Business Correspondence. Apr. 1, 1916- Apr. 30, 1916


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Business Correspondence. Apr. 1, 1916- Apr. 30, 1916
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Everglades (Fla.)
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Goodland Apri 1 19th

Thb F Will
Ft Lau derdale Fla
Dear Sir:

On my return from a land
hunting expediti on I received your letters
about the Fla proposition. I located a
fi ne half section of land i n north
western Colo ard filed on same. I have-
always had my doubts as to whether I xax
would like perpetual summer. ALso the
water for drinking purposes is not so
good i n the countries where it is so
shallow to water, as it is i n the moun-
tainous country. I am at least going to
spend a year in northwestern colorado and
after tryi ng it there, wi 11 next go to
Colorado, it being the next best i n

I appreciate the information
you sent me ond have been talking to others
who are "land hungry" about your propo sjit
so I hope to have done you some good. I
am writing-Price -today. ----

Good-bye for the present. Hope you
will have best of success.

Chas S Thisnant


'* :,*'

April 6,1916,

Mr. A.Dieshten~ ell er,
My dear Sir--

Pardon del y. I h vebeon travelling.
I havenover bried Dallas Gras. I havetried ho-te
in small patches. Ohthe new land,it h a not done well'*
On the Iderit does finely. I believeit will beSome
a great hay P'p herein time'. I not sowad seed,
but planted the grase roots',

Very truly yours:

April a1Mixt;

My dear Mr. t trker P-

tI veiling.

Parden delayZ XI h tebeen
As very ory to hear df your aooi-

Winter treating s not thelmne for thl.
oomntry. Live took and poltry are far better.
The fora3e pgrsse: do inebly hereand numerous
froft.- proof feeds StPaberries do flnoly,
and sell wlfJ Salrylna, will be a great Indu try.
You will do well to =ote and look ovor the
eountry,an:. get your atfosation at %UAt handi
Thi: itI destined to be one of the greatest oun-
triec in the world, aNwphoweverit i ;n the making
and we are 7eam-ing by ex erienoe how to handle it,',

Sinoerely yours,




* F *,


j j
72 -m





- ---

April 3d.,lts,

.aqr of Agfastnt e

I desire to get a saat in Japanese 4wn,
and the best va .t eof Telvt l esaa for the vrer*
gl.del The Stflprad Yvet Sean is highly spoke
*of Z dih 1 be glad to hbveyou send ne n. a ;ny of
both the eano and beans -as an be.

Vtry tyul yeuas,


5$ - 4'-dG ~?L-dC- /~e~~--~~c V

~C~L~~~~,LL/~-~. L

Sc -.-- -c--&k -
~ .- jI
E""p--~4:4! __"~ c v-C-"cl;c

Iz///Y Ut.lI nifr"Y-c QL-c;~ A)tS~~
,4~m( 4Z i

General Olices:BtikBullding,Pittslmorgh,Pa.
Chicago 1ice,HsairBuRding.

April 3vd-1916.

Thos. E. Will, Pres't & Mgr.,

Fruitorest (Florida) Association,

Okeelanta, Florida.

Dear Sirs

Replying to your letter of the 27th ultimo; the 52 x 7 engine
is the largest we are now manufacturing, and if you require an 80 actual H.P.
we will undoubtedly be of no service to you.

The 5 x 7 engine will give you about 37 H.P. at 715 B.P.M., *
which we take from your letter is the speed at which the engine is yun, and
t the 5j x 7 will give you about .aH.P. at that speed. Now, 4 it is
~possible to change your transmission gearing to give you a higher engine
Y9 7 speed, we can get more H.P., and we would suggest running your engine at Msp
#a DD p about 900 R.P.M., at which speed it will operate very satisfactorily. At
this speed the 5 x 7 will give you about 42 H.P,, and the 5q x 7 about 50 H.P.

The 5 x 7 engine will interchange with your 5 x,7, and if
you wanted to make this exchange we would be glad to have you ship us your
5 x 7, and we will change it over to the 5- x 7, as this can be done very
readily since the cylinders, pistons and corresponding parts are practically
the only ones effected. This change will cost you from $150,00 to
$200.00, dependent upon the condition of your present parts whether those
we would remove from your engine could be used in new engines.

We could make this exchange for you within about thirty
lays if we were given the order now so that we could prepare our production
schedule for it.

Vie will be very glad to hear from you further after whmt
you decide to do.

Very truly yours, a '

-. Sales- JLanager


.1.- i a' *. DrUi n *-ir"

y:i r-.. r. ,. / -it-
i 4:.' A L 1^ 1 ^- *0 1 c t
t I 1.; , t
.:, .- . .. , .- r .t. '-tor. I.y . in
', ... 1 1 ...L.1~ , L ,.. r. n. F i itv .
.- . ,u i . u . i ." *(. ,,. n ; i '. 7 cc" t
. U ri: : . ; .n ;. f . f ,

Ii .. . v i. ..t S*

.. -.6- r .- 0- -
"i i "' I t

' t ,- T.

'. . chiP. i. n h, ". b c rjin -r k
br .-> -* ]' ---, .,t7 n-' r. ''. :c:" otb. .
Al1 2 c:'. ut LU 'momn. .J'I coreitirn.

C ri : -ur ,*

Y __ _

April 1,1918.

Mr. thos. SJ0oor1,
De-r Sirs--

No ono lives in Okeolrnta. Theroi. a live
sottleaent r.pjtnstf up at New Okeelantaone il e
southat the wanal roassing. (Seo

We are caked to use a prge weekly in one
of theleading county papeorsand expeotto do :o'.
You should get thi'.

The FrUiteret Asmn, is tho body that is
doing ~ Mst to put the Upper Glades on the map,*' f
you will help it it will help you'.

Very truly your,

/ i "
: '
- I -'- r .

Tour letter to Um:;. oll.ough roforred to
me. The loontion .-f' your l:nd i;for resent use,
bed. All Evevrlad a 1i nd 4ill,in tlmea believe
bosood. The roglon need develonlmont'. Roa-d..-
m ohlnemaand a 0ot11 lan of A ttlemnt and d Vel-
opment reessentlal',

It is impfobbfle you could sell your land
now exe pt t o- sarifeod, 'I-'he ~thing to do i4n to
I 1p the people 1ho aretrying ;Lo get the Evesrlades
out of the Slough of Despond into which the- have been


permitted ,thmuou gh bnd h-ndlingto f.o 11' Our litereat
wil! give you nn idea',

Very truly your!,

h 7 q

April al9i,.

MB. J.LJ,1lok-en,
Peewr StvS-r*
Your f.vopr rsi V Xteea4aen Is tjnmv
diO.te on back of letter head. A aonaldeatle
scttlonnt 1:3 rsptngng u in this5 msoUonal
This is beaiue our Irnd i.. igh,and a very special
effort 1i being mzaeheroelavgely by the Pmaitle
Asanm.,to coleEvelglades problems.
8eattered, Lntnael stable land, are not a 114
Land here are sel1~g no high .s $78.0' and rpe per
aeas You h:d better pty' t' have your l:nd broken
thnn eqxpeet any one to pay for itn use while ait,
You haye vn excellent n-tuaral 1':catLon. You should
geot ymr I hd broken tht it may rot domtl'eeple are 1
1 Itvn! t thew Cama aGUeng sovih of youY Saw gVa
letov-r s Eh Irmnd rt .tr. I t* en aome weede

OCkelnta has been snFvyed,lbt no one 2.1vi
th~Pe, New Okeel nta is theu eater, a theo tasal e*
exWs5aageSoth of Okell nar.
My son hne ben farr5Mahee g9 onathS.
Th .t should speak for the d.inagedI The Ahole roS
gion willln tmlebe drainedaad will become a very
feetile so ntry. Got in ad help us m .:o it hRabtab
Begin by getting your lad brokenC,though it is ltL J
to pgot Un in weeds, 'hey are far better for It
th:n is t he r; n gr-as. I

Vwy truly yours,


"".T*c--------, -, 5--J*pOX.. .. uS ~

Hawthorne, 1. J., April 19iE.,

Thomas E. Will, Fort '.-&uerci.ale, Florida.

Dear Sir;

Since receiving y. ur last letter, to which I replied, I

have been w-iting in vain for sore news of the tractor.

According tQ the Lauderiale .Her.ld. it arrived there sore weeks agps

The article in the :'Palnrm each Post" of IJarch 13th 1916. in refer

ence to the road, is very gratifyfing,tFt ill it is the tractor that I

-hould like to hear fror, It was ny intention to core to Florid?

fnll but unless the lanr1 can be allowed settlement would,it .eers to

re, be .a venture to .ly the least.

:'ot wishing to rrke n change ir. rather undesiira.le occupPtion,

beforee I had sore definite informal ion re-eecting the Fruitareot pro-

jositir I hee hel,' or., but now will to r.ake a change,if ho.-

ever yrou are Pure tha;t ete tleen'n thief fall, is fessable.I shall hold

on ani e-irlier, Ps soon as d6viepble. As a r.echnnic I an uced to

work and expect pleni- y of it in Florid.. "till I rould not care to

core if conditions are too unfavjorsble.

:'inC'ly, let me know how thinr-.s tand and if you cannot ,dvise settl-

ren+ thi- fai1 i:lease give sore rensonr.

If thnt ipuli3-.tion rraterijli-res to which yo.u reference ir

.your letter kinFly put rr.eon the r.-ilinE lit .

Lioping tha' you w'.ill favor ne '.'ith ?.n early reply I remain

Your re-ec, t fully

l-'-7cedqr Ave. Hawthorre, :!. J.

April 4,1916.

