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The Grenada newsletter
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada_____


iVolunm 20

Saturday 25th April 1992

Number 7

lb HE
* IGovemn-
I ment ranpnns vl
Idsad- ocked with its employees i
ne'ouatiors fbir a new Wage Agreement
an. a general, s t. now seems likely.

SDiscuss Eions over the past few days have not
|resulted in ag-ement and, m an internew
w ith NEWSLETTER on April 25th, Mr
Chester Humphry, President of the
Technical & Allied oers Union (TAWUl
anu. aI member of the workers' negotiating
team, said .the ne f-r days ou d be
il *;aid.
i"Next v e is a watershed period', he

Se last I age Agrment e-pired on 31st
December 1989 iad, since Iast Augst, f, eur
UnIons representing Goveument em-
-e, ang 11 lent e""11

p!oyees have been ne-
.otiati.g jointly, for a
new Agneement.

iThse UniTons ai the Public Workers Union
(PWiU), chi h resents the Civil Service,
the Gran.a Urlion of Teachers (GUT),
T 1T presentingg workers in the essential
Pleas See STgKE Page 2



Strike Threat Loos ...............
SBrathvaite Shufle Cabinet.....
Caribbean Prepares For
Rio Confs ence..................
O ECS Civil Servants
Conference ..........-.............
U@ UN Decolonisation
Ccference In Gnenada ....-..
* NIS Building Openedf...........
@ Chinese Donate Farm
4i News Shorts .........................



)) ,', ,

SThe Grenada NevslettP Saturday 25th April 1992 Page 2

IjfRIKE From Pa e 1
ise-rvices (vatr, elActncitv etc.) arnd the
Seamen f W aterfront Workers Umion:
(SWWU) r epsenting security services on
the docks.

I|The- Un.ions'- original demand was for a
12.5% age increase in 1990 for voters
iwith a monthly salar- of uLnder EC$1,000 .
S-For the ionthi salary scale between
,EC $1, f00 a EC$2 00' the demand was
f-,r an increase of 20 F" and o ver EC $2, 000
the de-mal was fr~ 21%.

r --d as for

levant salad y sCales
Y, fAr 1992 tS-
!'Uni'ons asked 7.% 15 and 11.5%

From te ofu. j"a aa......over dit .ould.
-. ,4 - -< !# ; ':"

pay no more mX E$5.5 million n
mireases an a tranla into an
aross-te-board .. % n. 1990, ad -
i2 n each f the e ars 1991 and 1992.
rWas TA Unacceptable

nce to the ears 1990, 1991 and 1992,
became fiBaty 12%, 10% mnd 7%5 15%,

JTha Uios-_ Go_, t e- RArther-

couldi not be _o-d -no to pay salary
TmhBreases n te &worirkrs would be,
tpreparoed to accept Gtoernment bonds

peatgine its acrs- -. 5a rd offer of 0%,
2.5% and 2.5%, to Vh was- added a
s payment n a salary increase)
of 1% on the 990 salaries- That
pereatageo produced EC $750,00, ab
im YnAich Goouna t said it wouil
.pay m 1993.
1%c a t' "
rfUsaae& Ta
-P~ p'sue EC P5,00,

Govetnu-ri t sad, too, it would pay a further
EC $3.5 (US$1.30) million in no-inter .est
beai -ng b-ds to be issued immediately an i
redeemed in five years.
In Carnival Fashion
This offer as not acceptable to the Unions
and on ApI 22nd, Government Depart-
imentis we s evenlyy uni erstaffed as, after
mass meeting hundreds of workers stayed i
avay from the job and des:nsi, ated in
carnival fashion through the streets of St
Georie j3.

'W President, Mrs Laurt Clarkson, said

the deimons-rtmion was a srhov of soclidanty.

Se staid also a letter had been written
Pnme Minister Nichiolas Biathwaite Mith'
ref-rence to a radio broadcast he made the
Jnigt bef- e (21st). in that broadcast, the
rnme Anister refenred to Civil Service
Regilatins and consequences to worei~t3s
if without leae they stayed off the job to
tke p -rt in te demonstration

Said the Uion's letter, "It is our
coiniderM opimon that thrts and
mdiaic--i of threats can cause only al
souil deterioration of an already I
explosice i iustrial situationY
Had Been Modified
At this stae, the Union demand hyad been
modified to a total increase of EC $18
million. .-Governm-.e fr its 'part, had
maintained its oMr of 0%, 2.5% and 2.5%
for the yea. 1990, 1990 and. 192 pl us a
cash payment i o 1 on 1-990 sal-aes (not a
salary increse).

