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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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i Page 6 Saturday 19th October 1991 The Grenada Nesletter

iC.-ber 19th 1983 should not be a prti-::i.
ir"^:,. Mr Baptiste said, and the Fo-.d..non
will rm.it7e every effort to ensure thai, ne:i
-: ., there is only one comnemorati:e
:r-ice on October 1j C,
Had Printed Programmes
SFoa'udJ 1,_ had, printed i'';'.
for the ;:-r of 0'er-.-ic sho, iIng th: h.e
I.'-,ocatio, was to be perf,: rr:,=, b-y the
P ''eby teri: Miniister, there "ere to be
S"Refectio:f i on the Sc:-'iptI.u'es" by the-
1M methodist minister, prayers by the
Anglican Minister and the e.ei.i .:-n was
ito be i _n by the Ro.nri C h-.!ic .ii-

-- ,- ,,...- .

SV,. Z..^ 1t.tte pr:Y ,.4 r r lc :.t,-_-,
wh had died on October 19C .? He
|.'iv..tioned.d spcifii:, who had been
executed on ,'l' inner p a.i q:e q-:u'e.

They were Prime Minister '- E.i-:h.p,
Ur 'son VWhiteman, Minister of Foretirn
Affars, Jacqueli"e Cr'rt, c,.'fi i-;-r -f
r'. 1le .er, Of
Z._ ,,i;on, ,.-rW Bain1, of
Ho.,-ir.-, Fitzroy Bain, Prleiie?- of the
IAgric.hi.,iit & Gceri.l Workers Union,
"E-!T Bull ., Manager of an Ir.',.u.a:cce
C,.rip.ra,, Evlyn Maiil ad, a gar
mniplyee and Keith H..Lyling, an el:li',,p-e
:f the MKfatkeing & National Ir....rti"--

Eaptiste rierti :ned two 0 p'I.:..-.c
h.; killed on tL.e iower .:- ade :,._eL
and one, Younded d.i.-n the attck of the
Pe* p4- Rev<;-luti.t died j. :?quenily.
Wounded During The Attack
SiThe;.s. 'ere Avis Ferga': .. a1 eti -:.- ofr
George F Hu'._gi:L1 & Co Ltd who died
during i'h -t".i:, Vinc'" Noel, Fre-iden .
of th -,^: & Ge:"eral Workers Union,
-'h-:,, ioiwded during, t .-- a fT:'k. r seen ,
;alive when the, d:.c but. vas sub-
;-q:i-ily fo und dead, and JriYe: .i., a
'.: i: n ..;,h v .:. ,.'.: ._i.ed in I le -. ,
duringg t.he ..v:,. and dief at the Gr-i-:'
_Q_,pit.:t several days later.

The :rL-nes of all these people vho :iej,_
ra -1~91ater, to l i.- ::"',-A .. ,,,4

three re.,i to the outer parade ;qu:-', .
Vere the "i :iL V w':,.:Ze rn.r-nis a.ppe:red on
the irji,:ent, in the Maurice Bishop
.* f,', Trial. In addition, Mr -.pti-: | other persons who, presu.mably,
,ii .- u r i t h e P R A ".,., .

They : ,&. ,:I._ St.E.. ? a ickwE. o-rker.
Eric '.an: : a-n ArTi':ultu.ii Worker and!
':Iee 't:iuer--. Apndy Sebastu Alexander,
Sirn.:.n A .:...... -i. 4 Allene Roniain.
The Siaging Of Hymns
F olk. g t._ singing of hymns, E-.ible read-
ings ,qJI pra rs, Mr Bap 12ie invited
.r T -.endirick F.jix, one of thl- corner-

the !. Bishop Patriotic ..ovemen-Wt, to
address 'he gfathering

Mr Kadi; ,- -.u rif-'ii of the Members of I
the :CCC G ho had failed to be present to
corducdt the ecumenical service for the
Foundation praised Mr Ea;ptiSte for
being "arliious Miitr and, at the same
time, bim: a man, a comforter, ar
exfimple and a l-Oer...."

"At one time in my life", he said, "I
wanted to be in the religious life but,|
vhen I grev old enough to under-
staind the hypocrisy of institutional
religion, I said 'noe, I vill go for-
vard and try to serve my fellow
No Better Off Today
Mr Padi- was 'rit.ic:e also of vhrat hlie called
Athe timeain" of Grenada by the Uni-df.
Sa. iz-3 ald CaribC.:. For''s on 25t-h
C:.bter 1983 itd re, in ihe fields of
Srn, oads, --.ri ducasiy r..and hea ith,u

arT:. h a 37 t majority, he said,
some vra ? ,rO -a 45% majority but,
When the ll:':- v of Grenat': his Ur,>rded- (it
..'ill be t ri;F:, th-.t) Maurice BFrih,.:p ,as
"elected by the lives of every
Gretudii: -. : .-u tl.- wi d- have pui
Pleae See FOiUNDATION Page 7

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 19th October 1991 Page 7

do..u 'i.her' lives for "-, the greatest l. -
? ,at,: nation has ever had."

'.:uric,:e Bishop is eternal", Mr R ,i:: ..-a,
Lu sacrifice of his life is eternal. Hi;.: ;'y
Ail record tla'. he never be-gged, e,- -i".'

