The Grenada newsletter

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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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A. & C. Hughes
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A. & C. Hughes
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The Grenada News-atLer Satuniay i : .2 I 'i2 Page 5


n RfO~M
r O

z h' .as .. ,et S ..

This as u. .imed on June 4th by Minis ter
of A ..rii.. Mr -George E i:." as he
,elivered -:.- feature address at the saod-
t": ceremony of a -fann .--J:':- proect
rT;hes by 'h Fr?- h h c -.I.n:n ,
?- p., jPG)

:t i:. .d e:: i ofb -i- fi ,m 15
nLIhon pounds pe annum to 30 million

BANHA SA Fr.-m Pag -..
ipmnt. m :1 to 52 EC cents per

"It is amportan, to note that i trodu 1(n00
in October of a payment system, irkmgg
returns t quality, had adwrje effbe-s on
Grenada's prices at t- at time," the Rso-,r
Msays, "due to the sut tndj-ard quality of
our fruit

A C ritical gem.
M., o diz;= -, -,t:. -,;.p._ ... : Gre. -
in the 1970s, -:rIr-m, to be ap and

pK r n ..: e at c< t.:.K-xi the hi-.:
L "-, b e I --
-c.:-:,:iuey to be a c :c element in the
JffB:7 S str.te.y.

p, of Th, .e s i .oibtedly,
Sa lMarge !m M fb in'-**r- r-. Se of

Camag thu b t a $

the Minster said that
niewrtheless it is ies-
capable aind viih. 4
supp .J-t of Gov-
ernment, the

munityaidregion all GEOB3 R B ZAANj
and in-ernational istitutioO it can be
achie d
PgLgge See- TA ETSE Page 6

ir.-d, to ^- the R.?.:. 'saV S E,." e er3
.. .-. p2E :. .n to st. .il

Bad A1nd H onpeles- Situation
Thi : Report eK:" cs .:-;:.; ::-,1. 3what
,-, calls .. -. ides i._e.d ici-e nLt and
; ....._.i: ., of feriliz- s to
fields m po.: n_.-:wr n .:vi .. :!I This
..!':'-1-1- h Report sas, is n apparent
tL;, r:4 hat4, desrri1-p,,
:" .1 ,,- '. W, of a bad ,., ,. .-.;

-.- ,',- accounts of :i.tV Y- a1
d -. .:... .:, .-.atins of EC 17 i, 561in 1 ,' ,

fl. 1 .' ,- in.


The Grenada Nevsatter Saturday 13th ine F2 .5Y

JThe st:.-:A tyeo, the ,ii:nister J:i, is
p-"rii in" of +tp q.;:'. tarn n. The
1Quality of Grenadas f -'L C.Uig'ed 1 6,
Ite .; ., b.. in .. -s- year, t"',.. .;h
cohc'-ted tfort s of fr;:-I, the GJin.-'i
Co-operative :,- S.. iet' ann d '1et,
A J-litfial EsXe;I9;.: '. (Kf'i the nu..ityv
-of G1n.ri.:e t.iuti -:as pronounced
*.urPer One" :- 8i L.:rIi:in amrAet

ob'.ev.s of ,'. f-nn he f-^ is to
dem i ;'in % "r\Ir 'I tio-
-- .'0:+ .- " -.- - .i. r : ,p o er|
15 f":.' + "'.: per anm nm per acr-e.

S- l *--l the -.:01-:.:.. of z f-'t rd :
.:: -'.i Mr ''. Ci:-'e. Head, of 'hi
Frem -. -.._: 9. .u_ and Technical Mission
in GLA* .V \ aid the .iJt r rotad ill e over

ih att.n now -is., .oncgd

t.rore to prodcir 1
I r ,


r wks+s t a t

t wcuut be

' pr dt wa-
, .. ........ .. 'r' .rz

Th- aim now, he :., is, once :.r, c:
pr: '..:- the best .7 ly bamanas as, unless
jthat is done, it would be poin-l to double

