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The Grenada newsletter
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A. & C. Hughes
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completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Nevsletter Satanray 13th March 1993 Page7

1 f l oo

lWe ars analsing abe existing pottuica parties
with a vifew to fJititn out whether there is
any "creaible qroup" with which we

prsmine:t Grenadian busi-
r nessman, in an interuiev
n pith NEWSLETTER on
Mach 12th. described as
,"inracc..ate" a news story apnpealn.g in the
|March 12th iss, of "G-enada Today"
newspaper ann.ouinc.i..g fbnmatior of a new-

"The whole idea is not formation of a new
iclitical paity.' he said, "For ng time
Wve have felt the time has come when the
Private Sector needs to have a sense of

"tLy Afir


something'" '

MAr Dolland, a fom. r 1er 2
PZesident of the Grenada '4'< I
Chan-ber of Industly &-
SComrerce, s ai the days
must corae to an end
VWhen the Private Sector MR. HUGH DOLLAND
writes a cheqkue for every
politician knocking on the door.

Please ee PIIAE SECTOR PEae 8

j BRATHWAITE from Pae 6
ard economiLc situation' .

"Ew'ry Minister vaanted a greater alicca-
jtion for his Ministr y, te Prme Minis er
Said. "Plb-N workers and the Police
pressed for vag settk-em nts the country
Could not afford The unemployed vere
seeking jobs Vhile our traitio.ral donors
Vere nsisuing there vould be nac aid ibr
infrastructural de viloprent until the debt
problem vas resolved and the budget
balanced "
!MrBr~v t --- -"-
!Mr Brathwite said also re.ew people n
I Grenada' sis ter island of C arriacou. led by
Iris.gided individuals, ignored his plea to
Stop smuggling arind so cheated. Government
iof millions of dollars of revenue.

In spite of emrnbarrassment pressure and
fus tration he persevemrd ani thenr have been
positive results, he said, his latest
Satisfaction conmig fnom strengthening of

the democratic process.
Omrnaians today enjoy their .gratest
frIedom since indepeMendce, the Prime
Minis ter said, and he attributed this to two
Fiust he said, o ow co-'rol. is no
section o, f the n, Ii and. seconivy. everyone
njoys freedom from: fear.

All the "freedonms" G(r nadians ae entitled
to, he said, is mreaningless if people knoC
that m, i excising them ty night be
victimised or suffer acts of violence.

Mr Brathwaite said he has introduced a new
kind of leadership and some people are not
comfortable with it. In spite of previous
ex.penences, they rant a Prime Minristerwho
dictates to other MinisteIs and detennmies
vbho must. be employed.
"I detes t dictator hip, I abhor autocrat y and

PIag7 AT I N

Saturday 13th Ma-rch 1993

A group got together for the first on
Mamch 6th to discuss this matter, he said,
and while, eventually, a party may be
formed, them has been no decision on this.

What the group is doing, he said, is
analysingth existing political parties vith
a vev to finding out whether there is any
"credible group" vith vhich they could

"At the conclusion of that analysis, Mr
Dolland said, "if we ar not satisfied them
is any political panry 'ith vhich we would
feel comfortable, then we vill have to lock

Cornmerce, Mr Adrian Redhead, o.ner of
Villamar Hote l, Mr Michael Minors,
Director of Bryden & Minos Ltd. and Mr
Richie Donald, General Managerof Gmrenada
Breveenes Lid.

Of this group, only Mr Ramdhanny has had
any experience in Govenmient or has been
in the political arena. He vas Minrister of
Tounsm and. Civil Aviation in the Peoples
Revolutionary Government of slain Prime
Minister Maurice Bishop
May Wish To Take Advantage
"The newspaper stocy iMferrsd to other
persons wh-e were 'provided'," Mr

for aun alter- Dol.,anl ai `"w t I wa_:nt
native, tand o _ke lear
that iman-s m
1tbat .- done of itsm
foMning a new am a part of
pary" r ur group but arm
There is a need to emorns whose
n b 41 tirput we nmay
sensitize h-e Pi- -.- ih
vats Sector to Vi e
importance of itz in- -"ke

volvement in politics, he said. because that
Sector needs to be in a position where it can
influence policy.
A Former President
Mr Dollarnd said pesors involved in the
group include Messr Andre and Richard
Chemnan, Diectors of Coyaba Hotel. Mr
Richard Chlrmat is also Chairman of
Goverrament's Tournsm onmiittee, and hiis
brother Andre is a former Pesident of the
Grenada Hotel Associa-t io.

