The Grenada newsletter

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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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A. & C. Hughes
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A. & C. Hughes
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The Grenad._,.

Volume 19 Saturday 24th August 1991 Number 13






N A NATIONAL TV AND life imprisonment for the 14 persons vho
radio broadcast, on August 14th, were condemned to death he said.
Prime Miuster Nicholas Brathvaite
announced that the 14 persons con- The Pr Miister said ple for clan-
deamed to hang for the 1983 murder of ency made by the Grenada Conftrence of
Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and others Churches and other responsible religious
have had their death sentences commuted groups convinced the Government that the
to life imprisonment. right course vas to commute the sentences.
The same clemency vill be extended
to other prisoners (reported to
number eight) nov on "death rovw
at Richmond Hill Prisons, he said.
Please See COMMUTED Pft 2

0 Life Sentences For
Bishop's Killers............... I
0 Westindian Commission
0 Makes Report-..................
--"........ .. 0 Brathvaite Impressed With
New Peace Corps
i"The Chairman of the Advisory Con- Volunteers..................... 8
nmittee on the Prerogative of Merec has 0 OECS Stages Science Fair ...10
.d.visad His Exzellency the Governori- Soroptimists Hold Mmeting.. 11
S,7eneral to c,:.ommutle the death sentence to S News Shorts.--------....-.............-.... 13


WFMM 4 Es,

Pge 2 ... Saturday 24th August .91 The Grenada Nevsletter

COMMUTED From Page 1
'-me r.adianas and "some of our
neighbours" .vi ll- ie disappoinated
over the decision, Mr Brathvatie
said, and he referred especially to
those vho icst t-he-r loved ones on
19th October 19 83, the day on vhich,
Bishop vas murdered and vhen a
still uninovn number of Grenadians
lost their lives_

H, -.g, he tJ might gwive 4- ti.-.
I faction but -ill r. :' ',,re '-.:s "s h:- did .
Does Not Share
i The Prime i;.ue :' -d he c:;e not share
the e-xprssesd fas in tIe cohmp-mty t,.-.t,.
< .:-,: 14 :- .-_iV, they p :.-:e a tLa t,
SThese 14, he .:I, stood f...r a c

id.. :... '...;, ,(c...,"ni) which, is rino
longer r'l'? -t

'-5P te -.Lj ) do-'' inov' tr
Brstbri0e san COf rt reit, ef da
L.21-r .--s , God nd to

As result of Ie de ;:n to commute the

the chief target of crticims ;:- '._ ... ,,
+ t._ o-e n
but ."J is ,.e right of r7:...: in the
d,-.- ..r .cy to .tL_. I am cor.nimted and-
vt'dc- I vowed to p" :'1(d".
Th P'i Minister 'efer:'ed to .violence
in G .: ,-i ~: o,-' the p,-,: two + ..-.. and
.5 "..-,.Xh "p:.,tical bl.: -d." has been -h:-,
Tere ;s. t eno; el blood. si,:d in
G,-:.-. h? said, .uJ lIhe issued a plea to-
"_ .-. <.-: :.-n:, rom fr.^,!,,r pa;in".

C trol y7our -passions -for h good
of h-.s boeau.-tif i. di," he said,
"bittrness, -Ltred and re veg- can-
A.o t be accept e hrac istli of
the -country ve are trying to build."
Sjgr. A4 New Chap ter

of a .:.-:.ter in Gfr. 's history, the
Prim i. eu: : :,- A -.- be
d,. e now is to begir a ne :.apter :'r.-'t-
S. .:, of r- "-r.nal mot.iAo, "'.:'
conscious of God., we rpire, .:i... .
3 :c:e "-as oine' people.
4 4
n this addr N yitr Jtr- h'.(kve r d. refr l-e-
bility, on .1, entire G.overn.Tmient, for the
do ', r.n tC, ef-r .. t! t,-z: i .-, -. ::- f:_"-9-tf

to- life imprisonment. Ac-'rdi to-
Grend.a'. C ai'ui. ho ever, thie
r:poisibility for this :ision re.L .:, solely
T .; Cabii. -' l "r Mrs JAI Purcel 1l
vho h-I-'ld portfolio of Tourism.

-She is C.Awranla o"f the Advisvory
o nzi'-tt-ee fon &- PreroSate of
Mercy. Ihe Chia lui.on swys t,
sfter obtaxziag t&e advise of the
Cioimm.tte, se s"rA-h decide in her
oV e defiberate fudgement vhetker to
d'vrise the e,) 7rnr Geaers/ to
eseac-6e !sy of tM p ers' yiref
hrim by hae CoWiatfxn.
SHas No Discretion
T.. p.:- are widL .vrd include the
grant of a p,.aii or Th.: su.stitution of "a
:er- of p'.ir-h.i-r he t". In the
:-:er,-?.4 of th-:.:.e powers, h-e Governor
General has, n cisci-eion ,id. must act in
a, :i.f.:.,e :iTh the advice of te Chair-
nan of the Advisory Cr riltm : on the
Prerogative of Miercy.

facer to -e Prise Mi sAfeer'r

,ean.aces ha tea Ie aremuaed to Iff
iipriSonieUt, -:1t became vi fdey
A, .nrIsd wV& published ina te
'.Greffard Tiwew '. Newspaper of Jly1
411i, that Hf of the I1 kilers were F
Sbe A'.g-f id by A ~g t sz t

In a ,'.-. ph ie interview. vith NE',-
LETTEP. on July 26th. ,hoever. Fr'ime
--.j'I.i.L Er.-:thi-dte,p declined to cori'n
or deny ..e report.
Not Directly involved
"I am not directly involved vith the
,f-rcy Committee," he said, "and IJ
have nothing to say on the matter."

