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The Grenada newsletter
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A. & C. Hughes
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completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 27th February 1993 Page 6

&I JOr.

The Uimnatc success of the Pritvate Sector ir
the isfiInd will spe-nd on Qoverntmnt f's abilt9r
to baLance its budget

R _FRED TOPPIN, Sisscns Paints (CGranada) LiUnited, xpiied
BMarnaging Director and i 1991 aiid. on : s Company Vei
i -s ,"h a m--r o f th e B o a.. o f ta x a b le f .r t .h e firs t tir s mi 19 9 2 .

Directors of Jonis Brotwne
& cLuubbad Ltd (Htuocatrdst
one of GQremf's A

opimon that the *ue-iate J'

in the island Eil! d- id. OLr
Goveirmene s rtittr to
balance it3 hr A t



This opinion is expressed in
the Chairman "R w" "1
Relative to thE Company's i .Co
,year endigi 0t" Septemer r- : i-a
1992, nov circulated .. r
Sshareholde-. an,. Mr T:,ppin i P
i s_ .e r.i..-.t.-, An i..-..T.......... MR FRED TOPPIN
said baar- ingtbudget ,d |wL Jj -

Ico ift nA,-es d irand b t-:" ,--, th.. ugh' is Sn ar
Sthe ungderlyi 1
' "The imposition of cadidPnal ta~ on th
i honat tax--pawrs ~c"nha onlya megv EC $2?? hp-r '
affeLt on a co .d, g saidn- D:Wgml pvtm
aon .-onr1 *U 1 "

Sconslted profit of te Compa ad its TOSIM From
subsidians- -- EC$4,321,4- slightly "' T b s
_om the 1. 991 fi4. i of .. $4,63,, 7 -, ,-, ust e

9HO7wv6t after-ta: profits of S2,519,714 m-I lue sliin
Sfor 1992 are slightly don fRom pectaiions of the
EC2534,540. the 19-1 f' it jro and the consiuY.
0s@L that. the tax holiday 10 th-t subsidiary .

SToppam expressed the
imon that, in deprssed
ding conditions, these|
;uit mrst be considered|

coinsction with thi
sons Pai;t subsidiary, the
ai,-nan reported tha. t-,
nros.' of the trmde mark
S.or i th.,
mpan- had advisedA they,
ntd cont-m .',f it i
daucts i thE Carib- e-an

e have, af-,r rei3" careful

cepte an otffer 7whicli
)unt slightly in e-cefs _of
value of the m'estmIe t
Se.tei --er 1992 ._as
r ii TrTopprnsa. r "OF.r
r. -was EC $400 000, ad
a' the tife o s th sale was|
f B'$EC !.
Please 2ee TOPPIN Pa-e 71

., te PiBsid-.ei sa:i-, |e-
r a product M hicT- fte|
-d his _m is to design a -
' to satisfy eo-
. uroTnpean toui operators '
___ i|

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 27th Feb-ry 1993 Pa, 5 j

J-_ !j

HE GRENADA GOVERN- The Board of Tourism forecast a slightI
.-, nts signed a tei.mcal mcreasemn visitor arrir-lsdumarngw e fint
.sul..tancyA_ emen5rit:.he fev months of 1993 viti a Preatir
Se. In...m of pMasfet- mmrease in the latter part cft yar, Mr

S-.-- a Ch an said, but t -Jauy figures
in Hton._- pe - t-u ins have recorded a very favourable 26%

h- sig g cerony took1 p- -
,.La; 23nt a,, spekir. tn occasion
fMr Richard Chrman, Chairman of t.e
,yoaA or Tournsm said it s jq st o 3portune
lhat the Age.eni g si a a t
..hen there :ave been major mc eases a
visit r arrials frvmr Eu rpe.:r

We awv placed sozr empimsis in
Europe o-ver the last tvo azrs, he said,
"ari I ncngmratate the topur operators
lvhohaevorked, almost smge-hadedlely
,to develop the German and other
European markets for Grenada."

