Business Correspondence. July 1, 1926 - Aug. 31, 1926


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Business Correspondence. July 1, 1926 - Aug. 31, 1926
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Business Correspondence
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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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J Sy 1*19S26

e Meass. Btiyant Pittman Hill,
S613 Olyupa Bldg.,
Mrial ,?las.

.',;, A.4eontion Up.*F,'".0.van *
with TIr'C.F.'7ernor,
I had a Irolininary talk on the subject you nane in youb
letter ot the 28th.ult.,put havo hear! nothinC further
from it ill your favr abovejust rooeived.

I think I should see them a little further-and the attor-
neyo named5 wellthat I may understand a little better
al that is involved.

/ I plan to be in niani again in a foi dayu.and give thi3 natter
S the attention it deserves.
Very truly yo~ira

1 ;t

I ___

I .I..

July 2, 1926.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,
c/o Bryan & Greenwood,
Ft. Lauddrdale, Fla.

Dear Sir:

We thank you for your kind letter of July 1st
with reference to the Drainage suit. We attempted to
explain the matter thoroughly in our former letter, but
if you desire any further information we shall be very
glad to give it to you.

The result of this whole matter is tha*you will
finally have your'title to this land cleared of any tax
liens, whereas in its present condition the Drainage Dis-
trict might cause you considerable trouble in the absence
of this agreement we are making with you. As a matter of
fact, the Drainage District has recently adopted the policy
of declining to permit land owners to redeem their land
from delinquent tax sales after two years have expired, and
in our view of the matter the agreement with you as suggested
puts you in a better position than other land owners whose
land has been sold more than two years for drainage taxes.

In the meantime, we would like to discuss the matter
with you before many days as the advertisement is already run-
ning in the Palm Beach Post as a preliminary step to getting
the litigation started.

Yours very truly,


by -


F.Lauderdae ,Fla.,
July 3.1926.
88 Broad Sts,
Ify doer Sirs-
Tours of the 2Pth.ult.,with deedsoreceived. Thank voun
You had not had time to rooeive my letter of the 26th, hioh has probably arrived
by this time.
In that letter I stated.' I remnbe.a hat you have a quit claim deeds
'In the oarouastanoesI will roquest you to make the deed to re,and send sane to
First national Bannkesarowman before described* I can then make a warranty deed
to tAe Anjim3Suainoe I had a warranty in the first instance*
"This will enable n to get the money out of the bank without further rorrespond-
I therefore ret rnherewith/the deed you have nade to the nrjimas and req -et you
to execute Adentioal deed to me8 Then send it to National ankas aborewith
letter I herewith enoloso said ank for your signatureeand notify me you have
dona s0o
I wll then take the warrant-- de.d I will exeoute to tho "njimaoto the bai-e
4h .1 And warranty deed to Aujinis.andreleaso money to nerthat I may remit to
y ou the amount agreed uponvise- S.o06*
Jo ,in- this will be clear and satisfactoryI remains
Sour very truly

/ i

S0 OS T 0 NM A S S.,

88 Broad St.,

July 7 19P2.

First National Baik
Bte.Laudordale ,Fa.
Attention !MrC.illo.

Enolosed find quit olaim deed to Thomaa EJWill for Tract 31,o*35,3i. .44JS..R.
36 IEsPalm Beach County.

On notice of receipt of this he will bring to you warranty deed for samc troet
to Benedictus Anjima and Anna Ahjimapto be sent to them

On rooeipt of this3,indly hand him enclosed deedand remit to me the sum of
Thirty-Six Dgllarr and nix centsrs 36.o6) from fund deposited i escrow with
you by above njimas in payment of balance due on this tract.

yours very truly@


- ~C~7

?t*L audordale, Fla.
July 7,19p6.
Hon. John Bryvan0ounty Oonissi3oner,

iy dear Tlarh'yaan-
I was greatly interested in the preen report of the work of yesterday of the
Browrwd County Go.isi.oner I sod to attend the mootingosbut beoae disoour-
agod,and ouite Things look different now.
Since 1915,I have been wor ?in and fighting for Everglatea roads. Now I need
official facts.
I am ahauira of a oomittee to help get the North Ganal Rpad up to the Lake.
In additionlI am running a lot of Glades natter in the Pt."aud. Call,and heedc:.
to ha-,E vy frcts straight.
In Peaslno to get our link between Broward Count and Okoelanta inI =m not
vb thiss- "Telltwhenevar we see Broaard busy on her eeotionwo can get the
money for o rBs.
CIfetherefooyou oan fill orb enolosel blanks ,it All help ic iii l. I an .rying
to do.

i-ory trul' ye3r'3p

I- ...p.4 ovcr two years ago,I wan as5 r:ad,
by a vLry rnipounable a in In ra1imi of thilds-
If Broward Ounty ailsnterosted in having her road
froza the Junotion of the South Caaal .nd suraai
Canal carried dzwn the MiLa'i. anal to Duado Caunty#
There is money available at thin and bo holp hoer'

I ropoirtea t.hi,-oreu thS:.n onoce!t,: thi. aend but
apparently Tithout .'-rouflinf a ripple of iACTroat.
'"ho.ths Browerd can noo nese holpor whother it
can still be had,I cannot say. Tou may bd able to
tell no rthather .Ihe help li-ll b C of use.if still

If Broamrd is ablo to build to the gliai-South
Omnal iunotionathis link is all that ill ronainI
thi-uk,to oomplote the SEViSTY-FIVE :.=I CIRGUIT,"

* V FORM 3L 12-24-10M


Ft Worth Texas July 7, '1926

Dr Those E Jill,
Ft liaudcerale F'la,
Dear r Will:* .

Your letter of recent date regarding F C

Am willing, as always to work with you on
these propositions All I want-it to keep the records
-straight, ie; if you get an offer a-4t-e tract for which
you are dueal.eed, why go ahead and mak:e the deal, if
it is anywhere within reason; say around-450 per acre,
either cash or time payments, otherwise please make me
deed to same soon as possible, or some kind of notes

You are on the ground floor and. know more
about how to handle things there than I do,so I'm having
to leave it up to you so that it will be eC-:s on both of

Keep me advised as to your plans and I'll
try to do my best and work with you-

le-uther here is getting unbearably hot-

I _

Oklcclanta, Flori'i!,


July. 8. 1926.

Mr Thomas E3. '"ill.

Fort Laud,' r lle.


Dear- Mr Will:-

With this I am sending you the two payments for
Ben's Lot and MAy two. will you please tell me by return mail
how much that I have to pay yet. I have lost receipts.

we have not heard from our land yet about the Deed things do not
%b well with us most of the potatoes we have yet an1. :e tlinki
that Ben is beat out of Two IPunlricdl Dollairs.
The water Ia up t.n -th top of the -urface. I am sick myself
and as soon as there comes money from the potatoes I must go
and see a Doctor.

I hope that you are all in good Health.
As ever your Fricnd.,

/^ /^ K



July 8, 1926.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,
Box 275,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Mr. Will:

Yes, our letters crossed each other but I now

have your letter of the 3rd and have sent along the deed

to the bank as you direct. You, however, have a copy of the

deed from heirs of Etta M. Eaton to Aiy Mother, Laura J.

Eaton, and assume you will wish to pass this along to

the bank as the deed refers to this copy.

Trust everything is all right now and if not,

please let me know.
Yours very truly \



,IE: H

PV.Lauderdale. la.
July 881026.

Mr.Ben AiaJrPe
New Okeelnta,Vlia

My dear BenW-
I id not answer your lettersfor I thought I might see you before this.
I think I shall have the deednrowsin a few days for the 5-aore traot,
which I shall be glad to send*
You know I hare never been ene of the kind who orowd others for payments
and fulfillment of oontraaottwhatever others may do to me
i Howeverryou indicate that you mas be ready soonnow,to complete the
Spaymonts on your o0 110.861 Hanoe,I have looked up the statement of aoouont.
This I am' enlosing herewithpand hope you will find it correct.
A lx ban Z sUnaMap sahrt time sinoeIgse anjment of amdination to

Of orursethe shed roof is gone;but.from what little I sawait seemed to
am that roof over the main part of the house might turn water yet.if a
strip or two of tar paper were put along the south side lower edge of roof*
There ought to be a lot of sheet iron left from my shed roof and from the
'roofs of v brother's house and sheds, theaterr that oan be had.or whether
it is necessary to buy some tar paperI wisahuless the job is muoh bigger
than X might fix the root over the main part of t'e hbouneand
make it tight,and credit yourself against your lot account for work any-
t bing else you may be cut.
The Fard engine and a lot of tools ough to be in the ho use bo you F
cma oheok up on these.
If you can send me a money order covering a part at leastoftho above bill,
it will come in handy now,
Yours very truly,

_ _____I_ _L

Now is the tine dir

Now is the time for all good men
to x


PtJ'esudedasle ,Fla*
July 89g26,

0/o 41,aallaooe
M1di7 antemz.
Having hoard tbroughreoentlysthat ya I had not received the abotrait for the
Hendry County propeiyt" a mystery was at last solved
I rinediately ( June 80) wirroto :J1scr.' Gregory and MIlleruAbetractors,
la elle, la, Kindly cond It( your abstract) at choe ,by registered mallp
return recafg requeatedgtod
The falcdtaaO crsmdatlomn,
o/o ',Mr*MEallae.oe
/ Usldiaon.!Ze.' .
I assume it bha reao eayou by this tiane
In oonsequenc aI a oorrespondingly relieved*for I had not been able to
loan -aether b had yet finished all the matters left Aith me by
SDreSutherlaudaia *4S1lS9
He was ansious to have me tak.. charge of all thnoe matters end tc -coept
payment for so 'doing. I was rel tant to take pay,but he insisted.
I accordingly bprewith present mjbill.

oura very truly

it.LuaduJrdale la'.July 80226.
Layman FoundationP, Dr*
To Thos*E.P.11 for hundling natters of Abstraots,taxss oto. relative to
property of Layman Fomndstion left nith Thoan E.tll by Dr.T.* .Suthorland
ov 235,925, Trwenty Five Dollarse ( t26C0)

SRe''aoeived ent

.t'. .. H:

Patrons should mark an X oppo-
site the class of service desired





Form 1207A



Send the following message, subject to the terms on back hereof, which are hereby agreed to
A i..



