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The Grenada newsletter
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A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Nevsletter Saturda

flflJ4AM IrKifT

Workers Union (TAWU) has reached a
compromise settlement with Colonial Life
Insurance Company (C LICO) over a dispute
concerning pension funds.

This was announced by Senator Chester Humphrey, TAWU
President, at a press conference on January 27th and ha
said, before a solution was found, it had been necessary for
a delegation to visit Barbados and discuss the matter with .
!Mr Leroy Parris, General Manager of the ...
CLICO Head Office for Barbados and the transfer, C LICO agreed to vaive their right
Eastern Caribbean. to pay the benefits over a 10 year period.
The sum involved is some EC $3 million and
"We are convinced that, had Mr Paris been CLICO agreed to repay this in equal
involved in these matters earlier", he said, instalments over five years.
ithe situation would not have deteriorated
to one in which the Union found it necessary "We expected that, by 1992, three-fifths
to picket the C LICO office in Grenada and of the amount would have been paid," be
move for an embargo against the company." said, "but all we received was o i stal-
iment of something over EC S2 00,000
Tie circumstances surrounding this problem
!re that when, in 1988, Cable & Wireless The TAWU President said t1h CLICO
zierged with the Granada Telephone Corn- Grenada office had introduced "id he m ngs"
Ipany to fonnrm Genada Telecommunications by attempting to rmis-interpret certain
Limited (GRENTEL), 85 employees of the sections of the Insurance AmerArdmnt Act
!Telephone Company were absorbed into the and so delaying payment, and the Union
rnew company. decided action would have to be taken.
Wished To Abandon A Meeting Was Sought
Those workers vere covered by a CLICO The CLICO Grenada office was picketed
pension plan which they wished to abandon fortwo weeks and then meeting was sought
because the Cable & Wireless pension plan with the Barbados office, which meeting
offered to GR ENTEL workers is much more took place on January 22nd.

Official notice of termination of the plan
was given to CLICO in 1990 and the
Company was asked to transfer all benefits
to GRENTEL for investment in the Cable
& Wireless International Retirement Benefit

* According to Mr Humphrey, when CLICO
and GRENTEL began negotiations for the

It lasted some four hours, Mr Humphrey
said, it was very cordial and the following
compromise settlement was arrived at.

By October of this year, C LICO vill pay
GRENTEL EC $1.386 million, t lt sum
attracting an interest rate of 11%. in Oct-
ober of 1994 and 1995 them will! be pay-
ments to GRENTEL each of EC $55652,
Please ee HUMPHRET Page 8

ty 6th February 1993 Page 7

- ~~- ---~- ~ --- ~'

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 6th February 1993 Page 6
MEDALS From Page 5

of the School's constructionprogr rn-me after
the original library and laboratory facilities
had been completed.

This was followed by a period of uncertainty,

concessions originally granted the School.
The only difference now, he said, is that the
School vill have to pay the recently imposed
2.5% tax on the c i.f. value of all imports.

he said, and then, in 1983, there ras the The Chance1lor said the School, to its-
military intervention by United States and detriment, relied too heavily on enrctllmentW
Caribbean Forces. from the United States, but that has changed !
and. the student body is now over 50% non-
"Again a period of uncertaintyy, he said, US. Enrollmnt is, at the present time,
"and also a period in v.hich the School was nearly 1, 000, he said, and it is expected that,
seeking to earn the accreditation of outside ithmin a year, it will emceed the previous
: ; ................... ............. ... Record high of I 100.

985 wi, said, e : .......... Dr Modica said the.
accrediting agmies and i--hools initial lation-
ve out our resouties intoL i .th ..

Those it. a o beter no
Amecan Medcaad Association notAMA ha
The s v a bight spot in.1 .