increase over the January 1992 f igure- i

T he Caizwn sa' the Azreement St t
ccvr~ h.....I monts a.nd ..., prjaet,
tco3 ed at EC$S&2 ....[ i- funded b

Etuopean Eco-

it-nal Indioative -
-t s, a

i-ne rick e V
- ..:" dn- N
,,nraM r n F2-o1.. .... :.

f:Oneqt.---p -, "
: :-0

R .-R h Crni w Jri_- ?nA'... S.-":
n b e n e.- ..
u eay mced i 19M2 by he a y been men
-n over T- -. --
Re- ive to the st of Eut ..e ML he r- t att, i
saiT the in-as. m 19 vr 1
.1 2 4 f l., t e sc- i u ?e r e s',. .d .- h o te -,;to-a-! t--e a d m G re rs
'occupary late in tii:e :pjn on. termiratiln f te,"
1Has Now v In'-ease e.
jiinre VeV. a L
,. .: ":- .. I i -at -" : the A .e.e nt i i r
(Grenrma, the Chaimrn aid *n this fEgi -? c S r .en *f Company 4
.has no. ine m. to or B% m the Et r npe n a .,al -_s oij

j"Mon imp.tanti he c -.,-e 983. -was vtrh '-- A
e4rge ler3gta of stay of te EurT^ i0
'much loner than t-t of Nonh A the i"sa.
.. tever d a a. n. n ~s due to- a po tc'aa zBaSo In the pzt i. Ie
% l br hng te ate r said. "into a , aw areress s s a to .is I
-" Sease See T-Sm iyj"

The G ada Newsletter Saturday 27th February 1993 Pag 7

___@A rAdTi f PT
^A u0LAi 00~j~~l l^k 17 ajl

FarnwMrs must swar thew
the imminent Jfav ura

] i Minister of Agriculh,^e in
thie Gienad.m Govemrmenai,
.li t said on Febn -av 23th that
pmrspect3 for better cocoa prices from now
to the end of the cade a good a-d fanners
;must gear theislivez to capitalise on the
imminent favor able market conditions.

aThe geiral w of prices .
during the rest of this decade" ::
he said, is ex-ected to be
}igfer thin prices pre--
vailirg in thi 198/191)11:

The Minister's comments sr rande as he'
addressed the Am nr l Gueneram eetin-_ of
the Grenad..a Cocoa Association (GCA) and
be said lus statements are based o- rece ly'
published findings of tle International Cocoa
Sanrisation 070h
SBate Of Transition

Said, mcde the fact
.00 at, the cocf- i --r market
is in a state of tram.-
"ition and th- pen-
od of seven con-
!7'9- ?cutiiue seasc-ns "
ah, wich prod-uction
exceeded con-
sumIp;aon is at an

IM GEORGE n BZAN pa, e than in The
1982a199e deMale, both production and
consuz.2ITion sloz;Id tor iL )mWW Mr
Birizaii quotes the ICO as saying, and Xexre
should bes a recovry in pnces n both
Inoimnai and ieal temn
t-0 IiJ I.aa r.-,- -.-

mserZies to capituilise on
ble market conditions

The Minister said he is ,hem-aned ,y Ite.
fact ltha, in the first 5 nnths of the current
1992/93 ,cooa year production is already
2.5 million pounds w hereas for the entire
12 monrins of the 1991/92 -ear, production
was only 2.9 rmildion pounds.

.._ -. .o ne-,er to boUost production,
.. said. Gove rmment and I
GCA he undertaken t
Plea- Slee COCOA Pae 8
STOPPIK From Page 6 i
.,Mr Toppin advised that, -astAugust, A
Sork began on t:e GmnrJI Arnse Shipping
Centre whi is located in the h.a. of tche.
h otel' devel-pmer area sou of S t

This project vil cost approimately
EC S1.3 million and wil provide r rg
Additional shops a rd. nine offices. This
i mme:tulre the Chair-.ans aid, is justified
in the light of de loImentof -t- so uhem
eI nd of thi island and the teMd to out-of-
town shopping

Shareholders vill receive dividends of
i A

|Jonas Browne & Hufbard. Ltd is one of
only two public compares in Grenada,
the other being Grenada Breeries
Limited, an undertar-ing -hich also is H
Simanafged by iMr Topp, .
The range of Hubbards' business activities
jnludes supermarkets, motor salas and
Ssevices, age nciss~~sppinp stationQervard ,'
office equip 1-et hardware and lumbe ir,
jnhousehrd applia1r j i Thn r c- pe.

