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The Grenada newsletter
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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* 4tkIj ta

The Grena t

'oflume 19 WedDay 31st Dember 1991 NuI r 2

p pgu

_lNE- i:+:::

-2 A








.G.6Reods Throne Speech.. .....
Review of 1991 .........................
OAS Seeks Ha-ti Solution.......
in Gr. naAlS .. .....- ............
N w .Sh rt s -................................

'K~W~Rri~- -. --~asa ---`

:L- ic '

J i

I :



* je~*.


spevial-y by a stajsf
&ig binpligwaatet

is to divest itself of its Nation-
al Commercial bank ant convert
trtt institution into a joint
[i i i .~li. i _..!! t,. .) J ., I i.

is was disc:sed in Parliament by Sir
P !i1 'coo n on December I lth as he read
he tradition r "Throne Speech" which
s. out Go'vernment's planss end policies
for the cominQ year.

sr Paul said also that Govern.ment is to
:curv'it the nnw who!y Government own-
d utility, Grenada Electricity Services
tint io a joint venture an d it wll aiso
.tpietely priyatise there Centrsal Gara!e
;-. hnv- servlcs ,ll Government,

Tighter Fiscal IManacement
i -- m -easu-res, -the er -nr GEn-ra-i
9e- G C 0 -V-- .e`rnrrr, n--+flt-r
s.d ar a Q man d r'-com 'end tio
f a S-tructur Adjustmsnt lssin le ..
i; the Cnribbenn Development Sank
.Those tns are aimed t
tinghtr fis-es managemesie:i. and increasre
pr-,uct;on, and Giovern- nt s committed
1i Implementing: them C-er tn'e 9ne-xt. two
hfar f

"This means the indirect- Tax ase
,il be broadened and the tax rates
reduced he so id "The base of tne
Natfiona Debt Service Levy will be
broadened. Government expenditure
|wi be reduced, especially by a
Staff reduction programme to be
'mn pfrpnted over. two unrf-

Ie Grnada N er

O th development side, the Throne
Se ref ered t t Hhe miiiion dollar
pci-gini and refrigeration piant soon to
P pnej b, t8 M aketing & Nationa
ir;po.ri in Iits drive to exp nd
ex>prts of non-traditional agricultural
pr di. icts. PMe: se SPEEC Page 3

3 st 2E- i.r r-9i Page 2


e Jt i .. r sducd,
4udvwtion prurrannme to
ove two ramrs

PeferIng to th wilde-spread problem of
smuggling in Grenada's sister island of
Carriaca ou Sir Paul said the British'

Go,1ernm nt had provided two senior
Customs O cers, specialists, who were
a ready in Grenada and efficiency of
revenue collections will be maxinised

"The Customs Department will take
positive steps to ensure that a few
smugglers in Carriacou will not be
allowed to get rich at the expense
of the State." he said.
Requirement For A Trade Licence
o ,r soe me there nhave been cocmpla in
of Government's loss of revenue because
som merchants are not complying with
the law which requires that a stamp be
3ffle to dSh bills. Among other fisca
Fmare-o 10 e ii undertaken b Government
n thIe icomn user is pabol tion of this
law and it eplace-ment by a legal
areuad e in Gt nada Trade Licence.

other measure to be introduced in 1992
revenue .,11

annowed u et rc at the nerape andse
ofi the p nt Land Caastra Shurve
is an "qu' roerty based on
farh quiress ;h.;-' y.iO j

I~i;-- p o~,t.

_Grrt_ Nesete Wnn_ w3ttDebe 91P

BEECH C From Page 2
M this connection also, the Governr
ene-ral sa'd diversification cf the
Agricultural Sector has been put on a
sound basis by the ist-copleted World
I . ..L 4
Sanr:: financed Agricultural an Crop
Diversification Project. Main ;,emphasis
of diversification in 1992 he sa-d, will
be cultivation of some 32 acres o f fruit

The Governor-General sid the excort .f
fish has been fully commerciised and
eight 37-foot fishing b atd by

An Exciting Joint Venture Pro ct
"An exciting joint venture project
between my Government and a group
of commercial companies in Denmark
wiil be implements", Sir Paul said.
nThe Danes will provide two ocan-
going fishing vessels whose caten~
witl go mainly to a multimillion
dollar fish-processing plant to be
established here in Grenada."

There n-avu een dramatic Increases n.
the Tourist industry over te st fe
e ,'~ and Sir Paul said this .succ-- must
be credited to initLatives taken by ti4
government .

Findings of a Comission of I quiry,
Iapoilnted in 1848 to iook into cond iti ons

'he Lommission found that the Surgeon
In rg* ofhe Honr5,oe etr fo- ,
-3 lD v ed Qt 0uR nu -raus oo ; ..
t-he Hospital bu,_
u the pat a wer

ded on the ground flopr ter I
t M. I m

tnts were gven an occasion tot of

irumn a reward for working a day In the
hospital plantation U1cultivUtin ve-
tales for the doctor's table or for- hi
D.'is sale. O S F n n

Soe year, iv however, Belon charged to
3 tF1s .. ... .. t ;Y

the hospital 262 litres oentf ruiy 2i9 botTles
-ot wine "'otes a o al-~-~ d 5t b t
lu one litre of gin
IiJ n:;' l itrI, iT C.III', I4 ._1. .
Ii~i.-.-, --, ,; -Ift .".f: Rii --n !. [ If :.':, .,

He .. 'e howe er, that Gren I dians must
reco...ise t t in Tourism the i $sland faces
.tiff c petition and thel- must preserve
their ri:h cultural and historic heritage

"-Coun-es builds countries', Sir Paul
said. "'Nor can we afford to subject our
cO-:'i fur to nvi ronmental degradation,
mport'nt- i bhcaBip se thi. hinders ouriF
ptntle for Nature Tourism and equally
Decaise it destroys our country and risks
our health."

