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The Grenada newsletter
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The G6ena&da_


Volm 20 Saturday 11th April 1992 Number 6



nor General of Grenada, ann-
ounced, on April 6th, his retire-
ment to become effective on
31st July nex twenty-seven days after
his 57th birthday.

Grenada's second Governor-General, Sir
Paul was sworn into office on October 4th
1978, succeeding the late Sir Leo DeGale.
Five months later, on March 13th 1979, he
vas faced with the New Jewvel Movement
Revolution which brought the leftist People s
Revolutionary Government (PRG) into
0 over and., over the next fouryears, Sir Paul
0* vNas Grenada's only link vith constit-

The bloody coup of the Revolutionary
Military Council (RMC), on 19th October

* ; ,



1983, resulted in assassination of PRG Prime
Minister Maurice Bishop and others. Also,
a still unknown number of Gmrenadians vere
massacred., and this triggered the "rescue
mission" undertaken by the United States
and Caribbean Forces.
@ Sir Paul Scoon To Retire ......... 1
@ Government And Workers
Deadlockedw..........L.........-...- 2
@ CTCS Sponsors Food And
Beverage Workshop-......... 5
SGood News For Banana....... 7
SNes Shorts ............................... 8
During that. operation, Governor-General
House came under heavy fire from forces of
the RMC, this necessitating a dramatic
rescue of Sir Paul and his family.
Pleas e So OMN Page 2

IThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday 1lth April 1992 Pae 2


., ,,A,


UAwnons:s "ls wil not sit and w.4t forcnr "

DDRESSING TiE NA-, .- maeri'y of its people."
: jt J ', ,tion-.n-~-.V- .'or M arch i st, -,, .. ,
S,:t .i n sister Nicholas Go- .erlnn s ag. Agreement with its
BRMm-thwait.e stated mohat- em yes oid on 31st December 19 9
y t...-,, 'in,' le:. A ugust. t-l four u nioi-,s-t
,n . . i h G ., : en i e- , - .. . -.-- . .. .
4 ^onstth .G erammst Rpy e ? heDintIw cov.ientn employEes, the
er a ne w ae A..neC,_ e int Public worker. Uion r PWU) na
r.c.LC.. -et. th w, rke. n ,r p Trh T
., ,_,,nion or .c. :s (",UT ), -the e. &
1,,',.,e 6rts Uio: {TABR.1, And t.he-
f Govenmm mrr, than EC $5 W ate fit Worker u nen
nilon cuini i9en' ek ^es i 19I Ne ri-13 h1
..: .- .- he been negotaaung unsuccess-
aid, OAs ssimid vt1 face x bleak economic
i. ... t- rbrdil d b leak nc se, ftdit -por a new Agreement.
.e i.h will binng .e'n m-ise to the vast, Please See UONS lPage 3.

.2 ONM From page i i
etion 57 of the PI ada Coinstitution says.
fie executive authority of Gr nada is
st-ed in Her Majs-t.y- ar., as the ueens
|presentajive ii er this -Section
Cjowlntdg t lefat of the RMC, Sir Paul
S ppoiited, an m Governnent,
F.tponi't-'stj bt1 Grenada's tiumAi tofull.
"e W cojtmitutional rule.Iip

M! e e
Nicholas ,B'mth aite (w-a hadr y s it

he .atinala De-mocratic ..Congress and
con PriLim MiV-ster acter the Gereitil
:-- .ons of 1't March 1990) prepared. the..
tr_: for G-enei Elecionrs which were
led on December 3id m t
An External Student

Aglican Primary School and at the Grenada
y' Secda School (GSS After
in: shoo he studied an external
d -en hir, u is- :ty and .annexerd
.i Bachelor of Arts degree.

Later, he attended thi-,nstitute of Education
at Lee;ds U.niverity an still later the
University of Tonato whnei he gained the
d.e tof Master of Educati on.