The Grenada Newsletter

f g ImE

Senator R
(GBCS) f
barana "

|of the oti
! iu ese to
-'he wished
1991. of ti

T"Them is t
acres of a

Saturday 27th February 1993

MBASSADORI TO GRE- of five far,..n-_f
nada, LU Tsun-hsien o-f the roads he said,
Chinese Republic Clhna on "ve have irceiv-"
.--n Febm...ay 230 ed a Mu--mR ECO RGE BRIZAN
a cheque or EC $27 ,016..00 F to truck with equipment. for us; of t3 Mla -
alph Bhola, Chainnan of the Agncultnup Station, arri there has cn
Bana Co-opetive Sciew thrcal tn in tissue cult.
or thu- p,?po.- of purchasing
athletess produced by tissue The Senator d his observation of tiha I.
vork put. in by the Chinese, both in Grenada
and Taiwan, makes them a fine e-xample forl
the cheque. Mr Bhola said son th Grenadian worker to emulate.
her contributions made by the Some Of The Work Ethic 1
Agiicultum should be noted and T re Gnadian worker siafers from a lack,
to rmention especiaiy the vsit, in of p. d -uctiit he said, and it is his hope
ie tecihicai team on bananas. t,,- oe of t o ethic of the Chinese
-ill "rub off" on young GCAEnadiar&s.
he co.,nt-bution tow-ards he repair
oumm Page ? The presentation by Ambassa-dor LUn to|
in 1993, appmannateiy 1,000 Senator Bhola -as mfide at a ceTemrny :-
ibandoned and riglectedL cocoa PleasSe CIMSE Page 9


"Whe Bas the Grmnada B.anana Co-opemtive
Society (GBCS) and the Grenada Co-
S soperati Nutmeg A associationn (GCNA) are
in financi-al trouble," the Minister :aid, "the
Cocoa Association the nl y one that is
liquid and, to all inrents and purposes, fairly
finaricially soiud."
Step In To Rescue
In the last wo mionihs, he said, Govenanent.
has had to step in to rescue both GBC S and
GC.NA from financial difficulty while, on
ithe c.orntary, GCA had recently paid a
"bonus" of S $,. 2 million to its members.

Itemising and lauding the efforts of the GCA
Boadi of Management ?o improve the lot of
farmers, Mr Bizan said these successes do
not suggest the Association should rest on
its laIures.

M"GCA. mws .r tickle cthEr .areas of!
,-,s ._., P. o-...,u~ .zi ,or,.e a)ad so it'
Vfeaknassss" he said, "aId forge ahead so it
can increase quantu-m of benefits to its
members aid- to the fraring community in1
geIs aColfl"t

The Review of the GCA Chairman, Mr!
Raymond Rush, presented to the Annualj
Genr-.?al Meeting, is i c.-nflit with Mr
Brizan's assessment of the finranciaily7
"liquid" state of the Association which, he?
said, allowed pay a"bonus" to members
on the trading year ending September 30t1,h,
1992. i

According to Mr Rush, there was a drop in]
production to 2 nili.--on pounds ftrrn 3.6
million po,.nds in the pie ous- earaand this
made it impossible for the Associaion to!
Pleas See COCOA Pag 9

- -- ~ -- -

The Grenada Newsltter Saturday 27th February 1993 Page 9

jCINlESE raom Page 8

bid farevell to Mr-Lai Shen-husiurg of the
Chinese Agricdultural Mission in Grenada
who has been promoted to head the Chinese
Agricultural Mission in St Lucia.

