Business Correspondence. Apr. 1, 1921- Apr. 30, 1921


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Business Correspondence. Apr. 1, 1921- Apr. 30, 1921
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Business Correspondence
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Mixed Material
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Box: 9
Folder: Business Correspondence


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Everglades (Fla.)
Okeechobee, Lake (Fla.)
Okeelanta (Fla.)

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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the firntpro bli4Ith bItanatcmfifl.
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4) TMflOEzJ :ta OaLG123ttI.ahdt edgl i

tbich casouldbe vreftaly aEooke;J mp$
5) 2ec.! ^^ur'yectideG- out::e ;ib;- m'1^* ileS

O11-Cac-S~opok.1agn-wanwnand. 4I-0o0,0 abol be
rWho hou.d be nWa'ho fel by -fois la '
I po ble forh tio I t see d ove leavi
I greatly desire to tedo so@ o
1) T tritnires V ast tpEilay cYOUes
2) r^aeL3e.i.i t~i L--s Jlj fcdl^sK^ruo oi.z~eais-l
odgfff1jku rmist b&.vo boaL n~~ie.
j) ikoca abcWiiA boa^3' a, tSUtyhcoBzE rovearne

4&) Mgnore-siadi aro0 atteaobo^ / to d&ocdgfllX ci'
tfilio slicufl bec olzeotufly cboolre&. up^
5) :z ouirrect,iooa~bto-ui4:tsa 'be rni:.cV

Z^.,5 3&Iq^fiC aisteiZ& T "-'04t to I3:wso3J( ,
.+-L^tyfi ^~f~ju a---G I-iai s
rho ubculJ be not~iti^Ai, *by first ta41
IS? pGoaidbl0ew fofe) to FSOe dS~eds ba&'ovo 1.avxi,
I greatcly dosire to &O g0.

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Mmoan 1ot .0 20 sa ka in TibZortypr / on -ook. (ut0 of? tag, 1er Oa
uwL CEUgs; ship got Xe igo Itading anC copy of; sen. RAT* to ual!
6ardenas,aal. tbc. Copy to lp.
jMSBIqES Jr.,PfrtwnuthU.I. ?IL' vant a car lTht oI OCIM!S ( 2 u If o,
*good Bumlsa -U 10) lb .. Firs. I shial snc it 'ic? by Stone T7ed.
net* Please gae&tiaEEa2ZR.i to Borges~abov2 adsreas; Uateth for wire ttm
Borges forme.s aigeot it to im BW PIXAST B3AT. If lotia co0I9 daoCm for. orVie, O
please sen "prmptly Pro 4dections I will g'lvo ypu s
* C SAO&Sr Ig other orsloara cOne inuwill havot-. :r.o xsse* U' Z wSl4 i4ot
1altd^to onrstook at civesoaso* 1111C rwc as a t nel lot oa LAscE
sao.kso 5V -oach, Good baigaDn, Has no3 i. Lu'di btt TI 2a as sstin on
He nay all to another. PTbr3s hlie f'rnostly uAerised. Usid -a ,,
My ill luae sor3e,tj0 0 3 picked trUe bout )' &iaeire 2 wtejIa e g ?al. I*n&
NS i Pmiat andrl Prodwco Co., 411 13th. St.,Mi3Ji, tolrebf .oi2w o-l Q
*ittk Wpat ta niber of griooorilosh'c Im=e u tua tonat 1.. f i ,' -ES0 UTATO
aoz l .4 54 each. Those arothe "4 st oali Pr em e ni ght. beo .
wi. ing to a a owl then p U er 1 U,'Pr raaaablo pa yent*
oa06 bljr, r. Vrevel ug might get -?bt1v if Lo rey oould neot Ca pt trait
L thatt thi. tiMe tof yea 4houl. be oady to I ile m or g do
\ftfs bonta i I sent down forr 1 ni.
A/z."Io0f at SEfTIiEl Have a dasbeom toldor Sntincl I; Lw gcttijAoms Is to ;
O3.Emr i-it t.J-i .ek". I have roa4 PI S#T -M3Sy,olyo, 'oa a'? it; aasznaO
P o't at all on a part of it. I'is| you night imua t ola:l e
wpooft t.11 tae they are right l have made a "" sheovi.g h
sAWf. shoi.ld go a n You cam. ue taat. They Iv. soie atr I.
thoey linotype that sipo1l the t r Araanpeoting no-, sne* asy d.. ay
will g to wait for ti3se a lit lesiut ought to see tSolesi' out tIAs weo t
4" I

fe Raote Pt. Laud.erdale to Okeelantn,
ApPrl 4,1921 .
Mr. J.W.Oall -.9ha-
Ft. Uorth, Tamas.

2.7y dea MAr. Calla3JDn.
v.Yours o the 31st. uit, at hnaD.l Always glad to hear
fro you. To :moverin part,at leasIamy =any Ofloees wMlntui, have boen
wnzanting .to get out- sonme general lottorsaandl. p qras Meo lc in tho landerw
dale Santinel of last weok( p.S),entitlcd, "TART .THE CARSMI Its object
is to get the fou remaining obstruaotons out of .the way that oars may
actually begin runningbotweon th County Seat and the mobo.
Anothacr is no.: wiith the printer, LL&y be able to onolose proo? of a part
of it,anx ftoldtr in a week. Titlee' LRI',UiP I& treats of a.winning
areoj which I hope our G01d.e, people nay Ihlp us narket,to the interest o9f
all concerned. 44 is the fDASUhEi'- a vmndaerfl t getnblefine as a Jxt-
am ftcAd aozias a stook anm poultry feeaac wc1,snib haradto sell boo use
too nc= in U4S. to be mkn orn
In a ,e Q weeks hope to got out soame iore natter,anrnl scnd yru,ac well as
others. So il try to condiese now. mov
S.eral.2 tdAngshanvotield us back for yearSt-
l) Lak -orf oopleted drinaagoe. ow our P.BDrainage naM H-Eghl7ay DLs-
triot is doingthx REAL tORI, rruitoreast should be reached thin saumerb
to it.3 groat adv~atageo-
3) Lack of TZainsportation:w-Theold story. Partly ov(r12 t rook road, .d#
andse Prtly over a goods dirt* gredaoWrs cran now run almost all the ,way
between the Co. Sent andS Lake. 1 -th a little ad: lit onal 7wori',th- a r i htt
run on to t M-yers Soew oftis are S ying our best to get te. se ?ew li
tls 1r2' in,aaslthe C-anr started
$M Leask of quick ornications- thii laskbfucaise o i. niMbility to
answerr wires with wire#shas recently cost ne several hIudred dollars/
and nonacead saver-1l Ihndre(ae ?lonodthl tap r o the aa otin
16 Caysjuat when I waa sooed' at okeelanta on my t oasheen haftent. 4 l
thereI iould. not a over wires While. an the coast tunoldnitt ey my
foroe together and keyed np to onort pitch of good woft. Seoat
either eaA4I losegandwith me you andotTesrs ooncoerwd
V. now ha.nre propositions -.creby eo. n.- got in wireless tolsephqes f or
,00.0.01 or wgroloss telegr'ph for .000.00 Hy own recent lose ..
Sdays-probably cover the letter figuraaif notthefonrmme- loses tlntv
o14W easily and certainly have been prevented byaltlity to answer wlrep% .
wit wires. We even think of the carrier pigeon,ns a cheap 7ay o-t.;.
k of knmtedge of THE .0RP0*,bett suiteod to all air cond.tionse
story ( above) I* kIREM7 I havefoimAtZJ ount
reieaitly,wve have hfad two S-flocd.*, These are"-
I Thie Flood of fater4. this mre anst fnall, Ig was r
Gauelt 4' atr oricial blunder. O. looaL ea-..opeed ton lt an oldl dref.e
tbrouh$m4ipt open. 1 oann Filled T 7 a troenendc raaine
T'he ntzoal. not get ei#henecoit drowned. :ci oh 6sa.
aI) iiPlc 1' A of Sheap PotatoesFoiale ancd Cwreign. Thi neao t t
pottak s ni i thfe sooWita markets fp less inO emy flan ow eN
jl'l.'9 '.1 4,, :" : "' ", "" .'." .S :" m -.. ., s . '.. ' ia "' ; " .:," ' : % " " . .. ..

-not drowned o't.- the DAP heeMwold oast for Vr BeM alaoe thsrea hai
82 acres of d-ateaaue. May 4192!-sY. . t ou CAR LOST.. the flat
ever fldiped tra So. Caris. JL the pay mhipeAm 0 e2a. Thea.
two blowi.-a ane in the f--allndae"l TPiprs.g-. "le Ka? ME wAl RD.
Several tIousauA. Dollars. a.
qu askc --c about stock X Mal WryCaUtious about adriang Uy friend
till ve fpel quite suwe. Were -to the ohokelants o Stook rar .near nus,
bWt quite taxependnt4 It is steatiangOnt the bog queatia. Tey hare
had same treablo. Tiseir. hog wma is vit, h me on the boat. fire boon
talldng with hbin. He thiai thie dftfioties am easily be ret nwe. I
have done so noah at the eapiSPmentlngI an willXag otSers shall ib a ilT -
tie oaft.
Poultry haNs bee toa d~gL In our sw tioA till we ftool sia a tery sare 'and
surae ppositon. Conaitison are very fr orable All needed feed caa
be ra d qn the gro .. a.noyuaiea are korak. Pioes of poultry
adog-s are The set bler ho havotried. var'soios thing are very
lrgoly going into paltry, me of'hen pretty strongly. I5s one of
the things feel jpwtl1fie .now in reoneudieSg .
Sarernber very roll yaut ggarorus offer to cooperate na atooke Others to so. I =want tUo fre ,l a B thoughao any propolttitia befro cal .
fer looney. I was o Xna4 on beas t while back with a faP friends,
I (xa_ t ant any nmor .t' be caught through me. MWo.growrhs are
hitting itJo, on -beas* 1W wneount red torreautS ol rlinsanJiosh |
eo have another sure (trop*. It ton.lotfls Ithijank I have qst tol.
You wanort of Kew Oeelantas. a loscd pla shows its. If cm-e a.s a sur._
prize. The C.owty and na md pma.- Bellolodeeled to out theBolles
signal. That brought the center f our 4istrist to thic Canal Oreasing.
C had san ldixl there had.' tried& AD to sell at W,0o00 per aere. f
mown los there sell at $3a.00,S.00 anteven mire per front tfact With
bbe oetidngin ntfle diCtSheapsracs*tolcptonesoand PEOPLE,you knw0 wh12t will
appeni 81e3.ll experience a litcle boAst' We are surroeudeft by ca fdtu,
.'ardlg coun6dy.. 1C .ve i ovoa'ir Gill bring In tVia Vepeia and -
S heioy will bring tlhe values.
Lt prosentnoet of the ruaitcreat people who hav o.ome.profer to Ifte at
keelanta. It is on the dr*sslge of the Canals an, at the fcrk cf the
loads*, Thie atore,P.0.saHolhoo a Iall.aula oenter generanlysbe there.
'his ditehing aiu. rqa.sbuJilA1ag will help Priitorest ErEiarWt:T and more
411 go there to lire. =nt still mare winl prefra to live at tho istra4

IOugh this Tra -gonetng I never even sPeused would happen whea I begun
W ork at N OkeetantaM ticst and rflitorestait c:aneo,aM the lot fll -
t rpooe*i'uBn.faworeooat.oCarh emoay oaoer. It i0 the old story of
S.tnutfab the buildueirs rejected",otat.
t dubas ighte y =4ody rq StrauiLpest. We have rival polAntsall on
raals ow Laike garnterthowt Few Okeelanta,we shoniad Ino hbA Ir sivca1g.
a it isFrut0restvaMd Reu Okeelanta are recig1*orsail the test of frea.l
urtberaeaQ money can be dug up oeat of ew Okfeelanta loa when it
a not be rallabllef far reioaaa asuoc, as the aboveStroa Fdrudtzreu t oro-ao
ap shows howu lets bar* t0swite ADS I
flallIthe bUyn flply Walk rit t be^8M *k
^., -, ,. ^ .- *A ^.S

* ...-,'ng',. r-4ILitV;7SWr~ThJk~i ~ 1~ ~ '2~r -'";; -

-' .'I. %

rTOM (a)

isO. the prioeeand blys.' oat of the lots sold iye been ptdA for IN
then through with my Diasbhacn rvStscaon,now,I dlan to gCt ready to
pash lot bales as a soura e of baUdly needed c-nsbrpthtjdks to 'the duaall flood.

Meaey raised in ts .u y o just a avw$lalablqfor p atoret 'zs "rioany re-
oived fronz saleS of Prnitorest Holdings. Reanllysince there, has been
thle de3ay- for lMcoh we have Leen in no sanaee 3esx ie.le a n ts got
. tUgthWo irerglados CoUstry onto itz feotl havelnsitated to push fitw
ereat saloes a t int to see the pranrse fulZilJletLd- lan" fully available
for a ettleneat addovelopomnt-- the best Evorglades preposition ever atr
fowed. lIeanlhileif I cO a ,aS Q eanqy by selling fthe town lots ort Tlhea
l2.Willandl using tl. proceed:, in P. ing intoreatvlaties an ,a itdtore-ate
I an I .or.otly willing to do It. And I ax evnwdly- tillang to use these
saeo pBrooeoi; toward payinrc ha IL B V ard the 4OOe plusa wexdtiull owe
on eetion 27, fboWy waas thosedoods to is sue uuite so eoairnstly as
does your hIrbleservant. e.y have a wI bnulnoc oa assets ji Flmp"d3a1e
ib4Oaroat Tr'acta;buO or ,eaons s t 'tad, hadI r hoer sell Wy ir.n lefOt
vbici ua*3oafl dra iodlanaWor wtrich I can gipvwwr ranty daods right ofr
the reel!'eawd a'ply tia pracoco& uc Fprutreesti Ulez T.sawithfi thi
BE*blo. solvedpwe oan resiame seollUagr.C. holdinLagriL no one oan mny us
a ]ray's
BSpeakng aof TA.= These have been nomttiug. Tie No'.7 Drainage Diemw
triot is lairgey r-sponsible. r& is olrth the nooy, m though. Still2the
lead is ieavy on one twlao (r owned uLt In 0 nontrs3
On reading LoWie#Ili try to appeind a stnterent of the waUy ny taxes= i.B
dvidual. anew.O,.havo been jmping. I lionr of nothing la--4ho F.0. Cpa.
tract tha biist no individnally to jny the whole tax ean S 87Asan.
Properystfdiaiu2l prope'styState Drainage, .istraot abyst nu. paasBha
baringth. u.1try payment rxde by 2 orp 0 3acbers, I have ptlthe whole
paxs billp ay.ry year right idang, jaut as thotugb it woreo or ry *wr nivate
pro/sriyo AElt tids ftr nst, luis maide e squirn.
In ftaufttough~ 4iar1 I has paseda,I have not yet paiidito I bavs parw-
of the miney in -bk.,tt osafewmsbut notenongh to Gover To whole 000.OO00
ofr F.0, taxeO am o orn. Ie still havc ooiao taneuad I want to get
tVAs dtlesed n toro the lands advertised; for t1' Is somethn I
havencver yet 3"t t raeo If I liad gotten aaycShfo g lti e i t I3LI;ua: a
right to erxe&out o i y OiO3 -Sptvhe'o would be no trouble new.bmt t
f o 10od. iI3 0 to
Noual a, go3inL to try to sell Som-E Wtay Hou OWkelantalothu1

re y, tax r to O KEEL.AN'A
Here are ry tax figures for two yoarsBa-

* At x '* -k.

o.1919 .E.iW These figures speak tfor then-
Ithos. Eillt 3, W5b Besolves. Thzy Vc ltEgpnaal ge-tting
o tie YWT iSbTLere* Min gLa hoevyAbut
oMtaI. TW B 1Mon th.oc af fraittccat aEi cor0 a o.
The total istnaggeritng ,Jn i220,frar the vioaUL oL two fllou2s,"
Anm GallrIatas s royal 7~,0. Mn-r cr-- layr.1 :-en icc are getting
a eold reet&'wanting George" to do it a3a22pa sore bco.ado he does not
do more and tw it faaW' pI i.Lat lo aak yiou ta help La opt.

