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The Grenada newsletter
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completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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.U.W.. CENTRE L'bK %-Y . .


VYolume 20 Saturday 21st March 1992 Number 5

Av flmSC OWiD )EMJ
7ce A IN

"Oiur posttsotn is that we wil accept -
no e1ss than that thOw Act must bIe

c) tionof Law.yes f- L ,is totally
I -opposedT tho t re .ders ind m-:-
fe-siona, Licences Act ohich

1 ,esent:ativs on F bita*r 14th.

This w stated March 9th at, a p press
conference called by
the GAL, and the
A S _.2lal x., c _, s

i....~" :a *aai Mr
L d Noel sIm i
-I Feer. -

aL an a7nu ee ar sal c:r-
fa i a.t a
o- it t' the tat U D, )l .ss 45"alles...

"T.rdr" is defined as including all persons,
.companies, par.eisps arnd firms carry-
in :I ay business of a c nn ercial nati-e,
and "pfessiorar means any person,
company, parts or firm engaged

A Wide Ran-
.-,A' --1 iJ.-4iUU b a le L
TheAct says "pfssionalincludesaide
range from a:ong oters, Accountants,
.Bamstr .s. j. ,Chmists through Dentists,
Entertaine3s, Egmieers and Suigeons to
.IAance Sa ..le.smen. Telling Agents and
Vet-:ennarmy Surgeons, ho ar called. upon
to ,pay n a.n.ial licence fee of 0.5% of gross
Pleaa-e See LAWYERS Pamg 2




Lawyers Ccademn Liceness
SFiheries Project Has Sour
Note.......... ...
SGremadaiFrance Joint
omnitee Meets.. .. ..
SJones Says Electorate Hoping
For Rapprochmbent ............
* Board Of Tourism Prepares
For Second Year Trainig ..
SLIAT Leads At Point
Saw nes....................................
* News Shorts---_ --






The Grenada Nevsletter

T.AWTE Rs rom Page 1
Ihe Act does not apply to business

Saturday 21st n- Page 2

ses o-r partnership or finE ;ngar ed in a specialised

iu-rsons vith gross sales of $12,000 or less activity", it is hri onpinon that journalists
:per annum and GCrenada Telecommuni- will be also uired to. be licensed.
Stations Limited (GRENTEL) is exempt.
As He Sees Fit Additionally i ? said, since
ir Noel said. the Act imkes lawyers and GRENTEL is:- ." Vco'mpany or person
other professionals subject to the Cor p- ermpted by the Act, Judges and
t rller of-inland Revenue vho has the right Magistrates become lble because they
to gmnt a licence as he sees fit, vith or fall in the category of professionals
wTithout restrictions. And the Comp trolley r "engaged a c daciit, and
mnay revoke that licence, the President said, this threatenss tk indepe d ce of the
Given before it is due to e::ire. ,jdiciary.

:.ent said w%, is considered e, .-:. .
vsrse about the Act is tat, if a licnce ono
las not been renewed by 31st March in te -- -r:embers
followingg year the C 1Coptroller has the M, -'-r'? the
a-thorintv to close down t'he layer's L Ex-1
..chamus. ecutive, Mt. ih re. s conifrnce,
,a .- s rEn s d the -
hI.e authon'ty -- close the chambers, Mr Act give- a abs .'tion the Comp-
el said, is in addition to the right of the trler to reke a cnc time. Also,
,Comptronler to take the lawyer to Court she said; h Cr s n absolute
.here, on conviction, h+ can be fined up to discretion se. oitics' on the
.EC$15,000 or sent tc, prison fr o issuance of any ic e.
T6 To A J1u4p
"We consider the authority to close our Ms. Ediads :,ai an appeal may be made
offices repugnant", the President said, against h- decion of t i Comptiller.
"because as avyers (especially Ihose of In the fir-t i-t.--, -he said., hat appeal is
us vho qualified iM Eagland) ve are made to, at n n.als. upT mider the Act and-
'members of our Bar mi London and there is a either appeal to a Judae of the
nobody in the world can deprive us of High Court S out however,
a pri tt priviler;id that ap-e can t be on a question of
.act only. It must e'on qa question o rfta,
The same vill be true, he said, of doctors, or a mix.d question eof 3w anti fact.