Present at the ceremony, Mr George Brizan,
Minister of Agriculture, paid tribute to the
work done by Mr Lai and said that, in the
vider context of the Organisation of East
Caribbean States, Gienada will continue to
benefit from Mr Lai's expertise.
There Has BeenA Transfer
Another ccsoling fact, the Minis tar said, is
that there has been a ransferof"know-how"
from Mr Lai to petsor-nel in the Agronomy
Division of the Ministry of Agricultuai.

JMr Brizan said the reality for small
countries with small populations and
limited domestic markets is that agri-
culture is challenging and difficult and it
will continue that way for the remainder
of this decade-

The targets for bananas, he said, are to
iemphasise production of quality fruit and.

the highest possible tormage per acre. With
the achieveraentof these targets, the Minister
said, Grenada may be able to survive after
the year 2000.
Broaden The Agricultural Base
The additional strategy, he said, is to broaden
tha agricultural base so that, by increasing
the number of agricultural items produced
and exported, the relative dependence on
bananas vill be reduced..

"The greater the number and volume of
crops prodAued and exported", Mr Brizan
said, "the better insulated the agricultural
economy vill be from violent fluctuations
vhich take place internationally"

The Chinsse Agricultura. Mission in
Grenada, he said, is central involved in
assisting Grenadian tanners to produce tih
highest possible yield of quality bananas,
and in development of additional crops with
export potential.

i^!lk^mmi 'nd

COCOA From Page 8

meet its contractual oIbliga ions. As a
further handicap, this production decline
occurred just as the international market
collapsed to its lowest levels in 20 years.

"These two developments made it
impossible to achieve our plans for
financial self-sufficiecy vhich we had
hoped to achieve during the year,' he said -

The Chairman said the Association ended
the year in a similar vositon to that in which
it started, that is, a "breakaven performance"
and dependence on the ammual STABEX
grant from the European Etonoric
Community to maintain prices to tlhe

According to the audited accounts of the
Association for the year ending 30th.

September 1992, presented to the Annual
General Meating Gross Sales vere
EC$7,244,962 from vhich Cocoa Famiers
received EC $4,5 7,599 as "advances".

In the accounts, STABEX and other
grants amounting to EC $1,822,641 are
shovn as "operating income" vhich, alter
expenses are deducted, results in a "Net
Income for the Year" of EC $1,096,955.
However, if those grants are not taken as
"income" there is a loss on trading of
EC $725,686

Taking the grants into account, provision
is made to pay EC$1,235,519 to cocoa
farmers as "surplus., leaving a net loss
for the year of EC$138,526.

- 1

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 27th Feb 13 P

Supplies & Equipm
Princess Royal

ent For baun, Conmunications Specialist, are
studying the effectiveness of fish in
controlling mosquito breeding as compared
,with the use of insecticides.

ei hPuiancess Roya flOSttikt In M faIacou
has received a gift of some EC $3,000 vorth
of medical supplies and equipment.

The donation was made by the USA based
Caniacou and Petit Martinique Action
Corrmnittee for the Princess Royal Hospital
(CPAC) and it was handed over to the
Minister of H health, Mr Michael Andrew, by
CPAC President, Mr John W Noel Jr.

< Don't write "West
That space divides,
Let's write "Westin
Proud symbol of ou

Among the items in the package are 1 .0
surgical gloves, patient amd surgical gowns,
suction syringes and an assortment of bed
sheets, plastic syringes and obstetrical pads.

CAREC Officials On Research


Two officials from the Caribbean Research
Epidemiology Centre (CAREC) visited
Grenada from Febiuaiy 15th to 17th in
operation of a research exercise.

The officials, Dr Sam Rawlings, Entcmol-
ogist/Parasitologist, and Ms. Julia Resen-

Mexican Ambassador Presents

Mr Sergio Romero-C uevas, Ambassador of
Mexico to Gemnada, resident in Mexico,
Presented his Letters of Credence to
Governor General, Sir Reginald Palmer, on

Indies" with a space,
itrs out of place.
dies" as we should,
ur nationhood.

