Business Correspondence. Jan. 4, 1924- Jan. 31, 1924


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Business Correspondence. Jan. 4, 1924- Jan. 31, 1924
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Business Correspondence
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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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111amber of Commerre


Jaif'y 4" 1924

Dr. Thos. E. Will


My Dear Sir:

By today mail a letter bearing postmark of

Janly 3" was received containing application blank signed

by you Dec. 15" also check for Three Dollars.

Why delay iz receipt at this office to me of-

cou-rse is unknown.

This I'm writing is to express pleasure for

your becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce, at

same time to express regret it was not received in time to

be printed on either of the lists issued from this office

also appearing in the Sentinel,

With every good wish for you and those dearest

to you for the New Year

Sincerely Yours


Sec y

-- -- Ir- -- ---^



ion. Duncan U* Fletcher,

United States Senate,

Dear 3unator:

I have your letter of December 28 together with some
clippings and a letter, dated December 24, from Dr. Thomas E.
Will of Fort Laudordale, Florida, relative to the availability
of some caterpillar tractor tanks for distribution to the State
high'a-j departments.

At the present time there are no tractors available in
war surplus for transfer to the various States. The tractors
sho.m in the clipping from the Los Angeles Times of December 9,
1923 are evidently some machines that have been returned to
this country from Europe for disposition by a private concern.
're are referring the above clipping to one of our representatives
.n California with the request that further information be se-
cured. Should an additional surplus of tractors be made avail-
able in the 7ar Department we will see that the State of Florida
receives its full allotment.

Tith best wishes for the New Year, I am


Letter and

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aL.!wUau-c--.:khtle, Fiin ..

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M'r.Icort; G.Gheu, .

Joar r.1{*choock-

- Yo, lottor of tln. 27th.uilut. 41-:. Ihavunot bq1a3 iTle tp,,o
gt ,;tu lt,;u rr yonory tIo tler t rna'3iyoun indioate'ti .n .i : a.. ble

Hoping you %4.11 by Lbclc tp Jc j' Lovulo3l t: o avcr tI 0utiy,
I fl

Moumr respo t fully,


Ji-* /ot-






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Pahokep, Fla. 1/12/24

Mr. Gideon C. Bantz.

Washington, D. C.

Dear Sir:
Will you kindly supply Street Address of Mr. Shidy

and kindly mail enclosed Letters ,
I have read the letter of H-B Assn. B. iOckman Mvann,

President. This LMr Bantz is a wild Goose Chase, "SIting

the sack of gold" at the end of the Rainbow," over 10- of

the tracts of original owners have gone back to State for

non payment of taxes, 50;, of the remaining will not be alive

when their present holdings, are ready to cultivate. Had the

State of Florida given a solid body of Land, say between the

Miami and Ft. Lauderdale canals in Exchange for the Land sold

to the F. E. Land Co- and taken back the Diston alternate

sections and held them with the rest of their lands. There

would to day have been a nice colony of people from many

States and a prosperous settlement, a great advertisement for

the Everglades and State. Land scattered over so much territory

with out any one living on it, is not much good foe either

the State of people.

We have a valuable country, So East of Lake Okeechobee,
' ^lands high, very rich. A Bahokee Drainage District and about

20.00 acres of this valuable country, soon to have a 2eclama-

tion' system, that will take the surplus water off, and two

pumping stations, till pump water into our caials ditches ..

where lack moisture: this country produces sugar cane, better

than Cuba. Remember also, Florida is the great Banana State.

