Pedigrees of Sir Nigel Loryng, K.G., and Hylle of Spaxton


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Pedigrees of Sir Nigel Loryng, K.G., and Hylle of Spaxton
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itr Aigel aorpng, A.S.,

3 ile of bparton,



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ir fligel Eorpng, A.S.,


parpngton, etpbrt, tCogan, fit &an, Brougbton, Courtmnap, lt. ilaur, .t 3ta Zoub, ypll, oatrcti', ankforb,

B3ourtbitr, 3onbilk, gtbille, rtep, ,tafforb.

Sir NIGEL LORYso, K.G., of Chalgrave, Beds. Ob. 1 tMargaret, dau. andl heir of lialpi I .auli.wl
March 1385-6.(') Bur. in the Priory of Dunstable.(*) of Cnubeston, or Knouston. l,.ron !'

Robert, Lord Haryngton.=Isabel Loryng, dan. and=Sir William Cogan, Kt., of Baunton (Bampton), Devon.
Proved his age 1377.(3) coheir. Ob. 21 Aug. Aged 24 years and more in 1368, at death of Richard
Ob. 21 May 1406.(4) (2nd 1 Henry IV., 1400.(5) his father.('; Ob. 22 July 1382.() (1st husband.)

Margaret Loryng. dau.=--Thomas l'etyvrr, or 'ever. of Toddington. Beds. Sheriff of Bucks and Bleds.. Nov. I1 o6.(*) eld
and coheir. Ob. before the alternate prvMintation of the Advowson of the churchh of l'orlock. P* urlok." Somerset, in
her husband.(a") right of his wife after her dwease. Ob. 22 Sept. 1429.(f'"

John, 4th Lord=Eizabeth Courtenay= William, =-Margaret.(1)
Haryngton. dau. of Edward, 3rd Lord (1st wife.)
Aged 22 and Earl, and sister of Bonville,
more in 1406. Hugh, 4th Earl of K.G. Ob.
Oh. 11 Feb. Devon. Ob. 28 Oct. 19 Feb.
1417-8, s.p.(s) 1471, s.p.(9) 14-.(i0)
(2nd hus-

William, Lord=iMargaret,
Haryngton. sister of
Aged t6 years Robert
and more in Hyile of
14l.() Ob.3 Spaxton,
March Co. Somer-
1457-6.(2) set. Lir-
ing in

h__________ husband )

Sir Folk FitaTElizabeth Cogan,=SirllughCourtenay, -lialhpl.a, ?t Idau. and .Mlaud. dau. of .lohn lBrough r- Marin lryreTfiliflehd de St.
Waryn, Kt. dau. and sole Kt.. of launiton. 4ohlieir of ":r Warinte i t1(4,* '--i tlonoftrough- dan. iand hir. M ith
Proved his heir (1) Nat.circa j. us. livi), and of I I.emalekn.. K .. of Hcaiii.tnt f tonl, Bucks. it'b. 24 or 2 i a d maI31sur,
age1383-4.(") 1373.(,) Ob. 29 Hacl-1b1, 4la w nih1-. 2 his tiife a .. #}. ,ob.. circa. Jul1l4. 9( d hi1is
Succeeded his Oct. 1397.(1`) younger brother of Elin. Talit: l.iiinlg Married lclt. 4O-7. father 15 May
father4March Edward. 3rd Earl and married. and al l 1t17. Ob. 3 1(lt huslbad.) 1401.() (O.i. Ii
1372-3.('i) of Devon. Writ on 21 at tinm, of helr .lJuly 14;7.() Ja. 14i*9.('-)
Ob. 8 Aug. obit dat. 10 March i other's ol.i in Aug. kIrdaife. I (ad hism d.)
1391.(i) (1st 1425.(*)t (2nd I 1t7 ..'nd wife.,

husband.). ".

Wi Bonvlle,=Elzeth Haryng-
Esq., only son. toa, only dan. and
Slain in battle at heir. Mar. circa
Wakefield31Dec. 1440. Ob. vita
1460. patris.

Wilam Bonville. Aged 16-Catherine Ne
when he succeeded his ma- dan. of Rid
ternal grandfather as Lord Earl of Salia
Haryngton in 1458. Slain K.G. Mar. 1
in battle at Wakefield 31 1458.
Dec. 1460.

Thomas Grey, K.G., Marquis=
of Dorset. Ob. 20 Sept.1501.
(1st husband.)

