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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 5th October 1991 Page 7

(i1( R no I'?TX30 I

I E DtIpD $U I f VF J.-
Est~ (60s gAn

._,.ependent Sanator in the Trini-
i & Toltago Parliament, said in
interview with NEWS-
_LETTER in :rbad.-:s on September 28th illicit )Ir--u:, Control Bill nov
be.ifore the Trinidad & Tobago Parliament.
Spouses a dienmra to .he- G"vernmnt..

The il1i:rna arises, he said, ,
in ih.:,t. --,_l r 'oumt:g an ll
|..-: on ,-r. trafficking, lays ,
1- be ; :L:,d -hich dimin-
ish b.t-ic rights.
S I StJ1i At The Point
"' I att. '. towards the Bill,
)r D, said. he is still at. -
,i {,i, 7ee hare zs considers
at, -n t.h ough a law has been
:i n.- u ichk the Police vill - la. cou;d, very vell
Vol. ; pe's ordiri'ay, acceptat,- basic

rights and fre.d'Ljr.;

"We did do
proposed. Bi
e: .iordi i.:.r
oni.u of proc
number of tl

; a : a
: .

s ,.

so", he said. "because, i -.
11, 7e have given th: Pohee
y p N: .ers, we have s]iif-.' thei
if o to citizef l:sr.1::.X done a i
in.:. 1 rich are :r" '

I,-: Bill is p~.ed, he |
h-J. things will be la, buiti
nmethirng beiri" legal d:--
.ot necessarily rndJ:e it jstii..,
.",per or :-rnstitui.1:n1..

T:-. point of onc-rL to lam i
rd o other people, Dr
D c..saran said, is how far is .
-ible- -nr
.:-ible to go in dinr r. 7-,Lg
; rights in a c`ase after L.'
'up .of crooked people in the


' M: Tfi From Page 6
At the :a ;ional 1vel, specialist pro-
n, .'_'t$._'ve included Project Planning,
iOnil Spin.., Managpment. of Toxic W-.te2
aJ Dental Hygiene.

The v.:..: ::-:'p in Gr&:adah ran w11il W-d-
nesday i -.Eh and 7a..wr tended, in addi':.n
to .Grr:.ida, by zarticip.amts ft :m
Antigua, 3arbados, Dominica, Gu'..xi: A
..maica, ...ntserrat, St Kit.ts, St Lucia, St
Vincent -:_! Tninri ad & Tobago.

r eni-.te:-r at the workshop included Mr
i'liair S R.eese, President of Partners of
'ie ,- :..- :as, Jamaica-born Ms. Elearn r
'":. C>irman of the Intrnamionr..
-:.:d r Directors of the organisation
in.i PrJ-ident of Jamaica Partners, and
' ;. B: 'L Miller, Member of the
S.,..:- quse of Assembly.

Te Snalti h sak that& masdr L\
profFnj f of'(& ro s ede Bil, aper-
s1o found wvth ialicit druh in ?-
ca; Aroe r ay o&er pfae a'der
As co,,ro'L Fr- Ae consrdered uht.V
of illegal I,;sse.sioen uses heS can
prove &Ast A& Af he o .kwaola ofge
Lte presence of ahe drug?.
Will Be Affected
This uLnusuiq s. Z of th. onus of proof
from the., ~,secution to Defe,.ce is
perrtiitie it '-tain cases :y Ihe Tt'inid0ad
& Totbago Coi*, .:-n, he said. Neuerthb-
less, the S"3:m ,Cr ecnt.nue,- even though the
shifting of. the cro. of proof is corntitu-
tionalyy pfl,+d, he feels that, agaiir- the
backgr ,i ". : ,r al i, -.iZ ,P the ri .'..
of ci tize- 1,Y be affected.

The people of Tririiad & Tcbag,:- amid >f
the Caribbean need to debate the matte:' of
what is being_ d'i :ii to the society in .-
efforts to p:' eI-islation to deal :'h te.
drug trafficprs h iasaid.
Please See DEOSARAN Pae l I

- - -~-- -- ------- ------- ----


Page 8 Sat,-day 5th October 1991 The Grenara Newsletter


Death Sentences Commuted to

Life Imprisonment

A Go,'enrtum*-:t. Note in "e-.: e.ri1eint.
Gazette of S:- ,: t.E-r, 27th advises that, .at-
ing on the : of Ch. riin of the
Advi.:ry Cc:,-:e on Prero..-ii,..'e of
Mercy, Gc:'"- enera Sir F ... Soon
es :conrmute e 7 0:-.. -r.t: inc:e to one of
life imrrpri,:,ner; n .r-': to:. eight nraned
Fper,,nrs h hae e- :.. of mur-


.i t ,

-ic n is in r -:.- jith a statement
by P-:r: h'-: '-- : r" th-
on August '.