An acre of cane at present prices will clear (:250 to 4300.

per acre.- Bananas will go from .,; -y1200., pr acre,-

fine fruit, no wind in this statement, polid facts.
But honestly, don't you believe,(I do) that every man

^ ^ \ ': ^ > '

or woman who sends- the !3-- for the :ome builders Assn. will

never get a cent out of it? Its a vision, dream of some one

not acquainted with facts- In letter to Lolders of F. E. L. Co.

the price at time Oakulanta Corporation was formed. "At z.100.000,

for the 7680 acres" was some ones wild dream," and giving present

estimated values at .,,.500.000. is again a very wild, long range
estimate, the fact is the land for the past 1922 & 23 did not

take care of itself, and was advertised for sale for the 1923
Taxes. I am against the i. B. Assn, and will do all I can

against it, for I consider that nothing can be done only to

spend more money for nothing. I have 480 acres and would

be for anything that would be a benefit for all land holders,

for I would surely get my share. A visit to this country

by a level headed, practical up to date man, would find facts

as I have stated, and I am sure would agree with me.

It was a great error, I think, in scattering 67.000

acres over a territory 35 miles each way,- and if the state

could be willing or if a bill could be gotten thru the State
Legislature, exchanging all the scattered lands for lands

in a solid body some where near the Lake, the land: owners

of the F.E.L. Co., as well as the state, would be largely


If the home builders, will start a oampaigne and ask for
a contribution, Ill be only too glad to put up some cash, one

tract of my land is fully 70 miles from my other out side tract,

what a nice farm I would have if all were connected in solid body-

what good is 10 different tracts not one closer than five

miles from any other tract.

I am for an organized movement to get the state to con-

solidate all the scattering P.E.L.Co. .n. one body, this would
make the lands much more valuable,-Heclamation Plans,:roade, every
thing would be equally valuable to state as well as land owners.
.;e have a great country here ._o je ef Lake Okeehobee, and
there is none like it that I know of,
Yours very truly,
J.. vat ers


^.7. K
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._*iK* l .. .J* 1 47 i,"

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o, d. ,,t r _. .* ..., '- ;. _. .... .*'... *-, '- -- -"

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.i. i. w. :.r" ; .C ...:-, .j.. 1 1 1 .
N .'

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L. a ; .; .:. .-....: c..-2 .:' .' r. a ; rm-.r *r v to .
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z -, .
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C._ ; :. ... .. .


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u-,4;,^ .r- : .
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:-' *- '* -* t 9 n ;r :,

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S. t .., .. .n. V.. ,
S" -
*-. t. : /. --. ," .. 9-*
L T .. -. *- .''. ... ,t' "
-.," *J &-t +:,4-"*- 4 -..- ii ;., ; .,_- v O .'s p-

t" -' *-. ...L. k .I. -, r
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fir': -. wY:


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i4Jstudcvl.2.o,, J44. 14,1-24.

You 2n0y liv,' (. .? : .. .? a 1 3. ,
Ho04cv I c.;.clos' t^h o.jL. heroin 'o ,D34it, Q4f ..z:,,;

^ 1 *2,v 7 2 '. :3U t i Z^ t:; .I A' *: .; i: *i41

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D~o >&c4 3 t.d-t ,Y L i2 JhC3Y
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S_.l.. .,, -- _; .. .

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.Ic- '. .. .. If. g 'be uch '-4. a .2 .,

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I o n : :1. : I .-1: 1 ..-. -<.

3-o : 1 !. t. nJ. I.
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. 3 Jt ; Y-r 1.

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c oi 9 i' ,- .. .. _

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c.~e~ '^' 'LW^ f"^ee / /2
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'*/// ai~ i* VJ ^iOdCt---~ PC
13 ^^ /? ,/ ^-17-^uJL^ U^ f~i^ ~Cg-ec 12^-lc/ ^*^

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d~t Cu ^w e/ *^~.v77t- ^^-^ /z^ ^ ^


/~s-~ ~-J~L~CA r/Jrlf~
~rL LC~Z~ DB\Ct
~a/M- ~ t I -- ,pz yr


s, L

RECORD ROOM Week ending Tuesday, May 9, 1922.

Pro. Undertakings

E. N. Andrae
A. 3. Wright

E. Prazier

N. Harper






M. B. Emmerich
F. E. Tannehill
G. K. MacDougal

I. G. Pose


H. J. Babbitt

Total Recording

Total Copying

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I? .^ ,' ,- "* ". ." i '. ... ._ -I: '.. ".. .. "
!, ... ',..-.. ':,.
I .


