Business Correspondence. May 1, 1926 - May 31, 1926


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Business Correspondence. May 1, 1926 - May 31, 1926
Series Title:
Business Correspondence
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Mixed Material
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Box: 13
Folder: Business Correspondence


Subjects / Keywords:
Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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#217 5,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

7 'MIA
ytA~-,M0';X~ ( L o7
<>WUUA~/?/~C/t IbY V11 / Af
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t2 '"7^ / Z^ ^' / r' / -
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deA^~L~V- ^^^^^^^^^ .^~

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sl~ia~Ai~ti 7/~~L-~Cn~c~
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t~o- (1n4~ ~474 / aL7 IC z-~
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^^^iLCe -^C^ "/Y?- ^LRtL^T ^ L^-^ --, l^C^ ^p~n>^'-^iLt^

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ae '5v,1 W 4
r^^97Ze 3^ 6U~4? (1~'7 ^^ raU#^^)^^

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I~ d 'Pa' 'i Z ~r 4L-r4-7 ~/ 4 6;'1 c/&t "--

(XO~GQ- IL __j~
y^/A~~ii^ IM .t -t~t^L ^TU^^^~iL^ ^-'^ ^^~ II2L -
<^i/L /^t- <^tI~ %^z^^ W[^-I X^{^CA^ ^r^^^^^ ^
--^--t QI U^ib~~ 0^/ /-cu /-^~~ M---~~ I J-LM ( ^. /

?~i tL~C-)~v
<,A )^1^ UAv1 -r Av~~ Z^7'L/~. Tzht4 A^ioJ^ -f^Z

4/ 1?T>&1A4 &L'? / LW .puS '
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1~~i A^ <^I (iAUlrp^^X Cd ^G^.-("(i^i-
'^^-~~~L~ li_ t^r?^^Q/ y^^- ^- z^ c>- ^
^/^A" '-^t

Cdc~t-A {,t y tr, icit/ rNt/'L' /KAc( (r 4.

]/{^ ^n^uic^ -- ^ 2*H d~t~ t ^l^ i*^. .^^ ^- ," I^^ T

VI iit /i ^ LA.'i. r' IBLA^^"IJZ/:t ~ -.-- ,;^ i'-. ^ ^ / ^ ^

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~~b~7t~~x,.- I-tQL~

S4 &,/0 D C~n/t4' ik'ZF'--,'L''
^^rv^~X oCH^^u~ f^~U./^ /^ %^c- ~u-^46tcl^^
b7& ff ^ c ^ a u L ^ i i w
,SlC-fXLtA^ZI<^ C~tLA^^ ~'LC^- d^L-e $4^~-LL G~C~-iA^ LCLo ^ ^

.^y-z-t- -^inr y- ^
-J Y (4

I PI _

It 'tZLuaortlhc, Ra*,
Ilay 1, Il3oe

34 .ort~i iejlc 7.ri btr ;,f
.iiuzL Elor:tda

UGa' still un1Watr7lt1

KSaar.4 5 0 3 .0. ei.D. 0

: :rt t'y .L ":.

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_- <"'

kgsr : *
,-T,^ i


i*t =AOOTNuaWMa*gh.

ae *Je*n you hWart&Ay for your
.letteiW and iCOci-OxcellXmae *.

later id the hnaper of vogetablaea

. eo'pu a'gpeOs a'e coMni3 an finely-and we h-on finJ prospeSts nor;
wn thley &--arit- owaa si ha~ll.timIly Oe glad to amed yem sme

I a3s sL trying to get ;x aamey caaipoo'ple'
4"33; ,hln tn t1he 2* i t?;o tT" pi'i hererr r

^as!s*'?11 sans ble st regas*!

~b~l5Unr~tfhOa4 -. 'I

We findthen

of a big oraop
CM *i

at & ked K -tar
tLow-. ryecdadme another s*,a3?tt T.
t.* 14 aR haarerinf, awayr

JaoWS siDoei'ely,





" ,





Tennison Hotel



;%40 04_n WO '



.r. Those. W. iill, Gen'1 L'n er,
box 275, 229 Bry-n Avenue,
7. Lau.erdale, 2la.

Dear Sir:

This is to noti".- you of i.. co-Ipleti-.a'th dr.-wal

from you of my Gitf laind located at .'eelanta or .::.- other iL,-rt

of the State of Florida.

I have away to handle this land -..:e-lf and shall ta'e

u. 1l char-e of a.:,e from this date 7.a 19l6."

Yours "er,' truly:


I^^gTOCT^BBS melB o

S.. q'. ;1. G woqdL.Ia
S iiynanr Dj auffoo1,

' /no .jlng rioolla
.1-32 J,l9l.

;'-y o(4 i G fod.i:2,--

I t.,n sau~zi3o. .t '3Goivi itJ ft- o:. b~ati ixi t you di.sirod
tc ^.sc-1 ';ri3a.3iiia

i.s i'ios.

So.u." EMotr aZ :M1 0, IIIGt .9.Qi. I trot.: you i' :unt,
o/ naChl.iing figuruS ouirrobauLtin'g Uiio.

.-.)t.C.J.-s g.L ^0o nou L.i-u t. tiwa'oisn7 ;; *iu 4' b l'l 'o *.f
U. L :a z.17J a litt.Le tint, tdis txiLg *.-111 bils. ovOtr, u.'ney
Lill oLoC Ujip. WLtr; ",ui a:l4d b' 41a.L- tLu ,. IS3 1-ll3'
*; ..i .iittll .

unf coaurii'., ti yu li etst'. :1 ;;1'7.i ;r- L4c O; :bi-.'ll
In a4Citiou to Tb Iiderf, i IToro i, .tlatsaCct bill.

AL)L2 :2a.1 j? 'l1TL
A :A r*,- h~c,4 ^

'Th r.i,;~Z t4. 1 P~:

- L1 ~

- -. '... -

3 1 .-- p. -

-7 -.

.--*;.- .i-;

1~ ..




c~Ya71 14jU

,-- ,. 77,., ,c /

/~44-t-t AL."-l -

2,-v 3




No. 205
Ed. 11--25-200,000

I __ r4-,
f^^ja^^ A^


t- ;7i^t ecA-^ '
,I I^t- ^

cft--QS I

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~aL~n~tYi~ p~e
~_eeRkc~;; ~"~e;~e;;P ~i~/a~v

c~-~ 4----

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/1 17. IA. -
*^7^.,.- ./- -, ^

t! i
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*-... ^ **iy *- *y v .**"- if/ -- <*
/~~~~ -* *

~*16b/l 5

64i4X4-RcLt L~~~r1~-ar




1/ d-j-?nu A4etg~4

a / 11 Z A, V

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Y4$ (dihi ~ A


ry1.. rry r'.y ". i/

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C, 4 *t{
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'V, c.Ll2I


A~(Ly LY/,ri/&{,~

- /7 2. '


Lj V.4, 0

30 o C

0- -oc /



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xxji C"7 um4 1etA

PUT~T~tCt~U~C ~~ -"n/2~ ~td

~CrtC A, C~~AA~Fq~L

/:re ~


t~r2/c ~-~


./ e4 ''t

?7 (I I -

~~ C~t~zz,

1,10;i ~

, 1.71 Otv


/a /

f ? au-- v"iz" .
S/ s-zi

(^^A (H/A-ae- t; A:

nMO /n -"to"

Zft,, 74,ra- ,Z (r'7 -t

7Ij. 7Ttrt'ri 7 I r ^^
CAAt(7 Aoy A"9 a^2i L, /

-7 Ut- o

/_ ~ O- /? /t^MA/

i* cuador;daileo, Ti@,
o lany 5,LUJLO.

ry :ar srelo^u'ualiouigh:-

dLav baSn ',:ititnz fi ** advice oDouaLcI oNa ?Jtu'ing certif(s.of stock.
Fa.:e-od ll'yrer :x~izt Lant atn :.u Aind ufguir'-anty finrer ;lauycr-o scones3d to
Sc at. Buit at, ;r1,:r EloiEio31pse t:cy .g. ij t.ord fro- 1i.pero.

a.7a.ctha u.jd ,;arys;tro. 4ll there. FoIr cC erln,'; errorn,a3 follots:--

.--No s:ga' r 'lamr..V.'oullough. Is tit:i .1r9 .ngle. ill i.ritY forp
--.A...-AL :1 .4. AAii "'ono ua: .2E"- 4h.tsEa-d :L; t :end it at. ?ir -4-t,- 6
.-'l-l t.ilaoi 1'ealo 1 Ni. NlL ro sr l. Bu CliV.,nIdl.,:,.'. n',f ?:(l\, \ "ilsrn deosd.
4--J.,...A'itbryI 3 ia;zm,. Jut fiei1s sho10 he 3g.-,i nl.- a t;i jor p I .
,.:.a .. ..'e. .Al1 elso is t.-tor tiPt.,

iH -: 7ci ;are aiU a`1ecEbl to 3 lootion of Judci J.>r. 'W. < ,4 t n an
'-t 'cIn io suoi tenasns 1to cm ;LQe. All'tl:Cy :vwc loot o to i0thl' ; 0o--
c13il..ty of -ottinsg a.u .uo at t-~P7r,4 0i,O0040.0 of loot. If I I.?,r w done ;an
are, aill i:,31ng.1 this ttor: gr'ti ,ni.lthoi t E; ',3tint.l!ot- foeg:en( i 'hoyaa
3.Q G.' Amr.pz-.aZnd i:to'-"euto' in sl: tir y as W1 9 i'ey sahl ld be r'i'3U .n to
'7--. 7) "1, ood a .:30so as t tayut citaco. L should O co -'t..iinly .G.o it.