Also involved are Mr Alian Bierzynski,
Accountant at Jonas Brown- & Hubbard. Ltd,
Mr Lyden mn Director c.f L L
Rard.harny & Sons and a fmLer Presiesnt
of the Grenada Chatber of i:nd-sr and
BRATHWAIT ftro Page 7
I would never have entered politics if I
knew I had to behavTe like those who went |
before me," he said. "My mram concern
is aG.out serving pe ople and nf ot rising
power over them."
_^S-^Si~S^S ziUft^^^:^^'i^

Responding t.o the query as to whether
the group does not have the stamp ofI
being "bourgeois", Mr Dolland said it
might also be charged vith being "orly
of St George s". Neither of these
stamps will fit any new party which
right be firmend, he said, because the
intention will be to spread. its influence1
throughout the state amd timough every'
strata of society
The Private Sector, he said, could
never run a Government for its eovn
slfish ends. Without kingg sure
of th welfare of the man-in-the-street,
he continued, no Government could
benefit the ecoinmyI

Mr Dollar.d said the group Vill meet
regiAarly, thep next meeting being on
Mamrh 13th, and he expected that,
within tvo months, concrete decisions
will be mad .s.

The Grenada Nevsletter



The Grenada Nevi.letier Saturday 13th March 1993 Page 9



arEulfas shows signs of instabiLiWJ snm
maulais in too manj areas of its social am-
conomic Lifeg

ENDING WEIGHT TO IN- According to GPSO, Grenada shows si
ceasing calls in the press for of instability and malaise in too many ai
resignation of Prime Minister of its social and economic life.
| Nicholas Brathwaite's New Dem-
ioemrtic Congress (NDC) Government, the Fore most among the problems, the staten
mrnadaPnvate Sect'orrganisation(GPSO) says, is the economic situation
has called on Government to "demons trate agncutural activity at its lost ebb. G
good and effective government, failing is concerned also over the social and he
iMuch the electorate sh-oud be allowed to care services, and, specifically the w
exercise their f-anchise" supply.

In a public statement circulated to the press, "Failure to put the county first Vill
GPSO said a meeting of the Organisatiori betrayal of the commitment mremo
|on Marh 5th had focusedd on the disunity undertook on their oath of office"
,in Government". statement says.

'"The Organisation strongly urges that, in GPSO represents the Grenda Chambe
the interests of the people of Grenada, Industry & Corm-ree, the Grenada H
and, inviev ofthe turbulentpoliticalpast, Association, the Grenada Empk y
members of Government settle their Federation and the Grenada Fair
differences ith a vev to guttingon with Association. The statement, dated M;
the job of governing the country. ..'the Sth, is signed by the Presidents of those
statement says- Bodies.



e a

r of



Bureau Publishes National

The Grenada Bmureau of Standards has
published seven Madatory Standairds which
become effective on November ist 1993.

These standards all refer to labelling and

cover prepackaged g-oods, products rnmu-
factures frc'm textiles, c-a labelling of
textiles, retail packages of cigaretts and
vwheat flour.

The Bureau has published also, for pub-fic
comment, Draft National Standards for two]
Please ee NEWS SHORTS Prage 10



The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 13th March 1993 Page 10

NEWS SHORTS from Page 9

agricultural products exportedfrom Grenada.
These are breadfruit and mango.

Additionally, there is a Draft National
Standard which is a Code of Hygiene for
the Prepartion and Sale of Street Vended

MBPM Celebrates March 13th

The Maurice Bishop Patriotic Movement
(MBPM) will celebrate on March 14th the
14th anniversary of the New Jewel Move-
ment Revolution of March 13th, 1979.

These celebrations v,'ili take the form of a

I Proud symbol of o

public rally and cultural "extravaganza" in
the East Coast town cf Grenville.

In a message published in the local press,
MBPM Political Leader, Dr. Terrmnce
Manryshow called on "all patriotic and
freedom minded Greradians to join the
MBPM in an effort to bring stability, peace
and prosperity to our beloved country".

Education In-Service Training

The Education Department recently organ-
ised a Language Arts Education In-Service
Training Programme for teachers.

Major inputs vere provided by Peace Corp
Volunteers from St. Lucia, St.Vincent and
Antigua who conducted programmes in
developing language teaching skills.

