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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada "ty

Volume 20 Saturday 22nd August 1992 Number 14


i"We have to discuss tOw i
Islands taiwna Assoc

August 17th, Prime Minister Nicho-
las Brathwaite dPeclined to comment
on talks he and the Prime Ministenr
of St.Vincent and St. Lucia. are reported to
have had recendy in Wrhirgt.ton with Geest
Industries Limited, the piuchasers of, and
M.a iketing Agents for, bananas from Gre-
nada, St.Vincent, St. Lucia and Doninica.

"We have to discuss the matter vith the
Windvard Islands Banana Association
(WINBAN) before I can say anything"
he said-
Enjoyed Market Protection
These ,.dks, reported in a front page story in
the 31st July issue of the "Vincentiai' re".s-
papr, are in the context of the fact t.-'.",
t,:.gether vith b..nan~~as fr:a Jarn-ica,
Wirdward Islands t.-Amas 1-ave tadiition-
ally enjoyed nirket. protection in Britain.

This pr:-te'iio:, however, is at risk as, in
p3 ite of irmucih lobbying, there are no firm
-.w sLu'ices th t, when the Sitle E-.u:-pe-nr
' Mad:et (SEM) co mes into effect next. 'ar,
these b;naxas will be pirctected a'-ainst the
much cheaper dollarr banmas from Latin

natte with the Windward
iatlicn be ore 1 can saty
?," : Brathwaite
Acc, rdirg to the "Vin- .
centian, Mr Erathwaite, -.
-:,lther with Prirme
Ministers James Mit- .
chell (StVnet) and ,
JT^hn Cmpt.rn St.LuScia) "
have signed an Agree- :
ment with Geest erj.drsing -"
the s.'.e by Geest of '
V'inlr v::t l..:rds ^ i '
i,:-.U-aj on the con-
th~ent of Euro'pe after
the SEMl comes into PRIME MINtSTEi
Please &e BANANAS Page 2

",0 Governments Discuss Bananas

O C AR IBCARE Holds St Lucia
Conthrane=s ......... ............. 7
0 StLucia's AG Calls for Joint
Response To Drug Problem.-... 8
0 Nevs Shorts.................................. 11


The Grenada Newsletter Satarday 22nd August 1992 Page 2
BAANAS From Pame 1

This extension of tie ma~ke1 the A eneint
.a./, is in recognition of substantial imest-
ments proposed andi already i -itii'ed by
Geest, many of whichh are in preparation for
the :peni-ig of the SEM.
On Similar Terms
According to the "Vincentian", sales on the
Continent will be on similar tenms to th.:,se
currently in the United Knigdo.m.
Geest lha give nthe assurance thattlhese .:als
vili be made only when they are essenri-il
to realise the "pnrme objective" of maxi-
mising a-',.e reilr, to the E.m:,:ti..: of the Windvari Islands.

'"r' to five --ar:.

The "Vircention" says the Agerei nt
concludes by saying that "...we confirm we
shall i n trly review the structure of the
Win,_, .a.. s Barnana Inrdusty to esm t
that all p:rtie; can v~..r closely ptither to
: I'if- rnie efficiencies and take the i1c ess .r-
,Ie:ifis, prp-mptly in ,:,rdpe to achieve the
srC-.OnPt p'-s..ibl_ position in the post-1992 Eur:,.pean 1..f:rket."