The reported list of five to hang vas
headed by Eernard .Coz'rd,47, De'p.T.'i j
P;'.1, r ,,.,,-.r- m The Feopte's Rev.-- |
". A Goverriient (PRG). I :T. .as
C i: E eriiard 32., First Lieutenant in I
- .p e's P. :.-l.* i:,. -Army (PRA) i
,_and ,.:r-i.-ch,..x -: of Uie firing squad .
.i. :,.ih t':f .C~mhine- gine~t E ih':p and seven
oh-:-,r i.n a bloody incident at PRA head- I
quarters on 19th Oc, ""r 1983.

Third on -'1 list was Ev.,' Layn e, 33,
Please See COMMTJTESl Page 3

|The CGrada N-agleiter Saturday 24th Ag--: 1991 Page 3

|-A et .. Co, .. .! ;.i day-to-day diced .. Revp uti, nar i
.A ".-a,; ::. er s is o p t
P "..i1 -", 3 H .A Cp.,in of wI.-.mI the Privy Counicil in Londc' th Grena. i
J i'Ine ws gd. n at t. tr:f that after court of A,- tel.:. highest uri-

st o- .. .. ,- t -ibt ei States
and cut o

Pu I-, I b f-h i
o -e 1 V.- 've bNo Pno. r

-,I C 1-t

.. Iiht of. to et
I--- --, 4 pc ^ -?.",t '^ f

*- . C! ... ,-, ,_o^ to (he *
-,. ,'--- wldch

a -- |The -C.) s-

fc I r..-1

f-e M- .) thter. i

:-. o t the t

e y- c,, LE +J t! d e14 i

fJ- 52 ~ ~ Z..-. o~ "- J

According to ': .,tion e Stay W
_.:,._.. .. -.,"r '.: .' .',
i. : _t- e. -r _g a .: -. ,.l.! ,ii of a
Spe ton for pr. i:,-- aid per 4nent
j-- -.d- d, --. ,pen ie and f-, .. ,.
f a' on.-.. n'"r: "- p.. ". nef*-re the

v -eel n

S- is a i : to "h Cori-- :

I L... "
Alfnt de ilicted fL r .
.'c; .r' or _l.^,- common ":"";--m ,";

S_. ..... -cal .f ..., or th ig t ..y that
j'rdo-r' _: M o ^"-; '.

.. -. L-- er a* recent
b rnadka paria-
Ihe'* app-. to the Privy

.-'1-- o C ou ts F .m -.'.-,

Th .. i.. :,- :.-,t-,;. :;hat the Inter-
,A n .~ o.frr-ion on Human i1_.
pro all cz- of member
i-ne-'s be cr*. ..j.-:, ,i r..t'et-
ion of *> .. That "qual
pr eq. the s-
Please See COMMUTED Page 4

The CGren-,7Z a
oi 7thed A 7ghAiust 1973
44th Issue
-COL...- di, z R s-,. I
SFa b-' p.ticn kates

Sd -" -st I Graada)

j Inssu .t15.-O $43.00
20 Issues 0?.00 $ 77.00
40 Tas F 390.0 I $146-00
SAboU1 20 issues Pbljish Anamally

Saura 24hAgut19 TeG~ aaNvse~

COMMUTED From Page 3
: t of appeal to the Pri.v- C;,.u:i, w-i. '.:
| right,, i Motion cla-::,- must be e -erudeT
to '*.:.:*- c:.reioi'^ rudir the PRG Gren.ird.L'
S ..:.:Tii? C4'-.' -u
Re-Hear The Appeals
.-- Motion .- d :-at E the Court of
to re-hear the (p31a of the 17? Lr 'w.
-fo urteen for murder and. tl.ree for
> ,l .. '.r ho 1had :-ia r appeals dis-
1 by th.- Court of Ape o


Q, eti" out : G.rou,- for this, the.
..'-. to several 4G -.u1s of
CA.p..-d.; lihT were argued -,.fore the
:Court of Appeal and in whichh the Court
did. not .^c:pt the arg.ui d.: of r

eAA :om, &of rtof Appeal
\ fItd ^t severs/ As-msr it
S'd r P isn. selpple h r
2scsp.js .LJ 'mki/.rec% d ise .

7 rreir.1,da Court of App ea, under

!I. L:,. -I.-. I I- . -
'rInV Sir F e-"!i^ Smith Wh h
r ? Ticis Rex Mc ay and

D d Not Accept
.u t. h..,e di .. :, t his

x .t to- .much me e'd2-f fAs
-. .m-J and r came to a cas-
_o ie Sir T-ede-ri s2. Y"asm
oI :-fi e Pop / af fo E'ff&6 Zel h- bt
., at not *raed to IV to &&v

In a p:~.: J e. ... ....ent Governor
General S-ir FPi.d S.:. :on issued a p.roc-
lamation on J.dy. 19th *, on A, 1st
-Grenada v-;.di return to the Supreme
Court of The Organisation of East Carib-
bean States, or Eastern Caribbean Supreme
- Court.

After the revolution of 197), Grenada vas
taken out of that Court by the F.opl's
Revolutionary Gv .e:*rt-t (PRG) but has
Oiea :tp i..-:on to re-'- :
Was Kept Open
Tie1 OECS (Court has stated, however, that
Gren-..tid vould not be r-- din.itted until the
M.aiu'ie Eilh:.p s :- .b been settle-'d -i1.,
he n ^'e ^ ..v of E,::-?' ::'n v 'I' ti d J
that case was kept I*-:--n and Sir Patl
isnu;d, on Juvly : th, ,-. :-.:er Procl.iiati- ..n
c-neI -ng''the p-w 'i.. '-: i. taing Grenada
in:... the OECS Court on Au i. 1st.

At that time, F. i::. Grenada, quoted
Attorney General, Dr Fr 'acis Alexis as
saying that, as a '*-.: r~,ie, the life of
the en 1da S.prein Court (established
by fle PRG) v..i, be extended so that the
.. ',_ ni continue to have a judicial
-+tem in. :Thce.