To guard against mistakes or delays, the sender of a message honu.ld order ;I repeated, that is, telegraphed back to the originating offT'e for comFpation 1i Pr
one-half the unrepeated message rate is charged in addition. Unless indiated on its face, this is an unrepeated message and paid ior as such. In i .ld,:r,
whereof it is agreed between the sender of the message and this company a lloos '. .'
1. The company shall not be liable for mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery, or for non-delivery, of any message re -,ivid ior tr nsmiicon nt i i .- ru'-
peated-message rate beyond the sum of five hundred dollars. ir:.r fji mrinake or delay's in tli transmission cr dilivtr.. or for non-dli..r-r, of ano ..i -i,;- ..c ,-'h1 I..r
transmission at the repeated-message rate beyond the sum of fve rhom.and d'.,LJari. uii ,r,:. aul' .ti.u,, nor ; n: *.:,.' for delays ar-rnc irom 'u. l, n. r-upl.n
in the working of its lines; nor for errors in cipher or obscure me.,-..p'-i. .C r 'i .
2. In any event the company* lshU n,.:. be. Iabli ior d~ ana [or mlit kLc or delays in the transmission or delivery, or for ih( hIu.-li'v ri. '. 5ir v ,rn. a16,. `'litl-r
caused by the negligence of its servri,. or tih:ri ... beonrid th um er 6 r E. i', c..nud dollars, at which amount each message ia JmcJ i to he iua.ur. bal,,- % f.'. .,
is stated in writing by the sender Thii r.'i' th. im.e it,: m.ia.' ar3. l ted.:r.'d t.,r transmission, and unless the repeated-message rate la pad or acrrrcd 1o .; an
additional charge equal to one-tenth .-,1 in t p-r i:.-r of the anmoint b a LI-i .;1u.-i valuation sbjll c,'lrd 6fiv' thoijusand dc.ilnar.
3. The company is hereby mat' -l t~i aer,-rr ol tbe .nd,.r. "r atht Jib t-ht:.. to forward I h, m. ." c, .-v.r trl : linl oi ,rrv other company when necessary to reach its
4. Messages will be delivered free within one-half mile of the company's office in toe rn of 000 populalo;n o:r lei: and within one.mile of such office in other cities
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or to contractfor him for such delivery at a reasonable price.
5.. No responsibility attaches to this company concerning messages until the same are accepted atone of its transmitting offices; and if a message is sent to such
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filed with the company for transmission. +
7. It is agreed that in any action by the company to recover the tolls for any message or 'messages the prompt and correct transmission and delivery thereof
shall be pr.'r ajmt.. Au} ;.'t to rebuttal by competent evidence.
8. p-ci.l trrn.- governing the transmission of messages under the classes of messages enumerated below shall apply to messages in 'l of such respective classes
in addition to all the foregoing terms.
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A. Day Letters may be forwardedby the 'Telegraph Companra as
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Letters is, in all respects, subordinate to the priority of transmission
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B. Day Letters shall be written in plain English. Code language
is not permissible. I
c. This Day Letter is received eubjeot to the express understand-

ing and agreement that the Company does not undertake that a
Day Letter-shall be delivered on the day of-it dtie ~r abolutely, and
at all events; but that the Company',s ibligaln'n in this revpc :t i?
subject to the condition that there Tlhall sufficient time for
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date during regular office hours, subject to the priority of their trans-
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No employee of the Company is authorized to vary the foregoing.

A.rceptel uip to 2:00 A.M. for delivery on tin' morning of the en-
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A. Night Letters may at the option of the Telegraph Company
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spect to delivery by mailing such Night Letters at destination, post-
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B. Night Letters shall be written in plain Enghsh. Code language
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To 9


To guard against mistakes or delays, the sender of a message sbc-.uld -.rticr ii r. prit;. ihat is, r.'l. r'.r.l-..] L..1: i.. I ori;inating office for comparison. For this,
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1. The company shall not be liable for mistakes or delays in the transmission .-r Jdr Ih-l r r ;r or r-n-delivery, of any message received for transmission at the unre-
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caused by +b-e niclia-cncre r.f j r r ..r otherwise L., ..,,,J th.: uii ori ..I t t,,.: i l d'-i ..- r:, ..a ph; h rrn.:ji- .i ... 11.. :.- i: .. .emed to be valued, unless a greater value
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5. No responsibility attaches to this company concerning messages until the same are accepted at one of its transmitting offices; and if a message is sent to such
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7. It is agreed that in any action by the company to recover the tolls for any message or messages the prompt and correct transmission and delivery thereof
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8 r,:, i I terms governing the transmission of messages under the classes of messages enumerated below shall apply to messages in each of such respective classes
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B. Dr Letters shall be written in plain English. Code language
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c. Thiu Day Letter ia received subjoot to the express underotand-

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Day Letter shall be delivered on the day of its date absolutely, and
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No employee of the Company is authorized to vary the foregoing.

Accepted up to 2:00 A.M. for delivery on the morning of the" en-
suing business day, at rates still lower than standard night message
rates, as follows: The standard rate for 10 words shall be
charged for the transmission of "i.0 wv..rdi or less, and one-fifth of
such standard telegram rate for 10 words shall be charged for each
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In further consideration of the reduced rates for this special Niqht.
Letter service, the following special terms in addition to those enu-
merated above are hereby agreed to:
A. Night Letters may at the option of the Telegraph Company
be ni.,k.1 at destination to the addressees, and the Company shall
be deemed to have discharged its obligation in such cases with re-
spect to delivery by mailing such Night Letters at destination, post-
age prepaid.
B. N igh Letters shall be written in plain English. Code language
is not permissible.
No employee of the Company is authorized to vary there for.e'oin;.


fY.IhBdardal. eI1a.,
July 18,19S6.

AresiBa a AnjLna a
Okoelanta, rsa
My dear Mr.*IAnjig-
80 .
Enolosed find reoeipt for 365.00 payt* on Leota 1O056 and 6S. hbank you.
You hare now paid as fellows en those lotes-( 56 and 58) Paont Apr~.27r1935. 25B.00 -
2- ifteen Pag. o sl0.00 ea, sroOo tl7s.o0
Deduot from Prie of Lots S5 g.
Unpaid ,alanoe,
I expect the deed to be ready now in a few daysgfor the am raot.
It Is hard that you should have this high water again. I be ieve the dasdng of the
Miai 0amal' and tb jriaming of the North New giver Canal with hyao nthaiae one main
factor in the trouble.
Teawe are in outfasial health.
I sincerely trust you may be able to collect your just dues en your potatoes.
Sincerely yours,

July 12119286

State Bank of Wenatworthl
To6nt1Drth, .D
My dear Sirg-
Enclosurewill ive an idea et conditions hereoa4 reasons for delay-

/ In your oase,there is an additional reason* Toar abstract is tatfll in
tho roesse;ian of nI abstract epanpny
Thin oporaJny has made many vesticus errors in its workgandin additiLonp
has sent us a bill far in excess of a reasonable wauntra
Ue aro now trying to' get this etftledin i peaceful ray following which ,
thg abstract will oome regularly to usan his donewe on send it on to you.
We realize that this may be a*ying to youbut hope you oan wait a little
longersespecially sinoe this pay enable us to pay for the tract as rer
V tgreeraent*
Very truly yours,

p 3 *

t*Lauderdal e, Fla&
July 18,1926.
r. IF.Sottoang,
Ponaa Oity,
l deea Sir .--
oTrs of the 31Site, rae aeived. It olils for return of your abstract.
In perl wing our oorre pondenoeI finds-
1-On Oot"10C1925,you offered us aour traot for &SO.00O
--OQn tc*22 I aoopted this offers
35-On woy*T7 wrote you,' Tou abstract has arrivedand goes forward to-day
to the abstract office Li West Palm Beeah to be brought downsto datesfolloing whioh,
we shall be pleased to proceed with pe ents as per contract'
4-On wl O1 tho Abstract Oopeay billed us ron aocaunt of preparing this abstract,
for the mm of Twelve Dellars 12.00),hwich tsm Tm paidand hold receipt for
5-On Deodaoyou rote us that yo' wife forbadethe sale at the prior we had agreed
upoademanding Just twice that sm* our subeequent letters all show that you
could not go on with the oontraot as we had reed upon it.
On I'ay 3119260you request return of abstract&
I have this abstract by me,and shall be pleaaedfin the oirotmataaoeasto return it
to yoeu
i lowevertsinoe we have paid the l12.00 for the abstract work done in acordaueb
with our agreementand the work was done and the bill rendered before we knew yo.
oould not ptooeed with your partI am- sure yT'a will agree that this .~S.00 should
be repaid uA.
Kindly eaT ; aelterefrepa, P.O.Order for .QOea "Wj receipt of whic+l shall be
glad to mail you the abstract at oaoe.

Very truly yaum,

..- Li

* *

Zephyrhills, Florida

'r. Those .y. i111,

Pt. Lauderdale, F 8.

Dear Mr. Will:_ am interested in looking up Sarant.ha M.PrTc.~e in
terests in this 'ruitcrest doldinw-.I unprRs'and that .amantha M.
price radp out the papers whatever they mray have been tow?.S: Price
(with the understanding that he was to rrovide for-her the re -
Srainder of her daynand now he is dead and she has nothing to support
her .Do you kno abcut this deal --

Are the'e holdings rpccrdpd are they taxable 9 I suppose that West P
Talm Beach is place where the records are kept *
I believe that Sarantha_~L Price 'hoeuld haye this holding Tino. P
contract n. 56.for her support what is the legal method of taking t
this matter up*

I am sorry to prFsum! on your time but I am ignirant as to the
method that should be used .1 thank you for ycur time in advance
yours truly Mabel D. Price.

-I --;..-".



/&Cg4/L ~h }$&~

r -44~iZzc

/LbI Citz tCZxci rLpF



) a c/
..2 u

-^<^^ $L i'^^^

And -6
A4 2 Sr





^ d





- iA, ~~


tp(7~ Q~

n -,

1 -ct

_I /1

z3t j2a^^-u .










)Gce ~J~a*o-


cza SZ


-i- A/2 4 a/A
I( Go X, /4

< c7714t u 47 __
-7 c i /C C6. ~c 1 1 r/0 / 6 t
.. ... v .

(^^^u jt^^^^ CC e^^^^~clp/r '^R^t. (^'^^^ ^

(/ ^61 n~cF- ~-r -~7-~Ma


c/, co /" 7
// A y. /y yYM .f 4 ,

eta / "A e Ae r' t/

^ Z(OC4&- ci Y ^ ^
, /7-te- -- ---------


21-e 4e


_ I .. .



7- /2, T-L
-7 ^

f^C~ ^^: "


fz-^^ /. ^1' 7;6-^
4/ SL '

4 ^j^r$444'

ry/^^^' ^ ^
u/^'1^-- ^ />
*^^?^^^^<^y- /^^T
vr~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ^^-^y^'^/T ^/



Real Estate Rentals Investments


July 17, 1926.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,
229 Bryan Avenue,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Mr. Will:

I am knowing that all is well with you and that all

things are working together for your good. I am knowing that

you are continuously under the law of grace and are absolutely

free from error of thought, word or deed, and will be recognized

in that light, now and evermore. Under the law of grace, all

efforts are justly rewarded, recognized and appreciated.

I AM LIFE. That LIFE is radiant and rich with the

substance of God (PROSPERITY). All TIME is NOW, therefore,




I DWELL IN THE LOVING PRESENCE OF BOTH. I am moving forward into

my highest position and work, where I will be happiest, most

appreciative and appreciated, and most recognized for that which I All.


I am,

Very truly yours,

Ruby .1. Polley. --..

P. S. I can see you Monday July 19th at Broward, 9:30 to 10: 33 A. M.

30 G- (3 /. JC. ^-


,, ..- //- /-it-f .

