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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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November 9, 1991
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Newsletter

Aaa Mz M IT I3N0

fost of thesis islands pay Lip-service to the various regional
agreements on Jree trade, nevertheless, quantitative and
other barriers exist to a large extent: 7fPPWI

7,at a ceremony to launch
fIW- "Satzenbrau- beer, a new product
of Grenada Breweries Limited,
Minister of Finance Mr George Brizan said
total exports of the countries of the
Organisation Of East Caribbean States
(OECSS) to Trinidad & Tobago is worsening.

"Today, he said, "we are still faced 'with
i certain non-tariff barriers and quantit-
tative restrictions in penetrating that
Figure Had Risen.
In 19o0, the Minister said, the
t"-CS exported approximately | -
EC$99 million to Trinidad
& Tobago. the OECS
Smain Caribbean
I' ...m in u i t v. . .
'.A R I C 0 M ) t ,. .
a ar ket and, 10 -
years later, that% ^4 ..*
figure had risen to
i6104 m ilion.

LMr Brizan said, however,
that a closer examination of
the situation shows a
S differentL picture.
SBetween 1980 and
S- 193, he said, OECS-
exports to Trinidad
.- ri & Tobago increased
from EC$99 tof
iEC$ 145 million, and
4 after 1983 there
-was a slump to
EC$104 million

At the sa:me
S HR FRED TOPPING time, the Minis-
ter said, Trini-
dad:I & Tobago annual exports to the OECS
increased by_ EC$46 million over the

period Iou bto 1990.

The marketing of e
"S-atenbrau, beer is to
be geared mainly to
expo "" rts in C ARICOM,
and Mr t, izanrt promised
Governments support e
"in a very practical
1war y in tha market-
ing and promotion of
the produc- in
Tr inidad & .
is ess ential that the OECS
address the severe imbal-
ance in trade with
Trinidad & Tobago,

itegration movement.
iI ,1All CARICOM countries
i ave signed the free trade
areement, the Minister said, and
Grena:3da is subscribing to both the spirit
and letter .: that agreement.
At The Highest Level
If the marketing of rSatzenbrau.
encounters any trade impediments,i
quantitative restrictions and non-
tariff barriers, he said, Government!
will take the matter up and have it
resolved at the highest level

"Satzenbrau" is a brand name of Guinness
Breweries and, addressing the gathering
(ahich included both Governor General
Sit Pau i Scoon and Prime Minister Nicholas
Bratl waite Mr David Jones, Regional
Director- of Guinness Breweries
it t 3SAI7--i.BRAU Pas..

Saturday %h November 1991

Paw 8$

The Grada Newsletter Saturday 9th november 1991 Page



Labour .1 predicted
Cc riloflce on October 22lh that
hfr n nov" foreign soldiers again
G'renadian soil "nd there vil i
disturbances" .

He said a&o there Will be "von
sudden deaths", and that "God
put dow those who, by cheai

|'Sir Eric based his authcnty to


'International, said Guinness is the wold 's
number 13 brewer by volume and num,-
Vber 4 by profit.
I Much of the profit, he said, is based on
sales of "Guinness Stout", but the Compaany
;has many joint venture and partnership
arrangements around the world for pro,-
: auction Of other beverages include in
-repsi Cola and "VitamaIt", b.oth of ch
;are produced by Grenada Breweries.
Guinness Bought Shares
:r Jones reminded his aud-inc. that.
T.renada Breweries,, manufacturing. arib"
beer and "Gian mata ws stle
in the 1960s, and in 1979, Guinness .ouL..
shares in the Brewery.
:"T:is was followed shortC. by 1n ign m
.i a contract in i191 to brew 'Guinness
ad 'Guinness Malta' in 197 e said.
Sixth a few ups and downs we
consolidated our position within the rew
Try and today we have Increased our
_shareholding to

Mr Fred Toppin, Chairman of the Board of
Director of Grenada Breweries Ltd,
Spe. ,ing on the occasion, said. in
preFparaton to brew *"Satzenbrau", the
Brewery has expended close to a million
EC dollars in re-tooling, buying bottles,
c-ses and all the other necessary things.
Competition Is Fierce
t not e easy to market "Satzenbrau-
n CARIC OM, he said, because there are at
least seven breweries in the islands of
CAFICOM of which four .are in the OECS,
fij:ri competition is fierce.
"WAdditionallyt, he said, "while .most of
these islands pay lip-service to. the various
r.-gI-l ag reements on free trade, never-
te es -qantitative and other barriers co a large extent in many of -these
lands (and, in particular, in three of
them; hile products from all of these
tuntnE enter Grenada freely."



: GAIRY ip+;-r...t, !n direct contact he says he has
Leader orf ith God. God speaks to him, he said, in a
.,a Uted voice ,rhich a limited number of other people
at a press have hear., thich people do not vish to be
"not. I` d2 nt d.
wjill be on
-eat civill a pes-s relase, Sir Eric quoted a statement
roasi to ahi not long ago" by God.
God Told Him
ders" and i "-n put the nation once morn into your
vill sooa hands !'th peace and love, vith happiness
t, put up :an pr.::perity arid with good-vill and f rm various regions of he vorld" ,
Sir Eaic said God told hi-m "I will put this
riake these Plee See GAIRY Pa i10


The Grenada Nesletter

Saturday 9th Nowmber 1991 Page

GARY From Page 9
nation into your hands for at least ten years in .as awakened by a pohceman.
the first instance, and I shall even increase

your years, if needs be, as I did Abraham's".

Te GULP A1ta Lawkr s saf it g&t
diAci Afars m popw to rdely arqget B
fac ht Is At a 714zaeuaflf -ssauea .-
of Gfelr. nfeffsahr a g o hoserw
as cf sad to haS "I
apvi&d Jw t 7 may pVp -e- eww- zAe A

Some five or six months ago, th~ Ar ig.tyt
made--nother-stateament to hix, Sir ac. saiaL.
This time the words vere, "I iill bLkL you
vith blessing like sand on the sea shore."
Reprimand From God
Thinking of bov much sard there is or Lts-sea
shore, Im-said, there vas doubt in his har ai
to the riality-of-thi -piomis- and -is doubt
brought a mpinimand from God.

