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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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N HIS FEATURE ADDRESS That c,.ncrlsion, he said, is that efforts of
nei1venre in Glenida on Jutel7th at the Interr lti,:l Com-
the opening cerm.mny of a thrbe-day rmnity W ';t in promot-
seminarof the United Nations Speiial ing the economic and :
C-- rmuittee on Dcolcrl.isation, Chairman of social i roressZ oftlhe non- .
the Comnmiittee, Mr Rena.i Renagi L,:hia, self-gi:vemni.g Temtonre
said the United Nations had come to an imr- shI'c.d be int nified iqf
portant conclusion. ..Q

At meetings with e._trmal it-titutions, Gre-
nada has also been s uppied, he s aid, and
there h.,re been e iou _.ins responses and
pledges of assistance by don.ts, th e IMF
and. Word Bank.

"This year is a test for Grenada vhen we
have to shove vbat our mettle is made
of," Mr Venner said.
"We hae given our-
Sseles a chance,
now ve have to
perform. Not
many countries
have attempted to
do what Grenada is
doirg and so the eyes
of the region andi the
community are
on US.%%
The tenrri of reference of the Govenmer:t
aappointd-J Planning & Policy Reviev Corn-
nutte air to revie n,:ijor policy n,.sures
c.:,item.i-i'ed by GoverTrm-ent

The CO-m imittee vill also present
G:lvenirent policy nmal-: r'it.hopti:ns, and
is ex;peted to sersitize the public to major
po.:licy issues, 'pti':n,r imrrrovemrent strate-
0.- .- ' t .[ -' -'.

"The CornmitJee has
a leading role to
play in mobilising
theiece18 s aIyass- 1' ."-".'"" WI
ist.ince for the
ec:onciruc and MR RENAGI R. LOHIA
.e: ial progress of those Territories," he said.

The C chairman said the UN c onclhsirn as
,wnr- d. at following concerns v,.iced by
typrepent..ives of the non-self-goverinig
Tetrit-rie: at two UN semirnai or,-nisied m
1990. P =e See LOHIA PaLge 3

Headed by Prime Mini.ster Nicholas
EBrthy.:.ite, the Ctounittee is cion:pi-zed of
tppsent.:ti''e from The- Private Sector
Organsations, the Trade Union Council, the
Bair A :,ci.ti:..ut the Piss Associaitn, the
Farne Or; :.iniati.'n,r the M-.4edi-:.l Ass-
:,ci .a:,n, t'., ,-G-',iveT nen'a! rg:.ns,':t,
the Ear"ing,-'Fin.nciai. e..vr and the
C.mnun dity Boaits.
Can Govern Themselves
In his address, Mr Veimer said success or
failhn of the Grenada e:Tperirert is about
vhether \Ve tindians can ,ovrn themselves
and conduct. iheir ecoirn.irc affair, as well
as any c.umtry in the We-ten-r hemli-sphere.

An IMF programme in Grenada may
haw succeeded, he said, but there vould
be the psychological loss of knoving"ve
did not do it ourselves."
PMe ast F"_ VRNR P.oe 3

The Grenada Nesletter

. ,fft.'- 1

Page 2

Saturday 27th June 1992

The Grenada Nevletter Saturday 2ih Ju e M 9 Page 3

LOHIA Page 2
1uij^g th::: seminars, he .aid. many
p rtivipcirtL es::pim ;d :.hle vieB tiat, in the

t:1 iI: .,5 ... rmightbe required
to enhance impler:-_-.tik:n of 'he p-n.cip. w
lof d e _. o :r, t, e -

, fn.. e_. mple: of th:e cnricernz pressed,

* i R-E. .Al. q U
lRe ,,a.-Di L.,f-- .Vd ,:,t-

i Mr Ralph T O'Ne:d. Deputy Chief Min-
ister and _ir ,--r of Nlattu, Res':.ure and
SLab-: r of uthe F-lTin Virgin I;!ir:

jAcc .:di;-. to .ci- i Oi --, stat-.
.r Z

ed t-hat: Go r ent ap. i. .-: tIE i4- e
Setihe t Cor .i -_ C.- ...: to. pcla in
:urr -,.thti P to create
.co . " : v.<..-I \^ i ensi!' ec '.".'::-: L
and : "-' i l--f -'- in their respective

T I .r :-nes.
Rspecrt The Wishe
The Chri'-' utt 1-r. .r O',Th1 added that
'h mstr s-'p te the dishes ,of
the mi.- Q-ity of?1, pE and .fr: a way
d:' nit :md! ... T.d.h do not v.:h to
p fr i.-, -- -; -- ho need:- -,:"j :a!.

-- Rb ,,:r-, Lohia quo.tyd also Mr
eohn Osbome- then oMe suen-at's y ;

YErHl From Page 2
T1' r.-'_.: ral iLr t-* s f..-'. ; i.,-
j, -..-_ s .,ilully to ti-v Gi mnada iL;
: r,- the ECCB Go'.nenr said, .. it
vould e a :e..::l ,, dy .a^ disapp.:.,-,
mient if" G.. il -i p.

"The ball is nov in your court", he said
ve ill be Lthere to support yu b
B ru miust do thea "
r| 'I^izi:.^z2.2 t ndhr zr-rzr--'z.t
.-I-; C-Sb~;"Yn

Minister and Minister for Fi,.:._e, as saying
that r-st of the pe:pe of i,:-: .e rrat vould
like poli'i In,-Ir.-;nence but are detferEd i
by c of a b-r Pifrmf.:' 'o develop
a viable :' -.. ,
Faded To Convirce
.Co ;.:: 4 ,to q ::te Mr .C.-.n. ,h i.
Six..r-:-. said Mr Obh.:-ne ch.:1-ned that
..'f', ... t .in _1 ,, "." --- ff TU t~ed

m,_:,yin ,:-,:rn that its in-
ri :e :!'...!:.- ? 7.-'.uld .rer -'e the need
ibr further .

Mr Osbomee rg'- t Ctortee the i
"- l e-t-'
Chairanr : n to COnincS Urdi,4
I -s' m ... ii. ,.:...-p'.:.- .5e .: l nece-.-u2",
iMd to develop the Teitory in such a vav
... .. .. :,7 -..