Profited Imm CnOselOa e

agreements with friendly foreign

Ch al :e said, t these have been ti
Republic of Chins on Taiwan, the United
.ingdm, the Uied -States oif America

ar.d Venezuela, t -e C, aribbean Oevel-
SODtie Dn, Worl d Bani and the
Interna-tion~ Monetary Fund.

e- is certain, he said, that Grenad con
ronfieTntiy e-xpe, a similar ev el of co-
Oe on in 19.92 an "with our own
national seltf-he~i and sacrifice, and with
he help from our friend, we can be sutr
that, 1in j cur nation will continue e tOl
1-J-:op economically and socially."

^Ir.T I:--- .- I d

,,T.he Cewada-

F-ndsed 14th August 1973
448th Issue

!tsisc-rption Rates
Payable In Advance
Stage Paid By Second Class Airmail
axiaL pst nl GremiAa)

10 ITsies

2L I am__



43 -It 2! m $ sPbsL
-Aiwt 20 l ssues Pwbltshcd





najs iljy

~=~==-~--=---~-=-=-~llc~--~~ a

...-- .

The Grenada S

Page 3

Wedn-sday st December 1991


The renaa Nvsieter ago

Wednesday 31st December 991


bility in the Government. TAwhic
the public experienced in 4,'
lessened in I-January 11 when ,
on., he 9th of that monthly, Mr Ben Jones,
n te r 01 W r Ian A. ., 1 W.S r,
Mister of Foreign Affairs an-d Poiial
Leade-r f Th National Party (TNP),
'reigned from the Cabinet f Prime Min-
ter Brat. haite.--

t Follow incon lus iv r esults of th
general lections of 13.i Marcn 1990,
|Hr Jone- adn his TNF colleague, Mr
-eats forced a 1. e alliian c wi.. th Mr

I nwo!ite's National
Democratic Congress

n" had w-, sevn
seats ,nhe .--hrt of a
jes a Waler

Together with Mpr Edzel
~ Th-omas, a djfec4t

Grenada United Labour
a. comfortable ma orit
|S form tie Government.
ill Defined And. Un omfcrtabie
uf, th.e TNP/NDC alliance was ill :efined
and uncomfortable. r Brath ait said
l".. not enter a coalition govern-
liba t withi any party but Twould accept
arry Members of the House who T*wisrzhed -to
i NDMC. On the other hand, Mr ones
mad it clar that, when he and M Walker
; torme tihe alliance with NDC. the
intane their identities as e-i

She position was never clarified, it was

li' relationship, and the situation
eerated a sense of instability. His
re.k with NDC came following g
:Isentation of the Budget in, I embe

r Jnes claimed he had been shown the
-det prpsals a mere two weeks f
.---, fp.n.tps l he hearfd bee ws_-,u .v-Ifte
.31 .+ 1..=. 25 ae s ffHisE- Wr

th were presented in Parliament. He
considered this "scant courtesy" and his
break with NDC. was based mainly on th e
fact that. in spite of an election pledge not
to do so the 'i budget Iproposals included
rei i oIdu.tion of personal income tax in
the forn; of a Debt Service Levy on in-

Mr Walker did not follow his Political
Lea.der. He remained with NDC and, later
in he yeare there were two more
defji-.-~T .is NDC from GULP. These
:ere Dr L:awren'e Gibbs and Mr Winston
Frede ck. thes parliamentariansa
b-ringing te NDC majority to eleven votes
in the Hous against the Opposition's four.

Reintr:iuction of personal income tax
ar with the public and
ci:.umstaices in which this, tax was
brought ba,,- were unfortunate for the
image of the Government.

Aboli;she i 1L86 by the Government ofi
the lart Prime Minister Herbert Blaize,
reintroduction, or not of this tax was an

.r-a.I A. .r.,ja.a of
Ge~nera~l Elntides of
impor-dt -nt i i the.*

U. V- .i. .,

a'i "-a in-
close i r is tarnished N's

in Gr ce i the 190 Report A -
l C arit. D reverop t Bk
...ia. :-i..r. .led.e. that,
if it wes aie eJ1ctions, fS
rit4 VTuld .iL.u anyU

r.sintr f. a tx-
-er~si PfiscaE dM NISTER

Vilatleade Star ihed eNDtC

iil.-~.:a am 4f:owitng economic difficulty
Si eaa caie in the 1990 Report 'f
t C 'ritetan Drievelopment Bank (CDB'
wii. I r.efe.rred to "fiscal disesuilibrium"

- ---- --------

The Grenada Newsletter

Page 4

h mnadia Newslet

Weadesda r is ac member 199'1

REYIERW From Page 4
it the island. A slowing down of ec:onot mi
ipansin as expected, the Report sid,
and utainability and effectiveness of
tmeasu es USto improve Central Government
!efficiency were critical.

This situation, with particular reference
a the 1991 Budget proposals, and to Gov-
ernm-ents performance
generally, were matters
of conrern to the
.Private Sector. Tiis
concern was expr" ess-
SManaging Director of

r.._.i si Hub bard Ltd, a,
'Public A"p ny.
.. y ji .. an: one o i e
""i / largest firms in
.. the' island.
1_. .

: n a Re port to :li
S-i.R fWED TOPPIj Company's share-
:holders, Mr
jtoppin said the "worst disaster" of 1 990
Iwas Government's failure to formulate a
chesive policy in respect of its fiscal
Sdeficit. He said also that Government. had
faied to take firm action to curtail
S e.penditure and nsur fficincy in
collection of axes.
Had Not Coome To Grips
The 1991 Budget imposed puniti-ve
taxes which weuld have negative
ffect and lead to economic stag-
inatio~ Mr Toppin said. G:T.ver:.-
ment's tax collection systems were
in chaos, he said, and the real
difficulty was tPat Governmenat had
naot come to grips with the problem
of tax evasion.

Grenada Chamber of Industry 5:
Commerce, Mr Michael Mmo s at the
Ci,?.:;r's Aninual General Meeting,
predicted that 1991 would be a liard
elaraot :e critinuised -aringesf. T"...
persacIces Ts i ax and san o it etuld
,.con,._bU~ e t. a slowing d..w f business@
0 acivir~res a

Mr Minlrs referred spe ifica l to
S.41.. ; 1 ... G- . ; a ..+..... 4 ..
SsmuggLiLg and Lx evasion thr o ugh iase
S,.:i -at~ans and under -invici: n. T
a't.,ces, he said. had "d.isastnrou effetQ,'

.:;n ,:.vernment revenues and on theU
Business Community.