I YIZa, 1i.i3^. Co r-'eC^ lc:tiS-ls i, etc. V .i&t :;.!*y t3i t03.

Cui 3t 3N13ii:0IC far,-:. 3ixCu, if i. ya.r afly t:y I*>f !i.;:th'.
1- t.r;'y. F.,aj&L 3 ,Jo C .ni, :,l zJtl. ed r"o.-"- ty ?.;iJ .V;t-.1. ;-.( Lz,.) '.:.Lilt
,n.; .-y ?y .. ,., .- "
:b.:.uL 1.. sot.ii,;i ,lf o.1,1i No;,L,f frlcnds .:1ic-:1

-.-'.7i 1.3 ..**.lBoxu ia_ n,-1 ;l3 21 t, t :l-73Lo, at t'in "njwupe .?:.X ivran
,-.3.6 is hI....; C03. IL r-0 O tiro3,!a:x l :t. L T. l.: 1 3 hs: ". ,

"a.i on, c-i3 l to-d.ay for Li -,i,. Fo. o f rE. In': i;i. .usti: '..1i L'o Qboe
to , out a ti lot; t::i 3...-.3t:c :Yiv3. ny :Th2'2At, G)J %4d.
-t:acr~ -All ov"IloU it. '.:in, fisi. thry tthy .: L. Qla'c oa!'O th> do.:3
.. 1 o.

.:J2u faor, m -:a ., oh bi'~. 'r ti u sJ.aL o; fo'.' t 0 :~.i3. a:...-:'.
S1. 3s, .t.'-y. o.,y uf ,e30 tirf. ', t ri :'3'.. .**

I .7_. ..l:... t :. f tt:. on Th:is Aift in. Job ,:-in. :t3tvi, a
armyr froai:1 my t orALZk^l U.L i.iat.rt! it, ;3 tilo. I C.oro to gC i. u SA*.ti.'nAI-gbb L
thL..ts aiwl abuse--au 6? it. You &: Jiautin f.t i drly looii' fhis fiat i. :- .
f,,c.' ,t t nQ ~cting,;ai ;2 as :'t hiis.-c'. li: tIhrLac.t t Li'u :a1 teeth, ioC ro-
:,J:: ;t tz r:io rc.t "f "i1( t't 3) ,'.1l; l l 'ly., i,-t" '.1 icL-. :, :
K I .l,3t2'th .on 0 fo

As to Git,)IJ LfGi .Ailile;sJ tell ne t3ilo--On l-L4-l14,at org. no..cing,
r!ci was using both ur uwBoard:i( L'Ust(Sa ;&l A3 i..) to do hl t4ill,
.i& i; get carP Aaassns.jg' .to faci.sll *cool. that ouarz BAu.triid.nood not bo
iral .cth:. fli'at b.t'i'.l s b.e Ili, boii OxL;reIuily a'OtQ i ~ i c'Eol- .d
ossantiAl oaJ.nition su L-ioic .c 1,,,,L. oau 'ruaust EwiaS t') ..y Gift if -Ja_ t- c-t

Ja 7* 1 / /

I Ifi ;ids crazy t .liug Lo aIl3l i.t t ..'-n riWiIoL 3.Q~tla -.1a vutfing hi all aur
L;4ouey-aIid siouuLa nut allot Jno rou01U1 ^o at Loud fthe euetijug onJJ-ritlt
utho^e ticlot av ?ttl Mjfl-. u.&:bice,hisirn uco a lot of Qigniior3,
on ar t. o1usoli B U t f a...a4t rulv. JSU'ri.,in his oc-Er,votcd t
atull that agrtoom.anl, it hlts uV C3j2 i,*J .

4 I duln't fin. tl.zt bt;tah of:.TiiLuesacotc. you left n. I toniier If 1 50ent it
to i,'ngleO. Jii I .telly'u z.o? I :Ave*f~l-il Jot of iatt or,an1 nust of
it ius ed.l.tut .3ilulld ;liktc .ut tsati 1 tz ,, L li'dInd.eS itatoo.

Z3 it.. t41 3U'['L ?ardi.,0. al .It zelle tlr intio :id,s3i. bou~a!1. 11e c ula tila!snly
p 1.Li-iiiche 3 I; "f;str ,f '.I .,f i' 1 Oi n on t: ,' g. uIinl i-ot wirs: it so.'nm..,
s3 loAg ':i he could tu1' ne out,lii i;as "-illi;ng tt., coui LeC o0;,)'aer'sLy:c .eory
fOtuy. And Ilia LdEUr. ,unlo3; Ju Lre there to ji-u bjcct,iere a tTJ(rHTY
of (SiW sZeCOfe*funl'. 'CIhey onul3 1'J.r.GanL' .Laciu. cit, t iUy 2.'. .'m:e:,^!i
LiLML QoLTr,-atiL Vote fc8 sa1. intt- ,ardtiti(o)4;.is:-as i4 aij look Ichgal.

If *Te actually JO got thit robbol r Yt 04utr'ul;!aLb2-,Lo :i.LVC i11 ton.g 3hrl
a BlG iJ-lOGdAt. asi to :hat Gift t;a 1n',if it :s,u.a.iis,all intlo lnteroeit of
thl. thiwi body. We. ^ t halt 2.t.iL ic a 4 1 g Jiigreal SeTL"'!.'NT
AND a:;JL'L^ .Li' under uqy C'kt iecwactly Uay I LOiuti af&Wtt tutjL at the
Anotion,;rl t1: c 3 ou r~es. --hos iht.thiat iall ie tsi;*.l :l1thedainy 'tlonlg.

--(;i Eiettl:cs3;tt a d.'jvll.-:ucA mt.:. :i c v3 -C00 a hi: iout f :at gZc. yet.

SjF cours,':, jy:ii-ror Wi.:1 if In tinltbUa iu.a .XN1, 2en to ntuCt ac:.fl-It:)v.eT-thiOr
La ut .thatUt ugS-u.1. ;dti.yuthlu thie uo;aiient of t c iu.4juritfy,jro;.erly i'forzid.o

If tA:Ai.-.,Ily us3. t3o oniur''t oft;:;t :a..clt7fi~a~;ul.'it;ge:c i: Lo ,ell it cut l1 ,. t:D; fr:ygaulig tfb Is .4g i lir or sitotoreud LbSIutconEE1i2o till never
autt a ,oentofit into the dc!vclo;i3cimt ai2 t:'. buZ1Wliki of t .o Gna .cs,ti !.7a not
.aiichur iInutc tC taSie cua tiliaiub. 21.Lt coul ti. .y ^UGtii ever igtiU,
cScet, 'u ..Lt Il'.U: aCbsentoc1 il crs oulld shanro. lthot!hr ';it r-on'ey :!i to
u.- sc.road;il ofoIr ti.: Us. .,uo >. focuaie'r on tih I1ELUL irtA o0i v';io) rI'- o
asuL not 'Lu.:,J 17 0e.r'S,;L hLA vOst tCaru iwdltit2 for,s thI Or:; 3iBG
SiUr.ilKN. I mention n :?3i23 buc.LaflJe I :xu jata t:ELL,.>t3 he cjofn *e2,-tu n&
I S.!'t to kno. W 'orhiq : iti raj.ast,;ro siJ.ll..tiAgclthr' on thin.
A .0iC'0 rovi-ion ni a cigt i r~rov'jment otfhII Austin's asot-o;. 's7i nrt tihe
slijte t inter-orst. non i. J.B .t.i L' i Lt U t G Jj.ti -JJ I .* l .. J "TY
:. id A lUi. OF *.LN,a;t.d t GI F ...ULd .U..G.'. L'' ..j ,,int I':;lt ilA, ''ND. fi' L: r
.3 'r ouAidr iXft.11:ig Ji.ttn a 3i.Lt.C 2ointa9 te ciul't IQIOlI it too 3oon.

|ordia ly yeurs,



t 4k)
V, :- sR ZC 1



;-/ .-;

<4 C1O -tWL Z

~;s~" L
-i~ BL~

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~L~LO ~ci~jL~!,

f//a / d

-3 4.