The programme also examined strategies for
classroom management and included ses-
sions on managing stress, learning to relax,
pre-reading, reading readiness and devel-
opment of an infant curriculum.

There vere also sessions on integrating
language arts units into the curriculum and
demonstration lessons were taken to indicate
how language arts can be incorporated into
other courses in the curriculum.

The Caribbean practice of having two
teachers operate in one open classroom was
reviewed and there vere discussions as to
how best this can be accomplished.

Aister Hughes
13th March 1993
Priaul & Pabliu By The Proprietor,
Aliser Hughes, Jornalist,
Of Scott Street, St-George's Grenada, Westindies
(P.O.Box 65: Pcme J109] 440 2538: Cable HUSDJ)N, Granada

- ---- ---- -- --

"* . -

Thb Grenadia Na-vsletter Samumlay 13th March 199-3 Page 2

ThI PriLms finiste-r 's action is based oni spite
samr i'-wtimis nation

las Bratmwaite, has deioiied that his
sac,-kirn of KMis, r of Health,
c iHousing and the Envirnmient.
Mr Michael PAndw, has Pir.i..1. to do
with the ro between -Mr .n_ -irA:d. aind
Minister of T"u"ism" Mr"- Jo5; i .Cs,.
which boiled up in a debate, m the Hue of
Repisen-tatives on Feb y h-

"What it has to do 'tL"., h said, "is that
Mr Ands ..cok the -oppor-tuty of that
debate to attack ma-e ,a Mirster of Finance
and Prime M- ist er .."

In c statement. Kroadzass on March 2m 4y
-he state-owned radio- station, t? Prime
Mtister indicaTed what he considered to be
Mr Andrew s attack on him

Mr Blrathaite said, in the debate, Mr
A-dw hd spoken of "the" giving the
minis Jy iof Toism morX mon.y than tas
a locate d to th_ Ministry of Health and abo :ut
"er' transemng pers or from his Mi imstr
Sa-thr, even through the Pange Minister
said, thi had b een done at Mr Ariie s

BOOT frmn Page -
of Inquiry into the Health Serlvices

The Motion ars defe ed but t" b debate
spared heated e.-ha:es a-nd -iclosed
great- antag'nssm between Mr Andrel and
|Mrs Purerall

Mr Andrew said be Was on the Govermrn-nt
side of 'he House ornly "in body- w-hile his
"spirit" v as on the Opposition sid e.

Everybody knows there are two -"side?s in
the Govermmrt, he ?id, a'm$ that he is not.
on either of them, but ."people .w seeki:g-
to destroy him for their ::wn pr.ate ends.

"The action by tt at Departmnnt of Gov-
ernmientard theMinistryiscontemptuous
of me and an insult to ne", hef said. 'If
they had any regarit for ime, they would
fnewer iae vrntteQ lta.

After thb-i incident there as much publ i
speculation a to at action the i
-e ... ..... d 4 F I.
Minster rould taJe am Mr Andre's
dishmssia didL ii come as 5a s~ p notseen to b- pait o' the Govemani & 3"side"
.which appease to rev. s around the Pn=rW
Minister Mrs P..e. aid Mr rt Loius

_.Nor is Dricis Alexis, Min-ster of Le gal
Alfains and Attonmvey- General seen to be
part of tht "side". I the debate, Dr
Aleis snppcrted Mr AndrAv, cond-moino Pus.c e1s :. -oi, and some poiiticai
oeresn thought both i-Dr Alexis and Mr
Andrew would have been dismissed.

in a statenlent on March 2ridi to the state-
ona.d radio station, l-M ri- Andr said, uithi i
the next few days, h- would have a full to e a. ircssted he i s being
Please See BOOT Page 3i

-I I--~I I -

i The Grenada Newslete r Sat- ay 13th March 11993 Page 3
rie (Andremv spoke about a split in the mane it quite clea I MrBiathaite Zaid, hat,
party and .(that) he d s no-t .belong either if the Prime Minister did not take action *to
onersid_," rB .it s aid. 'L usface hate the tdio station closed. he would
it, the second pat of his psei-. on w-as arrange for a group of people to beaa the
an attack on the Prime Mi.nister and it. s on announcer.
this basis that I felt bo u;- to
recommend to His .E.i."enecy A n r-on who has tken an
the Governor General that his r'oath to cr. 'nout is duies in
(Ada's) apponm:nt be 4 ac.corance .ithf pr visions
revok o t e ,tiruion,. __ ,-id
..real.y ye irpens iois
The two isses (. .. to make. this kilt of ,s ti,
teen the Ministers anm the liar- and I ro jd rot. -nre this. -
attack o ) mut -... cul nt have i ,I Cahinet I

