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completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 27th March 1993 Page 12


Danish Ambassador Presents

Mr Michael Urban Bendix, Ambassador to
Grenada of the Kingdom Of Denmark, pre-
sented his credentials to Governor-General
SirReginald Palmeron Tuesday 16thMarcih

Consumer Price Index

The Consumer Price Index for December,
published by the Director of Statistics, rose

S Don't write "West
That space divides,
Let's write "Westini
Proud symbol of on

by 0.3% from the November figure of 12
index points to 121.6.

The comparison of December 1992 vith
December 1991 shows an "All Items" in-
crease of 4.6%, with adecline being recorded
for most groups. Significant decreases
were recorded in "Recreational Reading and
Educational Expense"and in the sub-group,
"Fuel & Light" of 2.4% and 2.1 % repective-

The Ccnsumer Price Index is weighted on
the pattern of consumer expenditure in
Grenada as indicated by a Household
Expenditure Survey taken in 1987 which is
the base year.

East Caribbean Central Bank

The published Balance Sheet of the East
Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) shows
Liabilities and Reserves of EC $921, 889,403.
Of this fn the sum of EC $85,166,398 is

Dies" with a space,6
t's out of place. J
ies" as we should,

eld as Reserves.

External As sets, includingSecurities, amount
to EC $744,311,474 while Internal Assets
amount to EC $145,685,544.

Also listed as Assets aie Investments by
Participating Governments, EC $17,613,205
and Other Assets, EC $4,269,! 81.

-AMister Hughes
27th March 1993
Prin m & PublibAl By Te Proprietur,
Altar Hughea, Joumabm,
Of Scott Street, StGeorge's Grada, WeStimdes
(P- oBoax 65: Plume 0[09] 440 2538: Cables IUSDN, Grenada


' *

The Grenada Nevsletier Saturday 27th March 1993 Page 3
i FARM S from Page 3
the release says which affect their livelihood, ard must not
be marginalised. and legated to be "ewers
iWINFA notes that, over the vear. the of wood ain drawers f after" while I
Governments, by legislative nd admiis- Go-vernments, technocraTs ard.roireigners run
trative means, have n ed steadily to take the Irdustry.
contr-ol overthe Banara As- s-ciaticins in each
lof the islands, and even use of the Asso- -:rTe Islease cal thr both the Goverrreints
claton's ownz fuds is ncw subject to and WI.BAN's prposals, as a matter of
decision of Gow;nirnenri employees. utmost priority, to be publ-cised ard discused
SCommitmet To Fre Enterprise by the Banana Grovers Assocciatons
The release expressed the aih -4ill nmake armendnets.
opinion that "this c ep- /
Ir control over te cal also ifr a studt
I nd.ustry," not -.onlyh tt .,i- be undertaken to
threatens to wrest from : termin the cos. ef-
.,the Banana G.,,mvei e .:.. f fectihness of these pnm-
iltle pover taey have to I..1...x., .. p-osal s -.-.-. ..stmg
rnake decisions, but conta:cs : structures and detemnie
commitment tto fre entrpise and th betterr such rstr-cturi. vill rresu-t in:
priatisatn prcess e Govenments higher leve pr nc the Oera
pprofess. tional and Administrative levels.
.WINFA is s-onaly of te vie7 that BanaSae Level Of Respect
Famrs nmst et oecntril to :a decisions "We camot.eTer envisa ou- G-ovel_ nts
i---- n. I, V I _ _ T f

C'1Ct 20 'TiP l md

It is a o;ne tihusion c hiL the

SMr' said, "nd. j. vod seie t.ey,
| are now concTlied to July 1"r thi a
implementation date."

The Manager said teat, from what the
opposition countries are sayng they
too consider ratification a fo7mgone
conclusion. They are now talking of
taking the matter to the International
Court of Justica in the Hague, he said-
claiming the compromise violates

This suggests. Mr Isaac said that tesei
countries mecogiise that te July ratifi-
cation is as good as done.
xI :

seltmng .ut t-o n. ti tr the t lounsm Sector
of these isl-ads i:hou. corslting the
per-ons inr'olved, that 2s, to w 'e ou Hotels"
and Tost Associati.rns." the iease e says.
"It is our view that the same level of respect
should be eztencs'd to a. naran ers and
those genfrrl- ino-v-d :n the Indu story.

