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The Grnada Nesletter Saturday 15th May 1993 Page 4

Once this is lone, a number of opportunitiesI
ar& opened

mlmity (C ARICOM) Standing
Corin.mtteCPe of Miris ters respon-
sible for Foreign Affairs
(SCMFA), at a to-d.ay rting concluded
in Grenada on May I ith, agreed
on the desinability of bringing
the Haiti situation to the
United Nations Secut ..
C o cil........ ...

In a communique issued at
the end of the rmreting, the
Ministers Iiterated tAir
condemr action of the s eizsmr of
power by the Militay Regi- .
land urged 'he inte national
community to intensify
measjlrs agairt tat tatreg- P-
Had Been Updatad
Grenada's Attormey Generl, Dr Francisr
Alexis, who deputized as Clairmran of th
meeting for Prime Minister and. Minister of
Fomign Affairs, Mr Nicholas Brathwaite,
said at. a press conference that the nFeting
had been updated on the Haitian situation
by senior officials of the United Nations
(UN) and -Organisation of American S. _tes
(OAS )

Those officials, he said, were Ambassador
Christopher Thomas, Deputy CAS
Secretar y-Genera ard Mir FiarInese
Vetdrell, UN Director of Political Affairs
anrd Senior Adviser to Mr D.ante Capu to,
Special U N/IAS Envoy to Haiti.

Mr Vendyeil, Dr Alexis said, had erly diwCet
info.natio.n as to what is ~1gg on regarding
discussions for restomtion of democracy in

Haiti and the return of President Jean
Betnrand Aristi"de.

"Based on the briefing from these tvo
ery senior persons, he said, "the
Foreign Ministers are satisfied that
the measures, so far put in place
to achieve those two object-
ives, are vorking-"

'Withfreference to the bMinis tes'
reconirmmndiation that theI
Haitan problem be refe ted to
the Securitv Council, Dr Alexis
said, once this is done, a number
of opportunties ae opened.
SWin Be W-iing
S In tiat contea:, h said, the
ENT Ministeis endorse proposals
I)D ARiSTiDE or a intein-atonal police force'
to ihlp keep the peace in Haiti, provided a
request for such a force is made by Pres de nt
ANitide The CARICOM countries, Dr
Alems said, will be killing to contributB
personnel to that frce.
PIan Se HAITI Page 5
"This is an issue whichh requires special
attention. Dr Can inFgton said. "recog--
rsing that.e unless we f-utiton as ?an
integAted grup, we nsk beirg destroyed.
individc.iUly through miargrnalisa.ion and
o- own resEs insufficiency"

The agenda of the :meting was Veitgty,:
he said, and reflec-tive C f many of -the
imifperaftives which must be gradppled withd ,
successfuLly if any place is it be ensY
for the people of the C .aibbanin the 21st
cent-my. _
jEngmmunawman i-

SThe Grenada Newsetter Saturday 15th May 1993 Page 5

lATMx AmE Cq I



HE CARIBBEAN COM- day meeting concluded in Grenada on
Smurnity (CAR KOM) Secretanat Mayl l t, but, i a communique,
h as beenauthorised ,the Minisers expressed
Sdiscuts v.t the '-. conce:m over certain init-
1Secretanrr~ for C pntmi atV seing pursued by
Amercan ono In certain Lat-in a Cenrd
jgraton (SIC the term Armnerican coun ties
'of a basic 1 ,7
element between CARI- Those. the co0-f
i..U m.mique says, vigorously
S. oppose the rem re adopted by
'Tl-t-au.thons.ation .v. ven by he E~ opean Comrnuiity to
CAR IC M Foign Miaster at the r to- Psese e BA As Pae 6
atP -wSm73qwmgprg-

I- ----- ---

;H-AITI FPrm Page 4
IDr Alexis gave n2o fitter details of the
briefingthe meetg had receive sources
jiloe to the meeting told -'NE LETTER.
tiat, whili mere : stll crucial points to, be
settled, the 'Uit-ed Nations a closer Than
lever before to rpeaching.z an agreement -with
the Haitan Milivary.

iThe UN plan -was put before the Militarv on
May 7th for co nsieration, the sources s-aid,
and includes the pIrposal that the Military
IHeads should b given "political amnesty"
and should leave the island.