SGovrnmeit m-s advised that, if the cash
payment was incoiporated into the wage
increases, raising the- total salary increase
P. I_ Pieaa See STRIKE Page 3

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 25th April 1992 Page 3

STRIKE From Page 2
fr-m Government's original offerof EC $5.5
million to EC $6.25, the Unions would be
ormared to acc t. t-is and continue ni_-

countries and, for this reason, the Gre-nada
Government is not able to pay as high
salaries as the other Windward Island

gotiations on the balajne. Go vernments.

This suggestion, however, was not accept- _f Grnada's population of 90,691 people,
Liable to Governr nt and the letter to the th release says, 6,600 a Government
iPnime Minister expressed the workers employees In compa-ison, -Dominica has
"severe disappointmer". a population of 82,400 and only some 2, 500
Would Be Forced ar employed by Government, the
The Prime Minister vas refenrrd to r n e~ae says. According to the
a previous letter from the Unions reIse, s3the population of St
in which it was stated that the ,incent is 115, 0 and that
Sworkers would be forced to take oGoernment employs some 4, 800
industrial action if a settlement was worke- .
r.t- reached. Less Debts To Pay
The release says also that the
"We vish to confirm that economies of St Vincent and
position the letter of 22nd April e .: Dominica ae strnger that G.e-
-ad. nad era's economy and those Govern-
Smerits hare less debts to pay than
INo settlement can be reac hed on .% / G.renada..
the terms offered by Gov- /
ernament, te letter continued, PRIME MINISTtR "Those countries have higher
iut. "e aail oiselves ofevery NICHOLAS BRATHWAITE levels of production than
opportunity to have t-this long Grenada has," the release
ijutsta-1ding issue settled by ThWruday 23rd saysan, oWr the last 14 years, those
April 19*9' countries have been enjoying political
stability not enjoyed by Grenada."
TheJre e no- further developments and,
on pi d thee was an almost 100% ovenment gae in to the demands of
shut dowzn of Government Dearirents nse See STInKE Page 4
ihe e. worn:es a .'presented by PWUA. i he na
Students Were affiec td also vby GUT action td-
Sschools had just reopened after the Eastr NE W SLETTER
izicllidavs. Founded 17th Aupmxt 1973

Both TAWU and SWVU have a minority
jfinembe s who are Government employees
rid that rrnirity, -o the enti un ion, vas
Sixi i .---
also on strike.

In the rrmeantimen Government had issued a
sliease giving reasons Vhy it cannot meet
the .workers den-ands.

SThe release said far more 'worers are
emplored by the Grenada GorvemrErt tiran
iare emnpioyed by other Windward fsand

455th issue
Subscription Rats
Payable In Advane
Postage Paid By Semio Class Airmail
(Inla.d Post In Grenada)

io0 Isue $115.00

20 Isans

$207 o

i4i issues $390.00
Atlout a? lasuss Pubtlshet

$ 43.00

$ 77j00


The Grenada Newskltt~r Satur

the B workers, the release says, the sult
ijoud bde that Greinaa vi su l, ver soon,
ind up in the clutches of the International
Monetar Ftnd..
Furrosses a he s ti ri

I.2 is th r. J fl

day 25th April 1992

Pa- 4

The net. proposal was that the entire
package g to arbitration with both sides
bound bI y e t i. ng.

The thud proposal takes into account that
Snw negotiaions are rcw due for a age
Agreement covering the year 1993, 1994
and 195. Tis proposal suggests that tt the
Unions si I an Agreement on the basis of
Govenrn.en's offer of EC $ 10.8 million and
cay over into the new negotiations the!
difference between
t iat offer and the

Novr PAt Togeher
eNone ofthese p pos als
are acceptable to t he
Sv Unions Mr Hu nphriehv
said but the U nioms have
n nt vef t thoget r -I packe".

response to it.

t4We rEio n rmade any
proposals", h, said,
"our pos itioi is stillI
Se EC $17 mill o, abut
in an effort to f.ell out where a
leytrent might be, we have put
Govethetr something we have sent toi
the Miuister iof Lbout and have asked him
to tnt' response to it."