Friday Febmary 5th.
Grenada Benefits Under Basic
Needs Trust Fund

The sumof EC $7,374,068 -as beenaliocated
to Grenada under the Basic Needs Trust
Programme for social infiastructui projects.

This was disclosed by Mr Neville Nicholas,
President of the Caribbean Development
Bank, as he spoke on Febnuary 9th on the:
occasion of the handing oVer ceirr'ny of
completed sections of the refurbished
Princess Royal Hospital in Grenada's sister'
island of Caz'iacou.

Alister Hughes
27th February 1993
Printed & Published By Tte Proprietor,
Alser Hughes, Journauit,
Of Scott Street, St.Georges Grenada, Wesindies
(P.O Box 65: Phone [809] 440 2538: Cables HUSPDN, Grcaada

--- --

The Grenada

Volume 21 Saturday 27th February 1993 Number 3

[: ;& ?"" ".


f6 Its Not Os

She Is Not Asfmmesc

II Political Leader of the New
National Party (NNP) and
Member of the Opposition in the
House of Representatis, said in an
interview with NEWSLETTER on February
26th that, following the public squabbhng
of Government Ministers in the House on
February 16th., new elections niay be the
only solution to the problem.

"It is almost impossible for the
Government to stay n office in tho present
circumstances", he said-

Dr Mitche l's conjenmit mrefes to the
debate on a Motion brought by him
requesting that, based on a highly
unfavorable Reipot on the General
Hospital, a Commission of Inquiry be
appointed to look into conditions at that
ins titution.

The. debate brought out the fact that the
Report, without the knovwedge of Mr
Michael Andrew, Minister of Health, was
conunmissioned by Mrs Joan Purcell, M minister
of Tourism and Women's Affairs, and
Pilase See SQUABBLE Page 2


Government Ministers Squabble
In House ... ...-- ....... --. .... ..--..... 1
Strong Man Politics At An
End In Grenada................ 3
Grenada Appoints Tourism
Technical Consultant -..-..... 5
Additional Taxes Can Have
Only Negati Effect......... 6
*Cocoa Market On Improwv-.... 7
*More Chinese Aid For
Agric lture ......... .............. 8
Nevs Shorts.. ........1.......... ... 10
-- n -- o

'U swe~s~~8s~8swrse~a


* $

I uI .. . . . . . . . . .

~EClrw &idR


The Granda Nevtdetter Saturday ZYtli February 1993

SQO.ABBLE Fram Page 1

investigators vere cond
leadership of Miss Ann Alt
Coord'inator in the Departme
Affi-.. '
*:" C .. ,, . ,Xi

.,ctd under
gander Senior
n .-.,F -2 .MF^ rf ?

Mrs Purcell, who said. she was no ashainh d "
of the Report. and t:oo full responsibility
for it, said in 1Y9,3 before she got Into
1PariaIment. she b.d heen approached bhy a
mIunter of nur-ses at the GCneral Hospital
i who had concerns over delivery oCf health
Had A Dscussion
In -nuay 1992, fer shA hA.d ot in+::
Parliament, she had hax i discussion,
toosether with Mic. AlezrzerF Tirt Mr
Andrew and, sllowig this, she had. as ed
Miss A0e-amtr to desa nk. the i*ssus and

The Tourism Mimster said she had had
four copies made of the Report. She
had gien one to Prime Minister Nichilas
Brathvaite and ome to M afi st" of Works,
Mr Phmsley St Louis. The third copy
she rtaewd and had passed the fourth
copy to Mr Andrev.

Speaking on the motion, Mr Andrev said
that although the Report is dated
February 1992, he had not seen it until
five months laier. Further, he said, the
Report had not been commissioned by ti
SMinistry of H health, :-nd his Mm try had
Sought eno ssistarce, guiden ad. or
help from Mrs P-r-tWs Ministry of

,,hen he saw e he Report, he said. ha had
confen.ed with the official hi:s Mi istrV
andhad -been advised t he ke ne nothing
of it.