3i4(/a- npe ( 7 4r

1114 /U 9sd /7

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^J^^ fic^ Z71
b^"// /~i~Lc3
(^^2iW //*r^- -- --d/ L^7 t'*Wl -t( _. .
ec:n~ ^<^^ p^.^^ ftj^ /t


7c ,,&7M
"--~-., .., -w

b7^ Ju ^^ am^A / 71^
,4i ^ /f 2V a / -,4

~z-~/Gi~R 19ry -< r
t 2-^ Csr /n ^
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I -9/ J/ -C 4oa-

~t A'- / A
^o -e ^ 7/> P^f / ,&4 C
c&i4 5e 7i/-?e-~R4 iA15 / w~-~;~C/
e% c4^ i 32$i t
(LA ^ -iArc ^ A^- I / cc (
9' ii/Csrc -Sz L it^C C/^^ W

^--"3 7-.--_ CC^ --r^ -rC~~-~ ~- d~e

CYZ ^^/C{ -P~-^t^. -/L^ Ci~e^^ ^/t^%i {

^rf-^C~ ~,-v^ ^^e (t^ -

(ya ^T^^ XIM Ie-e t- '^f-^^ }/yC 'r^ -^^-r^ cs--fi /r

--^L J^~_

Ccc rz~e~-tz2- ea ct&-C YC a ider e-L

V A-e -V -A4 e 4
/y-4 cc 4 d C 4 -- t1 2i 6 Yc-tA

)LC 4, -xi' ^^e7c1t^ V^ cc-t -^g
-tfCtl2-(^ &L A^^X^ dC ^-t
) i/^eI/-

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Ct ^ C'3'

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-- -- ---e -

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Czlp C ytlyl C-e7-e.,el-j

ZS~ ~ k


^^ ^^.^ A^y4 g- X C'

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_,/__<.7 27... >1-,.,
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^^~lc.-1;1Z/--^e-h ^U^ Jii~c-^ ^^C^-j ^(^/ DL^^-<<.LTI

Ci^^-t-- ^-J ^^^ ^^^^/^% / ^ ^^ i^-
L^-^^-iAA^^ -U^A ~-^^z-^o t-^C --^^;J. CJ g ^L~y-^:^
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*-A^ 7^^ ^ ^t- ^ -cc^r-~ /IIt^^^l- E^ L.- ^

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^-/i-C^^^^ ^^^ ^7^^^^-^
^U KH ts/^ ^003 4Al C^ojtt-ur^^ ^ ^ s<*

A -r

> -'. k -- g
*' ^s !E r' f' ii'k '" "' .' *' *".
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.- .h I,

c r, *., I-
I 'I .. .

? ' '" '. '' '-'i I- .
:4',_. l' ".. ''

"': ;"',!'.'< o '

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.-. ". .,

'** *<.'

.4 ~irT- n, T :' ~~- 'r

I : .T *. ,, "I

.* ,w.w .- ^ o,,,, .;, ..' ..* -.. ,

r" ~, .' '' A





4.. a
In 4" .*- **

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,4 U'
*- U-

.4 *7


., `k


a. : -k



TECa ir. F NTOCIK O L B0,0.00N
CAPITAL ST0ocK $ 7>0,0()0.00



:r.Thos. E. '"..ill,
?:2-Pry:, Avenue,

Deer Sir:-

have a. letter froi,. 1Ir.
F.G.Thomson to t':e effect that h'e did not
ma.:e an agreer:.ent for t r::s 1wit:h :o rc he desires his .5.00.

It -ill be vel if
Fn-thi; in youa: il, e v ich *-' o: t
did ot acce A c green
briL it in e :. t te
viith .::.. TLompg;on further .

2 .E., ti
4I 1'

I h"ve irrit to :.i nle
CompLny reln ti.e c i. cre o.: ti:
oh.:li ntion in re'g-rd t thoe b In_.,rs here h
y lett~ has .c1ir disre garded.

wiITrl2 4 t

; de.1osit the e ic sst uL
nepr int'u:rc.

ol ec-- e -e

Collection Pe artc,: ;.et t.

t-ay 7tli, 1C26.

Shipmaan, iississippi,
Vay 8, 1 9 2 6

Mr. T. E. NILL,
Ft. Lauderdale,

Dear lr. WILL,--

Yours of the 3rd inst has at last arrived
after wandering around over i'lorida etc.
'' permanent address is here at Shipman- please to note.

as to lane hanve not lost my hope in licrida for I think
without a shadow of a dcabt that the people of Florida will have
to find something to eat and live c1- 3side( C.oat 3unshino and
Sand. 7,T time v ill quickly come that pooplo will he looking
for this richest land in the wide world- -his land south of
Lake Okecchobee. It may take a little time, it always does.
I shall be satisfied to holdit r ey another five years, at any
r. te. Southern s i:;i;i3,3ip)pi is already starting bccling-
al cn the Coast Iyction-Biex. an"ld PFa3 Christian.
There should be no abstract jill as there w'as none to mnke
.and ,; agrood to fek after that.
The better >a y, ip t3 e 1 eo **:: tI -c,

Kindly r'ett 'n 1. 'i ill keep it c' "ile for you
Sater. p----
ith I *:. ,'vi.,'le~ s and ccf dial] y. ,; j ')",

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Yt.Launorilalc, Jla. A -
)- .y 10,19:L6.

fly aazar Ilr*I loCialloulg'--
Yours of te 8t,~ at ad width atf ty uf stock di.atributo:i. Lnc It ougt .
to 0hp atitp a I ruit fct gl.v* tlitac3i d. mt'er a Iqt ogf ei.o3 f I iot
I: lv7e 1~n~, ATm a m1t:24 L T: Il ,. ITUATLN If .,qrttdI n Cnlent
I .m o .ao oa t4eo attyas. tIiftJ,.torz for the _'.i.t aliou.d bc easy..

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au ,li. n eat3o i ttjft-on.

Cc.aG ;a-i;rarc. nrv .*1U etc. aa .- tr .c of Tht .zL. s'.--. 1. .. -, ul
Q_,AJLcu_,Q f ?4CL't3 efl'r'notat of fi'YZ C.-Ot

cors' Lai. a as ltio ti, on, r-j. f: t. at
cro0 i I- those _th. )a -orecmtnly been Coa, io. 'i:S -, ,) --

,L3. .l- .ith l the PoNFD\ '. ~"-
Gladesa3uld Fjd 1 .1 'rt sL too.

otoLicro's anotl2x' tling. lot yqur T.NowUD5-7-A,2.1 ,.t-t" A.C2. "AB :*.'iAUJ rmx
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utc'Ji; OU'Bi2!'l,:-Z bLr-l2I a rr-td to Tnery f: l. '."1n1 Tt i *r:i2 P
(l.7ERGl4J S.

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1:: itiat.1iti. *-cuL; i.noalnd 11:2.3 7 &t.nt; 8. ( 30c ;.acuaCn).) -nL. ;iYLit,a -
Bello G"tudo ^ol 1 c-l.n. Sft6 l.. to. ot Z A-st L.a fl, c Jhupi's a .2k. a&i.o L tb.u
GjLacaoonuntr o v.ori.71. hci ..?C^l.. To*1 !70:io. h:2.::"ug n ain .Lu tao7 or' +
otor 1i Juno, ( 25th.) C4tou-j tn r7ts&;) tih :'; ;d- 2;.ifir u:'l'oo .1hf
othoi' llouici bo-dla ialntlz21 nuriax *jo 'ivre to 1:313 J.;Pl .uM:L:T.2J;: .'. T"'rmIfyr A
I)>UL F JtJt T'C; t>'3A' : ;z'e. .y tw c 1J W~u:' g -oi 8, !,..agr ....OtW' .rOs
to ol ri fC the t!2orx .w i7 *:J t; (i4 -n r*t .0 .4 1' '-' E A, 0
rOT JNJ COI' I '. TJ G ,TI ..-3 7 a,> m t l ? the POND .Tn f a
fraA ia IOD.d for tsio auro.
AiLS aoxi e t..i-l a oruii toj aiboutI vriJytLng su01 fop' n-C.ias I r.oL_
Aug.-OOtL,1922,to .boeu t4. inttnouc llooi' amris 5a3iLaohi. Dl I JIJ3,ii.c-4ut
absolutaolj LtJtou: hCl3paiidtt.h :t3i a5orts of apta )til o 0oi3032&IOZnIiiAClutLag iu.t
of H;. iurwp, nowr out o o!" GaC-rnrTo. job. '53 thn"i'c n'^;P' C" ^ i Y cjcb
i'fo' Vflladn fi11 Lit'out 2. oi' Grrpa Qpcfsl3 oneyCr
i1i, taO 1 ia l'u till. .4ni 3n1ok ro ;ta boea not in a-Ror torlic' V a i *u--,
jis-" sugofeio *, of oafc.u aft Ohooli; soinco thihgitian.' IX. wult t
oC&il thio ro4ll X'o. im thu ?as to.'s t ldaebat. V. onol';--ro tuotfo;2' )n' 2 oao. .
Ia recanL yqso, Fona r hin l0ed. About .a y1' 'lagoti jAOned i. ay bogin A
writing 'r throixtoning lottoro t jI e n.