The soutres co-eud not say what "political
amnesty involved and said it had not yet
Been decided which of thle Military Heads
Should leave the island.

Another proposal is that, with the return of
President Jean BeT.rnd Ais tide, an inter-
national peace keeping force, about. 500
strong, be deployed in Haiti, "for the
protection of everybody."

Dr EdwinCairingt An, C ARICM Secretary-

Genea, present at the iprass confer ce, sa-id
the social and economic de.veloment
prgramme for Haiti is elected to b i
divided into at least t o -phaes.

The first will be a 90-day program-ns effect-
ive immediately after a solution to the
problem is found, he said, and CARICOM
is exp ected to supply some of the technical
suport Theie will be as well a longer
term pr.1g-r-mnfe, he continued, and.
CAR COM will be involved in this also.

In reply to a question, the Secretary-Genemli
said he sav no intent by the Caribbean to
withdraw once the political issue has been

"To ensure there is no back-sliding", le said,
"a lot more will need to be done for Hati,t
and a question which will have to be
considered is how Ve involve Haiti in
regional activities of CAR.ICOM f aer a
solution has been found."
e- (-7-~ '


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 15th May 1993 Page 6



llMllBm IIB DX UBf

ity (CAR IC OM) Standinm g C om-
rrttee of Ministers Responsible
for Foreign Atffais (SCMFA),
which concluded a two-day meeting in
Grenada on My 11th, has deferred con-
side aion of a proposed Joint Co-opeamtion
Commission v-with Cuba.

This was stated at a pirss corintence on

BANANAS From Paee 5
guarantee CARICOMt banran producers
access t he Eutpeani Mar ket under the.
LoE Co m ention.v

Dr EdwinCarinigt.on, C ARICOM Secrtary-
Geneiml, said, at a press confe nce on May
I th, that, for a larga part of the Com-
munity, bananas is a matterof lie and death.

No measure can be te nken be said, which
will jeopanrise Uie live-lihoods of, especially,
the Windvanr. islands, but also Ja.aica and
Belize which has. become a major arana-

'The question to be asked", he said, "is
vhy should the Caribbean which now, in
its traditional market (Britain) supplies
less than 16% of the European Com-
munity market, be asked to make the
compromise where Latin Anerwian
banana producers nov enjoy over 70%
of that market"

Taken in the context, the Secretary-
Genread said, 95% of tihe -old's banana
niarket, is supplied by "-dolla' bananas from
Cenal and Latin America. CARICOM
producers an part of the remaining 5%.

May 11th by Attorney General Dr Francis
Alexis who deputized as C chairman of the
meeting for Prime Minister
and Foigr Affairs. Mr
Nicholas Bathwaite.

Dr Alexis said the Comrn-
mission could be a oe-
liminary to haviJng
Cuba accepted as an
observer at CAR IC O
meetings and, CAR i-
COM Heads of Gov-
ernment, having .
agmred to the pro- FIDEL CASTRO
postal, referred the matter t SCMFA for con-
sidem nation.
"Betvween the refeing of the n-attr to us
Pea See CJBA Page 7
CAR ICO. 's anrangesnants for banams in
the European Community ar., at present,
"legally boc:~~ until 28th February- 20
when the current Lomr Convention eSxpiIEs,
he said, aid. nothing should be allowed to.
detract from those an'lagements in that

It is recognised. he, continued, that in the
longer term future there is need to see hov
C AR ICOM will survive in the banana
market with "our brothers in Central and
Latin Ame rca'

