The Grenada newsletter

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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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May 25, 1991
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
Economic conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
Social conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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A. & C. Hughes
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A. & C. Hughes
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rhe enadE

Volume 19

Saturday 25th May 1991

Number 9




TrvuuWas ?o6b-Lms cannot bf soEpd bu "wiUl
passioW9-or blind emotions ": 11Br zrn


'not 7be 1 -. by ... or n
S.. d n ay r


S-:hre the i .ternatic .

-d' -stil ." [2
e- .... -4 i
ularly, small il.^ as ."

TI- Minister's vere made as he
dJir-..'- .te t Ji-,,n.. ora- iait n" or gan-
ised by G::-i-"' ",.e'toe.'-i. up a develop-
ment plan for Grenada o-,e_ the next fi-.
Please See CO- SULTATION Page 2

0 Grenada Government Holds
National Cosultation ......- 1
0 ASTA Caused Collaose of
Marketing Agreement-...---.--..... 3
0 CET Will Incfease Cost
Of Living ----------........--......--.... 4
0 Skilled Man-Pover Shortage
Concerns Vice-Chancellor.-- 5
0 Grenada Ra.ifies Declaration
On Ch duren .................... 7
O Po I`ce R-p2ort on Lalsingh
Affair............................. 8
0 Producer Associations Get
Togeth--r.......--------.............------ 9
UWI A-peals Committee
Off To d Stat....... 10
0 CDB Change In Operation-... 11
0 British Market May Be
Preserved For Windwards
Banan a a ......................... 12
SNevsshort.....----.....-....----..... 14




I age 2 Saturday 25th May 1991 The Grenada Newsltter

O,- -.ULTATI-. Fromi P3ga J
Th_ Co 2.u ..:-: .r called to cotrider flhe
,Ir.... p_._. t :: Bri:m r: id. this ri.aft
I .-:. i mdy with three T a -r economic ar
.-.::, .al ,,iss.e The first is to reduce
-'-, le:v of cL-m i.'p-:,ment am:,-ns ':- ,th
vand. c-, an in rurai c:r,:im r ties The
:er.- i. o ..- Grenada out of the "fc, :i1

--,-.rted Deformity- .
i" T-r: is to. .:1 i.. ed deformity
in CI- -..J s ec :-n-.:ry w--reby, an existing
jituiti :,1 -=&erC agiricult .it t:uritnrt and
I rfia :,- I,-'- ac.:C.utI for 0-: of the
I ...:1 :..'.. ,,.-..i:es sco '.t :' for 56T will.
be re''.- d, he aid

Ti --::r ai, the rs

i'-un _w:.- be to tha'.
.3 I r -1i, i.2 to ..:ln and m.niu-
..fact. -c: lii -for at least 55-, of the
eY on "t .: rvices 30%.

plen:iry closing session, submitted recom-
mend ticns and, men'c.

' ,Anong re.omnenat-a ns put for-
vraf was one tst GCoverment
Should not acr.&ntee any further
.isans for Sttutovy BodLe.s and there
should ie a progra.mme- to ensure
long-term .bhiffy of state enter-
pr/ies and S% a itury & odie
A Review Of Rates
Another recr:L:endai.n is tlat tuher be a
Pub. ic UilJ.i .ib.-l.S : .. it. a .-an be
full .2iz1.:L.Zi..,u .i- a reri_2, of rates prior
to i 1plen:en !.i,,t-., ,Ua. d -it was also
,re :.,, n1e-il :t. r after meter-
I ing be .r.tu. for
; : *b :,fl

.ALs '?s rtApmenet Plan [ (vlth
S ": ". t-er difscsscons with
\ *- '-j } -.B. -< fixntnzz ftnae- rc/awrd-

j~r .fEmd set of procedwr-
r... OW for a coll-Awtiv
\P:-: -Cit .rg bot Pubiit and

S yr :- r3 -r s /tAtcng
7-,e--o--/- ,.--. vnj' anz^ 'l ,zafOn

n Aig'^y o^'^i'; c: at the M : rSuR^i.:.o
-ere >'"{" r- orf C: :.:ipfi._ei L' P .i:
Soperiatn in v-n. .- f-rngr: of'
r _lirir'I- IC,:, p.: -:- repr' .ent-aifie -of the
SVillU.- P1 "".'-' "
/i.h., F _: C-ormifteec. C."ermLrerP.
'r ; l :-,. Live:, ..- A:ss.-j iaon, FishI-r-
jUr,'s As; ..i:- : Ui ofPrca.c'- Co-
.. "-- he C..:, -dity: Bo;.i,.4 Toii St
Bo 'ard, Hotel A'z :.: i :.' V dors A ":..
i-" n C.-:',?.7 of Industry & C.r.m: -ere
Liid D- -::ienf Contrl A t .'.t -rit, .
-;- _'-,- N 1--. College, I -'inal Y,:.u h
i:-ll, C :;_ er.ence of .Chrch Prer
s* .C : o 2-: P' .rt Cowucil. Sm ..

- e'e: pO r?_::.ratioa.
.-. The Draft Plan
>ilo- ,t-e ,-,pe":" *:rer_ j:.ny, the
-.,-' ....- br ._l up ,A v"i-!L- ,.:
.:- co. .- :, dr... -a. and, in a

A prcp:-sA: in the
draft plan that umi-
..-,rl:ed .-ic.Lrt. =2 land h,:ud, be taxed
.. rirejetI?. Instead, it vas recom-rnrended
4ata farmers be given a imr- limit of seven
e..I-c tdunrin" which c:;l-'" my be left idle,
-ilter tich period. those lcrdA. must be
c.:-Mpulsoriiy 1-.ed -..: f-t-.:rs for
pr.T,,. '.acti-., pi.ipose_--

Al.: in i i- agric. ar.t field here was a
re:. ,-.-nad ion that r'-;stric:Ji be placed
on food items wiLch can be produced
I':.;:.iy .
It Was Recommendedf
Hotel 2 ..opnt.. re.%rictionz are nov
that, in 4he deelpmierdt .'e there should
be no more than 15 r::ws per acre of land
sa-d. it. was recowrrr~ri.ed that haere .be no
rrT:.:i-.,n of" thi. Nor sh.:.uld hotels be
,l:. two .-'*:rie -nd in r_:peci, cases, three

There was strong -.:jeCti:.:. to the
L-i. TiaLe be a re-irn.roduuc',n of 1'ee- for
e:.;,.: I'y edc.Jiin. nH:v/e:'.r, with a
r'-i'ed r cric,.urin tr,-,r-.d to meet
n.i,,-_t!d -eeds, if, at the t~rti.ary level, a
s. Fdi. d-ires to pu'.:. a course of
!r unin not. rtk.-%:t to the -na*::-.n'i need,
t a Stuiide snt.,uld be c-.c:- d a fee.
Please See CONSULTATION Page 3

~ -- -

-_The = a' -_ -ettr Saturday 25th Page 3


- t ~-~~~--t

* a. 4* *.
; a -
*i s * > '.1'-

-z ': ^AENCE FER-
6 n ice-Chairn -n ofA the
S: --.per ive Nut-
S......... .n (GCNA 1 ,on