T!; m interiiE vit.h NEWSLETTER on 18th, G,-r-da-baepdi Mr Paph

'-S s 1 3 N

The Agreementi. yrA e IV G:eet I. e; bit1 Eu l f. t If eiNBEAN t.1h1iu1manh said no
making shipping arrangrrement and it 'ppv h has as yt. been iia.Je to his
rnv l- tictioi; on Gee, for sale in the .g:..i ri He had head. abou the -ne'
United Kingdom of from orh sry in thE incen tian-", he s.iid, and hai
._r .i: Prime Minister Bratite about it.
Had Been Held
Renm:val of thesc I'.ici:!rt is subl-t to "Th3 Prime Minister cr:nfirmed. tlhat'
non-WINBAN bananas b'irin; incun[*rnuny di.c L;sio;s had been held with Geest", he
with ,il-tions intr.i.. by Enle, i s.7 ., "but n agiPemeri t his bepn i m-ed
the of the Banana Pr;:c**-!
Protect The Price The WINBAN C hairman ud ihat, bef-i.
" his giVn the -Lura-e t~at the ', A..emi.ent can be concluded with
marketing strategy for the ,e of i (e', L th? w vould have to be discussions
fmm such :..:'es will be po:.~~ ii to w .' AN arid vith the Banana
':'mplementandpioteit heiprie positioning A :: :...Es in Irthe four islands.
of Windward b lands bd-an-i/"the :9:
ia'r says. I "Vir''niitn' story says no infonn-
'" ''- 1'sa" '

The A geenie tit. prm-,vides for continuation of
the ::n tract with Geest bey..tnd the end of
1992, .Uin0 a 1.:iger tem .:iutritmen. :" i
an initial c; 'ra:ict period e_>,em ion ..,r_

at .on vas available as to the absence of
Domiica's Prime Minister, Miss Eugenh
C ._.e, from the imported discussions vith
,7 ,, t t

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 2-ad Augist 1992 Page 3

SquaurLing caunr ustt r? bt? c s rd2eC jAr r% 1
product of Developmnt PnlManni

HE GRENADA GOVERN- but it is quite disniruptive and denies you, ti2
Sent iannrot p.viide piece-nmeal :-rit, of a.z- security associated vith land
solutions to probl-imis cre-in by ,:e viri-"
S.= years of unplanned devei..p-
menRi, nor can the Govermment be expected P-,i- ous ad is tratiors seemed reluc tntor
to pri;:duce instant. solutions to pri:blerrns -.- to --.- 'E p -i'blern of squatting,
-w.'lich hav ac cumuIlat,1t over B, Brath.: -nid. but the plTsentation
several years. f TLe&-, of Entitlement narks
S ...ln of a National Democratic
This :pinion .ias expressed on .:: DC)m naiiifes pledge to
Augu-L. 16th by Prime Minis ter r r -.. -e the lonr outstanding
Nicholas Bath.aite at a cere- pob1m of illegal "possession of
money at lhich "Letters of En- P. housg all t.
tilenient" vere harded out to over A-mdy Negotpted Fi ding
200 squatlers in the Grand ArL.e 'Wth re ard to specific social
area south of St George;. ,blems f.ed by "iden' t of
An IntegralPart Gr- Anse area, the Prime
"The solutions vhich we seek to Mi -ter said Go :.) r:-:t. has
the problems here in the Gr.:,t! .:-.jT :- -i-*:a.ite. Lilln'
Anse :*.iaie&," he said, "must be seen pe Mch vill prm.l.. the National
as an integral part of a corn- W v,_-r & Se e ~e Ai'th.,rity
prehensive formula de ig-ned to address the Pleu Se OUATTE Pa 4
r'. ue ofDevelopm~ent Plardi n~ for the r,.:it.n .I

The fInn-? Mini-ter said squaiirg cai neier E W SLETTER
be considered an end product of Devwel..p- pounm 17th August 1973
ment P.Fnnini To the contrary, he s..d._, p2nd Issue
itrtf'-lets an economic .n :.s rial in coT.mIA tvEfarY
4 A M vr-2CABOT AVARD 1984
the cn.mtfry br:..uht on as po-:r rn resi- i
dents -,rvitate. i'.'rs the urban Asn- in ,LW.le In Adt wue
search of enploynment. otag1 P y sewon cas~ Airmail
Pi Post in Grenada)
Mr E,,,h,,ite said a major problern vitlh c$.U
squatting is defining the vilerhip of tl e MMS $115j00 $ 43.00
lnd ;:atid indiscriminate sqi-i.atin-g, ..'n p' -C
as v-'eli as private property -cirLI.,t be tol- 927D0 $ 77)0
-4 4Iie $390j00o 146.0o
i Alout2 PablIshed Annmraly
"Not onlry is thi practice illegal'", he s-mA' "