Tlie r *. it ...... .had t :.. o. .. J..'_ as
a step to:'.a' achieverne;. of 41 .,.: of
rosV::il'.g the necessary as .j-'rn for te
-. ..:.,:: p ;. in the non-
e*ift-go :lg t8 ..r.. i". ..irR' au IRenagi
Lo.i: said, vi-d -i emurmt!ied some of th
topics for d:i .i.:-.
F l ase LOHIA. Page 4

Founded 1"hh Aug.C 1973
459t'h Issue |
jj 8i.bscrtptionzRM t-
Payabe Ia AJRVace
P.inag~ Paid B y Seond C AiU mail
(ilaaMl Pot iK Granad a)

Iii I
SAtissus I i0.oo C 47.00-

P 5s3 $3906-i $1466
i About 20 Issumes Publish ed AAnually i
Ui JI--

Saturday 27th June V19i

ILOHIA From Page 3
LT9.e ,u.-L:t fo..,d production, develop- Uit ...> ...... :i ..- .r a I
ment of the Tourist:rA t driu. Tf i kingo
.. i- u rmi at o a- .-a::s in v-.L fields of
':, money i:nri,:. pr ..m-tion of local.' -
... L "' 1.. . f ....
.i- -II l. ..-r'i ,s-:r.u: development and
i-i'.,,ioas for the island Teritones of, Ci:.. r -- -- of4
Ieni-r:rnl issues. ;:.i Mr Reagi R- i Loisa said the
St'''.i.nai La-iz Organisation icint L
"We l--re i .w- --e .

iill listen _..ref.dy to the vie: of the
resertatis of the populations ocern- Also, he :.d, the Food :mJ Agricultu.
r''dr .-Org;. ?uti.:nn p,.r da role in prpre'tin of

.-- ---- --

- ,.,_ ... :. .- .--.. m e
.. .....- .- - - : ^ ^ ?" ----^r_ j

._,.. .__ ___. _ -. -s, ..-
- "*24-"Ak-^., t-e --;byea.d(*._:;* '-''A ",,-' on
..~r en: hthe the ...
e-- . ,,__ .. .

t e cursivee n: ..i mic ,Z ," ..
i se- hand icaps, he .-;. arise frmn the
interph-- of :. actor as size, rer'',ne.?.," in the development of tIaaing matria. I
[.i.e-.pers.1,ic. ,- e ion. --ility of the 1ir
... ":pperovision of scholarship restoration of!

S. ., i 'r o hinstodc siies, upgrading of information
,...S,.e impor facilities and eradication of literacy, bhe
". of :, -: .ces, short- said, UNESCO continues its proprammes
S'oer "- Bof in -istan-,e i AnguiAg a, tu h Bnti L
financial bukiw': -A or f-cuar Ch _flttfs l LU -
Yfr"gm IlaIl5s, the Cayman Islanks,
Moantsrrat the Turks & Caicos
"We do hope the Adminstering Povers, ,bla.i)
in f-filming their Charter responsibility The Indepth Ki~nved
to promote t-e economic and socai ad- mr ,- - t ,,
r ..... : .. -. -. --i
va-rement of the Territories under their l'.P encet -, t.-. sk" c the
administration" the Chairman said "ill .. .
!;~~.. ." .. .. ,., n.- ^ ^ -. -'Ko g f .-.,-se:r:" ."..r i. lel 'ni or es in
vntirnue to take tse factors into con- is aConi.i, .- t,
s- e rac ... .-~. hn o C o to
|benefi t frr- the indei. kie.... 1, of the
il g ren*t ;',- --- :-y *it--..,--~ c-. in .,t.... Ih semiar Thad.

^ T- i .. ** ',-,"_. :21&.S- e..- .... i- ^pCLL;-'. - '.- w.-,

b t- .-: th_-a. m n iion to the A,!re: i ,,-
Xing PeA: s, e 'mY.ona Ci, n.ty as
a wh'e should be inmol':ed.

in la C.n.n n "'::n, the C.timian :.d his
iCo" r ttee is ied to-.. :te that mny

"I trust that ith the help and e orts ofi
.you all" he said, ....e anmeet the
challenges abead.


jThe Grenada Na vslettr


P&g 4

v june !9 Pa

Ei NIL^ :pi me inn to

IR FRED PHILLIPS, WHO ;:" ,.onal:,.e-,to GmndC-a ,-....ic-
ao td p: in a -- he h financial al-
i~ly ^ Gosnm- for of GI- s.r. urs'ill a dependent tni.y.
iada andl Mvontsenmat befom-

- Len- u p.:inBed and laer
G :.. :f -t_.'.-atrvis/Al gut lla,,- ;.:3. i

.-.. r..e lyr, i F cc 0 rd. iet inm- .
the C_ .-h, m. C ibb" .

Sir Fred's or.:.!:^::'- were tmid- as
{he addressed the then cunent.

and ran of Ja ne 1..... .

"In my lifetime." he
said "I have again and
again witessed a
situation where decoi- 5s
*liriiet'ion has< c~~vom at ts h**


vhen local personnel have not been read 7
!to deal viththe independent status of the
country simply -bsause those locals, vho
sav no hcpe of advoaxcement, because all
,rimor postv were :.man_ by expatriate
migrated in search of a better life."

0k sun :t'i.- ..'1 vy, Sir Fred cited
T;.. .u. as an e::iro:'- of a new ph'r i-re
enon vt-.-. h, vini from of the
j H^BeniuiiJ sfates.

,', i-Os ::id, as a : lIu-., them has been
ja food of irnmigrant.s, pUrtir ''.da ly in the

T"i.! has :.n_ a :iri r. exodus to trh.
: :ti^.i Virgin Ls)j^, and Mon -
se .,.t ail ".* "-elfgeming Te "tri -

Who Can Profit
~ W .+" d f r ie
t is ,- su...,.. o. ,_.i- t... the
{nJit-te of 24 : c"'- take n
acB tSive ,'-'*, itn co!1 --.' :,... ..... >: lh
t hhe A A.. .:..h Ath-

t,.irsi2 er a 12nt t depd. :t I
territories who from
S : tr,"; S Fremd s.:aid. %
...i : "., as to, they cat
"| "*? J1 : s!' i ;^ '- 1.,,v "-l r. .3. -,
f w. then the time conies for
-.'. h the Ad!n ir .:.l ei-g Auth-

r-i of "".- nt, to t? citizens of te
tenite 1 .I

Sir Fred e:pm d thf c.pir~io ttU in ^
,pedd ..Teitories, .:.. .e of the
relative -;2, alej, pi:-fe sion.als, and
'.;r- Ft.- tetiary :du[,: .n, _1ini t."

A -n~ .mp of .this, Si .j Fr e t
t I'-?.,"n ,~.ret i C,,.-r h-_ fi al
sePlease %- F- 1_:.

