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The Grenada newsletter
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completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 12th February 1994 Page 5


STfu crime probLem cannot bie e4t to be solvset
soldy b6y fo3 emrernt and the Polic

R GUS CRUIC KSHANK -. and whatit is tc.v
SRsidr A t of the Grew. .
IV I Hotei As trrn (3HA) In. the early i the Pesident nd their?
n Main-. nA w-- p -- er just a fe gest houses
ager of Spice laind MM m -. to fur m.jor hotels
n tid in -outing fbr a. total nf 5 0
hvta -fr M-o-. r *oos. There was no drug
-- ida o0 1-t- e1- Police kn ew
oer TheDi in sie orn l te ... m .:.: n arnrre
ithalr Carib' ae IsL ands. W W ; easie to control
''-"- .. .- m ---SH-S risl ,h *. a he was no drug
"This s not a con:olastion mM e T-tJ
ov ,h saidfr r. ... r i Today, hs e said, the situation. different. ThleP is nw
ye have to compare ou- Ir-n u youth :.c ihi. -i in
selves not vith t1he vorst -
pAd..01 am
1but with the bests and A e#npl -y2 A t
;strive to pbe butr otha are elinquert hM
best. 1S a UIS CRICa e HANr stiil tr are fveryiebelliow and
What Tourir-u Was }ust kd rig for trouble.
t-fr Cnuiks t remarkc w d iae at a
fone-drAY c ccdt-t.-.rgt-l by t1he Mr Cruickbank said the crime problem
B-nnail of TnY.tism on Curne and canxot be kft to be scliwA solely by Gov-
ITounism In 17vnad ' ?J he SiIJA to. erinent a2m the Pobce. individuals and
a the pi tm. s e .in look at organizations also must make their
.I T.uis, !.7S e tuan half c:ntur contribution to the fight.

And it is for t.,t reason, he : pl-:.iel,
that ihe FPrime Ministers '.:'e to n:*

The Arch.-,_',:n, -.If!` the fact that a road-
way is to be r,.nmed after Bishop does not
rmean t;ct Bi-:.: is co'r'iidiI,'J a NatI.*ni
Hero, "but he ser..?t the country, ',u
c:-t.t: deny that *
I.. l ai:.a r

A Circular Chart
To i. end, the GH A has instituted --.hat he
, a "s-i.p c:hin[m which is
7Cor ..'it:i1 r, he said. Every hot,:el has a
c: in".ar chart with the iicnss of all the h,-tels
vith their phone an'ar.ged in
cl- .- Wi, di .:- tion,

"If there is a problem or-,e ..dei the
President. ad, "that .t,el ceals the nexthoell
on the chart .mnd rp-t it. The hotel
Pleas e CRIME Paee 6

--~"c~-"i ~---`--- I

The Grenada Nevsletter

Saturday !2th February 199

t2E2TE 7,

l-stalis-shm t ?f thsse centres :

person Wio applies Fkinmsj
or hvwlrselj to J
ugsri-cul'tme Gun ruwkcA 9&
dmc;nt li&itv wtitk "qouad stundinm
in hLis bfark aucouipit"


4th th.at_ "ce n.' and Face signed;

.C, Po.. m Fag .?
a -ce-i. o 'I the call r''t calls the ;nsc:1. : .u l
-')iI so on.'"

An rmof rre often orkookd iscrune
rcomnittedbyte visitor, Mr Cruikshank
.Aid. There is the problem -.f visitors
minvlvd in the dru~g tradi -.nd whcs vho
smug&l guns in -and try toseR the

Other areas ,L6f visitor c hLr, he sad ar
icret card fia counterfeAit money and
item stKoler rrom C gu- rens. m

ree--tat-ves of tS c Pli; A: .i i.
of l"-a! Aff:rs National Sea'-.y, To-ism

Departments, Point. Si In.i.d
i Airpo~it arnd :.h Port Authcnty

From the Private S-cr.r t :-r v. repre-
.,sent..v s of .h -GHA, hio ire. i Cl--Ter.
of Commerce. :h ppi-g A. .'e-, TcIur

.r-.,,maineo- pvi.. e'. but., Pec- tly, therem
has been a-ci a ij' in aIo'he i i',C-

