniUtratioo that hu.; aine igoe I
was here toi.J :tnd these orders were givenoI cannot b lieve tl.w ne- Chief orvtb
ne; : ,r;cerce Cornm.ittee will stand this nonaeonseonce it is 1 id properly beforee

Lefol CL rE' "-.1:i7;i : tT. ?lorida I feel that I LdUST ed this aew Chief 7%R ue am
;'e ic iuctt i ;:; id then go over Imatt~ir.s imOra u.LLy than beforc..ith Sen,ilestohr
TIen Q should to hore when Congress medtBgseu tihe new Commeroe Comnuitteeaad Bet
1 whc io ruu irid tho Govcrnmhi-nt.

J ia.-.) Lu;'20% U4 thlu Z-iall Saur- sublucribed f -r uy trip>and ; i n'J..p-6p usual, p-oritt
C:ratio :-n..,gin --iduitiou,paying myown expensuw out of my own pocCkulA)This is 0.1.
ifit ajald but irst;but 10 dciyb or so,if no new receipts cone,'il. Etart me homc
;oda if I mi i .iB ohanoo -..iti thu cew Chiefqhu results imay Lto -eriouo,
(i) ?&.id to SeptalLIp.:1G06.2-- fr'Actioa of what ot erae epu'd,tho RR
''wcnty-:iivo doll:rTwraT isulcCAibod mae list spring that,if ;:Id,'..ould about
c.r:Yy ".iae i. .- ,TJr;'t:i.t of tl'lis nothing hiae boen You rmiRemb.:r tr:t ycu subse;
cvitod('; `5.' of thiato h'.nd -'-:-raunc'. Can )o- not utadl it nowpbc'fore tuj late?

i -. -cn;iinc: several ,inc;i.uiiag -;r, '.olf,n circular letter outlining pretLy fu'
- tLy t'--, F.t'-tc of our Glades Cuoc hure. I suc-gOst tL--i-.t you ruLd ji.'..-olf's copypR'
..,o'w hi.A1 nC., copy of my report. All our friends ougit to kno-a the facts I 2a3
writing i.:o,'.rnJ ]put tot. thoge d-'.;, .i w'inrsh the A;.,Lk puopls,. tdl ot.;es,miaht
hirve a ie- ting ;and go over this natter fqrtAcIir information, m vj CJ-S fIJby
iz;: .U.-C ,' IT;but otherwiU,, ,J ,L" J ;):.i,. No others are lifting a finger in ou
behalf, ,ri!;,-in.L tgho LtLke jo'b.,cn you k-no.w,is Lut rushing 10UI1L.

: thou-ht of sending you thii report wu'ks agp,but remeaiotrcd it is all SGCHflT
till :.:'.int is reached, c.: `.L.vo reached ithinou I seebd thir..F;r~-se r.-gard it
Lt tihe 'Tr..'j,.''ty. nf rl'I. cone nuJ., To mioatt cos f:-ctLe zre :-s :'bc-olutely Lts art
t.o LirogEl.y-liic:3 on tiie p-yrr-iaido. 2d inur.rce pays nqu..rcly into tih hunLds
Atatnkluj y'ou for your co-.p -r ,tlnn,Ir.Jr.:;iit,
Cordially youi'c,



o I

J!,elle Glade, Fla.
:eept 1], 19335.

Cr. ': os. JZ. Vill, Z... ,
625 'th St. i:. E.
aslhi;'-'ton, D. C.

Dea=r Dad,

i h:ave been intendin:: for sever-al days to '.,rite you1 Anu
.iI i hJve leee planning." to vl;,e a trip to Tenii., Tbut have b e;n 2o
'. n.,p it lookeLi.ossible. in f:'ct aitho -,.e had to try to start
- / t" oino0-ro,., it va s not till a fewvho-ra_,R _-o that i j;ot e-i -L ioney to
2 enable i.-ne to i.a'.Ce arny definite 'plan.. iioriever, 3a .o-.:o c1, corerl
oaid'n -arcc.onit and 'n-.cead of a.p in.; bills ';ni ih it. I decided to
star-c in the morning Si, a vacation.