I-:CI.Je, but th aft he locked .:-' m i,- ee5
.tdr.. "*-n1, to immortality "
They Have Disappeared
Mr P..d.ix -ij that eight years p-ssm_
x':. the ..dies of Bish:,p and those whco
6_: with him have not been i.:ied over to
their r-ti.,:t... The U ,it.? States
Authorities had he :.%1,: that the?
b-die: were handed over to the Grrn..ini
firm of Otvy 's Fu~'er:-! Agency, but i-c
then they have ,i,.rppeArei.

Winding up the
proceedings, Mr .
Ef p '_.-; f said his "
hope is that the .
A authorities
nows, there is -
truth to be folk- k,.. .-.
en -.: that "we .
'il know the .
ruth of wiht .. a
"-.n-,, J to the i,
S:. of ouir
di e heroes".

He said .als,, that the Found- ,
action will make a en-.Tid on -
G-: 'rinment. that the Fo.und-t..i,:.,- be all:. -d
Ito -re,-' a fittinri~_, nr:rt'/. at Fort George
to the memory of IvT..I e i.L:'p ir -d .. iV
.'-* died '77i t him.
At The Same Location
:'rni '",o hours N:f.r the cereirr.'or ---
ed. by the Foi.uaJat-.n, the Go ..r'-n1.e
organ,,ised rem y t.:,,:: place at. same
location at Fort George.

The Police E aid was in attendance with a
Police Honour Gu!.rd i: ir!"erTed ife:
An ecLunercii: service was c.",.'--.ct b/
:_ Roman Ca;-1th-ic E1.ish- .p of C;-_.".'
C,' h- I P,.h 7K, II_ Iin .1
Archde.:.: ra of Gr.-, CenerL Fr ,.:-
?ALe I t i"- it M i" "t,?r, Fr"-',. fL-u i
. the Presb. eri,. M iv n .._r, t.. {:-li\!l
i_ -er, ta ince p.'t.

A. A' at 1hi2 service -.:_ v'ry p~Tr


C .oVnel LD.l P- i entered upon a tragic -ia,, in 1706. he .',a; made Governor
of .* Islands

With a pi .:.I-di j unsuitedd for this post,
Park-e's -eti<-r .'ith the inhabitants steadi-
ly deteriorated i._tii in Dec:ember 1710,
varied plaiiters at'ackei1 Government House
in -ni -ua. Parke was defrenaed by a few
*ldid-rs but tiey Vere quickly overcome
and. P.iur 'T-. murdered.


5.i? ..iJ..,rs of TH_ Dipl.. .tic C'-.rps;,
...fen,-ers : Parliamrent and a few members
of the public.

A wreath was laid by Governor General Sir
P .il Sc.-,,n at the spot at which 6the
exa-ecutiins took place.
Was The First Time
This '-.r. was the firet time on which the
Foundation I: n held a mernIp',,i.l service at
F ',r :Qore on 1th October in conunem-1
oration of ti events of 19th' Octber 1923.
It -:. : i- on h r inner parade square
"'her' le i ::e,'.uti:rirs of P:'ime 1..lirnitr
tf.^'rii. EBIsl:-,p and. seven ,others took

This ear riarked a "first" -lso for the
official Gov-
: ernment organ-
crl tion ser-
vice. in
past years, this
"'"0 '. .., s "vice, with
wreathth laving.
cerermi:iy, 'Vas
I hd on the
Souter parade
S q.-Uir.le of the
"A. ~ Fort There it
_ is believed
.;, over 100 Gran:.Jiar. were
_....., .a1ied down on 19th October units of hLve Feoples Revolutionary

The ser ice w" held, this year, on the
ii i-,r ,.ie square and the wreath was laid
by the Gi.oeror ineral on the spot. where
the -::utioins of Bisho:p and other' tgo,.ok

*jt1 1` 1 19 1BJ- 6 M

Page 8 Saturday 19th October 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter


The fate oJ Wi-tutwar d TIslnds bananas 1tin t
tEu-ropean Common Ma.rket wGif be deciddAc at a
meeting in russEls

President of the Windward
k.I-tfi, Ba,.. a Asioc:iati,:r
(WINEAN), C"li.rman of the.
Crenada Banin. Co-oper.atiive
ri.ty (GERCS) and prominent Gren:-rdian
l.'riculturist, aiid in an irtni.iev vith
NEWSLETTER on Oct..ber Ii. h tut the
fate of Win rd Ismands b ETr-C.:pe-an Common Market (EC MI) ill be
i eid.ed at a cnirial meeting inm Ei.lssels in

"The Lodona basw~d Warst ladifa
Committee has orgaWMed a meet
viat mie EuropeaB Economzic
Commu'ty,, (EEC) co0milmee c&arg-
ed Vwit im paaestn g the Ranana
1 Protocol of t&e Lona ClZovenbio'
1 e slid, ff a &f h 6gh leve/ leleytios
h'rm tde WIViffdva&rd Ala d vll