Mr Brizan said the thirb tarrget is sbar d
iby the other Wind vard. Islands, and it is
'to increase the yield of lban-aa ph at-
atios. The preent annual average ieid
in Grenada is some 4 to 5 ton' per ace,
Ithe Minister sai and th itially, must
lbe raised to Iu to 12 tor~ per acre.
[ : mi.- i Cy, he c ci,. .t. .e- 7 ,

per *u: to about 15 tons:'

The iK'u:er' fnr_ to a ny'4' b+xn-ut

t French Go- -n at La sse on
Lhe 1 :-: O"ne ___ of t,. :. --so5 ,
%iiyf l

inch *'lif4t d terrmi1ale4 .-pT ..-:.r 130 feet
." i
t:ovC 1K ZTaThj .1 2:'? V'! t :.: t little

vi serv 10..8 fa r:- ....e.:h
-.--. .... t a.) :. .I...tte cu ti Hble
ea tit 6r aure Fw.l LPks Et i
- - - A -

L -" o: -. -:I in -.
.Lo. -'-.+ :-... ,3'
- ---+- *.. -- t4.
." ? --t..- TO private:' -.- -in
'-- A act h Q f ji1m_ .ft ':2 y oif.

3..ub-di l es"te, i-.-the .: of
di+s--a 106,150 .:., Asen by.
lC' . 2 11 bS.


I - I -- -I


The GEnada Nsttr Sa!rii-y ita Ju1 92 Pa? 7

SD WTU 2y rv1mt,


-4 r

pC.. ._ r .

te strir:: : *.- be 'i .g ro:re .: ,'
Iise r .-O l i s '. 'j s e r. th e i--
1..on. _s- -,-p.lain:, too_ d -3- Au tfr. notice
gi, r fr-r te v-es was k.- shcart and

IThe 4i r : charge as she
Idelin-_:' the atu address at an Aais

STi nin Ser:Linr or.ri--i by the GTre -
jE-.nd of ToL-I ; to

iN ioni "-' ... .. (CA-#!-

1 ".

S-i Cruise nes re r.. a ---
So.tribuL er.-.:gh to t: i. 1.:7" she1

AContr;v-'rsia Call

tr'..vesial call atthe smIrMit that h- s hoi 1
be an inEre.-s in the HY Tax I h -d on
all visitors by Cik se Lmner.

Giving f :e br 'round to thlis dll-Z !.-:-;'.
-f: Pucel!l said --t late last r, ther
ih1' been a decision by :e. O*, : ofy
SEast Caribbe-an Sta. A th- ity (Co imi of
i., Prime :..-,,--: ::- it., by October of
/ r
Sr1992,-l the E-.d T. ./.:uld be : to

This caused a great deal of concern a _--
the C ruise Stear,:.s. Lin--,-, she -+.5,
i -b
,-.- ,, t,.'s b'n that., '" ;-.. r_ as too .
big in l case Gr:t.n.-' e--'. in as ntiich
as 400%.

S Jam'_k" sw,"i_ de.raei, d there va
e to goa- the Cruis-
Ind ustry
C-rticta ln The mndeu'ry
-: i. 4 v: over -t- of ::' sl
1ts r th v8nd an m the Caril

S' -- ---- t i

he she to dF4 Jtq

n lW it -ilg to S7 and in 199

There W Be No Cn- r
.t *- * -t ,a s -. e "* .
7 -- e. -

decision. Alli -he the regionB
ha- a-" -- -it s said and, as I-.;:"
as itnes t-- tir. there
4 I d .


"It, for oice in .:. lives we cra stick
a.'i* .. -:-1. P 2 .. 1-. e in ot o

,e e !.- -. ilns l e B.
_____ Nea. See LINERS Page 3-

fTh _eadaN sisttr Saturday i3rj Ja 992 page

i I
ED)I ; 3r......