lyers and other professionals, an, the
;Association plans to hold talks with, am:ng "This mE
-ther sectors, t-e Ch-amber of Commerce, questi.s o-
rEmployers Federat.ion and. professional C.Xap-roller
sociahons of accountants, engineers come arm,
fa i inrs for the li
| Rqiired To Have you do not
he resident said that ccoinng to the Act and say, li-.c
S1.u.prtofessionals" and "trier" are re quied anrunt of
Shave a licence, and since a "professional", says I haw
s dep-:ried in the Act, is "any person,

. c" ."-.- t 3a Coirt on
,-.., she a :.q "So, if the

isise th u n you pay

7. EM :de only X
.... ".. -. *...s C"w ; lje

/4W Es e Page 3'
7! j:-, W T-_


The Greaada Nevwstter Saturday 21st March Mr2 Pag 3


LAWYERS From fPge 2

at tihS press conference, Mr Las ev
i lfa.iie said that. u-er the Act' any
jj policeman may, at any time, call upon
I y la...r to p .Ar'duce his licence in tihe
J ame y that. a t--i d-iver may be called
upon to produce hi

-j Police officers and lawyers are rzmcenuy
^, at i -., v -n- -hy naeet : Cou'"s -f
a, i_ v mai-_' f-t-..
S, said, and this authority given to
.-he rafk ard fie policeman is a perfect
S',:topportunity for any agg.eved policeman
Sharcass a .... wyer

: Mr Noel said he had been in touch ith
me Minister Nicholas Bat uaite mi
.: meeting ofGAL iththe PrisMiniaster
':i scuss the Act was scheduled for
Wednesdayy 11th March. Depe-ndenton

-her afftcted b.'odies' he said, GAL
decide "t hf- s-ol-d Lu. done. UU .

There may be some
programmer which people like
sme hno dont ivehe reannot---nderstand
very easily, the Ambassador said, "but,
ifom a Japanese point of vev, they (the
boats) are provided to te utilized to catch
fish and if they are not utilised very soon,
ve b in some diiulty to explain to
our tH-e'r Gowern-.nt* i
--ae FISe ImIG PaGe 4

SFounded 17th August 1973
V)T d Iissie
S Sudb-ription RPates
Payable In AdPva me
flstage Paid By Second Class Airmail
| (inleamIO3tinCGretada) I
| I
10 Isses $11530 S 43o00

0 ) a$2 07_00 $ 7700

| t Es 2n $3 o9 $14.o00
SAbout 2 Isses Publish-ed Annually

a Mica. a M? C
3dh ST _n- t

HE OCCASION SOUNDED based -Japamese Ambasssado r to Grenada, Mr
a sour note, it Ias organized Mi.tu Eguchi, D resnt for the occasion
Son March 1 8th for a hand ex pressed gra.. disappoint ent.
ng over cere-
mny fishing boats and apan s ent the the eight fishing vessels to
sh- insta1atic> the OE tretnadea eight months ago hen the
a o n. u it did nt G aa Go-vant said it wanted
ooithly se boats as soon as; possible the
S.mbassador said, but, to., date. the
The overnmnt of Jap. supplied -- .- rt een put to 1use.
-s aid uider thre Coasotal Fisher s
~ "< ~ N


i The Grenada Ne-vsletter Saturday 21st Mardh 1992 Page 4
FISHI FrwG -m Pae 3

S..this understanding, the A-nbassador said,
thatt a Company is to. be f-crmed to manage
the boats and the other facilities provided
under the -Project. if that is -Vhat the
Cie.nada ..Go-veneAt has decided, he said,
. then .is rmqe-st is. that that Company be
jfomted as soon as possible.
S.e Was NotAvare
: eplying to the Ambassador. Minister of
Agriculture, Land, Food & Fisheries, Mr
Phinsley St Louis, said, he was not aware the
Girnada Govemment had asked for early
deliveryy of the boats-

e h-. is a pr-.--oblem novr., -
he said, to find -
sto.r.e for'ps nomal cath of fish When
the Japanese boats go into action, he
Continued, a much larer catch is antici-
Ipated and them wiill have to be much
larger storage facilities.