At that time, Mr r. .: umced that
14 pe :. c :: to hg for ,he 19 ?.
.,jer of Prie .!:.-. f,.u'ie Bishop
and c.her- had -_ their death sentences
cornunmited to life :i:.n :-nt

He .:.tid ..':, that :--elrne::cy would
be e3:.deA t: ct ;.r;,:.rners then on
. utih roi at ..:.i H:i Poi:o, S

Buii Nusmes Would Send


If IIhe Grenadr Ca Nufe An'-


The British 0.. 'r:iment has don:ibd
science eq.uip. .t -.i.-. at EC $12,000 to
the St.Rose M'fl'derr1 -y S::.h1 in
the r.:est. .:,--t. town orf G-ouya.
Please See 1NEWS SgHCTg Page 9

DEOSARAM From Page-- 7
'"It imat b? --rd vmter Therfe
are .s/ r._,ra- ~ ,-I to Z...I 'p" p
of .t asL i u, aen&rd .
Even +-:- pji_; -..-se v ad
dfminmsh Rd lete .r fh .h Court
Saeas nd jfir- &"o "-e re mtl lap
pIace Ato 2..l ii p a y-ou ad up
amt catc&Wh Z& drg- .rj-fir vA1e7
you ahe e y na. i;pa-mwi ed t
A.t-c righth of p f h

Dr De?:.'.va. n that. it is a diffi :ult rn.-ar
m vhich co t como a d;_-i:i: but. if he
were the Gc ." ir :e of Tri;-d:id. &
Tob.--, he ... 1 . af.- year
ri peri:.d an 4-,r,.ncy l.
This, ivever, wIuld be c:J' .ier e hli
: -:.t .,d that the Courts, Pi.I ,J.
Pr ecutio:n D ep.-'tm n, were s ffi,-;rietlr
"i.ble to impl -. t h .:-.

"No~ ire in the Carit:--.- at .:= pr-.ent
time", the Senator :.,id "is the Court,'
" '.. r. .:' P.: .lice .-.- -.r e geared to tch
drug Ti-ificers."

SeiAtcr De:,r.a. sai, *er'- P: ir,.adequait
i fr :..c. to d .. ii _--e pplv side
of the .r.'r-bi-I'1 h athee :....p
offi,:.ils spread *r- ther Ce..bea' .h.:,.
failit ath the tir-J. 1 .

Th1e: is .nd he e: for the C- rib"beai
puili:. rnot only to t -. '.: of a:r concern-
ed ab:ut., the proble-: Ttru the
schools, Chur:hes and ;`i agencies, he
zaid, the p'.,.bhl rn-.'. be mo.ilied. into
active rei:i.-tri-e in their vari.:s c acmurit-
mmw+s-s ,'-o--.^^^-'

ocicatic;n (GCNA) -.'..burn a large por-
tion of its excess t ,?: it. : :uld .erve to
ser. buyers a ':e1-r -.:-- of A- s deter-
mizti,.n to create shor es on if m,'te.
inan effort to irinrEL c.r

Ac;:,:,rdin: to the Gc. '2'-i nt If-:: i":." n
Service, this opinion is e::pi-e'e in a Report
isuCE. lbj Acbt. Minister of Agriculture,
-...t:.r, -, Noel -:. headed a Grenada
d-lg,.r.ioin t o t 1 '.-.' i July in the
"U,_ierlanlds w-ith In3do:"-:;i: :'r.iie export-

e'-.. t:r N-e!'s Re:'prt says i ,1e. 9
annual A:.rid -j!:.'i,-on : r:e s y
12,000 tons, -mt-id co)mtr;f.p'n is only
9, 00 tons.

