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Began in 1973.
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The a"


Volume 20 Saturday 26th September 1992 Number 16

1. __O 3DBEak

the "Achilles heel", the -v.eak point,
of the m.ement ptitict. and
i economic inC :. ationof Britain's for-
jmer Cu.ibube._iim colc nie_..

T1i- is the .opirD,'n of the West.udiaLr Corm-
mission appointed by the Hea of Govern-
ment of tlie Cafibbe:n
Om.n-.uty (CARI-
,COM), t, consult
with the pef.-,l.e of
$'thae Regi and
corsider h '
V)to bring ,.1out real
,' t betlenment in ii, r
..," ::condition of life.....and
to improve their :* 1, s
c.I I- c :.nmlr!P .U.j7 of
Respond To Demands
"If the integration movement is to be
strengthened," the Commision a, "if
it is to recover lost ground and respond
todemands of the present and future, the
Westindies must put in place machinery
vhich overcotws this vieakess."

In a quest f.:r t-hat,

" ,nrir hine the

Conml.... ion ...hreade by Sir :.-;m'- a~th...

,m- emta No.,1h =

Rarn ,al, f5mr Seretary of the
Coruii:nealih of Nations held. cor-ult-
ations, over the last two ..ears th rIhout
the re:.oi an!J ~,Ji Westindians iriden. in
the Uniled States, Ci.ada and Britain.
Will Be Considered
A compreheir ive Rp-.'t, entitled "Tiie For
Aci,:,tr, h r'.:,-v been sub-mitted to the
Hea s of Government and will be cons ide d
at a special C ARICOM smimzit on October
_2,th At the core of that Report is
app. :.iln'nn.of the C ARICCM Coruniss ion
vwTh is aimed at pr...'iing n'.hi.riy to
Please See REP OFRT IPTge

Westindian Commission
Submits Report ............... 1
S DAC Pays Tribute to GG....... 3
@UNESCO Donates Equipment
To "Radio 535" ............... 4
*Pro Vice-Chancellor Wants
Caribbean Cultural Policy.....-- 6
SPolice Solve More Crimes ....._...- 7
0:0 Geest Aids Banana Industry .-.. 8
_'School Of Medicine Holds
Second Fund Raiser--......... .9
SGrenada's Hotel Plant Gets
Big Boost ....... ................... 10
News Shorts .............................. 11

4 :


SThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday 26th September 1992 PagE 2
REPORT From Pa~re 1

fill the implemnentati.:,n gap.

The R epoit recommends that he CAR .C_ _M
Corranission be crmpnised qi a;Pe.i'd.ei,-t;' nt
Ivo other ConniLssi'rn~1: and the CA-RI-
COM Secretray-Gneral ?::officiO.
Members vill be "Js.uii fr--m the mgion-'s
puLtlic and p:,,.litic.: conmnraiity. and the
Comlrnnission vill be "a central a.luth',ity,
freed of nati,,ni, domestic res pribilies
and allegiance, and app.rpriately empover- -
ed to implement CARICOM's deci..i ,Y.;
Sets Out Tvo Mandates
The .CARI':1OM C aii: "dd be
appointedd by January Ist 1993, the

member states, CARICOM comrnitmenls
must be rin'.rally, f .mcti:rnally and legally
bni n.g. '. : .

"We cannot agree to act together in
particular ways and remain free to actas
ve please or as every passing advabtage
induces us," the Report says.

An interesting i,:rnnedaticn of the
Report is that there should be a "Chrtjer .f
Civil Society" which will reflect the re-ali.y
of b".C.ri.u ity" beyond stlitu:'.s of eco-
nocnu inteiaf.i:n ?
Will Commit Themseivws

Report says. DetaiIs of the ==. .:- Through this Charter, the Repejr
fur.Cti-onring and uti:~iy ,ofthe /c:wiii^. says, iBri- co:..mtne- vill
Commission irLve not been /::. :: o it. t se'v-? to respect
given in detail These vill f- or ftndanBntal .errents of
evolve, the Report says, bt. civi^^ .|.,jcl i.ciety suh as free
it sets out tw';) mrdrite |lect:::::::i a free press, ab-
vhich rimut be fulfilled ace- *' jsence or c-rnuption frnm
wording to picy decisi,.ns of p.!: iulic life, fiuclr;-n.yte
CARICCM HAms of Gov- COM of de:,crati ,-,e-an.e.
ernTent respect for relious and cultural
-=-i-- ~diversity', -;tater .public h :.ces to
The first is to fu ihe. the process of in- irfomjii.-,nand : ial :ide' nond justice.
tegration amonig- CARICOM nmerbes an-i,-_.
the sec rid is to de -. lop remlatii-ns between The Report. does not ink pr.cviioTis of the
CAR ICOM :-nd tLie .iJer community of Charter c.mi be ri ?Ps nrce-able on Member
Caribbean couitnes. G,,7:r-n elnt Hovever, itsavs. the tire