-"We are depending on the storage
faalities being prodded by Iis Project,"
the Mmister said._ "ad it vould not have
been a good idea for us to put those boats
outside there to fish and then not hav
the storage for it"

Additionally. MrS? Louis said, there is need
Slook at market ing of fish caught by the
boats and this cannot be done until there r.
necessary facilities in place.
SC a Be Coordinated
Tie Project ihs mrow been completed, he
jsaid, storage, facilities aim nor available am,-
i-hen it is knor-n vuit the boats can catch.
,te whole operation can be cooilinated.

S.Another problem, the Minister said. is the
j._ed f-' adequate air freight facilities to
Iorth America and other possible markets.
*To solveI this, he said, discussions
-r- ceduled to be held shortly with the B WI.A
*,*,ine to, explore the possibility of more
a t.Q.. ,..,.aI',... w.4

With reference to mixnge mernt of the
proposed C..ompany, tie minister said place
r S,-- dI a place
has been established in it for fishermen who
should now organize themselves in co-
operatives and. become members of the
National Fishing Association (NFA).

The fisherm-en's place in the operation, Mr
St Louis said, vill be thrpogh the NFA
which will have shares in the Company. I


Gove mrnme nt
of Japan to pmay patience," he
i rrill make yvoiu pm)uI of the
gift you have made to this country and its

Informed sources say, however, the Fishing
Communit.,y is dissatisfied with Govern-
ment's proposed arrangements forrraag-ing
the fleet of boats and the shore installations.
The basis for dissatis-faction could not be
ascertained ard, queried on the matter, Mr
St Louis said he could not throw any light
on the subject.
Was Une=plainodly Absent
Seating accmmvnodation provided at the
ceremony for expected attendance by
ftishen-mn w,-as sparse-l utilised. Add-
ionally. r O.smond Smaill President of
th St John's Fishenerrn's Association and
President f hg National Fisheries Ass-,
ociation, don on the prograrmme to rme
a vOte of thanks w une.plainIdy absent.

The Coastal Fisheries Development Project,
funded by Japan ata costof EC $14.6 million
Was implemented in two' phases.

The first. phase, undertaken in 1990, was
allocated EC $4,6 millionby the Goverram nt
of Japan hil the l e Genada .Government.I
contributed EC $250,000 "Ai in d"

The second phase, started in 1991 and
pah.a, sted P n g 991 san5

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 21st March 1992 Page 5


graunrne, undertaken by the
Government of Grenada in
1986 on the advice of external
agencies, turned out to be "an unmitigated

This statement was made on March 10th by

._ren.ada's Minser M:it
of Finance, Mr 'eorge Brizan, as he
welcomedd a delegation from Fnce, present

F ISHING From Page 4
C completed in the first quarter of 192, had.
il -
| a Japanese allocation of EC $10 million.
If For this phase, the Grenada Governent
I contributed another EC$250,000 "in

Sn the first phase, a small manufacturing
plant for insulated fish box-es as set up-
i There was also ins tallation or water pipes
fr fishermen, construction of a slipway
i and ramp, construction of a jetty, and.
f preparation of a site fora Fisheries Centie.
The Second Phase
A Theri were two components in the second
phase, the first being construction of two
Fisheries Centres. These Centres are
each equipped with ice rInufactuing
-rachines, freezers and a conference moom.

The secorjnd component involved supply
-f eight long-lines fishing boats, tools,
Sequiprent, vehicles, fishing -ear, fish
agen egating devices, audiovisual educat-
i onal equipment% over eighty fishermen's
. lockerr island-wide and sundry other


g@ E aM4M
CUO51I&Ti wSl&


to attend the second meeting of the Grenadal
France Joint Committee for closer co-

ope tion in cultur-
al. scientific and technical fields.

"In order to address this situation, the
Minister said, "and to put the fiscal
house on rail once again, the Govern-
ment,_ ......... has designed a three year
structural adjustment programme."

For alnmst ten years, he said, Grenada has
lived above its means and, as a result
Government's expenses have exceeded
Government's revenues over the period by
close to EC $167 million.
Close The Gap
Mr Brizan. said that, in order to partially
lose the gap, there has been budgetary aid
from the UrJnied States of America and, to a
small extent, from the Republic of China on
I M1War..