S ., ..... i April ,j llhej
-,*f th Tr;aing G(_ro

'a---- m e -on, the .A A of b fg
i ...- .- . ..-. a t- break k-dtwri d tior


o.. TO be ren ri'ttn in

..~ Trheir -- nd endat_,: pro-

as go before' f-r
S .n- .- -o m .-Z-adI by on the ofue f
a .L ... iitl9 i--c* i a

p iP -" .. ..o .. .-, t1h-e Co 21
, f-- F ... ....... be re-- written m

-1-.. .U'2'_-.g tO F.i-'pc tn z.eit
a. T --. G..i ll

., -.--" .. ':: -ssed by o DJ of q..e
i' a ..... oppcitio-. h.-ic

i t t- c e back here in
a- -ars ..:a to repeat this pro-
Ei 1b' *there are neiv
--- .r, a spokesman
S' ,,--; .,p said, "there should
S--of integrating and in-
the political opposition
~ y- -' tof the plan

, 'W, e hav b- 3ivn;' ,for
I n. i --..;.,: an to

the ihn ..n :- -.

M.f" eFerg.:scil -^,;?;e...^ o.- per
cem-ir.:-7f a nee o-
Agricultur ions, and
he nsaid it .... Chairman is

the. list to ha T- T t_-__
___!TAPage P

O ne other a, .. .. . i.'
a GO'-e . .. ..*.. ... ..

Mae I z -], a. ;.. .t .
... 0. I s"
"A --. ,-A t,,/ a

M A ... o-_, -; .. .. "s" -
_.. -. i- a

Postage M
- '-- ....t.- $7,-.< i. .S.

-.... *,. *,- -

40Iss o I
A b o .- ... ..* .. .- *j.i aly f

Page 4 Saturday 25th May 1991 The Grnada Newsletter



^-/ 0 V/J

'- 4

The sinss- CommunitY has been cotnr r- that
1ovmirnmet hts rot tkesn steps to protect buth the Business

and citizens

W:A Leader of Thne NJ..tin,-,
Party (70P), A,1 at a press
conference on u.f... 15th that
WK1." ,:.t'in of a Co:" :tin E, rn"d
Customs T-r (CET) W all the cw.tunries of
e C.-r~bbean Conmumaity (CARICOM) is
of great concern

A v-.-- g to Mr .* ., the CET, wic:h
: i:- into -f .ct Grn :- '.-on o -, li, is
.., d Ad to ... ij a -"p .'*0~.t 1 11l"
--r CARI-COM.- -i p,'ri-?.refi erner~c to
p,.:. fromnn-CAPRICTOM comri-.
i re.:. t ;.n for pr .~j-t. g d..g

ini-i..ies. in the CARICOM region is well
,iderAi.:..:.;. by his party- -,,: Jones said, but
- 'P f s-. s the CCE T can h-ave ac!-.r. ,ffc-,c
ep .i-iy on .u.ri: 1ike Gr- here
little m..u T. ed goods areprod"aced *id
mro.-.t ife. of day-t'..- ii'-ng are im-
ported from outside CAR iCOM..

"The imposiWion of this tariff vill
have some effect uprL us to the ex-
tent that it will cause a rise in the
cost of living," he s l . of the fear orf 1-' effect, the
PR.itical LU.kder 4: :1, EAiness
Coniu-mnity h ass ee:: -r- that
Please See CET Paee 5

According to ajnnou-,.----ent _:,d
b:' r Brizanr at. a press conference on
S. :in :.n :, the Villag-.

t -.- -- circ-:-ated also to d -irs such
n 03e DUO!^ De'"01 I -nnitD 14130n |

P,'e r .

-.. ..i,__ in- "' .,r Carib-ean th t

Reprd'o--o... :.-. a e saidh j
dou on May 24th to |

. ... ___...... --i 7 -'---' ."_4. b_

SASTA From Page 3
Suddenly, .P-r thi and -itho., ... ni.,
he Vic -Chairmuan .-a, the irAner.-i
.4? :-",-,, .g.:., the .' nie-'
._. in 1 1-:. -0. -M.e a total
A-1P[_e of the U. : Co---p:-.. .in
| ;Yi r..Pie. bt-een ri' : and Indon-
-, prices- ..
1:< .- ,,.... prices p-'.u1-.ei

Th .e.- .-, k ."
{'lii '" A -'L ,,"4 f, _:,i -.. 'iAL -'_o.? i:'.{ i I |

j 1987 anid 7or :-^ eal m 19 .p-1^
Q Q!:. of its -a.ion t. Indoresia
prod i.; 75 .,: w.k : -arat and
- Gr f 25% ..rid :, -. n very, fva-:,qivn I si-,-te d its colla, se
j 4 a severe bor to t re.d- Nutmeg -
i Pleas 2 _7 ASTA Page 5

i - - - - -


I- --- _

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 25th May i -9 Page 5
^ -- -- --- --- --- -- ... .. .. ... ... ^- -t ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ -,, ^^^ ^^^ ^n- ^nn ^,: -- :: ^ ^ .. ^ : w ------ - --- -- --, .- _- I -- .11 11 ,~n ll 1.11.1 l~~l~~l~~l..,,iiii...iiiiiiiayii2iithiiiiany iiii9iii P a g eB~




's^^W SM'dBM

the U W-ersit of the W t Indies
U (jWIV) Grenad.a-born r
SAlister is cOni' Ci.'d

ntihe An '% Co ..ty (CARICOM).
f c i-.' :- :- ; more t than
h 1 uh or; in y," h said at a
c Oil. m_ : tre-::"..onL l4th

-- t UP.V-- I. "-". *p. : plan -lii-hed i,
S-tas estimated h' there be a
-than-a in ,c'.rease m off-ca.impus
ST r nt, h -e said,- h- t. is, o" p- .e
i at UW I C-" : -" off +.

Sins at !: ::. Cave Hill,
Bar--.:0-.^ ze-St Am.i Tndad.

h & Ae-tt odierse/i&G6 noav of

had Lwo vars a._o, Z? ViMce-
Cm e/iSAr I s v & matt er of
ceitr-af/ W _-..yv th_,1 te fJniver-
sity C6n .r Ls ,.nB-campus-
cousunri-es vFk4-A support /W Vishouad
b ive oery po.t.h/e -ppfortl.ity
to develop .skly s vibrant i centres of

Those Centres, le ':d will no offer a
wide '-- -e of iloma ertifi.e i
Please see UWI Page 6

.'^STtA r Pn- 4
|Mr F : .::n that, cr -:n'. -"1^

dustr, :- i'-, cu rrency w
j .. e : ;h.e of t-ih .

'-- .. ..?;- p "p -.,

.-NA - ":" .rLt.: 27
jperpc i -., .-* there
Sto to "ng renad
., __, . .. . -.., .e. ,' --, -

as paid off
.... .

SP tice-C i:,. eoff' r, are .....

