Business Correspondence. Mar. 1, 1922- Mar. 31, 1922


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Business Correspondence. Mar. 1, 1922- Mar. 31, 1922
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Business Correspondence
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Mixed Material
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Box: 10
Folder: Business Correspondence


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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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rT .; leas. .iu. .l- ;:/; o- -,0-.(.. ;>.) -'w e .o j'.2 .. .: ,- r
.o of .20 s.B* -syu -. ; ct 'bit. t 'l ""-' 'I I' 1 1. W .
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a; W2ll ,:-... :rltrt','..r. L'a o, e;;. L neie i *;.-, -,;13 : .. well,
tho. rr-,. U. as h.'Ylth lm 3i lie ":;c.,


.. *.
",- MARIANNA, FLORIDA March 2, 1922

Dr. Thos. E. Will,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

<> Dear Dr. Willi-

I was at Sylvnrter, Ga., when your letter came
and I came home from there with an attract of the Flue from
which I have just recovered sufficient to be to the office,
-" hence the delay in reply.

I hand you herewith my check for 0$.00 to be
used in circulating the propaganda, which may have some effect
in interesting some outsiders.

Trusting you will pardon the delay, I am,

Yours very truly,

A Sutherlar.d. M. D. P den, and Medical Supt N. H. Druillard, Receiving Matron
W. F Rocke, Puchm,,re M. Bessie DeGraw, Sec'y-Treasurer

Nashville Agricultural Normal Institute
Telegrams. Madison Rural Sanitarium Telephone
Nashville. Tennessee Rural Sanitarium1789 R
Madison, Tennessee
Near Nashville

:.larch 3, 1: .

Mr. Thomas E. '"ill,
Fort Lauderdale, Flori'a.

Dear Mr ill,-

Can you give me a little inf.,r...tion in rer to a
tract of land said to belong formerly to :. John .. Cl.mi-r.,.
It is descri':-, as
Lot 12, Block 73, Okeelanta
Lots 8-12 inclusive, Block 8 Okeel..-ta
Lot 27, Block 249 Okeelants
Lot 5, Block 102 Okeelanta
Lot 15, Bloxk 193 Okeelanta
Lot 5, Block 212 Okeelanta
Lot 1, Block 212 Okeel..nLta.

The data I have is almost negligible 6n this, but I
understand it was pwchhased from ruitAlxizc t Association, e.nd
I presume your records can clear the matter up for me. Poss-
ibly this property has been sold for taxes. If so, who it.

The tax dues for 1919, I-' and .1 have just been
sent to me by Ir. A. B. Crow, T., Collector of PalI Beach
County. Heretofore, however, I have heard nothing in re_ .'
to these particular lots. I will ..preciate any information
you can give me.

Yours very sincr.Ly,

Trustee John S. Comins Estate.

Dictated but not read.


Si l Va.

.- ** a r ~o~ t* n,,,

... .id .. .. .
f. x ..
I p 9 i o Af . L . . ., '
l -V ,,. r. f 1

P : ob .y ...i.a 1

1ish2:3i Jeen t t- 'rO 'ni;vcirfin noi 17i yf.l~4iLer,3uot ,e)cCi(ti
PAICO y Ar w2 1.3. O ?3 -I "' rL'i o t: ra 1- ';
the ,..i r:o.Eybut ti-oi.g;t..i v...ry sh prt A il 1 i,
tO r c L-';.... ; ..... 'I u -3 1 Z : : .: -f ,.
tr10 in eart, .
O I P 81 miyourt. ,_ 'r, "-"

to:bl( 0.e: nt;: ) t:h .r. thi:n1; r :.r V I -7 n *rl j f.; T .l. !y nr 1I-: : y to

at v pry s:L1 o i.. .-. .. .n- 'A .. ,
02r ,; O: l I T. ho.. :;,t c -,fo ;,o .la t. r. x -i'- h. -i?: 2". S.r ;'. ,:r": i. o c n
pay in ftull ..:rn for 1 year ifl;f *2 Jt o lf a-holy. V.,rv I". '-y t-L tt V :o
PA I I. .+ ._y..y V ,any 7o1x. 1o,+ i y ': J.I*-, ,%
of1ree iseen booextcqx.anddt? that .::iw contr fctl-. fo*l

Otn 0 i'L ,.a r a .il .t O l. .. a -. .
t o A, .. .r.. .e t a. a. Y r ir f.' r ..,: ;, -.. U i..,.* ::' ,'* -. 7 1 0m-' b t. '.
poult.ry. h:.V.t.estod all. thi out,aIE 1m.; 17. t u car. de.

lMutor.est oia tstor arogawrc.ticrL-:gl lu ta. 1'-l, l ortatthrr bncxo i' : irgo,
OnouAB, 1. -i l b 2 it fort-jhean So Oult:vtef thatu* r.s:. tr*3ctfiybut not t*.tl2 vou.

F'.O. isow tfull'y ,itoa3tyiap..rovi. *d~ ,w b .i- .; mxi .' *r -r.
..:. e ( e b .i o e '.-lott o.l ) : : .b : ,
S.5 .c: ., L:.:;,- ~i, .-, ati .er",Pn. o.'; ,.th.:. tl t. -i :- ",- ," ?-- -"-:,..,.
i. :L l .tion. : i i .i.... .. .... *. ,
.'_. tI.y .ho IIa I 'V .'. q- ., n.,s -:;'L'., ont t *', ."V. ; -_ ,- us 1
w 1"v. r "- C T, 1 ,' .. i ,:a .. C.. ( 1 .
by no=.ig a co -on igra stuvo tiu'r.--,or 0 e r .),t~ ml .'h' ,i U 2 ?'- c-a'
( V.t sqhnot '" cowv r. ,n.'li "-.". a un. :. .... .. *'. : .

.. -. -1 7 1'. .l y -, .:
locA" l in.t phone t Z' n j h o:".:f.l a sl i- i Y! L, : ". ;.:.' o3 +-,. :.i ,'"t ,.,,

S-. 4 2 v .L u i
e x wn-t1 thn l ahildr, n arc in scho:;1 v"
t o. -&.. ; o, -. n. -. *i ^ .; ^, .4 .o -.
,ie X.l,:, ^.1^ ^,f- <. ," :K.L oi:... 'j, ^:.. .7' ,,,. .;.
-' i ; "-"-# .....t... *. .. ', .. t .'0 .. ,.. 4,, r,-. .1 .. rn .' .) 2" : .*
(C)Z i% f. .. ,,,,': ,- A ,. t2' :, r 1 i :i -4 ih *2 :,j ,.t,
t. *,f,, ... .. ''ao *, -- :. '. ,', r

t'-'. L.; l.. ,." ."" '" .7' o" d cc ;:.. V. ., :. &h -U t
f : *. >. : .. -9 -", "1 i "
.. A .: r... .

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I ', . -
i '17 :

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dol; nit,.c -Tr i y", T' -'

, &:? 1 1 ,,f .0 '' *'4$ b.l 1 It :.

. t ,'-.,L a ", ,.os L.i.o to wi'c .Jo' 1e:- .j *i3
O,,C" m. C ? "_ w-.- a., l. ., __1...s.

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I4-e /i-/-^----

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~, >L..
)-.Cl(p rCLjC/~i~CI~V
~7 R4-t-L. c'i~
~ LJ ~L~z-~
t ~i~i~e ~L~


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A^~ -4 -^

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~; ,i~cZ~ ,. ,'7~L

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r M.
;.ir. V...i 'T. '

y OT7 aooi u. f :
: iy *'"*7'- r .* :, *y ***-'
S. t t o '" ., .'' o" .
ie :.. m"O --tG- 5' .." 1O.,-,1. ..i.: o f .; [ )

0 L !_ ., '. .....
S: ". ,"'; r I n ... .

-.,z .,,, ., ,E, .
a. r: o deX, i y
I 1. 7 '
". -. ... "i4 ." ." .', I f ". ";'." : -: '' ;i'9 "; ..
U --

,." -,': 'U- .. h.; g

t ll q: ." -. a C ..-
-, re f i: 2i-'r'- l' ;vft '. "'t -: 1
. 1 ,t'Pll .Ui. "r *--.._, 6 ," .- :;;.. ':'. ,. ;i :" '.- t? *. r ,

S. 10 et, f -'o .. "... .

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.:.i.f 1,. till -r c "' I.- ". -. .? i.f l

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AI r th ; e" .. .. i OL ii ; 11. I ?n. '.J- C '
A "]i u". : /. .2"..A U V''-- "a-1 r .- ". ,1 : .
b'o FO'ebl. .u;i 2n1,.1.. J ,.'"*.11. i :l. ]. lAo iy ... .
,,iorj "jwm Ie- h .s bc.t ;i.: '!. B I
.V---7K *Lk..''.-.';.I, I .- *.r -- '40 or o.-'.* 1 ; .
*ousto: w m h'e.-..; b, ..'- -. .. ... .--

O A.;io: I V 2: a 41'1: Y". lt,. .c.- ,' f' :' -..i,-'w :.r -.. ;' -a:. -,,"' 7 ,iu- :;.' .,i,
,.s.7 :-,w, W i l l 4i :^fl -., I ; '' ,

I.W( ll JL...;. f-: 7 2 l!,tr .-5 pu r 9l t).JV r( '2A.!r9. .e. o c
y n G'"- T ':t"l..if' t:.vl.. *"' ." ..- lt". .-, '" "; *."',. :. .., -.. ,-- --- : .,.

I noir s'-r:.rsN :' I ti tcp 77Y' ; ... *
: scunt COol, o.:. *y .- -o I '.1.: o C ',L.... ... ,.... ,..:.

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nloo-Jr.;gt.s.3 ;s1.i7' soj.:,- .. .:- > . .' .." *--- a >, ,
2 T... r l.a.. ..o :5- r ...t'. ..ii but .i_. ..r .; vw 1 .A .. o- ,.; t T lt. -
.!cr,-'dwy*i.h i g'd, frrUia; outfit,- ,~ 0. Y:,vlortuu-'i *. .T Hk: 4 .-, : r.-,;'. -i.

in the Dmpor G.a3do3,oailcl; oot<.: -"o brf'inr4-i n b u lro o. h-l3 rinlaoto"3. *

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.- ^. 1 1; m -. I : O-, 1- I .. oJ." p
4 --..* w -,,,O i l ..ri., t... v '-i .... I ..r x&.'L- -,B ... -. .. .

.:i : : ;,in. :'.t ; y i. 2 o .;' ,, t i t:::- 1 it ,

;.. ." ... a : '
to i.t ou ... -. o by t 1 7, o.i ,I _. n 0 .... -.; -. C .. Oe .l. .
S . ,. *
Uh4 tf 7-..,. 1' 2t 1 ,, ... ".
j .j; '. *

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A. h 2 ye." t t, J .. h%..:., b..- i K.. .. "L Y. .- t $. .
.L '.... -.C.3 .' .... ...*1
*:, r-u;"j .7 j-'' .: ;Y' "---: ...
4 9...1, i I i
:- -'' -'- .;-," : .'," l.- : .-* ./ .-"* t .; .,* t .. ", S ;- t i ;
; .- -i ---s .

'4 I. ...
-.-ir < oi i ,- -t :" ........ '
... -, ... '-. .. T I 1 t .c It A '.1 ..'..., *,' ,
i, .. ; .
2 .:i-. ', :- *9i. ;:'. "* .'- t,, :$,. :B .3 i rn '
. *: '.i .- .. ." ..

. ._. ::t. .. .. .t ... --O. [ -._ +. P .

h -" .. .- a .. .. w. ... ..-..t 'V ( t... ". .3 : ". *... j Q
* '. 2J t ; S. m i" ..-- : -" "" > ... -

*9 A A 9
. .. '." .*'- .' .. .:. 2- ('. *-i M .-! ""
go -7 py r.^-'. c : "* :l a :* o r
w .o ? l .,, : -7 r ; r o -
"fl?. : ;, i ,, ^ .; s ." .. :. i :

dct. t.o '.t.t, tin 'rope r t* &K o-i 'u *..r"7 : "'1 c' 'a] .. ,r7
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I W-W :--w -




Kaustine Standard Type
Kaustine Vertical Type
Kaustine Jerry Type
Kaustine Chemical
Kaustine Accessories
Kausline Repairs and Service


Septic Tanks
Room Heaters
Pressure Systems
Storage Tanks
Drinking Fountains


oc/' -' ft


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Cn-r CC L.~
IY~1 L 1''~

n-e~ --~e P~ t

.., 4 0'.- x.


.._~.,-C.~un. e Iro~--~~

J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treasurer


FI"I..O F? I = .








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^^R LI^^ A
t r^ca ^ G/^ ; ^~

~rzr ~z~ z_~a-~u



*)WIN J. HESS, President




11. C. HESS, F'ice-President

aEysmry ,Pgmh ANi@ArT

'% WIN J. HESS, President

J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treasurer

II. C. HESS, l'ice-President






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sane e(I'ntworth vt

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ia-) 2." / cl---

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**/ \O ___ .--
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_^e.t/ ;-, /"' .-~~r'~79
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(Z ^.leli^^ .---^- --- ^^-

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<^ ^ -^ -- ^ '""77 ^ y ^ '

.^ ^ ....^^k-
^-- ^/<

^T -"- y/ -2i

EDWIN J. HESS, President



II. C. HESS, Fice-President
-/ r

M .,J.1am ....... I* i n
M IAR CA, e, :and it is '.
'TrSK F I Jrelv shut off JWCAATRJ

F"L C> rC I =) I _



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/ ,+ ; ,, -*







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/ '^~-T- ----"- /


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i- ..-


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1 /


/ ,' ^




. Y

J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treasurer


' t


1 /." .
/ / / '" ^ .... -...

"" .., / '" f

.-Ls /; .-i-. -3

S/ .
7 "
//' ("

- 1 *

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1. .

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-J :- ii'