At stake is the prIs.ion Wind.'ard Isands
. aui-r now enjoy in ,dL. W-hich
imay be lost vhenr t,*la ECM c.:-:n.e into
Kffectdin 1992; Mr Bh..:1a said the obje'tie
tof the meetir is to get the fitn;i
.I ,.e'ion of the EEC in this matter.
Situation Is Shared
This situation is shared by J:t.nica and
'Belize as far as Britain is c.incerniid, Mart-
truque and Cuid elupe are in a simiil.r
r'elai:.!.n ith France, Surin.-n "I't Holl. -id
and there are cther countries of Africa and
the Pacific which are c.,rncerr-ed about the
future nmrketing of their btn.inw in the
ECM, Mr Bhola s:dA

iAll t1,es_-e lobbies, will be pre ient. .it the
Eriusel, nteetirg, he said, and the Cin ?ni.d -t
I.--tiortn vill comprise the .finis-
ters of Doninica, St Lucia, St Vincent and
Crenadta vith represenfati':es of WINBAN.

is a traditional favourable sentirrent., and a
feeling of rimoiral obligation, tovard'. _- ii'.se :,econ,:iTes are solely
idepeindeiii on bananas, he said, and. both the
Eritish .tiui French G-'vernments have come
out in fiv.:iuw of granting some protfecti.n
to bananas fr'.:m the African, Caribbean and
P.,cific. (APC(_) territories.
Will Give Their Support
OtAer fEuropeaL c utries sucr s
af& adf Span Irr give thau-
support to graffflty pfroecron, Mr
Bhaol said, bat some opposiffo he"
been exprered by Germagn

'"Crmsa&y yanst a Hbaeria free trade
market, Ae said, where everyone fs
frew to b~y and se/I as t&ey lie
ircduding cheaper priced bananas
f~om Cstral America.
However. the .7INBAN President. said,
,Aie hope has been generated_ by the report-
ed cor'en-;! of an official from the
G(erntn Mfirni.'itr'y of E.tdernal Affairs who
rec-iz,)l- visited the Caribbean including
Dorfiimca .- St Lucia.

According to Mr Bhola, the Gernr'an
.ffi':i.:l, having seen the dependence of the
i -1.;u,. on b.mi:nm, vas of the opinion that
: sort of protection should be given.

The WIMNBAN President said it is
arpected that, if WINBAN Amuacs
snd hbose from J&aaatc and Beize
get &e protectin being sought iiM the
[JIred fdfnom afteMr te ECM
comes jto opera1oA, it Vil/ be
accomphIhed tirozgh both a& qz
sy.7e.m s&ad fariff wall g sart
&aaAs flram other cotries.

The WINBAN President said he is opdmis-
tic over the outcome of the meeting. There

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday. 19th October 1991 Page 9


wxprwa ApWAMrmw is dai assm kwge befsrW : TOWP y

e.on h..,-, for the media on"
I j%3 lOct..t.-r by Grn- Br--i .-
.es Ltd, -"^- b.,:-i of the v.1 e''-
"i --Board of, Mr Fred T'-ppii-,
.:.. rnced a ::"' d p n m his Com-
panyvs growing line of pr:d,: ;':s.

"It is .iti great pride ,a.i pleasure ih.:m I
1-mouirne the l:v.-nl of 'Vita--ralt bre-ed
,'-d. b.-tthd in Grenada :.uijr license from
C.- -r Brewery Lii ted of DemnnarL' he.

Has Come In
or many years, he
-d "Vita-m-" .-re-'- j
outside of the i.-I I
has n bree famn-liar *
S'--~ ls. The pro-
S-has come in to the
: 1.U'ry in 'e \j
qi"itite?, he ni A, i -
'-:1etimef in small 4
_., ities dreae:din ms:' on i. -- .
e t' of the .
'.^.n A'nhor ties
.ad. sometimes in fairly
. large qui.-atitie: deper: :J-
: on the ac'ivi-t?: of t
he _mi..gler? MR FRE_

' a situation ri this. Mr Toppin ..-: "if
:ou ,I't beat. he;.:, it's better to Jir,
isem", -iud it v1 a.-It that b1la,:1.::;-iu
"t., w7hen the 0-1..1-y ., loodi.. for
diti,. r:i pr.,,.du,: to *r-3. if .c..ure. "Vi'ta-
...t" Vas a logiral ch-ice.

.J.: product gives tie En:-'ies -e.:rt
.i.-nti l it did not have before, he said, :md
'70 nr:enbes of the Board of Dir'- rs
a .re. to leave ire-:--v to c ..,.te
e.ncy arrangement in St Lucia, Doirn-
i.a, ,.cnrterraf an'd St itt.- the Tl :t:
tie.' <:} 7,''

".!:d-h 'he Ereveries h.^'e bn gr.itiiAad
exqort ft.;-iities.

If ,e- marketing these island is i-cces-
ful, the P .-J Cha irmaii said, there will be
S 4..-,r re. -Hions .-ith Ceres Brewery to
e: 0 teu friancrhise to aditi'.rn.a1l markets.