The cornrmique emphasised the continung
need for frank disc ussion with the Central
American sub-region on the- banaa issue
nd, specifically, a t CARICOM/Cental
a 3p. at the
Arrenican M.inis anal Confeerenc e t held
n Jamaica on 27th-2 th May 1993.
""""""""""""^ y S

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 15th May 1993 Page 7

WfOlI3U MN (0BT =LC ,W
The Caribbean Conqress of Labour aqrsted to
instaruwt al its CaribbEfn aff ili s not to
hrnutre any carao consiqnc d to Srn r dau

erd Secretary of the G^-
nJ I a Seamen :& Waterflont
.Workrs Union(SWWU),
" said in an intervieV with, N2FEWS LETTER
on May 6th that thi Canbibean Conriess of
Labour (CC L) adl been requested arid had0
agreed to istct allits Caribbei affiliates
not to handle any cargo cornsignred to

This action arises frcm: a dcipute between
SWWJU and the G3renada Shipping Agents
(GSA) slative to handling of cargo (other

than bananas) by ships of the Geest Line.
A "--slov"vas instituted at the St George's
docks on May 5th, and Mr A
Pienp said th ho ed
SWWU vill not be fomre
to viden dthe ban to irn-.
cid.e an international -
boycott of Grenadian car--

Geest Industries Ltd -
are the buyers anr
Marketing Agents for all'
Windm.vaw Island bana- HR ERIC PIERRE
nas. Piaes See GO -LOW Page 8

CUBA From Page 6
arnd itarrivingbefore us, Cibahadexp'essed
certain views on th drift 'document," he
said, "'and we did h,1ot think w- could deal
with the matter in that situation."

Dr Alsxi said any joint Co-
operation Commission w th
Cuba must be informed by
Organisation of American
States (OAS) principles of
hemispheric philosophy re-
garding gowrnmmat and

Consideration of the masterhad
been defeinsd, he said, because
the Cuban Government has raise' J.
"ce tain issues reiatirng t these D FRANC
broad, heispheric concerns".

DrEdwinCarrnirstn, C ARICOM Secretary-
General, present+ at t press confe Ernce, said
ideferal of te r.atter does not nmea that
Ithe pMrposal is dead. He will now have

further talks with the Cuban Government,
he said, and .ill :pas On the views of"

Dr Alexis indicated, however, that
proposal for a joint Co-operation
Cornrmsson with Cuba has,
another hunile to get over.

"We cannot be talingabout
N the need for democracy in
South Afica, demanding
democracy in Haiti but vhen
1ve come to Cuba ve vant to
mince vordu, e said, "as a
democrat, I have a problem
with that.
SCMFA vants anexpedited calling
of elections in South Afica based on "one
rmrn one vote", he said, and the basis ron
which CAR ICOM stands fi on its I
comritam ent, ts Haiti is that. other is belief
Pleiua te CUBA Pa&V e


--I-~---~--~- I

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 15th May 1993 Page 8
GO-SLOW From Pate 7

There is a separate Ageemant for handling
bananas but, since cargo must be discharged
before bananas are loaded, indusrial action
must adversely affect the Banana Industry.

"i &MaAfftp whAwrJhadbio de w
AF kecadIm 4 25 neAyhr
&M puSM fI our Met& A? &_ ra!
ad Can hcpr onr th&at a cnrarnayf w "t
Jdv && iajseri ss Of IP _AW& aS F
Aairs piNsasf vzrmiwr SNC tte SIa WOC a
sypwafy A2lls fal f &e pzMas Ean N?
fani "

That problem dates back to 1991 when the
cargo handling Agreement between SWWU
and. GSA expired. N-eotiat-.ion for a
new Agreement began evwn before the old
one died, but conciliation by the Mirnstry of
Labour and by a Mirnsterial Ccmmitt Di
appointed by the Prime liisier failed to
esolve disagreements on wages and inter-
pretation iof the vr nation clause.