The Rep'-'rt i.r GCNA y:, hr a stock of
approximratevly ,500 +,:ri of "*-fe'tive"
grade nutme,--, a si QRiflcant portion of
which is ufri. for

Science Equipment For


SThe Grenada Nevsietter Saturday 5th October 1991 Page 9

The equipmilt vas received by Miss
Gillian Douglas, a :cee ,_:her at the
c.ho:,l and one of thirteen members ,:-f the
-Bri-h 'r-:-ari :titon, Voluntary Service
5O'versiei- ,S'), nr:". or:.r-'I Gr i renadA (.

Orenada's Reefs Being

A rele..P e nfr the CGovernmnt Inform-
a i.-: Service (GIS) advises that four r" fs
on Grenada's .., m : .-.. are b~ein mni by the Department of Fisherie- for
pollution ,rng-, .

A-iitiri M marine E-. lst -t.-,eJ to rrh-
Caribbiean- Enviromnental Health i-ititute,
Mr David 1S0him, le a team from the
department in irrili- markers on reefs
in the G'.rx, Anse, Gr" i Mal -ind
-k.lirniere re.., the reie.-se says.

Phot, graps have been taken of observation
sites on the reefs, each measuring 20
tres square, and l.:ati.-ns vill be
:...t:.cTgraphed *-eTry six rSI -nt, for the
purpose of conip m'.tive d.- a.r.. ..i.tsis.

Stay-Over Visitors On The


For the first eight r ,inths of 1981, stay-
over vi-i: rs to 'rnara.: i rnce.:ed by
S17.65% as cornp,.red. with the same peri."d
in 1990.

;A report from .A- Grer,:.- F.--mrd of
Tourism says there :e 55,675 stay-over
Asitors in the January to Au prio.d in
1990, this fi~o1r increasing by ,:-7 to
65,502 in the s;mr:e period in 1991.

During August 1991, the& says, there
eorev 12,351 tourist a 'rri,' r
f.ingure, i of 9.2% over the August 1:. UA

The Board estimates that -ru-isie -p passen-
,er i,:.-mce for ~L first eight mrn.nth; of
1991 vas EC$732,056.00 dhile total tour-
' ist inc::-L for the s.i-i peri.' v. as

Football Association Gets
British Aid

Following the coaching visit to Grenada
earlier this year of Mr Ted Copeland, Eng-
lish Football Ass.'ciatirin Coach, the office
of the British Hi;.-t Ci "irs.n in Gre-
rada rh. ,re __ntd. the Grenada Football
Association with 50 footballs and. a quantity
of marker :-.-ne.

Canine Distemper Under

A spokesman for the Veterira.:-try .d Lie-
stock Division of the Department of Agri-
culture it.:,A1 the Government I-formiati..:'A
ServiCe that the _=piJerri of canine dis-
temper, vl-,ich affected several hundred
dogs in the State last year, h-. now ceased
to exZst.

Some 500 dogs had been affected, the
spokesman said, of vhich at least 300 l:~:
died but, as of September 1991, reported
cases are down to just one or two in t.o

Cocoa Board Has Difficult

Acc'.:rding to a 'ele. e from the Govern-
ment Irt.:rmn..ation .rwr% e (GIS), unless
there is a significant improvement. in
v'rI! rairket prices, the Grenada Cocoa
B,.ard may le i irft ilt. de'isi.:;ns to make
as a reid? of the 1I..-,Z of f -uAi ; from the
World Food r.:.'ramne :,. the Pan
AnLerilcan De':elo:'raent

A report irrue', by the E.:,.ard for the
19.90.91 crop year, and. quoted by GIS,
:ay- it is "almost impo.:ssbl" to reduce
,.":, -^ I,.u'thr Vith.:,:G. _,fert:m ServicpS.

The report says fur'h-er that it is "out of
the question" that prices' paid to farnr
sholdd be red u'ed

According to the report, the "most. likely
option" is for the Board to reduce its

Please See NEWS SHOTS Page 10


''pp i ARY
S~ttQ, _-- -i.
P Page 10 Saturday 5th October 1991 The Grenada Novsletter
I tY.T YEU EUr^ Iir~r^L W^" ny - n -.- tfl 1

-r''ice to f--Irm:irs or stramlline them-
f:.cuss3ing tlin .he,: they vill have
;mm1.un impact on the industry

Home For Juvenile

Funded by the Gov unen. of Gren.iada, the
European Economic Community, and the
C1mad1Jian Develomnent Asi-:istance Pro-
r.arnmme, -ork has been started, on a home
for juvenile delinq1, ie:- at Grand B.colet
on Grenada's east .:t .r,.:ut. 13 miles from
St GPrges

Aczci,,rding to the Government Infortmation
Service, the h.mep, which will be a refurb-
r1 Lhd burnt out buidini:, vill cost. about
EC$300,000 and will :.aIer to 20 resident
and 30 non-resident juveniles.