-- -==

The i

Founded 17th August 1973
473rd Issue
Subscription Rates
Payable In Adva -e
PotMage Paid By Second Class Airmail
(IiAulntiPos tIaG-enada)

1o Ismes $115-oO

20 Ioses

$207 Oc

$ 4300

40 lames $390110 $140 s
About 20 Issues Pnblishe Annially

r---- ---.4 1


BAAMNA fln Pngf ]
cleared p f.ol.oving
by Mr Joh Gurmanm.r
of Agricult: pe

The Grenada Nevsletto_ Saturday 27th Maret 19-3 Page 4





+ Aqrictuture in Grei
and she

2Ia rairc: rojicast on Mah i
| 1i fand !:-gr-iultius in
G: G ?-" d is dear. mg . . .hallengir..

l"Despit- a t i s l ... impOr ar_ t
sctor of Gmnd.a scn contnutrg
15 to 20 --re-. of -- j Q'. to sa.,
S n. .. ..r 4" ..

Ths M sr. .radcas w i: v

Aby PRme MiAster NicOllas Brith-
|aite Cat Comeb t r;mberrs wn-d i
portt o.-n their Mini-tr es. and Mr.

Two ain tar.?m of G V.- nenti -we
jto stabi... e T u..t.: Igr:ai.T- r-"ni "

|ai dri4sL y or irt ase prot 1,ce1.0t

I:onclud: d a ; arxetirz Afl eme3 a ithcJHB
Intamtiona ef Be gam and a t6am a m f
ri nsia will visit GOr-da T Apni fer tas
-i' ,ttu- : _. o.

ith c NA r -ela-v-. -to as.gien,

rdo--sia is tit or1y 7tOer supphe of
!nut"rcegs to "Ile vo-, muanlet all Such anM
Agheem.ena. t w --ch. Jwd ,n41, mJ -
.9 Cr' .u E r:nr hasw-

Mr Brica:n expec-ts th, lo, GCNA
- I--
ii-,ionesat i s the ,-,&I; :. .a a ...:

ivIrl cave s nileg .. i. .is *-r. quanti-s

wil h ve n ni; U -C-, O I-.--- +.._' :
1w1 .+'-" = ,:..,.*: ,: ''+-" ..._ .: ,. .. ._a:i ........ ..5,:t':- q ,'ti.+

csa 'isg metsnuaruertnq

to sell. A distillation plant is to be set up

ad,,t to this ad Goneethlus contributed
EC$970,OLj in cash and appixJX EC$l
millflon in concessions.,

The MIfnister d.. ,sed tha-. e-,rmna
cVrk o -the utmeg, do 7 Gnada
born Dr Dillon D:-&e, has pr4d-uidi
pr..InS1qg rcu s, ed he has been menr- -|
to assist i :r. co 'ercialiir these ..sults.
Fetzh A Lot Of Moriy
"He 1h35 been atle to s.r-act at. lest
uiie clientci :-ompoiuds which
Scaj fetch a lot of oney in the
"LUS market" Mfr Bizan -aid.

Of the C--ocoa nd st.-, the Min-

m- reabil-itated ith the ai-

.-\A ^ i

The Cocoa Association has Ca usefi n fannerd
i-eIritve clre it programinre, he said, and tie
-o-a, in te nediu te i ter to las-: animal!
production to 5 million pounds.

The Mlinister said, n 1992,. the Association
received financial assistance of some
..EC $2.5 rlion. Som:e was contributed!
by GovenmiPemN anId oeme by the Fumopean
m oninumiy STABEX Fund.

In 19, ..-Gove-rment wil keep Ait com-
mit.m nt. by providing EC $1 3 million a-,
P.a1,e St BIZAN page 5


The Grnada Nesletter Saturday 27th March 1993 Page 5

.contribution to-a. C-coa rehabilitation."
B trita h trIm '. -
'he said. "and another EC$1.2 million will
come from S TAB EX..."