My dear SMr Rehmm-
"*lTw a ever thusin" Peple will not
believe till too late, I m wenloeine a New Okeelonta
plat with some interefting-figl es on it, Lots 7 ani
SI sold yesterday -t $125.00 oaS.S Thi-- is very tht
in oomp ri-on with the prices lot: in thirnew town will
be emamm. ding before l(ngs,esp eiallg wit.h the County"
Oross-State Road running b the wu on the east and -
southl, Yet peop will insist on holding off till the
price Is beyondtheir reaon.
Your Chiaago men eruld have had the S.W. 4p tw
years ago at $40o@0 per paorsoash. He dawd.ed and h IeS
gled till I oamndown,looked things overmpod you your~-
$30.Q0, for aerices rendered andtook thetract off tha
market. Now two men or mora,are figuring seeiously
onit at o00.oO poe norenet oash to meplus $40,00 more
to nan agent for oommissaon and development- $ 05o,0
per aore,n. all-- nd I am thinking seriously o' takin
it off the market ag iri,
Two yearsago I was selling o n frontage t
$40* ( per aoreA Now suOh F man as William Jennings
Brynn Oin some up herehunt me u, nd ask the privi-
lege of buying l'-nd hero,and pay nearly $l00.00 pea
aoro,.j at clh,all not to meftor the- srane lInV

Mr. Rehn,thr tracts ea t of thee na' are beini
held in reserve a town lot propeVtyr $00.0o per
aore,net oash to me,would not touch them. An exri-
nary man otaldnot have bought the Bryan tract* A year
before,I sold Dyke the two tracts south of it at 75so00
er asre. No I feel as though I had given thelnd awaj
Theonly SNpd/ haveandthat anybody has ever offered or got 1n the
Evergladessts e PCttrest tractor Thin was purposely made a sna ,a "he'
rible examplethna the ptblio ight have s-mple of the way the Glae-
ought to be handled. Andth-t isthe way he ast be handled for thtlt->
t, if he never to get Lnythingout of hi: puah se. Most of the
Glades blyors are simply estuek"- tightland likely to tqr Stuet. Yet,
when I offer them a wry out,:. bonansathey h ng bdk and wnntibomethiag

I- n. -t,


OaUSath as gooeal a two or three Utmes as f NRow
little effort to s*%% whtat We hvie left isn 49tre ,
pe*Ief 16 fstlbly to be ISeaoa epoas d

a a stinftnt
'A Little ltatr

X witl s l9 the aEW 40 Inb W& as at # Q 00 S o ,ird9 ePaskhAe tob
saeslt $astk atia~ aodL s to do it. ASidet ro that, hwe a bytM
tio thingr.PmtLtLetsabOt l tra SaGand Srw GeCelXnta its.' thetalra
iX hall be glad to haj pteltem at k,.V had o Sta to pash r it Mysti
up Peal Wet i to Sto lrve W R elad pome nu ad sake t is Pegis habttltaXe
mdbi le, aa wilaUng to akke s mr 1l*wa eat Qf av ta lm lsa
You an really pewter a rtise to ~geers byetth gthI oa
aitrnst,ator there in Ohman s for hrem to get VWaue wltiVwd1j Tt a9e
also help settle this ountty y g tttngpeple tho haave land areaa$ in this
vi.atity to Iby nnd I~ssle in Nw elat$ 1Old QOkelanta Is tapesaitbles
beeas e otr t. eater,and b U1e ~l y he has a t spear seough town to
Justify him in living- there ad woklng his I' d*. e mant hoose bletee
tow ute ad tamwcr stay aw yand almacst 11 do the latteV
At oew OknellantahoweveraettlI eat hWsr bemgu, the ana' Ooasialngs ta
there, ad the OvlP S tae road in to be on t wo aides* urtherthe S b
Iehool or d 1- to it up a sebhto hose on the rahool Lot before *ahool
open- neat frll. ong before that,toothe Townpall hold be on At: lot.
I have bought both those lot ftos the IZ lBIardsand ermd, deeds .to-day. I
ball now givedeeds to Shool Boand and tr tel ,luspereft ely.thrt bal dtnag
ma net wait on desds.

New Okeselnt is to be a vaa'
will reahsaw y I four dteliacunes*
easily live in town and h ndle their
of CIttiattLon WO, But they stat
t rawtwld I-nd ptLoe-s 'y aMrer;

Better get in
in Ithe vwrgad.O

-2-2 LL-7

towBam t$h roto watS at roacnre*,sor
Land eaotes Wltn a adl or twin
' r as 'ad ejoy soas of the blesslgs
not eropct to buy towvma te pE.pelry

with me ,rW. Rebn,and help to push OR RSALLY 000G TR IN
hnt will hklp to -,ke you teeol better over eaOPlew ab

^ CGo0 tally ySwrs


April 4,1v13.

J;).rimecnt St.'tion,
51 inesvill e ,1. 6-

Gentlomrn --

I desire Lo gct st:: -rt in da :.ncs
c -n. a-nd the boat vr:ri.?t of Velvet BDenn fo.L. the
Evrg l des. I sh 11 bn very G].:.d to have you send
::o t.s much of both s you aC f1 sB5pr.

Very tr :17 yours,


Anrfl 4162b1vUO

My denr Mrou, iiCulloughl--

Your- of tho 27th. ult rt

hm;nl. .i si ..:i, t:. ^35..o hc' to Mr. Odor2

a-. ,-,cr youQl rouest r dr'e:-t to your. cIrorc11it. Wih
:C wo?,. .j i? i.- '. -: .l 1.*ush" ".t t.h t r-o,

I onrt n1ly ho.-., you n y bo tL.e to finils; thfl
tVsV .171 hI.'vo no1t f-'W yonfrnnlf,. Shall he .gi d to
1I;'- when .'a v.) p a.-:.-,d r',t) .: :Qi, c -t!or. T7i out
.- .;--..!I y, I 'L. tL: : .li t .ou.7 -ua our
a o, !. J' Lt.~a. "

I i 7.; *e.c to- d: i. o V- rI C"o': t?'ld.I.
) ; Pt E. -. sh '." ., t jid:.,.jn I 12. lot. I oni
.';.. !: e d. *t( ,. ,ch .1 Do ;-- u '-d Town m 12.
tTru.-tce .:: for C-r u-i no-I, e'ro to btuildcl tAll
sur:I 01 c.eud I :pruw toe thi. in T.Q-T-7-1
,;l.. -- '- 1 'C bit :r'lct.. -'n on 2 n -' ,i.vr Uoi-.m. cwas
'h. school lous i -.-.,miho, cd .',-r. n x.-.l.t i' 1. bjfo3"fr
8011]001 OJgi:, lc
school orncs,

A. ,A lihht"' '-t t t.. en ;i) in tashington thiA
nummor. I v,.ntyou to stir un the; Hoo h Builders,.and se
If L. fowr o' thenjm,.t c-.t,.nrr not wil-ling to o at least
a ]itt.o something tori .O 1. ,Ifillini, our earlier hopes.
If t'ie cho'ol mnttrr c-n b :djurtr.- br-for you go it
will he r fine pinooc of nerw,and. m.y :'rouse :.:oi:e of the
!ors n38 py to dri- -om uthinx, at cast,

Be sure to see MPRs. Will.

r?1" e-'.oh Po .t,3-ar.t irrrfved,for last
Sunday one we ::,hr.s mylnort tory on ro d.

Think I told you Ok, Corp. pri,' t-'zos on
Gift Land in P.B.Co.

Cordially yours,


- J'





&,/A- cpa4V a,/

^J^^3 L-k-LA( k^L^L 'YLtJU &ta^-Ld^! 7^

S-r- 4 LA^- ^O 4,
rx^Yab ^- *^QM-i- <-i h^

CC4e -7VL


^TL*YI a-rK

Ttu r~j7d7Zvr

L-W de&/

7La I/ C-'I
,AL-vzL CPv aic ~Lt

_ ~~_ __~___ ~I__~~_ ~~

-- ---- --- --- _~




0--' 1

-h^r^~ ae o JLoll
a-d. cR~h-z z' oAu

-OT-^^ /(/M-^ .L /nqyl^ /L4 d4t i-KAl r
CUC. o e O/ f

L---i^_ A ^-ex-CA Ar-^ -r Al-y
^feJ-mL kL1 frzrt 0 atA
deijl 9 1 i Z

"f Ljje

-1 -- -





kclL443n zL /M I7~Ty(Y3~UUk~L4,



...... ....... .. .-..-- 7 -^--.-.< t --.
CltooJ /

a AA *: .






Washington, D. 0., April 4, 1916.

Mr. Thomas E. Will,

President, Fruitcrest Association,

Okeelanta, Florida.

Dear Sir:

Your letter of March 27, asking for informa-

tion about the cultivation of sisal in the Everglades,

is received.

It seems very improbable that sisal can be

cultivated succe.afully in the Everglades. This plant

requires a dry, limestone soil, well drained, and a

rather dry hot climate. It will not endure swampy

conditions. Furthermore, the plant must be cultivated

over a large area, 500 acres being the minimum for prof-

itable production, and it must be on comparatively low-

priced lands, costing not more than $10 per agre in the

uncleared state. The average yield of sisal fiber is

not more than 700 pounds per acre per annum during the

3 to 5 years of production. The first crop is not har-

vested until 3 to 4 years after the young plants are set

cut, so that the productive period is only about one-

(2. T.E.W.)

half of the time that the land is occupied. The aver-

age price of the fiber received by the producers does

not exceed 5 cents per pound, and I fear at this rate

the returns would scarcely more than pay the interest

on high-priced lands.

Machines for cleaning the plant cost, together

with baling press, power, installation and drying yards, /

from $8,000 to $50,000. There are no small machines

havinwi sufficient capacity to clean the fiber efficiently

a.-d profitably.

The henequen plant, such as is cultivated in

Yucatan, does not grow well in Florida. This plant is

longer lived than sisal and produce from 3-1/2 to 5 per

cent of the green weight of the leaves in clean dry fiber,

as compared with 2-1/2 to 4 per cent from the sisal leaves.

This Department has no sisal plants available "

for experimental plantings. Bulbils may be easily ob-
tainted in the region of Miami, around Charlotte Harbor.

The plant grows wild at many places alcng the coast from

Miami around to Point Jupiter, and also on the keys.

Bulbils or suckers should be cultivated in

nursery rows one or two years, or until they are 20 to



(3. T.E.W.)