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; ..' .-.. :-' ""-'^ ^ ,' ^ l
;''.* -* o '4';
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".,' -'Li: : :" ',' "
J,, .- ': '1 ..~ .., | .. -
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C. I ;-- -.. .. ,. .-. ...

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:r .... :.- ,, z :-, r,, L --

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. .'~~,~4;~;:.' : .. '

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t ,,I .. .-i '
-L; -L 1
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r.-*"- -.', .. .- t,* ", .-*':'f;
; : 4o ,i-' ."..- t : -.. is.T.; ?'. .



7~~ '7 I ~ =~r~:;l 7+ i

~Fti* *

A; *

WHREAS, Broward County has been for some time without the services of a
County Agricultural Agent; and

WHBBAS, four-fifths of Broward County is within the lverglades, making
agricultural development of paramount importance to Broward
Coouty as a whole; and

WHJAS, Broward County is ideally adapted to the growing of most staple
crops, in addition to trucking and citrus growing, making imper-
ative the need of organized leadership in working out constructive
Back Country program; and

WtEESAS, a list of the fifteen leading agricultural counties of the state,
including our neighbors, Palm Beach and Dade Counties, and such
other outstanding counties as Polk, Lake, Orange, Hillsboro, Sem-
inole, and many others, have had County Agents for a number of
years, at great profit to the counties named,

THERSO BE IT BESOLVID, that we the undersigned go on record as urging
the Board of County Cozmissioners to provide funds at an early
date for the employment of a high-class Coogty Agricultural Agent.


__ ~_

- --


January 22, 1924.

Dr. Thomas E. Wi-i ,
Okeelanta, Florida.

Dear Dr. Will:

First of all I wish to express the hope that you
and your family are well and prosperous and getting all the
benefits out of your adopted state that you possibly can.
My reason for writing you at this time is to ask, if you
are in a position to do so, that you will obtain for me
some information regarding my property in Okeelanta, namely
SLot 6, Block 37. I have been advised that Okeelanta is fast
becoming a prosperous community, and I should be pleased to
know to what extent land values have increased.

I hold ten acres formerly in Lee County but now
in Hendry County, known as the S E 1/4 of S E 1/4 of S E 1/4,
Sec. 15, T P 45, R 34 E. Have you any idea as to what this
land is worth now? I should also like to be advised, if you
have information available, as to just what is the basis of
taxation. The ten acres I hold are assessed by the state at
$30.00, which you know is ridiculous. At the same time, the
taxes on this land amount to $5.63, which is something over
16% of the assessed price. This to me seems excessive, and
without any knowledge of the basis upon which taxes are
assessed, it seems/on the face of it,to be an absurd amount
to pay for such a low valuation.

If the information requested is readily at hand,
I should appreciate hearing from you, and if it is not, I
should appreciate your advising me what media are available
which will keep me in touch with conditions throughout
Florida generally, and as regards my holdings particularly.
For your information, I desire to state that I am now with
the American Telephone and Telegraph Company in New York
City, where I have been enjabed for the past four years.
As I know that there is probably no one more familiar with
conditions at Florida than you are, and I say this in all
sincerity, naturally when this matter came to mind recently,
you were the first one I thought of who would be in a position

~ ..

(91-1 7-037


to assist me, and one who from our former friendship I felt
/that I need not hesitate to ask for the information I need.
I recall with a great deal of pleasure the very interesting
talks which you gave on Florida at various times while you
were at Washington, and having remembered those talks, I am
naturally led to believe that you still keep yourself as
wellJ.formed of conditions as you did at that time. It has
seemed rather difficult to me in the past to get any reliable
information with regard to Florida, and while my holdings are
rather insignificant, at the same time I have some capital
invested there and am naturally anxious to know whether I am
on the right side of the ledger or not.