ST-i,. Prs T .-
Not Willin To Gives

flte pk as htr Gesaid, tlhe rniister haof

od h4hired this, I the
UMOM' &St e .fo.t to. et a settp-"m i-t.

eIf thi fail, h said Ve aie moving
pBa Se Sa gner Ptrike 5

Th teE ne g ntaiaig on behalf of
'Govfrnm f!t. th TA W.J leader said, is
ad nd b-; Mr C e-, Glean, ,Min.ister of
E uc-ti.on., and ,e has with him Dr Francis
a.i-. t, r~r e. '-nor and M minister of
L. H-il Mr Michael A o revis,
Please See ST"RIE Pare 5

to :

-- ~c-
,ji -7

d i.e- e es r h i i
| by governmentt em-
poyees,v hichl. it sas,.
wouldd mean a loss o
Govremmentre'nue amn
a worsening t Grenada o e

-c .4 _7

Raging all ov'r th' 'or t
A stre Cill a--rfec ad-

th ilase sa 3n
?other ofis, a striei

7E:fe Ualr. 2 i1i-Ii.'0
Further 5oukltr
|Following the one--ay strike, there per

i., ..t .i I fy.- r-.-4
Ifa'-Lthr ne-oti-tio-' ,hich :e u-ted- inl a-

rirs r.-, ,a T at- -.

.and a cashpaymntr-of EC $1.55, -llionTnst

1ould ib in ths fortm of non-interest bearing

to this offer, Mr .n prey told NEWS-

SAt on the basis of Goveren
|<_vffer of i Ci,.: million a-, d a-lo. the.
ifere:e betei this offer and the Ui.ons -

d.mand ,.- to arbit iti -n.
5i_ i[ .t-.#....: -;'"v..; --Z'J 7 ? 3

i The Grenada Newsietter

Saturday 25th April 1992

i T-) Ar_ Z4r

r' ( "+ "


I sh ihich In.a -
n..uated m Gran
a.i i ut a s-rtniht.
i 1 .A 4 -
ov .men Inf-aLJr4tion Service
I GS: aI runced on Api3 l 24m at Pi
Mi ster Nichos Brm aitle had e Ived

and had. -mlf assumed responsibility for

ja s Head of F-, ce th- e Ministry f hi*
tonally, is rare as senior" the
hers Mr B rian h.-ad been in the t"hot seat"
Srecent- times as the principal person

~-Ie f4flYW~~ S3fli:j

RTAlKE riom -ap 4

Mr Brian Zas on the team as Minister o
Fina -ce, but h has s.. e been i. move d fromr
that- ministry to the Ministry of Agricultue
m i Mr umphrey did-- no.t knov whether or
not he -:ould be replaced.

On Apri 29th, Mr umnphrey said-, the
0-9. .- --,t4+ I-,
on the matter ith thie Chamber of
Con.merce, Em-loy-e Federationl, Hotel
Association ad the Council of Chiches
Following .his, he said., tLere ill be
: -etings with the Political Pa.ties ailso
".. .. at-r- i .'* i-c1 .. .... W. -O

eanied for Apnl 29th-

T, :rme Tade union Council (TUC); stands

jjI T


Behind the current ne-
gotiationls with govem-
Imenm eiloy.ees for a
'new Wage Agreement.

Those negotiations, di n out suice
a t iAugust, have no.t yet been concluded, a
..deadlock tests, arn relieving Mr Brizan of
hie pot may be an effort by the Prime
.Mimster to bring new initiatives to the

To assist him in this. he has taken Senator
Tiirmn Thomas avay as Minister of Works,
ntimi cationrs .and. Public Utilities and. hast
Please e SHU.FFI.E Page 6

Lt- r1'" J
M:ready to support a general strike, Mr
HL nuiiphrey said ?as, on March 28th, a TUC
Coventicn adopted a solution to move I
to-rair a general strike "to deal with the
cu n industrial crisis in the county."_

That "criiss" involves unsettled disputes
between the SWWU and the Shippgin
A intS, TA WU and the Govemmnent oned
Cen ral Garage -an P"WU, GUT, TAWU and
Sf7?/T aid Gove-rnrrntoverthe ne WaPe
Amement., he said.

'Mr H '2hre.y said TU.C met on April 24th
and was brought up to date on all
develop pments.