Mir 3t r Am s cs or the w tt? t winch vou1d take
wuld. tolerate this nd- r.., us bac ik to tfyose bad old d1ys "

country" The sacc's of M'r Anid.ra,. Mr
: 'EBrathtait? said, was done because
he F' Minister said also Mr I P LH+EL AHD Yf (th atw on him In ParliamEnt i

SAnde ad phoned him and reported that and becae of .at he co si:.ers
:a certain annomncer on one of the radio to be an irresponsible threat to the irctice
stations had criticied him and Mr Andr of democracy in Grenada.

~BOOT fra T rim nm r 7. Min7s3r told, the r ado Ftai11n
iT... _-J JIsv-, j-ir 14 to s je-r j C'"C 'shufi--

made a scapegoat. I -r- -l- n .. axVa) t-o e : e .h j
i- t- -"d, in ;th mear time, he wi ovet- ook the I
I Since the inciLden; n Paliament he sa portion vaca-ed by Mr Andrew.

and -he feels he ;had a -ht 'to b t .erd. r b ..y taei-o da .dio station
he P'eaze me BACKED MINISTER PagN Ei
|i "I hae no .pro-em -ih, tI. he Pre -- _
LM-inister s sai "r-t it i he -has
a problem miameadantstos ~ isoe N iSLET TER
!othr pe6fon, there is ;w my I think he NEWTS LSATTER. i
Sshoud. have ronr a he has done-I I hi i9
i thoi talking thoa tcir-- - TY I
[ O --:-t, 2amC i ciBOTAVaBoIR aeaj
fl bfr Am----- ca --I ,-- I-n,-c Ji ,e+-,i-, ,1 T In It : hewri ntkan-l Rnat,-

,, ii 4~73rd-' 1 S-t
ti Kll to111P

Girenada bec-.usc- of "splinten Gov-
einmrent arn this is common knorlreI o
Hal he been Deputy Political Leader r
enel Scrtar, e ul h t
on tos busi, ss of b.'gin- the sids
together". but the ieaesip does not
hioe the ability t'o do ths What they
believe i n is "ch-oirr off he said
. ... .

SPostage Paid By Seoma Casis Airmail
(Iuliamn Post In Granada)
10 13isues $115100 $43.00

2 Issues $207.00 $ 7714

Ii ls I s -390.0E $146,-0
SAbout 20 Ilamds Pabl i4ell Aanuauy
I _-- __ --

- I- -- ~ _r---- ---

---- ---- ---.

The Grenada Nevsietter

Mr Andm charged th.t Mr Brat" aite's
acn i satio sacking him as "uprncipld"
and "ani act of spite". He is being made a
scapegoat, he said, and the ra me MI sister's
action is based on "pite anaton
and pride on the part of sme pe-ople'.

Since the debate n Feb.ruary 16tfh, Mr
Andrew said. t- Prime M4nister has not
spoken to him and, if -ris w-as a problem,
Mr Brathwaite h..ld ha-vm spoken to himr
because, :n his own nghT. .hcd be h ea2.

... .
I have

he said, "-so.. ih has ,

he want to shield so one who is hu s
vourite there is no way I t-hra e shoA.-
-e- -
have done what he has done witviut ttlki
to) mte first.

Saturday 13th March 1993

Page 4

attacked thL colleague In the Jad styling
v.-ich ersiued, e said, both the camera and
the flash i wd.ere damaed..

In a telephone inrte~rIe with NEWS-
LETTfER on Mrch 3rd., Mr Ande deiied i
assaulting Mr Modeste, who, he said, is
hostile to him

"Wayne is a fllov vho is always against!
a-f,", he sa d. writingg advrse thirq, all
tAa tim- I

2n9 Mr Ar.i0s sid, se-v-

S and fl: tt-

rmphed hm i_ -i
office. So. m
:rfe a vte cw-. n

.ffice. he sav Mr
Modeste trn:g to Ae :a fi photograph o himI

.j Y.IfF: an r m nm hOt- TO do so.
An Alleged Assault
in a united irAnanti th rnaa -, -
urer aT"he F-Minister SrL he move.
Toa" nesaer is to tae ia .
Tod" n ew-prr L, 5. s" .: -e to thoe ca rnmer i an effort.
action against Mr Aidiz for an M

