The Grenada newsletter

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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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A. & C. Hughes
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A. & C. Hughes
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The Greuada

Volume 20 Saturday 7th Noember 1992 :uinber 181

"cEnadiaus -ae rCewouV-

ices and thela- i.:g of
7.::.ate, G7rTadi cele-
bratd, on October 25th,
the 9th a miv:rsI.y of the liberation of their
island by Urdited States arid Caibtea ri F. ;s
vhen, on 25th October 1983, th.:s-e F:.rces
Slai.unched a ]re's:ue i :.".'i''i.i to Gn-.A i.J
foil.:.. :inc the killing of Prime o. :ri er
MaXunce Bi.h,p, mnerfcel: of his Cabinet
and a still urd:no .mi uminber of civ-.i.niz.

Pnri:ipal focus of the c-l .ra'-.,r *.s an
ecuneiicl ,it :-.: Ti:-1 serT i': m the
P':.mir- Ca.h h: C _thedr '.-e t7,r .
scnpture re:id.ii, vas down by ..em:.r-
Genetal, SirP giid .I P ,-m .:, '..,id c:.:id
by lMrs Wirifi d St:-i..-u. La r of the
O.pp.:.t,:,n in the House ,..f Rep .nh t..e

A rmes s : ge from Pr.".esie '-'--. r ;., B'.Il?,'" :"
read by Miss ArLefL Vel-_:, United St,...
Charge d'Affcim .

The Prisident. r-.:,:ed .:it. nine years %'"i
pas e1 :i:ce the liberation of the island fr..:ni.
Styranny and vi:lr-e, anid .,, site then,
Grenadiansc have nd.:.... corm -it'-mt.
: to democracy and economic fged,,

i the sutfows ol violence

tifujl rmtion...." BUSH

"In strengthening .id leinvigenrating their
;: ieFy5' he said, "Gin. have emoved
the shadows of violence and f vr from their

Ninth Anniversary Of
Liberation Celebrated._. i
0overnmeint Holds Joint
Service With Bishop
Foundation.................... 2
PM Calls For Forgiveness.. 4
Heroine New Threat
To. Carib6oan................ 6
Grenada Hoost Hotel
Inmesors Forum ............ 7
ROC Gives More Help...... 8
CIDA Funds ISP For UWI.9
n uGrenada To Have
Spioc Museum ....-.. 11
| OPrince Alexandria
Viait* Grenada ........... 12
)@ News Shorta ........--- 13




The br' ida Nevsletteri Saturday 7th November 1992 Page 2


". ..e arcT Ficre to share thef gri ,Tf wirth 1'ii[ics t i.
friends of tiw late Prime Mlinister N iurice BishFiop."

ive service of 'he Government
of ai the )'i... ce
.l 1""'Bish':',p & ,:-',: C r 19 i
.Maiyn Fo-,idari:.*'_, held here ,:. October
'1tL, rni:iad :.uic'.e..: of the FR. :.u.dati-n mi
convincing' the Go'e:u-en'r of Prime
.Mini: r r _ch:_las Bratlhwaite that ..: .u .u.-,
BEilshci's _e~th should be cor; ne~-.:'-:i as
a national ever-..

Tht back: .uLA to this develop, nerit is that,
arisirng from a dispute in the People's Revo-
luzti-,nrm GoVenmrnent (PRG) between
.:tijor s ld irespectively by Piirme Minister
Bishop and his Derpdy, Penitand Coapj, th-
Pmirnm Minister, members of his Cabinet and.
c..*the1 e;Te executed at Fort. Ceore on 19th
Ot'.ber I'93 by tI Pec pies Revolutionary
Army (PRA).
Please S SERVICE Page 3


.beaui.ifii nation .n-:, tl m with h.
Ulsll'h:s of fi-edom.:"

The P-i',Jent ... i he is proud. 1 co".ntry
was .tlbl.? to help Gr_-iJaid.a retuitrn tohe com--
rinuit;- of free ti.i, a-.d the U i,-.:4 S- : -,
is p tiaed to .:are W'ith GC:r,*..d a firnn om-
mitment to a s.-i'm C.rii. ,m fire from
.th l'-Mts to pe :.e .;d- 1 -'t-'-:: -
Lost Their Lives
Later in ti- day, was ...1 1 .... laying
.erefn.:.n-y by the Govri.e.:or- Ge-eri and
Miss Veleron i.v campus of '1-- St Ge.:-e's S
Uri'-,r.i School of Meicir.i v.-her ,1ei-
is a n;:*1 r xr, nt to the the nrintei: Urited
State: ??r. m-ricr who lost their l:'.,es *j r
theJ military int--,er i-.:.-;.