Te Chamber Presiden t spoke of Grenada's
sister islnd of Carriacou, alleged to be
th main avenue for smuggled goods
reach!i i the local market, and referred
h-to tl faic that, t-.t combat this, Gtovernment
had ,proposed to make Carriacou a free
Spo rt.

Carriacou is the constituency rep-
lesented by Prime Minister Nicholas i
Bratlwaite, and Mr Minors said it;
was the Chamber's hope that early
act-ion would be taken to activate
the iree port plan ior alternatively,
if the political considerations out-
weigh the economic, Government
should say so and abandon the
Economy Had Slowed Down
A no.iii later, in April, in an interview,
Mr Toppin : endorsed Mr Minor's opinion
that. the yer etoud be difficult and, in
April, Ar Micha-el Archibald, General
,Mnager f he Government-owned
Natitial Commiercial Bank, said, in an
.intrvi w, that Grenada's economy had

Sti an e-.ffort t
a al onati l

f %F a veach t .
faci.L the isladr i

Rn rMaH 2 fi3 L

' roe dAft Dev ment F as

: ~ ns i11nta-ti on
..-r- to approve a draft Devisment FiWvaeJ
year P~la es-trbli.hijg a framework an:i
sei rif ceiueS +ih ill allow for a
.:iv:e approach, involving oth 0-Public
a"in P rivat sectors, t, fidig solutions
Sprbtems of unera loeln, in, equality,
p 2 e rd anowhatI the Minister of Finance,
M.-r ga:or. rizan, called "a suffocating
-___ rPleac See REVIEW Paoe

Page 5

iThe Grenada Neslettr Wednesday 31st December 1991 Page 6

REVIEW Front Pae 5
fisc:-al trap.f

The draft Plan was to be re-written in
accordance with recommendations of the
onsuIltation and, after having been
iap-pr moved by Cabinet, was to be Grenada's
official guide to the future.
Showed A Considerable Increase
SGoTvernmtent's tanagemrent of the
STourism Sector paid dividends. The
-Grenada Board of Tourism, a statutory
S'dy, was established soon after the
tGeneral Elections of 1990 and, in 1991,
thhe national budget allocation for Tourism
lhowed a considerable increase over
llocafions in previous years.

Operating under the
chairmanship of
hotelier, Mr
"ichard ;ierman,
qh Boar-d iheld a
Sseminar in Aug-
ust 1990 with
the theme
A -. "Planning To ur-
ism i the 9 0s".t
That seminar
:: "rj,,as atMtendeid bT
g:re ca wide cross sect-
n,- gl o o f persons and
oranise i.n. -
Sinvolved in
Trminar produced a comprehensive pran
:.nd its execution resulted in excellent

,Ag-rst a bactddrop of w~rld wide
re cession, the Gulf War. and the_
collapse of several airlines while
i most oher destnaoin rfistered
A dealine.. Grenada s To urism
Industry showed growth According
to informatoUn given by Mr CThaerman
in his 1991 Christmas Message.
stayover visitors increased n 1991
by approzimately 15% over the
fl(re A'r 0990 and the cruise
visitor Lture was up by 5,T

.T --.agr,:ICultrr-_al sector of the economy
fared less well.

iThe Banana Industry, plagued by Moco
disease, complaints of poor quality fruit
aEnd dieclinina cr stagnatin. production, is

aunaer the urieat posed by the formation-
io the European Single Market (ESM).

Frenada Is banana crop, together
with the crops of St Vinacn4 A1
Lucia. omirnica, Jamaica and Belize.,
now effi rs a protected market in
the Unite.d Kingdot. That pro -
ftoction is likely to disappear when
ESM comes aito operation on January
Ist 199I an3. it November 199/. a
meeting was held i Brussels to~
discuss this matter wth represent-
atives of the European Economic
Comm unity (TC).

Prime Minister Nicholas Brathwaite,
Attorney General and Minister of Legal
affairs, Dr Francis Alems and Parliament-
art Secretary in the Ministry of Agri-
culture Mr Denis Noel, attended that
meeting and reported on it at a press con-
ference on November 23rd.
Given Them Reason To Hope
The delega4tionr told the press that no final
decisions had yet been taken. However,
the atmosphere at the Brussels meeting
had given them reason to hope that some-
thing ill be done to preserve the
"preferential treatment historically
enjoyed by Caribbean bananas on the
British market".

For several years, the Cocoa Industry has
experienced declining production and
unfavourabuie market prices. In 1990,
the falling production figures were
reversed ith a modest increase of 3%f
and, m 1991, this statistic lumped to

This increase resulted in production of
3.6 million pounds of cocoa, the highest
level in the last three years, and is a
welcome development. However, it will
take several years at this rate of increase
before production is restored to the level
of the 1970s when annual exports were
over 5 millio-n pounds.

Wijh reference to market prices, the
Report of the Grenada Cocoa Association
for the trading year ending September
-30th, -hows a continuing decline. In
'9o7, the price per pound was EC$2.58
and in the years 198~, 1989, 1990 and I
PleSee REVIEW Pae 7

- Narellr Wene~a 3i~Damnber1991Par

RHJIEW From Page 6
il91, it e succesvely to
-EC$176, EC$1.59 and EC$1.22.
'71 ; f! _t_., i'

iTh Grema aNevwslet

Sring aep.1 .ola 'ven up ana me Cou
ICocoa farmers have been paid ad- pany's ,vt range of flavors and mis
,vances per pound respectively, over under t'ie "Tuicy" label
the 1987 to 1991 period, of EC .689,
EC$1.73, ECS1.62, EC 1.62 and in 0ir and November respective
1EC$1-82, the figures for the last two the 'Br ery began production of "\
years being higher than the relevant Mai" aid "Satzeabrau" beer.
market prices.
At the. end of the Company's trading y
This, and payment of a year-e. : onu- 0th Jun-, 191, shareholders were p
t fa.rmets has been made polssile by a divid-end aof 10 on profits which

Agencies including te Europea.n Economic previous year.
SCommunity through tihe me Agre- m ent.
...... According to
A% Report of the Ch:

2inan,:al sTaits.