S./ /
f" ', ,1 .* -- /
:: i*_____-


' EDWIN J. HESS, President

J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treasurer

II. C. HESS, Ficr-President

oauiTin WAxMs YaNImlATh


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S't.... '. r'---" "" -.. "'.,:Jt
.... ,, '.:
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.n"."- .. ,'. ,- .- -
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U; .. .. .
"" '"'- '+ *'. ""I ."o : *' .- +* ++ ".', ,1 "
-I %I .- .. ., L .1
~~~'+ ."

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*: ] { L J ^ ^ a e ^ -:. *" .. ; .. a ; r *
*, -" .. ,

+ : K :.

I ,: -- ,
'* ..- B ,. r ,1 t. .
+7 ... .. s.l~k I +, + I

L -
i ,. ".-, 8 ". .
1n ...W.:," :+

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*l I+ ,...1. .,,
& :~~~~~. C-:ra U-; 2: s wi' *..e- :::

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- J



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ae""e"ly .n th ~ .d 'K "2.. r 1. r ,
,.;-:q 9-' ;4. t*. C o f.: r. .-& :7,- ...
4 -4, F' ,n :e 7, ,. .s

lot '' "'' ..-.. ;Il i .-
:.f h.. .., .,

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I'1A 10 :
-'.- boo s Thc -, v. 4. :cao tho r I'I.R -- ...-,i-1 :yr .- .. p. + ,
g. (3ow :c L..i'I 0.- 1 .< :? ,/

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j :; ,.-', r1 ? -.1.:>.nc v.3,. ..: : C' -.. T I 1 Of 7

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...... "., . at

As to piLces. I enclose jriou coh.:ul''. i*: v-ey : *'' *'--
;.:.i Pe~ar re ,z".' I
Note thn ct 'c'y-' i' 'j o, Of .0- ut ). .. r r'. t :. f
.H 7 i s .out.L. '...' .. : ;u Ty ... -A ., ''. '.* -- k
o ..- t lo-i.. .' th t without aut.lio'i.ty '""'.:. ti ,,' r :-'" L'

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c-.gan l.o ing a nt 4 .0 0 .'' "nr. 2, 1. :. t "
la:l. 'loy n.o u E tit i' crol r.: ;7'. I .1 t *
.ettin.g ) by ,.r ri',^ ": t o: c o'.; ib 1 -.:1 .u i^ct ,-r .. .' .. ,r
01qY. 1. ;Ia ib.o tch ar-e, tG lovg vianr ; ?
Yc_ i rI0sI ul o"rt:'.:' 2 :"rxl, l-" .:m at 20..I.t,% *3 7 I, .
wortB:h ,, t uitc. rc t r: o. -' 'i:" '" : .. 0j .. S M
twO t -.rct ar: not i t' ,a 1 a cZ:- j..i-- Lo- ',. -b. ,,-,.
oa 1. .id 0,.1 bogouzz ad pr' 'tLy clo -i lryy t?2: .i:'; :oLJ- A. ;; .:.-. :r Co":; 1it
'a :. '-4it.Qre-t ic.;. rtu Ol-k. L;.: i- 2 o.. ',:" ,. t ... ... .. .. ,t i yv
L~ltion u221fluf l o t l. -t:piS toi .8 i/ --. : i'c :: "- : S -

W1h1 i B 1 i3 a" toui"Lng thb.g AtUo t 1 .y :a :o,-.-.:zLL- ,T *...: i-
dortn i:o loL,4hee I h. r.: vny thing to ,sy Thcn ;If..t I (-i 2 ,.'ol 7:.*.;'
SFOTIOiNI prncosbut theoy ilrcit lo tv : ,-

.By tt wnyttany onr vrintu i ,otoiaz Pr'. -Li .I Ci14 Dl i 1 C I ORtioe 0.1
W:I.I-nxboro ,-juwaf below OiJ.ldooront, :t .~:',0. : ".. g : 3 -'- ; -' y '- .
ali on theu (a. .os* 10 nTXl .4,tn 4'-:. ... .. v *h .,r i ;,,..,o.
l t 1 .tion A ,a ioG* :o .% 3 '1 4,1 'T..v t ;. )
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aa ( i ou ito b3y t1 Ja* All dir,; c M;, ^- > tlt '
cO.tiongbut not. ripo ,rnouliu:1 1rudtormat 1x "oCU'T-E :' conrdt
Ia pbtpybljng pric 'abl;i.,consult b:.ock orti'. l-i;i;,r rvA.s

bit.u. (2) 2 -t/

L::r na t r,;to .,:-,on Se ,0..... nac l-o l.- I ... t to Izsi her J from 1.

S .,. ho -. y. ..; o, ,: Ho I ts !y oto5i IC!,r.-. .1 P "eo: y ,^n, e o
o : .. -;', ._. h.n I at O ..P.i:" ,lr -'We1 H ; ,r-: d.
*i N .* c...1 : c t 01 -a e q u C ar d to C a n

t.D ... .x. :U.i tbout t o !oI ..( l. 'ot gun t~ .;) :.- eriI I-' y t
N"4 t.:-" i- ... Z..: .: ..., r ":, -
.i-pa x ;c f 4 ,' it I .n ar gcla tto 0:I2. r' ;ini:u -
A... ... .. ill at et pi t ",in on
Js X ) L V '-- O. "
: ..- L v t. ry s ,ci i o n i s
""*- t ... '- *^t: + ; '" 5 o- *t ',rl i ,- ".. ',.a;it r :-. ,,i

?1. 1.'^- ?-^;1 Ln :;-o ;.4 o^,::bout
>Q;.:: i/ j ..-, ,2 *- 7i 0 1 .r ( t-
r -'. I-... 'IJ bC"
_- *.O s ... u. tJJ'.
* _,", T .;:q, g.* :. ...; ^.^. : -,. .:'. B" -O
c -*1..n ,. .'f' U 11

*. :2 '*; ---. -*-'o "'--. -' 2'p'I i. l 0 -,i- ? : p ".. -,.- ... ., .

t t. ,. .
k .

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.l y. rl. % t : -,-. o .. -E', c ._1

uh ~1 "^ u:1' .a- s. ..u.... ....-.t!.. y.......
1 ." :-. at L ILA V 1 t' :2 I i

S : t..I : A '. t m .. -t 2 : .: bt o r
-;- It a2.l
SI -.

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t~ 1.

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~ -: J
*- ^ :*:* :. .

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" j a

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j".m rL ?- .. CU >: .


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l *... r* ,. .: .

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AA -- a1 p ,. '
f -, -.



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r;:l.r lC1:Y.3

S .* *

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- 1 .* --

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, ~e .-Y- -- .~--lillrLi( .U~--.... ~ -~-~~rYC-~ I-I yl~t)~Yr.~ly-drr4^i~.ILyUrU. il~a?~lCUCII- 1L~ ~ -~. ~ .;~

"'I ,,f^ '- ^ -


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'C;:, i


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dm dear soh.otas --.-
11.1 you kiauly dtro eaiolttat |
iAtn naiMl*
etnt your tramtt. book by RRaaeygaso iige*oa
TorT Galvtn 3-- -j- t|
GQotvld told wo nwov yo Q iu t :i H-a4tta |i:
No trotPles aimbout o* trouble lisheree*|
j) S.etaArins5 I Iii.who ied all theseyeara4-e
'ghtj& have -irttuaL l religion without ti4s volPDa
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3ai' ofthat t'a t I 5rno o't marse mnt-ter of|

If it woru as itto get a demaratioa34y eovrneA|
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Itmg rel$ggaus aztootayr.,that stghf htlip anse.
Please advise a wat isrePaibIes Do any of tfie
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^ir'nci :1l. or ivTnOvoW &SB nC.icaaoi a3bovea
'criaolfnally I ihoui4 iMprhr worship au bloe zr
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S44' *oaitally yOukY i

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rl^.'^--- vX- "p L M J ----< c-^--,- "-- ^---

r ..-, ,'l. ,-. -

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*~- ~~L _~, -A- -~ s

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^B*- --'s.~--^~rr--- ^--_- --^L:^ rs-cu-- F^t^*C~rc
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-;Le .F ,ist CC-"-4--,.

^^*v- F-, ^^c )3 .. c^.v-z^~ ^P--^dL^- it-^*1-y*

S'p7 ".- yul2^ "7,^"m -e '- f

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"- t- > .^ ^ < > <- -- y ^ ^.. -...... -. .. ........ --y .. .....J

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SiAhorid^E (evepe



3fFloriba ?rat Estate Jonrnma
PHONE 1690 327-331 N. W. FIRST AVENUE
March 15, 19I
Thomas E. Will,
Okeelantee, Fla.
Dear Mr. Will--
About May 1st we will issue a San Frarcisco edition
and I would very much like to get a story covering the
drajpage of the Everglades and the present situation.
There has been so much published on this subject, and
there is so much general misunderstanding about it, that
if I could get someone like yourself who has lived in
the Glades for many years and knows the situation to write
for this .issue a clear statement JusL-_s to what hasj.een
accomplished, acreage-That is now available and other
gener-aL information, I think it would help matters very much.
This edition will be distributed at San Francisco at
the Nat ional-Convention of the Realtors, and if you can do
this for us and get the article to us by the end of the
month, we will appreciate it very much.
Yours very truly,
Gordon Nye, Mgr.
/ : -" f
"/ '. /^ ,, 1 .

4 1 I I


"n --"" ^-

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(^T^;/C / 2i^-<^-^-< z?^ k;Zt/-^-^- Ak^ -^ r---L
r & A-i
.t ~- --( ',.7 ,' ,
Z/ T. fci .iT (!^ .- < ., ;-"' ",' -- .e^'

/frz^C kA r Jd-z" / A -'_'2r
/ / -
/^ (l^ \,L^^ ^ E--.-^ <'"'<''"1' t' r?^l- A-^t*- ';

/Z -t"'"., -7 -' -- /,- A
1- r .,.,, r^ .. ,'^ --, ^ *'- '. .....,:- ." ". -'.

--7 -:: t -.'_ .': '" y.'y1 "j.- ,- --,*-, ', .- .: .
-^-/^z- ^ ~=c;-;/ -^^. ,

^^^~, J%^L_ ^,^'^^^ ^2
2-- "~C 2 iZ

W/^ ^ ^t ^ ^
224Jg ^^ ^
-*^~j^^^^s.' -^i~^^^^^^^ ^'L

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ors- T- (1
a---'i-. L -'- r C j "j,, "-- j i ; ; *

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tr rt u. ..r., ,
3-- A0 -.'-:, 7 pr. -,. .',

'L : *3 j. ru
C .- ,i4 s.. .r. ..-. ,,, t ". ."~ o j
:. r : w:. *". T* T-J '
:"." -- -.... r.. -,- 0 .. "' '
cr o* -l :.. .- -*,. ,,o ..... .o 1 it -P. o

,- i .. -..; .

S,.. .., ,. .. .. .. .
l "a"*--, -"- -': '"* ",.

.Y ". -- '", .'. ,". '. ; : ....- .
|,.- -- .,.- ...". '- .- .
*^l nr r r c- ^
I .- ', t .. ,-.'' ''' ': "I -' i, -*

,,'.'" "" ,- --- 3"n 3 .-- 'r'i t ;-; 7 a t ^ y r*.".,

I *. -

51 '00... of I.. t t. t, 7,4.
.-r ar r- -' -j-n .tp '.c f... 'C,*. *'.- .. .
"" ,, -W ,-' .
I.. 'i,' t inn" i tP~vy, '. t I .t ....
L "E".L t!rC sH ~~.~1 .,. ,1.P ,. -'9" ~ ? ," ~ ~ "}i .,.? t
--' i~n ---- *P~ =* .t= %. ~r4 .I 9' i:: "= a= l ).. ".: -. :,

Ft,L .aiua.,la.3-16- :;".

.i .y dear :.-Nor~rs i--- ..
/ !: ,id ot h:Irv ,;. ti:' ". Piiri"h y' .. ,:,.... *-p .+ Lial i.7 .. o0f
South akt Qnsion to NeoOkeel:njaui- a BIG D..U:: OT yoi: olbotioy.

I hvwe an71 option on thisis I ..ftth:-; cpr'r- y 1. T1i o: 00:iao
- just borth pf )3ellon Crjrlleel' fo: i50irc. V, lect -- 'tt 0.0 -r0' tC'.i
pero lot One 25.mfoo'.lot solcpat t15(1oo ov'ry o -'::,. ;L. 7u -:- '.:t-l
What t.hi.s Spe Etotnaio' 5.n wrrt 'at auoh Piguro. St ^lP h srm lot, the
trast is worth $7500.0 Dut itah th, t. 'ly 'Y '.-, f -" "I ';1 rro.oh
we :ry ort' d. itly espeot, r-ios w;ill : .i' "-: :. t. n t '.11. 'i i11 look
potty in a few year,

Now, as I said, thistrat o:m oh ba 1 or :,or O :.(I.. .,r .:r; ::3,.; '2 8 y ry pt.,
S ,,+ a. -a a. + ,i It- x fTf 'tIf'i,'T. F!inIWtV f


F o '.Ai.t W E U .-JL4 J. A -, L ..... .-, .. .... .. -- ..* L -j ,,
wildlandihoa be.n selling Voest of us a.t C :-t-., .n:*< t'"--.L-i tIlt
you wrote:ie of C $200.00 per noro, jLinij no Pnr Bn- ,t'd, orfth 't :; a buy .
that it is. enough to n; ;oonos mouth v.e.'. I V:ho : T.. o h r ;

No .thoPnjiorest trxctn: 2.,i-. rd.l :t c~: t. 10 I(-.3.ln.'o Iu
6 aresoaoh= 96 aOres, .Ti :cro:gcc bloo.:'..; oc -' ... cx s. ..
o0 cas ThiromilndLcr ia in loti,;:r;vr!ed wl ith r1d lot;3. Uno 'onreo in e oh
lot. 16 as 80 l 180 lu 16 s 06 i h' blooi. .t .- t
On a t-mz 3.ll .R you sp'3rBt, aV'. yo)wr UoUL t.l.n. to ,*,I7?. ; ios:iblo;-
but do not do it it the oexQpcs .oTEilllang :,; .. "' '* ". : .. f
lawi in r- t-'1- bort of niy I hare fcr-:- you; jo f-u-Yo lint,
ripest, :nl Trll brin1 fin' oropZ- tla f.r:-:L Co. ; Lo..i .: o-s
for acrcrr-L yeo-rsa* at is a IGiR .iIriT. Not .1 "'?-':i"*-L ltubt BO mlori do
Whether you fim -., season or two. ;to g't y'-:.': 1 y ? : -, t a
fifno Orop the fi.rt yP'PrruiCo a Iood, t iy Gfl3:-.';o 4 r'.fmr.yo ;' an 'ior'n*

Refoa1Wiba.u'' any yur" 'br inrnv.We all i;-3c. 1:21 th.-y In1Tl. t" :'.'O 0o1'!
PiEmNT F o21 for oqe o~op ,wlt .o thl'y buy or not,. I gIutXifntoc yetn suc3 1.7"
in Fruitroest arni Okeeflantu a Adclition( boos. ;:7 .Lu't M35)
Glnd to know how mobh you rorl ye mr.y nali to y r grou,. -'p,.:r.-irl. ,
Soc*30 to the oonl monthlon som, in 'uc 2 toE thie Bt. ]ln -cr:ejust -"
I1, to I c' no2t_-nowa,'l 0ottrq, T."j ,I y co'.' 1l'. s-
da o to he.swal. Mpr dc, Lf'1; l as i,~r,, -t
raowd here. Ginaerely youirs,

.. ]
ft ** I


Ft.LndsL ,Flat:- 19-I^.
y den, Arto.oth"--
ours of 3-10 rood'.* .ih-ld :1 little. No,.e you I;Ty Lbo down.
Am oertotinly. glad. ifyou go', orff to; Oildo. You ,ob:i~by rood. My
lotte: of 3-i EIt followed it ri~ -th 'a of 3-14, s n1-, o aro.vry zi7Voh
di.sgptWte with the way you havnr-h mdled our ordnv for Da.shoon Bulbs.eoto.
It pi a .grett 1'polty,unmI LC L ty! bTIn I;4 ir3 S;yi he ic '3o4fgC 1I copy
Shall be Elad to Ikno;: your orcw go:,otu ',ti..shu; l..rgc it, w.s
Z hive another ozrdorrnot i ,o1tu.Aur but important. I have a friend in
I.0. Mio.wrhi .islrkcoly to ,c .belu; woG0 rith a; bunch of hcary buyernV 1t: idgy
do us nlot of good* 'hi.La-n hi intor':. CtAi abit rout-fnur.r.t n:st in
iL.0. in dochoc4S' '1ie1 .rot.ur'nta ma-n s ;.L.Taylor .4 uast 19th. Ct* Ho
has y rest::,ui-nts or mi'e. He hIs bbe;i- to th'. lAbrnary astudying the Jl-'nhoo'el
hans wriuSttehL n tbhe U, u.of :ut il t to :: A. '

Now I au /asked io scrld3-. a lot to try out; 150 lba.77 T )TW'i,.
He will give thc,:: a thlorour f try-out..*1 'h'uy ari to go 0.O.D. ,a to express
but the .-s.:oeno will b.m-Li. o. when hc y.aii 'rivm e hirooo-!rly in AprilP;orif
bill is .scnt mnI will seonlit to dan.3u.1l3L will ;.y,vdon:Ating to t-o resm
If they arc sphAlotd,I axi ,-,iry sorry. But 2i you Q.I fid- t' .::y good.,
eo itle onesuI'alutdlng some .znaiL. -i.y do uj ;o.-l In or i"_iui a nr ikt.
that isthic only object for ;7 now.
'he'o. tihse E.C. .ppl con'm c" -irklyzi d,. th.y .iy Lc x'( 1 ::v.3 r b '.-
people in a way that rwill Ait fl.rIooI cu. Ar- a--e l to
buy jidgo to f:r ni.-.r in a big :.y, ,. o :fo :Uo.ciL In',y will nol.o i-' , us,
on Lu d have foundfor ICIherL* 4hy a t l.' t. our s,,t.l ;.1.3!,;t ,a !'' n" otR*
.h!*Aeoaceo nwrotL h12 1 3ac1nt you 1,i1.0
--. -
e I close war1It I hope ai a vcL7y ir ort t"L~, 1J)ip c1 fori t;ic Co-auncil* It 3oo1cIk
iihke a SgomlAr gow',? our :Jl. b .oI it,,ant w. g'.t it thml the Oniity .
onmArsr* .^-d -so no r'Oason iihy both rIlIould Cot 1 vo"' Itf. ho,-- you irlbll ydo
your best with it, Haveyritton 'Mr*T-'ltontoo whona I tol. nIl -1hAoiu. it
When he was here, s:ae I'tost devtu-l m.. Hie ;:I'i I1p.- ThiVZn1uri you
Sdightt be onl your jw-y t o ;ii:dwI sent !ia copio5, Go mr.s-oent to t bounll
Sin that event.
4- .., 4*
Glad the OGI-Go.By Ro'Ad u coi.lugi d. in:,. t: for thle ',o:oe o*ohn "fow-
lhonus deserves a lot of orcdit for. ztt. U(airt to whom c'--ltit to due1 t
*bthat ought to go on the itiutes of the (mouncwl:
I atipper~oite the thal;n of the 0unocil for !:IBiylet: 1( orfort. Only hppe
I opn do .,ore',:dnot ?b :-1 sutwIo3stood
-op iehopop corn will do roell. Theo piLckinLi House ro* hcro,-andthi; offer to
fa.rners3 to foed the ca'ittle oni share s a.A"i'to.rosting. -.t.t to t, iaotl'u (dta.
If I have any l;.nd liandy thab you O;n put in drtsheonz ,hc -' ypourolf. Ily broth-
er h7as obt:dzned so little out ofhis plico thiat.if thiee :sla :uny Ohln; for ?iLn te
et .a little rent,I hope it may be improved. 'lay be you: c:n findl .-n o'0
*f not,it It bettor bopuimtod ront-free than go bacl: to Two'.*. b"ric coan-
teoteod for it,in writing, Sincooroly your,





* WPtE.kanialt'lc,Fla., L-roh 179,1920.

por. V7t'.othSony',l o1s
OkcooAtlt .:L Co:miBCty Coainol,

My dorwa trol thL1 onm: fatallow.r i.i^h' Bagl-l
) dnclooo ;a requoet to *;i-' Coun;ty Goo>
BdasoLCorl,ilhic1 I rosa uctftlly 3ugs:(jat tb considXoreal by the Onuntail.
SaTme of you koo ow lUct.c ti f v t oboo on the ':4..'n to '4lbut wn;s tlon o. inu
l6aginwo a3bich tti:p we* h!og o aLs i l aOwnd^ u atn;i I1 to pr-tvA t Wii i2l,
porta.unontlygon thie eod of a sIabo.
A vit Io *t Orti -l utr lo V1c.1o in lO..-17,Whcmn weo Go'.: 'l the Oll io l .colta.t
Bladooroat Rondnn2 ArOOOOO m) 00. L'.JooIrvod,-CfTltnh *1 of&atho Go. *on nr';.
Boail,tola in in Joo'130J0,h;o flo triant hl:c to rode uatd.iht ,ron tIo Ii oi_ .i
boro to 0koolaaitn'.,aix1 ui to fiouth Baygl t the nc'. daodana Trir; So."'*' ''.u
going output thiu idhjId-no at- toe I JiZdboro.
Then wo attcac',or.t to got; : Q.f:7rpLt ou:' e.)D lo I h. <;in w 'Zi,' ;i at lra t
a pwat o'thG t;f"eo. Bultyon rou:- on u. ur :sOtig:'. s jamc--Jn "!? .Li.Counc:I.avi'ti
thlo repoont -~iO t over ttho l r .y.
It I.a.. looa, d.O .o s Uo ._10 vti.olrc 7Stios ila' iont go viia lollo lpU A.:; :d .: l, outbh
Bays,3d VO ,o,(3 O -o Wi i yoir for- to of' our ro:-.tlwilin no 1 .'rot'ootnl
imeawfwldl oiagyLnat coanfcictrvcGiroAno
How7ctor,-fiid& in i,;.1 no .moh,foe;3.28,at o:ling the ao bo'X:3 L-.aguo Hooting,
II j2itwtwo stIll had i.n our ito.L A ly Ql3;70%Oos ,a I not;ftcil you. .r.
STiXton ar! I vcrifLi&. thra: tin.Lr o b. lFib the ferry mLnttOr.
The big i.roblmcn Iisa boon to Mfid a way to st:'okth trL'Ulit tie flindovor
-Itho tan loo bectwoomn Okoclant; sii Ltht l ls3a'o troniig,:uil got a *ta&Qticcal
e oaw-o woulda be willing to takeo so swul3it a job,i 'l-i' rfm viypanul for
a rrml1 a sTua It looked anu tho 1 ighft In we to bi-lt-.. ro 'cl.d ouroolvoo,
fo gioit upe
opwc'vor,3ftci nulCi ziui:dry,I founti 1Tak J1irirEahr.llih ir-tn coitiulo.dL ia
q pmiatio;l rsIul r adilcrr, ;uMlt3Ait co;ns:dLr tihe job* 11c, Wi:sr tUiIhen tiLlRin a
god. rioce ofroed here noar ay hooe.
Scrr:l Coaonforonoea 7rt3i 'a.fidnli f 'o1owe. I.t Iook-d an thio we r.ant p'ut
'up with a ge ofa :t ronia:lr,: t -iL fou1 t2w s .ATo .?-ITltmon awtI rnd, the r.ibojve tIiIo lo:'nal o5f tr- ac rc;o r'It 1inat I3 onah of'
I l rfts.0 UTo -at once suar:of( O.1 rldn.onor If ic iuhliothri the aoi7to
-pl noFtinx oinca oaur 'ro:Ad to to t fi Ilillrburo. fo a iSi. froulicsFvt o It

ALanwBi1o I htrv had othePr oo!rWtL'oi!cl -trl] %irshall* Ho Iris wrnnrod wtllth
Ir ain',isrho is to bladitoiu brwidcos, ut o doon crt An wmorct for Irjn at 0Loolanta.
'ibat would put w art ofldi: fortoc o; grcuIxU. In rictlSition.hi; worLk is noT-I7
mrturn g 3short,aiTrhii; looldnig fo." a job.

~c- I :



V..111. (2)
I bolCd 1iarsir:l of the an l.U of Dhollin the ortUitllndofttle ahel. 0bo-
lirvw'xi to be, i. onurtcint ciu:n'mitio" n t Ot0: 4 t.:ut;xVfTrxt:l hin it h .d!tght
not !. at sholl on our 10 :rtlo C or oui : ,...12,7H6t00 Hleo *.o ALsoa tio abcntiy a&t
r12ly0 ?

tI bvo raocutl2r$d auoth'. co1o;1r'mc- lm a*TI)o g1.0h, o i11 tnx.:Lrtn!e
the jo of qoJioltcwo roofd.lng iho nitfoL.u vo-i l the entire 10U tz..u.;Cor the
r abovo 1 dcitoh 8 d.or; 1a1 3b8- vrl, 9id. li mtM with 0LU all2(i'
(it i.: 1 Ii'og'. w-LnTftld)oL 1ooI0. TI 0 roo !i i a y.A. .. h'$ n. U t &-I; ?1"or im,
aiXl luhe cn get t 2r'on t> b i o' u 't cc .n1,-4f:h ;T ch Ito :O.f z'* .1i*

I hrvo wdvis.;d Id.; to Ioo JIgiert.fli jon'lXt2 2piX- 1:t .;uAioi i '! ?9 i: x.1
L ;agrDoc *.o do so noons In. rULi.tionfI tulr-d4 'n D-'t -Ii AD.M' ft:o':i^f!: Noo-
ple wout f-Itui to 1=rwfthc ori1 (lof 3 T -aIV i]1y1;? otnrwY.;:,o ;. an.1 :oior',;:Yrl (C'oI
sirin only 'o goe the boot ro 1 lti:y o ;.i fo.,1 .' nony on I Isx.

'hle resolution in2rci* f:i rori th'-t Xoint oi? '*eA 7,* pt2.- OR:l.nta
Oo.x xunxity Cooncil or t'T; m*,it;i tla J1 'yintrJy i' .vr oa'in<* t nil nrm '-r.o
in doad c ariL st to, zot if:'t 1.3 oYfl:g to .:. t !'i.ttwr o &1 7.*'ra0.t.,el
wo will not lio at the dod oild of a stalb u. I.-.7 lonig th *u 7 **-12lu'c3: y Mi]-
If tiac X.? r,..:'v:;3t r' nArorv 'i1 !Lvkit bu id o t' nC : r -.1ny i.f *trlt
a brief lUtter na rt C tJ2 ais t o AL. i a QU quobl -0i dl.1;1tv-- tr c: 't17 v
wGrk IPr tLhe 1 n2Wy act lix:x1but :ltd.Mng ol0.u th.%t; iOi cia-t'. t1h. 'r i. O i.-n o
to use t .eir best jaIgicuts.sxi{ut thJu iiab v.alu> out oft;?i" iw rt7,t'ri.' \.
least If6Th .

O(ic3JoL rc unolOr:Al fo-.' tll" p >O: ill WU:Da U0 71.171 httl i--'t..:0t
Crisosptjhlitity hi-as bocn our EJ.Zi,y: ttloe Ui03.- uput.a i :,t.' .i 4t r!. A-
trationtr&1e 1'o oin tUl rsttre oasngo o.r school Ii;i n-;- st'". :;1i. the? .7-ntsa
in a oarofta.lly proparoal Irjlttrr to tho Oouity 3ohoAl ol(J1'mir1?. dl.c eV:- .y)-I
o;itionai TiziGCo G-`t t .i IoQ'iflt5:v.+ l ra'332,1 pi."pt'JrU.* lB ooiolE(Yj.s:ioT7oO
won ld1s3 Acm*. Our oarse wan too 't' w a t-wrtrfiftstt tii i.i t'v%:. ey-'m oif tho
publal.oe hiszuzlc ifn oquwlly oloir.
show, -Tc, t Q ac tA .:rnnot 7al)o ;itblGo,'ss i;!.vi11 :7L. lvil w7s amf ry;
to got sane oftho bo.iL fwin 1 to 14IEo1 v !r* no;,in 32'.::* i''ni'; ;or' 13a.on"tsa
entitlted. 'ldLo ixLy ari'nouac iRrijutil oG rnx? :inyt tgouilainm .bfolll oth.Iwr oo:z iri-tions
and hold back ouat onterrise foro yu:rase dt2i all t lI'. Ac op(n, -.'. nil
a the ca ds1 oni tiev ta;blonilt aoorn :I-ortwI.i-tblc th..t 'tny C "'1r i.itilo -Eior-oin
could f.dl to soe the juntlao oou"r rcxpooot. Iti r yj jvZi-(uolt xir:ll Tl
gatnteo4 t.Xlz':L ork ltoga- t n oe.'7 '! 'y79i1 -ait *L._h'4h an the 'jovi: on0
our 0o .a:a;rit.lGl1:eoor st GCan'3 anrtho.d. stgAS nc::-t with your ;a)lyn'ovrvLl,IJ f. Ldfn
iw.nccr '.ly yourI,
Bu"ggeIt td p.Aypon. to E oil oairo: o:-t -
i'iln iio:cOh -ost iZn DIvIevlonPor on oO7y).
hnto uor Hobralda, MI.;rq HRvwn '2iner,1
Pr'1rT Benchl 'iC aX1lo'0 Un0 U

,-"'"*,'-A J .. ... .... 4..
'. : '2 U"" N. 1 ." *.-U 32. .. ;'. ,. ',,
. .. .
l4* ,'- oj. .l?-4-
A -.1 ,*, 0 *?, .ii .

*.titk I
4~.l t( -

.r h 1 h; ,., .. 0. C;
.... ; ', J. A J. :f 0 ^ ,' .. .! "

.o -
S ".. ,- '. .:. ". .. "
. i .. ,_. ? ". .. .} .

-- ,, .

S, .. ..: : -.
-,I.'" ... : ....

a. ,, ? .-.. .... .';.....
` .' *.

.. JA nK jA: .s 2
': -- .'J O .i. .... .. .

I J -- P., Us-

S..t, : .-, 1 .. :

a i HP u 2.1:- ;- :- o''.. "-- -" .... O .:. "? i-.. ,, ._ ,"*'.T. ;
Roo is better than shell, says

-., -* L V

4.C. i !, C O'-- ,"h ,: z; :t ; ;; '. v.. i g ...: .=." '. *
Ji I '", .. .^. "-) oa "'-'pn ..., -^ "
,u .- .s t o .v'-, .. 5 '. S. ,

j r n t il -l-1h -t . '- '
workaONB an ''tn t throrlk..L It i' :"1 / fo:

h. R i OK DONE. I tl yn oU "-r yc 0.0, l
*; --i4~)ocrely 7cfL rr I,
*'.1 -< *



4;), J

i. am...Li


b) The remaining expenses, we- will meet out of s..--s,
of crop,
o ) The Net, we will d vide equally; statement, and
your check, to be sent you direct by buyer.

SWh3.t cane wll do is -shorvn by enclosed literature. It is the
coming GREAT GLADES CROP.. Cane-growincg cnsEs Fsomebting, the first
.year. T'e.rezffor, it costs"little, and :it means ;things uputterable.
Plant a small acreage if you cannot plant a larger one.

Here are two offers. Take yotrr choice.

1) Offer No, 1:F"Af".iTG YOUR L.-.i.--We will handle :_ir' land,
Slow it, furnish and plant seed, kill we-:id, and first urop, only; OR

2) Offer No. 2:--FA.".:IG OUR LAND:--You will handle our land,
plow it, furnish and-plant seed, kill weeds, and take first crop, only

In each case, CWTiT7 controls second, and all subsequent crops.
'(For' wnde of utilizing cane, See Sugar literature above.)

Under Offer NO.1, your land must be in or near Fruitcrest (Sec.27)
or Okeelanta Addition, -(sec. 35),both in T,..4i-, R, 36, (See plat enclosed),
and not taken by elder bushes. You will;advance Fifty-Five Dollars
(-550O0) '-:,r acre to cover cost of plowing, seed, planting, and w.,--1-
,1kill.irg, Icss 'a~iy part of this which you nmay have already advanced 'Yiu
take as security, a mortgage on the first crop, and, out of this crop,
get back your it2ifti-Five Dollars ( .55.00) per acre, with six per
centt (,<) i.t.I rest, We take ths -remninder.

S If you hate no land, you may bay in Fruitcrest. (Lit-.'rature avail-

Under Offer 10.2, you have, again, only to send the money (Fifty-
Eive Dcll 're--c.,5OO-0per acre, thus paying in full for the bre.1-i.-r,
-ed, l -.:~L+ii- :-..d w'ear-killirng and buying a full right to the whole
first crop. I"- desired, a.d~-.,ces will be.secured by'real estate.

How cab you win on Offer NO.1; or how can we, on Offer NO.2? In
This way --v.nile, ordinarily, in other cane-growing states, the. FIRST
Ci..:P is all. that any one geta-the cane, like corn, requiring to be
re.pla~ted ar.r.'.11.y-- ur,3er our unusual conditions, the cane, once plant-
,ai, w.ill continue to. grow for a period of years, thus reducing the cost
of subse,.uenrt zc,.^s to a txiflir. i figu -.

S10.Plowing alone, ",i thout,, S Clps G1:Aes l-.nds immensely.
i r* for r.lo.ving is usually fa:- :.,r..i the sup~1y. .'th cash in
e writer has be -ied in vai to h'.;e lA.nds plo.w ., hv ,
er.,;: Corn-, and Canre-growing should gretl.y int--.sify thi s -r,- nd,
', how to:. -low wild lan s -. d t T. -,

I I -

-o oL Oi._?:.'1...10, .i.'' "* ....'
rL. Geo. For i'lytho,
Delirp N. T.

0yVdc: r- Yir m--
I undcrstrual you are loo1 ;ng torw.. Florid .. Htv you rv1-
hoa,_.lof t'e ]- orglulosat I : s.,nting-'ya- :o lit L..i. ,'! ':31, giv y-.'n
At idea' rack ro irit tW t o priatere
--afA rl t f op.-l
Dolo ;;,.-nt.its 0ion :..' Rod.-buildi tih .t will. op.u .,'i the !oou)tt,
l b;D.iringin oroTwdo of p ; pl;,in bl' ing ,liis2..l Of t"' cff ,c:'t ..*.. tL:. ,1I
nt inol lofr tod..:y ,o ys -y s -1 porolot t;.i.t -I Is:.: ^h I'1 ': y,:.P:e,f.!',, ol.:oce
sotiop2i 3 i oll B .'ll rLo' firo- t .
t n- ihose riirn oiablc. him to buy l-'g; *r'oas o" t1. i u1.(u i., .1 -'i'. ir't
T'c .. lam henach los t oofto-d'!y n-'y.; s Zio.nry Ford j y .7. -1. ,..,
Thos. Ji.-Ison also extoixndl Floridat Holdingns* II ry 1. ,* .t .*.:-'t
fiM-aic.ern buyl-Min ) prop y rt:y ilolnthe :,uai-:.'' Y11 -- ti'l-: n .i
~1~xL-. Go]en Jiller0 of Ct l1c OrCvol:.Ar t ky Club :7 V:; :y.;s '- '::0wv, ; of:,
foot to tie up all avvlabl2 ( oholcu site :lo;lgt h:g :, o. .:. l:it6
Fo^rI,iA'tlson iand faj'vrron Oolliieor,t rot c. a.vodtrtailitryJ:t4 .;!ai t* -ul.
rrilllcnairtread elqbor:t oi t io atovy.

bo!z. at abov,; litt .r- hlcu -Toi. isour Gros;: -Stai;bon:t. to
btooo.lo f::ruaous aITlo. ry in i:cenE~otflii.o N!ot>e t:tr:Lt:gio os4itioXI of U;::;'.. -
larti.. Fright yhereinr where I lQrivlo,. aiVte you to 0lo t'.
for o.i.,
Notce tho. proposition( Se'0 Po. s, 0osen s, ). Bu a ; 'o ;,nho Lt: *l' A
tanogwL a to>n Iot,.Zomttod,in town dual.ithwLu a it:' rod.; of yor.' travot

Note our 1Poultry 'ropositioon. 'Te MrL. aoorJ: I.ntijonl thieoe 1.r till
delighted wit the line ho is i;s lnaxl h: Ir a no;i :M1.; i* ioi'0 folIo': i;ii
the foot stcjC of nuch non,'Ajoy tj'bn Li't, o' th i' e' : 'rio3IC;",r :tli,

A AcicuJ.i youi foltcors. ,ot.' I r;e our o." -.y you o:91 -, "it?
We hIivc A inny otlP r lines,to sidt. Vogt:'bloJfru.tfic:l, coro.i :,( 'ote
p.5 of ILisuto Yzt Livring for list,

Why o:1;'1t you interoot lot of youw- firteixtos inthint I noe" -:I act*
in your section. ill mlnoe it to t :ictoriost of a good [. a
S' inocrrcly yolur ::,
*GSFor less aosliajlo landm ofothn n, as
,double our ipricee ith su pricons,it is casy to
"throw in'something. T.r.W./ .
hinge T ,

~ _~~_~j/

5-- ;... ~7

Lir'L. ter-,",rgr,c
-t 'l i. -j

Liy io'r_ S--"i-

onat aM tloi3 to a 12 you r .to;nL o to V ihe Grm 1"* ; i1nr y,
bu nt;i on byt~-c" em L -g c o* a,, U o. t 1 :t ---, -. 1 3: 0 .- n
:jut avc r over 150 non to work on .Z11a ui dotxhter -rk** 1 *
,.- :O. ..1 .1-.,.: lap, iS 0 .T_ S --'.
: a 'ow ; iz.o-. u -i.a, . w. ,"; g u- 1 o ., f, .,,r :, I' -- -
"L & a," "" w '

,aib "- --LJ K.
0 ."11 r "t i now .lrh,.. ,' ..F.

rk tu u1 A allf to:y po t z,1 a, ,, tI u. ;y

WiCt 0 IL10 071 f z zY wel ln
'-.- m'+.,, ,. ^ '.y ,.- ,,: a : ; .J,: ""...*.I n ..
ihrc P_.- -- n, i ut t,'; : i ." ',,- uy "of t A- i 'r :t

or 2 -ux I-10Y13:113,

oP r r0,0 aooroj
/tflkn flrot o1 7 jo;l y JCdtp-y J..' O;i .
F' Ver ui; *TI
-. ".-,..L ,,""* .. +.; J-.- 'O. ";"," +,, m 1 ^,. ; ll'+. n ',. ,-. t

- i.t.t o o :.'t)' r t 6 V-hi n % ),xo o'i.oi th r

/ 7 A d- Y L V

u .i
~Le.lul~e~~?~, ?!~ori -I~i, L".' '.


J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treasurer

mm_)Byl OE/NJU |_-IjA&TE






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/.oP .- 4'/ .

]vO. IUCK -L.AN 13

II. C. HESS, Pire-President

'' 3


,< .'.



VIN J. HIESS, President

if -Lc
-IL .. t .

A..~.;-*ij LI .." -

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<^yz--- -4, -_.
-.,.! "--- v

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V'L4 *7/"--- ^^ /
.-7 t "s-71 y ^r^-o~- <* r?-.7--<-^ T. ~-7-y-^y

O ^L yf.^ ~z^^:r Gii-LA

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op -,--J ?-- 4

7K ^2 -L v~-~-yT ^7. //4 4
( .__IcJ -^ A- I_"--T_/-e-7. -1 /--- /7^_3 __

,-----ZZZ_~~~ZZZZ~~~~ZZZZ~~/- r~~

^ ~~~ ~ ~ '7 -- --

* ;--^-^- (-r-- ?L- iZ--2 VO-Z CL-*/LI-CCL-1

L"-,2p-^^-- V X t-L-~--<^^ -<__^ ^ / /.' '- a.

yTh- -? .y y --Z'
I -J 7

-/?R72 -' rZ- '* Z -rr
'- I /1 /* ^* .t

^~ -^--.
/ 1.^- A ,'-y -i- '7

,./-~ ~ ~ -./ // 1
y~ ,-c -- *C;

/ r r
Q-=--~~ ( ~d

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~L*C -~i. /7L '~-ia ~-; r

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~ ~ ~~-- ..,- ii- -" "' .

L ?z/ ,i i. '

rJ _g y ,- -,/. y ,. c -

^y 7 -- -- 7r-

(7 ~~ j4 y- -s '

^ ** .. r.-.~- ,, /

^ f- y ... ...
ad -
* if -. C -

--'---- C "_<^. r* -t^. ^ -<* *i hr -v.-.-i-^
LL5^q-U ^ -~?
^/^^L~~Lc~*~ -^ CW^ <-,' _z2.-. ^L ^^

,.i <.*-**/^-m .,
Lc/'S -e~^ i-^' -~e .*^^*A < X^^-f^-^r-e. --*-. t-<<

J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treasurer



F" L = T=? I DaL








