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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
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Social conditions -- Periodicals -- Grenada ( lcsh )
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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A. & C. Hughes
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.UW- ,-- .A Ru A' R .......y

The Gre ada


VYoume 19 Saturday 7th September 1991 Number 14

Sf Nichola 1hrat i&Ute antL keep his bunch
O f joLBeTs toitjLer, thei vis his btusitness

J^UEnmii a b,_.ri-,r and promin-

t senuten ': ir".c.:.d on the fo" u --i:
o ur rrs of Prime 1ii r 1 vice Bisth-
|op ud othir had bc-un c :: i\.' to life
.: "

Mr EP'a : re'rr d to tl, in
h"*J Ins a bre~^ de on Au-;t 1f^
u *:- the commutg of T sentences,
i .-:-,t M i^ ; ..r .'l B:' i; ,,te 'had.
-d what was his ma'or c : in
I .r- n to a d Is'zi:::- to tzak t .hat : on.-
The Major Concera
F M. r .r.h,:, .WG told 1k !e -n-:1U
; ,,'.ge o c nu'-nt to -hritr -"' t-
i'e majorr co:.".-: of alny P .: i- .

,-M-M -an? kofh.
* "s ",/ b *-

|Mr B j^.in. said. Gre:.. '. a -. er.' of


g.: .--e.m. :t falls, the p:eple go to the polls
and "'... for a new g,,vermnen, and in an
effort t .-. p the gov rn t'.I together, you
'-t stop 'a hanging of people who ha.~'
c ",tted niurder.
Rejected The Appeal
...' Benijaimir referred to Gienajda's ccntit-
ut.i-.d *:: -7ision of a C..:mnittee on the
Prt, r -.'i,- of _.i rry arid -.:1i that, after
- Ac-.eal Coiurt had rejected the .:pp_.A of
the Co pe;:ns, the ed ., 'frcy ....nit-
tee -t an; d r:1_ r.m:j-rtekJe,. to Governor
Please See NNP Page 2





NNP Condemns Commuting
of Death Sentences ...- .....-. 1
T&_T C- amber Condemns
Government's Action ......... 2 i
MBPM Wants Bishop's
Killers Executed. ....--..- .. 4
OECS Lavyers Meet in
G renada.. .. ................. ...- 5
OEC:S Science & Maths
Fair in Grenada .... ...... .-- 7
Gjry. Sues British Newspaper. 8
Tourist Board Holds
Planning Meeting.. .-.........- 9
Nevws Shorts ...................... It i




P i2 trdv7t epenbr191Th rewa eslte

Ne~rsp~ier on -. in the Trr~~
Triiiid~~ 3 T.~b:~c'o CLtL.
j Ja. 4 -1
V ~ ~.C:ii2Ai~ J ~
~ .~L~'1 ~

~f ~he 14
C N4~rister -
L"iCC Pisi-
311 erE~

The signal Um~ has been sent is erie or
~Lne~con the part of a Caribbean
(~riera1 Sir Paul Scoon that five .A ti~
~ shcuid ~'e hanged.

~The C~ vejvior (~er&I s,~d die
I v.~u-r~ini A~ Amg i~&in2~ ~e
~ ~ ~id di.f.~ let hm~ ~~ome
I T~~p c ,;m ~21o~~~r of Pri:-rL; I:~'Th all th~
~ -F.Kj.J ~.'r~p 9r&tiors for the ~
.4 .4..
:ler-? was a when *~;~::
*IiE ,ru1Pv~l.~.~ np~'oi-r-. ~c f..7~d ai..f.
~A:i~~ hat the c~~SH be re-viewed.
T211 Tb2 Peopi~
iu~: ?.:rtIc.rl ~ ~ rejected by tjie
-4 .. ~rd B~ur~.:~ sair1 the M~ri-v
t~~fr*j. '-~ di~ m~.t rnee~ rY'% that

.5 1~i4 V~ t4-41 .1:.~ ~. *~... ~.
-~ ~ tb.~ir ~3~A aFic-~iit ~-,~-.i*.* -,

4 **
I r.~:. arid talk a ~~h:4e load & noriser.~se,
C ~ Ci.' nt. b'~ *~1*
.. *.a~.~i:-'.' -


Government in the f:ce of a nav tenu4 that I
is di' _l: ir-' in the region -- .;: I
d'st", \the Chaiber saidL

Prime 1 l;; ;ter Nic'h:-:.:^ ,5rath^,u--
amn:..ed -:-n August 14th that, a*. ir t|
:--;...I-a of his major coicerr to "hoild
the Governnri t.'t.opT-
he and influenced
by pie.o for elenmenc:,y.
made by the Grersmia
C,:,nferience ofChurch-
es, his Government
I 'T ,jTidef to commute the sentences.
Please See CHAMBER Page 3

once f~ life in~t'ris.:rjrr1~rit

i~*fr E~:~~jrm said that~, in (3renada~s
..,.,- ~ is
penalty prescribed
every c'fterjse and the pen~dt.y for inurdw
is The ~3~e~n~r Ceneral h~s
~z~I ~ grant mercy for any crime,
he s.~12, b~it 1v~t ~' :*~er be e::ei'cfre~i
~ vru :;~ or rancy.
Must Be Sh~vn
That ~c '~'-~' ~riist be e~rcised on the
~~:C~E-' of K~c ~t :. rr~iniib~e, ~p ___
~ 4- .~ 4j~
..Mj ~; ~ gr;3fl.ted must be shovrr