The basic product of Gre:..a Breverie
Ltd is Carib" -r. In 1981, "Guirless
Stot" 19? "Guiriness Malta"
joi?. Te: Com:.:,T's line of products and
Mr Toppin said the yar 1991 has been
his.-i-'ic in the life of the
I I Another Lager Beer
.A e -fg line v7as
iopid early The year
.m:to 1c entry
into the soft drink market
i ..' . i th "Pepsi", -Up" ., i
"Juicy" he said, ':- in
% '. No-'.:rnter. ",er fraiDh-
S ~' .ise from GuinnessI
/ ,:"?: Ltd, the Comp-
aniy vil! start to p;:'rO;ui I
S ,"N theirr lager beer,

General -.I~ a er of the Brev-
eries, Mr Ri:'hie? CD'nald. told the press the!
launch of ".ita-malt" .rks he be,'ii-r;'
of the BL:.... :-.. entry infl!, the e:rp.:.ri

The p 'ei-.-,J for :..e. of malta pr:,.oucts in
..i i-.- t ..o .i::. Th e B 'l-leries .ill be
expo-i; is m -::.:s of 350,000 es: per
amiuni, he :-iid .d a iti "'"
-J'-y e'l eTablis"hed ad known in the
1':!1Cj' the Ere.eris inerA to captu-e a
fair share of that poteriti.dal
Please see BREWERIES Pat O i

L- O _---. -- ---- -*-- 1


qM0le mmm%?q0g Ji gmoaa] m s5g L-0]3E039 Ct e20ugMoP
jJWf mmm iB' M, mXaw r piUG B200fiX0

assema n ceB1nm a O Imma t*s

Vths Ministry of A.gricul-t.u-r of
the Gowrn-irinnt of Gre-ad:i is
not imprer.sivTe.
SThis -opinion w~as expressed. in an interview
;- NEWSLETTER on October 13th, by
r Raldph Bhol.i Chairman of the Grenada
ana Co-operative S..ciety (GE.CS),
-:. .?nt of the Windward Ilaids Barin.-~a
A;:.: iioin (WINBAN) and prortaient Gre-
:.... ..: griculturist.
Limited Provision Was Made
T"he Ministry of Agriculture has not
mTpienmented any programme to bene-
fit Agriculture," he said, "and if you
ktoo at the budget for 1991, you vill
*. li that limited provision vas made
for Agriculture and all the emphasis
has been placed on Tourism."

.-.. .ir. has been givpn very li.tte of
S-'rlelnmnt's resource s, said, the Mfir-
:;,r of Agriculture has been- doinh 'ry
e 'r the Irdutry ,ndl A'.ri,' dI.-e is not
I RE RIES from Page 9
iMr D. ild the s-.:dl t:are for he rest
of 1991 30,000L c.Z:es, and tli .i is expect-
ed to rise to an annutrl fizaure of : 0,000
: e by 191)5.

:-p -entati'.es of both G uir-; Over-
Ltd and Ceres Frewery were present
She launching occasior,

Without a doubt, Tourism has played a part.
in de'- ping- Grenada's economy, the
GEC Chatirman said, but Tourism cani
ne'er repla,'e Agriculture. The develop-
nmeiit of Tourism and Agriculture as comple-
rnentary sect,:,rs of the island's ec<.n.::my is aj
vorth :hile -..:1, he said, but Tjurismi
witlihou A.,ric.lture carinot stand.

Referring to fh-e. BEaiana Ind.ustry, Mr Bhola
said :'lti'atin has been negiecte. 1
by Gren,.:i'a m farmers as Ion, as tIhe rtrnime_,
crop ., giri, good returns. H-wever,
now that lie niitrne, industry is in diffici-
t, ban.m. ?^e is being extended anr..
there ~e h-.-per for a cor--iderable incre3L--e
in pr,: 4' u,! icn.
A Fertilizer Subsidy
"Production increase has already!
begun to shov itself," he said, "more
farmers are planting bananas nov,
ve have got EC$ 100,000 from WIN-
BAN vhich is being given to banana
growers as a fertilizer subsidy and
the aim is to achieve a 100% product-,
ion increase by 1992."
The rei:-rni. pri'-ctice in Gr'enada is to
interplant. banas vith other cr::ops, Mr,
Bhola s-.t, but. GBCS has plans to break
new ground by plaiting a pure stand of
some 50 acres of ban.:iim.

Land for this pi.rpcz.e is nov being sought!
Plea e See BAHAMAS Page 11i

-- -- ~--i


The Grenada Nevsletter i

S;a'c~dav 19t;b~36frDblZi 14991

P.ut I0


1b.l Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 19th October 1991 Page 11

mKe.;-;.e..> -.. ....>.....nk.J'JA.i-l"*f~.'. 'K**'<* "."'-<.SS.m

Kidney Foundation Launched

The Grenara Kidney ion vas form-
-dly launched on October 16th at a nreeineg
held under the chairmanship of CGn'en "rf Sir Paul Scoon.

No fa:ilitie: novw Yi,. in Greirnd..a for
kidney dialysis the artificial elimrrinraion of
toxic asfte from the body vhen there is
kidney failure and the Fo.u:da'i.>.1 vill
seek to tap internat irtal sou'.:es able t-:
provide equipment :and technical -:i.fIee

Iitiativ for e:tablishment of the Fo-w,:d-
Afion came from Dr Eihel.sta:n Frid.:y, Chief
L.fedi,:al Officer, and it will :per:afi as a
non-governrraentd organ.~.i:-.n in close
collab-oration vith the .linist.r of He lth

F resent at the ina.-gral ne-finb 1 f r e ihe-
Minister of He,-lth, Mr Mich.rel Anlrev,
mribers of the Diplomatic C:-i's and a
r c,.-s section of the -'r-.nadia- c<:-.'r i.u

Qtr Paul has consented 'to be Patron of the

BritaJi Aids Customs &

Excise Department

Ps p,. *rditig to a questt from the Gcvern-
itmr of fGrenada for techn.ic.. ~ssit.fnae in
the fielPZ of training a-nd enforcement pro-
,:.,ur'es in the Cuz.torns & E::cise Depart-
npEnf., Britain has attached two experts in
iese fields. to vworlk in Grenada for the next
two y-:.