MR CLARE-CE HUGHES the _.mi-.,: of Mr Hughe-'
Motion by the Court of Appe?-, by a
r^he-r pel..inio>nof the GverrF:,e Gen-
eral, Grer.,.:c became, on August 16th, a
nrm:-be1 of the E.Pi:er n C'iibbemi Sup-
remrr Court.

Corncerin?- '"he coirm'.i.:" of the death
sentences, rep-";- to qi:--; p.iut by NEWS-
LETTER to :.:.ur::es c-se to the QGwnada
Pleae See COMMUTED Page 5

1 ______1_____1_1

Saturday 24th August 1991

The Grenada Newsletter

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th August 1991 Page 5


-Thr are so s1M m.tters which shouLd not await
rcvrmmend mutions in the finil Report b-ft sFwhou hF4rve
imn.miiats attention

the people of "_ Cari-heAn

milieu of diversity" but this ":'..- iLi'

too n:_: .._ amd subjecen to "... many

T i.s is .-. ..:.pi_,...n of . Indian
C Cmi:n :4 n1 exprnc:_. in a r pubid.f
pr-: -_ Report on its efforts to f.-r.. .
.pr posals for "" cl .r i '- . :.-. of


'7.. a z. r

acger; at !.e pub'Aw wer me i Iarrters to rw he' Reoort says
v par&-,a & c r & r

sss' vic sees rseref ir
j West ) oif f Vant isa ssgraify f

SFor tfhe gre.'fr t, the Con i n saysT'.

into part of the ..e T *j, are

| i .- be ai.:... : .. i and facili ,
Sto do so .I ,: tar : f-station of
n i.r"p of CARICO- -is c -

The Corramis i-.- n -s .it :aist empha-fiS-
too str-on.-y t.- C:-. i,1.- integration
c, ^,-.,t pr:".ee: in any :-.;^,;.-e :-fu f-hiai,
--unless, a r of ur.',
Govermnt.ents f:, of correcting ttid
eit'. t:'On.

The West I ~i i Coramission, led by Sir
,Shri.:;... Pa.-phi: was app.:-Inted follow-
Please See COMMISSION Page 6

COMMUTED From Page 4

Bar A..; --ii n in:_~iate a lack of Ccl.rity
as to "h: "life imprisonment" n-,-as.
All sources ... .-:e:-.-. d ca.itous opini...;i.s"
th-it a "life f;"ite:'e" 'C:,e_ not r aece.ssr'-
ily ,m until F. cv,,n.-t dies.

':r;r thougAht the term could m-anr 15
S^s, .iier'; that it. was 25 ye'as. One
source said- .., im J.:ay;ic. ;, "life
in.pri.1*:.r _,-an:" mri 21 years, and, Ih-
c ,.ii can be ,:.;,.:,, :,-d for p.:role
I ftr 14 years hr.'e been sr'.,-red.
Majority Of Contacts
An inf-:r;- m., stae-ide :po:t-check
made by N EL LETTER indicates an
overvl-eh!ni-& majority of c.:-nt are
Adisc-o:.invd. and :'::r-> over the
ti ,-ion to "-"....... the death si-ices.

F-.'-. ,e .. e:-:e:5ei that fourteen
condermimd i' not "rditi crimi-
I"_-'. ". ". -, ir inter- .at J- i: '" i i-
tioL, i iis :.:a.:. -iJ, as iong as tlrety are
*alive, they pose a tir:t.- to the security
of the o: : n*,* 1 ,.:.

The fact thAt I,. Trial :ud App.el hae
,, c t Gr&e : IL.a i -. -or,- of dollars, is .-s,
"fi; to r the ~ct *- .ih t-he
S- t;.:" of n :2 -, te .- the ta -
o- is no riddleded 7it`: the cost of
eedin eand ih,-,in," the 14i for the rest
of their lives.
S^ ^ ^.f.-^ ^^ gi^


P~g1 6 Saudy2t uut191TeGeaaNv1te

ing the July 1, CARICOM Heads of
SGoveramnent Meeting. Its nr.wJI.:t.9 is to
forn'ulate propo.ils for closer
of the countries of CARICO,.-1, and its
rfi. tl P..rt. must be submitted prior to the
CARICOM Head. of G:----mrt.,1?. ife i..=i,
I scheduled for .July 1992.
Plans To Have More
The Corm missionn has i meetings and.
Sco.sI.Udtio.s in several CARIC-O...i counit-
Sries and plans to hIe more. It
empth:.ises that the Peport. now published
is a "pro_'es-: report" and does not offer
Final concrete r-,:.:na-endaio:ns.

', evertheless. the CGsm si. n freh
i&re are some matters Vhwuc should
Iot &vazt rec otMad&?iMStn i the
Lfina Report but s6&.Vie ha im-
A edisme att 1n17o Amaozg evse. is
Ste matterr of "hbssie-ihfee ra.vel
iwthi CARICOM and the repor
recommends tha~. ~sead of past-
poris C74RiY2,f citrern-- e &/leloed
to aye msame other form of ideat-
!f*ceut.n such as a driver's iicence
trh Je.c'rp'rs,'.. p.t agraphi

Ah:, the Com issLiSK:..f :e.:. 1:f-in s Th.4, at


ports of entry in e-cih CARhICO,.
the :prci.' en1r' line which ac-- rn-rxdates.
.."CitZ6erl" and "RJ sn" of th-:. country,
should also :c.';ndri,::d, "C ARICOM
.: .ionals".

As a first :.;e! to'.-:rs freedom of
mjo',lermi of p--pl r.:' CARICO,.
'-e Conuniu:i.:'fl 're.r:unen':: that.
:ji.'* ,eitd ,.,'s be taken to all-:.- free
o~e::Pment. of all gr::....:1t-" of the
University of tl-e West IrnAies rd other
recuiuS' itnsti-..'....,r., and of all duly
,:,r,,.-ited media workers.
Would Like To See
Another area in -!dch the Comndsi:n
e" 1. lik:0 to see ir,... .jirf c nti.?jn .:4:en is
nm the matter of a ,onr.,-: .'a.uiervy for
CARICOM vi:., the C:..:.iion sa0s,
Should .:-cluieve some im~i..'rtant i--.:.ri:ic
ob.'i.c ve; "

"And bey.:,nd ecn.;i't consi,.ratio:" "
the Report s).- "a cornin Caribbean
:" "':'y would be e:irc.eiy important
for Caribbec,: unity in a .:'m{'olic ::u:d
political .J sere.