The Report expresses the viev that vhat
should be aimed at is a concept of CAR I-
COM as a "Community of sovereign
states who, by treaty, agree to the pool-
ing of certain of their sovereignties and
to exrcising them collectively in very
specific respects.

The alternative routes of a federal system
or one of closer political unity are not op-
tions nov open to CARICOM as a hole,
it says.
If Integration Is To Work
However the Pe.-po.t va~ s that 4i.le1
sovereignty is one thing, cotinctH.l obli-
,gaion is another, and, if integntion is to
work to the long term advantage of all its

is ni v nlght for etablisihiA-ent of a CARI-
COM Suiperme Court and it .uge ts that an
advisory *.Finirn nav be sought fi~om that
Court on v:.n-coiiipliarice with the pro-
AWide Range
The Report of s th stin ian. Ccm iris"ion
*.:* 'mr-.m..-rieatdtions on a wide range of
':..'.bj. c, r.niging fromdeve,: prMe_ tl',rough
provis'irL-; for a siuDle urt.. a c.*omx:,
currency, ii .esient, savings anad I an i -
i .iS ti,:,u!r .

:it leal ::si, amrnorg other c:-inideratiorns,
with ec-orrnniic is.-es,, the ernvini-iraenil,
hi-.uai rt urce development, com rrtui-
ications, social concern and external
mlati ons. Pleae See REPORT Pe 3

nnab'.)ns. Plew See RE RW-3

The Grenada N letter .Saturday 26th September 1992 Page 3


1 ejniz^1 Mrp) 0 Palmer; said on
***-< S t^ bi 24th ^i t h 4t-,4 1..,,-l d

nothing if he had not.hadJ the able ad willi f
support of all members of the Committee.

c.:amirot -ucceed in their TiheT Grnada Go ernrent established
ubj-"tism-es.-Ctiy 'leqvate yNDAC in 1,).36 and charged it with
backed by their folliwers. ..p,'nsibilitt for"'d.eigning and

7 hieir.-p:,lermentiig pibgramunes geared
"If we are to succeed", he said to reducing derrrnd for diigs, and
"vberewr there is leadership, a step f,,ard v. taken in 19J9
there must be Tfollowship' wlhe n the DrmgAv.oidarice Secretariat
iP i wvas set up in th.e Ministry of Edu-
.,.Mr Palnier vh:, until his .rei en. "-- cation.
appointment to the p.s'. -of "' Has Nov Been Epanded
Go vernor-General, ~as This Secretaiat is charged
Chairman of the Nati:.nal / -- 'vitlhi anvii outadnminis-
Drug Avoidance Corn- rati ve dut ie of the C om-
mittee (NDAC), made his rer-: rks rnittee which has now been e::pand-
at a NDAC meeting called to pay ed to a membership of mpresentat-

tribute to hlin for his service to
othF rwise .

NDAC and

Haw Placed Emphasis
Speakers have pl.ic.d ernmprvii; on the fact
that his chaim.-arhflip of the C.nmrnittep.
-:is.i.ted in advanrci:n NDAC to its pr,?sent.
position, he jai but e 'could have achide'vedi

REPORT From Page 2
The Pep':-rt admits that the t..- ry of
Westindian efforts at unity in the admin-
i..tratiwe, political a-i.d ec:nrir:. splhe i-r
dies not inspile hope, mriuch less confi-
dne, but points out ,hit ktday's gerjjr-
a.i., oper.-ates in circumstances in 'ic'h
the scen-'e hL, ch.ipedi fnd.-iertilly .id
Iprsp er for imity are better, es&ri.aIy
be t~i c.:'. pi.i-.:,.t are :.t'rin:er.