_praon A_ r and he th": ui.. that.
S. ... .- e -,i l . -..: is a
S- cbe b al
". od. A. A A:
t~~~he~ L4 b{.. :. i* .: t" :? ,t K e

... ... : G : ......... O "RS-4- ,

I pl the FB.L-'-I Commumity and

In l January cf this var, Mr Jones
Ssaid. during 1he2 u.rgt debate, he
i i roghtl to (3overn2meE:'s attention
jthe concernE of the Business CoIm-
i mt-m and asked that Governaent
look into the matter wth a view to
Sfind-ing out whetherr h fears were
i I justified.
Discuss The Mattr
SIf the ci-,r in -e jstfi-, he sid he
j -l.- t ,.- ....:.'.- -r~1 put into position
"' iI rj : hich l :ffeir the

SWe not justified, 'it Govern-ient
| j -should 0 ,,-:..... ^ matter -i' n. E.u.L;-
.... Co..mun.ity allay a' i r fears.

"I fee- t~hat I :,. rih' at. at time," Mr
| ones 4, b : r r4IEU H..vr|
in St Lucia, .: .urdi..:?i :.. -errat and
.-"Ile of the other ..i. 1 iie.- e T a
| ?Pleas See CET Page 6


- -

Page 6 Saturday 25th Ma.
UWI PFrom Page.5
.:o.r.-:-. The V'ill :ffer co.ur-.:s also in
continguned:.r.infor ,f,.:fe:zinals, and,
".';rb'i:l .1'ith 'ihe tert.jar'y level ht.ion:ii
Colleges, they will pr-.:.'ide possibilities of
coiopi-ri,- at least L._- first year of
I t r -i v rx7 ..-
Reduce The Amount
"It is vital~? r1. hhe C(ihjn ..
'ncre- "1 7'c,.e. to university o '.
e v.ion", Mr : -iyre .
"but. it has to te done in a
c C-:,r!::. where wre a ...~~-"r_- h"
niig serc.u. a :.;r,- code .. .
straitt. The_ ..T; oTf .
-.u .-.- .'. ...:...-e . has to be
.,d'u.ed, ard, one way is to reduce
1the .*-':'.. u. of :'e st-e--ts have
to spend cn .:-.; m order .
to c.. we a degree." *-

E::?erinrenr (UWIDITTE
"h links, by :---T
TV, De J-,-.:.-, 'bado
..*,. Trinidad campuses .', the Un:-.:~-,:t:
-Cet.:..- in the non-c.:M.iL:. countries, will
Splaya major u r:-in this e pansion- ':i Vice

SEmphasise The Fact
-iHe w:ih to emphasise 'I9 fr:i:', he said,
that, i E fro mbi.. a a vUWI p resene
|in ,i-e n.:,i^-,..:i- ..- couantries,-. University
t |,l H I

y 1991 The Grsrada Nevwletter

,Centres arv bec .ring a ,:.-r' imp.ort:.nt part
of the rm.ufrt re..-U of UWI activity.

At the prese-in' time 75 -reni- dir are
' r.Ailled at U '-L the Vice-Ci ellor sai
-- 1 -, -. r
anid. he cri,.-ders ihis f:.,re far too l.:.m.

SThe re:'ity of firai-ial con-
..l straits is -:-d;,I resp.,rnible
'for iis, he said, and he
Believes the ;,nrnnity as a
w-hole. must give greater
h.- L;.1 to the fir"anncig- of
university -.:. Location for youi.rg
Gr aYn,-i .
Some Financial Support
-i l:.:-. to WI is increase
thie Vi:- H:-~.~~i:clor said
encoi'ragmnt' must be 'iver
to -t 1e 1- from r-1.1t.ivly
_____disad,.- d .--.;d ,1:. 1 srouiids to
MICI:TYRE T', e fo.,, '.viar and do
; .u ri .'--r 'ork. This
m :... if that they must be Eive I sorime
n.r'i. *. .p.rt un l-e: the hiLghei-
nr'L.:r._e on '"-.;' <':":', jhich ve
sti.ldeil;L achani-ce .to cover their living costs.

To this -,a. --.r McIntyre said, he has been
fIl:. all over :. w-orld, whereverr n has
Please See UWi Page 7

CET From Page 5
-- .P:a .vr,, e--_. ,'.ct. Z";" : _. a,':, Of
':* B'.Lin^ Connti ity arxl have her
-'SF to 21.e^ t,-. theyr do not 1-n. e: .
the CET to the esuent th.t they vill hav0e *
adverse -ifr1ci." P

-r.m ,he p.ii: -_. lip St Lucia.
~~ D i: ..:rdad rs, he 7d it
is .'* i" there is the neo for pr.-'.,,i-',
i.. r.. res to be taken, .:.t simply :. -..: itthe
*'-u of i; .:.rt.-. ~s from f#- i..m
countries, but ..:. : -- rse in !he c::t of

Has Done Nothing.
Siam ., ed by the fact that, up to n.:, "
our c ry as do..e nothi- _-- "

..verni.ent can .. to off,-' the rj, i f tl-
i -of lioi-. Mr Joke r- -f-red to a 1G^.
" ,:h-- now n :-:l.irged by the CO.-. ....
i tim por."-d ..:. .-

If h sur re~r'ti a : CE has
be in :-I:'.' he l itL will b like a
double -;: .:.. a d :' i.:.-.:. of the
.ir :;. :--- ll h - :- of. -.eriu
*... .'2. .'ably : _6 .-ig the cL:sf of
57 4 i
ll.t v, rl _-.

To Grant Re;lie
From i -l er -, he said, since ".- CET
will cause -...: -:... .: .-.CARICO, ".
sour.-c:- to carry ir-..1 .. pric i- uru-.,z
Got could look .. is -'. tax
,-.I "

structure and introduce --i to grant
reli. f in sc,;':e ~ ... to .:-- rr.~':r..:;.?e the
epep -Li ris &e. J,: r. said government t has gi.en
ii .z fic:e t .. -:.i.- to all .z in 'lic.:. i ;:,ns of
he ,:E T and ll.:e- is u'.r: -t rieed for refil
-e::-ii n-i of t .
- ..- f 1 .i. -.. .- --..--
LC A . . .: : :;: 2 ". " . .. . . .

- .





I 17ththe T-mi.h aribbean
| .,co.u,-;,y to rti.fy ?_ United
Nations Drclioi. n on ilh
SSurvival, -rection --d -_: '..opment of. the Plar of Ac'ija for

T e ::"i.::;. : -.: place as P.rin
;f :i '*J::" .r.: ,hv..i-_ : .,i-, the
| d.. ''.uir- 7 -^*: T^ g a-? to him by
-- --- --'-- -- . a e .o

;UWI Firom Page 6
Seen .. t .o inI a W1estin:di 1;r a.: nd
i -u-rs e r -e b b-_ -..-,-:.S of a response. That
-response is coming, he said, from Service
Uues, Fnjly ?.et -. Co-oper-ati
aid frus u f-,,-.n-.i-e -. "

S.. reference to : CAR.ICOM A 0: rs
S": -,h mir, Tion of UWI ,- fuates to
,er co-umtries, Mr Mh r, m w s.aid that, 15
V ears..j::, h Caribb,.,Ur.t.: 'd onrly.v.

