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The Grenada newsletter
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A. & C. Hughes
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 16th April 1994 Page 11

CONTEST PrFom pageM 10
Severe diseases attacked the Far East nuitmag
plantaitois and, seeing an opportunity to
diversify the island's agricultural base,
Grernad.i.:n planters began to plant the crop
seriously- Production achieved export

proportions in 13O an since then;
supplying sone 25%of the vorld's demand,
nutmeg Ia been th base of Grnada's claim
to be called the "Spice Island Of The West".
............ .. rdmnmamose


For Caa :-e

For Nulmeg SyIup -

For Nutmeg-rum C zeam

1 Cup cake flour
1. Tei.spo)n nutrrmg
114 Cup oinsarh ....
2 -Teaspoo isi hakinr, powder '
1 cup ..rrzrinds. toasted and ground
'YSti,:k butter' "
1 Cup sugar
112 Cup milk
5 Egg wthit7es

2 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Tablespoons vater
1 Tablespoon dark rum
1 Teaspoon nutaeg

:- 2 Cups shipping eieam
1/3 Cup povd.ered sugar
I Tablesp,-pon dark rum
1/4 Teafpoon rnutmrmeg

3 Firm ripe bananas.

To make nutmeg syrup. Bring supar and water to boil in small saucepan. Cook and
stir until sugar di:olv-, Stir in run ?nd' nutmeg. Cool.

To make nutme.-r_-um cream.

stiff .

BeNat w'hipping cream n ith powdered sugar until

Beat in inulmeg syrlp

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. CiGrease and flo-ura 9-inchspringformpan. Sift flour,
-I *--I -* d t M m a..w a. l. Tl 1- A 4- 1.* -- A A

LIUUi1t; klV lll. K Z-1i }Jl-JWUtA I,.U-. IVilA Vii MA 61.JUlM.1 ai
butter wi-th sugar in mixing b.owl. Beatin milk altematively vithd
egg whites and beat uwitil batter is fluffy. Pour into:, prepared
60 minutes until cake tests done. Cool on rack.

To, serve Remove sides of cake pan. Cut cake into 8 slices.
servings with nutmeg-rurn cream and top with banana slices.

Seris 8.

ry mixture. Add
pan. Bake 50-


The Grenada Nevstter Saturday 16th April 199i Page 12


~ r_ 'I~j

Diplomatic Ties With Cuba

Grenada rev eed diplomatic ties with Cuba
on March 5th when n::n-resident Cuban
Ambassador to Gnrei-ada, Lazaro Gonzales,
presented his credentials to Gcvernor
General Sir Reginald Palmer

Grenada had close ties vith Cuba over the
Period 1979 to 198` during the regime of
the People's Revolutionary Govenment, but
these ties were broken in 193'3 following
the military inter.rention by UniMtd States
and C aibbean tfirces.

Don't write "West
That space divides,
Let's write "Westin
Proud symbol of ou

During his five day stay in Grnada,
Ambassador Gorcales paid co..urtisy calls on
Prime Minister Nicholas Brathvaite,
Verezuelan Amnbasador Teofilc Labrador
and Mr Malcolm Eastbum, Acting Eritish
High Commrissioner in Giren.da.

New Australian High

Aus-tralian to Grerada,
Mr Robert Whitty, presented his Letters of
Introduction to Primre lMinuiter

Brathwaite on April 11th .

Loan For Lauriston

Parliament has authorized a loan, not
exceeding US$2.5 million, to be borrowed
frri, Caisse FricaiseDe Development and
to be used to extend and repair Laurison
Airp:it on Grernada's sister r is land, Carriacou.
Thv lo-.n will bear interests at 3.75% pei
anrnum and the pnriipal is to be repaid in
ei hen i eai twice a year installments.

Indies" with a space,
it's out of place.
dies" as we should,
r nationhood.