7* A' -^ -- -'- C- :
,./- )" .:_


"- "" t ~-- --
/Z^d 66 U< t %x^ rL^^ */^i

-4^i -~ 4tu -rh^ A-^
41 0 -/- */ -" 7
,". ,. r L^ ",-^ fi ; ^ .. .. < *- ; .., < < --- "

: > f ^ '5 / .
*I? -" -.--. -- ""

....... f ^ iS *- ,- ,- -/' ,7 -^ A^'/L <-* ^ ^ *-^ ,A 3 ,

I /"

c L.~
" i 't-' .: / *^ -^ ." **. & /_i/ -' li "1 '.., .*- ." ^ -' .. ^. __ :..t

S I- "" "- "/ "
/Le I / /Lr 7 '
^-.C -y ^O^'.:^^- L ^-**- -^ ^ < \.^ c^<- ^U ^U (^Ci f^

ti~ 16 "i~~ //I~ "M a-tc'rZ
-- -1 a / 4. '/Z, @4c- /R
ly .4_:' ',^-1 ^>r- *''-_ _4 *-6 -*'' $~.'^ *- -c -*_^ >

I. ,

he~i~prr*cu*A L~e

l "r, v4
.4~~~1Ly~ciL 3~&~



"e~p~f~j~ZeaL~ep~- j

;8:r;::zjD :?

C;4~4~ /M/ ~)'ttPYZ/ VU~iF-~\/rr,
~a~ pleeuf/6~6e,

FPtLauderdale, Fla 3
July 17,19'068

ir.John Huczck
H"'. 9th.Avo*
Betel3th. and 14thZtsa,
IE BmiFla.
1y dear ?TrIJltoki-
Enclosed find letter from .Mrs.oCortmonUouth auy. She wan-s yuur h-.useo. t heede a
tenant,too,and Okeelanta desperately needs to havehcr school reatoredas she attempts
to crawl again u the mountain on her case-book
S I lpo -gr.-atly you and as. Norton may get t other on the house mattr*. lId let
a tenant in to y little house Tgattio,ether than haveit oatysand falling to pieces.
Our South Bay-Okeelanta road contract was recently leat We'll 13 out ce. the woods and
waters somr drytho Lord willing. 3at a huge rooponsibi3ity roost or somebody.
Think of the ater table at Okeelattarw-in the Ulades Iaghl3 d:-ujp to the surface;
whilebnack of herein the Glades lorlands--as I havo jsrt tested on+. in the country
north of riffin veorythingefgr end rrideis in idoa condition. for cropping
I thizi. there is no que3tio!: that this lower country is backing its -stcir up onto use
with such help and toleranoe as it oan got- 'ICat hu,-e da across the ;Lani Oeanal
just North of the junction rith tho $South sanal-- a dun that is nove' -uontioned in
all the fine talk in the papers and elaewherelis larr-ly responsiblcl have no doubt.
Further,-an engineer at Uo*Bay told mn recently the Ihy-cintho in tIhe ilorth jiav out
down the discharge opacity of that onal about 75 .*ith the dani Canal dead and
the South oan~.l as docadand the lorth Canal 3/4 d!eadvthould any onj wonder that the
highlands are wet htile the Ion lands aro dry?
i.ncerely yournP


Pt 6i-auderdaleise, a

July 17 lSi.

ir .''.'.Llnfule,
141 t.2;.d,%* ,

Ty dear "r'"Linrlot-
Dnoscloed rplase find our V9OO.e0O noter7r Th1 I have :.c'ed to r'.1l.CO

."ill y--i !Idl-y sit ri-th r,r.-nrC return to above andi&drO

Sorry to A"lo you t- 1 o tA.o-r iy. kAtorin3hcd that %c o0a ost no %iord from

T ?!! Dla soll.
Sinaerely your,

C" __

Pf.Lauderdmiale, 7-a.,

July 19p,192.

?i.R. .riffin,

?y dmar '1r*4i"PinL-
I wanrt to see you abomt a better that
you and me too.
I don't kmow where you livepnowriand I
I still live where I hwre lived the
am alaodt always at home at night*

Can't you ran Qrozud here to-nigbtrar

I believe will Interest

have no oar*
last 5 yearfand

toEoacrr.w nightbat the

As ever yours

229 Br& AtWr
Off Scd. Ste.iria. Oolee
in Kelley Goner.
Big house auong the trees.

I'~ .--L Y.. -
I .'9 I,:: .

tl 19auddale01.n
Juy 19.i98.

MIfJchn whoause,
Ballu. lade.,Fl*

My 'd a Jcait-

*ow flznd opy of letter 't4uk* Hope it

Yes,I Ikno of knad ad.* TbW yu

will d the work*

hat su~gostlen of or going inUo a noh a new oo:iamy as Lake
Worth sugest is1 preposterous. leather of the other ways would
be better than that

It is ba'ke
m8r 00Oloo
-ore ftflly

Worth thatg.loanegave us the bad sore over the
bond outrage* What night she not do to us, a she got us
in bhr power

TeeI hnow about the Geodmn matter. avebeen watching it.
He and Tom Bryn are pretty good business friends and either
might explain the inwardueas of all this*
'inerely yourwp



4 -







. A. Sutherland, M. D., President

Lida F. Scott, Secretary-Treasurer


July 19, 1926.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Box 275.

Dear Sir;

Your letter of July 8/26 in regard to the Hendry County

abstract came while I was away. The abstract has not come


I am leaving right away for north Carolina to be gone about

a week and will attend to the check for your fee upon my


Yours very truly,

The Layman Foundation.

'-~ .- o

-. K-/tLl i





2A / 9A


c7At: J^-^'aA-<
' /r- ^^ r */1 ^ y/
^{/^-A-yf- A C ^k
^<---^^_--^--- t? -aat-* A^ -<- .^ ''^ s-~-*-'

( ^', G~ 'Gr ,/ p -A., _
(l) '7-'--". G~c.,Graho~n "-". nd euo~ooty Fl.-.." R-.-^


A~4 n < '


t/- 76e/-l-~tr a~ //71 T-L /'

- X-- 2LJLL~~L~. c~-- --'- *A --_^- ^~* *-y-- --d-V J- --. -- B< < *

..afPL I .. /'" *' '
/B-^^~~, '' *'^k /^ -I

-LtyLn-/ 9 ; / a _
^~-- "r ^ *2 _

^r -^^^LJL. ^Ii~ ^^>

-1P y */* /P
_.._<=.---7 -^-^-- ^ ^^ -0
/T^T~FS y^Xy^ -P ^ -^/
^-^-^--c.* -^^e ^~<-;-!. ^-^f-v^L <^^

y~~~ 7*
^ -*y--. '^ -^--(7 2 ( C -^ ^a-

Lvrc-^J L--* --^^^C-3

/. y r. /- ^\
/ -_*yl

i7- 0
'*^ L-clc;t -r / _-- *_IL: Z-7--l .-(C& C

''^ c;cr^c .r-rt~ P/^sCr

7 ^-.^ l^^-^---*^^4' ^ ^-<-^^-^- <

J^L ^ZL-^~ P ^- -r I'-- ~
^^L^^t ^--^-^<^ ,7 f^-^--&

/^~~~CSc ^^. ^^- -^

^P-c 9- -y ^*.
S^^--> >^e-z- ^- B^<^- *^^a~t'-^

y *~~/ y-P_ -^-L Cy 7^^

t- B-,-
_________ u7 -. ,.

I4_ 7cCL~ 4
P ^ -^ e/--

^^C-.____^J^-^^^- C1;7-T*^ <~

-^-?^ _^. z22^ 7^,'
^ ^--^J^ ^.^.

IuPcccccc yy -/ f\, f).'.

c ii. w A- 0 -, "if"A
.- .c- t o,_..

_-- "--- -. ^^^
.-A c^ -/ "-R- ._,- -,---/'---
^"- ^^i- CT-.C 'f/ax ./s *~

^, _^L-o/a^- {^-"L j`-
^$ ^^1^ A^r
4^^JL ^^01^^^ .
ai^ -4- F
C^LcrLe.9 a*-- /^>^
_______ oB L^ L^^ kL-^ ^'R-~

~1~ B~~lSefi~j ~e' Ye-v-)p
C2-~~TJ~ e-Ytf)
~eu Ab~L1 K/,



J.]. B AN W& co.

PHONE 3758

July 21,1926.

34 N.W.1 St.,
- IMiamr;t1F:,-

My Dear Mr.Will,

In as much as we are revising Aur listings in order to
present them to some of our northern clients,we would
appreciate knowing whether your property is still on
the market,abd if there has been any change in price
-or terms.

Palm Beach Cpunty,Twp.45,R.36,Sec.36./480 Acres,
S 43," 39, 27./640 acres.
? Tps.44-45-46-47 R.33-34-35-361800 acres.
S ".; Twp.43,R.39,Sec,.8./640 acres.
42y43-44,R,36-37./2217 acres.
4L-45,R.34-35,Sec.36-37./100 acres.
45,R.,6,Seo.l2./60 acres.
Broward Ctuanty,Twp.51,R.42,Sec.33/147.26 acres.
S49," 50, 41./600 acres.

Trusting that we may have this information at your
earliest convenence,we remain

Yours very truly,

J.B. U & CO.INC.

B E.astman


July 21,1926.

iy dear irs.UoOllough*--
I have your letter of the 18th, I certainly hope the retirement bill may not prove the
Si'root' the agrip ltural bill did. It had about the same crowd to fight,I imagine.
Deveral things have crowded hard here for attentions--
1--The S LU LI Pe--almost a panio,vrlth funds tied up so tight that millionaires of last
year have been a guessing' horr they would pay interest and living ospcnseseatp ut smaller
people--like the underesigned-where t .ey hid to acratoh for life.
2--The 4~8500,000 Bond scheme for P.B.County was one of the most awful monnoes the Glades
oountry ever faesd* I do not know whether you aas- my several stories( including By speech
before the Co*Cniersaa. pubde in the P BePost. Theonly diaounuuon of the question from
the Glades standpoint I sar was there. Sharp fell doon practically flat as a defender of
the'Glades oausee True,he said a few weak words,but did nothing at all in oopatleon rwith
what the case demanded. And he never remotely hinted at my campaign. He was dead against
the Glades country 4 years ago when Harris almost drove uo wild,and I led theb fight,and
hanc-led it almost alonefor many weeks,before ro obtained the heln that killed the rotten
seho-me But this last was so much r.orse thin that that that look now like, a beaofioet