U Gt Automatic Exemption
1Fif1ri years 3x _:r--'-r. he T.?, UWIW
took i dP:i.-eon to, introduce -:-:,.-,2r id .'.-+e
.pro..i - ereby Stu.l m. :.d i- a
reatdeaiofth;p:.- v .:-. uat v.erk in the
.Caribb,- n As an e::.-np-: of this, 1'-
S'ice-, __ellor the c p of a sb."p!t
1.-T v -
: ,..-. now ... I UWI postgraduate
o. :-';, and get. au -n-:,i e: rmpi,':n
m :!m part o' t:"? : Membn r h' exip rmn-
S- oof the British College of Fr-i:i.: .

sd J^:3t; after -radrlf~m havE
1. iA mor30 up prcelkssfozaJly
inta- istructw-es sar respet-
"---"- .....r anf d begiB to see
*t -r-A of __O _&re fr muc q r-
3f- L2 '7ev had Zse situation
y.r before when. ,on
fM 6ey ve!nt s'r.'oad At do f
S-Tr -fea&s4 sPrtc~ -0 vyr iy e
, -r ^cy- ^Q~y.-

Dr L- ?e H.-il11 the
Representative of
Children's Fund.

Barbados based Area
the U'ite.d N.i,-ir:r

"On Sept-m1er ?h 1990 i Preident
a.d Prime ML.t. .- rr:-: all o-er the
World ai in 1-v Yo: to0 discuss the
Ri~!s of Children tie Prie Miirst
-. ,j ";.i' Gr ::- _.: :-:pr at tlat
*.i-r'. by .r Miniter r possible for
Women s::ffs::', Mr, Joan F'.'ell "

The- &rB-a 6" r e.tis ve Cwry cow-
cerned soat & d k Afr -rsthvs/ai a s d -cm`re .- be-
/?re Parlia nent st : ime a B.,I
relafig to to-se Ri-i .

Adults have a "'-por--ity to rs'e th:t

.u "u,_ h lr k: ? "
-l'r.:uh ; :"''p c-ldren :i- introduced
Pe. '- .n _!e HLD Page 8

To f,.I:rl.r this ":"; ,-- Mr Mclntyre ^aid,
UWI is its post.t d.a.,te
progr P il'i'-- 1 .....i.' i i; "link-d, P r"'e ".
These -:-P re-:', sanid, 4vll h:e the"" tun |
do a certain nu nber .of : .-.t- graduate

:',rVh UWI has a "ai-.", do the remainder
of post-graduate -.-w- ',ere and theii
riH--i to UI tv d.o re-, ar and -/ri' a

He I Imprersd.
AMr Aclntyre sa&d 2aLt he firal
analysw/d de c'r-sf^ to~ retsrnhio

viZt Use grades& afife6 ssmpresed
vj:d ie est'nt to PL/& te receas
Ofset o a "pt to re"a-
if the Car/-'ss

This, l e -i, is a- :..i are.e-r .. of
the trend of ht past :,'-,r r of a t^t-
of 2,600 gr.a ,600 "-.

: ~ ~~~~~_

The Grenada Newsletter

Saturday 25th May 199 1

Page 7

Page 8 Saturday 25th May 1991 The Gr.aada Newsletter



w w- i- A -_, _

Ias B ..l-'ite .- a:t at a pe
S-....,-"ence on Mray 17th th-
S.C-..r iner of Police, Nester --
SOilvie submitted a port to hr 4 ,-., May

I .ini of Heth, Mr Kr' Lal

'.. Ii4- tAJ.'"
I sir i.

",_e no e-- to s-,b,, t, the Piublic
3ff,"" -'., .. d,b

4J CHILD Fromf Fage 7
: to v:'d.2- to &.'":.^jr "" c "
ciised : i -, he said, amd as the f
0:, aJ .e:-e of tomr rr.:.- children
sI be for .at imp. -rf
role ..- . _l ,-..,-e t, pl.y in *.._.,t,:i t.

I.ra'sj fAfr Bra t *
s ; ''"clidre off lod ayer exposed
A? m? 7anysocirl evenk ,&fcarefot
ecessarfy- th. best inres '
here is, he said, the .:.-m of dr
S- r of peer gr.: tl-"o irnfluer,
oTf zrn media, ad :h Ir- r r tremend-

Bind Many Cof-.,t7-eL

His 1 :f )r!o, the
-i C -:e-ei, im N ,; York t.-_,. t':.

Co -.. _: ,h bind -01 : ; .

`1 .. o,. an d

These iLn i oK:ins :f? to events last.
DeL-cpieinr when-'i a '{ trvc: Triid from
.he Unim.-- Kingdoim cr,-i2g., to Mr

pr-r c-:l M.r -Li-' l, r, r
'.:, ... staff : -of e Mini: rrof
He"i, wr'iM e at the Ci:.. : i an nr,,
to H:,1e, the "-ei: and "-a- on."
of thie ,i> . .: .in by a
C ien .. rv. i-e packdays
c:. spare ,,.,, ua quantity of
e!ecTrf .:i equi, & vj --n.
Truck Wva Ragsed
I an .-. .- 1-- : TER, Mr
ie t s while the
-lectr.: i.- equipment w. s c -: ..,_.,d, but
:. ;,,:'f a;_ i :mi'.:.i1'.-- C- ..-i. e"^rv'" .. s
_ru,ht. to tie C.i:. r by Mr Stanley
...,es, Mr L_ : ;?" r pe:-.-.i.l public
r ie t.] ns onr A t

TZZ .?o ar-y &.-- s umber of
prer-e- ,-f Aeieci, -:,--

Ad&1. V& e 4e aw- V y __&
4tr i e :nc sk-riato A&r

Folk.ii us he appUr.- .: of i .r h7r7 e
in Mr Noel's :.i-. -:. tol: an
,.e"i .and i e ere ii L_ Tngh
A,:,: i" irg to p :.-.-:: :ts, the MWit
.r sai_.,d thpe r :. ..': .-,-- to be
-..ed ai ....p.:a st: of: p .: i; n of
.-'.i.::.r., pro9 ,:,- c :-
Had BeEn -:-
As t: the fa ..-:- i:-.. :: : p ,-,.,n in
the esftin.te-. for pr-- : f i-r the
truc or e : ". .;' --. :. Lalsingh
saiM the money ....- e- saved from
other vot..s of expenditure
Please -- .S Page 9



We must all pool our resources, reshape and strengthen our
SinstaUtions and associations, redirect our priorities and

to pr:.i'? enploe-rient opp ...f..L-
it- A :a cre tig irL' 1e._'w p-
,n'i for the alre:,:y e-e,:.ped
coz..utri-_, Ceribbean Cotrnntty (CARi-
COM) c.untries ;^ .dart lo,:-ki.g in-
r' ly i:...-rd.s briniing full 14eop,: rn t.
to, the region.