A.--oil&;::iripl of thi, ^ Fre i<.:-,,r _-

U-- 4- ---Q
IThe Grenada Nevetr Saturday 27th Jun 1992 6

@ijaact JAm%^S[/Cideo 2xare:Sj


I. J I jU d N.-ii-r. Decolon--
| isation C<:.-:, te, m sess-
Si,'i1 in G- iad.a in *o.. ,; .i in anl
interiew :i. :EWS LE T ER on, me I;-
that '. ,vere ~_ -': is not so-:e-- i!,._ I'-. to
|the l-: -of a 20 .:.,f- .- .,-. ,4 ten tory-
the. ari.. ri orelsew. .,. it comes from
pthe people ther'se ^ -.

i. is the people ,-. -, --- t.... i capacity
Ssa, 'Yes, I re-' my self-
" --;PacL back, I ,eed rt.-
._,i_- -. back, rather .t..
.... u- er .,e de-
S ;:...: n _..:. y els- e'."

:,sme 5ns they vill

.*-.:,; -.- ,S. .. .. the A dm iis-
T, ';c z:. ,n:- -", Proer, 1.M.-
.. said, but

ioi-e because hv vill be in parn;rsehi

! : oth,:'s tas within the C 7-bbean r eion

abd in -he I.-i; fe -l.- -:.:
aNot Cbo.,etel I -eenendenlti

i ie^- ly i-. i nt he co-Ad l.. .
_.- ........* .o _, he ,-- ale 1.-. -
.n ma' y c..::."; of the ,od._
.t Ye ; :. n be -.=.:. 2 irLo!-,

, "is t, e spirit or iii", '.'i.peh;-df
jbet.een pen-p .. and between counmtes
ch"; than the old-f red inn^-,. rnt

"A.ti,-H es vl,, ,-- so :,.Gi .yand pw. 'etu
- that al, -.; t-],,. to go o-m coriquer
Lt rest of : c.? ...."
Enough Is ELzugh
The Chairrr said there is the c-acity,
economicailD, socially, ixelecteJly and,
in huma rou in the n-self-
o- aing terrori for thee. to say,

and Ibrotr nation P the C ribb, in
the Third World and alax in pa rship
vth some. Aerica-. and n. com-

S.e S.gEkH Page 7 |
ixr A '4

S.henr v.isha: .t:t z .:,.: i-n-

ou l first obtain, at I.4. cost, a
"Gaiful -:e.p.ion L -irn" GOL)
gvich -r-. in f :: for 90 days. hei
said, -.;' after .e first a30 dt-.- ifhs duty
ot .-...; .ta onsisn.t .:.;_l ? Co -unsel

ieach t:;. Fl' 'i, a fee.

jin the ge: i::' of mutual -
] Sir Fred ^>- i- ..pen ent,.."--O j
, of "- Carie--, __:"... 'u. do all in their
po -:, iftand :--_ c i:,.,. u_--,:. to into- 1

of 'a- n' ;-.. ._i ,ln.atur matter .-toT t-Sh s

a . ... si .,.d n r t = '.' . I

The Grenaa Newviatter Saturday 71th June 1992 Page 7

.: .ur ,- Lohia ::p.i.sed the opinion
it. oi. a sr.. l island the p.op:..ition is
small an the ,-C.-' sh.,.A.' be ab!e to
1i-._',- e muich more _-_fT, ;tively I .h\:m ,.L. ut-
ive.- ith a much larger land base.

1"I believe the Admin string Authorities
land the people m these territories should
have been able to move tovard.s their
s.l and onomi realisation much
more qikly than bigger countrzi"', he

laind, -p'. Ne- Guinea, the 'i i` re e
8--ofimipopulation of P:i-.:* -; Gui-a-
-7 rural "i-', dwelier .
Mor-e Educated Peopf
The people of ._ C aibe a uch more-
soplistical u !: ---r--is mo2B *li'r;'
,sopi ,r more educated peo-ple ad
Ithev know .jre of O is goin,- orn "
i e p ,O: ,n of i .-- "

"I thmik that vbat has happened in many
of these islands", he sail, "is that they
have been convincedl, through their
colonial history, that the partnership they
Ihaw with the Ad mrni ier iLg Authority is
!the best that they should ask for"

i -e S is a p.-rcpti.:-n, he i i. .k
of the Decolomisation CoiiiIi is to' al lo
people to be:::+ i:nipendent. H-ow-ever,
h,=- L -*'h1, .* ", '. "
.* .. -"- .=.r 'ht_ 1aewly-:indepe r en.
j-= ,, do. in !l..i rI to other states is .":

,' ..:.. ie '-e e tco inter-re.. i,:nal

M.,r Lohia -im, the n,-r:- elf-l;,.v ,-tin
I .tre- z also Tmay opt to remain in -heir
pre-p rnt political :..i.t which, lie :i, "is
Iot p.:lsing for herrelves."

Asked to comriment on Oh p.:,iton of the
Umn.:.. .:1 V_"'.i,- Islands which is not
...i.. .i:A to break its association with
the Uniteda States of A.:,.i to t?:me
i_-e.-n-, the ca .-. fmereid to his
homelan- Papua New Guinea.

"This is the pomt,* he said. "Papua Nev
Guinea vas a colony of Great Britain and
t.ten Australia. At depedece our
relatkiship with Ausralia has become
more and more se than ever before,
but iht choice is mcd- by our people and
no, dil-bated by Australia that's the
d iffereC cee

.-7 .l",;iAmi said Puerto Rico used to be
on the Uiited Nations list of non-self-
go, -_.i:, Territ C :.- Hovewr, he
'.h U-ited Sta-tes r~ that, by
re-fe'rdum, the peo l ofPu::' Rico i.- .
hciosen to be a C. i.::.m.Teath. T is
tihe stats recognized by the Genera l
Assembly, he .*. lad Puet:o Rico ws
1. ,'i" off 'i.- list.

"Hove-., .-:r~:. the years, 'r-? politics of
_F,-.::4 Rico h, .-. p:.-lt ,re issue back to
is: .-:," he said, "and each year
petitio.-.: from P.-'. ,: Y: -. are still heard

Decided Not To Discuss
.was .7ii,714e notto fd-% PueIto Rico .
this year's ,.:-.i, he g.-id, but it. will be on
the Co.i:,-a- 's" fIV::r the l993

The Chairman said invitta t.s vere sent
to both the USA and UK to attend the
Gnada seminar but ther v was no
r-espose from the USA. The UK, he
-, replied that, sin-C they have
wiiidravw from the Cor~mttee they
vo~id not atinsd.