-, auS' camer includes' both teaching and i
i nistration. He f it- taught a GBSS.
After, he Seid as- Chjf datiO rOfficer,-
iter -r. t ent S e. r iiv ":t Prime J
.. .Mini .. nhe l. rttained the i
1h. pLost in the Ci"il service Scetaly
to te Civi etaCabinet eta
Was Seoned
r>m that post, i, ~be was seconded to
the post of Deputy Diector of the Common-
wealth Foundaation in Lond.on, -- nic I
position he retuned to Grenada 'n 1978 to
become o;Mernor- Genre ra .

in 18'4, Sir u as name d aPaul Harris
Ped-9 by the Rotary Foundation of Rotary
Iteational,. and he has Obeen honored
by the Qiieen on thiee occasions.
pleam Me S 3

The Grenada NewAntar Saturday 11th April 1S02 Page 3

UNIONS From Page 2
The Union's demand at that point was for
iave rae increases of 12.5%, 20% axn 21%
--respectively for the years 1990, 1991 and
1992 and Goverrj'nment's best offer made March 20th vas for increases of 0%, 2.5%
;arid 2.5% for the respective years.

This vas not accepted by the Unions and a
.meeting vith Minister of Labour, Mr Edzel
Thomas --as held on March 27th when it
Kas hoped the deadlock would be broken.
Thr; hope, howa-er did not materialise.

I c*:c-:*:-:~:-'.......

iE d Rbs to lay :L Adr iTi;

.- ..............NT.TH
..'''(* A.. U.. i.... ... ... ...-' .'. .I 'f- .

l h TV- address. Mr Brath aite sc.
I: -inada's huge buAdgt deftibi debt..serce
ra dbts to loc b iks and other liabi
t iiles have given Govemirnent. no option but
to devise a "Structural Adjustmrent Pio-
Could Not Afford
That Prgamue w-as put together in con-
|surltation Vith the Internattonal Monetary7
-Punrd (IMF) and in December 1991, the
rPnrle Minister sa-id, IMF advisers suggest-
.d aGovemmenrt could not afford to increase
Iulic Torkers salaries.

I"Intuition tells me there is a silent majority:
.h. .ould v ant to see Grenada succeed,"

tj OO- Fri Pa fe 2
i n 1970, he vas made an Officer of the i
SOrder of the Bitish Empire (OBE) in
1979 he became a Knight Grand .. oss of
ie Order of St M. ichael and St. George
GCMG) and, in 195 h as made aj
-Knight G rand Cross of the Royal Victorian
Order (GC VO)
Ja .8 .| .. .. .

Mr Brath'aite said, "The vocal minority,
motivated by personal ambition, greed,
seNfishness ani bitterness tovards the
o-vern-rrxnent wish to destroy the country to
implement their personal agenda."
Dare Not Be Alloyed
The Prnime Minister said the"vocal minority
dare not be allowed to succeed and he
called for assistance "to save beautiful
Grenada that future generations %will call
Ius blessed."

At thaminii it M L Clarksion, lede
:.:S ..: :; : :^ :::: ::": : !:: !- .-: '.:i:<.. ...' ... |...........

But, rt as much more than a "vocal
inoit which on Aprl 1st at a crowded
7.... . '.'

mandate to take industrial action if and when
n.::` eetin g, fn Mr.s L uretCarksone, lea-er

Pia Sea UINONS Page 4
The Grenada___

Fousded 17th Aunast 1973
to454t_ Issue
S Suescription Rates
o Payable I. Adanwe.
j Postage Paid By Secon Class MArmail
(IulaM Pixr inGrenada)

10 Ises $115j10 $ 43.00

33 Isuen $2071OO $ 77.00

401 imte S3 $SiMo $146100
A.out 2i Issues Published A..ually
. . . . .. .


t The Grenada Newsletter

Saturday i 1th April 192-

Page 3

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 11th April 1992 9 Page 4

UILONS From Page 3
of the negotiating team and President of
EPWU, told workers the meeting had been
called to show Govemrnment the team has
suppon. of the .ank and file.

"We called the meeting because we
wanted a show of strength and a show of
support that our workers are together
vith the Unions' negotiating team one
,hundred percent," she said-
Ouitning The History
Outlining. the history of t.he q -.
negoti nations

.i uip" _. a _. ,

i% rs Clarkson '
aid the1 Unions original demrands vere
2.5%. 20% and 21% for the year 1990
relativee to three monthly salary categories,
that is, under EC$1000 between EC $100Uj
and EC $2000. and. oer EC $20030.