"FIB are stubakws God ssA "Its J re-

IL ty _f ..... ..0

Sir Erics.ailJe vould not disclose the value
of land be sold vithin-.ieeks of this pmrmise
having--bee-- ade,--..ut. GodL-as-Jiegin to
shover on him the blessings he said he wn..--

Sir-Eric said his entire life has been blessed
vith miracles..Je. does not nov drink anyt-hing
strong, he said, but cited one miraclee" -hich
took place at a time in his life vhen he vzs
Prime Minister and vhen 1he drank "ew rYth, i
fomin 'mountain dew' (illicit liquor) to
After The Dance

He had driven himself to a dance at. Gouyave
on the vest coast some twelve miles from his
official residence, he said, and, remembers,
after the dance, in the early hours of Lhe
Imorr nng, getting into the car and putting the
switch key into "he ignition switch.

Aiter that, he said, he has no memory Juntil,
sometime after the sun had risen, he, still
sitting in his car and in the vard of his residece

'Art v m one of/s y Aggert arkach S
Enf m d, Iffor did I emaw tnng& to
OWs? ffr dif I Cme-war f w G$, &*
Mr npM Asz wt.hoit -oa sssa ? -
-aMquWfy mki OF coamnei JP A* Rsa

A&_niracie" vhich the GULP Political Leader
aaits is restoration of his sight vhich has
been failing over the last fev yeai and vhich|
nas left him .almost completely blind. In this
-tnection, .ie ha habad-another dir ct statement
from Od.

*" staff As/ p&ar eyjr' &*r Es mif GWa
-M Arad A"a11 ardJ217 ypr sZJipt"

The r ain purpose of that press conference
vas to..announce a.special mission vhich, Sir
ELic said, God entrusted to him "a fewv. days
I.hold Your God
Since. -the r,imunist revolution of March
13th 1979, he said, many Granadians baw
"turned io tl-hings detrimental to their souls."
God's rmssion, Sir Eric said is that .hb (Sir
Eric) should "go th te-peopi and say, 'Behold
your. God"

That mission, he said, he would begin on
November 2nd.

lYY..-T,,J,,'-, r---T


ship "Maidstone" transported the
East Indian indentured labourers
arrived in Grenada on Ist May 1857

The voyage started from Calcutta" with
375 passengers on board but only 289
arrived; th. others died on the ship.

These East indians were foreunners of
2,022 more who, over the next five years
and- with 270 liberated Africans, provided
iabiour to rescue several valuable estates
abandoned after Emancipation in 1838.

sitw n i a a ntpvado isrsdw

hne Graada "NewsVtar

Saturv 9th tzmber 1991


iovm&Tnmnt is gotti to be face d wit a situation where
tough dlnsiwUns wil havg to be taken.

SA Democratic Congress: ,DC .

W 3rd, r.-me Minister

Arty me s tht his vern-

S.t. l not ta Grtad 7to ny

"The 1DC Govenm--t tw
ensure at it does -not take
, -ti- tr to the CO- x

:< said, built it is going j to
ure that it tak-- Fespns- -
i -e decisions w-ich will n. ot '
!result in the kind of silual tion !& .
that youth c-an have where it .,
has, of necessity, to go to the

*iO _,j cB o ", ,,f .,

,:- ^.,--'-* -.
Ce of the aor -problems facing-

trrlars, and he expresses: h" -__-
piaion that what is unfortunate

problemm are bold-faced enough to criticize
:actions taken to solvf it.
Take This Message
Br.atlwaite' said the econo .ic situation

a.e:. this m ssag.e to the publi.:.

he IDC decided there was ao way
In wich tax #uil bDe re-
introduced, he said, and, in his first
address to the ND, he left that
subject entirely alon. Instead, liae
t c-' that a fiscal review
mittee wodA be set up to lU-".-
-t e matter

-4 --

r 4-


,. ",'you must understand that you can't
'i.e ..,e_ Government for what is our

The Prime- Minister said Grenada is
o.t faced with as bad a situation as
Darbados is but his Government is
going to be faced with a situation
where tough decisions will have to
be taken.

T7 situation is such, he said, tlhat
expenditure must be reduced andl
revenue must be increased.
.- May Face Retrenchment
M r a th w ite hinted that
L e the vil Servic may face
reReschment when he said
S 4 tflt s. p. wiI say"
"that when his party was 1in
-o opposition, it opposed re-
.- He agreed that the NDC did
S-oppose retrenchment as im-
-" p.merLnt d by the Govern-
MjSTg n o the l ate Prim
lATHWA-4TE Minister .erbert Blai.. but
,,.-- ,. a .
... ..: does no.-t wsnt "to oe dea-ig
with in .ividuals and their political per-

The tDC wants to deal with the
.sitatio- in an objective manner, he
said, and, in this connection, the
ritis Development Division
n. ough fc the Department of Personnel
a .. Management Services, has
carried out an evaluation of the jobs
that afeT not- necessary for the
ttTCiaency of the Public Service.

Mr Brathw, ite complained that his
Go-'rmn-snt has been subject to constant.

,---g th ,::-paign for the last Gene -ral

.Plas see DECISIONS Pag 12

Page !1


SnTe Gresiada NesLiter

SaFtrday 9th iNomvmber 1991

DEc-gIGHS From Pafe 11H

:-tons and up to now, he said, the
+:.0o.. ..+ :.-",. r.-.-?, + ,4 i -- - - *
ica:cy because- it has shown no sense

Reported To Be Retirng
h m-dia ias named, ep rhaps. eight
-3U- to replace Governor Genera Sir

-this ye.r, he said, and quoting "-sources

ose the Prime
Mi:-ster" have even
.l. ....e 0 f Cabinet. ,
SThe Prime MiF -is -
aid th.t as Leader of
| C .-. .+d the Govern--
u.eni, l -e kOw- s noth-
n *-:- any of this.-

"I am ccT m7tted
freedom of the

:s head this
Government i am
'gain to ensure
. ,. .... A,. I m
ce forai whict we
:.-- set out in our
Smanrfeso will be
robsDrZed, h. s-aid
"but ther- comes a

w eth ietr our not it is
rom inside or
'tside you na~ve
|3 take act-ion in
-:es -tc: to t..ose...