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j- x2$ it Vf 4
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i .t"" /-t ''/' ..Al
2 G / ,, .. ,,,,. .4C1er ./ S/
/. 4 ; i 1-t .. -":
,p .,. ,.f ... ..., ,-/ ..... ... .


I:S ,~7 ./
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...- *?




H. C. HESS, Vice-President
< '

EDWIN J. HESS, President


/( :. d.A PI 9- -*0, /_.--,

/ e c <' l .

^f/ .. I,. ,' /."... .( / -'
// /. /r- C

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lids, Jr "'- .v
V^-' iv ^- ^:-:""" ^

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/4 -t -~ *~A
C' cr L-"

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An O?( jrz Q2Z
^J 7 __ ___'*
C A r-t '

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L-' a .C i-
...'yP ,' ", ,-- -'
. ..: .... -7' :" __ '
*'>: l /' l ..
.. .. ., ^ ...... : ,: : "". '^ d :-: "" r ^ "-^f.- '"

1"" "/ t/^' I/ ;*: I /1 r^- -^ ^^
.. ..,. -., '/ ... ,
f^ ., f /. #ir-. ,; '/.- > i- Z -, i .. -': -,.
/ i_-" i/ li:,. 7./ -.. 1 J' ,1 ,. ,. '<
** L .> ., ./ -,.", '^.
..9 ,,.r :.

4/ --


I It, ,
!j rw

ti. ,'7

-A ^ < -E *

- A






EDWIN J. HESS, President

J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treasurer

H. C. HESS, Vice-Preidtnr



FL= .. R I DA .





I// -2/ Q-i t g */& e- / /i K: t

7,^r 'I Z j^Il
I^ J/1 .^ ^^ ^

r 6^ -- -r

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-^--**^~ /i ^\ f ,'

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--~ii 14

*;,3.. .t- **pcI
M y 6ar ,- o ,. Ls :- 1... "
frzLo:.'l;,* ,6 "l-t (n'c;:aI ,. : a ,i un lcu...r.
.,: 3 -. 1:u.w j, Tt.j. .n. -10,:' .-t;," z ,i c, *. e--. ., o
2 'Ow- n I oel'
.yo i-.r '..- t ... ..- 3-"i. ... -,vy t ,1 .* l' ',
youri- ,cuestr- opt. on on, -. .i.. Btt,-,. n to bt ,v v t .? t.A-, '

uI Ol o JL-C- c OA ,00 I..Ol o,, a
,loo; en ,y i Lw s O. S to -' : ; .O n
to b ir 1 -1

ecro b,.'i ^.c
no t r*xoe A *,,..h,; ,Lor*, u > r *

Notr. O....u. t j. ;pl,.o J p -' .-1'c : W +

' Ale 2 7 ..3 ,' -. -It. -..o .

a Jii -.a %I. l :s s a 0.F.07 (, poo iiv., 1 ow t,. A._
Y o i 4 J %, y o 1 D o c o L C P t : ; z uA: ,7, f l Q : ; :, i2.1:O, P r. .

Also 0 .- ..'. lc- .! i':.c o

tjcn4' ro;:Hr, th4n '2 '. j
'i'Lu.LT tt tr cti tir- o., .: a *

.i ,se -o ... ..) on Oa. i- aov .. 'ia t '" i. ;'. i
a : :. bo s i ih ot .1 i I P.... .

. ... l .. i. 7z Oi onoru Y t.;: m I, .y nt, .
. Xi e r o I, ,,, -

"- ..-. -' o r..

' o o .. .. .. .. .1. 9i r.*, Ti b 1 1 0

ail! 1 ..o /1t.1' your '

av y 1.. f -
iot. tori l y :tD Dqt Ki t?. 0
00c, fYn;' ~; : i ,
Gor"di illy y ou- ri,


.SyS 52


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r. 'I.

a' 20


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1! l~i I. -


i.G ^ ; .. i .* : *' .
, ;, ^ *. ", *. ,. ', ,. ,
I .: *

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_ ? I ___ _I__

t. atu .,r ....,-.1,- .
Lt .14;4J: DnAokaj'fi*

ily boya' 01.Uoiklin ct-

d qi,.. ,lsad tni h r oyou. lrtt. oi /:..'.. :' -- r t .ol r: your
Story iA yn':.M;"e0Hf'G Plost. 'h gocl wr onU

.ty r oo a to ijtj.xr:t 12 'ltprpus'd. s-g.i by ar'in I .. nro

lWe 7.e su:c ;.:i'. t i oot.d o.- t 02o:. r.t. ,c t" o ,
killli. by Qol024. L)cribtlesys 'v: :12c *0 v r"-1.n tt- 01 ct.' old. uiine.

and youi ani th' ol.obe" :n, "11 dy izy: ~ 1 rLyr It t.u *; Vt '; .V..
wat,- t..(b3.e. He R;ays tlrit a rocoo .oes y do wc.t .. y..riU. -.,* h,'i,
rortt r ,eah dorwn to the witor',they argornc

ow. our. U, .. G -Alo w!lq.- t,.l- ja.oy "h-iah-- ."3 so'.n loL.U o. t
dit nbes .wer~e cut;saubjoct, tq andrion jrpfl$e we hopo thnovr. ye ob t out; .
but I hJve not crmon n1 avood 1- b; t'.'-1.i't.L '.' U11I...-v rIl y
oor'st igjo ays, It t~1~ tbho:r,; roc't;- rt. c t:., the wartcr. ho
they. u.iy look well now. oth.y are foT,-di Ur-ooedt"

At, SBo.ay. you my rmrnb-er na uporb toaLloonj.a r;v .l yer-a ild.
It stands o0q Vc We aslre otthe Cinil,anqd ATBOVI: tlia .ook. Thon I, last
saw itJtAt h-rd stood no$ only tlic woldC( ?nuo;': i> u nwar: Uthre t?.:n vidLth ,
us)., I)at the water, too. But ItsR rootnarny not havogotton dorm deo oenough.i

Noe..a-n .your yearofI odbqer'v..tIJ-onI a:; woLLu21ntll r ht ;ir your jildgmnt
on this joatter. I y1n wnorolvlngr:L Oi-eel -iL,.. 1:opl1 yo- fe ;1 sar.feto
plant ,the h. the tsees .on Seo. s ao vory manoib. 3bttr'-r protected .,ig.iwai4 tlhin itritrt menrb
aoe .t)in trees at Okeel.nntat

H* Ielria n eg t Pm ?azJ s" is worth all t!;o s .tudy wo oar! givt ,; ii nep
resQntr. THE I A X tq sot1JeQ a new coutry.. Ny Frmitoroet pl:n. is a ,
li& $1t firetdiavnlMat I havo nfuTer !.ia Garovt. ,Ioldng, :s tbo 1!eado plan

e 'A* O(2)
J. reX tha+, we iJ(.rtivqXy, necxl1,hrQti .o tiisi -- -. .
1. ) Self-Det.rrrn.s~jn to boe won by) n). O(Nt 1'1 tie-lv.a.i., j r, tiik),
Sb R"..i .ior.t:o.lorr-nrt,Jittoh ,iit oi it jor
t. 0: '+ '*. f V:".r_..- .;I t, .' :. ,:.o 1". '. "".y
but poRs!; ly theon Xy effective one ..
25 Hastened anln Compleoted. fReclrtlon;to be Li(c.- rrgliti-fly, tunint,by
l ogi al .U P.4W'.gB f-' z '-- l- .. ,
A) Dra.' 3vigc,. Si). .'er t'yt '.. ". O""T'reT. n":- -.'" r .:Sa of
a) ra-nageb) T'r wapot u Ltt-!i bywan: r ( n.itr- lQlt.., tn',ot a "ti emporL y, n'lO .
c) LAgrtultureaa1l d) Fire-.nrotection.
a)' ,lztdtTr e sta',O3t2-n:z~r 12t; "'.W' !.. .- 4/1
> ) Itat*Ioon1yPractsio"L Settlsi 2:v3. D-**- --lr-im ^ .':t T ',: :^ -i .
Elan b'ats reprcsufntl .r outs out &llU- '?:.' (;-L-t *tin'.e. p;lvi-;t promof.on,
whera .ppliod -.
I am g-iin.g Enz thought to tl4_hio1 r olL3 o 0 r it. P :t t
wir't I refc.rr et to i=s A trypu *o yi.* boa tnt wmc.3 ., it .. -',4 l "'
tra3t it rtan no"f go tQ tf rstt- 1"'.Jkot d .i'i .i-s.ytTh ;~ h. -T. r.tif-ttn
advertaRi in"a ";; 4ttli.r eX!t'st opncsL.- :hvr.w-,i-,: ,:::1. -- lot .j. .
advertising zu tftC Paoet, I4 Df-evloperp0,oo- .9 proportion, to y..raoti3 of ivo' ": 'I- "Cn",I r.,M. 2l ...a 1.v. .t
i wiraan o! rf. dtiCffcrCt brT-jt.r*

S. 1! i'...- nt. OL"c -. *t- z Cor0 : : ..ntonn... ... :f .,:1 .F ...'"..'Z -w .
The .wiolx a i ivvate-prof,.t" phasi3 :' .d..-. :.~: bL'l-'r'T .. .tic-
ally7 .11 .ay lto, wr ot. on a Tl rv' n i.:1,.r .,. '.7 .' *:':. L-. t .to .
to v4ho fflla&s .extent of "7b1lityn'ni vd4tb no k 1.-1 ;' :rn ij .j.: r.oQ I..f? lO .
t4ryin to i. g ." i..'y tc :o' I I.h:.v\. :',." t .out *, ;u. > c"... ,r
buU..LiOs oij ti'jitj'. L1.Ci- trith '-:' tit, ;c 1 t, !IC-qS, tcuily.;;celcly. f toi ,oJ: of .
thbo .b~ao? sngtht would providee tho asrly.yv-.-u '. ':. ", :.'.'e.: -f
a norc o ,cc-ruz'sbr anid nro'it.- Skcr goa s :wot -'. iT)l~' ,',it: ::10. ', i. ia on:-
reason t':' E:;t. a'n pl.r.n locv:: no s on,( to no. 1-: o'ltnmtt, ,1.3 'h.i 'ot%,
ant plrOQu ti wTvhlo,_ proposition an .th:plroosc'b;.ui- t!,... settilin ;.i t-ar&-
dc vcojmot VGr3k abhoullro it. on. If., r'e.' si Gi : ..-. r, IN .. ;oh
so a a S- 3t-tS ErpiriLefn St;tio^ ?

-'repJly .0o way you h:xV3 the prooisetyfr of WJ.t I !voi..n i'.d.s .i .Y;.i
head of the -i na. Wta o .,e ;, .it;ioi 1hon r.oc.-. i .9',.T -" .
State .4gr.l..iitur-1 Wii in a.oh ..iwArk,we g.v.w ,,th. v'ry bejot thlt.
waO !n 2 .li toh.l?2tA1-- gtc, f.nrior- OT1 of tih *io o il,.-'r .*? n ..i/^
poli 'oI"t mrnvm 't. r"i f -"" .nsio~andjn a,- liof yotr,'i.i oiu"ri c,:j a.
4cultur-e o q aefo anr.. .sanTO rh~ ilolaimlin a rcwbidof yne:*.F-,' p.I.i.L ouii-(.olves r-).
m t r c rc ^
4hil "t. ^.h^ water,'w rl.o-i:-: Oh:- fi r.orly a ftti-isot F', ,. vio-.;:;n ,.4 0-, ..
ha.-;Ge4: tr hold.,rxl .nros,3iV ry, -.oo olh'-'ter, of' -. ; a r..tndour ,niv.,te-
axesg wan never heruTl., -*'.tL uLt.SI. .- p ;,.in L rM-- : ; ..r.i ... paom.I
Bhl ~~nayer b.p i4 e o give : cit t'o b ist. i ~t."1 .Lv t. g iva. b'; cuMp;ic ion
of jcromon al grwe.:I L.
I .certid~Uy ap*r atBiongaml shall rcespioiYLh Il

Oonrda.2.r.y yrn-s,'




3 r

. 5,
,- A


k Il, FLA., 191'
otj LOc a- nJ-* r
g%. B.T-.f-


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Glad',s mfaSter). Oi: o..r ::11n2tlr yold iould li;:o i oVro :itt.

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with faqt thRt glot noat-joklcnp;iI nt utsr are to go. inl hrc:e U L.:a -- '(*Ln. u,
hMiOta .will .wrao4Q qthe V1 rkot 2o2 thi cbut .I.j ou cjurn w l'1 71-r1i in.
iwthlielthe -man Beh.lndthesiq o I-JoJ ng pl!initsi rwill fiurnnli I, -1 *P* ".. o ,CJd on
sharets,fndflndto raikot, ern. ,onc;,, ti, l ...t!.... .. -., f i. .,
seems to be oconL s*
Very ttrly your,

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N ^ aar i 3rs. allinirs --

haveoal thq aclt> rtiwt at h".nx for SGc.3B< s .,? o,- a.. p a rl, )
nandhaye th ~ rootnt 0hbgoswhirtaSonop Uazy al8 1o abouG. OlCe i htin
Tos ib3le fQr t oLu t) prco.p rc the nattor rore ch c ou o't :. & ~ 00!o c'r n
that h.s to tunt all this stuff up,un'v .ri'y. co...,e.r.'n

So I QhiShI your loheapot and safeot course is o ,ie sto ulnL
o-, 13 0 6 34 j 1-., _
bstr; oo t .g o ast eost : m ain D-c::oh 4 P'lnr st rti; ;'ZiL. r i r1; *t: C Vt o to j
N0.o '1ul orth o Lt N., TrW Ok'l D'-a. o'"u"..c T.o.
.ti1- &.hp e will s i.t t- '-, '- 0. .T.. .......1 T l
no troIvto. t y Q0'.
s o. I r t c t nou r o"f'"t I t. C. t .ad* -

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intct1. non: y tbn t Pa a myo ,l
!ourse, e. o 7.1 .

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rv. Bert ZaUhock4
522 ;oi.ZJeC--oal Bl1g.,

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4i qse.. n io .oopy of lctt'r I JIJ\v? reG-;,'7 d -oA 'o *s.Wj1
SBr-now&-a..l wcrLkedt into z r .esu S fLcr' .c-;ty ~-;4cly uac. It han arouroci
uanai intoerontsaaL prordsi.; ou to bfingroflw.ita.

'Th? point 10o Pher.o. TI' we. wk3l 1:.la2lt co,' .o.r..r.o.n'o or:'n W
i/7ll QStctblosh thu oemn.tor in ILiA to hi;aul.. t:; orov.I.;.y Ma4 :iluio IC'
and2.ti affordus a permnonit iizi'kot

SJnoo this lettero c -mo,a Geoo*.ncinflr:?t h-is b-.-.l dt.';"'4ln Laalqrdalc .'e rvo Imat wp.icLing houses harm to T '*tultgoion', .; o :.rltl.~ b 0re"
poct,,withln 90 days.

Proq-i n sEtobl-w .lr g Etl+llp)olint,TIhc two utLliltqJ,"'v *i*:.* ;'. '*oi 0
plant,iwQuldbe supPleeitotary. c e v&trittor udould bO 'opel;Xly. unofbl.
'hdile web r3 Araidsing oorn,without havitig:iuioient atookJ to foed the corrn

IQi cattleQ uci bliind.the j;.oing i rLnn,,ul.lio.J'.y, o iLuri)th us -
all t."o cattle 1we wVint to .fecA;we to Ivandlo th-.'ia on the ilh;vo b Isir, ',ild. seoY7
thom here to their market*

WT feel .thit we shoul'leoure ,tli o4avntor'* It o;.ll 1 for 100,0J O ,uhols
of corn. I am wo~l~dl, to got threo seotionopl it cd in tfmut for .tlo f ll-lito;r
oroqg. Some think two sectiono,properly li.ndloaEl,iloulLb il(e-t3io 0It,00C bvit.

I have onet gropp In 1r(ansas UJty,soon to coluo,wjio 9 ex:joL to p anft froiln
1/2 .to 1 section ofthis jprg. Cert iu Chlgiaigo pjwople '"),bliv.':hey .acn t)lqnt
a goo4-aiaed acreage. In .to-day's I1ali ,.ca.moh .ostqarn <01i.0110ntla;, f 'rmor' tr.13 aIs
lettertfiguring that 15 local irmer;'- ou3fit casi-y to pl:-nt the nooe;r.sary

It has oouarredoto me you might bc-in' to pl: t a lp;rt ovfthe acrc ge
yourself possibly a harlf-sootion or rnore. 1xperhimcc had at the Okeolnmtn


Itocj,; M arita t 2920 rp.abd t ei .S :tdfacil:lty ,Wl'thi wlL.oi. a ..l-go o rage
o ccaO 3fa. bc -,,i ntj,.ad in y'r upctiOton,,dr. Dio;' mu ,ns fully it can to grorn..
Tlh fact that pour oounltry it rc, 3.o11 tltciod. avol! C tT. tL3fia i u.'tics we
incurred In the f-ll of 12OS,

It .3s also l t vt.utj f. -' 0i .t'* n1etter, u:y booS *i'ornt to
your agacatc- in Ph'ldl:.dcolphias They ihow at .tdgI are wU rr vinga",.nd
th-.t t... -c .r o :io..o.tu.-1 anuccess Irnot fo !r dirt. ,nt

Zou of couro: Imr'^ ti-h;t we now.' hIto a c..A-:plztnl. to .the c(:Et the *
R.R. at- Iion inbu ,0 r.9 10s nf- ly,T!f tc-l of fl7,ccutrwi.cttiT.r-Tenn 3It for
cran.1 Tiritlsci ou-" Oro- .-StatIRo.i,u t n.. n:; o.:.n *: bort:Ehoft .['3no

Furt1lor,lBrowarl. County, .h yot;el bonro for hop Inleot her;,: :il nine fto build
he' ~ cJ-iro:o-t Uj upQ thiS fanl2,_Vt*, L To nali Joen.oh Ofunty.
Vey nty oim

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.1 3 ~ 'rr, a' ',c' o" *u,. -.

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FW.'aud ,Fla, ,3-23-k2.
M.y dear r.Norri --o
Dlghtd t got you L:ttor ot the i0th. right now.
San Piego business an u-n i ycI YSTiERJ

ldyou axve surely eming, Tidwill )wdng vnr ma 's to corn vsE.TT,;
I ahouldsay this-- :.IaLe ur o tVlnsaole. Plan T t1 s ootion, .xl also
TTp someof theo smaller trt, pon. beo* Sonoofthono.?.. tr.iotato t '
sayr it i e-.asy to r:.Uxe 80 bus of ourn on .D. axl. I hav bo:en t:l3k~n .
40 and4LS IPs, ,That isRows how(1oonP3r'vat p;?. I a.1; sair.0a on ltundpriLoes. I
wantypl. to fin,-a tjling I t.alklhet.te th:m I hiav; snaid. That. 'l.mcr thinias
15 faIraoQe ought to pull that qICv'tt orhrxad1.r dowT),i b o dng up oast.Ly* I wrototo oioConofer ycnr3otlrday that ourt t to. bqc. abn .
to jutf in a hilf-seo. or WiL'; aeoo. Adclot to bdinlor;fted to do it.
Planifirst,.tp icotTo sale. '.hcna xat,to g'. G Ai thei cor'n,or :). ru ih
as .y Q -aiy. If they bulythl.:y ought to :ut i;n a lot of tihenolvos.

.Ag,:iju,don't leave them b .tiTd. ioldd not thinly of doing thisa. 17oul(
not c.en riLs soflninfthorn aiho;a. Nof t.-ling what h',:''.cj r1.fzht f:11 intp.
Too mnuiy tra s axn nets for buyers. Tave net snoh t idngs I yfsclf, titNOnlil
Hang to your rionaipylkap *thp. on. rmy off. one may t-; to t.:lc tTh:1 ;ty;aay fr on
you .;ght on the train.

Hereias.i iiJlistration. I haven't soen a thing of Oldhn. It. sn.y bo
stolen. You can buy acohinos hcreaos oll nan ir, I.U.,I hiaveno doubt ;honce
nay haveno spooial reason for driving thru.
Not a .woniMro ownor of Seo.30-4.-187. Wrote hi; ag;in to-d:y. Rnd.nigrxl
him no .an,. to my last 3 .cettoer;anai-,i lwe nrouesndoontra;otformn, tvr any
sign yr. ppl. upSURE. Told yonho is hItrcdto g't lttorn frorji.
Don't hv_ yo' r poopl think Skeelanasis a, fin teomin,w. It ti .stL3J in
tho rQugI. I havobeen hecrofor rios.,on thlisjob,andlwc-%don. ha-ve gro,.n up highp
But we have tloe .MICIERI LOCATION anila lot; or finn tliingtr headedI our, w;ay. ,
Andtll. wenoed .isthe E?' and, .the JIONl1andmiwo ca) In ..o 0 oloean u, .of the
site andthe ptofits too. VWiilo experimenting andfYfig ng for ro'utiidltch -
eseto. WQ ooul4 not get.. touh in monoy waysl.'ln coe hiro r,'l righty little
to work with. But now thoti' 'ohn ooeo whoe qon 'rith1. riuon,:ylike your ppl.,.
oan oomebuildon our fou nd .tlon,andnalce a piles


S.o.N. 2

SSeoy. of Okeolanta OedOkinity Ooioil writes ,to-da:y:--* A noting i wa .
made at last Council meeting nantruotung the( BDooay to extend a cordi-l
invitation to the Elevator party to yisit Okeolanta pin any trip pf infection.
A hearty. welcome being asuredt Pasn: thison to your ) trty.
Botwoon .s ,o ha1e sOLIn peatiforous knookorsin tihe Uppqr G1.rlos oountr yj
some down on the Qountry, ,.d .otherasdown on any one ho d~oo(n anything to
help oongitionq. Afraiid he will got sorne credit. T1is a is tondodin
part,1 .tlink to beOac off such p:l. Be ready to gu :r(lyour p:.,'ty :t-n4nst
such iAflueciies. Sor4c w -uldaink t'O~rl" crw ,ifthcroby thr.-y o.o:ld. spit.
soro o7e-. Thosedq not represents. A1T-- I1F; LEJI1T ;"NT, u. lut typo should
boon your gunardi thB thej rdon't spill tT'!r bevau fo- usa ].vry couV ry. hasn
itstrAitor-... Oursis no exooption. Yu c.-a :;ut yo. na r ..'.ien,'uf be

On 3-21 X scnt .youa big list otfl Lidatn andlaromun OIo.e:lnta; :MIGIHTh (rOD.
lands .aixlgood prppositionstoo. Want to h:vvoplonty for sorMaL buyornsyou
rmay havoland an ,altort.rtiv, ifwo rshouldget ;'r.Lo':1 .r itthl ownini of fO;,c.:)-
44-3.3 o n't exp'eot to,bv-t want another string tq our bow. TJoro !i.Ulndri
in Seo r45-36,sust S of O I,3esL'ci lly. thy lj,,,i4 a.-arOF'I1 to s3oouro,6
That OCanal. roit:igoe.g. io i ia uiIZ.

When you are suro yoivill3 : ar on!, cert Ln d:it :,lt ;''tf :'- iro i, '; + .
ri .y rako. all nocessary l:-paN~:tipn,~ 3fndfno.u f.il1 to I73,' I.itan'7. Y :,.nit to
count thG dayn,an.lseeo th not n pstitoh is diaop-od 0 igIt scild a '.;ir' ust
before s~ls~ ,ting, too. Cor-e to :lud.oRJNUlo. We',l grt ,togeg;thl!r h!-ro Toll
your uon tat, at presentopur i:;isengfn q.Oj icnio.wt run idg andin'.ll h:vp ioo
gp on a fro.tght boat. Good ho.tol,tlio,at Ok., .Soon we'll h~ runiLng a:,ta
ajewiston by R.R. andby o:-r to Okelantae Co.Oomnrsr o. h.wvput afoboo of Ton
onto our- Ok-GladLerest rioadL,toc.. .Suilding on froG;-i .B.O.-mo to b -!gn soon
i.e. utt;lng on hard surfnoe.
Horgy Ford, dlLson and Bar.,on Oolr or report o '.b.- y hi,-n quietly.l ,
but heavily oi G.".CId inAl. at : .Gfr:tt-gii points on ;'urtarud Oanntl
fizl.any that will boat ours. John 1iRaimuzke1 out w'ith :a. )DIQG IfJP S, Fla.
bayaGireelEoypf livcewouldtell youn:gon of olst to OC. 1:! T FiTA* -yeos of
WorMlupon her, oto

Oord lUly ycur:,

1. '

tz--z JL S. ', 7 ;*-
I '. t '::d -,il :i -


S". ,

"*-* -n., l ,L t-:.3I
- .. .- '.

trt:fn r2 i so MUM
4. r l t' f lt .' w A t ; n
J i nnt c. .n '. :. Anif .Iy
A. k. .. ": L I". ? 17 ..&.` :L : .. -
l'r.l"y. -Ii ^ht -i -!t rI i- -".7ih t 7 1 N o1!
with .l: ,1 .u r L .T.. T: al
:13 2 f*. f l o^ .Ct ? [lI a D .A. ?-.>f.
M CCrc.* 1 Ccn' ; 2 .t C.L ..,: .2 *;
t2TL't Vint *.f,

1 II I C I

S" : A
Y -o bz ; y t'

You ell -j x $ .' ,-. l -,
Y o -, ..l5 ,Po'. *;my1l X:f -4 1:a .. ;.r ; 1 .' 2

own, 14,0.;p y in ';=.,,... 10 '
-- Lt. it
Second 1' -.,7 ; n rr. It, L ', 44
aThird a % f I
rv. 0T I? T


U0ole.fc, &;.h yoar /4 j f?
- ny 0 or w nor 'c :3t(

.2 L'-V.S3

; *
c ncrrne ainio bo' "i o ., ,.i'.-. H i., s

pLus the a ': othl r p0tyts Wo:iPd 'Jct th e

plI A '7&n.ldLbc auc; ... :
Y O- -a a

.I at ", -- ,
e :ei-,bl' v. e .-a: i#7 "'. tt,"

*';! :iT !':.o c-il "--?.;- -i "-- "---'-Y,:--.,, .


S' ^'^*Uii*,-r ,,
-. J.B.Jeff rilo,

y do--: r.Jeffrsicq;..-

.I ..t.. yo ci n rIy.. ; -10 T -'v -n h' :' l iom f~1y- ,.:i;.n o 0 toi to -you, .

Ifj,' i iti.. wih i"ns:0oL. ion,s in 1v.' t L ITh. -;,
o i -.. t,, :W1au c. h In '..POL e a; t t
l e-j 1 -0 1 F o '5 .K ). _o I P bb ,1,0 5 c -1, Fi ., .,I
anmu;-a jitorest pta7ntr,. Gold.on Oot.'ot,- ,..o "f

o an v7 n tl untl S t -ry buyer .' .oUl rin ..A.
No rill yo1i not s noe at o'ie oontraot,al riLy t r-
Psig:: pco~ ~tl I-i. L ::elzat iL os SILitio i Gaat 'O c: dld f orm
Co'uc h:,ndl~for another 3te opF. -A'(J YtX ,ingWth S o. :lc
Prep 1ited t-oteioi troi%04;m n :OA :im. nl of i :t fl gu. i
k4u' o B-i' ; vi.,:60 Se 1 1./

po.tioji ..2, lr o o Ln rn o. vi l ,-, -(3 | 1.0. 1 .
+ w l-0 0 Z PoO ,r-_i to ,T' T li.t t i- ,",,Uj: "c, : yn il' *, 0Th
iour lin .cioq- yiu, iy
all t-Io wUy.ror "Lausvi Oio tiimnI" (i.and l, !Zuly (,t,. uy

xt seoOu.,irob.).,blo tIt, .J,. 7,ai (3j'r -, -

de, ,,k..,w' b e giv en, be- Cv. ...,i,, be
in case contract, o n:aot lie h ho.,.s ot]w'* laml c I's'." r:.1f
r ,.7wiribut J4ep3.0 -4-1-37, irnthotr--o ......yo
ohoi.oorno farur. Hoping for a vry rmpt r -ply, T reom 1. I

- : 1 _J_~....... ---:

Full Text

I tPold 1arhaull of the plan at shMelling the Utanlamorthe cet ;
lievo to be in suffioCint quatities at Okeelantalanlasked hma Ib t iM t
not put shell on our 10 adlos for oumr 4n2,t7 6 Be piuoeasd to sktu ad
X have rocentlybr d another oonroreno lith ibta He sapa'te wfl umndertale
i the job at ahelliwgbr rouQt the rt oftur rmid the entire 10 iloesftr the
Sabro B mzlan1z'm. a deop & aitaP wedo,.mranaruPIliit with aoell(t
it is tharope and wantea)or rOtc. The rook ho snyais a bettor mntorial fbr Us#
ana ho oan got It rrm th b.anti or our o anlas wth w ddh he i t-nsdtlnxr
X have advoied bin to soo g oo &m n t onoer Harrias an
he reeood to do so soon* In idto tol4 n dortban oiur OMkoolunta
ple ild puah to havethe work done~ ha ngof ooursopno prerfer cesw s and d
sidzae only to get the best ro a they a:uld for the n ney on hlni.
the resolution isprepiroad tozw that point of vie*a Neither thle Okpelaata
toornaity Couniln or the writer is 8 pIh~f~g anr rwpufatrbtl t all atlu as
SIn dead earnoast to get t a is soutng to uis W thio iiattcr of a reno.
we will not lio at tho oead end of a sta~ a dt longer thrum we ,a tatey mea
It the torn l requoeat .ie aprovaedgt m~Al t be well to accompany it t "
a brief lottesr znY'a Manasll as the roii m au qUoteds Wmi i n to do tlhe
work for the loney at haud^aIt niidwg clear that we sopeat 7jHi. HusrUlenl
to ue tVeet belat g tanmget thle nat vnluo out ofthe nonoywit the
least iLOai7
Copies are cncloseod for tho press* Some nvl remaonbr thAtln formso
orisesni h b-a our U.n.* Ueor [ pt.. Hetoenlfx1 Va *tsm*
Otraoerne -~e on eethoee .pro.anhgl l ~eE ,ool e tZ.Eo1 ,ll the fai "..
in a Oarhfl~E y preparO letter to the 8u Ltry 0w^ol Boalana maae mor ppa
ositionw Th ELe eont the o asrTla se verbal papers* In Oonsequma sn we
won hua d oner ease was tYB 'rr, W. f tr l .,, with in the eyes a mP te
putl 4t isase Is equally elear.
S)howover,1tho focts arenot uaihe p .baiasOamIe will IglOne we Pn ea
to get arme ofthe jboarjAb s to iIh we are not ailor present
eaxtl f is many prouso prjpjli.o aer apfpi aMong other 0
and bold bUak .Z u entorpjIe for yOeaRe ~h all the fcta openaud at
the cads on the tableit neooms tmapaible that any fa -r nand penmoa
could rail to see the justice ofiur request. In V r qlt MW.1 Ube
gxtt.edGanithe work begun at Sn early 3 iP yrlxl1sMt Mas fM the wafe o'
our Okeolaataealadeareost Canal xaiiload.
hoping agts may meot With yme anproval.I romat a,
SpStrinoerely yours,
ggested, pagpoar to send oo0p~e to,-
PalaO I Pet ant e.rolopor( one apy)*
koQ Iro;h HeraldG Moore uroen Timosa,
Palm BseeS tpropioal Sun.

I-Oke 0elantaPla
I4y dear Dxo. Roths--
. .- e t t
oIpep 7 0oeoan d asMwl

.* 4

So '. L 3't- r f t:l o -2
a thic snowk you ne1ed

r ood, 3.8. As rr
Thanks for rcnt (

off 's


a" pjho woV nL t< :ei sorin;-poA*in,a'ot n c.nnehtt ieo fron
bher yesterday So I ar.: told. Phone to '7 fl.,aiudxriee oirnrtZ

(i~r3dQB Q25a0
-T C-s llse
rp' 3Rreanne

S MCia.ghty ,gfAd It If.R. cone to cooaaj, rvan If via lttard. rai lfP.B.
wants it tooe Th-y Mtght cownncat rro!: iw. via k'-o.:l.Kt;! :T ..P.B.a'ft.
'This secasto betheir best 0c9eEso
UWpuldbe fne fne forms
Vrot Ir rs6, s hrishire. My rPppositten was tit.trlth all ibos. sood
scopt;bleqrstlely oprm,1 woald be satet r-ice for greru t* nrtApleas.e.
tell UMt QI:Ltshircl L was n33y nristvr at! v.iorthfflgurc thct cEn ?be ;oD
Plt saji to h-elp buailcdap ti rbusinass we can.7 a e T oh is .inc
0 qHfAO^ pushed.. Audltur obhpswero good. wfliy arLitistlort tcr, tfit."'

Uetetdt 2ea3dl whether ca r'
who io befagpihedt oerta lT 7 pe
at r Oi- onpoctcnt at t oht.
rE Still vaoant,Yhopoe it my bi

arA bucn a4i*.oil. y so inpostant, ptr.tazngy not tdll to
I know who midtht be Wtcr'4t.
loft go till tIIrdtycrWa

SiWjpsd ':3. saac-sofr :.shouza to L*oo0i;k; 0ai Z. iHavo rAoi., Jno 'o ;o .1a
Bent you "opy o'P Locke o a'd re quality oa the o3 mscJs. Vell pl1:r.s. Wants
norP ;aw good. oent 3 sa1Csiape 387 lbse
wafrxe~d. aimout the Ohilds soeR& '' Joomi :Anis an old orc.r .g'-r'd
p um last rw to be tilled tihisyri* UIo wrotone Do0O19,22, Jan*18,?2;
ellab ebJandMa Veabi. Be no ensa the ased asheenlb baUvltly o c-z riJry j's
lmtoresa isoa be haa been puttiagofl til he noulget the siiirent'. I
bhzartpt te34lngta I was' tIeintr o got cten to hi;m. M un Febl*114 sIcst
him the : anfl3sC31,0 1Ts.. Wt- le trC f.0lO y.- t: L. g,1tY1 -Trw !aving
*al3l aloumgbe"Cl for 21000 lrase
As I haresa.eldI rwutanitring fTrthese:ou za4 yet oa aid. ay your help,
BandkeO al hat t isai. Ho w" yo 4 c' pTr t. f-b'i -ir p T A
good riaoe fo*r what we wanted warren laQodAf almost list y"ire I cert 'i"ly. hope
yrW atai t fm ill .titaodat.r T uotrPloaseroll ricvr I sC1?. 1 T-fveto
o 1ta1 bi 4t isnow %iesaiblog but it will have b:dl afFect on outr sta-ni3tng.
S-aesar. ampposecd little ropp woulinot yteld e.t 1-'Ast j?,0CC IKrS of sooG
L. qet *Iilee areno 3isy from Tilm or Wkoke oAthier.* ill iwitu bhi
ShbtlteOhe n Mhae Market Vi.a MBaC&1.Oas hard as I a-on. Ciulook is
Sfseem vell oleoas;. Ouocf th-.' -Stis 1 L 9 ..,1o., .-t,
SIs tratlagno about it.a hayrahe Vsal pt-. t to-g-pori i t hin-.
E:g eaig nitlo driehwuNW a ari sta1* He has bemn In
an ai a blo9r4C Saa our asetitee a111a Ite .he s-at plafe
ft-te(lqpy ltaeemglpete to Ibtlngn a blanh of hUs me".Sada teoo

~ljR, ,~n+Tji~-f*

1toriba tal Estatre jnornal
PHONE 1690 327-331 N. W. FIRST AVENUE

March 25, 1922
Mr. Thomas E. Will
Box 285
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Dear Mr. Will --
I will take pleasure in mailing you a copy of the
magazine containing the article from George. I
am enclosing you the advertisement with some of the
things marked which I believe ought to be brought
out in an Everglade story. As to the length of
Athe story, you can use your own judgment, writing
/whatever is necessary to cover the subject. I
think one of the things that should be brought out /
is the amount of mey that a man ought to have
in order to start iving in the Glades. Too many
come down here with no funds whatever and fail
because they are unable to stay with it until they
can market the things that they have raised, and
in sending information North I believe this feature
should be brought out.
I would like to have this story within: the next teA
Yours very truly,


e,.JLd*,-",3-1'3- 2.

:My !iccrt )rot;Zc;r YoGti'-...
Thc 'r- I raefloe t upon
tUiL.L b -r'iel- ro'o:,)3.-, nor coy).-
oerned I feA. My pi .ona3- exiS-_oPicnco on s7ioh
S-li-cr 1s r:'sn so ?oinW ;h:it IX :-. pt e 7il: .o-
co.ivo' -. vt 7h t i.. at. .. :c s.

A-is t!o lotno 11 n ne' worryy Vbout Lth t. prO-
ri t~e.' t. : l.;.LL QrLestiaUns c:.. b 3e -yaeredit-
1,) lEt -. pro .:oe cffv-rt to r.r'p;a.nt thle oZT

'ror long pS.oCiA oio- i h r ':l. l no s
i.e Ii11 -ii I: a10; 10 y L;.u'' I:;e. lrt rc loaI
hbe.oSero;h su 1'rf.GAc:p'n.:.' icogSiis :u riea2l tLrtiici-
ples inrrolved 1-2 such ustions* They thiink
of tabuildingSpcyrti t vus w-
l hLunod.,and cja i r-x ri :lc r sVkr nt issues.
Nob:. herci: .- point. ",r. H.,3.iad f aUll "sing 2n
Okoeuliuta :-. lonig 0 he c '.-d to h'7 it. Unlike
somncI nns thrp fani! h,-le l hiall I rss n :critf
ted to help* Il, il Tv7y little Cu;: c?Ortt' sed.
no enthrasuliamlidl 'rcuesn sonr ant-'gcnisa- as
at Soa BA7 he u-'ousd A1ifa;a,: lg-v up. ti.h 0L1O
('-lIt n effort vclunt riwly,ri uith ;no suagrebtion
wh:,atcpver frora :Iy f uu3

No. why tic:: uz :l3 u, wit:. a bTri real estmto
proposition-- lotabnildingeta.-- IT)en he has
onp. nothing with us since th :t :fAiluret
Two. good bidizngf st -, -. rendy f r himnor
any 0ther Pr iT c sirl. n' aribitione WIy should

A i

.itt. *

f l a C PI h
N-O* 4 OLyitthoiwlarrii,

Wr d..n Di octor Suth wei n"a--

Yot r "h' -AC 1. t h110.0 Tou ;iU (1:, 1' -
lot ; wont to tuihq Brya.t aml Grnwood i .eir t.. -". -.,.. .L .
natoLng to Do with tc;. ty 1 Ir ;a cici o t.;-JO': uy-:1 .,

-l. el, .ra T hm W.3 ibe n b.yat 3 bi Tyju-c th .t, tr- _* *.., lt
it he been WpmIt 4iIrnh M.-l 5 y .02sq',r*. p..t 1C7:1t '* ; o -,o.
aZiEh ort it la ben s.rolui' a- :

heo Ad twnM eouid be saverqot if the owneaiAgy1amly *.1 i;. I r
dotty.-sy boat to arotset.wria Taoir :rnvc is to o-.'e ings'olr s:arb.t.nto
or oeoprato \with 'ro nut a ler3.

laAh t.h&.*Q. buyar rcoiveF d i tract ru ri lot rLt" rmh 44 i:crsrc'ant.
1l' Wl"O3rnPf eirrcnfmtltyri.t 7I trl.-Th n.. 7 lotn. ltnd.. flm?'r.. b:-tt-.
hwat it znecdstis P E i0 L B I It i; noc-: dItawietoo. r

ainoercly yournr


I .

V R* .Co.)

ThoBian is to EXanta larie acreageof 40wrn ou laareaiy for It*. anU roap
S ltcs aanSsq tBo hlp Aosl'Cthe e-b.otor. I BlaxoorhsatFalteaWstM, teo.
N Mow we Iswr St pay happen. Tprae optitn hoavy g6t anlr- Itoaitlarity
to that nuggezstetYl the 10 spies Maio aamoblacl aaliaocEstq the Paialeod I
e u andNias liohe foe ia1titul i to wan;otiLng4P yearS*; till tthiroFlrfrelse
feI eli thio ild3amernosas
oaw If (Oklcaanta o'- yotoot tliai3f agrdnsst td.i typ.o a of.tiz en9 there
Issaelhapbope fotrhes At notlthcbeis ilbsolutoly nonce
I b0opp You vil. paos tiP:l-uwo.aw8d a.iu .aoh bU Ui^ Ai 0-i.4i5 4ri2. t ouait"i,ii uTli-.
Sthe sy tc"a4 reptard to offact the f t rit their ligrTIrious
tlesofthQe Analdr-eatoo 'iZu liaxithat eatcth up ..the A9ahbi.Tut p sthoreof*
We .iWo soao o the right Wi1ia They .Wnist to fe-Crr:ito into a ufion for
L BOMBlPROOTiUCIOa anI SELk'-ilENS'. I bop:a. you will -10 all you c-i bn o tlris
F ena

SI lhatolhlped tgep pZLont ratihcr h n ring te bie till ooz mtorluni were
saf rfor co:rLng o itw tuhey arcrnqaonably7 saafeaandt is blast gat thit.