Whether or not you can supply me with all the infor-
mation I have requested, I shall be more than pleased when
you have a moment that you feel you can devote to this matter,
to have a line from you regarding conditions generally ,
if you are not able to give them specifically.

With kindest regards to yourself and family, and
to any of the old friends who used to meet in Washington, I
am, as ever

Cordially yours,

^, ^.9^^X^-





Wm. R. McCabe, Mayor James Cullen George Solley
Harold Raue. Treasurer Philip Yost Joseph Miller
"Wm. M. Ward, Collector ALDERMEN--THIRD WARD
Herman Johnson, Chief of Police T HE C ITY O F LO C KPO RT Robert Manning Louis Bockholdt



w/ / e.,- .

-----9- ,-~-- L~= y~- --~ZI~d~~~-g~;

6.--.". .,-, -- y-

II "; ` '

.. d Urd 1 .0 1-n. 923, 1 09

."J *,n -.;* '
Tr l plonu Of .'ico,

De *r Zir:--

Tihou;ld canl1 co.,.-for fi,1 -as:' gaond r-sv3i8ngor to ny homea.
3South 3ide 3d. 3 t.,N.'l.,
lOthjl.ho'isB O"7s of o d.
Very truly youri,f

State of Florida and that State's great resources are behind the
drainage of the Everglades -- when drained they will be the GARDEN
SPOT OF THE WORLD and famous the world over, and those fortunate
enough to buy now, while the price is, comparatively speaking, on
the ground floor, will, indeed, take pride in their foresight and
judgment. The national -- I might almost say international --
reputation of one of the greatest drainage engineers is behind this
great reclamation project. Please investigate it. Above ALL things
get some of it NOW and reap the benefit of near-future values. In
my opinion, you cannot invest your money to better advantage anywhere
else in the country.

If you cannot work the land yourself, we can show you how it
can be worked for you.

Make up a party, go down to the Everglades and see this won-
derful country for yourself. Excursions run out of Washington twice
a month. You will return glad you went, glad you bought.

Come to one 3f our stereoptioon lecture -- notice enclosed.
Make up a party among your friends and spend a pleasant, highly
profitable evening as our guests. Come and see our soil exhibits,
tropical fruits and plants -- take a sample of our soil exhibit
away with you, have it analyzed and prove to your own satisfaction
just what it is and will do. We show you this wonderful country with
the aid of magnificently colored slides, some of which were made
from photographs taken by an employee in the Government Printing
Office. All these things will convince you that HERE is your op-
portunity -- the one you have been looking for.

Ladies are particularly welcome at our lectures. We can refer
them to one of their number in the Forest Service, who returned from
a visit to the Everglades enthusiastic over her purchase of twenty
acres. She is urging her friends to buy.

We can help you to pay for your land -- come and let us explain
how we can do this.

Don't throw this letter and literature into the waste paper
basket. Please read it carefully, then pass it along by so doing,
you will not only accommodate us, but your friends still more.

Come and see us at your lunch hour, or on your way home from
the office. We are centrally located, on the ground floor. Our
address is 809 G Street, N. W., -- Ouray Building, opposite the
Patent Office -- our 'phone number is Main 4260. We shall always be
glad to see you and explain things to you, whether you buy or not.

Encls. General Agent.


Pahokee, Fla., 1/24/24

Mr. B. Pickman Iann.

Dear Sir:

I have you letter of 1/21. My understanding is that the 67,000 acres

of land sold by the F. E, L. Co. was the Diston land that the State gave Diston

for cutting 13 miles on the Lake Okeechobee end of the Iliami Canal, The three

mile Canal from Moore Haven to Lake Iiopoohee, and the 9 mile canal also emptying into

the same Lake. At our drawing a lot of people arranged for a solid body of land tway

down between the Lauderdale Canal and Miami Canal, if they have ever settled that

country I have never learned of the fact.

In 1012 we had our convention at W. P. B. I have never seen so many enthu-

siastic people in one gathering in my life. A great many have passed on. A much

larger percent have grown weary of this ever increasing burden of taxation, and quit

paying taxes. All the 1912 enthusiasm is gone, and that element in our make up is

badly needed to perfect any kind of get together project.