The intrD' ~.ition of such a currency holdd
be on a phased basis, the Report says, ..mi
takih:, into consideration the existing
e;rh:inge rate differennais, the Com-
rrMisT'r has set out su,. sted arrangements
for achieving a C":nrr,:--n Caribbe.n cur-
Yet To Come
A -nutter as..:.. require: immediate action
is creation of a CARICOM sinle market,
savy- the Cy r .issi':n, and the Report sets
out a .erie: of 5ec:i-i,.! alreal.y taken by
the CARICOM Heads of Government to-
vards this obje:.tije. It is pointed out,
hote'er, that most of :.hose nei,.u's are
yet to :c:im t, full frui.:t, :,n d.pite dea-
lines established to a:-T.. them.

'It hAs o v become a mftter of the
gr ea t rpimportace tuat Heads of
Co veranment sholdd specify cncrwrete
procedures to 62pWen7eW t&ese ngree-
men-at and alss, specific respoiVsfaai-
itias to those pernos .bcar yd via\
0or'eeisg teter inplemetat&forpro-
cSe_ Jfhout tai we fear for M~e
future of CARICOQA t

Other n-itierz reccni;iended for im-
rre'diatit .A:i.ti",, are the erdargem'~ent of
inr.rtrnent opC.rfiuities in the regi,:on arid of m.',hinrry mal:ing available
to kGovi'r,-i tehf.- '--iu -- ;skill. available in
ihe reAi.:.rn refl...ive to itern..itir, nego-
Do A Better Job
The C:mnrriion obser 's that one .underJi-
able tr'.ih d-i.d from the total West
Inri.-i i-is.t.:-rical e:-:peri-nce is that, what-
ever !hie task, if they do it ioether,
Westirdiars do a better job. '-estindian and the Unriversity of ihe West
Inrdie.:-are two inrstaice.' in vhich the levels
of e:.:ellen:e and inrernationd :rernovn
.lachied v.:-,.dd not have been it.famed
separ tely.

"We sihall pur-'u're this lheme in our final
report the " ri. sa- "e:plori
how ve can build on our share-d successes
,-ma e:iend hem into ol-er areas."

EM- --270- -.71-7 EVUL

The Grenada Nevsletter

I ~-

Page 6


Saturday 24th August 1991

SThe Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th August 1991 Page 7



3p7N i^Tnpi?

kl: aa ~d'

ian .ce'.:...".s1e, p:p i n.-u ', at a
:|' .,_'. -' on A gu2st -fhi
dlumbi on his re-.nur, from the C..-ib-
C 0PRI.M.nity (CARICO.) H of
Sover:. -'i :," ;Lc -St itts, 1 -_ .- he.
did notishto gimu L::o the
:.A.-er "- : -e the I 1 r.i- of '4h
.i- .n in . p. .' ie days.",


I He v:s ,p-'"-'..,.... impressedd" he -i:.,
S ith the I". :an t d ae." .:, c .- at
I l1i:
Hin his o; impressed' h :-t

important thing r-.rch, b m
ncw is ""o_. re-
.::i-jh be made so a\it A.l't
I -.:e, by the next -Ir.'ctii-cit
CARICOM Heads wilt be mot
., .. .
"vi be 1n i rcrc--ar path
forrati:-: enabl- dI ecisiots ,-hicr
ilng the Hea ,s to ultim
?ee a clearer path .
S-rith r--e-pie- to decisions ..i.- must be
t.'-t: ujltim;;.l7.

IOne oi f the .-... ...U, of ... .......:e ,
Sthe Prime ..r.-:r :r said, is 1.t CARPICOM
I,--. b : widened and deepened.
4 .-
j- i i t;, n id .r n,-'. he said, by r1, grant-
{ ,i- of ,. b, 3?r.:-": 2ftS.:.;. to Columbia and by
?,,A.:::.: :. .. .-,r: -o t the T.ut-!
| uC :1 ^, An. : :id the P:-iz
V rin I' n-'d'

e^ .... I


The!. pr:e" had. been
accon-,,lis;1hed, Mr Brathvatte said, where
the tCorerence he.,ce- 4 thle
.:[..l:-e.j;"ti.:,.:; of the West Indian
C,::.i.ion ( .:.. ,*int. to formulate
proposals f.:- the closer iurfiication of
..-..CARICOM) iL;:e a tentiion be
E'. --. to :ert..-r Ier:,", s.
Excedil__? Imolemientation

One of these pr: p .--

thing now is that
d- so tflat, bi the
COnf Heads of
oa nfert I~rc, thI er
- ifortr i on rti.
Hciadis to see a.
wifth re.spect to
4h mtist be tak&Cv


*r, i' e the tas,1 ril,
p ;':., "-- .

-," "'h. Prime '...finis'er
ai.j relates to
as ig lir:urgr \'.-

Ct-. Itiati'.:'4,sl in
the CARICOM re-
gi ,a. The CoiLfr-
r.-e sirY-d. to
diffrein. Head of-
Govermrent the
job of e::'-diiiiL
1 ;piimipLtmf.,ioin of
specific Confer-
kid, and he haii behe


Anr! pr,'posal r,-.,:n tnded- for irm-
rrmediate Weiti.:.n is that graduates of the

..4..- ,otr)r, be al'.:.' t-. free moverient
in the C ARIC O. regi.:n. The task of
expedieing 4l*,. -R.timon of this pr:,-
Please See BRATHWAITE Page 8


-- -- -- - i


?:~ U


Page 8 Sati

I r__mr\

The Grenada Newsletter'

ardav 24th August 1991

iji7 Armrimaw PAmfyr Cwss kas &rwm as mark
a part of Arjtfsawsfsmss J rejprsestatio^w ais affy
fyimabssyi has

m "-, '" .* appoInmted Ui itej
-. .-. -:r. ge d'Af-'ures at
ie U nuite States Embi....v ln
G3rernada, s.a.. on August 23rd that The
Aineric:L PHr" C*:*p has b T1ome as a part of A-er-:-_ repn'e, t.ion
-as any Embhs.-. has.