Mr Pierre said, in Juvy ast year, a new effort

CUBA From Page 7
in democracy in that. c I

Against that background, Dr Alexis said,
vhen thers is a desi-r to apply this
democratic ideal acrss the boaan. he
cannot peterd theie is no concern about
democracy in Cba rand the stand orn all
tiare situations mst be c-nsistent.

"As far as I am concerned (others may
have different viewsT, he said, "when
ve are talking about any CAR ICOMI
Cuba Joint Commission, Juless I am
going to be accused of nconsistency
and double dealing, too, vial have to
talk about democracy in Cuba."

Dr Alexis said the need d not arise for
the SCMFA erreting to t ake a position
on this matter but, he said, no; one or
twjo, but many CARICOM Foreign
Mirnsters shar his view.
t E ml mm-

j .

.as made with appointment of a committee
of three with representation from SWVWU
and GSA and vith an agreed Chairman, Mr
Jbohn Dabreo. It was agreed that findings
of the Committee wo-ld be binding but,
because of "red tape" W ich would be
involved, hMr Pienre said, the Unionobjected
to the C committee teing called an
"Arbitnation Cormmittee"
Would Slov Down
With such a Comirttee, he said, th
C haimnan would ,have pov eri
to subpoena i witnesses.
evidence would hav' to
be takeonon oath aIj -; -
the fo.rralit es-
would slow down.'
the process con-
side ably.
Instead, he said, it -,
was called a Corn- '
nmitteefor" arbitration"r but, when t'-e Commrittee met;
interpreiation of this phbe spared a two-
day argm-rent.

"We realized ve could not gt anywhere ,
the General Secretary said, to it vas
decided the Chairman should vrite

the matter"

The Unimon representative said at that time, i
that, unlress the Claimnia acted within a
Certain time li mitn hE1 would resig' fiom the
Committee, Mr Piene said, and, the limit
having been passed, the resignation vas
Had Taken No Action
Mr Pieie said ihe Chai mian subsequently1
did write the Mimster but SWWJU vas noti
as se and j it not 'until early this year
that Mr Thomas disclos-d hs ha d. ce-edl
the letter but had taken no action.

At this stage, the General Secretary said,
Plea S GO-SLOW Pate 9

AM= ee 0-SLW Pre



I The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 15th May 1993 Page 9


lmmnseaiiatcy imnpl&ewi
the Port Authority t
SSector Organisation (GPS O) in
S a ssse issueOd on Mayth, thas
cqlle on GoneEnt immed-t

T his d. velo- fo l iao
1ent comes in / indtn aent
th Lae or cur- i.
rent g-slo-- action on the docks by the
jSeamen Waifrtrj' Wo3kers Uimon
(SWW_) which resulted in faiure to ship
some 200 to. of banas destined for the
United K-gdom UmiNaet-

S JU now has a monopoly for labour on
the docks, operItamg- by industrial agreement


13-0u pr W m Pags U
S WWU cornidered the C omn-ttee no longer
exinsted arid. on 15th MaTh,. a letter was
Written to Mr Tho s advi'sin, ess
{something was done by 3Gth Aprl, the
Union voud. tae .hater action irt thought

Arising from that, he said, SWWU
instituted a "go slow" on the docks on
iMay 5th against the SS. "Ceest Dom-
inica". As a result, some cargo
consigned to Grenada vas not landed, he
said, and about 200 tons of bananas vere
left on the dock when the ship sailds .

in an interview on May 6th, Mr Justin
Francis, Geest Grenada Manager, said tihe
matter was bef o the Ministry of Labour
and th go-slov was' "entirely unwarranted .

oYna DOmi

Ot tFe decision to uoteW
r talc over handtiLnm
oJ ihe Port
vith Grenada Shipping Agents Ltd (GA)
which represents the main shipping corn-;
panies in Grenr-a.

Sometime last year, Gov- Cm
enrra~nt decided to in-
\ ioke pr, ,visions of the
I P'r Authontc Act"
n\ ari piacethe hand- {
1i of d-c'k lab-
oux in t.,e. hands
Iof the Autherity,
and iiplezentat::nof this was fied for ist
March 1993.
l 1 .