A odest- oai- aW a, S ill
ti- to tak e picr Id
Mr Modest told tb .-- oned "-- '
Avln no could not be stofmlod
radio station that, on tbe a. eroon of n he c f
',; ,^ F'-1101" doin- so, Mr r'41 j.e- said
March 2nd he was outside the Mm- 1p- i s l I
MarO .^ ^ ... .. .. at tF- point. he s- d. he
istry of Health waiting to set - -
-, 7t 7.An.ev) held the came.a
photograph of Mr Andi-re as rhe
left the building for the Isl time P.n MstFR en 1 .1 5t
Al 1, -nc-. ,:he camra he
aid., "he th! v te. camera to
"I took a first shbt", he said, "amd, -anc, er .i, .t e ca
-* another tllow, a&d then Uthe carr-eia
stm.i di n-.. l ~ s- -- --

1m = smaty, tre man jut; rushe1J p w
Ime Flie a mad dog and started givmg me
a hole set of iooks i (istrikiag me
repeatedly on) my moutb h

Mr Modest .said. he retreatd, givir the
caniera t a collea-ue, but, he said. Mr
And:.evw followed with another man rid


Mr AndAe denied. that he struck Mri
Modest on his mouth or any other part
of hi3 body.

.- --|Lu sI(

___~ __




SThe Grenada Nevsletter Saturnay 13th March i W3 Page 5

' ij

Lin Le



I -of H ealta. Housig & T Envi-
ronmIent, nM e MinisterNicholas
Brathwaite resirffliedhis Cabinetv ith effct

Accordiana to a releae on Ma.... 5th f-m
jthe office of Govn.r GeneAL. Sir ReYiraldr
IP> nmr Mr nPhi.l y St Louis, until then
miister of Works, Corianniications ad
i- A; h -t" --i .

P.rme Minister' first Cabinet appointments
after the General Elections of March 1990.

The Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation.
C.tle -and Socia. l Develo,,mer t wi no
be tne resporsiciwty of Senator Tillman

Following the Cene l. Elections of 199
Mr Thomas, a baTnister. as rmade a Palia-
mentary Secretary i:n Ie Mir'stry of Lg

,|Ulic Uutiit o, ywol tae -or'rth ortfoli Affis and Local Govermnen t.
:vacated by Mr Ar. I LC
I In Math 1991 following allegations
Rs is the third Ministry tL o.. fall of inr i ai.. in the Miistr.. of
under MrSt Louis' c l, hav ing C Works. Communicatios, and
been appointed, o liov"ng the~ Public Utilities, Mr Thomas took
lGenerl Elections of March lt? over that Minist -placirg Mr
1990, to the Ministry of ..rks, $ Kennrv alsin h against whom th
communicationss &t. Public UT.i-i esU & -ade-

SLea8Ving tat .Ministry, n a D..cmbr. Cabinet ieshuffle of Anrl
a199J mshuffle, to assume- -5posnib-iy t' 2. eriator Thomas was
jfor Ag culre Food, Land an. Fish-, EN R moved fm thar Mi-is: ar;d
e. e, w e a, m _Apri tiNICHOLAS BR^THWAITgiven the post of "Minister In
to the. Ministry e no? vacate, Wrks, The Ministry 0F Finane", now leaving that
;ommunication & P public Utiliti. pos~on ,to rmanage iurism Civil A-viation,
Cultu, and Social DT"elopment.
11 J___ F -i. ^, 4 lo r-.-. A t

Mrvirs Joazr turcel-.' s beern moved irom: tfh
Mimstry of Tourism and Civil Aviat.on and

le t g rsposibiity fr the
Ministry of Wormn's Affiir.s.

I Ths is Mis Purcelrs first mininsteial move.,
!iavina g been responsible for Toumsm, Livil
LAviation !and Womnen' Affairs sInr.P t,

Mr Andlme was diissed by the Prime
Mir ster following a fracas in the House of
Rep esentaives involving Mr Andrew arnd.j
Mi's Plue l.

rndem inm!w^


The Grenada New r Saay 13th March i"9d Page 6

IATD RrYfl 5I AS5fl L 3 iyJFT

1t 12-, TD..A'u3 LWIt-i44 L

Once Got ins given me qood healts and
strenqgtkishalt not volustarlq resian bwfors
the tert rf the Gsivoernmnent expirE-s 4-n
accwrdancs with provisions of the Constitutionl