Fuk Fitz Waryn. Aged 3 years in=-=Anne, dau. of William, 2nd Lord Botreaux, bryWilliam, 4th Baron .lohn BrIuItlilon. A-ed 2 .ears in-= William L.a Zouch. ith lord--IAlice St. Maur.
1391.(16) Ob. 31 Oct. 1407. under his wife Elizabeth St. Laud. Nat. circa 1.. Clinton. Aged : 1419, on il tath of h|i mother;,i) Z.ouhoflliaryingwrth. Aged plxithuous
age.(2) Will dated 30 Oct. 1407, Mar. circa 1405. Had assign' of dower in years in 1384. Ob. agcl 22 andi more in 1 129. on death 1. in 141 l'Pr.ved his child. Nat. 24
proved by Anne his wife, and Eliza- 1408.(3) Mar. 2nd before Nov. 1409. Ob. 17 :10 July 1432.(m) of his graiildfather.( Ob. 3 May wife's age in I1424. Ohb. july 1409.(a)
beth, Lady Botreaux, 6June 1408.(") Oct. 1420.(sM) (2nd husband.) I 4:.s I 4."
(1st husband.)( ______4 1 t

eville,=Sir William Hastings, Fulk Fitz Waryn. Aged I Elizabeth Fitz Waryn.j.Sir Richard llankford, Kt.. of Ilankford and Annery. I.,i- 1. -l,.,rilf= Anne, eldest dau. of John do Mohntacute.
hard, K.G., Lord Hastings. year on 20 Jan. 1406-7;(') Aged 17 years and mar. of Dlevon 13 Nov. 1423l.t(:) suctemiled his father lirliant. in May Earl of Salisbury. She mar., 2nd. Sir
bory, Mar. circa 1462. Suf- aged 6 years in 12 Hen. at time of her brother's 1419. when he was of full ag. and had liverr." l Did fealty fur J.ohn Fitza Lewis of West Horndon,
1st in feared decapitation 13 IV.Q() Ob. 21 Sept. 1420, death in Sept. 1420.(ea) his wife's lands in I 420.t i .nrceded his grandfather, Sir William Essex. and 3n. .lohn de Hloland, Duke
June 1483. (2nd hus- s.p.('1) Ob. before 1430. llankford, Chief .Justic' of the King's hench, who ohb. 12 1ve. of Exeter. K.(,.. who ob. 5 Aug. 1447,
band.) 1423.(o) Oh. Feb. 1430 1l.I" She b. 28 Nov. 1437. (2nd wife.)

Cecily Bonville, Baroness Bomnvile and llaryngton.= Henry Stafford, Earl of Wilt- William llourchier. 2nd son of Earl of Ewie. .utiiinoned,'Il Thoniasi ankford, sole heir of her mother.
Aged 6 months in Feb. 1460-1, when her great- shire, K.G. Ob. 6 March to Parliament as lord Fitz Waryn j. nx 27 Henry Nat. atTwslock.),von, 21 Fh. 1422-3.(4)
grandfather died. Will proved 5 Nor. 1530. 1522, s.p. (2nd husband.) VI. to 9 Ed'tlwardl IV. Oi. .*irea. 1470 1. 1O t. IwforI 11- 7.


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dated April 1423, Register Luffenam' in P.C.P.
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and same person, 13 Hen. IV., No. 15.
(19) Cf. Inq. p.m. of Fulk Fitz Waryn, Kt, 9 Hen. IV., No. 36; Inq. p.m.
of Elizab. his mother, 13 Hen. IV., No. 15, and Fines Roll, 3 Hen. VL, m. 5.
(0) Writ on obit of Sir Hugh Courtenay. dated 10 March 1425, on Fines
Roll, 3 Hen. VL, m. 18; and Inq. p.m, 3 Hen. VL, No. 30.
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7 Ed. IV., No. 41.
(i) Fines Roll, 8 Hen. IV., m. 22.
(") Inq. p.m. of Thomas Pever, 8 Hen. VL, No 21. It is remarkable that the
several writs for taking Inquisition on his obit are all dated on the very day that
he died, viz., 22 Sept. 8 Hen. VL (1429).
(2) Inq. p.m. of Mary, widow of Sir Richard de St. Maur, 10 Hen. IV..
No. 38.

(erzKZZ- / 7'-- / g/(44/?. 0;
^ ^i^^^ ^,_,^^ ^^^; /41C^
-low.^> P.a-J -~ /^ ^ ^ ^ < ^ .^


1\ "

( ) Inq. p.m. of Sir Richard de St. Maur, Ch'r, 10 Hen. IV., No. 38.
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in the manor of Wantage, Berks, Escheat 9 lien. IV., No. 60.
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widow of Folk, son of Folk Fita Waryn, 8 Hlen. V., No. 10G.
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m. 21.
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(41) Inq. p.m. of Sir Richard Hankford, Kt., 9 Hen. VL, No. 54.
(Ia) Proof of age of Thomasia, daughter and heir of Sir Richard Hankford,
Kt., and Elizabeth his wife, deceased, which Thomasia is wife of William
Bourchier, 15 Hen. VI., No. 70 annoo 1436-7).