The first instalh-mrent is due in the year 2008
and the last payment will be made in 2016. .es For South Africa
Observer Team

President of tle Senate, Mrs Margaret
Necl:Ief, left Grenada on April 6th to join
the 120 strong Commonwrealth Observer
Gr'.-up ,.acih will mnrixitor the elections in
South Africa scheduled for ?6th to 28th

16thApril 194

Printed & Pablisaed By The Proprietor,
AJister Hughes, Jouraa&st,
Of Sct Street, St.G age's Greaada, Westhidies
P-.O .B 65: Phane 18091 440 253: Cables HUSDN, Gmreda

The Grenada.._________



I- -- -

Saturday 16th April 1994

Number 4






j~ii~ 4



Mitche-t C-harges Breakdovn
n Parhiamentary System.... -- 2
'Grenada's Economy Sluggish
: Last Y-ear-. ............------........... 3
S.'Hubbards Shovs Poorer Profits.5
G' iness GeLts Contr1Iang
Interest in Bravery.. .......... 6
SCocoa Farnes Demand
M instep's Preseance--......--..-.--........ 8
SSt.Georg's Uniersity Donates
C op _u er- .......... .....-........------ 9
Nutmeg Cake Contest Winners
SAnE un.ced..--...--------.- 101
S-Nevs Shcrts................---------- 12
, .... .. _g_ .. U--

'~" ----~`

The Grenada Newsletter Satuirday 16th April 1994 Page 2




le nieed to moV, qutickfi.: to o-rest tAvis tr:-,f es"t we

R KEITH MITCH. SLL, S:h.. I ob.t to an :r-mpt by th, e
.P.lHi.L,t of i :. L r.:o of Go:v :ent Busiz:eHs to araend
) N-,:ial Party arid a Meb_ the .per.toi/llo, te House kto ,al:e
of ie Gren.:.: Hr,.is of through all its sLtAes a _ill which the
RepLe...ntatives, cLI...,rg.A n an inte" -ie-" ..iti*. -e *-..riy 'hen b I2;r givei a
whith NEWSLETTE-t on March 2. 5, that copy.
lhe parliamnentarvy ..y-t.-:r in Gven:.1 is Was Entitled at s Dr Mitcel :ai the OppoMtin 1as
e_'.itl..ed to ,n an e,.::t.1 .iin for
"I am convmced thre i a Ith-kis :-i. pam-s.i.:, of athe
breakdown in our parlia-- HU.-e ._ ;hotui l have been
mentary systems and ..I.. : sought i: e n ,e-nimen1 but
Lraditions," be said, "a''. Mretes dd h.. e one of'
we Weedi to mTve quickly to '.ha-n arj, in effect, "', 1
arrest tbis trend Jest Mrs St', to shut u1p anr .
perish" ta:e h~r re,"'.

1 .. .. 1.t. wi" ,.:;,
T-be P,,;ia -J < -- '"""
TheP-.liical Le. -e' said, M' i- P 1'i _..:.1itcl u '.dr returned ,':o
MarT-l -Peite, Sp'-E- of n" eti -: n -- he -A pi.d 1- tho te
Ho -use -e ..:.i .d-.. ..-. n-' "e i'. .,ia. r :it M:n:itor of
role. ThIe Sp-- does n_ .N .
inperfoin hi ... ctios :.'..t; i:ie,' of tAhe House on 16'-
irnp.tial .ay, e sai, ad a e 1 [ : :-,' question e had asked
feel he is a Gove: f. 1I -,ic i f;:-r ido'TtOin .h ..i-e to mil._TIly
appoie vi.. rst do" salanLes1I .:!_- .... top-r

h the kCX. Entl v7ishes him to, do.
OuIi Of PiS ac
Dr h i Ihe. *?d. Mr -,~te is 1a "bli
pI: r.'-er4 of ths G nin ,d, a. a
recei"ng *:4 '^ House *f March 2 V# vas,
uiuu,'th, i-ii-ent,_ m.i :-.. ruleJ, dis gusting
ixd out of p:-?e in treatment of Mis
WijluflEd Str~.a... L,.der of I-
Oppst rition

At that meeting, Dr ..fitcle ll said, Mrs

. m. 'eLr .ie of GJoermnlent pidI fr:.- m funds
T' e'iW by .... : ; *", e ..

The reply he recekiva said the question
Laxnnot be an ered beci-ase such persons
"u.aally enter into a personal and con-'
fidential contract agrpeeiant vith thew
funding agency (and) Government is not
a party to these contracts*"
Pleae See MITCHELL Page 3


Th Saturday 16th April n 4

[C T_ ,, N^, A'^^* J ,f
J "\ k cr! t\y

i *)

O NO'?-Y

TFw vitwur o-output, of crops fdf Fy 14.2%


C, 4Re n f t- e Eastern
'CB),. ec~:;.: ..i:' 9cti-7-n ,:Id.:- -

|s i. :. .
1 malfo m =.:-, : rusec. toel
ic s a s the-- main --.: vi- sec tocr, ECCB