30 inches high, before being set out. When planted in

the field, they should be set about 7 feet apart in

each direction. The-land between the plants must be

cultivated so as to keep down all vegetation.

Very truly yours,

Botanist in Charge of
LHD/GMJ Fiber Investigations.




April 4,1916.

to pr hitofSarber Shep,
Ft.Laudzerdle ,P.


We are having trouble in gettingour

w shing back. We Send lots ,at poundlrate,to the

Ft,Lauderd le Laundry. Sometimes it is del yed,

seaet mes itis lost, Will you kildly see that,

as soon .-s it comes,it is conLuo to us by the first

bo:t,preferably the Broward,and oblige,

YourP truly,

- I;~-~ I--L1Y_ -

AMa 4'. t0.v

# deIr M. ibs l eet-
VM tr Maaph ft at hbrad
Teu de not quite oate h the Vbtw poLn re plowa g
The A a, in tnot .4 11 eAsnes to mX i6te its *ost
as per latse 11t: at merely gtnO s It m e ta ag
to fatl bask a pa rh th Wan us ap aet.e awd lean
them s a aenese to sXttatvted tLe4t W1e an
the tulbas to hire tWter trabs poelwtp
OaW frfeeatid sfnely to the 4ea
aej ie o bt boek we plo$flt ihen s anke amehr
2 Atlly 0eet e8ether pod Mopee : ea eot *e
i ( for the weaot"g of at
TbU tractor uses gasS the aonga i So 89 A
We eaGsette plo-t fbrwo 4eps as lhg J 4a SItrut
Nw h vo a et-taing efter her all the hoge we a
pati o In aor load lotj4 theso a owe of the bei.
basntamt gd Wateabtpant 1to the thl30Swgen pmrotta
bWe atfi Sp.d a gear lbat e oeetoMt W day v
Rave paid for ftv. oighties Tos litke
asowill have to wait altile losaews Dan t we0y
about that Z vistt4d the 1.I.btarld seuastlyW %
Theyr gfVQMe ao ant pi gtotFal. wnlaand XSprFesS
SthWsselS as hiLgly:.lased at the work I am dtag
to make the Glade habitablao,a d poevethe lead ot44
they stNdready to help me in every right andreas+ap

AN gl4 to know ofyWr palpOrcts of plt. eV#
You h-ve p b bly soen the FPeBPst of a Wl ago Wit
my lotet rtory on the mea. Who outlook io lwpeftAl
Laen as is n tine hape.d remeabePn you very pl eaantly. Hope
ou ary vtiSt us both saga'a 4 h w. get ewA 0QoorAnmIT etore the
EXtIOE a ab moaldbe I a cnat
oStinfly yewara

LLL, -C- ~u~-l- --uiU. ---r ~iC'-cl II.

April e, /

Mr. P.rLOadoCCashier,
Ini -n. vor St to Bsnk,
T ItAn evl l.e gkFIOT'
Do:r-- Sir-

SEnoolona l .n;n chjek for .j2.00 o t. :)o
deositer t t.o cterdit of Mrp. Laura V.MoCiul-
taouh' Kindly notify hor of it reeipt.

Very truly you rs,'


__ 1

FARMS R. W. NICKERSON Upper Everlade

West Palm Beach, April 5, 1916
SI9ena.. 191__
Dr. T. E. Will,
Okeelanta, Fla.,
Dear Dr. Will:

As I came through Lauderdale I tried to look after
the casting or gear, but it was not there yet, and as I could not
get to see Vivian, I left a memo with the Express Agent to notify
her just as soon as it came. George Graham said he would still en-
deavor to see Vivian and see that she keep a lookout for it.

I am to-day sending by express and parcel post the
articles you asked for and also the Typewriter if the Express Agt.
will take it as it is without a box. The assistant told me this
morning that he didn't think it could be shipped unless it were
boxed, but told me to call this afternoon and see the head man. I
have been there, but found him out, so I'll bet the machine ready
and try to force the matter through.

I have tried very diligently to close the deal for
the 40 acres with Mr. Nelson, but so far have not been able to do '
it. He is quite positive that he can manage the matter just as
soon as he sees his brother and friend, but says he is not in
shape to handle even the twenty alone without first getting home to
arrange his affairs, or at least see what he can do. I have asked
him to tie the thing up by option, but he says, while he has been
thinking of doing that, he seems to have a hunch that he should
wait till he gets home, and I find him very set in his opinions
when he has made jrp his mind.. I am very-,sorry about this, for I
am in immediate need of expense money, and had hoped that this
would relieve me. I really thriTk that he-means to let the matter
through O.K., for I asked him if he felt satisfied to tackle it
himself, and he told me that he would certainly jump right in if
his money were so he could call it in at once. This is all very
trying to a man placed as I am, and endeavoring to walk by faith.
I am determined to believe, however, that the deal will come thro'
for he tells me that some of his largest deals have been carried
out in this way.

In the meantime, Doctor Will, can you send me by re- /
turn mail, a check for $20 or $25 ? I am cutting my expenses
down to two meals a day, and as cheap as I can at that. If you
cannot, I shall have to throw up the sponge, and that means dis-
aster, as you know. On the other hand, I am still just as positive
that business is going to break in my favor if I can but hold on
a little longer. To add to my chances, the petition for a Road
and Bridge District is to be presented today, asking for a bond
issue of $150,000.00. Biggers had about 100 names last night, and
fully expected to get the other 100 by this afternoon (200 being


Dr. T.E.W. #2.

Wrote Mr. Wright of Chicago this morning, enclosing maps
etc. marking route of raad, boundaries of Road District and the
location of the state land for sale, and gave him a strong appeal
to act quickly in the matter as two of the sections are already
practically spoken for. Mr, Robert Ranson, of Jacksonville, from
whom you received a short letter a short time ago, is considering
one of the sections for a location for the manufacture of fertiliz-,
er. He is here to-day, and,has been asking kindly about you and V
your development. Seems like a mighty intelligent man, and is a
great booster for the Glades.. I told Wright to wire me for an
option an as much land as his parties could handle, There is
great interest here over the prospects of immediate action con-
cerning the Road, and this I emphasized to Wright.

While the iron is hot, I shall go on with the organization
of a local Corporation to take over one or two of the sections,
and hope to soon have money for expenses from that source if not
from an immediate sale. It will surely come from some direction,
according to my faith, you know. I am to meet Moses, Burguieres
and Campbell, tomorrow morning to discuss the prices and terms of
sale on any land I can sell, either to the Corporation or to others
So you see in a general way matters are going along splendidly for
the Everglades. Have just had a consultation with Campbell and
Moses in regard to the amount of the bond issue, and we are all of J
opinion that we should hold the petition up till we can increase
the amount.

I have talked with Mr. Conklin, and he tells me that he is
willing to publish out sheet in the Sunday issue of the Post and
send the whole thing out as a weekly, providing we put up the
reading matter without cost to him, and give him whatever support
we can from that territory. He will also mail 400 or 500 extras
to whatever mailing list you may submit from time to time.

I think this is all you asked me to look up except the
County Commissioner. Tom Campbell and Moses tell me that a Mr.
Bunker is likely to run for our district, and they both speak of
him as a very fair minded man of splendid integrity. Of course,
Campbell, as usual, doesn't wish to be quoted in the matter. He
is a Lake Worth man, I believe.

Trusting to hear from you by return mail, and that the things
I am sending reach you in good condition, I remain
Sincerely yours,

icy/^ f

_ __ ~

April 7,116e.

Ly do:' ,'Lr, AiokOhreont--

Yourr of t1. Sth, r t !hn:ln A go
p ;,t, '.l'. t'i .t1:i.'. T':, rkg. Oi'X-Ek-.iaicaa oorrespond- -
cac IL. rsL: t cr1 ,'. -r tJ!i3 Ne9- Okecl nt, 1. tn., Tr"
t'-nryi i3mio; v o :(; 9 4t ,..Mc poLoirl.-F7.y'-Lj ty .. owriting M4
u chinA,,
ta g. t gz ,-mny r .- r"' ,,lp *.r eto" I
un.-lrst. .v .o.'.. no' e r fur thi.- se vi.Uh
On t'., ctl,-. h n,",t:" n- t.t'r t'< ;): iu ils d thcu E ow.
th' ond I. ',:,th.,. L o ,. I j so U. t i s ti i' aet~o

h..I ,e ? .- ,,:' i n situ I.ton i: at. rt"
, in'Q C,..n y'ru. t i''' : '..-. "L-: "', o'rrivO s m.. oCrS '
*- _ns ti.-n .... :, irn I- i ? ,d t r tl..'" I.1. nd S.D
so eI?
S.n rE.. G.i.,.. but .. continlU to' m .t
-v, c.. ;.c...o Lu iru.. t .: .nidi'. ,r. sid h ve hio;-vy
nh r7''.i to -Tt, 7.I c -. '-L. 1. ir. th t and,
b-I (* ,.. n ;,h b t.t- r .'r:: h. v tblia oT
;:iS ;

::~otp 'sY-*.