I Juniles serinten-ed to the home vill receive
Scounselling and. vill be trained in such
iel dP as :arpe-ntry, 'oodvyrk, farming and

It is :,:'pctei, that. work on the hnime vill be
coPleted by JanudrA next.

IThe Nation's Health

A report tfr.- tlhe i1.. ,,Jist.ry of H-alth,
quoted by the Go.:errr.ent Information
Service (GIS), says t.hi. mo. coiiun-on
S :amses of death and illness in GrerJla today
iae heart disease, high blood pressure,
dia befts, cancer and vi,':ence.

According to GIS, "vileni'" i-cluiis road
1 t af ic acciitertn:.

The report sa.- there he- beern a steady de-

cline in infant mortality, gastroenteritis and
many common infections vhich, in the past,
took so many lives in Grenad.a.

Grenada's Fish For Smoke
Processing Trial

A release from the Governmrnt. Inform-
ation Service (GIS) says a Darish Com-
pany, Messrs Borholms FiskerlaboratVri-
um, is to take a trial shipment of 40,000
pounds of fish from Grenada for smoke
processing and sale in Europe.

The fish to be used is the "C',ean Gar"
vhich is the fish in most abundant. supply in
local waters but which has pcor sales
because of its oily nature and toughness,
GIS says.

A spokesman for the Artisenal Fisheries
Project told GIS the Danish company is
interested in a joint fish processing project
with Grenada.

Farm Workers Programme Re-

The Government Inforniation Service (GIS)
quotes an official of the Ministry of Labour
as stating that the United States/Grenada
Farm Workers Programme has been re-
activated and the Florida based Fruit &
Vegetable Association has requested eleven
v.,:rkers to take part in the Programme.

According to GIS, the Programme w'ag
stopped because of a dispute between the
United States Department of Labour and the
Association relative to transportation of
Caribbean workers.

] t r h Hughes
th October 1991
Printed & Published By The Proprietor,
Alister Hughes, Journalist,
Of Scott Street, St Georges, Grenada, Wesi*ies.
(P.O.Box 65: Phone (809) 440-2538: Cables HUSON,Grenada)






The Grenada


SVolume 19 Satur-day 5th October 199i N'.mber .

IM 2N ~W1 ~


f lour; Vr.o: l.2 '' r charged
SJ . l -; ith -,i,' in ''..; .:. on of tour
. kilos :,rf ,-- vl"-ued at about

S- :,r.:., cl;,z, to ith Police .. that, n the
= .r m .:.r: .. T hours ., -ep-e' :'.-, 13th, 'h1
Sfive [ n approa:.-!-. a holuseh. i1er in t'e
S.F-:'_rls area on the east :-:,u to the old.
Sabtnd: 'et -airport. They eai1m,-e1d
j ific'ulnit_. a.i. L-t forced them to puit in
Sto G-.i aa and asked to be a4ilo'"- to use

A Quick Response
Permission. .v ..-.: .:- ,. :r.d calls vere
made to persons '.Un,.n, but the hoili- -
.holders .p -E r.L'':. were "r:u"L3ie- .- soon
-r t"e i: le', the Police were
alerted. There ,:-' a quick re-p.nrse
f: th e larmen c-.- the fi'.'.- ,r e :i '-e:-

t is rep..rted .h..