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 22nd August 1992 Page 4

"As Lu[n as qugi local progranmmes ar r
avawluble, Grenuadians wilL looE at the local
clunneL (and) ........ --- question oJ cultural
peuetrat14m" wiU not be rYELvenit"

are to have cable-TV service
before the end of August.

his vas announced, at a press .
conference on August 18th, by Mr
Hugh Dolland, Managinmg Direct-
or of Grenada C able-Vision, ..
and he said the target date for
the service to be introduced M
is August 28th. .

"Service vill be made avail-
able to our .'ubsrriber. on that date", he said.
"Therm vill be no formal cereim.:-.ny just ].?et
but that vill come later on."

Mr Dolland said his Company has been
Jl^ ~negotiating with the Grenada
..l.... .I Governmnent for eight years.
That involved discussions vith
i...ii. four different administrations,
...;l ? hbe said, and finally, a licence
was issued on 10th Decem-

,/ Mr Dolland's co-partner and Senior
Director, Mr Alvin Dabreo, who has
had 15 years of cable-TV experience
in North America, said the laying of
cables started four months ago and
25 miles have been put in place.
Ple_-e &ee CABLE Pam 5

P~e~i -eCALE m

(NAWASA) to epiand services to south St

This expansion, he said, vill be ftmded by
the French Goveriiment and vill pioviie an
additional 1.5 million g-allons daily.

The diztrib.ition of the "Letters of Entitle-
ment" was a partial fulfilment of the NDC
manifesto pley e to make available as much
Go'veTiraent-ovrIned lands as possible to be
usedas housinglots, he Prime Ministers .id,
especially to satisfy low cost housing re-

Forthe next t.h ee years, he said, the Nati.:,nai
Housing Authority is to finance? construction
ar.d!,r,.i.:,n of low cost h t 'i.n-. to the
sum of EC$5 million, Mr Erithwaite .said,
and this figine is expected to inl 1.:se as
additional financing bec-.mrnes av-ailable,

"The Authority vill also assist low icome
individuals with home improvement," he
said, heree the quality of such houses
can be upgraded-.

The Prime Minister said the priblemofrtuali
-wb:in migration cannot be solved adequately
miless the issue of empl,';yment creation in
i.e rural areas is addressed.

This requires a policyof economic diversif-
S 1..,nT with partic-u'r on agni-
c.J.tural dewvepl,-prent, he said, ad, inrecog-
;i-'.n of this, G. vprnmfent has activated an
agriculttual revialisati rprogramune tie sign-
ed to bring an additional; 300 acres of agri-
'cultual lands under iuflivation.

This- programne, the Prime Minister said, is
supported by an EC $16 milli'i Feeder
Please see oUATT"RS Pase 5



The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 22nd August 1992 Page 5

CABLE Frm Page 4
This connects some of the southern
suburbs of St Georges vith the studio in
the city, he said, and, within the next three
veeks, some northern suburbs should be
completed.-, Other suburbs vill be
connected within a month, he said, and,
by the end of the year, the 125 miles of
cable required in St Georges itself vill
haw been laid.

In the New Year, Mr,.: c.:id, con-
nection to the out-parishes will begin ::Iidi
this is to be done via a fibre optic line.
Will Be Full Service
"Thei projection is that. thi. ;.'rli be full
service throughout. the state of C-r nada in
five ye.:irs", he sd-1,, "but we would like to
c-',mplete it in hm --M. "

Mr Dabreo said the licence does not allov
Grenada Cable-Vision to carry local
commercials and one channel must be
allocated to Government-owned Grenada
TV. There is also to be a Community
Channel dedicated to such local
programming as sports and entertain-

Pro'rarrnmning scheduled for the service
irt:ludes a :'iigious charmel, the Fublli,
Broadcasting Se~ vice (PBS) a nd ibly

Roads Project an,, soon to c':.rnre'r-, an
EC $7 million Fann R P'ad; Project.