"A special effort v-as iniiated about tvc
ymy; ago in the nilurld field ." she said

of c~ultr 3 -a .s_" I

This .*l. i the A mbassador said), ai
new Ali.ance Fre.n.:-. e of Glenadra. Sh,.
thirle the r:,riui Au,},:._ties for the'io,
interest in i: Ai.u,:-e, f-.r their sp-it, o
.::-operation and said, in keep w ',h th,:
-pin~, Fr, -,ilJ i der'.-:. to study "ner
. 7 s:. suc as 'i"rdi" in the

PTivat Se-urltv .-
Private Seuritv S of St!

Also present ^'w.' "rep n-'ri'ae'.'e? of St(
.......--' UI v y -i:-x:ol of i. ci.'iL-
f'. -e c 1 ) in the hotel devel-
'- ni area, tke St Andrem's De~A :.pmert.
A :-,_ti:,'n and the St's De-I
xeo-rmnent Comncil.

In G:iniad. for t.he c"iiil- n we. n Mr-
Pleas aSe CRIME Page 7

_ _I_

Iii 1~ -


7'.7 /--K,
^ ffTT IT j 21 Te r "I-


The GrenadaNewsletter Saturday 12th NPbruary 1994 Page 7
EXCELLENCE From Page 6 .
The Ambassador's remains were made at a of these centrPs of aricultuil exclence,
hiardirgowr ov.cercemorny ofsik 5-. m:del iMr zan s." d.
fa.nTs de.nel,,ped on GoveTriiUent !:;and over- .
the last i1 m:nth- .by the Fiench Co- "One is, that they demo strate .ltie .rt
operation Mission at a cost of 1,600,000 ductivjy", he said, "gett g is *as
French Fra cs. possiblee out of the land or .
C an Be See technology, and. he alisation
Dewivetrig the addiess Minister for cation, iticiasirgly. of rrodmemtaiut l
Agnridtuie Mr Georr B-r A, g z .aid, technology to remove the drudgery. Ifrnm

;$tJS(it t or

.. . -.

Iti-oug I.-ut the State, his Ministry is c :: Pting agiicivh.uie.
"centres of e:.-.cellence" vber
can be seen demonstrations of e:-elIence of The rational for establishment of thee
;eff:'., of resdls of h di work, of self centres, the Minister said, is to demon-
,_*:ine i:i.h t.,e practice of thnft. state that a person who applies himself
or herself to agrie t'ure can make a
Them aie two r: -re. impo ,..:u. zh .a:- tics decent living with "good stanAing in his

CRIME From Page 6
Mark Lee of the Caribbean Tourism
Orgniatior'm and Professor Mark Carn-
agie of the Umrversity of .-he ... Itdies.

COtLer speal:es at Lthe L:cu-utLn, in-
cluded Serlator Tihin Th. t *ia Mftcb
of Toirmism, Mr Paul Sl C er, Chain an
of the Board. of Tourisr and Mr G R E
BDulen. Director e of T;'e-r o ri'mi

Accoiding to Mr Bullen, the of
the consultation was to consider the
question of crime, patit as it relates
to vi.1ltt.-:rs to G .:

"At the e-nd of the day," he said, "we
Lu come up wvi, imrplerentai
ret'..:,.neudi.,:,rs which ,ill deal wiih"

bank aeounrt".

Earlier in the da-y, Mr Brizan turned the sod
for c.: ruction of a Spice Processing
Factory to be -.onfmcr.ted on Government
lands handed. over to the Gren-adi Mirnor-
Spices Co-Opei iv e.
Wo ld Be Celebrated
Before performing the cera.n.,y Mr Biza
1aid establidl7r. of fhe F. ct'-y is ssmbroic
of Grerada's ideperutx:e, the 201h|
Anmiive.ay of which would be celbAnated
on Fthbnary 7th.

indiep-erjence, he -Ud, is not just the
symbol of afi --an-d anthem, but the ability
of a people to stand on its own two feet,
de'elcp self reliance and pull itself up by
its b',:, -.-t-p .

Th s calls for good planning, pirper
rr aung-enaentand lhad wot, Mr Brizman said,


1 ---- ------ -- ---. .