"I learned them- w- a -aelinquent band of
nu-ss -ho ha.e been causing chaos in the
realJth services of Grena.a si-ce 1970", he
Said, "a4 that tiny ci.,, had gone to a
Icertlin MinisteIr n GoverTrnentand da -de
Sthey would do their own t.h-ng headed by a

lady in the D partreAnt called Mr I|n
- Alexier' *

The Miniser sid ;he tes he i- on.tb|
rnmfant side of the House oaly i
body:", but hi spirit is on the OppositionI
side of the House.
-*'. i

Mr And-mw said he w vks might and day toI
n imprvs the health se-yir-s of aCrna but,
"people" are seeking to destioy him for their
own private ends.

"The actionby Ihat Departgintl of
Gon nmetiiaand the Mitistry is
conatemptouoispf Im an insult toe ,
he said "If they had any regard for mie,
they vould evar have written that-."

Th8 M: minister said M ve-ryody y .vs the
are two "sides" in the 'ovewfrtniiit and thati
ae is not on either of tiem.
Thought it Unfortunate
Dr Francis Alexis, Minister of Legal Affaiir
and Attorney General, told the House he
thought it. uifortunate tlhat. ODe GovenjY...t
Ministry should produce a paper -rlativ-e t
another Minis.ry withoutt coirulting the|
Minister concerned. ... And the Att-rIeyv
Gene sir ook isLsue with .Oppcsion Member
Mr Ben Jones vho s-Ad Mr Andrew should.
not be munduly concerned np cnticists im
t'he Report.

"What consnentio-s Minister vill just sit
back and Dot be concerned vhen!
thorough-going criticisms are made of
is Ministry ?" Dr Alexis asked-
Dr Mihell told NEWSLETTER be is m,
-.rnerit with Mr Andrlw that there are
"'id s" in :Go ,nreint, and he sees one
"tean as comprising the Pime- Mni~ser,
Mr St Louis and Mr Purceli. He sees Dr[
rFmncs Alexis.s a a"loter and Mr MAndp
as "stading. alo.".

"I cant say where the rest of them ar'", he
said ABBLE
Please 1ee i'OUABBLE Pare3

The Grenada Newsletter


Saturday 27th. Febmrary 1993


I The Gniada Nevldeter Saniday 27th. February 1993 Pae 3

A strn man ks wesak popfr3 a strung
Wpeopu dao not neAl a strong nan

| ad ?;: es br&vervr on FebrLe y 3.t. catement pt .--' flr Z i e e ki

I .
;Pme M nm -,ter -'-hola-- p:,.. l., peo.e a p ,ple do not .ed a1

hth, in G:-eaada the day o A-

uur xpeeknces h--av svrnthat -- r s o I
-irng men aIw-ys comider- thei- !Uz f i n. i -e
- . n ; 7h. Tl1 1 Azi- e

1 rc .-.-. --Y .... .. i n : &
^ .' o ci o n.y t m ^ ^^4 .t : -
-. .t .l`9. --. --.i d I

-sao d oer Nwr, ze st, .
i f--. ... .PRIM E .B i,- z ,'-', [ ."
p ri ri Role
Ior e ,ite oe2 o l rarv' e rja : & T "i ...aT. a

:.1e ai rekt i.--, s te of tL d!- 7ths b-t, p, ,/ -

tH a3e f i rs e n s .d, tl. I .o---fon |t r "T ino 1
1 erd9 iP r 'U

e ., soatev n: i -ia Sth < rm chi o s i,. 1 - - -c-c .- t-.