This s-.tate'n-t was ."-Lide on .,..y ,-th- by
Grenj.s I.-iri.ier for, Mr
.-rt ..j Str L I as he the
"--.ure adres at le,- cere-monyr of
I* first-ever F' Cid'rince of

Pool Our Resources
S" in Gre-',.a cannot do it .:-iie," he said,
"5e i-n,, all pool our reso.u'rces, r'est.p
S-- stren:gthenr our inr:itui.oris and
r.)i'atfi,:ns, redirect our prior cities .wn,-

fuintili.:r -as a :n' .i'jen business Operation
., -f'-1'v c.:-,ov Is,:-nti zon and in common
Vith ich otherr"

The Minister said the functional co-
Speraion vhich exis- thri.:u. h CARICOM
Pleanse See ST LOUIS Pa-e 10

LALSINGH From Page 8
n Fet'ru:'y, ci"onrl1er over this n.i r,
. -ime Minister BratLv.-te set up a C.air,
'u:b-,ommittee to, inrvtigate. It. -:,
-:;:mprip d of Dr Fr..i.:i: Al I?, A-or!;y"
itieral :-nd M.finis:ter for Lei. Aff1rs, Mr
-ichael A rdrey, .Mi-Li.'er for H%..Ih and
fMr Pli:;is St Louis, .rster for AoriA.d-

That Cominttee reported to the
r'rime Minister that investigations
.ad revealed a "discrepancy" vhich
the members of the Committee "find
Shard to address".

SIe' d:.-i-cpf.i-cy r'efr: to a d.iffereng:e
--I the actual :.eri.z1 on one
- of 1eqir,-i.pet1 a-the .eri intvier of
at qi,.ntr :: ..e, : the covering
-'.: i : ad the Cc' iiA.: tihe':en etiiiii
lat te 1."t-i- be turniied over to the Police
*r "full :riminal "it ... -: 1"...

At this stage, the matter vas turned
over to the Police and to the Director
of Audit, and the Prime Minister
issued a release that the latter had
reported that his investigation
"points to the conclusion that a false
invoice vas used to obtain funds to
pay for equipment vhich vas not
budgeted for."

Mr Br.ih 'itS, ac' app::intd Mr Leroy
E..p.tisi, an el.c..r,.mc. ::ped., to e::zanime
;h,- electr'.-ni, equ ;ipm" t h-v_ h ihad -';riv,-ed
--bih the truck.

Th~e- expert v: .-:ke:d to ::ert~-n whether
or i:n rr e of i- tem-.-. ifi;.,td might riot
be more a ppi _-,raAtly ..: for purposes
,:',rhr i.ui those for .""ich "hy werp said to
have ^ -i i :-r.'tepo .

Please See LALSINGH Page 10


------ --------------Y-l--

Saturday 25th May 199 i

The Grenada Newsletter

Page 9


Page 10 ___d-ay 25th May 1991 The GC enada Newsletter

iTheee beF e b a C& number of donors who FaPE madns aC
comtnmtment to ms nd aire fijnLising -rrang-sn wts for the
transfer of funds

S Iman of L Grenad.-i Nation-
Id Appe-_ of the
'Sl7 -

... .. ,. ._, -' -i... < : t C.-li:i -
int .hI m. said at a pe, conference on
JIyH' 't .;: .-tio-,v S b, -his Co-iniriftte
have ;ar--.- ,:.:' i a frd of the target
figtwe of E(iC$250,00.M

"But t s o ry, he said.
e:a- th-re --e --- a number of

Iand the i " C"" 0" b be-+
ed J
I b . .,.,n of the
OVer.- 4 'l
Goemen be: tended he
... '.,i.,i, to industry ;ar to the Prod-
I.* :..* . .
j The co:,uariet of CARI jv-,. L
South of their 1--Ti--, ,i-r t Louis tl
it-eir agriculture pursuits should
implementnt each .-.he i
! h"' ild be f.:.r. d *o t l ,- ,.-. -..-.,...

donors who have made itmnent to us
and are ri i ::.. -f- :.f.:--.:, ?:2.j for the
transfer of finmd

TAP ^6ai3s&d .Caw; s ts sAW
it voufld be : - to ss- y that ta
C- i-b,. .-L -,,y g,' a j lw
zhose m o : .'f exc eJ $Of, 000.S

The Develop.-:.r.- ,.:-' rdc..nt Fund
vas launched il Octco.- 1988 by Grnada-
Pleae Z g UW Page1

T;i exarmnatii 0 C ,.":oe from
the kf ew n ,... tn,at -J.- ..arie
Mr L^ .i ., s .. ...* i ,.-^ relations
. .':.i ith tw still be,

At tbe press tvtfravce -te Ppraw

porst thor Iad &cff b e
.a.... oas,- 33 ; .ec /e6 FO
av h,& wi

a --.--.-o' r acce- -
Sthey can oal- ma .
i -.,tt J to za- h:.:e-.- p 2-, ,.f the
t -ates. _
W- Tr. dMay_ 13 Makq
T r one-. .-< r 1 .. .The PoliceP Rep-r he-^5 t .-heprwvith
: ,r, -:,e umtil May the Re::-rt ofe o t
I .T? T '-,-&, Asr-',',' g to the ...St .. -' ..of. I-- C net s "u - or uch rcorm-

Y of -o, rn.,i i Iftl rl,..tvosas th jse Idy .ish to
it for The PriiL .i h heud be

L cere ony-f ,ere r : :-- of t e matter e:...r .. -.
I IIICI~f--! tA~n (T !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i ___ PlvalmSfmiSpel i .^^,_.^ ^ ^__


T1i international movement of capital muast he uuderstoodi
i s the bcwkAroundt to this change in CDB operation.

_,Grn.:da's Minister of
Firce, reporting ,* :.Mty"
16th to a press confwr-nce on
his ;T fi-d.:i.e in Mexico on M..: '9th at.
S. A-.....ti ,ei';i of the C.ri'
Devel.: p--iint Bank (C.DB, said an- import-
.. ,,: l.-' been rn:iTe in hle operation
of the F- &-

BFrrgriim embers of tke B& are
v. reqi ea.-f A0 pro vi' e .?3W of te
.repleznh2men of theSpecadLDee'lop-
mentla fl~~fDF), shesid.

:T!..r- j, this IPelopment, the Minister
-Kd the SDF is one of the so.u',ce" in the
.. for fir_-iuc:ing .ovrlimintial projects
". : c,.i..-,ry basis. In the past, he
.. ti F e .: c,.r-tributed to by tii de-
C op countries who are non-b, r.,:,.ing
.b. r:of thye- .
M-~e A Contribution
.*. .has ha d now, he id is he
i,:,r,.- :, :i._ibers of CDE, tte borrowii;'
..-'.ber: of CARICCM, have been c-Ihsed
ci:.on to r::.:e a C:.::;ributi::. t to the FI.LidL
sid, in rdi': c.nneition, Grnn.d has
pled?-e d the u,-un of US$67, -1 -'-r. tlhe
nest shk: years.