I he hoped the
.... te" re not_.
*cheri him because

^ ''reat, because
7 never issue a

S-- --deniocraic pr. -
- ~ -

F i


1U 12

7` ci~ i if l ia

&-=La 9Td -;

S i~j9 tss3g

] 1~u~-La iaa 1

thue natin of Grenada.

Accou.- t: e. NDC Party constitution.
the po siti:n P-oitical Leader is not open
to .-ction :.s long as the Party is inr
power Te institution provides for two
Deputy Potic" l Ieaders who are voted
or annual n d the ,Convention re-elected,
.u:..ed, the 'ou-tgoing incumtibents, "Mr
".rge Bria.n and Dr Francis

Mv:r 'lKenny Lalsingh also _wa.s
-.returned as Chairman of the
rty. Mr Lalsingh was under
.4 earlier this year when

Sence to what was thought
t a questionable, unauthorise
da 'iprt tions of electronic
.iptent by his Ministry.


&he Director of Public
Prosecutions, to whom the
S:att was referred, gave
ithe opinion that no criminal
action had been involved.
No statement has been made
by NDC with reference to
anyi dis ciplinary action
ka-a taEn against Mr Lalsingh,
an-d his re-election, uin-
-ppqosd, to the post of NDC

Citi s sad indicates his return to I
Spread the belief, however tha+ t. e favour in dte Party.
;"^- e* T" -ch are granted t.y de"oc-

p-., ..s .-Ce as .c n s
: .'-.^t is not-in the -i-se .ves but inll

_ ~

Page 12

SThe Greada fsietr Saturday th Nowmbr 1991Pat 13

itistorT wilt record thte tfw faRl of Comunnaism began riqtit
here i, Gr-da, OCw-" 3... 198: SCOON
SlHE ORGANISED PO- Di "m.. Corps and officers and men of
Sgramme ford Grenada. e t "Trippe", Grenada for the

i ".. an,' sgi- in, = i., Seg-......
: -mitted the us*A a! mir-4y T ,ose were also at a wreath la-
d. Intad mere ws an ecumenical i :riony latei he day at St.
at :.een's Park o. the outskirts e..rges University Sc-hool of Medicnme
I.... George's and it was poorly attended -- th-re is a monument to the 19i
..... '," nit tates servicemen who lost their
siin Da in Grenada is ives ring the "rescue mission".

ben Forces on -. Governor-General I
-.a October 19- .~ .--....-e =- ir Pa.u Scoon and
in he he -- ad the pr o
_t2a1r c' "ric a B 19 m1 -aS
jjp i N not been in vain.
Ji.- I. l thi bravery I
'-. C.&siiC- I.:. G* .' h .. -e Ir..
9 C 'P4, a- Rom- an

{ amd m? awares and pdX pyalty,
-tderreGr""a .rys ah ich le-

eeing tha blod ti da. d g the dis
.. a t -e .-. '- n -- .e m"e nd.., ati in st coin
mef' iald 6V-RNUR GUA..$S PAUL SCft ,:LSmf o_. a
-- e and n o rd- -wi a de

.-tteance- "d ,li.- Archd-.-on'-

th biblical stored of the 10 enerss ,-.. ist histr y and -record t, i

S.:turned to -d e :hank ...rensd .ecte, r 25thia
....d t t the h ... i i g t. n u. ,: can be
e the dis --,

t -i l,-4 io t wno dietl than thm
..... "h "' -- .... of d mrcraticain i t on-
-v- and -a w I d 9 d "-"

7. seats bi bliCal stands, t :emocrac and the rule r
ve n More Rreeavnt telv n le

m V:[<: :-:a :-. i-_ v -.. =,;,,....+=+-.:. . . ,. :.-.._, rr,'," :: ': ,. .. ..

end the service he said wer
S.e--.. as many visitors -s nation ".

-Lon the visitors were members of the

T-i. will always te those who "continue
- t reir own---- twist" to the events of

Pae e MIHA S GIVIN Page 14






Saturday 9th Novomber 1991




organized by e Grena--da
C'-ivic a..reness' Organs-
|,. _.. .. ation tC'.) w .s ofi cialY
wr -nJ1 te Sr P

eak at a ceremo, at Marrys,- w
....e. E. .-m r. .eu..-e, o the

.-d -l not well with the world in which
-Lphas seems to .,e on material thin-s
aon the hrman person.

j lEt-rywhere society 'is so battered as a
Sof man's inhumanit to man he
t on Divine assistance can rest
n further descent into mistrust,
I-. -a- gr- eed- and, instead, lead us h.
.?-ptways of.r peace and ius-tice."

Grenadian is
expected to live up to his
responsibilities, the Governor
General said. Responsible mem-
bers of the community are entitled
to certain rights, he continued, but
these rights must be exercised and
enjoyed in a responsible manner.

Sir Pau. A:ite, '"free speech" as an example
o-f this and aid this right can be exercised
a.s -.on- is not used for the purpose of others or telling untruth
Does Not Infringe
"e are entitled to freedom of worship as
1'"ng a:s :. doe so within the framework of
thte i:w." ne sai, "' and as long as our act
of -w ship does not infringe the rights of
Plese See AWARENESS Page 15

Page 14

i gGN0G From Pare i3
'--..::., t -ov ro4r-General sa-, He-
,- .. ..- A. -

sae Of Us Who .i-.ed through t h e
Sand a ,half years prior to that
;..t- ..t-.. rescue r l.r" 'msisisi ... has
:i"r i p ear e and democracy "or the last
r -i.h t .-',+ -

.T..... of us who lived th-roik- the
-"-,, and a half years prior to the
October events of 1963 know exactly
what the alternative might have
:eaen, he said.
i-. attn-.din the ce-remony was Maor
,.'-t: J n Sh-eeha Director of P.. lans
S y direction o. the United States

voicing Sir Paul's theory of the world
,,, ,,f om-munism, General Sheehan
s.-ii tTiranaa is a very special nation.
Created Ripples
"Eight years ago the people of;
Grenada threw a stone out into a
very quiet pond," he said "andi
created ripples in a very large

These ripples have cascaded into!
event-t seen today in the Baltics and
Centra. America, he said. With a
ittie bit 0of inck, he continued, these
events may take place even in Cuba.1

4^a^".'V -'.'f4w^ .yjp "''^ *


- -

i ~~~J~,~ GRe~li~da ~j~~~i)~T~





. . I. .. . .. .