There ve: adimeses t:.:, by the 'vei:-,: :
r. .. .,..i...Z V .ar, and by Pirime -
ister NJoh:'-la P ; haitl, M.or G-:,e.:i
John Sl'h:e-, of the U.S..Li:ine Cor; .and
by M r Lk:..'J ~ -i-, pL.iuIe .nt. .... -.i. n
bal :rr t d, legal t-o. ier to th-- Ur.tsi

Also as a p:Tr. of. the ce1?1F-' -, a

thanksgiving er'i.e vas Wid on Monday
26th at the Chu,:h of St Martin De Por-rer
inSt Dvid's Parish, ; .r the" < rup of 31 i2"

Acc-, -- to a ,-e- for th"is : 'p",
n Y .ulh ;h .s 1 j.7 dming tih regime of,
thi F,',ples Perlution.r, Govenm'ien'
(PRG) from !97" to 19:, a t..a of 3112
i.,-;.:.-ns .e:.t. AC ,ainEd for v:icus periodss
of time T'ithIut trial or -hli--e.
Many Memories
C IUs was tlhe filrft time til det.i.e"es have
1e0 for 1ny l.-'m:.. A:-out 100 atittnded,
the _rvire, f:.llowinig which marn remorne
iof Ae" sta. in jail wer re called anfi

Peria;: the tC.t meiimorable was the story
of the detaic-*e vh-:. *:'ifuiy w.ath?;1A the
key by tIL._ .".adle in charge of his cell.
Then, s.'.ugr.. a file and a scrap of metal,
he o:.i.efu.- make, from irn ery, a key
v,-h 'oprned his cell door ind elfeted his
^s3eani'y~a3i~fa^ ^ijJ~ia
- -----_________d__________

The Grenada Newsletter Satur
SERVICE Frcm Pag! e 2
!At thfe cane time, units of 6.e PRA 6.' :
don -so .. of -G:- -i.:... >m-T.:bled a
Fot Geoge, rny c-trs the fact
of vithelirl g-J'a ,r, J,'pe.. to their. di'e
riom the -.0-foo.t lugh of the art.

hur" :h for*
'.m^h w n Pe 1 "- O r1 tb.
F,.ourda ,.,- has; -::.,ta u, ..l e ..
i -

Radix of io a rica of
j.... :'.? : C-h*.2 f o r n o t -. .- ."in

M P I HDRI k DIX 'p t i lIP P.;.IP
. .. Bof pr s r ;

thenselvs;1e all lr.:1 of nice loti* :5it
Sall kir, of vhi and claim to be ij
'direct coxri-iir': with God."

On OcTober 19th 1988, GvrLmeint *rg
ised acorn"m-^lle--tive 5'r.. :> atFort Georg
to h1rd1.x all : who h4 lost theiir live
there fk'e y*p.^rs before.

IThe service w-s held on the uter parad
-quaie of Fort Gec ,re vhei t&R-A na
6*unined dowi rany people md frofi; ,he
j :. ": ]:..ip. 3v, .... -.'.to their d,-it.-;.
cFbiSay V1'Y1 *id by Cle-t8 of tb1

and a wrn-ith was laid by the ^-n Spe-:4"p
i' the H*:ue of oep e five- r r and. Atin,
jGowv'mr-General 'ir- Hudsen ?:!pP
Outer Parade Square

services ve:p held on tche --uter pa-,:--
squaye, the ;reb; being 3i.1 on bot
S:c*sin-s by ie Gor r-G Si
tiaul li. _,

lay 7th NowmbeT 1992


In 1991, confri-.ntation arose. E.oth.
t G"ve-ii-iient -,rij ..The Mamuice Bish-.p &j
C:._.:ter 19th.M tr i- Fu:.imdatin -rg..mised
y...:. pe' to be heL at Fort Cor. .: hi
; a.;+ the first time ile Foe e .::.tion ri-med
for a service at .-I Fort and it i-as hi- 1:, not
on the outer parade square but on thr inmer
:h qi..ita were B iho:,p and his c.,:11eau.e vel
h ?'. : e tcd .. ... "*u