"It-e ": . i Ad.inisten Powers ;.1i
like to r_ the status quo', he said, "and
'e" do o:t .Li' _hat we ame doing be'
'se See ?7.vE-EIGNTY Page 8

Thi Grerada Nevslet-er



I. | | .shoil'0 cor e establisi-,n,
Sof a In :,JblLism tyo :"e, ': -
I I i .- : ;.f and a-ti-i -: -. "
..he no,,- a f-y:,st-, inL-:. ,_ TermiT, of '!

!- E ._-",ommendation is c- -. --7 "-
::pot of the ": .^ .. -- n C.:..
ach- on .i.- 191, yound up a -41 day
Smi' n ar .i Gi- _-,.. .. --
A .: he-rrec m-o r,-'onis q he need for the
jS-pecial-- C. :U; ", tointer ifydisse :r :n t L, ,n

'*1,: pe c p, of the Temto"^'7

Thi~s aformaaton, the r~commendationi
says, hod be aimed at making he
peoples ofithe Territcries "more avare of
the. applicability of international prin-
ciples to the self-deiermimation process .

iSOVE.LEIGNiTY From Page 7
.3 are ,'. ,*,rh in ;r it,:i -l com-
nmurity .;,.:,ut : :.;di ... .:. : lin_ in- t h e

Nobody kn, 7? w thes. Po'""!':; o
h:ld -,:: to :..- smatl .'; ,, Mr
L.:.r.i :,id- but, in *-r"ne of the terV:ri -:,
',i-- rmay be itmpoitant. re-.ur:e:.

i*f the Cor-; ri.-- 'o inltes it- s wor by th
|Yar 2000, the erd of the Dec-e of
Dec-.oP'iti3:, e Ch i-: said,itshed
disol'.e itself Ho--?--, he said, ne

-Se-. in G Ministry of External
Stf t ne economic :.:., saoi'ii
i-.'TIt 0 e elf- -_"ng Teitories

hea.v-ly o-n the extent to 1-:1.:h the

the r..edsa.---d a: iatA,:ins of thi pe.oles. of
those tet,- f-

'TherE Ls ao a need to be innovative in
order to itigate effects of prtc.masj
coma.a to all small isi3-d-ter -es
he aid, "suchas shigh i~-ati cts
and duplication of i ifrastruactie
Needs To Revige-v

-. j. -- -,-
T |

.ngMchange theCn-'ttee eIttorie ..'
I appn..i:. to cd:,:1. :.i: ; '.
IS ,-. ', :he Said., to in, 'OV 1 :i
Pleae See ECHANT.h Pae .
*l .- r -. .. . .

"-... .. ,-N Z in, Etastern as . "

"What -.. th.ey. :-ir- to do iL the ".;.u' as

"ar-d .:at are the A--1.I-di- ging
to do as "h--- -" more mo- e ":-.r
the s N..-

The Unite~i 7 ..:,n .Il re :in -- :e.t.

-*, -lmas the r s.ent iob of ;1-
Cci ^- M-e withh the I 8,"- irii.. __ r-_.el-:-
.:._-.:v^ territories no _y be ce ted,
there myi be to be done.
__ jNoimme.sw-mo



~~_ _~II


The Grena-da Ne.-slter

Th- pro9ramnme of r

l&ter t San S

I -rathwaite '- i at a r:-:- c "-
........e on .u.u-ie 23rd that 3c -' -
B"Ill ment's aim is to IrI're p Cm1
Service .r: 6 600 to r. : e,.' over thep

u targ t~ig.Lis :::tr^"mbl7-^ : 1
Civil S-ice a-W nl.:.mientfi.uv; q. for
|some is:..:,._ or 1.._ Or- ...-on of East.
Cmanbb,..1: States (O-ECS), b. the .-i
.-iI -ter :. d care m :-; '. be e:[i nd n
:_:' the -:uipiSL i
H ave To Be Careful
"There- is no doubt h T. Oiur P..:i: Ser ice
-s a -^ : r -/!' he "at th. e - tine.
"- 5 ve are mil :' :r:p ;: 4. 5
otAe- countries, we have to be ,.J m

MECHASM From Page 8
'-:',c ~-?:: and -'- the f:"- i ;" :' ..i.
of its manrdi.

Ho~--7: lhe said, n Ccnri e forte
Yto Wadj.L. to new rc.liti should :I be
Jinterpeted as ..l t;.:-.: of ,, p.n.~_.:i of
the United -.s C ...r the Declarat-
ion on decolsatio n.
Other Needs

":- a e',J r :my-n .B;',_ ^ .i r -;"-':, of --.
I- C-arib


These am A .:.. .. B.. B -tish
Vir Islaf:ds, C aym n r._. ,
'Mcn.:: the T.": &- C:L..; 1- and

the Uni .. -...e vi-gin !:! id 1 of
.- & 7- T-' t-.-

|l^:h, wit the e:- .pti.ons of the Caymn

fthe a "a.-rF

ermi. -f ha.-.i compai :'n "s

He h.s ". r that nations. 'A
es e^; are presented inifN nt ways in
.-.. ..D. e _ie ,i m countries
?ip? prac. 'l
...'.. do nI t ii 1- .7
d details of l.--:
ore*-L apl not on the

Giving an e "amp ul
of his. Mr Brath-
vaiute said that in the
estimate s of somi V
O ECS ou. :triT .LL:
the Head of'Gov-
ernor General" .
vill shovonly 1o
or threeMrploym pIE ..
hile, eder tihe p T ATE
sare Head in -enr.ada's estimates re
might be as many as 14 employees listed.
Please See RETRA!INnA) P1 e iT

A press "ls-; from 'Co_- :-, ttee S.
e of t fhe -r x d during
the seridn?^- by Bpsentaties :f tlj
Terntor s i the need to rL'ne- iheirI
1icip'On-l in hr egr: of the Ured

Cor.emmittee to p itself ...'-._i.d on
onmiea h respective T.-'e .:im thpe:i '
,ore on-site air_ The ha-. as-ced als,..
-,the Adrist -0- e be r-i:-edI
Of t'.. 1 : O 1 A -Pv. to hL'-7 '5 t e T- : : mv I- e
C". .
.". thTe-, t- mT, _Q. ',,P-,-,: b -:m d

4 J


_ _

Page 9


D-ISee -fCHAmI*: Pe 'w

The Grenada Nesletter Saturday 27th June 1992 Pag 10

EMT.UAI1iN trom P ar e m
TThe difference the Pnine Minister said, is
thatin Grenada's e.,ir.c cooks, .- ,ner-s
and mLai-;. .a listed while thij; category of
.ri.- r7i not hvn in the estirrm,:tes of some
other OECS .:,,.m.i.s;.