I l.t -.egs and m e are por

Association (GC A), and "- years thi'
organisation has tried t U etor h :

ducers in I-:i:.:1:'." the only other nutmeg
.roducin- country in the world. t
ia Favour Of Nutmeg Growers
T :--se ef-orts were succ,:ssfl i recent-

However, that Agreement was broken off
Ac -A 7 v

i, .1._ by a _it t I T t. -

nitance of the International Monetrryr
Fund. (IMF) w ich organisation s

negotiating a loan Indonesia and which
is opposed to cartels.

For whatever reason, -the collapse of the
-Agreement tad a devast ing effect on
GN and, in 19 Ifor the 'firt tim- se
ith co-opesative was established in 46.

an end-!-year surplus on trading oper-i
o action' .

. In .e face of economic difficulties f":ing
Grenada, the success of Grenada B re

ii in the manfactu ring secor
ou-tstanding in 1991.
er....... of -r the. irIri
L:'L.+I. 'J I : (J L,;1" [. - +- '-"' -fl "... ; -



the i




~lci~p- Toppim, tulisi
d-.,p ti.sulted from payment of a higher
ra'e of t-x and from substantial increases I
in uses incurred to meet target dates.

Respo-nse to the Company's offer of a.
pu"li. issue of 300,000 10% preference
snares of EC$10 each was disappointing,
only j5~0. shares were taken up.
Maurice Bishop Murder Case.
A mator news item in Grenada in
1991 was the judgement of the
Appeal Court in the Maurice Bishop
Murder case. The judgement hadt
been expected by year's end and j
when it had not been delivered by
that time, there were speculations
and complimentary suggestions
as to the reason for the delay.

Pleaa.ings in that case began on 30th May
196 and after a totall of 122 wor -king
A i
4 .as, al hearings were completed on j
19th e-cptember 1990. On that day.
Psidint of the Court, Sir Frederick Smith,
qc:ressed the hope that a verbal
l-"d"emen~ would be delivered towards
the en : f N--ovember or early in December

But. December 31st the promised
v .rbal judiemfent had not been made.-
Th-l;ere wer reports it would be delivered
by mid anuary 1 I1 but this did not
Please See REVIEW Page 8

a second bottling plant and, in May, began I
production of a range of soft drinks includ-
..T -. -. i? ff __- T i I H *' -


----~~- ~

Page 7


Wednesday 31st December 199i

The Graada Newslitter Wednesday 31st December 1991 Page 8

REEW From.Ia Paze 7

i mate r ia1. ise.

Public s-peculation was heightened andri
,ther were suggestions that the iJudges of
Ithe- Arrea Court were holding the
ei.vernment t.o ransom. It wa- aid they
were practising blackmail, delaying deliv-
ery of. the agemet nt until certain pay-
ments were r"made.

J* ,,- This appeal relates
:. :j. E seventeen per-
S+' sons found guilty of
| ^being involved in the
ain, on 19t-h Oct-
-.r . (-."-P --
+ . _. +: .. : .



i? Fe, S I T p-1
enc""for MauV ice
t-Ei y, -an rd 10. other
e.: -. 6 Fc.urtern, of
tU- -eventee r
%s"t'entced to ang
arld (: otl-er
,n her. were T_

SIR FREDERHICK SMITH on-' pri:- .n ..- -
.4.:ee m a, -

-Dismissed As 'Stupid Lanauendol s
iSome five months after the last
pleadings i th appeal U been
Heard, in Court on March 4th 1991,
Sir' Frederick dismissed, as 'stupid
'inuendos', the speculations relat-
ive to him and his brother Judges.
IThere was no validity in the ch-arges,
re said, and he emphasised the
:magnitude Co the task wv-ich had to
i-e dote by the Court.

Th--:-re w-re 3 Grounrds ---of Appeal,- he
aiti. :'-7 cases cited by the Defn-e
Se .studied and the transLcrit of the
-risi the trial ran t:o over 9.000

i Frdrik said the a in ti
to Jeliver a pliminary verbal judgerment
ad been a.rbandoned and there would
S a sn reason document with
;"'ii. U "l- "-1 1. A
-.ll details.

-"il peculation asn to the reason :r the-
delay and wide discussion on the m--tter
f3-re again i-kowing the Senate m1eet;ing
*? April 9tMh 1991.
. tat; r-. t -.- the Leader of

Government Business in the Senate,
Sen: t -.i Norton Noel, in reply to a question:
by Snaor Derek Knght, disclosed that,
in addition t their regular retainer fees
and subtsistence, the sum of US$650,000
had been paid to the Judges for delivery
of the jidgemerit.

Senator 9Nel said Sir
Frederic iad. re-
eived -a retainer fee i "
of EC $2 2,000 per .
sitt ng of the Court.
Eaclh -tting. ran for
artut two weeks. His
p:rohsent edges,

McKay of Guy-

Krentda!! of t-
"gu ea,:i ,e-

unrdter this read, Messrs McKay and
Kendalt ea. h received EC$200.00 daily

* 1udgesneCrt of the Appeal Court was
finally anided don on ul-h "',991,
n rimonths after the last pleadings hadi
bee.-n eard. The death sentences against
it oeurten twcre uphd a h eld as re t

uthe e the A peal
"d- ;siJ the three '
:;,, eowf man- 4
-saiu ht e s1 oui have
been sentence aotoint
eti cnci one person E
f-u.1 "ntt guilty" bt
hi-' jury should also
8lv4e been sent to
deathr row".