ST LOUIS From! Page 10
I ,I ,. Citrus Gr. .ers As.,ci..ti n and
a*" Trii':.. Islad.ide Cane F,.er:s
,, .'C 1:1 .' .'rL D -I t '..... e i- i. "
i..ii u Guyana Rice Ass-
L'o:'n, the Dominica Elarm- Gr.:.'vei
As ",-:';i';on "" i"- St Lucia C.',nut &
r--.c Grovers A. ciati on.

cm -i
T:.oi,1.; do', n for discusi.n included,
Issues Confrontirn Prod Iceir
.the ipa. t of Iner.. t n-
S i: t A en t- on F .rdc:er
Sni *.ctd 1 f'odleh for Regior::In.
-": . .." i C ,rni,.'dit.. y Ass-
"- ~I i 1 Th,-2r,

,ir Brizan said the iter'or~rti:-.ial movement
of capital must be underi-Ist-o as the back-
1r<:T Wid to this change in CDB operation.
Nov Have To Pledge
European and chpr ou.. trie now have to
pledge increasing support to the European
Bank for Fe,::,r stu'u.tior: and Development,
a recently estabhi s ed i.ritit.ution for the
Please See CDB Page 13
UWI From Page 10
born Mr Mc Intvyr UWI Vice-
Cac-irpellor. At that time, he annlunmced a
ta r t of 150 -lli.n aaican dollars
(US$27 million) and said the most iir-gnt
pri,,ri v. rebuilding the l...I-na, Janaica,
campus which had been devastated by
hurricane "Gilbert".

Mr McIntyre .Uid-- the second priority wa to
.:ddres-: "upri,.riIy deve!npment needs" at. the
Cave Hill, Barbados c-npiu.:, ti-e St
i-, c,.tp,.us and min L- non-campus
Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
c.' uItries which support UWIL

Pleae Se U WI Page 12

~_ __ __

- -------~~

The Grenada Newsletter

Saturday 25th May 1991

Page 11

Saturday 25th May 1991

The Grenada Nevsletter

Brizan is confident that the request for retention for the
next five years of a protected market in Britain for
Windwards bananas will be granted

:- p .-:'1-'i .ei co".u. "ie-s efe-d to
7 .7-1 nthB 13-. ; omro-d-*
.ities Con--ttee of 'the AFri.n-
|C bb u-F,.:: (APC) .:up of J'.:,,it-
F .' tL .
n fhich _h.. an .:s .:*.:'Ion 01i the
're- Ecc".:::;ic C m' r "iU.:ty (EEC).

..--: .,- e ;iz::, Grenada's .,-fi ,i'ter ,f
-, i. -.:ad this ata ._ c ,: ,nfe, rnce
.' .'*Iy lth aLnd said the ..r C, ibb .
:,: '_;is Guyaa.

'e role of this Cori,-i e is to. n-.:Ttor,
S- operation of Lome IV as it relates to the
"r.v <,..:-l,.iion tova-ds certain com--

modiih--," he said.

Mr Brizan's press : :.--.:e was called to
report on his !td. .:c at. t- ACP+EEC
,-eteng in E lrtL-ns from Ist to 7th .ay
where he chaired the '.-,,-in; of :i:i-tbrs
for he C-tribbea ,gr'. of-cu' :rir-u..
Asked To Pay
The Mir"" said he AC' P :-"u-r.e. have
reques'.d that a quotasystem be inip.;,sed on
rni:-.-ACP bananas anrd .i banana umporlt-
ing c.:.F::iie be tked to pay a levy on
b.-,.nA imports. Tahi levy it is
he said, sh:.ul,.1 be ni'ributed ca, :n. ACP
countries to i.-ir,:,-e their compef.iiiness.
Please See MARKET Page 13

Si From Pag3 11
.:.. h told t.e pi"s- c.c.. f nc" that,

on, 0id., ,en _.- .-, ,r-v is 1re iy.
Ar:'e, on "', ..dit.. : ra rl,, rovd at,
; --h.v House, the We C"re in
S. a PSome of the f--..ui.- col!-.1-J by
Com-nitee, he j'd .ll be used to
*1i 1, . amon_ r r-'--'
- -. '- so till be ul- ;~'. t u the--

M iat ths e press fco i ":1 .,1
., ^/i.].di- up a .vo ,... orf i d visit to-

.- a :- 1 4

-- V.; --iS$175 .- I ."" -
............, --- '., b he is f .,.?. th a- a l

A*"35 i 0 i US$ 17 5. r';i

Ther'. are ..Dl:.., Mr McL.it1e a.d, Appeal in the United -d:.
E nr'rls: (vith responsibility for G"a
Pr cAe, Spain and The eTherl.,,),
Ca.naa u- the U-it d Sr A .

"Weh vea ..--..-,irable .i. k. .of .i.ey
to ; tie V: ---.: or said. "If ve
are to muj n 1 our nAJ1 3aU pl.u

started ov-en re 1h.d n: .4or .-,.,,i
nllion by the e-nd of thi 1'-i-."
To Raise Money
Vice-C7i-nen-"r I _I_.yre. ....ed his
v. t*re^ ut 4 of the innovative amd -:9:' etie
t '"--- .- - M r r,-ith. "J his
*. K !11e on the ApF-= Corpmr.i have
1.-r w.d the task of Tg U.I to i

Ce.t"9in Gtr .:i

reset of th ...U T r:i.. 7 C.:r,. ,ty he1
.--:!n Ja"'+se is .ntim_ nt.- in this

r---- ---- ..-.

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 25th May 1991 Page 13

MARKET From Page 12
"It is most likely that, by June of this
year, the EEC villa make an announce-
ment indicating the continuation of
the status quav for bananas under
Lome Ill continuing into Lome IV,"
Mr Brizan said.

W'bat t&~ means asfar as WIYtfdvrd
lI'ad-s Aaszss *rr c ocarred '&e
i sd is tht W request has beeV madee
Sforre7fet of protected market n
f Briaifor t&ne bsananasra r he net

1'U: be-:;:. an ACP p.:,ition, the
. ", it m eans t.__:- rq... t .l...:.-.:..

fr-- Marin- que'-.i-oupe b i:-, in
3I ,i' for bananas fr,.v the Canary .iXnd,,-
Italy for b; .-._. from -'-:- i. i. in m
Ior .3,1 for 1 :7.-. from t0 i C",p Verd

Will Be Granted
Briz'an ii:. he ; c,-:rii:je'nt this requei-
1`1 be granted but he does not- think t4e1
... p.... of a 1:., on bal.m inp, rti" -i
Scolunrie.- vir! be ac3i ptEd

..Th.. "t!'- said .,no r.avi 2.j awA..;.- for
: :j -' J, ri.-r the L:..i_ IV :r?;.y until it
s been r ified byT two-thirds ih-, EEC and

all of ACP c.;rimtries. So far, he said, 54 of
the 69 ACP and 4 of the 12 EEC countries
have ratified the treaty.