-. C.

- N



- .

. .... .. ' ". . .. .... ...... T m-J~ .. ... . i [ i .-. .. 1 ... .. ... .i l l l I. l .. ... ... .. ]. .... II r.. . . . .

, j a .- '.


Here is*y plat. Cheeked in blaak arethelbtstba b hive been paid for In'
part. Cheolmoo In red are lotspaidt for in fin.l 25 fuct io sell
now Et ZL2%.GC to $150O00 0eah. 53MCfoao lota soll at as high as $150900
The best ones atmnd at $-QO.OO

If.2 nor really zeean to. sell smany e thaei-ota,3r I tr no tbey "ill
JMLP' then the iwwVovemenfl coae. Id *rather borrow on then tha. sell
them. P'D Inm willing lct you take your ohaiee,i ym frool like
Et ing uide a Aittlo. ESry Qent will go the Tax Collector,ao 3a
ly as tc. -malls ma carry, its
Lots chackdvl. Witia t Te .-ok Cheek a o. art la.bleovery desirable and
lots forwhial I can give wrraty deeds. Following are in ibere a n
prieest- 20o Priae
Of"r $'io ue 'Dnoloaed is Se nltg cattr.ot* If o.a" is r2oe
3A 16.500 O Mo.'*d1I iil] gire mortgage on lotmaor Goodwifth
14- 12S&0 agreement tinmt. eed. Will berotactad wbhen loas Ala3
193 12L5.O0D .. paid.* I sfIould v:.t p or s year on the loan,
50 ao0.00 that To nay gt past t.c )aM- pl3c, ,laan ret'
00 200.00 'tUing1a o & am. g our way In good shape'. Fromir
54 !CQ.l- 20C,l t ('0 anC e 2 tiln- i nldl wAul1 lo7k

righty good right nme

And X'n nnr. it wil1 paGovei& a lAys nit gaod 't=vstoctntt. The
Lay lot:t ;:; soeered in eoa-t tonsi e 2.'ms H-Ieyn- tblG" adoe tcon
t~t IaiA r-~:t u primots&POyt a fatgfbt. IT'oe n'*, moo umbl on tde
Substantial lacease in the vrilse at theselets thbn I havT of Uz"Giatence.
Thaft1u riy Xtf not oag-r to selL* isut I ?mUST PAY mp
the Truitoroct taxes.

I bciere you see that ;frlnt.

Sincerely yours,
*SK Te timej. in gd tbing 'pah y siort.
A "temncrasry" extcastoa has boon granted.
IMait not named.
T.i!^. x.*





A .-
. -.. .fc





Airil 4, 1921.

Dr. T. E. '"ill,
Okeelat, Fla.

Dear Dr. '.l11:

I inclo--. you herewith the de 1
as you re:1uest and I am today crediting your
account :rrth >-I.OO0 less :.00 exchange, and
-ending the 50.C', to Mr. ': _e.
I think you vill find the deed
correctly executed.
You did not -"i9se me in your letter
so I .-:'ait until I hear from you about charg-
ing off your note.
Please forward this deed on to Ur.

Your, v:.ery truly,

CJJ: J .!



atz&1J, e&'

J ~(

y )e 3z -a

-~ ~


J .ai~



~L~J ~

Gtz A
4,, i 1 ^ B. "'I L

t-euj t 7 ct



6~ /~V. ~ -

2)4. 4.,





Lt~~- 4tQ4


4x- ~f. cLCA2-L. ~




C 6j f F-Zl

Na a,,. A14X :-

r i 1 ^./ 0,

ac I /LS

16"' t^

94 -1 t.^ /

*- az ctCL


. .... .... ... .. .. e ," *.lll
9 7- "

,'l 7

-,- -- "t-


'"* '* " -.:- -" .' .. . -
._ \f S^ - * '"* '* '-
!1 I I^ II ^ <^ ^ II I II II IIII


; ~ -?~ ~e- g.


-X Y \
^^^^^E^C^-^-^/ ^-*^<^-^-^-^ t -'-'_- -^Z.^.
.^ ''' '' ''"" ^1 '

n ^ -/ -^^ 7-j^.*
.^ 7 i^-C--^^ ^ ^ <^-~i~. /czz---- ---' ^ -.-

^^^^ ^<^ -^ -t^^-^

< .^ _ _ _ _

^~~~~cC ^2 ~^^> >' ::-

Ukeelrnta,lna., April 6,

$'f) ; 1 .

Bt, lraaftor~ale Statce 4ank,

rcmLi 0a1 cin e Sa

Aieed' armsi b'$iet'.e' fio il1 R4(i'*to~e-li.fW
?r'000.7'J. Del6r fteCU.j 4*j Ut uyraisnJt8at I a.
icn1wtiLyc; to :^ &.t ."jgere

Ay r fte t'G2 .0 wfl*Q Wr2I

3ory ttflgr : oisa

d B

-4 :r " '.'2 , '


. .Okelantt%, Ba.,Apwl 6,1931.

!flton Bldgs.,

:y daEir L, Bol.i^^ra-

t'm Latlcr 0uoou ;it' .Kat to ba 1i3ttlh4
rht ly.In a. w--s ai:ohU r9icv'ad E I c"e re
OL' ony aue i* t*io dcdan fiiabio f?-w :ai. it

*. ,L O Oale'tit& tu yct at ano"lut ;eliera
I :augwl tiL i "rtgi'tr it- Tb u.U. cumie
adeuly prf two dRalbutbm mrvr tnce

3 e.-'3rt.-in2y 2oito;rrsfi rei' .of mit yo' spoke
S:z IJoon 'olit'vci: bythI;no,

7o2Q7 s4greapolyyour?3

y .d ' ,, Xrni,.-

t.: t:7. gej, o-adrt' a A1 bi ug the

!yAur 'ioe abF, t-rn at

o~ra~ eo a:i t y tr as
Int n w...
11 lAw g3. to h [.'..* i^-.eP tha^ : 16::,w r,;.3eoA

a Q. y 12ory ; yre -tr y to 3o enys,



irk. A4t4 tit

,_V ft.".

*'/ *',:':' il-' A ^ ^ ^ ''' '' ,. .2 ,; .

, ', .- g .- 1
, '' : ..t .. ,';: : '_.. i ;'-1

"k k=, i, "i 'S i '."l

.. ,. ,i^. "-l;;^ ..', ;.- *,
,.'.' ,,-


'v . .

-e.'" 1 ."

.. A t.,,,


* *.

C. -
A -...- .,
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may t. it th l:; af"ttoIAsF1
--o. ., l.c-.r to Fpro n.i. Tz': Job -t
on hope N .J CvZ..c, .,rt.*, 1a,. a;,, a,.
in Ir ;0-- oo_ :c) Eo: rbi
lot h .. .'1'" 7ct. o "' t -L ::r3t 1o0
If aS' .1 ca do C rti; ,li.a -".we ,,,. .... . -"-
J '.LCt t'0 i. -:;, nr: :1 { naiimnt rf /0oc V .o 'rt
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fro, C,.
. have er fa '..l .* I ';. c *:,'E* - ho

-i t -'i-- '.- it K?4t ," a v", "e,

ut ... .ire' to Prach L ilP ''s3. --::.t Fch: Z' cr.-e

wt tL .a wtre. 7:c' srouo0 :tt obc -.('r I lo
1r. a% :at. arun Th Grr{21r act tJ 't
by r 'z'w *ri'trr.

Sh2 :rxt JLuld go by.- *'. .Cir. ITget, *Theor
ri.'c ti:'c i ?!A. -,-l. t ;c;!20r. to r; 0: pD o*- j,

* S "

ly ?Il o -, v, 12 l I ,.'ys All L al.
" ods are tc go by al?. ril* Iaf ;rs *G.yds.,
g-,od -3 ill o on cro: o.E- by O.t52 1 "Inavo
sent tf: sta airt f ;7.rrX co.c$) I.17: r; aie acwom
torss .-
J Draft BilVT 5*-a noeiA salu;, dzft witrt Bl La3..
iLnj a(r oh;d.,to :r s fbaSL:,nrtx.a &if :dotc Enwst
m.. -."nA ""
"Abcept ,r rx Vc wiLU t :*r, n t'lng; olo. .in
ti ..L u.--.e,,':; will not t" %u'.. .ifLfi' lott.
* Ancu -" ar0.,- !" ... T c' i'Z"c't': "- ta..*,. ;' ?t
Wtilo written.
" Q :.r ': ~i n. .l .b,.". ..,; in.V SClt{.i .c .*:..

io7r .-k T rL.A t ]-. : r l ;."
"IC,0 0" Ub l I ei.Lar 10 *.f 0 T7

O . 3 tt.j ;.i.- i3 ..... ;-"* .:.&.A. *

Tfoid ,"1 b.. ot, 17&. .. ".;2,'.w u,.. e; c5 ., j.

those fil ;L" Liik' 3 ill47 -,, it Jc.. ..'
shi-U t'X; Z0 J .'ul. :: y u:/ .L. o", ".. ..t O ; U

-e, :9' ':G t ,it is M'.:.

Br 3:s 3.3a rojrA. :.:i. 2iit I~ r: ceoGl. :r.i sxpo;eo
as ilajh a; 4, to A13 I flHE for dittlr U. shocns.
h- uSE rtgdl .
Il HigAesr .lls 0iS2 C2:, c t, L. i, .r :. IziLn l ?t i$,a5,
JLror ;-ry !t .L; W !: IG. t. 3 lot i::.Ct.tung hc:'c
i2 Ailn 33 C .1I 'iz'idaza,U)c- Z'lfi .'lhey aUofld.
3.wo 6, GOO lba. iheo lo-t,taaen dnrn b/y ..glIor
law TWoekaLni oontby yoal,?i,;Lgij ubort noft 23,COO
aS.". T1e b:A eatisattcl,but 1,'r.5 AbU,
YoU Lsnw 4 WhQ tho Stone let 70gXo.l
JGOEyou wix tc? rfiraL what t lot 0 e are now

.* V g

There are Thirty-Six (36) saoks.

l wo3.aW <,0O lX s, ,p.&Ar- o rI-O: goo,.! ^c, .* ..:.i3:o..e'

estt' :. 4-:* %.: .. -'1 I "t c b C 2A;-Y
Je e .r all, to ; ...i e ., 01' tri.3L ''" : 1 b t"' j :r%. *Jc.lts r-^ .
flUi, tNo Go J2jor j!CP C it *;*; a

tON .I ro b M : r yp ., r... z Ju-
c. t ;- ,AU 0 5,

V.ti- f.

JL,: ,j . o,.; : n .'. . .. -7.i-.
'.-:S.1 "I : 't. ". ; "~~- : l
..... 4. 4 h t ".. zu-- . .*' . r''
f.s Aoj .... . - ^'..- : .c' ij' *
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t:-U I a- '. e-t r-'.,-.' ,,-. .' : ".: t
l I vo u .* 7 .. r,- y
Slf cr-Li e. .5 go H P n ."" C
r:d. r oit .o? I Z *t -'1a .2u3. .L. 't. Lo-l o-:a -
MIc :ent -t 1t l&.ns -'7.j' v"tAo9
thLay 0 o' a"loe
_'K '4Vro'i. y:'til-..
'.., ul.d tell you r, -&~r .1rEl ":.ut t;e -too":
'ar tdnur- it's ;rt.,y urZy. ? i71 '1-o't'-.iy
Cnd7:ith z-tidl.t .ec roar o -20 1 Z&t'*.f
for the ht 1:-. 7o,:21 to lnmllo. '5

r. .;:e! -

t.--.' .o a--1.e., Fl?
, .' .' '

Iy ai. 1:?. 4I1sh'am'rT-

I 33rv. intcruecd. a right ymTOg
.nik re .c uee i, g4 o'. lern to o~rit ::e
wi rLr e -n.lorst ih. I IAUl in Uh-at y au -aid
2'bkt W- pioingrath r "ynr2, as a teachor,ivN.& he
will he SahC t2 try ttc Ic-.t iro'm tnii* e has
a t;.!3.2 r :hin&*',cC rnc0 3d~n ^ uioratoo .-
oi to ... tL2ij 3e.21 7 r fl c ir --.- .14 -dr a : L n
ia-; Ui.. 'I":l siI e

Z.i;.: t. i I'..t 'V' Let. .j fL J' i
rock -

Savf:l3 uhQ 1Jr14opt 2alt:'*At.A' ZA ruShcld C&wzx to
*k:'c; *Br-seat for; butt .7.^ iE-7i:y fr.u m- :;r.: rzre

iZ *y '!IICL. C U y:UI::.I;;ii. L amit at ,ava -7-ant'

he *. l r

a7 M f--

t ,.t7:. ., WJG-,I-A1'- :-:'. +,,

i "..:v-.t. oo c-: .:OLL 9'3L1'"' ff 7
r ,- O'. I f e L T *ri. L- 1

L.',w, 'c , 7 I.C.. :L-.-"" . :. *, o. ,t .9... -, -
I- y' A ar -x UJ.
3,u p; .-y' -. .-,.. --/r u o.f.. ... Gee .l .. 1 .