T is, howve-r. wa defern-d at ahe request
of SWWTU which argued that a still out-
standing dispute between GSA an! CT.'7 I;
with refemnce toe to the Geest shippirj Ire
Please See DOCKS Page 10

More th:a 50% of careo consi gned to
Grenada as not landed, he said, and this
was taken to St Lucia ard discharged there.

The Union clais it international
afiliates ill show slidaity with any'
industrial action taken i Gremna.a", he
said, "but the iact that dock workers in
St Lucia biandied the Grenada cargo is
indicative of the fact that the days of
~sympathy strikes' are over"

Speaking on national radio on May 5th, I
Minister of Agrculture, Mr Geor-e B ~zan.
described the SWWU industrial action as "a
knife in the heart of the moral of tthE taniana
famre is ."
Pieam e GO--oW Pa.e 10 i

------- ---

- ---- ---

`~----- ----

The Greada Nesletter Saturday 15th May 1993 Page 10
DOCKS From Pae 9

should be resolved frst.

The implementation date was put back to
July 1st 1993, but the GPSO does not want,
Government to wait any longer It has
dubbed SWWU as irresponsible" and says
the union departs repeatedly from normal
industrial relations practi c, GFSO says
also that Grenada's economy cannot stand.

That agreement says implementation ill not
be done until the dispute between GSA and.
SWWU vith reference t the Geest shipping
line is resolved, he said, and it was expected
this would be accomplished by June.

Mr Pieie said the go-slow on the dock
continues, and he had had the assurance of
the Caribbean Corngss of Labour (CCL)


the "disastrous impact' of the current go-

"Notwithstanding the eS:stTin implement-
ation date of July Ist," the release says,
"GPSO now calls on Covernmrmnt to evoke
that decision and immediately implement the
decision to allow the Port Authority to take
over handling operations of the Port."
Does Not Take All Facts
in an interview vith NEWSLETTER on
May 8th, Mr Enc Pierre, S SWWJ Secretary
General, said the GSPO press release does
not take all facts into. consideration and
responsibility in this matter lies witl

&fetm suck a stEawnst & put out e
atise( "iBeMsMF ia t wst aiP AePSI-
t4trwm .Thre 2omlpfrA~rfeark dth ame
A" quiet batestter drendapHrflw

The General Secretar said. the GPSO press
release was .motivated by the fact that the
GPSO Vice-Presidsnt, Mr Justin Francis, is
the General Manager of Geest's Grenada
office, arnd. the industrial dispute is between
Geest and SWWU.

With m feience to implementation of the Port
Authority take overof the handing of labour
on the docks, he said, SVWWEU has a written
agreement with the Authority.

that, while the industrial action lasts, no C C L
affiliate in the Canbbean vill handle any
car-) con signed to Gmenada

The GPSO is comprised of the C ha-mber of
Industry and Cormerce, the Enployers
Federation, the Hotel Association and the
National Farmners Association.

GO-SLOW From Page 9
While dock workers sometimes have
more than one source of income and are
"ve11 paid", h s aid, the farmer depends
only on his bananas and any action which
affect, his ability t t ake care of his
family, is "wicked, excessive, ijnorn-
siderate and criminal. -

Av A/ of Aptrana I am
_rdi A a!d sd sZ/s'rpr tayacr-p i

naamwt a Atr!l wftb A&siraBri," Mr
fib n std "sand A? ft Mhe carmu y
ti)row mge a & Gatmsarta murtaflspJS
Sate pnEsdere omr srff,

Info ned souines close to the dispute told
NEWSLETTER Prime MinisterNicholas
Brathwaite has requested SWWU, (GSA i
and Geest to meet with him on May 6th
to discuss fthe matter.
-.-i--a-i-^:~a -----.- f i-^,^a aJUJ8------^


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 15th May 1993 Page 11

E ... W : -1- :- -- ----

Intra-Reional Trade Down

During the period Jamnary to June 1992,
inta-regional trade decreased and this
marked a continuation of the fall in 1991.