The remaining gap of about EC $95 million
vas financed, by borrowings from local
financial institutions, principally the
National Insurance Scheme, and from
the Conmercial Banks, he said.

-overTnme nt's three-year structural ad-
justment programme, the Minister said, has
three main components. The first is the
maximising of collection of Governnmnt's
Plase See COMMITTrE Page 6

*The Grenada Newvsl


TL I,.1


Saturday 21st March 1902

cal Leader of The National
Party ( -.P) and Pnime
Ministerin the Government
t out of p er after the
Elections or I.0, said in an
Utt NEW LETTER on March

Page 6

19th that, politically Grenada is in a state
of unrest.

His fe ac om the constituencies, he
said, is t"he. is growing disaffection with
tp ruing nal Democruatic Congress
Please see JONES Page 7

revenues, second i. controlling and trim-
mng Gover ment's expenditure, and third.
is stimulationof private investments and. the
public sector investment pogrammne on
ntical capital and iuman resource devel-
iopment proects-.

ihe ifteen-marn and one-:oman, strong
rmnch delegation ws-Tr led by M.Chares-
--ein Malecot. and attending the t'o-da
neeting also was French Ambassador to.
Grenada basedb in St Lucia), M. Jean-Paul
thopenir Session u
dre SwSi;- '1 ope,.OeadnL- eSS ( tihe
meeting, M Malecotsaid th- Fs~nchMission
r Co-operation a tu Development
the Lesser Antilles was established in
es, S Lucia in 1984.

irlentific, Cultumi and Technical Agiee-
nts as well as A greements with the
rmF ch Central Bank, give access to funds,
- -nancial assistance and ioans from the
ntl 1ank. ta' aaidm

"These A gee rents .es signi d. at the e nd
of 1 987' M Mal decot said "and in July
198 the fi,-t Grenada-Fia-e Joint Com-
rmitte meeting took place in Paris. showing
ntee rneel :n l_ rolng
the interest France has in renada's

Water Projects
The Delegation Lesader s since then
French assistance to Grenada has been in
.he fields f agra ian refonn, health,
teac-hi- g oI French, pronu.tion of French
culture and execution of water projects.

Accoring to a document of the Ministry of
I'ranc, a FVnch Miission visited Grenada
in January 1- -. Fol ing discussions
then, and. in preparation for the Joint!
-.IYmittee meeting, Grenada presented the
Fmench -ith thirteen project profiles for

These include Small Ruminant Develop-
iment. upgl:rading -us ton Airmport on
renadas sister island of Cariacou
T_--_ S... M.....ff. T .w P. W .

i ------ ---- ---

Page 6


P L IIrv,

The Granada Nevuatiler Saturday 21st March W2 Page7
IJOES FrJm Pge 6
(NDC) (Govermnte, but Grenadiais are not capable of projecting an image which will
su any one part-y, inludir P, is eae satisfy te public that t-hey have something
Ito take oyr and do a better job. for which they can vote Theie is still
No Real Hope vork to be done in this connection, he
Grenadria am disturbed, Mr Jones said., that continued, but he is sve a well structured
the political field is now so divided among TNP could put Genada back on a firm
any diff rent partis that no.. rel hope can oting.
b -seen fbr tlo fotuPe. Puic Dissatisation
Mr jos said t.9.t, i-h -public dissatis-
"W-lhat ty are hoping for," -he said, "is there faction over tax measures introduced in the
might be some :kind of ra, pprlchement. '992 budget, and wat dissatisfaction ith
among the political parties sulting in an the Govemment gen ally, "stjiet politics",

'iectomt -K Ir rO
ioganisation ill represent greater drri:fnstrations, ar necessary.

Strength and solidtyan

2iich cou2l ad-driEss the pr -b-
le-ms adc atl but the Political Leader de- their dissatisfaction across to the
ined il sWy ihither he thought the are am Goven,. ent ht said., "andi therI is no more
possibili,, es forfi.ationof such a"stronger effective way than street politics."