i The Gove n ent. also ...- r,:-n J for ii- service
? to be held, not -n the outer p:'ade sq'.u;:re,
but. on the inriner square' ham E-.Ehop and
......1.:I; -er executed.
r rgpressed Bitter Cnticr m
e The F...:m.:tirn he-ld its :rvi':- fiAt. c-and it
in as G i:..sed ti .CCG had been asked to
an .:ke .rt_.. i:ne of tnhe ,.,ry ap1.i.'?I
and Mr P..e:- evrmessed '-itlier Critii:is

"At one timt in my fe', he 'said, "I
. vaie to be in the reigious lfe but when
I grev old enough to understand the
Shypocrisy of institutional region, I said
1 6., I vill go forward and try to s ere my
n feliov marn ."

The :ged service took place
- two houus later, the CC G tkiing part and
e the breath tiirg laid by Govemnor Ge ir-e;
3 Sir PFJil Scoon.
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The cGenada

e I Founded 17th August 1973
466th Issue
S .Subscription Rate.
r Payabe fin a va ce
,, Patage PS d By Stcaa Clas Ai rmdil
(Inla ii Inc renada)

S 10Ises $11500 43.00

20 laes


$ 77.00

h I4Iws 3.O00 $1461t 0
r About 20 Ilaes Pablisaed Aannunly

~ I__ I ___

Saturday 7th November 1992

forgiveness cand
who, personaUl

las Brathwaite has expressed
Cocerm over hat he calls the
"emerging tendency" among
Greiaias to promote sector and perongal
interests at the expense of the wide r national

Mr Brathvaite's comment' as made in a.
message ead in all Churches on October
25th as Gmnradians cele brated"Thanksgiving
Day", the anniversary of the start of te
ilitoai intervention, in 1983, of United
States and Caribbean Forces.
Must Promote Interests
The Prime Minister said individuals elected
or appointed, to positions of leadersite- must
promote in.eres of their orgnis .t.ioi and
should advance aiznments with all the
over. of persuasion ofvhich they are

tolerance for those :.
y, brought injury ":

"But in the final
analysis*, he said, "the
national interest is .
paramount and we ..
ow a duty to ow .
nation to acconuno- PIM
date our interest in PRIME MINISTE
the national interest to BPATIWAITE
our mutual benefit"

Mr Brathvaite said Grenada's ,fnocratc
cultum and iay of life canba sustained oidy
by a vibrant economy which provides
opportunities for all and, tovards that end,
his Goverment is committed to rectifying
problems of the economy to enable the
irtemational donor conrnunity to repose
great confidence in Grenada.

.Refemnig to Octobeir 25th 1983, 'Mr
.Brathwaie said an earestappeal had been

SERVICE From Pag 3

This year the service w as again on the inner
parade square here Bishop vas e:,ecuted
It v4s conducted by the CCG and was a
joint Ordeavour of Govemrnnt and the
Foundation. Speaking on this occasion,
Mr Radix said the Foundation paid tribute.
to Prie Minis'ter Nicholas Brathvaite
through whose efforts it was, he said,
Gowirament and the Fourdiatiion had got

The ceremony vas unier the joint
chairmanship of Mrs Margaret Neckles,
Prwoident of the Senate an Anlican
Arclxdeaconof Grenada., Clement Francis,
aI, in a miang "m0a4s, Mrs
ekles highlighted the purpose of the
t jW^RCtm rlin v* ,

"This is the first time that we have
gathered here as a nation to participate
in this ercise._" she said, "_ve are
b"e to Ow I I ft#Wh Ift mim ad
friends of the late Prime Minister,
Marice Bisllop

Also, she said, it was a tim of tbanksgivig
in accorance wvi fte there of the
occasion, "Giving thanks always, for all
things unto God."

In his address, Mr Radix urged that the spot
vhera Bisbop as ~e cuted be held as "a
site inbonour" and that the dayon whichbe
v .mefltsd Me en rcOgmItion.
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.. -.____~1..I


The Grenada Nesletter..


Page 4


111.,. .,.

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