This trend is reported in the March 1993 of
"Caricom News" the official publication of
the Caribbean Comnmunit Secreltaiat, and
the publication says the fall in trade relates
to both intrm-regional imports and intra-
regional domestic exports.

It reports that, in tis period, intra-egional
imports decreased by 3.8% or EC$23.8
million to EC $601 9 million from EC $625.7
million the figures for the relevant period in

The figure of annual imports for 1990 vas
EC$1307.8 million and this fell by 3.9% in

"The valua of EC $575.3 million for intra-
regional domestic exports for Januaiy-June
1992 decreased by EC$7.8 million or 1.3%
from the value of EC $1257.0 million for
the corresponding period in 1991," the
publication says.

Clerk Of Parliament Visits

Mr Basil Hafford, Grnada's Clerk of
Parliament, recently spent two weeks in
London as the giist of the British Gov-

Purpose of the visit was to allow MrHarford
to gain a first-hand working knowledge of
the British Parliament and, during his stay,
he et officials from both the House of
Conumons and the House of Lords.

Mr Harford held discussions with the Clerk

of Parliament, was present at the Prime
Minists SQuestion Time, and met membe rs
of the C ommnonvealth Parliamentary Ass-
ociation then nmeetirn in London.

Seminar On Drug Abuse

A one-day seminar funded by the United
States Government and with the theme,
"Facing The Challenges of Dmgs And Drug
Abuse", vas held at the Grenada Ren-
aissance Hotel on May 6th.

Participants were drawn from the Public and
Private Sectors and from non-
governmental organizations, and. the object-
ives were to determine how the use of and
trafficking in drugs can affect the society.

The seminar also attempted to identify
strategies aimed at reducing effects of the
use of and traffickinginn diugs

The feature address was delivered by
Governor-General Sir Reginald Palmer.

Aid For General Hospital Eye

Mrs Nonna Sinclairz Presidentof the Society
of Friends for the Blind, has presented
Minister of Health, Mr Phinsley St Louis,
with equipment valued at approximately
US$6,000 for use by the Eye Departmnent
at the General Hospital and at Health Centres
throughout the State.

The presentationvas made on Aprif5th and
was on behalf of the Caribbean Co tcii For
The Blind and Sight Savers Of The United

The equipment comprises sevdnhScl Ptz
Pleas See NEWS SHO RUS Page 12

~- -- I- 1

The Grenada Newsleer SatlMryay

Page 12


TonomraeEr and serve Keeler Ophthai-
mn;scopes and vill be used for eye scening
aid examination particula:y to detemine
the presence of Glaucoma.

Feeder Road Programme Going


Go.eraflts. Aogricultu 'i Feeder Rooad
:grnne, funded by a loan of EC $13
i!hon from the CanbbeanR Dewlopment
Bnh aU.. invol-ing some 13 miles of road,
:: p:yssgin we811.

Ac -:ingto a release froi athi Go Te r;.n,
^ -m-tlion S8rcethis program -e, vich
sr' laur-h. d in ApRi 1-2, is expected t.-
be ( tom Leted Iy Aprll 194-

Regional Food Countrol

Management Workshc-

Participants frmn twelve Carlbbean C om-
munity Countries and Surinam took part in;
a: four-day Food Cont% l MI anaement
W:-'orks1hop which opened in Grenada e-arly



Alister HM ghas
15th May 1993

.--.ted & PubIshed By TIm Proprietor,
ABsnae Hughes, Jounalst,
Of Srt Srmeet, St.Gerges Grenada, Wesindies
i(P C -Bc 65: Phi e [89] 440 253Z : Cables HUSDN, Granada

______, _I

------ i

1 'Y

---=-- -- -~

- I:


0,3h May 1993

in May.