For 1991, the demand Iwra for 10, 17r.
;aid 18% for the relevant salary scales and,
4. T : On; z, j t,

Present Demands
o! negotiations with the Gove.n-
:ent team, Mrs Clarkson said, the Unions.
present demands atre 12%, 10% and 7% for
1990. For 1991, the figues are 15%, 12%
.md 10% and for 1992 they are 10%, 10%

This is where we are at this point Mrs
Clarkson said, "In 1990 ve are asking
for an average of 9%, for 1991, the
average is 12%, and for 1992 what we
ae asking is l0."

Government's ac.ross-the-boaid offer is zero
increase in 1090, 2.5% in 1991 ard 2.5%
in 1992. Additionally, Govenment has
of % cash payment (not a salary
increase) fbr 1990.

Mrs Clarkson said the difference between
the J Union"s_' n .
final C. O S

_,- ., uM11r ms E$4 lloand
] oe..r;, tlhe re gotiatinp, team las pro-
t posed that this sum be taken as
-" "'Omg"' to Government employees.
Entertain The Thought
"Never the history: of negotiations of
public sector workers", she said, "has any
public sector zcrker said to any Govern-
ment negotiating team that we vould
enbt-iain the thought of getting bonds for

Mrs Claw-kson said the Leader of the
(Govenpnent Team said however, tlat Gov-
eminent would not accept that proposal.
iot.wit standing this Mrs C iarkson said, the
TUJniron-s tea.nm met with Prime Minister
Brathwaite and Minis-ter of Finance George
Brizan cn March 31st and referred to the
bonds p oposal made. to the Governr-mnt's
negotiating team

The Minrster of Finance denied any
knowledge :-f tthe proposal. Mis Clarkson'
said, and said he cowuld'give no commitment
on the matter. He did say, however, that he.
.o. ud take the Unions' "concerns and.
queries" to Cabinet.
Pleae See UMONg Pa

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday I Ith April 1992 Page 5

This comment was made on April 6th by Mr
Royston Hopkin, Managing Director of the Spice Island
Inn and Blue Horizons Hotel as he addressed the opening
ceremonyy of a one-week Food & Beverage Management.
Workshop organized by the Grenada Board of Tourism.

"It is significant that this section re press ents between 25%
and. 40% of hotel revenue," he said, "but it
can be significant only if one manages it. to

its maaximum.n"

jMr Hopkin told the participants that write-

UNIONS Fnn Par 4

In aninterview vith N EWS LETTER after
the meeting, Mris Clarkson said. all ballots
have not yet been counted but it was clear
an overw elming majority were in favour,
of taking industrial action.

The Leader of the Union's negotiating
team said no time limit had been set to
I await C cabinet's reaction. But, a mandate
had been given the negotiating team, she
| said, and "we will not sit forever and
wait for Cabinet's ru action"

At press time, NEWSLETTER had. in-
formation from a source close to the
U,,nions that, in dealing with the Union;, a
'Cabinet Committee had taken over fIrom
Governments Negottating Team.

The source said the Cabinet Committee
Sbad made new proposals which vere being-
Sconsideed by the Unions, but details were
Snot available.


ups in travel magazines indicate that
Grenada's cuisine has become well known
internationally and, he said, Grenadians
should be proud of this. However, he
continued, the day the attitude is taken that
"ve have made it", that is-the day in which
the island will "go into rverse"
Most Creative Sections
"Foo'd and beverage technolongyis something
which is very innovative and you never see
the end of the tunnel, Mr Hopkin said.
"It is one of the most creative sections and.
it gives you a chance to express yourself

This vorks hop was sponsored by the
Caribbean Technological Consultancy
Services (CTCS) network of the Caribbean
Development Bank (CDB), and Mrs
Mie hose Davies, CTCS Network Co-
onr.inator, -addressing the ceremony, said her
orgatmsation does not lend money but
underwrites the cost of the transfer of

This assistance is given, she said, mainly to
small and. medium sized enterprises within
the C DB borrowing member countries, of
Please See WORK-IOP Page6


I '

food and beverage section of the hotel and rest-
aurant business.

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 11th April 1992 Page 6

WORKSHOP From Page 5
.bhich Grenada is one of seventeen.