This!lconri I saw A-,j isai l, &, i,-ie,. ai1 the v'ho
.lives north dOf the b,.-i e at ou..i l a:.. e tll ied aboCtc ".liat 0on. are
doing, rnd I amn -n!i 'i;aer Ioi.r 13;lteLr I.o ine,the letter to
I've's, and the one to ''l" ergladen, I'ir-,-ie'.i.. and -p tition toc .~-,,. Id
Sietchier. I find ihat:. .,llion ii nc't "v-rv str-i-'r fCor ,:ih- -".:m'.llYa: r.
~ thin ',.-_,;e i''.r ti'th a' .,L i ,-, -. b "e .A i' a ,} doe.s noct Liii.:
the leve,--e tor- o:rc .'li-,- .,: o' r,,-,ed., and -cthin'- the -I. l i-eer ri .' cl
.-,e jollied ilr, ,- 1:, tellin the'n .i at ;- e .. i. ilcie i-- ji TJ ie thit,,
but i. 'i_,-.,'i.^'d. '- tey and in additi,'ni, the toti h ,sin l h.c'i.'l. ii e ue ed.
-e does not L "-,ir: 'anythii can be g -:ined by ;n-,c-,-in_ the p i i,-
ject, ~ftile a e in for some,.hinn nii a dronT, 'n,: T i.e ...he.. o0L.i,
..adre this 'opinion or'not.

n have wri t:,-, tc aFi he ,r' in '.iiU: Lo ,ircilate the
F.retche,_etitirC1n and also to try to t. l.-a is-:.iJe'e o Oiloy fe'" o.o.
-.o t of tho n !.ie" ,:.' tiho e .'.oin ..'on' n. ""ed s h*la'>i -' c r i'. w': to (.c.ate.
.Laen, as they are oxinrn" e aid coij ed it ho i p :.; to
Taste lian'e un them, ri.ii'h; a '' i e tPi i e :.:- :.'e .Ien
ev.:-r -.-', y. is most br.:.I:c, .:n -.:m-.
,. I have 3 irf:' cj, 'lb pe i t ,' ';?r i [.: t r ,, t

Sso far as '-eLtting .-cOe ,-i loh ca-l l, her-' t, ':."., iiT, :"??,ll.. I.,c ,Joti-
know Tf 7o it 7:. l :. a, i.-:o L c.f the ri'blic v. oL:'c,- r, ei. er do iiut fl6--eet'i
*t- be e:aitiy in a9, oz. ',ritI-L yo'rJ.&ev;-.

SThter? is quite ._- ,.: r.o' r-,\7 a:,:c'. I- a1'._r o ttq t e.,:tii att
t.:,'t ^-elle,_-la:, i..-',so j.'a-..,, it not a fit place i' ',', id to -ep
^"' convicts, 5.-; tIe.e: vi_0''1f.r froa0i nrLr itc:i, ..verl' l.e S:.r;e, njid r
pair of .,l.e: _?itr or-l t'.. o vhcTc^ and .i i' h rot., Co c ,' e 1ent lV the
project i2 t" :*:,, aiw'l zdied e::;':ept o L-:ep: a few ne -r'c '., v..ttii "
cane, a c_. in to be here t ojo- ro't an-d LI a,. 1 *-m CID i -u ; L.O I' hi..
SI .bet-, it "ill be intpr ;z'ting.

.'. 'The labor Lay ,atovn'; did ver'v t3-xJlle do,'ni-e ini ,*..

... ., : r r i f 1
*c1 'io *he cu~l.* 11_*sv; toil '7'jnilep, v'ei~jt.ui;'. it I'it t '.*et.'g 1 b27i0
T oi l o to./ en and ch.iL'rn Iiio were t;:: if];' 1 -; elt --r

,i E..,i~jta. "',he; ,'e felt the .,o 1, e o va T-..oni.:L to _,0 L l i'.. ii' -,g t.
"m- a the C'n i le. i ri.: i. It s i. ... c-._.i at. nit:ht, -nd ket,' .,
-\ ^iv i" 3 id and coin t f rto quitee a crow, of whitet e and coloiled.