SuivE ing of the lands in the Grand Anse
1.ley v-4 co:'---i,:ed in 1990 but vw.
cmpld only reeiitly Ib' 'a- of a
vanbiy of diffic.idties.

Th-Te Tn'-:i -s to be sold to the :quatter.-
n,:.v-,:,-be-land-<:vner: at EC $1.00 per
square foot and. payment in fll must be
,inade .,ver seven years. Re-s.ale of
the lands may not be maidde .it.hin t.welve_
years, Githc.ut G:.:verr rnent's consent

H.:.-ie Boy: Office (HBO), the movie.
,hanr-el, Mr DaBemo said, butin cc.mer .tion
with the. last mentioned, it would be a
"scrambled" eni'.e' to enable p.--nt:'
Service Goes Into Operation
The Company now has over 300 paid-up
subscribers and Mr Dolland said it is hoped.
that, by the time the service goes into
operation, that figure will exceed 400.

"The last cenrs.L showed hat. 85';. of homes 1
in Grenadahave television, he said, "and if
we can gt. a pe'netrti:,n of 50%, then we
are loo'kiLbg at *. mething like 10 to 15
hlousniJ homes."

As to whether cable-TV, offering a vide
choice of North American programres,
vill pose the threat of "clurd
penetration" and draw viewers '37 1
from Grenada Television, Mr Dollad
said that, as long as good ''
programmes are available, Greal--
will look at the local channel

Competition is a healthy thin, f--
and what is necessary is an aa ;.- -
she progranaes offered and a .
made to up-grade them.
Can Be Produced
Good programmes canbe produ ,-- -
region, Mr Dollain said, but the '-
of the viewers must be ascertained "
adjustments are made in accord a.rr :'
this, be continued, then the quticn c i
"cultural pFnetratiorf wvil ac. t

The Ml.main Ci':t,: r the C:. .ry
is fully locally o.v w.d, and wa. c..pi ..-,-d|
firnm loryl s,:o.-_'.es at EC$5 riilion,.
Already, sorre EC$4 million hm! b-.'-- :n,-
P,.stjd, he said.

" " " "" " Ei

. . i

The Grenada Newsletter atday 22nu August 1992 Page 6

P rine
I'M I'nr

d.eveloprnent <
is emphasized,
as diffi utt ec
must be fac
so.:',ething els
most impotma

<'In the final
said, "the mc
centres arou
source deal

Mr E.ramth-
.vite's re-
marks vere m
swearing in
Vc.1uriters, an
being is not ec
not hae. th

iA release fr
Officee says th
CGrenada sina
50O Volunteei
in the area

The ten new
already serm
expertise is
Youth Busin
Museum Devm

The mw Vol
Miss Annette
of the Amenr
and she sai
become as
United States
iady Embass

P91 \V\J

MiniJer ]Nicho's- -&%+1%11
haite sLaij on JA .
ust 19th th-.t, I'm..le
al and economic -
>f every cun'U /
and, as m'ch /
:.on,',mic times /
ed, there is
e wh1c:h is

"You, in the Peace Corps, are
the Americans vhoare indaily
contact vi~h the citizens of
yrur assigned country, she
said, and itismore often you
that the host country
Nationals thin of vhen
they think of the United

_IB?-e Those host country
analysis," he nationals also most
t important ^readily think of the Peace
for all of u .'j,.' Corps when they remember
nd hurar re ,- Uted States assistance, Miss
-- Veler said,
7 ', :-,i--.]. ,-";,,, .-=-but that
*1 H l i~, reputation
Sb rings
vith it a
ade as he sp: !:e t oica gra rs potsibility.
of ten ne w Per.e i .s
d he said '. if Its h ran t :.,-, Corps Volunteers of today, she
uippd it skills, J:-.. d.,s ..:. ae the responsibility to follow in the
right attitude, e-: .....c .footsteps of :heir c,.11eagues vho so ably
ould be a mythi r.-t '-.-nted the United States befo.-re.