Any State officials that could not have foreseen the present wreck, is not

strong enough mentally to hold down much of a State job. The people who had F. E.

lands can not be reached. Have had some experience in trying to find present owners

of our 20,00? acre Drainage District.

I am inclined to think that a bill oould be passed in our Legislature, to

set a side lands and if this land could be occupied by the F, E. ,L. Co. contract hold-

ers, by their occupying the ase part of any section of segregated land that they own

now and publish in every ,ay possible to let the old contract holders know that it

was possible to settle the land so there could be roads, drainage, every thing that

would go to make up a good place to live. But all this takes money.

I am free to say that it is too large a deal for me to work out.

My opinion is that the State owns nearly all the alternate sections between

the Miami & Ft. Lauderdale or NI. N. R. canals, and a tract of land large enough could

easily be found up in the north end of the Glades.

The expense connected with the gift lands has been more than the income.

Last year the land was advertised for sale for taxes. On top of the regular state and

county tax will be 50per aore. They have however increased the rentals to cover this.

Mr. Chapman receives $1000 per annum salary. A Mr. Hughes looks after the land and col-

lecting rents. He is probably not working for the fun of it. He lives here and works

some of Section 17. They have not shown much ability to care for land. Last year a fire

badly burned some of the land. Not an effort was made by renter or parties in charge

to control the fire, and the land burned at least 2f feet deep. You can easily see that

this land can not be used, when unburned land is now too wet.

You are certainly in error as to the Diston interests owning any lands in

the Everglades at this time.

The selling land by the state in alternate sections was a great mistake. All

land companies want a solid block of land. The State could not have given the Penn

Sugar Company that large body of land at all, had it been other than a solid blook of


Our State officials know amch less about our country below Lake Okeechobee,

than hundreds who have been here in the Everglades. They probably thought that the

F. E. L. Co. Sales along down from the Lake as you suggest enhance the value of their

unsold holdings. I do not know of a single small purchaser any where near any F.E.L.

Co. lands.

Probably if an effort were made toward securing a solid body of land and the

present owners of F. E. L. Co. lands were asked to contribute

Some few months since I wrote the 1. I; Board asking what they would sell me

80 acres in Section 19 42 37, and if they would take a half section which I own in

the then Lee County. They wrote me that they were not ready to price Section 19 as they

were of the opinion that the land was going to be very valuable. They seem to prefer to

hold land for speculation, instead of getting people to develop it.

The State still owns considerable land, practically all land or Sections adjoin-

ing the F. E. L. Co. lands, and the average increases each year by the sale of land for



taxes. No doubt the State theory was that the selling of alternate sections would soon

induce others to buy state lands. State values have not been enhanced and never will

effect their lands so far as F. E. L. Co. land sales are concerned. If the State con-

templated increased settlement of their lands they are sadly disappointed and certainly

miscalculated on events.

You have gone over the situation well, and you will find that there is a very

doubtful prospect for any betterment of the situation.

The meetings of Okeelanta Corporation have nearly always been held in Florida.

A small notice in Palm Beach Co. papers that very few owners of land ever see. They

vote the stock that was never taken by the land owners. This took they call Treasury

Stock. About two year since, they sold to one man 1,500 shares at $1.00 pr share.

I can't see how they could legally do that.

The State is now contracting a drill boat to take out the rock in the P.B.

Canal down near the 20 mile bend, this should have been done ten years ago.

About 30 days ago Gov. Hardee, Elliott and other State officials made an in-

vestigation trip thru So. Florida. They went to W. P. B. & Miami, back to W. P. B.

and up the Canal, never stopped here. Did not let the people of East Beach Country

know when they would pass. They were hustled through as fast as possible. And when

they got back to Tallahassee a long article, giving an sect of their very lengthy

trip, and that every their was wonderfully fine every where, with fine improvements as

to roads were being made thru the Glades country. Farce pure and simple.