I ~C I;; I __ ~_

As in the .,torm scare of a few weeks before, all the colored
",ere ur led to -'et Lunto the tiin! and-'deplo2rted- directly into the cent-
.C Ort1 t:le .tcaj:zi'. The plan was to un e trai to ru e rai ort Iayac, a
,:t..nR.fer them by trucks to Indi townvm. I-oowever the train .oT, to
?'i'; SandC %u;, n. of C.anal i-'t. and could go no furti'je:', r lie !)L-_'9 shines
er- ere '. Iiaoed i ocar in almost the woJsps-tatt.hig sFtormii, iiht
on the e ,, f tethe l[Le, w.hre t'-ie ,at ,.. r.use- .c.e. '- the flor, of the

s a ri'esult of the heavy rainfall at the tire of the storm,
-nm,:st of tLie iL except around -Bar;e T-leach i.- t,.o wet to farim, altho
it i: ,-;.' r: '"'rt, iLut i-ore c.,ay coi-e from ofi the la_-e or ,re miaay
,;et miiore 'ain .o p1 '--ntinL i, :-'e tly -lov.eLu There is not much
iore :- .J.. 3 a'in.: on then i-s ll-, in ,T or ,. That i. onI 33.
i'pe-o I feel j,.:.iaie in t, :..i. L -elatedioliday at thin time of
I. '- .r. Iuv all 3. pt i n c ne cf the Mi._aie.t ,ivo!::r V, *c e -ear :..ith
.,. '.'e i i le 1,ri:"'"y ,Si been arga;iced -c, f i. fr,,o',, the e 1
,wti" COe aC sc i Etfar as I know, none fruiu .-e Ltuv. but I ix_ n r'dertand .
t:ie latter .rill ;:e takIen care of as scon as th)e a plicatic ns are

6Ou i-iay i\7 ite ie at c/ Olin E. Will ian s,
Ashlandrl City,

I expect to be ;one pl-out t1Ur.eI',s, and if' Y,on '.ll .'e reaoiy
c e: c ..I home t 7,;t ,.: on-, *.i1 1 e C"ad t. L.-.cot, 4 i' "-.5 acnd, la, i.._ .,.
i:, -: I t;',: ,ieuide te...cW o;.ie...tO _.'asL.- -az ..aA :,, bu ab .f.-,:- t .i tancre
S-'i]. "be o :i.,.era:.l- .rr-ea-er that v/-,y, I may not want to unlors ,-74ou
anr O b r .. cl; Z '7 i7e. 'You can lel mie lnr.n'vt ltit '.

,'ust 6lo-;e now and. cet a cou:.u.le of horse sleep
,"iefoJ.e C sta'itTW.
L1 >0Z1 l"<,

I ...

(Laterr Can be rchd.
thru Phone,ILincolrn,f

.','a shi ngton,D.C, .,
625 7th. t.,t, ,.-
* Sept.L '/,1953, *-

1: '1 *t~rina',1 vc. :
Cit,;-TJ. i UP
v v

Gentl ,-.

-Am plannng, to lea. t..hef e. for'. ,' c;T, ',-)ch' Cct 4,oon : on.,

.' vC ; orae nd 0b A t- i. : ;ol','ly.-l.J sL.. Can be bpac: -:; in
ca rtons, .wnd>t acheei to ru, .ing lo:-,rd. ,'. -d

I/ ^ .I.. told ;le i8 '*.. r son al x n .: .-s a s m ea ls .
... ortation t no more V QO

.. ,* 1 L .1C I.' m ,;' "-;. ;.i ,i l! ", )* .. c'. .j A '. s3 -*"' ."
L C I .ax
( ,

S( .m '.it in a tbad 3 y-,t )
-?lc -. note ne address,.
1 Ver, truly yours,

f -, '

5wwi I .~ ? ..t-r..., .. '... i m ...... ..... ... ...... .. .. .. .

S 't .. '
Sup t.,sO,l9SS,3 3e.

Ashland City,Ten9,
/9 Olin LE.';illiaai0. -

1W dear Lawreno.- '..

Your letter 6'f the 16th. at hand. Mighty glad- to hear from you. 'Yas won&arnBg,
Especially pioased that you oa take Ann and Bobby on the Tenn.trip, I'm sure
they'll have a greot time,as will you,

1'm iaterested,too,to know you are thinking of returning via Wash.,D.C. That
would give Ann and Bobby tVi time of th ir liveDs. hare' has. bean a huge lot of:
new building in D.C.;and yuu'd find much to enjoy,'toe.
Above ddres.; is the home of l ir.r; e firs. t 1.liolt. He is an old U.S.Army man,of
28 ye&rs' L-nding;oerving in the U.3.3ngineers' department. He wa-; retired just
after tha `sVai o0 aucc-unt of disability--nearly died on operating- t&'.blo.