SBRATHWAITE From Page 7 Mr F'rath'IWaTe .-:Ui., has been, &A ig-r-
ed to the Pr sdent. of Cuv-a l

in Mr Br-ihi 's opirair., the mr: .. im-
rtant d&i-eii:n --'e:- by ..I- C erecE-
,re& d to imply emr:enL.i.:n of the CARl-
-OM C :nm:r.i E- ... Tariff (CE. `T

'"mpAementation has been erratic,"
he said, "some countries giving ex-
c~ses as to vhy they could not im-
pilement it, bu., during this Confer-
ince we took a firm. d--ci.iC, and
countries pledged., that in all CARI-
CO.M member countries, the CET
vill be implarmented by October
MakiLng AttemUia
TIre Prime !:- said '", q.*.: ,*ion of
CuAba/Grel arelati.:-s came up at the Con-
r-a-.c bea.r.,. through the 'CARICOM
"at-" :iit Cuba h' bee:.i 1-.iptz
a. est.;N-i. h no>. -."e:-3 e : -.i : ; rit, Gren.a, -

Mr Brathraite .-4 he li: Cuba's
j .:-JVi conrtern' is to be,::-':. e a ,fr a,-. of
the Caribbeuan T,1.uri.;a Ass:c -tion -id

Ms.Yeller's comment .r'a made in her
.1_dre1s as, in an impressive ceremony, she
s'-:1re: in end presente. certificates to four-
teen new Peace Corps Volunteers in Gre-

"You, the Peace Corps V I' are. the
Please See PEACE CORPS Page 9 will continue to Coppce Jti: until
Cuba ..ti'fies two cond:"i-_0, .

The fil. is that Cuba -'i.hdra. from the
Courts the rlair ai~rst Grenrada for
certain equipment h. :ias in GreiTiA. at
the time of the 1-'; rr if'ary intePr. tion,
and the otihe: is that Cuba re'c-- .*e t-he
legitiW:'vy of i-e ..ret,_ Governm.ent.
We Are Not Satisfied
"Tvo veeks ago ve received vord
that they vere prepared to vithdrav
the litigation', the Prime Minister
said, "We are not satisfied that they
have taken action vith respect to
indicating clearly, not through any
third party, but to the Government
of Grenada, thaL they recognize our

Against that bh.:uklr,'., he -:d_. all
Grentia i r can ae-ee to do is to be vIIing to
isc ay .u r lo Cuba
nLy Ivish to suc*et

B333a^^~aj%'a~i^^ im a8mM a nsissaia



r rg

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th August 1991 Page 9
j--------------_------_ --

SA:..e.r": i. ho are in di'.ly contact 'fith
i cti of the assigned country," she
| ^ /'it is .:... e < e.: ,. v., that th- host
Scountry : .- -.:: of when they .Tr-"
's h U" r.i= .. 1.. and it is you th-ev
:r -- when the;.- think of the
i -.. I, -I,. -l"" l1hich the U ,ljted SLT.-
'i _.vies.

The CL._ d'Affiurs . ':, the
o Ylunteers on '.> f"2 -} -' are now,
S of an ,:: ,i ron 1ch this
| 'r ., A u'X tf. 19 9 1 is : ':' ,- -: ...
S. Growing Pains
it is an .r. i.n wch h :r

I ,11T;- r?:i a des:~ id to hih t

The Preace

Am er:u2 on h: part i..f the served, and o helped to promote
better iunderstt1ai,-ng of o.her pe ple on the
part of Ameriur.

s. Veller ch ,d h Le; V77 ol:.teer '
vith the -r i._;v- ilitv to follow in the foot--
Sof e .have
i'.. S -pt *yell.l

"and ie then more than 500 Volunteers
h.j:xv- s--ed in Grenada in the .re -s of
education, he.th_, aP.:':-lt.-u ena uleering
and business 'd :".:.,:,rnen.t "
Pr ary Goal
Th e C.rp's pr-i-: oy goal is to provide a
service to a ac .:'-:' by,. United
t1e=: ':i-eri,- -ith skills to rrm.ifh those
req ::e._1h by .... :,:.*.L 7y to heip mei e its
trained ,rnaipover and voomanporwer
needs, she said.

Mrs Pelletier sMaid .t, .T the last year.
the Peace Corps in tli Caribbe. haik
:.-uat one of its 2- 'd as .,-ki:
. :-re ci el with govermnnt. *:fficia to
..-.'p projE-:---..i. T niun.nt. The
first. such pro jec.t in Gi.r-Gn she said, is
the Lan ., Ar: Proje<" A.d,1h is to be
; tr ough

Svey fV/unters per year wVi te
mdlcsca to t& 6-yiar prandtc 'she
saiu Wvke goa( /Aroigh 'i-te-job
tAcher tray'tinig g to anAnce ibe
reading aad vrifbng sftI/ Ie/s of
primary leI .& t udenls.

i,- n. at t"- -reon> .- r t "We t inr th S 1-" she jd. ith a"
T....1 c- re , Mrps n -':re- Voiuteer as a c:.h'ri' ii:. "pec,.iri:t ..
s .id P-- Cop: in ,,re- one ,n a Primary School in each Parish"
Si sa ld .a.PPi.-. to loin ie C,:,p, Has Beaa Very Close
-per year for > lJast E:tuE1-.- a .- m to he Volunteers,
.F;v ^',., e are st : -t t P" Cp da
1 -., C se4o'. .
~ a- '- :- ..... a .. of a p:er:t.lur'
,ech? j T.raiin rSaE c arf 7 the, F o-
HracerP& Ilwre par o f a& m o t, -.
S, a Corps
11 4 e f i -w.of to ,", E..* r -- "- ,.... e whoe
ar, -M .- r- i n :er---,of r ch u t ty e