ftlose W do haelbnfno theibcv.on afl 4o.-- 2 -t _Lul nd o :.n z _'7a
When it' .cots 1' ia. 63 i. is not ; .. o mitr .'rned. into ln-.'AnC
rather th=Kn e.tiLs
'went all .11 r t.f. t wit..h ilton T' hP-ri 'town ,.nrhe ann be oa united
on to taJiethqright sSao* litarin t -c aust 12 jOj* -r -.r3sl!onuldh h, minitud
he ad gotr warms ette re ordve them right, andellooo thon to Ain SoPecadng
ge LarUanoo- znt a deCat ht-ap ,a ouc ia;Lht still b.,vethi-u think.
atms. seeRsansjnt on t!;c o' ojf? lO.ruzw ing n 'ib;natpig r r-3':tin "-i
Iteava oeCoanlaroo to-orrowenalht.. I aT iurt.t3lr one* Ooo?:s 0 .q the
4etoiLa aro pretty well n'rwedto Nowrtr th'tt novornznm the' n 'r.'tP
e ian ri eestoe am.lirao whereto .t iti not suffer tharte of 4f tillhra* .
lb.k Saineasr* .on Boernpet al ho oorn jolP '--c oMn acll ili .1-a husk at
thie eiCfator at 60 a0nABi 4per luzwiben -kas b born eingsa 25,t suach is tlp
itt.a. pledgef aC .L7.. .*.ui>onTouell MseOif l ih ]iiIly ur .otwo rtry Cl torp
mauns %4 .&l T Iltter from him ag:4.n yest'daywell 1 ascp 'vrlth? wh':t aM
Gaoing to 7mt the Tpe tabrua With. snlUsa bon ae mlrsciou- corn .-..1 nomt
*go a.bogt,-g. any longer, te ana sel ti or feed itas -e tny c7oos'n HFe
adrirsms r. to rfe ed &t as sooon-a we g-i L'Ac corn ;too u h--U stn.ita
ready to bUy all we wan. to sell at houei
Agsl~t4 I aMA au ;talt r-.roocntly n1tth rf !3n1zt. ,pop corn rai,rsntoldhaVi'ef
thft t&WllntintAeprP sasadithe --.leOV.AbW UOO HMo zi tll pULIeat:IdLUI hopot -

"O' i. ...
te os ay work together all right. iil serd us rures an pop corn
Thyftrn vces as soon as Sie can get thieu

P.w *sftaould .,to thit l at at .s;0*v MWg wifl It
e$t muSh trimo ans ins q.t. t Wibxtuis ry Td 1.nj12 wo*Xor
rettangthe snMil. b;amzce I cwe you gor alm ag-.UaU6 t
U.wr l hn C yimon3t is Eslapltee

g;''-Ihivs &aay

age|W lar^Bt aqmt vuiAing to igr r .e tivt t 1, htijoase li
S yspa eineto to It Tzhat is lot theB old trantor rates app3l.

.r. ain a...n ror,

. .
titaSoonly you

l;l an us tctuw e &At, -h- 1 a to got 6 s
bc.ef 7oeror,

T "''a


Vq cr

10 Cbw'

EDWIN J. HESS, Prerdent


J. N. GREENE, Seretary-Treasurer

H. C. HESS, I'ic-Prtsideni

S 01V AIIT Y FT W % -(N,\I -i CA 'E;

F L ) F I D A






IO'AI4 2,

t ^4a/aQ
/ a


*-- ^-re

- I L I .



E. D .--.--...-..-- S .--.- L ... S. D.---------...

S Dear Sir:

The Act of Congress -pprFoved March 3, 1919, requires the Census Bureau
-' : collect statistics a- t.:- the number of persons owning their homes and
the encumbrance thereon. The census enumerator who recently enumerated
y,, J... family reported that your home was owned subject to, encumbrance. I
have to request, therefore, that you answer the following inquiries. All
S of ycur replies will be considered as STRICTLY CONFITEITTTIA and no infor-
mation will be supplied to state assessors or Federal authorities to be
1.t.. for purposes of taxation. The information will be used only tq com-
S< .ipi. statistics showing the totals for' the differ-eit. cities, states, ~.i'l
tl, TT nit d S t 1:-tes. No uli;..: cation will be made whereby the figures for
any individual can be identified.

S1. Street d Hui't. -r of House. .....----- .--

2. Market Value on January 1, 1920,
of this Home. (Amount for which
the home could be sold within a .
ii r. time. )--------------------------------------

3. Amount of Encumbrance on this
Home January 1, 1920. (Deduct
all payment of principal made
before January 1, 1920.) ............... .........................

4. A mht of this Encumbrance when
existing loan was made. -.-- .......----

5. Annual Rate of Interest actually
being paid January 1, 1920, on
above indebtedness. ---.------

Please fill in the answers to the above inquiries and return this
circular at once in the inclosed envelope, which requires no postage.

Very truly yours,

pbe ^ r?^


1 l-73RQ

. F. Rocke, Purchasr,n A M. Bessie DeGraw, Secy-Treasurer

Nashville Agricultural Normal Institute
sTelegav.... Madison Rural Sanitarium Tlepho
Nashville, Tennessee Rural Walnut 1789 R
Madison, Tennessee
Near Nashville
Mafoh 3, 1922.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,
Fort Liudercdlie, FloriC'a.

Dear Mr '.'ill,-

Can you give me a little information in regarf. to a
trc-t of land said to belong formerly to ir. John S. Comins.
It is described as
Lot 12, Block 73, Okeelanta
Lots 8-12 inclusive, Block 8 Okeelanta
Lot 27,.Blcck 249 Okeelants
Lot 5, Block 102 Okeelanta
Lot 15, Bloxk 193 Okeelanta
Lot 5, Block 212 Okeelanta
Lot 1, Block 212 Okeelanta.

The data I have is almost negligible 6n this, but I
understand it 'was pw.chased from Fruit _Cest Association, and
I presume your records can clear the matter up for me. Poss-
ibly this property has been sold for taxes. If so, who
bought it.

The tax .:ues for 1 19, 1%:. and 1921 have just been
sent to me by Ir. A. B. Crow, Tax Collector of Palm Beach
County. Heretofore, however, E have hrc.rd nothing in re'.2rd
to these particular lots. I will -.ppreciate any iriformation
you can give me.

Yours very sincerely,

Trustee John S. Comins Estate.

Dictated but not read.

X ha&v g. en a worla of thrizght to tILI roiblemm,3IrTid-rvhr' eOM y sA Tr 4Adte
l. Ieas upon 5.* Som of those I hnre X 1t drom i n poxfal;r fors in the en
clorncd AV'. rf I W'r2e rui'iIn g -i Aprit p;pi.ri?- axlfitth not Q penfly o
lanaod. intoreopt- I Ishoeulrtlcm suohi tuff @( loBtantly,with all nIssilbeO vtflPA
(iationisnt t all from the. BinE texto Get A.nt-o thu Gicades gwn'a, 'where it
/ipapas4frealo to Sgct in do your shr',anrMhoip us a ll irmacothe GLle nwatfetfy
iat d ahouldcbe*, teritflly lo:g,.ai'leatwo Georget to b' it rl'70

Bartovcar ptla:ks to that fbC. se imosItiton# into whiahi I t'/ws ?orooduItch
agwikst XT7 widl,3ta.rnevsr I asart :3tEhi .U no @y in onrtn+t:i to rncA~ring
S0 's GO .AJ1 to acl bets t ry to raindi. ax, a.tos clgu
a h t'3nLnagut inevit--T2,for. Ttn. -o" nry ,bost ataf
on the OJ.adoh daa no.oc get vun,nll ?XeawscjI suppose, o-Cihr3 auaydoio& asd
drFeat o? V Itxi"ng err-naftT..:,,d tiJAtlrttcfP,* MAi7t x or ftc,..wt -. esro
tuAing th-ot g B1to t6 cot sr1ajdit ht r a fl.lot1 do not z-tt?("ipt to g -t
Into plate

1* o-ti tPidnk well 0l atcuff s lit6 thri enolosd-a- .ni 4 'n lcMolutoly
cartgEza idt ,Ii Yil-- use it incwcvy youionso. .u..o..urL,.ljA htoe.j
ont 't.iy g-t potlarof!adta 'bofCrat road 'l a -l"C,rgh b. wc ow-av talk. ;Lt over.
The oopy I ayr-ia vos tedE uWon rauby ;ripae..-IwLo ld unot kno. hov.1 tL i
wvis roftho aimettiang aiL the. drtm.

c I,


irtc.n'c-ly yDilrb,

/ 7/

-It 4:5

*! ~t

~_ __ _

7t+ '-qalke yulo, o >i 18a.a el-2

S r. mm', .,(. .-'loCe: l--
Mrsc S0*.NUoris, i -

U4 ciear 7r. orris i-
t -Twoau rof tCe Athi at haPdi. l_ a things ro stial mTings. j
an' be smuro herlir you ae o a o lear,4 at y i e,* Bot, er pt ,. (..
. r'arp s with cro faomno tink Vdaao isbest ever lorus. letainly obea
As te ties. I enclose lwioq schdnule*. Re very careful -tboyt tgial.
r.te that 0eo 30,4.-37 is nI 5000 i 00 at So nM all or letfterz. '
S%.r _said yoLatt r.ased .ll La i m, quoted by mo 8.11,22 bTy w5.00 le,,-lst ire
-_-' "fm thmBa without a thorty thLat tWc e 1 o appoli .. thfr. ?aitbnrf

I -ee I tst q m t4afruto 1Erst laau .rago.* upr yenra e "They
began alng tat 40000 per .cp 'Rr tM3y are.R TI-E'K rflNar SB Li
laiay nt oros nrigt now without any oGingsIng ma
S atiUagp by r mXag 'hat iuthc troabloe S d ret raw saw grtae lri4
w F.'equire so amh ax1stBl lon*g bringing np,
You speak of Oerttl-n lantna sellln at A4"000o Per florc e I hT are-U tbatf 7lteoat larils Ire CP. 0e 00o e nOaon
.E tr a re .not iP theo .aar- l axg j eep aWW 20a
o ?.it ns ', O.keelaata t i.,n.a little .nor .. the lanuis .A
mmenton meaaswre on themramp-t to 1S9 tf2 ets. t"o the 1Luot
There is sun astowudxlng thing about Al r I keep the io oee.Ar
down so lknwhere I hrrec aii thiug to say abopt it. I don't iointrol these
S82rO* pateajbna. they weaptt low to' M* n
Sthe rtay t moe mints Brotions ohe-al oman s*el him 4 a eottansempSA tPhe
P1JO lau lgj-Sm s-below latteoreat5 1t $80a0* per anoreo9 poetiona. ahe iny
$,,!tt st0v6kselata A td andMos S artd 46ii above taiae.n*)
2 A W2 e ?1 oeta 1 to aasa tstjbt Oat on-oqa1n1
.Maaau ip"ou In w laac d ^ 0 atMat pwiepand in taat Ejg
ft""-aot hipo elni2Ua Fdtioat :ains* Wo6uldzhmeto bp Cgnaue
.I f Prie a- oaa-lu letter head

i* Z.. . . . . . . . .
- -^ ^ --%; I *



-r J




'y .diar Plfr.sorrlsmwi- -
Didnot have tiuea to finish yesterday. inorePlpl plat at
SSo th ~r o to New0kfeelaranga a MfO BDAMAI Col somrabody
I bwre an option on this,as I BacAtlait esplirca e y 1, It comprise
Rlotsen pp.n ro New Okeelantashore jtLoated.* N iOeelrntj lo1a.
-nt oarth gf Belles POaslsell -- for 5o6oot lots"-- at $~50 si a50b
per9 lt. One 2&stotlot soldat L 0.qoo ernry ountypajl, You o. m .e-stfmte.
mhat tlids Sp* Ettonaion .N wnoeth at such iguros. At oo00 per lot, the .
tro t is worth $75o0000 But with the early Imnoomlg of .p--ol.xrthl .
we asiy rPasi&ufmtly erpestwprices will rise rather thm fall. O1500 will lak
petty In a few years t.
ovaes I. said, thstrt an behad Aor $800,00 per norojPO$,000 oy,
in Eaash. an't you A's dia sale on thidt Itts a BIB BARBAIN. WazI.s ftay .
wildlamhas besan selling wept of a at o00.00 pop aore. hen thereis tbt.
you w irtem at @ *M00.00 per Maore, T is so far ahead that as. a W.
that it La enoagh to makeones mouth water. I aohe to be rible to bsy it
spTOW *

1 orthetf'hLjst trn stag n( i fitdripat oa thesetpoo. 2. hiLdLngAs t
*8 asrsesair 9S mares. The apreageis bloocrod;. It oentri pa 16 s 5 .as a
80 as* tWhremai~ e is In lotasmarkod wth red dotls Oneo are In ei*lt. ,
lot*. a. M4 s 80 plus 1I 96. Thle blook wt $2O, p.rc-ctjaIt .
On a iMia sale5as you suggest5 adl roomission to 'ame 1otD Li ntssleo;
atto ao do not o t at the epense _G te Pr.muibr F rumit*best
aB. 3~j fr the beltt -P any I have oerfed yogg imot r atur Ti .hest ..
ipestjand. wi l t iRg ne ~ s the. first season* 1as been in thrat e ,q
itr seroQal. years. a~t Is a MSa POINT. Not all rp ol ize. itbat settlea.~4J
-hether you fars a season or tft .to get your .al.adE'o;aly to r .mno r-- geTr a
fine. porp the ftrs~ yeamsmakes a ot nmmy dollarsof diPfereme in an amoee
Remartdbranapul. may you bring have all the l-an they want. to grow olrn",
RET lmri for mae onp kether they isy or not. I guarantee you asuS1 laA
in "tru.toret and ODee ta Addition( leeno. 2? and S3).
ilad o aikr jhaiw mZ yob a foel Ve rmay sBll to yor group. Appareutly4, .
Se*.0 .to the oeal menolthen some in Seo, 27 to the BLoiwKeemoera;juat how

,. 'B" 0r ely yo-urs,

. k.T- -

tL d, ,Ir1aam 3-i-1122,

i" "~i~

7 / ? Ro I
L- < P. --- i

"r^ i"* ^ ,- ,zl*'^

,m .- - -, ,2 ,,. . Z-_ ..

J-- --- 1 L, 7-C. -t *Y ,
-, '. "Lt, ... ,.. "-- - -, .;
-' 7"^L^ aL..^^ <

-" ._ _.. ----- "^ .^ ^ I '
n cla~e &iz2Le ~

f)' "- f
^Lt ^ A ^L -.* : -i L --

"- i -- \ i__*

.. . .4L: .-1- "'- "f P L ""L"- -.
,l L 1 / -
^^'^ -- -r.---7 .^ '-1 ^r'L.;C L -

'!- '-' -
^ "' - 7 1 7L I.L- i I^ 1< *l i f *
'^ -^'LI Ct r, c-L^ /(T 'L- rl l7

Y 1 .'C I L

r- r ~r- *-L 1 I ^
.. ~ ~ ;"-- .(, ^Z L-^ ts ^<^ c

. L,, : 2.--- .l.^. ?l ^ 7 -' *L ^ .


.~~-C ~-

iHope the p'".i qf 'l: Till .: o'*
i.o,you .my .".ir :.,;::". .rc-: 11.
Sran i'n s'y t-irnu( y tl w*t -: TXr ill
:70 t:.iL.' . "T c7 j",. /t -S *- .
.o: isL C,. i i"f.,' [;2-. :,-arr .L' ..n

.2l^thr.:tzb out tb.. -1io7. tr. P 'o '-i \.1 t .s

g to ; ycY. :,2,-:-. Q; r. 0 C ,
. i. 1 E.. O "L-Lii;-: .. ... ... ;Pl .-... *

S. '- .3 -- le
.* ti I L. . i . .

I *- '" I'
..- . '---,



". R..

MY d sThompams-
find youw. lot is' so t x i=n are- It is l..plue blo...

nDr4h- the Ifew 'keela's G anA singfand 11 blocks- east of Canfls

-I reooled enoaumra n, to-day ill the mettm of gett-ng OrW Oke--lants
conditions mLule 1aht Will try to keep you teonr-ed e rprogresself
. .. -. . ..
A....eDrw i, Lt .;.

mt e, s u dsea.. S-llE a

-ao-e .'- y
-Zt 41 be a tl. before you would ow-e t, ltve eo. '..; :1?

I noflved enomreeeIYrit to-day in the atbtr a getting n Otelanta ;-,.
on.i., oir- B -e.Jb* 1i1 t&7 to iee;, you ttnrnen od at pogpessL .s.. ..
m:el-ra non s Bhall try t,. mfake ",h he co. d.
Beet roguido to you, f,.ily. ..

inrely yours, -

_.* 4S l
.. .. ..

", -" '

.. ,,.,

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f ., J.B.Jcf .ries, .
4y des *SJeffdia:.s .-

The cSae; f1a' s*ll).v- ^eo 30,1' 4-,fl. look 4-o-A.
.UC firt m-i fort it s-ya ha l-t ly 'o fir. ^.or: :., to--JLyl 7U -
p'rt r'4hio orotrd, tr.otor,t"nlokplvlp artcrgi^rYI i ahrlnb.2'r 'J*o. ,i-.. &V.rO thrg, -,
aivs eot inn u poo- clr:."tor .ropon. ..ui, 'NcN li: I w.:. a.riCo .
owei tith Aim* Othbs .re to 0glao- o'n tr in. Hie hopcs t.,. &l,-:1 tjj._, trje
soovt.ijYia o'cxcit .0 st=:y nAiwget -Luo oun a:'Fi. r L-'s-'iir. BWranl-n
i71] rdilA! Uf3 '31 3lcrvtor i uc pl;?nt a sooen. 1' .cmrn. l t ?rw
k1. or, ,,to h-re tine 0l.'cr; arc : -.: oo.
AnothEr nr.n X0 ihowLed ver thf lkeelit; ooou' .try his .30n hi-r r.:a 7s :3
Us asexr*osl M y UV a seotio:-: fo a js.l or&wd. UB1 Ias xc:. y.but i teo
wI 1 Oipdie* a real t.iate -- .u.* Bl t -think h'. li; : e o all
Tells ms he wants ON UIAT ROAD. *
N 0 W If Ir Ehould a-ot yvcttr o ionn tro !ntt-a same seotiw ai,I as' :ao an
ojfion. 'Te i0. :1-Y is w-.A ttv 3l-fel 3,0,{.trla-s fi.r;lt 3olco tt i- "
leys-Ua.- an O you dil r i spoogion on Okloolnt S-I1.&cGratD rOdnot
too far frou Okoqelim ati dib2& a* raan8 at X.t, tcoJAn i t(" rfiurq t' he s Zn
rnd.adeR M said 1s peole. wanted to pay ab .-a. : S pe-r a re. T..hat is ose
for Beos. 36 adpumt of 2384453;,but it i not 1 t~taat r ,- XIf you Iato
a $S0 sootlau it t:.9-im 3. !iear no 1intW At II n.;o ; rOtroa.u u31 vtdt ce'io
Wis. cromr ,I anm satlafied

'.ic 2000t0a.oro orowd auo not so otrd~.a. ite h;i's nolt 7-n? sen : them1
yet Urorr IE c, o h'i- writ tbon I;:1 -YArn, .u io'ole Iki 11;.
Thot7iaC4,t-t4o.Ak Road is a nbig wnrdin t-,o solli. orf that biM& tr.its
hiowevr, I gjot a tip recently fr aaoor the Ltaid.* 9 iadeal ',vaia eagles
9.P_ 1/ nmi.s ofth:t .road, 1 PB.Deo ,are lookCed anttat .3 C -Co,:Ase.twe
hiremay not begin any harry to build their eottion( abt 's 1a ntsa) Tint
_m b~,ok to .thea ol question P 4ra AB o rI*d tnit! o Broward ~104e %
got ther on a -noA propoa tloia. van you got any heap twsB the emiaim
n9nl *c hr woagt h4 haweland near it6

__ ~ _ 1__ 1_

F^ -

,ae t i\* n a / I P
lukrdia r\xife
Insurance *':ompany)'

March 23, 1922.

Dr. Thomas E. Will,
Park Place, N. W. 3rd St.,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

My dear Dr. Will:

I have been noticing your series of ads in the South
Florida Developer for some time and wish to compliment you very
highly on the strength of this advertising. Without any flattery
I think it is the strongest Florida advertising I have seen, and
I am anxious to know what results you are getting. I shall
appreciate a letter from you and I hope that in the not far dis-
tant future, we may be able to g*ethe deeds to our Fruicrest
holdings. With the best of wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,
ii.V<} IVV b^-- ^-A. ^



c- v

Wentworth 3r4

-Adall N. 'riPe, llgr
630e Wentworth Ave

-b~/t,~~ 7t- z~c2

I^^ --^'- / '^

- /" ^- -^-' --7^-/ c
iyJ-./'iL^^st^' ^ y r^

* 6Lt-L~ ~

It-v-- 6 "" 7 -
Us~~~~ L.~

L^j^ /LCjPA-:- 7?------

..~ .,,"* r ,.-^ ^- I ,-^- -^..? :.... ...._--- v ,
^-;^ _._1 ^/^^ "- -':?^ ^ Z^

-._ ,-- _!: .^^ --.a-z,_ .._,
P --~ g'~J Ir~~ ?

Sl2 -^ '-Ls

ri ^ -








Kaustine Standaid Type Kaustine Septic Tanks
Kaustine Vertical Type 'i Kaustine Room Heaters
Kaustine Jerry Type Kaustine Pressure Systems
Kausline Chemical Kaustine Storage Tanks
Kaustine Accessories Kaustine Drinking Fountains
Kaultine Repairs and Service Kaustine Roofing


4t. Vn0/, t arch ar 7,13a2


,O ore oondin.g J l huroith onr rooor-1 and wlah to
call -~.r ,cttontion to a few :-i.ttors rocar2l ni the ro..a.
I jt. ;:e :'onittvol7 nrroo to hbuild t'hi roa~-i td state ax-
Cotl;' whon it will be iinlahot.
In'1. Ontaite of tho richt of wat" ana alto owe io no donn-
tions or othor oonoossions falutovor.
;-0f., ';o offor trenn.,ortation oouiaous for oorvilpo we rTcroo
,r4 *' to i"r&iorm at n verw' low t5teg oo iorWTr fnot,we o-n nt.'ord to
iaueno onl, a limited umbor of boor3.

(tl'-. hot one oent do re nr:i or crnoot to Pot until our care
start n.oorntion.

dtV>. 'he letter of tlr.CI bell of ittta ohowlnc that one oMwt
will uooe n entire book Omd ever crowor,:'aoar,nif b :ainoano n
should avail himself of this ohano as it will ha:- en onl: once.
Thoso ociu2one ore trana orablo and cood until unod,no limit to
timo and acceptable for oil service. v'oe believe t1.a nothod will
inauo 'efttlere to loooto,plnntors to -row more rdn thoroby no-
sure a of onstantlr inoro.alcing tonreo for the road and will be
S.Igroat ppictannoo to all cltiao,towae,otc.alonr ito routo,thoro-
tore of ct L vnluo to fal.
Notoo on rotoo,oto.
In reTard to thooo r-.toa oferod a .As00 2 to otote that it
,ianadoratood that we areo mrnain n0 effort to evWo nrling r.e to
'tof the Interstote or FloriCa 1LN..Co3.riJnion;t1.oao rntoo aro of-a
terW m oonstrottnn oetnil rad oo.anr for anno rmot be ,urotioua-
btoore the road o bntilt. As ooon Oc this road oormoo into o:iotono
all regular r toa will bo n;--"oved by Florida -tnto cor..oolion it

^" '

"Ls.e at m c.Ptiqxy. ne4~sre4Qq the ae t. friger,-
Sj-ai* t._uwag isan to bo won ,i *w.ital Remqv a( t_ .t. .pk-
09 l........ ...- .'ortEOonmenideOsh=h .4* t AMr
jao) State Dvgfieeonf the fradioal rIe3tey
S Hasten la ted Reqlqantoa to be aided znghitilyI trusaat i
L. a Vegi- V alp- =t-3 ...-. . .. . x. t .it 9 -
L.. o Dg. 1g enrnnt rts~ep. Control to serve t rin, _rea!. b ofq
-a) } ni2e'b) frazspor a "AQ, bywap ( a awri3nentnot a tsmvPar7ay .e.d)
o) gmoultueMan.d d) plvemprooteacton
* g) .Rata i P1reseol J0 Settl meont nrUd. DcrenIloment ;bWhib the MsSeOanSe
Plan. bef l ep sen'.s t I ,tou ou t -alfreal estate'S an private probation
whiQeLa.EteH~iijl& . ..... . . .,. ... _-- *. ....
I amB g s t ti'pght t eo ethis, anjlhope to r ltt 1 up. l It Uwsp 'tt pe
wh at I 3,efqrre4 t'o .as ty e .of ly .* "at wast ki A. it comeq 7yoq way,...
trsats t ama nofi go Q the a to Ra bfkas3ot V As to nylhing Vrat jreal eptite
SaEirti*ajlZ ijjp ,t'f;i4 the reast ogAsitee* lowurers,I aK rwvmring ,a lqt QA
advqr4Ar*zl g 5A tbe Peqit wdl .the Ubasis of rwittefp XJ ?n .
romptAo tqo 4xmnt .f ..~PeortisA spano ta knr1, would have a clsea 'werf t ho
i were on a different b:ais.

Pw present Okeelanta Correspondent is Joshn NcvTausoe

'The iShoXle a sprivateusprof t1 Ailape of tis Gla4.e!n business ...1 je*eO*16 .tlati .
aLy .E 31 llfejT fqrIe4Q. on a a0ulity basis,pro4ot14ng thq gqcral interest .to.
tLo .bJ QSl Ctt .Aextet Br altar wi no drsl*Yter of .ranhy .aO des od .
rzing to ",gr-izil a priyvte # have done rsy ueromgt to nbut iay Gl;tdea .
lawinxaps on tfhssameo lasei. with ptapttal. .uSQquO wnlyzgsolely. fron lae of q,
th .'baoldngthat would Wporvide the n14aryrnai.L to be thlart into. yhe. role of .
a s Ma? ber arn pzafit-m eaokQr goes pretty. hard .viti ,mee ',ht .l one
reason .t. .gno~eq ano pljan looks ua :goc4 to ne. It ntoont .amll tat rote .
a34 plaoqes the alt oe propositia ean-.thqpreodeiaod l tMht goe1tf3Lementr-au d ,
derroaopioeqt wirC p4ouldreqt on. It maUcesit a Otvorinnent ontorprtso, asEh "n
so eo a State bispisc.ent Station.s

heis ov o wy jo hetero thQ preoisetyne of b t yI vetan z .1 wp
heaO s .t ss to Ba pe1 aonb.StqtD.on when desidentoftjle sa s
SState .A4q~twraXl E4alleg1 *Whit .in sheh workpwe gqoe the very beaq ttat
an B.4.ns gto hqipim.dt!ie .fannqe- out of the Slough of .oespoid andgotttrinaap^4
I- uautzae Q q so qRM .ane basia tandmin a fewabnlateP yeaftabitilt ourselves a
petmanarit mnassentS

wtl. at thwit woeft,we ramght he fleroely orltipisQd for viewrt n Vq lqt
hrP'e tq hold.aM e.zpresA Xt A.mj+ two har, g ot. lnto t a
atiesoa r iu neir< hoar4 u Mfl bS Catn4 agan woorl nrB'raosmlo azunapawngnrS
a4, a :^epr bQ.A Vo :geirbe sat :tie best that 1 jMo to gv eq i aapscsqptoo
'a- pe ional g J moti on activities is deadening to a lrighB ..m..i m.S

aipPr4atle ii ipiriitintj;,o op-ortuynity of or oi those oipev..
S-~ - .S ..

woraaanJLy yours.


- -4

* *

k --

||^. :lj.,aul".m ,2Pl. a. 3-4-2.

cilataw Ia*t

k9 leaye TdI.AT for hiere tith p rit cf his orowlD *
vMctor, tanok plnnterCcul ti'3to", r3hpller, ar7 i
Papaclkerg,to get into thle eorgn agerights Piart of
ds powl, are t o fol-.t-Lr on train.- We has been in
tseelantabefore alrtIltlntit in tT boantnlr.6ciu the
i O V\czn1 wre piWotet nsuh pU-4ope w-hes- teiy get
iSee,or ainz they be scordcd tc JeA'th an.f a3,shed
ita blUPrr4e. of ice water the first tdiwt *a
Iaqu t e some havebe-m tr'a ed. before*

a ill ta lk to sormo a tu-he righL
'" thwe aazi see ir thti of be dilcoiurgect. iits got psoplo in2 _i a .ll* 10
.tre tcm out the first thiLungi

: j. wit; meo on all th is. .ly
gn is'' writiz9 rep z ga lyo you
Me^a fror in iLa he gets tarao.
tooytr $cmr'nc.
8ntcacely yours,




,. /7 0, 9 > u- ^ I. i

~z-~ RLe X 4--aLt-e i oe-

3t M /3 r a
43 t o ,, ,, -7

b'U5~/ z L 2.W444-

94C^ CZ --Z

^C? ~- ub.,2 0 ) ', ^^ p '^- t^i^'j t^
^^VT ^ ^,^^^y-f^.L -^l f^Zo^ .Z-^ ^<-<-
*e^ R^^^e 12rs -UU_ h^e.^
^i~~~t r ^< /*^< <- ^.^ ^:^ ^. ^jm,^Y


I' 2i

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r 17 (1
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*2. -- -

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i- '-2 T

2\ -.-- A

---~~- s T~-~~;-r~- -rVXI~II- -~RBBl~ii:

*PL., C------ .~ ~- -I ~--~L-.- -1L--~_lk~~ I~~L~i-_ ~.~VI---1~Y------ -- --L

-'-'--~ ,-"
: ....



y r .r -. -.N rris - .ord ,1:. 'mi- .
01Or reooit l.?t tor a':rht-- -.not5 Y ot*OUpas25r1.nee,31;
Joirp, 3-0 5 ?:c,:3-10 JyouliaW 3.10:s:iLn. r.lB, Our 1'at '.two crossed.
.: csosjo,to -. ;v-e lyinT ak'rl with your trt-jifi no bai delays
after t?'t. If n ot .. 7lo,0'. co'".'7-at :.' "'oney;': ':th *n you onl
t 'start -or yqoa Ploitag soon. You n~ril h--rvtn buy it" 'r 'otor o he:r-,; I a.riL'P
T1'h;: All be o*.k* tie Florson icPy*cb bl.. yn bI s-.a 'uy; ciopol., tCr. a
- go ?cine'3 ?o3 u wro:, ot -"i vf,-y ; a ; in C Z .:'.vr,; ,no.,pleasoe
"B:i ot::e :.j oi" UI ;I' T ~r; -t ;:- t '-t rdy 0o ut ;:c.'t. pr:o it houauso
her*e It EO.ur thenE arc t! j.- mashed. 't'oer "1:"' l to ',r (l *-a bx n.
STh. roe !t;-3l)O to t a oLcA'.-~c too,f- r at; to :'?4. l boh:, ,!' iSts ouL.lJa iL our BflCton
Sfrormt prod' ,.ctn;-itrl. *i 4 1 lwrl ,. deveiloiu znt wit"i ., "e -iau rale a.
wsorlO of e ed.* .31 1s needq :. a gtod sinureti fror it. The olctItor -21%'riSattlfl
Stioge.tor lhounldi?!nn zp fimnly.
8t^h'- 12 bo- ;-tl *I: .:: e **O-l-ha.
Ion speak of 1 thro; bobl-TiheeoPers,ab'le puitn t12 T3O'Q to '!L209 '
SB3SS X3a5E ,You ntifod Ir--o :1 y1CT J-. ; do not'
I..o wther they aAlorlArBig. to tbuy the 0a ac;..-.A i etr.( oeog7).
|fha.t st'ndesfor the; cftP.. O n,$!flSh I a4dau ":cr-w 1.&:s could ne't i
mtc 1it SreostorxilGh t 'Ti: tin tI cC o"o (Giaon. .os. Myhrer4 jegman r: l ing at $1060600
1oer e0ra y"^rer rg nowrtv:r,ifth.7V e-.n pjy trjggp;tc pky ::-jiA dtYweLrfl.Vfit
tatkek f bitkEnc nl itrdZmiJ ntse to bn i re:-ed upon,4'.ints. C
OutP Jtiaofao-iaregroving now,but will 'write olkc .'7l:tcL i tr-y ty to rit /ir*

'As 1 4expotcd,I haorood., no reply to ; lcttr' to omrnor of SeO430 yt
Z'8sc.1 flhfoP f.C Teig,wtit?'Ot Ig3lf 3'i- ajeI sal.c i<.ltb the lmai.r. I hlrO
prqn4sedl iyo $n ose S. a m. 3r5 go'odXIV:Colcso i on
JTn yoW stateOBmw tq rY V. go.ingS to try ti 1inal? the 1/2 sotfsouflth o% Mhle
ir2dSaiaeast of Okqcelantapyseol. In @oo netlon t iLt the n ,0s to tt0 ee
Sthrey peylae*? .f aIa antrtcid younaro aonunsd..irrPc* ba 010 I's Aiitf we harO
l o* -re 3 atQa sep,30,a2M Juhapdle it tisamntlvqa that lesaw Tw
-r nm 0itin in -ot AGO obnn -3

1?^ 1

r5,8Lau@deoaleleza* e.3lS3,i
,al e aBqls 2540 -
bla. Penn a.
S <" hi'- fciT-, |

.. . t A4 po' at oltter I e rewer-C4 tror. ,MrW.L.
B3anq'."d Wvorkezd ,ano a prqsa .tqr. pretty a$4oly usae* It has aroused
iaals 4e evestoaxl promises to brongresults|
s'ad Iwra"ln xe eiLit 1 'fif ili pint othe oft.jr Brauienwua oLne .
7Wll Qqsa t ah the 3fJlt.mor Jn .time to hanUle tie orop, pay as indLotea
andtaj s affords a permtnbent mrnfet*|
te Saia Ja*ttej@r amea sqomaak'eti hag eon 0tcsrained *upn in ..
I eaeapts. .1 myAcat p*cing hottaes are to be bullt4 oneancooiang tL |
or Yt ztaglth 00 dayae
Aql a iOe*Asg qtaIus.Ln, ttl;e two titiiQs elevator1 r At.poing-
Aa"- ,w#4 m p~eg raw th e w .eerator Would .bo ~qapgeoi ly. a1t 4 .. .
w wvre4 aits oorawithmiout havingaujtEtolnt took to reed the *sa

thq 94e,14t 1i oq .i.tie aa qr.goling plaqts .offqpultl to turqh .us
vl ihiq iafttXe.s e watn to fed4we to handle theB on the share basisand sent
t. ai hero.e o their za3wket
'1qif t .afle t.loret eh _eator* t3t t o o.all fr XQO oqO bleshela
"...,-l 1 wo-. asi14fg t? 4g- three setienasplanted in tAme for .the faiXlmlint
S._ t o me thiiat sMetnsproperly uindle, shouldxmnketle 100#000 ., ..
oe sne4 Kairsas Ofty, oon to eome,foo expect to plant from
-MN i a.CePtain pa ,eRQ people qlievethy pa plHnt
E.,*n .0 -way*s P 1n JIaoh 1 ot, an.Okeolnuts f-re n a
t. a1-a .. sl.,tt :.on!tEuz .Okneo.nn.t .ntaa mnew _ .
-1 fliqWtas eat "tl Iooal ftrmes s ought easily to plant the neeessary

S-. it faB iot o.Mo e you n.t .t bcenterestea to plant a part the ae'
F- -_a L S"i sN o2n ai or lOWea ao ence aa had 0: *at ~e Oknm ta






a vrsft^ (cor. TI

%, -tr h4ysli. FLA., h ,t
' -t lo aL ,..

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. .... '1 '"i . . .

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a-~T t41~Q 0
L'.u wos~



11 -U. C.Lu,-r..' .




1. ^}r


/r-uw, c, AJ

t- ^rl V

t d

K A^, H-<^W4 t

* IL
^'A>^ ilr yAu^i 3 G ^ *-

'o, i
tr-\ o^^ A v A^^&^v^-%^T
.. i ''* v '** ***- 06
A^ k^.-^ -Z^ '06




.4 .
IP '



V. .
.;..-, .,, . *
.,- ^. .: .- .;.. ,. r: .. ., ,
,: L~t r. .
4 k mh
r. :ri:'N
I~ 1;M.






'^. :' ; .f;l* p' ' ',.& l. '.r 'r\I V' fl **)j
* a w ^^ a 'rrnm a .rn




"~Y :;. ; ~L4~r

L ..,.


: -- '.~R` r

.::.,-r: ,.. i.' ,. '.*'*..'**'i ,_- '

. ,I ,

rtLahmcltertalefla.9Manhfl 1Y,1l2s.
M10. v ERotaiSesy,
Okeelanta Gom tty t nu Ooil
Okeelanta, Nla.
My i ear Mr.Rotheai follow mraberBt--
I analose a request tq the ainty doisw;
Bdseawllreatrdih I rspoeotfttlly suggest be consldrd lby the anmatl.
esee of yao u know O&eealtn was abse on Mte 1-An tmrdmlnt was taken ort, in
llgai5ee a l.h timo we hvzwe w d an eMx loams atrwrl to provert beosg pat,
perpnnentlyDon the end Cf a stb*
A vitl part ofthis struggle saOme in 1914"7,tbsen wo seured the Okeelanmts
aldo.ermst Joad EanSd tO5000*00 M LooP a woiodQhLmma4nnn, of~th 0*Com-pma..
Bowalst!idfl 'E^ in DeoP,190,hl Boa otiontdeowed to rack _trdhiat frwn the ljS3 ..
boro to Okeelrmtm,aml up to ScUth flx t the new deasas his board was
goizg out, put the ManTd.sne ap theo nfzbiOm
tfon we abftt o to get a ; g4 our road made paas3a'bloiraoget at lent60
a paPt 'oftho thfr tatyou 'al- tour u lt e salteix1 mo'ger srooesngwtfj
tho rpoeont fght over theo forr,
Zt ha- Zookelr as Jbo the wholo laainesa. nust go via Belle olade od Souti '
jBaand we were to afdt years for the xookslda a our roandiLvth no ,ao&teoftion
mesSal s ,oagainst dest ucotivu roSP
SwProrer i ti in We.hIn Bo.a hDe4,28 eatUianig the s on's Longto. Meet ig
|X faxteO astlll had in our Rol._wxdl 2KF9=0 #an I potifled you. Mr.
TSilbon and 3i vrifitel thia flgiio3 on oeb80,ahen werasnt to W.Palm Bench an
Sthe ferry mtter.
%he bi problo hl s beon to I nia a way to at tIg gjtA t fIpFyter
the te los between Okeclanta aiithe CL.s0t6?re *.imfl get pa atal
aer who warld be willig to take so ms n B I a job, s' far ?a'n anasM Sr
Srall a SmUap It looked as tbo we rdtght hwe o to aildt 0joro_ ourselves,

BpwerorPPafter nlf tInquuiry I fount d ?rsa. gihamfll,who was omasnenaod an
q jpaotloal oeatd instlJoriLbobiat conalttr the oab* e was then I "Mldit a
good piooe oPmtr- hero near m~ honre.
feroval oonferen ws ith Aar? ll o followed* I lt looked as o e ast -at
uap writh a ae mfi a ronad abLran t for toio voEiA3gdintolye. roweverawa n
uMpMtm wAf mlndethle abovc tripiJ leamsti d or the taciam aat, alaPk Belfh Po
I* n j* iulWe at onco askeR z torantastlonor rIgi a iOether tEtagaBp
on our irod to theo IltlbniZ "e saithe mfulhr ilt

MMeagle I areo hafd other oonferonees witih arfsuell* Xe ipas arranged wlth