Mrs .Holt brought me yoLr letter,I &s0S.her of the possibility of your staying
here a few days,if you cared- L. do so, This is a go-d location,untirely reaipeot-.
able. The house is goodpand there is still ro-Jmi in it. The family are very kind1
campa"aiouonble pooplapand would make things pleasant for you.

'Zn answer to _my inquiry,irL. iolt Baid, Certainly. If they fe(cl like cowning,
we'll be glad to have them here." She's aware it's not an agreem.-t,'but just a
gratuitous inquiry or my part;but I think you'd like it.

I'm beading my cfiorts to get through,for this vac :tion per 6dlby time of a"r-
rival of new U.S.Chief of iagbineers,hbo succeeds Grnl.)Browu#0ctlst. It might
take a few days after th t fur me to get, to him,on account 'of the rush of nsw
*hinga atteading hiia inauguration. I'll'make inquiries to learn aenythin.g as to
Who ho ;vill bevand whether .1 can se -himj early. Don't suppose pr'zsernt staf- aa"
say muchithough, i fully expect to be able to get away in first wek .ki.t October,'
Allison is set on the policy of doing nothing thvt wIll help our oeighbors--
XIland peoplc9e.g,. Let them take care of themselves," And he thinks our selling
thma out ill give us a better oeato.a with these engs,

In a.ll thishelt dead wrong* These engs. are s:B fully Bet as is he on hiE pro-.
gr-aj;their determination being NOT TO D4?ART BY A IHAIS's BREAIH i,11, 0.R FIVRI,.
EL-L;JO'S PROGRKiJ. All of the Ev,ppl. slhd. knobby this time,wlh this isi T6 DESTRO
Y AID DWOPUL.' ci 'iriS SVWRGQLADBiS;agd,if ,iaao. doing,4IPelp some GRl:IAT POVER(for r
mBeoy?) TO DO THIS,1BY .LLL ZA .N0.

Tbeanthe specific thing i .to corraU all possible water in La#@ Okeeshobeej:
hold it hand7;and,wlien no assarypto TUFP IT LOOSh 011 THSl DS;Sl-;T SAIAJD OF TH:, .
LUCIERxEGOiou, in\%this way, estimnate,it should be easy to clean up a net profit
of arouE. $10o.o0 per acreby selling that rotten stuff. The cry .would 'b," US-iU
CONTROL. BUY N0W,for you'll NlEVER AGAIN GWT SUCH A OHANCESfl" Thifls,f courseit
ly formulationbu.t I know something about real estate,

We'v d. a L- ready 4 6 V/3 billions into that. Stileo Canialla. e're to help pay'
the uew a2.000,000 to help teand therst ofr :'W nterBman --hyai.noth aa4 alJl
ip2&0."v00 to "' it. ,,,

.. . .. .I .. I ..I I., I.I., I_ _.__ _._._.,_, ..-I.. .,, I I I__ ,
.. ,

LJE,..-BBu.r to the Gulf,

Ilben here's a point practically none of our ppl. are on to". All this wa-
terway and Fl _od-Control schtn.'e is to be i-".."IJTAIITjD." The St.Lucie jilla
with sand f64wing about ever6- heavy rain. Withi that aatPway a GOVERNMUI T af*
fair these sand dunes MUST BE DUG OUT--not once,only,but WORLD ..ITHOUT EUID,

Who's to pay? hoe U.S. Govt.? Not on your life;not one cent in the Ev.Dfrge.
SDst. A L L 'is to be pd. by :' FLA. AID 'iiL'R L,-CAL I14T1,rETS." hiut Fla. NEVER
pyT., on L'v. afVf'ai'-s--Etven 2!.iot admits this emaphatilally in his last report
S 1926-,27; pp. 56-8, A 84-5.) Let skeptics read!

And 'the Other Local;"--who are they? They are ff2. If tjis aV.roe-
cious scheme goes thruALL, LV-.0LL,1 0M.-L)3 are.01lI.D -,T-%U'f JDto hiLU PA
FOR DIG1JIN OUT T.i ZT.,LUCI' SAN.IDpnd otherwise keseing fit" a thing that has
ever even suggested fitness. How would Mr.Allison .bnjoy that?