72~ cfr ~s~ace~s- of ike c~ m&~1
varf~~/ t4e ~-ercj~e of mera~~y~ &~
~ tw~ ~M ,~-ke~ ~vh~t is- Lb&r~ itt
~&'~ L5~P A~.r diem to s-dy Ihey ~
~gu.~c &LJ fourteel? N~ /hem r

This NIl? ~!:~ti:-~ -' .t- held in (rerrtd '~ ~
~ ~. ~-p ~f (..~ir.~.lle and attracted

~-.... Eal-------





The Grenada Ne OS ttsr


BI p !Ph

S arieds c dL o "j isti&" in the na es c
r murdtrT pers ons arend da mn t

S CME- 50 S,'PCFTRS, OF ir: .... ... the I4 per-re': found
the !. i.. : ..e Prime Minister Mauric
M I -vn (MBPM) p :-i the a.m '-*-a.
: _. streets of St Gi?:f,^-- .:. -,t
; --..- ,.. -.. :.. 't, -..:: -.- .. : tle :ar for .'i, ; in the
life :: i:-io r:: the '0, ?.9.-:- the ::: red pj-1 ::' a dente
-J e F ?aom .-- -- :'"- rescind its decision.
SCommissioned Officer
S. w:~- *-... ha_ been -.i public B nd
Ito -Go- 4m a -
-"n T'.-preo.-.'4 _. A' u.. err. iPRd RC his
4 il ',jI .- ,' r m "
-; H c 6 perk' ps i p: A GD
ne as ng- as- It e.
11:7 : Revolutionarv Arm ,
-. ... n,-
S:_':r_.: of bilisation in h.i PRG.

Sust be said that Maurice .Bish
io--: ... ,h.'-, b.e. qui
7--7 -. -11 to anther Ity of :. .:;l r (lriirs
t Lmber ecise m sm incident in 1 ) e 1P 4
.. azrs or a-,- ........ -
: r or enada _::. gra t e-h. a

h T! C1- ,i 4 Fou" e. 17.h Auguiis. .

-. = .. . ..-" ,. ,_' ,r u b s cr ipto' R a t es
a-. r.Please See Mea

.-U. I -1.> .'" ___~a_ aLe :-_ AC_-v__a__e_
S Post In Gead aa)

; T'hber :C No" t-e ;-.ei nts ECT u

S: "a ,..r, relative o hs aT :.." -4 .;
.... ..' ., p--k-._--r,,- in

:*-"a aat al 1/.... Muln i u s $ T
:.t r -_'n hIsuPost In$9 Grenada)

10 1:3. 3 e S $115-00 $4:
a T, ea f ha .. "
I T Ii $3900 $14
61 Is -- "1',4

Abotr 20 issues Published Ai

- Bishop

-,: ',.-: of [


\^ Rev.c-

,.,fi'-ter |

r'_ fol I
from the
re :- .: i

Page 4


7r:-r i ,

300 j

7 io
06.0 j

nuanly |1

____________________________ _____

Saturday 7th Se.tember 1991 Page 3



__~____.~1._~;~~__. ...


'Ais a

ae 4 Saturday 7th September 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

MBPM From Page 3

i -- ', Appe ,.: "l-:.g _h-r F v"- ": . .ere.
J by the ourt of Appeal las
.:- h t nth, it. vas re- '.'d -:
n': of ',-. :.::, .: ," :' c .a -," !r,.. were to be-

Those reported to be destiaed for the
h2zagman- s noose vere Bernard
Coard,47, Calistus Bernard,32, First
Lieutenant in the PRA and Officer-
in-charge of the firing squad vhich
unali-FDe-gunned Bishop and seven
others in a bloody incident at PRA
headquarters on 19th Octobter 1983,
Evari Layne,33, PRA Liiutenant
Colonel and day-to-day PRA Corm-
i.ander, Lester Redhead, 31, PRA
CatLaij, of vhom evidence j as
iven at the trial that, after the
. oAting, he slit Bishop's throat and
cut off one of his fingers in order to
Ecove a i-g,a and Leon Cornvall,
37, PRA Major and PRG Ambass-
* _o, to Cuba-

Motion filed bv the -' en-! ,._.C heard b_
S_-Cort .;-.f Appeal Th. Motion w-s

...t r O I i'. :. e- I t r.-': ip .
d. sentences of the 14 had 1ri n

i s -c n 1.7- t, ... ..;:b:e inters _.
-: :d be -best served throughh "r-econil-

... .n", id. in this re.- -u- .i .-
three c. i;-r:':,i. . ich h. to be borne
in mind.

