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The Grenada newsletter
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July 22, 1989
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Began in 1973.
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"The Grenad a

Volume 17. Saturday 22nd July 1989 Number 13




their pabLic statenient

Swe-res a pai
crisis was developing in the ruling
-Ne National Party (NNP). It was
at a press conference called by Prime Min-


sister Herbert Blaise on July 19th and his
comments indicated there had been serious
developments in the party.


i- "ahihc"sei-n qeews" :
Swve &ssen csasusteu
Trnent of which theY
t: B&uizg
The Prime Minister declined to comment,
however, on the report, then circulating
widely, tlat the existing row between him
and Dr Keith MiStchell. NNP Political
Leader and Minister of Works, was
coming to a head.
*Blaize Fires Mitchell ..........-.. I
@ Grenada & Taivan Have Full
Diplomatic Relations.. ------ 3
tCommittee Studies Container
Port Operations.-------....---... 6
|Nevs Shorts--...---...---..-....--- 8

"I have not, yet resigned from the Party",
Mr Blaise said, :but that is a possibility".
Last January 2-1st, at an NNP Convention,
in a straight fight with Dr Mitchell for the
post, Mr Blaize was deposed as NNP
Political Leader. For several months
before this' there had been reports of
Pie aSe See BLAIZE Page 2

Page 4 Saturday 22nd July 1989 The Grenada Nevsletter

he said, that Dr Mitcfell and Mr boseph, tin
disagreement ith fUi ramerntal issues of
Government policy, refused to resign their
portfolios and so "behave in thle usually
principled manner customary amongParlia-

He said that, for the zast two months, he had
waited for Dr Mitchell and Mr Joseph to
behave "decorously" or resign. They had
not done so, he said, ard, the situation
having gore "far enough", he h ah disnifssed

of" from the. NNP Erecutiv because Mr
Blaize did. not think, as former supporters
of the PRG, they would adhere to hie
principles of the democ-ratic system.
Weaknesses And Strength
"My position was that these people had
recognmsed the weaknesses and strepnths of
the PR G and are prepared i work to bludd a
healthy democratic syvstenm, Dr Mitchell
said. "In any case, they came through the
PWrty's demciratit press ans i rtod14 niot
fire them or ask for tiher r2sigTnaisw 3
BRISZs suiggested ".


them vith imma.di-atae ?B

Mr Blaize said the Goverwnr G3enerarl void
on that day (211th) swear in Senator Ben
Andrew as Minister for Works and Com-
nunications. Until now Mr Andrew has
been a Minister of Sate assigned to tle
Ministry of Eduation, Social Services and
Labour. The Prime Mimnster said he )-ad
no iuimediate plans to replace Senator
Still A Member
In reply to a question as to whether ie is still
a member of the New National ParTty, bM
Blaize said be is "not vwrrying abouW that".
Tie nation rill know theR. anwe.r to that
question very shortly, be said..

As far as the manifesto by rhich the Gov-
ernment is being guided, Government is
carrying out the "original directions from
which we started in 1984", he said, but in no
way will the Government be subject to any
advice or direction given by Dr Mitchell as
Political Leader of NNP.

In an interiTew later that day (20th), Dr
Mitchell told NEWSLETTER he b; ot
yet received his official dismissal from the
Governor Gaenral, hut had. beeansummoned.
by the Prime Minister and told that he
would no longer be a Minister.

"This haes rt come as any surprise", he said,
"because Herbert Blaie jhas never accepted
the results of the Convemntionr.

The background to his dismissal, he said,
was an ultimatum from the Prime Minister
that Messrs Antoine and Swanu be "got rid

ference on the following a, JDr
Mitchell said the Prime Minister had spoken
to him on a number of occasions saying that,
unless Messrs Antoine and Swan were
rem-ved from the NNP Excutive, he
(Blaize) could not associate with the party.

Dr Mitchell said that on these occasions
there had always seemed to be 'room for
more distcssicn but, recently, ithre thad
been a change. in the Prime Mirister's
Much More Demanding
"When the Prime Minister saw me on
Tuesday (11 th" he said, "he wras verys'hort
and crisp and much more demarding, ad
he failed in a commitment he hal rsade to
me to discuss a specific date for elections".

Mr Blaze wanted to kno, Dr Mitchell
said, whether Messrs Swan and Antoine had
been removed from the NNP EECutive
ad., Twhen the reply Va in the rgatike, tie
Prie Minister had said, "Wa, we caut
discuss tse election dat until tthlappens".