-.says, .ith . q .r r .1 r :'i' s':.:,
-:- an ,- -- o 6.! : o -'r 1'.aCl.

crumse ip ..',. but Idt to the shorter
-^. -.of s.:.yof --:., t-::.. expienditimp
of EC $5.5 vas :. '.i same as for the
'C:-- :p-"-"i qu -a:'-r il 1992.
P OCC.OMY Page 4

"Goirnmmekt I telling a bataAnt lier, Dr
1 Mi-:aell said.* rse ?moi are not patid
rto the employs but to Government for
Ilisti ,ar&-ment, and Gof rnmert. hb an
obligation to account for all monies given
to it to pay salaries or aovai.ces"

iDr 1. iic-,: ell .. ob .: ..1.. to i
treatment given Lhs question to -.-. i,:ter,
-.f F~ni:e relative to !-Aet:.*.'.-* t vel of
"-,Her of .' '2 LI.? 11Y :r'
ion GovemmeJnt buimL* 1: a certain
More Than Thrge Years
iTn ply, he .", ^ he had .i :"d a t'"
j fln i'hAcrounitant Cl-xe :.:i:it '. .'
r.r: :-!.: thrhe5e yrb to 2-. out .l
..q... ,_I L-" ."-r' n i.i i 'h-in
Is .be

"This is not. .::,ver i to ;y qetin,"
Dr M1- .el.l K.- "1 :4i1 not at
question of 2:' Sect:-t. the
House ',,-. not .,peate ., .:..:g u,,-,:,.
S,__ .'... ,,. M..rr.e rs resp:-,_ to questions
'fiom .m'-bei. ..:-j- the a s tuhstion f:..rl
ithe Acc- untant Generial that the question

Dr M"ih!! : ,.2 = d ni e- --1?
. ., ph, in Patiianent h."_.. p,_.. ;-
i-,ing a ri ",4 .;_i have become
-: rhad pr.:...tices, and he called on
the Pnss to join f:: h. is p.-Vy to
put a p.:: t-o it.

I T.e rre...i..j.____

I FoiUCed 17th Au st 1973
| Tth Is-ue
C-.-L 1L& -.;a r

Wdtave Paid By Secod Clanss Airmail
Hafl Pst Ia Grenada.) |

10 aswts

2G Isaes

$ 4300

$ 77v0o

IL40 l Issues P. $146.00 ]
Atout 2 Issues Pub)ishlfd Anualy

The Greada Nevsletter

be withdrawn is rude."

S,5 g0o

Page 3

The Grenada Newsetter Saturday 16th April 1994 Page 4
ECONOMY From Paue .3

The Agricultural sector, comprised of the
main export crops, bananas, cocoa and.
nutmeg, continued to perform badly in
the second quarter of 93_ Reflecting
the continued contraction in the Banana
Industry, the Report says, banana
production dahlned by 142% to 1,439

"Ac tityv in the Coc-t : Idain try also
c n .: p vm-,-ted witi output declining by 59.7%

advance e prices', the v.d:lue of output of
traditi,:,nal crops fell by 14.2- to EC$3.1
:iriilli :n"
Output Declined Significantly

depressed. gthre s.?co:i, quarterof l99:.
Compared -ih r pe, quarter,
industrial ou i. t d" lii d. i rficant. .at
,..'e, on 1993/1992 2e,.: qrter .?m-
paS',:isin a siiila trend C.. b.b:-neJ

........ -- beer fill 1I

vittth he d.

vi tb r ... ''" '" ' "' "'' " . 7
Tious quarter,,' -.--... 'h- P "AE."'" """ by 57- rum by 37.2%

of the harvesting period CC B says

"Ho r, based on ph :. q"'
-ff- .r: on co 'p-:ri:.n, c,..,.: produ .c .
mm'aiuel virU.;.y iw*:h i^ed at 235

Since the col.p.e, 1.r-e ye.:ius :..g:., of Thte
Make tiing A greenin r be t.'een the ('lLaJ..Cl
C.o-Operati.. N1.r,.Ie Association (GC NA)
i the n dornesian ritme. export^-,
lre [n:i'L's N utr, -e ,..'..y b ._ -.-, -..
declining foi tez-
Reducmd Last Year
As a of this, th-, .advi.._e price" p .
tofa"me"r by the I't.irB.a. "... r ed.I!,;4
l..7 r but, ECC E savs, in :pite of this,
rinr:, p:-Auction in mhe second quarter
':-?e by 7.5-7 to 777 tonnes.