First. he said holdi)gh liA Govera-
meal iAi eter msus be tL& mai.-r
concern of any Prime MA iIter.
r-t.on07 he cctinues democracy
m t be n a zres/A chace to
S 6re/ rada. Thfe AZird
coedrsratonA Mr Br oBai. eAmraer-
ated Is that Mte conrontatnoms of MAe
p&~t must Ovy give vay to aid ae
replaced ey ua~mted etf'fort for ite
commoBn- good.



The Prime 1f irr said pleas for
clemency _-. by 'e Grenada Conference
of Ch O.-':'. i ,he".' rSne-.nible r'liE -
C"ous : ..r.: minced d h Ie,. G. o-rnment that
the ri-2'* CO;:-,- as to c,: .-. t, the

The sme// 6e exitd-
eds or er i,,.sw now oT des t
roy adt :Aistmonid 1i41 Prisn-a A

E.'r^- LT J i--- rr._ .. that an; -
...e.... ority o-. f Greradians did not
_._or ": 4 o eit ?.. .t's *actio. a linr
-,re hi ih that,_ eecu_,.-. h:..d hi
S_.-* carried out i1.. iE'M in, hr :

*e:.'., iu;. the streets in zupprort of the

Please See MBPM Page 5

Th- Grc.-!:ia Nevsletter

4_a- _.5 _=- -


+--;_ t '. ", =*.*** ,-,/ y .,-.,- ^ . ". .: -. ";.,._
," '* .- -" -" t--" ---
.. .- .' ..' '.. ..
.. ,r
.. ..t -.. ,.. ,44 '4 .. ; ,-"--. _t*. -
.- x:S



x-4 s, r* -

_- _

. toba. -. r -. nb aI -
o- -- - -" ---
o-. -... ,: t-h-,- *. -
M -f1 1*, 1 th P._ of c INA.
in- in -e 1Q2- n 'Cth tt ic a k1'i%
I n.-' - n - p t~.A"' -
..... :East .-"e "" sti E-T--
^ssociat -^ m LL.,.i onG ....- '

..... i:;_" p.... + o r t i t hd e +.:. : -

: .$+: pdem: M ation s i: % -G

vhd b ;y
I -- ... ........... b e a d ir -, : --; t-

: poi r T and, i y w'it

:th 1)o more -,w .e M.P1M -sca -o.

p: :on -. ,.-' -:, i, pt "AAugust

t hie i .Z e' _. -r : ou

d -.. ..........

-*-' -.c.c ::-: the *:".,.' s ea "r l: r' :-t--
%,. f ^ lfl_ :.' ed h y "-, : -tL- ,

... ecernt c"r -.: -. g ? of the d.-:f.h ent ies
14 p ns .. to hang fo-r ih
.. of Prime Minister lurice F.ihp
e- .'^ l- a",rcm s i ts here in
i:. v een h of pro-
,sio r of lay to s -.ifi- .':.s-.

Those of us t .i:i_..-' t. Ttjtories
aAe b-1- 4?- i t t .... ,nefici.- es or
-- -f a decision i-n m the United Kin d -m
to. lesh:jj :^ .," to abolish the def
penalty in Ang '....:. -"" f-' r.tntlh
-W- . e LA77YERS Pae 6

--.r-j.-- carrr : y e demoaru-,1rt-
- 7, , ..-.z...17 r r,
-.:? r fhisv a-rd for the da2-d and

*=:-'j ..-.. .. out tea derAcio4
A-" or-t to iMug te Hf
M-sere L Z. '

"BP as formed: in 1984 folk.C the
ty irie;':j- .n by United StI'e- and
Ci. n'-i Fore -: Tlds -?"'.7 repuTS
Ma ari.:o BE.: fr ti.:q; of the Pl c leu
:.solutiT.-r.r y rr.. .... in the split
,.o '-.-;.ut -"- i that faction -.nt U
.: :.,.. supp-. ; Deputy F:m- e liroter I
'r-_ 2., --- e - Ifi. ei

It :--t '-',h "- e ., in the ,ini--
of Bishop "- : s on 11 T 0tber "1, :.-
and in "- fr r.irder of C,,'.- I
and 13 c -.-

______________ _ _ _ _m _ _

S -t... ?,4. -* 7tb .qep.-.-;-r 1O9r Page 5
Kp '_. -.' w -,

i a" -1 ., '? -, :

i ?^- "..-. -* _, ,. -
.: .....1... .-..-.. .
aS -:-.. a i
--c ': '- -; "--... 2,-%
.,., -'- -t.2 AQ .,.i "-

: '-. .7

_ '0 , /. --' -". .
._ I -- f_-.. .i- ,

' *V \-".:-@% ',/'0-9.''."'.<.- .'"-'"-+' "".'.'.+'-::.-'-*' -" .".... 4- "* +-* + -*.. ". ':.-**.*// --,*/.-,*/// .,'::/) ^.-." ^r 0
.. .. .A .. .... :*. ,
'' _._... ".'. ' ,..,'- ,
^.. ""'";;-X^
S.- .- .- -a:-
.... I ,j:tt"

Page 6 Saturday 7th September 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

LAWYERS from Page 5
Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands
ii-thout even consultation he said.

j- President's rer'arks were made as he
spoke at the opening ceremony of a Meet-
of the OECS Ear Ass,.ciati-n's Council
S which vere delegA:tes from St Vincent, St
Lucia, D(c'rnil!,, Antrijn. St
Ai.'-, Anruil.- the British Virgin Islands
i and the h,:,st country, Grenada.