If at any time I can be of any service in tr 'ing to better the conditions of

the owners of land obtained from the F. E. L. Co. shall be glad to help. There are

too many its An this proposition for any beneficial change.

Whether land owners can now get the one share in the Okeelanta Corporation

for the original price 01.00 pr share.for each tract owned at that time is a question

I am unable to state. Every body had the chance, and no one but the contract holder

is to blame. I bought a lot at $1.00 each, sent them to the Sec'y at L:inneapolis

and never got my stock for those sent in.



There are two half sections on S W aide of Lake 0 Fractional sections 9 & 17

42 37 containing 161 acres in Sections 9 42 37: Se, 17 433 acres. Pahokee

Drainage District Tax is 50Opr acre for this year.

I have written this under bad conditions, being in charge of the Pnhokee

Drainage District Office work, great many calling to see about taxes &e.

Yours reapeoctflly,

(Signed) J. F. Waters.

I would rewrite this but I'm very busy with Drainage Business.



Ki ;


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Jan. :, a194.

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you Q ot:vC- thiZin go (*r.fth ue.

It. iAaudcrdiltc, Fla. : Jan* "40
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t-.. L-3 J,(O3. *an'3/ cc to .gf ^;:i ill say as
i ffJiPJ, ux:14n aQGL 0ri(L.2t




Dr. Thomas E.Will,
107 River ?r'niit,
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Siri

Your letter of the 21st instant received and contents of

jiir address read with much interest. Nothing would please our office

better than to see the Fort Lauderdale people aroused to a real interest

in the development of the Zver1laies. I will talk with Mr. Shutts per-

taining to placing of some of the information received from you from

time to time in the Miami Herall. It would in my opinion make good read-

ing matter not only for r'ort Lauderdale but for the entire east coast.

Yours very truly,



1Ft.L .Audrdale, Fla. J-;C O- r.
:.y dear i.s.r9UoQCulloug)i:--

.-lncf.i9Id " oirculTar lttcr. ty ;...AU.Goir.ittee maibers. Self-ox- Austin. du e:-
J oso,,,h 'ium, iiaLlispe.1, MontanLgii
^*^*.JonBor,ayctLepC.iispourt ...,

iLon,4Ut.L.Ul1yl n Oondsoopy of hsl lotter bo you of, l-Af-4, .4 A MonILePr-
1 ag .iAuch 1 r:. .. uly. 3;i.iL)tiuiascldiieoct, tu A. sting .au2i.gniui, us. T.Vi'y caLi do it.
HL poimriises hi,;s ") .yoboxtitpp f .

..';'!Le:e enolli 1p, fl.'mfia. toij, jgkii. I, uiilt. ia4l2 to, Bjourguieros t? inwL? cat,
t i lk." .-rg t r,t r-turm hLUa. .

nlu-1 So-Ix .- i' 3cli.'3in us .,.
Gaun-e-ll *suat:iu;p tp. goit tog tli* 4,,iuag-.A.Ah coiah 1oiur"iAi* eae Hs
ajron^l.y pecu:.E'izi^"led sinc, .Jl' ibus.1 ", got '.&i\.7 tog *ti-rl''*i'hth ;. hior.s'-
thief oy b^apt logrt.' ?

jidity laiat y'-.!i%, liu.alth, i. :i l'diAiLou S.Go b el I ~c;; :inly hope' your
c af--cc. T.f'; z i os ikot very, t.ixini;u tier .ise h3i. coulid y.i-zu sz.a :'1 tTJe A istyainut

,'orioy 7i-, uty:-j-

i-. culDAIOstl1,ete. *# I h.avekel thw ifitl.",
CG!.!il A4i.d2d.. dL 'at JntsliI uisctIsJ L1ug'tl13 t(itli, .I'v' Iulno. nQnleOy.t