Satuday 12th Februry 1994

the Republic of China (ROC) on
Taivan, on Febr U, h, pre-
Ssented the Grenada Governrrent
vith i:-een YcInaha 200 cc motor cycles
for se. of the Police and a 2C00l c, lisson
luirdn for use of the M nistry of External
( stf r '' ^ :*.;^t .^ '' .*

The ROC -4so donated tvo
Government an assortmnt. of
uae during celebrations of :.',
Anrniverqary of Indeper I.eA.,
Febinuary 7th

"a Grenada
Iie voeks for
island's 20th
I-hch fell on

The presei tion vas made t;o Prime inis ter
Pica=e i .RO0 a isD9

EXCELLENCE Promk Pase 71
and the Spice Prcessirg Factory vill be
one of the .m' t poverful symbol f

The Minor Spices Co-operative is mriade up
of some 3000 prrdtLreis of cinnanrmn, cloves
and all the other spices Grenada pirduces,
outside of the nutmeg, he said, and, until
nov, all these spices, including nutn-egs, are
exported in their rav-naterial state.

In the modern vorld ve must do better
thanb1 thati, he said, "because, when we
eWport our spi initheir raw state, other
people take them, grind them, blend them,
put oR ito voiicfE iasTang -.potthom
all ov'r the. vorld -including to us..

the Minister said, and, in the .case of
Grnadas spices, he estipead that the
fr in processors are rraki' ffie times the
price G redians get for tis,' ray materials.

The Spice Processing Far' -r7 will do all
the grinding blending ar- exporting of
the island's spices in thO ihaed lbm,
Mr Brinzn Said, to the amfit of GM-
Dadiah minor spices grvrs-

The pirjec, he said, is Ni- financed by
EC$500,000 fror toe STABEXFumdofh
E'.tpean Umnon augrsntetd byt a further
EC $250,000 provided in G'r-ada's 1994
budget -.

Adding value to raw material means dollars, _i .

__ __I Y _~_ __ I

The Grnada aNewsleer

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 12th February 1994: Page 9

ROC rmm Page 8
Nicholas B,'hvaite by Dr Hungdah Chiu,
the Special Envoy ither in GmCenaia repre-
senting the ROC President. at the Armni-
versary celebrations..

SpeakmiTi on this occasion, the nevly:ap-
po.,inted ROC Armbasador to Grenada, Mr
H!AftCli-Ming, said the f: t that the Special
riEnvoy had. made a trip of vwel over 10,000)
miles frorn Taidan to Gm nada carrie; a vryv
strong, clE~ rressage.

relatiori between. the people and Gov-
ernment of Talwan and the people and
Government of (Grnada vill continue to

Ack'epting the gifts, Mr rBraithraite told Dr
Hungdah Chiu that, w'en diplomatic re-
latiorns strengthen between two countries, it
is e:.,cted that the .stiroger it economic
terms will help the weaker

"But," he said, "you have, ina specific vay,

"That message, he said, "is that my male a si.f-lrcant contnnuuon to our
Governmentattaches great importance to developmentt"
its relationship vith Grenada-"
Will Do Its Best That sigrific.'mce is that neither Taian nor
Grenada can depe rid on Taivan to be a very Grenada vas satified that aiwanse- id
j f.^t thfi 1iip i --,T =.shouldfbe intheIe
.. F n .-E G -,--- --- --------- .--- r.

I-i.-flir delop- U" 1j" f fp t id Affwnatl? that i
t, the A T uld be aist--

tand the R 9 1F -Would help Gre
viil i, C-M na.. da to be more
vork vith Gre- -. . .., ... .... s. elf reliant
ag f mM.A'i-iOa n.rjB*f u~~jni'a^M-~uu^u a

,reiajda's gO:Lo vlsich also s.ere th ROC

Mr Hsu Chi-Ming s-aid the pieserne of the
'Special Eimoy shovs ..^:, that tbh ROC
appreciates Gren-ada's support f.r the
ROC's rightful role Im the inrflemalionma'

I"We hope you will continue to support
usr, he said, *'and ve vill try, together, to
maintain peace, stability, progress and
enjoy a very happy life together."