Ar. ;S1 r iiL16_O,

cjy der i..krve:--

Your of' Jarch J? reed, New p vt
to i c, stri n n d ,,. r r, tr,'c-to-: "t n,! 'nd p1ing
i:1i o.' -y,

Sino.- Pr, Qu !lnn t-'o-- -.r r' r reosfe.La nd .
"'- :-" ri .,. T 2" Chl't. I cyv.l.. bx. I lb t 2 1 t2, his
ti :'. I,I.Do. T hr..v.I d3...; thl l d.; mro Udnzi
byJ -. ?":- L. 7 jUi gh1 t:., .. ..-n dtaing
11 ;o.. .' 1 ,,. t, , 'u,.y I m '-. in,, t I -. ;I
C"' a !, ";, ou.l, : i4 o-uL ..nly-bJin,- : me I mai
i.'rt 1 ".:"r. -n rPk. T .? t Cm't .** <' r 3f
ti'' 0:' y eont, ct, I 5.<. "i-': i n tinc Bm0?
n y v -'. d ,- -0'r n_:., v- i.,.. .or1i: t. selling
-'I ,. '- 5:r ;,.t cH.-'u..;l ncd u.,- i scmualy
t' : : .. l j ;.. . rl..,11 tto .,

I. 7o "y ." --. .y x,..L i on .'iL. u.. h roi to o
: ^ : o : ,0t; i..21: .- i i. r.'. os bouh,

(1r. i .i.yi your';,


April 5G,191.

gy dearMr. blletugrPi--
Toursof Marsh 30 to me
and of March 25 to MeP Searleo at hand Tha gsar
cane with your last letter', Its box was in
kindling wood,but thegear escaped. Lawrenee has
just started with gear for M p Searles andtraodtP%
Land SB will do their level best to get
reSaltsyou may rest nafl~~ dtfor we all feel almost$
as though our evern:l fates rested on theresults
of thii trrVatt'
At the same t aeyou P'bab y have my lette
ofthe a7the of Maroh,wbioh I n0eeid a it eat,
One of the questiensn wheih haunt as ".iat will
happen if the mahliw keeps on playingtrtat i and
you are out of "1e '1 This one wholly unepeoted
littlbreak cost us ratieally a monlti*aroh
7 to April 5)a The general outfit has by no means
proved its effilseney yet4 We are all epnvinoed
that we are weally uhaft opflwr for the wer
andlOead.ou say thesagine ompany will net trade,
Also that the machine( gear box and geara)probably
would not atrnadhe tPailth i1the heavier engine were
installed, kMow the question Ir- Where are wS
Aaide from a heavy outlay in money andtlaet
looks as though we may be no farther aelg thl we
wnere last MAgust. You surely do not atesnd to
go away andleave us in this deplorable state aff

del an aw I o o ,o are
"- -"e rpthe pteat Jadeb
p.;'x*e to bultd a tvP+:,iorpsR ecl hnd



N. H. Will.
or, Okla..I 1I_

. ...-- .I

OOP, ( rr L-^
hL ~J A32 A ^ rL < ^ ^ - _z_______

or, Okla., _____191



ApUs 6,1,069

My dear t, hblllngerr-

I apentthe entiree day to-day witi
Lawpaee id M~. Bearles on the t o A bartd -ayAs
ask r sulted in our plowing one :f i mail tr atoin
ever ,of one ouamd of theold 1 egt One tnbt~ ae .tel*-
loA Qa lose on th ealpr aotho, theo engiat and geo
beavtgr heated etS __ y, aEr, or 8 lamtes weas about "
as sue* tUme as we dared to go 4rt one tiae without le-
ting the9e parts 9oolr A main J$oped the spoktet
Worst of all,ene of the oase* hardeWledhighpLeLd gear:
collapsed WViill melt 1 :te. (Cluteh in gear boWa)
We44 feel tr-!tlf wn are to ocasider soirtOets
the kee ;agA of th a-atne it will be beofssary for MaL v
to tkCelti in ad ;o it effitgnt. hi. M t an
are In dcep l~ie
I hwve eagated one raaeset '.t a sgponda fl 1V
say a ru or $0 hop ,see-ond-hand eIE Cegine, be addled
; ^afily -to aelS1aa .llay If prNbgtjaso wlaoh
the ter,, ThiL daOw d add theMfower without netesat
stating exahanglag or dtsePtng tAhe present engne.,and
wthant ove~wf eating the ge.as_ by pttingon ant S0 hp.
The question raaains: Will thIsadded weight
cause the t or taAtr Xt o earia doing :50 e-day "
in s ,Plightl3y ltoosE TRtr : teoSs aight helix.
We ape' th" t the Iat knife I good' "The
mknven:,ane being bentipsbE0cl~u exead ttm the conturb
the ah ft,about" twentba y o no Indies. The numb
of tkives should be 30.o
Howemvr, we o ot approve spending a ore aoney
on the Uvtlne unless you ton take it in hand persa-rly,
'3a a -

Towy tnly l yours,



I :' 7(.

^^ei UJML.~tt- g,~g
! 4~-* '/C


Zr 3Ze A)y&T

j B ....* ,..P. .: : .. ..

7" ?.
^>^<.,^-CSE- -

6^^<<-- t l

C -



'' ~ Ut.- At) p - C :.. !'-i:
~~r -


.4 15'

;as~% it
*' t. **' '-' .J "
a., <. z z.
b- Cn-r

,W ,Z-ftO

)0 4 4.

v~ L ^ ^ jf "




Itt %i /,b t. <= ----t- ,2R-. c A . -i..

1 7 2 'C t l -. I ". + "

,' '. . ...' .

i '. ..' .

\/ z77 .
~7& tnt-~tt
94~J$~24 2k

Jlt J


CLc~' -il .FT.

' *

&o. aaLtc 5Zz-.'-z1tj J ---

^ C^ A^O^, 6s- g^ Urr, ^

, 664
^7^ ~ ~ ~ ~ E JCl,~) vJ--^^^^ .^ ^<^
; ^V^-/ e^J^ ^^^ ^ p-e w^- -e- 7 fl A^>
dL Q`r ew4Cr~nl

4w A Cc ci ~ct

\rr (2, J

A / S ^ y
I- ^ ^^ i*^^/ Cn^^ ^. fL~ -'d^^^t-

LA***r*' WY % t .rt ij
.9 tLcLc,&F & .._ a- 0 t /t.4

^ tt-t LL d
1 /Cs ^^ ^^^_,c ^^/^ ^L -Sc./"-./^

*j: ~C ItU~ 1--- %. 1. C i CL
prr-16~~k jCr~(4 ~ d

e8e127 1 221a 8 o 7

- 21

45 9 31
46 30 s _
47 31 s I, 4
48 32 17 4a
42 41 40 ;e- -- '
49 53 is 5
50 34 T o -J\

95 77 5
94 78 54
95 9S 55
96 80 56
90 89 8887 57
98 82 3 58



Apll 7.LI1

Mr. GN. AOsiam .
ad, State i m a

Dear jr~e---
Yeor letters of- the 7th" Ult to tbh a nalt
mt6ca CsanVik of WashingtonDAI, have boer forwarded to
mei T neototat you have nOaplete 4 yar payments on
trMat Mas per ywor sontraCet
r As to 6e e41 w ill s tethrit It will be some
Stime ye befbope mu prepared tO givo deed fbr the
tWrae4v posIlbly a yea or moPre
Howervetfmld you dcaire a deed at onufle
will o 11 your antenticn to Tract Q4,of tho samao ara
as Be and a little ore1 1 b -vodeed for this, vaore
ic a 34ttlo tinWmbranQo a it wich Z orn readily wre
mevoc X1: ve uold noWding saoth of it eazopt 86. -
Nobth tfit the situation isas Alloewss.-
TVat SOf old ga*oVn*tratory house eon. OCa
eo and wiUe oesapyT g. Lend all broken. Oocmidorable
t nwing dteso 4ln!
Tra;t Pi "Gol4 2o thsng done oa.
Tr.ot 511 Sold. Good house(fraMe) oz,
iand all tfloke h cOh i good state o@ ult vatiote
Traot a1 BSold to Pittsatb Mtk SNot bnlt
53 "* Govoament ma n In wada~
tog Not tokllB,
Trt to to G S 4.el Abtat halt txwkest.
site ut P rAtt ew9re of tat WiW. Oocaunid by
writeto, e and helperw
tpraf 8644it hlfat Sold to Wilitat Ji*-
aXagn %rya,4 T. be fltlvated thI C smad1 MmBrcit Oc&3.o00 ea'',
TS 08nMoi- 081 gold to Qoi eCapit. leat
All WfAkt HoA in eaAlea t ai to of oul t r. tieLa. Good hmuse onl
llapted by ifltlVator nad wifMea
As it t Lndstro 84 euald net be bwjut fr less than $oo.
per aS'e jean ,i. for that' yld you me tetlre, will waderAke to
flr ha you daet ad albseWat fr 9rafl "4 without lel ,:

BEwn teeir


Syr okoC ny lyts

...o r u s.A t DZc vl,,

o. 1... .- iG ti. n.l.tit/:l.x'1,hoodr.. So ;.' a

2ox, 2'7o i,. b.t. th t ,f.' ,hi :., erio O --

in8 2c.%e Xivcd. i;riny of M:.-so CiL fin. .

Pos0 l h .h v .-y -.1( a s:. I *- -- t .t' or 2 th

Yc tt ,

At D U.vij, t''y ry thb Ib1utst I :^ aiy

Luo ly3pt th-.t 3e ,nUrVivyj, .t 303 ue bs doinZ

Cordt-1u y-on:.--.-m

-- .ii '

AprilJ 7,1916,

1 w r 1:'r. DZrL'lt,-:'

|.. ,, ..
iuh e,3"rfl e: d t '? _' 1,t ~.: 1:.
post .o.t t .-;,

* '.-.i ood 3f) n-
Si:ial7 ,;xlt t2.0

tIi ,'o-* y i' I ul t I'1i i .- pi. t s t l .,
"3C y' r c : . ... -in :. .. .i r I
S- b 'i ', v. Y, ., y 'o b jl3xo t r. l '-
'" o; :.: .oi L .L. -. h v. r.'n, no many.