But that isn't all. At .the J:ngs.' Conf. at o.;ay,last Sept.,you'put a fly in-
to thy 'llict schemoe--duly,aLnd officially adopled--by chowin 'hjb.:-t th MI-YS.
I VILWL D.eo-s cl)- occasions ad ;;undryto thc.t Lake. Shore Channel, )ou were the
first one to -..oint it out, Your've bean there with boatsand S; .N, Comn.Brookeo-
who deals out mift soddor",too on this matter, (Flood ; ilvgtu, -had to let
himself out on our porch tr, ;.i former Ft.Ldi.msn .: me0 He is a "COi,L30ORja"',and
I understand he hus earned thLt title. One thing he knons is navigation.,

'Iell,Bro.,k told us ie must mention one thing--to u.s. That was that Lake--Shore
Channel, Of l). the cr;szy things ho evur saU,Lhtatapaed the oliLuax and took the
rlbibons, If tihu;.t ditch htd bo..u cut on tho LAITD-Sidevit w.- uld i'.ve , wJ11"
of protection ;, ,rinsr 7;,'. HYACI,.;TIiJ--',' h. tro.,ek .:~s on to, jAtaB .they are maklci
ithu aS,a Bliothing in it but trouble OiLi A1-D lhAT GOITIlbA2. .,

In my recent 2]. -hour talk with Genl..'rown--and I talk to him aboua aC fraankl
as I'm writing her,'--I told him this iro.)k story,';ith your previous discovery
*if the masa:, .: id;' You didn't know they were fixing up such nx thing as
thatdid you?" Iie said, -Yes,only I DIDN'T IC'~... ABOJUT TAi" ihYACl'.:TI-S, --the
BI3 TLING to know about.

ael".,in tisiB latest rrea.ort held secret so longit is admitted T-hat these hya.
will be th.-re mod that ,oo this aicouunt there'll have to be constant "LALI1tTN-
AUCiO." By whom? By the unme.victims as "above: th .TCIIR LOC/, I'T,'J 3STS."
Tlan the f'ev.tLd.--Fr-ed ]iliao ail ovur but on the folLowing point wh. I think
the outside ,n;s. saw and Inisotcd on --said,( p.10) thaz.t thoe i-nd wpuld keop
esikingtil' i-. vpiuld be below the Lake lev1; and th.t "..'GUL'" D'P.WRZ. and.
uR I 2'BL..:*., 4 -i .1.X.. .,'" of jAC .'Cl- .. l:C3JA' RY."" A: Jd they give page t
proving it,

I tLilked with the Eng.Chief ,t Cleviatoa. IIe knows rs.ll that. ".'ho will do the'.
iut.tiningig? 'it U.LSGotL.?( Y u.sked ,kno'.wing l'et'ter,) He replied, "' 1o in-
deed. .hea we're thruwe simapiy turn it over c\od we're TxiiiOU;GI1," And who'll .
maint:iin it?("'l,') \'b:hy,tthat ill boe p to iaorida." (iHe od.i ) .',h.means,UP TO
Tk4i a.boVe IUrk'Iore aaid thislithe only case he knowF. of in which the mnint6.
ni-oe is thua cadTeod upon the local interestsI BUT IT IS S0 SAD L:,. ,e're t9 ":|
pay for enriching our compcitihors(St*Lo.Owners);.;nd. pay to have our own throatr

And Fask me to turn tail and runwith all this at ray fingers' tips! LeaVe
that to cowards and slackera.! 1


P.S. Am ; closing D.Cocard you
maj show your Ten-.friends,
Should you coe hereremember
that I h- ve :. igood,little,ono-
burner electric stove on which
we c-rn co',k lunches for the f,.ilily.

'T T 0.
i c .

.. . ,:" ', ,, t .. ... .' .y M ;' r _' 't/",+ N''*.^ ''.,;' .-'" '.

., 5 '. .