The Rep- rt :il,.: .1-il ':I :tl -ithi contraction
of tlhe C.'. d B-" .;va:i ui '?-, f1:-eie7s
.*app' to ha.,,. res,.ed to:utmeg pr:,j.u:ton,
as their main source of incoine.

;)ue to thb fall in banmaa ptod.icti"- tihe
Re'-it says, and n-edctio: of the nutnmeg

. Lrnd soft dinks by 15.7%.

"Eaept for improved performance of
pairis (545% ) and toilet paper (11.8 %)
ECC B says, "output of all te other major
industrial products declined."

Du-rin the q- -ur ".Ae; ,. l viV, Gov-
ernment expen,._it .tu rose but- there ; a an
increase in t-.ut'=i rvenue which re.uited
in a Jefic. of EC$0. 1 million, an im-
pe.vemr Vf "verthe ei': it of E"( $2.4 million
in the :- :.'_ qi'. r of 19092

iThe Pp :rt i:.-- tot dohree-.i. .dit gire
by 4.6% to E,: $-i 5.6 million to t1h benefit
of all sec.'y: of Ii Sc;. -.ii .

7 1:+ was *iLra h,1',r gi : :ith of credit inm
the T,:.'-i.i .- Sector .whee leniz inL? rose by
22.6 to EC$32.8 million, ECC.B says.
Credit to. the A-n: t.,-t:m Sect:.r v-, by
2.1 to b..-fty f..:. rir" by 31. ., to
CoiL:.,ction by 3.5%, tll p nl kr
vid.:h accounted for the nrajor zWi-port. .
of the total, expanded by 8.7%.


Saturday 16th April 1994


[i:E; .',:r of Jonas F ,:, ne & H .
Ltd (J B -. H), one of n.e
paubic c-.r;.... -', is of .he o
I that, given th. d epr .--.eci-, C. iiC c lim a i

,ompy has perfonr,"1n ve-:i7 ..factrily
.:..vr, the last nla.:r. L ,I -'.r
The .,_..:..i Dire-g:.'s f .ro D am"-1 are p1, p
,-o.f a i"iew" ci, 'ated to te Comparny's
600 sh, d' t'-' tog-iher with -audited
acc..u.sntst; for the yer;" end ink --Th p"-' .- -:-. ,"
199 .. T .,- fC-,rthp i *-> *--f--, m -"e', ', -
[in M .^.:', 'h' Director's ""- r:- ; ed a !
paymn :- of 1G d"id.n.. on oldin-

The operations of JE&H cover a vide
range running from supermarkets,
automobile sales and service to shipping,
insurance and building :ater-ias That
!range inchiles, amoDg otber lines,
Household appliances. anysales an1 a
ifpi shop, and tfe amn--l results of this
company trvp propWd to be an ellen
barometer of the islanid- economy-

[ .showed a or E" $4,41,040 comp,.,
:ith' EC $4 ; 0,285 th p- vi,.;. ye.- thV

tamation and minority interest, tlhe
c:.:.-mp .iv. alsE C $2,533, 865 or rai. ? ad
IEC$2,519,,714 for 1V:-:"

jThe poorer i"sults in 1993 arise from
:1.ubst.t.i :ti losses incurred from pilfemge in
lth-i L;.Lxr:'!:er Depa~:inent iJ':,, from a

.i*'W F2ED -I]PPIN

.bs^i:l inc "e in .general and
.-., -.,. r,- '-: e" M r Toppin said.

Ap.. p:iae .action :t- been t-ake. to ccne-t.
the situation in the Lumnber Departinent and
effos will be n o-de to, control expenses, he
continued but he 1.'n-rd .rtes on
propeuaies ate likely to be i.-;I :.g.:'in in the
cuniant yea2.
A M ch Better Year
The 1..I.nm' ii Di cP t ir. .d 1 be 71Tii r"
nip-m :y, Grenadian General I ru.:i',' Co
Lt., had had a t .er y.. due rma-iny
to in:lceI.ys premiumin mnIx rue .ul from
}_l_ er rat~ and be ttr ?tt rj -nt ..e.