Page 5

The Grenada ette Saturday 25th April 1992 Page 6

4.2 /x 5 r w'r!I; 5 iJJ

Idh is to be W;d1essed is 1 the nei for a- w
kWurd Ord-r
at e Unitd. Natin, said at a press e in Grenada on April 23rd

A -
Sthat environ ntal prtectioi cannot, be discussed -without talking about

"It is almost -impossible to ask people of the least developed counties and developing
countries t take care of and protect the enviir-:nrment," he said, "v'hen they have problems
SSHUFFLE Frn Pao a 5 i fidin-g a real for their children."

appointed Enim "Minister in the Ministry
iof Finance".
Ths mve is the st in a round of
ministerinal "r .ical cairs" as AMr
PSt Louis, until no Minister of-
.Agriculture, Lands Forstr and Fisheries,
1ill take over the Ministry of Wols,

by takingovertthe Ministry of Agriculture,
Lands, Forest-y and Fis-- hr-ies frm Mr St

Addition to Finane, Prime Miniter
SBrAthaite has taken frmrI Mr -d:an the

portfolioo of Plaming and Will con-tinue 1)to
,be Rsponsib for E ; Ixteal Affairs J
SSecurity a.d the other portfoliios hie .holds.
-1 1-r

!Mr Brathw1aite has, however, gi ven upa the
Sport.lio of Inf -ation -ic h is o
* i 7

z;.ded to the responsibilites of Senator
Carlye -'Glean,- Mi'nster for -iucation.

in edition to hi ne Minis i
"ill continue to sponsible for Trade ,
Siniustun Pduction and anerg

.i se .,. C gS 7 tam
Mondna 2 Aq-il S992.
;i:_ -T -) '.. "','+r


Relative t this issue, Mr Pur.soo vas
scheduled to:, present, at a conference in St
Lucia on April 24th, a paper on "Global

That conference was sponsored by the
Caribbean Enviromaental and Health
Institute, an. agency of the Caibbean
Co unity (C ARIC OM), and the
Ambassdor's paper was with special
frfence to the United Nations Contference
on "Environment And Development" to be
held in io, B mzil, from June 3rd to 14th

Must Be Recognised
it must t reco.,-nsed thatit is in the progress
of theiron development that the developed
countnes hav d.egraded the earths atos-
phre, the Ambassador said, and the es-
pornibi-ity for the phenomenon of global
vWarm r rests with them.

"The developed countries are the ones
vWAch spev all the carbon dioxide and
other greenhouse gases into the earth's
atmosphere and are largely, if not totally,
re-pos-ibbl for the hole in the ozone
iaTer," he said, "vhile ve, the developing
countries, are the vicxns."

It is necessary he said, to consider the
.osequeC CS oIf deelop-mernt of the
Please See PU ST O Pam 7

-- -----

SThe Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 25th April 1992 Page 7

iPU3R 3O0 From PagT 6
developed countries arid try to make adust-
merts to their consumion and development
.patterns in cler to protect the atmosphere
Must Also Be An Attempt
I There mus als be a. attemp tto assist
idevelop;g counties io adopt development.
|models wich will not degrade the atmoS-
rphere, Mr P4su o said, and this ill requiem e
transfers of technology and financial
resources from th e developed. tihe deve~op-

4i .t e -- l_ n; t :he 1C. :_

co"Pnrid.d it i? clear
what is to be considered at ihe '
Rio Confeince is the y
L -
aio bfr eC-e- t
de--loped and de0ve opinr
Scontnes .
I ,

S.Essen t,-all --hat is to be addressed is the
need fbr a new Worid Order, he said, an
|Qn er in which mori equity and justice
giVls i devlopmg counties le Grnada
--a better chae..
n 4 n ... .. .

oHa No -ar t
1 -;'- -

i n-i

;Te oRio coni~emnce vauro Seel id, s
|t- Zrst a--p-ortucti eer r ioer tfhe iopmiki

I devloprians wi er ULeI oenly of

| "We had 1o part mn the relationhips that
Result mn ovr one billion people ling m
absolutee poverty to day," he saIid, "in 800
| million people going hungry on a daily basis
a 40,000 children dyi daily because of

Ilack of basic medical care."

Nor did the developing counties have any
pan prodding conditions intoday's world
in which a billion and a half people are
illiterate, the Ambassador said.

Theo Rio conference vill be the firt time
develop ng c onries sit down with develop-
ed countries to discuss these matters, he said,
and thy vill say they want different relat-
ions. latirons which wi' result in a better
world i-th a greater chance for their
Do Nt H av Th Capaity
%- Wi pMT-cla rf-
erence to the Carib-
bean, Pusoo aid one of his
ttmiajor conce is is mar-
.V ine p pollution ei-.nerated
% -iprtgof Jaste. There
is documentation, he said, that this
l" dumnpirng does tale place, and
- --M wrhat is most "frightening" is
th at Caibbean countries do not have, the
capac ity to monitor this activity.