"Preparing C AR.ICOl. for the 21st Can-
tury a wid-T -mn.:inr~ h. dle Lj.,- the
Pep,,t ..-y., "but one within thn-: ,:.mpet-
ence of , p'.pit arnd rtica. to
:ur f_'i.tre."
^fii ..^:. a ::^ j^ ^ '?fl

ives of 32 Government and n.:n--g:.,errment
oi^n. .i'- -

The Go-.'renr-CGPeiner said there are still
n .r_-,sible persons in the community who
do nr:,' seem to realise that drug abuse poses
a se:i.:-us threat to the society.
Please See PALMER Pa_ 4

Te enada____

Founded 17th August 1973
S .. 464th Wssw
Subscription Rafit3
Payable In Advance
Postage Paid By Second Class Airmail
(Inlan Post In Grenada)

$ 43J11

$ 77?J


10 Issues $01510

20 Iues $207JOO

40 Twunes $390.00
About 20 Issues Published i

1 L ~

----- --

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 26th September" 1992. Page 4

Le% it i t be thof fiht that u~R it t-kcs to make good
progt-ncm-s Ls ood+ equiipWnent

I ,: 'inal C,.> minui ,;;a.tio:?i
j | Adviser to the United Nat-
iorions Etuca(iinal Scientific
& C l..uril O.t. n .irn i:UfNESCO), :.'dJ
in Glenado. on Sep4temLer 15th that elect-
rornic e quipre nt donated by UN ESC O io
Goven-rnent owned "Radio 535" does
not have as its uli.mrte obiMective the I
prov'isiionof new br"oa.,cstigll faciiitie. 1

"The real objective is this", he said,
"and here I quote from the project Rad
document, 'to enable, through radio, ai 53
greater awareness by Grenadians of
national dewlopments and an app-
reciation of their cultural heritage-...." ".

The UNESCO ,ft, he ,aId, "v.:. -ld also
pr:'vide Grie-nadi.aris v'ilh the oppo.:unity for
increased expression and pa .ic:ipation in thei

advn..-cement of their country.,

Mr Khan's remarks .enri made at a handing
over cerenonyof furnishings and e quiprme nt
for tVwo. : :dcast studios at ne. premise_
bein., prep'-re for "Radio 535"

The station's original studios were
S desticyed in 1983 Luring the inter-
v4rnt.i.roi byUnited State-_ and Caribbean
fires, arind, since then, "Radio 535"
io has been using make-shift studios which
Io have even mote inconvenient
5 following a fire.

Structural renovations to the building
housing the new UNESCO doratedJ studios
have not yet been completed, and the eaziy
hanrdi:,g over ceRemorny was -ramged to
a,:c,,urii:,Jdae 1 Mr ,Khii, who is due to retire
fi-.m UN ESCO sh:only.
Pimm gae ITN-SCO Pave S

PALMER From Page 3

NDAC does not have scenrufi; i'Latla from
which to quote the statistics, he said but it.
is kn.o-n that many of the young people
now vall-in- about St George's like
"zombiebb" -- eir am-n,':'n the best a-,le'.v:e:
both in Trms of icaiad.emic pefm:',Ti;: e and

Every effort shIculd. be m.-de, Mr P-rm-er-
sid, to c.,ntw..i this wanton 'stge of
Grenada s h-umtian resouwre- He
appealed to the NDAC ran~ and file to make
the sacrifice of time to i. vit-i support to
the. E-xecutiv in implementing d i.,c
out.rea.'h pr:,grammnes which, be said, are
necess -:y to grapple with the drug pl\,blem.

Amon-g lie speakers on this orcasio..n was
SIiin ,ter of Education, C:,rlye Glean, and
he said, in paying tribute to the Govenor-
GeieiL he could not limit his remarks to
thi "nan)v carnva s of Mr Palrmrfs
ch ':innan .'ip of NDAC.

"In filling' +he role of NDAC Chaimn-,m from
-.& to 1992," he -id, "MrPalmerbr.'.ught
,ithhrn, not:'r.dyhis pronal commitment
but his e.:periernue gathe,-d in the vaious
,*,rganisations through which he served tLe
io I firiiityV

Those orgari-tiorns, the Minister said,
Pleases &ee PALMER PqBe 5

__ ~ ~ ~i~ ~

_ _~__ _~~__

The Grenada Nevs1etter Saturday 26th September 1992 Page 5
THN t'LO l-Fr um Pave 4

The UNESCO Adviser said the material
donated to "Radio 535" represents a brand
new broadcasting and production facility
which comrnpares favourably with the best
an.wlheie in the Caribbean.