.I gave a running sketch' of this .:lliot policy to Mr.Holt etoaentlyiofifering. ,;
suggestiouns ot explanations whatever as to whby I showed it. *ae., frot fl t *,'".i :
antd was adopted by the U.S3.EnB.( PHst.) in Jax* lie said
Here's your trouble. You've got-i greatpbig GRAFT .on your hands. That.R-,
is paying that fellow. ,lliot,and, KI'S PAYING THE GQVT,,ZNGIISI-.RS." And he's.
off.i'red. that solution several tinBespaMinc.
I said, Of course,we know sowm ppl. graftsorae Govt, ppl.,-aybeo But the th+e-
or that that IS 1TOT TRUE of the U.,>. GWVT.iaGIXE 2RS. We're told that TI'Y ar
above all that sort of thing"
He answered," ;'lellthey're not. They DO IT. Look at these Govt. engs. travell..
Iag all over the ).S. Inspecting roads,bridgesietc. They get gruft. One way :is.
Sfor the beneficiary( a RR.,say)to say to the Govt,mans The .bill for this i o '
$1tOQO. We'll make it ",l,fiOOt; difference being for you tor putting it throUit
m Rosois told me several timect-iand I.have it hera in writings-that Elliet is.
the WOST GRAFT 3H.R i.L 1W-1 SAW."l back in his early days;and he gays me specific.
case-s A man ,'ho would grift b or $10 in hic callow youthyand'ZIn power to
let contracts to great OonstructVion firmseand do huge favors to Ei '*oadds--wvtD4i'
he f orget,in thit height of hit ;ipwer,how to "turd an honest penny-" ..
Holt matid,furcher," You wa#Jch sIad see if,after awhile,that fellow hasn't pSt
icre G ;one3y thlan hl cnn count."
But I'm to upecia.lize Just od one canal-that .ill.iet doted canywy:.:vYysaers ago$.
and help -hold thu lid down on all s this Frottenness' Watch me do it'l Wi Job's
to PUT.LL TXiL LID OFIaand I've the .dope right here, which I'd havo bea 'writi o.
again,right nownbutV'or yoyr lottr) ,that proves GOVTo.'2NGII-_-RB3 CONSOCIJilOZLSSa
LIARSithe. stuff right over their signatures, Speak seavy and lit) lowl Th4 May'
.,rfr t aoa' but not Y 'IRS TRULY, i -
Will K.Ee9tohin,Ft.Ld ,en 7-,15p--3,wrote me(replying to :iaa)
I" Soin tii iie -:o 1 vwaa "n Toay IYoung's office at 'VI.B.,and Ilosrued that he wafp
very much intert,;zted in the divelppment 6f the St.LU.cioaand&a ooL;ling plant at-Yti
Pieree'jalso tha'; he with other(aS).had purchased the mairal Bird 'boat and cooD" '"
templated putting it into sarvioe -to carry G3.adee ptdAuce from the St'Luois to
Baltimore .
"Tony oung",h''Lt of the StTDratnage i. Flood Bds. 3Sg, for the- Drain&ge Bd
F Curio-c,folio d by his First Asst., ,lenn Scotti 3eo.)1.Hill o,head Engineer I
(f8,50.. ;th. a *'7,bO pr yr.) for tht, Flood ld, Young in on both1 Younag,311iet,
... Hi) ls1'AJ2 iOV .:S in this "GGVI/ Flood-NvIPlan. -
FtPierce,neur Young's hombe to own, Ft .ioroe.-to HAVE TiHE WHOLS .:VCOOCOiLTEiRO,-, J
wording. to these Govt.Reports. The ,.Cana 1 to atay 4 d"BI3UAb1Lj'; ,.for X reaeadl'-;
.-'I -,'ILL COMPoTIi: g?,'i THE ST-.LUCIE C5UAJ,." ( This in thu Gvt.ieportU) eTh i iP
of this Fla.-TU,..CrGt.rottenes,' is unfathomable. Amd I to lie lowi.
A- 'to ai.yofRemeimber That in 19 l ,he advised me.,"", to ABAM .-,
the W.V, I suspect others would like me to do, ootoo, ,
Congratulations on your light plant--hjeX*l r ,<. tive of st.ofms :.*":,ri
"Deporting nogroea intu mpore trouble, Elot ga t3., .. .":..3.:"
Hops for a. 14e9 from you on reopt,of ts '
lBst regarda to Ann and B~pby.Sotls little. fdl6t8 here, in the house Wr.l .tit#
lsot yo o come : ,::
S' ., .W .
.. .. 1.-,_ ,; *', *,, !IN.Ad -. ,, .: '.;.* In. w .".:. m ..g"^'

(2. t .";, 4 .. x. it

S, .- '

. ~' -1 .t;, .