In the Banana Irdustry, the aim is to
double production by tie first quarter of
1994, Mr Brizan said, and raise the
quality offruit to a high standard. Liftmg
fruit quality vill almost double the price
Ito the farmer, he said.
1 Training Farmers
The Minister av.e de+tils of over 1,000
additional acres beiin put into banana
Srodutuion and said the ?en- h Agncuiaral
Mission is t f rs to i-rase
production thlouh ingat on.'

Iment gma t_+Ee ,

some EC $448, 00 UP-:++ +:"::'
in 1992, he said, hed, this .ar.. -Society
vill receive over EC$900,000 tc assist
farmsm. to produce bananas conmercialiy.

Two projects are landed to promote
Minor Spices, he said, ona tbemg a
grinding, packaging ani labeling pro-
laessmg plant financed by EC $500,000 of
STAB EX funds

The other project is a Research Station and.
Spice Ga-en on 10 acmrs donated by ov-
ernmnt. The Spice GaTn, h Minister
said, ...ill b tou.rst ..racion sL timated to
earn EC $570,000 annually.

qNon-traditionai agnr.uumL particular y fi t
anAd taeetables, is bei=m period through
the La Sagesse Agrneultrai Saitionand. Seed.
Centre, he said Mir Enza gave details of
!several new tazd tacitional strains being
developed and said seeds will be available
to farmnners wio sL to engage in com-
merciai production -of these items.

a"The La Sagesse Agnriituml Station
vill be the k:7 in Gmn.a's agincult.Iral
diversification," he said.

Referring to the Fishing
Minister said Gramda has-
assistance from the Japanese

ridustiy, the!
had a lot of

The National Commercial Fisheries
Company has nov been set up, he said,
and this is owned jointly by the
Fishermen's Associatior of Grenada,
the National Fshermen's Association
and Government.

A projectt for a fish proes sir.g plant has
been submitted to a "fhendly donor, Mr
Br'izn said, a;d the est tirrated cost is
C 12.36 million. Propeffy rmanarged, he
said the earit can earn EC $30 million

"...... T lh Minister reported also
or Government assist-ance
"t aIro-i -d. trial projects aid said
cscussions am now being held vith
Grenadian and Venej-elan b"1i.rin men
relative to establishment of a copra pro-
cessng- plant
ASidy Was Done
At the request of The Grenada Co-1
operative Nutmeg Association, the Gre-
nada Cocoa Association and the Grenada,
Banana Co-operative Society, he said, a
study vas done by the Canadian Inter-
national Development Agency as to the
desirability to amwagamating the three

A sees of meetirgs by the Consultants with i
the three ora.satons was scheduled for
the week beginning March 21st to discuss
the draft. report, the Minister said, fotlovin e
vwich another draft report wiil be prepared
fcr discussion.

"A final report will be presented only
when all parties agree to the accuracy of
its contents," Mr Brizan said.

Pmm.m5mman WfjdmmewSi

-- r

The Grnd Nesetr Saudy2thMrh19


TEGINNING IN 1981 and up Pnce Incenrtive
tI o the end of 1991, the Eurzopean Cocoa Assonatic
SI b gmnted C3e nada

Scheme of the Glenada

over EC$38 million from the The CGrnada Co-ope- ive Nuhrag Asso-
Stabilization of Eport Eangs (STABEX) action (GC NA) ceid C $1.19 million.
"BE.- ,. M e ,- ECU $ Iiilion.
syt..- This covered the cost of the GCNA Price
Incentive Scheme and part of the cost of a!
This information is publishd in a Ecenty Nutmeg Distillation Plant.
circulated newsletter of the Delegations of An Equal Sum
the Eumopean Comunuity m Tnnidad. & The sum of EC $259-76 zas paid to the
Tobago, Babados and the Eastemr C ar- Leve- National Pat l rect for work done
bean ,n the RiverSa1lseeRi-.rAntoine f.mron...
Add tionally, ECI"- v financed con-
"Grnrda ip oe e f he Siars bsneficianes struceion Eocr an the Gond. Etativ Reaf-
kp Abe,.-.,-nri,1, 1HP-fpfissue Cut-ti-ef
jcoi;^trpis rrp ir ifLres ionr oject,

Stt-e Cb man ae
jm.-z-ret, p-ce 'v--T;. .A itwc ---n ,r,-, ', ..-Jt .. ir.....
tions", the newsletter sys c ltu e.