'*i:t!.. .r- : I _C ;L ". .. ..- ,- n i

...0 u "'2 .1 a'. : iv-. . 1, :. C

J* t 0. ..:, .. ... .1
;; .. ,i,' .* . ,: L .. '.- ;- :, : s
'"o" ..^: 7 t .; *-";..- .. ..1 a :k i.. o,, r .CP

j ,3 *' 1' 0 t i 3--.l-. :. . .. .1 c: l .. }'.7 '
;.* ...7? r o.:'.- i ,.'-t *t :. tt 'c. aL. o
the ".e&.1 Wi "," ot'r : h. bt i zotM
..7"l"hui "'c n g^,O 2'-1J to -. 5: t.;
S. L.;l .:;& .7 .. .,"o z
We r2t1.:*.tir3 soS;: d:Clc-anE r.-' Ii2ero ai

pP.Lc:U' t:. Cxinj a gco; j ob*. e ci.l. -tin
1?:Uo.. :the ,:.-. so *-1, C-ct bette" ,..oAr- bh n borfcze

AL: tV t.urS J

Qrc t( 3^ '

4i . -

S'. F .cas on. my( ,'o r.. ?-d. liers at ear-
1Ay orvrne Ae on higli 3?-ol, in bath roon,
or in "t.t Or's bed aridoy I think.
Iii 'bt. Tasting for Uidberty icat. i -> all Holo:o the;r y ?o one toH oull
aaldeniz, a.'t3 FUjBL iJ:uiiT is coaureod. M 'ay inve
J a 3.a'&~- on r14%i.eli :f .an I 7.ll s1end )ore
fro; Lary but ho is p1 nmt*tngl anh clAy myt


Dear Lawrenceo

This 4Whentley proposition ( Phil-
adelphia firm) seems to offer -n aditionr Il op-,
portunity to sell the Grflfin dasheens. V-i
prico,as I understmndit;ia better than that of
Borgoes Hope one or the other may take 'ne. ,
If Freedom vinta to nmload the balance heft on
his handa j; an will turn them ov r to r reI nay
be able to -.ell them,too. .heat 1 .4 4riod
. c e-an '-nileyoim burio's- on -rkot to
got. aeftdv.2t-rlte," r fi oPi
t do no- kl', t... i T=-kc ..ete.n ...- -

SP., I seem likely to rc'ooiv other big orders
for seed. Henoe,please look out for saoks,eEa-
pecially that 104.: ? Mike Fox'r. If necessary
t hold thentbuy the 101 ( price, $n0) arm -
will repay you.
T. r .V


Okeolanta;fa n ,(April 8,
Mr. Howard Sharp,
U.P. BeaohFla.
My dear HMr. Sharps-
I approotited your kidM inh6
aviation of some nonths ago to write again for
the Post. Was too busy,howevorptill recently.
Then,folloerwinl r recent attcnd.moeupon phe League
Roado roetingI folt I ought to s.y oomanotIzng
hence my story,
This, I hopodAwas inpcfrtant an opportune. It
appeared elsewherobut the Post is the paper in
thich it could tdo mnst good- if az.n$ I
looked thru tho. issues of haroh 26 to 00 incl
an. April 2 to 6 incl.,but did not goo ,t.
Aeoordingto p nwi 3agreod upon in Decembeor,t!e
Oare o ght to h"vc boon rwnmvig long ago.
Just why the delayino one seene ableo to ex-
plain A little publicity ought to help
especially in view of our united attaovpt to
eit the petition signed Too many look upon
the Pal Beach Road projoot a e dead again. ,
and awe reproveo me for not helping along the
more for annem t ion to aBrovard which yes a
very 11j anwl promising one orno months r.go.
SObjetora now say, M Jellour goal mest be Moore
SErea I asadthat point now runs a boat bore twice
Mttw eelksand energetically solicits our good.
an burdolsrfb. SOM urt is a for..
ILlatA- a terrifCEORWfifa

OLOelantnuPla',Jpr. 8,1V21.

Mr. Uas IcOullough,
Ok, la,,a ?
fly deanr asxei-

AW4yefnoe Days you may Jena the
Laurma 4Mm, aannd he will do what he opnto put
her inW-aleoable condition; but iL tio jipoamrn
Ible to get 7nytbiug but a saoAriflce priee on
a boat at thictIno or yoar.'
Of' ooursoesthe flight oe the tourists rakes a big
Attferonae Ihsuch natters.
I tant t, p8:y that 020.00 to-night,so hope it
is available.

Yo ro as cvor,

S Y 6keelanta,Fla*,April 9,1921.

Mr. Earl E.Beeuh,
Atlanti, Iowa.

My der Mr.Bee.nh:--

You oi course recall our oorrespondenoe re theselling of your father's"
tracts in Frulieres13,L S. 2'7'T. 44 So R. 3( E. ),as well as your owns
On April 1-,,andjune 23,1920,you wrote me desibingme to sell these lands ,
and,in August,lv2u,we agreed on a bs*is,in consequence of which you signed
a formal authorization,which I have ,and onwhioh 1 desire to proceed.

In my letters,1 explained that I had a group ol buyers,who were buying
lands,and thinkingseriously of taking more. I desired to be fully ready,
when they werereaSy,that nothing might hinder the sale when they should
see and be satisfied.

My correspo ndenee with therepresentative ofjhis group has been very
satisfactory. They havetaken more time than I had sup- osed would be re-
quired to decide. HOweverthey wanted to see how certain crops they
were havingraised for them here succeeded.

However,on Oct. 28,and Deu. 4,1u20,I received letters from your brother,
L.E.Bee.h,Ooldwater,Mish.,indicating that the arrangement we had made
eould not stand* ne wrote Dee. 4 .--

Regardlngthe agreement between my brother Earl Beech and yourself,
muab say that same cannot be;as,aceorting to the will o0 my late Father,
all the land in that district belonging to aim at the time of his death
was left to my Mothe- in the form of a life-estabeand cannot ie sol d'.
He also indicates the probabliity that he will come here and cultivate
theland himself.

This,o.0 course,raises a vital question. We shouldcertainlybe glad to
have settlers and cultivators come in. Atnthe same time,it creates the
very situation I suggested in myletter to you of Aug* 2,192u,when I. Inf'
sisted on having aformal,definite authorization to sell if I was to make
the attempt. Otherwise,In the midst of the proceedings,the road might
be absolutely blocked by a change of mind on the part of the owners.

I write, therefore, to ascertain whether your brother's view has prevailed,
and the attempt to sill the tra t must be discontinued; or whether he
isia error,and our agreement stands as wnen duly signed and witnessed.
An early reply to this will be very important,since the buyers may re-'
smue thenegotiations soon.

I have not taken this up with you sooner because of facts pointed -oat
in paragraph 3 above. Now, the harvesting and marketing time has al-
most passed.

**** '* ----------------* ---------j

Okoclanta,Fa* ,Apil 0,
115 IF 1

ISfr Ivor Ovorkoreon1
Orogoft, IlIl,
My dow ar r. aOtvorOons--

I nood sona tax nony.
My tasen hao boCon jumping. tisqpeajthey are
;ont i,9OOOQ 9 70 ag iasi thUs have had
t *a02 two flo0., *.31:wt f1.o .,thl: ilpod-
out everything but tte :shocw3; anq i Dao tbi3
winter-- of oGeap *otztn:- that WpIPC out,
aractio.Al4y, th d.- shosn is.::ot. 3nt tVxec
fall due ju;t th .sane.
. I wAnt to ask you te antiolit&.3 your nezt
paymentdue Oaot'sfor l1uo3I,0G I will alhoy
you a dCcoumt' o o? f.o o0?; sioarly 4to. tV-l
If you can mine it 0.300,switt: r ocom 1f
per anum or &.e S econr $A0.;,0,all right. r
X111 give you a r' otit Lfo'" ;).1U. -/ -n-// -7

The Hinig dtit-cing r!achinc ia doinggood,rpmpad
work in the TrianglSc U1ll be thrn there
about June I "iay ouo than to the iast bor-
dor of Prtdtoreout,&zt norta; ton dor-f thrun the
nddlesand thecn u tVie "scO aide. Mao
dtsh makes a dirt-banL roAd,fhtiorh a tr-2atore and
dise scan make lto a. good country road.
The b 11ii Dredge Ihas about roaohed Carl
JKintsg saotiona iaLngs corLng*

pS.' I want thisNPA3JGYuWFrs
aoney to apply on runt-
erest tae .


OkeolantaFla* ^aprll 9,
Umr R.H.Wilsou, Seay*,
Age. ieg* Coio,
Saoramento, GallSe.

My dar fir. Wilsonoe-

I'm ashnr.ed not to hive an.
awoere your letl'tor. ;ut one tielogp..P MSIA1PED

You maat be near my smn-in-la.wM7 Goo* Be3nrna
aush,Legiol tivo Dirotor for Calif. If so,
I hope you nmy rmoot'y &mughtor,tou. Showma
with un laut wintor In ladotrdoale.

Ita Relightedl that you are so iot situatod,for
your good amit iti of t'oi faimors You' ll give
them valuo roceived,Ii n sure-- and no. flattery
in tria either*

tao. folder on SIAllUBS repr0sont a a BIG uIS.
OOGVEE. What we neod now is a ra rket* I'm .
hard otter it* Zoo Iqto for thin spritgjblt
.early for n;elr fallen t abhouldberndo into
starcho or do aturoa alcohol. I? your experts
on help u In a 1 u1nntho w,*2' 11 bo delighted
to 6n6d mnnpleaani. help in any way* I howovar
20 as*,and 2nmaot no market.

the dashoon alone will savotl '3awt,gfa0s karYL
and rotda the pletdeui Uther tibtngs are ooam.
ng. oanao mlnd gar are fine in prosapest1awd
we'll mtills som. .BUGAI mills. Birup.
milla now*

A '&;k


UHd1 onto your s1Vw gra6s lu'ld* '"0 get finQ
dasheen orps on ufo1 l.ia the fIRST YMtR.
aonlos has 500 as., they sayn.a a igelgin oolo-
ny hLmdlinh It* He is reported to say it Is
* the only oarp f
ame out for now re l boasid Lxoo1ot to got
theiw 'You probably -roead ho PB. Post;,.mnl so
keep Up with road mattors. .

Doopite th& howriblc,abnoot ornidntml dolnyj of
offioita ilortL.: in getting the Gladou on Its
foot5thereo I all alcng -subatantial progreoso
I regard tbo fNtuo* oC the Glades outmtry
as asau e od* lg oapit'- neoes lary W not ale
tog othor laovory- is cooing inawd it 7ill coam
peo :rogroc-s3
I mvao no rear'of the erhaustien of tbo mto6
with suppor rot itlmi l flrc prevention.
The Btuarton 19al othelor mprovemvc-nnt pledged,
or In progreEupohoault cbaro or dr4arsjopiso
prawnt3o of overflow Dr;.3age rtric
will .do t:io roote We htao one hor.. nowu.
The neasg.miolt are ACTBAL3Z TLUING GOOD.

Tho Talelo ltaid or OCali* ought to grLw dasheonas
I Ir.ih you Eight get your 7iCg faoer a orgnz-
iLasi4n .not oCf tbhe lohocmn Thlero'o the
way for you to n-koyour present tal iry look
petty. Got your '/4 seotion to rowTin*ly fesen
wIrTe A rEMW:T PoaR--EwI.
Mighty glA to eoop in touch Irit you, tio I
havo boosno a poor orroesposeont.
Be ar to net Georgo Bush*
.iwoero ly yoaEU,3

i^' .*,--,, -.p i'.". "* / ;" g
lC fr8^0 ^*1^

& A8 ..

1.-I *1 1

Okeelanta, ri p, A-icl l.021

Mr. Earl aeech, .
Atlantict, l out.

My deaw a.B-oo --auee

You of course recall oGr eorrpesOIOaeG PCr tVGBell2n- cf yFOU f- t'ft1
tracts In rraltorest,( 84 27T. 44 Sa'L 36 E4),ns well as your. ow,7
On April 15,a3iniJume 23,1D20#,you -rote m drocitinguo to noll tlse a1,, I
andin August, 1920we agrgcd an a bstissi n consequneo of 4hit,yoEn sijqd.e .
a formal anthorLs.zatianuVIdah I have sand onubiheb I desire to proceed.

In fy lcttersgz owpl-inoe thlat I had a groia oGr blyerssuho tPere buying
lands9aonQ! thiMtngscrioursly of taldag more. I desired to be fully ready,
7rhen they wareredfthyat nothing aight hiwl'cp the sale uten thy ahoaul
soe and. be satiafted.

iy eorrespo slence with theroprosent.tiv6 ofaish grou'ii1as been yVery L
sati. foeotory. They iavetaLton nore tino tan I Mi. sap osed woAdi be re-
quired to decide. noc'tero*tboy wanted to see ho; certainn orropt they
were TinIr.nised for thei here suanceeded.
*oaer-- 06t 28n Oft 46 '
However,-n Oat. 28,and Dee. 4,1i02,I received letters from your brother
L.E.BaochOldSatGr,?,?chsifiatzu tla.t2o tbr: frrtaIgcfacjt we had mn.d-o
could not stands Be wrote( Deo* 4 -.

'l Rgardinjthe agreera :nat between uy brother Earl Beech an3 UpaURfE, -
utnt sDy thVt f.lfc; oar-:ot be;apa ,a ortding t.-' tao fal o Iy 1.tt6 father,
all the land In that distrflt belonging to hiM at the tine of his doefth
was loft to my Piothe in the For"n or a aiafoc-.tateeans =amnt be sol s*,
He also in.ija.tos the prob'ibliity that he will come here and cultivate
tbelhal hiaelr.



TLj4g.q1'- courseprailca a vit 12 auestfion. UO ahuldeortainlybe glad..^o
have settlers and oultivators come in. At the sane tinevit created the
very situation I sugsestedC in rqylettor to you of zAg* 41920,when e i n-
slstedl on having aworan.ldefinite authorization to sell i. I was. to mao 4,
the attcnrt. C'thcrtiwouein the rddoat of the, theo road xdght
be absolutely blookoed by a change of iind on tie art. of the, owner-

I write, theroloro, to asac rtdn whether yoa blathera's v le has pPovarlelo4 "t4.-
and tho attempt to sill the trIh ac t mnt bo cli-oentimnua or thettbor he
lina arror anld om ageeIncnt ,stuMas as "- on duly signed and witan s-ed.
An eo0rly reply to this will be very imporMantrsinco the byorn ay -ro. .
SIaBo thenegotiations sonw .
I have not taken this up uitlh you sooner beoanoe of Naot. pointed oat
In pagrph 3 above. Ioknthe bar eating and marketing tt has al.r .
moat .ass

. .,. ... .*: .' >- ^ a

. ).. .^

rf^a .s T .

<^: >d-. "/ -"
AJ /., }.- Q'~^ L c -,0 : :- _- ,3.

S i -6-- ......... ... "
-. __ A . .. -".
C C- -. r
.I. Us Z --,_ Z_ r-^ -.4t<-. .... .v..it_
. C- - --- .^ -"--^-^--' ;
.. .- .4.qi

k --, ,- __
f^ -U .^_ J ....- -^ ^-,_.-^ ..-,_ .. .. .._ ^


-. st
rt~- c~oCcQ ~



.^ '~ "--n

~n-t -K~

I& Cr .t*'~ yr- - - ^ i'

- tm-


: ..~-- - - - - - - - - -.--..S-----*A--.- - --- :'.----.,-




~1~~ '4

* .if.

.. . ... .. .- ,S....





S- .


Okeelan taela April :118Mf9h
U.S.Dept. of Agrieulture -
Wesh.ington, Do. N, -


I herowith acknowledge reooptof
2 p~gs* of Carpet Srinais eeodrreh. please
aecep- thanks* Will you kindly s@nd se h1-
letin to. 1130 ja sane.

