"Annex 1, Consultants" (for report: "INT/83/003 Promotion and Support for Women's Participation in the International Wat...


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"Annex 1, Consultants" (for report: "INT/83/003 Promotion and Support for Women's Participation in the International Water Supply and Sanitation Decade")
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Series 3 - Accession 2: Appropriate Technology
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Elmendorf, Mary L. (Mary Lindsay)
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A. List of Social Scientists resident in Honduras
* Melba Luz Zuniga Mayorga
a Amanda Estela Rodriguez Escoto a Marijke Ingrid Velzeboer
* Maria Celina Kawas Castillo
a Marco Antonio Sikaffy Panayotti
a Rocio Silvana Diaz-Chavez de Zepeda-Bermudez
a ** Adriana Gomez de Rothkegel
a .** Gina Sikaffy
a Fernando E. Garcia
a Maria Carmen Miranda
B. List of Social Scientists with special expertize but non-residents in Honduras
a Elizabeth Booth
a ** Kathleen DeNalt
a Meriam Fordham
a Isabel Nieves
* Karl Kendall
a William Smith
* Resumes attached ** Resumes will be mailed directly to INT/83/003 a Interviewed during Mission or previously. Comments follow.

C. Comments on local social scientists
Ing. Marco Antonio Sikaffy p. (see resume in file)
- Honduran Resident in Honduras
- Graduate Studies in Spain in Sociology and Economics 1972-77
- Working now with AID CDI (Central Dessarello Industrial) as evaluator of their Appropriate Technology.
- Worked previously with FECOVIL on an urban low-cost housing project so knows the area and sector. Designed survey instruments and carried out study.
- Also did in-depth interviews with his wife Gina on impact of agrarian reform on peasant women, including six groups in Choluteco where present Rural Housing project is located.
- He and his wife visited Villa Los Laureles with the Mission and could work effectively as a part time team on designing a survey instrument and training the women to administer it.
- Interviewed by Mary Elmendorf 10/21/83.
Dr. Marijke Ingrid Velzeboer (see resume on file)
- Dutch Nationality Resident in Honduras 22-75-40
- PhD in Public Health
- Directs People to People programme with her husband, primarily in rural areas of Honduras, stimulating income generating activities.
- Has worked as consultant for PAHO (see workshop report, annex _)
- Previously was on staff of INCAP in Guatemala
- Interested in participating in project
- Is in touch with PNUD Tegucigalpa
- Reference A. Kruiderink
- Interviewed by M. Elmendorf, 10/20/83

Arg. Rocio Silvana de Zapeda-Bermudez
Col Ruban Dario, #22 Tal 32 8588
Proyacto del Aquan O.N.U. & Consuplana 32-2999
Doing a research project on socio-cultural aspects of urban planning in Aquan for her Masters Degree at the University of Maryland. Is working for UNDP on the project. Extremely interested in the roles of women in Honduras. Visited the barrio de San Juan del Norte with the Mission and the ZONTA representative, Dr. Amanda of the Ministry of Health. Offered to help specifically with this project in getting requests for water, electricity, etc. to the official agencies. Was obviously shocked at government's negative action in removing the group and lack of positive action in responding. She is a part of the Honduran privileged group. Her husband is assistant director of the Ministry of Planning (CONSUPLANE) who was called back to Honduras from Washington where he was a young professional at the World Bank.
Maria Carmen Miranda Local Scientist Honduran Resident in Honduras
Dr. Miranda was active in the AED/ORT project. She is now working as a staff member of US AID and there was not enough time to interview her during the
Mission's first visit. According to William Smith, the ABD/_ project director,
she could be of help to INT/83/03 if projects are developed in Honduras.
Gina Sikaffy (resume being mailed)
Chilean Nationality Resident in Honduras
- Did her graduate studies and holds research in anthropology and sociology in Spain.
- Returned to Honduras with her Honduran husband before completing her degree.
- Has worked with him on several research projects, such as the 80-81 study of