, _l_. -|1., A WAug1T: P_ 3 |,
Ay them ina the pr the -

-aI__ __ I- -I. -a q r-- --- ".
ii .. 4 .s .... . ihi n y hi t ,
aithe teope-to i pm p io ates | h-e

| ti n. f 11 hir.. t-b.i.iv t7 -, 1.
did 1C...Iet t. ....-el-.: .e- 4A'A M
IDacrl Ad 11 Wa -i -a I

jh l y nivi rsary 3 Mo in F ai r a | |

ho___ay Fo_7ti Auggat 1923
- -C U- M IR-- - 4 7 2 n A L s s u e-
The 3 sent nTuitt4Qm ZYZo ..Cuui Rates

4; -, :j. -, iLcI II on Lr. a sr irae;.
Lanr, fzfl Y.--taf ItL
1if e ssireras 7r mi ff us-
L s w llxvT9 ID
S0oir.A1 1,iL I A- 4

e l i ti ttt ling th r n
fr reply t ths bOM]iL of toeHouu A s Pb14 5 nn l
ammm y Ab a3us Pulhe. rA3Bnualy
~Okr~C~INhauz 20


The Grenada Newsletter

BRAiHWAITE Fram Page 3

the interest of GfBtnadians to work with
INattUre to protect the island's p-ricclessL
' natral assets.

Ssay priceless because we cannot
I measure the mrneqy va1ue of envmron-
mental resources" he sail, "(and)
through our community institution, we
ought to insove o-urselves m communal
co-ope atiw effort to promote and
preserve our na!ral rsTources ..

.. .

i ,. .:~ "'.1 ,i-iM

Irho. deswp it e t-eO ir _-t ic- 0,:- Si. ,
hr. lJhi-- thieir:1- e i
he oT.- --ro e aso-!ate by visitor
fi omabroad, 'ith wirnak g "O'ciness
SoutwAi.. cha a, '- imner beauty.
lo Be A Beacon
If G*lnada's rat. l. asset. ar. co. bind
i-th the fa -urat characteristics of her
p-eople, e 1he island .:.od, irealise its
|potential to -e a beacon in the rn-alm. of
toa rnm.

The Prnme Minister said. Wyhn Gpnadag

|..le-.ted Go-:n-ents .ou.d be in a btter
po,"tion tha- th f er Cl nial
|Adiniufcnyation to sol- the iAy jgid'-
I problems.
It ias even sug-est'd, he said, tha e thos,

:,ho o-pposed the c TY-, of c.oWE tit-ional
s statu., at tha: .'_,. _..e.w "en a-e of,
progresss" .

"I ysa to .ou toay, Mr BrathwatU said,
regardless of the position we took in
1974, we must all accept that imdepen-
dence is a fact of life aid we bhae a
commitment to honour the provisiom of
the Con.stitution ."

Saturday 27th February 1993

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The Prnme Minirstr quoted Tr2 three
preamble of t ie Constituion Tcn h s peaks
both of "nhts" ich an enance individual]
flUdom and "duties" which empress thI
dignity of that

H e accepts the importance all Grenadians
attach tI freeAom, he said, but many-
Grewnadians do znt stress the relationship
betrean frtleedo? aid duties His
Gowe-rn-msent has givEa Grenadians their
SbsOdom, he cI'Otinwied, an! they nowv

Ha sT Oc uprion-

# y dYdscaharg-k
ing their

veiopment of -Lhe

Had re,4 .
A:ees at k Pi'enf"cgr E':- P-rT vaie
attended boy iMpres-ntatives of the Dipl5an;ic
Corps arind. local ditaries. The cir'- ded
paviion overflowed ~.ith hundreds of
'.nadiars and visitoc- -ho had to oce py
the bleachers.

Governor General Sir Reginald Palmer
was on the revie-vg stan for tei
miiitary arch-past comnprised f
detachments from the Special Servies
Un1i the Royzl Gremda Police Force,
Coast Guaid, Prison Officers, VNtrans
S-ou'., Guidas and other voluntary

Also taking part in ite -rrch-past rere
ds om H SAlcrity,
-k and the Frerch Patrol Ship, La

A fly-past and flying display was put on
by the helicopter from H IMS. Alacrity.


9- **

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