Schoo-Ps Authorities weren
I1eves it zs a lot better nov
gratified. to lean that the ....................
American Medical Association (AMA) had tjifl TAMRiealises that St George' Medical I
School is a legitimate one.
published a study in which the School was
found to have the orld's highest initial passA had hon-st quetion whn ve
rate of 9. of the "AMA had honest questions vien ve
rate of the ezannatioris of the US-boased t e. d
-. re first established, as did the
Educational ConrIission On Foreign
Medical G- c r alsSiC, On For.eign Granada Medical Association andi
Medical Graduates iECwFMAG). n a said
-- -t ------------------ h- said---a-

Dr Modica said that, world wide, in
the late 1980s, enrollment in medical
schools began to shrink and the School
instituted a special drive to recruit
non-United States citizens as students

This, too, curtailed expansion building
plans, he said, and it vas not until
last year that, with the success of the
international enrollment drive and,
with the support of the Grenada
Government, it vas realized that the
expansion programme could be imple-

we respect that- We needed just_
the opportunity to shov we were for
real and, 16 years later, people realize
that we are&

The Chancellor said the aim is to
produce and maintain a quality medi-
cal school. The faculty and resources
have been put together to accomplish
that goal, he said, and this has been
done in a way which is now respected
even by organised medicine in the
United States.

In an interview after .the ceremony, Dr
Modica told NEWSLETTER that, with the
extensive construction to be undertaken, the
Grenada Government has edsrndad the tax

The Greanada Nevsietter Saturday 6th February 1993 Page 8


Tlb Diomnica Government is nown planning a
final rounm oj public EtucatiOn


S in the Dominica -Go m-
ment, said i n n itervie
with NEHW-SLE TR in Grenada on
January 24, that th. Z4. Lica Gc1vLn; t
has adopted he Re-ort of the RegioTnal
Cons ultatuv3 Assembly (RC A .

"ILast December, m Parliament. both the
Gowrrm ent and the Labour Party
Opposition voId Anfamvour of adoptoi",
he said, "vhile the United Workers Party
voted against"

The RCA, with pr sentation fmm Donm-
imca, St. Lucia, St.Vi cant and Grenada, a
appointed by the four Governments to
prepare a plan for political uniw of the for
Windvard Is 'lands

The Assembly held E'et-ings in each of to
islands, taking evidence frm a wide cr3ss-
section of the public mand, following a fi-al
meeting in St L-on March 27th Iast year
submitted its Report to the Govemmernts. '

Is is planned that the Report ha.vir n :en
adopted by each of the i-land Govenments
a refren duam oe held in each island, first of
l, as to whether or not there should be
political union Should that fr-erandjm
produce yes vote, another r.ferendumr
will follow miatlive to the details of the

Last December. in the Grenada House of
Replesentativ-s, Dr Francis Ale xis, Attomrey

General and Leader of he Grenada Dete-
gation to the RC A, said, before the fist,
referendum can be held, the" must be
corsulaticon among the Heads of Govern-
nL, ot.hsr ieads o-f political parties!
.piesented m Pariamernt a d.-. o|z t is

Such cosultatlaion on the tumzing of the i
referendum is not y_, at this stage,
suiftientiy advaied to enable one to say'
whe~,i m 1993 or thereafter, a refereld lm!
on the subject vill be held in Granadaf

Mr Aileyne was re opti. tic i.lative. t
the ti-ming of the refs:rdum.

The Dominica Governent, he said, is now
planning a final iound of public education,
following which, it is hoped, a referendum
will be held the fithalf of 993.

Do minica- s Primne Mmniter Mgeia Chares
has announced she will not contest the next
elections due r, mrrid-199 and the F-eecorm
Party must find another Polic al Leader
The Minster was asked who is likely to
succeed Miss Chades.

Theie am a number ... possibilities n-ad the'
Pine S&e ALLEnTE Page 9

these sumrs drvir interest rates o0i
-7 e-1 f7
7L.1%. I
The Union is satsfied with th. settle-
meit, Mr Humphire said, and nov,
considers the matter closed.




- 1---~

The Grenada Nevsletter Satrday 6th February 1993 Page 9

Grenada Manufacturers
Condemn Budget

In a paid advertisement in the local
press, the Manufacturing Council of the
Grenada Chamber of Industry & Com-
merce states it has written Pnme Min-
ister Nicholas Brathwaite ircrming him
of "the serious effects on manufacturers
of the measures introduced by Govern-
ment in the 1993 Budget.."

"These rmasu-res could cause many of
them (manufacturers) to grind to a halt
whether the7 are -ainly exports or
only serving the home makee'" the
ad&ertisenmint says.

The manufacturers claim that if. through
additional taxation, their competitive
advantage is eroded, there vill be job
losses and the loss or several million
dollars of foreign exchange.

According to the advertisement, Mr
Brathvate has been told that, if this
matter is not addressed at a very early
date, job losses and closure of manufact-
uring plants will be inevitable.