. ... =,'; : ::

-*!: ;:??.::.. !;;. ., :,-%S? :-- -., o.* :.._: .. ,: "S^ "
1~~~~~~~~ 1. -.. .- - S ---jn. -- jg- -l
ilm ~ l ~ l !'l.4-^--g.-:-.i .4 I -L., IAg-:.--
I -dq
.. . . . . ..* -, i; '::... -.: -.,.- ,.-.,.S f ^B|-a-..s. ; .!-.-S[ 1;w : :-

1; -*I

Born to Henry and Joa nLewis at 8.45 pm on Friday 11th October
1991 at the Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida, USA.

Weight at birth, 7 ibs 5 ozs


Te question arises, tne Governor General
-, 4-. as to Cwmat a citizen must kite n1
:rn -r enjoyment 1 thes ..ri.s...
a'rhre:--e many duties citizens .ave t,

S-w .while others are based on common
; -V LI.II

Ai must strive to be good citizens
A great interest yrenssad

S Po m -_Y pRe.
., t t onmn4_._ .i st b r man.f.estd
S&-- t to wtid, tt
t r pro t. .ed4 sd i
i h? aisr f wfAca nfis i ss.
(AArfe a-nd tfre disabled .a.?r
fr..s-. e

_..iti" must also maintain high levels of ,
pr-i ..tivity in the work place, he said,
tn? aminItain the highest level of pro-
S-esional integrity andr must have respect
r tn an Tr the Institutions of the

tt is h&e- duty of the c'tizes to payI
ta-es as the law demands Sir Paul
si '- w try at cheat or evadei
w~e w Fd be guilty of a gross
dervichton of duty And obviously.
ove-&-rent would not e able tai
ra ais tia our rods, bridges an.
put/f asc .j1gs

e General said that, in the,
,* ,ir o renada. life 's pendulum has
^.-, to.: far towards the material and

Please see AWAR!NE S Page 16


~----- 1~

The Grenada Newsitwu

Sa jtiay i-h Neomber 1991

Pa~e 15

;tle- sjFeflaikd i~V~it~L& Saturday 9th Nowm her 1991 Page 16

manqrov treess are bein 9
this not ontL encourages
whf-re- I

: :.-- ..:: .--. . .- :- .- -
*r'2 ren1,ada is concerned over
-erosion of the island's
::::~'.:: easternsten coastline w- ih is s

S .::.::-:-:- 1 .11- U V- ."

w.aS disclosed on November 20th b
r Phinsley St Louis. Minister of An,-cu-

oilowin an occasion marklfin World
J-d D- y".

gMrf Ji ma"ss sea rosionM Cn O he
-Ssters "hasteite.' he said. 'The
.1 ove -rees are beiWg cut dorF
&o brn into charm c-l nd this not
Sonly en-oua0ges eros-
,.on, "but. destroys the
S areas whenr fist
come to spa wn.
SCan Still Be Cut
That situation will.
have to be correftsd,
N Minister said, but
S..... .- -. t -

S- : .. .. .
S ... can still be cut so th th
1 -.1 Louds so-' cl ca

a. P
:I_: he said but sd-
.p:U v r s
L S .. ..... . .
---.s is sH, *.fl r Si ceie brat-
-. G ion of ; Wo rld Fod,' y is f

0 t T .. ,-

,: ons -1n ..

T:y, and for at least the net---:2 mon-ths
theree will be progr.ammes organis-ed to

x &L


S From Page 15

d-isorderi. if secure progress is to be
made, he said, there is need to maintain
Sbalrance between personal enjoyment
and the r.makning of sacrifices in the

In .heir pLroessional lives, Sir Paul said,
Grenins need to be motivated by
love of service rather than by greed for
mon,- They need to show greater
retspe-t ::r the Institutions of State, he
sa, for U. e Church and for one another,
a in rebuilding and consolidating, al
iv1e .o uphold values as the solid
fad:i ,.on -ra.ther than every passing

- celebrated its seventh annivers-
ar o. N- : mber .3rd and "Awareness
M1-njh .- in recognition of that occasion.
At;vies iimi'ude TV and radio dis-
Siiussio a wide range of topics
including the environment, health,


iu..gu_ .V ,..he month will be the
..chi a book on civics prepared
-b GCAO. which book is expected to
b:,:-m required reading in all schools.

-s^mmammmon j 'mammapur^^ jsw


Page 16

ihs Gr`enaa Nesa

Satbuiay 9th Nwomyner i991

cut down to burn into charcoal
erosion, but destroys the areas
ishi come to spawn
make the population aware of the
impttan o trees and their benefit to

Bring Farmers Together
Traditional y, the occasion is used in
Grenada to in farmers together in an
.hibi:on .. .. at tie island can grow'
anid recess. The Minister said, however,
he ho1ps that, next year, another
:1i- -ion C:,n be added to the cele-
Pbrat'in f e Ei renada.
Pime See EROSION PaL% 17

iThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday 9th Nember 1991 Page 17


Apostolic Pro-Nuncio Presents
Letters Of Credence

Archbishop Eugenil Sbararo. lion-
-esident Apostolic Pro-Nuncio of the Holy
See to Grenada, presented his Letters of
i Credence to Governor General Sir Paul
Soon on ,,th October.e.

Veterinary Division Undertakes
Livestock Survey

The Veterinary Division of the Ministry
SA.griculture is. to undertake, in
:N.vember, a survey of pigs and poultry
Sr ducers.

Objective of the survey, according t e
government Information Servic:e P .IS):
.s to provide information w hich might be
.he basis of tr ateg ies t reduce
Smportation of these pr. ct.