The purpose of the TABEX systm is to Th Gnada Bana C o-pratie Society
Cushion effects oflosse ineai-n- s.fe-d received EC $44-271 .hic is the full cost. ,.

'by the African, Cariboeanland Pacific (ACP) o f upgrading t4 e ensting Tissue Culture
countriess as a result of He-,i.-ng wcrid Facility, p!:s "nds for act.ities of the
. market pnces of a( ...o, m.ities Bana RehaIit a -tion Prgramme. I

It also assets in offet tin r os-ses .sulting' love-r port vol.u-rs ,.-.3 com-
modities from APC co- "nes.
Arco dingr. to the -. :tter, ulisat.'in of
-ne ,,A EX -slocationLs, for 1990 is set ouI,
in detail in a "Framewor.k of Mut
Obligations" between the Go-vmment of
Grenada and the Con ni an inno ion
of Lmrne IV.

STABEX for 10 was paid in 1992 and
IGrendac received E $:2 million for the
n... aiii -Lt Ct91hZe

:-STABEX fu.t to the val':e of ofur EC$1
-illiKn e. t .o-. to --the S"n Can Fan-ers
Association to covrcosto obstruction ard

Government Ueived EC$-93,23 0br the
FainRoad:ds Program n bdi formaintenance
of secondary a-nd feeder i;Jads.

Accoiin to the ne' vsletter, the- "Firwor
of Mutual Obligations" for utilisation of the
S TAB E allocation for 1991 is nov being
^^^SSSS~ms t! ynftamnwwmanSini^^ m^

-- --

Saturday 27th March 1993

Page 6

IT he Grenada Ne -wsletter

The Grenada Nevsletter Satuirday 27th March 1993 Page 7

Our program is succePiLn; we have a vary
eajective credit programme

ini stern of Agriculture,
s&aid on Mlar h u )15th that., m
the current year, his Min-
istry will bring an additional 1,000 aces
Under cocoa cultivation.

"Our programme is succeeding.." he said.
"We have a very effective credit progmarme
and, sor ar for the frtht five months of tH
current, ccoa year, prod-uction is 2. million
ip'ounds, figure equal almost to the total
production last vear:"

IThe Minister's statement was made at Black
VBay on Grenada's vest coast where, at a:
ceremony, house and garden lots. each
Lapproximatey 5,000 squaMre fet, vere
'distributed to 43 pen orr f
Distribution Of Lots
Thi s is thi d. distaibuton of lots made by
this Goverment, 142 having been iven out
at Grand Anse just south of St Geore's,
iand 27 at Pearls on the island's east coast
Those meeiving lots at Bl-ck Bay ..ill have
five years to pay for them at EC -"6 per

.Agriculture, general, is at a lo-, bb in
SGrenad.a, but. Mr Brizan se-poted lhat nmy
Sbe a tur-ing point f-r nutmegs.

The Grenada Co-operati Nutmeg Asso-
ciation (GCNA), he said, has arranged a
favourable Marketing Agreement under
ivhich, for the first time, Grenada's
inutmegs vil be marketed as such rather
than together vith nutmegs from Lndo-
nesia, "subject to the vhims and fancies
of the agent out there
'Some years ago, GCNA had a MarketinQ

Co-operation Agreeirent with Indonesian
exporters which prved very profitable.
Grenada and Irndonesia are the only suppliers
of nutrnegs to the vorld
market and very fa-
c-.. orable prices vera