New French Consular Ajgnt

With effect fom Januaiy 26th, Mrs
Maryse Taylor is the new French

party is nov putting the machinery in
place to select a successor, he said, but he
did not have any predictions

Mr Alleyne was in Grenada as a resource
person at a New National Party training
seminar funded by the Eastern Caribbean
Institute for Democracy
t-j *** i

Consular Agent for Grenada.

Mrs Taylor takes over from Mrs Gloria
Keens-Douglas who completed a five
year term last August 31st and vho
continued until arrangements vere con-
cluded for the ney Agent to assume the

In Grenada to effect the transfer was Mri
Jacques Marguerite, Counseller in the
French Embassy at Castries. St Lucia.

GBC Celebrates 10th

The Government owned Grenada Bank
of C orrmneiec (GBC) celebrated it's 10th
anniversary since it was established on
28th TJanuary 1983.

GBC came into existence when the
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), operating
in Grenada since September 1st 1913,
sold its entire assets in Grenada to the
People's Revolutionary Government
(PRG) for onre ast Caribbean dollar.

Reason for the pull out wa3 given by
RBC as a result of rationalizingg of its
Canbbean and other operations but it
is generally believed the RBC authorities
were unhappy with the political climate
in the island.

RBC 7was the second oldest banking in-
stitution in Grenada, the oldest being
Barliays Bank (then The Colonial
Bank), which opened its doors in Gre-
nada on August 3rd 1837.
According to published figures, the
assets of GBC have grvwn from EC $27.8
million in 1985 to EC$143 million in!
December 1992. 10
Pis ee mEWSORTS Pa 10

- I



The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 6th February 1993 Page 10

Electricity Rate Hike

The Grenada Go emment has approved
a three cent per kilowatt increase in the
rates changed for electrity by the
Govenment-owned Grenada Electlicity
Services Ltd (GRENLEC).

A spokesman for GRENLEC said, in
1991, a request for a six cent increase
vas rejected and the three cent increase

Dounl vrite "WaER I
) That space diviaes,
yi Let's write "Westin
Proud symbol of on

has now been approved with effect fromn

The spokesman said the increase is
expected to generate income of EC$1.8

Background to this increase, the spokes-
m.-an said, is the need for GR ENLEC to
acquire a new 5-megavatt generator to
take care of increasing demand.

M'!.ditionally, the pover plInt in the
sister island of Cam._acou, untili nov
enjoying an annual Govermment subsidy,
of EC$0.5 million), is to be the respon-
sibility of GRENLEC.

That power plant and the pover plant

on Granada both need extensive refurb-
ishing estimated to cost at .least US$5.

Ambassador Of Israel



Mr Mordechay Kamri, Ambassador of
Israel to Granada, Presented his
credentials to Governor-General Sir
Reginald Palmer on 12th January.

Community Projects

The European Development Fund. (EDFB
has provided EC$2-8,0G to assist in t he
replacing of existing water uains, in the
Lower Windsor Forest area, with larger

The labour component of the project is
being supplied by the National Water Z&
Se-erage Authority (NAWASA) arnd by
residents of the area with technical
supeMvision by NAWASA.

In the Beaton Place area, three-quarters
of a mile of road is being --paved and
drained under a project of the S TAB LX
f,.d of the European C omm.'nmitv.

6t. February 1993
Pri-td & Pahulhald By Tkh Proprietor,
AiaIs Hughes, Journalist,
Of Scott Street, StGeorges Granada, Westianies
(P.0 -Box 65: Phone [809] 440 2538: Cables IHUS)N, Grmnada


`---- -~


The Oirna i


Volmenm 21

Saturday 6th February 1993 Number 2

Parsenat rhuques and tr(We3W7s dz-eques wser v
trIeflvefrW1 bu& no rasuh,

staged a daylight raid. o
Saturday January 30th at the
Carenage branch of ths Food
* air Supe narket in St George's and got
away vith over EC$60,000.

spokes- "
mEn foA the s'perr-
m-arket told N 'W-
fLETTER t, shrty
before, noon cn tat. lal.
lan employee .om to -o -
chec.- on equipment in the compressor room
on the roof. surprised the gmian lurking