MKaking the presentation, te Special Env-y,
Dr H~ngdah Chiu, said, despite the f.-ct. that
Gr nade. 2nd Ta i am.' geoip hi-c!ly very apart, the two c;.u-ties slhe basic values such as democracy, human
in ght, equality and non-disc tinilution,

On thi. b.ise of common conviction, he said.

n this cormnneton, the Prime Minister
mentioned the ROC Agricultural Mission
vhich, he said, is an important agency
helping to improve the veil-being and
standard of living of Greaadians.
Able To Respond Rapidly
The gift of the motni'r cycles, he said,. by
miI :ing the Police mrre able to respond
rapidly to calls for assistance, will assist in
the fight a'gai-t crime which, in some ways,
-thiater: the Tourism Industry, now the
rnain engine oft GirnLida's economic growth.

A:i-;bassad,or 1- .-rern.da.. MrHsu Chl-M-ing,
was designate, Deputy Special Envoy on
the Delegation.

In addition to ihe Special Envoy, Dr
Himgdah Chib other members of the
Delegation were Mr Leng Jo-shui, Deputy
Chairman, Resexarh & Plarming Boat.,
PMae Se ROC Pame 10

l- llll IDI llr~ralroesil,,,l l ,il,, f,--

--- --- ----- -- -- ------;-

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 12th February 1994 Page 10
ROC Fxo page 9
Ministry of Foreign Affaii, Mr Chen Wen-Isung, Section Chdef, Office of the President,
Mr Chang, Hung-chun, Senior Advisor, Adrrnistrative Yuan and Mr Yu Chun, Desk
Officer, Departmen of Central & S'-ulh American and Caribbean Affairs, Ministry of
Foreign Affairs.


Drury Completes Assigment

Mr Alan Drury, Resident Actring EBrtish
High Conmmissi:iner, vho t.-,ok up the post
in November 1989, vill leave Grerada on
February 27th, having c.,i:r'pletd his
ass igrTinIm in ,..renada5

Mr Drir' sauce? :.-r, Mr M.:i:'-hn ("Mac")
East burn, vill arive in Grenada on February

23rd, filing
British H igh

a four-year isgri- nent. at the,
C,:nxrisds-.ion in Canmbena,

After a brief spell in the United Kingdom
Mr Drury is expect to- to take up an
assignment at the Briish Consulate Gene -al
in B.ielona, Sp.fn m'

Principals Study School Feeding

On 10th and 1 th Febiuary, S,:orre 50
Principals of Primary and Pie-Primary
Sch'.,ls v.trnlded a vcltshup to develop a

plan for sustaining the School Feeding
Project after the World Food Programnme
(WFP) assistance ends in 1995.

That assistance started in 1991 and approx-
imately 9,700. children are given a hot meal

The project is financed by EC $6.0 million
donated annually by the WFP, Govenmerint

ex" as we ApuI ad,
nationhood. .

provides EC S.8 ntllion ard sr, assis-
ta ce comes also from the Organisation of|
Amneric-i States, the Fisheries Divition, the
Ma.aeting. Nai:rional & Imhnpoing Board and
the Phrivitp Sector.

Agricultural Science Centres

Two areas of laid, one of 10 arid the other
of 4 acres are being developed as agrc-
ultural science centres at two secondary

A release firm the Govemme:t Information
Service says the Centres villa be available to
other schools.

Prilted & ] By Tie Proprirt.
Alisltr Hughts'.. JarnaBf, ,'
Of Sp3t Street, StGcorwge Grenada. Wetindies
(P0O Box 65; Pxhne 09i 44) 2538: CabledMHUSD 1, Gnlaa.

The Grnada



Volume 22 Saturday 12th February 194 Number 3

$ I 0 Y7, F \ q I Y

Loll A-- A J- L

fen Li L3. S -, e? 7

.~~~~~~~~~ MITE:, -''.