It is e:..Tected, he said, that by June of this
year the rem-iin', eight EEC or.nmtries vill
have ratified the treaty.
Up To This Point
"One of the m.:'t, important institutions in
the L,:-.r treaty is -aled the Centre for the
Devel::.prment of Industry (CDI)," Mr
Friz.m said, "and I am .Cn.ted that., up to
this point, :re:.-da has not nade use of

CDI hi_ an annual buid.-e? of appr:-:imately
EC (US$ 13) million, he ~idJ, and exists
to assist the Pr:ntb Sectr. The
-.r 1i. % Tion is run by an E:.ecif-tive B-aird,
h. c,.ji1ue,, the Chairnman of which is
Grenada-born :r RIch;, d-.- n Andr-vs
who e'prp.sent the G'verrnmet of Trinidad
& To -,-,

ie i._Ii~-:!er l`ai. he disc.x -zed plans with
Mr An- A re '.-s for m Iakinc full use of the
servicess of the CDI. The Grenada
Industrial Dev' :.pni:.nt Cor,:..rati.:n (IDC),
t i.-,', will be 2- link bete aV the CDI and
: n. and Prite S?.:Pag 4
Please See MARKET Page 14

'DE QFrom.Page ii
idev ':;.'.:-0 :. o. 'i. .c ';..ji 'v of E.:etc._[:
S."".p", he said.

Slso the Mir r sai, as a re:ul of
:- .-. in the er'.i.:t Gulf, wiere will
a shift of o '..ur."c a_ caIpitai me ; in"to
u G lf to reh7ih, tate, v ,ilJ.'. and u.n-:
c.-ure ... mei of th ?S' in 11.: r -ioDn.
Begin To Contribute
sa ..t of all this, it is re-::i;' ed by
k E.: .t : ail.i ity of fi ,_ .. for
r n' 11: nh is b-..-: n ny i,. re ,.Md more.
f icult," H: Brizan 1ij, "and both the1
San;d f'li 1ributir I.n er,.-ir: of the
SF- ave. een lionther -.n ?' -
'. of CD to begin to cotri ,t-i t-o c:,
'7nr-:-.- t'_ ces.".

; '..'i .,; r . 1_ de".el ;pi_- '-fe',i is I both
'. arind good. On the ba. -:, the
Sro_-in --Memi_,: of CDBare Xe
- e- upon to find dditional ris.: ,u'ro--
ovb"en w' reyc- are d -r'i "-!e scarce

.- .,1, and, on the 4-., .
b.'mrr.:,vi. members are bei-, c
to be more -elf-reliant.
Are Made Available

side, the
allied upon

1Mr Brizansai.d ihar at '.h CDB rmeetin-g,
the Ur.'o.n States of Arrie-r:ca pledged
,:-i.tional c.'.-'ibiutiqns for the CDB's
E.':a N'eds Trust Fund (BNTF). Under
the ENTF, fur- are made available, under
l. fr.t terms, for .ich projects as refurbish-
mg.of :,h:.,.I- "-, s nd medical c-ntres, -and the
...fiirt'- ,e::r..~:ie the F,.uc as one of the
bp:' CDB progra-."m.

Other rh..tter i:.uss...d- at the CDB's'in: i_.A:. CDB's lorg-t.rn n iire,',ion-
a pl.i-, p-:-verty allevi".ti'.nr, vomen in
je'el.opieni, the e.",vi'onrn:nt, lending to
the Private Sect :r r-d i'rii:-btiu'al diversif-

.. ;... ~...

- ----- ------ -- --

Page 14 Saturday 25th May 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

".'. "4 4 ; .: I ..- : 7 : -'*

1 NE
ROC Pasture & Livestock

Specialists Visit

Two p.xt-'e and liEst::';: specialists from
| the 'tpu ,i: of li.: c's (ROC) T.i i an Pro-
.ii -. Liv. P....ear- ch Institute visited
.. -k J,,fr .i .t.ay nd to 1. 'y ith.

Tiese specdid,:t ."h, i: ent to Gre-
nada's siey r island of I_';.cu, "'isite
m rany f'i-rns arid *-ci ed f-ir",rr" in both

jTh ,y :...- ,l-, C.'4 ,. i.-- -.e i th ... i. : r f

other .hin.-, on meth..:d, of nir.:--
vwater -.ples, weed --ntAol aI- .-iiS
'Yr i-'irn-nt

Artisanal Mechanics For
Training In The U.S.A.

Two m; chn|.; of t,: Artvn- Fioserifes
P'roject- are to attend .he O'C b:ar-d ?.f.iin p
Corporation :i l"r, Fv :.'n i for further

.er -ce (GIS), TO tM.:-A..... .i
.CO and a gaint of this i-.unt h,--
- ,obtrd from h,- F-i:he.-i Unt. of the
OrI. -- nof E-ast. CariTD.. ,-

Land Owne rs To Be

| ri..ns wv hose! .*-. e in te con-
Struction of Point Sie- Inter.' onal Air-
-p tarere to be c '-" r..- 4

A r'elea. from over~e- IrO-r y-
-A;IAKET From Page 13
raedi s Mr BC-i.
-._;... can tcr r;i frv: CDI ".7^ i
: -.-. .t. :'. r "-e... : h "id :j .. 'il
'-- ..-,_ -'ir -, .ith hands-. i a-. ,
ng vi'. h ;:i -.-i.-.- in j ii f -rp'i"
id joint venture paIrtn ers.
... ... .. ,- _tr r

third pl-.s- of the Fibre Opti- Laying
Project of GrN-,da e7&.n ":-
LTd. (".RENTEL) beL on 5-.4- 27th and
Please See NEWS HOfIRTS Page i5

ir-i. Serv:i::e (GIS) q-.v,.-tesp Minister of
A .ri-.itur, Mr Phirnsle, St Louis as saying
Lhis Msiatry is 'crniductinr':g a si.u'-y of
G. :-'rr,_nt.sI in the area vith aview to
distri -'.itiri poirti-n r.) to persons vho suffer-
ed loss of property vihn th- airp..rt wa
0;l.@i :..

British Aid For Music School

.A gift of mu;iii. iir2iLirnts a muiic
st-ih 7vas pr. Ti-'d 'EceniTl" to Musi-
,:i'.ire, a mr'.Lic: school in the ic-.' of
Sv. el .u7.

The bi' ecriSt" of ritcTronic keyb.:'ards
S--. enspiels and tut1dar chin and is
worth EC$5. 000.

A r,-,-, fr-rni the Off ; of the British
High C ,.ra:ssi.- in Grenada says Musi-
culture began operation in I' 8 and, in that
year, had a better th-m 80% pass in the
**'e "y :=d-t,-i.,rn of -h- Royal School of

in 1989, 17 of the 28 students -ho took the
: n;-ir:Oii.n were :'su_,e?- i.ti 5 .1- ,ini u. dis-
in:: ins.

IEF Donates Pharmaceuticals

Th United S-it., Internatuirk-d Eve
Fou-i.....:,n (IEF) Ihas dotd ppr
matevl EC$125,000 worth of pFhriu-
utical to the Eye Clie at Gre- a's

A &r-?r-r from the Government Ir-form-
ation g says the dt .l:. niajl;
available AfollovFg nr t.: by tl" J ..try
of Health to ,-e Anti. azed C-ibbean
c-.: i:-- for the Blird.