the impact of the agrarian reform on women.
Is very interested in the changing roles of women and has experience and
talent as a field researcher/trainer. Fernando E. Garcia R.
Sociologist on the staff of the Cental American Bank of Economic Integration (BCIE), has conducted a study of the urban slums of Tegucigalpa, a copy of which he is sending for the project files.
He offered to furnish a list of qualified researchers and to put project personnel in touch with the School of Social Work for Trained Interviewers when and if needed.
D. Other researchers who could act as resource persons, counterparts, or
evaluators. Elizabeth Booth (resume in project file)
Presently with AED (Academy for Educational Development) Washington.
Associate Director of Mass Media and Health Practices Project
U.S. Citizen Resident now in Washington
Worked in Honduras from 1981 to present in highly successful health campaign to promote home and clinic-based oral rehydration therapy and breast feeding as treatment and prevention of infant diarrhea, (see Diarrhee Dialogue 8/'83)
Designed and implemented with field team the campaign using a methodology emphasizing audience investigation, formative evaluations, design production of radio programs as well as curriculum preparation training of doctors, nurses and community health workers. Expressed interest in helping INT/83/03 relate water and sanitation interactions as complementary "preventive" components of the existing campaign. Interviewed by Mary Elmendorf 10/26/83 in Washington. Kathleen DeWalt (resume being mailed to Project file) USA Nationality Resident of USA

University of Kentucky Department of Behavior Sciences
Now at the University of Kentucky working in the Sorghum/Millet Programme analyzing the field data on peasant women in Southern Honduras.
Presented paper at October 1983 meeting of the Association of Women in Development on "Regional Variation in the Role of Women in Agriculture in Southern Honduras" written with Miriam Fordham. Both DeWalt and Fordham are in Honduras from time to time on their research projects and would be happy to share their findings and cooperate either informally or formally.
Draft of their paper has been left in UNDP office, Tegucigalpa and
more material will be sent by them to Honduras.
(Interviewed by Mary Elmendorf 10/15/83 at AWID Conference) Miriam Fordham (resume being mailed to project file)
USA Nationality USA Resident
University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology
See DeWalt
Fordham has done considerable research and published a paper on: "Women's Economic Status in Southern Honduras" in Practicing Anthropology 5(3) :17 in 1983.
She and DeWalt have looked at acceptance of Sorghum as an addition to the basic diet when corn is not available for tortillas. Also interested in introducing sorghum as food in income generating projects such as pigs, chicken raising.
Discussed the project with her at the AWID conference in October and she will be interested being in touch with the office in Tegucigalpa when on field assignment.

Isabel Nieves (resume in INT 93/03 project file
Guatamalan U.S. Resident (Baltimore)
Anthropologist PhD Brown University
Now at International Center for Research on Women
Washington, D.C. Previously at INCAP in Guatemala
Did case study of socio-cultural factors in WS/S in El Salvador -
in Worl Bank Publication Socio-Cultural Factors in Water Supply
and Sanitation by Elmendorf and Buckles, 1980.
Has published/written/studied extensively in the field of women's
groups, income generating activities, etc.
Presented paper at AWID Conference, 10/'83
Excellent, careful researcher, knows her field, the cultural area,
and sector. Would be god in designing or executing research or as
evaluator of a project.
William Smith Project Director of AED's Mass Media and Health Practices
U.S. Citizen Resident in Washington
1414 22nd St.,NW Washington, D.C. Telephone: 202-862-1900
See interview in Diarrhoe Dialogue 8/'83.
Dr. Smith concerned with linking preventive and curative behavioral changes.
Interested in project proposed by INT/83/03 in Honduras. Recently returned from WHO meeting with Merson and small group of experts.
Coordinating information and training components of AID's $20.5 million US contribution through PRASAR (the Projecto de Aqua and Saneamiento Rural) in the Ministry of Public Health.

Carl Kendall (resume for original INT/83/03 file) (See Eight Myths in Bibliography) U.S. Citizen U.S. Resident now at Stanford University
Resided in Honduras from 1981 to 1983 as field anthropologist for the AED/AID'-ORT project.
Has been interested in contributions of social scientists to projects where behavioral changes are necessary, especially related to personal hygiene.
Expressed interest in DECADE activities and women's roles in 1981.

E. Consultants to projects, in related agencies, resident in Honduras Inq. Alejandro Castro
Ecuadorian Resident in Honduras
PAHO Sanitary Engineer
Attached to Ministry of Public Health
Practical knowledgeable has read and evaluated the World Bank Appropriate Technology in Water Supply and Sanitation series as well as the TAG technical notes.
Interested in continuing to cooperate with project. Needs official
letter from UNDP requesting his participation.
Played a key role in evaluating technical components.
Respects and understands socio-cultural aspects.
Worked closely with Mission and promised to follow-up on technical
Ing. Val de Bauset Tel : 22-18-01
U.S. Citizen Resident of Honduras
AID Civil Engineer
Attached to CDI (Centro Dessarollo Industrial) in the appropriate
technology section
Interviewed by A. Kruiderink
Dr. Oscar Vigano Field Director of AED/PRASAR project in Health Education related to Water Supply and Sanitation. Because of lack of time Mission was unable to contact project documents furnished by AED-Washington.