I am sending horowitja pkge* or f St*. le*aie or
Giant De1ord. grass. It grins abundantly
here* It in a good fted tbr poultry and how
Cattle eat it with other grawnesw But ii, i
proving ayowt grmaswr. Its tenacity of life
aini aggr&saiveenoas-Make - threaten to a take
Sthei' country,

Can you tell u: s tt to do abzut it? Is
there some Eprayer competing groth th:,t will
neutralize it, It is easily hod of a small
apace,but it now cowoer acres and keeps one

Baaboo does well hero* Can you sen'T samples
of you beat bapbocs for trial? ( Olppinga
e noloed.)
Very reapectfully ,


* .. ,

eOkEeloantn,Pla* April 11,1921,

f lio Andrew J Carter,'
Fire garden, t d -
state of Ploridsa,
Moore Haven,fla. ./

Uy deauz, Mr. Caribwie-

Iou have askdd me to keoop
you informed regpardlingtho Piro situation in
this district,

Thoro il a fire situation here 2N 0 t7 :. .
requires your attention.

If you can cone ovor It once, 1rpared to fight
firesanndavis with urgit will be Yell.

Thet a:stu.ation ir, not so n' d as itthreatons to
booono. 1 Wt vha. we hwoe fonli-, t? btthe DAD%
tire season is atill ahbod onu ata v we. wa-'nt
f'" "to avoid serious trolbleo 'ifo hale had ..)a -
:Orincooe,in a4bumlanf with fires.andI t i'.
*-" hlent thild. Grpadothe fire'," .

Very truly youf g

/ Iqc ,.
' **

I 4-
-. ,4.- *|.

e-" ..* :.. * *. I * '* .- *ft %. .L *&;'.' *' .
.. . .. - .. .:.-, -
.' .. .' _- . .. -
. "-" . * ."

*' " "" "' -' .y ,
,.- ;. 1 .
- . O. Aei.wm"l

SDear L, W1l -yen please see -this order
a3d see tluit -o 2tatakes artfe aA I
orf ay Town let eapadpig.a

Enoe Ofpy at letter
via IBotb.


Original wnaes

Stone "hero.

, veryoBrs,


~. at~

o ... .ff

;.-.. ,* ..*" -* : .. a'

need it


.'r. v -~
~ -

TV -
a- A r_4

Talahas ,l. a

** ^ *< k l A

gApfll 1t,

ay eLr r"ire uMja-AAaI-- _-
S-This warning I di -n.Atohd,
a letter to Fre-falrdon Carpfte,Moore haen ro
.fitro coanitirn' faere Hot the Mooro iktb eight
beat sA here and the euglnier 'itnorms me that tbo
rire baoen has ben dtismaneBothjt no cmoonsop
haso e iee aint-el,- anthri he dtctorstpndi. N0.

Noi7,a dear -'eantor,I .hope` yon fill lo. Anto th
nattSbr AT OH3M. T-htirely aslaa mfroua to ,qoue-
tion of persnelB6 such a 6"tep4 Tf notially taken,
is a LONG UTllEi BA A1ADnd ,tal a Ce 'e blow att tfa
snocess a i.pros-'''y of ehe V eglidzs* It.
Is a blo i at tu oonservadion of the I.I.SnIaG7 's1
0w 1,X1i21 sxez or which .. .:c sf:rd. fearfully

I adualt thlt OGE WAft can dco Alttle, Tuat is
stooted 1s an OfOAZIZO^TX padphdr State eo'nterol,
'or Odunty .miontreIato 1IWviWT IRfealf eitfl.
guish thoseutht tart. Atsooito feo t!int Ineen-
* diaries azeaBishaea d

To sa Be bhit. firo pir'otction I. not .ledee i
Sthe Glodes 'fer oil ad 0 A D Si s to as=mo
ti"t city- fl-2irqareen rts wqm*oooera y ft9
neat In te case t. tihe Glads Is lans ofe r and
-va_ tal as in the anae of ,a itty -


-I' ~ ..

. . . . .- .. . ...., . -

B 1, -.


. . b- : - M




Herg is bleo long, iorsGe ight we make to wp t-
roadas ThnthIu sheer neglect, and liock of
fystriboufloOausamt of dollars of -ai Egee areor.-
ratte4i to thee rodlaIn a o nglo winter
It isOntrageaousl we aveboeen up against that
otatuation thiclwntor warno thb ai, foayoirs past.
No,.,.wo are- l e$ abiolutoly to the noroy of the
firps by the o O ai raws. They do absolutap
ly notabtng THIS fEl** ioeforea, the hd"begmi
to, do mirly ve2lle A stcp b-nolarsrlthIres
Mo'.w-;Twoa~poal to ithe 'iro eWuronan-rl fladhe in
ouit, anl bo mooeunosr to bo appointed.' Do
of'fiotl f'eol thit ro.-tn nr built to be
destrcedg or th't 3aot:ln oain bo iurecd uparm
-watnM to roneGTr tlarsolver: wthout cost or
Trouble to rum?t

Some one h;is aV a fetorfPl blunder* 'lftl* we
need i swoblesbut VASTLY !MOME of this fire
protoqn~A'm. Will yMo not look nt.tvr it as on

SSineoore lyyoups,


, ") '

;.-" ;- :" *aas' 7 ":'-'-,-".,i 2" :'-- '.-;**"H" -" ,T. H" **
^ .." A.. . *.

J2- \,

* ..-~N



C/' rA4



A!. ... A-

^ e ^ .. ,,! ,^

,if !' -* > -" i? --- ^ .


7j~r~C~ ~ Cf >&-%ke i-~t-

r-64 c

.i t ". ...
-.-s -- /4. ._


- ~-~.r-- -,

p44t --/


- i~2CAtjC4fl


I .*~. -

-~ '-A



-c_ r\


-/- -- i^,- '^^




.. 4--
* ,ic~.


I. -

(. .




I- --

. '

;- -

OkolantaWata ,April 13,
1 9 2 )1

*luerdo le ela. ( Cor Dania)
M cow ia*r. liOe tiasg-
I hear you are a-t WL? old stand aga p

1 enclose a statement showing how ay t.4aoO havo
been jumping, 11y otm are bad eiwu,.babut look
at those -of F"Itersst
Nov have bee giyngt oce Fruotbrest t:&j-aaj
right along; thoso on the Uentral 40,wom unsold
traotsand can thoseoofth.3 members.
1I know ofri reason why I ihoulll pay 'thl numbers'
tasen Oitheor -quel" or uut, o Lmruitorest Astj
raoeipta. I do notndit:Lintho c4ttnt. Yet I
have trkei Ore o'this big'item heretofore' Nc.
it _I gottlJ4 altogebhor too big.
Again9 at the vury timx tbosetaUes have fr1man in.u
ormdiblytlbl, button b:: dropped cut of my arm.
ung reocipts. Our section his ubboen bitIin tgo
ast rnmthWaswitI two flood.
First come the flo t of after, fmaused. by their ool*
1Lsh leaving opon of the sfllP ay of the ;ouyA
Day look* 'The canal was nearly filled by the
Lako* Then o umne a torrent of rain. 4howator
oculd noteeeapeohcnce itflooded th to'n s. That
destroyed woerything 4.had in or6po.. potteos
anfi corne-* avo 2 areo d&asheona4
Zn t oa winter oan' the secandfloodl wnl, -of r potatioeso- sO oeapntiab b that toy weore
h ,,,.,o .
It gftt~lf; aiogecliH

soldin New York and Obioago forlees than our
dasheen freight,* That floodswept ,:way our
d.shoen ua.irkjot.

T=s ZUiit dIy,Ayril lhas pjcaed;but tMzoreis a.
l1tti; le way still. Audi an sftrpug!lfng to
pay : t, fe. and miko surmno Fvrutoarest lands
aro advrticed fortaxes.

N- ow for another picturepuich ,uoo o heeroul-- my
ae' Okeotmntaiots. Aoease reud tgo eaolosure
with oarao

Hereia a for jou tc auo aT exception-
aily good purchaeIoandat the same tiLIeChelp out
on thistaz bill; forI will agree to stond very
dollar you pay to Colleootor A.B.CrosWl.
Pa Im leaobho,' you m:ay cn-i to hb i youraolf.
If you wouldroPfL.r to loud. r-ther th n to buay
en-I. me 3/4 theprioe of a lot or two .an 1.
will source you uith a dee3 or a mortgage on
tWI propertyas you pljaae.*

the time is shorts I t3uot I lar3y Ietar from you
soon and' ravorably.

Cordially yonrs,
P.. "If my friends mant f-a ily
-alne." I was paying all v.ese tUoeq for
other people they woutl
pearablythink ma- er..zy;
henao I prefer it ball not
be m-rdepr:bli e


IIn ai ition to My letter or the 4th8
e unolcio 2 utatWuiLt L Now rc eAAentiad Giso
my tsr ball a o Frutreuit.

Y01 1no0 I a 4. t conservative in rijr.lg rgo.-
a m n u, t L o 2tggr r.n billo. oi, 1n tho hr

which I x- reson aible hLo ev.or 7 one tao V-On
a bo. u a o -ot nIttbi- to ;- a on Re:." .

of' A :teo'nrrying %Way
of a'1 or -ai, an e'ooL ,o'hcap ota toe5,1 vlo trying
th:arket for ti'e onile lirop r-vr fnongo to t.sbT n

I profor the lo.n, send !/4 (:ha welue of ~1 yr
S more lotowanct I will taou'e .ith dod or mortgage.
as you obooe d on the property.
hea-vad1T, of. aw, worth

T.e flw



a '

Okeolzanta,Vla, April 13,

Ms. Ulrioih YUeh,
Wyokoff, .J.

Mly dear ru nobhl--

I hive notwlittnm yi L l'tely,,mtI
av carrying too gbeat a load to ':'ite ioh.

I eaolons a sta onen& aholiingE howa -y tax:es g or
mging. Mly own are tad, moznghput lookC at -
fc~se of fruitorosti

Now I hu ve eonrn payrtn-*theoeFratorest taxes
- ighrt along ; thosoontbaOentr ie 40, on or munsold
traot ,wfm' QVven on bos0 choflerhor-M ,

I fnoi7 oi no 11'oreaou 1 yZ I Dhoul pany th> mE-
borrtv taso'eioithor mysoJor o01*oz 04 i) Asuooia-
tron's Zuni3. I. do not find it in e contract.
Yet I hbyv tXwkin aaror tb:13 Wr iten !:omrto-
fore. Ho:W Itito getting .-altogeteor too big,,

Agrain,at thMe vory tint thfit then tc:scn have isA
en nountai. ighttho battom drop. don't of my
farmngreoeiets In th'e last 0 monthswe bave
been hitbytwo floods

Firat o.amotho flood of water, This vwa due to
the blunder in leavin'- open the spillway atvt o
lool Rest the Lck'. a hija lot t.heLake in on us.
Then vame a 'torrcntt- .1 r--,inan-: lhn'vln;- no plcno
to goittlo ded totfiidM.

I had finooflledor potatoes andl another of
conn. iaoh was a total losa.runninc intc
thvumsandaofdoIw.aue All I had left waa some
32 aores of. dsheonse


Nest oomctfhclood of ohop potatoes-- sBi aheapin
faot,thitthey wereneold -in northern marWkett at
Ieis thbm our dasheen freight to those markto.
That'wiqpd out tho dasheen n rkets

Tax luid. 'iLy ii Apiril 1* At 'io p-esod till
wo 1av' a, littl:oe wi7yanl I am struggling to
get tC-. oejorary ta.x nmney thmt no 2 inadtor
which I asb rtiponoiblr: nay b amdver'tis3d far
tiri es

Nor fin'. another ioturcnuomh fai't) choerul--
may fo Okeo1-nt-:loti, Plonse rai k..ncosur,
with aowe .

Hepo is n ohocatfor you t m-ito an exooptiraflly
got wcurehase- one thIt',o on9ervative as i an
I-n s.l4trh m-ttsral oan iaiot heartily recom-
mends I reg rl 4 s a STRE T @iMi.
In yuyin;-,ou T7il rlsv bel eaut ett,1i. s-.gorti
ir-, t 11ip fotmr I Dgre to .--nd very tolsfr
you 2ay tu Tax Qolieoto;r,A*.Af3rowV7,7Pilm oen4g,
Fli. or youa -ty ai n itthoro yrurselfon 7.
If you woultrtLora lax han buy,a *tu. me l3/4 the
pripo oi' a loeo rtoo, and.liil secure you -rIth
deed oarmortgrgo,as you may choos o,on thoproper-
Thottae ii sort. I trust I muy hoar from youa
asLa at fTrorma.bly.

Sinorola y yr uwj.

/ N


it i~ L. "1




-. I.- I
.,e. I F,

kBselasta, Via. Apil 13g1D1at
1 '' *st


l@rpfr Safisellft* -:*.***..-
x ave nthbeardt froa you 1. telypart the3kast report waS

VW pPv wsM with a T eWaana2iI is t a t I-tsworty as am Gld fats beras.


, CLose a asateamet "e taxes her.m
tmsen of Ptitm-eatI

4ym arebad

bUtfok at

Mew I her been pafagthoae Fauiteret takes right l-auegeett
fAeal 4009ar snald traotajblitalso a thoseot the modwes.

I know afe resa I thalay the ni taxes
tendSr those or the AOaaat b I mat glad
a eIt* Tt X hmrttakm eareof this beg iUe right
sau bamee al&SaeWther too MU.

sOnly oa the

either out of my
at is not Ir. Or
aloga till nui? it

At te. sae tUameowq have beSa hithete by two bgfloadsLa n maofteh The
rt as the flnod S water* A blaarlangeTIal lart the 3mts By
open t.ll the ano= Ias Ithet favUW Teft eI a torreptial palm*
-e fM aget ypa8os it flooded thermaw.

X limi nnn thul sai..ndolnars t*wat of potatoes and corm*' NtJW g was
left vit 22 airns or dasheins i
tWhbs3n th6 lat or cam a flood of heap pfelateeas* so dieap that they
0l2d Ji tirhesm =arket at las sa r ta-neen freight* B* tfht flood
p1,0, nt our Ol team m aeet"
.m. s ftt wav AwEap 1tt. Still we haVe a little leewaqanat I am saa g
wefl msve toee that ao lano I auq respanstle for areaotvefised fr

Vs. ftc aminter WptaeW*mw. thenrfael. 14 Wov keelantat0o4 Pflea.e
wooa qtleWre with care** Here is a. eanee for you to ae an ese es
1 i ,. e .a ,.o& ....... .. *. ..,
.imll also helpasto a thiastaggerAingtaz TiA Lor I to
0ea2, a Wta y "ea to tax CollatorJAB*Grmw*a a.
P pra athar lehtban wpard 3/4 ao the pritae o a letp t.%.
t ?$3 ecuve nm y6 amaortgage or a deed to thepropeftylas ysm -7s-ooe

ist ainithesei w b 1e aq hear frim yoea ema a t farablya
"e apld w4are bot Mha the eatk* I hope Yan anm still prospse%


/ .. ,- .