Also provide d, he said, is portable e quiprent
to increase coverage of the community away
from the studios, the overall cost of the
package being some US$100,.o00
All It Takes
"Let it not be thought, however," he said,
"that all it takes to make good programmes

PALMER From page 4
include Church -i-Isafiomn and a
number of other orgauis nations such as the
Prison Visiting Comrmittee which "brought
him close to people as people".

Minister Glean referred also to MrPalmerfs
servicee as a "dedicated school teacher" and
said the service to NDAC which began in
1986 did not suddenly "happen", but was
built, not only on the Governor General's
philosophy of life, but on the many and
various ways in which he has rendered
service prior to 1986.

Also paying tribute to Mr Palmer, on be half
of NDAC, was Mrs Gloria Keens-Douglas,
primrinent member of the Committee.

When Mr Paln-rer was sworn in as
Governor General on August. 6Ch last, she
said, his distinguished c'aer was detailed,
and NDAC now wished to 1highlight a. J
acknowledge the Goveimor General's input
in the struggle to control significantly the
use and abuse of illegal drugs.

Mr Palmer lad played a sigmficant role in
keeping NDAC alive, she said, and, as the
organisation becarre more active, spear-
headed the many meetings with Miiristers
of past and present Governments to have
decisions of NDAC implemented.

is good equipment. When these ne w
studios become operational, that will not be
the end of the project It viti, in fact, be
only the beginning. Then will start the real

The staff has been provided vith a fine,
flexible, state-of-the-art radio facility, Mr
Khan said, but it is only "a facility-.
Like all other inanimate mechanisms te
continued, it can do only vhat it has been
programmed to do.

Broadcasting is serious business, he said,
and he urged the staff to add their own inner
resources of talent and discipline to the ech-
nical resources which will be at their

Receiving the UNESCO gift and expressing
appreciation, Prime Minister Nicholas
Brth vait2 paid tribute to Mr Khan for what
the Prime Minister called his commitment,
dedication and professionalism in assisting
in procurement of equipment for '"Radio
On Behalf Of Grenada
Mr Khan had, himself, pipared the project
documents, Mr Brathwaite said, and had
made the reprsentation to UNESCO on
behalf of Grenada.

The Prime Mini,:_ter paid tribute also to Mr
Ray Smith who acted as cor.ultant to the
project and whose expertise ensured that. the
studio facilities will be as modem as any in
the Caribbe.i:m.

Mr Smilh had to be complemented alsc, he
said, for choosing the new site for the studios
of "Radio, 5 35", overlookingSt George's and
providing an efficient line-of-sight link to
the transmitters located on apeninsularsouth
of the city.

It is expected that structural work on the
new studios will be completed within two
months and that the new facilityvill tbecorne
perati:..ial soon after.

* V

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 26th September 1992 Page 6


Ui is -s introtducd a rnritbeatn Studies course which.
uU st-tuients, with tfi excep-tin oi| those doing
miedicvine, must take before thati can get their degree

Nettleford, Pro Vice-Chancell,:,r
of tle Univeisity of the West
Indies (UWI), and Pr:.ofess.:: of
CointinuiTng Studie-; at that institution, said
in j.:imr-ica in an interview with NEWS-
LETTER on September 7th that UWI has
been an e:xtmemely effective cultural agent
in the C aribbean's
struggle agt-ict
: North Am beriwcn
'nlti.ual penetrai-
That struggle hast
been -.-sisIed, $te said,
v t by the wonderful opp-
ortunity for exp'tsion
in the arts and drama
which UWI e
genemitin. He
s Pamitted., hsw-
PROES ever tihem has
REX NETTLEFORD been a falling b. ck: in
this respect s,,ier the past decade, but there
bas now been a i ieci-sion at UJe I that the
thrust over the next decade is to e ,hai'
the UniTT n it,-'s role in this s-rugile..

Thi thrust is not c.:,zined_ to the r teative
arts, P_.fn..r Nl.f... said, and UWI has
intr -d Lt- ed a Caribbean Studies course whi, h
all Ztu.ien&ts, with the ezxeptjin of
doirg medicine, rn-.VI! t.:ke befoipe they.can
.et their de..e.,

I have bee i an e.n xarmin r for several of these", he said, "and. the youngsters have
gone into field v1wk relative to all sorts of
thin: a: ut th-Eir own region."
Points Of Contact
Despite the :l1 iv in the education systernm,
the PlD Vice-Chl-incll.,r said, the s,'hool,
remain st.meg'ic points of conta:-t with the
youtho.f .. legio-, and theCaribbeanshould
have a cult-ual p'.-li,.y which would have
applc.t.ton in the schools.