MP' 4Idt2, ho as to lzlcoQpY brPldgCsa to do oertidin work thr hIa at Oipela.te
That woul d put P ot.t ?q tone on our grawa BB In a~ditagMa wstt Is Msw
rNtuBag shortanrdheis looking feti a job*


-- -- --- -

~ jZ-^L^ --J^ .L

S-- -- o

^r .- /CL~Z- / ^.Z -

2 "
J 7
/- ,- .77- y

-'4 1, AC -/
/~~ 63r*~ ^

^K ^/ / '^^
____J^ _________ ^^:^-- .^^^


1 111 1 II

- --- ;---

,. - . . ..


0 '.

_March 2, 1922

Dr. Those. E. Will,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Dr. Willi-

I was at Sylvewter, Ga., when your letter came
and I came home from there with an attact of the Flue from
-. which I have just recovered sufficient to be to the office,
* hence the delay in reply.

I hand you herewith my check for $$.00 to be
used in circulating the propaganda, which may have some effect
in interesting some outsiders.

Trusting you will pardon the delay, I am,

Yours very truly,









- C- -

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*^ .r


J4 EDWIN J. HESS, President

J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treaturer

H. C. HESS. I'ie-Preident

MoBEf %e IrNFnF14ATrel

F-L-0 R I DA.






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;2 d' *s r y /

,^e~t. ^- il at-flttSL- *f^'^ssc^-j~ it- J f. ^Le^'~

Yt. d. Vla. ,3. 23-22.
17 dear Mr.Norris s-- .
Selighted to got your 1potter of the 20the right nawi
San Diego bainess' an unel red IITSTEHI.
Qlad you are surely coLng, idvil wig r mn As to eorn yvu.nmg,
I atboulday tJLs-- Make purqo of ti al. Xan the soeoton, 'ant qIso
TuP eo the saoaller traft f pos le*. SOmeofthos e... .traotasto tiq .
smaller, buyers are GRBST. A letter from 7.0., farmer ri yestftdayr.q Polst
says it a ,.easy to ratie 80 :ba. of cu orn lan X. land. I hawebee tnlltlk .
40 anaSO 4t That shows ,ohowoqnpervativA, I m; eaimas on landpXiueq... I
vantpp.i to fincta tt I talkh tter .ian I hsre saald Thalt fimqz th4n1u .
is far aes ought to l that q oea or, hnddsddownrmathatu that jo.a o.fhtf;to
b & WD U.eQaLy. I, wrq"a;co onecoo exp yesterday .that onugt tq be ablq ..
to jc in a half seo. or WHOLE se.. Andot to bointQeested to o it1
PlanpflLrst$,tp qaketle sales. thennrattotqf gqt In the .oorn-or an upMh
as .yat may. If they My, they ought to put in a lot of themselves.
Agasitngdrq't leave them bohild .Wo4udI at thin:fot doing ythis. VW 4 .
not .eusn rSSa sexiaingthem ahhoad. No telling what hadaithey ndAt jall nt1
Tos W as y m t smp .and nets- for buyers. aver met "ush tdinxg qaesle, anwcDOWlI .s
Hang to .you rqnarik .the. eneon off. Bone may trt to take theo away fmn6
you .rA$ht on the trained
elretlaa, ilj trs.atiozn I haven't seen a thing oaf lami. H .may be
*tele. Zqux ean lbay manhines hereas well as IA KH,raveno doubtieonoe
asy JAareno speoal reao:i for driving thin.
.Not .as r.wrd~Xo -i owner q Bee.. 3044-4'. wroto hit agrn" tod. Ries
hiMt o .qis,, to vq last 3 Jptterv asked Ile sumresndapuntrAt oso tUhAt mray
sigjq .y pple up,#MRE. Told youhe is hnrudto get letter from.
opB t ha yaur peopZ think PeelaAqisg a fine townntpw.* It is alum
the.q~g.f .I ,avwlbeen herroor gios.pon ,thiajob),anydeds hp~ve grouis tP M-S.
MBt .w have the :SAMNNU LOOATION anda loetrof ine thins handed Ow vayn
Andz weneed .isthe eIEN at .the QNNIaFladM We can mnke a oalren up ,f t-he
aite amithe ta. too. While oexparentd.andta Ln trr taA- -
s oete .re oinl not .ge. ahead in noney ways on .oe aa l gtyu t
to Vwek Dut now thetinehas oome then qon yrdth. mnscylko your 1rple2
awa oomebttlden our foundation, andmake a pils1


%L~C~ I~i~S~c~cc~


o-ti -me n)

e I v 4o, P
d---t o .N. r

h-.ew as Bo lmo 0 -U:, O 'o l

_l2Z eas ofh 180 I hve some rop rc olls nvaaother deey coming owe
ilale ., moneFlbut talo o;oayLg,;ibeoa vo iq rw bar. Als1 t as the fo3 t e
abe oreI naco o t,.e-V ti 3at t oeboo durems It Aean.nLie. TAhey XlSo. e -1
*he do onll.bFe.aoM,0 *2i.^ QOt 'ylls, andoven threno thll r re Onr r flro Sis

s n Okeelanta) where ,h Wv nre veryb "nt bo-toyd1ily r-4l1s to.llopon t00
100astagoa to Qam1tsWaqlao to :tdvis-L -r theta mQ l
at very aeal1 oos.te He 0:1. Ina.1las0 we'll oraigh eas lotAs ie
Shares to oan hoff losafec ,on hv iSah pto rPn omrle s shinnal r Lor. yaa.rsy h an -
pay 1n 2killpaml ror 1 yemr 190h nLys hllf GadAh#on3ly. V=7 ikely Wtdas tdllau
there unseen beextended t theo Utat lsnat ocnkt eractl fore
XOc xdWe fuacx a .N0 mrket foar poultry produou it ati panaaL ather cOast ixtraie
%'o an eo- n roost of his lfl i tProml te soiU-m=Zt hla o:iaf out Ta is
p|tty J, Olitharoateswted s all this outgond knot whsat we our ,e
I at aeenltl onmeos aegathwritrudn eeolantas aho l? oi wlor e becaues sam
enougl'ta aE .l be OE 0vegbrt hm 3oMi'&tivate therw tractsdbt no t 11then
Anxlto~~pos s.eaapahr~i loloa. ytat2r~~ ~oae a~
n~~ti ~ la~rlO o*uUrt hu fc rcQbtnttlt

rc Wtjannardaleolmao f al* a
)lMt qaar rea Ballingcrm.-. . . .
.. purrs oathe 14th. t hhd. o n teiest
aj an\ aAStaqtb 9Or,,btt tia3 .1la* Abslyraot do have done all my wprt
haeall 4 aa r t at hJatd fo. ro Sea.a( ,as qther pomypd m:yAt .have),
a 4haS q .t- ri1ent OlBgeQowphiL. .soG 4 miy xoy IJ.krw .avoufj enqe %It Is ...
psehb3e fQr thcu to proparp the mLttor morc ohwply than it is for r concern
,.-. t ha h" to hunt all this stuff upgandverity.

do X'7hjpk yiqr qheapept anud sneast oqjurq iq simply to write theo Plqriat
AtfwSi .fturWesmat Paw BQaih Ia isftltingyoq wantcrn .1abatg'.ot fqjr rao
g 1 ad sorthl hqlf of Lot Io.4,ew Okeiaritatriatat .Qanoaeaosnpand in a shert,
ftl 1 ndit to youaconplete. They ohiarnge me $5.OovardI have

ha to go .gIn aws and h ep apy of tbeao. tou probi.bly wDenQ more .!
Int eipst in a company thFan L hcGveo I think you will find this ouAr test

_'- .Sinic-rely yours,

j, -*, --.

*- ... v- ..-. .
* 'I

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*4 .

- ... *.....

*~ -

- .. 4
-v :
/ ric~iA.';


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': j

I Liavebeen Alanaig t.e wur4o 1%u
mo;an4 tiAi vwmt to mo rIt- asnair
to you sn tien to a budytjor- neabt

tgU . ~re eetg. naz4l'sut 0 .
Ii ti3 !m lanaI fO;1tto. get ifat is
0.0. ifeettig9b6 rL11 lere L'EMbh Tnea'4l

Ai.t..r ..a. La4d Cj1xfil So.i .s -i,- fsi .j1n s T into al.Kd, .rh .:.'
r-orf^ 4 t.-'.- 1 a ;me oened, po."eop!'1 $st. I 3laT :nt :u r;rEmi`
biu .tiXr4 ,:1ao4 try-iLg to s:XMecdo. t.tUartionl, Iltil.d,o s w6 a-Joa'o )a$p

~porvi sstor pEloan rrqoad on gnd L.ris inro U1Aingraor+ ir

O:wliyg thj! &ctd.izod o-.. eno-arrarM ,it as goo4,cnd 'm l "t& nif
Q mQoimonaol treslacnt- thrift ..tgoa aigtn etnpsi*aat viat, thcIn on lt, 1U.$
K n r, *fl l a tu-Eatd;e will sa ae al gy ,attbonJ 1 .el4p
*got1ig. .itt we ir doA'rg Oia the 4agn imatteJ oth to ,0bciq '70 c
Iy. It stsimply. CfSri m ra wvgbih we have an it. in t2a, To 'e'
o;f te presiat QGoA.ta 'Ih oads ",AS sa--:tapp61su qdtir.rC
turatsa aPtBauzseadrot sa 9. 4tgahal4s lateospnosthun t
rncsponsfalbnesa( 3 sauchit *;).lpQqirinaged -.
reno ap4ay aznipues(bli oCcenae4a QUA taibna aosnrad n b ol
OhaiSrman.. aoted $tlZly slke a Uaualp man<( n9itt.r MI vArflokVb
,;' 'c .alling" wa '" 4 ~I. on*x tad a .aozqrVF i0 & .

0- o p. y pu lao., ,a:rq-. :, do no* pr ef. A* ...,
Tihat suwvey bqb ina oorbit aridnat net ihero:

t .. .- G
--.. write you -ce smi- e. So oveii2a se- i"',
; /eadnyt to absst to make a aapjE a on-eoan n hanatss

-- 1..

-. An
.: ..,~~: .... e
"':-: ":'."3.. . .C-"" -' . :- .. ", ' '" ." -J "" ;. ";-, . ... ;

Wt -'bk. ,-Ia. .. *

LYq dew ri, Suhadsgsar .--


:. -;~
~; .


/ /

Jr / 'iY/t % t- / j
}^^^^^^^^/^^^~i ^s^^^^-

J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Trtasurer

H. C. HESS, Fice-Pesident

W\VIN .1. HESS, Prreident

People supposed. thwrv. I 1wa juaXot 0n-tir i rl eatVto nrin*tgiten ag
It Nin Ml4 atieaspt wais to astabJliah the oolonyahytlhe IILW;E arsply;an4 .
got jnto it oalistcyl thorpofi"ndi4^^i'Slbt.velo'ing1iRLtho1t sBillZiig, pa
aorca. i4ngjusut tAito thn;b fAiso po&ittaon lIus groaDtly lni2T3LonppXl rig JoArk; ,
for it IVas 'been abflst larpossdib-o to g&et pIopln to nnEPrit:d *:virh.-t I vras
reqgy W driv4 ing at,*"
Now,! womdcr whoother you are trutii.anr with t'eo book t" pBlp rs Oani
tausflzby k"rotoosor lwoad li;da,pu1lti-;' by :-:orl.I;.:i.,l9g< ( $.?.).*
I wa reo'aingt,--3Ait. is a revelat.on rto :Infrre it shows hol.' 6OVYTmra 'JG
we been actually 1olon wait. sit out t"o 6.: \-itj no lh fI gv'0-.7 iCV it:
'ithbe-ovyt. 4ai4,bia pian LiasG'ot OO Sg(frr onutrn in -7ft llitl- I (couj:b
with a few holerin an org Lrrafionfruost o0' w ro:i gou col'1 ft l'.g 'go
after seutughr alowly the f"laAes tiortk omme en
x siaeoi Iane% 7a1 Or lieor oi bttl.morts81 was Tory entUiAste
ovq it. 'Wof., iMe.ts hoe.yethr.ui act tpI wxkr'astan.* i.'og ag ot tLt%. !Aiia
ughiit to be ,ut jifto ef'footidt4,g i'roL2r. L:toldung If t!h t"tnh-.Strih bill
s Ifa 5 oC1aid thio V Ltdernl Govt. LAr5o. Sto fil'-dnd thcis r-on 1u'-.ei :-3
Slieal .iel on -whico to apply jihl plns :'mrenty worhl it n nout, .:0:af'l.''y
An Austrai-la aCn a alif*
I Lope you may fldltdime aatmop2ortuwdty t3 rc:d ti4 o bookc-g1thi I shoVt.d 'be
deligbtca. to tlk wlth you about iit,,,aniid wh tbA;?!d nvy *t!iTir- onortrtlittTf 3-n beC
S7nevry forget that 1,030. ;ic tleo booithtt .i;'.ts vhruln 1 ,'.n 1,
Aiaci jS?;0t- e*iejLlly 321 ofS thnI h w i t.-t't or1r.7 ,w:Itni.. 'T-
a ?potet h lI AOuu orgrPat u'nLtintl 4t ahf.:r. 0 onli'ti'l .to h .1 orn troa-
li.nes. i view however po thc beast ( those iho arino:e rdPe o iR tr Oerclrtt
i.s an tb nothing with the ttandow ti ttrotls isrejly to rsno,
i innot rc-nuy yett '
Al-l X oa2 doSw aaBsisiLeia to ;iti
%iffl32tiag loof: GSouzzlphf t i. Af.
I hBM ,thatzifArtsi irtggeHPnHa in 35s orwessaonght not to try to-
A3We mi it. Xt is tqo reashe iron re lesnete f hst no Srs, oaetqma:11si
.o-o1"1 tamem. 4C.Gpil."Uara hq gv 41Otn all tr.aQthittngs tu be
^the 11 1 hale s ga l Up tt, i AIae a11 tis .ua s flo ea '-ct any heXp
f- M ina ptreenauaing ree f.ladoea)imis .A its an zlaam.a 1ia bnuinosato holp
o4e l taW asi"t As yuSwaor r=iowl

A, i Bt do. omwdautl A t nowR can soneaonH: a tibstitute *a;e
.4th ti'k t3LewoI Wre JSP R [US VIWET,wjdf lie slabcps at
S r )Se 4V !i %!3 hea or hW i msatbtttnte s1bouAd toe
t*Leti WL. n'ei n ion ircumstmaset s ;abut 3.t o3l

X G slttinssno thxk t re been ebe Wc VOW S^&dts^ e~vbo^f VO1flcb Mwrremts as a daj

tt SwwvaaE^

I am toiAto-onL.y that Emjr Elliott Days he 4oe not' intaul to atcGtrt et
mthrtaritn nEyAgn. fl.iM ooatlllt.onin thg~ o o-ar,..l 'zny more, Uo o !h:' 7n Cntlet
t h Clo'A;i.on, : x1 :- go -IatvuLay* vo? b j Oap;poratntity to ash lhr 1,but

N.t.r ZliercrisLa -n tioiQ 'e aon UfoL jai rg L, ;,- to..-; ro.*-d
d.n dltt want thelrari east oonat cntF'1? aborutcly sforf the

h c' i y + a,',.. IO .,. ........ I, ,c r, '.J. ...;. t. .. .. t,e te .
Qowaxry. -

W o E -4- I It w-raoth, 0 her3e to-il ne to-d t oai Owrcol ht'irad Tppcr
Ghlaesidl all g3a0pg033yfrom- hero to or. i .:-;3'l -,., ,,
and rctual.. I ;o&. a ltit*'r s'ru O hioo z:3 wieolny :3 gt I fro"' Olcn-
latn A rr etty. tt oZt a a2irso hie ro-pd will be a zawr: cOur ,aOr
anot flonlofnSt

htht i:cr i, t Gut: "n-J "!- T .:u, "L..._ J ': .- :, iA,

I no-it nntrtot fa z ." n t. ro : -. --,
hop' a Lo,: :-Liai Plclis. ozC tloar

r2Very ttru;- yours,


r- -
- 'y .



;r;. Lriualon,


My icar i rIBrnludone-

SYo.ur r t ..o ? Z, .C -..u. A. ..... .1 . .-.l Zk
to Vb usoedC in Ciraul-t.gtho praop g A.:v*

i- esorrc0L Pnpcturar. t -* cioryi;A to r4i ti r:il^,'Ju, s.'Chi -c ::t, :3j -
V1ta, 3kv -tlopjnr, rtud, herald, eto. .3unY2?1 :,Zi' ae'*'y-r. .I1 c.Y0 7'. 'y;; ;..c ltrw.,
'i5 .f a -";d '-
j te. O a -t 'r ,-ing t r ~4 t ta': o', ." ... I a yi :,:. : o: -:: .1 :. -... -. .,-r-
-Ai 'iAn:. n:~,Sn sponsor Os. -- -0 *. ..2J.-i"i3 Py i:t:c--., -'s inu a lot of
people. *'*ay soll th-em :u".tio' ne" Oe-eo3Lt-tr reIn ifthey do no t by, -
he is *ontug tdstaynxd vwa tstpo It-, out pi'obblbly a L tbSeAj-: 1 ou..-*
hisiaselt Laut letter 3i'1A not hidpnzlA hw e'nvtm 't Lro; S .Q0. to..q,wr-it .
tratetor, #zuoelptntcj.r, alhcli2r97Lc0L .r etoa aildriv r -- Zn.* -axe
pos210a to oonc. with hianurtaL othresffolle7 n *;pin

Aga .a Qhio..t group. -n y oane In o t n t o! Elo 1ato' prop* HBv, met wc of
i lthoamno L o. S a-:r, He tIjitk:; ;Cc :rl got a lot of IllI e-nLors : f1 aro
tUi.rad of thf high rrnt*s

Aegai&2 men who weat up to Okeol:.n-en with i*. Wlli i ai1 rysef arolikel
to get in oitt Artbringin iau W arl OkLda ppli 06 theo i-ye ipb. rv,'

I an advl at~si- thoy plan for a FA'L o rop.,t-ht theWy L. haVu&:v t.o ..o
horo,get laud plowedts ont w dontn nt nny ll do n ds* t ns
too icoh Jo ur all+
ignf aucurdAtle has an abblxtoir" jirpoosiati on hot*. -ot to.
1iaght, agnlsf.i6i pWreboster...,uat U.olf Oe ooa; I W'3ll b.'..r. That9t
tian asiarate oerlhelovatorgldstook at Upper ISoaiirnsould ketd to soar .
1bInsnesse :i

Od.f I get out this Foldo W ith so mo f t" ie aiboo aWti 1n- At5X wr.tter3
yin o~atu: s a it iitn ltoers tfr to old ai~r... fm'mnrr L .t
you wth i fll t:tio_ to thaq to eaOi to 0. -eo.l-ta" X tdil see that they s .
ge: 4i~~~s reattoe for one apep#auay wq
SStwerealy yurs,

F',vLauj ,,, F'l<*, ..f'b '

i^ti iaes ti 1*930 ga4qd tjeI ewae anracllity 3with whits a large qftwiqge
S." .A.tbe a .in o aturjspoanand rowsupoeff t4tly .t can b gweni,
rhqJ dai Iu~oaur voumnry ,.aSIo. ell 4otahed avoids the ditLtoul ties we
ho l 0the fall of 1020,

i.4 M4 also sb ds .btie the fact ft ~4in .tthis ;otter. mry bqp a to .
your asapeat4 1 Ph41ndqltis Wlhey Ahow tjlat .t.4ingq .are e E *gana
that the dayr o agrplanltural success ianot rar di tant.s

ou .af ooure lain. thnAt weo nrow ha a tiujephzie tQ .the enat qoaaLtk qe. .,
RR. stqaton islput 40 ra4ols Nwa7jyins tead of Syconmraq4tshav.qboen les tfoIp
canal tbridage for ouwr Odrns.liStatolload, anltlie road is soon to berunied againe

UhIr,?q .I Q nrpwitsy. haa yoted. bonds for her. Inl e he'em4at also ito *il4
hbor iharoortho rorna up this "anal, vie*, to falm Uoach Uounty.

Ivory tnuly yours,





S/ '.

/- /-

... .- . .. ._ ^ .''
4^ W -; <^ ^ ,y: 2^ .

/ /

1," ,t __ *-- "
,U ..,.^- ^ ^ ( y^ C fj S

... a :.J ..i^ -.-..~.."^ .. - ^ ^ '-1
- -* j ^ '

.^X 7^ o ^ ^ ^ -. #; .-* z "--sS ..
4. q/ -A. ,
-4 v y9' --~- 'p

..... pift, e^ ;^y ~-z-,- .a c .-.. .. ...

I.r .

^f--- ^ ...,If(^t^ I en^ ^.^ -"*-/-ZI -' -^ .^-
jh P

\. ` ~ Bi/ -/y6 i -Pd

I'~~ ~~~~ --\ / }-^
*-^ >f/ f-'y _


. ,1

Post and ull eloper,

My tear r.oqkJe ingag--6

X .oara rnquestifqg
ropetSdp n .qf Qadv aU for i shb oidanta
SwaE snooi ng .Ate rfo velnoper Just out .-'
Inh absence e' otlie. driitxu instctions.i .
please hrQ aioter last unsc in D.reltope
re" nQ4teo till owr red oh: itnge
In FPostfoLlow jame ruleru-nning ,in souh
case,twise per ea2klc

tte- ,apcRored ii gQod sbapeDLaryn.g
little ar-or noted on post card sout.

SincePrely yours,

Etv 7, .V'lp Yo L' r .it r
1"a T C n i .

T".'-P h .. I\" 11
rt, .Tiau' prr'alf, ".I.
near fDr.'il..

I !iijn r I' 'r 'TJn0 r ..r . p. '"p a > c- Pc

o q thin re-nt I ' .r o "0 a"'v
vitW l inleryitn 3 Pr' b o.,Lr :: -', prc'" T j'1l
fa e1tu k rax0 n*
T' %r lip n r-r -IK 0.) .1 )a ac 2 i- 1 2' t
1-,1 n1 i rv r, a t or' ii a -. .'

r .." K I-. 1- T T'-

+ "!r 1 i '" -

* 1: ". '. l U ''' " T - -

of T3 a noi
'-. -" I"-'- ,. -, ..-, -- L I". ":... ." ... "' I '

7.. . . . r! I- o I

can -
, I '.-' t ,' v-. "r .. . " "'n .:

c-- ".1 .- ,-, -r+ he I .

n T't 'rII i ': +t -v th.+ .t r f the 'clir.efPn.

J. N. GREENE. Secr,.-ary-Trea.2urer

II. C. HESS, I'ce-President

1. a a n. t
3~rn~ rn ,r and,, and-it i9 II@
\Aeh."arr zlx 'lt relv shut off ."




-" .. .. ... -''- --

//.. ,," -. -. ? ( ./-.t.

"4 i I .- :



'* 2 I ./

- . i ..
/ .


i ",



) r. S *
. -- / .

f ,*-.9-,:
, y / -'

*1. -- -

.2*** ** ': '
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-t' 1-7 ^

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'I -.,_ ,-- --

/; /
/--% ,.. t ..

Ii ,~ /







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S- .

I .."



I- -' " .
i I



I *



EDW'IN J. HESS, President

_- _~~' ppe/g 2/LO/ 6
Y- L~i---f -d e 6^1

-liA k/ d

-`L^^ t2^^g^'L/^^^--^~h d^^<^ ^^r/
C^ -Y r^ ^z^^^^ ^J^S/ '-z^ ^^C ^z
^'^^C'^^ ^2^^^^^zz^d^

/ I -s,"p ~~~d
~-1'2~A#,L/}Z~l K
-~A~ ~
'1 -h if~CelL~~ A / n /

-li -rin~ek Iv

iacA-v ifj7Li

4-B~-t-- Pg9





*I 0" "

^3 to ~ "i, -' ..' o.30 2 i',C15.0i .-or' a.,
aoue ac.-.y ;:. oear of thIat soo.,p:.-I of" -ios.O
i.'l AI ';1 v.jr 07 t:e,'antA ,g ;rI.l .S* c,2 1:u ,us,

at 13,460.,bI ":..-L"r ,-c"._ J3 ? .T.- ;*. u os' n a.r2age

S 3If I wit r o 1 D. n ,7..* y I.',
.m.d (mll hi27 wh '_t .L- is to h ,YCe,B- .
0C2 yoa ar-.maig;,, ti).i? *

-~P i~l ' .7- . .- --7~-r-.-5

i r. ,

I I II I I I I I I I I I I .



Wt.ati*x ,Fln* 343322,
Mr0 INJefries9
M*.amdi fla..
MLy dear :Ir*effrics :-

Sa i. at havrnghcardfrom rq last threo letters to yon,
I jj flc you are awaye

early l. Aprl.l It. irsvrital tivita I be ii sl lape to hqihle the .4hauisO tion
XIt tisfed wiLh ainspeOt.lonI anm told purchase is nas!red.*
.. r I I '
No0W I phjBlldbo in shap- ,o t:lgn up .oton trpst on.t1 e spqt r X iivh .on'
t le ter of Fi.b10.l,l92~ Oin o, o .30 Te44 S, JlR w, E prieQ 0aQOo. -e
aorciterwJnaCr fourth o;Ah antl one'taPur 1 iO ye!R six per oont,aoieaL
anal Intoerest payments. Solden sontr te for det

X. am given t understand bzyer is solid finanoiilly
| Now weUI ycu noi^ se* Me au onqe A ointrnastaxl rea4t to WL1% i.paxnd
sign upoQerointhir; .trnwsatient An adrlitLonwl .eontrust form adt1f0s .
eome hraaylfpr another .pale or two seei pending with same grqupw pqve
preqqOnted thie Qther tracts nTiQdn.n LE ur of :13.4022o; flW. v .30 .8;l/3 .6
4/4 t .8.3i*T,'44 Sl**R*.a Pl $W.00 per nop a.ql eoavt aeBAthat
poiP gQi qf S.23 lying east of Lauderdalo Canal T.4I S*R36 E. @ $SO.00o
per lore*
I .1 i tj Lresf thzts to MrPrera thatain ease jyu are aboqntspiroo qnq
in yoqr oSfflge may %ttendfckq itgwl.llqut delupy. .hesepwople aroe qdlng .
all the way. from JInanss Oity on tl0sone errandendwq houlfTo e fully ready
to Gqoolveoe and talk straight IjSINBSS from the jump*
It seemanrobablle thijq win be signed qn Itereqr .at OEkqelant a tho t . your offiq. f1,rtherj3f qontrqt ;.s entitely plln. .ea' freatsqre is,
Of qoUrs0o-#ixmr2tafntL TJey wfll wa&ntto lnow t1t#Whhon ( lxrlents arocLlttSfh4e
dee4 .w3. be given.
In oaqe contract cannot beO ha I ere isO Qaier laQnd marnslable they d.gijX 1q
stteda 4iqbnt 8e,3O s e4437. ,1asNthe .trift I have Aiyed upanthat IUsi frst
Shoieeso fair. Hoping for a very prompt reply, I remiwng .
SineIoIy yoursa, 1
1^ n , , I u n , ,


t.Ii* 1 t '3-10-20
Mr h.0I4ur: is.

My dear !ir.Norr s v tL.a .. Ft. 1 2.
01t ou oi the th at haivl~ G1,ad things qre At4 "1
imoingl. O.nvt :be, surq whether you ftreto J,1,oan 45 diysU or 2 weekjM .
hicice. r eoiter iLlcS tractor iiwh ,- care. 'oi think Fornson ishest for us.
Usizakniy cheap.
As to rpi??ce I enolos priioce Soh;odulQe Re .ery P c- reful abo'Lt fj iq.
Aotc tlntt oo. 30r 44r.37 13s not *$O.O- 1bqt a,.O,0.. So in all frn letts7l
You sSIdaflou yhad rqiso d all lZ.l quoted by me MA 211Fy-lr2by $5.0q.
O.K. Bfc4p oah.t lq1ar ficr. ,-ritj ut authority. That wroulihUaveto be apple
for... Niht not get it.
"I so' I da : -lot uot- 5-aitttost. 4ind.i priooa* u otr y-ar!nns-cth6y .
beg -n q -llnl p.t $109.0U'4 er tioz.e( remlember tji.y tr. iULn.itAJl\TPK BI1(
rioh .ndp They will -rorduo. buritcor .crc pr: rlg r nowwitho t ny rol ingc
ran:l i Iiy farz.ig. *ct-.t i% 3e i4'oubl gE\ai4 lands. They roquir lt' o ;uoh, amul such luong brin;gin' bringing u:.
,*' '"' ..... - . . ..
Yoj1 s5oa1: of ocrt.r.n tn .itrl Sol&ligs a[i& 3U2..0 ( 2r nUre. If t1i0 p.
woril: tcatqRruiitorpst. lands are worth A40M0 to ntioq.00,. easily me
2 trp tq aSenot in the Qsqie ol;asa at a1.,. Loock .*t U; f lnf '? rim 7nons
of J;:nid. c.S4i Lae giugctl pretty o Elos.eLy byth ir. reunoctOiverdlitn tn c froj
the ,Lak. 'rZtcrorte iY 3 )Ad.. Oc-l.utm., 4titiona litl. nore. The
1.tn1145oL1 flntio .53t'.DO Ofl t L 1l 41O 1s- 1-i
S l.-j-irou r.jatioan :.'..Kui'ca onIj t o la .p 0 15 to 18.$i ri"s. from t"Thlhco.
'Wicreis au ana iastoiuminag ,9,hLng about all uwy proposi3 t lon.. koen the .
pricko omni so low,wEhore I Jiave a-iyhtivN to. s'qy a.TI, it. i: don't control
tiqo.c-,otLio 0 '1p riocs Jfut tlihy L t'oput low to mra
By t.he wy,yi any o c wntq wPantrI scctionschenp,I on sell, I~ia bec,
on thq tilllobpro Qnar.ljst ieliw- QdQ.Oltcsttat 3J30.013. rer acrr ,
soetiqons The y ;reall qn. the Oanal.* os 1(0 and14 An 45a-38aroin .teo
Dridlnagq(li,3t atoo( ,a. Firtitqrst,. Okoeolntr- Anilitionand No:.* 1i, ald4l,.
abovo ;&ible are.) Scos I* .aindu24 in .44-38a are putaide tt e Drr4 nqge DI..
but on Oanianlu des 24 in mut in two by it. AU1 dirt cheap c that pri
a.i t that lo..tlo4on'but not ripeanow,.like Firitorost li-nd.t ioultdhnveto
be coaxedty
In sturlytlg ~Poce Tableoolmnult Tho:kl- of thrjs f .tter he,'l
Now ai to option on -a.o* 30 :44 '. leri.q; a 2'Nal t., fae man
grori 'i.s* who has .t;kcCn seveorr TM3, loonllng .all r1 r ithie Giuies for
one scotion for a. nMclh I e hios In hoM-co :'Q hive dIciL.v1 .thiy -want a eG- .
tionuandpont him to finc~t for dthi* I h:d him up at .Okeolanltnbofpro e
ri3s'. ( b-forc hi~d ne. 30 lisi~'! ) He h es been all, DvqP the rlI4dosa.
up Prim 4o4G'\h On.alto Cana *''ointson Hillaboro, otc*. He ,i rory nmph iA.
teroeatoed in yonr Seo O~., h|ad IIIo giv( hin all thfi: data on itj is i bopt to
go home( If not gone pow.M,a A idwil l-ty it,with other pr-positioinqbfore
his Oc.oLwdand. wr4t to. ae. Jio anyntllhe ,ict it. :- right on the road i A
big pofnt wfth bhim They, aregoing to cinn' 'ds.Anga nd sinrup mnktinge
Haro all themnowiy they t oed.s, wil start rightin o .tho ptlo ing.a ltapo -
they decide. I thbnLk ghb feels tht ,vory section istho best IB he had
roun Ln .a hunt of ovqr 3.mosaE on the grounxphere;anl he a re 1 estate -a
at %h.tha a. -r.i' -rh--; nwnm n ---

/s-^C~-A^I-^ 7^<-_--

-, I-,^J .

-t -

--L s- ,^ _...

^f, C -.-' .%,-- ** _/
- / ^ (2.^<- -^ -< "^-
y^-^tL~cc ( IS3^*^'c~l' (7^ n j ^

Odcc- --v" ^^:1;c^y-e-

^-^^ .^.- ^'^
Ot--- a^^~- a^^"

^L^^- ^ -- -^-^ --^ ^--
^ ^./^ X-^<<


SL:fr tXF u urd oF -fl-22.'


n'n.l tn *. ,...,..r no n t! J: c I o tr
-. vc1' -L^ ts^
Connoil 4o 2-t.. B.~ h. th of~LC ha.~ tr' r. rn*i

I ... .c: iy SC ull .d.

D.. t,, ;

IV~r t-ly Y o u r

- A -

__ __

I _


-. Wi-


Ies. Amrn 'ares fft"mn,
Los AngeloSieslGa .

theLaulertdal, j'na*, i-3^Sc

i'y dear .'rs* HJtafanee-*

Tour Itetrar it tlio 2&odaLt vo'1 toidayc

I hi c;.an'

Aithei AniaingL Trust go* T.Ikni 'i tblt o .you know,I htd' something
to Uo with- starting that imstLtutionr Ii* Jed Anthat1 wrntu&d to orga3niae
a baplctng trust company. I was .-;0ocatod wtth alter trocan nt tha-t ts.3ae.
se wa, well i in ftuis.' HO wanted an p.utiui aan Stiii n as an aCitmunct to
-is eliterprise I1 saw bhpatold him of. .the oniporturzity -to -rdlist Rir. TBh'exdox
thanl,ancl auggestod he follow itt upe The result was a conf orence tatween
th p;Ln which the matter was settledalaMthe ooeiamy was l~inoheli

In 19O7,it came within a hir'sa broadth of going. r. Mr pedconthdt told me s
orit the followangtrenr M aotaully ha d w4tten tlo closing noisioao, n&asa
strttsng to ppst t on tvie doiewhen .4* KPffiun. p-vw Wf-tt !ie w.-p doiaig, t
andstopped~ i e.y srvedthe day that tm eo Too Iba they ooLIJA niot do
t1s. .tilleD years later*

Weloar 9s*raimso prian' t retten mano t X ha*ebeon ltr-ally ihtfrng fa
qtr for a year* 4 faith and tetorslnathioa e & not failed mefiaalflt h S ft
preO tly all tb has rept r head alboe wzAtcr.

So.amc here last dne to l-ramc a s llt a To elopments i
seott4on hal progrOessed' eo fr' that If .at it was t Lo at lst, tto all I~i te.
settlers A aoltu ng theeld bQsyera hae gotten out = a o 6t of fol ders- sone
enm,4 andrnm a fine et of ad&rarisingoosting ,ny $ a00M orporepr 'wt .

-it went to a hblpCr. Sinse trihe had not sftlao one do3lnr as this
niyDte.4iowwa4aatarfl onay- tis o)f4 O 980 / 41u.- that is P3lq1:aWt sEaNNI
At" thfe oorstJy* x survived the aimor *n9,o Mtrs has *baen mwrsewaMa

Sai re : '-~69
_*r2 tha V -VI __i" .I


I...~ic~I- I A1---^ --2--z-. icr i-. =It -


el A-e- 42 Z
-- ^ -^ y ii """ '

T 2 j--% &
^^-^^ fe -^ *-^ 1^. il--^/^e ^-/'V
ffT' ^ *^ v -

- I -i

3toriba ?ural Esata journal
PHONE 1690 327-331 N. W. FIRST AVENUE
March 15, 19E
Thomas E. Will,
Okeelantee, Pla.
Dear Mr. Will--
About May 1st we will issue a San Prarcisco edition
and I would very much like to get a story covering the
draipage of the Everglades anc the present situation,
There has been so much published on this subject, and
there is so much general misun&a atand ing about it, that
if I could get someone like yourself who has lived in
the Glades for many years and knows the situation to write
for this issue a clear statement justLas to what has._been
[ accomplished, acreage that is now available and other
genera-nformat ion, I think it would help matters very much.
This edition will be distributed at San Francisco at
the Nat ional-fonvention of the Reltors, and if you can do
this for us and get the article to us by the end of the
month, we will appreciate it very much,
Yours very truly,
Gordon Nye, Mgr.

^/^7^ *


" .7 ..-

r un.rt.Laia. ,fla.3s35m0 y
My dew i I aston3-
Thank you foryour letter of tlte 14th. _ell yoqur
tiolq h4S I reaL :,s 3 iost ]otter 4ith nmich lnterept uadappWee&tat= XIi
is good. "a ougt to have more of suob lottorsin: the papers. Thy heAl
I orta-liy apaoreotlted his eqrnist e ort Lq geo t1 bridges, toob ot
regretted X flid. not know or bIt in 1tiq -to got bumsy at iWaJi 4lxuarQ bln.*
those 20 dcay of stjCinUoUf l-.oain the bruah, As soon Pas ,. heard of ,the
maro,4 bccn .eveiry aotve,as you rcrio.ber;tugot iiniocl te resulltso
Salona 1 'mir section havebeen very siloi during those .p?4i) tlaus* XI
have qpent scril hqadrad dollars in advertising-- 3y own flnto at that.
a t.people meeano too poor.
H.n wrer. J1 .op to bring a 'arty .oftumq to Okeelantq ceauly in Ao r eaad.
we xmy g4t eoimqgood frYOi thoiru,'tri* I I ut nC4ri7 l;tdu a prico ,to quooe
on the lSi ofr y'our frandty If onein .gTvn lmao1 will itate it,if oppora
tun ty to help ia.kcyouLr srle ~otffers.3
Some of our uponorth maenrers a? FP.O. hIie iWisted thaIt 1 cut the .O* ,6
pri eslaL rush the sals through I ,o .not thinte this a wj.~i..olic ?yifqr
values ar soertT-i to rise -in a yeo:r oi two,t .-I t lo 3sqonrr. ITowivpri(,I ru
Oef'Qgnlg a good-sized tract in 4.. a ant $7ta, r3 a~: cr' ioanh
^0 Koi pfq 3bably o tn that 4 ao llOet 110no priafit undo slesfron PrC. la a.
any ca eso o43preat going ag inst taxes and state paymout3 otitosiati aind.
7. 1, e b me "h
L- ane.4el *4anmborious atidgpoiisTO businesses I hae befqre me he
repo.of t.r OqV 4a.qqq Brnien .q Laloloorialjatolo#,wlih"ngs oi't
tt and $iri12 %tsrawr state had ai value of "frofnm to O$0 1;r atrei
e- hatvla n iaex toil $40 .an aore for selling eG pemoo ( p.4O) t att B In
U had. oaded to It..a urYdd or $ n11A acre for selling.cotn*.( p.i Beorine, llsgta no holiday rtaskw ac NReqially far one not eqqijpoed with
a huge, -ll-tLsana.edjeSllgrnadhine siah as were used in selUlingthe Glades
lanes from 1900 to 1911,
-. aW hopiP Okeelanta my gEot;. nrA n soon. It dr. crntoo1 Boat .
traitc in worse evrn than .nsual;but Zigler Is aostt to punthen a very"
shallowe-drafr boat which he hopes will run any way*
Sincerely yours,

> ..

- *-..

ft ,Lauderdale ,las 3-2-22a.

Ir4.oorzfon A iet


Dear ?Mr.-Wo;g

'Tank S.'or yar .l*er of .t?3 15tsi. .. ma ending uomotime
herien tourist season. Hoence letter week on throapd.A

On ob. 3,v.3D,. tired to findyrA n-at 2S7 falJ* ,.Wantedtl t geA
:o.y oontrnlAng lotteryr f'.om i Your Cousi eorge#,to Iy dear Logan,.
A jice of- ry 'vork,but signed by Deorge andlent to L Log.'n

Wil3l yov s nrk qr thJs j4 George) .jqtter some
mLght Ti< appropriate for the story requested?
Thew fldUpste mitber of wordun you can use,,andlX

afthe points .you think.
Ditto on ero. q4verP singot.
shall be gla4 to prepare

Of. GoIZrsQ, sholl broton ti e scope to. inludOe t the u1lo Upper Oladesine
so.fep a no r knowlAege mikes possible*

!tt l ti'ingsavingap thqre. a they armnovlit's a .ob 1o squecsa tie
Yit_ Qls.ts into a qtor7 of. reasonable sie but I a acom sto e to
pittig stuff i.nto thehay pressed

? o* ate stuff for a little bunpcZ Q S Bo* fla., papers on