T h.. That Areer:ment w as
Sterrmnati:k whsen the
InTtemiatoinal Monetary
Fund made that a
coB1diiuonof loan to
Sindorsis., but Mr
MR. GEORGE BRIZA Brizan gave hope
that ise anangerents may be made vith
that country.
Can Put EssantialI gredients
"We are vc'rkinrg vely closely with the!
Indonesians to put together an-oter system'
of co-operation," he said. '"In April the
Irdonesians will be sending down a high
level team to meet us so we can put essential
ingredients of co-opemtion together

The Minister said, 'ithiraference to bananas,
a large area is being dev-'-lped at Belvidels
on. t.he rest coa '_. e expressed
appreciation to the Frerch Govemnment for
assistance,- pa:ticulay l ith reference to)
bar-a i1I mgation.

The national avsrag m banaa production is
about 6 tons eracr, he said, and it hoed
img.ation ill mise this figure to 15 or 20
tons per acre.

Cone. being f.rn.- r spices cloves, cinnamon,
pimento etc produced in Grenada. Mr
Brizan said Govn ernnt 1is to set up a
Please see NEW CHANCE Page 8

The Grenada Newslatter Saturday 27th March 1993 Page 8


L H. So.B

Min sister of Trade, said on

Sloping countries,: tns-na-
tional corporations hold great promise of
delivering new techniques, creating jobs,
stimulating domestic pmr duc lion and gmatly
enhaiirng export performance.

"It is felt, however, that trans-nationalr
corporations put rorfit before ethics, bhe
said, "and., thus, consurier interests can be
Mark ig The First Time
The Minister's conIziints ere made in a
telecast marking the first tirre World
Consumer Rights Day ha .
been celebrated. in Gr, -
nada, and. lihe said the
theme for the 1993 -
celebhation is, "Tra ns-
ratioal Corpomato ns and
Their Impact on Consumaer Ihte-msts

Mr Brizan s-;.piBss9d the opinion that,
through the pervasivee acts" of advertising,
consumrner soviereignt has become a rnyth
and totally nonexistent..

HEW CHANC From Page ?

I processing plant for grinding, bieanding,
packaging and lanbehng. This vill
achieve value-added to the produce, he
said, and facilit.te sales m emnada, he
region and internationally.

Additionally, he said, a landscaped, 10
acre 'spice garden" is to be est-ablshed.
TTis plot vill feature all spices grown in
Grenada, it will be an attraction for visitors
amd is expected to be an effective fomein
exchange: earner.

For almost fifteen ye as, he said, the United
Nations has been involved in developing a
set of provisions to guide trans-national
corporation activities and their treatment by
nost countries.

The guiding principle behind these pro-
visions, the Minister said is to m nimise
the positive contributions trans-national
corporations make to national econo-riies,
while mririmisirng the nega-
ftive impact they have
been known to have on

*_ 4gans -natonal corporat-
.. ion-s have become
the central actors in
the rovth and glo-
balisation of the
Sv-orld economy, he

MR- GEORGE BRIZAN Some 35,000 of these
corporations, Mr Bnzan said, operate in
every economic seto-r, domrmate key
Industries, control 70% ,f all international
radle a~d .account for moreo than 4 trillion
United StatWW dollars in global sales.
Over The Past Decade
"Their rising pover. wealdi and influence
have been stimulated by major structural
chnge.s in the world economy over the past
decade the Mintster said, "and it is
predicted to grow even more in the futture."

The Grenada Govenment has shown its
comnuitment to cornsu tmer protection by
establishing, in 1991, the Prices Arid
Consumer Affairs Umt, he said, and, very
soon, the draft Consumer Protection and
Safety Act will he broughtbefore Parliarmnt
for approval.
Please Sec TRAN-NATIONALS Page 9

The Grenada Nesletter Satudnay 27th March 1993 Page 9


)n m-n of the New National Patty
(NNP) said at a press conference
on March 16th that one of the
seasons for which the conference was called
was to correct the party's public image that
the Politial Leader, Dr Keith Mitchell, does
not have a st-,ng team supporting him.