Icat on F 1er- 6t4, the
eve of tGnada's 20th
anmiversaly ot iie- d
pen'dcnee, P: ir ie Minitrat
ai-hc.1 B- i-:-i O-D

applroa es, development strat-
gies hich depend- on fcioeign aid
,i.jd preferential rmaike s no longeiir wil
be viat I ..c "-.-- i-le t',

'"As we observe the erasicl
of eaistmg systems ad the
tomiiament of donor PRIM
countries to t nsfor m heO
economies of Eastern Europe
from state t j.A conom ",
he sai, "it M:.; be *; lar to us tIat -hosc
developments pose the gmtes -tcLaliaots
to our economic sr-urvival Li s E-

To swnive, the Prime Minister said,
G,3na.di ard ~. Cabb:a: c ...u.i':e with
,.,pend, e'.: and vulnem e!~r-i
l? ha~ve to ... e:.. :' it : icre. . :.:.:_n-
petitiveness r: iMCnti.onal ,:,r-_ for private
foreign investment fio7ws to, gen~r..ate

_'?Y-":.-.. .th needed for
Lsustaied develop nt.

S This it:. s for good
'goveace. expert eplanniege
adl co:i:-I at, economic i;an-
"- a tata th nl -,d level- Ie
C said and. he enumerated :-,

Trm'' i rest" .i.-
a-- credit iorthiimess
/ .. and_ building the c..:.rnfi- of th, i.emialt.:. r:?.
:~. ,"/ ,. ~.~aLt in the .'..ui, .


G renadas Ecouomic S'rviva

Exriln ------------------s=asa--
r* Pag
LMgnveT Named For Marice
Bishop.......................... ............ -4

S Crme Against Visitors ....-.... 5
Grenada Plans "Cetres Of

ROC Makis Gi To Granada.. 8
-Nev Shorts 10j

~_ ___ I

iThe GrenadaNevsletter Saimrday 12th February 19I4 Page 2
Thi eS include the wntingcff '1- the :'1ann the cut-' suffered :.ef-di u...'n a right
G. ven..n:,. of EC$11 L i.:;.r ti'.,n an .ing. .t._ ..L rr h pand a : .tR.._+.,.u ry
EC$14 million r7t. The British Government.
Government has r.d.-uad iai EC$50
million N. and :-mr-. -,u at no charge, the 'Our ,peopl ftirtly endured inalitutiaoal
OPEC Funid has r hauled an E. .5 bn taity', said, "then Gr n adas
milliondebt t:.F -h Go'. has plc
provided over EC$i r.i':.T for infra- Pacrpk;. Lavs and Co-rmennt by thE
.structural dev&el:-r o kte st-D.-J ry n- -ri l a
s missed Dev:loFm_^r At aL ,o.--ar h--r e d y?. e i
Additionally. Mr B; ... itemrised A' Id-lib-1 r- !

K! wait, t. .. -'...-.t J- ....., . ...- .. .ucdan.
"C arib ,':* -,'. .- .' j" ''' 7-!' ,-+""'' .' v '"',-'.' K.4 .i in e-.

SofChi- lft -an
r on T - Re-:-_.,. 4tr, '. .'", ii evens

.. .. I I

iA^. sa, the Uron uP
-C ,: f.- "- l '_ I .e-'Y' ^i ,t.-S.ftl^ a:^ .''I'^ '**,i*/'1 ., V ,.. T"'T' Jeff -
Tai 'A .n nd buti

taic_ .. ..ii. :pn- j ,-,: .,*.-* -,,. '... '-i. 2 tb .. ,..
' ... .Devei.o .r" .. .... "r Ii ... ,'* '/ ^'^ .' -jal .

the European U:. :n.

The Prime 2.1 : 1 q. f: Ir ,a J u.f. y
199c ltf.. .1. 'of hi -; "ren
perf .:- m-r. w-hich 0 .' 1. ,i, ;--
C lZiJ ii. t' Tily -m I :-9Q, Gi-:L. s
S1. rL I f, n.-aJ .- -,.r... 'V d In 1 .-
mainly _.ii...,g it. -. i of.
(JGo n r-i_ s perf c.. .-...,:e.