[Ao /,rd t The Prime ..: . rPece %orp
"-, C :;. in Gr be their Volntees hle ha' et in fm i
--' -.eriF" in 15m/ Mrs Pet"...tier -.. Please See PEACE CORPS Page 10

. age 10 Saturday 24th August 1991 The Grnada Newsletter




Iard work,, intiividut effort und the compatit.iv spirit
must be firmly Pentre'nched int the class-rooms of ouf o

I Auit 21st, t-- it Organ- ,:- of East Caribe-.i St:
(OECS) Scierice and -..ith-
*i;i2t Fair htel in '.'e a, GoIe,-r':r
General Sir'-Paul coon 6 i. 1 1te future of
he Caribbe'an : depend on th.e -biliy'
a.and. cocr:,itn:;: of Carit~:ei people to
i L..:e the fullest use of their s:cr:e

To Be Meaningful
Ec-n.:-m e-,e:,,ent must
r. before all o. ;. of ...
devei nt. if ,C i:t.beian -te'-
,-ration is to b . c. i..... he -< ... .
- U 2

The OECS '.cien.'e and
r ;i ;t 's_ Fair is the
Li ..un-child of the OECS E....
; : Ir of E .-. at .:c *
d it;s to bel ie '-ui- t(sR P
PEACE CORPS Fisom Page 9
1'h. late tfe~: to the 70s. Th1 1
Si unteers, he .-id, ta-:1 .t Grenadians
Smany things, one of which as
.,;pe" a:.d' Grernaa v-ill be forever
I .*..":'.i for the \ s n ' T,: i'n_
Tfrom the Vol-.:L.t-_:-s.

.Of the 14 new V-l-uteers, in .d. ition to
tA 7 Langsge Arts T -'h:rs aJnd the
| .. I-.-' -.. ..,.;;.'i:n ,p, in
E-...ive Art, h.- i:, : no-? v:ai tbl,

uses, Business .-1.
:and Land Use Pl -n ;- There is o a
: P4L-..1 C.A:I.c yho wi'll be .att.he.:~i to
th .L r;s of Education
| .. ..*1..- i V I ,. ,
tg ... .< u~ &tM~-.


illy, the kl,,'ct.n r'L:tig be'tveen the

.The Fair takes the f'r: of a crpetiton
wtich is open to the i-e.ei.1 puti':: and
there are Fpec-i:d ..:..-.r open to sW.Aents
at the primary, se:.:,ary..d :-ti;:try

The Governor Gener. :M:tid ed,-ucation and
training, with er:- p-:is on scientific
research ,. a :.qi.sition of
S scientific knole.i-' and tech-
rical "krinvw-hov", proper
1. work e-:'i., collaborative
efforts in agriculture aond other
-' >:. of (-... t ion, must take
precedence' over anything else
which may ci:-;:.itute any form of
C aribjean or OECS integration.
,c- I';-' iOverbearing Rhetoric
ut SCOON) It is !i-- 'h- the p,. of

tont-ri: rL prhet o, "m v
time-c.rcunurmg ,., d r.u-p.rflous -"-reetinr,-
('vith their voluminou:L :sports) by act.i.-n
orieniiJ pla's .*rni pro' -d iies, he

"Hud _..--!:, irdi-'idu.- effrt and the
competiD.- spirit," Sir Paul s ,d '"must be
firmly ;.'ren:hed in .-h class-r-.:.., of
our ria.aio

Deli..eri., '.he featu,- ajdre?: at the
opz.un-g rer.ny, Gren:A-Is 1,-inister for
EdJ-.--It.on, Senf r C..-nl:e Glean,, -:press-
ed cr-.-.ern over the low levels of ac:hieve-
nt in. rm 't!i-qe.rJi,'s and science of
pril ',,ar. and ,v.:.n'dary schC:.ol .tudts. in
thle re--., n He .i'd also that the p. r.-ity of
skills tr.rinn. ,gives sri-oi.s cause for
Pleeae See FAIR Page 11


The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 24th August 1991 Page 11



lrazilaid sat WWOmaM HiOiwNa aM IMaSd9 law
ai T M5r of 2gsr Fru

that men and w.onien are equal vith
regard to amployvnerd but this
right is 'a:en back in the family
code where the rman is deemed "Head of
the Household."

This opinion was expressed in Grenada on

August.t 20th by Mrs Nesta Patrick,
GrenaJi/-born pr m-inrint social worker
in Trinidad, as she delivered the feature
address at the 13th Fiennial General
Meeting and Conference of. Soroptin'mijt
Clubs of the Caribbean Area.
Please See SOROPTIMISTS Pare 12

FAIR From Page 10
I The practice in our secondary
schools of allowing students to drop
mathematics and science very early
in their z.hool career," the Senator
said, "raises doubts about the quality
of the general education received
and has serious implicatiowu for the
future development of the country if
we are saying that science and
technology are tools for social and
economic development."

SEduation is r:nt merely certification, he
said, ber-ause if .v.d:ents are al.:-ed to take
only tho'e subjects in which it is felt they
"..ill get passes, they will leave school with
certific.-..s? and will then hb,.e to seek
education eisP here.
A Certain Minimum Standard
There should be, he sid, c tain core sub-
-ct. areas which are required, not ar
Iily for the pasin', of e:-nirn.ati n., but for
the maintenance of a certain minimum
standard for all students.