)m the local PeaP' Corps The Char. d'Af! ires said the tem-
e Corps has teen a- dv in fia:; :i to the Peace Corps do not
e1966, and, sirmc then, ovr fl< i.n a one-vay street. It is a
s haw served in the ir.fl d ijh' r experience for both the
Ls of edidctioa, ?2a!'., V ,.rs and the nationals of the|
engineering and L'_ ~ hL ,oun try, she said:

.e r Voliunteeis ai'r part of a group
Volunatee:s j in t .i-m ,h-:5 -e'er five _eh/. tramirn in St
ing here and v: .*' : v -?-n depl ,yed in a munber
in the f,..s ij -- Eastern C:Eibbe ii
Comnis~sity D "'... .r:'-:
tss, Lar.-- :. '-e of th.:e in Gln.d.t aae
lop:. ... '.. s..:.nd year of a s1i:-year
.rts Programme geaed to ;he
unt2ers vTre ... 'l-. ..:..-:i this war, a five-year
Veler, CL.-_ d. :. ty ur .y P program isteo be
icar. Em-ba,-, ...
id t a P Fe3.e C__- _-_.
m uch a 4 ". -:- ''
rtpresent.a:t n abrt e a *~s [. .... *.

1 ~-~---~

The Grenada Nevsleter Saturday 22nd August 1992 Page7


~CP Ir j1i


"le must JferventU stri ve, collectivdly, in a
united Catri&bbea'n offot to ensure-, that owh
driuj cuLtureu is not uUow.ed to estgblisk r juirm
f ooutho wit-in the Tirgon," *

R GEORGE MALLET, Together vith this, he said, legal and social
Deputy Prime Minister ofSSt me--s-.e. must be piusued to disco.uage the
Lucia, and Minister in that use of illegal drugs, this effo.rtf beii-g
Government for Fore.:n particiul.-ly concentrated on the youth of the
)Affairs, Home Affairs, Trade & Inl.ustry, region in hose hands the future lies.
said, on August 7th, that the fight against
the menace of drugs in the region, must go "Progress cannot be expected" here
beyond national boundaries. thinking is dulled and productivity
impaired,' the Deputy Prime Minister
"We rrs t fervently strive, collectively, in a said.
united Caribbean effort, to ensure that the
drug culture is not allowed to establish a Drug trafficking. has clothed itself in a oa.
firm foothold within the region," he said, of glamo.w vl'hih appears a tmctive to young
"its long tentacles reaching out to subwert. people, the most vulnerable element in ii-e
individual units one by one." .-:,c iety, he said, and: that "glarnouw, hit dii
Out Of The Co rya "detestable business", .must be exposed
Mr Malle ts comments were made as, mkedly in all its abhorrence forv hat it is,
deputizingforPrime 1-'iri4-e1 r Jomh Compton and effect-,'u y removed.
who vw a out of the country, he offi'ildly ^ loved To Seduce
opened a one-day regional conference on Mr Mallet said the Govermment and people
"THE LAW, YOUTH & DRUG of St L"ia "; ve-ry conscious of the damage
TRAFFIC KING, spornored by the Carib- which the drug tiafficking can do if it is
bean Institute for H human Rights t l..:..d toedi-e and conrupt the boys and
(CARIBCARE) in conriji.mction wiih fe St, -d oung men and vomen in the
Lucia Ministry of Legal Affairs. "'uious C a .ibbe.aiL conunmities.