Notions of Caribbean identity, notions of
the creative process, and having the
children practically involved in creating
poems, making dances, singing their ovn
songs on the basis of their ovn traditions
vill get them psychologically attuned to
their c vn cultural environment, he said.

This..pp, goes -r:, f,:,r the strictly
ac.i d ri"- ubj ects Pro ft -sorNettl efrd said,
with bii-:~ gy and botany relating directly to
the f1.:> and fauna of the Caribbean.
Must Be Provided
With :-':-:.ce to the inrfluen :e of North
Aticite1.:'-i TV on the riioni the Pro Vice-i
(Ch. -iiaor said the elci:tronio c -oiia must
be used to t-i-.te C;X"Ibbean c 'lture m'
..inr. - -viewing must be provide, for
Can-bbean vieveser

"Wa- ve7 have to do is to turn the thing
around", he said, "get a hold of it and
make it our ovn"

Prof- rz-:.r Nettlefori erimph:ri ed that no
Pleae 'ee ~ METTLEFORD PaE ff

- -I-` I

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 26th September 1992 Page 7

same period in 1991, the first
Half of 1992 shows an mncre se
a eof 11.7'7 in the number of
crimes reported to the Police in Grenada,
buta higherpercentage of these crimes were
solved this year than in 1991.

A release from the Comnaissionerof Police,
Lieutenant Colonel Net::,r Ogilvie, says
2836 crimes of all classes wetr reported in
the 1992 January to June period while, in
that period in 1991,2539 crimes 'ere report-

In 1992, the Royal Grenada F.:lice Force
(RGPF) solved 2265 of the repi-rted crimes
but solved only 1902 in 1991.

"In effect", the Commissioner says, "this

attempt should be made to cut off the
children of today from the flow of inform-
ation and knowledge about the world at
large which aches the Cauibbean through
the electronic media.

Before the era of independence, that in-
formation and knowledge vas available to
his generation of "colonials" he said, and
it pmpared that generation for a kind of
world which has imparted a tremend -:us

The youth of today is bombarded with all
kinds of information, all kinds of images
and symbols, the Pro Vice-Chancellorsaid.
They should not be insulated from that
bombardment, he continued, but the seri-
ous problem is to prepare today's gener-
ation to decipher and decode those images
and sym bols


means the RGPF considei:-ly improved its
detection rate from 75% in 1I-1 to 80% in
There Is Concern
The Comnmi-sioner reports h::. offences of
fraud and of assaults of al f' m-T shoved
welcome decreases in 1992, ..u. there is con-
cern over the increase
in crirmef of house-

The Police have ..
performed vell in "
deter tiynp a higher
petrenta,^ of this
crime in 1992 he
says, but. it is an area
of cnme which requires .
everybody's ..
attention Jh.. .. .
and vi gi ..'

Many of CO M SS O NER
these crimes are of R OGILVIE
an "oppor.umnist" nature, i- C :-. arissioner
says, and could have. been pre'.ented easily
by house: !der being morn c .reful in lock-
ing d:,':.r' and windows and by fitting better
secuiiity equipment-

Drug enforcement ope'aii,.,ms have been
heightened e-emen-douisly tLhi: year, the Corn-
rmis io:-'r :. s, *with 162,.-.':. es detected
in 1992 as against. 9 in 1991.
Remains Almost Sta K
According to the Police HIPd, this should
not be taken to indicate a substantial in-
crease in the lewl of drug abuse. The
scale of drug abuse remain alim,.st static,
he says, any increase beu i y only slight.

What the sfti-.tics pf--. .- .-ays, is
Pleame P11 LACE Pa 8

- II-` --

1 I

The Grenada Nevsletter

Grenad.a to increase its b.-narn pr.-
duction, Geest. IrJust:. ...
Ltd, the buyers of and
Marketing Agents for ban-
anas from the Windvarni
Islands, has loaned the .
Grenada Government
some EC$1 million.