By June 30th, ir rBrathliaite. .:iic, F:ime 700u
2:vE-rmunpnent er: 1 i.- v~ vill hr.9e been re-
iemnched and., a request to the
United. Natir',_:. DeT'el.op:;lel t Pr} 'T?-.:ririe
(UNDP), them is to b- a re-tining pro-
gai-rurne for workI:er ..-h-: have beeri szet
Will Provide Assistance
"We have ben given the assurance by
UNDP that it vill provide assistance
required for retrainingof those persons,"
the Prime Minister said-

One of the UNLDP perorn pinriJed under
Te, assi.-tmice is a:hid:.:-dy in Grin~d i:.
he said, and part of his aCzigm-!ent is to -_t
out the reces..-i y retranrng prog-...:,d_,.

A- _-'if:ta,:e is to be sol.tLi.also fr*.:r v.-,i,:u.s relative to skills Which mill be
eltuiretid to eq'ui -tiie retlenched prI:-"':.' to
meet identified rnripo1--Er reqi.unrementz, Mr
Fmrthr.-ite said.

His hope, he 3aid, is that the pro Armnrre of
tmehaining will .ta t. n.L later tlan Septrber

Reporting on the financial performance
lof Government during the first half of
1992, the Prime Ministe- said expenditure
'had been kept under control relative to
figures of the 1992 budget Revenue,
lhovever, he said, has not achieved the
Target set

The Debt S-,rce Levy ha. produced the
e-tui.r.d rev;:ui, he i id .but Custors and
Ithe EPuins Levy had. tb.:h fallen short of
the figure they vwei esLimated to prod.i:-e.

There was no ',anue from %he Pr'f'E:.':
Trade. Li1c_.., Mr B.rhw.ait. ;:ud,

be'?' iuse tlus tci.:1 ..:..r, Jrd h:. to
untn ,de. f1:..%Inin rpenl sralrl s "r.-id4 by I
the GE.:iad.i Associ.-,:-n of La'-,rs an.
..-her bodies of pt:fessiot.

There is now a nev dmaft of this l~_-::f .
hlichi 1ill be .iCeenred to Ra -r.-n-tsho '
ly, he said.

The -erki,,- ofthli rnatic.nal debt cor.,itu.
a ver- difficult undeitA ring for Govien;
the Prime Minister said, in spite of the fac,
thlt it has been p-.,ssibie to ts,:hedJ,.e s.- i
of the debt and to e .1e the former E-:c:.;
(em t-,*L;n debt at a quarter of th- cost.

"But we still have arrears of debt service.
to the tone of US$28 million, he aid,
"and this is taking a fair amount fromII
our rerenu e.
No Less Important
Mr EiLh *aite said :o"ey GC:V. i;e:.rT
'?.-'. ,i y is no less important and 1'"
Please See RETRAINI4G P~age It

A- ,.: ,g the sni r fit '--- r i : r
irr r sff.rsf TUnitd. i' uns bK'di- :.
speci-l- -d agencir, tog-'.h' "':
'iii:.rd ni.:.e_ i-.-.C nm on ti,. r' ar n d' "o n

Ti-The. iere also ten i:n--ited
'guests ncludirig Sir Fred ?L' ^ wo aI.
*.:..i-e time ad st.._-, IL!V, Ten "-ranly t,.
1Go1.ernments of (r7. ?:!:d. M:''r,
before being :ppoini.'- Apd ri._P.. rr an
later G --erm.:,rof St, i e :. *: Kn ll.

Member statess of the C or.rniOtf t":. ;-
t .je se nnar ,'., :,g- .a, Cuba.
.I ..chasiov-i;.. Fiji, Trir~idad & ToTbae-
and Turmsia A..i--'hi attended as- ai
observer Thie reproe;..:'.:i. : of
Antiia, France, the R'ussi.- Fe.,-etioJ
St Lucia l-, ,.nd,. as the -,s,

I S 7T .: ... f : : g-. ..- ,

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 27th June 1992 Page 11

R CARLYLE CORBIN, The first w :.uli be "in .:', he said, -
1 I ?n:-t'1ve for Etdernal "Li': th. US .:5i bec:l:r a cons litiUe,
If :1 Cf ice of the Govemor S.-ve of te Unite. .S. -: ".A:;erica T
of the Urited States Virgin second .:..ption, he said, is, ,1-t he c-.;
Ilands (USVI), 7.ail in an review -..ith .t,[ otler .ide of tihe c:.:::, that i
NEWS.,LETTER on Junme 19tth hat, as f.: as the SVI .
the political L-i R-of the USV I is concerned, ) ne,.:. an ind- ew 1u wy.
the p.,ce-.:S of car; is on-going.
The third ptit:'n v.:, d be "free .associ.-.o-:
"We hav-e egislati.-:n Tvhlich Vwas signed int-:. i,:Ih .i. ijdpenden- set..-', DrCobin se
laI mn 1i.1? .~ ir-in having a referendum That "irnepend.ent. tf" t.-&-d be 11
on poliic.- status options," he .aid, "but, U-i'ed tat:, of Aimen.i-.
.iu-irrtu.',?, J1:7, H'u- ea iT 3'n- ^T- .-l,,.t ,: ", I ,pii is t ,hat
Hu.^.:, hit is and nod ct r LJJ 7 I ,, j Ji option :-.:lj be the -"':ir:
did it des:-:.-: r-u::- of our ofthe electoiate the c un:
infst.uctu tI ut also elaved our u', T a S 0 of.. upda t:.:
refer ndun' political education Jand modified.
and pAlijc de-
v e o p me n t T? 2 "The 0 In ide -
I.. Ts ;taJ ons are in th:._
que, .ti of : r i the c.- ,nt ion-
Dr Corbir. Who vas in Grenad.a att,::ing sip," h .i.. "W- l e ha- no is a
the senir'n of the U niid Natiotr Dec.:l:,n- MI.a.ti,. lo which ha bee: in -e:stence an
isation Cor -es said the referendinm has .r .i..i.... '. i-. the, r L siice ve hav'e
been I schedule d. to September 199- been e _e i -, oiu'o:: eds- of Gotvermn ,

In that ,f,'r. iu, he said, the electic-atem
il have to ho from three dictions in be. ing looked at, he said is the is
,1hich to take e USVI : d.4i id t.: ing'h :elatioht-
Plea-s S3e USVl PaI e

RETRAlMNG From Page 10
pledged to m@e the details public bef".e
the end of Ji~dy.