To accomplish this united Caribbean To meetthi.i rmernce, he said, thelays of S!
effort) he said, here it does not Lucia have been upgraded and goon vill b-e
there must be a regional harm)nisation further strengflhened to facilitate appre-
of las vbich exact penalties appropriate 'b rsi:.ri ofoffendeis and ensure more
to the far reaching consequences of drug effective and letir: control
trafickim Pleeae See CARIBCARE Page 8



t~ r~rr

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 22nd August 1992 Page

"wheie must be so-operation between States in
respect of locuation and destrucUm of ithe
prod&uctwUn, ms there cn be beb question
of ituiwtduaia sorn4teitJ uin this regard"

iams,St Lucia's Attorney
General, said in St Lucia on
August 7th that the most
alar~ingaspect of the drug trade in small
island-states is the fact that nearly all the
most potent narcotics used are produced
elsewhere and imported to the island.

Mrs Williams comments were made as she
presented apaperon "Legal Refonn& Drug
Trafficking" to a one-day regional
conference sponsored by the Caribbean
Institute for Human Rights (CAR IBCARE)

in conjunction vith the St Lucia Ministry of
Legal affairs.

-Thereinles ouwrdiamns, sssM, lor
there is a school of though in fte
producing atios tlat they do nolhiag
to encourage consumption m the user
nations, and the burden is on us to either
(1)intendict the narcotics or (2)educate
our cities to the dangers inherent in
drug use."

Concerning these options as they apply to


The Police Department had been structured
suitably and equipped to the e-tent that the
Government is able to do so, the Deputy
?Pime Minister said, trd vokiintary :-.
stations are active crkef at schools, clubs
md amongst other organised groups, in a
'lentless fight against drugs and. its evil

'Inaddition", he said, "Gk.,ven-nerint has con-
tituted a broad based c,-rmmitfee, the
4fational Committee for Drg Abuse And
control vhose member hip is drawin from
t variety of interests, skills and e...-petise."'

rhis Committee, Mr Mallet, said, in :. 'tion
o its general function, is currently actively
involved in collecting and coordinating vit-al
formation which will facilitate the speedy
pprehension arnd interdiction of offendertS

The Deputy Prime Minister said he had take n
note of observations by Dr Ramesh Deosa-
ran,CARIBCARE's Executive Director, that
certain anti-drug-trafficking legislation nray
be an invasion of the privacy of the citizen.

Nevertheless, he said, a Government has a
rightto protect its people against the ravages
of those persons who. vould carry out their
activities irrespective of vhat it vould cost
to the population and to the future of the
i: i .uiry.

Mr Mallet paid tribute to CAR IBC ARE for
the work the Institute is doing. The holding
of the conference was timely, be said, and
met tse need to take early action to stem the
future progress of drug trafficking in the

- I --- --- --- ----- -----

-- --- ---

!The Grnada Nevletter Saturday 22nd August 1992 Page 9
WILLIAMS From Pave 8

'St Lucia, the AttIrney General said the
c'o.ntry does not have the resources ..t3:.
maint-iin a cos:.St guard of si.ufic.ent.
magnitude to patrol the island's shores.

Additionally; she :id, the drug dealers, with,
their vast health, are in a position to buy
vessels much f:iter than those of the

With" ref-
erpnce t: e ii-
eating citizens to the
dangers of drug use, Mrs
Williams said the G.v-
erminent does not have
the t-rined pers:.-inel able to make
a' meaningful contribution.

"There is to, the societal problem in that the
younger ones, of ir s-.ciety look upon these
drug barons as role models," she said, "Wihat
with their fancy cars and houses, expensive
jewelry and the most fashionable outfits."