A | ; .p, for te t :, .a ter of 199 1,
S. E .tem Cari. a-: Cn-trtiJ Bank
'1 6 7 CB) says t"h -.i,.tayv of
---:-.-.: ec noC ri-L e p- .... n di.u i ; t4
.-- a vibrant To ism n-

l. an
,,<.-r"piL : ':n m tc .. .. -

-, ::s. 1 .U -- ., epor sa- i ---
_ .__ man3." incr .. n_
ae total nunr of .
.--. is during the ..T. to J.:
Se:;.'--.'.e- 1991 period, a comr- _

*ors, "T '. higher : ,:-ditue has a

ram -:-,owd by the Canada Tr. ni-
P Project. *The prlnou. is

se 1: I::-v year Skills T- _:-. Se.-- -- rn and aIttenro.:- at the sec.:,

d-, r impact on e'-o'noric ,I 'ti-'i-
i .':r.:.d by 17% ,;id accounted for 30% of
the t-oal an-i'r d: "

":-,p fror a decline in visitors fm: the
w^ n*Jrted n:_1n the Rep.:s .
a. rnvals frm the ri..s .m"r
"1 ;,, f.t. w k.. increase d .
A-_ xA- Arrivals fr-om thle Uited
.-' States of Amernca :-:e -,
S- 6.5% to .9and v.uite
^ .-,: for21.2 of the ,.'-. number
aof -: cinr vi- i.:-.i

RKer!ting ain -clie in the
"' -.-e eror cruise ship canl int- 1"99 1
third q..Vites cuise .:.:ip passenger. -..:.& by
12.8% ovr ,e 1990 third, quarter figure
.,, brought to 143,833 the total tr ner of
cruise vp:, pR-:.-.-r for e year to
S.epfi_ er'.ber. .
Little If Any Grovth
In the A gicuitural Sector, i%- Re o,:.'
ezpi-v 1} opii.',n --th--.: ?' !: beliTtle
if -a- ,gD-'h in 1991 in spite of some s!ig;h..
tlbiid quarter i _l sez (c n-'a- d ....I:
990), in the Banar and C.:cL.. fields.

"For the- year, to date, (September)!
pr ctiron of bananas declined by20.6%
to 4, 1 ti.nes and cocoa by 16.5% tol
1,1' tionnes" the Report sa_ *"In

,.-,.., 3i. a. at .icere- iii aiough production of nutmeg
mo- jne 5th, i4.e: -.: 37 a..;- mcraeU carginally by 2.5%, output of
re+ i ... .v ere p,_t.-d A7 "w--.i.t | .--rr c1, malce, declined by 2.5%."
B:..' of Turisni for -: tour gi.i
pr:>cency. bythn Glet, RedC:^ f.r The p-rf o,-u,- ofthe-,.,lfacU^^;Ketor,

... .- .G.. i Frier A- ...i on qu.V- r, the .ep'rtpsays, .ith pr.:dc ti.:n of
for b ... knowlege or th- Get: b .eer ..,a dr., inr,!n-.;-, by 13.-*: 1
b-. j 17 .7- resp....... Pt" l ti: of--
fl .
.Af by 1bi%,- poultry feed. by"
LPeag She ECCB Pae S

The Grenada Nevsl.tti~-

Saturday ._ June 1992

ECCS from Page e
2.2% and whe.:J bran by 2. ".

According to the Report, construction
activity vas not as robust as in prev~ius
years. The number of permriits granted
to build during the 1991 third quarter
was 42% -bhov the comparable period in
1990, but vas less then in thea previous
Rising import BEi-
Corcmnenti ng on Ti-- .i:n Payrient..- the
Bank sawys Grenaj.a's 'o-isible trade b:^i.:rf
continued to ,e,..r,_oiatge di:e to a rsin:.i.
import bill a.. !::paied by a [-. in
export e -:n -L,..

During the 1991 third quan-r, payments
on imports amc'rted to EC Z7.4 J l vion,.
26% higher than tkh corr:n o-!iing
peri-cd in M10. Meanvhil, .arningm
fromesportsdeclinedbyg.2% to EC $3.3
million, resulting in a Visible trade deficit
of EC$74-1 milli,_ This -7efci wVas
35' higher than in the third quarter of

In t- ara of P.:'!t.: F":n the R.'.ort
h: LB7re'trj 1 yiE=l.^ & Ai~ at
co.Itr ,in. recun1 lt a:pe tr4 i.d.A rei in
i mr t: v.e' d perf.',nrnae ..