-t1i the Coutrt

effeiit Gi e-
,na i,, the 're- MR REX MCKAY
a:. ourt of Aineal was the final Court
a -hi i h an appeal could be made. There
s how.- Ihsting under the Con- 1 ee r EvEW PFM 9

IT he Grmnada News-tt Wednesday 31st Docambsr 1991 Pap 9

EI IEW F-rmm PaRe 8

,Advisory Committe e P. th Drergative"
of Mery, and the Chairrman :of that Com-
mitee has authority to advise the Gov er-
nor Generai to "substitute a less severe
'form of punish-ment"i for any otence.
e kra' r.. TV rda

Sin a national TV and radio broad ast .on
I August 14th, Prime Minister Nicholas
SBrahwaite announced tha with the

Chairman of the Committee, Mrs oan
jPurce4i, "'inist for T"'ursm, Td advised
i.the Governor Geeral to commute to life
impr iso.-nment- the death sentences on the...
)fiurten coa nem. d c t h-ang.
i '
Major Concern

Decision, M-- r Brathwaite said me
|mj"r concern of any Prime
Sinister is "h oding e .
Govr ent together He did
.LL- '-!
S elarat on this. H said

Sby the Con'ference of Cnturces,
S-Grenada and other responsible
w il to the : :-t, tr .
'religious grops convince the

4 --'- --
SGovernment that the right
:hurse had been to commute
ma.n the fs.e t i

,n il:. n th, riso-ni lf s.ou

S There as widespread y public t
dissatisfy .tion With the MR ANS..E
ommuting of the sen-tences. -
Opi"'ins were expressed that there were
nh apparent grounds for the eris. of
mercy and the Prime Minister's concern

.-was irrelevant to the matter

|There was public concern that (a) as

mond Hil Prison -or life should not
ibe added to the already high cost of
^the fc and appeal haea-ihgs.

|In Trinidad. the Trinidad & Tobago

Government has sent a wronga sipaal mi
hie face of what the Chamber said is a
nw trend developing .in te ieion, th
iAready facing a wa. V-re of uno arit

-i --'..' .. V : t-
. -:~ iS, r


(in the fa-e of an election pledge not to do
R h, the Government suffered further loss
public support by commuting the

Two other incidents further eroded
public support for and confidence
in the Government, one of them
having a direct bearing on charges
relative to tax evasion made by
both the Grenada Chamber of Com-
merce and by Mr Fred Toppin,
Managing Director of Jonas Browne
. u Hubbard Ltd.

Ti.. is incident occurred in Octobe /
S member 1991 on Grenada's
.sister island of Carriacou.

Traditionally, Carriacou has been
Problem to the Customs &
Excise Department because of
widespreadd smuggling which
takes place there. OriginalI
invoi-ed principally with r
cigarettes and liquor, i
~reent years this smuggling
has expanded to cover a wid
range of consumer goods, andi
a successful raid made by the
Cust-oms Department on
CLOUDEN Octobter 2'2nd turned up, at
one warehouse, a variety of
U.ncustITmed goods valued at some EC$3
t i!io .
Had To Be Deployed

on d:: -ry of this cache. because of the-
Sffli.y of te residents of the area, i
nit of the Special Services and Coast
Guard h, i to" be deployed for protection
-f the Customs personnel, and two devel-
opments arising from this have created
problems ir t Government in terms of
pulic confidence.

The first occurred at a press conference on
c:t:-r 24th on the occasion of the return
v. -n ie Minister tBrathwaite from the
. Comm)T r ar.. m ih Heads of Governrmnt
:-um.I;t. in- Zimbabtwe. At that. press con-
f-rence, prominent Grenadian barrister
nd s:tanch NDC supporter, Mr IAnsVlem
Cl--.i.. i, told the Prime M-inister he had'
been ".shocked and saddened" by thej
PMeae Se REVIEW Page 10

The Grenada Nwsletter Wednesday 31st December 1991 Page 10o

REVIEW FHrom aPage 9
SMr Cloud.en is a native of Carriac-, o ad he
told Mr Brathwaite (lso a native of
Ca cou an represe ning that con-
s .uency in the H use of Repr-
s~ntiat.-es) that contraband is a "way ot
'ite" for the people- of arriacou. Unless
t government refrains from interfering
witih th at wav of lifo
-, alternatei vety
makes Ca-rriacou a
free P'r, he s. Cd
he wJ"d eVot e
iis life to fi t in-.
i L 11
Sor the in de:rmd

h. rrime MiniEure
mdoCJe no rerly to Ir
o. Coden. Sub-
SL Usequerity, Mr
-a e-. a .i te ha.

iake in state- i
nent on the
D tRAN ALE S Of tter an this

--'te .rstr de element rising fro ro the
tmisione m of P ic (-4lates to t Dr
;liis A^lses, app ov Geeraa ao o
.i,rd IA:& seI S., Tc on-ere
Sine ffairs, io, t their time
f the fn.,, in tre absence of Mr

Irs u. iniStrf oanr MiAnistr .ef -told t

Strong Letter Of Reprimand
r the Minste though the I di e o fi
'.. styiony e eter Of reri-ra. to he

....... ".--r-.v h d c not been :-:Oujht
.......o4 v.. .~t-.,al Ser i .~ -it--, -C--he-.
S Z..t ... ...

-' i e M.-.7 tirrie r c ".site y ..ei.
ie. se fit-. t is' a. s e s an beise "
ty: be .. i. vv

....h b *-.i c en al e o-l e -
-t-- ,the p An,. c u c ni

i:tr.- tiEe minister t.ucht t-. idea '
Wr I ie hs a N bseTh N .
. .- . ... . La

:ecn-ity F,.r:-;, might be "apt to engender
a certain cynicism.-."

Dr Al- e;' repr,,imand to the Commissioner,
and his apparent objection to a Customs
raid being made in Carriacou in the ab-
sence of Mr Brrathw.ite from the State,
has been rad by political observers as
biased reacti-on t this politically sensitive

As wii tie Prime Ministe.r, Dr Alexis. too
thas e=.:liaed to make any- statement on
the matter which might throw a different
light On it
Allegations Of Gross Ifregularities
ApTart ft te Carriacou smugg-ing affair,
the .other iident which eroded public
support :of and confidence in the
3vern.ment occurred in March 1991 whten
there 're press allegations of gross
irreguian: es in the Ministry cf Health,
then.l nadd by Mr Kenny Lalsingh,
Chairman of th e ruling Nationale
Democratic congress (NDC).