These -:-pierts, lers.-: (Geoffre;y Th.'rne and
.li,:hl.;l- E u'rriss, tnve been drawn from
HE- Maje.ty's C r1:,, ISr, & Excise in Britain.
Req'pe:t-,el tCi.y rill ,,ccup: Y the nevly
created po.sI of Deputy Comptroller of
Cit.L-tnL- (Trairing) and Deputy Comp-
troiler of C .st.::.,r (Ernforcement).

l..essrs Th .rrne and Bu'rri's have been given
executive povers and will report directly to
Mr Patrick Bubb, Comptroller of Customs,
and, ultimately, to the 1.irnister of Finance,
Mr Ge...-re Eriza.r

Please See NEWS SHORTS Page 12

93AHAHAS From Pag.e 10
from Goverrnment and a loan i: to be raised
toc meet the cost of various inputs, he said,
the objective being, not o:rdy to i:--re.:e the
S.:1,l's banana pr-,d:.ction, but to tpr':'ve to
farmers that, as in the ,:.flher Wind. rd.
SIslands, properly mnai, ed p.u-e stands of
t,. arLias can be profita:P:.!'

annasns can be the nm-,.s pr'fi'.T.. crop,
he said, "but it calls for inu1.eem'nt, it
.calls for labour and o-ne of the setbacks is
that Grenadian lab.:.r ha not bi-n product-
Sie as compared wih., the other Windard-

Th.e a~icMutur-:d '.rTl-.-day in .7-'r .;-. Ends,
.no later thai.r n<:.rn, he .:d, nh:i', in the
:; ... W indvird e, it. goes as late as two or
'e '?- o'clock in the -fftlrn..on. Ad._dirin-
y, he continued, the ,iut-ut of the Gre-
",-,'iim worker in his :.-:.,t v. -day is
, ,-'iely unsatisfaicto-2y.

The GBCS Chl-rn;ar, ti-u situfati:.n
on -rhat he call the "'labour ri- ti.ns"

inherited from the Goverun ent of Prime
1Minister Sir Eric Gairy and. from Prime
l.finister 1.Ma-.rice Bishop's Peoples Revolut-
i<, .v-ary Government, the tvo Goverrrnaents
together covering an unbroken span of 16
years fr'.,m 1/7 to 1983.

In efforts to gain p-pi-:.r support, the
Grenadi. ".-'-rker has been "pampered" by fhe:re regimes, he said. It is his
.: pini.:-' this has developed a poor york
s.:i,: Wiih which opt for as little
work as possible, and this undesirable situat-
i,. ill c,:ntinue until there h;as been "a
very drastic application of education and

The corrective process vill take some tinM
to bher fruit, he -a-d, maybe as long as a
gener..ii.:a. At h preer tiun e', he sees no
steps bEing taken in ihis directi.:n and feels
qh:. the _.:,:,trer srn-jetlirig is drone, the better
it vill be for Grenada.
^"ayga!fiy;yj-i pgyi

--- --- - -- 1. -.I I- -~~- ~----.-

-- -- -- -- ------ ---- ------------ --


Page 12 Saturday 19th October 1991 The Grenada Newslettgr
N kWS SHORTS From Pare 11

PAHO's Director Visits

FAO Agreement Signed

Dr C-:.i!le Guerra, Director of the Pan
Armer _i'. Cai He,.lth Organisation (PAHO), left
Gren,.,at on Cctober 16th after a two-day
office ^ : visit.

At. an airp :-rt press conference, Dr Guerra
said he -as impressed vith improvwments
in the health services, especially the laborat-
ory services offered at the General Hospit-

The PAHO official said, however, that
there are still sore weak areas such as the
organi..ataonal structure of the Gen-r.-il

A r~1e:e from the Government Informa-
tion Service (G1S) says that, on October
10th, Dr rickik Alleyne, Barbados-based Representative of the United
Nations F,..:,dJ & Agriculture Orgnisaitioni
(FAO), signed n Agreement for assistance
to Agriculture ;u Grenada.

Entitled an "Agricultural Policy, Planning
& FP.,d De'elopment Programmne", the
Agreemni provides an international coA-
sultant to Grerjnda for a period of nine

The Ae. ieine-nt also covers provision of

Dr Guerra said the purpose of his visit to
Grenada h.A: been to discuss the island's
need for -:?sitance over the next four years,
and he plec Ded his orga'isati.n's continued
support for training of health professionals
and over.-ll health service development.

CARDI Projects To Get

USAID Assistance

According to the Government InfornatiUon
Service (':.), several projects curr'n-I.y
undert.:aken by the Grenada section of the
Caribbean F:-esearch & Development Instit-
ute (CARDI) are to benefit undei a
US$1.43 Agreement signed in Trinidad on
VOitber 9Mth by CARDI and the. Unied.
StLtes A.--ency For Internati';nal Devel. p-
_. ..I ,a i T T*t r ,TT-'

coipu -- sxitware and the training of
pers.: nnel in Grenada.