'With reference to the much discuss-
ed question as to whether there
should be a final Westindian Court of
Appeal to replace the British Privy
Council, Mr Archibald said the
region has produced top-class jurists
(some of vhom have sat or are
-itting on the Privy Council) vho are
.capable of manning a Westindian
Court of Appeal-

Onr of the problenr: of WesmMJuin Courts,
: :, is that they are working viTh "vorn
ot tools".
Able To Speed Up
11 -.dges are still writing evidence in long-
hdtnd, he said, not having m.:,od'ernised
Ic.terns, they can,.mt have evidence t.aen
:dilvy nor are Ihey .able to speed up
!deiverv of their jiudgemenit-..

j he President said also that court
houses are inadequate, there are no
iax machines to enable Judges to con-
Sfer with others, no vord processors
so they can proceed vith their work
had no system that can quickly handle
evidence for appeals-

;14A7 &ts is ot twKL&/ A it/ of tbe
J dgs, "he saif, 'but it mSay be the
fil of Mtee IjVyers ho have aot
..dvocat te caue of the Court&

':.:.uig ihe ba'kgroiund to his organ-
Si.on. Mr Archibald J:.: t Gre.ia a
s ; is the eighth .:casionr on which the
: .ers' ofthA OECS have got t..elher.

_.- r'. er from eight countries (all
-::- represented at the Grenada :-e fing-,
.-:.:t the British Virgin I.1." :) had their
firstt orveehig on 21st June 1 .., te said,
vhen they got together to pr:.i:-st he terms

and conditions of the service of Judges of
the OECS Supreme Court.

That first meeting resolved itself int,: a
"Steering Committee': to foster establish-
ment of an OECS Bar Associationr and,
after a --erie- of meetings relative to pre-
paration of a Constitution and i naugural pro-
visirIS the o;r'-niaahon was laumci-d on
7th April 1990.
Expected To Be Completed
The vork of the Grenada meeting
e:-:pected to be completed on September 7th
and on the following day, there was to be a
,'ri,:kp5t match v.,hern the visiting lawyers
wuljd take -,n a team of Grenada lyers.

After the match there was to be a "goat and
rice" party at the home of former Chief
Justice_ of Grenada, Mr Carol Bristol.

When, two centuries ago, the ship "zsehy"
..rrrived at Grrn1d.a. from the West African
island of Boulam, she brought to the island
a di.s-eae which was to produce heated de-
bate in t e highest British and Amerric.-m

The Grenada "Chronicle & Gazette" of 19th
February 1793 reported that of 200 "advent-
urers" carried to Grenada by the ",ia ''"
.-d anriother ship, one third had died.
Succumbed To The Disease
C.Aiuse of Jeath was the de.adly "Boulam
Fe.-er" arnd, within weeks, more than 200
s-ai.:rs using the p,.rt of St Geo-rge had
succ.unbed to the disease.
..i, the fev.ei spread through the island,
and abrt'.-ad to other WestUirian islands and
to Philadelphia in North

Dr Colin Chisholm, who practised in Gre-
na.-- at .lat time, published a descripti,:,n of
the fever as an "original, foreign plague
utterly uniri.wn before". This incensed
m,.m mrr:edical people and, to his life's end,
Chri:' :lmrn as involved in passionate pro- dir-pi.ntes with critics who thought
that, before publication, he should have
consulted experts such as themselves.


The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 7th September 1991 Page 7 |


*s atotn of East Carit.: :r
e (OECS) Sc:.:. and

Srenada, .. r.r General Sir Paul Sco: .
id future. of the C l bbe must de-
-'i on th ability ^: cournitmentd of
I. . ] r.
- "hair scarce r' ,',"

economicc 1~- -li.:pmnt ..-- come before
h-t forms of -el.p if
-ar a ; n is to be j,.-', n, r.. I
The Brain-Child
SECS Scie-'..e and.
.. i F is the
".':'" t li,-c, d of the

-T -a '---,., o0 Ji:

S'. The F tares the- f"

.-. ^. - '.' . wr,., is op.n to ts

-.-7 trUic Cib. ejmph-s x

.-_,iwai: 2toviedge and t.eci -c-i

. -. .--s_ ras-vs efforts sn saric-,-wt-re
j-f a d -r 4

;,,_dQr prec.fd.fn ce over s.a,-:hyi. eshe msy co. def i/u -.- &rm of
f-^ht? i oo fEC fr L

t is time i:i the reopl'? of the Caribbean

replace :-I' b .9.. n- ha... ric" arn im" -
:.r', r- an.d upfluous :e'ine, (viith
their vol.ia:,i u reports) by action
*..iewJd 2-i .U: p171raYume^ he said.