,y r .,_S,.l~ t
<. ' i ""' "

Moore Haven Fla, 4/15/21

Dr. Thos. E. Will
Okeelanta, Fla.
Dear Sir*
Yours of Anr 11 at hand and contents noted.
Will say in rely that Andrew Carter has -not been Fire War-
den since the 15 of February, and the work has been placed in the
hands of the Assistant State Tngineers. Yon will probably have
to write to the State Engineer of your district for helm in yoiur
Present emergency.

Yours Very Trnly

P S Mr. Carter is in Tallah&ssee and will be for some time.


D Lawreno,.

The yours of 4-13 and Sentinel--
The tw R,.. U0.0-%
Seems to me it should be pos bible. tavoit oxe
tra r bya little firing, ar trimng
of oat* ..Latter is soft ad om be out las
I enclose a plat showing how addi.tonsIt sens
to mohereinight be worked ine. May be too
late nowithough.
Liberty left fo sacks for me, Not at all cer-
tain that I eould use them e8emed to have
sever.A good oustomers for seed or rfeed dasheene.
but they fail to .make dAernit ,final orders.
One w nts a sample oar or reed dasheensO
$-s,00 per ton,I paying 6ntfre freight.' Pre-
ii.ume he forgot to ask for a, ~ bromo ,An
adlitiongfam for me to oome. at my own .expense
and feed the dasheens to his hogs gratis

If los deal has not been closed better., make it
an "optionpif possible*. If oaloseamend then
along, and,ir unmsed,will stote them for nest
year* Saesk he showed me were GOOD, and a good
bargain Lot ought t. beinspeotedtho* I
picked over. a lot of about 100,and hose
carefully. When they arrivedthere were a lot
of bad ones* -Don1t know hluunless someone on
boat ( dberty) made exohages while boat ien
were ov rheat. Might caution Zigler this time.
No intimation he was not square.
As ever,


L.E.W, P.Se
Haveplowed lots betwn Rth place and. no* SorreA
llzlugeoxme A Maiden ane. Plo works
ashh better than ever before. Still improving
It. -Want to plow tract beto Tract 8S and. Lauber
Xard .and bet* Maiden Cane on east and Une. Les
oane on west.and. plant in ooru. ly plow si-. lot jo* of Madgeaup to 4aid"ng a84li and plait
In worn and. dasheense ObJests a oo rmnation
oa fn. uig with REAL ESTATE, iWant front to
look as decent as may be. gill roll down wild
staff east of plowed 1..nds are tried Itand
fta It -helps looks greatly.'
Bonnie has a INE patoh $ir potatoes bet* aois
0 and 18,and on 52. and 5$. f X we oould hdve
our whole front. looking as well it uouldbe
worth a lot to us. The Ste. Lausie and '*nidien
oane are the GRWAt hindrameage
S.W. of Town ally&hereDerO CoG farmed,we ,have
a aore, plusoplowed and in dasheens andp otatoes.
yave a smaller path bet. Mt baugh and Iown Hall
in oornppeanmtt sdasheens and sands* The big
tract bet. Town Ball and e mnal is going to
grass3 faste..

Rin-ly aaypthe. revolving teeth are a URBE OUREI
for St. Iteelo If Id $tleus 9yl. on bank
onuld be rigged oato a tractor here we might
make good use of it. Would take it quick, oth.
eawise. He took Aiso plow anmd never retur ned
It. Besideoshe would not objooat Is in Vt.,
I hear Do nt knowaddress.

SOselanta,Wla. ,Apulr IS,

my &eSir lqwrre19
Itan fLad letter to Little. It
will show how xy a it.lls working The une* elp-.
sIftg, A MAOREwhioh I piXblihed nearly T
years auo,:intereast me greatly now. 4. believe
theold Grua ef lder wor ealleoate our peat grmas'
sas-- St Laot Moatten aaeYWater frams,Para9
toee- andthe elders too .
Shoal- be glad If you eaould go over this with
Owal ESnt saaml Beals,a to practicable ways of
attahBinguthe eyllndor to the. rardfnmalidngit
easily dotashableetoo. This wild and we Ol3
town sate Is a big hnnateip to our meaemopand
deprive us of a let or fiao,handy loud,
Maybe awl ca, somaplete Idttle"s addrees-df I do
not do so hseo.
WS. Priee rnarkereqeuntly,in t fling of his boat
cngne, andthe hr^ble it had enaseL youphe eould
not bhavb I ed if you had thrown it away* So you
soeShe a ppeiantes the ee..s
He has bought the little Poalter boat,that lay
urez rted under thetreeap It is a beauty.
t looeeks as th the daSaeen a eason is over* gSo
no ordersI watovermavw* Sholidbe mighty glad
-to place that GrLffin lot but have not uoeeedod.
Unleae saek deal is elosedO,bottcr hold offT
,Pleae tell Mother I haveo ime elea@ t etseor p11-
lam easUR ditto night o6stbb*. ay be none of
latter :av dlaable. 01aa to get first,qf praeto-

OliolantaJtLs, ,pril 15,19l,,

Mr. oJ.Plper0
OGrass Offtce
U.SRoepts of Agrialtare,
Weshingtoan DEC.
My deanr Sirs-
Ihe Overgladefl c mMAtfl* you
dloubtle'S apr* .o-oatufis a GaSr 0c:MTar. N.a-
tureu ve us the saw gP'as-c;Jnow( fonutwe are ase
egred ,to be an assallent raw matorlal froL Wc. I
to nmafatacturo p-.per. Wg marLet fror the saw
gragsu'lhoveWr' Too plenty.
Nowe have other gras es ,liat threatbn to f take
us,t I will nace tIhroet-
1) The St, Etuole, or GAian S:. izta* of this,
I sent a sample to your office recently.
2) The Maida Canaea pme7rftl grass that fills
the earth with Ihuge roots,aaC :',-a at rror ta
the settler. Good ors eattleOif Nt4 do vi
'but dutath on orope.
3) The Water grassI. Leis coron in our seetlan
but worse thap e;Lther of the above two. I have
a path of it that has baftled me so fare.
The question so whether the settlers .aust waste
their livTe fighting post grasses 'by had meth-
odsf or whether there ny be onome 0 royal rztN
to We ezte?.-Ln stion ofr these nuisancese Some
griasespve aretoal ,yield to a spmaye Some sprnp
put the soil a dwt of oemrlssion* for a aoop or
two.- a serious dectpeat times*
Poasbl)l thee a=y be competing vegetation

not themselves anisnnmcea- tPat may be intronooed
Againythere may be inseetsabactoertao whit notj
raon. to. s8oaieoetbhat will &euftsy thee
* *
I can Gena. p:abtomna; of the MAden %no and
Water gS.naswiV ao aronot familiar to your '
off. ies
The St. Iliec anid alden 0aae areour eaieatal'
wrlalasns f -on u can help uVs 7wnllottha you will
win ou'r nulying gr- .titude*
Very truly years

P,?S, rlhe Pa Oras you told 1oBoot s a GREAT
MUCESSG an a growerptbut l o almo- Gaawah of a
nuisance rw the above if we want to oradiotto
it* I have an aore or moreprthch bolds the
gronagalinst alloomaers, uV ispreada.


'. "
# : i ;::Z : } #: ~i,:? : : out:'!
: .' "- ; _" ., "."#. F- z" . '# ', i' .. '" ":, .. W 0,.
-.,. ,: ;, .' ., .. ".., L, .": ;.:,.' ""...." .< : ,.. '. .' "' . -, '. .. ' ". =&.!l .

S . .... . . " -.. .'.."...' '..'.. .... '. ...
r... '-' a'"a.': A-l; '"

..0.. 1 ,, *, '. .. ; "':r "~4 e

on at ohe -1-00 0 *a 6 olil
" i l elt ' ia e ".aiew't, '-'d

S- ,+ ".* i, .-; ,+. '' . 1 ". ." I.,- '+ ...p a
ro'. ,-t ,,e .... the ..- _|,a .a an. ". .; d . .e.,;; :a ,.

Md 0 tart p nsIp

Alm 6r-M koo hagm
e nlaesi ar nof yaAa l ua atodth ameo

mi40 "er' the see 4th a 6
.*''^ *,I .s i .g.i. t* 'be*1i.,i, 1, -; .. .. .. ,+ ..:3

*: ..' k-" '' I - S t . i,,R # ' "W'
', ...;.,, .. w r W. t d ... 0 .v". *'o im .. ., 1 1 ** .. :.

A ft t ...

-' t W qe 1 a..- ..,

S. Me ... g as e .-e.a.e

,,4.. .
-,.*.. -i- he M Br. a S &,;..b.e ath -., ,::.
S *? r - ," .. .. . . .. .' ,. : . <' ". :'- .. . . .. .

:1 Y V V, I qnp .s
r-;.t. (1 2. ,: ;. .-' ....t| ,.

C'. *.. A .4., -.. "-'.- t9 -:. :'';
asseia g Tap;abe or laume.
$ t s, a or oWwSwwn aIy nbe oaf iwed wnaw 'g

*..-.. .. a..,s _oA y e ^ arvt y...,, ..e.. p i.. ..

,, "ei" .'. "t .- 3f ap .4 'vt st " ". ) :, ..t..,.e"
i r a . e. t, . .- , .* *,' '

t:, p.y P 44s" aVa te r w. j s appal to r- ,. .-. .-
I -e.t .ha. -rrs .at o . -4 .,. :
7.0 ur se tjl

... w t h ,, ,... .... .h t* o w a. .... $., t. $, ,.p t.,,.e _
*- T -* ZtyolWH.ri. - 9 I d'' t.. i t. .. .. . ... . .. :r. , 0 I V .
.... t.. ... .... ya i nc wy .a e ea. op; .B. st '. g.ri ., .. .
's.vw tt..
aw tX . tao ', ", .t ., 'o l .. t."-'
-_nfor t..# t . ea. o yEA -fMAraA fa.rWp ..:
t .nyr a s , 'f t.. tw. rL 06. .e ": ,,W 4Mrap l 741
b a u u . "ap ta . ' ... ' -. .."..' A:,

-:F' &btq:,. ^ , ... .iroba nta4 ta ..,'
tr; ..t.e ..iW 1 vu t eh Tor ew .kL4 Ahait Ite .-e.."iSb -, e-
hptk i s ter :o d #atd Iipt "1
$orte ya .'ae n Aew6 41. int-eveq to t.ei M les 'y .i 2-..
.". e J p ,I*t..r w. ae' e to be , .. ".,fl,
tastoy. M those whb 4at rs hi t ys tt

*' . ... .- - w, J w.- ", "' ; .

wI RAE ,, .- -. p...--. p,,.1

O the ,- .W ;.
.i e E, e' d,,

.. "Te SE-g V "" 4% "
Tele- n i.Le r -J" :" "'- 0 " :
Day Letter "
1.igh Message T? flNp flr' r4^ Ni r i
NightLar TERM U3 ON TIEl l G 1
If no.classtot service Is desig- .
nated the message willbe trans-
miled as a fuill-rate telegram. -

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MR dewr. Opyans-
S I bave jt reed the press report or yor a ea to ,
'P the .gi at, a tallabamsan dmsire t o press ua sincere appr si'
Sation it yoar eorts Ui be alt ofie Everiad. asa country
I am- particularly pleased. at S should joa in an xperltat
tatdLn for the lass* A President of the an ae Agpflaltar.
c@lleg&X was theuatd o ur amper tatio tere* As san
lrt, as never before, of the eno -ac s e which soph an -orga w-
Stion am render to the tanners.

Ry first visit to the vrerglades was isade in Janwary ,1910, Hy
. reommsanzm-jtion forthe Glades was the. estahlislment of such a station.
I pa ret.atLag to WasshigtonI took the matter aphand iirket faaly for
it. In 191a-14,1 interested Senmator taer wh6 oa a proposal
t for establisuiug enersmental experluental work In the ErIetladfl. This
Seffort,however, was defeatp and I have been here ever s faeanadthus pre-
vented from pressiagthq matter in Wadhingt=a.
Aaided by Nationa state or even county,andoverwheimed with problemsag.-
Sriexlturalf tanial and otheronur settls in the sawgrass country have
b een compelled to do their ow experlnentinagand earn .their livings at
' the same time. In conqncetheirlt ha een preeoarloasand tbeir
^ 'burden' heavy.
; Ulike settlements on the loke shore, the saw' grass settlements kavere-,
eived little help from nec of wealth. lFrtherthe drainage and roAMs,
absolutely essential to oar istonneha-vell recently, been largely
S withheld.. For these reap- ns,and others beyond onur cotrol, our progress
bas been slow and iafrul.
I enclose a recent folder on the DASHEIalwiX* ng somethng of what the
Spioners have g nethroughand also of the light ahead.
jIt I was told to-night that a laOwa ek3,unknown to mewhad game to
allahassee to apply for the purchase of yr Okeelata trait. In the
firumstancesyou should knou some facts N
I therefAre enlose a paper just prepared by me entitled VEN OEELANT*
and plats showing the proximity of your tract to thislittle towm site,
South data. .
the trait in which you bought I havelargely platted on the plan of ew-
Okee lanta,and call N Worth B enaion4, Figures anclqsed indicating 46..
value should be before you before selling. .
he a! c wt 59,sort a oa rep.estig lo aX soldA. Ne .

R 1 -

)l Wlfor 15.00.- er $100*00 per letI
i" ., ever
It ,to street and alloys were extended trough youth traot- and I have
int alded to request your pea rtsti thus to exmnend them ourtraet woeul
somj Aise 12 lotS* The 3 oqn th Eat front alona would be orth,at press
ent price ,$175.00 meabor $525.00 for the 3. Your 1,2 lots,at present
prices,would be worth $l, 7 000
The ea.ingd of the ditehesa an roads will make these values not unreason-
able. Your 3 front lots are eanh 50' tideand, as thletable shocs,lots /
-a-- rer the comaer have sold at $G0O and. $6,00 per front toot. You paid
1W._bV i eve, $300,00 flat.
I have long hoped to talk with you of t e Uper Glades, and of New Okee.
lanta as onye of its most important points. But the del yr. in our plie
improvjaetsanotably ditches and roadsphave so hold us bakethat A proe
ferred to wait till the asky learned.