Minister of Agriculture, Mr Phinslay St
Louis, sigjed the Agreement on behgjf of
Grenada. The value of the Agreement to
Gr _r.n. Mr St Louis said, is about
US$ 1? 0,000.
Rotary Donates Medical


On October 17th, The Rotry Club of Stan-
for, Cnc, i'ticut presented the General
Hospital with a package of medical supplies
and equipment valued at over EC $15,000.

The p:e:~et -t.tion' vas made by Mr Roy
O'Ne.r- Pre'idlent of the Rotary Club of
Greit ..

UIt ntur UL-). /--r

/A r Hughes
//1 tOctober 1991
Prinnte& Published Iy The Proprietwr
Alister Hughes, Journalist,
Of Scott Street, St GeorgeCGrnada, eisti.ias
(P.O.Box 65: Phone [8091 440 2538: Cables HUTJON, OGene t)







The Grenad


Yolume 19 Saturday 19th Oc ober 1991 Number 17


Conf etinal U.S. State

LDepartmnt n


port of the United States
^Armred ?-:.?ves Institute of
P.ath..Igy_ (AFIP) .'..t, :,-.,
that doubts exist in 'h.- US.
T p n--iit .*c to what hl-p, n-I to the
| 'dy of Prirrme Minister :e Bishop
: -',i e vIas -.assima d L i 't. .i:: on
1 October 1983.
! ;- :'p.rt, dated I-.ii Decemiber I..., re-
lat os to the fc11 :-;i _::.8- i: \ n :f 'ir'tain
r -,-:.:2 _; to be, im part,
,:s+ 0.. r of Bishop's body, but .-- :.

. r ':: m-iA-s t o m ea s t .:"ive /:

I .F 'slygf of tae / U ier
reported stire of Prlae Mm-sser

c ent casts

.,C ")
The b:y ..r ud, to this Report is Ukut h
fllov1ing a p=.1-. r struggle in the New
level Movement ad Peoples Fe -lutionacry /-
-. ~_ r_-- Bihm':,p was executed. He was
put up ,:;g. a ..aul at Fort o-:..'rg (then
Please See BISHOP Page 2

0 Was Bishop's Body In The
Calvigny Pit ? ..............- I
S r M':re Taxes Likely For
|Grenadians ---.-------.. .......--- 4
0 Bishop Foundation Angry
With Churches ......-...-- .... 5 1
|Cruci21 Banana Meeting In
NovE ber----. ..-.. ----------- 8
Grenada Breveries Launch
Nev Project. .... ...... ..---------- 9
S-Beza Can Be Most
Profitable Crop: Bhola....... 10
L _0e- s Shorts ....... -------....... 111|
Baeasanne ssetman.- l5nnonsBaes

NOT TO BE i" ,,:

I Page 2 Saturday 19th October 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter


Fort Rupert) and machine gunned to death
wby elements of the Peoples Pevolutionary
Army (PRA) under the control of his rival,
Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coar'd
Was Also Killed
Six other males died with him. They were
two members of Bishop's Cabinet, Unison
Whiteman and Norris Bain, and four of
Bishop's supporters, Fitzroy Bain, Evlyn
Eullen, Keith Hayling and Cecil Mailland.
One woman, Jacqueline Creft, a member of
E.ishop's Cabinet, was also killed at that

This event triggered
the United States and
.ry intervention which
began on 2 5th October
1983. The Revolu-
tionary Military Coun-
cil, which had organ-
ised the coup against
Bishop, was over-
throvn within a few
days, and Coard vith
17 others was brought
t) trial for the kill-

Eyw.vitness evidence
.given at that trial vas
that, on the day follow-
ing the killings, the
bodies of the eight
people were taken by
jeep to the PRA Camp
Fedon at Calivigny on


Grenada's suth

Dumped Into A Pit
There, the fitness said, the bodies were
dumped into a pit. Wooden crates were
broken up arnd thrown into the pit wiIh
somen old truck tyres, the pit was doused
with gasoline and the hole thing was ignit-

The story which evolves from the AFIP
Report is the sequel to this body burning.
It egins v with the fact, recorded in a
memorandum attached to the Report, that,
on November 9th 1983, 20 days after the
murders, personnel of the United States
Graves Registration and Caribbean Peace
Forces recovered human remains from a
gravesite at Calivigny.

As a result of this recovery, the memo- says, Governor General Sir Paul
Sc,::n, on the same day, requested assist-
.:ne in identifying the remains. That
request vent to the U.S.State Department
which forwarded it to the Office of the
Joint. Chiefs of Staff and, on that evening,
AFIP deployed a five-man Team to

That Team w as headed by Colonel Robert R
McMeekin, AFIP Deputy Director. With
him vere Colonel William M Morlang,
^ Command Dental Surg-
eon and a Forensic
Dentistry Consultant,
Lieutenant Charles J
Ruehle, Chief of the
AFIP Division of Aero-
space Pathology, Lieut-
enant Colonel Paul A
Edwards AFIP Oral
Pathologist and Master
Sargeant Richard D
Moats, AFIP Forensic
Four Body Bags
What the Team had to'
Deal vith was four body
bags of nixed up
human remains consist-
ing of charred, frag-
mented tissue in a state
of advanced decomposi-
They proceeded to place
associated bony parts in approximate
.mnatomic relationships, measured all major
b.:-nes and : bone fragments, listed all
identified organ fragments, radiographed
all speciriecs and collected tissue for
t,.:ic'.logical examination.