H....- Thr is a down vi to :.. as the
dramatic re increases i -i.d.C by re-
_: .re,_'s for "catt: .. c'' peril's -has led to
l- 4S oftb':i1s :.:'1iuof sums i:L'.ud
and exclusion of cover from it '
risks ,:-,',,-se 1.

"All --f these must impact apegatively on
our res fts for the current year, he said
'"ad I do at arntidpate growth in tb.
Grnadian Geweral's profitablty for the
curre at 5ear"

T:e M; -,-r.:. C',-ctor :Fp t-c-d th-- the
work of e n-:,,-i r. u;impr'..:ilnt and
re,,: '7-ifion of the Sh.':,r :; C_'er-ti at ( nird.
PleaC See5 HUBBARDS Page 6

_ I ~ ~___

The Granada Newsletter"

The GrmadaNevsletter Saturiday 16th Ap-i 1994 Page 6

'IU ..I'R" GET, DU Tt H G *

i 14Mdd.- pr- ft, a-S rui..j. sure i?.4crs si' pcssifb.
I..t-it l t t ir shar es
wo-uld,~~~~~ f-.- ".-1 pos3--m


SP a ess P, e at a p-ess
A: de"._,'-rc n Marchh 4th i i comp.aniy

ahe. .,, .. saeid, e
b mach- a.i;if,'r.. eM . 'i'L, G.o:,- .nm-rn that.
we 'vill t .. .',ui ,'"': ,,r bilitv for the
B rf -? ,P -,

C -nr, -i -"-Vi ?s L -,'i', d built in 1l..l
ad .,igim.-y b.':. of C.iribte beer began
to bottle vmd di,:t-itn e r.'.-mes f oreen;.'
ExtraStoutin ')1 ,:1'. .urn:m. .''quied
a L7 interest in \ei Cr:::r;,p:y.

The a'eaada Goen"w.a'. m.,-If.: a major
Brer: iTOsh.:.1.:1,t' in l'?I3 ad Guinness
PLC is' ,.: to..:y qup to 1, 1 .,500 of tj,
Goven-etr.s -:h.ires at EC$2.30 to take
the Guinuess holJi:- to over 51%, a total
imn,\s .tmient, of nearly EC $6 million.
HeaMs aaee BREWEPHES Page 7

HtIBBADS Ftmm Page 5
Arise, wiii: ws :tt- in A'':.t. 1992,
. expected to be c rE.ieid. by h-. end of
Masrh 1994.

The o'.1 of this project: he ;ai;. ill be

cost is beir' finanred by sale of JB&H
r..-.-ll-- shares in. I Sisso-s Paints

The vodrld econoyi is slowly *:-.*'.. o,
of recession, he i, anid, by the end of
1'?9, hiE: :p:tP to 9.. a r-f .ion of
in .w uu m w i :-j1 is n' : *Th :n:' p.:Di*'. f
": ct i:, of Gr.2i .., s e..:.::....

"It is also clear,' he said "tht
Govrnments carefiil management of our
resources is bear g fr.ii and ve are, once
mm, ataiig srpluses of recurrent
rewoue over e-xpediture"

This is a step in the right diii: retin, Mr
Tuopp.,n feels, but he feels also that

GL. .n tm-_.t.'s inability to :-,;. definite and
lasting t.. policies -: - l.d t, u'- rt- inty
and di-L.:.--iLfo'.ion and ::-ibit imestrnent.

He pressed tbhe opinion also that
GovpernmEnts gra-ing -f id'iscriajinate
and, al times, not untderstanddble tax
concmsions to so-catd industriese" is
cctng Ena-ntiics of daS in legitimate

.-7, i ,. i ;.- Dirxctkr is ,',:.-nc'med also
with i, 1i,-"-1' ofa .r.-v- .en I -.edifections.
This loss, he say, ans :;j. G"o.vE'r. rin s

"Taz :.ll.ct..''- must not be c..if:ied to an
oiist f~ew," Mr Toppin said. "Everyone
:..: pay their t ue share if the o:.cnrty is to
continue on its road to ireovery."