He has been briefed of evidence, he said,
that shis of other nations ash their
bilges in the Caribbean and, when those
ships havi been carrying dangerous chemii-
cls, ths effect on r-eefs and ma-rinne species
is devastating.g|
Some Of The Best Beache
The ntas sador said he did not wish to
appear antagonistic to any copmtry in particu-
lar but, a few years ao, he noticedI
unscrupulouss behaviour of New YoVrk
busriessmi n w.ho dumped toxic vaste on
som of the best beaches in that area.

"You think to yourself, if they could do i
that o tbe melv", he said, "vhat are
tfey doing in areas whee there is no
ability to detect their practices?"

Mr Pursoo said he had played a lead role in
A United N1tions organisation the Alliance
rtf all island-States (AOSIS), which
speaks with one voice for all members in
Please See PURSO Pare 8

The Grenada NeMaL ettr Saturday 25th April M9I2 Pag8

r r. '--= xjjr *
$jKy r tL W Jw r Y gel


an-d other countries of the

S ates i(OECS) these Services il not pro-
'duce resdits-

This conent vas made on April 22ind by
Governor-General Sir Paul Scoon as he
Opened officially a Kthre-day Wmining
i.confer. ce. of in Secrettaries a:..
SEstablishment Officers of the QEC S count-

Not Going To See Results
"IftheW junior CivilServt cannot bring
up the file on t he said, "if he does

i -
o *-now to o, trealthe ina ry people
who approa& the e o e on legitaiate-
IbutME, I amfra yu'ra not gogto
see reasulst'

iThee is discussion these days about
SprogiaMinjg nir- .udgetingP and

| PUsoo fr t Paget


The ADSS mitiative was suggested by
i the former Trindad. 8. & To..,bago Mini-ster,
for the Emniromn qt, Mr Lincoln Mayis,
1lie sai, and it includes all island states
ld-ide. Though not islands, he
j said. both Guyana snd BTlize ar members |
of A;1 I.

SAOSI is cCntrolled by a three ian!
Bureau, the Ambassador said, and4 he has
the honour of bein one0 orf them.
,_ t .1 I:: :.:
'I ^asa i^ ^ ^ i^ l[eK^S-i--a^^^

aging, Sir Paul sai-d, butuiless at-tention
is giver to such problem- as sloppiness in
answrenng ie telephone, sloppiness in the
wayv mem-ers or,:i pl the p1lic area ted and
liateness for ork, then n'o prg s is being

The Civil Service must be an integrated
vhoLe, the Goernor-Genera said, and,
to correct these probiesm, he siugstas
that pr~ Iant inW the cofere~ce,
thenmeives Senior Cil Servants, should
undertake in-s~ rice trainig in their
respect Civil Serrics.

This conference %as sponsored by the C an-
adian Inteiational Deve lopmentAgenc yand
impleme int-. b the Mnitoba Institu-te of
- iManagement. It as Wthe thi and last in
a series, te fit ha been hIld in
Montena i1989 an d the second in
Do- i 1 90.
Could Be Summed Up
MAr Paul Ha'i Civil Service Commissioner
fom the C anad ian Provirice of M anitoba,
and za resource person for the conference,
addrinL the opening ceremony, said the
theme of the --orkshop could be sunnmrd
up in the word sharingng,

"The co.fe. rn brings together the senior
Goven nent. officials responsible : for the
Establishma.'s function within their
repective, th said, "in order
that. they :an s-ha experiences, ideas,
comon rob n"s and poten al solutions "

An imrrpo-.ant part of the conference, was thei
participant-, getti ng tjf o kno one ano'thr as
professional colleagues and friends, 1Mr Hcart
PleaSe CONFER C Pae 9



The Grenada Newsletter Satur

The Atlministrwinq P
tiLtngs, demons rated
operation with refer

Grena-da.s.. Ambassador to
the United Nations (UJN),
Said at a press cownerence
Sin on April 23rd tYt, fi-m June
17th to 20 ii the, UN will hold a Confeernce
in Grenad.a on the question of national self-
I"A UTN Resolution passed mr Novemb er of
i.8 calls for self-d.eterinaion 'to be
granted to c .unties .,not yet independent,"




ij '_ J .---' _. . ., .L,. Lu_-vW
I CONFERECE From Page 8 -. t, a-- m in e .Caribbean. aea..and these
said.. Through tese s gihed ill be the focus of the Grenada Conference.
relationships he continued, help, assist-
ance and informant n will be only a phone e n-s-g ean count-
Th-ese rerinc
call or fax away. es e te Cayman islands, the Turks and
SrCaicos Islads, the. Britsh Virgin Islands,
The agenda fr the ,conference included 4 Se Vgin Islands, Anruilla,