The Deputy Prime Minister expred.s,.eiJ the
hope that the conference would not be
memrly a "meeting of rniirds airiving, at
decisions and making ret'-Imuendations;",
wl-ich reconrrindatioLns wil go umimple--
mented, but that there_ wro'ld be p..'zitive

"Here in St Lucia, and I would hope in
other countries," he said, "I can promise
you the National Drug Co,-mitte e vill take
note of the iec onmn ndatin.: that will
out of this Conference, and I pr':.nise you
also that. these re.ommer.iatio n will get
the support, riot only of Government, but,
certainly the people of St Lucia 7h: ho ha-ve
a keen interest in eus iuing that this drug
problem is put under control "

In the Attorney GeneraPs opinion, the drug
situatiolon.must te faced as jo pint problem
vhic-rh requires a joinr epon.;e andso.lution.
Thene must. be cooperati',n between States
in respect of locati,.rn and destruction of the
production areas, she said, and there can be
no question of individual sovereignty in this


4~i ~
I ~iTu ___ A

" ~^;M'~LD

eferng to the

^I W & A IJ -W. NTHB Y I n H'-I ?

W '
'J U U T H ,-

FA S I merI ia.t1a. of
d. eat Mis Williams
said they have now
t r eted the school
-, "'"ildren, a sa ginentof society which
she thinks is the most vulnerable.

She' had no information that this is the case
in-.St Lucia, she said, but it was he r u der-
staJding that, in neielhbotuing countries,
children are enticed into the rcc: aine habit
via snow-cones la.ed with this addictive

This has created a dilemma of its own,
Mrs Williams said, as these children
become addicted unknowingly, resulting
in a serious drain on. future human
The Primary Safegurd
Th, PoDlice Fo re remains the pri=nay
sfe _i.-ud a i.pns. the drug dealers, the
A'i -ey General said, as it is they who, in
tlh 5fist instai: e, provide for detection and
sudisequent arrest and prosecution of
offe is -:!.

In her opinion, interdiction is the key to
-1.ir4n..p,.in t-h drug trafficking process and
this involves intercepting or deterring
movement of illegal drugs. Another
effe: tive way to deal vith the problem, she
c,:;,1ntiued, is to arrest and. jail the tbi "drug
barons." Please See WILLIAMS Pm~e I

~P~l~o~Y~ I)

- ; -i ------ ---------

- ---- - -----


't _. a0 ,

31.M rH Pi".M BS



The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 22nd August 1992 Page 10

| 4NOUNC' N&

A New Aitieftn To the

Sworn To
Robert And Hazl-An rugFWhes

Tororto, CUnada


WILLIAMS Flrom Pasne 9
"Because of the smallness of our island",.
Mrs Williams said, "this has proved most
difficult sinceinformation received is that
some police are on the pay-roll of these
very drug barons they are seeking to

It is application of the law which will have
the desired effect, the Attnimey General said,
and, while it is riot the intention of
Government to pronounce on the type of
sentences the Courts mete out to convicted
drug offenders, she feels the time has cone
for the stiffest penalties to be imposed.

With reference to these penalties, and

particularly concerning police and others in
the pay of the "barons", the C conference
supported her view in a Resolution vhich
called for "hansher and swifter measures to
be taken against public officers and other
persons subverting the course of justice in
drug abuse and trafficking matters.

The Confe.-ence also passed another
Resolution calling on Caribbean Gov-
ernments to increase emphasis on
community education programmes geared to
diminish the demand side of the drug abuse
and trafficking problem


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 22nd August 1992 Page 11


Grenada Excells At Science

Grenada was the overall dinner in the Verbal
Presentation f eclion of the Fourth Ca .ibbe an
Re ionaI Science Fair for Stu.dents.

This Fair, held in St Lucia from 8th to 15th
August vas divided int.,. two secti.-.ns, a tr,.c-
minute Verbal Presentation au-nd a Display
of Science Projects.

The Govemrinent Inforrmtion Service (GIS),
quoting a release from the Ministry of
Education, says, in Verbal Presentations,
four fus' places were gained in the Primary,
Physics And Si.-th Form Chemistry and.
Apgrici,.i.ui categories

Also in the Verbal Presentation section, two
second places vwei. von in the Prinrary and
Agriculture categories.