DecinEd To Say e warned, however, that_ eecution of street
e also declined to say whether or not he s shuld be kept under control and in
had in rmind. a i7-pprochemient involving acconlance with democratic principles.
TNP and the New National Party (NNP' of Has Taken Part
Dr Keith Mithell TNP, launched n i1989, n the past, the Political
is a splinter party m NNP, resullting from Leade'- sai, i he has taken
--frction between Dr Mitchell and the late part in diLemon.stratio
"'^ * r- T-r j *-. ^ i j, j4 4-f ^F -CV^ IfyiHi~ -^

IAs it is now-, anythng is possible'. Mr
Jones said, I do nt pmr-ach any idea nor
!do I rei- any idea."

is main concern at present, said, is to
restruictu+ TN t to he extent, that it is

COMMITTEE From P-are 6
|rehabilitation of the water catch in
C 4ar ao:u, Gund Wate-.r Developmre nt

Sdemiology- Uniti- the ph ysica upg. ding of
Sthe Government o-ned Grenada Boys'
i Seconda.-ry School ar Humann resource
I i.Ln. ,De l .,;i-nt. i
--4 s ii

party 7ill not be ass-
ciated aihn. kind of

ossibiliy of c"ea ting d -
tu.r -tarnce. MR BEN JONES

Mr Jones said -he wvold be iiin-olved if he
w7y assured the de-onstraaion shouldd be the
ki'd which would "get the -Assage across"
peacfully, but if the demonstraUton was
likely to get out of hand and cause
"i desirable outt11s"15 he vill have nothing
t,--- .d _o v ith it.- --

mI+)Ii ill-;^ .Im-

I The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 21st March 1992 Page 8

G I FTons

Senior Product Develop-
ment Officer of the Grenada
Minist: r of Tourism, said at
1a press conference on March 16th that,
-though craft items now offered to the
t4Iurst, are good, they can be improved and

The Grenada Boad. of Tourism is soon to
I,,d its second annual series of workshops
]m its three-year Tourism Education and
ills T training ro- ,- -
-ranme and MIr
,'L* -'; C::-. 4|
tAbd-er said am im- ... ..
port.ant aspect of the-.: i
regramme is a c- I?
workshop p being de-
i-ed tod mde
Skills of persons who
iake and sell items to

"This vorkshop wivl
Address bands-on t rai for the vendors
nid craft makers", he said, "so they can
d4versify the products they make and be
|able to offer more items to the vi tor0."
A Wider Ran&g
At present, he said, everything is geared
art s spice baskets and T-shirts and. if
'.he craft makers can become involved in a
^d-Ar variety of crafts, including le-athe.-
-jork, there will be a wider range of
--ienadian products which will reduce the
.nober of foreign produce s no imrported
: sold to visitors.

r Archer said it is hoped the Caribbean
eve-'lorpment Bank will supply a resotae
p-rsmon for the craft workshop. There is
'.'.. 'tih- s 9..asoin .Barbados ~ho

can do te necessary research and training,
he said, but this is still to be finralised.
Has QOther Aims
In addition to the developing plan to
diversify and improve craft skills, the
rog ramme has other aims vhich have
already been finalized, and this year's
activities w1l be launched on March 23rd
vith a vw ikshop designed to upgrade tour
guiding skills.

Target personnel for
,.' ---. this workshop includes
t'i drivers, water taxi
operators and walking
tour guides. This
-.. "year s workshop will be
,.an extension of the p held last
:^ year, M r Archer said
and components of the
rk ar among
...Ot,= Gronada's his-I
to', geography and
culture tourism analysis, values and ethics
anid communication skills-

The second workshop, to be held in April,
focuses o.n .food. and beverage, Mr Archer
said, and participants vill be managers andi
assistant managers in the Hotel Industry.
C over All As Lects
WiT th t assistance of the Caribbean
Development Bank, he said, a resource
person is tv be supplied by C anbbean Tech--
nical Cornsultancy Services, and the vork-
shop is e-xpected to cover all aspects of food
and bevera.ige handling.

Another plan still on the drawing board for
Plea See TOUlRIS Pagt 9

The Grenada Newsittar Saturday 2 ist March 1992 Page 9

forced Amrerican Airlines to
reduce their scheduled flights
to Gre nada but, in spite of this,
i-irraft movementst" (landings and take-
oIfs) at Point Salines i-ternational Airp-ort,
in that year, increased considerably
over those 199.