NIow it seems to be clearingand Zbeg of yoauDO NOT SELL.
And why Ton kIow something of my ideas and ideals. Fly
andisto establish here a center for theprpOalgation of
of lifesandforthe betterment of human eanditiona.
t: t the esoonoic foundation had first to be laidgapate
laseely occupied oWr timae aid consumed our strength. I1
time raat wa." ill, I foadfro rthe larger pro

hope has beeuS
the higher trmths

dateethis bha
a future,hewever,

You contributed $25.00 to our T an Nall. I bare hoped you zdght, same dar,
adddres us there. I will agree to p-'ak the building and grounds with
an Seor-lades audlemse,intelligent andeager to hear.
- ten knO somethingof mywark in thie edaeational field You probably have
not forgottden- you remembered whenyou once visited me here-a your ae-
gagement in 1890 to for arranging which a later Govermo of Kansas1
Sdeelared I should be removed--to deliver our Gecaenement address. It has
all along be n amy ambition to establish here an institution of learning
representtigthe highest t Aouglt of the ago4and free' to utter the thale
truth. ,
ah an iastitution could be made a power for good in the great maaiu
msbtty of the Upper Gladestain, through a cmnuion c with ith yu ta
greatly help our people and. the country.
|Ii have hoped thatwhen quiek trmusportation -- for which worked so streda
7ly andlong..aas eftaWished between the Upper Glades an the oast,
a0lat plaee some friend or representative upon your tract heemaad
up. ocasisaillyin your camm frog Mami to visit as and thoothr .p.
Glades ett lelmets. I kniw wha yFt did to and forthe now cmn*ou-
iwemalth oat Oklahaugand the Everglades country has a futureI believe,



I -) ( .

I ll net$ m sltply rasoateo WS TOpfand-you can be-of Iamense iasist-
once to this greatyounig and growing I have been strdugly tempt-
edpagain and AgaitaG go to VX 01wal gSg a=state to you our problems and
plaaeanai to you to help us. personal pr1Aeapossiblyand the feeling
that weo l vo still o a little re, alasto make our region
v. attn.yve atparncd .ae,
Met the ugwestion ,nopythat you may SELL OWad leave as entirely
a inially, lead s re to give the rtaght hours to t is appeal to yoa-
that. =sat leave an a day.-light boats- to STY WITH Mau
tour AInterewst here roproeacts Itt a freather's weight to ywatat it can be
S adeae blessing to s setionvw pregnant wvitb iensoe poasilMlities mat
potentialities. SA WIE 88, ana givo as more of yourself. It ill be
returns! with usury.0
A woxeoa the bsinses side* I imit the little doqJc you requested
plowed your traetsxdnedl itand awh of the t meahi-ve seen that it was
in ouaivaatim.- though land o my own was neglected ad left in saw grars.
By tractor was rma'Aing on it yesterdity d will Pet ,d to it to4-day. T
Additionatil this year when yq taxes became oppressively regularly paid
your taxle.
As yet, lad~ here do not Often bear a rent* On nuly 25,181t8,l received
$ 20*00 in rent for the use of 2 wares of your treat This cov red a
: rtion or t'-e a-boe sexenses. No bIlance is desired* In adLiitonI
point with prideO. to the increased value of the trnst. It has not
been a wrapped up In a napkin.e
If you have been thinking serloaly of .el ng yoar New Ooeelan.tatratI
hope this aamloation,- and te wire whih I. shall try to sead ahead
So it- the it is a day*S jourey to the telegraph station-will deter yin
Ita have shown you1 faith anl Interest in the Everglades many -4iaes ad
in many ways. Nowthat our ftar seems to be growing more baright- trust
you will give no occasion to those who might 6arge that you had de-
sarted us.*
Should any doubt; remain in your mland# will reoqaet you to ahoathbs
I; letter, to Mao. Bry-an- and a*y her if she remembers the raAdabhes

p. '

,ii!, '

, ,. r '

etoelautaola@* Lsac %=tUS

pegleoit. Not .nfa S4zq3ly ain1ped
et*wd~oar SAfl last f:ul snEpt away weipya
s* NWLW of "aap pottsea .swept away
s praetiy Ma Lull these eame. NowVs
Sbaa eveG. teaLs swapt sway not only
I j me sm away ap %a they washa"
o thik:U I ,bmslt daeyotaes orf my U=fe to.
f Mt adl should go t 1eo iurc enaok u* it
the ftu for lire.

- i, .r

Slu t a Ittle WU or interest In ELPMB MB 8aeim *
a swavay. sac this
a lot to then Beans Jtat wh't is says* Along
ea. the bole aoo00 of the last Trlba oat At thfe Ws3.w
, $ fi f .If they will help ea to ropay me .ay .pnot
t amroing is Iod ag ftaom me to tham WMth n It is apw
X should. toe the w nri et p .U lar* Ii
earned. iawrent* In here to pt a t their lai&

to all*

Iehre are a few eseptioaw even in

;. !a Slip re m UunM Lots. ThiSipthe best Wrp h nave Bw An
it ta s0020 06. There is no qupatamn atfa that* There is nony $a
thise lts for toase ise au01t to Iawe Bt The sowing of the ditOehes
at leads all boom thbfslgs, pitcteco sold fet*. andthe kaeSeerushere
ad olsothore* If yoa on ateresoat aay one In theseothat is an eaellaA
may to hb4lp er OkeSeataaand me too. The Tmmp* is sal6p$ thistle*
;* a; ealmooor wa4tas ym please.*
Sto the taa.MEwg Ofknelafatlvas never assessed. till last year*
aesoanssf t eit 4 year- and p.a Maxhb .eldS the 't ts
51s and.e /1 of 4Uis l=Lle fr tC s fTor -t one year 4 .Asd
semu ay,( aor its) ,I9 liale forthe *evae yeeant)a
SRIo/2 of 4sImr I a o St V a M 4 li el at At. Zamad I ax
".1Ag *to ow0ditJtj. witib ta= for those fiet a yS w f

S*tanssh anyer are a ftrijh. See me* attached.
4 uam bwEards prtst.

I1) itaises.. 'up. Einigis alkuggood Nerly
tq be in thequareomu. Ido faul to aalad
1OV i ly 1. Doing good wvoMRaend rapi *

@iniagjtn just

than withrial
tillea to lati4
they va9 awwet aOapl

4 kaM. i *rai aboatwto start* a' get weed from P4 as "t
S6w- Oven. when I maketheflVtU nam lmtal over to for the faufl
strflh Btat oCr g Reaa is. to be ftled. ay be done
flu. hr anap flapts to be tat iins- At 3aWrSw. b) At WullI4ge
NOAtMr Newl" to olbte hTv a br
stasing a) At H 02e elaniat thAse Ferries hwe lmg U"e dewn
was rteo to B5 Saaq bere Itlies ialo- So Bay n tells a
aiaja towy. Other 2 ued n hawaliag ohw for bad tret& on Btim Ba4
..tfa in. In. -ha vid Ina




. . .

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.- *;. "!
'''** *' 'i


te/jeiM m maa L CaLsu to P.B. Iw Wow Itshelantat *o .
*' .
fl- l ts atlae frry ins or saeswtbstiatev,
an l hat Sen Mt ap a toru peataum lami In'ap. an da'ke ts*U
'*s :'W to see if tb has wbea a Tfab Ba 7ple0S
-,. LMIE ,ISfDPJK P D'D TO POST 0 0 S"AIS TBAt WB 130SS .. .
IL t.m ,xio
ON ma tiee wwl aoom WeLaeo al t t
Saladppl'aptamg all
pthis aploAsuat
1 ties. Yak, ,, ptMit on. f,,mr t e Q, ths be It 1; ejw
Va Xig raek to allas. eal04$. a.
144 a* a BoUleloS taal arsame Ae Me .a
StA ia ts. as n t bid .beeS sapeoted
he sao pI=s qoomtxwwq b" ear* s pam to kiliag
to .aisefe Smae. toa, a past of the aj*eF-. arter It -had a
a apelayrl aty X hand of itpot noa at na$
oi aetpgf raana Reoad taLk Sato ploas'attor a f-ioe e A
masg o the tricks play when eto aren't looking.
q. q a san Uopqeg some good. utegs wil be aie* lot-wellta
nat learned taa saily riame tells all abult Owat g.s a as
Vsadi them a dalaI to get Iate the game. Rooirs kaama k e
ie al.ates Sh e aMda a tiwsta. t- -to us nosr*
UWWl I, pere,#we may get laterested In joioiag that how to' 2 yarm

Bele Caftbn*- Stg elonAeAd. Tevereacba pat) MaMr atr1 Kstt*s hoes. 4a
Bf01,6M. 14 papuils, ite r ie T ae ytai. o hedpw on, pblia matter
80a6en mttors 2pufe reta *b T aoa t me* Wlant Sr. .P*

Apa Smame oba3ugel to 0easami1"cm S a -autiaMe2 fal m
wiuatiame oStera Uranlos at Sr* BayBegllo haerd
f4. A0.R.A.caqklag heM fir itghy good maa u
We i 8-13 mf 9w" vanta to cake c.o. hol in all psole eay
I W.,ASadfzdl u or Stak 5 aOasano Prealdast sea aMd. asse
pidA.nA Wtnate havc as good a nalk- after the pesitw*ga.p
SmoIre v-Pro rtreas*Mighaw a ay you ca*wt tu as b eanfttal.
etUa"rig uU1 ablee yea to awc in 0 a pensismm pe see
wdtll In wbas Z e were driven thereby the froodtho uaflmg
AMlgs aUM bere* so cta 4 b l lt.* 3. Gaiene ore he has ao
aoBaeoto laaw a lot of ha aa iSe U erews petta meot pay
ST4 AI njo. in.u Mapter swap as a iai2ct' 2na fm temanMiS
a 7O145*lianr rns frwae topVflllg with X4 0 ity gooNt wflr
a planting potas & aBm.daa.nBet. Not so maka l-at aersthe*.
ay it tthe eamte. h ta i bad fLlamed to plntiOO or
fl rser~e aead bad it doh to poonswere n* planted 4 aR
N- 1W E 0 R-si bg -at that eXpato plant 180 a2s4f land. wasd mear

. ." tl ,p" "B

_At3. .w anyt e t e s w to a -uielan sO

4 rwae SiagP^ Wol s ^X2U lvith gaberlaget It gatag
ie 9n taW X0ogat all got a lot terethey will bone a otheql
p4 Ipt o mall a aBgie lt bo& *dywar on olA O* l2te Sqaue
q3at epit thet Wahe pwslatL.aSta3es largely airnoadc eAti'M
$2' AU. at fault VT m om ete t1 issis t
t swa. mat apart of a pln.* Balles al a l" th at* t
w.o walt a pleasant plaeto lite will findit H B I. .k o.n t. ir,-
ts abtaeintly oat ot the questieu. Aren with di tbasn and roatds
S- of ltesa w ll stll beto ut. If X al to r- tokk gd. 'th.
L..Ah bett- r to lie iUn tVaBd lij 47j lieed r..t play heiNtO T ,
aa. aa6 o ta-3te vith evestftlg. "an t help the general Sar er_ .
t bmuo Zaa.e.e s tterj.z, .ll tpet ron ^ ^ f..
war t ax to ly laal ag let then~s into Olaie t
sathatws onme ad m l on a lo t s e at hia a 4 ote h
2 .MaCwa y, .!0 la There hI, t nialdMs teeaya elb"
q hi s Satan*mr -r he o b. Lby boat- an sdua -3 his" s ,
Wgg. ar. oilers* reaap gs 35 f par dos now 01n 9 a t 't..r
l mmBfB. sane llsto, one yar 0 tldeand Aot sifam" t in / -. aft
21 Los. egs last Urfday. isd weekly abipzuant. 11gw prqie at abveu
manttand sea what ehiekan ppl, can somt on if t atta3m t, Watanea*
Shaa to iul 'as s all the w.ay fr=am laldrest =ha eito sMp a"
ask.ig ppl. to IsT * .at that long .hat P.igne .oatvot tn e
A n who ans tried it tells me 2he m mineo ALtL his aktumo6 d hat
Sasilyu That k ts oWa& the a pjehaueI ftea aaska 0nd 4
taireara frg..aB Cia mtzannel @nmsdashsearsngpauaes,Eassc sape, tat.
itth fish ra canalom afne In feedsw OkQelnata pWomies to ow ?
amoe a (WO3HIZ 1(33. tbiakenateingQUIC. netvnma. Meqire 3Attle ataI*.
I am glad to see the wnga t 11 eaudtun Of oouroQ#t will not 6oie t
wsi *aros the Cons rslaeBgge %U3f300 a3* anits ats.sI/ gathe i
8ill go oauo the old 3. 86 amn o neat tadeeeste. Sarely,better there
than aobGcpe in the .Glades. Ye walS to hope the 3e. & Se pptw 173M1 at 4g
SSea*e .' ? !xoe i Auil 11M nrly T 2i
rau swnt here is t ustyabarring newapper advsa ever *
9 here OGsnaieallyanM very urriaely. Togcher with "aptarra
art ettasthey are palltng for t Eillabre.
O* ^4,5 of q dahoena folder, I hwae pointed out a real danger that
tronta the s old orsw0 I an ear of tie vmy faw who are maidag a
mf e fambt.foh p lann es eat wertraf the las eaal*
Staey wanato aae tIeir fran I eaig p with tases to mil
pldk voatser o ther BanetioaBotably the ill. Canal snt ieOthq tawt
a vell to Mood w arntdig. Note sta t s oraadm tho p3 aa %
*a to akcetho -ai 35*8 am-ap the 11Sra B o1sela.ts ami either a e
SP he w MA
a @el& boardd or S@. ams.wbeo we that were bat eno aliere better
p titan this lbul thw a us 'the old board pizae to u skethe omain aIt'



"" .- '.-

Lta ante thJ m'eq .ia t4ol me 56
dSbuenAt and ap t with the plaI of the u ne tir
kie It rnm a -e Mlemamoleavens with a dirt roa4 inss
wake it inp tS' i

i m Wboard .wad helpnas say ou 4w dtoroamstem thr beaw.
ktely i .pee all our let 'era protestsresoltinas.te tte
aB .was tf t oe "(at$ (a as bove) then despite waUagpd sto gqt rea,.
tq let It oath rfisai aa3ustoely Igored every fram of appal a-
S tave it* Sat for t ke drefO- put an by the 1 saU d a
wtesA $twmalMA have wA' tBpassable.
,--_-t. xia-3~~xn-a atOy l "e absolutely w iout protection* ea.
as set .a fre and they over lifted a f1ger* Others put,
ea.0 W ee 2 Itfta the Wills* and, 'ae that aroin the saddle*

Wq aCall acA B wet iuaer thi adEn*xand nsecomr dirts road- which
fash- to the 0214 Boa1,1a a 9009 dirt roadshopag fopr an lnq later*
If -n te %a^ pl would get ln on $be olls anal or the *adGerest
mal heXp austhat would bothethefag* It pwll Oamaintis e haope
I the 5.. 0 Gldes ppl. t bly show some Sipsaf qte~ azV1 drop tbhSt
ea d h tataliaaaa a the ood things ap o theeirlaps
t t lantnsiag fopeverae lettia g a.g dol it te hey wo"l .
shw a sUopo@l to belp snrotheir I epald help *tham 1nt.
mea y *thsatd* Whether they are bey bpepo am to frwavay to
a.. The Job of saw ng theirinterestas Iag -n-Kgi to mles t every
One of thea'

thea daeeeu foAer pauts this amger ,abmzt as strongly as I eara to state.
It prat* ir If were tbe'e onacldmakeit =aeh nre laOt* O the
take i& lbiA 4aUghand. oauit beoplain uhens trs the tolderAte armse
theamufS they can unaerstata 4 i4and TAX SULM, L JCt ryeaODrainge
a*1t. taxes will be Mgher..- than the present 60 per a5ef andS the
uew 'roat baomfl to reek the Bills. *axlpw ill nakethe still Mhigher
l*$e are Gwrmldg te ri4i 8 a# ry sntt you gt the feat into the
heaKs ofasoe ofth Ot uat least, that thefr Romas tfltiuag, ad the time ffy
U arl4 ag $u paste Z can do the work .r several uaaBut ot of
S- espeo ally wth m=ey scare from two floods in six months.
with ever yours0
A ger
'' Yews*

V' /.