The NNP Political Leader said it is not in
his power to remove Messrs Swan and
Antoine from the E.xecutive and, i any
case, it i his belief that an optimum amount
of economic success i d1 not be achieved
unless the former supporters of the PR G, or
Sir Eric Gairy's Grenada United Labour
Plese Se BLAIZE Pgte 5


Page 4

Saturday 22nd July 1989

The Grenada Newsletter

Page 2 Saturday 22nd July 1989 The Grenada Newsletter

BLAZE From Page 2
growing dissention between Mr Blaize and
Dr Mitchell, and, following the convention,
this dissention came out into the open.

A glaring example was when, without
consultation with the new Political Leader,
Mr Blaize appointed Mr Ben Jones,
Minister for Tourism and Agriculture, to
be Deputy Prime Minister.
Perceptions Of Disunity
In an interview with NEWSLETTER in
March, Dr Mitchell expressed concern and
charged Mr Blaize with generating
perceptions of disunity between the Party
and the Government.

"This perception was fuelled by the
decision of the Prime Minister to go
on TV and radio and appoint Ben
Jones as Deputy Prime Minister', he

Signs of disunity continued to grow, the
party split into two factions, there were
reports that certain members of the NNP
Executive were not attending meetings, and
a crisis situation was apparent when a rally
called by Dr Mitchell in early June vas
boycotted by top officials of the Executive.

In addition to the Prime Minister, the
Deputy Prime Minister Ben Jones, (in
whose constituency the rally was held), was
absent from the rally. Absent also were Mr
George McGuire, Minister for Education,
Mrs Pauline Andrev, Minister of State for
Tourism, Mr Alleyne Walker, Minister of
State in the Ministry of Works and Mr Felix
Alexander, Minister of State assigned to the
Prime Minister's office.

Among those present at the rally were Mr
Danny Williams, Minister for Health and
Housing, Miss Grace Duncan, Minister of
State for Community Development and
Women's Affairs, and Senator Lawrence
Joseph, NNP Chairman and Minister of
State for Legal Affairs and National
Additional Source Of Friction
An additional source of friction is
that Mr Blaize has expressed concern
that two persons elected at the
Convention to the NNP Executive,
Messrs Malcolm Antoine and Prescod
Swan, are former supporters of

Maurice Bishop's Peoples Revolut-
ionary Government (PRG) .

In reply to a question at the press
conference, Mr Blaize declined to describe
his present relationship with Dr Mitchell
.but said that, up to the day before (18th), he
had had discussions vith the Political

Mr Blaize was asked also whether he was
happy with the present state of affairs in the
Make No Comment
"I will make no comment on that as the
result of a question", he said. "When I am
ready I vill make a statement, and you will
get a statement before long".

On the following day, July 20th, the
Prime Minister confirmed that he
had fired Dr Keith Mitchell as
Minister of Works, Communications,
Public Utilities, Community Develop-
ment, Women's Affairs, Civil
Aviation and Co-operatives.

He told a press conference he had advised
Governor General Sir Paul Scoon to revoke
Dr Mitchell's appointment, as a Minister and
also to revoke the appointment of Mr
Lawrence Joseph as a Senator and as
Minister of State for Legal Affairs and
National Security.

Mr Blaize said Dr Mitchell and Mr Joseph
had a "hidden agenda" and their public
statements have been calculated to
undermine the Government of which they
were a part.
Castigated The Others
"Within the last two months, that
pattern of behaviour has accelerated
to the point where those concerned
have not only distanced themselves
from the decisions of Cabinet, of
which they are members', the Prime
Minister said, "they have gone
further and openly criticized Cabi-
net's decisions and castigated the
others who support and abide by
those decisions".

At the press conference on July 20th, Mr
Blaize described as "disgusting" the fact,
Please see BLAIZE Page 4

- --

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 22nd July 1989 Page 3





nada completely reversed its foreign
policy when, at 21.00 hours GMT on
July 19th, it was simultaneously announced
in Grenada and the Republic of China
(Taiwan)- that f l dipl'rrnaic reaticins have
been estfabhsd btewe n twa we o co~iTies.


Tbis development rewrses eign policy
position which it had when diplomatic
relations were established with mainland
China, some two years ago.