"The gumrrmn had what appeared to be a
_25 automatic, "tie spokesman said, "and
he forced the employee to preceds him
dovn to the meat room. There they tound
tvo other employees and the man made
them tie each other's hands behind their

I With the gun menracir", them, the thlmee
preceded the gnman to to the door of the
administration office whet.- money was'
.bein counted ii prpartioR for mai ng a
.,_,..para, .....n. f r :';-,-

Stuffing Ava- All The Money
Kicking thie wooden door, the gunannn
o:Pe1id the to occupants of te room (one
being thle spokersmai) i mis theirL h&and
above their heads ard, commandeerig the
y;w -:k Th.muent bag ad. another
bag he found in a desk dwaver'
4 he began stuffing
d~C4 n~yalte

exposed on the desk i
The supennmarket 7-a-s cir-ded on that da-
Peas S&e RAID Pa 2i

fiDaAligit Raid On Supermarket 11
'Mittchrll Says Levis'
REsignation Not Sig.ificant 2
WBuailming Pzogran=,mw For

|T- o PM Aarded Medals .. ...... 6
TA U & C LICO Reach
Satlmer nt ......................... ..... 7
Domindica May liold
Referendum By Mid-Year........ 8
N ssh'rts--..............-.......-...------.--. 91


V- --

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 6th February 1993 Page 2

Thes &overnment rntrolted news media 'nmde
a lot of water" over tae rgsSiqnatior of somiOwn
whso hs not beS a Ley NNP mleneIr n
R KEITH MITCHELL, Assistent enral Se-retr in 1992" Drn
| Leader of the New Mitchell said, "and -as a sting p rpocrm,-1
Nat iona P-aty (NNP) deied: n of Reynold Benjain .naiEngas Ge nral
a int ith EWS- Secretary. W hen Ben-
JLETTER on J-nury 24t that resig-tion jamit, voted
Ifm hI.- pi.s of Mr Ri had Le is, NNP out of that post,
Assistant tGen-eral Sectay I:S a si ific?,t Richaid w Tas 1?h ,,t .
political de-elopment and, s e then,;:'t.
has i mn lveo .,. ,.
Rc- as reeietea ,. thE: post of .ims,~,if r -
I 1 Z

RAID Frum Page
vith nd-of-month hoppers, the spokes mnn
said, and, while this drmma was being
enacted on the second floor of the building,
mthe business of the supennarket proceeded
in total ignorance of vhat was happen, in.

Two other employees, at different tnmes,
entered the ricture when., i the co-e or:
tfaeir duties, tiey cSe t, the -dmimst-tion-
office. At gi -poirm. t-.y sie fo-d. to C
joi the original group held captiv- -nd lheir
prese nce probably- sav. d th" Supenraiket
f:hm greater loss.
Turned His Attention
Having packed away all t? expos ed money.
the gumntan turned his attention to several
locked tills contanid. g cash awaiting pre-,
paration for bank lodgenekn. Th key
to tilhse tills wewe on the dek top and. e

"T-, w.s ,a.a ma d y i4frn t--i-
zight IwoyP,." thi-o apkocrnn caid, "and it- aa
ttI-n that we heard. -a oice from downs tairs
asking why the last two to join our group
vas taking so long to come back down."

,littE with t'-. --

The Political Lead- -
er said Mr Lewis DR KEITH M1TCHELL
had discussed the matter ith him, saying
Phlase e MITCHELL P--e 3
This seemed 1o cusse the gunman to panic, I
the S spokesman d. s d he ran from 1 he
xm ipisoi ;A. the occupants by closg
and snapn? s3 t th p opep pajiocks on |
metal door c-losing of--f hat -om

Retaci'ng hs ps, he escaped via the corn-
press or rvoom and was spotted by at le ast
one person who saw him running across an,
adjacent roof before jumping idon to the
street and running awnay.
Called From A Window
The obserer described the gunrnan as a
yo-ng rtact nmn dressed i a black shirt
and tomusers. The observer contacted the
s, emIai-rke t but.. by this tinm. those im-
DrisonedL in the admirrastration office hnad
called from a 'nirdow to passers-by in te,
street and the alamnn w-as given.
Plea See RAID PagM 3

The Granada Newsletter Saturday 6th Febnary 1993 Page 3
MITCHELL Fr m Pafi 2

ihe had worked. closely with Mr Benjamin,
expressing his disappointment t'at he had
been replaced, and saying the situation vas
difficult for him.