Other unfavournable fators- ..
affecting the operation of the airport in
1991 wee cancellations of Aeroposta s
and -y flights The
statistical Su r for 1991, published. by-
Ithe Grenada Airports Authority, sho

recorded in 1991 Ts is an increase of
20.5%9 ovr the 1990 figum of 12,368.
jTOlURIgfS from Pa g
1 -'92 is a vo Tsop on custom er service,
Mr Archr said, aw d thi s ill e geaisd to
Iparticipants fromthe Airline, Irmmaig in l
n id C-ustoms S-vie9s ;

SMr Archer said it is difficult to assess the
success of the programne at this time
I The prograimne was fist implermeinted
;ast year, he said, and, because the
SudnAmber of giduates to date represent only
[a very s mal percentage of the people m
Sworking %i the TMunst jtIndustry, it is hrd
to estate hir impact on the Industry

He expected there. ill be very many mor
S-graduates this year and ne, when the
-;favourable results of the programme will
become evident.
-, .' + ._, pega^oge

Analysis of these movements indicates that
LIA T continues to hold the annual record of
most landings and take-offs.' In the 1991
January to December period, the Summary
says, LIA T's daily
average vw.-s 24 move-
jments. This resulted in an
annual total of 8,:S86 or 59.7% of
-.aul ,airaft movements at Point Salines.

BWIA va. s the nxt major caller at Point
Salines. With 2.86 nmovernents or 19.4%
of thea total ments in 1991, this airline
showed an increase of 6-47% over its 1990
firme of '2420.
Can Be Projected
Ame can Airines began servi-ce to Grenada
i July 1990 and, by year's end, had
-.regted 374 flight movements. For
puIrpose s of conparion witl the airline's
-- -I.- -f '4 ---'2 i
performancW e in 11 that 1990 half--year's
- .ige can be projected to an annual figrue
o-f 748.

With that projection. the airlne's 1991
fi ,L of 640 shows a fall of over 14%
v ho reflects the cut-back of scheduled
flights mshulng from the Gulf War. ,\

As mn 1990, Canada 3000 served Point
Salines with onceweeklycartwered flights i
during the first quarter of the year,
achieving a total of- 38 movements in each
of the two years. Chartered flights by I
other airlines registered 370 ovwments,
adecrea of 5.6% from the 1990 figure
of 392.
PJease see AIRPORT Page 10

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 21st March 1992, Page 10
AIRPORT Pr.. Page 9
[Thete were derebases also in movements of The-': w-a. ,m iiAcrease of nearly 10% in
iri cargo and ALM airlines. Caricargohad r ovelt.e. s of private ,air.aft at Point1
31 movements in 1990 ar.m this dripped in S4aaI- du.g i99 1.. This cjass of aircraft
Aircraft Movements 1991

General Aviation 11%

Aerotity 3.4%

11991 by 31.9% to 94
m o e ent
AL.M, which tl d a
Idecline to 88 in
199f0 that is. 3%
frtm the 1989 figure
of 96 movements,
suLspended service to
i nt S lines in Juie of
1991 and recorded only
r72 ,vements for the year.

IAnother loss was Aeropostal, which
'had 116 movements in 1990 but which
Isustrended service to Gre nada in December.
of that year

British Airways continued its weekly service
during 1991, registering 104 rnmov ents a
Figure equal to the 1990 statistic.

iAerotuv registered 508 movements in 1991
1 figure which presents 3.4% of the total
|of air-raft movenants at Point Salines in
that year.


S ........................... ..................
219 0 ,0 0 0 ........................... ........................
U 20 000 ............... .... ... ............

S0, 00 ......... ......... .. ...
S160.000 -
i ________1986 19'-'J'
^ ^ -- __ ___-^___ __ *' --':"--- ^^

SAirli.nes 43%


recorded 1084 move-
ments during 1990
and, in 1991, the
| figure lose to 1192.