Information supplied to G -IS b the Central
Statistical Office shows that., in each of the
.ars; 196- 9 and 1990, Grenada :mported
i nearly 1.4 million pounds of pork and
.chicken valued at over EC$2.5 million-.

Sources of these imports are mainly the
United States -of America, the United
|.Kingdom and Ireland with some supplies
also being drawn from Trinidad & Tobago.

Reception To Benifit Orphans
And Needy.

On the initiative of Dr Charles R Modica,
iuarn eUior of the St Georges University
Scooi l of Medicine, and under the patron-
nae of Governor General Sir Paul Scoon, a
cocktail reception, in support of the St
Georges University Fund for Orphans &
Elderly in Grenada, is to he held at Gover-
nor General's House on December 6th. i

Admissoon to the reception is EC$100 or
ST"-4C v and ten institutions in Grenada, care to orphans and the elderly,
will benefit.

Britain Donates Photocopier To
Bishop's College

Bishop's College, on Grenada's sister island
of Carriacc, has been presented with a

The gift was from the British Government
and presentation was made on November
Ist by Mr Alan Drury, Resident British

According to a release from the office of
the British $igh Commission m Grenada,

Please eeEWS SHORTS Pae 18

,EROSION From Page 16
" The celebration of World Food Day should
mirror the need for people to have food," themselves,.
!he said, 'and I shall be looking into the ural held.
possibility of implementing an idea I
have for the 1992 celebration of the Day,." Looking to
there are a
That .idea, he said, is that, with sponsorship can b. "ievS4
of the hotels and other sectors of the- givng his
Private Sector; a pool of food be and Lwhe.
A ;etablished for distribution on World Food M-tHartma: n
,ay. through local committees who willAy "putn
I h;ave knowledge of the poor and needy in
the various communities of the State Theie deve

Mr St. Louis said there is no starvation in Louis said,
Grenada but there is malnutrition., He felt Grewrd -a. it
this situation could be corrected but th-at feeding its
I oo many Granadians depends too much
what the "Governient" can do for
|..:hLm and do not try sufficiently to help -,W

. particularly i,n Jthe, agricilt-

the future, the Minister said
number of tree crops which
loped, the Republic of China is
Ministry a great deal of help
Government stock farm at
on the south coast is being
&r in a. more serious way."

lopments will have favourable
t(Z4 Agricultural Sector, Mr St
and he is optimistic that
moving towards the goal of

.. . .. ..1_ __ _.

0"RJ 0__

C ;*GN

iie Grenada N6esiter Saturday 9th Novmber 1991 Page 18

i ...I... J -.
to princess Royal Hospital is now bein
er-teinsi-ely reDaired with the help of
British funds. Completion of this project
i?"q: e1ted to be in March 1992.
,;. ~-" *.-6i +- '~ 1'+ .. ...._ "

1Japanese Fishina Boats For

Public/Private Com.pany

,A release from the ove-rnment Infor-, i--
at,:n Service .I- S) says Government is to
C'm Government/Private Sector
company to operate the eight fishing
by. te Government of Japan
O -k a-

students and senior players, and will have
sessions it Grenadian coaches.

Favourable Tourism Statistics

A iC:lease from the -renada Board of
Tourism says that, during the period
January t September i991, stayover
tourist arrival- increased by 17% to 71,090
as comp-, ed wvth figures for the same
p ,io li s. J ear

i.. the sayover c atago-ry the
nationals from- the United

figure for
States of

'ending formation of tis Company, :3IS
ys,- the Department of Fisheries is,
moving to release these boats to fishermen
S. Share-bass rental scheme

Chinese Table Tennis Coach in

Gpvii-ored by the Government or the
Republic of China on Taiw-a- table tennis
cmh Mr Chen Chin-h: iang arrived in
rnd- on October 27t..h for a three week.
i-struction tour.

i-i I.- Chen-hsIrQ
.- .-.-.----... rn-A-..-,
;jj'.fljJ. j.Hr
-* '4
4" .L~. -..J


won the Latin
wChampionshis inb
wi coach bothI


-a. /
itvi~4 T

/ A.' '

America id the United Kingdom
Cespectivel? fy 247% and 20M.


Cruise ci arrivals totalled 290 calls
bring 14 2,?: visitors, which figure
reisteted an increase of 20% over the
sa.e en.od la;st.. year.

VSO On Assignment

Through the courtesy of the British
Development Divison, Mr Steve Smith of
the Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) is
n a j-year, assignment with the
-Commu-iy Deveopment Division as a
Building Supervisor to assist in construction
: .-. .munit. centres and other buildings.


9th Nownmber i
PtimeS & P& ubtifsle; Ejy The Pioytrifuu
a' Alis i5er HIIughes, JeSacaaiIs, .
0f o.c Street, St GeorgesGrea..a, Wes tUnies
(P.O.Box 65:Phtoe II,91 44R 7? S$- Gevss q0-Tq. G.reanWa
NOT '------

F ~ 0:' ~j

, '

-- 4-

'.,. **",




1Vrr~eaue 18

Saturday 9th Nowvmber 1991

Number 18




LPSJ crqe island las 118
off-shrrg banks
ant a facst qninnn haven
tnoneq LRaatndbrin, Lax evasion aIft
asserted fiJnrnc iaL Jraud

the Wall S.treet journal of October
29t. entitled "Grenada. Now is A
Haven- For Ofshore Banks", Prime i nis
Nicholas Bratcwaite, in a press release
isued on November 7th, said Grenada
ill nolt- tolerate those who tarnish fh
g'ood name of the island for their wn
is reasons.
"Recent press reports concerning
tha use, over the past twelve months,
3o Companies incorporated in Gre-
Aada with the word "bank in their
aame, or otherwise purporting to be
banks, have drawn attention to a
problem which Government dis-
covered in March 1991," he said
The Wilil Str.eet Journal article, Vwritten
-by Stai Reporter Ron Su'insfd, des-:::ribes
it. Georgts as a "rickety, backwaterr
Sapital city" ith 11 off -shore baI fleS
and a "fast growing ha.en for money
laundering, tax evasion arnd assorted
:inancial fraud.",