Vz .E tr iu. y '

**-;.*^fe J

i '.1 --


April 7,1041,
,Ty do-r Mr. Roebml-
a ow tr otn 6&4b ( 1N namroX) in Sese
.3. 0 ..'- L'". ~ '."ry3 djoinu., tlhe Okemolnnt'
tonn -Ait]o. I su.-ct8rC thce fnN- i orn ioni,per-
zo,. 1 pro ...rt;.: bUft :' f i':' 3I Zudliui mAy s~loes In Okee-
Sliut. Addition yocr-. ang', I t. l: ol L Tr'.ot OS, -
(7 acrea.J
OC thoUcao.7 ..cruo,21 hVu v iaacpbrc'noos,1lit bo-
lieve I onuli: rcmaovtfal.iu,'r, 7,. thosc s aoros ro tied u- in
coitr .ct., Thoothor rty h e,howevcir,brolen I hi
o:ntl ot, n.. might thn-rfor. grot the :'nrl b ak into my
hn dd.
Thrco yea'r -ro,I t'.i- n IL shington tl t tI
Taoalr nol t-; C, *- r.- T r.ct 0-4,inol. At
1r-s in, Io7evi.r I .D 1:,.' s.i an4i &S for 1,
c r.h,subj.:ct to j .bil ity tb i'cleoso tl.?, tr. t ; f oCn
abovo oblig .t on.-. I night se3l C. .t!:vut selling
68,thl shoua.c( -"'f~' to m k-: on: com-.-3 :to d .. o it
f I ;.o" ny. It ou ~ ' i' y : &: Lo set.l 5 ; lono
n Wtl!' '1 t 17.: inomirblir o'- iA ooontr Lt. atuu. pow
&or', c 1," 1Oi' o:".ch nO. 7I:,.
If yu- .^ 2 ,1. .* 1. y v.1 your co1 is ;on.
I ca iv- docd nJ t*h vi-J_ i).).t it' '.bstrrct ,c:s 1..
Fatrabil'-., ,..: oh, -nr tcl-. ov'.
OU wou -'. pointt out to your uoaritQiola th0 :dVti
Ss;cn oi' r.roxmaity t.o tie O:o". nt:. town-sitI. ,thoe tk
Goi.-rnn in Oko:l nt.., 'deitiontio a-.obiviy in eir': Okeo-
nt ,tl' ro d ,o n 1:;ti"- B' ? dovnlopmont eta.
Thisn i thc on.- wv-.i spot -ii th3 N.Nlivor Dirtriot,-
P.S. No.64 1I *a th- ". 4 ..'.. 1 C thingl.s :r. oing. X doi.* ; r y best
a eg nt property, to soee th t they kenl" on dolng,
I o: n give deed and abstrrot for it. Am
writinG in thism:ril ro trading it on rnoth- Cordi: l yours,
or preperty. Should I not suoaeed,it might be had
at 1o00.00 oashpnet'. It almost corners with the W.J.
Bryan tr ot'.(64.) It i.right in the cultivated belt.T.W

*, E ,


April 7,1 916.

W, II.W.Lel-,Co. ZApt.,
eant Per." Be;.chZ-,Flr.,

My de:r Mr. Le't.s--

I encloso hore*it~h,for your ina-pao-
tion, forn of deod fTr th- school lot to be tr nslerrd
to tho Oounty Board of; Publia Inustrcti n. i;nd-
ry n tu n. ht.,'n T;r, hb -, erm-rnrd itmaol1.sinr lny
SunG;estiou. y"i u my .j.-vr t-. ': koend I ah.-1l bj p.oneod
to pf3'pn r) doed in fin:l fLer: ..' s.n'~' .t o thi
County BoJard', ti-

In thi. a rnneAtion .rm. : t. say .it I w
v ;'-. noi' ; n),, t n:-o'.' "ho :aJd I. 02 Wero
conmir41; oi) u- isn Abe)-h-n h.-d tol.d me t10 :.- ootdin Sutl
you woulu b u i :oon,burL tht V i.:w did not ;no I th3 xmact
day. I askod hor to so-'rt in,if ossibl,cnd :.dvertif
ticl- d y ; .7 d!.-.: .s ot;ic iS. :.,th b th :: tron might
hb: reof'r':Lonte. !,

Very tnra-; your-*,

I I .

L-AAN- -

A rll 7 ,19 .

iy do 1 w,. BDolliingrl--
'Thish;-s been noth; r d' : of
disar .-ointx:nlt. .s lt il.tr0 ;tl h tl..l uInohtlne. 2Ito
PgR:'r ::zaii riin.nic ILo*t'J 2fowrJldl ud joust ntl,,
d a:'it;- evry ccrIv bl..' -.rort L n Lh t sit Bfttifis,

Th' i ilt'1 snlnk bout 1?" onocin ituvTint. AL '.hu
SJl tV d ;,, o doo to
In:'dof thic ofrt to fet re'ifltd. Ic oexpoct to bring;
'tr1l."L' u. t)o t)lr. hounuc,:." rr rJ i rr) ;-clr cvea, e
Syou ra' otic l,p .rson'. holp.1

a'e h. "Po no dcsi lor.t the real. r t as
tho situ: tion get oct 1.,' LO c.n p:" -vot itgs h 1lo
wo .re ;ro:G.rvlmg .: disc::reeot si" noc. f pnassblo,
Wi3 h .' irT'n you o 'portli.ty 't 1V Vthe situ r tior'

VtTy t.lry -oyr:,-

April 7,II 8.

My doer t.l Gr iha ptr

9 tau asfkWd t-o to3Y you th-t a

cook .1:i w?.int.[i .t4 ijoresjh..vea it 'iia.., pou uookyrlnnd

b3o rn. .Wl'. 71 7 I th oC i-. nd trw nt r:(, t-' i-.y a word

tV W. J.ATooror M-I .. im:,I sh31-.12 bet c. d to do 3oe

.'o Ili; :1 1. 've '. with ,o:I. r ta,

Y","".," ", s *-'V:*',

_ i_

3 \y

_.____.-_t.....C _4_.--_./ s-2LtA--...

jg-w.- 37_- c-
_-.-. -C tC- __ L-t-.___ -,.-

6' --

-- _, ._.,..5^ L-i A o c..
Cr K c.'j ....4k .
I r t
7^ 7 z C/

. ^^^-^^-^-^--^ c- ^ 4 a-^ ^.~ T-L ;"?-


I/ ....i

/'L^>^ 1'- ..--
4 ....L :- {...Q L.j t. L* C' L -

-u4-A- u- cu ....._ _A.- :-.. -:

iflt u-Ci rt( f;* ac ^-(
-_-.__ tfLt -t _..<-- 1 l_ 4 4- ^ ~ _? I- -

0L .-'~-\ _ ._-_r ---i .'.-- ....

.. .. L i- 4'- c - 0
C i c- -. - 4 -*_. t_ c C-. __- ,- ..

Cci .LL 1,'

~& (/C~c~~ 44

Q~~/6Le(44 ~4&i-e

~~biaZiz` X~5 arr

xl~extb~& /i~e ~24
dcpe 4tC6~ A4Z


~~L~J ~//CCc~t

Al/I-ia 1e d~yXySkk

.... ~; ~~~

/>GUL J^ 4/oc -AL

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cA 4A4
fQ2add 4~rb( c2Y /c ,& /'
Ax. ^{eArdLC Aet(. ^2^ 6 /-

'Y' (^ctd /YO
AX^^ edt ^ c^x ^r^J^^^9 *^u2-^
AZe: uU ^A ^^t __ & ___^^ ^L^^
1 -LBvtr u -^^'-^% y-^ ^ /fue 7

(r-- 4- @ Q
f^^^^e ^-^^& C^^^ --^~- --^ ^^;-V



/I o


*6A7114J 4/ -6 2

~A~4 Zawhd 4tC(AA a~C~e~i~cj-g

~e4~Ac" J~~iz fPAE

6&t_ e Ci-I(

4t/cA gA
JC~R '

acLZ~~4e ~
-~eC/te C~cLc



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dd -t~-ra

X"R ~



t' ,.- 1. -e l

2' _
.1. '- 7 "rt ', C

r 4.
t ;I i t t I r.
'' U : .'., .L & ,/ i 4 1 .. t A.- rt -

I. -'/" ./;- I ,< ',4 ^ ^,' / ,

, c, -r _

S- f" I v' 2 t ttC ?tA 4' 7 t4
*.I^J ...

.1 '' '.
.9 ,.u---.. :t/ *-4: ;" LC ..... .

c-i'.^-4'4it- tu- r.- tL, r p, ,'/u'' 4 Z- F.,

I -_.. . L .. . l
":* 1 &-

"' ,*1'' A n r':t L-t u I

L .t ,-Ar. 7'.c t1 Id .%

\/' ^ [I-y^ ,''-"^^

'' .'-
& f t .? L AL'. -t' .t .

" i, (-..j, -c-4 ,.f (i' :'i tt ,t/-

/ ,
I '- ..,'. "", ^ ^ ^^. L t/ ,?. -,
t/ ? *i'-
I ;/-.L' ^ : tt' t 7
t A 7

...L' . I /L +, 4 .* I -" i7
if, ,-- / (A C/: "6 ,i-, ., ( .'T y I i

A/u.k ~ 'A ft~ -. *~~-~(

1-' 'ta'/ 4 Br

('V. $- >t'


f /.' .'L.-t. "_ '- T.- k *'L.-.R,


,( n ^ ) ,t 1,(
>'( t ,p :4 '.
"--4t /4,

'I t q ,, ,L__

f \ -, 4 uEl,

t. ^ "'- '-- "C
..'iN' ^ ^ t --I ""'(

-' "7~_ /

,C- t-r. -- " ' ',-
/, ,, .. U A ,..' ,'-z-r (r
rI t
./ I I L / -
'! :^ I J L L 7 '/
.! } ^ t, / ,, ( !. .- 2] t.n c'', C t-i w ^ -.fC,. . ..,-'(

m' oa~ . ; ,. ,,, ...
,. , -,,' - "
-/ ,
I, ,
.- "7 7 ,, ... ,, f .^ *: -/. '- t ";. *;- ..
L t: r r.'Y r4. --1 ti '
St K$ t--j "- / .. .

7 7 ;, -i A ^p .-1 IW' .*-/ C .c w A-i
--'I ._ -,.T '

', 'iv" H i' < . L'1 -6/ h
j -/ k ./- -,
.a -

/ --'.^ ( --1 / *"""- "1
.1 st: -; C
.,, a i // t ,t ..,, _.i.L '

/ 'y .l r-
*..*"1 4 . "*" *'. 4 '
'C> ,. -
42 c..t ',-L ." 42.1 ...... .~*, ~ W S!