The money is to be applhe,
tovards the EC$2.75 million
purchase of the 855 acie vest-c(.. ,
Belvideie Estate vhich is to be cut up into
5 and 10 acre lots and sold to l.,*r.r
Has Been Concerned
At a ceremony on September 2-54, at vhich
the firstinstalment of the loan, EC $600,000,
vas handed over to Acting Prime Minister
and Minister of Agriculture, Mr George
Brizan, Mr Willie Rapier, Chairrmia, of Gees t
(W.I.) Lid, said Gees t. has been conc eme d
as to hov long the Compan-y could. afft f to
continue to bring ships to the island to pick
up Grenada's small pioducti.: n.

"Grenada was producing an average of
150 tons per veek and ve came m
fortightly for 300 tons,' he said, '"andf
when you realise that .'S ;hipmDenLt per
veek from St Vincent, St Luria and
Dominica is 5,000 tons, you uvii reai*i
just how small the Grenada production

Giving insights into the op:-ititr of 1:.-
Company and indications as to t.h -i ,e of
Windvard Islanjs ba-~iia. vith the advent
of the European Single Market (ESM)> fr
Rapier said Geest has been investing in a
number of European countries.

Geest has become involved vith a number
of companies in France, Spain and Belgium,

Satftay 26th SLTpember 1992

Page 8

he said, iand with sonE of the senior
marketing groups in Gernmny. Windvard's
fruit has never been marketed in
Europe before, he continued,
S but vith the coming of the
S ESM, all the Windvard's
fruit rill no longer be
able to get into the
I Urdted Kirngdom.

"At present, we ship 2,000
tons of b..nanais per fortnight
PleasIe See BANANS Page 9
POuCE i.m Page_ 7
| ac.hi.!e-Q,-ier.ts- of inr,'i'il Police activity
: .d in-ri:..d-- .e in tracing offenders.

"By far the greatest number of arrests
have been made or users," the Com-
miusioner says, 'but tlhe campaign
against the supplier pai- a' =--at-
umn". ..

he:ree e. b-en .an ice.ase in th e- C.rfeni: o
stealing, he says, but reports of robbery witr

eta C.l gilvie e-pressed t
..evt _i he .,- c January to June statis-
ics rflect hi:,.sef_ Polce e:tivii.y on thE
nis friont t,.it p>-..in_d out:-h..i F\ crimn
,-;'Pct:'in iS depelndeni on public support

e:pre must take be?.tir caie of theil
per.y, h,, they r-nst also be gooo
-igh.:,ur?, -. -ir- Ater their neigh
our's prop.-ry, and inri. be prqp:red to
ell tia-:c of uq..thing looking

":,'/e can succeed only by working together"
the Comrmissioner says

=I s---to

'--CI`~C~~ --~-----~-`-


knD UBY13 Y



The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 26th September 1992 Page 9


SlfunLd-ri"sinr ex.pBIS
R.O. Palmnr, and Mrs Palmer an?
J honorary clairpern.ris, t.:;'her
with Dr Ch.:.les Modica, h Cha-
cellor of the St Georges Unii',en ity School

Cre pidm by the Uiversity
"As we haxve done before," the Chancellor
says, "all funid-iaismg expenses are paid by
the ,University, and every dollar donated will
go to the benefit of the institutions."

of iMedicine,, for the fund risin? ini:e option The mle4ase says, in addition to finds hcl h
which will be held at Governor will be raised 'at the rmcepion, an
General House on November 20th. appeal is being made to the alumni,
to students who have tnnsf ~end, tb
This is the secondannualfunmd-raising parents, friends ,:ndJ to. the adritinis-
reception sponsored by the School of tration ar fac ulty in, Grenada, the
Medicine for the benefit of orphans United States and the United
and the eld.iiy in Grenada acnd a release ?in rgd .rn
from the Scho.,l says last yea:n' function ,

raised EC $65,000.

to Italy," he saiL, "'.:rnd that's becroming quite
a big nrm e t. for us."

The Prime Mibuters. of the Windwird.
Islands, together with Geest, the Wind awx.
Islands Banan As'.ciati.n and the B,:narna
Associatns, of ihe four isi,*nj, have. been
lobbying the Brussels Co-npjissin nd .-dall
the EWir.,pean Gornr..Eif to try Ip
some sfegu,:ins for V e -ti-,-as mma in
the ESM, Mr Rapier said.
Has Been Agreed T
Some :ucc ha. been :co.-)e ,_, in that a
quota system has beer. agreed ::h- .. m d,
and this hi. not pleased the Ce-ntral
Amenrican G..rrineint arndf ,'ve. I.