3--GT Upper Glades notion in due for another wattinga,hile the low Gladi lhere ore in
Eod condition. 11ll due to the drawing back of Upper Glades uatorJ in the tnteroet of the
lower Glades orowdwho have more influence--that seem to beo the ospla~aton
0.-I have seen -1 to have an opnortunity here recently to do sone vital Glates work in a
p8blioity way( nse Cell.soparate cover.) All in blu isa mine. But the paper could not
raiso th. nees:;ary funds,,and fight the Lower fi[ahd[do'ocitltito it ha ntc nr.rondcd B for
60 to 90 dayGct, fin 'noe'lowing 0 me almost all I eiarnod. '
The F.0. eifort is not making any visible trouble now. I prepared a letter tnat offered them
abo6t everything I have in the world,but still ofllra pon t.hen to Jo cannthlQf thouselves;
no they seem to be thinking it over.
The lu-t time I was in U.P.Beaoh tI called at Judge avyj ces offioo( he had said to nS tie. time
before that ho would li::o to scone)| but ho was occupied Lhis time. I wan- to sou him at the
first opportunity,and see how it looks to him.
/It seems to me our D.C. mambCrCof tile Protoctive asn. could agroo that we went the Gift
(and aved for the reme identical reason we always did and always tat3ted;vizs for the
help it can "'nder to avi. sethrlemont and developeantaiid ospc~afl.y t'he ';." D. of that
/part iln vwhioh ALL THE OLD B.& G. PEOPLE&aro interestedivi:s that of their comon center and
Town* Othorwise,theroe is nothing to it 'worth fighting for. And wiTh that loint eestabllshed,
there is a oause worth tremondoui efforts
Of ourroGe can't boss the wholo job. But no never olaimed wre oould '. tll,in 21M3-14,
we had it so arranged that our Exz*am.of the Ok.Assa., were to control the Ok.Gorp* Board,
aend that uould have givan us exactly the oprorftunity to pz'su tile above point upon t.;e
' 4,8603aB we planned to do.
IfenowGe drop that whole matter of the B Objooet ouiht ,..ld thin Pnin-ur shilj fAizr5 u-ar-
selves with a big campaign ahead,to get the fund need ns we .laya agr d it ought to
be used.
And if I an the only one to make the point,t'io kidoors will be certain to impugn my motives,
and olain I am. simply trying to i.aEgrov may r Oierty for my own private endsa* hat kind of
charge "ha been airung on 'a so aany times as to almost laku me oynioal,and drive me to
leaving the old orowd to fight their own battles hereafter,while fight n1r oawn
As I said,I know perfectly that if weo do go ahead and make the fightthat should be mado,I
(shall haveto do the big end of the workret the matter all together,index it,brief itdin it


/into the lawyera,testify at the court hearings,etoe And one of the BIGGEST POINTS I '
should want to make would be 1iHY E ARE IgTEESIZED and I have worlds of data to make 1ll
that olear a
Rutithenthcpe will probablybe some of the old buyers on hand who are interested ea86eoally
In ,saythe ahokee country-we have always had the Lale Shoare orowv to ooapet with at
Okelata-and when I attempt to press that pointesome of them may objeo* andthan tif 'have
the bosking of nobodyonot even of my old D.C. oProador eve" of the Proteotive Agabhjsee
what -a fi I will be in!
If we have not abandoned the original program-the only pro"am that makes the case worth
thinldng about-wa can spre heavily by getting the RIT CEIVERI. When a R,.R.,eg*,has
to est a reoeiverthe BIG POIET .isl to1 shall he bet' If on e sidgets himit is espeoted
that the business ill be handled in one wmayandif the other aide gets hlipit is liable to
be handled the other wray
If I havethe C. leaders with meI may have a lot to say about who shall hold th vital
poition Othe ,hseheaven only knows who will getitor what he will do with it# Fter all
have done in this matter dince 191S2, don't want to be in position where I can be played
ihoe th anomooreas so often beforeandleft to do about all the workwjilea e oomptng
interest walks away with the prise. Onemight as well leave the prise to Aunst iis t6 ri-k
In one of my last letters to yoI showed how far I would go to head off the jelde ea--
( .indijg* knook* utoven ovi've got to harethe baoklin of my old oo-workernt at leastif
I'n to spend a lot more of valuable timeydegperately needs now,:in tho strule for breaady-
fighting the oca on battles again.
We sbolu'd stsan aealax,as in 1913-14for the control of the Corporation bIy tho \tsxCoa oa
the "sons That leaves it to younme,and Ustin but, before the oourt is thru wiJth the onse
I can amke it adghty clear that he has absolutely no business thoro--i b atlaya out of Jail.
SThat leaves you and me. We still havo our right there if for no other reason tbto re-oollect
our Okm.Ags3na itde which were lent on the or ress condition that we nerve an toe oard,and
so provide the security for the return of the loan to the Assn. It was promptly trade Olear
that hat provial was aednentl w ae for the first thing the other crowd did it Yhat t ax
money was to st ealt from the Assneand so deprive us of the funds with which ev to
send a letter to the old buyers* e sought.diligently and earnestlyto protect thooe Aesn.
funds faot that the data I havehore makes tr nsp reytly (cear nd it is .qua'ly clear that,
as soon as tait seaurity was, losta *hat. en dwa t ioaiedattho balance
in opr treasury seslod,and out power to call for membership dues was -letroyed. Henoe,
fthe casn. weoet broke",and ustlingleoullytold myu what that wouldd mean.. -n it didnean
now we wantthat u iutiosoo.ighted. The way to do it, ia to go right., oe-to the
our Set o-. andthe T rteesaind havelt oarried_&g a fully as to now possible I want to
p ros- that ,and I wantto make sre that we are not betrayed by a receiver not in pympat y
with the old program -
P.S, LY .ti-Bod S i,6 P.B.--"'t y ,-3
-S, -An .tl.,., t .ordiallFy y~oars,

Our bigh wate in thi OefM Hlad4 e is wa Mritly that is asmlgy apsAt'd* Mn eno.
mqap et bard Athasage tDiat in a lmwome ad l' 1 ly dom c 0a eing.
mtrlG It o to p-an tdhi lnem Stieo ftra te 50 e on .the
noPU tmn~h..aide bado d bot bsam &aobidsd tm I ufletaat q itnat1w, A z ea Ill g
t eSnta, ft or 4. A on flu go in at SB.. e ro t!, da waainethat wa le ohb
by thafitz#ajlm
'F ar than yeflae D A KI be aSn B at In a Imgaoa&i W=l aoce tb oeal,
W" the e.tovt _tr o ,e rms te a r ts t the s eonh Gal
a me Rf it awe 8 m ore& MONft -ha nBD ITs He doesortbed it
ea a m A oIB4 A MIad toe as oa M agtbaf ha r me triple
to Mooam t MaBattl2l1 ianbts mnd kUdiA i *wOB^ ISF WiRE CUR W1H 0 0- iES1
^I3 anl he talfk aibout atr pete~twtAM9aen~pe hea tMe aorsnatraosastecadty w.iSaood.
a- :trp OSaes pele tp i t.stm- sat this th lghtn ad nan. I baes d e now
. augh t~tlaeg the atiaSsW.etA s3oisl alaae tit lb bis aimmt beom an old otory
for o t a ago- Stuw,, a oe Can -a5xd fUat htM. uaabat o. -weing with a Ilau.
yer to wwf at Iew att lE s d-acwnan w1 wate againt the upper Gla dE oE know
ets le BE h obuns at m 7e u P T enlantapeopie oaugh t got Into Itambh Wit a aM a thit.
t t b\U amwt ut sa ft a h UaBasmet stating that the *da K was put Ja in defi aneif the
'ialal_ ^ A; US oa w wt -
_w w ;- w

MMT,tl wn,


Alfw 0106" *U4
tY 'T t I*lviug

iqlar"GeatIs tbt* Met
va oobsw lboinsft OiI
-the -ttw Uw1owf4l be ptalm" '
to Uw In Vo Lm olaft
Wr"lutrie _mlf*vAmt Qf aftmkAt'.
31=t the tW
otabd tbvro ZVM the rrSA f,%U* It t ot"m ea it b*tvgln iseas
-ft "SIM thio fan IL Lop, cau4b ZY mid tiA itak, mig"m
t(Au" U #am tW Mb OU3&-, VhW Vk, lt tbft


... .......





ad' Wt9bt Uerat O*kr 10I
to put tile vbou
gibe theft a _Ohoft* ft
am7- be *Wr-le*W UM AWJW and
Its- tto fiu"*
JabW Md =WW
ithe" mw not sis,,
abo".) DA o*VW bWXnd-
it U mum- or v vtft
Or amma
*am bo" 40 Amw MW--
i : 41.

" a

S'1 t Ld ae uge.~21926.

lby dear Georges--
ora haa jst written me about the dan t he aner the house mine being destroyed by
the dredgingBso I enolose herewith a copy of letter I a sending hep- It will save
my repenting, sme hinge to you.
I an sure you ull seo t' at my house is not destroyed. You kmownif yo; .-art to
occupy itI have offered it,with such and no you oan use,all free& Even if
yo:- do not use itI trust you Till ooo that itic proteotedan -,end me. bill for
services rendered

This is the*first news I have read. re the Town 1-all beingout of plumb gain.
I sinoorely hopo yo'u may inuire into the Rhodes n thodeand got oaough help to-
gebber to set the building up straight apgin If hatit nay collapse. Thb:t
would be a calcaity to our ntrickren settlement I Immn how you sved buildings
ftom firoe-there; and I am sure y .u realize that for the buildings to l don
wTill bo about as bad as for them to burn down
In all publio tter like this,you will find a cooper :tor in I oraL

Cora ally youts,


Real Estate Rentals Investments


July 23, 1926.

Dear Mr. Will,


I as;: thankful that God has made me fanciful. When

things seem to oppress and ambitions chafe, I am thankful that

I may just sit real still and paint the Lmost beautiful pictures.

Sometimes a flock of doves will come anu. surround me and leave

such a feeling of love ad contentment anu peace add joy, and

bounty. Again the spirit of truth will seem; to place me in

the midst of a luxuriant hay field add I love to take one of

the seeds aid follow it through its complete cycle; from the

seed, the preparation of the soil in which to plant, the faith

and the trust which goes with the plantin- and covering, (losing

to mortal sight) and the nurturing, then the fir-t appearance

of life bursting through the soil and then patiently, carefully

through each step in growth to the abundant harvest, rich and

full. I love to dare to be fanciful with God and then realize

that the same power is working out ana bringing to the harvest

all that imy soul has trusted with Him.
I expect to be free for a conference tomorrow morning,

about 10:00 A. iI.

Yours truly,
^TEL*t/ ^


S- "V A. ;-

- *i. f't-y*-'f .