/C 'v ^ "f "- .
'.,L i f, 7' a- .. ', tL L'. '

",.' Lt "1
II# ". .! . ,, "
V~ '"- .... ! c/i'

S--' "-. -" r c -
' . --Q, d,
I ., ..

.' Z.L- .,

L, l "4 T
..t~d- ,..,. r7, .:: :' I/" FJL(- ':e
.'.i r l -- t 7: i s .
-,-,, t .: '-' """':- -" < .( -U

.7 ,



' I


. .

t J 'r f, "" -

-, >, ' ',
/- r

- l. ' -'-* / ? -'--"-7"- ---I
S ' ' ,
'' 9 A Z- .. ..

1 2
I. r ,s- ,', C

l *., ..... '_ ./
/ -'

-" *"- z' -. t '. :" L- t L '.-t '
,, L ',
... ''tI- .' I L ,' F -'

. '. - i i -

'" ;'". 'I

i'. // /


It shall be the duy of the oFderal Farm Loan Board to pre-
pare from time tott me buflains setting forth the principal
features of this ,'ct and through the i.eptrtment of A, "riculture
or- etheTwise &A distribute the same, ptirticullrly to the press,
to agricultural journals, and to farmers' orJanizations; to
prepare :n.nd distribute in the seme manner setting
forth the principles and advantages of amortized fLrm 4oans
nnd the protection afforded debtors under this Act, instruct-
ing f' rmers how to organize and conduct farm loan a.ssocia.tions,
and advising .investors of the merits and adv'.ntages of farm
loan bonds;) and to disseminate ia its discretion information)
/for the - \..nd principles of cooperative credit and orcgrnization.K Said
borrd is hereby authorized to use a reasonable portion of the
or rni:.;tion fund providedd in section thirty-three of this
ct for the objects specified in this paragraph, and is
instructed to lay before the Congress at each session its
recommendations for further approprlrtions to o:-rrt out said

** *


JI : 4

ep (9Bas. *dEnpip'nr Baking Mompany

~*L -e~ (~~i 9

v MR

^'-^ -t^---- z^>-- -- -,,"---er jj->

I I,

ID( / /

& K. J
~c~ZC-,y -- /y z^ty

J I --p------- -'
;fJ1-~ d / f7-^-L-

^^ -------- -.-I- ^ei

,'~c >*t~
J f* ft ft
'^'"^_ ___ ^^-,c~ ^^ -^----- ^ ---<<-^<-~ --r-L 3---^-.LA< y~--Sv /' /' <'^~/ / *

_^^<^fl -----<-i-^_-^-^--^^ e^J~~~ 7 --^----J_-_^C_- clcr-^^SJ^ -^-

APR 1916

~h-I66 _______ /

~"""cQ/7>. Akri~~&

f"^,f- ff6

JaZ4~d tti 9adivegtieitkY/ecL a0a

A n
V tv ,' .4 .,/. '/. c

4eefrt./s Ar,.,,,,, .t ,'h -_

41. ^ r.
\^/>^^a^ t & 4' 9
Jl~nB ^IMO^'-^^2 /^^4^^^/ -

/Iwo& a4'* 74le .z .e

"- : <^ v "" /: ',,-- ,,


31111~11 1 I






April 9, 1918.

Mr. Those. E. Will,

Okeelanta, Fla.

Dear Sir:-

Your letter of recent-date at hand.

We sent you by mail a day or two ago some velvet

bean seed, and also a small quantity of Japanese seed canes.

I hope you received this in due time, and that you will be

successful in growing them.

Yours very truly,




'l Pw, woo. Rurr 208



X3BL3C ll= BBUC3DXK3B. *;
1520 Roosevelt Ave.
INDIANAPOLIS, IND. April 9th, 1916.


Mr. Thomas E. Will,
Okeelanta, Fla.

My dear Mr. Will:-

Your letter of March 50th has been duly received but I have

not been able to answer as soon as I should.

I was of the opinion that I expressed my desire to secure a

lot with water front but you seem inclined to keep me away from the

canal. I have no small children, my daughter is past 16 and I am not

afraid of the water.

Therefor, if you will quote me your lowest cash-price on lot

# 201 and also on lot # 2, according to your new plat, or the nearest

available to these, then I believe we can make a deal.

Thanking you for an early reply, I am

very respectfully,




I e- 3~~

- L' I.- -
u-..: '/
L-:.~..&J tt* .-V ii

" -" h r'2 ri -4


7.- C~


, '
,: . .
S-IA -'

Li I..

- r~ (-~ f.* *

r . '.. -


I'- E L

.7._ >-

-. -'U~: .., L e~c

1 / .4-.
I- c

*:- .1:

~d -7


C.-r .-r


I* it?.

. 2.

1 .r .


. , I,

I ,.
7' .


9 //i -/ i^


- ~ 4r

4,, t.

- r 7. ,

I- 7-

* Jr

. A- /1)

/ 7

._ . p

I _

- i '

i.l .
I (



it I

a- K(

- cwJ k~.

I / ~1~

/*~~ I L

1 .'

Ad p/ -~ ~ C If

r 7 .. ..c '

I ;

-r1~~ 4.'-

(7 -i~ --



.1 .... -I ,
*/ ? ;'


* .

,. Li


C, -



+, a

- +


'' -r -
- l5. L

i r 4' e- -

. ,.
'j f

yt'2 dl a 4 1

'- *J Lt

fi- -,'--- "* ^
(""' .*.- ._-+
_ . .*

,, e.....

-7 --
L *t &t/

,* .
S. ... . -


,f .1


, F .

C '

*i -) *1~

L- H

. L.


LAG-~- .iQ~






/ _,

I," r.


. . .'


Okeelanta,Flt., Apr. ,1,1916.

'y dear Tirr. elun--

;nclosed find contract for New Okeelmntr lots.

Have not printed th'il: yet.

The buildingl clause is to .lake sure that the lots

am n.. bouglut m -r1 *r for .nnunnl'ion. '2hft doea norio help a town.

If sure a buyer will help .aketil. town, ormotltingf may be conceded

on buildin.- in ritt.n- of cost on' ti:'.n. .J 0ul '13 i.lly T.o',or:- .,hnn one

Slot hie 'ne renuirod to build on only one.

C'Ch- clnoieh re imnerrnad incrment 'ill prfvio very

vs-unol, in tirmr for t'he ton. i.i; wiln r jao iFaprovri*m:ent!, possible

that might wqit for yea-r. ILt vil hii; m.: c1aid-3:' Iii nily n ono else,

so if I oan sti-ri it thl':r.. shlio Id, .

-l nI.-n.Ilnra oony.. of e rl,,I:.wt .l a Laory df ?:'Vynr pur.

oh'se. 'h:t should ielmn -'l .s.

I viqite.-. TallAh-is.e rec:'atly. o Y'onrd welcomed

reliess a brother. 3ormn t O '"ork o r .'i doi ir; is orth more to

them thqn t!e money 1 mrr pnyint. t'em. ''hoy readily and unanimously

granted :r; an extension o" one yF~Sr on my p Oyent, tP tht [ rriglIt 1e

free to dovnlon,rnd not be roluuired to pive mytim- to l#hfi-elling.

That indic-te that the vpr- f'.=vornblc judg mirnt yo'i .-e-o kr ind enough

to pass or :y work here is .i.-rfrtd in 'lih -r.rters.

I shall probably 1.nbl to li-ve deeds to ranny ofmy

lot.soon(U.Ok.) That will help a9les. I hone yuu: mry ,-;kre some

roles th1re nnd in F.C. you h"ve my letter re ales of Tracts 54,


6,8 and 52. Tratt54,oornerinc on th.Town Site,is n bargain.

T think Tr. Yohn wouldAikn to get, another tract-- on onn~1.

Cordiallv yours,

.r *

Seo'y & Treasurer
Asst. SeCretary

April llth, 1916.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,
Okeelanta, Fla.

Dear Sir:-

On account of the dilatory tactics of the State officials, in
completing adequate drainage works for this general section of the Glades,
we have been obliged to abandon our Demonstration Farm and shut down all of
our supplementary development work. For the same reason our experiments
with tractors, eto., have been unavoidably postponed, and we are devoting
practically all of our energies to straightening out the whole Everglades

Meanwhile, however, one of our friends has ordered a $5000.00
-tractor-pulverizer, which will probably be in operation about June 1st.
If it proves successful, will take great pleasure in advisig you.

With best wishes, we areas

Yours very tr

/ I
t \

1/ -

*1 -


/ _, I/



ff, BO,-


7 105 AVENUE C



4ji~rz~T~ xi,~~.~r;H"~

6Z/* /4) ~46-~ I~ QLA -t t

d/ei~LJ97A4;i1t~cs JLIL~-Zd O~~~~Lcr~-kM~i
Ir~e P~zte/5 a/c~ 1C~i~;t~$ -7 ~LC&~l~s ~tl ~~V
6u ~-8flA~

6Ut{-'I' LM -1f~lAA
~-Z~Y2Sbe~ ~f~ i3-~4

~eZ~L""~~~~ PdlII" ~,-~XRZ M
'A 'L~
.~ LLr~t~/t( ~a a*Nt~LZ6~-i-

--) i- ' - L ^"--*r..- r r; II;I - rr -..rrl. .r~, r~;,..-diri i..i..ix -r;-l ..1.. n*I;:lr;i -

^,,-^ /^/ /^^ % /IZZ^^ ^^^^-$^ ^

rj;tUL/ir7/ -U / J %
^^^ T^^^ ^^ ^ r^- r'Hb^~ I
^^fc ^/ -;G y, ^ ^7^ Rr-kP/iT^
aee9g 2^-- ^^^^v^^-

S~v&4A/V L bR~~V7
.^ A ^c -y fy~r^^^ *6xtA^-- -1eR- /<<^

^^^/^^ ^T.^TA
fieK V^-/fT '' ih^^ y^-, c/~ /LL (JIY JL' l/ ^ f^'T^
^J^ ;awR- $C-- rk^, ^ %
! (,LA~ ci^ ^ ^ iu ^ 1u-^ ^i^ .^ ^ ^^/

OKS E.AAFLA,, April 11,19186

F Wr. H.B.Howard,
' Watkine,N.Y.