EPcals 1 t press for sig-
U1naon o hi Nauional Demo-

eme Pme Mistr M ch-
.oMas Braie itfe -said on M1-,ar. -th ,:e- is -
disgused bytiase c-lls uch he said, _me
fom the fe v-ho rever ftace th poR but
claim the ng-t to speak or ;. t. on behalf
of the poci.

i"A Gowrnmnmt is appointed
removed from office on Lhe |
Basis of proision of the i <
Constitution", he said in a
Radio and TV broadcast "a.r
not on the basis of dem-ads
by sections of the nedia and
members of oipcrition
parusa -
Mr Brawaite ried lis- a
teneri there will bnt atte ts f o q
distract them trog :.'uo.u,
and lntlngu. .He co td '::t Nih

to or

;anticipate whaT those runK:rs -: uld b. he
said, and so was "iable to "rerare G(rnad-
ians to deal with t :em, but -any unour
..lative to- isr? sigZ.ation sol.d h..e ign Ore-d.
Once God gives b-m g-ood -health d:
strength, the tPime MiRAster -said, he sha
not voluntarily resign, beforE the tei of tei-
Gov.rnment e pirs in acc- ra, iE .ith
provisions of the Constit 4tio

Last December he said, a gr.p of "s taige

bSd-Ellow" seietly planned to remove the I
Gowrm. by offering bribes to buy the
loyalty of o0hetsf.

After thi 1990 Geneal Electioni. atusiness-
man usei money to get the eight non-NDC
Members of the House together to try to
keep the seven NDC Members irom getting
the Gove mment, Mr Brat ite said, and it
t -- t"r +-
is fri.:_-y certain that bus-ir essman ,. as aga
involved in the December bribe--y lot.

As soon:i as the Police complete
their investigatio:iS, he said, heI
will expose the plotters.
HeHas C bided Hinmsef
March 13th marks rhe third anni-
-rsary of t? NDC Goe9ment, I
t^ ana thie A er- Mi zster said the!
;ast times yeam have betr ex-
trenly difficult. In his quter
"r a-.Lme Ets, I said,_ hhas c-ded.
rniself ror entaling. t-i political
A TWTE a sai at -e t -:n'ig ti -

1 ose difficulties incluAe his emba Cssment
n, at.regional and intema.t-ona! metings, I
he us been r:sked questions elating to
-pay-nt of -,renada' debts and aneais of
membership contribut0io- to agencies aind

And he has been pressured by a few NDC
members who -raile to appreciate on
unden.tand the gravity of the counr-Iv" fiscal
PMae see BRATHWAI h Page



~" ---I---C--CL~II

T....he.Gt n,. -.
Th e'"*.<-;**"-

SVolum 21 Saturday 13th March 1993

Number 4

A]?" i

rvD r'3(D

I Uf was on the (inwi
Sont "in budy", while,
las Brathaite has fired feiyi his
I.abinet, Mr Mic*31l Adnrew,
Mi.ster of H l-ti H. housing ai!
the Entvitormne nt

The ann uoiiesnrt, read on M4arch 2nd o
the state-oMd r.dio -c taion, o.mes as -
sequel to an2 open ro th0 House of
Representatives in Febmary betren Mi
Andrew and Mirnster of Tourism Mrs Joaim
I -
More than a ear ago Mrs Pursl, without
._reeince to Mr Andrew, con-irssioned an
inqrrly into condmitions .at :the .neral
Hospital. The resting Report wyas
comipled in Februy 6992, Ms Pucll
supplying: copies thn to the P.:me Minister
and Mibnster of Works, Mr St-

Mr Andrew clanr: he was niot given a copy

ment side of the House
his "spirit was on the
ion side.
until five months~ ter

fA copy of th Repop. fell into the h-ands of
,Opposition Member of the House Dr Keith!
Mitchell ai bj:-s.d on its -ighly c cal
fmding- he tabld a tMotion in the HousI
on February I-th asig for a Conmnission
flnese 3 BOOT PaNe 2

Andrev Gets The Boot ---1
Sacked Minister Charge j
Spite And Victimisation-,----- ... 2
Cabinet 4....... ........................ 5
*Br-athwv WitW Not H eead
Calsb For ResigatioFOnu ...... 6
Private Sector MayForm
NeV party 7
-O SPSO Call, -. Gowvrnment
Members To Settle Differences 9 i
SNews Shorts .... 9

( C

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