At the confeir'ee, and in this connection.
Dr Watts introduced a former member of
Sir Enc Gairy's Gremada United Labolur
Party (GULP), Mrs Maude Hutchis .on..
Was A Key Fig-re
"Mrs Hutchinson is ain eerienced stal.arti
lin the political field' he said. "She has
been associated with, nd was a key fi jue
in the GULP for a number of years arnd,
over the liast year has seen fit to become a
member of NNP."

Also introduc-ed was Mr William Otwayvho
recently retired as Manager of the LIAT
xAirline office In Grenada. Mr Otway said.
he had been a supporter of GULP but neverM
a member of that party. He nov enotmced

A ..

Dr Watts ndux).ixed also Mr Josh Whiteman
ho' at tUhe lat NNP convention, was
who sat-t1e..4..)
eLec ed aid nsecared ins support ori
Dr Watts introduced also MrtJomh Wteman
"ho at- te list NNP convention vas!

Mr Wlitezman, Dr Watte said, has been one
of the most successful black businessman min
Eusope, having, in 19, won the title of
"Businessman of The Yea? .

Dr Mitchell told the media a imstake is
made in Grenada by thinking that, in the I
political contest, "leam" means a"parhia-
mentary teard : To riun a gownmenlt,
he sauid, more is needed than a parlia-
mentary team

"My own concept of government is that
some people can win a constituency but
Pleae se e HNMP Pare 10


This Act he expzaired, will rmpover the
PDices and ConsumerAfrs Officer to take
isgal;i to protect consuurrs. Fubther
protection of cc-nsrmiier interests is afftried,
he said, by several sta-iands published by
the Grenada Bureau of Staridairds.

Acconiing to Dr Peter Radix, head. of the.
Grenada Bureau of Standards. the concept
of Consumer Rights .ad its origin in a
speech made to the United Slates Congress,
on March 15th 1962, by President Jolmhn F

The Piesident said than, in his opinion, there

are four basic C onsurer Rights, the right, to
safety, to be infornmsd to choose and to be
hear .

More recently, Dr Radix said, the Interna-
tional Orgadsatf-on of Consumeis' Unions
added four more Rights. They are the
right to. s ntisfactionof basic needs, to redress,
to education and to a healthy environment.

Dr Radix said these are the eight Corsumer
Rights recogiised by the United Nations,
and highlighted by tle annual commem-
oration of World kConczrmr Rights Day.

- I

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 27th March 1993 Page 10


ofthe Republic of C hina's (ROC)
Office of International Co-op-
eration, said at a press con-
.erence in Grenada on March 17th that he is
impressed withthe job the MinistryofHealth
is doing.

"I corngmaulate the Ministry of Health on
their achievement," he said, "and I shall take
back home our impression to t ll our people

NP from Page 9
cannot run a ministry, he said. "It is a
wrong concept that sore of us believe that
because we have won a seatwe must becomes
a Minister."

He beheves the
S Senate (rmem-
-'" d bers of which
are appointedby
thePrime Minis-
S mter and Leader
.of tl Cpposi-
.tion) must be used


Always to help man-
age the country and, Pnme Mir1ster, he
wvold use the Senate
r much more effectively
thanit has been used in
MITCHELL the past.

The Political Leader said he sees a teamn
of not just people who can win votes. His
team, he said, would also comprise people
who are not necessarily vote winners, but.
who have the expertise, knowledge, contacts
and knov-how to generate support and
confidence of the country.

that the people in Glenadaaredoing much
better then we are, and we should try
A Three Man Team
Dr Tsai vas in Grenada as the head of a
three man team visiting the countries of the
Easter "i,;.

offering THE FL OF T

- needed in the medical field.

Queried as to what is likely to come out of
the team's visit, Dr Tsai said Grenada is the
first country to be visited and, not until the
other countries have been seen vill it be
Please e ROC Page 11

The National Party (TNP) of Mr Ben Jones
is a splinter party of NNP arnd Dr Mitchell
was asked whether he hoped for recon-
ciliation .
Some Form Of Reconciliation
"My position has always been that NNP
should never have been split," he said, "and
I have alwa}m said it would be a good idea
if s orre form of reconciliation can take place,
but I cannot fore anyone to talk to NNP."