i discLussions. Also, special focus was In Other Parts
ii givento ~ nalisinga Are nt rt The Adminnitring Powers of these
Ster-teitria o-opeion in the alof courses are The United Kingdom and ,
i, human reso-e ~ manage ment States of America, Mr Pursoo I
S qsaid, air they ha beeninvited to attend
"An equally important topic", Mr Bait the Conference. Also invited to attend
aid, w a discussion on the ftu New Zeaand and France vhich are
of these conference and -ether the Aduinistering Powers for non-self-I
Sjess5--.; finding an ~s, G. rp es can be
neess fnd resources can be g ning countries in oher parts of the
identified." vora
in addition to Grenada, paicipants in the r said the Amisten
conference were d -Irn from St Vincent, have not, at all timss, demonsAtated
Ir-t T u;,- or-
St Lucia, Dminica, Anti St Ks, desible level of co-op.eration with
S- Monseat ani the Bt hViiIsl r eferi ee to decolo -isation and it appears
L. .- ease Se DE COQLIHSTIO Pag e 10

day 25th April 1992 Page 9

a. tesirsl we co-
enue to dculoe kiaioWn

he sai, "and the .ne Assembly has
adopted a plan of action calling for con-
vernm of conferenes,.,n the Cazribbean, in
:the i fic UN headquarters to discuss
this matterr'

The conference in GAenada launches that
plan of action geared to implement the
"De acade of DecoloniatioX krom the year i
1990 to 2000, the Am ssamor said.
-World-Y ide, tnhe: are I non-sa-govering
r-,-.m .n-c n t Th I J 5 li.t Rh .aid ,n r n

IThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday 25th April 1992 Page 10

they have their dvn interests they wish to

"From time to time," he said, "both the
United Kingdom and the United States of
America have expressed dissatisfaction with
developments on the issue."
Directed At Them
Mr Pursoo said these two countries are
unhappy with vwat the y term "name -calliing
directed at them in the UN Special
Committee and in the Committee charged
,with the decolonisation issue.

Also, he said, both Powers express
the opinion that in the non-self-
go ve nung
in their
charge, the desire for
independence is not

However the Ambassador said, some of
these countries have expressed finn desires
to seek self-determination, Montsei-at being
one example.

The plan is that, before the end of the dec-
ade, Mr Pursoo said, refebendums will be
held in each of the non-self-go veming
,countries so the people can decide what they
Can Be Addressed
in the meantime, he said, if the Administer-
ing- Powers take part in the Grenada Con-
ference at the level it is hoped they will,
These issues can be addressed and solutions
u worked out.

The Ambassador stressed that the UN is
not coming to -te rgion "to say how things be done", but to listen. Those
invited will include representatives of the
non-self-goveming countries, rpresent-
a~ es of other Caribbean governments, non
governmental organizations and eminent

personalities, all of whom, he said, will put
forvard their ideas on implementation of the
Decade of Decolonisation.
Stand On Their Own
With reference to whether these non-self-
governing countries are sufficiently viable
to stand on their own, the Ambassador said
the UN plan of action encourages the
Administering Powers to work with those
countries in their development educat-
ionally, economically and in every other
aspect t prepare_ them for self-

pie to determine what they would like," he
said, "whether it is going to be independ-
Snce or any other fonr of se lf-
determination they find desirable:"
Mr Pursoo said Puerto Rico. because of its
special relationship with the United States
,of Armerca, is not considered a non-self-
governing county eligible for decolonis-

in the 17th ce ntury, meat ciued by the
Amerindians using a method of dining and
smokirg-, was called "boucan" by the

The pi-rtes of that era, operating in the
Caribbean, success sfully eamed and used that
Amnerindian skill and, frthis reason, became
known as buccaneerss.

In Grenada, traces of French influence can
be seen in an interesting prservation of the
word Pl tation buildings used to dry
agnrc.tuA!tt produce are called boucans" .

* ,,,L
"* 'i : "' '
*'. -
r :". '

The Granada Nevsletter Saturday 25th April 1992 Page 11

TD TR'1271LJ L, I

rmmanZb Jth tMinG=cId iS13iMdr9&iM
iugmmos sc[5 B SWus w&m QE4n jTonnm
Cnx mcT S3GSiYaN-bS

address at the formal opening
on April 12th of "Melville
,j House", the National Insmance
.Sche e (N.) building in St Geoge 's, Pnirrm
Minister Nicholas Brathwaite said it is

unfonunate the Scheme has been used too
ilcnh by C ovemmenta as a snoute of e venue.r