"The pubic s'iorh' ,, <:: iZ a.*_tce
shifted from- a de' ui=eant to 9 of
I -u
the Gro < rn>_.iB._ Pr,:, t [?-D) m

in 1y-rr t& :.rai-l m.
Gveaniin"" s taav.. e tun. l foi a
efi. ._
defritof 13' ,4DP- to &.jrl
of about 1% -.rf CDP a i n
i f . -.
S-- 7 r. e- j -' ,
,a.i..t of Sir enc Gairy's G. .'-.v United
La,,,.,r .-d."At F th e late P .. -i"f- Bis
Nb y ^'10 : ... -, -.. -B ... +
,_:fore Gi .: : -; <- able .-- .b, te the
10th Annivr:s -. o.f c *.:penence in 1984

Pariiame.ntar-y e-: :'.' w-as restored it
1 Si I,,j M r 1 .' -- t.i. ,'. ..t .-; '-m &*'-.'.
ir -t country 2': b I E.
*plb'i; e for e.: i should be
Sof l. 5 acltit A-a .t-l .s m:-

'ep- n I M-p -_--.- ._ of
:7 Pnme izj *mp;:IA;ty.1'
_ edi a a Lto i ;^v'f" ciei ....|

made x P arclament rfter7- yjon 3 m.p e
"- '- ....k. of a en .
- --
strz-- e A. a. r
mQ^L.u l risticg d itxad'ii-: anA should
jLusljy -u-ard "-ie'" .e ad. =O thel
A'X--"r ai."d, ye Utcoa u&zdZr'- A t-hat-
shere _he- ar rights there must be
r;p-- ,i, i-e; and, or Loase rights tot
e.d.r. tl m:st be

-?7ae C- rHA-1z .L7-.- Pazg I3f

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 12th February 199 Page 3

|Mr r tr'ie ..ud. the b uild~g of
(-m Eli7ty, and Itift is :I,.-t-' irpoitant
ingredient of independence. This
r:,- ,ir. levels, he s.,id, the
.Lj frmilv, corporth:.u. ...t,: bu.m -ess-.
iand the State.

|Ti" ft arid saviffs are 'h, e-i'e&: of in-
I'vestnent whiech create emnpV k;: T2 and
i mrr, he said, and Ge-vm:int nmustct
-^ t be e11.?"-l-,

iGover9maent has Ineon livuig above its
means, he cuiiinad,., i recur
:def-it of the 1980s ad t bid ui
Af arrears by previous adnL.israL ions
?irtua3ly paralysed chp Sate mlchin-
aery by 199I0 nd gav-. Gremada an mn-
creditvorthy rating.
SAAn Cverali Su.rpm.s
-After recurrn-i; deficits from 9 to
1992," he said, Government has at
last achieve an ov9rail surplus -n
l .
The Prime 3-ter h'--; i-n
|Grenada to a fruit-b ?ri.r'g i... It is
Ihe duty of e'.en- citizen, n
Ithe Go'ernent, to attend to the roots,
pr:..ide -... hus.y, '.4'. th'. .. .

l.e said, only t--i"ill i, tfree ba-r fruit
!4buhnd '.iivy.

,*le lan, come lr;-..! 20- yeals of
divi pain anid t /r ...
said., "nov let us ict to o' l oI the
foiundationis e hlawe cast so f.
together, e can experence .ijo y:, pri-:e
|:nd p1 -l

P:ini. *.'i-.rt" :_':id.. w-as expected
to ,_liiv-r an tidc er..sion of -his
:p'ecl on Febrary 7t at ar n I:iped.-p
're:9 Day p.--;e of Milkaly Per3 and other D:.'i ipli, .d hlt-azy G...p -
S' C-'T)s Park pl.y-v ei;s on n
.utski. of St ( :.g-e 's
,.I., .. %

Howe.'e" fths did not I2, pIice as, due
to a ,reAudowni of the public. ::idd
(PA) system dning the -vI::1-"-
address by .i.e C.i iriii of the Nat-onal.
Ce.lebi.-:r C-.ri, the Rev-
erend Clement F~inii, A l;icain Arch-
deacon of G-rn-.d,. dT-i cereionvy at
Que-'-r Park had to be cut short.

Af.r a 1i.r:h !:U: .I's by the
- .tary, thte was a sr-;,-; .,. at "'._en's
Park i:. G -.,...- : C _.- Sir Re L:ad
Palmer *1 :- :.. re-n vwas a
21 . -: S- ... . thu- cheS for4
he nation by the h- t. -.
Patrniic "'" gs Were Renderdi
Because of the lack of the PA system, the
traditional T, -=r f Di..: -.'In and puilbic
r --1ia of h "1 !',1 to the N: !ere
rnitted, but patriotic 3'.:-r.. ver 3endrpd
by school choirs .