"' r" i "or. ner tihcther you would lie to b hire it.
I. -* .* ,' -. "**-'..? a.

Kr 1? -

>* : .- +.* *: . ... .2 -.

* . :.+ .- .... ,* ." .' ;:i
~-- I
'.4? t P

aIlrly inbferestod4ra.ght now,.ln gaotingthiyeq sqeotfplpl anted
-5ptrit thatt we r.y .win 'ite xIPao of a $ Ioayrvitorz
, s$ory on thia lut it sahoi4 flao be a0p lo mented
mqatawpokldngyprannt ar.e to go. in here in i ordle,
Srle market for the .catt3o .pr corn41 .bi, brl an tInv.
theoe pFojing plants will furnish .s e- tt e .tp fqee
0ero. Mei oe, ppracticalt ltur. GladAea farirdng

Very truly y-ours,
^:5; 5 t.E1 derdaleryllfa.

'* '. : .. -
, . .:. ,* : .. .



. -;. .. ....

! .


-.; _. ?I ',.

,. ..( .; .* : .: .^ . . '-:
I -O..a r : in
g a a Zmat lt4' aa u! ,u. ah TWK s uirese , . he Biehes* ( S .e peak ^e$.a.x' he Sj otrtie nge t'oB fat motlbters should to a thc,
Tm IThey uhott1U in, Oa lal till a good.1y grnop uarreaddy 'ysgerr
Sey l he a siwnr, n toget urn out to We. i-i thbeoniter ( t
e. l .,l hveq9 a goo4nhot .Am-es tfogother ( tri. otm be aBrra nte
Mr.- niras a gue rtoe theroor a amp Fj )ptake sheltpa t tli the se
i : .iIe ,o ioredranclre -.Ma used W by an 'a .'taiasts nr ,al e)s .
ns-. a ,elMhiJoprawpy all o food tools, 0seeoaatl iiteitiosan gtnat
A .asijth&. meaers youdl run bacnk to OkeelmA4 all in a isr it
- i l. u'Wally m!~LxtnoluxdiLngdaily pwper, got o. Ienoda eapo L re.stn
.:I an lz o ,t .n Wa boring settl.em.enb ortte 'cnst sitCl w t th etr
liaS.nnesa~~-net moramig, sok -r aoAi anta. nan io V:.0, again f ortho d..
Meimqtlqo, the flii b are 2in us ool, niLthe wires Jaxwe neigabo.spaaportsta
*o .. at r,zro 9 agricohl frony nFti ghbo sooital opoL.rt ts og ,ete

I n o)t.Fote 1.. bodyr .will bo strong enough o mce to 1F.S,. t ey so -
Louio._ ,hey ao in a bo,. aMt.rt t,,,gs rAjt- Mt t the ISOLASfi is

Then morrlurstt. ao e s,th c'r Orelanta lots wil.l TLLLvCfCWUn virn vs tif:
seI2iFg shoul be easy ani a sre Pa profit. AiaOw te li fao t.a wit
thiaclot. e vhIo a 4 b. o 1, aap%, on;uI a i .121intJuo P .oo at the P a.ta as .

2r$2es proposition ct-oe you wifl rtM in m.e toldars. ysy ti pur nas
yeun anan; if noblariit half acashv Itf this hBe tpoasslespay wht you abown

plaoA, w.n alwaybfufr nm'ore <4 than ay oontmrat reads In fatshatWC noram>
"ast a&jbyor pu twho showed a disposition t o go onvseron the if tinl-irel a
long wait.

i hope yocn t.k I o1 i oe tt you Can tp nvat It so Os "lt you e4 I
WIat ever9 a ans tryg be ytao oiaYuaw kantes. d slajly wan. tog t6 iinr
started in Sgood sihpoe ill 11i positionn be wine Alnone imn w*$ at
OklaeleUma an poultrthe he bs but little money+ Ma neats only to pl3 fie
goe 0oo toth!@eQ tt .1w rual s

@Ordeually ytnas,

*- 4 .-- '

S.1f. -

I aaaa~

. : . 't



INo; TIhre 1s a point to give your slow buyers. 'ihy don't want tbo leoa
good thing i "eo that get. sGamtohed awPy front thfo, 'Yii had. b.ztt'-r.i ,A3. thm
toc,zbcut other l.id4s.* cll4ng at Qi.SQ0f00 pqr aorc,andthat at /$00G"o. .4 or.
you aidiyou put it at 460) ;S~o~On i~aw:iy ao.d. of th;t 420 .i 1L.n y Not
to Ikock itbut, j ipmor s"bre tiling o? GI':ldos lmI;i they differ very wfdoly,.
They will 4.11 i- go .d,,uiut iwoe to hb dr.inoed k lotand .thien woathera; and.
woiqd,:.a lot nore. I L.:wcone right tr u all tt i Okeelmnta.

Ag'init ii h'.r2lto get a .ltter o t,of' ta onemor of. S. 30, He often
fails .to a swer nportnt l.ottores bto, make smrn. yo1 I~f1lonty of ladl,
an- high ol su l.Ldto rriso corn oI karifsed you land ii Sqo,Wi7;lso jkn
Seo,3 i 4 you .;i you ow rowd is'a:d i.. "oQeve?,1 I , for your ona
tion. f ot it *I'll s,'-ndiit .tio you at onoe i you are ,in shiSe .to
go aLead Qn your cormnanyr ~y. A.lyou.hnvc a ii~~ghty gcod hot .poker to Xl.cih
iju your4 slcwy ny-n yith eQll. them tlihni a, ca oe of' DO IT NpW." g niGber .
th. uorth hlI l2 or !to,306Q .is dr:tsined. Inom.wan the roblirf A. in the Dran-age
Diqt. ~. *11 ru noe.r the io cttlemrcnt landon the C-nail sanmrooad,

Y iOt;,t 79,tWro 'n r f h ct,~ see mer front Oke2lanita, I" 2 Ld yE tley
will stre.t,~ith tr-ioctprout' or Oce la;ta,to imprr'tlie 01gel .lnta-Gladeor3st
Rol.. "n h :,-eo .ti? i to rv.ogr fro! ~t 06o- ,erd to fo. all rnuoh work
I hol^dA. gt thi ; thrji;2-2,t. udl a':: Forilngen a.ll. conoeired tao te .t!z:};twc
gOt our 'aOo(.C nearly put on our. Okelant'l-Gl deorost ILord noonmand woll.
All ,t:ihtt -'. ca lot to L-3 v:Itle of becr.30

I hJivo I L3.!o) .i0T:l.O.'irofAl inuilrifes of :i.;ln ov:.r ti'-c di'l ruo .:o_'tl,1j':twjal
W.Pia.le:l -oh Tl ITilla. fanai.l,.as -o 'ihet;lhli you ona gt yoelp lgligt. truck over,
They nal sly you crmiu. Stil.',!f? :. i;2 not qtvisribl to rn v trumks,withI lorad.ii
ovgcr. ,ht dirt road rightalong till it is surfl.ced, t-he small tr Lttsla,,..s,,10 as,. etoj,,in Seo.35( S9o" u Pre'm.Lots*.)

. yo'.urs;,
P.S. Do not lot mnytlrig I, hIave u:di offend Hirf Hes;
I w.ant ht-i to 5:tike a bijg asocess, .Lut you should Tmow tlihe:; differpnc n
betwqon Esunoh .l.'i l s boigi t,ar:1;o. yoL. di::.r3i. i:i v1l
be O.Klin time; n.ritIld:iloo tAon on tle road I hr-'q rwecat blood to hringl
andnear W.Palm Be;cbh,will rankoabusiness for him BPut you arc ha dJing
L A N D.

T. i .. I... T. .. A C 1' S
No. Description lAere loe

1Z-3 lyTng E.of Canial
.45-36, O1 w/*& --or, 0
3 Bec.30-443.6 & E..1/s

T. IItIU- 1i OU


&fo0.1wi/4,8..31-44-30 t1 3/4. ses.Q )Q00 *.1i ; -1 3-30.
4 Qpo.y4-86 SQ .rS 0 -25;3-13-10
5 Sec. 4 ,4-380 96 "iiL 1 5j .00
tract ;Nunor-
our G-a tracts,
Sr l h100ot roo.ouriith
premimn lots thros n il1 ee yoldcr,1" P.Frmino-ots). l t ..8.BE083-1n11j0



I I __ I


S-t. b' nd.. ,Fl:i.- -'3'T -" ''
'7 4w ::r.Stub x d Fa.e
lj d to hrw 'your o't..r of the ::the 'Am used to
flI-)Yt. .*fl a
S' -
Oam2.. .. rr-2:: T 2)30Ut 8!20 xias, frqn New .. OkOrossing( *Sec map nbov..)
'Z to cars ,tv--t wDJ .I l)c:em z.gruatt lkiCtrcai;-, t. pod1 tcteait.t@v Uovrac
20 Lrim tf, :?: tr b ul :11. Y-:' r.*-* .:'rj P on fl 2- 1 gctr uted. Lthl 4 .*facal
c00. ,.r.U ".'.n .e '' 0'. -t..:.S C i i.;,, t" ':-ir,. .ll ti-: 'o.lsh'. c -. .
2 Li! ` "

L ... C.T .t ''',! ': ... .... ." .. .....i. .:tr . f

-'r y,:i." .: i-'i_;h-.. .-. .. 1'. .u i

t;v is ll to flWvoi. hut I Qo not wru4, r :d tn !'.W .f ru. We' w un'orp' T'1d Oto

.o- r ke. oP u .fout r~tre Hotnt b]o. o t] it10 ws1Eoruness at OIrn.ys : .
for 7 ye rt,whily: ti, signr peopl war! : d'"r in per .fe et flvO'l-C .1.j
ei'Ice ; 'rwe .v.: .:. .. r... th.ingi ;nt tC. Gladesp J0 k2ow9P e.g. '. 14 haIp
Sllo.:en;.rt.r .:o.'t. l- ~: .)iultry, I 5 rU. not t ~fc so,I oul t,
diro't. -o :mich cTr'tert", o.-vertis.ibg t. +It means i' .4ifidua f-recd
no an.' oig-".tiS oun o ., bigr Go .p:Zy,, We l:os ra largo it,or d'i d.shl. it,

FurL'tI:.l>$i' Q-vc R rngv ai 'areruntrnr of Stat0 havq:.goncith InumfrouI

O.the .. ... t n :. .l ..-. :r..n c ,red nri.tiy tr rcart
L . ,-oru-,:<.i' .' .-.- :' ,.lU o .st n.o., y cror. for S .f ",

c oharg. 1Tind rmi ?i.* -- '.r :yfqr Foh1R q!Ibult $W
.,",,'i ,t.. ,--0 L-;t I 1:u.i 3.a 53.w- vt. IldYTh,10H N1 OkiceOntt. tou
*6p "' R *

cash buyur pm.L e-ate to.c rE"'" *rV7 orm eiotc or 2 yanr a ,a potltrytfui'
on -a -prop. in WhiIoI he :by a;r bays1 only a lot in to wn
5 /+ thg orc h G'lo ,' .; +;'-.-:' Vi. t.r o $.o 4 pv .rn *
t?1.:1 ~l- *TU1-t' *-*rr. ;i..f^ .^ y ^ ^J-"; *-.^;i~ur'-:(i ""Tl-if-.v i^ t-^ f<(Ejj~rf-;
9 is..I ^r *d^ -Lt~rr. r~i~tInso-'l'^l ,- l.-9tnony crp -"r S.Fla*-^

Real Estate and
Room 206, Republic Building

VCiami, Fla. Mch 24

Dear Dr. Will
Your letter of the 23rd just received. I have been out of

town and am leaving again inthe morning. We do not use any regular

( contract forms until option money is paid. In closing a deal simply
^y ---
y take a small payment, say a couple hundred to show good faith and give
them your receipt showing in detail just what detail is and then we

get up contract in proper form, showing name of purchaser etc. and

deliver to them upon payment of balance of firstpayment. I am glad

your prospects look so good and wish you all the luck possible and
will be glad to assiy~iou in any way I can. I will be in Miami the

most of next week and if you are coming down will explain to you jaut

how we handle these&als or if I can get up there will stop and see
you. At any rate will see you before the 3rd of April.
Very truly yours,

/ _. _i_


Ll /jj
S. s

) Ii

'K .,.

.^.. -./ ^ / / ^ '








r ).1 Ii-i

s:.,-. .i



"~-~ -"

Ft. aui*A 1 ,,1a3-:1Y-2.o

My de6 Bro* othb--
ours of 3-10 read.* adheld a little*. ope you ny be down.
Am oertcenly glq ifyou got off dapheons to GChldo. You prqabl'y road*
letter of 3.411, e folloyeod it with that of I.44,spyinewr e arevery asb
disgatteg with the way you havehlaxndled oun oorfer for DYasheon Blnba.set.
It is great potynndl pacnlt. blmaehimr* e says he is ontiLngyo7U a copyw
S haf be glad to Jzno your order gotoffladhow large it war*
I have another ordor,not L .perlis but important. I have a friend in
kLO. MeswI isli.kely to be along soon with a bunch of heavy buyers who 4 |
do us alot of good. 'Thlisam has int.ore sted a big restaurant man .n
1.0, in dns-hootp 'The .restaurant n'n ia M.L. Tayl.P 4 Aast l9th, St. .e .e
has 9 rIotnBranits or wore. NB has been to the iTrary a.tudying the dasheep,
has. written the U.S. u5ptoof go about itandwants to mke IT A LEADER*
mow I ari asked to sendhlim a simple lot .to try oti; 150I lbasby F1PRREBS.
he will give them, a thorough try-ount,. They are to go 00D.D. as to expreTssa
but the dasheens will bepaid. for when nyman arrives hereenrly in Apr*iLoryi
bill is sent me.,1 will sendit to hinandhe will paydonatilhg to the res-
taurant 1can*
It they are spiLled,4 an very sorry. But f -you oap find that miUny good,
edible onesBnalud3tge some gonmr it may do us good In wor i L~ a m=riret,
that iathe only objcOt for us now.
When those .E,.ppl. .come 1 corSainlyheuo they py te received by oir ,
people. in a way that will not dLiscouragethem* ahey e re able andready to
buy an.So to farItng In a bdkg, w.yI .a alnorme" .hey will oaolnlize near S .
on land have founor $lhem lI hey slaouldl b our settlement a lot of good.
M *Looke wrote he had sent y6u j .i 4 -/-
I enelose what I hope is a v' mryiportaniiJrpr for thno Qwitl. It loo
Like a ge7amne! a pla bakis itU,an4 we et It thRmthe CWu y. \
i V R Ad tseer no rason6h wifwroilth ahouldbot fri Ihope $ou ril do
your best with it. flTavewrttten MrT tlton, toowhorn I told all about it
when he was heres le ites t developments. lie w ell help TinIdn you
|miLt be on your way to MitandmI sent him copies itoiresent to t':e Counol
in that event.
sVr~ig~sric~~~s ;: .S^ ^ ^-^ -^.,.. .- --
BlAd tho OkjSooBay Road is coining dn.'' hurrah for the tlio e' ao6hn new-
house deserves a lot of credit for that *' Oedit .to whom credit Vi due9
'-hat ought to go on the mnmtes of the Uouncill

I appperopate the thanks of the ounc_ jfor mylittle efforts* Only hppe
I ian do rnoreandipot be misunderstoog.
Sope thepop corn will do well. The pasldtlo house pproj' hereandthe offer to
farmers to feed the battle on shares areintereowsng* ant to get aore data.
If I have any landhandy that yoYu @nm put in dasheenshelp yourself. My broth-t
or has obtained so little out ofhis plaeo that if there is .any qhanme for him to
get a little rent,4 hope it may be improvedL, lay bie you can f td an opening
f 'no ,it had better beplantoe rent-free than go hbak to weeeds Bairwlek con
traoted for itLn writing. Sinoer-ly yours#. -
/( "' 4' " l r )< '"K -'" 5 7


:. 'The remain ng expenses, we will meet out of sA

.. .... ) The Net, we will divide equally; statement, and
'' your check, to be sent you direct by buyer.

n I: -- . .. ...
:,What cane will do -is -sbhovn b,, enicEd literature. I jis the
coming GREAT GLADES CROP.. Cane-grovwi-ng coss sonmetijn3, the first
.year. .'-Tieeaftir, it costs'little, and it means Lh-rings. uputttrable.
Plant a small acreage if you cannot plant a larger on..
.. *' ~

Bere are two offers. Take younr choice. .

1) "Offer No. 1:FARINtNG YOUR LAND.--We will handle vyou? land,
plow. it, furnish and plant seed, kill weeds, and take first urop, only; 'R

"2) Offer No. 2:-FARMING OUF LAND:--You will handle outr land, :
plow it,; furnish and-plant seed, kill weeds, and take first crop, orly'

In each case, OWNER controls second, and all subsequent crops.
'(For Iode 'of utilizing cane, See Sutar literature above.) .- .

Under Offer. O.1, your land- must be in or near Fruitucest (Seq?.27)?i),.
or Okeelanta Addi.tion, -(sec. 35),both in T,-4, R. 36, (See plat-enclb.sed-;.'.t<
and not taken by elder bushes. You will.advance Fifty-Five Dollars'
S($5.0C0). 'er acre to over cost of plowing, seed, planting, and Weet- .
-ki-lliT-'g.. les:'a'y part of thi.e which yout iay have already advanced., Yu ."
p tapse as' sfcu' ty, a mortgage on tre first crcp, and, out of th-iscrop,
Sget'-.r: A ivour .f.Fi ft-Fitve Dollars (Z55.00) per acre, with six per ,'
Sced'(6i ter st, We take *th4 -remainder.

If .yu ha.e no land, ydu may buy in Fruitcrest. (Literature av&il-
able) .'

Offer 104, you have, again, only to send the money (Fifty-
.iv4 DDo t-45.0t3-per acre, thuc paying in ftll for the breaking,
Seed, r.pnlantihn nd weid-killiri; and buying a full right to the whole
first crop. ,TICf desired, advances will be-securedi by real estate. -
-. "" -'* .. '
Hocatajrt. win onfOffer NO0.1; or how can we, on Offer NO.2? In
this way:'--waPie, ordinarily, in other cane-growing states, the FIRST
CROP is, all'-that anj one getp--the cane, like corn, -requiring to be
..-..- rplanuted ani'u:-lly.--under cur unusual conditions, the cane, once plant- '.
-,, clv;.jl'.-contina. to gzrw for a period of yeats', thus reducing the cost.
--equent copisfno.g~'l jif figure, .

a nloqne- without Gropprng, helps Glades lands immensely.
1 lo1 hng Is.-sually .far bey nd the supply.' With cash inh
V.. bvbe^ged- i- vain to have lands plowed., -So have
-V Cane-gr.o.winhg, should greatly2 intensify. his dem.and...
1 ,:w .M A .



' .1;;!


Mr. A.Cqnkrirng,
W.Pslan Beiaoh,ja.a
My defar MT,i.Oas3ing J*w

tt aui ,1lae .-232-S22.

S*lad. tc haseyousr letts of .the. 14t4 ,a-;Il to read. your
sWeg n Ayesteryd;'s Post. Let. the gooi worik Co on.a

. 0

. P I
.My .at :o interest .is arpuued. aga in by fs.QirngSthat .eic State poola are
4aiwng e 01 S.9 ( over) carl others aredoing near iby.
We It-at -vo'nn ? W.yFlyXCENT prooadlrs a4 Oijeoeliantq,nWly to h.-vot3lem
killed. by go4. 6untiei th Mexix 'n c tir'l.etiesa !.ili st,'. our oold. aniaps
Mr .4qaSh Is quite anreo they w10i1
l4t. heQR0 SA naunp qubeI ttihn. An ^atold rY$rl man hire .has aroqaUqesjola
sanI .aut ai the .oldqba~ s ar all dying e IO rs it is boa.ltse oft.he.
waqertPt\;ile ,se qaas that arooAdtoes .ny do .wn ftor years lut. when their
W st real down to the watorthoy aregone.
qk er Vpr G1ados wair .table 1aspretty hitfghl., less qonince P.i
d.t 'bPjqt. tq mwdenf 'p pf w hope thseniqay e qqt e out
lhm X b hit{ fwpesq it aq avQrl4?es .to be .w-te.id1JM4 .tjxgAqft. rApwqv@r
eoai~ 'i saas, -a td. t tei-r oots get.. .m4,'. tOj the water h
t, t .=q Iar wl a,thdy are fore-daI med-**
*.. S *.. .:,1' .. .. .. .. . ..... ...
.4t ., ijly IIB eP~ .bea qnperl aroondtano several .ear d ..
n- .taMis t4q ..ft atle l?.~ s tho ..0anqta~~ul A.BOy the ,lofl !hen I. lat
%a 4 4A M steoo ot ointy e pld( rhaol less severe there .th.n Ith.
- #A Oftt w rteoa fat tsa rootemny not havegottendown eop eAou.hi
; Nw r resiitter 4jeiratIoua ar wondering what is zor adventt
n As _.a W yVtO werelivlnga- Oqeelanzta wqpid on tei l sateq .
!0- Atbn Ges .q .a .high .wabt~ tapXe Aa .~p
~' # ,*tianirtN^ *t Pkeelata
% 7--"1:, OW A better tectd agane ts ra"er

q w. ..;..,..,
4, :.zl~dtriS^ tffl^^1tV xe nirer hWA ort, tO34J l S

Okeelanta, Florida.
March 28, 1922.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
' y_ Dear Dr. Will:-

Your letter of the 25th inst. received this morn-
ing, and I am very sorry that I will not be able to clean up any of
your land in the short time given. I have cleaned all the land ly-
ing east of our lots from Mr. Roth's cabi# up to Cooper's, and 75 ft.
on the west, from Caloosahatchie St. up beyond Cooper's, and I expect
to clean your brother's land next week. I have tractor work waiting
for me now, but had to stay home this week and build little chicken
pens for our rapidly increasing flock. TMrs. Fenner and I would like
to own lot #45, but it is impossible at this time, and we don't see
why it should be $50.00 more than lot # 46.

Nc. one is more anxious than we are to have all this
land cleared, and make it look/ like a town. Surely hope that the
Kansas people will settle here, and help build up the place.

You mentioned using a roller on your land, There
is no roller here now. The one you ad, purchased with Fruit Crest
money as I understand it, Mr. Salvage has taken. I had brought it
up here, as it seemed more fitting for me to look after it, but Mr.
Salvage came and took it away, saying that Tom had said he could have
it, and although I have asked him several times to return it, he has
not done so.

SAbout tractor rates being greatly reduced, they may
be by some, but as I have never made one cent on my tractor invest-
ment, and very poor wages from it, I do not contemplate making any
reductions. I guarantee and give good work, and the cheaper priced
mnen cannot do that. For instance I #ad to go up to South Bay and
plow land that a "Z5.00 an acre" man had tried to do and couldn't.
There is also some land here that was supposed to be plowed last
year, and it is absolutely useless this year, as the plow only pulled
through and didn't turn it over.

We appreciate all the efforts you have made, and
sincerely wish you success in this, your latest effort.


Ic / -*/, ^

J. N. GREENF, S':retary-Trra surrr


OP'----... -- I IDfAl
FLI O T=? I ~D .





** .

/ ,


., : : ., /j

\1 7"J, '--" .... '
^^ U ^P/r^^ '/~^ -*.-** .* '-*Li'
^y ~ ZL r^^^ ^^ *.: *" / '/- '-''' /I P/^/
^ *I /
/--i /// ~ r.

.r. . / '--
-^ 7.- ; -. / .* ," 1"?/ / : ,'- : 1

1. /

JL .'.'


/ /

a / /' .' '-
If i
5/~.tepc : ;
/ I

' .
( -

P Its
:. -- ; .. :' ,
,._. t / ~ C.. *- - 'i -
/ / / /, (2
// -rv/ -4' ^ 424"
,y/? 1- ^ "I>^*"

-t'tr /t-4 /-- /fl"z' ,v _: ' / -

a^. i,>/l^ .-':7 ," i
^/f D w' /;/ 1 ~
2-(-' c' 9 &/ & ,
">:-.-./ ,": --,Sr "' .'. -
/ l/ .'. ,. tJ.,, ./ '., ,. ..

A -'

* I




,/ _,,t l
" .-: ., <

Beenrny P *tw >.meiaT

_ I

H. C. HESS, l'ice-Presidein



.. .,


Fi IN J. HESS. President

,-- -4----

* 92
i- / -- J ';

I', ,,7-J^ ^

*- '" -- '

'."- - . --I

., - "."
t- -
-/ ,- ,,- .. - ^- .- ..-_-_ -.- ..... ..--

^ ...." .- -. . .. -. ,-, .

' f'.

- i i I, I I I I i .

--~"i / ^ _"- .... J " c '' 1 '

-p Z" A- A/ "" -
r' 1 2 '.

I I I I^ I I I I I -
^..^^.. `--c^/j P^- .- --^-^

y ~/t^.^ /^.^ --^^ -
''* '/ /I 7 V1''
'**I LA/A C) ^-Z/r ^-^y--,^^ -^

^" / y r
.^-<^ Y y ._I-L-C- ~CS7--- --~- <--.^.^~lp~. .*^--^.*.^^^ L -^ /^ -- ^-C

*A- ( 'z- *
..', $ -- /
-. /i b t ^ - ^-' ^ F A
s ^L^-7- l-^ yT.^ ^.t^^------< .-.'^ ^ ^**-^a^"'^-At "'

p- // ----_---- -I~---z---- c~ I L

I~ I-~ J 4

_9ccP z~ I~L, i&
4-0 z-; L-~~ r- --3..-a
: c---~-~~-.:- rZ~ R --P~r~-i-,~
z.i,-?, C .~ _L-I-n=L .

~--- ~F~'z4~ke

/ ~ 4

._ w, 'L^ i;L;UL *^_^--< (f-^-^^ ^-^-' a '^^ft;ii.
' '' '-Z j /^ '- /.- z -' / 1

>1 *o. . i i "...
.^/------^ ^ !

* ^ i~(:--/----- ^D f-L,73-<-^2
V n^^ ^ M L 7 / 2
,;* f -j C-

- Seog. of Okeelanta Qonrahi ty GounOAl writes .to*dayq.f. A I10o1tt waq _
made at .OounA i meeting' 4natruoting the Seoy. ,to extend qogadql
invitation .to the Blevator paRty to .v~iat .Okeelanta pn any trip ar inspection.
A hearty. eloome being assured' Pass thison to your party-
Between U8,'7Q have some peatirerous lmookersin the Upper GOldes oountryj.
some down on the country, ed .othersdown on any one y. ho does rfnyhxig to
help ,oon tion.i Afrai, he .wil gt somre sre Bti This was intendlpAl,
pafl, .think to beag off Buqh ppl. Be ready to guardyozr party ago.nat .
sUEh tiftuenepeas Soqe wcpldsink tl ?r.f towr thereby t1hoy oould& uspltL-
some one* 'Thesedq not representnu, h qy IgBEREPRlSEN us.. 3uIf you shouvk
beoon your guard tht they con' t spiLl atps lieansz for us, Ewry country. has
Ittratitors,.. Courses no ezoeption. fpu oain put yar mrn wisebut be
disoreess i
On 3.891 I sent ,youa big list ollandsln 4ndaroundz Olkelaqnta; IsaIGHT qhIdd
lands ,andgood prA ketionas, toq. Want to h4vep;enty for sm t ll buyersyou
may ha.eland an A:lternLtiv ifwe shouldget tixed u.J iWth pwner of oep.30.
44n'-y. n t eapeetL tombt want another strig tqt our bows Tipasq inmda
In Sege -aeJust 8r. of 01o.,qepoolally* thJBDjaas. ,areaINE to secure
Th4 Csajritagee.g. is sEgBRZE
When you a e ouill aui rt oni ocrt4pIin d4ibteabetter tnreje, thuft Z.
maiy make. all. neoiesary irwparatipns andnot fAll t'o bepp jhanC -Want to
count the daysawisee t44 no _t .atitoh in dropped* Itht t send a Cipo At t
before f~jQsng, too. Coomn to nuderdle.. Ve.11 get together hore" Tell
yre men that at preaentpour pa senger is IsI t fui 4ng ndwq'l haveto
S on a fr"G a boat. od hate, tho. at .. Soon we' 1 bo runnm g nto
efslon ay L.B, andby qar to Okoetanta. o. aeon-is hs avept afo of
to Mp Obladoqyrest road too .. Building on from P.B.Oans to begin soon
Gi.e. putting on hard smuiftee.
Heqaly l.A4aaon and Barrqn Qollier reported 4, Pj buying quietly
bat1 heaity of Gladepa lanis at trategis points on i4aquA Tranl. ifj
fianny that will beat ours. Jbhn Wranamnaketqut with a Bi330 B00T for fla
*&ayatrel qyf Alive, wouldtoell youngmon of east to 00M.DE TO FLA4. W.o at
Worldupon or, etoe

Oordlally yours,

* : .. . i ,

pk) darddlo ao j**11.4
]^^K 8la .90al~>aline3
*3 i,A.OmlroDa5

4y diSr ji*.ConSlilng s-
I m adChtyj glnal you arc to ito baock wljtlit usi 4tio 1Vora-
gladios worckand enpecdoally gtI3n you're to boon til Doevelop'jr Y0ou ai a.o a
Voflid otgood An th arqt-73Ssylst5n 'bl.cki 'ttfnrorthv ,:td'.iaL,.U your bLst into
tlis papcye It onrhit to ea Ptrta7yS to the rvaluo of the palior, toc.
1 wih i't Zwlepensiblo for un ti taI Tinw3r rornt.2roquit;uil;'e. 'y .joNb
fveon the bcginArnilhas be=a C i'ly to ;'lp get- the GlsLes gotu:t-y inLt
noh shape tiat poploec aIlde throw* In Bo doitja,I haveo rot:-.y nearly
dabrdrn Eq1aelfwruiht agrh niis entation at rq owi -. e ix n ;s'hthlAnsg for
WM4MtJJLtagsioPnJ1al, e*. o.n ,m C:s ete .ei
ea~ X am herehea* tvyng to rerWmpoa~ntgot into Vor ;ming "iy ttlf. ;U;
rarity wtan maw Sehaz. r Miptoe.fl 3. grtziartt7-i S ;4j.lN
I t6el n .arear y kthat MwT e2 d4.ne3, V3?epr fiadoena&t t i a
rmesaet sawc tiaue. a swar t *t ofay ;pldfla, that you ray irn
atq4 better Just what n ai L vtja atbw
iitfabia hap to om wab ho to lAe i" -M -to
Vo anatho 3bo aF *p-S1tho that ,lzd thl o oad for ri
10 moo ;f daOOia q.oaaInhe an tiwsse Maio it e3mW7y 1to 10vsasA
saise #p. 3n the e*L4 l e way i.n wtdei ik lan1 oea hAd eoattst
the %WW a4l oer oShe nsn t ?f thoue viere thV coalA4 not .pose 4bly-
ta anr egttat8ort me oan ny r 0oamta Settlemeuint work WAlt n 19i1--1a.

t it? z..a& OO Q 9. of owr .jdatteel trpt.'
S-sahtl i.O i yen oe of tme womlatrade
lie anly way ainto 31 VAMjtiamr wa,
Sat wt hwttpor I had 128 as, of sea tergwqd
t iat aeI.tL Into 00;,Fra'SITf NtoflDI
Lt. lP on aaers9ptesa datha4 t meant shoauldeNreIm

[^ ^3toM^

* .-
- 4 -.. I-

L -



7'-w----e--,-<--- ^cl- ^-- *-- ^Z -- 5'1 <0 ?.
,-- .- - *- ,----- --
'7- ^c y 7 .. ...

X--,f-e f9-^>- .....^v-K ^ i / t _^-s*,- < -7 *^^ < ..........
-- i g~ Y

- ....- - .. s .... . .. .

__Tii r &^

_________ '/'__^/ ---? ^

<^ t \'- V-^ ^<=- -^ ^ ^ ^ .-<, A
v ^ -- --^- .^..- n A"'^-t /- -

cf cA- y- "L4;e^ 7- 2-e/ <

..zrS. ...\ L7
.. .^. -. '^" *f .


*FtLaumd. ,Plf- 3-21-22.
My dear Mr. ?orri -- .. .
Yoursof the 18th. reod. Astonished you havohal no letter
from rae a nlrsu .1. Havowritten on 3-10 S,315,an 1 tt,-r of .3-10 Hope yo! hlrwy last two .by .thl: tiame. .Since 3-.. I have reoda .
yoursGof 3-6,3-10a6: 3-18. Ansd. proi4)tly each timeo. Hav3recd. no reply ltt we
your requested option on qoc, 30,. Better plan to )puystrni.gitanduipe ~
tra4 olafol itso.l:u' be -piy O7Uirs,'3 ar.L youTr corn onii Uooa, 27 'anld 35,
W l" -'cQ1xo'nrol ioi-t or.
Note o=aefully schedule of pricesoenlo Noto t' at we can't cutrjutside
Seoei, 127 andA 35.
*IA' not se '.eOldhnmit 4fighty .aorry. Hope ;Ir.vBuwjy will rot il ta11
and i. ul ol. teo. 3u Is a nmghty good buy nt that figure.
Yo saoak of your Uootorm tikintg Soonc.?,* Romnebon not all. of tAs
for sale' Harkedl plat on opp. page showed yLiat trncts i;i 3ce,27 are for sale.
Als .ar.rkcti forp:tgil" tracts in be,O035*
Rmcomber I hvieo somoe mighty finr4 ops in 8eo2,pjust ;o.of Now Okeeolantki
That 20Q..tgqr traot in dirt oliemp nt eL)4),00 per ancro .ood lanryin I),ratnage
Diist.fronting on OGanatand TOWI( SITE. LANDM r:ightl*,n toi4nnadalnqt as 4Qlrablr
as rmy ier k0" look" in which lotavsell at 4 .to $4.0ie f fyt fqt Witrl
the oonmng .IUSHtthia D will be a n'prce. only. hooe we r.y en oT enoun h
on sales In sight to qnablle me to BUX .tbha2t2 .as. forLaf-pla rnd atLd to
New Qkeol4nba. pt.ry optionon it dies.ay lat, andif I cnn't buy i
wait to s-ell it.

%c. is a drawing of lands in o.eO,3-415-38 forv sal.e( barring a little that
may. JArQ .rooeqntly beon sold,) aNo t9"-
The 230 acraesa bovo mouine 3e 4200).,04)
104,3 .. ,I Ganai, oano sco, .A treqondous brgri:dn at r51O.0o per npret
S3. 140 in S. W.:1/ oi seo. Very cheap %at 100.,

If,any of your people ownt npot oiy SOI ut,wi.t An rch nro vluabl
Sand pr al oopbp.uOATIONSITE VALtZRopportunity for .the T- lIMD INOR311fiT,
heoe it is An So.2aseape1ial. Ly 20, as. aInthe .niQ 1 .2 IIm wilda .oown
all thla.c.anal frontage;lut pider to self it rather yhnn let get wholly
SB~ai too lato yot for the fall oorn,*m plentyy of tr o tors a;aiplorvs,an hunsle
Oordially your,
A^----------- J*-


-. -1




r -'



.. 0




" 'i

- i"

' *


aIN. sqONorria,

dear MrHorri:-
Saoursof thoe 9th. rood, to-day. Thl-oo'. by3ir3t 'Iil
9 tad at tiho goodnes1 you soudew. ;'oUd 3.l0c our.atip.
r SB JIBS t tll nmo tfht route you will taks a ;tgivc .:n idoR:s of wL'n yoI
UWill reach oort'd4 points '"Tmay wnrnt to writ o rr'ro you en route. It
be best for you to le.tXY your outfit at U.i'aba Beach :lori herftor
ferease with re before we dcoideo on lnext move. I Tr. tr :--e i.rtsr yorn c
gtt.ypor tagk over tile dirt road,e.g.


E *"Ekv J t


I o~fl
~an r1

Opt The cotdbtnatLon of eos. 30 anidJ1 is at point shomOn on Iottem (
SheaACth sheet. IMBIe aretho -$50,00 lrads, Y*nt tct nlonekt&).O0OC
is Whero I told youabto 1 1/3 i-Ate. of Nor; Okealanta. that is wIhrt yocu are
=a0t .interestosd nand same with me. seca. 33,24 ar' w"her't T vAdritn.
tbfdne oprni eilow,Carl Uinta, with his final young rifo. arcon e oe, 3G,jut ir est
of the a30 3,abros 3 34 nd. Wow Okeolant r Thos to seoas are aitoLh
fa3,yjfieBi84e, rl&cdan:ia thru Gc'nonucr,N.Ce F. ^good buy,toosifany ofyour friends
want so mnaoh. Right on Belles Road andt andal.
Il sc that you get al). thoe o-t an lk. tnn Q mtr to i n otw, a]r 874
seea* s,( cpre) is a3opt5oi ry _fLne rnd- .dy for oarn. So of
partpat lonaatof So* SSmaybe all,sineo t-ce &itohechr laon out. I IPquestion
whethalr SeC* 30.ot Ii.0k.,in so fully rePidy. Dure it is not so ripa.yetsasB
See. .;v Usuall.y we empoot to sultivato a tife or twaeto r:tren it,nnlosn it ia
at the weed or eldor stage. F.o inthere,atrong. -

To get the tlnyatorwe mnat WIve the c seeos in corn, you Lkmow So ;t is up (4'
to molto tintdthn an-a of ripe lai* I haveless doinbt of thl:'.t tIlin- a geof sting
farmers e~upuhrflght offpto plants mesoa* Tmr hutieO aaWlfi'va ,thIo,wll help
a lets As SrWP as it is safe to say how rauh you anL yAtp' group orn put in.
Want to advertiaottandnse it as a lcne' to get maore*. lIn i Olisate pp.I
I hope wiJll hao in a bamoh of ppl* in time for t'o auscireriwrall crop,rhizh
X have adlasedttoiLke sure we have enough in,oard hiwoe no trouble
what Is raised, he big ovrop in 1920 IiWF trouble ditlcng moarketoed.
L~rul jotn unrketed. -


j;j. mI: c- 110. F -la* :)-l-22.

it a Uia-,oacFl _r- 3.i1 ....,
Py dSO. flro.IaotS--l
i-2l you kinmfly d2rop- oa=ilottafn
inty nail.
aont your bol by a'ney.lso bockUo7
Tor GaSlvin* { 3 ^- -w4i I

GorQE. told. pi- '.% aBonh
No trouble about o ZI troiube iahhres'c-.
1) SUeotar-lsi.fpn I TiVA..ioi ,ed. 31 thsaoyoaPraie