--4 /

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R A 4TOP, aF ,nYt asys ct a @ s,, =,, ,
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*1*f uath .alo Mgaw dot saW 3y t4probab1y t aQ tT tbLo tiLzraaip qltatm I am
vdo la-aoh ri.a 3Aqo.izUL 3o oqt a; p At(b3ES .ho oaul tn tioe oto oraana on Auglf
t doo duqn .iuilo. 1. iAte to ouoiP0 coou;stine driving St2 r -.? then
I%'A"'ag zt. tq4T3a J Z -q4 I&jTi LASt.s fi: VUILON GW1'i)(

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iP.S Xestoerury,I Rt~fl.a ,rry ^in bunch .oZ 4 ,
pos1, ii n btg aonAllao car aa tq ,0Okeeblnta.
A Vamlczbllt 'lTb ofltAE( .$.griqUlqur l),*jWe girl_
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a lot of; R'LJ .DIW0T 1IVUi fnpri there t into Oltoolanta a l Rnultoeost,iu ml
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a--any rTuilJDul.j :Jal,..tRY *. Th3at 4 alone m7y go vwry fhr toward
saving? our louri silttatone *
TI=Thl r turn tpo 1t A4 sa 4 t"13ultootgot It 1 al liol/a0so
Ermah to Iavo a3cU Q o.t ii .v t.fmw

l.V.OL. It cLu to b. OA Jdu vOcy lOar* tu AOtltbL, u .Lth ia ciiNt1iv.s jgom1-
cMge- fr th1 "4itJiA a h Cbtwifrta2 lAke f4a u*ali,.v pAeonijohoro, on i, _e
*grquniday INDIS31u oo&iit4L, with a ;t ;4a 'bl.X Jyora, gand
r 1- Oip. ctlo.jL.e.julAc 3 a Cd a^ i4, in Sucdh n3ttarmeif I cena CtC cT ffuuA
cIomApolol to tzato rw t1noe fighting u of trtblo-ablcaom rho ought to be help-
TersvAiti rdc11 iiavo ,a t.wlsay 'atxiA his ad4llo Ow awiBg. If they tcro
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IV-IP" 'Z~~ c/ /U*b;ChMe R / / fCC~

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j'ti r'i i-
,?/^^2^;^ a^^~J1-tU u^^>^:^^/^^

I -


CAl'ITAL STOCK $ 50,000().00


May llth, 1926.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,
229-Bryan Avenue,

Dear Sir:-

We are in receipt of a
letter from the State Bank of Wentworth,
Wentworth, South Dakota, requesting the
$12.50 binder made on the S.W. of the
S.E. S.W. of 1-47-35.

Kindly bring in the abstract
that we may return it to these people.

Yours very truly,


Collection Department.



3~~ c~yd 44~~ 4:7- --e

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S7RW^^tL~Zw, f6A.

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^^~~tt 2r7tc zt" u^v ^rA^, ^^^LC z^^^^
at;r-t a^ ^^;^ (-<^ ^ let^^ ^U )ML^9'z
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-B.I... /2 ,,MA-MiCyuS^ ,, '[ a -r '
/ -/
c ~ ~ ~ ^C- C^;I~ Inf.t'' -~ *1a 7,
w < n
--)L^ '' -
I ~-fC//




Tor"') 1;, Va.
"y 12th, 12.

'r. Thos. E. '7ill,
229 -r; Ave.,
,. +. t Lauderre le,
FPI, .

.} r .r. 'Till:-

A 1: ; r son ;'-w:'c17 iE -V+. he hf3s :ade
Sinquir, a+. +,he nk r.n.: tht. --ou: h'.ave rot as .et placed c he
Sper:c or :rs. "e, in escro tlere, '. is .tis?

.' r. s you lSt -ou) '*ere o place +le 7 h i. -'-
deed ajid -oor t"+e ent +.n+. the property you ro conCvei.
to :s. "* ,: is free fromi .- irncit:err.ce, ta'xe, ,et,
vrith the bcn vJithin r ct.onf'nlle iat. i-,e h ,F ccr-
ti-inly el- :- by o: and then. soxe.

4ill ou Jol0o seil to '"r-,. -" yes, de o? the
: .-tin ?-ro ty for to sign, rccordin- to t:e Flori'
Sorm o" ced, "'. -"cote t1~: c ++.r ul~ :e (.;re .i --
Lf ct.ory r bindin :111 rounv' i? :-)u p_'< ,cdeh to

"''' i..e T r,'"lize th,'t -u r un P"n c Cl e I :.p- .
eu;)tC ci." l.: "-r,.r:i,-.r.+ +.!,4-r ,;,i. :.^, *'*l-iti r.:;i-t,c
t uzi v: v er-ir.

IrB. "rto d,
2P1" Villn Cipcle,
F0oroll-, Vp.


4.-. tm s *d. '.

say 1126,10a .

O' 2Qy "W;t f A1UtileaA

I dull nP aot.j Jou tkntdl y,a;4 t AlcolaCaooi but In tI W lie.jt- l. I told t party
oveor' saaur. gi. ti t1dng i ns abou t t2- dosav;dona llonj -.t:h .-0 .hao gmx
ai Shoe tayw out ( mnuv ou. g idatboil' )an:ithc orsp ot utmi;-tlat oboyo;ad
LEto:.. x.3o i8.% ai &4Cw tL h Cr Mtilui.mi ;t'y taE.r'o fok' a 'u. or .nyay,
cuxl 3tudy ta Glisdoj at oloso 2aageo

i&r o t,3 o0-0 thing I dildat .elItt1Au3. mIast s-tQu?'. 1eal'ftl a -avagsT
lottoc f(ou Fo.rs3?ji.* ho.- bo hae t-ag ooLrtoi ;i ,cto-3 iL-a '2at yronI ,
mn. Lxl.020 flltl Za!O savago.
cum' zwo? ; I magem

-Lcsuatl,7 roJ.c3':d.a i stt'r -- ita a42t1 rrivof >L it teUo 0 oCilOrstifl niot-o1T
11 on0an' i.aiitig FiioiortA.. S ;amix 4 ( U a tiae 2 e aru 1 i tjjnt It;
CA'i3 I 'itA 3nt i3t du' not *

L ozriWar told 1:a JtJu4SJiut.Qz aujionaxuuo fti3u ag;O at it uia atiugcrou for' his
a, o agQm prot ie vou .ur3sImaoru ,pocttlor; '.;il -'.'Luro,1rP ic*3 t.ilI
arit' ania FriJCoaoGitton' 'la.y r'ftr there doratroy all ch.;- good otflsts of the
via3t ihl iiALy niti i ItuziLcags but oIsaj 4. Iiavwo LeiMl, t.;io dibastanoo.
.1 i.os'ar. n ju a.M io iaoplV3G I4ULJ rI L'.A t CLwi. tioutito snV a(s-f-rtmnl3oo
.A- t.lf3i .lin ld iawol. SOZ )4JYa 3.8 a I oao_ 'Aotu yu1p41 VsWacti- y beat of-
nfrov SmL Ia LLA aC.s( apati f o ia y.frjxaaiil i airIU I I A4is !i;.ro) shot to
ioooao hiostilo tLCi uitagoriLa taud douoi itt loWliSltri. lo 30 soQ-mens hS1 1tls
boa0a t;Lut -n dreaU to bri4 pe3op.LO in tJaerAO1a, 1n fUr is faL. Tuc:,GaicaCt "all tho
gD0ooifrca& rtlL-aod ty otowr ftroxa beo IVu. 0 i.zOi by lool :ost1t
L cou'; ai 13 tioan ei?3- 313 bll;ao to ieovo,7 en to ar:atathit Y ) U Troul-'
Llal0^-I0A) 13 li

ro-io. pito JI uagl hthereI a S t*lULt JUE 1rxl beo IfluonOcd W y :Ci3 ToolieC.
that I Wavo* Avany.cro 1a113 Ga1.3 ag .I1 el^tJiuA.MI rVa1to:Lg i IM'Ia lioairt
tot il' my ul'ld aaLoSSL..t0too.'

ti aLtaysloth .2 -l)ZlaloJ ncy paxroc2aol aftl&Bidrisut uinoo tdls eoano t t o bnoo-
ocaajy I Lill avy a foz- tnilv.n
A Li&.& djoutZj"'o.w LouWeO tlt .1 mai solti ovLA $i'iMM t.OVrth u&' 3 ry utn prop.
c rtKygJauJ;fc3 tVa ;*aa'ooi ho.dd' to h1olp or'" a0ezon interest. I lhrc alao 3
toeiot Lj." aad uaLri-,lth- AI tUt (Ult.tiat,3 buK at -ii *aLl,.-p.:s ar Zlater;
* cuos boon d.i 10 Uiao l. baus ut t7Ai.,to (drive lJUe a dykatooiall !.ty lonUg,'
GxA i;a. MJ'U GW i L(bUL win JUJi in0 its..Xl

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Ltac2 AlxaiQaoa3,;mAJiA iLu fortunes oilp tWOMuAi -1 DYi flfngoZitbutI IoPt7lMtnd.
I noa of Nr' ,a.
nhis bsiaaoso la.Iuoat. u mll of t luttciry s 1u .ufto U aro



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nltUionB-a3ito fml t i!L i slLor i; .r'ailo, t ::oot ama oblogpionu.

i30'i5cOrto btz'L'atf.4t aSbosar. aivoUL' :L v .Yi3u'ae--.soootWi ayeLniits
OUja"k nct bc a-L-noC f.W E EZiJ *a'Ui-,a aa OYta. L.' "-xZ.iSIj Iae-
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cazunting too uxc-athi:g ajizSt.zillhg amaafOj Axiio. Ai. 1ano3Q ov tbQtj.