- a -------- --

-- --C--CI~ ~

Pkese ;w BRWEME 9 Page

The Grenada Newslettr Saturday 16th April 194 Page 7

,r" ada Be,-eties Limited is a public
onmp.u:y ind r Jlones, ho is t.he nev
C tiairmax of the B >::_di ofMaienieme nt, said
:inriid1i. sh.:Rpholders vill be given an
(,ppo'rtuiity to sell their shares at the jsanl-

The Ch'aiman said. GWuiiness PLC vil lHinit
ithe total number of sl-hame it vill buy and

the :iatner of hbZ ,

"We vould prefer
as many share-
holders as possible
retain their shares,"
Mr Jones sai. "That

would be a jolly god t
Ohing for them to do- We
have big plans for the Brever
lwe would not be paying T
payi-g for the Br very if ve
ve could do better than tha

Mr George En::ni, Minister fo
iesersnt at the pre c.:. ifeit
i~,e' ,Lentby G.inness PLC in h, ful,:..e of the. Br1
,a i tiuc e. :

s is becr:.miuYg iin-r-ingly
i:n,.. r ur ..,in. com]p,..rdes in
C i_ At..-n to -'..e.. an m ei..
tectiocn pro'vid-d for theiMm u1:J.
of th- Cawibbehan Crimuiirily T

'Tlh f': t. tLht the ;raler br.':
lundiieroiang ,eater i.:tmetitio

larger brewing compmaie2;" he s aid, makes
it importa-nt that the sim.rler brevigill"
comrnp._une-s eepern their rmlati'i islup with
larger concerns which will be in a better
positi,:n to meet tihe cormpetiti.rn."

Mr Jones paid special tribute to Mr Fred
Topping, outgoing Chairman of the
Brewery' Board of Directors The
i1-* --4 -* "*1 __ -'j -_L'-

esam, in vanting
or all the work he I
ery for the last 20

Fred Toppiif, Mr
aid, "there vould
be a brevery in
reaada to-day."

in addition to C::a-b

uSGOOD OR a"mplo1ys 170
persons, b,..tileI
,u:,ue' Malta,
2:t..n.I ui- .eer, I
:-7-TUp and Fepsi
zer;ted driL and
iCees Vita Malt.

ay amd A pr-:"re le;.t r issu!,_ byMr.1i:A nJ
rhat ve are says Guiinrss BaEri-, s-...rlivide (GBW)
Iid not thi n is tlhe bv.inr .o-nps .v of Guirmes: PLC
t.' a~id errploys s' 10,500 -,. 'pepe in 45

r A gii,.'.d tiu ,I
._, said Ite Guinns s owvs 51% of the Jamainca
thB1 'er',,. brever, Desnoes & Geddes and 30% of
:wery greatere r t St Viancen brevery. In Trinidad,
GuInness (Caribbean) Ltd, a vbolly
owned subsidiary, markets Guimmness
d.ifficlt f-r Foreign Extra Stout produced under
Sthe E4,s':- contract by the Caribbean Development
,...i, of pro- Company-
er AAticle 56
eat.y h ,-i.:d.

isf are ric`
n from the

jGovennm-,enrt h piedg-ed that runber of its Boar was una lnamus,
l-hiai s to ernble G.Lriess PLC to achieve to thank Mr Toppin f
its objecti, has done- at the Brew
Wish To WSl yer or more
Howveer, it .r felt. M.:e share-
lioldo's rsii.-ht vis-h to "*clh- in" "Without
on the offer. he sxi. and, if One3 s
individu, shaneht-lde o 1
vish to sell, there vill G
bte a :,li..n do~. n of:

- -- --- -- n ftoin the-

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 16th April 1994 Page 8

explanatLOin of his stDn lc&i.nt 7md-c at the
last Gcnctnti Meeting

4 1
S erO of the CY-',:,i- C:,::-.
A,,.o:- _tion (GC A) 'f, ..u,.y
.. I- M J-,i"Th -. 7 he i.. is, r for
A.gri1 ltlui Mr Ge.:- 2. Brin. did not turn
up at. the ir statute: An-nual Gen-iie .1eting.

And they did. not a.:c'e Ft.the e::planr.:iIt-.n that.
t *l" "as a a mb.r .:*; e ; +;
Caribban Cormnun.ty (C AP. I "^^"^_"
COM) delegation of I 'tii:, .. .:.
of Agriculture then in th J
Dr..irni: ii Re.tublic to mieet .

the In ai. e ri.. I tfi tutj .'. "..-
for Co- p.. ion in Agni- .: "
c.lt2 ;
Was In No Position j..

giveI by I"r W.l.ia.j~..
Joseph, PenmanentSei- J
Itary in the 1 of .
Agrncultle., who rp:s -..:.....::.: ..
sented the t-.fitdL 'ru, t. ut L.H e..:. .-.
meeting felt the Fein_. t. nMR GEORGE BP
Secre-tary was ino I .: on
to answer question h. y .:. Led to put to
Mr Brizan.