GreateI's Fibre Optic Project

lhe Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 25th May 1991 Page 15

NEWS SHORTS From Page 14
S.*..'. rd. eT, o a relea-e fr..m -EN.EL, "
expected to last 12 veeks a.:d xcver
approximately 7.5 ,ile-

This Pr-:J'at, vtich st.I;rt al ost tUhrep
i_,.;tf g.:-., is d.eig:ed to upgrade inter-
...nn : n t. the .nin in St
:-e..gpe's ; -i fi!e other e::,'hI ie:- is:. 'i" -

uti-.ily, the sytem vill have a c-i-p.cityof a
c 'pr :... ..i- :. L e. ,-s telepl.:., ".,-
v.:-'Faq.*f.2, t.-. figure b:ing able to be
:-:,reYred to !8,1: ,-, '-, t r.-" ..ding a,.,,it.iorn.ed ter-
n-inal eq ; ',ipmie rnt. at the e:~ch-mes.

Fish Sales Grow

Filleted fish, a ; i-. by the
Artisan! Fiherie'- Fr:--i-,:t, is .-h'-no- bei-ng
i-r-.ed. on 'he regional mar-ket = -_ s.:,in>
"-O p..... of filleaid dolphin, valued at.
.bout oUU, :... sold to 1. v.- I m
I-Antigua ... the f. i" e -"--." of

A cording to h', Go _..-. Information
:r-'.'- buyers on the are
Us'irused to tle -. -.v ofrciaboned anid
"l'-d ef:- and .-: are g

Britain Aids National College

res fr-.n::._- C:rffi,-: of h' British

e,_ and a further 25,000 ; int. has
ii .vi.--:- for e '.ipyof :-oks aand.
Sving f::; the College libr: --r.

r e r -l *.l :. ^h1., on May 21st, the
:::e^ r- no a gift :*-e and
l::: i rom the Office of the Pr, 1h
., hCoiiion.
i i radi7. -. ". S.

7 o11 o ?.': rA.:.-T L^ .pe.for
e U i-vu unit of the Col-.

-.. i i lud.'?d. a le-: i : ,a of ref'renc,
: ...,:oksf'. r e L.fterr. Resource Library.

Examination Time

At a sitting on M 0y 10th, 2,958 candidates
wrote the iCoinon Entrance Examination,
of -.irh number, successful candidatess will
enter the St.te's 19 secondary school- at the
be ainriiig of the ner-4 school year in Septem-

A total of 824 candidates are expected to
write the 1991 Primary Scho-ol Le-aving
Examination v .Ach runs from May 21st to

Of this number, 619 are frcm primary
schools and 20D are c.i.did.ate from Adult
an.d C .ontit'...u: Education Programmes.

C -.--._ v-it s under 16 wvho have gained
a -':-_"'?e of at lea 6.0. are eligible for
scholar'ip. -.Lile "hcse over 16 year with
al .:"er:e of at. least 60` are eligible for

The 2H irdLr; of Education reports that
1,591 .i diia&s, are regi:te-.ed to write the
C_ _rid.Ca. GneI-I Certific.ite of Educat.-
ion (,CE) *, in2, 587 subjects.

These e::mri.-iti,-ns, 7whih run from May
21st to ba'.e- 21st cover 2,156 entries at the
Ordinary ("O") Level, 44 at Alternate
Ordin-' .'AO") Level and 387 at the
A-4J':.ced ("A")c tl

For the Caribbean Ex,Cninat.ion Council
(CXC) 1991 ex'..31..,3,, 1,819 candidates
l.wei re.i:^'jEred for 6,0.4 0 ui -t1.

These ze:1:.-"'Lnatii: l btegain wit0h a series of
practical tests on April 29th and most of the
p-p-:3s ill be written between May 21st
and .wa-,. 21st.

Grenada Attends CAREC

Dr Doreen Murray, Alting Chief Medical
Officer, re 'res:ted Grentd.-, at the reetin.
of thi Ca'ibbtai Epidemiology Centre
(CAREC) which ti. -k pace in Trinidad on
May 16th .oid 17th.

Please See NEWS SHORTS Page 16

.U.W1. CF"""r 1fR- T
Page 16 Saturday 25th May 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

On the .agend f.-,r that meeting was the
e^' iat of the p.'..ible spread to the Carib-
Lbenm of the dise.e cholera which ha. .zsum-
ad epidemic status in countries of South

A release from the Glovenirient infr.-.rrm-
ation Seri'ic:e say th!, to te end of April,
' Peru rp 'red-:. :255 c,.-e- of cholera vith
1,244 relatedde.ithI Atthesvanetime, Ecua-
dor has reported 4,000 cases, Colombia 176
S,'.i:es, Chile 26 ;:.ases and EFr il 4 cases.

SThe Uunted tat: of Arnmri':c has :'p,,:rted
4 cases-

School Gets Woodworking

IMr Alan Dn.u British RE:side.nt Repre-
.ernitabt in (Gi'd, recently hlideid ver
to the St Rose ,.?. c;nd Sc.h.:,",' (Gouya:.e,
St t:,l's), on teliif of t-h British High
Corrnission, a gift of a vide racing select-
,r1. of ',,,,d '..".;-i- tools a1d in .:u- acl"T .

UNICEF Upgrades Day Care

The United N-kiomr Internatiorial C'l-
ire-Is Emergevcy Fund ,(UNICEF) has
d.:.n.V. -ver EC'$5,000 for the repair and.
pur.',hae of eq.iiprr-ent for four D'::i C.-re
CMntr.s in St Ge .:ie's F.aris

SMinister Discusses Farm

Workers Pro ranme

3s'," Labour Miniiser, Mr Edzel Tho as,
had discussions on May 14th with United
StItes Charg- d'Affairs, Mrs Edmbe
Pf.w:-ra, rith reference to re-
,:.:,nu)enicpir&-nt of the United States Farm
Wori'l:er Programme.

Prime Minister Concerned
Over TV Programmes

Addressing the Annual generall Meeting on
May 'th, of the Arglici:.~a School Teachers,
Prime iaijister Ni:holas-: Brathvaite said he
is d.i:..ppinrted v..itl sloe programin-,s
br:..:d:t by Greniada T-levision.

Telvisi: n, he -:iJ, represents a key aid in
the pr. :-',es of education but it can also be
one of the '.:,rst examples as efforts are
made to help children develop the right
attitudes and ,l ue?.

Grenada Represented at CPA

Mr Tilman Thomas, Minister for Communi-
cations &. Works, at. nded the 27th Corn-
m,,nr..'_W 9ealtfh P;.-l i ::nentary Association Con-
fereI-I:e which took place in Trinidad from
12th to 13th May.

Also attending were Mrs Margaret Neckles,
Pre-ideiit of the Senate, Senator Joseph
McGuire and Mr Curtis Strachan, Clerk of

Mr Kemny L..iingh, Member of the House
of Repriesentati., was expected to attend
in his ,.ap. City as a regional representative.

4 .5- -


25th May 1991
Printed & Published By The Proprietor
Ais5ter Hughes, Joumalist,
Scott Street. St Georges.Greuada, Westiidies
65: Phone [8091 440 2538: Cables HUSON, Grenada)



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