O Grenada A Haven For
Money Laundering:WSJ ,,., 1
10 Aristide Impatient With
InLernational Community..,
0 Uratthwaite Reports On
Harare Summit. .....5S
O Q Contraband A Way Of
Life il Cariacou: Clouden ,6
i CARICOM Freetrade Ag/-
Siumet Not Being Honoured,* 7
40 Gairv Claims To Be God's
P rophete*...*************. 9 1
10 -rathwaite Warns Of
IToiugh Decisions Ahead.. ,I 12
O Grenada Celebrates
Thanksgiving Da......... .13
0 Sir Paul Launches
I Awareness Month;.... ...14
S0 Gienada Has A Coast
Erosion Problem. ..*......* 1 6
,0 News Shorts,.**,****....... 17


Piexse eSe lWST uave 2




; ---------~

i re~r ar~r~aars~ ~PMD~3 -----~L -~II -- -I-- L~


am-I N!

X| V it]

L -'w" sF's8' '^"'h '~smug-,&nf -A- %-P% pf^
L am MR 64.giIIIUENG

e Grnada ltt Satiay 9th Nomber 1991 Page 2
MrSbna 0 oMT--o A

WSJ From Page i
,According ,H to Mr Suskind, Gren "dian
tEarister Mr Ansiem Clouden is a "local
S ,nt for many of these banks and told
nim that, over the past fZw months, 1t .n
Smilliois of dollars have passed through
the banks im wire transfers.
My Abundant Duty
"i rather enjoy this business of
avoiding the law," Mr Suskind quotes
,Us-e Grenadian barrister as telling
him, "It's my abundant duty to get
around taxes for my clients-_

in an inter view with NEWS-

Cloud~en said he has ben
j m .. .-. ..

L-' .A s Lx-. .r...
,r:-':sl7 mis. : o-ted by the Wall S|-
ret .orn._ Some thre
t i35 ago, 11 said, Mr Suskind -..

h.i, ;nr. he had to-d the reporter
..ha.. a ..eve services he -er-

Sthat it doe not all under the Aliens
Land -holding Licence Act

'Thi-q is only for purposes of regist-:
ration', he said- "Keith had nol
proprietary interest in them, he
does not know the owners of the
Companies and he resigned from
these nominal directorships long
before the article was published."
That Is The Full Extent
As far as his own connections with these
SCompr- ,-nisi a-r- concern-.nd, Mr Clou-
-~ Tid. Grenada's laws .require
S.. _e c. Company have a|
registered office. His office is the
esgn d r-egistered office of
th-- ""-mpani-s, he said, arnd
... is the full extent of his
'.c ...."ion wi them.

I conduct no business tor

,.I : ,: M: k_:.= sai 4.' h-[e -s-vAaijd., "they dO
ti.iac. The raws. -U no buse a -iness of any kindt
t..roukg h my 0 O ce.
i hve Ahve done here is to t

"bankr in their names," an amendment was mad
WMr Cioden said in the t. e Cr-onr-n-e Act last
in erview. "The Grenada MR ANL M CLO D EN makin it an offence to
-Gernme-nt has since .i. :ter Cont anies with th
;ea-d t-hat practice and I have not wor "a n their names.
Incorporated any more Companies."
-ad so registered have .now: A
A, to .rA _il l:- u may .ave ben co.n- .n s. dtans to demonstrate that
i-r-these banks, aMr C`oi E ensa f t a -'e cons.tituted banks with
t l: Mr .y i t. t' 0.i al itth ielces issued
\..n coies os ie incorporhaved. Then y o-hie' G anciad serVinent ther he
.i-rA ttp do_ a tis .e-r td e on isti-ctio4.ns o .Li.e .?4i ,.c l
.h...e r. .ied f.o -,e -_hi- th, f. The: Whole Area
Done On Instructions ance ~has been ob tai ned
A ."N. .. 9, 1 *NW T. ... _,,.k s. i .-:,,, -r ,s GoveA4rrnmoent to provide
..J- -Ae wilt11? t n.. 'P c.n. .. UI rrOrt in .1the Twholii area M I
e rirrr-- ,- .,_. Tie ,-.-s, : e E''i- l ,--..rvices," the Primevr
n-A" --"-- ... "-. ..icldn new p rocedures
-ft re,-ve. -rm -ne. -" .--,- r n Upervision."
L. 2... -L' . .qrqI'%I

J.-' I I

C',.' '714

'J T.NP -j ~ ; a:- --f -- .

_"Ji--*---i4m.4.'-.g 7

Mr Brft:it..: promised that t-ihe Com-r
.issioner o:f Police will extend every
assistancee : Law Enforcement Agencies.

involving .rmpanies incorporated in

Please See WSJ Pae 3

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 9th November 1991 Page 3

diABmnnU LE1WflLRM



The embFrqo will be a success Lf the international
community wants it to be, if thMe don't, it will Jail

conference in Grenada on No-
vember 4th, deposed Haitian
... President Jean-Bertra.nd
tAristide said any efforts to restore
i democracy to his country should not -be
-onsidered as a "gift" to Haiti_
The defence of democracy is an inter-
.,.1..tional responsibility, he s- aid, because
.hat has happened in Haiti today can
happenn in some other country tomorrow.

If they are sincerely concerned
A bout defending democracy, about
:.ving life," he said, 'they will
-alise those tanks are in the streets
nz Haiti, the weapons are there and
he military can kill people as they
-i.e, so that those who have the
possibility in the international com-
:aunity have to show how long they
will continue to talk instead of taking
i- 0ion."

hen there was an attempted military

SRJ From Page 2
association with the Director 2of Public i
SProsecutions, he said, and with a view
either local prosecution or possi ble
e: tradition proceedings, the Commission-
-r will examine any evidence avail-able
.:,'.h might implicate Grenadian ;
nationalss in those crimes.
Plethora Of Services
According to Mr Suskin's article, another
renadian barrister whom he inter-
a wed Mr Ernest Wilkinson. incorp-
.ated 60 o f--shor e "banks" a.nd
: r-ovides a plethora of services" fori
r them from his office.