The operations of thk Ceitral Gov-
ernment during the -,enod n-der -reiew,
the Report says, resA-. l'd im a current
account surplus of EC$3.6 rillio as
compared vith a dei -,. f EC t69 -f ."Eiob
in the third quarter of 19".

The if-ther .:.u-tr:; of .e .ECC' are
Anguil1: Antigua, D:r.. ::a, Gi..- _i
M.-:tnrea T, StKitts, St Lucia d St Vir ?nt.
A Signifirant Sk-i--
Rep,:'i-iLg on these coirulries as a gr 'up,
the Bank says they _eerienced a
s ignif:cat sloviwg Mn ecorrnmic activity
during the 199' third quarter.

This s4.":m:n:, the Report says, i~fi
problerxs created to i-,ten.;J 'itr,.-'-. and

re s,ion in the r tain tfawi8g-p..t-iner

"Banana production for the year to
September 1991 was estimated at 167,433 3
metric tons", the Report says, aboutt
19.6% less then the samno period of 1990,
and was at the lowest level m four years."

T.n. q,- i-r compacrisron of tourism data
i i,'. tihe Report says, that for the area
": a h.:, t:ay-:-ver visit,:r arrivals in-
cr .ed by 11.2% to 162. ?., and cruise
Ship vii .'.rs ent. up by 14.5% above the
figure for the corresponding period in 1990.

"The :. irmance of the individual
de:tina'- s, vws, however, mixed", the
Report says. j
Was Not Available
C.'t..nlite 'e datA on Trade and Payment I
for the tiurd quarter "uas not available vheni
thte p.' -:;i as being prepare, but estimate: j
of total 'r:de dta available for ihe first half!
of 1991 T'l--h K. for the area as a vhoe,
-'.n .: ,--`::'; r, fell by 7.5% 'hile import-

For tih first nine months of 1991, the Report
says, g-.s l tourism pexnditue is es mated
at. E 'F 50 Miiion, an increase of 6. 2.' over
h -L figme for the sare period in 1990.

"Thes inflows, in combination vith net
capi t-:J f lovs associated mainly with
'ina ets in Tourism, more than offset
the :.vrse trade balance" the Report I
sazy- Tc net result vas an increase of
4.3% to EC $898 million in net foreign
assets in the region-*


Page 9

- ~--



Now Heart Foundation Care
For Adults

Ac' to a release fr'y-ri the GiinaJ.ian
Heart Foundation (GHF), Mrs Rose
K,.pycin .1h, GHF C oord.inator, has found a
hospital in the United States of America
,hich wi!l accept ad l.jt Gnr:d i.4 requi rng
open-heart surgery.

That hto pital is the C V .:.-c Me:di.: alC-nt.
in Manche.'ar, New Hampshire, ard, on
May 31st, two adults acconpa.ed
by a social worker left Gmnada for the
Ce ntre.

Page 10

Aid C(onrtr iiu7, hias presented the Governor
BaJe:r Sc .:ol for the Deaf with a cheque
for l-J,5ro. J

Te :., ;jn hunting to approximate,
EC U $100,000, is to be used for construction
of a donm'tory for the School.

.!..:.- !itin a population of 80,000 is the
Th-a,,, T.el Ilands which ate part
hf 3n .' .,les but not partof the United
Singdom The Goverment of Jersey is
.arnd .. not by Ministries but by
.C:.::.;.e. ::,ne being the Overseas Aid
Co,,rttes v.-.:h was established in 1967. ,

Don't v rite 'West Idie-' wi'h a space,
That space divides, it's 'ou cf place,
Let's write "WestadiL--." a we should,
Proud symbol of our nationhood.