-/"~i*. ~~---

3Y-e.~r~~C-C'vVf t ~ C

A 7
~n.~ C~u.rc ~~CCA. r

.~~L/ 7C~M~/i-~
C2, ,~f 9tp ,,2z~A

- -t- < e-

* 7 4 6 1 c "** .. .9'L
J3~- ^y- T^^

^*^>~E~ -^

AFd I -d

-It~'(L // 1 -ui4 -e g~L'~;-

~4 ~&~4L'

~;"- ~X-l




---.d y a....- _,_. _< ^< v ___^ __

S7 .. y- -"-



, //j




-/-- /I t

y j c^C \L- 4 JC c 2-

cd, ~e

-~J" /'i
~N~L~h-V cz-L


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^-e-^-Y^. .._u^~L /C ,-,.^^ ,k
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~~ A.~o-

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11773-. / 9iC~- /-LV 7Tz-e-7,
'7^-7 --'/ i9 ^ -
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,1 ,1
/t/L/D/ L^-<-e -_/-.
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.Aj^L- r^J^C^^^ ^7-~ ^Ji~f s'"^

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/ (-'* '^^ J^ L^ ^tL

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r -V 4-^--- /-^?^^/L<_- ~r\'*- (A- -<- L 1^C7/\

-A^ ^Q^L^^/. ^'y-; ^--<^
-.- ^y __ix. /^ -y..
^L^n^- C^s ^^^^c^'^^'
^c~ ^________

\A>-^- ,.'---.. .-C-r 0 ..-"^ .--, '.-

-t y M /

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--..'' / *
O-K- /^ z--- ~-^-ii"*

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/ -,^_ -? 52-I7tJ444444444444444 ^ -y2 ^ ,.

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L -'i" ^-*)/ -" .. ~-> <

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/Ue( -tb-<^ ^ (' "Q-)----.-- -'^" A C /2-/
/7 i ^ ^'

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,:.; -- .,-I -~ -"t--727 ,2"
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R/C -Q/t 5-44R-L-'---7^ ;'~'00- --f- ^^^_^C~ZI

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~rVa~-'-~L 22-"~Y /

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V.~~~- x, c~ Ier
~fl~ c~ ~yv~r ~N)


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k\-J^ 4-i^-a-t~;i ^Ju"L\- ^--'-

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-'" /;* s/; c^ c"'c

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^^ ^. 's -^^^2/qr, -^kC ^Lj t^^>\ e~h`t-^^
/~~, ~~e .^~ 7 `r/ ^7^--T
/^ %p J^^ J^^^-^^^^^^


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* ,2 --=? -(-

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V.1 /i -^ / -~r?, ---

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) -t-.

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* -^ ,1 --*....L / ,/.. ..A 4 .-'-*-*-
i--:^^ ---^

~Mi- L_ l~c~~~2 2--A~

1 -

--5-4 Z -I



t. -1


U.rPoland &- Co.
I eei Es+ate
ITr, Thomas lls, 18 EAST TH STEET July 27th,-1926.
229 Bryan Ave., lo o.. lOS ... ..
229 Bryan Ave,,, FouRTH NATIONAL BANK BLoo.
ROOMS o10ll-IOI2-1013
Fort Lauderdale, Florida* Cinci...
Cirmcirmra+i (.)kio

My Dear Ir. 'Tells:-

An item in a Florida paper telling of the building of
a mammoth power plant in the 3verglades, West from Dania, has refreshed
my memory of the pleasant and interesting people I met in Florida, yourself
being in the foreground.

I trust that during the boom last year, you were able to sell
your Okeechobee lands,for cash and at a good round profit.

If you should be coming North this summer or fall, and be in
the vicinity of Cincinnati, do not fail to look me up.

Mrs. Poland joins me in kind regards.

Believe me,

JY z



Iinttglt (&ohntpaij

July 29th, 1926.

Dr. Thomas E. Will,
P. 0. Box 275,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear Dr. Will:-

Regret to have missed you yesterday afternoon.

I waited until six o'clock, and having a rather pressing engagement,

I could not wait longer. I found your note on return. However, this

afternoon, I had the good fortune to run into my good friend Mr.

Maxwell Baxter, of your city, who was going back this afternoon, and

I thought it safer and less trouble to send the papers to you by him than

to risk the mails or the buss drivers. He kindly consented to take them,

and you may get them by calling at his office for them.

I prepared the pleas, which you will please sign before filing.

Having been so long out of the practice, I have forgotten whether or not

these pleas should be sworn to by you. You may ask Baxter, or the Clerk

of the Court, either of which can and will tell you. I did not have

access to the necessary law books or a good lawyer friend who could put

me right on that question. I know that the pleas are in proper form,

and suitable to the occasion.

Yours very truly,

AW. /



<^~>^-' / -- """ > y
-^^^-- -4^? ^

,^'~~~~~- -Z / /

--y ,~Z ^^ /:ZL"Z/Z^^y ~c~-c~~~~~P4&;^ -^^ ---

J^- E ^^-- --^--~ke -^^^ ^L^ c
-"' c2a$ 4L
4^e-j 2/$^ r -
>4-^-^--Z-^- ,7e^Z a-i^tr- % ^

*v- 0-3KJL^r' *y*
Yi4cZJZ ^ dz6C 4*g? 74

1'1^7^ ^^-^^^ ^^
I^7 > 7 L.. Cci^ ^ -= ^^ ^^^
y ^ /^ y ^ y^ ^cc^ ^_ ^ -
-^^^^^^ ~"~,c/^^^l^^ _^^^/~ z^Q gJG^^ (

r r BL- ~ -- ~ ~- I

O^iJ^ 2t^- {t&- ^ ^^a

,,c -ka Se~~pa

c--1X z4eYa --4 /

- _L -^ ;y
~7 ~~ y ~ .fjS.^^^Z^ -^-^^--
(y ^/y ^ "y^^.^c~ rcr/PL^r 1'' ^^-r
^C-^- ^^-^^^ ^_^ ^ ^ ^ ^ *"^
/;^,i ^ ^^e ^^~y ,w- L7a^~sC~ ^' ^-i
OC ^e -^-^&^ '^ ^ /f( ^
^ ^^^'-^^ ^^Z~f--La ^.^r
^ y/^ ~ /
/ ^^? ^ ^ ~ ^^ y '' ^





~566'w~/ ~2iz4 Y6/r



J + ^4- /
^ria "L^>^ b^^
a^^ ^y ^^y^

4 y y. I- ,
^ ^ ^^ ^^' ^^t~u/~ I^ ^ #Zd
^r4u dfr
yg<1 4
%^^ c~ IA/M^L^U/ L~C?


(VU~v-v~ 6L

f^L~ Ce^ -- ^t>^"t/^K /* / ,

'^.^U^-^ P^^a y-~c ^."fJ ay"f^.~~ZL~
-^~t ^-t;-7jl /~ :^ ^ ^ **om

Z7 A/

~te~Gd_ acccY ~A~


~~ Rz "a-~C



.. .

~n-~ o4~C3.

Bcii 3s-ifr-L

~v, ~3r~71~




In. ~, h-


674-Ii d441/

M uJLcbO (W1^%14UM4'i4 6WM^^ T^UC ______

t 4-At 4'LCAJ

F4^^/y OTP&f (CLA 2f/7'- -^t.

^/ ('^a^L'^ (V-t^A~"r -tt^ &Zc.^/^^ LCZT^/^

(^p^( %^^<-; <^(A^ n^bfi^ fUcr6 OOt l^ /t cC^-4 --~ ^
^- (/ 77^ 7 / / ^ /y t7r /,

S^il^ ^y "ct M^^~ ^^^ ^^y ^/e^/ -
^t'hu~~_v %^L i]^M^F v/tc1C ^~ry w~rr^ ^^z7^

^- 7^~~i-M ^^-~ "^^ --y ^^u^ ^-2^. C^r ^

4^^Ax t ^^v^^< / ^X^ liM~au^^^

I 2


t t j L..

- i,.


/ *1

- 1

1~~~~ ~-. r *' -. < -/ r ,

* ; *. / -- ^ ^ ,*/ ^ ii ,- I

-- i*
'* / N -*.; *^ e'*
*- i-i. ,* -i

/ -
I _- a .'

," -- .j i "
/ .'
; -' *' / '- ^-'- *, ._

/ -* ./- '~: --'. ,,'- .


7- -A-
ttr .


fri -



/ ..r -


-. <* Cc L.. -




' A,;.

1-'-1 U

?:,~~'.- :r~-s- -:

', , -, --" /'
/.. *,.' / '
-1 A',. ,,,., ,< t j, i v.

- ,. ~ g'& ,-/

-a **"


- -,

1, : i 'A

-. *. .'-;-' Ct ili. -

* **tr


S-- ,- d- -

-r r,



, .. s-.> / -....'...' .,:,~C / '- .
m _

S '. : -.. <
1 -

* I-

F ~ ~ ~ r *

* ~ ~ ~ P --j'K /**>,

'A 3*/'.,( .


1./ IT-




" Ii

-. A

F .-* .7 .~.$



- ./








- -I
-e 1 -. ~ ; i.

. I ,

.-Ir- .2

L--L -c~tLC~
kllr r

i t
3 ._--, _.. :

_ -. i -
f-l e A.e 4C- ..< C-f ^- 4 -. .

.I -" "j / -

4 -.
dip -L /. .-*j (tfl iiCY ^L-A
f-v -. ** *- -f1 .

S. -
/ U^ I"- .--, "'- W ; ^ cx ."','-, ,." f-(.-- .'-

^;- .. C_ .'..' ? ..i /

I,- '- -

f r -"-"" J*'s,- t ,'.-- :.. c .,..'. _--__','..

'ICY. *j1?e j -j 4/
/ / '

f ,, ..p .
( yL ^(A /, ,. ,.. L d.; .. 1 .'.. -

-_ i.'. :( .-- .. w -
'_ t -4 I 4 r f... -

/ ( .'. -_. '. ,,e"."
t.~~~~~ c-t ,,- "#".. 4- .. ..o. J .

*K.. '


I. ~

I,. -

* / /

/ .- .

-, :.. ..

I' '



Box 2798
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Jul7 31, 1926.

Mr. Thos. E. Vill,
229 Bryan Ave.,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear :r. Will:

I would like to check up on the progress made on your

case thus far and speed it if possible, and with that aim in view,

an appointment in the near future would seem advisable. I am

givii?: it the regular general treatment from which you must be

seeing some good results as all others are doing, including myself.

I have such beautiful cases to-work'on and do enjoy it

so much. It does not seem possible for me to spend regular time

at the Broward, as I have had to go to Miami several morninrs and

worked all night one night on a case; but it was worth it. Had

immediate response.

I may be able to do .ui.ethinr personally on the

Newspaper Business soon. What has turned out for you on it?

All progress begins in the consciousness.

Faithfully, in TRUi,

% / 2

- ~....' c

July 51,10 28

M.s Ruby M.Polley,
M F798G

4Jy dear Hise Pollgys-e

I thank you for your note aB to-days Humeraou calls away have hindered y,
making a regular appointwrant

Howevearl oaa be at the Browsri at Tenlnext Lkadayland trustvtlhi date may euit.

It notkrdndty Indloate another* I think I shall be at home mwo next naok.