I I -






J? ,.- ,, '

1 I5 AR yw3? 1eUter I n mot. ose pots st .i woerbaa
aee aa0r..IO per an9e. A hip eanewr is nilfrogI wA oe -.
a .t ly d;ligate. tawofseea to ifl9o Mthemad on a 41
I. .Di ma,0_ y a_ r ta, (e .eo s O payq le a
** Io n aIs6aw aa $a. na *WAa if the auyer wants
flr aq t mat Vae I bye not aseenthis a
,n g. A _Bato Po aw wpe quia to sew at ;= i toe
St a 1Bth g foe of kUad6 they .lao .oe Xoto% M,
WIv" biyO flf agwlecaIe Oiw D.O. taUer ao ha 1
a 3 deBB Upe ho vatea to sel out clear and cleaM andi to uho Aete

..1 NtU f ol vt y th atthe old D.0*. ppl who bot oft s at a big ot
Sn pagIaXeywlC tbuamhiednmen y spaId help settle al tdovelop hers .
at. who bave daastsclately no M'at to uao g at laet~ar small oate
Ssaellie g p Ao have sweat rai bretfor years have a&ea to their wildt lad*
WI i t Or Bt 6 la tS6 o l nm r; were to affer tba their money bna plg
4 invest fop tVia -,-ole t IainO e -I tbh q--y W B
patienade soobitg boaWtfo whok a rnm a a bait w=l be a aW ago.
t siqr orftw am. or tben resent a sorabaotsg li4 a sulalla it thee
uws any dFtraguc in feh peas ( soutag tsQ me and the seaau ag famem a
cod esana ny it tb-,t I g&ve thcm oo rmbetter value at the statt
bq a tried o ha'd to tlareasethat vale bty Ilaiag awenl nag
goota'-are since 101464

ae2 Ibare never Ihomn
the papers ain the Co*
gwatabdl to seo i it
t-1 ee eeta p tuaa
Wo, sAthe I the^e
I AMP l t hM ar

i that- th 9rf A erg dia latW& meeting / I
algwk*' ofTfae Te the ad 1" th sea have
uame to *iial* araft iltba t itay

t *aa of the $lads ppl* at
O took taruS^in a vay

W*PL4 a
I 'teaw

N ta2,tg c i ra*orir*S mtaned to caLS $eSo
a nver the wrnE' .Legllate fpnso21,
8lto.e Sa a tne youqg M- thanc Youn ,c4t tf,
Citerow M*i4

Z was
only a

In am

agE*Aa no a sc
i at a
a kan-:ra* We



a& is aiUllin the Et I. Bare Wlot will bartibly .. "
W* 3Wt soqwulad wt stay a Xa I wanqr a't yOU a

S4 to -a4 y r ppointuaa* 'e haveo a nw .abe ...
SC S a, t WPj A ve a dm 9t a !lomas _-M DO
I" e xwt met thae yO.n*t s to P.eNoft a
i- a a--. .. ,- -' . ... ,mfl.,, -, .. .a. t--- . ...A S ,,t

.a Asjama was talkJns 5ol c Me B oPsar
| Ioel y towrs yput Itbs a6e maoied to fNel a
i Modgew
^^ .tt1TlaM B SO1 -|f~f^(P

4.. .

, WW MB9 xy*7 twsw ,. ,,.i,
year ago. Sp~ell aswy ftlasfty"'.
,a .,,
".*,-* "., ''





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,-4' ^J-'t
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1 ,A *~, ,.

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A-. ., $ ? ,

<5i Cc. 1/ .
( '.. ', ... ,. t

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t L .14'

- -- .9 1. -

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A ,,r,3?. ~y
..6 reC .V.--CC" -

/ A

I-I "'

I I'


. L .


.9 .9.

/ ,
- ,-t-i~-'-. ~ t~-c. ~

_- t e-'L '- ,.'


' .* e .

: L .

9,' .

* I- 9 ~ -

In Ii

U, ~

.1~~ -.
I.' p2"

,c -c



# StIt.rS~*

L. j~ -
/ A'
A --! .9-.rC -- -~



, -" -o -

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.~'- -C


Ci--'. t'



C-,t I99

-- -
I. -. A-.--

.-- '- "


-L ~ -C

4 .


' '" ,^,-


Okeelanta,Fla*,April 1ip

1 9 2 1
yr" C.F.Little,
dear :Mr* Little:;-
The pest glasses are beelp-
ing a vexing factor here. I have been think-
ing we might handle them with the old Cram"
cylinder. I understand it is still on the bakk
opposite your old place

Areyou willing I should get it and try it?
Do you know whether it would be a big Ijob to
attach it behind an ordinary good tractor--
Frisenn,e.g*,and work it?

The best arrangement woulih be to haveitinde-
pendent of the tractor,as is a plow or harrow;
but so it could be hitohed on,like any other
implement,and detached quickly, when not heeded.
So fixed,that old discarded part would be a
good thing here,I believe. Any tips you can
give will be valued.

I hope you are not away for keeps* We need
such men as you here right along.

It begins to look as though we should get outrf
the woods before very much longer. /

Sincerely yours,


O.F.L. (2)

It is suggested that we take off the rear shaf--
of our Uni Word,with its wheels,and attach the
Crmu Cylinder behind this by a frame and a
sprocket chain*
sprocket would be put on the Uni Ford Shaft,
andanother on the Cylinder shafg ( if not there
now). 'he revolution of tTe Uni Ford wheels
would cause their shaft to revolveiand this
,by the sprocket and chain chnnection,would cause
the cylinder to spin*

The combined outfit would be dawn by the Ford-
son tractor.

The cylinder would be mounted on wheels of a
height permitting the cylinder to dig into the
A raising and lowering device would be required.
ft try-out uses this might possibly be/voided
by pulling the outfit about on a st 9r boat

Suggestions are invited.

I .4 ..~ ...

j' :, . ,.- ;-; . ...

IL~ 'v

q ,-AI-.,L ,,

S-' *. --
& : J^ ^ J.^.t^ '.*;' .^ -- ,'. -..':, 'r '"i: ', *,



April 19,1921.

lMr. T. E. Mill,

Okeelanta, Florida.

Dear Sir:

I have your letter of April 15. I wonder if you will not
agree with me that the mere fact that excellent forage grasses, such
as St.Lucie grass, which is not the same as Giant Bermuda by the way,
2.:aiden cane, Para grass, Rhodes grass, and others, succeed so well
under Everglade conditions, does not point to the conclusion that the
grass crop will have to be one of the great crops of the Everglades. Al-
so that it is hopeless to think of such an enormous area as being
devoted to truck crops, and at the present time there is no other crop
in sight but grass which can be utilized to grow on the enormous area
involved. Of course there are many problems yet to be solved regard-
ing grass and live stock on the Everglades, particularly in reference
to the well-being of animals on muck soils. Of course it is a little
bit unfortunate that some extremely valuable pasture grasses lik
Maiden cane, St. Lucie grass, Bermuda grass, Giant Bermuda, and others
are rather difficult to eradicate, but their value as pasture plants
can not be gainsaid.

I fear there is no" royal road"for the fighting of a weedy
grass or any other weedy plant on the Everglades or anywhere else. It
requires intelligent, continuous fighting*to eliminate an undesirable
plant Qi to hold it in check. The spraying method is valuable under
special circumstances, as for example destroying mustard mixed with
wheat, as the mustard plant is much more susceptible to a weed poison
than is the wheat; that is, a poison is able to destroy the mustard
that does not injure the wheat at all. For the use of more deadly poi-
sons, oil, etc., the use of these is limited largely to railroad rights-
of way, roadsides, etc. Their use on farm lands seriously affects the
soil and it is out of the question to use them.

Mr. T. E. Will--2 April 19, 1921.

I fear in the Everglades as elsewhere, you will have to re-
sort to farm methods of controlling weeds, which involve on the one
hand clean cultivation and on the other hand growing now and then a
smother crop in rotation. As a smother&pp velve bans is of course
one of the very best.

With best regards,


Agrostologiat in Charge.

Q,. ,,.. ,

( .. *z:, . ..*-.,,,, .. , :, -. .% ,.
.,1.-, ,4. 4

%'" '' ' -'1": "4' '^ r li 0,r. -

S. ,,.,.- .

W~i ^ i ~ 1 1 t sfr 6 k 4 o n L t br'
L- ,-, -.' ," *l : J


1.C: .. ... ,"" i; "' ....
I: : ,.
c-I 4. o

.. I ,- )*^ , . *, I
i''' --' "1' e ? -. *. 1 .
Vt ', U ., "

, i I 1 '*
"" ^ 11' l^ ^i '* J- "* "- ~l *' '

^ I*. lls v -.*^'b :;

t,,,: ,', ', .' '.-
fM ^ ^ T.'; *. ';* '. ", ,' *
,. jii,, ul ;1 ,l' "." '* "* ' * *
:,' -, : 1. :\ *
,,.; ',.:.::,;., ,,' *.* .'- ., ; ..
l ^ ^ i' ^ *o., -, ,, ,., : ',, .

^'. .^',, -, ,,,'.". ,,

S- Ries Motor Car Companq
Authorized Agents
Chevrolet Automobiles .

459 East Main Street Supplies

Galesburg, Illinois 4 19 21.

Thos. E. Will,
Okeelanta, Fla.,

Dear Sir:

Your circular, in regard to the growing of the Dasheen,
received, and I thought maybe you could tell me the condition
of my Innd, rs I im figuring on selling it, I have A buyer for
it but he wants to know more )bout it.

Can you tell me anything about it, it is located,
W 1/2 of SW 1 '4 of tE 1/4 Sec. 13, Twp. 44, Range 34, Ho'v far
is it from A canal, can it be wor-ked and anything else that will
help me in selling it.

If there are any charges please let me know and I will /

Thanking you for promot attention to above, I remain,

Ycure ..- 11y,

F. L. Young,
4 Ries IMotor Car Co.,
Galesburg, Ill.

fWL- lk

/ "- s,- .- -- **
:" ."S _. ... 1 :

f ':= '. 1.'" "'

W s p.

West Palm Beach, Fla., April 19, 1921.





/.'p^ ~^

Dear Dr. Will:--

I returned last night from a two-weeks absence from the

office. Most of the time of my absence was spent in Cuba.

return I find your letter of the 8th inst.,written from Okeelanta, 2t

captioned, "Start the Cars." -Am article from you W S -a,-"

was printed in the Post about the first week in April.

However, I shall turn the communication in to the man who

is now on the desk.

Mr GCnkling and I contemplate the establishment at an early

date of a weekly newspaper devoted to South lorida. Probably the

mame of the p4 r will be The South Florida. Developer, which indicates

the scope. As most of' South FlArida is Everglades, the Everglades will

have a corresponding amount of the space of the paper, but it will

report operations in all of the drainage aqd read districts.

I wO.uld like to have from you a letter stating your opinion

of the field there is for such a publication and the mseUyce it may be

able to render. There are about 20,000 nen-resident land owners in

Palm Beach county, all of whom should be interested in exactly the

kind of a publication vwe have in miiC,

Yours truly,

Sr .



: 'i

*,j.. ".. I -'
S 1

i Okeolant'aPa. 5pril le,lcl.
:M,. ", J s"io z,.', "

I DWv. ::. -r ",.!-_
if"". I -;7r ~t!,- 2 ycu :- yi' i'.io-
,.2. p. er% L..* . -I "i

;a --a .:-
*:.Q -I' -
DI t '., V '7""' i it yr:'.. *' ttv: '>rn' b
at ... .... ... .o .rc ..c,
on "0-.tL, an ...2W.ts!t t Co i&1,. : g.,.
M. ,1. th "t*o..a ; L J J;: \ t i .. . -"r -i .ue h
r-n e- cl T.- T F^,ri- ., n:.,

owen,.cr yu ,t ll they .m.,7.: ou, rI er.d yher
:(0,j-80.t o _f 4y u. "TTm'voe'y n" I ,frct t hnm, ,,C:..

r.lta.'l, Bond, .a

~-. Iycir- a 1i.stat.We an the
n n ". o *"'', .. -,"' ii xi ": : -' o? -
ara t' axonovowled.-ntn 2."_-arin- sh cigno of her
own tree uil1an!: clt bcmume crrecEd by box hus-
1 will send you a .at, 4:1 .. dG', ,,A z ,;-' ., al .
Ssaf I? tro-.actio- l i.:lo, yo l g.t the (c.. d b.. .
apIeSc I ~5i-re a't .'o npn- h agoo



Again, these buyers I awi dealing with have been
watfing to, see whether they raadgaod =bnoy out
of their dasheeqojop here. f they didthey
were ready to aone in and buy heavily*
Nowthere somea veritable flood of CHEAP.,TAT-
OBS i to our New Tork an, Chiongo afrketse
2art o'aue frmDebmark. ohepries of potatoes fell
so low that. if we had given the- consmi -rs ourm
dasheenaogn condition they paitdthe freight they
could not have affordc4A to aoep them* That
is an unmaual sltuationbut Ithit us hard*
Now these buyers may be rAXo*won account of -
thisnthan they would have been if we could have
sold dasheen3 again as -. did last ap)ingp for
$4.00 per 100 lbs.
VPC this reasea you had better allow a little rarec
Wiel-for me to indnoothe. to Way, In my last
eroeently oemploted.i had a bad time be. b
caase the optla i l ran gi t right in the
middt .of the dealing a-fl go to -audealo,
leaving important work, and stay. 1T days so
meoid use the wiresmsee thebank people, etoo I
saved the tran motisonagtit was a hot race*
Better mtke the period Q ja Year IN In a bigger
hurryM I havone deaobt than you oa possibly be
to put it through, but do not wautto beblooked
in tho midst of Shinfts* Ive given you a full
statement of the oonItions thit you nay waier.
stand and see I vantto be perfectly fair and rea-
sonable with yoa,lut risk no fal-down in the
-dsdft of things

