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The Grenada newsletter
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St. George's, Grenada, West Indies
A. & C. Hughes
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Twenty no. a year
completely irregular
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Began in 1973.
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Description based on surrogate of: Vol. 11, no. 1 (Jan. 22, 1983); title from caption.

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.U.W.I. CP'F. "' ,ARY

Te &radg

Vo 1me 19 Saturday 13th July 1991 Number 12


. 0 Chronicle of Events ------.....---..... 2
0 The Appeal Court Judgement... 3



2 Sdt~day 13th JUly 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter

-mmih I (M iMLT A

i 1983
S:C:. ; 13thL^ r:: Minister I.4.u-ric" Bi:-
;-:.p p..:.i, .-:.,_'-:- .-,=u arrest.
1Oct.:.*er 1'Ath F:ire ; ii:.'ter Maurice Bis-
hop freed from house arrest;

jFort P..r: ,:Ted by 7inm-
|'.:e, er, : tme, carriers.
.2 0 .. ," -rt.

i- O .:,er ih "Rescue Mission" by Unted
States .:-t Caribbean Forces

19 84
June 27th

July 1st

August to
SCem'rr h- "

- -1. 4tth

A1 cril 14th

rtil 16thr

. April 1 b ;- .
April 22-nd

l ;

Ipnl ..9th
ipu ht

Preliminary nqA, ii. bein sc

Court retains legal C:!.uvel
t r, _e. i':u 1 T. 2 ....

.-s of -- .nc. *. .i;ins .
filed and 1-_erd in High Court

".24 Acti..; Chief Justice Denis

. .::: -..- er i riai starts
CDe.rce. T-.-' . i:. i-ure:
J. ,." .
partial -*il r .A f .??ue.

T'i Ju..i ,''r ? : to all-'*"
r-efence Tean t- o wit- r..'
partially fromcase

r -T- ..

A.:-:'.e initia pr-.t: : of

i:;-rto ir:; _:- Court p:.: '.-;-_

The jury :_=:-:, +iie-n

S.: '.i.. a coi:.ition l par-

Ffrstwiness ~
Jury .;i;a1i.;~-~

1986 (Conird)
July 8th

July 16:IL

July 17th:

October 2n0

Oe t...ber 20d

Novieb-r 3rd.

Last v.:itL:;. testifies.
Prosecution :l:'.s case
Acc.ixze-:? ile.U on to make
their defence. First
,:C.C-i'J makes unrisorn
statement .:. r 'in dock.
Cremnad;.i Gi 'rnment app-
lies to r'ejin Supreme
C:..urLt. of the Or
of East Caribbe:an Sai.e-
Last ac:..ed makes mn-
sworn statement from dock.
Accused decline to address
Pse- ri Leader begins
to address J.ry

Prosecution Leader
address to jury


N,'-..rneir 19thTrial J' begins sumn-
mingup. for jury

De4embe t.-, Trial Judge crmp-letes sum-
ming up

Jury retires to consider and
return,.rr verdict.
Appeal Court, under Presi-
dent J 0 F Haynes, sits for
first time.

De -r. l-r 2 ;,rth President dies.

T-ijij'2 I'

S'ch 30th 1'th

Recr t i3;i:.ted: Appeal
Court, iuder President Sir
Frederick Srath, -;its for
first ti:a.
Defenc: completes :ubmirns-

Pr..:.? ,,:,:; _-, t. f.:t a rc y!

S.ptm_ er 11th Pr. eci: .n ends ,rply


A11.d 10th

.July i j2th

13th Defer>, starts final sub-
19th Defen-e o:,plete final sub-
rnsSions. Court adjo-rwns.
Appeal Court star. d'eliv-
ery of I.ement
Appe..L C rt.comrpletes
deli.ry of jd d.geen'

May :30th

i age 2

Saturday 13th July 1991


The Grenada Newsletter

SThe Gr da NeVsletter Saturday 13th July ii Page 3

| ? -J i -s+r Maurice Eish,,p lost
S-- i;-t. o s.,pe the gal-
-ha the GOr'i.:1a Court
S-.: handed down its
,.-.of ..y th.

?-. gwI;y = ^mI 1~-ee tyi .
... '.-.--r. a. fr Ie t eB.n Cuva.'t

.-.., ... of ssrdfer. T -e C<.> "f
.' :..-, '/ o',no of f& accused,
j+," ~,"'^ sguly+ d freed /,vy the
i .,. r8-f J,_ bees seat Ito deah1 J

SSHe '; Appel beg-an : n 30th May
b-efOre aCc l dof Guyanes Je
i-.. "at.- J.O.F.Haynes, E..-,'.da:.-1 a ,
| P srFd r -.d ith and- ir ln

1c:"' had complete
rt P- 're-- L:.. E i,-' in Sir
Sn - ":: f re-t, r t ,7ith hirm 'v,.r.