'he wpardutico phase of tho matter aeems t be moving finely. It should nowe
preoede the putblioityland should then help it materiallyl

Cordially yours




ft Laudurdale ,'la.,

"isa Ruby '".Polloy,
2 ,798,
'y Dear JTiss Polloyg-
I pres ui my letter of the 3l.A' did not reach yoa in thine
Possibly cu had a bcntrioting inrgcent.
Iomrnin' hours emu ,nwa little umoarhain for mebut, I will
uncdurtako to oall at the Broward Uotol at 9s0S A.1TNon Wed.
nextaendif I do not meet 'ou,then on T-hurs. follci5ngeat
same hlour
Sincorely -iArws

'p~~ 52.233


nafforsea O4gP0,

my deP rEfrea.ricer-


I than you famw -L2*st or t"he xt2At- I e, Z er ted o other's lAtw man thi
matter of the baOeUr% it aImed v udl&alt to s in the 6earears ano took to
Bolle Glade the fa&l=aIi* Sundaq*
U%&e thcreore aw mIt mLand the drsed both to cone to Olteelata soos 6 e at
all revr Vte homMalea b BU.1t it. taveb a our house a3uld be in the teanbd
In tbmor flgarinef c 4 eOaig the ro7eas hEae alwy detood' t owt o ma tetE
would ot nB nee mzn .
m his gluays bun nd9butwd ut- the sore wnfld here to be oedsnd I Lce ian Ya*
taedvaa Brhae s thst bbopr is been created to -o e thie gtCrobht 9n- hbZo hnd no
notao rPegardig nla me'tr mortap the houses
Homevft wZ n &Ut a3.1 ^eBp thin flith r Geo4ateh dle he mas horexgndWif it is found neo-
aaery to aowe the hosPewe that the 'vrk omn be doae prebty caul.y It ay7
be mnecosamy to 1 oV w cq t'i slhewldfour oj'k Mtolan). Then -oa rust of the houaso
coal be z'iabed fbtr& by a few rmedtth anoh f4qtraiab as oan-b gotten together
I leaned firca dlQtW( BfeOstat) whrO to got the Owsoeqs-y outfit with r hdit h t4o mrmi
the stmqcs I tola C"*--o about thnend it wo&Aul3 oeatarbly nakvet aew to amee the Ihmi'
baok a fw t-ilst oan be oft of the er* And inLa&ny hisa waslignase to do th'
Aitgt tbMa3n in a- gem ea peetaa bhin to see that thi.i Ie do.e

If you mn uta the idtohea mn r( above 'e it has to be taken aflI ahafl bW glad
to IteW you tate ~ ad se itt Alo, s are is the old gjr.e shed betqeea rV Iase Ean
youar precte' hiWje. You May use thiat.taCofot odbokensonlvet~ eeto. i you Uan ~~1Ce
U Go of It. I Illi *P e you naothir : for the tae of either at these

If- oy th to reim* yard ar ,liab a to be deatwoyedeoad you n ro e amd vse thas, I
take hernplant d eep thesm he- toee a rod .oth of ay front doer is oam of e f ea
oent no farm m'ahiitan.CsC by Jonator i-tobher she others all diedne d I has bean
pruod of this lsaa 'autivwraratly beooe oat the aourse Cfrom which I recooved Its
at on't -nt- ~ llode mn I should Car r athr you had it tthn that it ahould be
deotroye !

Again i n ovin thes housbol should eajpect the ater tant also to be sue* Of mouensBtw t
tay at these things are to be deafhrtue4.1 should greatly prefer tit you take t.afeamt
I tdl charge you uatinag for Oay at theus
I bane not A aSe y AnasAat_ Olaselauta. I IIaX e o ly hla7 C 1od Caa4 n
Ipoveihed Zl .he S ad am dosWn- ey uktmst to get the 8aa3 J rsUanp therasF
I Be wortd as had fox ree affto anad traogprCtatan whtilo here as you aver aa so d- Ali
threeand I kwra thalb Ihrol ean w t gou ttaa not beforethat oOurtg :2ould leao to to J
"nzst.m In the ,otI cold do vory little thoreand iefht de o m here e
I do Got bock a ?t heel t.I S all have to wsuae praoteGally a freoh start. in jt
bte I oast to evao as mulc. an I oam.

A3 to tVs OlkeBlata blmol- oio nary IwowT thab I cured the school in the first plar '
and pwnaoei r ev 7Weyes those afttertill 1951Iand to neet a- dspamtea Offirt to siaw
it* And saa did you ma tow that there re an a ed effort at Oteelaint to
riv me a t r evrAMti ther.anludiing Geomias ty Oo aLanad G0olo urerv.asat _
hts aoomeesdsaand setly afterethe school prisbend has nmow agaia been s iveS

JLi: tbrtoiitftn I a to revive the asoal if tbh e sr enmagh abildsfl tbu Ow Ga


.. ." **; .. .


.' "^;
1 /..*r




ym tell me baw my tle are ao r and em ringT
The Tom Hale was almaot geoe oawrOal yeaea ago." *"tdeO ead ae haw to r it*
Be fowld mane asonqftlitawnmt one end an the flacrfand thea othe against the mpaslwe:
and.ith e ~ ep a s rerImews haudled thci e aly ad Qey n right~ the ,
t 4bulng. I stood .Etraight over stIonceI attdt~e. no oe pe this
mnthod 3my be ted a& aOnd tho building eaved* Thab uild.g'ecot us a trenendone obfft trt
- in cw early ea s doevs great goodasnd is deatUned to Is very maah uee meom Okeeleata
eoamen pmkba r her L3a'rook rmad pad. ra should onus her to do Andowith so many
a au ~itto hobmuse brase ranot oC let the ton , the school sttq dead.
I thitk L*Qoop er y knowr the athbod m M r.hWeu nc uoeds Poesibly An sr yaur father aay hbn "r
Plcr'- talk thMi up. It eans mob rpO thcn mj liittlu house docs.
t'h star we terble an tho coaostcnC in the ai man. Tere it aa only a tbig l em
ru'pshiq 1 aetly IroUmiates your lotters*and s4 kimdueac in the matter of the veeg
0jt6 .ae T1'Qo d11ir^ cXan ceanaS ask Oeco so far WxnRy from bhme that it is a
resa unwlapki 3tgv4lo send stuff betwomt hae and COie.elaimtAnf ithbr Tway So we do
not eset yUMJ I hao r pleo hero Pfor hbp forour omaalbut the ring th a run~ the
tom amns Just about as mob abrut t'st oal as about the Oau1a on the ricaet tse. -
'SU A ri tlt. write latfr s She acked me to earreso her pprseoietion of yawr ia-
teorst* 1e 0knr ow aching of the terrible esprtlnieu you have passed thrumnh. It is
this kIda' of tJdafsailtipliedpti!At maies it so hnrd for m to tear the ignorancaio.differ*
onoo or poltivo oSp-coitAoc- to r ~il Suorlades ouoom that I here so mlon; eiomtiered
aong sa ea.emert a, tieo W oust tfich asusnoso to loa5 a2n domfin ta eOvyOjtZia.
Siainopoly ynu.a



R.Lat.Lsidrdaplfls sa.Ang s.

ifr.Albert Mftdge
My dear Arjadgoa-
1rsa. Iedge has Jurt told me of your desire to find a temporary house for prospective
baye:r of your half-aa-a at New COkelanta the question is whsf hobae they might live
in while gotting u houso built*
ere are suoh rosbih lities as I have in itnda--
1--y houeo south of the store. This I have prlomed to others. ,If they do not use
it,I a wim lling your people shall use it.
2-The Paulter Hause. Thi's I think is efapty. Ig tands on n r land. Thi*,in law.ahould
imak it mine. I hear of otbr people buying and selling it. sce th a have ever ,exn-
tioned the matter to me. So far as I am cocoernedyour people may liva there. I am not
trying to tir up any trouble over the ownership of the house
3--COopper'" House. Oopper ,augM the house bl l by Bcnton. I underestad this eouaped
the fre. I think you would have no trouble getting this fron Coppere
4-the Bunk aycse;
5--te Bride. eader's Hausepeast aZ the omin cymal. Both those are good. But being
aoroas the anmalmight be unavailable to your people, One would probably hawe to mse
tho authoritiao about the Bridge Teader'o House. Frans probably contrbl. the Tk D: "omoe
b-he Toon a'11. you knowarhe lived in this before in an moe rrena y I
think no Troutee of the all lives n Okeelan^G nows. ho hall kiEht be better off ti
some -ft1ilvr lived in it bhldleeadd cleaned it tp than if it were left -.ldas now.
7--The Solol Raouae.. 9s has stood dead since about 1921*. ike the Tonan tloit would
gain by being occupied aws le and oleaned up. think noquestion would ever be raised,
I a rfaily wont into it for a few weeks vileo building house
The' To ~2 1 iel asm toldisbeoaaeme of the reoact har oeane," leeaing way to the
South Eaet,-
I have ,jut iw itte GeooGrabam aboub this and asked him to do bwha he oan to get tle
Hall rightod,an 1 save it froci pooiible falling arl destruction. I to.d h-im about Mr.
Rhoade sWaidngs 1 a hor to ctraihtoen it up once beforeusing soontlings n a oertain way.
I wae not on that bzb,and am not e6 familiar with the process as I should be. I told
Georgeo ooper zip know; r possiblDBen AMina or liothernbaugh. You hei}edI thinks
I rdsh you rauld -rite GOo. Grahanm~lling hi JUZrT" HO1T S HA3DLE THE JOBN I believe
he will do it. If notweo may lose the Ilui dine. h..s f your f mily want to livo there.
SI will do all I cai to sea tha; they wae potmitted to do so.
Cordially ToarB


/ I,
S- ./. -
- !. --.. 1 ,

-" o""; ." a
r,.-' ..

* ,/, .-

- 4ar

/^ ',
I/" ",#

'I ;s.*' ~ ~ r
* -. .f* ~L~'~t*f *. ~/-c
.- I *.

- I:

* /

I.' ~
'*i ./-

1-II N, "
Ii C' ct> -- ~ Ir&2/y

-' p e5.J.-1-~4 ~ ;-'T Ii*
-A'- EC

if' .*. )N. r

L.. '.... I' .
-' '. -L -"

' "-. / A/ ,-"

;-psr .. itt'
.- i '^ .L / .'.v-'-- ,'i. 6 j- '- ''lS/f:dt"
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".:0: ". : "*.*? ::'."- ._. ,.".-; : ,... ".;._-,^-. ": ^ .;_.^
it, --- -'''"'C t

p...2 --. *.. .i ",. N -. .
S "i .. ... ... ,j-,. -.!_ '-'. -' ."
7'..' w .'" i., '' .. -- s "" .... --A "? '- ""
i ,^ -. -L. ** -5 .- -
| : ._
C ",* ^ .,. *- ,.'. ;-^ ^:-" -." -' -. '." .A< .-,-^-,-^ / *'r. -
- '/'7 (" *, ,, ..;' ";*;,y .,* "'" / 4 ^ : ^ A / '*; *'-, -.-
A'' -, Li ", ,'- ..1;. : 1 ."1% ;rc 'd
I .^ d <-" < /" ^ 7 "- / ,*('. > "' /' -c '- '.-/ ^' .J* ,7 .^
i .t, / .s. .16- ,- -. ,'- r --
,/,, ', / ,' -
l I"" ,. 9 : ..J"
,__ : ., ./ L: : .


AC -/

i~-. *

'"- .c-- 6'. ', ',-.:,; ,-,,-y ., .