Taki-ng w .e l Nat ::, I .me. hem .ie ( iS)
as an e:.a-pi e P rinr:e ,imnister said
Govevn:e:. has nearly EC$15 rdli.:.n
:,outftandiLng in bor-ds to the NIS. Accrued
interest. ,.:whiingon -1i-:, L-a .aid, is over EC $4

GovernreniiT. the NIS nearly EC$2,5
million in Tr:eas.' Bills, he said, vi;h:
intprest.ouVt .uxt.- ig a.muntingto a little over
IEC$5 n$mili,

In the c-ase of diict loans by NIS to
G:.rnt., Mr E.i',m,.3aitb sa-id, )over EC $9
million is ouf.tardijng with interest d..:e at

, EC $3 million.

A d i'--rAly, he ,,i .**L^-u-he ye.:ir "*').:
the e.-rptions of ." ,-, .pamnets mide i
l91; ^ aio'ws ove mn-ri-nezt have id to NIl
neir the e nploy-r. conri.',:: nor e.-
4pt"'-- contiibutic-.. deducted by Gov-
sn-iT"[ I from their r salaieis.

Ti P'inB Mir."'1-r sa..ij t-c public hE .ii
right to :.,, details of l-'- e debts aii.
.ihein the fig.. as :. : !;.: it vill b. 0
fowun that e v h. oeTr m'I.i.: 1L- of doll,.
are o 'ti in the fof.i of Tlastay Bill,
T. a f, :i local ..tI:: an d :'i <
sou te s.
g ~mww__- _

The Grenada Ne ttr Saturday 27th June 1992 Pago 12

USVI From P&ge 11
the USVI now has with its AdTministering
Poer, the U.S.A.

All of the options vill be ,: n the r.feni-r wum
ballot, DrCc.itin said, and a Political S;tat.u
Co ir'rsion has been appointed to study the
economic inpacts of each of the options.
Has The Right
With iffermnxe to the present political status
of the USVI, the Representrative for
Affairs the USVI enjoys a degree of
intern-r self-go-ve~nie ut. to the extent that.
the elected Legislature has the right to pass
laws arnd the elected Govrmnoirh:ir s ability
tI o confirm th.:. laws.

F.isedI. on the current i
relationship of the US VI ith
Washing:on, however, he said., many of
the 1-ivs must be consitnt with the v
applicabilityof those pr..:-visions of the United
States C :. ,hicl apply to the UISVI

"Therein lies the difficulty in so far as that,
this stfape, ve ae
not able to deter-
mine w1iich as-
pects of the US
Constitution as well as the US lays
apply to us," Dr Corbin said. "-Tlis is part
of the modernisation process ve axe dis-
cus sing."
Widen H i Base
With refereine to hr,.e then i: ven'. seminar
of t.-h UN DeDr o:iif.r:-.: Cn:ruitte., Dr
Corbin said it :iff;l.ed him an opportunity
to .'0i e i his rc of knowledge by hearing
of and le rmAIng ftr--n .-:-, of IhP other
non-self-goveTning termtorit er in he C .-ih-

C :;.,-:-n-dng the a'bA;eni:e from the a.irfna -
of thp Ujih.ed States of Americ.:. arnd the
Uit.,ed Kingdom, the "Adminis te rin-
P-"" of tle rino-self -gov rning temritrni e

in the C..ibbe.rn, Dr C.-ibin said bit.i
Countries tad, discu .:.-- d t.-her e;-e-|
the work of the Decolcnirdti.:-n Coni tee.

Their eti.:.n, tie said related to objections of
the Anunisering Powers to Th-? agenda of
the Committee which included such ,i -:
as apartheid and :he Middle East C'

In the p-ct :-;:, he said, there had been a
peIseptin That the Committee e:--i.ed. cry
for ,'r .,i r..:,tion of iid.eperndence but he is: -:-
b,:-th the US and UK are avare) the
C H; -f., :i. g its ine,. and
eff .
May H ave Been Corree
That old perception may have
been correct in the
O960s and 1& F h-
id butt .- h.1


' pla.e- from the :'d-1980s on is
m, :,. ition b7 the Committee of the f-...
that, p.ui;.,.iy in the small i.:'1-ad. of t:.
.Carit..t i and P ii, ii., :, c.,e 4i:y
not necessarily be the appropate opti.:n ia
t ,i.,: I or Lji--euml tenm .

Dr Com ::pt'i d the h.;.p that. th1i
Adnministeri n. Powers will nov take a g":-
Spart in the deliberations of the C'';inr-
re,:,,rdTir-{ thle mefb,:Ps, i _.r,:es- which i.
a:i:in: place .I tha' it is in theL- best
nier ts t.: ,:'i..ate thenelves .i- it
- -

- i

The Graada Nlevsetter 1 Saturday 27th June 1992 'r--

NITED STATES BORN, C'nf.-nt. r:ith thee cnr :::-i
g B p I
Mr W,.',- HIirn Gret al said thevale .r,:undless .3.rme press.,-
'.4ar,.r of S'shin Iea.%t onr a tour of the still-to-be-c.;-dar>, plant,
Li- _.ed,, a EC$3 trillion con- vas 3nown the planned systerni.
tivei7 pigf*2r-nowunder Impossibe To Elimiiat
coi'.ti.n In Ginada, .-.., at a ?. ft would be irnp)--ible to eli:ru t .
,:,rfererc_ on June r22nd that the criticism r em.i_,, the Managing Director said, but:.
th.t, the factoy is:, a ~et to the Tou ist. acciIv.,toq him, the systemrwi-: soo-
I n,..~. I.r. and t the ecology of the i-hrd is ...:e mel that "the hotel - '.,. o .--t
Unf1u o .. be on the r.. i