Mfara vti-2, iAidiiAwd effort and the

"Tnwas be IirMay elrerched in Mel
class-ron s of ow-r ,lic.s "

De_.v:,i. 'he f: : ue address at the
opening ,ere,: ny, G"ren..-'s Mini fer for J
E.-.:r..ion, Senator Carlisle Glean,;-
ed c :.r-:r'n over the I,:' levels of ,_-i.hieve-
iment m ri :lrtic aind .:ien:.e of priiury
and >6:. :r_1.:. ', :-:,1 students in the region. i
He said -1:. that the paucity of skills train-
ing gr serious cause for concern.

practice i or seaondaryi
scL'oo/s of alo vinw studfaus to drop,
mtems~tk and science very early;
It? ./ir school career, he Senator
sd "rmraes woubzf about &e- qu1kty

future dsvelopimnt of Z&e cozaty fj
ye ae .are svi that science and tech-
AdJ'_y are t vooz for social &nd
scoDnonI.'c development

u~t:.i..i ion is not nmerely *.:rtificr:v:.n, he
said, ::~, .-e ift A;..e: are allowed to take I
ony th:,- objects in whichh it is felt they
". et L'. s, they v ill le sch.'ol v.ah I
r .iii.- u d. vill ti..n hav to Zeel:
education e-*-.'u-, L

'idre should
subject -riby .:;
v:es- :ily for

be, he .7. d certain core
-'i--cI are require, not
the passing of e:. ir ain;s
Please See FAIR Page 8

_ ~_ ~___


r- age 8 Saturday 7th September 1991 The Grenada Newsletter



,An- .i... .. er a.nd Roger S.- le, left ~ ~~e da on September 3rd f.s-r
:o,: platingg a to the island on -.ehi f "o London firm of ".lici ,::rJ
.e .:-3 Wri,:t ,ebb Syrett.

, ian ir v-r "-i~ NEWSLETTER on
--pt..,r ::?, Ar Gallacher said Wr:ih.
SWebb Syrett r'. British
_"E:;~te:" nipper a-t7 -h.m Sir
Eric Gairy has fil-o a suit for libel and. for
more than a .eel:, the two detectives ive
been coi>itirn "cEK-rain irformation.1

STeople A3e &een very co-
i E="& i-, s All M GZ.dcher sAf 'ad
we are 'rypIy es pith the ouic-ome
.... ou-r viy.t "

Ti ex-Scoi :,d Yard .. ,:J'.. :.i j ., .:i.
Fis cot1e,.m. e h"- c c .-
:from a number of per':1. but he declined t
. n--'ify .ema or to *:1,. : ., :ie contents of

-i . :.. -. . .. A,. ". .- :.",
'~ .! s.. .L.

" I.s not as

"c-t r u-- but.o forty of Ff!f
a term familiar to all Grenadian
as see-ohn '.

.e-n" Was :,i cry of *L h- L :...... as,
l..kigo ::: ." d, he say :: .' ce of.
.e" r- l. r't. as a .hea.-, -, bore
" ""on the b': -

The ruled v..,: ~ Itf camrrie to be c.d.. a
see-,h.n" T^:h ,,ismses d:;e fact n.:" "- -
, ord ,c:ii fr:, ; Fr',1 ti tio /
-. ...Li bfy w .. -I a '" i. o."
'ne elmsnan as, lookAng to ',ir',i"-:r, he
: .' 4th-e ,.irf,:e of the w-: .:-'i. as a
neavy bree-e bore dovn on f-,-- boat.

FAIR From Page 7
but for the :r.inter,..-ce of a certain mini-
mum tari:-t .aird for all students.

Taking_ p.lirt in the F.;-ir were .conungnit
of -t%-.4.e from Artigca, the British
i Virgin Islands, Dormirca Mntserrat, St
Ki.ts, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenrada.
I There ve ,s .also an "observer" contini.:enf.
r '-:.m .J. n.:ic.-1

S-.bits c,- '.,'er_ a wide r.:an and
ed a --',rking model of a solar warte
b. :e%, a :.,del of a sewage treat-ment
il:n. for C:-rie, St Lucia, a bioga1:
digester, p-er rervclin., a bh.ue diar al
S.:, :-' :-::.rometer which can be us1.'.
to limit the l--he of a vehicle to th.a at
Vriich it : e.: the P :'. air p.:llu'ion.

|Of sper,.:i interest were the e_:hibit, of
| prinr, : sc-...o! students which displayed
j i:-. useful items .u from
I bo.. p-:.?..i-C containers and o:her dis-
4 C.."ii'd '-i? IA 2 [[L".