-_ 4st^- w7 c ?'' -"_" --
-, '-&, V J&'LL -tcK


9 7 / -

,5 j '* -V : d- t_. L/t., /,.. ,- y /
? :,' L "'-- :" ;( .'-'/"""- "'; ".' *:^ /-"-./(-/' C m iZ- /i^^
I t .- 4, '
. ,,! .,/ ,
/'~I '* >

," '<<. ,'? :. ,-!,/ ;,,' :.:. ,, ., ,.
r/. O A**, ...C n(' A- -

-2 ; ', ..' / -*. ''^ ^ 7 ? ^ 4/ /*-
"--t--1 U" "/C
I, S E- ,'- / t MdC.

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L\i' ~I **'IrCcl '* ^f^! y ^
,, .- .

-/,....J.. k ..-
,, ~ f.J ;.. .. 5 ,Y.:'
:, / .i' ,'.,. ... ,",/, -

"- -- '". /-y.-,j,., "
.. . -- -- ,.. . ** I/:"
j-->"r5 ", /f l" r. ..,"..: ,'-J-: -

.,,'- I" ./ '
..'' S

5 ., .
rr 7

Norfolk, Va.
Aug. 4th, 1926.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,
Fort Lauderdale,

Dear Mr. Will:-

As per your latest letter, the twentieth of July has come

and gone, and I have been hoping to hear from you during

the past few days as to how matters stand since that date

Mrs. Hayes and myself are possessing ourselves in patience

to the best of our ability, but as Action, is our middle

name I would appreciate some information as to what the

court house employees have done to get matters in line* As

this is the quiet season in all Florida, it would seem an

opportune time to adjust matters of long standing.

Kindly let me hear from you again.

Cordially yours,

2817 Villa Circle,
Norfolk, Virginia.


August 4, 1926.

Dear Mr. Will:

Times come when we are called upon to buffet the waves

just to test the strength or rather to strengthen.

For a week I have had it in-mind to see if you could

not participate in the sale of these lots in Hollywoul Hi.i.s

out it seems could not see you to put the proposition up to you.

If I do not have to go away any morning this week, I will be at

the Brosard from 9:3, to 10:30 A. M.

Lr. Price has tiiese lots and says if you can get $7,500

for the nine of them in the rext lew days, 0. K.

Yours truly,

v/mil; FPolley.

Aug6 .19386

Chbaber of Oamneroe

my dew Jar rBlas-
In to-days Laudrdntlo WRea1I note item re your suggestion to Oh~aber of Ocaaroe
we starting Vvorglades development
I ray state thatfar over 17 yeBap.largely alacme, hare done my utmost to help make
that region what Hat ur doubtless designed it to beocmsa oar of Plenty and a Aome
cc :.'an*
BrM7wrd began n it 20 yews agDobut it uatl lake a vast deal of being that yet.
But maa,.f ho flcZauan S.measely hasten the prooae*
his sillf not only help the Glades e th Glades peoplepbutg* nothing else oan do,
it wil p-t a foundation under thia Coastsand prevent fut*ther salJmr and paniosa
I am dil.gently at work to get together the mon and money to start actual production,
back of Liada*daleto help supply the timoan~ed Mllio aires who will throng
this ooaet tbhir fall and usinteg.iwISe the poorly-nourished hams people.
sI a omyr ogaB BM mMaraaMn1 or athr.srrxinyhce an oarthhas a sointilla of
interest an enterprise like ths,Ihold be hapy-,- to got into Bouch with it.

YoTra very truiiy

*r,..,*.* -

il *



#271S tsmLanderdle,Fla.
-P99 Bfrfm ArIt,!.!.
(,iflear Golee).



i I

-- F'
i .
C -

ev Il.S.MrrD.tt3,
122 1.E.2^ACve ,
ThfEl flsa.a.

!& d.ear 1r'irrt' &t-.

4 per arrE.anomnt.,I spoke
Smonard HEtel,aL ut taldtr:

Hle says" Yossuzely. I'll
all ri Mbtsr

to !rZ.-7Lemusonapin D.Ca alC. andor Officoe
the interest on 500 Saron in See.

takbe it d give v9 reooi-nt Thau will be

loa that's whbat I hopo you'll do do nt v"mnt to let as good
a thing as that got away frim use In faot. regard It as thebest
thing Tve done &,win the whole rmal estate.-rage period&

Uianoroly yours.





-- I

- *"*-%

a -


'.PalI .Tkaaaefla.

Yt deow tr.Mnmazm-
I think* y7o for yaralwtter t the 31t ula e I heo imdered whether the the ulnta
i. G.9 and 17,the r-orgtFisatioa of S csfetc.C would be btoipreed by lawyer
;a hanj put us cut of aourbor raised new lifsanlta tee rebate From mur le8tterel
zjg Ut&in tot 4, h cane,
F-4d I nmann of your indepedmnt eFtfrt .1,pl.gkt hoe helped vou ameatltly I here been an
this job langjr thman 'tn am, h Cannm. 0-6 the Ai ato adenit0 tCl oa. their na a
m y pnaps In 191fduly Sgned in 1inaaU n have them sill. Spent M 0 T H a at !ld arcwt
In timmo eary &9Uand hre added W mob ti saime.
Fthwerst!h he' IU an this 3 Aaon tl hers lur-e. Put_ aeu his t rivewfot
Iha th I laM a" a(WVy Im Prit tu e3lboaewe ole wirch no -ao else has a s
o 'to ct.
"tab of tLthis-,turtWa it 'VTAL to the ao*r Miant I latt wiatlh ar s and ilar I thin bag
to what hwa porsnjd to pat into the banda at our a tteRlg eylguh we aataoully gor go bn
on the aoee
Uaeh aq r stwtuff it linta.s No er'mvahaee hwe dhelWped9iad new papers can itrs DO.
It brae bin rEw lrtnwes soan as wi re eram got uay abomaraao en@tedtio &or UVerythZg
eloan ,ut0 in a7t latt a 8XX WS qS be ates oaM of tingL the a ftof data,
preparli the RiAaL SRUlEw the la i n tnd bolr.rie Iao whW he a -s ador-
tltagmad am I tiat wlth a 1.VL IfJz DU to the dataelieo
U0 have a oaue tvwt I: reogd as mtaWly unwanweeh wh aone teasunloydand inate ed
by thnse datarhoam y tuff mght lad to each soeld.s te twredut as your reoetved
fir Te Xaram, aind 2romagat nopt the SAL aAS.
Thbi thinr wuld havo been in the aourt yews -agoght srev l bare ltped -
1-The Obeolata AusoEiatewetddoh wva 7lCHE fY to start things mw pasrazl'seud Au atin
itm hIs Oepoartion mea caonisAedan flat diaerce of a defixtteatla n aed d COD-
tract TIhag-I
ea-4e ilid n wAherai aof ur Okeeau.e sead Into his camp aHe a the Uwpsambereand betrqsed
his oms AMe st he a MIbet trwk aavsl. W Ow had V/S of or bostule those 2lyal to
the CktaiaeWaende aE6 bryaer, had btat Z/5. STim he mould do sttht nio eased with the
b-Thai e b eLr fJtSDRIBWith which wa were sMtSutaSey SU pledo NS left a
fwlrat OBBSMJ ragelEr Mwsoy at catting oan.
o- o tnule it Inrooshibl.e our ahe tsa t t4cll thnuambwer a the atrve the nea baong
cmmittd4 maUNut tame O i t tbWq bare been in ZrTpt1a n drwentse ever ag e Nt the neEeat
alwtzi ctths 4,W80 bnr-td UMa hfppeewdrhby or hbow It happmnodar tval.r It~s
2--LBok l-f Gl.rinr nv-i,'.t Act,folloinr- our BsuaRnlio -ns n :onviotions l*th B1g!.TrIrSTRATIn.
a ouaAi to MaonYu t ant ba i that the dhed at d arknuse hinted at abose i te Ao
>C-AlM a ae larlntna cUm fIrposdxitistunhe ae thing of mum Sn esla to the woale
4.880Qo*g W th e the wzhe 1A000 sawe of Gft Lexadremes ,a cal-
eanitme falune By Wtide tsbtmb afor that ease duedsthat twm might easily hae mbean tohe
leading uatleaum n the Uppem Sl1afen.-sqy ahead ot maphing else We, bank awdar=ed it.
Ore Is the It AL. !eA in this OMt Lad ooomrsT. haT Is the OaN TMo ad tOn SrMLY S=
Sthait sEBa it reaey Iapartant. Owb tast ubatnad the reidnae is tro itviai a aaUsU.atth
the Tbumwl gmaB th pley of Ha1let withwat the Prince ao Daalrke


I.l give untAtn eatd ft hvfdn played hi a. e tas the -o i m LMbus m*d
have baden h bSM trnhds doutnt for the dof2aootifc 0 E of our w QbeAm3 Boumd oxa se
strnegledtMlU fbe nleflbto hold Sn Umm hcm hn hM loet m lodt cur ajopity ratoh nio it
pesabln fior him to cag lmnbak mid pwrmaye use
'honcnrve hnd TywUttcally no ooopo tlin fetw-2 tio 0 ? Bemuse they 4td not bmh
Vt.h ablvn &duaing ftrtsa Ad woAefo in no arv'e to to3 has. If we the "a of the
'.Zt6Aun. Uordethio '/5 Pla4 sent out a uattamuenthe'd daxMiem hame ad his 6/a follow au
A)$'ooll ItS 2SarotMeObardit oWur rt, Oai pfrayae us againUe ote tbe M dEladMas b hhas sent
ou1t 1aoo tihe JfI)tParwamU. bel n ifwLr'ktLou my Fy not brEUrW ytshov falso and adBleadiSng
thw- are* Theso aita at ty pl e wr wrmbe all plaina;l If toy do not Ertoe r a usOt in the
nlie to defrfud4itts hard to woauoeve hm. nuci a cease could ts anywere&oe
mu r-berj e beizg plsemAd Into UAter ritneswwthey w not reey t help nX faznose the
.fit-.A ^d1 wme*4d ctmmd ttehsabe'E hae tried te o t4 the PiO. attp usn. in faotsthitd nBs
tn ilk atarcs.trBani& I an crzzldunt I lawm vtoxthe ed^art eimcuted froms
6S1,v waVtn 7lod cihaptOi I'dd be In shapr to ftnamoe the ihtalo fight yspclfand Insteuct
and am the L wymao-stoo. af-i
l-aierfwldes sotleairt ad dFeolapmnrt h"a msanua stra.IholetAaLt fawct fanda it breaks
insta'cr of 2fianaimng FeerxL deP9
g--S got Into ther e *3. estnafteo nl tio azudrolnot.enly. Theniuoari I net about to 4rnp w
htanwetat0Uhe rtrb hlit eIaund de wooiea on asn imn1mfLlt ciamblorestcam into thi dIota.
80 I hauon't boea n posi.ti.yoatto' do 9 the oeritA.e flnapnagcr evn to sive thit, solid
weae ao tao to ergrnstnr the ftteA2 a uit utlum that lies hire e hBawZeeB( as the staff at
Eake Dsdwk&SJT^..,j,, 1;iftwr the lAibtait stamnuek 3ta I Mr W TOrr D I .
* Y believe vath thin anrff properr' aergaitzod and brieffedal ca get an attarnesall rieght1,
ao ix torrk aen a oarn6 b- Anif oy atwacipt is mado to show thMost Pwt*re waited too
loanggirnd gtldty pf a loaoo'ws hiaro aur defaec-
N- are Susmed to -ait(am tbove)t
P-aa conviatian that the encrsy wma out to Btesi the lsod anld have aFpel ma a wme
mulan da9-acrable facts gcw matter msae me wo far the feat,
o ir up bay thw hirctary awd s eapooI o< h Mid oraooee a.t mj open mo

%a rTioc yr oanm rodrsPuphoald you ww t45o qo far4 ai to Mafe smr that tinh roocnt,
atteuefpSto v*etv tia o ny Esell.ntr3iji3netj) have ot Ttus u nidwr auy nueir hsnw
dtoip. In cots iii i i the hticarsthcy rauthcr inubeadedd, 6 Uion dopth at the
damrtlon o the orrtematmratm ti*f iSmaliwork.
-aoertdly ytn't3.