Pnor to tl--, ne, id all heart cases sent from
IGrenadai. a.-.,e g:?n- to h:sFitals whichI acce u Per Rico To Help Market
only children. Gre~adian Products

As is the iase with those ho:s./i ls, th,- New A P-pe:pe f:-,m the Govermment Irrformat
H.anpsnhire Heart Institute at the C.-Trh':li Se.' e (IS' states that a senior office]
Medical Centre has 7,.7iwd I._ll medical ... n State D p.vinrr-ent of Puerto Rico
surgical fees and Amas: "a-in Airlines pL .vie.T d beern identS if- to assist Grenada in marl
free transportation. in s--me of its I.',duc .

r of

Jersey Overseas Aid For
Governor Baxter Shoo!

The British Resident Representative, Mr
Alan Duty, on behalf o* t2 j Ove.e

T"i-- -, e flk'ows a visit to Puerto Rico
, ....- t. .TIrLter of Agric''.lt.e, Mr
-.. B a:, i and the agemernt co,.er,
nark-tin. of f rsh fish, processed spices,
.utr:e s.n.rp, rum punch and liqueurs.

rth June ,W'Z
Printed & bnlished y T itor,
Alster H rs he. Jo-na P-,
Of Sc -?T teeth, t.Geor e' ,. rr'jtA We.-stUdnies
(P.O.Box 65-: Phone (p39 440 .a '^ :7iU S3 N, Grenada

The Grenada Nevsletter

Saturday lIth June 1992


The rendj 1

P.a. a.

Saturday 13th june 1992



Over Thrses A. A Off n

Tlrij uana Sei

C: :. 'sijn r of "c- :r
ja .. ..' . James, anno_.. '_' i

[ -- ti0th Lt .,: on the ;- y
Sbefom ( -: Royal Gare aP..oe R -
made a :; -' drug' haul ith AL. .es.. a

The hau was owr mlthr a ia.-f --s
lof marijuana', ib "and is the lar-st
lve ha e .r rmadte -n Grenada.*

*.^ th17 2-h the ^yi;. n^ the AiTI.
C r:s- -. :'-. the Police had a-.
kilo of 1A::: to 6- shot .
38-:Mit-:P reoi:.': and a q-.;a of

jLi A -

.. S1,,1
iard -P4-, had been made. He
,_:.:e,- to disiose ,._em the drugs --id
[,'ti fb u i b lit aninf.: source _.-'d the
rI -1-- -.-. on Isle La R a sral
iiand the in. t reer (- :-J .e Stathe

of ,' about -

.The press -:e" to th- -,pr- of the
S;, .-1i S:i'--: U v' oftthe ._,e Force
.1. point Salines v-_ .... the ir'r. -. were

.- '- .. ... :hco. .- -about 0 poun ,

3- * Ce 7 gg Pagp j


ce P Make Big Dru p
A4. Ko.X Calik For Eon.rc
-nC & ran on........
-BaKna 'a PMro, -ti.. I
Gr.aada De-lies -.....
.I. Tree TargEt _For Ba.
ji d u' try ......... ..........
SCris Liners Myu
|--:; tr% ute More .
| _CCB Reports On Gren
g News Shorts.....................





.- : north o





b% U .1
[lilt i L. 0-T J
V 11 lil
V, I

!The GrenadaNvsieLr Saturday i3 a !'-92 |

[*0 ''\, D TO MTE 7 EED_---=-
TO RD ....

S .RiVAT ES ECTOR ISDV.- Mr I :.-h. is Presidentof he C .:.
.uals m. s t Ie part olf neg9- .i -.-.'. Co_-. ...
|n i : team whei Cra i- i (CAC. .i : in i!- .rln
-- -ty -CARICC Gov- o i, teams
eni : ] !7 ir.--tr: d 71dnal teils onih r side