He has heard "some people" say they will
not have any association vith NNP, the
Political Leader said, but. Grenada is bigger
than any politician and, if Keith Mitchell
has to "bury his ego" in the interest of the
country, so be it.
country I


The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 27th March 1993 Page 11

ROC From Pae 10
possible to indicate vhat aid vill be given.

What the team vould like to identify, he
said, is a "common. issue" related to the
countries visited. In any case, he said, the
team did not wish to identify priorities for
the Governments of the islands and final
decisions vill come only after discussions
following the visit.
An Important Area
One possible area of co-operation he said,
is that of AIDS. Taiwan is also afflicted
with this disease, Dr Tsai said, but relatively
less so than Grenada considering the size of
the populations, and he thought this is an
important area which ought to be inves-

Dr Euagene
Laurent, Gre- .
nada's Chief
Medical Off-
icer (CMO),
present at thepress conference, said
the visit of the team is part of the
Caribbean Co-operation in Health Initiative,
a programme of the Car bbean Community
(CARICOM) Ministers of Health launched
in 1986.

In that initiative, he said, the CARICOM
Governments, collectively, aim at mobi-
lising domestic and external resources for
improvement of the Health Services.

This Initiative was developed with the
support of the CARICOM Secretarat and
the Pan American Health Organisation

Taking part, in addition to Grenada, are
Antigua, Anguilla, the Bahamas, Barbados,
Belize, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands,
the Cayman Islands, Dominica, Guyana,
Jamaica. Montserrat. St Lucia. St Vincent.

St Kitts, Trinidad & Tobago and the Turks
and Caicos Islands.

The CMO said donors to the Initiative
include the Interamerican Bark, the Italian
Government, the United States Agency For
Development and the Caribbean Devel-
opment Bank.

A new initiative, "An Investment In Health"
is nov being developed by PAHO covering
the period 1992 to 2004, he said, and it is
hoped, to raise some 200 billion US dollars
to finance this. Dr Laurent said this
initiative will ensure that the Caribbean and
Latin America vill be able to boast of
environmental health facilities available to

Other members of the ROC
team were Dr Yuan-
Nian Hsu, Deputy
Director of Medical
Affairs and Mr Yu
bean Sect.-
ionChief of
Sthe ROC Minis-
try of Foreign
Was Not Visited
After a thee day stay in Grenada, the team
visited St Vincent, St Lucia, Doninica and
St Kitts. Antigua vas not visited as that
country does not have diplomatic relations
vith the ROC.

Mr Phirsley St Louis, Minister of Health,
present at the press conference, said he is
not satisfied vith the quality of Grenada's
health services, the physical plant needing
to be- updated.

However, what is more important to him is
the services being delivered, and his hope is
that the visit of the team vill bring training
to Grenada, including training in manage-
__ m

- -


NE .W 'SLET.' :.

Vodume 21 Sanfay2

7th March 1993

Number 5





The European Commen farknt mhas cast S
shau ow ovr the Jsture of &rsnda's Banamna