Still,I'u trying, hari to. ollov your, :Livice 3;l" .t :'-ryth11- olso go,
for t;iu;,but 73 it; ".i:i dhim-o.u I r ,Bitli ,. ;*i- .*.. : ikJllars.,
dancliia bJfore 0u faic,I'm sjpolii4it a3L 1 by ac!ilga.. Solid Swunalny,
frou bc oro breakfast ;:.03. ;:0) po i,. oua tiis GAft .1'- blsi;ness. A.ids if
I di(11n't iaouldl'lt.,X ctdi ittS

-ocing il." .mctly. I. li vuh.rdL ofi. b.iforo. ~fllr 1bie's
frol to.mct.y',s iy r1per a, story ofniol.thiper I;' they've .'1nockefi-t.':r:.:, just a
little. A.n there uaie Jqha lrovn,; ad 7Lovojuy,an.d BUrm'no :r:il Soormtes,
Sand ;3liv.n.rol,tiand the i)uopellcts,a[id A-IUCl aloiL Joseph ndL; :about evr.-'y body
loeo t].t !ever lived a dal m;iouWintd to a, 1ll ofijOo:tsLl. lSo .;itsI 1irv' ,
oo.;. jJ;iy lL. tlhi.i:iv. a go d ca lacieLne, to booG-ai;d I l nv-- I'll try to
st.anLi. t!ic nocsj of t ] cOl c= lutit ,t.i ll b forg:'ttlaen, a soon u. a luiolei.

-A t, t--. GiftLu ,L~.,lI iAight e;i'.ly lose or 1'lvaei a. day fir norec
than it 411 ever1 be worth to. 1:ne3 oi to iy proposal. StillIni foil
cnoua i to stand:. by) ; iLeouds .~id iA y ,)rinc Iles Uaiii;tevi' I lose.

A ;AudJlocii to- to-w-Lay a Ua!.aK 1eectingli iPf.13Beach to-iuioni'qV for.
lad roads. ill hIavct, gp glaS souchuboy 0 sonleC grolp .)ut over*



( .uhtiycality,, Xfhp vpry :at Iatd lucting at toL.each-adfordl4 anotIMer, ..
tcsliQ ,ppint. I hIOU p npfice outie i-jee i; fingtill11 almost the day* hen it. i.,
cae. Frpin Roblt*ooperpOkeelLmta; yJo. TWd dI icedd pt thc ikevs aocidebtally in .

Arrivii'.; it ,v.isow;liAVIL fQLiuXlejiLthkMLa iUni U.ll.kaart--iia;ybip i. lut noric-
Uicro UoL f.)r thelo G I UONJ 1S .iEthiat till t1 rob:b3ybi ticA( Jlast s ca .n
ho 0; for 'or a, longtimia. AuJ u. Arl o'molauinta aictailly export. to et ,
Sanythbing out of i'Ct As uLniingl. .,kreposterotisP", But, I giQa i m or:
am- sav-at.L Lt xy ,

To-.aorrov i.1^ity hiivoAy bc ;jLvied. aL1 .Vc: agidinfl1on1lygrau ,,imust Xfo#out
Uapt.*.!daas fnluo. prii..cilacfar J ea yalcasgandii filit APor the tun1io
dog s :w oraiL U ; .i-.
S,,w t orcvlitt Ucrtu;i ntly| xifyer n.afg OErT I Ii.a.l--if I, cuit a myslf .

GordiLLly yours,uand IUput regirdi fii .all tlhatrue blucs

Chicago, Ill.
Jan. 31st, 1924.

Mr. Those. E. Will,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear Friend:-

Expect to make a trip to Florida the early
part of March.

Will you please advise me what transportation
there is through the glades. I wish to make a trip to
Okeelanta and Belleglade at least and possibly a trip
up around the islands in the lake.

Will probably land in West Palm Beach and
I understand there is a bus running from there to Belleglade,
but do not know how to get to Okeelanta from there. My
time as usual is limited, and wish to make the trip in the
shortest time.

Any information you can furnish me in the
enclosed stamped envelope will be appreciated.

Yours truly,

1809 North Fairfield Avenue.