That ..pini.:n w.s .:p. on J -h by -- ... had. an o..:.t
Mr -idney Ki.-.:- pr-_.o-nt Trnidad i ricentyn he ,, t,.-i:.; with a
b i_-,-.- .,n ._as he ."-' e_ ihefeature *, g--oup of ,:;_,- Pri-: ... ,--.
.:- at,-. 7th Amual Ban, of / -" n ii-is. t: n-:rma . tr
the e- :..:; Ch"- reof ,:-._. ..-' -.-- C ARIC--- Prime
Conae:^ ,^I, ard he 1'i.- the
. .... "'- ... ._- "_to -0 -- ::. .
j"We cir t any oger -tht " ..ared
-i,:% cr-'.s or .reaucLrats to f T: CARIC-M Go- a.v-;: Tv.:. -

ne tiate trade and i h Pn- Sei :-. e--- d "-
.-_vae Secior try to -- -' its, -< ad must be P-eI'-,
_ope_"te it_..._______ __ __....__ _o. _ _
-________.._._ -.-________II i,,; 1 ", *' -- .- ..f.......... .
leAR !CC c mov forZad
D LR2UGS Proam Paqe i
.. atmt.. io ma.ii.. --
e ^ ^ T n'- lu rE retc-;gr e
In .*. : *, r n .'i. related ''-- disclosed, : -.- *-
jby M ir T ^,- 50 po... of c.r.d -a- -. d
mat juaa -p: seized by the .'- .
ne:R: se-d r ^i h:: line v ih is
Sces ra n s --.-. to or Ui _
,-am_ u.. -
j -' ':, ut '"'":.-x-:a of that Seetor
j I 1 -:--_- :. wider a ... -= ityv to s --., tiTm e
h e ,i :' -f c m o n 4 0 -1 f o 0 t V n ] .. . . .. . .
j elan .: ie; ; ,d boat "D on C,,; .- "1" -' "
-E _e,_ j-, -- m " fdo
Si-2512. The boat :.ed I h'
.0 t nd du-_ n,: of CARICOM *
jj ..d.d.. ..o, -u--C. : .-thad been ,.... : f '. aid-, --,C ,- --
..... .--.- ... ....... .. .. .... Itt act th.-:,:-t-:. hle " .. t-ai
D S. _ PIe e KFOX Pag~ 3.


The Grenada Me vsletter Saturday 13th June 192 Page 3 i

KNOX From Page 2
a choice of not beig ntUiaii;

O,:e? of the difficultiess Iow f.~c~d. by CARI-
CCM4, Mr ril said, is that, be .-i*- t-
industrialised cournriT are very biU.'L .iH n
with problems "l--,''.-i -dl *-.r the
world, *".y "can't find 'J -n t, c map any

rnr Sana An Area
For this rr'.n, he ? iI-lied, it is important
that the C ARICOM countries <: as a
group so `.a: te _
corarie will be seen I Tp P iv
-. .- he Pnv
.: an -uirstead0 of as I
.-hidiv idual count- In The

"C;t"d --an A ica and r
the Canbbeain,_-: .:-:-.. IU 1t
Ct., is 48 mllA

"If sov.h:.e :.:. find the prd to
.,,-.,perate and ...,.. the -h- e Ca_ i lt.b!i
aena to be c :- r-'.: .ily7 linked ....e vill be
noticed, ,e vill be an importa-it ale: "

What he was referirg to is not political_
umonn but the "ecopooic facts of life, h
said, and if the lar._ countries of Europe,
North America and Latin America have
found it vorth their Thile to get together,
tbe small countries of the Carib hbe an ha ve
far more justificatic for nmoing Jorg
Ithat road-

The Private Secto;r in the various C RI-
COM countries must ---1: as a 4-,i: Mr
.... : ^n, i / "r : t:i- the
pi1tof the c~hpz t:fir e and --1'
'iqld be :-*:' about it.

In th, .:nl.-% r ai.^ of the C-e ll;..:-n of
East Caribbean S.I- ha e..1 b .
p- a .:j--e ...-.;. .1 Tthe .r r
c:.&i.rieJ of TriL. ^ & T<:.b\: Barbdos
arid Jamaica. COn the ilhr hard he contin-
ued, busine ?f l Trinid .. T':-'
'rr:'"',, a L are ve- conr- ned
abcut -oith A ien -- i V.i:uela .



E-- b,.,ly is c --- ed ab1'.'... scm ebo,,;. j
._.-ir than himself, he f, and e
instead r t
'n CAR:ICOM s:-'. be c.:.:-reTd about
cr-: -parating ith ach -.?l,.... |.