Tourism is just one of many areas in which
C TCS gives assistance, Mrs Davies said, and
Ithe practice of her Board of Management is
not to give this assistance in the same
country in two consecutive years.
influenced The Board
However, she said, although, lastyear, CTCS
sponsored a workshop in Grenada on
management of the total hotel plant, the
success of that workshop influenced the
Board of Management to grant
the request of the Grenada
Board of Tourism for the
current workshop.

"The attitude dis-
played by. the part-
icipants at that work-
shop and the untiring
efforts of the Board
(of Tourism has
prompted us to believe
lit is a good investment
to return to Grenada and.
offeryou furtherassistance,'
she said.

The workshop was under the direction of
Mrs Bernice Critchow-Earle, Head of the
Hospitality Industry Division of the Barbados
Commurnty College, rnd the timetable
included sanitation and safety, food control
systems, storage, menu planning and bar
M1 At That Time
JAt the opening ceremony, Mr Hopkin filled
tie place of Mr Gus C ruickshank, President
of the Grenada Hotel Association. Mr
Cruickshank was ill at that time but vas
Able to be present at the closing ceremony
ion April 10th.

iAddressingthe participants, MrCruicksharnk
:said qualified Greradians must take steps to
provide training for persons in the Hotel

"There is never enough time for training,"
he said, "We say five days and then the
instructors have to go back. It's costly to
stay here for a long period of timW and we
have to start looking at the possibility of
some of us here picking up the slack."

Mr Cruickshank said he was not making a
request for people to "pick up the slack" but
was extending a challenge to hoteliers and
those who have been exposed to training to
come forward to help build a strong
training programme for persons
in the Hotel Industry.
FIl The Breach
The day will come, he
said, when there vill be
a drying up of funds
now available from
outside Grenada to
sponsor training pro-
gfmmes. Gre-
nadians will have to
fill the breach, he said,
and. he believes the
....National College vill play
a critical part in putting a
progmamme together later this
year. .

"We hoteiiets vill have to give some of our
time to make sure the training continues,"
Mr Cruickshank said. "Make no mistake,
regardless of how good we find the ass-
istance from the donoragencies, the budget!
they have allocated to Grenada must run out
sooner or later"

The GHA President said, in 1979, Grenada
launched a simple training programme for
persons in dLa Hotel Industry, and today,
the island has definitely taken on a
leadership role in this field.
A Leadership Role
This is as it should be, Mr Cruickshank said,
and in the GHA, the thinking is that, if
Grenada is to move forward in Tourism,
persons in the Hotel Industry must be well
Please See WORKSHOP Pwe 7

---- --

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday i lth April 1992 Page 7











I .




R RALPH BHOLA, break it woud hav e been ,ver hard for us."
j^ B Grenadian agrlicYltudist a-md
President of the Wind-ar 1 Mr BhDla said e EC Commissioners, meet-
Islads Banaa Ass- In- in S tass obu.,_ Fiance on April 7th, voted
oc nation (WTINBAN said intevif even to fie in favour of imposing
ith NE~WS LETT on April 10th that quantitartive rest-itions on Latin American
here have been favouabi developments b ananas in the -EM.
relative to the future of Wind.wrd Islands Faced With The Alternative
:an:aras. Accordin-g to t h vice sent Mr Bhola, the

C o. .rn lnerr vere faced with the
It these bsaxas, al q tant of ex-
O pOerSi Wind-
:'anaras trom vad lanoz,
anm.ica and J aica ar.

.Belize ba naas.t
oy a protected o t, gather vith
market in t UT" +-4
e n bananas from Mart-
d I tipique and Guade-
hape eouhtt been
IPst h .een soupe, to a flee