The Team f:uand the remains represented
bodies of at least five people and the
estimated stature, based on examination of
various long bones, ranged from 65 inches
to 73 inches

According to the Report, stature estimates,
for the tallest skeleton, range from 68
inches to 73 inches. The Report says, this
me.i.uem'ennt is significantly belov the
rep...rted stature of Prime Minister Bishop,
PIane see BISHOP Page 3

- I

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 19th October 1991 Page 3
BISHOP From Pae 2

S-LIchi the Tem-n believed to be -:.ut. 75

SA,.-.V, reports indicate that fr-- po.'ple
f fatally shot at Fort Pupert, he Pep'.rt
S, but the "examining p::th'.oi-'st" *.1-'
SFort Rupeart ..: p,.y reports were
r -,rfl..ed and that he did not see the b :i
f e Prime Minister and others who
ly d iJ. at Fort Rupert.

j '- ,, -.- the Rep.:,rt 5.7- "- w
the autopsy reports mi y be
.. ..bly --t:c '.r:t and the ir-,.r- of
-' .L.t omds .m blunt trauma A.u-
:-tn with our obserr nations.
FravmnLts Of Tvo BulietA
i n the body bags, te Team found
.fT:'.. s of two bullets ?,i:h
r|-i" .-' -t" j-es. Pevc mini'i.s mi the
y .'re:n:: were :.igL-sC;ve of missile
t.r;-,-.u,'i. the Report says, but could not be
:--; ,:i :,tjd with JIi pe':ific ,..i e;^ .
l s- ----------. P


-..e Team ,., find no ir'., fica':-
--. '.,:.;e of fW:.-ae :rmuinre. They ..' in
|their p:'.'o1-: ;a ridi? ph th1 were told
was of 1J-',ueline Cr( t and *', -: *h*. a
eft -pi?,e in the Lir region. E am-
".-.'..'; of theta b.-.di,. hJ'"'"- :, f% li- to

:,ition to th-. r', .i" :r," I the The.r
-. .as supplied with dental re,-:-t:.r o:
W J'line Creft and Uni-_:' Wiurm~.Yi
They had also skull radrioaphs of -:s.:-.p.

hot,-.. ~rip.. of Bishop and "abbreviated
:ut:.pey rep:,rt. of questionable authenti-
-i4, '"

Ordly one set of ,eth, with unique crown
ard bridge '-:','ar as 1pres.- in the exam-
imed :i;tbrial and an isola~,J, jaw franTent.
c.--,.. -,-4 ._the ?:.':-th The dental
r!c, rds of Creft, Wiit ain and Bishop do
not match the tceth f::.ud, the Reprt says.

". .* '.'" '* ' i'

,.,..!. ., 6.
.'H'u. ..' 'a 'i

. ."
IWO q' l ..W OW ,

I '.mmry of i.ts. f ndg' t

.t t'- bod of M -tiv &"hop vi&
. '" th e. .r .. ,'; ..e

Please See BISO. P Pae 4

The Greawdas

Founded 171h Aguzt 1973

44th IsIsue
provided nou charai- fisties to sg t

PatMtge oin Adyan.ce
Pcie P age By See BIusHOP Pair e 4M
.. "'"- ...... I n . ...
T ne GrePIn Ga._d

10 Issues
20 Issues

40 Issues
Aboux 20

4115. G

$ 43.00
$ 77.00


Issues Publis~ed Amnially


Page 4 Saturday 19th October 1991 The Grenada Newsletter


try of Finc
to GrenadiaiL:-
Among other;
given, the do
ed by the
Bank (CDB),
Bank, Organi
States and th
Fund (IMF)
a comprehel
Grenada's ec

That team, the

J1" Tis does n
i that small pmr
the fr.:.rgmtents
the Report say
The only evil
n ..ziorng the re
female clothI
-i m.t na.ted ages