"Maybe thenvev ilbe armed nolonger,
he said, "because lnerei is no future in
every little ceouiy trying to restructure
itself o" its and trying to paddle its
own can-oe econci.caly. T-hat is fatal.P
No Reason Why
te Sectors a :oe:: ?ald thele s
fa hondeiful tb.hihl of
Vatio s in the -
i-' an. d a "e.. lot of
[Countries ,t ae aih of
.r a -^"-, _he re a
O-K .-: a lot of ,.:-: :n

eamB ir:,e;?:-c3es and ''..-
'_r he and there
i n vy te C. itean can't do
better t-an it h~ -:;. up to :..

IMr Ko is Ci,- & -: h .. -- executive

OIe-of T:r.idad's; \: ^ b "...,..:..z""

a:ra ion, i- ; iln. e of ",, ,^-, -. s A .
Piase e KN-OX Page 4
[7 T-e H -,.1 -5

a! "s Mo^ A d

IFoaunae 17th Auir t 1973

e Paid Dy (z ;- AEre mraa) L

j i0I$15.0 To $ 43.0

20I am3 CO7 O $ 77.00

0?'-.3 3-..% $146-00
Abont Isses ptbai edlithe ua mUylv

I I) J, '- I
fT^L L1 M cyg-N 4 r

IC^ rL of the GR n.:ti.'. F -a..i
Operative S,.: :y (GBCyS), in hIs
report .:n t '__-f of the GBCS CCor
jvf l.I...ager.n., disC.losed th.., cr.ient
the tend f r...e r-i, e -C, noV, ':J li on and r'
of banana-s f "k:,- Gre .. conti to decline

"Mom'g along viththis slump vas a general
showing in our quality outturn vhen conm
Ivith our parti,-rs mi the Windward Is
-Banana Associatiion (WINBAN1" he said.

hl' Bhola's report s-ys 6 :43.4 t:r'L of banan
4 orted i. n 1, a 1d:1 of 9.4% below the li
.. the i :.,e.-'t :IIeIC-1 output since 1957.
1 Far From Satisfactory
ith refirance to fn1i' quality, the Rep-:-,
ys, in pite. of st.-:: -effArts at im '.'..-

a;r f'. : satisfactor i

Fai;.s. fruit quality suffered from
irne'ha.r-cal, the Report says, next
-: "crv. n rot" follow ed by pi-m'~t'.u

KIO 1 From Page 3
He was avarided the Cha:-nia t,.dal (inm
S:'.,), by the G3, ..u!nen t of Tviniud' &
S,.ba.r, for his c.r'ntrib.tic.nto the gr.'h i
i *skcpen' of business in his|
I coi.?r. anr. hKI an h-,iry doctorate I
Sfrom .-- Umn..-:si:,y of the West Indies in
|i .-:,gnition of his conyitbution to tl-e
'-Ith nc de nrpment c ...
,. -=:>. ,tn d 4;^ :*;:.:'..:^;:,^ ,rnr,, o; bino. s in I1? 0'

9' f;i3

rpenin:' during shipment to e United

the Report says c-. -:. d4 ; i the first
quarter of I ,'-i ".-: :. Starting
at a o of 52.87 EC .:s per in
January, the -i:e mc, v-d to an a ..rage of
67 EC cents in -March.
Sigs Of A Doi Tur
Thre -ri-. :n,:r.; _. ..ini'_.- n 'the second
quir of 1991 ,Ia a- a., of 75
EC ch'.. per pouimd n1 t Jine, there ,e r
signs of a do1n turn in ::.e:.

IT: :IVfe,:i'_d the prise which r~.: i.d .~'i-.umd
68 EC "-;'. per p.: .:u-:. in tb' "i.; quarter
. fl in the fiburth, first to 60 EC
Ie'ti per pouind and 'he, by the second
Pleas See BAHANAS ?Pre 5


Saturday, .Tm 19

The Grenada Nevsletterw

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