My dear Mr, Howards--
I thank you for your letters of the 4th. Mr.
Wurvin has been hoping to hear rom you.
I am very glad indeed tOat you rethinking seriously of coming
in with us here. I believe We shall be able to work together most her-
The more I loo' into the tore matter here themore I am oonvineed
thatproperty handled and pushedit will me a profitable investment.
There business on the Lake that might be handled here if gone after.
Competitors are arising that would net have come if the management here
had been more aggresaiveand that need not stays-- Frtherzaeide from
theseeplenty of new business will grow up here in the Gladdel with the
upbuilding of the country A good store should get most of it and hold
It you take the store Ithink the appoitment of yourself ae P.N.
would follow aa a matter of coure.I m not entirely familiar wit* the
details, ut am sure could get iitti.rough both here and in achingg.
teao I knowthe people her well,and am well acquainted in Wasuhngton.
By brother has not been able to sell his store in Oklahoma yett
Neither heertr I would..want things here to drag while waiting on a
delayed sale there. If he sells there there is another opening for
him here. Lke yourselfhe may be able to bring several thousand dol-
lars,and we need all the goodfriendly money and backing we can get
to put things here on their feet.
Zoertainly hope "pu may be able to oome,take the store,.open up
hotel shop,and possibly etheo lines. Thehetel line is promising,
I feel sure.
I hope your brother will be able to Join you here. You will make
two valuable additions to the community.
Siroerely yours,

. I

Pt.Lauderdl e. lorida.April 12,1910.
Mr, SW.Bolllnger
IPUmton Batiding,Pi ttaUrg, P fta.
Tractor dead Situation oriteal. Wrote you tive urgent letters none mBSf
a anwered. Will you handle 6ituntiof 4 If not to you authorize me to
handle it//teing my disoretidA ,

Dv~m' httWv ^t^^ ttjY. Cv 4.f 7.


r -

n.e-ca fl

ud dlApr12,1


J! w


.,r. Hi.H.Jiltly3.coa ter,

fy lr 31 ---
ry d<3-r ,3ir;- '


l." : ','-.*!A.:i" t' -C l ';..-. )',., ': 1 to l ,.

i'r- -. ;. :/-t9U.. !2:' t.~- :.' ..*-4-*1,-l i :. -* .- H' u: : C. i;,

1 1lf 11
Se - 'o' i, LIi t 1 -- i. .' ood t t i .j v oic

r 'a .
-, j .1 . Ut ii zi iy tI., 1. I I 4uiSI u ( 1 0t U (,'& - iJ'

J .
;l ;, .- coi a y oi ul r'

.. -- :

I" t'li .''. a".n):ii'. *it.t "/a ,k1 ind; i r"it a r!? en

plqze . ry your. '

I f r,*G C .

N e -1e L.r 1 I *
*mo f i.. r :q. 7 .I l j .G i t r u .

*ol0'1 elVcri -ri '. : "j' ju* "t d, t t- ':*,i y ri t

rut .crq. ,
;d c Ci r .

4 00 t 10 T.ri c;C *-i ... k
. 1 'o d L't.'t 'itU: ^ ,; U i ; -1 c.f ?.'- *: .

r- .t




routine with its eternal sameness and slow promotion. I as offering
Everglades lands to you because I BELIEVE IN IT, because I BELIS7Y
that, while it is now selling at $50, $80, and $80 an acre in tef-
aore traots on easy monthly payments, it will be but a short time
until it will be worth $500 an acre. The reputation of the great
State of Florida and that State's great resources are behind the
drainage of the Everglades -- when drained they will be the GARDE
SPOT Of THE WORLD and famous the world over, and those fortunate
enough tobuy now, while the price is, comparatively speaking5 on
the ground floor, will, indeed, take pride in their foresight and
judgment. The national -- I might almost say international --
reputation of one of the greatest drainage engineers is behind this
great reclamation project. Please investigate it. Above ALL things
get some of it NOT and reap the benefit of near-future values. In
my opinion,, you cannot invest your money to better advantage anywhere
else in the country.

If you cannot work the land yourself, we can show you how it
can be worked for you.

Make qp a party, go down to the Everglades and see this won-
derful country for yourself. Excursions run out of Washington twice
a month. You will return glad you went, glad you bought.

Come to one of our stereoptieon lectures -- notice enclosed.
Make up a party among your friends and spend a pleasant, highly
profitable evening as our guests. Come and see our soil exhibits,
tropical fruits and plants -- take a sample of our soil exhibit
away with you, have it analyzed and prove to your own satisfaotton
just what it is and will do. We show you this wonderful country with
the aid of magnificently colored slides, some of which were made
from photographs taken by an employee in the Government Printing
Office. All these things will convince you that HERE is your op-
portunity -- the one you have been looking for.

Ladies are particularly weloome at our lectures. We can refer
them to one of their number in the Forest Service, who returned from
a visit to the Everglades enthusiastic over her purchase of twenty
acres. She is urging her friends to buy.

We an help you to pay for your land -- come and let us explain
Now we can do this.

Don't throw this letter and literature into the waste paper
basket. Please read it carefully, then pass it along by so doing,
you will not only accommodate us, but your friends still more.

Come and see us at your iunoh hour, or on your way home from
the office. We are centrally locateA, on the ground floor. Our
address is 809 G Street, I. 1., -- Quray Building, opposite the
Patent Office -- our 'phone number is Main 4280. We shall always he
glad to see you and explain things to you, whether you buy or not.

eTr o 7

RSZ April 12, 1916.

Dr. Thos. E. Will,
Pres., Fruitcrest Association,
Okeelanta, Florida.

Dear Doctor Will:

Your letter of April 7, enclosing a specimen of

eucalyptus, is received. Mr. Sudworth states that the speci-

men has some of the characteristics of E. robusta but because

it has come from a young tree he is not at all certain that

it is this species. T;e leaves from young trees differ con-

siderably from those of older trees.

The Forest Service is not growing eucalyptus itself

and does not have any stock for distribution. It is possible,

however, that the Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduc- V

tion may be able to supply you with some different varieties.

I suggest that you take this matter up with them.

Very sincerely yours,

/A ?. .

Chief of Forest Investigations.



A "'
: nm. .[rw


Flrrixia gutrgloadeks RrecTaimex granr CQlompraq


^/^(^ '-- 7^ --

a ^- ^c- 46- -

Q^C/- .Y Y ^<^<^ <^S^- 'e-w~ '7~ ^k ^-^^

^fc ^s. "h e~- -w ^-*s' ^^ C~

c^^ CP* y -I^- y^^^ ,L4 ;^ i^-
** (?4 ^y ^i~arZ ^>"- "^-y i3^ ^-'^rt^L^*^U,

C/7 --
A lI
yf CCiw fCb yt -^ ^^/

on,^^^/^^ ^^<^^^-^ ^^<

^^c~e^, *yte,9^ c ^-

\- ~~~ ~ ( xe f^ y- ^



*> . ;... . .,...... . :.... ...i. ., .:..V^ : .. ..-:... .:. .. -- .... i.:. . 0A.... .. . ..


*: **I
OHAAJDB f> HQ~fD : .'
*' !

~a a~



i r

L/. I


;i ,,


OKE L .ATA,FLiA., April 14,1916.

.'r. J.Stunrt Lewi OsBecy.,
p. I.Board,

fry dear Mr. LeO1i7jl -
ainoloeed find iy int -t ppyunmnt
for April,viz, 439.00. r oping tji's is orrect,
a Atd tha nking you ,and the 1eard thrugli you, for the
inmny courtesies I received on -ry radt'nt visit to
the State Uapital, I remain,

Very truly yours,


'TL 'Tr,, .5LA., April 14,19160.

"Ty dear !Torve:;&-

Youro of *tho Otihit hand. Inclosod find .C1-1,00. '%'Lnk you.

A :icr; -'or:k rn.n who hia,0 boandow-n hoere lo .1iinr-
thinri; over seejrs very Ibk.';y to t-'h'e thontoro. He is a
fin mrn,.and wil. mTno e -ood citizen. Stil.,I rogrct
thl-t yo -- 'n not got ii! on thie. 1 eei1 t'nt it i3
on 'oF "-tih surest of things. I !:!ontionld othir 't'!i gs
ir,hlo-ever,' -nd if you do not :.t : on tlin,9I truot
you -'.;y get in on one of tho;l. ''.c a4te, rI'poano noncy
TC'*", -; r' of t other rmntnn ron- ., littl"1 Iter.
I pln.nsnei to 15-v- th.e '11l. f-n ily control ti-: otor- from
ti'- t-'rt. It did not int:rnet L-wrenc.,however;and I
could not ri.-t:ictl -to it.

It in til'nin.- Dr. uin n lon,' tir-' to .: t
3t-rto@. I uunJirs-tood he '3 hird proes-'od, n.-d hm-d to
h1ve o good of 'er to -'t in t -11. 3o I rndoe it.
'o-, i't see a thi1t 14- O77 too r-ood. ',.t hirm at?.to
"-ht H;' ncin n'y pr-r r:ont'l .. ul-rly,rn' I wll' try to
nooommodyvtr ihir. I nm, not in tVhe h-bit of v.ryinr the
contr-~otq to nuit np-ocini cnsn- ,hu' t.'i"r n rnc.rid 30- n.rhat
e::cp"tionnl. I should ibr, -!) -d if I-' could nr.y thV amount
i1ieod on l'mnd. 'lhen hb minlit 'et te nalorin -:o for the
pr len., o.: p,--y '.'!it iir c'n on. it.

:L':)k ] little m!ore timn- b'for., n.qndi'r: .-our
l.- V.l- n6n.; i yo o li

ov"-r your?,

it, *i


.... J.. ,...1916.

Dear Friend..V44 .r{.. LJ I......