!Since he failed to be reelected. MrBenjamin
has openly been opposed to NNP, and Dr
Mitchell said Mr Levis has been associated
vith Mr Benjamin in this. The Political
Leader said he sees Mr Levis' resignation
,as a "Benjain thing" aimed at creating the
impression that NNP is disintegrating.
Only In The Short Run
The_ Govelmment controlled rnews media
"made a lot. of watef1 over the resignation
lot someone who bas not been a key NNP
member, he said, and some doubts vil haw
been cirated in the public mind. This, he
feels, is only in the short run, and the party
is gea ng itself to combat this type ofp
ir "- '7 f" --- --,- .___

I RAID fr&am agf 2
! The poice were called and, according to
Sthe spokes-man, responded pro;mptlv. The
j Criminal Inestigation Departmen. backed
Sby the Special Services Unit initiated an
ilimr.ediate search and investigation, and
the stolen bags vers subsequently found
lin the grounds of the Grenada Boys'
Secondary Schhoot ri uiamleavayfm
Ithe superrnnarket.

jPersonal cqes and trvellers cheques
Swei- recovered but- Lo cash-.

The spokesman for the supermarket said
all .'ho -saw the ,a.ran agreed he lookeM d
like Jomh Peters, alias "Southieho
escaped, on Januar 25th while being taken
back to Richmond Hill Prisons from te
Magistats's Court, and. whose photogmph
appeassd in the local press as a "ranted"

SPeters is said to be armed and dangerous.
1lHe is wanted for a number of house-
i breaking a-d stealing offences
jmmummonway l i

As part of that "gearing" NNP organized a
training seminar at which during one of
the breaks, the interview took place -ith Dr

Some 80 NNP field workers attended the
seminar which was funded by the Eastern
Caribbean Institute for Denmocracy (EC D),
an organisation promoted by the ruling
political parties on Dominica, St Lucia and
St Vincent and. by the NNP.

The task facing the party; Dr Mitchell said,
is to demonstmrteo the public that NNP, as
the best organised anrd :acti-, political party,
is forging ahead undetneFd by any problems
it may have bad.
Did Not Support
The Political Leader said some 40% of
NNP's present field workers did not support
NNP in the last General Elections and rmanyv
of them. ere members of the Grenada Unit-
ed Labour Party (GULP) of Sir Eric Gairy.

"One of the marj:r concernems of those people
vho are fond of Sir Eric and would have
liked to support the GULP," he said, "is
Tma, since 1984, every time they vote for
the GULP, that person they -ot for, having
won the seat, moves overto the Governnrnt
irj overr"
B^i --- -'z wrPhT 'n- -

Se --Cseniada _

Founded 17th August 1973
471st Isue
Subscription Rates
PayaMe In AdIvale
Postage Paid By Se aid CGas Air;ail
(Islan Post in Grenada)

10 Imucs

20 Ises



I4 Isms $390.00
About la Iss Pablishl .

I ---~

$ 3Bt3

$ 77DO
$7urnm m Iy

e sa see MITCHELL Page 4

BU!Da hFeba

Pna (OB IL@

i vers7Pity School cf Medicine is
tos embark on a thr1e-vear
building progranm., to con-
olidate the Schools facilities on its 16-acre
mTre Elue campus located near Point Salines
International Airport on Gmnada's south-
rNTfnlost penrinsnular.

This was annoiuamed by the School on
L,..anuary 28th, and, in an
mterviev with NEWS-
| LETTER Mr Job Kopy-
'ncinski, the School's Busi-
S \n~s Administrator, said
!',tlhis deTelopiant has
:sigafiance for the
60 's Tourism Indus-

CHANCELLO "What ve are embarking
-R CHARLES uponis a long-term devel-
MODICA opment plan which in-
dudes removal of our Grand Anse
m. .pus", he said, "and this will increase
tlbe number of hotel rooms available in
ite Grand Anse beach area-"

Mr Kopycinski said the development
progranmme has become necessary because
)of the large increase in the Scioo'"s
in-rollment, and t-he first two buildings, which
mi1l be connected by a 37-fot clock tower,
pre scheduled for completio- by August of
this year.