At that

tie,. Mr Ben Jones, Foreign
itxd z. prss tcfferYtme tdA, vhen

The National Flag Of Taiv

In a prepared statement, read at a press
conference, Prime Minister Herbert Blaize
said this move follows a recent foreign
policy review -mas.e by his Govnrrmen-ax A
is in keeping with the desire of the
Cilbhe saComamity (CIPSiCOM) to se
greater harzmnisationof foreigrtpolicy.
Common Foreign Policy
"This decision has been influenced by the
need of the OrJganriiaton of East Ca-ibbean
States (OECS) territories to strengthen its
identity through the application of a com-
monj foreign policy", the Prime Minister
Prior to this, he said, all OECS territories,
exept OGrenaoa, Ihal iipk&r'm ic ratio im
with Tvman aid t1h Grsuada Goermnpr-ent
1nov looks forv~wd to tlte strengthering of
ties wvth Taiwan.
At the press conference -as Mr -Pter
C heng, non-resident Amrbassador of Taiwan
to Grenada, and he assured Mr Blaize that
GrenadaTaai an relations will be strength-
ened through close co-operation.

establishment of diplomatic relations vas
being discussed vith mainland China, one of
the tendirion ITis a.don by j ChA was th&t
Gresan a shld balie o;thinig to Do With
PFease ree TArWAN Page 5

The Greeada m
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Page 3

The Grenada Newsletter

Saturday 22nd July 1989

The Grenada Nevslet Saturday 22nd July 1989 Page 5

BLAZE From Page 4
Party, are invited to loin fhads:-.ith the
NNP "to build this beautiful island" .

Referring to the Prime Minister's charge
that he (Mitchell) had breached Cabinet
resporiNbijity, Dr Mitchell said this has
never bean brought to his attention and he is
-urprised that this is being used. as a reason
for his dismissal a aa Minister.

"The Priime- Minister talks about
Cabinet collective responsibility but
he must understand that, if you want
the decision to be collectively adher-
ed to and respected', he said, "then
there is the question. of collective
information and people being-invov-
ed in the collective process".
A Week And A Half After
Giving an example of being involved in
the collective process", Dr Mitchell said that
when, last October, Governrment. had.
ba-rmed a tomignrmea of books briughl- to
Grend.a by a representative of Pathfinder
Press, Cabinattts' not'heen irvolved int at.
d.ctision because the matter did. not come
before Cabinet until a week and a half after
the baunnng had been drne

At the press conference, Dr Mitchell ,was
asked to comment on the report that people
are suspicious of him because hbe is
politically ambitious.

"Ambition is a part of life, he said.
It is extremely important if you
vant to succeed at what you are doing
and I dont dispute tlh fact that I like
to be successful. It has been a part
of my life in cricket and my academic
life, I never like somebody to beat
me- Any time somebody comes
first and I come second, I used to
cry. But I always try to ensure that
it is done in a healthy, democratic at-

The PcritizA Leat-r sai IlNP ra nt early
eletiAi>s but vinMing is of less impoY rt-ze
thai Grenada having a sta-le and stretng
Gov 'rrtnrr nt.
The Important Thing
The present state of the. country is not
healthy, he said, and while he belie-es NNP
will win the election, the important thing is
not winning but holding the elections so that

the perception of politicalinstability vill be
A New Political Party
Prime Minister Herbert Biaie madre an
amn uncemra ent in a broad ast over Radio
Grenada on July 2 1st Jhich idicated that
he had broken avay from Dr Mitchell and
the NNP and had formed a new political

He accttsed DTr Mitell of ab-anAon-
ing NNP's high principles Vwhich the
party subscribed to when it von a
landslide victory in the 1984 General

The "nv @thrut'" which Dr Mitchell had
promised the NNP u-2er his leadership is
likely to return Grenada to tahe situation
Please See BLAIZE Page 6
TAlWAMN Fi. Page 3
Mr Jones referred to discussions be had
had in China with Chinese Premier Zhao
Ziyang Zqnd said it had be.n agreed that
GreSfiuda voA& have no offirtia relation-
ship ~ith TaiMan.

"I assured, ti& that .ve bad. not
established any formal contact with
Taiwan, that O e are keeping ou'- ord
.on that", Mr .ries said, "aE he seerrdd
satisfied, but I got the impression that 1h
is very concerned about any Jdnd of
official contact jth Taivan or anything
that Vould, in any way, ive the
impression of official recognirion of
Can Have Diplomatic Relations
iI reply t.o a qyest&i%, at. the press
cornfererune on. -.lIy 1tthLx, -as to hov the
now established diplomatic relations
with Taiwan will affect the diplomatic
Relations esblish3d in 1987 with
SmWailand China, Prime Miister Blaise
that, as an indeperent cc try, Gre-
nada can have diJplJoatic rejlatioaa ?with
any countryjt viahets to.