It must be uidJer-tood thit, even thouiIj te
Unitedri Kingdm ia backing the c-aue of
Wijndward Islands b. a, he ,Geest
Chainrari said, .:n-pe tition Vill ha ito be
faYced in the. EC t-f rid. the o- vly way this can
be donze is bv m:.)duciniL: top Oualitv fhiuit

In an interev'ew on Se ptember 22nd, Wr JoIhn
Kopichinski' the Uiversit y's .Biusiess
Adrnrimtira'tr, said plans are vell under way
for the reception, and it is expected that.
proceeds will exceed last year's figure.

if Windvrd b. miana famlueis are to survive,
he said, there must also be an increase in
production. The d,'s of 5 and 7 tons per
1cre are over, he cO:tn.ied, and there must
be an airi fbr Ei to 12 tons per acre.

Accepting the ._heque firm Mr Rapier, Mr
Brizan said the plan is to nin a mad thmrughi
the estate whi.h'iill service the 50 famrrs it
is phAnned to establish -

in an mterRiew with NEWSLETTER, he
' that the Geest loan must be repaid
over 12 years. 7The first two y-ars vill
be a grace period for iepayment of capital
while interest will be at 5%. For the
remaining 10 years, intei-st will be at 7%.
a,"'"" """ "-- ""-"' ".

-- ---

The Granada Nevsletter Saturday 25th September 1992 Page 10

Tw (Merian Hotel wila stni d ot 30 soWres
of lind and is estimated to cost about US$12 nmWlton

tel" nov under construction,
vith 182 roorns, is, vith the
eI:Meption of Point Salir) s
International Airport, the largest con-
struction ever to be undertaken in Grenada.

This was disclosed by Mr Nigel Renvick,
Architect-In-Chaige, at a press conference
on September 16th, and he said it had taken
some time to get the project off the
ground. .

"I introduced the dient, .
Marketing and Reservations
International (MR I), to this site
four years ago," he said, "and it
takes a long time to plan, get fin-
ancing together, get con-
tractors to bid, get the price '
right and deal with all the
detail" s-

Located on Megain Beach
on Grenada's southemr-nost
point, near to Point Salines
International Airport, The IR NIGI
Grenadian Hotel will stand on 30
ares of land and is estimated to cost about
US$12 million.
Is The Largest
Mr Renvick said MR I is an English com-
pany vith hotels in several other Carib-
bean islands and is the largest hotel chain
in the region.

Lucian" and "The Royal St Lucian',
"Halcyon Cove" and "Blue Heron" in
Antigua and "Turtle Beach Hotel' in
Tobago, making, vith "The Grenadian", a
total of six hotels in the Caribbean.

Features of the hotel include an artificial
salt vater lake and special provisions for
the handicapped, including gocart trans-
portation around the hotel

At the present time, 120 vorkeis are
employed of vhich nearly 90% aie
.:. Grenadian, Mr Renvick said, and
in about four months, this figure
vill rise to 250 vith about the sarm
percentage being Grenadian.
Project Is Carded
The Architect-In-Charge said the
site had been officiallyhand-
ed over to the contractors
on May Ist last, the pro-
Sject is card to be hand-
ed over to MRIat the end
Sof October 1993, and the
SI official opening of the
L RENWICK hotel vill be in lo mber
or December mixt year.

Provision has been made, Mr Renvick
said, for expansion of another 100 rooms,
and this vill depend on tourism develop-
ment in the island-

I WI m

Other hotels owned by MRI are "The St



The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 26th Septembel 1992 Page 11


Order Of The Caribbean

kGrenada's Act Number 31 of 1992, dated
September 1st, brings into effect in Grenada,
from 1st June 1992, the honour of the Order
of the Caribbean Communi ty established on
a decision made at. the 8th meeting of the
Heads of Government of the Caribbean
Community (CARICOM) held in St Lucia
in 19,7.

This honour vas established as the Heads of
Government "......considered it most
desirable that an appropriately designated
high honour should be instituted and be
conferred, from time to time, on nationals
of member States of the Community who
have made outstanding contributions to the.
development of the Caribbean Region."