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/A J'ts hu. .3 I'z r-.JXjLafd Corote jt S1. -rYat to b'2 diaovuvtc-d. IaI t hat
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I ,. *

LaBelle Fl3-'::y,13th.1926

"r Thomas E,Will

Fort Lauderiale Fla.

Dear Mr Will ; Some time in Fabruary last we completed an abstract on
the following described lanr. in Hendry County Fla.anr forwarded the sa.e
to you ar.n after a time the abstract was returned to us unclair..ed-to-wit:

The 1:Flof the S"1 of the SF1 and :F-1- of the S+1 of the SF" of
Section :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::: : 1 ,
Township ::::::::::::::::::........:::::::::::::::: :: :: : :: 45,South
? r,g -s: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 3:-34, "st
Think you ordered the same for the "TEF L":1 FCTION". A cor-oration
for General Welfare,organized under the laws ef'Tennessese,
'Te do not know to whom to forward the abstrct;it has lor.: since been
completed,and we wpuld be pleased to deliv4 t__h same if we knew to ':hor
to send the same.Any one paying the charges on sar:-. may have it.
Chiares are O2. Will you please inform us if know as to whom to send
it. Awaiting your e'rly reply and th.ankiin:. you in advance for information
we are
r/ V-ry "in:ly Yours.
*1' i- ^i ^" /),

122i~ A~26~



S-l- --



"/ // 1_


:ay 13. I92. r

Dr. Thos E. "ill, 4L
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

7iear 7r:-

Enolosed: find check for ::,?.76, ';.78 for the taxes on

tr 31, 3'-4'-36, ran,. ,15 's. Anr ira s .ys "c'1 know what it is for.

should. '-.ave se--t it a few d:ays .a:o, but overlooked it.

I have soreai. the 1a r.e'.'.s that you lost aroun:- 3J

.n my t.eals, Lci tell thel.: that if ',ou ure hivi:. the same kiir of

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.Suoorely yours,



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$ ~~aC~tY~r~~Z;- LOl~~-UI~$-~V~I

@ATGIdC (Lttt WL/C~L~e~

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44J z^, Qt-7t, i


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l^Ai t '
5- L-Hrt'c^c4 ~ t^V /L~y-^^-/ /^
7 / / (7 j .
^j (tfL4. / L^^Ct4%


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I1 "t 't-i~v zU
-G^!uAA tefl/J^t~L A^-^^ L~- i~f~ ~L^^~ I~icZuO^^^ ^
(9v /4 tC

C/ tvn r 6Zd4vtw^7 aLzp& U^A, (M~^6<^ -0t^ WvC ( dW.

QS~CR ff~U;U~ a/t~ j~ iy~ Cc- yc~ S^tt

4V"{ a-dce c&ut
( Aiz 1- 1 I

\-i /PG J t.. (/' y lt Rrim i~~~zu
ll~( i- /T

;4^ (i, /4 & J4? 4c- Q.r2~-^^ Z Ci);, 0'i I t U -~5 I~,CtM -cC IT 4'/ (*L~-td (A_^ .-JC^(^r-y

^ /^Y^~t~z~ k^ ^(?^u^^LC Z%<. k ^/9^^^z^ C-Z^>Q^^O%^ /tcn^IC <

^ ^Y6^A^u^c <^e ^^^ ,Z ztC

306 C STREET' N. W.,

!(! c- 4 )) j

,- t- IA, /

/ f-J -f

i,7 / ', '. /o f

-I--l LA/
/ U U -, -- _

, 4 .

"eu ,~u _/ _, "

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J~7,-t _C --..
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'I flAA 12--~ ~ e

:..-7~i : :,.. G-" .:LL7
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ICZ I -I21 f~2"c
P1' /C1 / C /
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.,CG~- LCdLli 'R/, _y /~ ', ~ -
y,-~~ ^ y^% "-O ^^i.7{}^ l^ztC cp^r L^--^-t

*" ~ a/ /,/ // /. f y
*~ ~ CuA (^-C4^ La^U Tfif lH U 7 ^P^^(
JiCuM ., <=A^r ^*ft^C ^ ~3,<-/A *i ^^^. <-?< Ifx ^(^ (^ -
1~ ~ ^. KU^i ^^C^?^ ^ ^^^r'*^>^ ^S
/ 1, C~cU lp(^U.1~ /-'- ,7*^;-''y *^^ f^ -^ ^r.
yc .iH r, 1 /

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i,/ L .i//a^^^^^^ -^ ^ v^ fd~;~ ?/ ^ ^^ .if- '<^^^^h-~

7Pza t 5/ A3r^ i7 fC~- ^,f */3 .--^ ~-4
i~~f-cn~~~~l^ ~- u /' u ^ ^ ^1 ^^ L- ^i/ L *~Illi~ *LC ^ A- / /< < y. &


(APITAL STOCK $ 5(),000.00


Tay 15, 1926.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,
229-Bryan Avenue,


We have received a letter
from the First National Bank of Dubuque,
Iowa, requesting that something definite
be done with the David T. Howie deal.

Either make arrangements
to take this up or bring in the abstract
so that we may return it to these people.

Yours very truly,

Collection Department.


%My 15th, 1926.

Dr. e Ms l. Will
Ft. Lsadu riale, Florida.

Dear Dr. Willu- Qkeelita Corporatio..

lp3arlig to your request of the 7th
instant, I am retaming to you herewith a package
of correspondenoe and original papers hich were
left with me rom time to time in connection with
the Qkeelanta matter. For convenient reference
I have listed the papers in a brief way and enclose
a copy of the list herewith.

I also enclose an expense bill aainat
the Okeelanta Assooiation anaoutin to $32.68 Lor
diabursemeant which I3haAe for it. If the parties
who took the latter up with me are in a position to
pay these expenses I will be glad to receive a check
for reimbursement.

I enolome an extra copy of the list
of papers which I will be glad to have you sign and
return to me so that I my keep it aa a receipt in
my file.

Yours very truly,

S'. J. IEngle

Copy to IMa. Iaura V. Mocullough,
306 0 Street, 1. W.
Washington, D. G


May 15th, 1926.

Dr. Thomas E. Will,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida*

Dear Dr. Will:- Okeelanta Corporation.

Replying to your request of the 7th
instant, I am returning to you herewith a package
of correspondence and original papers which were
left with me from time to time in connection with
the Okeelanta matter. For convenient reference
I have listed the papers in a brief way and enclose
a copy of the list herewith.

I also enclose an expense bill against
the Okeelanta Association amounting to $32.62 for
disbursements which I made for it. If the parties
who took the matter up with me are in a position to
pay these expenses I will be glad to receive a check
for reimbursement.

I enclose an extra copy of the list
of papers which I will be glad to have you sign and
return to me so that I may keep it as a receipt in
my file.

Yours very truly,

-. < /4 /
EJL/FF ,, <-- -. -, ;- *-

eno .

Copy to Mrs. Laura V. McCullough,
306 C Street, N. W.
Washington, D. C.


Correspondence file of Mrs. Laura V. ::cCullough for
the period from Uay 10th, 1924 to February 27th, 1925.

Correspondence file of Laura V. McCullough for
the period from July 28th, 1913 to June 27th, 1917.

Circular letter dated at Vashiigton, D. C., October
15, 1922, to Contract Holders of the Florida Ever-
glades Land Company, signed by B. Pickman Mann, Presi-
dent and L. P. Shidy, Secretary.

Recapitulation dated november 1, 1924, prepared by
Mrs. Laura V. IcCullough.

Proceedings of meeting of temporary board of direct-
ors of The Okeelanta Corporation, dated January 24,

Report of the Committee on Credentials, dated January
14th, 1918, signed by Z. H. Austin, Chairman.

Form No. 1 of Assignment of stock in the Okeelanta
Corporation. This stock is interested in the Gift
Land only.

Financial statement to July 1, 1913.

Treasurers Report for the Fiscal Year ending January
1st, 1915.