625 ---7th.StbN.2s,

Mr. Chase .I..Greathou re,
Roaslyn, Va, .

My dear Brother Grethouse:-.-

Have Just reod. thw ena. frombanpk.
signed in blanlk,wliiAi I hope miay save

Am enalosia

'.. ,v ..:..': :t, ,-," ,; -*. ." ,,'. *,

] ". ', ": :I

...'~~~~ = <' --Il
... .



g three .tote '
*, ... *",

Letter to-4:y frwa lay sonLaw rbne-n4,say-s hewith familj.rj. rgba.
iug to Tenne~ssee i-i a vieitjand may returO via.D.C. I'm re- ..
plying 1 hupa h.e may,/1 think you) may recall him* I fepect him...arl.-.-..
in October ., ..... .
'. 4 '
HLou e old..he.n*em my removal to thirA point. -

Siaucfrely your, -:,i

/ ..

i '4' ..
7/.. ;.. ,...':.-

'I '. "

-*. ^ '. *. /%-

-' '. ', :, .-*

j: ,,:a.-?


Wrmi.?oland -Co.
Te.l ated
Ci.c.. Io,'ao, ..ko September 20th,-1933.
Sircir\r\ati (Kh;o

Mr. Thos. S. Will,
625 Seventh St,, I, S.,
Washington,D. C.

My Dear Mr. Will:-

I have r.our note of the 13th inst., enclosing your cir-
cular letter.

I have delayed answering for the reason that the people interested
in the 42.000 acre Everglades tract have been out of town,

The picture has changed since I last communicated with you, My'
closest friend in this matter, Mr. James P. Orr, has died, and I understand
his estate is very heavily involved. Mr. R. Ke LeBlond, a machine tool
manufacturer, has lost a great deal of money, especially in Florida invest-
Aments, principally Coral Gables, Mr. Charlj2silliams, President of the
western. & Southern Insurance Co., is the only one interested, who seems to
Sbe financially sound.

When he got back to town a day or two ago, I saw him and we
arranged for a meeting with Mr. LeBlond today, but the latter has been
called away and will not be back for a week.

I told Mr. Williams that nine million dollars has been allocated
to Lake Okoochobe by the Federal Government, and to spend this intelligent-
ly would mean the opening up of the Waterways draining the lake, like the
North New River, etc* He seemed to raise the question as to whether the
Delinquent taxes would not require a very large sum of money to settle.
I replied that I thought they could be satisfactorily adjusted with the .-
taxing authorities*0-

Will you kindly write me a short letter,which I can show these
itwo gentlemen at our meeting, laying s-rsss-upon the fact that now is the
Itime for some one with influence with the Federal Government to suggest
the direction of the expenditure of the nine million dollars and the
setting aside of additional-jnmds for the development of the Ever j.ades,
possibly along the lines of the Tenessee project.

Looking over my notes', I find that it ,was back in 1,925 when you
and I first took up this matter. It is a long Tioad that has no turn?

Believe me, { yours,

@:^4y 7'
k~b Y

r --A-- 10 -3 3

Wn._oland Cr Co.
Ja Es ate
.......3 September 21st,-1933.

Mr. Thos. 3. Will,
625 Seventh St., N. N.,
Washington, D. C.

My Dear Mr.. Will:-

In looking over the letter I wrote you
yesterday, I should have amplified the second to last

Mr, Williams is the General or Head of the
N. R. A. Movement in Cincinnati, He has produced such
wonderful results that this city stands among the leaders
if not at the head of the cities of the country in com-
plying with all that the 1, R. A. hopes to do, and conse-
quently has been congratulated in Washington for its good
work, Although a prominent Republican, Mr, Williams has
and is giving his wholehearted support to the present
Administration. If we can convince him that this is the
time to Pgush the .. ...rglaj er8-7om _c__ pILbILuence ..
rWShlIlTfOn l ll-o- 6 o C VL011 T owr s arresting the
attention of those having such matters in charge,.

I would ask that the above information be
kept solely to yourself.