"Let them c,-,. and off b j_
cheek the T '
"i,4. "-i2 :-s con-
sider t .y oI- e of C o.I Te- rc-m i ::f...
the li rmt i -ng : I the s..
fJn_',r of Tour- ;.::; i... s..:;..-.- ........
isrm Ls en the on a .... . s, .
ai iliy of 4ua aty red meat ,6me 1 t|
at a _, i 22.alte pev ii be fob-ri urt
CkI To AR iA r eoo breeding. The :. ..
The f.-rito7 is located in St behind : :' tion *:f
D.'id's parish ne1r 1 islan-d.s sou .r.t, the pens which hlMre a sloping 'oor, is tiha
cl.:e to a ri-r and some miles to vind Ird t-e p::cremnt will fall auto..a-ally into a
of xi~,_ h. .in, fc I,: p
f e in potential oin. dvlop- holding pit i.nder the peL'..
"All the manure falls into th, i.ampn ri
Protests b-erm rmde .Ii: cooncers Mr Horner sai, "and after a period of a
e::p.s1d .-a the .:h:-. p. ct-d to be gen- couple of veeks the p!ugis p.-_d1i a" d i
erated by the. factory -will .ersely affect flshes down the pipe in.o at .leI
hosis:ing in that area and prohibit fi..her concrete tank.
de':eI,:,pment. Remain In Suspension
At 'l-i point, he said, ,J- :-:lds -
There is -l.: c, r,:_r_ that -,' r from the ,-ep.-atd from the liquid, ied b...
.ry 'll pollute h iver vich, in turn for gale as fertilizer The liquids, he -.
vili .pol.:I __ . hes and ie: in that --i,& to -will be pi.l. into a th ---., conc-r
the detriment of both La Towis t..i FI LIn pls tic-ined lag.. T hte
Ind.t -. reiain mn s i.i. :i il 5. on

Pleae See FACTI;'.7 Pi. .-

The Grenada Nevsktt~r Saturday 27th June 1~2 ii


PiPmi.;ent. of the (-inaja
H ea F- :.i.u lT.tion, disc.1 :'-id
V *at a pr: conference on
June 16th tht., to date, the F:-.ridation had
sf~po:ord r 'nity Glernadiains for it-.l- t.o
the United S states for free-of-cost open-he wt

FACTORY From Page 13
the fl-: r *,f f.ti I. .-.n, eI'.rafo tin, iei ig
of the ,ater

Dr Cl.-irece ..m mithe, .m-.rie sur-
ge'.n'n attached to the project, told the press
fhn is an enzime which digests the odour
produicing p.nW t. of the mcn~ru-. This
bri,.e. he s.5 vill be fed to the hogs -u.-i1
may also be ui.'e in tie lagoons to re.dlce>
.mell:. This enzi-me, ie explained, will
ire.ce .b, 1,.i ,-i. of the odour.
The ne:t unit of t.h- f:c:.ry is the f.-:.'ing
section vie r. the litters of pigs will be born
and ~hre, -i rfte.r21 da., _y will be Vean-
ed The s,:.vs will then be returned to tihe
fitt sec,:tion where they are imt..uated
agi-,n while the pi l-s move to the thiri
unit to be fed for six months beforee being
sIuh tred.

jMr H.-:mer stressed .h-,' all units will havRe
h.4ding' pits :m:r be cWn:ie:ted to the sealed
ir.:,nift tank in the wAr:;? im.rner as the
first umt w.rze the sows ar to be impreg-
in.-:,ed. He -co.uld not, ...e'r, say how
the offal from the; house vill be
dealt with.

"There are tvo or three options for thatC",
he said, "and these need further study."

iThe tir .: ptio is to r,:.vide imrruei.i :e1 pick
up by the generall publi to feed their meat
i' n':, fin ,,j_ 'I2'ec.' -,__' if the

"Tr~~.-lte:d into dollars and ..u.. .. ;
figia- of US$30,00 per op.. ..: hP ._
"thefigurei nm to. some ._US$2. m .
vih Gien.I.- has r--
cei'7"4 in ft'-e medic.i 'al
heart caie"

Mr ,pci-Li ,s re- 'i- .
II'!' vere r i- at- a .,

R.oysto n Hopkin, "
, ..; a-d 1 2.-,,'- .-
ing Director D dpice ;
T1..d i. m Ltdi, k'
ar t _- . ,, .'.. '_ : .

action, on I.etL..Jf of his Cons c-the-:' -
for EC $5000 |
Please s&e Fi CT
,..f"-c '- ./'v'"

Company is able to firr-rice it to pcess
the :.ff- into dog food. ThMs mgtb
the ...cportunity for s.meon strt -u a
pp:rc'^;ini tulicss inCGrn ., he ..d,;L -
his Co would be Iipp to d:- ti
nj ter. i

Mr Honmer said 160 ss (at st. -
of piiEnt.:nz) vill an'ive ftw;-. the United
States for the f:tc:tfry in J'.dy to p-r wih-
16 boais, 100 mopC r '' beir- f7--- ed. al
a later date.
pectd To Multiply
That v: 11 iipr. ent the cap ity of the
f.:.: 7'", he ::m, that -t rtin number bei-r
expected to multiply into a I:al of 2 ,500
pigs at .nv one time.

Starting next .4tarcI; 100 pii will be
sla.. eey e resulting in abo1t1.
S5,000 per aiurn, he i0d" and,
to :.l,4 to the '.!penre.s and h.t:p1I, an
eTtpoti ,;,, to the t-. 1'1.-..- f is -
be de e -iJ
y^:^^ .^^^ ^..'.^^ ^ O- j'


~:~e id i

Saturday 27th June 1992

The Grenada Newsletter

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 27th June 1992 Page 15

SPICE From PaIz 14
Making the prE-entaticon, Mr Hopkin said
this is tle second year in which Spice Island
Inn lhasdonated a cheque of this size to the
Found.ation. He hait been ft:l;wing tie
workof the Foundation, he said, m..n' n.edyv
children have been helped and he is con-
virnced this is money being put to good iL.e.

"As as been disclosed by the experts,
Grenada has a high incidence of rheumat-
ic fewer vhich transforms itself into grave
cardiac problems" he said, "and the
Foundation has doKe a great deal to assist
in many cases of this."'
Unable To Meet
Thiz, he ?.id, has been given to
peo.-ple vh... were qi.j:e unable to: meet tihe
.tfinai:/l of necessary op;'-heart.
su'geryand heco.:,-;,.!i:r:_r-, ,_t h?. t .e F-:..- ?i.:..n
on .givir them "a ecord c hanI,: in life".

Mr Hopkin 1rfe';r-d to the Hotel Industry
Conference held recently in the Ba.dr.m:-,
which he had ..edf arnd at .* ,h the
said, ex-Pri;e Minister MicbtaelM.,u,.-- of
Jamaica, in his keynote addr'Is, called fora
"caring industry' .:',r'.':n-d with the less
fortLmate in the s:.: iPey.