Government .'s indebtedness to NIS in
bonr:oin tloarns at the ernd of Q1991 o as
SEC $49.075 million, he said, and, of this
figu-e, the New National Party (NINP)
Government of the late Prime Minister
iHerbert Blaize vas responsible fbr EC $42

"The present Admini-sration did not
create this problem of ovr-borrowing
from NIS," Mr Brathwaite said. "It is our
Sr-eposibility to repaythese debts and the
interest due to NIS"
Make An Effort
.1S oinr to NI'S frozm oher so~mees, tie
PrIme irilster said, is anpp-omatel-
$1._ 67-6 ri~ion. This is due as
Sntributions by various businesses, he said,

Ito clear up thei-r a--ears.
Mr ,thait disclosed the -Scherae now
j"hs 27,561 contributors and that, during the
st five feasa 7,s33 persons received
jickness allowances. Maternity allowances.
s pd to -3,28 pesons and there ere
cose to 400 flne I g .rnts, he said.

SGivin rg the backiground history of NIS, Mr
LeRoy Robinson, NIS Director, said the
instittiiUn --as bornon.4th Apn4iril 9. That

-. :'" '1
vzas during the regime of the Peoples Re,",-
lutionary Government (PR ).

Mr Robinson said the Scheme evolved from
the 197 Ea stern Cahibbean Multi-Island
Social Se-cui.t (ECM lS S) Report sponsored
v by the International -, Labour Oigausation
(ILO) ,and the United Nations Development

Referrig: to the New Ty
Jegel Movement revo- f.
lution of 1979, but .-....

sa-d national Insurane
vas geaud to cone into
effectin 1979 but "events
or tha year" pmrente d it s
Could Take Over he said.

"ro e did not get hat type ofhe

N. _th elesS., .le said, I coguLt-ion mwt be
T ,

gi- e-n to ive for o the r assistance ven
or t.v sear. t, PRIME hiN STEiR
t ope ration from commencement until and
-,ca .idertudy could take over," he said.
"Uiort.un-atelh .we did not get that type of

:Ne the.Ess, he said, mcognition rmust be
g-en to ILO fbr other assistance glven,
inclu-udiig services of th ILO Regional
Adviser ho. help-. ed with draf~ ig eq-. uiel
e.'tisat,:on. AlsO to b. -oonised and
appreciated, Mr Robinson said, is assistance
given NIS by the Director and staff of the
Barbados National Insurance Scheme.

Pleae Cee MIS Pae 12

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 25th April 1992 Page 12

CIITihEK I 'i, --


P A~iR f

sister for Agriculture said, onA
Grenadians need to open their
appreciate the beauty of their
"It seems to me we do not fully appreciate
have," he said, "and., too often, others have
bhad to come and show Ius."

The Ministers corrim:ennt was made at a
ceremony at which Ambassador Liu Po-LunI
of the Republic of China on Taiwan handed
over a Farm Madhinery Centre donated to
Grenada by his Government.

That Centre is located at Mardigras, a feB
miles east of St George's, and is on lands
which, in 1975, were developed by
Government as a demonstration Soil and
Water rC conservation Projects sponsored by the
United Nations Deelopment Project
Please see CHINESE PaRe 13

NIS From Page 11
Benefits provided by NIS, the Director said,
include age pension and giant, survivors
pension and grant, invalidity pension and
grant, maternity and sickness benefit and a
funeral grant.

Mr Chester John, NIS Chairman, said ihe
:monies loaned by the organisation are
interest earning investments, which, in the
e of Govenment, totals EC $49.236
-illion, wiile Statutor Bodies have been
leored EC$8.868 million.
Has Been Allocated
,-S introduced its own Housing Loan
Scheme, the Chairman said, and EC $10
-million has been allocated for this. To
.ate, just over half of this sun has been

Total NIS investments amount to
EC$66.59 million, he said, and the fixed
assets of the organisation are valued at
EC $53 3 million.

The largest proportion of those fixed assets
is represented by the three-storied "Melville
Ho e" whic N IS bought fom Government
as a burnt t out shell for EC$694,000 and
renovated at a cost of EC $3.7 million.

The NIS offices will be housed on the
middle floor, the top floor vill house a
Government Minis try while the ground floor
has been rented to the private sector. A
NIS spokesman- said the rental of the top
and A.rxnd floors will realise EC $35,000
per month.
Decided To Infest
Mr John said his Boani has decided to invest
EC $20 million in Governments New
Hospital tProject.