"Grenada has ti en a positive step to
align its f oveign polity vith -ie lnOECS",
te Prime MirA-ste said, "ad'a GTenada's
fijtjre relatior.-s Srith mainlanrdu China
d,.perd. entirely oIman-ianr. Cina".
Bti .x a e^-^-^,-

Page 6 Saturday 22nd July 1989




has appointed a Cargo Investigative
Committee to conduct an indepth
study of cargo handling operations on the St
Georges docks, vith particwnar refereice to
cost ad efficiency of corntirer operatism.

The Cormittee began its hearings o July Trotnan,
17th and, at a press conference that day, intention
Chairman of the Committee, Mr Donald

said the CorriBtte hat no
of becoming investgatrs of
Phease See CARGO Pae 7

BLAZE From Page 5
vhich existed in the 1979 to 1983
revolutionary period, f said, and "it is for
this reason tat we refuse to be a part of it".

"There are thousands of people in this
nation that are genuinely committed to
progress with stability/, he said. "Those of
us so committed vill continue on that path.

"In cosequence, therefore, I now
publicly declare that we who are so
committed are The National Party
(TNP), the team that vilt continue to
steer the ship of state along the road
of progress in peace and harmony,
ever conscious of our obligation and
in satisfaction of our pledge to work
for the good and welfare of the
nation as a whole, The National
Party. Details of this teamwork vill
be given soon."

Responding to i e Prime Minister's brsad-
cast, at a press cree s coere on the follroing
day, July 22ni, Dr MitcheUl said Prime
Minister Herbert Btaize does not have very
much left in him politically and vill not be a
factor in the General Elections constitut-
ionalyde by 28th March 1990.

"People will reject wht he has done", Dr
Mitchell said, "and it vi i be diffc.ilt for
him to convince people to vote for his

In any case, Dr MitClhel said, Mr Blaize
now has a moral oligaion to resign as

Prime Minister as he is no longer a member
of the party which voted him into power.
That party, he said, the NNP, is now in oppo-
sition to Government and vilJ cal on the
Prime Minister to resign.

Dr Mitchell said that, at that point,
be did not know the members of the
newly formed TNP otbr thaa Mr
Blaize, and Dr Mitchetl did not know
whether the Prime Minister was
assuming that all the members of his
Cabinet are members of the newly
formed party.

"He may be making a sad mistake", he

Dr Mithell declined to comment on
vhetatr he onAinues to have the support of
those members of Cabirt, Mr Danny
Williams and bMis Grace Duwcaa rho
supported him at the NNP rally t..fiue.

Dr Mitchell said Mr Ben Andrev vho vas
at the rally and vrio ha been appointed to
the Miistry from which Dr Mtchell has
been dismissed, 3was "sent to the rTaly to
spy", but he conceded that, vith reference
to Mr Williams and IMiss Duncan, the
situation is "difficult for them".
" I don't see hci they can contain to be part
of this Go-vermnflnt", he said."ithe ext day
or so will be. very significant".

The Grenada Nevsletter


- -----------~"~'-"`-"~"

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 22ad July 1989 Page 7

CARGO From Page 6

"We expect to look at figures, statistics,
docurtiis; systems and procedures in-
coming to our findigrs", he said, "and in
helping us to make our recommendationss"

Mr Trotamn, a barrister, a former Attor-
ney General of St Vincent, and currently
Chairman of the Caribbean Human Rights
Institte, has t o other persons with Thim on
the Cormittee. .

Adri Be-
harry, Port Erour-c
mist and Manager
of Container Operat.-
ions at the Port Autk
ority in Trinidad & Tobag, and Mr
Baldwin Spencer, Vice President of the
Antigua Workers Union. Mr Baldwin is
also a parliamentarian in Antigua an his
duties in this conTrff.con Tmrade it impossible
for him to be in Gre- da for t1he
Committee's press vczrftere- n
Consider Backgroumd Studies
Mr Trotrman said. that, iat iaitior t,: public
hearings, the Comrmi ttee will have meetings
and discussions 1 iWI concerned persons and
representatives of related orgtiMsations, arnd
vill consider bacwgroudJ studies and sub-
missions byinterested parties:

There vill also be on site investigations at
the docks and on ships, he said, and there
imay be visits to other t'ont i nr pto ot inp the
Eastern Caribea-n.

Mr Beharry said tcee is a high degree of
competition among tfe ports of the smaller
islands of the Eastern Caribbean for select-
ion as the tirdi Jhlpment point of the
available carg If Grenada 'isthes to be
competitive, he said, it is necessary to know
how competitors. arrarng their operation
and a competitive analysis rout be made.