These irregularities refer to alleged
surreptitious importation, through the
Ministry of Health, of broadcasting
electronic equipmentt, and entry of te
goods into Grnda was linked with
persons ui r La-si,,g'- personal employ.i

cu'l 3t: -- e" K"E-NY 'AeLSINGH
Rea m tte c. .end1 hat

ist~r athwait

aBtte. e re: e e to thee l fr
iin -intn : and r,

CoVmne, P e ardd a 'diriscrep-t
a.c,, i.i,: the C,-.
it- e f i-undi "d4iffi-..-
cut. it. .t.dd". ~R KENNY LatSIeGH

_e souqittee ecomede. aat theMist tad

criminal m : --estigation and, acng on thiS
"}.e P:rimt d.i-ister instructed both the
,,o!l:.mmissi!ne _r of Poici anrd t~he Directori
-.; Audit, investigate. The liatuer report-
edl su~se- ntli t la l the Mi nistrv had
used &. false invoice to obtain funds to pay J
for e uipment which was not budgeted|
Please See RVIEW ag 11

* ~tie ufSIr.4fa iC"si~ts -p1siSs'.8Can-P i

REVIEW Frm Page 10
i0n May 17th, Mr Bratwaie disclosed Me
had received the Poic repo r. That
report sho he said, that Public .. Officers
-w'r" involved and. the m atter was t be
Ssubitted t the Public Service Con-
| :iss ion.

No sub seuent report as been mde o
'the Commission's findingLs, and the Direct -
or of Public Prosecutions, .t whom the
matter as referred, later -reorted that
no action was to be taken as, ia n this
matter, no criminal a had been

In view o- f the "discrepan c-

mitte and f the false invoice 'c

Vspicion wic h shrouds the incV-
dent at the Ministry of Health.

I o. statement has been made .'i&
Iwit reference to any discip-
1inary action taken by 4y -

'hi return, unopposed, to the SIR SHIR:
post of Par-ty Chairman, at the NDC Annusi
Convention n on November 3rd, has not
i bolstered public confidence in the
Appointed To Consider
An important development. in 4 91 was
con mencement of t. wx of me e -n-
-onstatuent Assembly (RCA) -whichr s
ppomte to consider and mak recom-
rmndations Dfor a4 political izies ation of
Le Windward Islands.

The first RCA meeting took pl ac in St
S.Vincent:. in PJanuary cn and w attended

ister of Legaln A fairs.

jin addition to repr-sentatives of the NDC,

: f the Opposition parties in Parliament.
Sthat is. The National Party and ie Grenada
United Labour Party. Also represented
on thi" RCAt are the Grenada Traiaes U-nio
n I a *it r1t.- j c_; c IV -i

Council, the National ou Council, the
S41-- w --4 -Al.

.. Agricultural Commodity Boards, the
Private Se-ctor and the Council -. IChutces
i i -nac
,- -. ,, r-, o... Of ,+ ND'.: t-' '-! ~ C.
.,".-T~ ~~~~~~~~D 0l! 1h" '~-"" .- .-e '.-;
t.. tj- l-l 1g~4# -'' '+ : ... -.. ... + . .

_v enadGa.F

The secod RCA meting s hld in
~A r!t Me it- i
Lui.1. in Apr' and the third in Dominica in
SSepte-mbr. A a press conference after
the Domn!ca meeting, Dr Alexis report ed

..pinin in the Assembly that a federal
for- ,- unio. n is preferable to a unitary

Dr Alexis disclosed also that more
delegates were adCvisinfog a bicameral
Parliament rather that a unicameral one,
and the fe-ling of the Assembly was that
elections to Parliament should b-
:ased :both uo the first-past-
t he-post system and some ele-
m-.ent of proportional represent-
a tion.
A,. Take Place In Grenada
:' Te et A meeting, and the
.st sche uled, to take place in
,. ,. ,:renada January 1992.
n a parallel development
S the Westindian Commiss-
Sappointed to formulate
: ": .. proposals for closer inte-
.-... nation of the Caribbean
DAH 'I"- r.T unity (CARICOM), sub-
mitted a Progre--ss Report in August.

Led by Sir Shridath Ramphal, th1e Corn-i
mission said tere. were certain thing
-I:.h should not await recommendations
of I, mi al Report be fore being imple-k
Iiexred, and among these is the need fco
provide "hassle-free" avel for citizens
.4 r" $*,_ + '.L *
of C-R. mOM. i

Ai recommended for immediate
au -ion is movement boards a common'
.Ca.bbtn- currency and creation of a.
CA. I3CO- single market.

This progress report- was presented at
We CARCOM Heads of Government con-
-erence in SKtt in August, and Primei
Minister Brathwaite was assigned by that
conference to the dutTy of orpanisin easier
travel procedures within CARICOM.

The Organisation of East Caribbean State I
.OECS) also moved towards a freeing of
tr.-'l restrictions. The DECS Heads of
governmentt Conference, held in Grenada i

-ae --ee RVI_ w PaSn 12-


Page l1 i

.Ii irc-.;---r----r


One viff kae hi u*& rwraitq of taf
cmndew qirws As ste mifPtarq w- akis
HE APPOINTMENT OF A -These consultations are taking place
Prime Minister acceptable to now in Han& and out of Haiti as to whether
the majority of the Haitian a particular PNrim Minister wvill e
Se- ipele, to President Jean- acceptable to the maori ty of the Haitian
-ertrand Aristide, to the Chamber of people and to the sectors involved," he
Deputies and to the Haitian Milit.ary is said.
r-it cal to r nestortin of constitutional
order in that country. The M taru has given a commitment to

This opinion was expressed at E press
conference on December 12th in Grenada
by Trinidad born Ambassador Christopher
Thomas. Assistant Secretary General of
the Organisation of American States

REVIEW PFm Pa0e 11
.onger ,e required to use a passport
'when traveling between OECS countries.

The immigration form tr be used by OECS
S:itiens was to be simplified and it was
ieopd .these arrangements could be put
-into efect by December 1st 1991.