Very taly yours,

OkeelantaFla*April 20,

My dear Naw r,
Yours of the- 18th, at huade (
Meaks are on Ioate. Wnt ll store till nodede
Thfuks for yoer eare of tae matter*
Starring potty sale see little ohanb g now or
selling .ea more dasheensthisoaeon "ay ab
able to work off sane of the inrrin let if not
too bad.* iaA to kno howa tpey arekeQep'ng~anld
whether they cook up and arehft tb oeat fbeoul
hateto sell Ua4 staffs
Zigler gives tthenameo D. Heledniger,93 Park
Place ,PX, *I' s a manwho seensto .be intew..
eateda hetr in thetfa es and who might pos.
sibly sal 1 ie dasheens yoet Will write
him tentative4yeidif he orders, leave to your
jpAtgent the question whether It is sate to
send 4 : .
We can still -1 feed and seed ordersif they .
you W: VI e Mb Oka, plat thr( o0Ak
iII sedd. las#Pollo.y. .
Wrote theatly 8tU, anda 15th, O repplly.
SSorry to lose r eas
laueen eotaned. this year may help business next
ear.e .
rtNuerous let r of yours some with good. stnaps
onp- arro(i % Sgloeroeto. I save there*
wa#mwfor 8ua 6 of sne.
Do y know orf ths Ma.p- Rardin matter Max
bad 5 way a hboy orl auhaft for traotw that
Soat J. $08O00 5. took to Searlenatid is new
baek iae eatles amatement in writing that
the shaft was orr no" more than m/ io1,00O t 1

LE.W.(aW ) -
UM slaiu agaiwt le time 1il tor $76 $8.-
so repobteo ty us and f Mas. HN claims he is out
the above S6 00 plus 9 months a use o traoter
( since July 4)f they talk law Quit. I advise
abitrationmpoidtingto Idtha .- S rinr oeasee H.
agrees ftullylA finae spirit. No word frrn 1%* He
was .here Tatu ad Stun nearly 24 bhra Told I by
storaehoe vwowl see me*.- prcaumably rethoejUOL
tadld oaet. 7was going to talk w4th him re the
sardin natteroasae his wife had drawn me into it.
Had ahane. .a will be here Sat* night,set,,
when as is experoedu to be horeteog and e i 11will-
ing to arbitrator thon and there. That is anomh best
I should havq amspposed .Max would havo told me the
latest we the laura matter* Did', not* Heard9 as
eitatallyit 'was r be taken down to you by 14lela.
has had brot o ufi ataand it l tied here* Rhodes
ao reported to say it is 8 rotten*awdho would wat
give 50 tor the. bt( aside fp engine.) W11i try
to see Nth.esand get his vie and aay facts SEail.
able. If boat co a be tmmaedlnto value 91ll be
glad to aeeo ax gt whia he can out if t but if it
Jiworthleasj, r do nqtveea why you should have the
worej and respojiality ofite
Mrsta leaves atiApr. SO,for l1ospitalin Mfiami.
Leaves MaXznehere in eare Mrs. Ballingerwho tlhpn
moves into Mazl hdase. Me's. 1 whel, able te travy
elreturnstqo her Ga, home- so the at rry. Uax to
stay.presmiablyeon hispresent job.
B ann Jim a6eopplowing andplanting dasheena Norta
ort ageftw Have planted most of ne* Norreeai same
you and X t into *anq ln oomr. to get more seed
nara arAtinlsh it# Plowed fual apace on 1ryan
frotan both baek O? MatAen anow- and wee to put it
intc corn Noqw.nai wamsed IREMAhSNgA iMMlt n
ploe aud-s bhilting a littlehmae there Teltin
oe up.the salegiving me no ohanse to Snerfere,
or say a word. tin lto lute* Themqeeing. plewing
thee ho told me thuean had gone to flnd an awl
bay the traeot* wrote Bryan and wired hlatooat
e ots t iw Aes. .4 -

* I I I I I II I I

el*b wPhbeb! was urn add. essig the eglbut
was -to lat* be4earnAn-thAs. re.!.wrte him
at Vlla Ser tat age too late* Had Walton
waot urnse n ti.aeI night have saved the pousani
tie IW ofhaving .ryn sell oet* Had aredl
ad filto n wth a little seaaealmt s*at have amss
it* He out Bryuats hair e bekaand. learned
A* wanted to sell his scattered tmi sano
theoe boepo* t* was aslpes enough to help I
almg .without giving me the a tot opportunity
to mak other aWragemectsowl oi eight have been
mioeas well as note Tho fools are not all dead
Y- et*
I 1maniletfa his ieomvem :ttes this Wreeipan will I
evea bog the plowigl b-avedosu I shall rals.
queasti un less he sees me. Re as ked 5eomid
to plow th Ieot of his piece* Be sail he should
ask me* .' s father urgd #* to have onnie go
aleadsit s~mane one had ib fsed blsnmea le
IZ asfwter he said he sauld not AA I1t, and,
g 4V anssgyeonter is headed toward the Jobt
The, poirwAngdneq or to bV done is nothing; lat I*
les g Bryan is a body blows'-. hank to Tiltals
Cole latboson, just n ,frot Rospitral in W.PalM
B:Ah:tells me o fed'vill harebad. Stretch doie
fronts oaet eaat,west to its niAle pointpretty
soon. That work will stopsand ferry will IM put
. In there- 4,800 east aO' Bend,and oars will rui
on rea4 south of P2,B.Cyo whrielt Ja<4s tfoldme t .
had been pasable Z nos, -re sumfe llla* terry w
will IA pi4 in thebatpo. As to oursoean't
say a TMooee t*14 me Sndlay it waa s4.11
LIMNG UDI at Sot Bayr. PplM ay $t has never
daebs a &thing In the weeks It has been there
Soe. May wtil nee4 it here as baly as we when
the .ital4 2inae east of us iathe road are In
fr shoe a the. go to theboast -ga Oho antas&t
not Vt 1s ae setmeent So. Shore $have
country willM 4ls need it .hqer. Bpo it may be .


B^l~t^^<.ttw^anqi~fVWtia O.(er~ftitU


. ._ ,


t -


Morris Mool reports thit bad stretch at Sebrnag
plaoe,ea4 aof M canal mouwthhuas been tflxem That
brlangesue ear the tie whqn earnoia rn, fro W.P.
feaoh to .t. MvMs.vla Okeelant So e. e* Sqat .hlid
also belato e-atoe4 n getting ferry In atvk4olantan
Belles 4anal Dredging outti was p uled oUt Monday
and takentTuese to Miami Canal o= uth to help in
putting look. gobroedeP said it would be gone only
bout a weekOs av4 would return to the job here,
Now nearly to Oarl's house
Hope someplan may be worked out whereby wecan use /
taa *ylinutr and fAght peat gz*asno* Went eveor
Tilton's plAe r 3.oeontly,andi, looks much better
than owrse Or bad front is a bad knogk on our
whole- proposition* We have Alowod th "adon oane
. p quitr wel4 bet* Dr. Pricitq. ani Johnson's,but
west of At ,of wayonly. If we oa got some good
TEARni too" to tear out the old roots,most of bhieh
nuw seem dsadpwe' may otnquer t.e pestand teel eneour
agetto go, an north, tbov madees a thp M* cane has
worked baitk very f-ire Bet. it andathe era the
strip ia.pretty narrow You real the big bana-i
West of Ald BDnoan,9 Wet of west Mulberry nrW
that s. dow the EAST LI4IT of ur anrmiing.
that apr grass pleoh IWqut of adge i- a fright
VanOt (ver it Sunday1 An onaing to th Ws the saw
rasas. ha been -. bleaaing In dge~uise t has
protected us absolutely$ from the peat grasses and
I think we might get resultait we di4 thisaw- '4
1- Plow; a-w S o- a.. Sarrow with toothed harrow.
M Baike wit W te0 Tke,scarrylg .oft- ro ot3 and,
deb6rs omtoMaiden Wage or saw grassewhere it ean
take no mowr trot .ar a piles when safe.
Ad-ags has a big rae he has mate as iron teeth
ZI to rake out elder root. aHvewrtten fter
loan or this*. Vish oouad Aet .on trak Ot SPuIN .
TOOS NBAROW big enough for tractor that I 0at
borrow* mant learn aone in whole reton "ybe
maysaM b oeS. Potted Roads( laeA.) S hal

I.. .(4)

oua ean learn of o.,, I asked RoeS( Is ) IRe had a
mail one on a potato 6 pleaste
.mte a cold anap uip hero follovlt7agte tormado north
F OItlf,
it*oes here look$ig Mfee* eed. rfhathoagh*
ipo Mother In vwll. Suppose Getrude is gettIng
Iany to bosome a u w et girl graduate." WIsh
ndght kno.w date of the 0 fiappy event, Ir Imae
Lcableweould boe lelLghted to be a etible apectatore

As ever yoasp
fau u s U tihee lctternpof Mothers
Seed not Oepeat to here

i the Satan stW 1tnts the worda" Datt advortiso
sir fauzt the inveibl3 asq y of our

P.P.B. iaule lent 8y& PrIior his $,o MoeyOele
to takotl adu, Mennide has written ro itIumt no
ast ftrdn Ol Now lbearas*. has gpone VO to
Oanada,apd wonderifit ib& o, anld,i sopfhorche oan
got hits *.Uk." May be you an fMftA outo.


f "; .. '. -

Har3s o0mes, an order-- a BIY ono. Van Dl; &
L'Isay( labols ao) want, 4 oase" makeit
uici,,) o&a not ovor 15 lbs,'-teah." oany want morp.
.;1:i. .3 Ol .o .i, t ;.nr L---.. I ri' l -fl.n lot,, I ,op. t"e- "wpe
noy yei aed tJ'arts. -iAn aIr'elid af dcooy.

Ind 1 i
LE* daae'3.ya by R.lS 1;k.cia .'.1.50 for
SIkfn. lies. himi- to) out or (.ritius. Ales.
.:ol9ebr o. SalIl .1? v"raete6O. foci- c'f'i.,
tIii3out of',- te f' 3ot,. nut bad* I Vish
Z 7 v:-a Loroe.'

!onQ ntAght. Love *'t- as..
.A/ ever,.



Ries Motor Car Company
Authorized Agents
Chevrolet Automobiles
459 East Main Street Supplies

Qalesburg, Illinois 4-20- 1.

Thos. E. Will,
Okeelanta, Fla.,

Dear Sir:

In writing to you yesterday in regard to my 20 acres
of land that I have for sale, I forgot to tell you what county
it is in, it is in Lee County.

Yours' truly,
F. L. Young,
,) Ries Motor Car Co.,

Okeelantappls. Apsil 201921.

',Wa. t.H.Jagtes -

My dewr Ur. Bentons-
Mr OCheek was up roVDay* I am
Snow assured tht the matter has gone whollyhlt way.

In otsh cqseoyou may want to make a' chngoe Pleoae
lot me now makeyou .tT.opopoetbion I planned to
make you a year agog fheo your party was so
audd.efy whisked away from me that may opporttfity
seemoo to be gone ZIn any aW0nI pr to be
a gentleman, though it ayloU busnessea
Remember meanwhile, at at OKIWPIANTA ,we HAVETHE
LOCATION* Moore arven people ,oron, adatt freely
that wV tar eutwdis tanee them
We have the e*periensee If any one OGIHIT to know
thealadAesand the oendi$ons of xW0flso here0your
humble servant should.

To make a monumental atoceansthe only thing on
earth we need now Is MONEW. With the finances
your group eon provide. .andto l-ud ,and experience
I San t-urnish, It we eonnet asueseAde OUGHT TO
X have wai:e4 long and patiently* Mow, treel that
it s my tu'* What do you- thllkT

B inerely yours#

Okeelantagftat April 2Os

abmber o*r OCmereen
S,. Lautsrdaloeela .

Sentleimn es
I aenldoe herewith copies of two pef.
tuitions unzdnously adopted by the uramnity
Council or tAlnntag7Fla April 18.

Xt may be thB. yemr body will be willing to
adopt theapor a itmilar wolutione4with a
view to u etuwng action before the Legislature
Very respectfully *


W-"'BS'As ,-,n by the ev3rfl. .0 St ept. and
Oebea*,1.920,ti e dLsting oe&paiity o the .
few RAver Gazala ias naistfelu^an^ia.4

IUEWLW ,itShosto .amptyimoeity or in4reotly,,
into td oanal are oW bding aMt by the Pain
5e1Gb Dadago anI -trn and
'iHEUilASffe are ortibly tiaifqred. that other itqc.
oa are also betig out by tho N.B.BFovara Drtua nre
Diatriot to empty into this caaiAitale o'room be it
RiBOINDOTIrat wJo1-hqr0ly respeotfully request MhI
Houcrablc Board o? Drainage Coialsa9oners of 1lor"
Ida to seek, ase anclaxeant to the JrerSglades .
Drainage District law as:ashall makc possible af
Sprovsion o ftarta or,' thi early andadoew to ea;'
largcament of the sai4d North Nev RU-yar Canal to
the end 'thlt it iv14 proporly perestn its faLiotieaw
as a draanIsgo canal.
thaziaously adopted .y
by the Comalsaty /e l/
Council of Okeei.anw .44 f^-+t
tagFlorlda,at ita
* rgular meeting ott~c7 ~~ tca,
ApriLl 18,1921,
S^^ 0^ ^


.1* n m *^ '. ... ... C '-; ., ,. ,

KVUlRRL AD I:v A T. hi r 2tN Ti a;s ala
.. ., .e\et ti d- '' h. s l'ao .- .. .: .|1
Ntis eaeper -on.el ur .r.f.t. vafte. o in Msatia3l to the settle t ;.
a velat of the Everg&ds ana the' poperity of the et ; ,

WX S TWhe Euf of contra! In MoWr as reaoe as to ro'ier flasen ads
quate aintrautna &rtfslit ir pat aAm ble;a w. .i
This1 c istan"o mzemeat -Is beli eved to be ilrefl r'
ible rf, the disantrwae flso" of lest fa lnad *'
MHMmSA repetitlat er this ealasity laie. reoat* boa .bfM.I tolf o4 f 4
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Ford Plant,
April ?1, 191.

Dr. Thou. g. Will,
Oheelanta, Fla.

Dear Dr. Will -

Received your interesting letter yesterday and certainly
regret Lae fact tnat you nave been having so many set backs, also am
pleased to know that the Fordson is giving satisfaction.

Sometimes I say tnat tnere are two particular things that
I am interested in. One is one Fordson tractor and the other is the
Everglades. At tie present time I am pT sing the Fordson tractor
first but the Everglades are not far behind it.

Sometimes I have thought that I might like to start a
repair snop in Oheelanta, for you see since coming here have had a
wonderfuj.eduoation both on theory and practical end of automobile,
tractor and gas engine business. This company have certainly treated
~e fine, they not only let me spend several months in the largest
automobile and trbator plant in the world but payed my expenses and a
good salary besides. My work here is very pleasant and the kind I
enjoy so you see I am not coming to Florida for a few months, it
least, nevertheless I "a coming.

As to your proposition concerning tne locs, considering
that I migrn want a lot to build a repair__shop on could you tell me
just wnaionlot would be most suitable for my purpose.

Then I must say financially am not very strong as usual
and ntrie fat tnat we have a very heavy exonange on our money makes
tne burden heavier. However, if you would consider say $.0.00 as I
first payment and not over *$.00 per montI to finlan tne payment i
I mignt consider it. This I know will not be much of an inducementi
to you. However if I can help out tnis imuon shall.consider that
this has not been entirely in vain.

Best regaras to Mrs. Will and Lawrence, /

As ever,

iC/ ^A^C

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