ABTmrkA or THz WujA op SIa JOHN HULLE, KT., or KrTTo, co.
Dwvow, one of the Justices of the King's Bench 11 Richard II.-
9 Henry IV. Taken and translated from the Original in Latin.
Register MARCHE, quire 17, folios 129', 130.
I, Sir Join HLLx, Kt., make my Will at Kyton, on Thursday
next after Feast of St. Petronella (2 June) 1407, and 8 Henry IV.
Proved 8 July 1408, by John his son, Matilda his relict, Robert
Hylle his son, and Wil'm Jewe, Ex'ors.
To be buried in Church of John the Baptist, Exeter, near the
east door.
To Matilda my wife, 200 marks, all my goods and chattels at
Kyton, Bykelegh, Wellesford, and Exeter.
To John, my son, 200 marks for his marriage. 1 All three
To Ralph, my son, 200 marks for his marriage. jare minors
To Isabella, my daughter, 200 marks for her marriage. under age.
To Elizabeth, my daughter, a Sister of Bokelond, 100s.
To Robert, my son, a silver cup and cover, 12 cows, and 12
"boriculos" (oxen).
To Robert Hyll, my nopoti" (grandson), my best sword.
Residue to be disposed for the good of the souls of myself,
Dionisia, my late wife, and my benefactors.
Ex'ors to be Matilda, my wife, Mr. Robert Rugge, Robert, my
son, John, my son, and William Jewe.
If I die at Kyton, a mass to be said at Holecombe.
To the Abbess of Canonlegh, 40s.
To the Prioress and Sisters of Bokelond, 40s.
To the Friars Minors of Exeter, I silver mark.
To the Friars Preachers of Exeter, 1 silver mark:-all to pray
for my soul.
MxoauanxDn.-Dionysia, his first wife, died 13 Oct. 1387, and
he had married Matilda, his second wife, before April 1390.

SoMssrT. Taken and translated from the Original in Latin.
Register LUFFENAM, quire 1.
I, ROBKaT HrL. of Spaxton, in the octaves of Easter (28 March-
4 April) 1423, make this my last Will in the form following:-
My body to be buried in the Church of St. John of Bokelond,
near that of my wife, before and under the centre of the great altar.
[N.B.-This was the Priory and Preceptory of Myuchin-Buckland, or
Buckland Sororum, a House of Sisters in the parish of Durston, near
To the Prioress and Convent there xx li. in money to buy a jewel,
to be placed on the body of Christ; and for the Prioress there z .;
and the other Sisters there viii marks between them in order that
they pray for the souls of myself, Isabel, my wife, my parents and
benefactors, (and) in order that the names of myself and Isabel, my
wife, may be placed in their Martyrologium, and in (their) Chapter
every year, on the days of our deaths, may be pronounced; sad to
four Friars there, to each one x s.
To the Prior and Brotherhood of St. John's, Exeter, 100s. (for
the like purpose).
To the Brotherhood of the Hospital of St. John, Brygg' (Bridge-
water), iiii li. (for the like purpose).
To the Friars Minors of Brygg' (Bridgewater), xl s. (for the like
To the Friars Preachers of Yevelchestre, l s.
To the Prioress and Convent of Kanyagton, xl s.
To the Abbess and Convent of Canonlegh, xx s.
My will is, that four suitable priests shall say the great Trental
of St. Gregory for one year for all those whom I have, at any time,
injured, etc., to each of them ii marks.
To John, my son, and his heirs, my cup of Berell with a silver-gilt
cover, a ewer of Berell with cover, one black horse, one grey horse,
and one white "ameler integrum."
To Elizabeth, my daughter, cc marks, the same to be kept in a
chest at Bokeland for her marriage, provided that if the said Elizabeth
should become my heir by the death of her brother, that then the

said oc marks be spent for the good of the souls of myself, my wife,
and parents as above is mentioned.
To the Lady Haryngton, "d'na de Haryngton," my sister, a zone
studded with pure gold.
To the Lady Johanna Malett, d'na Joh'na Malett," my sister, a
pair of prayers, "precU," of corell with silver-gilt gauds, "Cum
gaudiis de argento deaurat." [A pair of bead rolls; the gauds
were the larger beada.]
To the Lady Alianora Hull a gold ring with a diamond (set
To John, my brother, a silver cup and cover.
To Ralph, my brother, a cup with a gilt cover.
To Sir Gregory, the Chaplain, xx s. N.B.-The style adopted
To Sir William xx s. in these three cases is
To Sir Richard Champernon xx s. dominus."
To John Fithide xx a.
To John Brekebeke xx s., etc.
I appoint as Ex'ors of this my Will, Hugh Lutterell, Kt., with a
legacy of iiii li., and a silver-gilt ewer; Thomas Stawell, Kt., with
iiii li., and a brooch; John Warre, with iiii li, and a gold ring; Hugh
Cary, with iii li., and a cup and cover of silver; John Southwode,
clerk, with iii li., and a silver cup and cover; John Cogan, with one
ox, one cow, and iiii marks.
The residue of all my goods and effects I leave to my Ex'ors to
dispose for the souls of myself, my wife, parents, and benefactors.
Proved vij day of May, the year above said.