I have just sent in a dime for a
most worthy cause. -It was to help fight
against hanging the millstone of militarism
around the necks of the American people.
Will you also give ten cents toward that
purpose? You are one of the links in this
chain of men and women who know the danger
of militarism in a free republic. DO

Wall Street's millions staked for
blood against the people's dimes pledged for
peace and freedom. Place your dime in
the coin card, fill it out and mail it in
the self-addressed envelope.

This is the least you can do.
It is angreat fight, but when the people
get together they can accomplish wonders.

Send in your dime NOW.

Yours against a brass button

P.S. The reverse side of this letter will
explain in detail the purpose of this fight.
Be sure to read it.
S Form B


The Purpose of

this Campaign

SHALL America become the breeding place of militarism?
This is the issue that confronts every man and woman to-
day.--The Wall street magnates together-with the munition -
manufacturers have created this issue and the hired press, pulpit
and platform and also both old parties are attempting to force
this issue down the throats of the people. Wall street is lavish
in its financial backing of all those who will lend their voice or
pen to create national hysteria and conjure a ghost of an imagi-
nary enemy.

This country's plunging into the devilish game of militarism
and navalism means the inevitable finding of an excuse for war.
This in turn means that American boys of today will be turned
into cannon fodder tomorrow; that they will die in an unknown
grave; it means a nation of helpless cripples, a nation of widows
and orphans. This is the harvest that militarism and navalism
has brought to all countries that have indulged in these instru-
mentsof hell. .. - .

There's only one weapon strong enough to combat these com-
bined diabolical schemers-enlightenment and education. The
truth about "preparedness" and militarism must be told. This
campaign will be devoted almost entirely to the truth on this
question. The country will be covered from coast to coast with
able speakers and literature by the millions will be distributed.
And your dime will be devoted to that purpose. It is a challenge
of the people's dimes expended for the dissemination of truth
against Wall street's millions spent on spreading falsehood, fear
and war.

K '

.,t \-

L w \-, ,-)

I 1; --

cY~-a--e O
K 1i_ 1A-^ \ -- *\\

* r *^Ar-- %, ~~~ \ cN5P -\L C V.^

^ -^^-- J-^-^I ^^----Jt ^J^c~ L-TT^U

V *^i V--- / L \

ij~c~ C3;6, (-,k`-;1 Q~-*- v


A. G. Beech

Department Store

Odd Fellows' Building

Atlantic, qlowa 19


fg /R79izLW

/0f KLJ^/^,t dr V<^^r
; ~A4AeZ O4U
^ ^A z-'-'-~ CVC A!^^ t-^

ff41 /- 6 -74-"-&f'


ci ,v~/a/ /ic A ~%
2^/ ^/ p~'~~7- y^7~~ y '-

y^^^^/ /ti^/1/i^ ^^^-e^~~~~~~~~~/ic7^^-Y

^W ^77^ v-^^^^


7~~1.~L~L~/~//~BA. ~.]~




O A. G. Beech

Department Store
Odd Fellows' Building

Atlantic, Iowa, 191

/^^ -T^- /A -T
^y/^/ ^)f~v^^^-^ ^^-^ /xOlt v

. '\I

" r^^

C/ L-. d ll

/' '. t




A--Cc "',._
S :

,. -

cC /~ ~- i
''- -wk.:

7) ~fi

4.L~j;B I

/,; /- /. ../'

. ',, e*. 7,/; -'


64 f

* .4 iP- ***
_ L_ *_

A~n: :'

-. '' 7 It. 'f LIP%7P
-ir ---.,*------.--

* ,- 7;.... A ..'

~_- a

_2 )l -.-~ -

:1% ~'/' /

~ C~ .r



C- .


7-./7 F )





__~_~_ __ ___







":,/...."..,_ 'r~d^ A :'*/

Si/ .


Sj .... .-

- --- -------

Uk.e l nt;-, 'I- ., 1 or 1 1. 1'.16.

. c ~i. n i b i - -

clUr"' -i UL' CIl .LCc
on .V :; .- it.

- : t 7 'r ., .

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... I.

April 14,1916.

'y d,:' 'r, LrPoir.e-:--

YoJus of t;he 4t). V t. lIum
ne' od f.ln-. r'.cpta.'o-- Jevoiuty-fivQ Do)llars
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nir tlinr. J 1. L : o; o-.' ou'. .i" rbers.

J illC(J"* l;.' 1. 3'ul p

___ __ _ II

OKELAN.TAPLA.7 April 14,1916.

Ty dear Comrade Fenner:-.

I guess e r. Small is a "
dead one." Haven't heard from Comrade A. Sicki.
Am just writing Comrade Johnstone again. Have
heard nothing from him since offering him what I
understood was all he wanted. Hope y u can see
what Is the matter.

en H. ope you may close the young comrade you

The berry grower story looks good. That
showed what people can do bypulling together.
What a wonder it is that the pnrty papers can play
up such things so strongly they are dbne,
and ignore attempts like ours till we iave done
all the hard work.

no j.r,no snow here. We have had some
severe frost,.but think these are all past. We
have fine alfalfa and lover that have gone through
frosts as though they had not oome.

Fraternally yours,

c Wp

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S -

'' ''''I

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1 .


, a

ft * *

. I

?j ,




/ ( April 14th, 1916.

Mr. Thos. E. Will,

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dear Mr.Will:-

Your several letters and telegram awaited my

arrival at my office this A.M. So wired you "Was away Telegram /

just received Proceed as you think best Am writtig offering


A big plant which we put up in West Virginia several

Years ago burned down. As it employs some 600 men and enjoying

an enormous trade, they are anxious to rebuild quickly as possible.

This and many other things about equally as important have kept

me on the jump. Have enough work now in the shop to keep us busy

until fall and practically impossible to get supplies within

reasonable time.

I have known the time when we could buy steel

shafting at 90 and 10% off list. Today, for quick delivery, we

pay list plus 35%, and mighty lucky to find it in stock any place.

Now, as to the Tractor. I am just as sorry as

you are that you are having trouble. I cannot account for the V

gear wearing. The gear box and gears were passed upon by the

R.D.Nuttall engineers before same were made. they pronounced the

conditions ideal and the whole thing A No.l. I hope the entire

gear box was thoroughly *cleaned before the new pinion-was put in.


Mr. Thos. E. Will. SHET No. 2.

The heating of the bearings subsequently would indicate to me that

some cuttings are in them. If the least dirt gets into bronze

bearings, they heat like the mischief, which, besides cutting out

the bearings, takes an unbelievable amount of power.

You mention about the machine sinking rather deep into

the soft earth. This might be remedied by making the plank a foot

longer, or even more. To do this would necessitate new plank, say

2" thick, of Yellow Pine; the two end channels of frame made longer

(either pieced out by the pieces which we cut off rear ends to

shorten frame, or entire new channels); two new 2-3/4" counter-

shafts; two new 2-3/8" drive shafts (from plate couplings); one

new 4" rear axle shaft (moving the present rear one up forward).

This should give sufficient bearing on the ground so'that it would

not sink objectionably or to a harmful extent, and are changes that

can be made there in the field.

Then if present gears persist in cutting out, if cause

cannot be found and remedied, some other form of 2 speed and

reverse gear arrangement resorted to. As these changes must be

made there, I believe Mr.Searles as capable as any one you could v

get to make them.

You may order such things as you need in the way of

beams or channels, shafts, gears or sprockets from us, or order

them elsewhere, pay for them, and charge to account due on machine.

I am firm in my oelief that the two traveling platforms

is the proper construction. Each driven by disc clutch from the


.. ;.;.~-I ;r I~': *Ilil;;~Yi!l~.*r.*~*III~ULYY~r~~


Mr. Thos. E. Will. SHEET No 3.

same shaft,and no other parts of the machine touching the ground

(except rotary knives) unless the frame supporting the shaft for

the latter might be supported by some light wheels of broad face

and adjustable as to depth of tillage.

If large caterpillars are put on, then machine would

support an 80 H.P. engine, though this would probably require a

new train of gears to drive shaft.

If bearings of gear box are freed from cuttings, they

should not heat. Mr.Searles,however, understands this thoroughly.

Very sincerely,


Ci^ 2pU. Y/_


^I,-,- /Ef.
c^S^^r ^L<^~ : .

9j-f^icj ^/^^ ^^^-y -CIC
/ y y

rr{A^ -D rr P ,

Hr-rU^ ^-e-<-^c^-^ ^ J^~ ^c^ i"cLi^ ^it-
^^^c L~fr^ ^LC^^^

fdci Cc^^ cs^^L.~- "ti
^%< -'--<- -^^ /-tSLJ, ~rf ^K

\L oL &- t do A-
av- /
422f 0~~c~R; /"" .
A 2^-- ^L 1 u/ a-j. ,^

fr L-4^1 t4/c^^t' ^^JD^^

Lca-^-r-i-^^-^-c^---> ^-T^" ^-^

-t^- -L^~r aMi-^
A~r /Lz~ > 7' L ^/o
^p^L^^A GA/ I421-K-;

0JL-b C
'i.ffL f~ Y-,.
q"~~~ "7-^^y
3 7 s-^ yO Y,--L
^^( v-^,)r

97--Z-a u


* t .-

I.. I

r :~


OGSKiANTA, FLA., April 14,1916.

My dear Mis Abranhamt--
I think I havenot given you a receipt for the
Dollar you gavetoward the Town Hall* I enclose it herewith.
Thank you again.
Hoping all is well with the school I am
Yours very truly,


'' ""'



L 14 /

L 3-

'^- ~ZcL 6-t^ /(w w t-&M^


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~L~V ~Cl~L~:~4


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lwf-i^/^49^A -M

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zzi / c:L j fA

4^. -^ JG
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/*^s cJL u i Lki^

________ ^Ue^ ______~C~

__ ~

^a e-x.

-A- '" ^

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44 _Z &".AE-,


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cI ,^L<~_/

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c^u/i~ ^ai
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~)L~b~_~r U

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~;f ~.