T-hey- said th~-y had
i" *.' b-sii-:'7 buit _.
' Of ;. .+.h
+ > .i]i.,ll 7 j

t.,le five :.',1. the Police
Grn.: j to buy liquor
e eris in St George's.
I .. ECl V,000 to do
4 lost' Ii _` J" f. i bi1 .se

The pox' ee itte bry "t:e fif'ie ,
tS&? s3/i a s hog T -- i
vi"c h _Ms.d a'ved ,. a s .e.
of 11 profduc&d -shr P
rA"..,-The mJ 22 r e rep rt"
Av- _'-..'ed GJy Af.. vkelj of l-:


OFive +< i"gners Ch-gei W'ih. ;
,e.g.i ,oss.-ssio f Cocaie,. I I
Q. -;_, Cmrplex Opened.... 2'
QCree% Uk3 o Ipo rtin- t To
Ec : -..' y G ..G -...................
tCAR'- AE HoldR SHcc-ssful
P--. os Conference.-....-- 4 P
O"Par..T- "- Hold Workslop
In .... a ....- ..- ........ 6
0 Tri. S- aor C. -rned L
A': ru A Lav..... 7i
O N e s..........................
There is spec. l fion that the "Cleth::" w
he..lJirn; fo'- the near-by La E ie -
vid'ely beli to be T entry point t.-1
GCr ri'a. for large q. iil-t of it" -eal
drugs, < by ::i:i to t P .

Please See DRUGS Pe .-


SPage 2 Saturday 5th October 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

OjfftS ef fustihce reorimrrwsdfs
baifdintlys d&, so wU

BB ham, Chief 1:.i: of the Si.-
preme Court of the Or,,. .r aion
/ of East Caribbean StOL (OECS),
said in .Gr.. on S ep-, ber 2O3rd that all
SCaribb.n territories share a conmion prob-

In 1986, he said, an official of the "Whing-
-on b.-.d E-'.u. for Ljtin America &
Caribbean A"e:ie. for International Devel-
oprnti vi,..-.i d B.. ...baJs, Donr...:. Gre-.
nada, St Vi:-e2,i, St Li'.i_, -ri i': and.
e blize and ipeted the Re,.i-1res of 11 1-th
Sup'rer'? Coirts.

"He filed a written report vhich was
not very complimentary of any
Registry", he said, "but in the main
ihe found that, in all the Registries,
they vere in a deplorable condition
and the working conditions vere also

Sir L.,eile_.s rei.-ir:.:. -.r mad.e as he
spoke at the -opening c-- m r.7 of thr St
7G-.rge's Legal Complex '. i :"h li.I been
icornp'd : r a Prii.-: grant of EC$1 3

I Ground Breaking Ceremony
jThe .-..ui. breaking .:i-,:m:ny : for this
project. took rp! last A:.i,.Lt A. the corn-
pieted -Work i-:.u -,.: the r. tu:bi' .:.f he
Rasstry .An-d Ar iJ v0. V ault L I .::-:.-..n
of a o-, Magistrt Co-rt. It i'n:clul-
:., provision of a Lay Librar-

.: :.: "Tih U-. Library fiundin
or the cost of Of tr.ainr A i.g ...
books- 7,ys pr ,.d by :Unr.'"-:^; of

that a ff ho w-rk w M- W Isw .
4 a sefse' of prisd

th .West EdieU.!U.. ...- Aency for
Internati'r:,.l De-'loprennt Justice Impr:.e-
menr Pr-j'
A Happy Mix
The OECS C.ief Ju.tice referred to 'h-e
entire project as "a happy mix of the old
and nr ,'" and he had two rec' :,mmenru!-ti.:,.

The Registry is a specialist depart-.
ment, be said, and he asked that;
without loss of promotional rights,
efforts be made to maintain, in the
department, the senior staff vho hawv
had years of experience in learning
the technical york vhich is required.

His other reccmnuerid'atiorn is that all C i-
work in thl riev buJILIdingdh do so mith ;
SeIis'e of pride and .th.-.e ',ho ha'.. care of
th'^i r r;ia tie, ensure t:at. ftIhey rem re
in their present ., tr~v state.
Please See COMPLEX Page 3

DRUGS From Page I
The :.u Vpn 'i.P,_-uA-l~. wh,: h been V
',-e, h-/v) given their names as
.-if.Li Gorzales,:7, Hernme Romero Gill.,
1:, O:..dio C..,ea 40 and Macario
M'tinez,52. Tihe :-e g?:n ien by the
Col.:-mrbi :- is Will,: : Gomez,25.

The men ipp'r&ed in Ithe 1 .-12t 's
I Court in 'h e-tt ,:,: i tovn of Gren'ili'
on C'ctber 4th an 7.'ere rem ? r e in
Sust:,-dy at Rid:r:rnd Hill Pris:i Jir-
-a date to be fi::ei for the he-:aing of flhe
! c.:^'F :.