~w. -. m ,'ket -ith
protectionn wEul I .
ease when osed t
h'tain ene b a Agree-
ingle Eun~pean Maiket (S EM) next n--t on Tariff T ad (A e
nt on Tanff& Trade 'GATT).
Now Has Ad vices
HN.owever the advice said, the Con-
hr Bhola said, however he nos -g a a dicese ut eause
- rm-s in b-er a at quota co,,becau.e
. ~ -:- -" m- er ft T" -
r the ic in London that of fears tat, under t4,e 'AT T option, Latin
e uo,-Pan C.omrun'ity ComirssOie~,--- Amncai bananas vtd flood the market
vei decided to nrintain that protection. a squeeze ut f Afri
-pndi iequeeeze out sWA e nppies fir the African,
aibbean and Pacifi counties and frm
-e el fi.ieved.", e WINBAN -resident -r-
Ld. "Pcause fi h o had rnot gi'n us this
Mr Bi3ha varied, however that whila
O RK OP From Pan .. ths e 1 maks the banana producers
rMined f 8 "mre corfortam the =attar is still
!open He point out that the decision
-':-.ent-u se*orN rEsenttives f"- nov taken is by the EC Commissioners
~9 he -- ... -t pa M ~h' and there vi be no final position until
rkshop thie countries of the European Community
"k M EMO----- .......conm- that decisiDn.

Plea See BAANAE Page 8


is~ TIR1

SThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday I th April 1992 Page 8

] & SSS(SS 58 ---.t--------"-

Site ChosenFor Vendors Market

A site immediately north of the Ramada dance Hotel on Grand Arise beach has
[ben selected for establishment of a Tourist
Vendors market

This was stated by Mr Jude Bernard,
Director of the Grenada Board of Tourism
las he addressed the opening ceremony of a
five-day Food & Bevemge Management
workshop on April 6th.

Mr Bernard said the project vill be funded
jointly by the Caribbean Development Bank
and. tle Government of Grenada.

The Director said also that, very shortly, the
SBoard of Tourism will undertake tmining of
|the Tourist Vendors with a view to bringing
them up to date on the concept and design
.of the Market.


or. -m ager 7
The WINB AN President-said if the decision production is concerned.
[.:of the Cornissioners is reversed, the A Special Effort
cheaper LatinAmencan bananas will be able "The' banana situation hei is very
to flood the SEM and. the un satisfactory. We are
ffct on the Windn making a special effort to
hands Banana Indus tmncmnse production," he
ill be disasitro us. s aind the Cxibbean
,Greater Importanc WE Development Bank 75% f the con(CDB t1-Rougha 'VentureI
mies of D m Tinic t T ~ st'. is to make money
ia and St Vincent- available to assist bananam
depends on the Bla mn a,-"
hidustry, Mr Bhola said.
in acdustm ThLi jarm anre almady si -s that
remnada as dependence on ths crop is ,e p uct is o the i-rease,
atopmuction 3 orj the im; grease
e said, but with both cocoa a nd t-- t IBA resident said. There a
.. he WE.VBAN President -aid. Them aim
iting to give the accu,,s.tomed support tk- no-w inrc-e-:es 4m export statistics as
mn d ia's economy, bananas have ass-med comn wt it.h the figurmes of last year, he
ach said, and e expects that b Decembe. r them
will a coL njierable up-tumr in production.
B h. -t . ,L. .( . ..P p l

01 la said4 wquaitmy or Girenadas
iu.-maiias has improved considerably, but.
;tp.-iere is still -riach to be desired 'sfar I S-
i _________ ______

Women's Affairs Official
Attends Workshop

Ms. Arnn Alexander, Senior Co-ordinator f
the Department of Women's Affail r
represented Grenada at a workshop held in
Antigua fram April 6th to 9th.

Sponsored by thie United Nations and the
Cormnoinwealth Secretariat, the workshop
was centered on the United Nations
Convention Of The Elimination Of All
Forms Of Discrnimination Against Women:

The workshop was to raising; in the
participants, awareness of the Conventionand
the ways in which it can be applied at the
national ad international levels to further
ad-vancemnent of vwomhn.

Plea See NEWS SHO gW Page 9



{. i,:

2 . ,

- 2;

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 1 Ith April 1992 Page 9


The participant from Grenada, together with
participants fromother.MemberStates which
Have signed and ratified the Convention,
received guidence as to the monitoring of
its implementation and submission of
relevant periodic reports.

Some 30/40 Million Aids Cases
By 2000.

In its latest Report quoted by the Gov-o
enmnent Information Service, the World
Health Orgainsation (WHO) says the total
global AIDS/HIV infections by the year
12000 vill be between 30 and 40 million,
Iodepending on how successful prevention
,campaigns are.

gSince April 1991, WHO says, over million
people worldwide have been newly infected.
'-f t-ese, 90% have been in developing
countries and the same percentage acquired
the disease through heterosexual inter course.