I l.-, "i, epn with the the re of the

Ln-i-tL1tf1onrL Development Agency, the
ast Centr.l Bank and the
Si... t. i of Amrierican States.
04': !:mmi.?!,,: ier@ ,:-{ r Biveia: :: i,, aft.f^^
L- .- a ... ___ _,, ,q j^.'igl r~.[^ Fg i i16^ 0.______________




The Greda-Nevsletter--S-----eptember-!991

Page 9

Thue mtinr GAS t ,e t& a ,,r 's r presentartives
statione.l abron, mratrn. rut. pubL rela-tions agents ,nd
representativgeof m i aihrtncs se-rving the islanct.

i ... ,1..: S..n M f
ence on August. 26mr thit
S-v er the n: year, re-ration of the
S:--.Fc Fort -'haFort .Freder.k .:-
Svill be one of th.e i L-.r 4t...op Li..
S:- "J. iirn Gr r" .. 's tourist ;...: : .

&'f Ary rppe tA /re 4d -fr
conmifc C '-dEa.- r At'- n r I
* ye .re very opi-m.JAtfr ,at W- vi
,eit a posfive ra.wi.noe fra.m thez

; f-n. ".
A Museum

..... f r. i f j.-
1Mr Ee-m .i'd
e lan is to
sL- f ^.... of ": .

'*- l rei.ui. a
; for .'.- -
ji :--:f :n,.:r,-ez, rest-
Fr- ;:e. aid an art

... Fort ,Ma.thft:/-v
F- FrK !.z i cK:-

. .

4 .., .

^nF^^rT -_.W a~
S..i i m_.- '. '-:: .., :
. ,. . : . . '- . T'
|;:;* . .y. ^. i :J: H^,^ t.

,: ..r^"^ #. . ,

* ... jA,.. ,:!.

p -,, =: m:::::- tW O T_ =_: --5 *.....* Shff ..... -.*
eart o St or age's its r-'-
1, -ii,:. :,: were not '. -. t e- H '
St Georg.'s: frm l.l .- r- H ri :
... ns fr- .1 to Gr-,7
f di Ai.:jfiei to fight an ; f

...... rW,. fr. ; Tm the :leriAi'r.

uT"' &f of orts is that, in 1779, e e~ d le1, FrT-? ia- .hr_
.0. 7 i :l u el- the Er 'l-. by a ce;
_-:_' y l. A d nO:tL. of St G.:.'s
:-..:f inlad in a turmnng Y'emi- r.
1%ich -:*.:,h them to the back of St
?- e g s, and -i-e. *tt.:'-- th. E- rZ ii
f-r :- from the .p:
Completed The Job
Determined :- l7 vould not be rtu;:i.h as the
British -"*ri the French bergr: constru::tior,
B r h
-of ""-. forts but. before they were com-
pleted, lost e island to the British a fe.v
Years later by the
S. Treaty of Ver-
.-.: ; .i." The Brit-
y"ir-l ~ 1 i sh :.r'I;pi' fto the


| :";".:;'"'; ? 'prje'-t as one|
4of he sub ,ets dis-
.' .,:.: c .-i ;e, B at the
Tourist Board's
Annual I kr ketit|

... . .-.. by Mr Roysto\ n
O:er/Mariaiger of the ,.ie
., Sc:ce Island Im HI-im in
and 1991 wirmer of h' Caribpe.:n
Please gee TOURiSM Page 10


Sartu. a- 7th September 1991


The Grenada Newsletter

rage 10 Saturday 7th September 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

T- UR.i M From Page 9
Tourist cation Golden Conch
SA.ard" s .C .b-,:. H teller of the Year.

-,M r -, -, -.: I
S.- a reliable
:a,-ys it has no
S..Tourism :a. ig.4t.

he was distressed to hear
-ur'ce that Govern-nment
money to incre-ase H1.e

1.or I -.:. s. .r:,. 500 :.;' first-
class .:tel ooms and 100, '] ': :ri/::iums
-ill ":be ..d to hi? Tourist Plant and, if
j:'c,-; :- fails to increase the T.i ri-m
bud et nf:t year, it will be the n-:.,.
: e Pe it has taken in its tie.,:ur of

Station Is Similar
S,"" -itation is similar to *... in l.-i.
SIieneral- Marnager tells me he e -"::
occupancy and I tell him he .3
SI.-.<.o buy food for only 75'-", 77

I fr2

S ver nt on the
or the first time in the history of
government provi.nAed rE T
&1P ? f. z in 1990 arid -. a

---. F ::me 20% and the Gc-

At no time in the history of Grenada
aas 4- Chancellor of the
p'-ld in more revenue from rceiplh
..f Toris than at present," he said
"and any normal business person
V oud kno, that you cannot have t--
-.-i-e level of budget to market and
r*?.mooT yo-ur product when you have
Additional inventory under construrc-

Is A Follow Uy
Er'-'d of T '.ur: 's A u -
... ........ ..' ,-. feeli ret:_.. is a follow up
-i.i Plamning Sermnnar vih.::
s .:t 'e. It was atLided by the
representati :e; stios ned *.*-
.......... .. ... public" r i-:.^ -o-n.' .d
..... .'"-.. .':: of the i "" '-

:At a o.*e;, c,:- rtience held on p '.-i
,h, at the end of the ?0e"ing, M.r V,._.