Addressing the opening cermcr': Dr
Patick Alleyne, Regional Rep tentative of
the Food & Agricultumr Organisation (FAO),
said the workshop was the second n a four
part series sponsored by FAO
These workshops, he said werA orgamused
following an appeal from certain Latit
American couimties -hich had beer- hit byi
ani out-break of cholera.

s i-. s.ry c ucei

ni&, with a space, P

it's out of place.
lie a weshourld, hi
n aEtionh ood -%

in tihe -rgion, -:rd as sult, FAO designed
f-ir 'amin7 courts dePln with
dinrrant aspect of food control irinjlding-
st t food.
The FAO Representative said the tra iig
cou's.-s 3re also prt, of the organic o--ic
acioniplandevloped rolling cons
with the world d Health Organisatio- n
.--t pi iinne said, anS at ge-tti, ai
countries to ad opt measures to ensure food
safety, and he stressed that the cou ses ar
releart., whether or not cholera strikes tl`

The Gena

Volume 21 Saturday 15th May 1993 Number 8

concern that the Wiest wit fecnab u prwrcvpimE
'with assistancttL th te countries of the former
Soviet Bloc at the expenses of aidi to the

las. 5rathxat of Grnada, onl
Mayllthet,:;'pred :er that
S Wthe CaibbeaI L ConLnxitl?
(CARICOM L mov to vorf, l oslOy ith
countries of Cetr Are rica ,i;y be
'i,"dered by actions of captain
L.t i A menlcan c +" itc.ies.

-. We. are concerned", he
Said, "that efiMors of
,' "d.oHawr banvaua pro-
duc1mg countries to
pUsh a~ out ofthe Europ-
YC? ean Matret, ia an appar-
Eat attempt to increase
supply and m..simise
-| profits, couldsericusly
S" undermine oar efforts
SiiiIs to achieve closer coi-
BRATHWAITE flboration."

s.r he addressed the opening C:'e.eLny of01
ithe 91 Meeting-f the CA i -OM St nd ig
Committee of Fo n Affai F~Miis Wis
(SCMFA), a:d hris rferzae T&s 3o a strong

Latin Arme;nc'-i lo'y in Furope for dis-

.r .a..a s fr.m t..e i dvard Islands,
JamrTca .an.. 3eltiz.
Te C ential American States should be left
in no douot as to imphlations for the
Canibbean of a loss of the banana market,
he said. Andi he warned. that any attempt
on thear pa t t ltheaten survival of
Please Se MINISTERS Page 2
*CARICOM Foreign Ministrs
Meet in Grenada................ I
*Carrigton Calls For Greater
C o-operation..--.. ..------..-------....... 2
*Haitia Problem For UN
Security C ountcl..... .........-...-... 4
SLatin Amsrican BamnE Initiaties
Concern CARICOM.-...--..-..---- 5
*CAR IC OMICuba Co-operation
Commission In Doubt.......--....... 6
Dock Workers On Go-Slowv- .... 7
GPSO :Take Owr Dock
Labo Nov........................ 9
Ne Shorts ........ .................... 11

The Greada Newvsletter Saturday 15th May 1993 Page 2

tary. General of the Caribbean Cormnunity
(CARICOM), said. in Grenada on May
10th that the then curunt Nineteenth
Meeting of the CARICOM Standing Cormnittee of
Ministers Responsible for Forein Affairs (SCMFA)
could mark a turning point in the process of
forrnalising closer relations with countries in Central R EDWIN CARRINGTON
and Latin America.

1T& Asenial iiWa&W&ra of our
UA nafJs4&*Ws Ou burit a pait ofs maw
rwM-rdeproanssas CAR.ICW~Msedr
awurnaaratffofcpkaedr n athmLt;lanr&7"

Dr Carringtons remmars were made as he.
addressed the opening session of the
Meeting, and he said the number of issues
on the international agenda which impact

on the vell-being of CARICOM, and the
speed of change to which those issues are
subjected, gave CARICOM no choice but
increasingly and more effectively to coord-
inate the foreign policies and external
relations of member states.