STaking part in the Fair .ere contingents of
I :-.dentsJ from Ant.itua, the British Virgin
I-.l.ui-s, Dominica, Moni.-errat, St Kitts, St
Lucia, St Vincent and Grer, ja. There

was also .an "observer" co":ti:igedt from

Exhibits covered a u..ide r. -age ariJ includ-
ed a wrking r:.:.d.Ul of a solar water
heater, a model of a sev. ge treatment
plant f-.r Castries, St Lucia, a
digester, paper recycling, a burglar alarm
and an accel-er-:: peterr 7.,Aich can be used to
limit the speed of a vehicle to that at which
it causes the least air pollution.
Many Useful Items
Of special interest were exhibits of
primary school students which
displayed many useful items man-
ufactured from bottles, plastic con-
tainers and ctLhr discarded Items.

Also, in keeping .vith the theme of the
Fair, "Science, and the
envir.:iur-ent. in harmony for Caribbean
devel:,pmen."t, heri-e were se-'r.- exhibits
coverinx. .:;etal science.

Spor:,.r- of th.. Fair --re the C>j.idian
Internraii.r,.-l Development Agency the
East Caribbean Central Bank and the
Orgarnisati :,n of American States.
BWM^i ~ Em^

Page 12 Saturday 24th August 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

"It is interesting to note that the man is
always innocent," she said, "Adam was
innocent, Eve was responsible. They do
the same act, but it's the woman who pays
the price."

She said also that, in the law, a man who
practices sex with a prostitute is a
"witness", he is not punished; on the other
hand, the wonum is a victim, she is punish-
Physical MIulation
In the Caribbean, she said,- violence by
men directed at women knows no
boundaries either of age, class or race.
This violence, she said, takes the form of
physical mutilation and/or sexual aggress-

This viol-
I ence, she % /,
continued, may be direct or '
indirect, it may be -imned at an ,
individual or a group, or it may take the
form of institutionalized violence, e:.ploita-
tive of the lover classes in particular.

"E.ploitation is a form of violence," Mrs
Patrick said, "and it permeates nearly
every aspect of life for the Third World

Mrs Patrick said 9fa4 w*A r Sorip-
imiss get toge er to discuss vo-
mea's causes, Ltey maut re&ambser
t6ere are ogter vwomea ib te work
force vwose edff tftn, ccupsiaona
adF degree of Jiterady prec/iuar
iotem from eIo4fiing to a Siwro-
|ntims Clu.
Trapsated Into Action
These vomen, she said, belong; to the
humn-an family and this me.ns they must
always be in the consciousness of Sorop-
timists. The Soroptimist organisation is
committed to the advancement of ivomen,
she continued, and that co-rrm-iment must
tbe translated into a-tion.

I Mrs Patrick is Staff Tutor at the Uni-
Sversity of the West Indies St Augustine
SCampus in Trinidad, attached to the Health

Development Management Programme,
and is a Counsellor in the Rape Crisis
Society of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.
Was The Recipient
In 1985, she was the recipient of the first
Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
Award For Women which was awarded.
for her "vork with women and children
throughout the region"

Governor General Sir Paul Scoon, who
declared the Conference officially open,
voiced the hope that out of the Conference
will come an even greater commitment to
pursue the aims and objectives of
Soropti mist International.

"To serve is to love," he said, "In
/ 7 unstinting and self-
S less service we get
joy for ourselves
P and we give
muchh needed
Happiness and hope
/ to those
whom we


Because of the
high ideals of serv-
ice of the Soroptimists, he said, it seems to
him that the members of Soroptimist
International are well placed to make a
significant contribution towards the
fashioning of a united Caribbean in which
every man, woman and child will be able
to make the fullest use of their abilities,
and, setting aside insular prejudices, vill
be given every opportunity to serve for the
benefit of the region as a whole
The Road Ahead
For the people of the Caribbean the road
ahead in the immediate future will become
more rugged and inimical to progress, Sir
Paul said, because the world is becoming
increasingly complex and uncertain.

In these days, the Governor General con-
tinued, vhen family traditions are flouted,
when standards of propriety have taken a
low dive, when our children are crying out
for help amidst a torrent of drugs, child
abuse and increasing teenage pregnancy,
we shall have to turn increasingly to the

- ---

The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 24th August 1991 Page 13


Cyprus High Commissioner
Presents Letter

1Mr Andreas M..:'ponmnati-, High Coin-
mir-ionerr of the R.epublic of C"ypr2' to
Grenada presented rh? Letter of Credenc:e
to Governor General Sir P..l Scoon on
24th June 1i ..

Preliminary Count of 1991

Accor-inig to the G... nmer. ffr-.m.t.i' :-
S-rvice (GIS), the preliminarLa- count of the
-.1 P:p.l.i.:,n & Housing Censu-s indi-
,.ets that Grenada .- 7. has a popi..Li,.ion of
90,964 p.r':., an ire... of 2.1% as
compared to the 1981 Crriu.-L. figure of
'-:' 088.

A sop,:_:l:.? -ir: for the 1s titi."'-:.._ Depart-
r-ent told GIS the 1991 figure is 3,125 less
tian the count ta he i. 1970.

British Training For Police

? i Tenty-four .J.u-d,:,r Poli,'-_ C.',ers_, from
Grtnaa and ee'-_n other mi:'..:,n..rt Police
F:...'. at.tenijed a three-vek training
*..:e'S on traflt Ir-3 nefiet. sponrscred
by the British G ... f..nm.n.

The c':~' which was held in Barb. ',.s in
July, followed a fift-'.,e.kt, training se:'i-n
Inm tr':i.:. i 'ana e for 21 re-ional n::ri-
commi:, i ei-i.Z. sd ,-f : '......