DA-, ,. Tourism Advisor to the E oard of
Tourism said the Board is to ask the
Gren.:d: G; vr-.-arnment for a 1992 buid ,c-t of
some EC $6 .5 ri-io:,n h-luh represents an
increase of 30T 'over the 19911 ud et
An Added Responsibility
"As the numbers go up, it becomes
more difficult to continue to achieve
a growth ra.L of 20%," he said "and
vith the additional hotel proper ties
t- be added by the end of next year,
we have an added responsibility to
cater to 300 to 350 rooa.,+"

M r t-... '--'; *-h-. for ... t
ado."-r~ikin c~npi^ the airlines
serving the i:1 d h.,. ?n _.rn up.

I:n .:-nj-,tioi with American Airlines, he
said, the Box-. vill ra-;ruit a tcihe n inn

location will c:! ,but., U:5_Ll,00O an. ,h-.
balace itill come fro'AJiriLM Airlir re
id major tour operators in the United
-- a,

a l .., 50 b3sis, he .-d', te Board ll

undertakJ e w- h E:-' IA a US$3C ,000 .-w. -
z fb

,...;:.rt' US$100,00 US- '0000 W ll be.
P.. a ,E;.-.

Grern a- Hotp.l Ass-

n in Cada and bome 0US$180000 .ll
balamce will come f..o..-.. A. -npric"a- i
:d .allocated, t ro the- t n tae United

Hs. A:o. Bees A esd
T_ e a1 0/O0 basis he is.a, trem Bod im-r
..rtnt to us." Mr Du$gl s .id "av-
d ,.-, --..-d _-, rprea over several ir k-
d.. i: 1 L -, ,.T f ,-tite. v ll1
an ECUS$100,000 a rtisingll b
:eain Canda t and some US$ also bee 11
:-alloca to Til the J cited EK..-nJom and

-o_ .. Bee Agreed
"TIe regio,--. .z.- ke'is ereey im-
,rtant to us," M r D .... - aand
- EC $ ION,000 joint advertising
,1 BWA ha .- also been

,, tL2- + .' iirig will be

-":, he s-ied but the other regi Please See TOURISM Pgge II

-- I


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 7th September 1991 Page 11


-t Mandatory System of Peer

A'::.!':ing to a rele,,-e from the Govern-
i~ent Ifcrmrat."n Service (GIS) *h Min-
istry of Health h: institute a
system of por re 'i.' ong C:.ruiant1, at
the General H:.pi1.
.... pur :'.: of .e rj vI- .. G. i TI.C. is to1
pro---. Consultants '.; an 1;: ... ..I. ty to
.E-t every fo'rtnight to discuss c h: work
; r or maces of each o her.

At first :.I'ig of Cor.iis und>r
-is system, which t....: place on August
*_ of :.a in the .z'.':ial
S--p~i-"ient. vere rev. -.L-,, .

aformtion -i fromt trhat
is that, to that date for 1991 i, t,- thousand
Or._..,s had _'.i p.erfori- and there had.
t- ," t fomuteen deaths.
*:'- 0 Mf !ic Officer, Mr Etheistan

TOURISM From Page 10
:ets will als- be looked at.

A,' :r :nri Apr ;r"' mme which las been
are to by Amnri:-.E Airli .i:. BVIA,
Britishi Air.-v -, LIAT and A'... t."
aDirlires u- the ave
..... vaue R:, __ ...-.the Torism
Are Relatively Siack
SThe .nt'.'t of f. '..'u and fm-
-_ ...hber are relatively : --.- in;
periods in. i:rpj.:" and Mr D i
:i th: months T- Gr .:-. Hotel Ass-
| na. has irsed to pi Travel Aprnts a
e50- D-.i': :',i on t.he already r:-,. ,

At ..- er.Se time, he said, 'h. "In;- villi
Ir:, yor,.!ed f;Ie- to Travel A-"nto i-1L
r. u. and .- B: ."1 of Tourism
S il! lay out s.e,::. t.i; for -l-:- visit-

Tfs i1l not hbie >: .:*- ;.l-i.iin
:.urs .e ir.-::e for a:-"re.! a,-,-.e Mr
...... said, "h'.t is a real vacaon for

Fria:.: told GIS this surgi':ia death r-t|
c-.:"mpar.' very Vlaor. abl.j wih mortality
rates ri e z Trid.

Japan's Ambassador Presents

Mr Mir. ,'r. _-,-_,, Ambassador of
to Gr-i;Ir r2ijc1? in Tri..4,: pieints.d i
his LT :- of Crdene to G'.ern:r Ger n-
eral Sir Paul Scoon on Thursc:' AAuigust 1st
199 I

Tourism Delegation For
Caracas Meeting

A delegation hE-~'. by Mir-initer of Tour-
,i Mrs J.-oan Purcel, vil! ::.ted tie 15th
Annrm.! C.ncrferenc of the CariThben Tour-
ism Organisation (C TO) to beheld in C .a':-
as, Vr._zuela from 1ith to 13th September
1991. Please See NEWS SHORTS Page 12

- r.:( ., 2. pl-

ip-i'.y of progrr-n i-3 to be .ui a-n
'-' i k
! ;in the -: n. r: rI

In thes rKr-:,r ::a., he ...:v, is
Mil be on mintni icane and prsarv.tti.:n of I
th-_ tir.i; -en T!hro are pl.ais too,
he ,-d, for a Vendors M market in the hotel
.rei pr.:.'i7i:; of '-ilet ~ilities bt:h in St
e-.-r _- .ansd the country .re. a-d a major
project in the restoration .aid utilis ti :tof
ihe Fort I. fA..iuviFort Frederick compile i
The Grovth Cycle
Mr Du_ ^.'a said he is confident thar., ,i'.'in
the ,-e' .y budgetary .:.pp:,rt by the
Go-er'*:.v:,, the growth cycle of Gre- I
nada's tourism ill c, at least until
199 ,0 before it level off.