The record of achievement to date in this
field offers encouragement as the Com-
munity continues to work towards the goal
Please See CARRINGTON PaLe 3

Plaele ARNTO a

Caribbean banana producing countries
would be destrnctive to relations which
CARICOM seeks to advance to the mutual
benefit of the Caribbean and Latin America.

The issue, the Prime Minister said, is not
on "free trade" but "far trade and
arguments of the "dollar banana pro-
ducers are less valid, given that survival
ofa few CARICOM members,as indepen-
dent states, is at stake.

Mr Brathwaite, who vas the incoming
SCMFA Chairman, said his Government
supports the decision of the irndusirilised
West to provide assistance to the people of
the former Soviet Bloc. Such aid, he said,
'will sustain progress towards establishment
of democracy and a free market system in
that part of the world.

However; he voiced a concern that the West
will become preoccupied vith assistance to
the countries of the former Soviet Bloc at
the expense of aid to the Caribbean.

A decision to aid those countries, he said,
should not ignore the need of the Caribbean
for sustained economic growth ifdemocracy
is to survive.

Inaddition to the Foreign Minis ter delegates,
a three-man United Nations team, all from
the United Nations Decolonisation Com-
mittee, attended the meeting.

They were Mr Alexis O Mano; of the
Permanent Mission of Papua New Guinea
to the UN, representing Mr Renagi Renagi
Lohia, Chairman of the Committee, Mr
Please See MINISTER Page 3


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 15th May 1993 Page 3

of co-ordination of the foreign policies of
member States, Dr Caning-ton said.

That goal has been transformed by inter-
national developments into an imperative,
he said, and the Community is heartened by
significant achievements in foreign policy
execution and co-ord:nation.

"Long past are the days vhen, for
example, he said, "we fielded opposing
candidates from within the region at the
exalted level of the President of the United
Nations General Assembly or at the level
of committees or boards of international

The SecretaPry- General did not disclose a
'name but said he was pleased that, as result
jof co-operative efforts, the region will have,
Sfor the first time, a Community candidate
elected to preside over the 48th session of
the Un ite, Nations General Assembly

MIISTRS From Page 2
I Alcibiades Hidalgo Basulto, Cuba's
Ambassador to the UN, Vice-Chalirman of
the Committee. arid Mr Eugene Pusoo, j
Grenada's Ambassador to the UN and a
member of the C or.mittee.

The agenda for the meetirw included
discussions on the Hait3an situation,
matters of interest to CAR ICOM in Latin
SAmerica and the Caribbean, and Belize/
Guatemala aind Gulan lVenezuela relat-
There vel also discussi,,s on tie Comi-
muity's relations with Cuba, the United
SStates of Anrrica, Canada, Japan and
j Latin Amierica.

Joint external representation of CARI-
COMr States was also on the agenda and
Ia Report of the Working Group in this
Icomection was tabled
HI aaat.,.........2

commencing September 1993.

Such achievements as have been attained,
he said, have come after many years of
sustained effortand considerablymore effort
vill be needed even for partial success of
the Community's goas.

A significant part of the collective energies
of the Community needs to be directed
tovards development of pure linkages with
neighboring countries in Lin tn and Central
Amerieca, he said, and the Meeting would
emrrine the question of establishment of an
SAssociation of Caribbean States(AC).
Had Already Bee Agreed
The conceptof ACS had already been agreed
to by the CARICOM Heads of Government,
the Secretary General said., with a view to
advancing economic integration and funct-
ional co-operation with the States of C central
and Latin America.

The meeting would consider also imple-
mentation of more effective measums for
obtaining joint and co-ordinated eternal
diplomatic -rpresentation, he said, and, in!
this connection, the Ministers vould have
before them a report and recommendations
of a special wotshop of senior officials.
Please See CARRINGTON Page 4

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