The fieemng vas expressed that the Min-
ister's presence at the GCA meeting is
essential and it vas important enough to
hawe the date of the meeting changed, if
necessary, so as to avoil the clash of lis

Particulaiy, the .r-t'in;g wl-ihed to ask the
Minister ;:.,r an pl;:arii.r., of his statineient,

rnaide at the last Geiirial 1 ...ti that thef
A ,i,.:-.[.. ni is .:- a oIu:d f.c-.:ting".

"In future, before the Minister makes any
statement relative to ,U.e Association," one
floor embersaid, "he souid beproper&y
briefed. If that had happened, he could
*newr have sad we are on a sound foot-
,@-3).. -3
Focus of interest in
"this -r.i, er is the fact
'.,lib:t9 while the Ass-
Bc "i-i ""-'s ^books 7h: a
7.s on ar:u.-- trdin ,
; 'he statement of accounts
.s an :rmunrt distrib-
.; famers as ":ruplu3u

I coeabout ti because
.: gT witi-ut '.hich tle
-. -..'.r _c:d not: colnnue to
-;:f ._- n. hat been :c.:rddJ in its
.'_.. t..:-i ,: 'r._icom e"
Z AN LeavingA Deficit
For instance, ~."-he p.' '-r:-tin expenses ei-
..,i. from EC$8.1 rIlli 'n the gross ,.les
:.r the 1992)3 year.- *:.'ly EC$4.7
million v.s l',ft in the till tl ,
.EC .. r.,.1n was W :vancd duirig the
year to c .cC.-- irer. leaving a deficit of
over ECU.5 n-dmiio-,e he A ssc ,c i.i.:,n _ceived grarts of
over EC $1.7 million (m:;Aii;d fr:,rm the
Eurc:pe anr Ui,.' t) vhich .iAsorbed the deficit
anid,;din, to the statement, lft a "Net
Pleae See COCOA Page 9

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 16th April i994 Page 9


recently c ihr-ib ted its 17th aiiriiv.'^ay ofestablishrerton ,'G-nadi-. on Mth
2' l'e.-.erie a C:..ip.aQ F. c..::>pLiter to tihe BleP:.d SC-Aice t R.A'r;-n
Ca!h.:ic S,:.h:> .l l:,ced -ear to i.1-1 Uiveri':res7 G.:id Arnse campus.

COCOA From Pe 8
iric-:nri. For the Yez-" of over EC$1.2

The inml position is th.A, from this "Net
income" cocca fcm, is r .'v.e beeii paid a
| .lu r.- fC..r', EC$1.4 : million l. i-ng
S"net l.s:-" of EC $223S65- .

in h: PF e:iw, Ci, uite.', to iiemtiber, the
GCA Chimina.:- I,, -Ra rd:in Rush, said,
tihe 992i93 .- 'p y;r .. one of "con-

In tl-0 a 'a.s of p :dL.',-i.o,, intfenati-...-l
r;.i,-.ei prmce", local fam.e r pic es e.,:'I
renev,.wl of .,a -r i',est. in the Cocoa
Induei.', he t'jsi, GICA "b.strerthered the
p :,"'-n?-" nraP in pTi' ;. .r-

"On the negative side", 'Mr Rush said,
"the crash in the value of
the resulting low rate of steri-
ing .... _egatively affected our earnings.
As a result, we ended the year in a
slightly weaker financial position then
Vhen we startai.'

H,&ve..-I, the Chainm felt tiat, -.ith the
upt:uir in miter.atina price: arid ith
fiuther c,,,-: .: ! io,: of l,.c a p ;::.d ution,
GOCA, in the %k -?:4 '.rp e.r, F:d
sho1w its stro.r.n'-st perf~'nmc
in the hast four y'ear-..

The p r. T -n 'Wa by Mr John, l.. Unriv.itys Er ine
A'iriisr:i.r.r, and was r?:eiredi by Sift.r
Anre PClsttin. P .ri.nip of .he School.

"We have been vry pleased, from time
to time, to offer a helping hand to several
Grenadia schOols in addition to Blessed
Sacrament Rooma Cathofic School," Mr-
Kopyriski said in an intervev, "and our
recent donation of EC$50t'00 to the
Library Assoiatio,n recognizing the
contributions 9f the late Mrs- Sheila
Budkmire, is but a small token of our
continuing support for education."