"This sun will be spread over four years
from 1993", he said, "arid the money will
be used. mainly from accrued interest
payable by Govremmennt"
MPleas See MIS Page 13

- -- -

- -- -

She Grenada Newsletter Saturday 25th April 1992 Page 13
I r4, ,

CHIMSE From Page 12
(UJNDP) and by the Food And Agriculture
S Organisation (FAO).

It had an exceient start after its
completion n 1981 an became a
Caribbean showpiece, according to a
spokesman for the -Ministry of Agri-
culture, ut vas allowed to deteriorate
during the regime of the Peoples
Revolutionary Government

HIS From Page 12
This investment will be made, the
Chaitmar n s-sd, subject to Goven-rn not's
guarantee that the loan vill be repaid over
Approximately 25 years and that the
: itere.t rate vill be about 8%.

I"Mel'ville House" was once one of a line
or private residences built on the western
or sea side of Melville street with their
foundations in tke sea. Those
residences -Tae pur hased and demolished
by !Govenn;ent early in this century vl-en
jit was decided to create a recreational aea,
S "The Esplaade".
SSerBed At Different Times
For some: rason, hv1_ver, Melville House
vas -rta ir.' and t:.hrugh the years, as
served at different times as residence
for Governm:ent Office -, as a garage both
for Government and the Private Sectorand
ias a Hostel for boys of the Government-
Sowned Grenada B-ys Sec.ondary School.
I In imre recent tines, i lhas been a Health
Centre and, in the regime of the Peoples
S'.evolutionar Gov mment it housed the
SCeniral Police Station.

jIn 1983, a few days after the military
intervention by United States and
i Caribbear Fores, "Melville House" was
i destroyed by fire of unknown origin and
has nreaired a btunt out shell until its
present Hno-,atiI- LI S.

Last July, a Chinese Agricultural
Technical Mission came to Grenada and,
not only constructed and equipped the
Farm Machinery Centre at MardiGras,
but tram-formed the lands of the Soil and
Water Conservation Project into pro-
ducing areas.

Mr St Louis said, when he first visited the
Maidigas Project he was appalled by the
".unpleasant suriundings". The area has
now been completely transformed and
upgraded, he said, and the job vas not done
by the Ministry of Agricultum.

"We should have done it ourselves", he said,
"and it. is because of the Chinese Mission
that the suoundings9 are as they are today."
CanBe Rased
Speaking on this occasion, Ambassador
Liu said the Mission had found the land
at Mardigras to beverypoor_ Steps can
be taken to improve it, he said, and trials
have proved that, while that is being done,
there are crops which can be raised on
the Project.

"In the meantime the land here may be
used to gro ginger and pineapples," he
said, "and also it is a perfect place to have
tree crops-

The Ambassador said also that the
Mission vould show the Agricultural
Department how flovers may be grovn
on the poor lands at Mardigras.

The building housing the Farm
Machinery Centre vas constructed at a
cost of EC $54,000 and the machinery is
valued at EC$113,000 .

The machinery includes. an Orchard
Operator, Poer Tillers, Cultivators and a
Farm Truck.


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 25th April 1992 Page 14


Shift In Viitor Preference

Fev Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
Wtouist destinations reported overall in-
creases in visitor arrivals during 1991, but
_several destinations reported significant
increases in cruise-ship alivals.

This trend is noted in a document of the
CaribbeanDevelopment Bank (CDB) setting
out CDB's 1991 activities and regional
background and prospects.

Based on preliminar data, CDB says,
bominica, Grenada, Jamaica and Turks &
Caicos Islands are the only destinations
reporting overall increases in 1991

Those reporting increases in ctise-sip
arrivals include Bahamas, Barbados,
Jamaica and St Lucia.

Says CDB, the shift in visitcr prNfeirence is
perhaps also indicative of incmone earners'
curtailrrmnt of expenditure on vacations
given uncertainties about. e..-nomic recoiyr
in-the United States.

GPSO Offers to Mediate

The Grenada Private Sector Organisation
(GPSO) has offered to mediate in the indust-
rial dispute involving Government and its

A press release issued on April 15th says a
GPSO meeting held that day expressed
grave concern over deterioration in
negotiations between Government and the

In the interest of solving this impasse, the
release says, GPSO offered on April 15th to
mediate between the parties. This offer,
the release says, is in support of an earlier

dies" with a space,
it's out of place.
lies" as we should,
* nationhood.

offer made by h Granada Employers Fed-

Members of GPSO are, the Grenada
Chamber of Industry & Commemre, the
Grenada Employers' Federation, the Grenada
Hotel Association and the National Farmers'


25th April 1992

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Alister Hughes, JournaList,
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