Remittance Blank, Final Report of Trustees and miscel-
laneous other blanks.

Notice of Intention to Apply for Letters Patent and

Copy of minutes of annual meeting of stockholders held
at West Palm Beach, Florida, on Saturday, January 20th,

Injunction proceedings against Okeelanta Corporation.

Complaints against management of Okeelanta Corporation.

Letter dated at '.ashlington, D. C., Nov. 22, 1913 from
Thos. E. Will to G. H. Smith, President, Z. H. Austin,
Secretary-Treasurer, W. Allen Barr, and Laura V.
MIcCullough, Executive Committee, Okeelanta Ass'n.

. I

- 2 -

Deed dated January 24th, 1914 between T. J. Champion
of Chicago, Illinois, H. J. Chapman of Greenfield,
Iowa, and G. C. Bantz of '.ashington, D. C. as Trustees,
Parties of the First Part, and Okeelanta Corporation,
Party of the Second Part, covering lands in Palm Beach
and Lee Counties, Florida.

Letters Patent from the State of Florida to The Okee-
lanta Corporation, signed on January 15th, 1914, Park
Traur.iell, Governor, H. Clay Crawford, Secretary of

Deed dated April 12th, 1912 between The Florida Evcr-
glades Land Company, Party of the First Part, and T.
J. Champion, of Chicago, Illinois, H. J. Chapman of
Greenfield, Iowa, and G. C. Eavtz of 'ashington, D. C.,
as Trustees, covering lands in Palm Beach and Lee
Counties, Florida.

Tax statements and notice signed by T. G. Dixon, Jr.
Tax Collector To-.n of Pahokee, Fla., that property
will be sold at public auction on the 7th day of July,

Letter dated February 27th, 1914 from Dr. W. Allen
Barr to Mrs. Laura V. McCullough, together with notice
to stockholders dated June 20th, 1914, and certificate
No. 516 for 2 shares of Okeelanta Corporation stock
issued to IMrs. Laura V. McCullough.

Clipping from the South Florida Developer, Palm Beach
County newspaper, dated Dece-mber 7th, 1923, also
letter from Leland K. Fishback to :Ir. Gideon C.
Bantz, Wa;i!inton, D. C., dated at Hollyo-.od, Florida,
Decermer 15th, 1923, together with ;-,ie randum of lands
of Gift Land in Palm Beach County.

Copy of letter dated at Pahokee, Fla., March 11, 1924
from J. F. Waters to Mrs. Laura V. 1icCullough, also
copy of letter dated at Pahokee, Fla., Jan. 24, 1924,
from J. F. 'Waters to Mr. B. Pickman Llauin, together with
co p'- of letter dated at '.as.ii-gton, D. C., IMarch 6,
1924 to I.Ii' J. F. J;aters, Pahokee, Florida.

Notice to Contract Holders dated Chicao, Apr. 28, 1914.

Deed dated April 10th, 1912 between The Florida Ever-
glades Land Co:mpany, Party of the First Part and T. J.
Champion of Chicago, Ill., H. J. Chapman of Greenfield,
Iowa and G. C. Bantz of Washington, D. C., Parties of
the Second Part.



linutes of Meeting of Florida Everglades land Cormipany
held in West Palm Beach April 6 13, 1912. (Conven-
tion) "Chapter No. 1".

"The Clouds Gather, etc." (Chapter NIo. 2) of the above

Notice to Contract Holders dated at .7ashington, D. C.
October 15, 1922, signed by B. Pickman Mann, President
and L. P. Shidy, Secretary,


Ft.Ld.,May 16-26.

My dear Mirs.McCullough:--
A discovery I find in Ok.Corp.papers an (EELANTA ASSOCIATION STATEMENT"
for 1914.( We thought ssn. was killed at incorp. meeting 1-24-14.)

Again,YOUR OLD MINUTES of the Ok*CORP.Meeting of 1-20-1Z referto a talk
(by Barr) on the affairsofthe Okeelanta ASSOCIATION,1alx-y on part of con-
tract holders",etc. henoe the Assn. seem84ohave been alive in 1917.

I+aive then,why not alive now?
Now,Smith and Barr aredead. The living are Yourself,T.E.V. and Austinu/
Three -a- you and I are 2, or a MAJORITY. why may we not then function, call
meetings,especialy when you get down here,be a quorum,because a majority of
the survivors,and d4pAssn. business?

Agan,Austin's report for 1914 for the Ok.ASSN. shows it had funds of
$1,210.44,and spent $961.71;bal., $248.73
Among the expenditures hednoludes Olerical help, $57.10
PENSE, 143.50
"Printing, 136.73
hostagee, 90.45
Sec. y Expense to
Florida,Organizing Company, 113.75" ;
and, after all thiswas pad out,there remained A248.73

N 0 H,what becomesofthe everlasting claim that"there was no money with
hich to incorporate";and that, therefore, thereoga to be evied that charge
o f $2.00 per head? Dows it not vanish into tlilT air?
May 20,1926.
To continue--
oursofthe 15th. and 18th. reed.
ve gone thru all my big batch of Gift Land Stuff,ancdmadeitup into three h
uge,bound volumes of about 1300 pages. Nowoomes thisbatoh of matter
from L'Engle,which will add a nice little hand book. I want to arrange iA W
ahron, order,bind itandadd it to the library.

I am making out our case,as fast as I can steg(the time from other pressing
things. If you get down here,andhave yourliving made,in advance, and feel
like 1te gettingin on thisjob here,as you havebeen in on it there for so
long,it will HEKP IMMENSELY. I can indioatethingsto beworked out,and with
these volumes,the index I,have already andmoreindex that needs to be made,
we can classify certain vetal facts--" brief our case",as the lawyer would
say:andthus make surehe getsthe real meat out o hhe mountain. And rest assure
we hIvethe real meat. Men have been hanged upon evidence far moreweak than
our case as it liesright herein theseTHMIBLSE files.

"e want to show,e.g.,t--


1--That we bought as home-builders,settlers andderelopers,as our organ-
ization name in D.C. andall our efforts there proved;andnot as mere
speculators"'as we have been U scandallously reported"to havebeen.

*--That we organized,in D.O.,to promote thievery idea.

3-That we performed tho LaborsofHercules,trying to get together on the
Glades as we were together at D.0.

4--Thtt Okeelanta gave usour noleus.

5-'hat the next thing was to get land near there that would support us.

6--That the next thing was to get a OOMMON CAPITAL that wpuld enables to
build the city.

7--That I saw in this Gift Land exactly that Capital,andthat that was the
precise reason andthe ONLY REASON I moved heaven andeargh that we might get
that land,and keep it for the 4,860.

8--That any suggestion that it be split up andsoattered all over the wester
Hemisphere,in misroscopio bitsimade against the MAIN IDEA of SETTLEMENT

9--That Austin came in,as athief in the night,with hisbase idea of prevent-
ing all this,and even stealing the COMILON CAPITAL.

SO--That that led to thelong fight ending ,for the time,with the Inoorporat
.ion of the Corporation,and its seizure by the plotters.

11-That thiswas directly in the teeth of a definite ,binding agreement
that our Ok.Assn. Board was to be the FIRST BOARD,which position would
havegiven usopportunity to
a--Re-pay our Assn. its loaned funds,ifthat should seem neoessary;as it
certainly would,if the Corporation oouldnot bused to forward the settle-
ment and development work.
b--Use the Corporation and Capital, with general consent( andshiswe
could have easily secured,with the start we had already made),to help
b*ht the OOMMON CITY, Old Okeelantaand start aotu&l S.& D. in the Ever-
glades Empire.
la--That the Austin raid wrecked everythAg in that line;mkitg it neces-
sary for us "abandon our whole project, ortry again in same other way.
13-that we did the Is*iet,making our start at Okeelanta Addition,and mak-
ing the terrible fight we have made to date,with elp or encouragement.
14--That nowis the time to resoapture the ship from the pirates,and re-
turn its cargo to its rightful owners;andcapseit to be used for the
good of all.

16--Ttat thewayto do thjsisto turn the rasoalsout",put none but true and
tried in charge, oiroulaiizethemembership,tell tnm the history,arouse their
enthusiasm,re-enlist their support,add,at last,after all theseweary
years,make a fresh start with ample funds,

L.V.M,--3 tot-
and rich experinu&rand BUILD OUR CITY,and ,with it,a S.& D. enterprisethat
will rejoice the heart ofevery old B.& G. buyer, andofEvergladers in general.

ihis as a hasty epitome of the story. Our corres. andd(cuments TEEM 4Irf kr
corroboration of all this.

Of course,the rapk andfile had very littleidea of it and what idea they
had was vague. But our fundamentalswere bfjulht out in our Circulark,and
My recent studies have madethis all clear as crystal.