The course for non-c rrinr[.in.ed officers
was also sposvoreAd by the British

ROC Management Seminar
For Industrialists

SMr Tfi Ha,?_ Direc:.:: of Grea,.
armnent M1nufai .u rer Ltd MxA Mrs
:iron Hurst, Producti:r.-Q'.ality Av .
e Super vis :.r fr Abbot G-en..: Ltd$

left. Gren--id on August 1st for the
Pepubli.: of C;him: (ROC) on Taiwrm to
attend a si_ :-wi.. senmrer on "Product-
ivit. & F-acto
This seminar, p-:---ored by the ROC, was
,cridu.d,,. by Ihe "China Prodluetivity

New Deeds Recording
System For Grenada

A new D e; R.o rdi.g System, financed
'.mnder the Carit- _en .7Tcti:.e Improvement
Pr-.:.jct (CJIP) of the United S-tat: Agency
For hIntrn.ti:. -a Developm.nt, was
officially ope.i. at the F.gisx'y of the
High Courtin Grarada on Arlust. 23rd.

CJIP, lai.uched in 1986, has three compo-
nenkt. One is a UIS$17.8 million grant to
the Cave Hill Cnampus of the UrJivrsity of
the West Indies (UWI), another is a
Please See NEWS SHORTS Page 14

i;ner strength of the Cari+..i. ":mai
for renewal, hope and a ho.ven of

'YoBu &r fommzu, sY &rop55ra,
as leders yo par eors righl, 4 ol
OAlFy is Far homes but f.f your
communities "e Sr Paul told te
Cofafereawcq "ys As a S r&Ye
re -ibfity o pto fy your pur4
noMt jst i 6 4e JDte raiton of i&e
Caris%'6as 1 77 more par i_-ilarly
in the upif&meInt aindf e m etter-
meat of or C ribbear people.

Thi? Co, f'rec-.: which runs from 18th
to 25th A- is being aittnrded by some
60 delegates f....m Soroptirmst Clubs in
Iihe Turks & Ca 'os ila:is, Jamaica,
Antigua, Anguilla, S ,rbal:, St Vincent
..u Trii- d &, 1 To.--o.

Al.:o .attelfdir,_- the Conferien'ce is Mrs
Jane Barrie, Presider-. of Sc.-r. p iiift.
International of CGr.m Britain and.
Ireill- ,d.
t!S ..?^g^ +j . ..~iMI

S-' ) 0 CO Alui7G K1UDI7:

i -age 14

Saturday 24th August 1991

JEWS SHORTS From Page 13
'1"4 million ri "i .t. o Ith Gor'Inent
of St Kitts for cc eristrton of a nev.
;ic.d cormpl-... ard the tlhrd, is a USi.8
million fpr '- .. i ':'nen' for Tm-zi'-i.

Th- compD:.nri. i.'. iy IUWI is
- :-.-d to str '--: I.en the legal -7.-.,er- in
a".n I Beliae -n, in i.H Ofer coi.u-
,ries of : ', CI'.:-:i of East Caribbe.p:tr

Young Offenders Facility For

ren.'rJ \ is to receive aa." '- of -'"r half a
L"- i:, EC d:K',- fr...i. th E'.. ..:p .
u:V* 'r" CorcL' ir and T.[ R 'i_,,4d
Flow ship Inr.-:--.", a United King-
dom bt'ed. charity or.jri s*n.'i.

. -:rding to i? GO'.'er3rn, n InT:.rm.tion
:S-- e, the ..-tri.':-y of L:b,:- ur, Saci:L
-.u ,:,, C ,nrumnivD e..wl,.opm..7 n and Co-
oper..- i-. is :'.rl:ir. with a nVlyV estab-
ishd Richn,.:... Fellowship of Grenrca, to
s.Ke this .r.-:it to pro..-ie a resideii-d and
S.--: f,.ili for :.n, offenderi .

Lil the pr.-:' time, ':r"u, offenderS' are
at the

S.- Service Lew Yields

iC$2. 17 m~Arilson

The National D,-,f Service Levy ielded
CI$2,17 million during the flir. si:-
i,.-..r.:^ of this year.

his- been .-.:-u.'icd by t1..- Govern-
ien- '.r ,'t:".-n "- i:- which ;ta;es
-..1 ,, n.. the ,.. pt-iod, Gov~rnment
ent $15.02 mi on on the "e1" ' of
oL- .:i4 debt

The Grenada Newsletter

ROC Agricultural Mission
Plants Special Varieties

Mr S H Lai, Hrtiu.tuir..: Speciaiist attach-
ed to 1he? Chilnese Agricultural Mission to
Grenada, -as ir'.r-.,duced several nev, high
quality, rities tq the land

A press rels from te Errbay of he
Republic oif a on Taivan lists these
varieties. as a specific ki.~' of passion fruit,
speci:d v'.ities1 of gingr, D ,,,'.,
:'.,:. .'r s and ja^-,.,j grass

Second Fiscal Cadastral
Survey Launched

The Gra.n;:.da Govour l _:'ffici-, ,l.tunch-
ed, on Augusst 16th. a Cadastral Survey
which will last one year and is estimated o
cost EC $1.079 million.

At the launching cer-..oy, nyL.iiiter of
FinnUire, Mr Brizan, said i- main
obij'pctive of the u'.'vy is to help the I"Tri,
Revenue Department to re-,conMsr'.ct rec-
ords which vere des'a-.:ed by fire ,ri-rn
the G'--Virit'ii C pl:': vas burnt out on
April 27th 1 D0.

The .survey is fmdAed by the Orguaisaton
of Arneric-anm States aszr ill employ 100
persons divided into twe,.! :e-r.

American Airlines Adds
Daily Flight To Grenada

In repr,.e to icretdJ p.ssen.^r de-
m.utid, AnPric-i Airliie. has .ided a
re.ond daily n,.n-,-'c rliht to Gren.da,
oper-fti.v' out of San -, Pue.rt- Rico
between 1st and 30th A1,-.s

ter Hughes
?'lth August 1991
F:-inted & Pu ijhe, By The Propriet:.r
Alier Hcles ..eri.iT ,f
2f Scott Sreet, St GeorgesGrenida.
(PO.- .: 65: Ph.i [809] 440 25.:. Cables HUSON, Grenada)

0OM ,R-RY-




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