I ...'.- cy an, An_.i,.;~ m Justice Tidme

.-gemsr+ n Was Awaited
..... ,.-- ':,'.ds of Appeal to be
:- -: 122 ..::;ti_ days (the
th Presidents), Defen'-c and
S: .. -:leted ih ii arguments.
'>- So. tremlbier i.--l0 ad.
and July 1I991, the Co-urt's

St.. deliver its jt1iid men It on
S. ,: Oth. It ~va lengthy.
-" .- "- ?: .h judge bti_ c turns

it took f.irtiee ... 7-- forty minutes to
be read, and it. :'"cts far-reaching
research and p ;ai:td-.-:, .-ud.y of the
evid ence surroLoin Bishop's death.

That death to:' .::-: on 19lt. October
19.;;:" It occ.-:= in a bloody incident at
Plesf -:.;' : -G YE NT Page 4

Founded A A: g t -1.973

Su "sc- Sr I-s n

Postage Paid. j ~ ~- Class Air Mail
(InlaP-- ost c -a U-renada)

10 Issues $I15_0 43.00
20 IacUu 2 Ca o_ 3 t 7$7-00

40 Issues 3390--0 $146.00
ADout Z0 I1 'D r' Pu n-s-eti Annuany

I ., -II I. .
. [., ... .. ,- LA IL._



Page- 4 Saturday 13th Ju --- 19 The Grenada Newsletter'

Fort Rupert, Head uart. of the Peoples
Revolutionary Army (PRA) in the heart of
St Ie..:.rgE, and was the trigger -;.ich
1 .auiched the military inter-1r:ior of United
States and Caribbean Forces six days later.


The backgro.ur5d to that i, :c.i-i., that, for
some time, a pcer struggle in Ti ie Ne
Jewel Mo,. rr:-. (-I-.., . n Ei.hop
and the Deputy Prime ,.f:r ,ter, f.ernmrL.
SCoard., had bee n ,.r.:.* in_. The of
i n V a :. by C:.- and a
---,wmon of the .' that Coard ire the
eadership withp il..:.

ie di fSpte spFt NMwarto two c.japs
Gd whou LBhob p -na/lysad "no "1 -to

PRuA, put Zt& Piwa .MAwsrter au-i r
I use ,."res!
. ;.'as on'cy:-_, :ber 7T.h 1 But, six
Slater, on O ber 1 Bishop -
freed be croI Soin "We getV
leader ". th, A..,.. of pr-.:-ple proceeded
Si tri,.uipth "ih Bf i:.:. to Fort P':ipert
! eire die Pr:- E' .ii' m : took ch:,u e.

j A u :ne time, Coard, -.ippfrt.d by tlhe
PRA. took up a po;i;.. at h' ERA c.arup at
Fort Frederick. two ;-Jle- : :ftide St
|.. ,-"e's, fr. r.. hichp:', iree armourecd
persc iuel .:: rs were 'nT to a.t..:? :
bishop at Fort Rupert,

Using automatic weapons and rocket
launcher-, the PRA detail bornbaraed the
Fort, killingg a sih unikno.n nurrf-ier of
Crenadizn.M Other- lost their lives as,
temptingig to escape the hail of bullets, they
le.1apt to their deaths from the 30-foot hig-.
.w -1. of Ih- Fort.
Trial Was Based
The;e i-trims forined no part of the murder
trial. That trial was based on the e::t.hs of
eleven persons, three of "-h'orn .h'?ien the
Fort was .att-;ked., ,ere with Eisho:,p and
.others in the PRA Operations Room,
l'.,c:ated on the loCwer paraJe :.qwre of Fort
Rupert. Those three persons rwre Avis
Fer susn, Vincent Noel and MnumIna

Foreuson died during ibe attack, having her
butt:c1:., shot off. One fitness at the trial,
I'.-izs Merlnm Rul-e.r.., reported Spea-.i:g to
1 .:-. .f.ter.- the attack. He vas ue, then
in the legs and lying on the round at the
lower parade squ.,tre, and it is uncleaz how
he died. Belmar was shot in the head
.urnM- the attack and died at the General
H..-Spitl on November 4th 1983.