1 .h:i vye uA it.u .1 r i 1 on ifit,.ut tSia. oian;j
3 'urlarIcs;a.i, L" <. :'. 1 ..s ,ia:;. : ,.of religfLus
'ai so'a.iJ. 1l- f cozm.-rzn..'; I ihavc- bonn..- thea so

ouigh--k sahouuno.l o: a o trE helping
*-ti.Ly o'St liateo iti..
If that is no -.i Ght, 1i n t? i t vrrt n-.oasib.e
t qt. so" T fI*fp f :I ;:L y :a t-hi, the eXiVIcty
r at least tVe- -'*toa; of L, GhurCh,nauTh:ive
3:,.lit 1e V3iC' 1 i.: nk1:L:g le-J .f tCiU ownY
lig as aiara3,;.iluot .:- ta e,, : T- crfa ofa ig ,
tr^'lwnj zPelr;vus .autoer ey ,th.-.t rd.fc H bh1p soae.
*iwense advit what sLo&ibI.c Dj any Ut taho
3CplC haivc i.ny L.c.niL. to 0onm-gre-.:nraon o01 is ies

'oroon11 I thlyL4 rhca' worship ir. hofm !zr
j2 the twres t ar- arnl.t o t1e r, if of an
P*cle.i tabio-:t1 bosa ;bt'zrsseL y a 4iec of
";i1 entat.

Coldially yanit':9
4? ,

I ~



to daid t o Iotsa, ftixU-in rrj-ilesDof
D&ed. elor-osnow- Jt4 Juea l;,1a9,( p,10)
to yu,Cor o'_ t; T,.17,1S,19 an'-t 2 .-i Nelw AKee-

i-ursib-y you -C.un LoiktJ4w 0.n:.;your i"'pers.
if :zut,1 i.4ill maLC r;c cut naon- Coo'voy.
'" '?bt.i; A`traot. f T 'tA suv i!eos:'ry orly
to a:'.r-as: -lcrid "trtot Corru -y,est
t-alt. BEaaah,1or1,:'qu:0ti:z Cr-i: tr, .ctZ
Abote i udaaecdct,.Z:o.'; : 'ui by plant exoloseed.
T72,y i ll pr'e-' it *iOcur:-.tclynai s r.enit to
yonx rir2th bll ;:rlll:, to r:f:,-lz.Sn:..1.y, i-6c Dollars.

_ _


-p( i::~~



/7i&"4, ,10


42 /-


f 11

"* n. uta" "- 4'' *

i*.f' .w '

asgelan*otai, fla.
4 duar Zoms.-

I au -itklyto tb at Qe'4ar.t ya e .
c or oPat f next womek,wit:i-y KT.O. y.rty,
A1\r7 tun4ni thinfs shnll nt: looik co ragge4
d a1s to sarc *tfu3a aJ.1 iaay'

grit-cn PCThLipv:.'r\; %er td WbiitC to see iS
,therm canot talc r trn tr :sid Lnool: doEw
.ya ;:w. t:;s ;on csite. L ymI: I ma encoul
thsi in any w:ayJI shal to glad..

our ljarc ; hoA-:sthat ur ?t If it -nreds
3| g i iuodtsidce 411g ah.'"t C. -* If yoa Qaa
n o iut it 1.: orders. Xm Im 1 WJOKS go
qu^& wg fgwitk SGm:. x.;lc.
1 One oft' -es-en is stidto jlwr a npt ot faqmR
Smhe hmy be *.arttiQullj Then, thwe ae a lot
a;lks b3y3k hoae g-t aave s'.14to b-': li' l1y to Game
-'Pauing -flongit thescflrst aorier*; iwreplease&d
t'AnM they -vent ai4d. au oPrtcd t' .ao arelivig3
XA.4 jKglit iaight pet set wall. ,
j 94lqadsbc oftosTenew yor-l nay lqqsrte eas
o 1a 1 1/3 -is.,anaialthers al. bout us,

fraTiltont'a triapljt, Li-Aar-. W.P, bo did bi 'a lot

oI artainly bon thi3e sca, 4s -lheena are gone.*
MhUISa isget Angbht q$ meA
w reQtc Wbati one about hogs mider treas.
1 ft l ert rig ppl
b. dsans *an we got 71w

I '

f ~ a 7 ,/ .-- A//. } ^ ^ '.
4S g ,/ ytt 15^?d? tcA S2
'^i^ ^^ <^^^ ^, ^^ ^ ^ ,^ -

/ I Id4
/A a] tdr z.,
/- 7 / /y ^ t/ 4^

3 Al~t
r rM
-' . -- -

'*~ < : i

'~~~~~' .l :. I' '*
22 I



Mry Geoe Forsythe
Delair rN .
idasear Sir-. .
M anderstalma. you a.e looking toward .F.vlman. Wafe .you Oa re.
heardof the eBregl-teAt X am saenr7ingoa om.tteriature thaft will eive you
an. Lea* Have mlah more wAith tlie printer*
Developu entis on I'imt* o ,build n. that p.qL. epn up the O Ona ,he. _
rans OigIn .6rowe s of ppviel1s eiLng stahed. tvhe rreWet the Lt ri rdal

ant .a Ieof toay ~ aat e pe r t that wt thaup 13 patlile tf" at
aeotAoes wll seal for fis mstO00. to te60 .Q perw aore. s E I.&
thie mnn whese marA quable. Is"a to mlM y 1rg oiian of this eAia iUatel ,4o1
T e Palm Xeaft 0ost esooftobv snanysj S0naw S- Iay! ZO x1 f l eadsoi
Thoa. E dlon also eatends ,lorlda RoMLW* env pOr an-aother grea.t .
finaamiers are WylSngupp prperty allqogthe XnLaaar *ra1*.*. tho$a RB ,
uor- q l )ensiller or thw leeland.0ity Oheraeya a &mB emeft
foot to tie up ano aXalble oabloe ietes alongthe hghay t t
AW d itsoon and. Barron Oolllepot roeet ca r advetslltagman and Ffin .*e
nll tnaitea.and elaborates the Story*
haor at atboe letter haad* there isour OrosBteate hadlboundA toi
become frimous adoumrry ImumnaotxrAfft.e Note Stratemle ei*altiaoi or Okeem
lant. Right yherele vnhere I Voa I ~ ra nite you torf oat
Note the propoeation( See 8 P-ema LZDQt**eencip WOO a 'rtaotelrR o ft
andgot a toWn lotsdonateAdmn town ardwsthin a Ftew oAs of your trnato -
ote our Poliry n ropos i nLi. 'lile Mia JoneloaCntlon there oIs ntil
delighted witi the line ho i inburl he is a Vne S u othan het Isi aL
the foot stops of such men ny tkhebenefit of their eaperl.encgerait6
Ai sending you folders fote Insure XYour ILfdmgI n ti a y.E It t-
We hate mwan ole r lmneBlto aite VegeqtapleereAitthielsd oropuan( ei o
tid e r Inarte Yoar ldvinger far li1tsti A
tl y at
'lwy oant ybou interest a lf t at your friends R ntod an ki ;
tn your aertion. tl maoke .i it the interest of ti good. mner i
te rioot atop. it such nfitloy thebeneflt otheirpeey fti
P." aof Iour e Tor I^vig"fotr 1t a

/ Ir I J

J GREEN:, Sec;rear\-Tireaurer

.)\WIN J. HESS, President

ayurmy I AaS 1ZInATeJI


F L. :) I DA I




,e/ zL-41
*,-L y>>2- X .0-?-


CvC I p

I .u


~ --Yz;-- e.o.

II. C. HESS, 'ic Prezident

? .' .

**o e aen e2Qe t roade M r-.-;'
... .. 'Aa t t jo' i' ."i s k"'""^
1 -

..A... .
*.4' :e:h.


.." "" I ,a. a "i^ frt. a "o .. .
.| 'p *X,.A tm .aa n"; ; : ''e g a et esi i i'. "

thf...;. e "x ast .te R 3-ia oo e s cb. ; ,-
4:1e 'StLret -Owl O"IAt i.a'bWotf 1 B'Mi tOn g .he dioUi.fttf tlh
ekset T cao ioi4V"Lutrion" se. iqndo Av*4
ton; t 3 m t" .rta d .. ,r ':.. ,
Ew met r m liena o.A. -,c -ii .5

%be '. '' . '.

,BM^nt'sggenh toidaraa4t .o lS t ii0 n$a ]
S ... yr-tp beu at isd, lthat tliey a etei t oos
he Id tin.

7W-7 r *- -A4
w..,~~~ 1a S t f.a-; --n. .q-M, ,i,.. .,. I 'tlM -it:

-S.0 API ... A

S .. .__ .
j^ -^,.__ 1^ ^ ^ ^ ^.^ .^ ^--. ..........."

/,- .. ..... ,,.3 .^ -.- L .- 1

-__" I-
*, -- '- / Z -= = .. _

/ .i .
...... ... -. ^ ^ -. '7. .... ir .... ,, "- ,:
4' .-.-.. .- 7 .- ,-..-[ 5-^--.---- "r ;/ .. "
?-?-A^ ^^^-^\^-- ^9--^ ,-^L

*-* ; / ./-. .-

---. *v K-^- ^ .'^ y 1-^/-
L C ---g -,, .- J'."

-- -. . .. '/' ....... L ... *

6 '
. _. / __.. ^ _... __ __ _, S- ^

,i ---------- --:..--------,/ / *

, M/" : <.2 ^ .^ -^ -^ .-- .',~^<- i.- ---*^ ^I
4 ;-r- ^ .. ... ... . ]' .... "' / h ll

y ~ ~' / ;. .- ,:" iI^l ^ ^ ? f ^ ^ ^ c -z L -- <^ -. --^
.^~i-)T- ^ .-' ^ *- '-

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^Mi^ ^F-k-^~-^C ,/c^ .;--^f "'^

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^-- ,.. r. '- j, -B3~:~ ^

._ .__y- _= -< . ---- .-^ i- y.- -

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y/ / /a"~ ~ Q--^i~--~l / ..
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n -I' n

e! .J rt e:, t . 7ktualcrdnale,flt*, 3 ;0a .

Ify Aenr dr.sofftriosos- .

You aill note L-aun4erialo is tk T1arC two neaft riaolkm
h- aSU. All titsorrs rmach for aow Uhppei.' rLiods Pregion oatle man
efft'-r u ont'.ti to feetoon sh-ess Then'woai ll couo doEn tob
parfccts* 1iTn .i.l I: bringthi3 qunni into eoo ahactl: -'13 il in .ie
AiL ?anit]' oad*
Z Ic-.i bsen oi.ndig thioiall 0. ;nt2a*3 '-o cl-'.noi loo' go .- 4 for
the -l- of th zi. arc I t M-44-f :T .y takc a .ft3le longer t-!at ewpgotod.
Tbe w<-iern p at." .3'. t;': trnEA lie L pant-ofbia -Aobsh plina to
cono on withi rertors:, tcL:, rlnatorasetc ard ut out a big vcreangep- ta
./S section,'aiy .- y,l :ritn; ennwur th1c lrinxanl in ofthe elavatorwo are to
ge-t LP T'i J:Ua'nt 0 Ems3l.onn iu norm Ro mny plant more,wtith his rowa -

.;o bc ir n?i- ne to r et Ur: an option on 1lt Cfo-r OS uonthafon oc@naition
he plows tplnl.ntnh)rlf if it i ourn. So has written me twto about i $t
canals rnc;rwan:-bout t., a thrritnk tltttswill help him put tho salisaoaer
If you oW;, do tbhiapl usM 18 : out o tiofrn, .OLi!aiua ilr'tnilsc.ntfildZ f1l tfli
i% d.nzo aini'-. to hi.
Brol.aoi' i- lot ndrok1: arc to be offercl. vory soon hero*

/ Tery trnlyyimrns,



J.B.J. (?)

iproTkblr .leave .Q. A:pr .. hen1 can
I see 7azre (tt-alsf


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-....1 :

he t"mneac "..
?*e 'ooA .antake hee amew
.uietSyst g(eos ni moiang agaln in oar I'en***

X tn- .. ,.. ,t
t.l aJstart is .i -a' be n d3i4* am
bg|t " grwty'.wa~l 4an Stre2Pt ay abumt Apir4.rt* .t eaa
S 4 ~adt M.aWA o .with s to Oko-eitan .. taM4s a.l -i
o r arsiaaty srne awgood rs i loft W goae
a Rniuh flsed asdtt theo rssolutA*aan ousr amomtittr GeunowU pnse*d
rc *s aqgthid.r no optlaoni-
t NS I do not wartthm Ja b too b so vou s appintad WItb thu app a "
a.c-f ., at 1.aolMuta. EH. ,o IGrI jh e iMF one all UU. ti;,, .4= '
btt a c tn hnt4 b isor to h ~fa tao. anilat a ofny. pwe !ny
Wl ,awe beaUy overgrown with eaXids,! km
SNq. I a. vory Eaf.ciuthfat tboy t ,fl be -St IS l better 4 shape c
:r ,t.a tht .i.ts ae Ot mh;3Pli ire Lotnd(!at. .aors ao bre twe'o the
i ld tie ,ad L oea betw l lO a. ,udodA4e Stenam the .
41v resd ot4Gdod.i4t' uight mike a Tig lot ofa ditLoercxo In WLht theISe
a .Vl d,
4 M wc4uldzbe to taki tIqo roer!. 1ar tanacr dati asou r a tmw
aqwpl. tho.watexr s as gros In tell r AnnywytV e je agl apl ogt to belem~Lea l
7 I J~k Igadeo no about olenrwtng rms1 m3ing a rnt ofrtgn l3a'mI that4i* l
Jl(-1 aXiteU at tSio a,4tb!aaWogP sam ( amthO3r$a ba4ettt 3rW AZw *n
tbhaie ett- -nflin MAsf aEiqhn V-4 thswrNAs agdp a npa It ftiaiM H
S$ )aa aeth C.?.Xe or dsact lomt 'that pwUt ai Itrmardale
R e marea o at, or Lse. atte.aSter4cd imolro to sw .lPNOatU W*ipq
o jsas .ta weahatrvc to h Tpi owI abeat s as
nol ro me all Ommldnot He o Aqjbib Stc2 .
-aW e fe raopnad the obha,.rg ilno i d haoly apwenonuesagt5
dani a' whether yuw anw tiduttt1n to b Isbs.
A* W w a Moa*Fa e aam aast ha I ,,. % ,.
e t^. o t r mish 3 rtaw. Lt,1*4 t, 4oDtixta nt.eimsta.
-nQae ma nwver toll how latugl t blo V1e I
.It. *one urthe h aadLxMMoonems noottlie mcat deaLrablec oneoLfl ag '
4 <.tiAq .ffiLxane as bo N.^iO"^ vnorapest ety One 23Sot lot wea seiAt51

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i r. t L ate ,
.y dee_ za

"lt e n in bat tise t week. 'it it am.sya

nIt a late~a if i Dee1op mmm wf ma,
in f'evl"operw at V tis a. a ,
Z hoop$dMaiss trwy be @i2a it h1y !sep tbt h1g

on V soips Copy Q04 Q1 4tO i shatAif

t4.L 5zo~tAir. *ay fe Ol SDt 'Bo SaoliS Z i. tM^^B
with jiteB intwo la tsonato Aa 6 m Bn Pat as sean
w-s p.apnisIom o lve not Mna a waW ao tne i 'U
as. Po sine Ian, fltur Ai Q alopv, -wa OV*
u ti wdx alebt awia3ri rd Xlwsa tanteft it

Olandler ya

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---'1- 4 -. - -- /
.- "_. ,:-e .* ^ ,- -, f *A -/, -. >. .. ..... ., .


.. f .' ex^-.- ", .- .. ..' .. ..*- o.; '--'r-'' -- ^-- "
S .- ., -'. .. -. -

1-,^ ^; ^- *: /}


*- "- ';4 :- -. -- -- -& _.--- -.-. i .. .....
: --7 **' / J ^ -

.... ~a, .c<. 6 ~ ~ "--'~~,--"-- ,

6.. ^ . .. -- . .. . ,. - .

.-. '4 -.
, y. ,- .I _.,. ,_ ^ - ,-t __ :.-,:^ ~'-- 3^-S.^, .........
./^ie- >^^'-^.i;^.^-^c:e-

r:; r ,- . -.( ,.~ _~ _'4

~"'~iPc~ :-ii

/7 j.~L

* 4

My a' Ort!r itr th.)il 'l Y .22,
d- w k' V t + .
Inc. ftinltwo dishonU Ttttcrns, 'wb 7an;a-t f.e lett er
speaicn for.itself., I u.:- u i.r n rz i obi An to- tL.or.,
Hourcvcr, rto fo r.:-l a.i ton. crpod. ov'ri thoe OiUdn c;a.cs A'is tatedl,
I o not r-.nt a onnt out of tho'na ord-ife re irrin*g to hbe fileord,but
r 2-vti?-s 3r0oiiBed the goodlr;amy raontcs .,0 eill e %1 !TwLd.lrtta rwld
rshpcji' if th 0 3idpnnt Omai no- b& mdo. knoe 1A tholltlea1tt.-rI-
.fr. fhto. A.Wiill, !\ V ira! 9,1923.
fl&ar 3Sr 3 -
w. T orJ r l' -two- 4t.h. irt not-.tio t, 44 a Ir 1-ji5,non ,a
our or~; E r hi- iot,' y't v be' n siw nd4gi 17."?. ,;'.;_" : '. :-. .,y7
I,.ic iLt. c rppr.i ,.i:, sR."v*2g. Ifr 7',- 1 '- nr%'4Aly do. .~vayll o ase, p7an1W by
Ceyi-J:.'. 4.:: or. 4 -j- 1.s.;tt one ut of ',JD 16O0 l3ba) otill to cono, mx.
1t7:0 "---; tth b-!noo a:t to W1,t YI'l* h. i ';?lt y p-l'4nty If
wec r-:.'- *ivc .2,0'J lb. I -iC orzttt .p t o te :tr .00 s,
y "T vr ry terl1
SV Flor- :I .:rr,.:i, Y r'k
|. li I a g -j 1. s, 1. 1o. U* ".a ,: .
L.. .i o 3 l.. i1:.:% Si.t =,,hol, % h .v r ...* "ai. Li.pj ,.ooc dt.onr.
|i r Th .=- v r-y ,. .d*

SDlnc .'riLZy your,










\%VtL'. T-l., DOLLaRS A YIAR

FWt.laatLerdaleatflla ,1raOh 1819832.

ire L.MterAbergera
1833 Wallaso RtoD
Phla .oPae

P ernat me to call your attention -t -' rg S ee Qotw l .

Upyadthwree stateorooe h4 141 in to b Cne'- i*r with n .
%Wr wew also bailtig nnr-OW sg o rn il rVc atxl cut tLng a henX r ae
Ovs twolj*e



.:* ,1

%ather sager Stl Is Wa aifclag sugaow
!toayWla Lauteodalo Baeptinl asa ofe predict t!,atin losers 1htin'i
7y ,ie choieoo sbstUons will ae for from $800 to $1 000 per acreI
aS ae n MwosmOOans enable Mn to ary largo are as of a uAequxliqn
M3O PIrn 1e) itat for to4nry reports th-at RePew FbId bylslnmtin
1a;&"e A iofiiu also t oeat s FlHorfls bholdibgs.W Then follow a rpep
Lthat- Ras7 Wrd antathei great tserors are buing up pwoper'n* in
Ochoie l0ocation.e
Letter head above town who is wiltizag you0aMv wfhore we are Gloon4
La anwloing iAtorature crhijed hijefily otf )Peo e of modest
es etaS owea I hare fefwfhse owtflnely oenteaanta
x Waq laae aY Or ,?"f!B CK L* WiSb
TfAe latter ta t Is lecatoa on Vie ldeoralo o mnalaen the n at
a Cans tafte Rinyartor mist orf whMt boas hwoe boo vn Voae43Se .sz y
ol9d. in ftot amreh or the rot s to nw eosmpleteul* 4ain lae ktrN m 4M
sidat a very attractie rfwo;.n*
mn like yo nost an woe betnterestet In ma'p 0h
ig people hrwrebouht e'rVeral thousand naea t Pt norm e




" ";-* '". '"': i7
.- :,.S
= .i
'* '"


, '*::



*: .-.

My airaw ja bau

SXswe wano niat.R. frpm iL tersathn( See S lvee>) to the intt
stf piieraX the Iandeaalnle anal. Ahe MiamL Bhprald has reocatly
eUt0p&' a R.,L to aonncct :iiat wtth -- appsa".#etlvwY t-:oe tan pount.
ayrs it ito auatredeawfvnaats will bout saon* OGmat- vrrfy yot.

""*:. tfo meat .p6~f asbr.o. My the 'Ivest' catlte men .in elr* ,ae
.. i' .s E. a.o'ft r+ ~s all to catlo .re we wnt to fod on-a br on* 'hat
n. ^or ric-g.t a1s0a this oaftal to the paeocing 1iouae0s
4' X az p3 sMshta a %g en*grotn ,.enterpr ie that means an o'l.tor a.
I t -.eolmnita, Z4 .'e r4 in a3 smo.iwaiwirearo1epdged a Arf5OO.D 9Sev.tqr
*n.t oRtcn is t go to O~hbn-- -urez; fr~eoght down thisoanal*

S Sit on the ee of a roemorable opeir n, up.- a
eine 'booms That will help the ML6- arudthe RiAO. mThy e11011 it.

SIt thie iR. Cqmesto OMeol;imta1. have the aste
been IholAi ngt in t vnLs q for some such BIG use.
tawn eitor (eo op4u3i aid enrolope. )
Please Yn t youm plan maxKprvopouitioln

S- -. - Veu z
.. E... never beon
N~f^ ^ H H ^ la iwyQ~~ljs

Sfo the depotetc*
I hare rist. of the

tamly yours,

ciy toteA dIn-1oror .denp watoraand
1ais caal to Palm Beach oam
t present*

._- j o ".'

._ ....4



~tt .V.j *

-.1 .(2) 0. hia A1 pr;opearty.0 4opy out,aniJaoa if her mnoubanp x a 0l MuX'
:' I T L4 i,.e.ghelp plaaoorto )
Sorms- 11.3 :a ;* : .- ; 'OASH i;biSdly IriaLcdlo, ovl t'h-. p:Lw onADlttla m
'-a:tt voiy icaroe. Blut time 'll 41 j ba ilov.ciif c.ia-.d*c.t
I aert ci.ny:'ipr -Qi! tot o hei .you h ver'udiL.ord.L a3t te i!tr'm*wiben 'b
rarr v dS ife-prennt- vir* 'IeAir constant cry V' 8vQ&' aFiyro I V ui'* ]C4 P.
.rel hol.a.r ann ortor'*

,It Is Ptly.y-o.:L 4 ti our latq Ir :'Yr.ntpor to tiat or OUnit.
'-OT. : a :ia to .mirct -e is rEA' p-.-INT frip usi. Niu uturO i': beyP-nd iLarpe
in..VoIn A1. we ncX 70 2i 22 :- r 7ON:.2

rl.a :l- sa.r; .timet to co'r. o io; etibuild o0- rin tr:ot Nos,* I. t s a
GOA I.D lo-tioi Zou oin adl1 lind. i fiaoAS(nok or letter heid.),or aC(ditte.)
Still 'o;c t hcrk.2. frt:: Ic soU'n.

il oy yournn

' "

% la dlQoAc aprmenbhatie one. om .at a wmnleta lat*e aree great
aUger S ure going.n or aamsint iAt Ioo.lo* waion .o is- aV
Btheny 4.nd, up paunl from Miamithe hugo P? ,a tagar .r,9lhnaS a v area
4loldes Irands ar annduinod t wL1 pu1tn o ti a rtilion dollaP til1'
At lanaZ Poiantr- sooe inp- oQ goi3P in fapt* X I fuw fiph pplgari.
am- .PotMAentit vwl1 waore a big Oacessea itre latcP on thispoant*
M.y 11. 'gorf dea:of other do'veloiaa .tsu. The diftplbng 'od a .
s( 8oo I.. nred Olaan ~Im rwe holp. Costa. ais a lotbat worth ,it e bhaw
a sIfionOc ne ro0 olantitd t the oGaat 14 .10 t.ltdln at CQotisnB.120 rtlss.
awae* An aownoa to'. cowot Minr.. anakS e soon* Our ion-s it rocA Is
now ,onu.agrsal ( OSeo 1apSa) '."e Wabh. of nottl'3e i.s almost due. Wou
havobon on now,I msspaotlbtm oPr the pvnc.da Too poor to mrre*
mov tho. tr.s t 0e ar ero by Iyour p stgA e enir al"l rarfed.o Dat-. -
No.1i.- Whinisthe boat now It is near those ug -n-ill al-so nar t^h. gr oat
V'lW QoFrmors dicrloprentwjhc hr:. oit 'tilt1:lled Tihouisails. 0boonzl.f not
nmoWthnit 0las should briWngyou 1000400 WorcijgtfL s.l riJit now would
mean a i:worltfioorthe for se ll anytMldnIs o Thprdsanless ono has a vast t3 do trio worik
afTs itrnmot of .0 ase 2Mornmot best* ihie Aditobrng woV1 should
tIt 1; tbh3 nLat few m fs. ,at the picoant rate p pTiog'res*s- Th .rI
lcnldsayv, ,800.0 per aore for it wogCliC o'acpq. Or i ght get 400.,or nnoWo*
30c those 2 traotn should coerrr your t00o').OC prinoj !1Sp.*
Ao6el--- This .0 also l-i o~t D.'f;iteag .aCi,'ty Itfi 'lxbut 7,*-. -dri from
uTMeoF'o.ntr.,and al-intt ?tG5 Itlsa. to tih Oanrl( < N.ITrw.) rl 2 ti-2 rz* i nrie
comes it .illU be gr.etlyheolpeotoo,
HNo18- aj -oe told t-hi; ia in a r. on 'hro J ri '-g i. u:mr.i eivy, .ni a : tPSt
rTM has cdAcstod all along I do n thi nk mob doclow.iSnthao be -n do ie
yot in thl .t rugtloneuthue t m ay rtfl,1 b? .ali-l slo. -L OOirt%-nG i 1-
A ;cld your boat early opatzl
S Nou rn ytlme thco" is a o tbnh t6 soal on (uith l s at n. m ;"it h prope.
1/ sill bo gcLmad .to hulp..All I oanainliak1 the sieol e I h'-w kot 1 te"n t.ges.
Aost yesr,I Kbobwoed 41000,,at hinke.t 10% iant 9l0 of iL flo@ ent on taseQp
. Inoluditng Licse 0 asi oorced by your ra tge. at, s. i. oi1n
to lk"olp
A to sINRflihawevXersIt isp huila'1Crnomi Wtf goe a dollar than 16 i-'as beon
to got 10o.00 ormarom We Ewa ontutled to 1411ions of .covt. rEono4y,wi7.3i
sltabAihold from thcEnrmaam- promeaubly by all St.* ruAipulatione
urc dEanghtir &io umia lives at ua v St,3.oNran. ntw,",rir. Sr
SunbaCnGooB Lausha ImSeg islu.tive AdviAsor for theo Statro Hy sis--trbp'r.
Ax-erson~tlvos at til3l ire; M1 othlur salsterpmrse Mary ?4Bafl,at SaPn Biogo.
We are cWartiAn jo have 34Ig vt.uoes Sai our Uppier GladwoaoiTonounire 'Whandj e
poiEis ow ainpost tholl y on tbh11 thi money fuabLnr isi broken. hoan tith
oazultions .as well ready Oapqthey mvw IaCpeople should. flour in aIraot as
they did into OQlahoame I am lerivng no stone antarn'ed to help get 00o-
DWTIONS HIMBIrS' e lugtthat that is the sentlal thing. -
-Ms4.L W1ll aiil 0ortrUade aro haro. Laurenceo R.sat Oape abalut A.l well,
thbo Mrse Wat health inIsdclliate
K'? 3 saiodercly yorwss,
if: -

CJ4 L ,4" ; -Y 7 / L

.L y. '-' ,.-. .... y,."

/ -. ./--
I/} / / u *
p /,,,/ r/I- ../,
... -0 -- .... -'- ..



X .F. e. ._ ,,1

I _._' -,i^ .-< '

'f I' K


1- 0

~A-e-- ev6 9/ 7/

or a's to opiLona sor30 n4 f.8a* There is a real eat te man hboe rtae
wis 4so has taken screrl eanthia loo11 agall ouw the latlentorOne Seestbsi
for a branch be has at hoaeowho aw e doled they vant a qeet*uazlsar Qt ttMt t
to finamlt for thtC. I lhnd him up at OkeoluabL'eforc airas( bcfordl aiRt
8*80 iUnteas) Me baa beae3n all ver ithe QlauieafI p Peaeoah ani to 0atll
oilnt on H.llsaboroeto* Re is Wry muoh A.nteronted in your Breo 6asd mR A
hiLu all the datn on iUtias 'bout to go homo( It not gone mrm),awi 1 1i4- I
with flptIhor pr^pt,bqoCrethi .crow and1writo o. Bi aays the foot itt is
rlaiy ON W'SEi ROAD igaa BI point with h1a Th'qy are going into anoe ra.4iAt
and sidrup-iJidng. "ave all hme Eon oy thcy neocd tl ewtne rightbin aon
the plowx ng as soon as they dooide. X tnkAt he fools that. very seatiotu Ia
the best buy ht- has frinadin a laim of ovoF 3 ao l*s on t e ground1here;and he -7
a real estate manat that9antmualn his own ayes.
Now there a a point to give your o aiwrEtfwI3 they don't wrint t6 le
thlilg li.LC: get n Ltfcod RawiYay Prorm theii* Mi had b'tt ora telj thc twso. t:
&thanlr InndaselUlsrt wr0OGlq- piw nor dlrthtt at 0Q.00( aryou sti.yoirspl
it atf $a5,00) co. ?30 is AiLW2 LEA m A Or tht; $200 lani Rtto inood!ia7 tt
Wsut I Jcioo ,M oitk-3ingof SIfaouJ lind-ai;thay d4f'hrc very wiidelyr hey WILL 1 _g bec
gMoo.bnut somic h"rer to bch frriLndl a lot ,airdhen weatherAed l-aworkod.a lot iareW-
1 ht cagono right t2wii all that in Oireelarnta*

Agal.nit in h;ardto got q lotttr out of tho omlrot af8o,.0, Wa often filu A
- answer trapcrtnntlectters* Boto r wn frtc you got yansty ofla nis art hI iasBs
lsani,to rxl.soe corn un,1 pro tiscd you l-'rZ~i oogYpalno in $Se5,tf yr
nrmyo7ur erorda. ;ietd it. HBOWV'3rQI bav'o rnita4 oi.prw option* ISf g i At,
1111 s .erJ&t to you at ouce* uat you aroin atape "o on vyown E
Snyy. td z you htavo a :IUZTr GDO HOT -Olai to TiunOh up yoat sltw men
th -e a thCem th:3 is a -ae ofiO I HO.' eSebap tTic n et a I
eo 30 As 3 IRi DRAIW wOfuKrlthe so nlfis ot3A-.c1 Drainag. D Anaal.1 at wsw
the. pettflcit,waal on noe oanal aild rend*
Testerdaytwio .ion were here to see me from Okoelanta Zn 2a as they
will ataxrt1uati Ltwrictors8 out fokee2.anae to impSrov thoC Okeolantpt adeciwt
Road. e Lava thei pledge from the 06' oe ird to pay for all anah weo*e '
belpu-gct-tithiathra-..Sa, %A'd X 'r wdrcldng an all concrned t@o ve0 we jt
amr $183 000( nearly). put onour 0ok*- fladOa3set eadiA sMooaif well. thiatk
atds a ot to tic v-nluC of eo*80, t

I hirv aisG jSO t0 eatctal in-litry of almen roontly over thde dirt roa4 bat
WPB.a oi a:d 1aA aalas to whnVthor you OMn got your s13 lght tta*"ic
ovtr* g ~l say you an.n .t-l~lit, In u.t ntrisablpo to rn4 tru&. kawtvi
Aoadioarer th3at dirt xroAid right long till it Is samwfied,
aw ... s
o e ti a.ald tr .ls a a, as,;,10 na.sets, in 8eo. sS, ( See riuicna
- )


P,S. Do not let aiythflE I 1ht*a Snderoly yoWrS,
saoeofeatd .h-4Beso want ad to inake a aL .. (t
mtu s-. tait you ashoul,-tnow thodtet'erors. beot
. arh Ands ai he hoas bougt antIth s 0oyouar3 LhaIl-
.tagf.. las All be qe ea the ioai X hue sweat, loodi. to bIfLn al .ne .
%kJ RtB eaed f imikeC business for 6 i* at you are haandI2g L A S i

L2 i 'L .

'.7 .





f~rrCc~i~~ -~ZcC~lan~/

oP oool

* *r L



pf '

/yo o-*r~ ~TjL~-q-8

--i- ~--" B~7
A hc-C ~-*-.g- c*7~-


J..v /



j -c~i:- c-

1/"2Ct- //


67 Q <
L-/ .- "- y ^-a^ ^ ^ ^c

)~uJmL -


7i. Al--
I I I. I z I i /- i

' . ,* ; --

-.-, *- -( z-- "-.I AL / .-.
-, 0 -- ~ -.-., c/,<

9K ..- ,_ - ; i -^ < .-. Z -...--- -i 9,

'_ ,-.,*<-* S- 2- t :A- 4- 6 ---iu G L
-- .- i-. ...--1t t-. Y- .o
- -'*-. c --.-- - -

.. .. '_ ..-.- ^

z. /"

*. -761

ad j
Lcb-iACJF a-/



r1 -Z<<
i OL
p '

S /L C~~ke j '

* C~ee_

^c J P^~ RtA^
,- e ,, f{ '
^-^ J~ rf-^~. D^ cg^ tL. -cS^ i

M^U-^- % F 7 ^ $ 1 c

A ^^. ,, --,c j -i^.M

F /'

^' t J cS^^^ ^ r x ^.



- J

i J I'"


tariff osere our line anly;and if we make water and rail agree-
sents by the Interstate Coamiaseon.
U AU b on slo beare road it built will be aooepted at
StVe Mete rqi ted as long a- they reanin in the hands of purohae-
a3te! 4t&hiaa beins to getgnae end induce attlemfnt along
eRulw-nd aBt a .OO r in other 0wordsto uarsnLB us tha our in-
V Wtamt s wIel and oafe for our partn.a a guarantee that
fiasoable Ratee at the start riLl be given the public holAing
W epfaW Ma2llway oom tasions of Federal or state will gag-
Ilate Or rate thereafter a they will oompell ua to raise tham
I oo low or lo7er them it too htIh.
ies more opon books will be offered after road is built.
Be In=IN 'As %Apt to =J until read to billeand an soon as
*us pI lLA their '.uat the roa& wilbe utqbed in ninfty
Aa a omleteot with ongjeamr from that date.
iotqe on agreeants.
iA areamenat is for the following purpose.
leeat Io r whether our proposal io aooepted or rejected so we
smy aw ~ there to lay oar tracks to the best advantage and the
aet t m see.
Ant. he aNmue of theeo with whom we must work in the future r-
earCtlag rieht da waycoupon subsoriptions, eto. It is almost im-
possible to deal with the whole oity,therefore,we want a Chamber
of G0.w*'l o 3& of Trate aor other orgenisation,a city oh town
eoosnl or omaBLsion,1to.Iomewfhat as follows.
1. Chambe of Cmaeroe. Committee approved by C.of C.
*P' Preg City or Town
ai wit show us with whom we mat deal in the future and
toe sm tteeeon pot an report to their ortio ir oranaon hr woek
4ith Us. e two itneaeas are to assura us that those signing
Owe wpolated by the organilation they olaia to represent.
So ar e ef t*e bank is for futur records of ours.
4i t et pert aplaine itself and puts legal stalp of ao-
tpo e os thic plopomal.
i "he alB teze aebo.hsve sold their quoto and banks havbe o-
Str a m twl et we will sena to eaoh place a sealed and signed oon-
trnat tOawrl arediag to carry out this proposal to the letter
at bfla Sieog ame within twentr-four hours thereafter.
Mfitbna your reply with interest, I remain
'~ MTory truly youra,

As -tr 4 -'






E. D. .. .S -------- .S L. S. D......._ ...

Dear Sir:

The Act of Congress approved March 3,.1919, requires the Census Bureau
to -ll-- statistics as to the number of persons owning their homes and
t,- en -muntrance thereon. The census i.i in-in-rator who recently enumerated
your family reported that your home was owned subject to encumbrance. I
e I, t request, therefore, that you answer the following inquiries. All
S.:f -r replies will be considered as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and no infor-
mation will be supplied to state assessors or Federal authorities to be
used for purposes of taxation. The information will be used only to com-
pile statistics showing the totals for the different cities, states, and
the United States. No publication will be made whereby the figures for
any individual can be identified.

1. Street -and Number of House.

2. Market Value on January 1, 1920,
of this Home. (Amount for which
Sthe home could be sold within a
reasonable time.)

3. Amount of Encumbrance on this
Home January.1, 1920. (Deduct
all payment of principal made
before January 1, 1920.) -- .......-- .. .......... ........ ..

4. Amount of this Encumbrance when
Existing loan was made ..- ..... ..- ...........

5. Annual-Rate of Int.e---t actually
being paid.January 1, 1920, on
-** above indebtedness. --

SPlease fill in the answers to the above inquiries and return this
circular at once in the inclosed en-.~lope, which requires no postage.

Very truly yours,

m 'Director.
.. ~l-l" ,: 'r 'i ** "

S*0 4

S, 32

c6^;v 5 ^.^;' -bt ^^^^^

J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treasurer


H. C. HESS, Vice-PresidJng


F L' C> f I ID j.



*1y (-t~



ZI, 1-40A A' '


ast ,.

EDWIN J. HESS, President


oL^MrA ( / ^Jv

F4. odaJ^,WIL :

:el Are--&

^ ^ ell &

c^ .6~a /.; (/

aL^Re 1^-eL "v

6:JM.4 ^, -i -^
'cAAfiot/ .j^zL r^-L T

^iJUL. ant ot IS

'ty IJ^ jt C fe si^.r

j -- U7&-M &eeQ
ajt nc~er f

/33 g~'e C""
kV~c '' 17~2

-~l-fc- ? ( af ( fr L^
t^ ~ jf ^ J Q^J^
~^^X ~~tCaJ O-PA (LO~-I-^JGt 7^o
PV&~-QJ L CO~C~q dW /~t.L

L/^-Ctb -l^-fle/ ^
t; FA7~c~Z4~ J7Z1L6

-at -L~ zf^~^
rR. d -t~a ALLu 7Q

-c~iLjL ^, {4<^>^>^ 4 /^.<
/I4 Ct^^Ar/ ~^
7~~ S
ft J LLL'U e-e ^

Uxl'^, Yr-ekf L9 0

iC. li^ ^y t--^-v Kl_ O r C O
I/'^^4, 0 O^J.K. ^ /^1-

~ C-^c<-, <' l'-c ?<---j. ^ ~ 7 rt
(7 f^^o,-^o- C^^- j toja


~~_______~~~~ ~ ,,,.,,~



^.' Ajf c ij eu ^
F^t &<^^/
f^~k.l icu

J. -2. N^ tA! t -

2^j7, F- i'> c 7
^'LP A^, aft ^U^-L7 nuc 3LCJ^^

(S I~-L

J^ J 7
4Mp-t4 4 o, ^^
/A^^-r / -^ -^- v^
^ ff ^^^L/APt 7 ,-^-

~s~U ~~e4~
n n


J. N. GREENE, Secretary-Treasurer

II. C. HESS, Fice-President




FLO => ? I ID ,Z




2: _

EDWIN J. HESS, President

!BmoIFnEr FA-IMS ||aN!1A^T

~-P -~ey~

"eq~5 ~~ett~CE
2, ,4--
Cs ''--k~, ~ i-3/~i/~c7r


V .. ...I eg - .

S..our: o :t;Ih. a ?h1_ 'ls t : In i.; re .o1.

, -,0 q- t, :1-o ' ...
o d.y o;-. t 'e Rocto u : ugI ,to :.i tiru 0 "., I 1 ai".7 o r .
oft C -v c,,1 %tJL1 it -E;.,:n~. Ole3 e a aw .T

1. .: 04. I.. "r.-

o iV 'l : 0 .. &.11 'v,p th 3 ."I Wo'a 0. h.3vo ; t on .t of `aiI
. .... ... '. .. .. L ..* .y
S "', *S- *-. "o .. .* ._ T .. .'IA .,
S, I 3 I t e i .. e' .t,* pJ

S n .. -
.- . '."'.
l+::,i ", .: u i.. t. at i : W.I.* i-i ... . ,-L: : 'L *
n t.-e G h iy .1 .. c .- I 11A
t3D 3. f ghted'.. `,L-4' y m 7 arr. of i Lnt
HA-voe u o& becnot, .. t ,.er ; i,' ; .'. it o
-e. : ': 1i".-a rvory.lo .. t ,

by" 4 "x")n' sx"t the .op ',.tcnt,,*

SInherely yo"ras
olY- ,,:1 ,., I .- ,, 2 .s r %

f e o o f'.or j u g

t',o r,,o e srt; ol btyrn -.
~~~~O~~~~~~~doL1nori you~~ ;II~D ~ cl; ~p;eyRl~~ rs, ~1;0jl 1 ;~