I find that men who later made us all manner of trouble seecifioally en-
dorsed our program in theirlettrsto wbWOhampion was one;-arr was another.
Smith stood absolutely pat on it$all. Austin went a long way, at one time,
i n endorsements.
the use of our MEANS OF OOM UNICATION',already in use~not circulars,merely,
or letters, but a PAPER--which was one four darling schemes'fwe could EASILY
have had an overwhelming majority of the 4,860 on our side. Your little
Early Bird was a sample ofwhat we expected to get out regularly. The corres-
pondence shows that others,out of D.Co,thought seriously of having that con-
tinued permanently. CHAMPION,himself, wrteme lettersre starting a paper;
andthis would have given usthe whole case. He would have handled the adver-
tising end( as I could see bet. the lineslandwas ready to concede,freely.)
Long before any one would havethought seriously of putting our Board out
we would havehad the crowd converted to Our program,andwe would have had a
good,big settlement at Old Okeelanta* Sec 5 would havebeen farm land,and
S. 27 would havebeen a part ofthe general farming area.
I find that I proposed,as a means ofgttirg the 4,800 to gether--which abso-
1 utely required land close iny-I proposed that we TRADE REMOTE GIFT LALND TO
Bolles orthe STATE for cf*se-in farm landsand then trade thisto old B& G.
buyers,at a fair ratio of acreage,for their remote landon the exresscondition
that$ they OCCUPY this close-in land,or getseme one else to do dos

Then,I offered to trade Seo*27 ,in much the sane way,that peoplemight have
good,farm landolose to Old Ok.;andthus be able to build up the settlement.

The Correspondence and papersare actually ORAMMED with all this* It'sno n w-
fangled ideaofkill's at this late day when he has bought same land around!
there." ThisisEXAOTLY %HY WIIMBOUGIT LAND AROUND THlalE, anluJdo all sorts
of sacrifice offers,like theater' buy-at-oost'~Fruitorest offer;to make
S.& D)possible andget it under way*
And AustiAwrecked all this as absolutely as the iser's troops wrecked the
Belgian forts,andthe French cathedrals. And whaEwe did later,was to re-
uildas Nehemiah and the post-war French rebuilt their wasted andub cities.

Now,I appreciate what you say about a lawyerandghting ready to fight;b it befo.-z
I get into the war again,andmake the fight 4t isin me,I wantto know here we
stand. As I ha said, some ofthase who never knew what theoriginkl program
was ,never read the correspondenoe,the Early Bird,the ciroularsor anything
else,haveno iter idea ofthe function and utility of the Gift Landthan Austin
has The only way in which theiridea beatshisisthat they arenot o
it, out to steal

But of BUILDING OKEELANTA and laying the foundationsof a great Everglades
settlement thre,and enabling the old B.& G. buyers to realize ontheir in-
vestments,their ideas are as vague as his. Wechave got to eduoatethem all
o ver again.

And now what I am trying to find out is whether our old D.C. leaders have
forgotten that original program;whethee t they are simply seekingto see that
each oneofthe 4,860 gets his stock;andthA.t, then, the whol&traot may,as well
as not,be S 0 L Dandthtprooeeds D I V I D E D U P among that 4,860,or their
I say,that if THAT'S IT,then I feel about this war as I would havefelt about
the American Revolution if it had woundup by the forefathers all going back to
Hold Hinglanxl,and Kissing the Toe of King George,andbeing humble ,obedient
subjects once more.
I'd feel tW the whole cause was lost;t at we had been betrayed;sold out,
fooled,buncoed and our ship wrecked in mid-ocean,
As ye.'tYTr HALD ONE IAOlD FhOOM D.C. ON THIS ITAL POINT. If the program
iA424 s 4 eaou' an M Iceef tibodys f ograt.
And anybody who wantsmy ten shies iswelcome to them.
If we're at one and united FOR THE OLD, ORIGINAL and ONLY CONSTRUCTIVE PRO-
GRAMthen I'm fuller of fight than an egg is of meat.
I know what the Croakersand shirks and traitors will say--" ill is just out
to feather his own nest,againo"
All right. Then here goes. If ,in 17 yearsofthe hardest,most gruelling '.
toil any man ever went through and survived, Ive not proved my devotion,

interest of the general program as indicated above. lakeit,pay the debts on i!
out of its proceeds,--and thereisplenty thereto pay all the debts--put the
balance into the common treasury; an me takepot luck with the crowd.

Now,if that's nest-feathering andprivate ax-grinding make the most of itJ
And let the accusers of the brethren chew on it awhile.
And if D.C. has gine back on the As ever,
Don't waste any time in telling me. /

And remember that you're the Fairy Godmother,
Things in General,or of any SCATTERATION SOHEM

ot of




Sor- -C
qA/vt4 4 II

6vzi3 _zib A^ ^._t ^ -, ,

vi? -f 6^^^^ --
, -.,, ,/ /zI

(sff- fL 9(/ 4 ^^^ ^,

'?^W ^ //"'y A< f /(z9- a
VV^ i (''^ ^o^A--1t V^'a^ y^

-~ti ;

-A -44



mt2~v# ~s



/bLix~-2 ~~44


o( A-(Xt-<&


cdlf, .

22/L ~' ~"we-



9lnteettr ntrtiz $ediw (Mn^Jk ^utix1

May 18, 1926.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,
229 Bryan Avenue,
Ft, Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear.Mr. Will,

It seems to me that suffi-
cient time has now elapsed in
which to bring down to date
abstracts, and in view of this
fact I shall ask that settle-
ment be made at once.

I am writing the First
National Bank, Ft. Lauderdale
to return dds and abstrArs,\
land also the 25~.alar bindr
Which was placed to m_ credit-
pending your comolet on of your
oart of the contract.

Very truly yours,

E. R. Stevens, Principal,
Senior High School,
Leavenworth, Kansas.


Fort Lauderdale, Fla. May 18th, 1926.

L'essrs Stapp and Vining, Attys,
Kiamiri, Fla.

A few years ago Mr. A.J.Airston was a subscriber to t'
purchase of several parcels of land in a section which I was
then selling. This land is still under my management and as
it is in a part of the everglades which we expect to s)on show
considerable activity-I desire to keep in touch with the various
me;zbers of our circle. I remember that you were his attorneys
several years ago tnd shall be glad if you will give me his
address in case you know it. Thankiing you kindly for this
anticipated courtesy, I beg to r main,

Very silncr1:r yours,

_ _,, ~, Jce ---c--------------- --------;--r* -----T-- ~ ~~--~---l__g~_____-- --- -I-

* // &1/ tp7- y .r -77^ "
'I^O/^ed ^/y/i /7/
vC ~ '& 96-I /6-t

C~'A 77714 eY 4
c or /aB

79 Y
LTa^ -V^-yZ^a/ o -/w '-duty^ f -da w-ma'e

-tc7k( i4-^^^^ -A-e^C -ez -t-e-
/ ^,^ rp CII /Iw~ -R- -C7 Nd*I ./y ^^/CCy>^

t-r^^tP^ ^^^^i/^^^o 17; u^i c^A~7~cM -fe~

6r' ^ ~-7^ L^ cev\^ t( ^ tfcz^ c^^-/z4 <^./-c4 &
( ~~//rtpl^ Z _^>i-/
1C ) -/I ~~nqr

^/ /I~ -aeh1^6^~tt~ -^ ^4 ^ (L^ 2/ ^//"LZ~~~~~' /^^ /^^^M~

V/C x//e /; //u / c / ,/K / y i '
-^^c// 9C /^C^^fy ^-^C^t- c^yf Urj 4/^ (LK^

-iA4 ,czecJ
-11Aac~ I

L~C-,'11-14/Z/Y~ -C

7/A,u k/24 (6VA


~C~-jBz~v;vYt/CLO --i~ LbY~JL

Xe, -


j. _.

~( c\,~ I

~~ -a~



,J4A/ 6-Y<.



~MrilrO ~A~CC/L4~ ~Zf I~-iu

lit~ ~~
'r /th~ J-e, -eo~amLe~_d~,~t,


~IMhe ~IoY,
GC~3~1~ d


1,,Xfe e,

Ft4.-iAe3lAmi, Fla.,
cs IV,10:fit

aYL 3Z :*-- F-.6

Su.1 g:1..,, g k. 'I Co 3 cO,.'

*u~~LI ~

.1 62


"ou~~;r~TI7 ~ry~9~,

DA -4o ovi .--m*, o..A f Y%4
SI --. ";a .o .

3.5ha ^i'ucY if
P.B.A.C Qt3uJ .
t.,ai52 2iqa@]ijflca

I W2 at,4a'in4g uory qiqr. tto,. ,g6 $ a ftqr 7, ..Yu
aixt b4ur'.I p0t3 4:k:gh ZAO'L'I

ia&sqneoy s4,4 4t l sA i! A. 3 ,
Ahoug^, I z ?g rb .at't. iiZll rhaiul ie I laast man; youtiu .
it .tiFshed*

nl CAr


PFS.' ud,- 5.lB, -

1Iakrs-euq 49*. 2817 VWIA 04zio, ..
NI7o Q13jVq .