SThe Gren--ra Nevs"tter
ewi ,e

Saturday 5th O-r It -.-r 1 91


Tm r

I_ _

SD on C t officials rper.t -
iry Ing err.t mal Credit U:U..n

t -n
.: .: w .-,:*rr- Ge:er-:b Sir
v.i., Scoon : .: r.t bring out
ae best i L.- n they ___
ih financial corie I

I "i is dishonest wd do~,richt ridic..duE to
j 5hink tat t :-4 can c .'c.r .:..-. -.:,_i difficulties

I Mo* fX *>I afe 1vt
'`. [^[*' -'on thi; n- Prime Minriser
- t ,..-oas Er.0.h-.-.i^ a s:, .... 4, ir"pfO-

c-.AIy improve the q.... ity of hat is

I Po'd SIerzfore f4 tou express
Ia wai rs- ca p rm ---- .
iTh-tere 0 cofte
e -':ric si eeds f

.- to hF've said foNV F p
i vt-:e I "SO, in I"-

The PE'me .-iiter re-r,.sued members
Zi 't diciary hi, ovprnmient vill
,s u- rt^a-:'. teir idp.endpence und
"ill : to.: tliey are given u'tpport to
Spri.j the e:rel:ler of service for
| T..a .ry .ar .nve. .nowr... ..

q"iut.hi.. r by delib .- r: edu-'i .

Sir Paul I. dLat, living is a worid
of rapid. I~x~ an grc 'ag uncert-
aihe:-, .. er, e a- quick and ready-
made. w...i t-o such- problems..
Gredi:ii-" had piue to reIte.ct on |
their 1iA uiio., he said lover their-
sighL h far as acqaiisition of!

life ele; b ey to *ke sacri-
ficzes and d Fla< c". A patiencee and

Athe -:irr a raTi S t are so
gw i; Cs J 4T wrios Page -|

1 M .I? -.-- .

F-,tunm dJ ~7 t August 1973
.4'. I sue
i ... >W 1. RSITY
MARY4 ?roc- S- CABOT AVASv l<84
a Ra )s
z71 vs v n!
r o: t -"condCss A Mail

20 issues t0 7 $77.00

4Ab0u, I. es Pu.Ohe tAnually
Abkom '- Iss1es Pub~lished Aunnavly

Page 3

j ~ ~_I~




Page 4 Saturday 5th October 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

A~ iiA


I M, ONE-DAY REGIONAL "CARIBCARE is not a Governme -e on 'DruL Tr: fi,:k- agency," he said, "ve have limited r<
ing, Education arid Dermocrcy, sources but ve try to put our expei,
,rgan-ed ,in Br'ba,+ on Sep- ise across the islands of the Caril
+ember 27th by CARIBCARE, The C.arib- bean towards, not only fostering a
bean hIn.titute for Hm-rxn Rights, av.s: an awareness, but offering strategies f<
outstanding .,:.e s resistance against the illicit dri
., menace.
This was stated by Dr Ramesh Deosaran, Formed A Part
CARIBCARE Executive Directrot', in an These strategies, he said; f-rmed. a part-
Sr7ie'.:w ..vith NEWSLETTER the the Barbados conference and were _-.
,:.nferenre, and he said the holding of the encourage the & i.:my bachers and educ.t.i.
Conference -. in keepirg ith the motto who attend.ed to be involved in showing ".
of his org rnif-ion, "Human Rights through youth, not only that drugs are bad, but -
EPucai,.'n "P t
Please See CARIBCARE Page


needled in timen-s of finin,:vii stringency," Sir
Paul said, "that you will still be able t.:- pur-
chase the essentials f :r daily living."