The need f. r the C :.r;pter was to
the .ti.ti-;.n of the UIriv'-Sity Authiities
by .,ir S v.i.. o-v,:.y, a 6th temi medical
student at the Unive'.eit who, during his
!hiir- and i.f Lrh k.rn in Grenada, vas a,
volunteer tutor of 6th and 7thgrade students
at the Ble.:e Sr:miit Roo... m C .th.lic

Mr. CGoey is .nov .id, _i at the
I" I-
Ur.versity's o i'ng v. ".S_.Vincent, l
C,:.4ie camiur. ard. vas in Grenada for
the ,: c.:-3 n.

The c.:,rmputer h.,':?aed with bth
a vold pro.ctein I -'ad a .-rapiluF pro-
gramnie. *:."iie c-'nrijtutir,,r to general
c.miputer literacy, Mr. Kopyr:insk:i sd, the
PiSnm Mw COMPITrNP Page 10

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday !-6th April 19. Page 10

Ncr-4.2 2 000 enti

radda Nutmeg- Cake Recipe
Cornst lhavwe bean announ,:ci

To r-ark the ISO ar~n ve-sary of the planting
of the fir:t nutmeg tee in, this
contest v.:s. L.iLcheJ in the U;litei States
by the Giii:ia. Boa, *:Of T-.:: -us. in t
latter of 1993, air. r.e.-rly 21,000
etPriec were 'e'.ed. ?.

Fif eenfinalists wei..gej :
by a parel_. of t:.p Gr-
radian ..efs and, ; ."
at a reception on *
Ap-rl 12th at the .
Calabash Hotel, the i
"Numer. Uno 1-itmef *, I a
Cake" recipfe, created by Ms.
e -:eti e At;-.-d of 1308 NW 21, "!lah,,m
ICity, .:jahorn; 7310, ,,", dc,' .r the
CGrand Priz winner.

Comnpli,--, BWIA, Ms. A ,:,d vill b'


COMPUTER From Page 9
vonir pr.r'e-JS:in gp pmro.armme .'ill peri
.,u.Jents to 4e -elop their wtini: skill:
wh- VL e i' rp,'ic_- pr,-._s-_.mme Vill giIve
capbility to male signs, posters anI

A presenr'-:t':,. vi, h ': : :- ip._r ;a .
printer nr several b":.:e of blank-
cnpuer .i-kett; (" : .") which
vill e4 students to save and rmi.di
back-up copies: of their 1

" Mr. K:p,.-:l:i s.i.i5 this d, : -n: n is in
c._',r-.rda:.e wvith the U ni:it's out rea ch
policy of service to the r,:-rrnufiiU
______am5!-__ tww_ ,


es weTe re'eivest

flown to GiCe-ad:i for a sewn day stay at
he newly opened Rex Greradian Hotel,
inclusive of breakfasts, dinner, tazes and
gratuite s.

Next was the Firnt Prize vine-, the
"Tr:-,icil Arorra C-d .i' recip, sbmi.t-
ed b-: Ms. Pa0tnc'a Hollings-
1 .u r-h of 251 North Summit.
." rn, Carmino Island,

". .. 398292.

%: Her prize will be a four-
..,17ay stay at the new all-
: ic.h'ivn e La Souirce
esot d Spa, including
... r rI n ,Iaar trr-- p,.,rtation by
At_ LW IA.1 I

-,.-',tioi.. ly th. e i a e 10 .cor.d prizes of
wooden spice raci^z iLied1 withanassortirent
of quality heats D. ~ pi-es, and 25 third.
prine vimn'er will 'ii-;. jar of wholV
Grenada nutrreg with 2raiters.

The nutmeg s not indigenous to Grenada
bu% vas introduced by returning
(Grenad ian sugar overseers who had been
-:c.onded to Bniish colonies in the Far
Ew.t to teach effiient cane sugar
extraction methods-

The se' er:.. ; v-, i-t.duced to the
:,..:tm-eg which The-t *r-.n only in what is,
today, Indnesi.a and, as a curiosity, brought
seeds back to CGren~iadt Atfirst, taees whic1-:
gsnv- from'he, e seeds re',ed onlyto prwvidep
nutm egs for flav during the "Sund'ay
....-n'" pnch,, but, about the middle of
the 1.,0, that changed.
Pleae Se CONTESr Pame 11

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