KDne of these buildings is a smgle-storied.
i2,700 square foot. 250-seat Lecture Hall.
;The other building vill house a Physical
Diagnostic Laboratory on the ground floor
:,.d, on the second floor vill be adrmm-

istrative facilities for N
Admissions, the Registar, and the Dean of

The development prograimnp is divided into
two phases, the Business, Adminstrator said,
Peae Sl SCHOOL Pae 5
This was the case in the 1984 Elections
with Mr Martel Peters,i now Speaker of
the House of Reepresentatives, Dr Mitcbell
said, and of the four seats won by CtGULP
in i990, "three sold out to the Govern-

GULP supporters aZe recognising that Sir
Eric O., longer has the ability to "hold his
people together", he said, and. that, when
they vote for a GU LP candidate, it i-, in
rost cases, giving a vote in the House to
a party they do not support.

I -"What is being realized".' he s.aid "is that
the only alPemative is to vote for NM I
the party they consider to be their second
best choice."

The Politicai Leader said the ii*ing
seminar is the first of a series to be held [
at approdmately two montr int ials.
Feed back from field workers will be
evaluated he said, and subsequent semi-
nars vili be structured better To equip the .
workers to perform efficiently.

Resoum=e persons at the seminar irclded
Mr Brian a1eynm, Domirdca's. rar|
Affairs Minister, and Mr Alvin Knight,
ECID Secretary General.

__ _

- --- ---

The Grenada Nejetter

Saturday 6th February 1993

Page 4

The Grenada Nevslet


Saturday 6th February 1993

.ri ,_iE MiU s-
Uda cn and
Sislan--ts current Prime
Mi Is tar tve both beSn awardke d the S t
rr w.r- M-
'-orgue's Uni-versi f Sh l of Medicine

s CooL Fla Page 4
';the i't incding donnitonies for 100
student, racil .es for seven fttl-time
Sfaculty mEmbels and faciities for visit ng

i|71s pra.sM vill 3e also a nsv ad minis-
aio building, a rav libcray Id al
L.eaTg Ce~tre" as ell as dillng
Sailities for student' and facmity.

The second phase will add. as the need re-
i.-J.s. donnra tory faci tie s for a iaddtionral
S l ents ard for faculty. The plan
"Asis., cs -. Studenri Centre a-nd Main-
S.Jance Btuilding.

_Mr Kopcinski said the progamr.n ine -
ldes installation of an inrfrastntze to
providee -water. auiliary electric it' arn a:
76 treatment plant. Cost of the
SLecture Hall, Plhysical Diaoss Complex
aid clock tow .er is esin:ed at EC$1.-3
'I million.
T he Universy was founded in 1976, began: in Janmuar 197/ ?a'd,
..ccotin.a to Mr K"opycinski some 2,000
iident have since gadusted.

SThe.:: b14.ding piogramie groimd.-braki ng
;.. .nxy took place on Febbrua. 1st.
,. ,.= -;

medal for distinrg- .--. "
uished service.

The presetAiOS % /
were made on Feb-
Jrary Ist by C hncellor of the Schoo!, Dr
Char-,es-. Msodica, to aSir nc ny, P-rL
Miristar in 1977 vben the University vs|
founr-ded, arid to Prime Mmister tNichola
Erathi aiTY, w h.i s goverunnt-. ,-av ccen-tly
extended t 1he A rieerent under whichh lhe|
University operates in Grenada.

"It is very gratifying" Dr M .ca said,
"to be associated vith a School tat is in:
a country that can have its olyv t"o li-_ng
former and present Prime Minist-rs at

The -presenrtaion took place at Y .-_3
ubraking cerrmny, per-oned by -: : :.i
General Sir RePginal Pal-er, -- latlL he
SchoolPs three-year bUildg pror?.u-e

That. progr-amme vill consolwe '--
SchSoo's facilities on its 16- -acr T"n B 2e
campus locaed rar oint "m :. -iter;
national Airpoit on Grenada's sotlhernest
perninsular, and, according to Mr, Johlm
Kopycriski, the School's Businsss A:min-
istrator, has become necessary because of
the lare increase inthe ScooPs enA l.entp

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr M-i-eCa.
recounted some of the "events" t.- Sc-hoo
nas experienced sin-e it- estalM i -

These include t-he New- Jevei z ..
revolution of 1979. vhhich orced tio.
Piase hei MEDA ... *
--^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ... __ .-ii I I - ". _-,.1 ,u, .

___ ~~~___~_


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