The fir.t Credit Union to be establi-hed in
GrenAtd1a vas the Civil SerTi.e Credit Union
Thich ,as b_,rn in 1947. Since hen, the
Mi:ovennt has gr-'w!i to eTnbr.-,e 21 active
Unions with a toLt-d nenmbae rip of over
12,000 holding total :savigs of over EC$17
Borrov From Themselves
Credit Union members b..rr.:' from
emselves n the interest they p-,y on
loans is shared *i tem in the form of
divider ds', the Governor Gerr:d said.
Tihee loans), he continued, help members to
imp-.,:e their :;t-,.rd of living and the
divi.ldnj they receive iinreT e -lir ..-

With that form of operation, Sir Paul said,

it is no vorider that. the Credit Urnjion
M.,,venjnt. has ILade irerntridous strides in
:.rerai The more Grenadians save, he
z:i'j the more vill be their capital and the
greater their c.apa,:ity to build and advance
as one nation through their own efforts
All Round Development
The tMovement's inherent qualities of unity,
co-'peratiUn and discipline are essential to
,nation b.dildirn, he :-id, and he e,'pres.ed
the opinio:'r that the Movement has a part to
play in Grenada's all.round development.

"With incre.aing assets, the impact of the
Credit UrJi:, : on the economy of our
cou.,trvy could be of sig-ificanLce," the
Govern-.r said, "and I feel ixtre. :?
that the Credit Union Movement e.:
definite role in the economic and : .i:t
devel:'pmrrent of our country."
----- -- -- tm





A .

The Grenada Neavsetter Saturday 5th October 1991 Page 5

thiruu',"" of
.:,ei' peers to

eAross the C,.ibbe.T.. the E::cutive
c. :..r -i:.A CARBCARE e4L-7 to ;ork
with Governrnmnts -.:, w ,ith some mild
o:.e'ires, to -r.:.d Go-ernnl-:t into t.iig
further -tein against the dru. ..En.ce.
Make Many Su -gesions
In t.rj: co .r :eT:: ; Ihe i, members of
CARIB CARE use w t.,er influence they
Shawe in their activeve .n i.. In
"| 1.- i::-' Dr -> :n-"' :' u as an
| Ir.- ,.:.'..., Se.-:'r in I '- Trimdad &.
Tobao P .::eri, b.. ha, \'=
opportunity to -' r man. y -.i.-'ur to.
SGoV'eAdLt (somrne of vhich -:.:---e been
I.:-t:pted5 on Lhi- 'ur:- at p:.: ::ad Bill to
I control drug traficking.

The currently op- *
erative phase in
CARIBCARE's pro ^-2 L
he said, is the h:.'dim,- of
e.;, corferer, e-, work- ,
-h.:.p- and
focr teachers and edu-
_If:irs, throughout
ithe Caribbean Corn-
ty (CARIC.'-,' i' a 7. to
*iarperiri awareness of the drug pr:.-bler
and providing str. te-ie- for working "'ith

As as eBion iu/a the Execu.ui o
Director said CA RIBCREi pzrepr-
'sg a "Tehc/fng M dfe~ VhftzA
shidd 6e rewdy by early zef yer.
'ush MA-odu/e .bi s a 4RAB&-
C.4RE C.ar1'bb eau Hm7 n Pro
Sr.t on drugs and villa be/a~shed i.
ICreae&da in MAarcn or Ar/_d '-v.



C: i.g the r----ter- of CARIB-
CARE, a "Humnan Rights" or: diIi:i:.n
vjth the drug pro' i:,; Dr Dre.:.. i said
the -! .: of CARIBCARE is that
r ci4 :+ e h' a ria'n to a- -.:e. hT th

r Can Be Claimed
"Th, is not a right vyou
Constitutions hi,. can be
Court _of_ A, _w"d ":e
5p a_,-i.1., to ,L United 4ti.:
-- --

wll find in
I-.:n, 0 in a
I it is in the
,. ..+' .- r -,,ch

CARIB CAiE From Page 4
in which. ,aroguh t.h
-Si. i., they can help
t+i t ,' drugsg.

all other rights .oht to exist

Also, he nd, CARIBCARE fel the puthh i
has a rih.i to -. free of d ru... v should
be protc-ed :1rt drug ,.i':,,l:ers if the
-piritu il ve!-b.,ein.- of the citizen is not to
b stro: i
Feature Address
The fLeat-ur., address at. the Barbados
C, 'erWiere as delivered by Mr MCuriceP
KirL:, Attorney Ce:-'r: .:- I1.hirudter of
Foreign Affairs in the Barbados GC::ven-

Papers iere deliver. b;. Dr Deoara. I
(.h,: is He-. of th- De..t:ien of
Sociolo .. the St Au -.fin- camp us,
Trii o.f th U, of the West
I:ndi) andmi by Mr erry Fe.u,:r, Direct.:.r
of "Drug Free Ll"i:;" of Orlando, Florid:i
The Corere:cr,,e was

About 11, t ai I-irl II U
i Grn -- ..ed. by t he
Sbut iJamaica tea
BusA-.rrne h-Iitit-
utefor Public &
international l
II Affairs.