In the Dis play of Science Prijec ts, Grenada's
overall placing vas third. This position
was gained vith four first and two second

BDD Satisfied With Projects

A team of British Development Division
(E.DD) officials has expressed satisfaction
with work being c.mied out on projects in
Grenada funded by the, BDD.

Visiting Grenada on August 20th and 21st,
the tear, comprising Mr John Hamrson,
Social Consultant to the BDD in the
Caribbean, and t':o economists attached to
the BDD Council, Messrs Jofik1 Wilrmshuist
and Peter Deardon, was taken on a tour of

This included a visit to a road being con-
structed in St Patricks, three Community

Centres, -a; Food Pieservation plant, a
Garment Making Factory anid an Art iand
Craft Centre.

According to the Govemaent Inform action
Service (GIS) the purpose of the visit was
to have an onsite assessment of BDD firmded
projects with a view to increasing funding,
especially in the area of human re.,ouice
devel :pnprnt

Text Book Project

More thn 3,000 pupils in primary schools in
Grenada, C am'acou and Petit Martinique are
to benefilfroma rev-lving text book scheme
relative to Language Arts and Mathenmtics.

A talease from the Government Inf, ,nmation
Service (G IS) says the project will'apply to
needy pupils in class one and class tvo, and
Principals of schiols and teachers have been
reque.s.Vd, vith the co-operation of parents
and guardians, to identify those who should
benefit. under the project

Each pupil vill be required to pay a fee of
$10.00 for the use of the telt books during
the academic year, and, to launch the
scheme, sorv- 11,000 text. books are to be
pu.r.hased at a cost of $108,000.

GIS says the World Food Progranme will
assist, in funding this project which is
e:-ected to be in effect for the academic
year beginning next September.

Grenada At Taei Fair. 1992"

Grenada Vill be one of seven Caribbean
island nations represented at the Taipei
International Fair 1992 vhich vill run from
Pleaoe fe EWSSIORTS Page 12

-- I

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 22nd August 1992 Page 12

August 26th to 31st.

A release from the Embassy of the Republic
of China says the Fair, organised by the
China External Trade Development Council
with the theme "Together We M1.Ae
Progress", Vill be held. at the Taipei World
Trade Centre Exdhibition Hall.

Sixty-five countries an i 600 companies are
expected to participate, the other Caribbean
nations taking part being, the Bahamas,
Dominica, the DoLminric::-. Re public., Jarmaica,
St Kitts and St Vinri-ent

sponsored by the St. Vincent De P.dil
Society and the United Statew Agency
For International Development with
resource assistance from the Cormmnunity
Development Division of the Ministry
of Labour.

Some of the areas covered by the
workshop include .needle work, crochet
work, arts and crafts and home
economics, the purpose being to
encourage personal development and
provide an answer to the unemployment

According to the rpleasi, Mr George Brzan,
Minister for Agriculti,.ie and Trade, vill
represent Grenada at the Fair and vill be
one of the main speakers.

Mr Brizan's visit to Taiwan is being funded
by the ChinL Extenial Tiade Development

SkilHl Training Workshop
Graduates Women

Tventy-one women have graduated fromthe
La Fillette Skills Traini ng Workshop

IICA Presents Scholarship:

The Inter American Institute For Co-
operation in Agriculture (IIC A) has a-, arie d
scholarships to two pupils who successfully
took the 1992 Common Entrance
Examinrations which qualify pupils for
free secondary education.

The avuanlees have each received
cheques for $5,000 and, at the start of
each academic year of their sec;ridaly
school tenure, they vill each receive

I "-

H Ugbes

22nd August 1992
Printed & Published By The Proprietor,
Alister Hughes, Joaunaait,
Of Scott Street, St.Geoge's Grenada, Westindies
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