- r Wilkinson could not be contacted i
* :fr comment.

coup in Moscow, he said, the international
community was there to assist and the
legitimate government was restored in
three days. In Haiti, he continued, it is
now over Cne month since he has been
forced into exile and he wondered where

the same international community is now.

Flease See Aristle Pare 4




Founded Ita Auga t 1973
145th issue
Suhscriprioa Rates
PayabJe in Adance
Po1ftag Paid By Secnd Class Airmail
( Ilaa Post In Grenada)

10 Is1e.s

20 Imses



$ 43.00

$ 77o0

I40 es $390. $146.00
About 20 Isses Published Anmally

The Grenada Saturday 9th November 1991 Page 4
Arisfte From Page 3

-nted against Haiti will be far -more
effective than a military intervention.
Such an embargo has been imposed, he
said bu t t is not beig "totally rspctd
.. ... i ~ .2t ..,_ .

hae o ea.e the .country or goxt.. v aiL

President Anstide said a Commission from
the Organisation of American States would
g t, Haiti on November 6th and this

. . . . .g '- . . -.. . .. .. . . .- .- .- .- .
i . .. . . . . . . . .... . . . a l .. . . .'. . .'. .
1 . . .... . .. .... . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .
a:::::9:i mai:::" "& ; tw : ......
.. .. ..... ........ ....... .. ... 1 . .. -

Asked whether he would give his
support to a !military intervention
pf Haitj if the embargo failed to
acierve the downfall of the military
go.rnmenst, the President did not
gi ye a direct replry.

T110e embargo will be a success if the
itwr-nattiona comm unsty wants it
o be. he s-aid if they dow't, it w."_
I Will Not Talk About Them
Should ta! privately with them.
if t4hy decide a mr men a
S-r.vention, he s-aid 'so I can t67
a -ut embargo but I will not taik
bout them. w7I talk with them to
arow if it' their plan because that
c3an be. It is possible to talk sout
Ambar.r arn -, mean while to have
another projec-t"

P edent Arisde sai the Haitian Army
i 7",000 strong and. after he took power,
eruptionion and narcotics trading had been
.ped out.. The problem. is tat there is
A, ra:! group of people whi-ch has always.-.-
--agi.. ts control the Army an i iis t i.

"in the very day that he was arrest-g
ne said/ all those who were ins ail
n -arcotics trading were released-
fd their money is now being used
Support the coup.
Granted A General Amnesty

Army, he sai-. The rank and Iie
-iave -n forcei to shoot, le continued,-
Sn. this was because they .had o ob
* .'i.r.- They will be granted a era
'bl -'ose criminalsl" ate top ill either

Commission would hold discussions with
the military government with a view to
'restring democ racy to the island.

The -it l: colonists arrived in Barbados on
20th ebruar 1627 on the ship "William
and Mary". I was a party of 80 British
men A they. were under the command
of C. pcm Henry PowN1l.

These 'ionists found themselves in great
need antn matera with which to,
e.tabi th .ir tiew settlement, but Powell
had good friend, Amos van Groene-
ween- w 'as then th e Dil-utch. Governor
of Guiana.

Leaving hi.. nephew John as
Governor i- charge -of the settlers,
sailed t.o the River Essequibc and
his frien-d .eekin help.

.ere. .he obtained an. ample
roots andI seeds which he -too
hitm ..i planting in Barbados.


supply of
back with

As .hese were unfamiliar giants to the
Britishers.._. Powell persuaded some 30
AFa. ks t. return with him to Barbadost
t h e slers how to row cassava,
0 -- . .
,tob':co and other crops.

Th" 'dert -ning was that these
Ara.waRS -A r not slaves and would be-
allo.ed .I. euarn to Guiana after two
years. The Barbadians, however,
ens!avd te nim a3.nd they were not released
te turn to t.eir homeland until 2j
Ie s T Iter. r:-

Ithe Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 9th November 1991 Page 5


forgiveness of debt means debt owe to other
Governments, it does not invludE CGvernment's debts owed
to commercial sources

S6I- ont October 24th from the
recently concluded 50-nation
Commonwealth Summit held in
Harare, Zimbabwe, Prime Minister
icholas Brathwaite said, at an airport
press conference, the Summit decided
economic aid tco Eastern Europe should
Snot diminish aid to needy countries of the
Western World.

"It must be remembered there are.
countries......... which need economic assist-
nce" he said, "and in no way should we
allow flows to the Soviet Union and Eastern
Europe to deny other countries, "which
have practiced democracy for a long time,
Sb adversely affected.

Mr Brathwaite said the British Prime
Minister, Mr John Major, told the
Summit his Government, in collab-
oration with the "Paris Club' of
industralised nations, will ensure
economic assistance will continue
to 'this part of the world" and the
Club will have to find new sources
of funds for Eastern Europe and the
Soviet Union-
Forgiveness Of Debt
Another matter discussed by the S-ummit
was the "forgiveness of debt", Mr
Brathwaite said, but he warned these
concessions are for very poor countries
and Grenada is not considered to be in
that category .

-e warned also that forgiveness of debt
a this context means debt owed to th er
government, it does not include Govern-
:,ent's debts owed to commercial sources.
me of G-renada's debts are "commer cia,
e said, and a Government statement .of
rgiveness" does not refer to these

Th- Prime Minister said bilateral talks
.u had had in Harare were as important
: aid. in some cases more ....important

than, the Summit discussions. However,
he did not believe it would be diplomatic,
ethical or evidence of good manners if he
dis.Cos'. the substance of those talks.
Are Not Moving
in general terms, he said, he had had
bilateral talks in which markets were
sougLht for Grenada's growing stock pile
of mtrn;eg which are not moving on the
intern ti.:onal market. There had been
discussions, too, on the payment of arrears
of debt service which, he
s.i, i's a. embar-

F eamie, Mr
, r th. aitr e said, "on -.
ate r-,rning the
".ummanit opened, the .
Lp.,aem oe arrears e
as referred to in
n :i u :f ho e news-
cr and there was
oranaasby name stand-

the main dlefault-

i rain- .bt PRIME MINISTER


ariat. n terms of contributions which
have not been paid for years, he said, is
2 4.0. app rox. US$40 0, 00 0).
Destroyed By Fire
,n his o!aT: home from the Summit, the
Prime Minister visited London arid, on
t-..r' dr,- was present at a function
0-aCi vs y 6 group "f Grenadians in
t1 city vho have organized themselves
tf -vFire Fund Comnmittee' to raiseI
mrney fr rebuilding the Government
-onmpiex -i St George's destroyed by fire
1f" Af:.pril I .