The Queen's P..k pavy.,:-n was cr.wded to
overflowing wthsome 1000 to 1200 peIi
-:'r ':."-i-: vi sit: "'- to the island.

The bd. Ie nide-:..e Day p'.'.: uThu-ine -il!'.ti._,d.
a 1:i-d -re-.cepti.:n- at Governor GerinP's
House ar1n a re.,rk.: display at,
:..t1.u' i h_ Republic of C him on Taian.

T|e Cyiv________

j Founiidr- 17th Augulst 1973
I473rd Tsse
W MARL(. Jpt/ CAJuT AvABI? iq4
Subscription Rates
p'I-z la .A: v c ,e
SPostage Paid By Swo Claoss Air mjaiai
(i1e ost P .a Grea-0a

i1lales s>:$5f t 4311o

$ 77j00


20Ts7wz 320?700

40IU= -T1M- -1
TrI-Oa .1 01 Tw 615 0

~ *1

The (3renada Newsletter Saturday 12 t3 February I9~ Page 4

577HJ AY 0, i _I

P-Womming of stemSrS was doe as of
iUtiviixis of ix-uadua's 28th ai ersar of

____:&O Leader e r'--.--
:- T*" i i .-- -,," '-, r" ... 4 -
Un[Jr -:.:. Lab u, Party :-=. G ,-
r,:. rjjs e,. Pr :,r- Minirster has
hec ie the hI:-A:. of Ir.., a street.

ain ^ de- C abir-t Se: ..' at a press
cor eJ'_ni on Fe:..i- 2nid, -. d she aid,
ih hf e:'" of the c.ur:. i,:ler of
the o.ce, MrN.h? .l. BraLhy. Sir Eric
is -- of for Prime .i'0 .-. .. who haveQ
seied GI" ,.,. siT:-e .me sr,, : in 19'74
and on .hrn:',m it itas irend- to convey -.'l:-

"WIhen contacie Mrs Eai:-d said,
'Sir Eric said he did rot yvWhoe iM_ this
sortof thingpr.nd ht attaw-hed to a-nythmg aerial oia plaet.

avams F. w _ireslg

The -:ih':' P-me Mi:sTers :-- the late
Herb- 'A B "aize ::i-- late ".1-. ,: Bis ,-

Mr J_.s ? .. 1 rli ve of .laize a.i-

order of *.heir p:rMem

As a r-sult of the sp-s she sari-. t,,c
approach to the Poit Salnes !ntle.r-
nati-,>toal Airport, some three Tmie? nd
yet tumaimed,villbe namedthe MM r
Bishop H igh g ay". Tyraid 3 Iret in
St Gerge t': w !;ill t rnm.s "HABlaize
Stre-?et", aImi A.bert Str.It i Grenvilk,
the island's sc:onave wilvfl j e ranaU nd
"Bzl JonBes Siratl"_

T ,Ilr.. Tr i".-:."- Of thJ: -r.v .',-. e as
I z,
_.1.^ of activi-i,:. t o ;..:...l :'s .:;h 5i'ud -
P:' '- of 4 J ne ce .' - "-
brat d on Febm nat 7th S iliar activities

nd mornziux the

,,. -i f. A-i .Lo- :.

.::B:p.r in r'ied at th',e
UnTi. Her De :a;

Public ii uI,:u T ,n
1947 u fti il her 3e. .i- -

i :- ------------

-N To == = = = = ==t

"i ns titution

L :L[....jii._.1 .
A.-: r.,_:! i- :- Of n .. C le. i : t
F -- psent t. c.rce said
. 1 ... ,. be .:' at 'h ".
r, of e --tnon vill be

Tlhe pir....-, bheir- hconuied *a9 not.
pcri':i. ,,j but """44 h 1.r_, to be
sorn-.,r r the politic. ',' a! ,, l!. -

,;,'-:' ..''. sered the comtry e .
A 3er S- M-C1WAY PGnda ge 5 |

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