During the period
January to December
1991, Point Salines
handled a total of
239 066. passenger
arrivals and departures, and,
as vith aircraft move-
% ment, LIAT flew a large
percentage of. these

LIAT 59.7


This regional earner was responsible for
97.639 of these movements, a figure
-presenting: nearly 41% of the total, but
statistics of the Airports Authority point to
a decrease in LIAT s share of the traffic as
compared with 1990.

The 1990 total of passenger arrivals and
Please See AIRPORT Pam 11
.............. .. . ...............
. .................. ...... ...... .... ..............
....................... ......................... : :: : ............
...... ........... .. ..... -.... -.... ...... ..........
--....................... .....-.- -- ....................
S .......... ... ................... ...........................

9 1990 1991
b.. 19239 1 990 1 991 I

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 21st March 1992 Page 11
AIRPORT From Page 10

........ Z ----- ---- .... .... ..... .. ..... .. .... .

i.........t............ ...

1990 & 1991

16000 -9. --.






11 i00i

- - -

........... .. ...... .~i ... .. ............. .
.... ...

- f- I '

S990 1991



8,000-- --

7,000 lrrr

departIIres is 219,920. LIATattracted
102,856 of these, that is 47% of the total
and 6% mrnore than the airline's share in
199 i.

The strongest challenge to LiIAT's leading
position cones from BWIA, the other
regional carnier which, in 1990, handled
73,694 or 33.5% of the total passenger
movement of 219,920. In 1991, BWIA
has improved its position relative to LIAT.
In that year, the airline handled 83,235
pas seng rs, increasing its share of the traffic
to nearly 35%.

American Airlines is a distant third to LIA T
and B WIA but this airline too, has
improved its share of the passenger traffic.

In 1990, handling 22,068 passenger arrivals
and deparntres, American Airlines enjoyed
10% of he traffic. In 1991, passenger
arrivals and departures by this airline rose
to 34, 536, an increase of nearly 5% of the
total traffic.

Please Se AIRPORT Page 12


Aerotau 2%

American Airines 14-44%

LIAT 40.84


_BWIA 34.8%

--- -------- -



The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 21st March 1992 Page 12
AIRPORT from Page 11
The passenger count on British Airvays .as of passenger arrivals at Point Salines
almost identical in the years 1990 and. 1991, International Airport, for 1990 and 1991,
being 13,374 in the fonner year and 13,081 (see page 11) show these peaks clearly, the
lin the latter. The numerical drop in 1991 July-August peak being the most pro-
is 6% from the 1990 figure but, because of nounced.
the increase in traffic in 1991 as compared
vith 1990, British Airwvas share of the total The chart shows also that overall anivals
tn-affic in these years dropped from 6% in shoved an upward trend in 1991 as
1990 to 5% in 1991. compared vith 1990, a general trend vhich
is irflected in the chart (see page 10) of
Grenada enjoys three annual peaks of visitor passenger movements (arrivals and
arrivals, namely Marh-April, July-August departures) for the period 1986 to 1991.
and December-January. Th- li cih ;rt --


North Korean Ambassador
Presents Credentials

Mr Rim Gi Taek, North Korean Ambassador
to Grenada, stationed in Guyana, presented
,his Letters of Crederce to Governor General
Sir Paul Scoon on .March 16th

in the Ministry of Agriculture, told the
Government Information Service that the
main ncotivation behind this move is
promotion of Grenada's Nutmeg Industry.

Grenada and Indonesia are the only suppliers
- f nutmegs to the world market.

Grenada And lndc-esia Estab- St Louis Attends Banana Talks

lish Diplomatic Relations


With effect .torn February 18th, Grer.nada
and. Indonesia have established diplomatic

Senator Denis Noel, ParliamentarySecre ary

Mr Phinsley St.Louis, Minister for Agri-
culture, left Grenada on Match I Othto attend
a meeting in Costa Rica called to discuss
the future of C central American and Carib-
bean Conmunity (CARICOM) bananas in
the European Single Market.

/At March 1992
Pnmea PubIitsled-t By The Propeur e'r
Alister Hughes, Joutalist,
Of Scott Street, St Georges,Grenala, Westiaies
(P.O. g5" FS:^tg. m '" ,*.-,n rr22I!A fl?53d: a)



tt, '

.. ..- -

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