S_ lightly over half of the newly-infected
Adults live in sub-Salaran Africa, WHO
says, and a quarter are in Asia and the

UN Official For Refuges
Presents Credentials

Mr Phillipe Lavaschy, Regional Rep-
resentative of the United Nations High
C commissioner for Refutgees, with
responsibility for Northern South
America and the Caribbean, presented his
credentials to Prime Minister Nicholas
S JBramthwaite on 20th February.

: Mr Lavaschy is stationed in Caracas.
1I '


Phase IV Of Feeder Road
Project Launched

Minis ter of Works, Senator Tilman Thorras,
turned the sod, on April 7th, to open
officially Phase IV of the island-wide Feeder
Road Pirjec t

Speaking on this occasion, Minister of
Finance Mr George Brizan said this phase
of the Project involves construction of 12
miles of feeder roads spread over ten areas
in the parishes of St Mark's, St. Patrick's and
St Andrew's.

This operation vill cost EC$17,318,00, of
which stan loan funds from the Caribbean
Development Bank will provide
EC $ 13,917,000.

The balance of EC$3,401,000 will come
from funds of the Government of Grenada.

This phase of the Project is expected to be
completed in September 1993.

Chinese Ambansador Pleased

Ambassador to Grenada of the Republic of
China on Taiwan, Liu Po-hmu, has expressed
satis faction with work done in the Road
Rehabilitation Progmmrne with funds
donated by his Government.'

According to the Government Information
Service (GIS), the Ambassador expressed his
sentirie-nts to Minister of Works, Mr Tilman
Thorms, during an inspection tour of the
roads rmde on March 25th,

A GS release says the Republic of China
on Taiwan donated about EC $7 million
towards the programmer and this was spent
on rehabilitation of some 10 miles of road.

Pleae S NEWS SHORTS Page 10

- 1-


IThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday 11th April 1992 Page 10

the release says that the Ambassador vas
pleased also with the bridge connecting the
Bonaire Government School to the Bonaire
road, a project which was frnaiaced by the
1Republic of China on Taiwan.

Ambasador Liu Moves On

Ambassador to Grenada of the Republic of
China on Taiwan, Liu Po-lun leaves
Grenada on April 21st- to take up -a new
appointment in the Phillipines.

Ambassador Liu has been posted to Grenada
1for some two and a half years and, during
'that period, among other services, vas in-
istrumental in having many Grenadians visit
Taiwan for cultural purposes and for training
in a variety of fields.

Replacement for Ambassador Liu is
Ambassador lin Ts.mng-Hsien., a career
diplomat who has ser-l"' in Autralia, Japan
jand Fiji.

Currently, Ambassador Lin is Deputy Rep-
resentative of the Republic of Chi': in
Washington D C, te: United States of

The new Ambassador is scheduled to ar-ive

Chance Visit To Grenada Gets
Operation For Patient

The presence in Grenada last November of
Dr Edwand. Johnslon, a visiting professor to
;:he St. Georges University School of Med-
icine, brought Mrs Joceline Hastick the
needed heart operation she could not afford.

According to a release from the University,
Ivrs Hastick needed heart double-valve
mpliacement surgery, an operation which
costs from US$25.,000 to US$30,000.

dies" with a space,
it's out of place.
ies" as we should,

Mi's Has tick's case was referred to the Gre-
nada Heart Foundation (GHF) an organ-
isation headed by Mr John Kopycinski,
Business Administrator at the University.

Sin-e 1985, GHF has opealedaProgiramme
underhic h 66 Genadians, rmostlychildren,
have had free-of-cost heart surgery in the
United States, but Mrs Hastick did not
qualify for assistance- GHF made efforts to
find help from other sources but could find
no U.S. hospital killing to accept this patient.

However the matter came to Dr Johnson's
attention and he convinced the Admin-
istration and professional staff at his hospital,
St Michael's Medical Centre, to perform the
operation free of cost.

,inL i id May.

d Hughes
& April 199Z
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Alister Hughns, Journalist,
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