IMy 4#rt U1.plo4,l3:l.
Io-maoq tbc Y tiq atlai .

On A ,2 13 ti t,1 :. i,-~. ,tt .rop, qiuty .wty'1 i%1 A.
t:.o-LL, t l, t .i-a 4.kJ-4& 's J,a4iLug ..go3reso.-ii Gt..iAg: .

,On cloioer ltgpotiquapioUixvr,.I fijrl J Maat iwrtQ ,sata.ll
s 0jhi oiour .i? usa ti,. QE ilqr .tu i os. t.4s I, .awedono,
L ^' ^tLL hwe ac4tA 5 ,:oud, o ta9d frinros *iPusi- y."

I er M.i ,) a(gpe j.i ; i3 oFs iiSLhLyu* I, Isumf tckoapu t I An l3:'
&?' it urit l du '-j yct .::iyanl .sqo yw aon, an. Jud- 'albridao
to-uwrrosandii baQ through ;ith ujt 4-apt oY f t ,. however,
uius i Lq fltUl i34 r ot3zoltLt;.or ld3Lli,of Oitu;oo,
a,ithLr yon oi X bqi hl;.Aelcagae-iblc.

i jiloat ;:iWuxlt I1,t4aupa:ilt to, V,' tO urTtOr cluocd. 4c
T :sa a 'i. .Uk'ju .o.0r'o3 li tiliasjat ion arc Ovcrtohkod.
'ney tridt;an t l.oftl c riTy of lor'sI, ;jt t:o :.'alay ,or
;.ro ottoa vsmry trylag.

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(/ ~Very tnuly youras
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."."aemwh Anwii -V '

Wor.e to sell thek in. It 1. wie yeari

up to your promise. Yu personally a ..

therefore, we lo k to you I- keep yo r promises.

calls for you to sell tkhem .."hia a year which yeI hma-To

I am, getting good and tired with your beating.'
bush with th kse. matter. yt e something e en

besides talk.

I am lookix.o o's a pre't Gawk ot sk.

Seirs truly. .
i, M '

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... .. .. ": ,t I .L ', ,,, ,.. .. ,.
,, : ,, : .

1315 Clifton St., N. W..
Washington, D. C.

May 23, 1926

SThos. E. Will

229 Bryan Avenue

Ft. Lauderale, Fla.
Dear Sir:

Your letter of April 26 greatly surprised me as I

had had such different reports in all our preceding cor-


Your offer last summer of $1600., cash, to me, held

only the provision thatimy land could be redeemed and sin-

ce the amount was barely what it cost me, I considered

the deal closed and hoped I would at last realize enough

to recompense my loss. In a letter of October 12, 1925

which I still have, you wrote that my "entire acreage"

had been sold and would "certainly be paid for". Then

in a letter of January 15, 1926, you advised me that the

I land had been "sold all right", but the delay was due to

the "extreme slowness"with which the abstracts were made
down there, only two of the abstracts having been sent in.

If there has been such a slump that you can't carry out

|i your promise to me in fill why can't I collect for at least

the two abstracts that were sent in? Please advise me

more fully as to why I was told at one time my land was

Sold and now am given to understand the deal has fallen

thru. I would be glad to receive anyart to the $1600.

promised and hope to get the rest soon.
Yours truly,

"4~~R-e^-e 'u.~ ^.^.a i-c


K /Q 4 441t4 A / 2? y
el C^^-Lh/2 ^r^^^ L^r^r^ ,^< ^^

^^ /^\ 'I V 1a / /

V {LA p1Vi \,/

d L LI~S" d~.7C A~tU ~4w4 ~"i---
(^LUil^SWC^Z^^- /^'^^JLt~^^^^^

^/Jr'~ fi> b"b<-- Vi '^u ^^^ -^^
4 U^ [^ I- ~ I i__ ~t~PI/ C / ^/- ^ -

(i/. .'t cz 'f /i- 2/C.I ^ -^ ^/ ^
.^- ./'Tl ^'- ^ / ,< ^y
ryA/\ ^y~LuC^' '- ^^ IM----- / r. \, ^_ ^
-y-'~~~~~~~~i ^ < ^^-^7^ '1^^<^^
^A~t^^ P--^^iy-
^ yytlJc^h ^ ^^^ Q~^ i~ ^ T-^ z
d0c-^ d.7w: /t ^ ) n .*7 l1
'n T'A LiM^^ ^L-^'^/>t~T^ ~'QAV^^'f ^'^Qat
^. I 1//^^y^ -6^ a-^x^ ^ ^^l~t^.^ ~hH^L
4^I t^'^1I* nrAo k^ ^^ -^ 2^

cVjX -" r / ~

^! 7- (L.'.f. ^^ ^ ^ ^ .,- I ,. <,

, 4 rl j ,.,/ ,t4' : f -z -'- l..

I a ___# /- %%- "I ,, .

-, ..... / ./. ....... _. r /2 --^ --- -.---/- ---^ s-^ _z

4/ 7
L/ ~ct- UI, ,i- .A t-,

,/IA '4 ,- # .J.- ,

U^ ^ /^ ^9----

K.'zf 7W<1 '9 ^A y' ^ I
~)4//-2.,# ^ 2'7-

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nt~i~y 1Y1/7u2/ a~ /ar ~I~L~14&G
frw~ 1Z~b;*~

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_;2 "L CI .

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iT,1 '* '~ "
".< L, -..L..^ -' d

I / ",. *

_E t- '" / < )-:' /. ^ ^, >-.^ / .
4 '- -

: 1 >/ *A^ -^ ^* :^ -^ ,- *,^ -^
*" y i" '^ -hr ....u...t -* *t 'i^ / ;
F .

4' /. .
"* / ,
,r *t -^ t-/ -.

I /- *

/** i"6. -..
4 2<>-i/ / t*
U ^' -' ^*-<.^.- f'.;./* ,^ .., /.^ ^ ^- *>. ** '-t ^ *'` T .- .


-/ / -I T,--

s- -Yu# Zt *,r j. 4Z-

I> -..-4--4 *.-----. f

*1. 7'/ t4 '

.... '' -

'/'- -' -*'.-r' --' /t- -

4d .
. ...L '* ./ .-..., .

L ).





j -- "-

_ I _Ii

9-1 11,
*. i -c"-,

11 1 u

** ** "*i .- '

<- :_. .**--< ^:-'^'-* --.:2 /S --r^.Sl-

1 2020

C(APITAL STO(K 50,000.00


"ay 24, 1.?2.

Thos. E. Will,
229-Bryan Avenue,

Dear Sir:-

'"e nre in
recei-nt of a letter from 7. t te'er,
of Leavenworth, np Tel eiestt n r e
rfet1?"' of hiis noSner ?nd "'~.nn PT

in the t b'-ct tlnt -e mrv co-..ItP t-is

T0'' iP TCr' 3 t r1 'r,)

Collection Pen- rtrent .

\A e





funde I 8, 2.
P ]0

HJ.BRO'WN. 'P,,ad l
O. B. BROwN. ,,,,P. J Tr,,.
W R.BROWN. stl Tr-,,

May 25, 1926.

Thos. E. Will, Gen. Mgr.,
Okeelanta Settlement Co.,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

My dear Dr. Will:

I have been away from the
your letter of May 15th.

office and now find

Your position is going to be very difficult be-
cause the back county is now making every effort to en-
list the support of the coast-wise county on behalf of
drainage. Elliott and the State government positively
need to have the participation of the coastal cities in
the drainage area and the drainage taxes. If the
property along the ooast does not take part in the
future drainage bonds and assessments, then the drainage
of the everglades cannot be completed.

Now if
insist that we
coast we shall

we of the back county, at the same,
be relieved of taxes for roads along the
fall down between these two conflicting

I cannot believe that anybody plans to raise
and spend immediately 48,000,000.00 in highways in Palm
Beach County. It must be that this appropriation is
intended to cover a leag period of years, but, Vast as
this sum seems to us,it will take much more money to
complete the reclamation of the drainage district of the
Everglades,-- that is, the officially known,' Everglades
drainage area':

I hope that moderate counsel will control the
present road bonding projects, but, it. would be unwise to
make a split between the interestsof the Everglades and
the interestsof the Coast.

Very tr urs


*tment of
Lt Studies.



on1or 12u

If none of these three symbols If none of these three symbl
appears after the check (number of appears after the check (nU mber of
words) this Is a telegram. Other- ord) this Is a talgram. Other-
wiselts chamcterisindlcated bythe wiselt character indicated bythe
symbol appearing after the check. NEWCOMB CARLTON, PREIDENT GEORGE W. E. ATKINB. FIRST vicE-PniraI rr symbol appearing after the check.
The filing time as shown in the date line on full-rate telegrams and day letters, and the time of receipt at destination as shown o all messages. Is STANDARD TIME.
Received at

110'i.Z V\ 19 3 EXA

PGRTLAllI iiE-1125A MAY 25 1926




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1130 A

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