"We at Spice tLI c are arnd that is why we
are here today", Mr H..:,pkin .:i, ".1d we
.ue even proud to sa- that Prime Minister
Marney's motivation was not a hricgz'er on


Spice island Inn because we havw been;
denmoirrt"ting this type of caring for the last.
c.upl' cf -ms."

-.Ar Krop7:-rc frki who is the B.usiiess Admin-
istrator at the St Georges Unmeirsity School
of Medicine, in an int"er-r -ith NEWS-
L L-tile vas-,-. establish-
LET TER, 3...aid the :.. ,,t,, was esabh-
ed in 1984 -hen sorrme physicians and lay
peo..ple on the i-"lan felt help was n endedd
:,pei 'ifi'ly for child n who suffer from
,- :.rrjial heart disease.
Donate The Cost
The ,Fo,.,.d.rn made contract with instit-I
uti':n'- in the United States, the Deborah
Heiai & Lung Centre and the United Child-
rens H:.p.ital and 'a-.e institutions not only
*..r.n_- the. cost of the operations but t--ke
iare of the nedixzl after-care and the board
and !''":n.- for both the child's mother and
the Gri1:: dL inii.ue who -... -.

Mr Kopycinski said generiteu a'sistarnce had
b. n given the Founi. nationn by the Lions '!
of Grenada, thi Rotary Club of Grenada.,
n -Lri" orgmnisation in the Private Seci *r.

Con: vn. ir' -r,:.ta.:ion,, he said, there had
,eetn [ib'-J discounts and free ticket. from
,.,h Arnici Aiiinie and BWIA.


Taiwan Table Te.-mis Team


The Natil._iil Table Tennis Team of the
Republic of China (ROC )on Tiivar visited
Grenada frcm June l1 Th to 23rd.

Grenada was the first stop of the Team in
scheduled 'isit:- to six --:titries in the C:uib-
bean and Centr-rl America after participation g
in the h-painese and United states Opern

The T .eam oi:. iL'ted of 'e'..:r, ', : :: _:,".
d ,.t
., .ui fsv,_ ftiria. '- .x. they ere
, ,'rii: .ePl by f'".iu 4-anacs,.?.

ThIe visit '.-,. a f '-i-'-upV to the t4ir.-' '-v :k .
t-rt!?r session caniied out last Nl4p"i n*-
bD ROC Table T-iruws Coach, Chming-Hsiung.

Thie ",'',ir1: Tean- p...yed the (3rnaa -:
.,;. T..ibie ii Team and dem-,n'.
stAt.-it,.,- wemre _n tmo :cixl t_...ieis ,e n
o iudeite. S e NEWS SMmm Pge Ifv




The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 27th June 1992 Page 16

Coast GuarOd In Joid)peration
With French Customs

Over the period 19th to 20th June, the
Grenada Coast Guard and the French Cust-
oms from Martinique carried out a joint

According to a release fiom the Com-
missioner of Police, the operation consisted
of daylight patrols of She C oastguatni vessel
"Tyrell Bay" supported by aeenal recon-
naissance provided by French Customs
Cessna 404 aircraft.

&LB Dnf't vrrite "wr2t

According to the release, standard oper.itmg
procedures were established and paved the
vay for future operatiot~-.

No suspicious vessels were sighted.

Sir Archibald Passes Away

Fomner Chief Justice of Grenada, Sir Robert
Archibald Nedd, died .:,nSaturlAay 20th June.

Sir Archibald was one of Grenada's Island
Scholars and was called to the Bar of the
Inner Temple, London, in 1938.

After a brief practice in Grenada, he was
Registrar in St Vincent and St Lucia before

serving, from 1949 to 1974 as a Judge of
the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
He returned to Grenada as Chief Justice after
serving in Antigua on the Bench of the
Associciated States Supreme Court.

He is to be buried on June 28th after a State

USAID Training For Inland
Revenue Staff *

Two staff mernbers of the Inland Revenue

dies" with a space,
t's out of place.
ies" as we should,

Department are to be rained at the Institute
For Tam Administration in Los Angeles, the
United States of America.

This -trining is sponsored by the United
States Agen'cy For International Develop-
ment (USA ID), and in both cases lasts for a

One staff member will attend a seminar on
Income Tax Administration while the other
will pius ue a course in Tax Fraud Adminis-

That course vill include tax evasion and
fraud., criminal enforcement programmes,
tecf:lrdque, of plarming and conducting fraud
inve 6i.g tir,- as well as money laundering.

27th June 1992
Printed & Publiaed By The Propientor,
Alister Hughes, Journnaist,
Of Sctt Street, St.George's Grenada, Westiaies
,(P.O .BoX : Plone ["] 440 25-: Cables HUS3N, Grenada

A --


The GCnfadk

Volume 20 Saturday 27th June 199 Number 11

R DWIGHT VENrIER, This ,.- Grenada
I Governor of the E- -t--ri -Tronmc. a-.. region vhich
Caribbean Central Balk b .: B; -al- -az Mone-
I "(ECC Ba said in G-read, iF said.
j.on June 23rd,thereis urgent need for... .
all the social partners in Grenada. 116:::- .-.:-:-:: --. for
cofront realities of the situation .---. at the
Sco -rytanbeputback onafirm, Mad
Zpa6 to growth aad sustainable ..--':_.; .asea
S-. ::. J e : i ; .coa. t s in the
ZI.Bi B1 -. r .:::::::::::::.. ` ...... . ....... ::. : ::\ : .. :l ': ::'::
S::::::;:::::::::::: . .. :---- ... ...... ..
"Achain isas strong as its veet 'nk :. '; . SSUE
he said, "aLd, lIfortunately. read Pa
*t.t link in the ECCBIOrtia ti '0 I OG Last Cahibbean Stav (1OE1 amng:- % OECS(.:i,
East Canbbean Sta" s O S. arrn OEC3 n .......................... I
:Moent.' Omrn *mui Must
A Novel A ...........
1Mr Venner, faature-speak r at thp TAM-e C ic ;. 0
,ing ce, y of Granad P.a -. .. . .............. 5
Pohicy Reviev CommiAtei : Otaw:_ A ............ 6

hrn out to the island .

_Greada is a f Wot ECC ti or Uioder
said ands tbin itc t.....rn e. enada........ 131
proachted efiaen i en O Jtio _- . ........ SrsCajsg
Grenada can drav .Ie: pool of rs- . -................ 14
hold by the Bank in common. ONeVs ..........................
_,_,__-__-___._". _______ ______ '"J.-...,---. .- -l 4m

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