STABLISHMENT OF THE `This compromise is now going through
Etuopean C ommnon Market has the Members States for ratificationm, Mr
cast a shadow over the- f-ure of Dieter Friedrichs, Resident EC Repre-
,Grenda's Ban--a Irnhstr ard. seItative said in a recent interview with
the Banana irndustries of the African, NEWSLETTER, "but there is strongi
Caribbean arid. Pacific (APC) countr-es opposition in Germany, the Netherlands,
identified in the Lome convention with the Begium, and Denmark
European Comn.ity (EC). Put Into Force
S" \ The Member States have
Together with the other/ r until July next to accept or
Windward Islaids, Jam-1 4 reject the Ministers' de-
aica and Belize, Grenada cision, he said, and it is
has enjoyed, until nov, a not certain whether the
protected market for m-n compromise will be ad-
anas in the United Kingdlomn 1 opted and put into force i
Other ACP countries enjoy in the near future-
similar protection vithOther Please mee BANANA Page 2
European countries | T I IS
But, removal of EC international UM-.
tariff baarier3 poses a threat to Banna Future Still Uncertain..
these protected industries from ths cheaper 0 Bannaa Farmers Protest......... 2
priced, so-called "dollar" bananas fmm Latin 0 Brizan Reports on Agrulture. 4
America which have the potential tc flood Grna Major STAB
the European market ev C..............For Nutegs------........... 6
SNev Chance For Nutmeg ....... 7
Seeking a solution to the problem the EC 0 Tras-Nationals Put Profit
Council of Ministers, r in Fe ar Before Ethc.........................
adopted a compromise pposal to be 0 NP Polishes Image-.-- 9
effective over the next 10 yeais, but 's 0 Taivan Health Team Vsits.... 10
shd of doubt nhA not yet been cleared. S


--I ~~ I--

The Grenad Nevsletter Satalay Z7th March 1993 Page 2

J, a nD TPNrTr? ?Anr71S?7

Creating of GIa atmosphfers of rsistr st,
tdisfity and noncrtainti at prgctselt 4w tinus
4lajn the islands can ilI-affird thmsz

jf.. I.J by the Windward Islands WINEAN as announced it. z psns to
Farnaeis Association fomi. I
Is~Sa D?. .T Ai L\: 0-A-fr0) ..
/! nerstr A zpnessonr. ceorrn-n

I .ver "th. o-im;FALIg apparent t between
|the Go-veni. e S o" the m d"ar 1 Isla ds
I onen har:d. and the Br:nan A.ssocia. n
.a-d 1, Wind hea.d :slaites Banar... Asso

That coce is centered in the hcet that
the Governmxnts haw anrnouncai estab-
bishmentofte Wadvwari IslhndsBana
.Exporting Company (WIBEC) to be
jaogEtiyv oved (50% each) by the Gow-n-
ments and ;he Associations.

IAccoing- ;;o WI NFA rIN C a;-- have
ja wide ange if Espon:siiliteieS wrvch -ill
onfct and overlap... responsibilities of-
j __ ._

"This apparent contradiction has led to a.
most unfortunate public es hange of!
vords on both sides,' the release says,
"and creation of an atmosphere of
mistrust, disunity ad uncertainty at
prevasely the time vben the islands can
ill-afftordi these-

ES I W b ,t.- ,- .' -, --It Ar Q ...V...

cr tflemr aodi th- ,ei r, rc: V tr scT ,

lifi f he people of th. rndwa Isia d-1
Please nee Fa mer Pa ge 3

BAHAMA foam 1
The basics of the compro'aise, the EC
SRepresentative said, is that "dollar"
banana producers vili be loved, an-
nually, to ship 2 million toms to the
Community at a pnreferertL rate of
import duty. Quantitiesovr this quota
Vill attract a higher a- f dut

of their bana-a prod:ritio. to the EC rket,
LMr nednchs said Greiruda's qSoto b-.n0
1ri,00 toI, (O-Ir the l-:t tPre ye&rs.
. e ts

The EC Representati, said th re is st -g

lobby from thb Laun Amnierican counties
Mho ar nio happy wiTh the crnpaomist ts

This obbyving, t) try to convi-mce the EC
M mber States not to apply mhe c-mpvroms ,|
he sad, is at the level of the Ge;neral
Agreement. or n T.ts & .rfade (GATTI. a
ths level .- Ihe EC ad a. number oS other-
ilentional odies. I

the Gle aia C o-opertitv- taruia Societyv
(eCS) sai, m spit? of the opposio, heP
i "'"fa vcon fiden the Miistr'rs' sw shpd
compromise v ill be mts1s a

Late last year thsem vas a "bone ofj
cointentioni among the Ministers relati.e t-
qu,.otas tc be g-anted, he said. but this as
Please ?e BANANA Pte- 3


I ---


- -~-- --~ I --

-- ~-I


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