He said also thal, m recent years, Managers
of CGQibbeani poCt he ht' to re-think
tbair operating p ksoi3phy, iying amwaay
from ths puhic uatiity approach h to a
business ad. customer orientead approach.

"It is one thing to provide an operation", Mr

had been a st.a Jaate 2in negotiations be-
tween the Graniada Shipping Agents arid the
Seamen &: Waterfront Workers Union for a
new industrial agreement. As a
compromise, 'Mr Phillip sai", JMr Wilson
-ad sugtgested,_ a it hT~ been -tepted, tat
there b.e an irA-pendent sty by -a Goverw-
rne-at appointed. co tt'ee- to ascertain con-
ditions on the ocks."
Will Be Submitted
Chairman of the Comnmutee, Mr Trotman,
told the p res o rerce the iM stigaon
vill last. some three months an he expected
that a report wii be submitted to Prime
Ni-Mnter Hrhxba'rt Blaize, Ministjer- of Fin-
ance, by the eni of October.
;i, !i_-_,

An important milestone in Grenada's
history was achieved on I th March 1907
'when the yacht "L ysitrata" anctred in St
Georges iiE nnerharbur.

COYned by wealthv United States citizen, Mr
James Gordon Bennet, the "Lysistrata"
carried a then modern contraption which
had never before been seen imulie island.

Strapped to aMr de& Vas ,atrcSbite, a
Frenzh m.rade DiA.eo-Buouo. Driven by
Mr Benriet on t.b fotto mrn day, the car
chugged through the streets of St Georges
followed by drovew of eited little boys
'hg) were newr to fervt the excerfience.

_ ~___ I

.Beharry S-ai, ."bTi quite another thing to.
efl.3ure that the operations to s+awh I&qaldty
that. ou iwre. user sptisfaatiauid quite I
possibly, irmreased. user deiraa for your

Mr Ambrose Pillip, Port Manager and
Secretary to the Cojmrrmttee, present at the
press conferrene, said the settng, up of the
Committee ha. l bPen at the suggestion of Mr
Lauriston Wilson Jr., Chairman of the Port

Page 7|


Saturday 22id July 1989

- --

The Grenada Newsletter

~B~S~ ~~ U ~a~ ~~e-~r ~ ~8~a

Page Saturday 22d July 1989 The Greada Newsletter
Page 8 Saturday 22nd July 1989 The Grenada Newletter


Japanese Grant For Fisheries

The Government of Japan has granted the
Grenada Government the sum of 216 mill-
ion yen (approximately EC$4.59 million) to
be applied to the Coastal Fisheries Develop-
ment Project.

These funds will be used for construction of
two jetties and a slipway for hauling small
fishing boats.

Zambian High Commissioner

Bids Farewell

The Non-Resident High Commissioner of
Zambia to Grenada, Mr Humphrey Mul-
emba, paid a farewell call on Governor
General Sir Paul Scoon on July 21st.

On the same day, Ambassador Mulemba
also paid a farewell call on Venezuelan
Ambassador Efrain Silva, Dean of the
Diplomatic Corps.

Cruise Liner Visits

Four United States cruise lines will initiate
service to Grenada according to Karen
Weiner Escalera Associates, United States
based publicity agents for the Grenada
Tourist Board.

Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line and Clipper
Cruise Line.

Ships of the Carnival Cruise Line and
Regency Cruises vill begin weekly calls to
Grenada, year-round, starting October
1989 and January 1990 respectively

The "Seabourn Spirit", latest addition t6th6
Seabourn fleet, vill call in December 1989
and may include Grenada on future itiner-

The "Yorktown Clipper", of the Clipper
Cruise Line, vill use Grenada, for four
"winter" 1990 cruises, as a base for embark-
ation and disembarkation.

French Engineer Visits

M. Jean-Pierre Jordano of the Caisse
Central de Co-operation Economique visit-
ed Grenada early in July to review
proposals set out in an Agreement signed
with Grenadalast year.

Under that Agreement, the Caisse Central
vill assist in the expansion and development
of ground water projects in St Georges and
St. Andrews.

According to a release from the Govern-
ment Information Service, Mr Jordano has
indicated the willingness of Caisse Central
to finance a hydro electric project.

They are the Carnival Cruise Line, Regency
i- __ -

Alister Hughes

Cynthia Hughes

22nd July 1989

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Aister & Cynthia Hushes. Journalists
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