. .., -
pypeou equ bIindllrtI:!-- 40S.Lj 3 agoS c, n1
ILst. .To be sfr.'-,ytz buy thoe .Ara;t aI th: f2gtiar4
namdrc,an;4re- ac tc yo.ura .Io en ct yo 'i igure: ,
Qtan. Tht %will sRa o li ':.r:i.&pistiornsri $iio
ownerywho r;LghL thiiii hi1 or G jrj .f t 1,;.t
was his. m -. i :ct tn eli;- .T. zv'7

TalC .ti,$200 fi q Q oyi? neI7. Ah
d.ef. is .jim .ce ;y O.-a o ';hCt. AnttUfth'y
3a- the $8-O lIan0ljcy. wlp#oc 0it ern ;- r"
c. early ?-Ilght not be wis0, tb1, to Tnm nbort
with Lhonglost t .a rall i-..o th -:. !.--ff
none oftth follows *ili'o ort 11 sa-ill anythiut: thatte
loose.*0 I,; ciigto th:t l::..: L A- ;
a -n't rant to.






Vs ..-t^ V.



;9' ~Y' ;;;~~F

Kaustine Standard Type
Kaustine Vertical Type
Kaustine Jerry Type
Kaustine Chemical
Kaustlne Accessories
Kaustine Repairs and Service


Septic Tanks
Room Heaters
Pressure Systems
Storage Tanks
Drinking Fountains


/ ~~3 ~i t


blJ7.CJ -Al

* s-/

40 !,

,%- CY-:::-72- 13 4

LL/C~~~~ 2~r ,-.-. 7~i-L~-

/ -
~-~-~ -v

P~y9,: /: 49g Lt~c

'* ^?-^' */.'.t-"",/^ < - t~t,--// -1- ^ttrl^ C/or
,. .C / "/

i' d/s ,Ct. \# -'^C. ~ 1FtJ /*- i


F *,1'

~Y I
2 ---(--1 /~

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- .e..b.i- ~~,

~~3~C~po .-I
/ I

.-.s--i*r ~ -- *
.-, -'




t ~

.4.,f ch~c


_,e7 4-

.~).~hJ ~) rct"rr/





J. N. GREENE. Secr.tary-Treasurer


F L., Flt I DA





^^^^ .-.
-cC.J4_czj> \C4/M^

^l -t // oLS P^2*
'4 <
--i j 7A J4Z

- .. .4 9

/* 4

St^ u y -/-CI /
a- r ze

^ ;;;Poo

,^_P~~M-- L '//-

7~ t- IA I

H. C. HESS, Vce-Pfadnt

EDWIN J. HESS, President



-w <


' y '"'P : ." ': *n' -
.....- . -. .

t e -.<.J .- o : II t i n.

a.. i '" 'rr rt.i .I: C"A"t'," t o

l o.:" . .,. . ,. *- , . ,4
1.1t '2 -2:L -L
10 -u Qt ): ,* .- L ."'*i.-l
U.1' to

a c :.s on C.~'; 23 C. Lh tIrto.

G. -. .J . -- *3
I U -o V.. .-

17 C ..-- . L .-. r a. s -
ria .. .'"/t.. -7,_ :5. ._, '. "lb- ,.
.: l ,

-II- "VI r

L.. .. Jt ., a...lMjoPh W-vhW",
My dear sraootht--'
d Yoursqf2Oth, rnCd. J .no r.- I Tor ot. e im-Metzwdinatly on
looiUngap reed matter* Will prepare anoto: if. neoesnary.

Rope tae hGildr; diashaans wentqalso aducrto 4.C, resvatuiraMinrUri Its
a eimanc you havchacd suq P..Door sucooss wit!h young crorjl That is a reason
I am doing 7 utist to saem.r.c bOttc r ':I-.aoti: feo our uoctioninol dling the
elcvt-.tor. the anttbi m:-y also he11lp.
Looked to-a.-y as tho we might get a rain. Ama hoijing your turn will soon
omefor' rpin, too.
.Vldd yAi wore able co usotlhe bUago. More there' if nooded.
more IQtt(eor-- 'oan IPpro U. eaa .to oniurecotingofirtyf in Apri l.rob'3b1y
1.a-; -f firat wTrrck. AM vory gldl to real rcsolution h1y 0.0. It shows
a, gQ-d a.:.;l.
I ;ir aniouci that we havwta oeiEp-up bqforothoy got thre, I he ir wo
aroburied in wee4saagaain. Sorry have not- boon iblo to to mw-" .my7eI7 A
*1h iiao yrrittaln (Ierrl ., io .aplso lolenrtiigtbo Torm Site whi n h.1 wa- hero,
tiht ua'y ii'ethe towm -inmt arVy fNruml f'Pr pblici ior7 ,t1i. :'-i fu3. i1.'-.
er-ty to suLn .:~i .otc inco osl,s'f they -liA. indth,. byers( as rI avo to dr a).
anidaj4]y the lpLooQidxa to 2nbhlic pooq. I hnopy -thtcl;nt Iet;tr T I vr,-.te on
thi sudbjet iLs in.tqo records of the G.Q. I Vi-ntRtht it P Tl'I b1 of-I
1Xotu1. oWe hre no Gyurge .1aq,'but I ami doingthe beasb I oanvointerflyto
do what la6E. omersa will be forced to do bylqw when crn' l-itircs m ?f nta.teo
before nfftLolntSly t tl l nticn to reqilrn thie tlurcnl.n oCf thie -l onrcd
i4~mcrnt into th o pub li treot urty.
Itai. slagopy oflotter I wam ritingfro. Fonnerion tis :u'bljo tfoli^n .j
MAc'b he l -ip hvoth~lalng timep ita b willing do the workor sono iunir.
thoterms stateqX* Possibly you ?q uhieyqurq4O offioq. to'. i t: q q-
ho, It our .Tsitorson e nll ti wny from K.qnxl frnCwil nu in a ifor'a5bt t
a- wsd gaid fihon alo1i t1o duxst o Olke i anta from their eett owe shouldrtfeq
itsappontPde W a oannot affordto tnk ohncea. If feineroannot do it,
asyoap see iGeralaandpention to 14m R-' t 1. heC tol. you of his I-lo-Oer
herc,anidbIyletreOt' o2 this ditcrIt an suro ho will do everythingin his power.
teror ought to recotvo the tha'niua of.tlio g0.jfor hid aostin3r tlihS-4e a 04
1 so noreanthqpx y7L will prmesntari oon30044 Thanks are rvy of lit'; lo
onqugh cost to uagwe oan givetheso anyway ';
Gl.61 the jdZLm4te book a rtrvod., I. tV-le J5 1 i- sentnoI wll Ians it on tie
iooi m.nn He lools to sc- for it.
Blad the o.o ldoqroas Roe4 is beingrepai'.:e.l WoidLer if 0ny Qokelanta 1
tan had a Cbae at the nob. I rcoall that not one. oont,sa farl a. har s
/hboar. rt Qounty money hIabeen jp ytd anX Oleoc-lantaj Icraoq on road oqntrasct#*
OitsiaQ people are bentia X2 tr L4Acq get work width taotgp .on iollqs .,
tAii last qpwingh 11th It qoul d eijpily hiiro ae3..& t4atra&torylbut not
Sa sigle daq's o 0rit ooul4 I got. Others .bodedl itypos4blytjpo ,
i% ty aerry to qslLoi f3gA oqB t. We mnat puaa
t certain adverse linsxoim that they 'iy not grow strnggs
ancerexly yors, .

Yon sell 03 o xn 4 3-1 --.
awnpy IR OolpayAsag 8n vs 3 T
Ai *- . . . . . .
'FTlnl'.. j, 1 44 720 st
Yourthl O

nay ovr or0to mwner lA60O i p 1-LN
rn-oir toower i t1a

D ..

S3.ue 4. t.1ti,.in {loa-ilpg wtt1 tb, iz
cwnergo-te cannot bd too careful. Here is a i
l:2 th'iu. a would .asard insuar.uioe* Can you
habdilo It Uith the buygrt

'The first P:.i;yte would be t4 l2rgat, and. oug'
let s Nqct Qi:ai.thiq total. prooe-.:ics of .tjq o.0o
plus the "1.. 0. Th other ,paytas would Not tic
vogul"r l r olily.

If. buy'r listed o quAl iys o q.oaoch ciie,
plap wounldbo as under B

Under each planycou safeguardd condasilons.

Bester wire ruply, t'ha, I .ny Iaue4oti ac!oriMcc.d -
Qa.0 alyi61 A, Th'I "'AnL p.R.' I rs hIn.rrQ
3.blut not A jire n 0*JtA ts b4tt&er'. prao-
tiUsAle?* WoIJ t;i'ke no rist 'orking grated.

- ( ,. -

I _- .1... -

t.nL*. 3-23-23!..

, _


My 0dear ir.Norris i..- .laund,.,la,3-84.22
Yoursor the ,1st. at hnar-. 7.'otc yflais night ?Mghety
glad things ar-onoli.Fon 1o nidoly.. Stay Mllth 1tyConS tintc t o not
cominra the promfd. That ia VITJZT. R Brig ll yoi Qnam. Let's pqt
thir some LI HUlSINES;B. You wAll bo aoi:\;7r.r ppl. a bALg favors as tey .
will rind. i.,tiamenfaot very soonla 'Ii.fignureswo are qoflrt'insg them iro
so lqw in Oomparitstin with wiast other area,!and imprnpymm.-nt aPre coi
3 fattthatC tlhey aregc tti:g i-i not a adbnt ti 0oo Ynoon.
Oexni we awing .poretha onesco tieont If somehAi;w to hqvc ;ow-prioe4
langer cr there to thqe jlla3?boro seetimon33,o oftheri;, in :thi DvainigpD iatri
anttgo other'of tloc 4 on the onnal, right bt thn DIrtnagr -icnt*
.i yoar letter of ;3-20,1 note ffif whIt you ay, aboqjukf fiys on
MdWIt SIrIQN*. On accompanying shot flnd figures re theioe Hills. seat
baql. oan your sugr'cntion,
ihLnk you are vqse to Come right thru Lby RJR. Hop(otl StrcJi-Lko wLll
not AJlosi .trip.
SBe ure. bTefore .yoi ,enve tr. wire m the drtteq yIoi"uah4 ngI, NW4Pl Uf
BRCm.* Imnportnt I IknAw I ll this. IT-i -itlonifriou cn 3Trtdo-c points
at wahchif nmces sar-,I might 4wrn you or1 trippit right be helpful,
If nattersturn you ought to InoEr,
Cordially yours,



U I~

'Itud(C /
2'. ,~~'~; / -






1 r



* . -*t S






-1. ;(441



7-/ ,
-I - -

~~.yA -s 7 d~'(~i .
f 'I

/ I
21 7


7 a--i , 3.
1-c t7L/ --i ;t *

7/C2/CU'~ ~1 I( /- $ 1

I' / ~ /

:i''A/{ ('4~ 7?v/. K

L' *. -a-------

j,' / C A -

.. 7-**- .- / -**


/1 ii

7 C


r i/


Ar:i,' //


*I I' -
4r I



A~ _
:1. ..

;J1 ~ I- r

r dI *2

-ic -2

' : ( 9


I '-


C~-l r i
" C


~-.--- ---


ho not c.: u ofEPthenstr a-g:~n1seOS he
0o2n arons *:ny interest. a:iuimild via 1 t s.
i!,an&. *uisL t thG ooPv-.tiojn o-Cf the oorraw*-
itytor' a ro;:.-o:-tGle Pro tiJon Ca it. If he
s11o;ord: :s,;h.c <..11 bhr P3c-rliiet'o time

to adk a re:l estate". If ho fllth.-r .aJi

S' if, il 7- lnuc S- ~i, :0 L41 S;Yl 1- e
h 'r; .jl -.. no' :, .. c '.i t cC I, tth-, ?i-:. h-(d a i
ct.:::l'.\r-:1 i.fen Ih doe-' s-uce,'.e, :;.t ?ill beti.e
to ...L u. r" .r.. 'rp sition ,t..:t rSy tie
us 11 up wilc only -to prop..itty,bu1t to iater-
est v sily :-3P--i-mportt': *S

mut r1 rlS"G o''no "- y c ng
bick on a* lou.1 O1UG c .1 3 97 t :1 ;: -T g
bOIIC 071 a lot&ro I et: Dlo,
WT~r-. i. s .t -luric fo' t .r' y t.; t.' 3
what it ne,-A!.; a g ia-.i: h',1.-lig:o'i:E .. P orz,
that. .i:'j holp r h&Jil.JV. ') *: C .r hI .' our '
ooeion lieS. But to. rush into a rwtJ. est2.te
enat rppijnttc .-t- u:e nay rc'r~et to the
day Lj ouir (Rjat-i *. t in "nothnr thing.

Uordiully yours,

PS. The' church lt-ters V
a'oe iot to be :.i riib licly2,bbt
you MIa :-': t tt-e fliun---m-enIt1a.-
orxAtic l-ly,I1 i noos ry. liewn-Til o
I will prear, a MLIctt fop o ib nbc roeladng

--- --

*t A-- -*

4. A-


y der r**Xohnr--


SIowes of the 2Stbult. atf-nr. I. an trylngry best- to
all yd* bpktnot Ol Ibt the patac up north has a it tianort ArBsi to
sell unythi2nl St1,I have not desapnlrelqbnut apn t it- iglht alengw
otar. Inoposton inocrbtatli ,reas'~.zrl-u 7 4tt3.j it t.o Wif'f411i
=y best uo sell it. As getting-utn -tt.:rs o-C. y Leo tnpiflVf

T=x Golcotor, pz,.Orow.

a-upprooiLatd yoi* efrrorPs o gnt optiourlo* s v To6'n ut'bl o-
soll one offthela .s yeti. 'ot ConXlt-igsr:r -X rWiapr on t-, Ia,"a.1 ng-l
region th-IiAt ael'g should c.y I. cl ot bc-tt2r,:r wvor Lear. Buti
hvldlIngon is tvhi talsk
.1 / r; ..1 .-.-i-.-

'-tx-c, i

ine or cly youra,


. x

*. .^^,

_ r -" i


-I I

Back Bay
Boston, Mass
Thas E. Will,
Fort LauderdaLe,

Dear Mr.- ill;-

ihen you get around" to answer-
ing my Letter please send reply or any data
regarding sale or possibility of same, to, my
summer address,

c/o 463 ELmwood Avenue
Buffalo, I. Y.
I expect
to be working there during the summer-until
end of August- hence would appreciate your
making this change on your mailing list.



-r T| A. "*'/^

/:1? / 2

2 -' 0 /<- .. . *' ''* ~
S,. / / 1

-- .-- .. I'^

4- / /
i //

" .. .. "~~" ,,, c, .. .. ; ^ ^
-. '* ; .. .

^ .< i.. .,

4, -, 4 -/
S7 / "

. "" "': "* j ./ .. .I-i
la ,
> 7
^ ~~ -^. ^;; ,, .^-
'i .. /! / ' *' e.
.* ~ ~~ '" ** '. .: ' *

\, ;r '- ,

' / ./ A
, i'/
/ /.-jr 1

//2. '. ..t i ^ t

ekeclain f,-lPaI

1# dear Tons-.
Sohn Leuis ChIldD writes nEri.n
nlimstf'er i'-: .eoted oraor. ViL b:.- g
taot 800 or 400 lbs.,by aescs:.( thny >ay
S),tinat t12cy ry not dipsyyoint cuso-o:;rs
e been waltinorepL ;-: a. mcn-'j:h, on us,
eno'. nat t. of'T.Se season*

W r.Biting la I.R th ;i gH, 4ati:-rli 'if he
nat fill thie or:orC. If hre cmn-ote -itt
flndtlhat mwony Sed Astd lZt or:r,in
)toehpar th rtu-r scmaEion ilsel In soft1.1
wpprslfjan kec-p all th': zioed R,:;siP
-:t fr4g9t zna loo;. rpy. **'
4 4?er l.a* $12.00 ti $1.S.i 'hy ira
that worth Vwbile thercunaL t ejc that nnny
ocn.Ct'slt1. in ti.e naigh'hborhioAd.andtncy oug!t
be had in t:i fAeld for little or notihng
bhEe at the o oftho season. cL2ASE got it

Siancerly youra,.

ita'L L-;iCia Cilds,
WTisal-a yfirkNcH Yoiz.

c ,hrc -rranged .arkot fq4 a ooc lot of
.WfImthra-V ilSe Auggiuzg season. N4o.i th e question i. sh
4 plantod.e
I w.t.o J1go r. .lceaisxrg ai f or triitcrr a4 I'
-to ame IW oau of .tbomni would bivna down th woos e -be
*..,anidtcho .rain rarC.* 'he acrqrru are t14 to
tt r rpirt of ncxt, week O
i* cstt-or ao tesn nam brooks the .woea.ts,.la t iqt 4 1s,4Lt be st.
.3 ..sI .cn p:tal pl owaeil i h5q n. acri or
tibat s3.r !nLn a$prth cc the jo iUq, nai acna sotr3at
ur 1W rvtwtjeen. .kJWge9* house and thd'aoang Souso,but woat
on' anow
Ix mrnv jl -iorirL :-'orWrontito: to quar.vem If he t.rkes iLt,)fls '
?Am orariae, I? iih o .1 Imn Aa~r11osjnm3.
C .. .1- y., .u fitn Eectla3 rL -It'nt tel 0 A1 sl*s.c qr.e
'-erc o. uin ';c cnsLonroh rre 1 .'p::d r .,pl..utowl .dto opyor aur i
w;ouj4n fuq?.7. the .Ah.L'i. ranitiha': ;olgf'i'. yol tJid tflc sood, ial
;. *qti(tt Lo havbl a iuull afre .m1Z. a Ifa, thInkior may sharc, o0-
:, t gq"gh to I le possible to got etougb seQd oun of r pateh
' *'t r jochaped pa .te a It nct,.ra tyt)th Onta hzg p l-y Otz.g '
lp Iedae tqu Qeptud proba4Ty gVt thli n Idxa*hi lttintf him in
saptrcej in r other' ay. I would rq11f fi-uri l 1 a dipI
t**i4Stootf plowrmn will performa. -
1a,90 4 go a tt o(siWl a ha E yo9 %a;ilthq
i ieqnt yourselves h7r ruach you should haoraIn plowed.
Je rIA it', have jound il ,p'Abi .PbrpbPIj be led
-aiL*t maay wpgnt the.vayr to a lrger market, Itnd arm
ya to a o0ne .r (p
"2 Here a rna in fi.lguani ono n. 1i3 X0. who .arolik l 4y t
-. 4aveCn market hih lain. a&lition to t a one I wMatthp

''w getting a Uittelbtelat r tTOlaoeI p qqubei $j
eiit tiAme you are near tC4e B isii G auset
tWres Jbqtween it Wiantihe- I&y r tpasi
ie t a 1beam In Arooadnes
3A A tar IsoQahigh gma to s6ai to'Q a
n isght ply ge "adRank aj 7A
"-**? that there Aoire aw Wo'
*^j-iL *^ Bt ~ os R "iM --