Upoo comparing the two Wills it w ill be observed that Sir John Hylle omits all mention
of his daughter Margaw!i and Joan. We know that Joan, lady Male, was his daughter by
Dioupla, his ant wife, and that she was contracted in marriage in 1380; it may therefore
be infarmd (tI flyv that Lady ll ryngton was likewise by his first wife, and had attained bher
mAjorilr. and was provided for before the date of his Will in 1407; (secondly) that Eliza-
brth, -b de had entered the Sisterhood at Buckland Mouschorum before the date of her
father' Will, was likewise by his nlst wife; and G* his children by Maulds, his second % ife, and that they were all under age in 1407.

gI of bparton.
Anus.-Gules, a saltire vair between four mulleta or.(7)

Martin Langdon.=Dionysia, dau. of-Sir John Hullo of Kyton, in Holeeombe Rogns,=3Matilda. Mar. before April
Mar. before June Sir John Dur- Devon, one of the Judges of the King's Bench 1890.(1)(8) Living in 1407,
1:118. Will dat. burgh, Kt., ob. 1389-1407.(0) Mar. to 1st wife circa 1861.(1) and survived her husband.
II May 1860.() 18 Oct. 1387.(1) Will dat. 2 June 1407; proved 8 July 14u8. (2nd wife.)
(lt husband.) Ob. 24 June 1408.(')

alxwila Fitchett, dau. of Sir==H(obert llylle
Thomas Fitchett, Kt., of Spax- of Spalton,
to... by his wife Ricards, heiress ux. Mar. at
4f .ohn Inkepenno. Nat. at Kyton before
llalton 24 March 13183.(') Sue- July 139'J:;()
*wledl her brother, who ob. a ob. 25 April
iino.r 29 July 13j95. at which 1423.(*)
time she was wife of Robert
I hll.0)) Living in Sept. 1412.1') Nan

Elir. Ilylle.
A .Siter in
the Nunnery
at Buckland,
in Durston.


Joan, Lady Manlet.
Mar. John, son and
heir of Sir Baldwin
and Isabel Malot.
Settlelnelt dat.
80 March !,io.(3)

Jotn, an
of his



1 "-- I
ited in his John Hyll, son and heir. Nat.=fwcily, dan. and coheir of John Stourton of Elizabeth.
will. 26 Sept. 14ul.() Ob. 14 Oct. I'rmr'n, Somerset. Mar. 2ndly Sir Thomas
1.114. [Esc., 18 Hen. VI., Keriell, K.O., andob. 19 April 1472. [Eec., 12
.V". 36.] Ed. IV., No. 51.]

) Chartalary of thbe Hull Pamily in P. L O0. Mine. Books, Vol. o0.
p() Prof oa of Ibella, wife of oberlt Iulle, Rio. II., No. 146.
) Ee., 19 Ric. II, No. 24.
(*) loq. p.m. of Robert Hyll, 1 n. VI., No. 31.
i) HallIdy's APre*k Xeewssats.

(*) Prinoe's Worta, qf Deemo, sad Fou's Biograpta

() Seal of Robert yll\e of 8~pton (vide Coli son,
L, S4,). d Harl. MS. 15W.
(0) Fin. Cone. Soameset, Pesch 1U Ric. II., No. 14.

Mr. Poe, in hi biograhies of tho Jthed. of .glj,1, wd Sir John Madeen, in his Deeawry Af Th .-Jfaor, have confounded Sir Robert
IHlll, one of theJuti J e of the Common Plea. (9 Has. IV.-3 Hen. VI.), with Robert Ilyll of Spsiton. They were not identical. Their
shields ofArms wer dilfrent: Sir Robert, ihe Judge, bore, ArgMnt, on a cheron between three wa .r-boagda amble a mullet or; and Robert
Hlyle of Sp4aton. Gul., a mlire var between r mullets or. Sir Robert, the Judge, did not marry label Ficeatt; =ad Robert Hylle of
Spstoo did not mn.ry Jea, daughter md hbir of Sr Otho Bodruge.

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