?With the B.. bird's policy of eh.v icm-ntof
the pr:.d:A:', he said, Grenada offers the
visitor sornU-T,,r different arid, vith the
:,,T:ii.i:-.:l hotel r-o.omn being added -,,
.d-Aition:a air-links, the future looks
bright. -
'*^:*M*J^***** *** -^....-. ..x....^J^x^^,^T^1yt

j CF',,,Tr, f

Page 12 Saturday 7th September 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

NEWS SHORTS From Pale 11
'ISomTe 2 travel :enits :re e:pect d to
-'+ '' this Corf':''E'?j -.hich in,1_ clui.des the
10th of the C TO Bo-ayd of Direct-
ors and a meeting of the Caribbean Co-m-
munity (CARICOM) Co.ucil of Ministers
Sof Tourism.

Healthy Increase in Stayover
Visitor Statistics

A :-ele:,-e from the Grenada ;,..rd of Tour-
m says that, in the first h..- of 1991,
''Y'er icrea;ed b-: nearlv 1y :
'as co-;pared with the same period : :' *i.r.

For lTuary thr': ,igh June, the s"e-ue says,
.:.--..-.r .iit.-.r t.tale. e 43,336 as compar-
ed 'h '.,775 in the J.:u.ii ix to .M-e peri-
<-d 1990. Of tee visitrs, 14,132 vere
'fromn the ULited SIt.:1t of Areri',: up from
0,959 last year.

*-" rle.:~se says ,here. has beei a'Z in-
S-e in .ruise zhi tourism also.. A t,:.,t-l.
1- 4 225 cruise ships v;ited CGre.n and
| .-:--'s sister isid, Carra: dun
., first six mo:nth of 1991. The fiu'ec
:. period in 1'40 w'asl3.

A 7-:?r increase of nearly 4.:7. vas re-
corded '- h 104,582 p: see as -_p.-
;ed -I, 1007",S in 1990.

SJapan Fisheries Development

--.'.f FPi:L-erie Officer, Mr J.arei Findlay,
-' ed e.4 ;if Go...errtii lit.f,-rmation (GIS) tlat the cri.ruct'ion compon-
-: ,b -:,' ,iid pha~.e of the jh'.:" Grant.-
d C: -tlA Fisheries Dr:'lopment Project,
-.."r. .appr::maely EC$4.2 million, is
S ted to be : mpleted by February

'.. r e one of the p r.

water supply system and a fish bo:: mould-
ing plant were provided for fishermen on
the south coast, a jetty was built at Gouyave
and a slipwvy :r and ramp at Victoria, both on
the '..'e f.:.-,st.

The present construction work entails
building of two fish centres, one
GoI.uyave and the other at Grenville on
east "o:,ysft.


Additi:,n.nall eighty lockers for fishermen
are to be iS-italled at various sites.

According to GIS, eq--ipmerint and supplies
,..luied. at appr,:':imately EC$3.2 million
arrivedd recently from .Japan.

Included. are eight 36-foot iong-line fishing
boats, fishi ng equipment, safety-at-sea eq uip-
imern., tools, inches, deep-freezers, fish
b.M':e, four vehicles and an assortment of
educational equipment.

Mr Findlay told GIS that the Japan Fishing
Project which has a number of components,
is .'idued at appro:-~rate!y EC$11.5

One of those ': mponents is training and
three Grenadians are l<,rtly to uAidertake
three to five in.-,nrfL rse in Fish Tech-
m;.i,:,gy, Fish Storl: Assessment and Engine
M, ineni.hince &. Repair.

This is the :-e,:.nd lot of three trainees to be
sent to .,T:...m 'hile, in Grenada, 'xper t in
Fii TecLhnMlc-gy and Fislheries Devel -p-
merint are v.. ing with the Ministry of
Agriculture & Fisharies.

ROC Aids Bananas

T11-ie-? p',.. h sts from the Republic of
CThin (ROC) Taiwan Ez ...An Re..seari'li In-
:titute will visit G3renada in September as
pa,:rt of the Agricult'ur O Technic.:. Co-
oper...ation bo' %een Grenada .and the ROC.

7 september 1991
Printed And ubhshed By The Proprietor,
Alistier Hughes, Journalist,
Of Scott Sreet, St Geoges, Grenada, Westindies.
(P.O.Box 65: Phoane [809 440-2538: Cables HUSON, Grenada)



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