Believe me,

Ver/luly yours^

.4 .^

ft.: ..j. ,: 2 fr..SiiJ,,, .. r': : .k.' F ."' .:V f-r ` ,`t% :. ` ":` v..c... injp'A.' ., .
.......... ................. ............
'. *. ".. 1 .'.-,, ,, ;'. '... '.'%. -:.',.. ; ^ '.'-

WashtiBgtonD.O.,' 4.
4625 .7th. St .
Sept. 22193$. ,
'"" t" Mr .E.Polaad "' :" .'.,' '-
*18 E..4th.St., .:
Cib in.,Ohio.

NIy de:r Mr'2Joland:-- --
I am delighted to receive yuur two lettaer6:6f 20th.,aad 2st. .
a enocloaing myy first,brie pr.poer,just prey'x-ie. Plan to follow-with. ,
N" ;d the Aocepted Time to Pupab i'verglades "--including eei!ecifilly tha 47,000 atI
in -riting ::ou 'personally,I -ay U'se great lainoess u& spe'?oh",for the case
deai ruds it 'ih-n yau can pQaS on to your friends as mach o' Tihis as you deem.""
judioiou&. ....:

F1or ye'rc, th Glades h.v. bee3n .etrayerobbwrecked ,tnd :tfrced toward :I
t-h'ir fi-li', The climax was capped when this \ oodQ-Contro1 ni Navigatiob" I
scheme was h;.itcnsd and put over. Unless we geltaizundedgve bicy J,3 %vi Ibid .
1 a: del iees our er st Gon r Y 'w f 0 .1 :. -%-B

rThures i- dc-rt corner,lT.:. of th.; Lakeqi4t tbhru by the ;t.iucio. Two great ,
corporation reo.ervily intereutud there. i'r st&d!es prove to mu that thu obie:
grnad,objecti-e is to throw all improvement to that corner,and kill the Gl01a49&_.
in '340 doing. :
here'ss plunty of scandal behind th sand I .hive facts by thr bushel. Our i
opiv ope is in lifting the lidexposing the crooksand tapp-;ling to Congreass
t.' ; JUTIG ; tL' UcL.d les,oand 'J 1 :5IO.ZY by no doing, 1 .",
o Chief i.dtico of FLorid;.,-dn.7.iI.;Jllisake coa I kney here 'in 1911--12 when .
togaherat .o '-'fight'ing for the Glades ,told a group in'.'t.L tud.,j 19e8,ias
u' hes;.ring:' 'if ever I ro wrong,oT1 ORE ;LA cm on earth I donn't w,-rit ufter me is .i
Taowas ,ei'rill., lie gets all the factsamasters thest',and simply c;n't be beaten,.*-,.
kinore o.f uis s..rM.) In 19351, he reparated thicn to.ine ,i his oficeTw'I.'.E.
he must i o.:-.n; it,
..e're otill egod friendsbut we my t ." get" one or more of his other.:'i
friends to got this mass cleaned up,
l;iid t3:Tc ',,-cts before an old friend who served in U..S."agi-iecr' service-
28 oaut for-,physical disability. 1 drop.jed no hint .i1-j o what, wa *
; behind things,but he aid, Here's what 'a t rie matter with. your cs.La, Ther si"
*- a greatgbig bunch of GRArr behind it. ThaLBIT ha.-. bought tWl;>t fellow( A)lat:d
i-e'a bought thQ rest"

That involved the U.S.rTngitneero s I aidp, know there's lots f graft,5ae.
Gsvt.peoplu way be in it. But we've always b1oh told thatY T1 -KGINafRS werq0 ,
above all th atl.." He sid, ThihY DO IT. And he-.told me more.

I can see n. million of 9una ned increment o. ,I h op riten nbuI 'I''
owOld teall themihowithey could. m.ake mor.-e'-aooy ., "'tro Oat lie,.-
iw t is' i, J46tt for yov, I can writer *aoh;er. ror Poth.q utiea;tr:ue,but Xit :'.

".9" ,"
Th ovlvd h USgiee: I sa d .Pnwteeslt fgzf,~e;"
o~t.]eo le zn'.t le i i t e~e, lw ysbeeh ol. at T -E .-]GI' ,.,~o et .. .., .
TI DOIT. An -- tld e mre q:_..