.. t"L -a ,
4 decr isM*Oullau ma-

Taoes of the hOtiAult. 3 ead ILhty glad to lo ^the rktireaest bill I> hope it
allows y a a living*. Z nedie 1po u arq rsw s
Eano find ap of lotbar to Ilriasuarm wa quite aurpriad to learn fro h si that
he had beax tryig to handle the GCft Land m tta all bty himselfeget aty*o a o Bao ho
got mn ere ,yetit aOmsa I am giing bla oa poits that may help next tim.
5ow If Snquta y develops thit we hasr lost no legal point by delayelZ hawe a mugjestiono




Au1 to he lohmeaense letter to DismoratfPaStpar,7 Uith the foots pzopewly brought oubt
Ibfev we owaGait ty that*
I hpoa yaur retrOamant oles yo701ur roble af spar tine and a living. It s)ooaraidea this
?I* Oka Assn* is T H 0 BOD to paoh those OIft Land rattere
e uot vL as I toll aorer But that t ay not be a permanent otoppapg
W e lost oar maaritybnt 5W WE LTVE IT AGAI* Tou and 1V at
Pith clth and 2aw deoGa ths Es *oamo crsaist of t.t* are a Majority ofat 3
Agt 'tcancAegafo the Oo6an, of t OkCAaseae reades-
na y Appo ntes an Oase of noyd n the Governing Body( See Ar.E
..hbe *remanin 'aSr .the wacinob U aApo oent ,f suoh appottamt to kl
until the-vrcenoy sahll hare ean -vLuet^ ZADM y MM 02i

Lag these wvoanon es regularly and permanently will be dIffiallt h oaw depleted
lanpeed a deralised membership BA we three ear a majority of the ard d o go aihed
without tilling vaacudes r a tiasespa ywe"'- -
HoW2t Yu are haesadm we an Cget togetfherwy...y- and I.-.e can held nootings of the 4af gen
W wojiia hare to not..Austrina bt he is so far aayoand holds ua in auo t cetBoEp.AthaTle
will not attendignbt di he did-we eould out-vote hiSg to 1.

aret' e people Who bsrethe right to do iteand will do it on the

aGIf L&A MIATIFa. And we

We coa elect offioeraV-OnE being dead ard the other having deserted and tried his best to
3.11. the Ast.ywe cn alsiga our papers Pree adcSSeeyp and otheewise function as before
but with swev poamr than wever
Thaften we GaM gat enough funds toetb -ermew osa iroularise the uumembershipf-fi t ehs esoma
bet-adf oa thea of thy vital thing they have Ineer yet learnedaoad get a EuiL 7YOtLC',mi .,
I hope it ILL e. praotclable for you to Tet to Vpa* you feel sore on Palf Boech
atry LaudBodaleofor a tifo at lesat* tha will make? it alple for us to haIdle this

7 I beap I maq ga a an ty heroin Leai* %Wen ith the Ok.aa. oraoactbthe as of Data,
'and a f ail hau dfot ca prooaed as never baefare *
If IMriamaBore Is ready 'w helplet hMi put in a little money for oiroularidngaeto.

The d t of the Oc.ABsen has neiWhRP bponeffo ted by ay reaglar mesaee You remember, thiEnk
tht no atin was taoke on that at a .s.a the fatbl .peting. Xou and I have nev -agre
that its should oeaae to ftmotionaud the Barfhip ban never de doa Boe a ld pro
oeed just as tho it had Mtbely taken a avogf w e6 o+. a aate rt e oan n-ake
I lIiTT PLAI the vaftion s taken* d what B oan say will puat n into a of
I ttb old embtera or I lrs ay geaaE ThEnB that ill mabe It esa to e land so adklod as
to prote Otaelanta e. tl.uuBt and Gauvs tawmtoo, w -OR -th Jy h! a be worTing
out better than we hawe imagined .
P.S. Iep the 'Oall to lend aramd. Thoy moght to interest rl y
old e-s--
a a -., '.... .
k .. .,.. .-. '. .. .- .- : ...-: ...:,... '; ,::, :-: ,

. . .. M ... .. .. ... ..




S P.S. I am ~tying to got saom real foo- aItng started broke ~ IJad in finr-tIGfI
,lBNO.yEMLOOARBLE LA*. Griftn- and probably Bshnp are with aeqaod I hope to get a
wadher oare* This abould help us ake sc ne nr o rolling to the home maPret
and if unko a dego~mara tif of wit the sladaas l do when they hae a shame*
Thsre is very little such lanhzb IX hare kown oaf it fwe. ygUapad recently P. road
wtas bu il out, noar It wa that gives vs- tbo dhmo*e

%Or NIlR.Oanal Rad is being lilt ftan both .ends, Browad Coaled by Johon Kiyan-
olid ivergLdo Inn-ia bzliliz.g up to Palm Beach L. andoi Siow Bay-mto -Okeelanta etib
haa S20000 a mLile to build tJt pieoe with wad the oantract was reoety lot adthe
ferswis at aorklc

S BOm&*- -'hin2gs av-e getting done any ay




R L9sl9rgao

1MEaLlda FlooattaEoy.,
Laym .Poundatianm
'di~son.l Teau
y dear Madams-
I reoeoved yo'r letter of the 19th.ult.,am have bee eS-
poEting th promised ohe4 for .28.00.
lnoe0 it las aot yet ocmeI have thought t may have been absent.
Iy addires is j97TBf.LandardaleFla.o
!opinC a&ll in well with youI remain.
TYour very truly,





C~-LP~Cr4ac,;, -P~9 /

7 1 p u --7r" C~-

-. -*.~ ~ __
,-, I A
/// ,l4P -/- ~A- 7--L ~"

&,i k,,t c~~~ J-rC7 _~c L

.-: L~kc;4 -~~L~ -~=

pi.;+- ~Lc~-7--~3 ~~pZA
i ~ I-T--h C~- f~'-Pt~t( )3-7~1Y~6J

IC--~) ~ ~ -~~-rdL~-ut-~ ~/
4 A/--
--r % 3.L/Z~~7L V-

./_-- ,--



. / 46

/a^ ^^-^ ^Ll,
_~_ / / ,

IrlC F# ',rZ~~LI~
l '.-- r g"_x. -'"
,.,.,*7 __- e ^- -9 --.,-- X- ---/ J----<---a -,-t_
^/a^L- A J-U^^- K-^a- '*Z" 6^--^ CI----i^--^'-^-- LC-lf ^-^L '^W^-;<-^<
4/ /

/^ / y ^>--Q-LCr~~r (-7L~/~-L-2r j/ ./ -
,~ &/ I- ~-:

/ 8 .r *..-y* --
0, -r~ ^h- y /^^ P ^~7

2^ K ,- y' z' J^^^/? -
../- *^/-, ^
-- */..^ ,/ ^' y-P -y1 3-_ rU 'a y y
hO y ^. l-i// ^ /-^
< -c-^-- ,<_ ^ L.**, -. ^ ^ .(' 'ti >1* *- V -^ -^ -A ^- Z-cy-- =^-< / <>, ^
,/~r)c y ^y -< /

S* V % ^ ^^

--, --. 9 -

i'v_..,.,' ,. -

;.,'-.-'* .., ,./" '< -, tl--.- f-; r! "'"* ^ : ..., ./ ^^ -..:... e/e, /y : (.< .,.,

-.' ,' V ...- .e- q -
t -, -A', -

*. W, -t/, jt. '' 4 *' -'4 Vr4/^ ^ 'li 7f (7 L *f Y '-rZ / r ** .(
i -

f. L
.. -

V -..,, f -^ 7 ,,.,,,. ^ C .,, ,i ,,-f'* ^-,,.. -, ,...C ,,...._.,
6: s-" .s *-u. ..

V -
".ir ,i;. "/i .v ^'i ... .";.. '- -.

1 -' ( 2 4 I' -
, :.. ^ . .'^ *, .' .: s

I '* '* / ~

.'--'.^-c~~~~~~ ~ r*X < /' *-f ri /;^-.- ./--/ ,~ *, -'> 9- L /A -L
,.4 4 -w 1 ,," i .) .c ..'

.. .
-0 ^ ^ f t /'* ,* .-". .. ... :., f,- .' -
f .. .. -

.. j ,

". ,, ..- L ,
C i J,.t .i "

._ _

.v~ ~ ~ ~- e" : I: ""/

-"~~~ ',.C ..
-L!' --:

S." -;, .'--,, tk-t -t .- .-. -. '

I t
-, .- --
,.. ,.-;"-', < ," .. .lt. ,''--' .._. .. ,. . .

6 ,-.:'7...:7,;,-- "rt-. .

C... c -, -.---,.a
N /

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L.-t' 4t--' *t

(e..... 2 **. e -


- ~ j.~ -. *

L .L t.Xr C --

I /"'~) --


U .- K

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F ,. .- ,, .)., <., *... ', ( ,/ ,.. .
- I

,l -' -.... ...... .., ; _
; r i '( -* ... '

' --
i/A ./.'-,., L '* ,- J /,", -.'-'--^-/'-'. ,-_ -.* : "' f- ^ ,y "1 ^
, ,.. Cc. A

-'' A'
l ,. < / ,, .. ) ,., .< *_* ,, .- '- ^ /- *- -:( .'--- --
/ ": ,. *' t ,

<.',., 1 .. '..Y / "/.'. /,-: ,, .*/ 'r"

.% -- -
I,. "" __C /~CY~'~,__

" V .
Lt- /" ', T,'- r- ," ,",.. ** ^ ...,, ._.* .,, *' .* i ._ / ,_. ." .

. ... .2 .. .. . .. /

'" .. / /; -- .. .\'' ..- -
"C "

/F ~I~t ,._- ; '- _-,.... ..'
7 < .. -. /

-V. dl 7V- *
. . ,,* -... .. .
.-~r 4/K4 /I~r
.,.. l .,.<( ,,i :, ,, +. f-.

7; "f

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