List of Persons Met
Ministry of Public Health (MOH)
Lie. J. Diaz, _- Legal Council, MOH
Lie. Daizy _- Office of Planning, USP
Dr. Amanda Estrada Director, Division de Human Resources Dr. Benjamin Rivere, Director de Promotion
Ing. Field Engineer Choluteca Region
Sr. Health Worker in Choluteca
Pan American Health Organization PAHO Ing. Alejandro Castro
Union de Mujeres Hondurenas (UMH)
Lie. Dilma Quezada de Martinez President of UMH and Member of House
of Representatives And about 50 members at a special meeting on Oct. 20, 1983.
Federacion de Asociaciones Femeninas (FAFH) Lie. Alba Alonzo de Quezada Lawyer and President of FAFH Amanda Estela Rodriguez Specialist in non-formal education, planning
and organization of marginal women.
Federation Hondurena de Mujeres Campesinas (FEHMUC)
Nora de Martinez Director de Operaciones
Rosalino Mejio, El Porvenir, Cajon
Julio Saldones, Los Joyos Olancho
Ensiqueta Ruiz, Ceiba Atlantida
Carmen Brizuela, San Lorenzo, Valle
Angela de Jesus Rodriquez, Choluteca
Maria Nartha Ordonez, Aquilar, Union de la Cerca, Choluteca

Catalina Cordova, San Juan, Yoro
Rufina de Miralda, Coordinator, Intricalpa, Otancho
Alba Alicia Gonzalez, Choluteca
Santos Modesta Apasicio, Tapiguile, Juticalpa
Juana Elina Gitana(?) Corquin, Copan (near Aqua Caliente/Salibre) Ermelinda Martinez Nacome Valle Maria Elsa Fiallo(?) Nacome Valle Marina Brurro (?) Santa Rosa de Copan Concepcion Orozco(?) Progreso, Yoro
ASEPADE (Assesores Para el Desarrollo Nora de Martinez, Director
Dra. Amanda Estrada UNICEF
Nestor A. Fuentes Liason/Representative
Adriana Gomez de Rothkegel Consultant on Education
Josephina Ossandon Regional Director for Central America for UNICEF
(conference call from Guatemala)
Ing. Pompilio Torres
Assistant Director
Director of FECOHVIL, International Program
Cartos A. Paz
Director of Rural Projects (Cholutca)
Ing. Fanor Bonilla Resident Engineer in Choluteca

Ray Baum Coordinator of Housing Loan and Water and Sanitation Projects Dr. Abby Bloom Washington Office of Planning and Evaluation On mission in Honduras evaluating Health Sector activities.
Centro de Desarrollo Industrial (CDI) Ing. Val de Bouset Consulting Engineer Lie. Marco Antonio Siffady Sociologist
CONSUPLANE (Consejo Superior de Planificacion) Lie. Tenoria
Cooperacion Suiza al Desarrollo (COSUDE) Dr. Peter Spycher
Banco Centramericana de Integracion Economico (BCIE)
President Dante Ramirez
Vice President Alfredo Noyola
Director, Programs Leon Paredes
Legal Advisor Felix Martinez
Social Studies Fernando Garcia
Financial Director Vicky Diaz
San Juan del Norte Marginal slum community
Colonia Palmira, Ave. Juan Lindo Tegucigalpa, Honduras Apartado 935 Telefono 32 3595
Leaders of the community, including officers of the women ;s group.

Villa "Los Laureles" Marginal slum community Reynaldo R. Palacios President of the Patronato Yelson Maradiaga Secretary of Organizations
Angelina Lopez Flores Financial Secretary and President of Women's
Club Club Amas de Casa. Marta Alicia Lara Member of Patronato, Secretary of Education Committee
of Women's Club and Health Volunteer. Other members of the community, including pump caretaker.
Agarian Groups in Primero de Mayo, Monte Cristo, and other small communities _in Choluteca in Rural Self-He!p Housing Project Area_
UNDP Office in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Eduardo Nino-Morena Acting Resident Representative
Katia Cooper
Elizabeth Kocken (EIS)
Gustavo Delfino
Francisco Roque Castro, PMA
Magdalena De Savarain, UNIDO
Renzo Scavazzon R.R. FAO
Everyone in the UNDP office was most cooperative but Cooper and Kocken were extremely helpful and accompanied the Mission on the field trip to Choluteca. They are the project directors for program Hon/ respectively. Other Individuals Marike Ingrid Velzeboer
Rocio Silvana Diaz Chavez de Zepeda Bermudez Adriana Gomez de Rothkegel Gina Sikaffy P.