Another decision of that meeting was
.-at there should be a ingle ODECS market
,ith fi-s movetnt 0f capital, goo- s and

Other developments i 4 1991 worthy of
note are :-

SOn March 17th, Govrnor-General Sir
Paul Scoon launched in .ren ada the
University of the West Indies Develp-
ment. & Endowment Fund. Mr Ray;
i tii.t~ ". -V -r~n: --q .-
. ,ith, Chairman of the Grenada Appeal,
Committee of the FiunC, reported to :
press conference in May that collections
Shis Committee had already exceeded a
th.rd ,l the target figure of EC250000.
Jy years end over EC$ 00,000 had been
S:dlectd. Collections in Grenada will
be spent in Grenada.


-e rpr:-s.enatitye. of the OAS Secretary
eneri that they wv11 abide by a civiI!
solution t e situation the Ambassadorl
said, and this commitment will have to
be as5-ss.d as soon as the Prime Ministerl
Please See HAITM PNMe 14

2. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
Commn -t--r-l Tariff (CEIT) came into
effect in renada on May 1st.

I. A census ,was take-n in Grenada on May
F12th. At. y-ar end, figures had not yet

4. G .enada was re-Emitted to the-
Supreme Court of the Organisation of East
Caribbean states with effect from 16th
AtU.-st. It.

Please 3j~ REYIRWa Peas U'

Plsm&- rEVEWg 1

i The Grenada Newsletter Wednesday 31st December 1991 Pag 13



berlOth on the theme, "Drug Trafficking, Human Rights and Security",
Prime Minister Nicholas Brathwaite said fundamental rights enshrined
in constitutions of democratic countries come face to face with a drug
culture disobedient to law and order
end disrespectful of duties, responsibil- lAtemUtional Affairs, was attended
ties and obligations, members of Grenade's security forces
including the Police, Prison Officers,
"Yet, he sai, "& duty is imposed Customs and Immigration Officers.
on ihe State to provide the
machinery aad to ensure that Resource persons were Professor
whatever rights druv traffickers Theodore Becker, Head of the Department
may have as citizens, that such of Political Science at Auburn University
rights are e fged to their fullest." in the United States, Dr Francis Alexis,
Grenada's Attorney General and Minister
In other words, the Prime Minister said, of Legal Affairs and Mr Arthur Williams,
notwithstanding the pressure, the agg- prominent Jamaican barrister and Chair-
ression and the vulnerability of the State man of CARIBCARE's Jamaica Chapter
exposed by drug trafficking, lawful means
and due process must be employed and Professor Becker spoke on "The Courts
assured in responding to the threat. And The Rights Of Man", Dr Alexis on
"Drug Trafficking, Subversion and
The conference, organised by The Carib- National Security" and Mr Williams on
bean Institute for Human Rights (CARIB- "The Police And The Community".
CARE) and funded by the Jamaica based
Bustamante institute for Public And In his address, Mr Brathwaite said that,
REVIEW 12 looking at the actual situation "on the
REVIEW From P 12 groundd. in their response to preserve
5. Under the leadership of the Anglican Plee Se CARIBCARE Page 15
Bishop of the Windward Islands, Philip .....___
Elder, on September 9th, the Anglican
--. 0. t^ b .. _. t +1 A. The October 29th issue of the 'Wall

.UhLU 4U in1V1 VllrIl3dUd, UWIV I2
Session of the Synod of the Diocese of
the Windward Islands.
6. The official publication of the Carib-
bean Community (CARICOM), Press
Feature", reported -in September that
the first recipients of the Order of the
Caribbean Community (OCC) are Mr
William Demas, Mr Derek Walcott and
SSir Shridath Ramphal.

7. The St George's Legal Complex,
S completed with a British Grant of EC$1.3
Million, was officially opened on Sep-
Itember 23rd. _......

Street Journal" charges that Grenada is a
haven for money laundering.

9. Deposed President Jean-Bertrand
Aristide of Haiti visited Grenada on
November 4th.

10. The Report of the Grenada Airports
Authority shows that, in 1990, the
Authority recorded a total of 2 19,920
passenger arrivals and departures
through Point Salines International
Airport., an increase of 17.18% over the
1989 figure.
nw m-- m n, '[ -.-man-- usem

The Grenada Newsletter Wednesday 31st December 1961 Page 14


Turkish Consul-General and the inistr of Finance.
Ape- President of the Chamber, Mr Michael
Minors, told participants that the new,
iAccording to a notice appearing in the form will put Grenada in a better position
Government Gazette, Mr George Angus to build its trade ,.data bank, enhance
hMinors has been appointed Honorary economic planning and assist revenue
Consul-General of the Reoublic of Turkei- collectin.
In G r e n a d a ,;" ,
.da... Deputy Comptroller of Customs, Mr G,
Mt Minors appointment took 'effect as Thomas, said the purpose of .t..e new
from 22nd August 1991. system is toI bring about better manage-
ment of Govenment finances and provide
Sa reliable source -of information -on trade
Workshop On CARISAD activities.

A workshop to discuss the introduction Seminar On Asparagus
Lof a new Customs Declaration. Form, the in
Caribbea Single7 Administrative Docu- & Ginger Production
Sment (CARSAD), was held on December
i1 th under the joint sponsorship of the A seminar and fild demonstration on
Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce PIM- e~e HSEWS SHORTS Page 15

HAITI Fwo Pare- 12
has been appointed and a new Cabinet answered in the negative.
"As far as we are aware," he said,
At that point, he said, one will have to "there is no such back-up consider-i

assess the veracity of the commitment
Sgive by the military,. in this matter.

Ambassador Thomas said Grenada was
his last stop on a round of visits to all
countries of the Caribbean Community
Able To Report
That round of visits, he said, relates to
resolutions relative to Haiti which the
oAS Foreign Ministers passed, at their
meeting in November, and he was able to
report the unequivocal support of all
CAPICOM countries for those resolutions.