This avard is to be administered by an Ad-
1-isoryC committee comprised of theDirector-
leneral of the Sectretariatof the Oganisation
1 f East Caribbean States (OECS) and one
representativee each of the other CARCOM
I member States

The Corrmmittee is charged with identifying
persons upon vhom the Older ray be
:nferred and submitting the names of those
persons to the Conference of the CARICOM
Heads of Governmemnt.

A Member of the Order is entitled to be
.:tyled "Honourable" before his or her namrr
-and to reside and engage in gainful
occupation in any Member State.

The Member will " issued with a trave'r
d c ,ument designed to facilitate travel within
C AR IC OM and which would enjoy in every
Member State a like status as a diplomatic
pa sport issued by or on behalf of the
Government of any such State."

To '&, .r~,e CARIC'OT t !"j- h.-
been -.-:'e 4. this honour. They are Mri
Will,-- Der.s, former CARICOM
Sectr..r -Ge....-l, Sir Shridath Rariphal,
fonrMer Sere.ary-General of the Com -
monvealth 2and Mr Derek Walcott, noted
Westindian poet and playwright.

In thr ne:raijb, the Grenada Government1
pubiisie.. iast March, a Discussion Paper
rel.atii- tI establishment of the "Order of
Gr -ad..-, a systemm of national honours "to
rear. :.'it: due honour persons who out-
stanrir ly contribute to nation-bulding

Gove-r.-i;m.:. proposes that the Order be
divided into six divisions in descending rak
of pri'c-den.:e, and that the awards be
admrr:i,'r d by The Honours Council of the

According to G.verrinent'ns .r.p:'sa the
Co.uni.i Vil l re ,n.rae.nd nocL",Ueps to the
Prine .int'.; lio ".. decie w which
nominees so rn;c,: mmEnded by the Honouts
Council that -:iould be approved for .i.:h

The disj.-.:si.;on Paper makes it clear that
su&i, ;1 in the Paper are open to dis-
cussion and he public has been inrvt&de to
expr-,-.: its yiews.

Princes Alexandra. To Visit

It has', ,.. ,I.juied ti Pnincess
Al..'.-: .., a i., cousin of Que ei Elizabeth
II of EnLriei, vill visit Grenada on 5th and
6t1i November next.

The P:_-es;, who was born on Christmas
Day 193, and who is 24th in the HOrer of
Succer-i,:..~n to the throne, will be accomp-
Pleame See NEWS mORTS Pag 12

The Grenada Nevsleter Saturday 26th September 1992 Pae 12
NEWS SHORTS From Page 11

anied by her husband, Sir Angus Ogilvie.

The Royal Party will arrive at Point Salines
International Airport in an aircraft. of the
Queens Flight and, according to a release
from the Government Information Service
(GIS), a Committee, under the chainnanship
of the Cabinet secretary, Mrs Gloria Payne-
Banfield, has been appointed to make
arrangements for the visit.

Omnbudsman Act Given First

The draft Bill of an Act to provide estab-
lishment of the Office of Omrbudsman vas
given its first reading in the House of
Representatives on August 7th.

"Administrative Authority" is defined as
including "any person, functionary, public
officer, government minstry, government
department, statutory body, public corp-
oration or other body exercising public
functions whether ornot derived specifically
from any written lay including the Con-

Child Care Afficer Attends
Training Course

Child Care Officer in the Ministry of Social
Services, Mrs Roma Finlay, attended a four-
day training course on Management ofC hild
Abuse and Neglect, in Barbados from Sept-
ember 22nd to 25th.

rsored by the Ccaibbean

Under provisions of the draft, the Ombuds-
man shall be appointed by the Governor-
General on the recc-mmerdation of the Prime
Minister, after c onsldtation vith the Leader
of the Opposition, and shall "...investigate
and report upon allegati,'ns of improper,
unreasonable or inadequate a.dminrisfttive
conduct or faults in administration, or
maladministration, on the part of an ad mi nis -
trative authority subject to this Act."

Area Office- of the United Nati.: r
International Childrens' Fund (UNIC EF) and
by the Department of Child Health of the
University of the West Indies.

Other countries represented at the c -urse
were St Lucia, Dorainica, St Vincent ani
the host country, Bartados.

Alister HI
26th September 1992
Prinmed & Publishe By The Proprietor,
Aflster Hughes, Joawniait,
Of Scott Street, St-George's Grenada, Wetiadies
(P.O-Box 65: Phoae 18091 44P 2538: Cables HUSDH, Grenada

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