About 1910, ifere ",. an,;, incre.sC
in r.-d- 1 in the -nrderze, of syphilis.

A nwm drug, S a'."-..n., p,-..ed to be effect-
ive remedy, but it w-as an e_:e,.-sive trea-
*imien1t beyond the reach of n:..

A _Governrient funded ire- -rcent pro-
C*r uri'e ".I needed but most pe-:-pl
blaried searrmen for the increase in 'enrereal
.- ani there -. 'i public s-iAnp: th
to :p ._ -ry.-, :+,.- .y' to tr3 t them

In order i, litr.--t public fi.ud, :
-.-i:-.,. V:-",i of the ,i.e.e had to be
fmd, Cs,. it. out -Lt "f: iithfiU
vives" --".-r being infected.

T -1 did the trick. . by G: .-vrr1 nt,
_a c u. -- .i .u ed, b- e ,'_! by a .,
for ,he 1comip. treatment of an,.:r-
.:- td with a ..- dissas8.

Page 6 Saturday 5th October 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

Otr T A T n 2W p s ve ben

Over the last jfive years moref than 20 persons haU V been 6nV*

to the United States of

ure o'dre' on S-rpte-i.ber 16th,
at the opening ceremony in
Grenada of an Or djs*ationril
Development & Project Planning Workshop
of the Parutners of the Ameri'as, Governor
General Sir Paul Scoon spoke of his hope
for a bri'hter future for the Caribbean.

That. h.-pp, he said grows whenever he sees
.'.:mnittej. a:-, i rr. .lye non-goverrn mental
or2i.isatit>ns coming together to exchange
ilJeFr, disc..S .?mrri.n problerri .and to get
to know e:ac:h other better.
Genuine Togetherness
"The incre esifg exhortat- ,
lons about the nee: for .
Caribbean inte._niTi,,n I..
must be mat ihe1 by the
,.iunje t<:.gethernest-? of ."
Carib'.-E.m pe.:.p at ee-r-
level," he s.aii, "for it is .
the ordir.'.yi man riT e- ',
m-n in the Caribbean vho
will make C ii ..t,- inte- ,.
ration ".*rk ,

The integration m-'ven---
ii',.t begin f:-ii bel.- SIR PA
vilth the ,orlit- .,:fy ; ,..: .
the Governor Ge! said. If it is to
bls::.m forth, he c:r:ir,.'ed, it mut- te
nurtured by mutual u.rer'rtadm.,:, trust,
Sacrifice and the iillgness of Caribbean
p,..,'ple to look at themIel';es as Caribb:t.ri
m..n and .om.. rather .tim as "be!.-ners"
,of a particular ilari, home.

Ametric- for training

The-.Pars.s of the America., a private,
volhmi..t-.';, vwas born :' years ago as the people-to-
people cc *.,ionent of the Alliance for Pro-
gress I:".."':hd by President John F
Kennedy in an effort to increase mutual
assistance between the United States of
America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Twenty-five years later, Grenada, partner-
ed with Broonme County, Nev York, is one
of 3i;.y blhter.-l "partrirslhips" between
the US!-_ and sections of Lutin
America and ihe Caribbean.
-- -Such Varied Fi.4,;
Prin-:ipal componrert of t |
.: Partner Progranmrie is
'. training amv, over the last
...,.... five years since i1. 2re-
nada partnership was estab-
IS6 J lihed, more than 20
person have been sent. to
S thle United Sot;'tS of
V America for tr.aiMnirn in
such varied fields as Office
Management, AIDS Educat-

Hotel Managerrpnt and.
L SCON Bulk Cooking.

During the :.Tnhe period. North American!s b conducted workshl:.p-- in
Gren: on Mangerr ment, C :.di:-
Fulm:.:.n:,, Resuscit.rtion, H4-:t-line
:p'rti.ri and Horticl ture including hotel
r''dens, tic .n.1 parts and botanical
r PleaSe See PARTNERS Page 7

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