There were two resolutions passed, he
-aid, the first condemning the removal of
President Aristide from power. The.
second called for embargoes and certain
economic sanctions, among other things,
in respect of the de fact Government of

nif reply to a question as to whether there
1is anu Dack-up consideration for the use
on militarQ force, Ambassador Thomas

action. The resolutions are specific,!
they both speak to the question of|
economic sanctions and to negot.-
iations as a means of ending the
irregular situation in Haiti at the!
moment. "
Led To The Belief
Discussions which have taken place by'
OAS representatives with elected mem-
bers of t.h C-hamber of Deputies, with the
Military and with President Aristide as
to the restoration of constitutional order
the Ambassador said, nave led to the'
belief that things are improving and are
on the road to a civil solution.

No deadlines have been set in this matter,
he said, the Foreign Ministers left the
matt-r of Haiti open, but reports of the
delegations to Haiti would be placed before
the Permanent Council in December and
a decision will he taken by that Council
and by the Foreign Ministers as to what I
should be the next step.
*^^M ^^^.^'ss'^ S-fsS.^*sysss^^ssssssii^^_______~,--i________

Thei Grenada Newsletter Wednesday 31st Dzeember 1991 Page 15
esw Sflts Fur Pam 14 ."

asparagus and ginger production was
carried out by the Agricultural Technical
Mission of the Republic of China (ROC)on
Taiwan on December 17th.

According to a release from the ROC Em-
bassy, asparagus is a high-value crop
with strong exporting potential and there.
i.s a great demand for it Th Europe and the
United States of America, especially dur-
ing the winter season.

Ginger, another crop with marketing pot-
ential, is now being tried commercially
by Grenadian farmers, but there are prob-
lems of a low survival rate and poor
yields. These difficulties are being
,addressed by the ROC Agricultural Tech-
nical Mission.

law and order, the law enforcement agen-
Kcies find themselves faced with a threat
to the security of the State.

The powerful lure of financial reward
welcomes everyone who is in the market
place for drugs, he said, competition
among drug lords for market share
invariably leads to open, war and the
,economic system and institutions are
severely- distorted and misused.

"In discharging this duty much more than
a delicate balancing act is required," the
Prime Minister said, "Such action must
be taken within the framework of the
law, which law itself must not contravene
'the provisions of the Constitution":
Aimed At Interdiction
Special measures must be taken to deal
with the threats created by drug
trafficking, he said, and such measures
include regional and international co-
operation aimed at interdiction., appre-
hension and conviction of drug traffickers
land rehabilitation of drug victims.

IThe Grenada Government is determined
not to let up in the fight against drugs and
drug trafficking, the Prime Minister said.
:The Government recognizes its obligation
to provide for the security of the country,
Ihe said, and all legal means will be em-
1inoyed to neutralize the drug traffickers
iand bring them to justice.




According to a release from the Govern-
ment Information Service, methods used
previously by the Caribbean Agricultural
Research & Development institute
(CARDI) to control "bunchy top" disease
in the pawpaw have failed.

The disease is caused by a microplasma
carried by an insect vector, Empcasca,
and, in its earliest stages, attacked plants
snow a discolouration in which the
younger leaves assume a lighter than
usual green.

Water-soaked spots appear on the plant
at all stages of the disorder and, in itsI
later slbtes, the leaves take on a yellow'

Promotion of a pawpaw crop is one of the
efforts at crop diversification, and CARDI
is now considering alternative approach-
es to the "serious problem".

This includes destruction of all plants in
affected areas and allowing the land to
lie fallov for six months before replant-
g. Pleie See IMWS SHOTS Pae 16

The Prime Minister gave the assurance,
however that in meeting that obligation,
his Government will not compromise on
its responsibility to ensure that access
to. the courts is guaranteed to the drug
trafficker so that a fair trial may be
afforded him.
Sensitize Key Persons
This CARIBCARE conference was one of a
continuing series of educational con-
ferences organised by the institute in
countries of the Caribbeah Community
(CARICOM) to sensitize key persons,
officials ahb the general public to the
issues of human rights.

in an interview with NEWSLETTER, Dr
Ramesn Deosaran, CARIBCARE Executive
Director, .said ,the institute is already
drawing up plans for a continuance in
1992 of these regional educational con-
. .. ... ..... .... l l _ .. . .

1 -----

The Grenada Newsletter Wednesday 31st December 1991 Page 16

NEWS SHORTS From Page 15
The bulk of. the pawpaw. production is
located on the island's east coast. A.
spokesman for CARD! told the Government
information Service that at least 50% of
Ithe trees are afflicted with "bunchy top",
rand consideration is being given to
establishing new plantations in areas
which have not experienced the disease.

Youth Leaders For ROC

Ms. Claudia Mark-Benjamin, Assistant
Secretary in the Ministry of External
Affairs and Ms. Gail Bulien, Executive
iMember of the Grenada Technical & Allied
Workers Union, left Grenada on November
28th to participate in the "First Caribbean
Youth Leaders Seminar" which was held
in Taipei from November 30th to December

According to a release from the Embassy
of the Republic of China (ROC), main
purpose of the seminar was to provide an
opportunity for participants to under-
stand better, the political, economic,
cultural and social structures of the ROC
un Taiwan.

An opportunity was provided also for an
interchange of opinions and establish-
ment of friendships With youth leaders
from other Caribbean countries and from
the ROC.

Floral Official


ROC Seminar

An official attached to the Ministry of
Agriculture, and in charge of promotion
of cultivation of cut flowers, Mr Peter
Neptune. left Grenada for the Republic of

China on November 28th.

Purpose of the visit was to attend a
three-week Floriculture Seminar held at
the Agricultural Improvement Seminar
at Chang Hwa, Taiwan.



Mr Morrister Michael Williams, technician
of the Grenada firm of Messrs Technical
Metal Works. returned to Grenada recently
from a six-month welding seminar in the
Republic of China (ROC).

According to a release frm the Embassr'
of the ROC, on completion of the course,
Mr Williams was awarded the weldingI
certificate of "Americ~n Bureau of
Shipping" which is recognized world-i

- I

3'as December 1991

Printed & Published By The Proprietor
Alister Hughes, Jnanalist,
Of Scott Street, St Georges,Grenada, Westfdies

(P.O.Box 65: Phone [809J 440 2538: Cabes HUISON, Grenauda)


-:' ",' .

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