Pleaa see SJMMIT Page 6

Tha Grenada Nevsltter Satuanay 9th Novwmber 1991 Page 6

Y01!O LIF ? II)

i C!HX ICOt[: faoumw
i.Unless Government refratis from inter farin ,i-th that way of life
Sor makes Carriacou a free port, I wit dciote tw. rest of my life to
J figftit for the itdependence of Carriacou

D prominent Grenadian bar-
|rister, staunch supporter of
SPrm Minister Nicholas
Brathwaite's National Democratic
Congress (NDC) and a native of Grenada's
sister island of Carriacou, said on October
2 ith that, if certain conditions were not
met cy Government, he would lead a
|movement for the independence of

Mr Clouded made his statement at a press
inferencee at Point Salines International
SAirport at which Prime Minister Nicholas
Bitathwaite was reporting on his attend-
.n.ce at the recently concluded Common-
we-alth Summit at Harare, Zimbabwe.
| Shocked And Saddened
fRferring to a successful raid for
nej.stotmed goods, made in Carriacou on
-Octber 22nd by officers of the Customs
|-epartment, Mr Clouden said he head been
hcked and saddened" to learn of the

SSIMIT From Page 5
At that function, he said, he as
presented with a cheque for E40001
|(ap-pro-. US$7500) which is a count4
Sibutton towards the "Fire Fund" started
Ti Government for the rebuilding o f
{the Complex.

At the function, Mr Brathwaite said. the
sum of an additional 300 (aDprox
,,.o55 0) was collected.

Prsen t at the airport to meet the Prime
Minister were Ministers of Government, !,
Senators and party supporters of th-
in National Democratic Congress
.~smr-m w ^^ ^w ^. ^

action by the Customs Authorities.

rContraband has been a way of life
in Carriacou for over two hundred
years', he said, 'and unless Govern-
ment refrains from interfering with
that way of life or makes Carriacou
a free port, I will devote the rest of
my life to fighting for the independ-
ence of Carriacou.'




Traditionally, the island of Carriacou, 20
miles off the north coast of Grenada with
a population of some 6,000 people, has
been a haven for smugglers, residents of
that island, who have brought in cigarettes
arid liquor from the free ports of the
region for sale in Carriacou and on the
main Sand. Grenada.
Businesses Are Suffering
in recent years this illicit trade has been
expm._nded to cover consumer goods of
'ry+ d -escription and the Private Sector
in Grenad.- has complainedd that legitimate
businesses -re suffering as a result of
PleaFIe fee CONTRABAND Pae 7


The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 9th November 1991 Page 7

these uncustomed goods on the market.

responding g to this, Government asked the
United Kingdom. vr assistance and two-
qualified and experienced officers from
Her Majesty's Customs and Excise Depart.-
ment in Britain recently arrived in
Two-Year Attachments
-ccording to .a release from the British
High Commission Office in Grenada, they
have taken up two-year attachments in
newly created posts of Deputy Comptroller
f Customs (Training) and Deputy

Prime Minister Brathwaite is also a native
of Carriacou and represents that constit-
uency in the House of Representatives.

He is the Minister of National Security
and Mr Clouden said it angered him that
the raid to seize uticustomed goods had
been organised while Mr Brathwaite was
away from the State.
In A State Of Anarchy
'Carriacou is in a state of anarchy
where we do not know where to
turn', he told the Prime Minister,
'Thank God you are here as the

Aw ILW r1Vi ~ 1~

Comptroller of
SCustoms (Enforcement).

; iiipCiuiuin: niaLLEUiLI

that co
uency, let
your office
Prime Mini

e of

T zitn i~ ERi!JULD~t. ........

is not known. whether or not lt niM
these officers, were instrumental 1- rn m
in isaunching the raid in Carriacou, but NOD
.t is reported that the circumstance, es iIi
are that a chartered vessel the "Sun Mate"
for three days, had been discharging cargo obviously embarrassed by Mr Clouden's
t.:r a certain consignee- emotional statements, Mr Brathwaite said
lie understood Mr Clouden's concern but
The report says the consignee his position was that he had been out of
submitted to Customs an entry for the 'St,- and was hearing of the matter
chewing gum, whiskey, rum and a for the first time.
few other items for a total value of
about EC$5,000 (US 1,800). The The Prime Minister said he expected Mr
entry was not accepted, the raid Ciouden would bring him up to date 'on a
was made and it is reported that an certain development".
"underground warehouse" was .W%..
discovered with goods valued at _ ..
some EC$3 (US$1.10) million. y '

Another report says hait, these VoCds G..
Another. report says t,.hes th October 1907, J.R.Benrijamin, a been seized, the Authorities wereer
-0 .Oficr in the Grenada Civil
unable to get trucks operated b7 S m ure r t Colol
government and quasovernmet Service attempted to murder the Colonial
r vernment and quasi-governmena
.odies to transport the goods. Treasurer, Norman Lockhart.
Hostility Of The Residents
H7otie it O he R ts enlamin fired three shots at Lockhart
hrther, that the hostility of the residents *1-l i n
.f the area towards the Customs personnel ndin him i the arm and then
stabbed his victim in the right .breast
became evident and a detail of the Special
Security Unit (SSU) had to be deployed with a butcher's knife.
:or their protection. was sentenced to 12 years
Peniri.min was sentenced to 12 years in

:n his statement at the press conference,
-r Clouden said he had been shocked to
l-.earn that the SSU had had "certain
'prominent citizens of my homeland at
bay. ar, virtua&Ir, under Ase- arr-'-

riso11n ut, served his term as a hero.

Lockhart was unpopular and, when the
sentence was pronounced, there were
riots in the streets of St Georges.


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