The Report se
,, thle p- of t
; r.ii.itied.
The observed

S..icate that
i.,L::ide in
Stlat tjai[ta, the Rep


instrsy olf afliww domaresm/ pata
Ufffai*ourfa pierrs of

RENADA GOVERN- "sheadw adjl.strnent. programme" for en-
nt docuimuent circu1ite, on d,:,enemnt hi the Donor Community, the
tober 5th, datei I. 15th ..!F ad 11he World BAnk.
entitled "I;s.ide The Minin-
e", may be spndir; a sigr1i Ar' ir~ ha background, the document
to expect higher ..::t",r, in 3-.-
ito e t n unfw.:urable picture of Govern-
rnint's fina.icial position.
r items of information For the first six months of this year, EC$15
cu y tea ilon has been paid in debt servicing.
Caribbean Development However, the Debt Service Levy, an income
East Caribbean Central
ast of East Ca e ta : introduced as a temporary measure last
isation of East Caribbean December, in the 1991 Budget, to help to
e International Monetary
Steoon Mund.etar pay debt serw.i:e arrears, has not been as
vill soon be undertaking p, as e ted
nsive fiscal analysis of Go,. riim t DoesM t Epect
onomyhe .irers of debt service at that time was
EC't, million, nuid Minister of Finance,
document il di a r (re rizan, in his Budget Speech,
taid' the Le y would yield EC$9.6 million
Pape 3 1 annually :*.vardi this debt. For the first
ot prue the half -.:t, ever, only EC$2.2 million
a of his re a elected and, by December 31st,
without unique farearunon" -.'.etrnt does not expect to get more
thian EC-$5 'alon.
AeiuIe of a fen cz This shortfall may force Mr Brizani
S p o to change his attitude towards IMF
ml.i "as the pre-ene of"
ngt, the Report :,., *n assistance expressed in his Budget
range from to : Speech last December.

ays also that re~.'i,. found In ihf speech, apologetically announcing
personal effect contain the The Debt Service Levy, passed into lay in
it rcy Bai rtn: E'm ronrtlx.Jicti:.n to an election pledge not to inc,:me ta, the the Miser of
Fini.:-.:e saiLd he could hardly find vords to
injuries, and the r.E.rted describe the "pain, anguish and soul-
.te h e :e --." wuvhich had tortured the Cabinetf
ated. with these 'emn.,
the manner --. death is inre.,i a de,:isi,:inthismattr.
which gunsh.:.t injury and ,
constitute the ap lirent Ho..,, he .aid, the interest of all
rt .' .x ( ~ .- ,.,..i .. to be veighed against a:
_ ... .Pleas. see TAX Pare 5


- 1-

-;T Grenada Nevsla-tr Saturday 19th Octber 1991 Page 5


ir RadiLx was critiucd of the rtzmbhrs of the CCr who k"
WilE to bei present to cou9nUt the gtm niWen s service for ot the
i outdation

*iy IMand OCc'ober;" 19 '.fr-'-: Foundati
c.ur',! said on October I.. thi.9

A AX F-0mm Page 4
Sn --r,.itrnrt made tr his ., Demrno-
ic i'"- C"::"nrei? (NDC) party not to in'r,-
u.e 4any .:.: on peonr:.: incomes.

1ordises &P as NDC

| s f SB IMAF procrammie V]Cv \
\ couf Ar/Uy is /1/ vd riwo 2nd
civi \ S7// f.... t

th the HF -:. on the team Ei
xI..: -fie. .
a :.' ad 3-1t1i1xi p'.:gramme I I
S:iN. Mr Borian and the GreJnada
-G"' y : neKrr:i ;.- f i.r that, if G .; is r1.ive nteato wa y D^i.'.^e, ha
island ".*i lr.e to- e ub771 '.:; to the

i Already Thinkeing That Way
The 1iniStry of FinJ.:? dt indi-
i a the Grenada Govrnmnent is ialreaf I

I- rd B- CDR and ?; !

r.o ,eTnr m. a.res th tar, -a surP...L.
mr t.,e b.tet ,:, d sy .. ou.-

... ltrorier I. IE-. are Ike ly '
T, Thec r7 of =;' "' d,.." ,A;'

3 --G pr ase.w<:+: rBem ie LI< VIM
- ---- Es-rn e ..- a...... l... .e .

on, aUKd 4r

of the Grenvile Penrfe::.-,st.:

S un n had been n "a lot of turn
..:.ld 1r" by member Church.1e of the
C". -r .:of i"Lr:he3-., GQre~-,.da (CC-G).
Who Were Murdered
1 Yr i:ti?'e was 'Ipeal ring at a ce'' ':ny
VW n-- at a
at-tended b some 70 persons and a :ri cris ?
by the P *::,n at Fort George to .:,'m-
; :i'i. ",:'% .::. of Prime ..Iir -et.
Mauuce _. .:.'. others IDh.o were mur-
-i1e at :he vFort :"'_ years ago, on 19th
ctober 1983

Shr htches of the CC G, he said, had
bopr,- ;"c:'-i to hold an ecu erin:;d r'vic at.
* -.ort .for the Fo z ii n but t 'thy Ild all
"b . out".

"I am left vith no choice, he said,
"being a Minister myself, but to do
vhat I can to conduct a service, but I
am not here as a representative of my
Church but as an individual."

Mr B. e refP ,-r:,-d to t e fr.: that, later
in h- day, a Gover''mit. sp,/>,red
,.u '_-.- a ."- ':. w ,.h .de to be held
at F,-rt :.." ...'.-. the purpose of
c -, .. ...; all t -..- died at Fort
c.-'o-i l C :-'....-r 1983.
Were Brutally Gunned Dovwn
S a, he. -d. that at t Go.'err-nent
p: -d :"... '-, hiier:hy of the
scr-t .o,..uld c.rne t)o to the Fort
ase a 0-- of : i. The
F I a J n'. :./ ed I ,Ii-Ihleri
the orA.-Ii.-'-. of ".he Goprmrient service
ad e-t .: to :..? nint where they try to
inmvole 1,e relatives and f'ie:.1d. of those
-:- *e brutally .cued do Nn." i

Please See FOUNDATION Pagec 6-

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