Af._r the attack, Eish.p and 'evei, others
"'-re arrested and ialzTe up to the inner
p:r.ide square of Fort. Rupert where they
were lined up .ai.-nst a :-.JlJ. The seven
vere Creft, Minister for
Ed,.i-...,n, Unison W."'iftermiv, F .,'eign
Please See JUDGEMENT Page 5

"The Gr -nada NI--letter Sat
|J DGMENT Frim Page 4
S. :::r ?~:.. Minister of He -ith,
F.ryB..- ...... of A i ural
& c^ 'y Workers Uri :n ;nd a member of

EA.r- : ei-h H ?---4 and Cecilj M1it,

- .1 .

! The -' :e is B.- L PRA First Li-.i! n.:nt.
t: iatt- n *f C--: Conuttee had.
-' .: "- : -A f executed by fire".

a tat n Bernard to Police,
^.- pairl a gr..-..: i : e of F,-.-: ;i's last-

"1 gave '" co:'. :--..f ', .'S 'i p:' preparee to
fir^' ^ Fire ." B-rd i^.: "On orx
;o:. - I giving U- conmranid.

1-1 a : .. n;4d .
vait iwait hold on.' Tahe L.- -.'-m
on 2:;::'.: me and 1s so.di.r ".;;h

urday 13th July 199i Page 5

,he AK (sl.-.1:,i;;2.; ...1:; on the .-qu.j'!
.ith me and I i: -.5 togeti "i. The bodies
fell ba.::".:'"., some fell do.n slow and
some fell down ."

Ace. ',in, to evidne gipen at the trial, the
bodies Vere. to the PRA c::p at|

they ,ere thr ... i::.o a pit and set on fire.
Lacv Of Evidence
Or bi ''\i;' ^'*-::*t- fE-^ ns rT -:h.;f d I
.i,: these mur.r .: a reliminary
--upry f,;---- to a .-' .:i tlhe UIrji
t.7: -rand T- vas held before
-strSate ("..-- L;l StPaul. As a
result of 3j --2-:' one p'r;'., lan St
Beri,.'d, a PRIA "Major Cnrsi
of Police, was f-.- for t.:. of evi_-nce

The 19 :thr '...e in-dictd on eleven
counts of murder. 7:-? a reult of the
attack on the Fort--, and- u of Eight
ho vere .m.a. --.. --"d after the attack.

T e- 19 *:. on trial -'.r :-
..1) Andy' -'"-I 19., PRA fco. .: J.i er
2)/ Vircent .- -h, 31, PRA foot soldier
3) Cai,.st. "Abdullah P "rrd,24, PRA

-4 C .-.. .:. _,. .V+ Rich.!,,_.:,.-26, foots-ldi- r
S5) Lester "G,:." R. ,-hea- 23, PRA C:--,T,

(7) "^-.-*:*--.*- Gat-ci_. 4PRA WVr Cffi:?
8) Hudson A. r ,RA G PnAi
o r d C -P., D uty Pi e Midnister
uj u-am . w-- a'.:n l- P A Lieutenant Cc.: .

(12) 71 Anthony V;^: ou?, Secretary of OGn

Political F.5-^ ,and Central Com ittee.
.(13) "Tan" -arth... ,I PRAC .ptain.

and 8 -T(:,.^-e 5 FAC9 T-7-r
(15 lCo !ville Kae 7 .f i -tte,27, 1... 0f 9' .'T-

I -- : .:-. Minister of 1, .1.bilisation &
Labo and Member o'. : f the Nr-1 Cen'tr
-Co -l.. e $ Political E .u :. ,
(1!:) ... Coard, Head of --- 7: : ,r.'s
O :i. a td : .. r-. e Central
uConm in ee J.- 1d C.'.. .s,
(.. Ci: F .-:rime, -RA Lit_ .'--->u.'
(9) NSI4.... PRA First L-e ir :,:
-(A -a S- 1983P)e
Please See JUDJG-ME-NT Page 6

- --- --- ----

agOa St- iday 13th July 1991 The Gr~ada Nwsletter

.1 IDGEMEN4T From Page 5

The^ trial '. on -ri 1-: under
1-e.g Dernis Byron ?n. was -.:;,:--cd
|from 'he Supreme Court of the

-n-ed :- ,- C. o .. er of. u:. .... year.

The: D 'efence '-- ,e :.4e. by T-civ.,.:.-&i
barrister Mr lan R;"r : as r~uvin

--- a team of i:10 b.e-MOa..d
-tunred. for l-., n,=_., +::e of the ,
-.1,e' .' ere unable, fii'\~.-_+?, to r-..i,
i Coimsel.

Without Lega3 R re-,..ation
But p for the period 4th
e 7 r.... i. to" "z
t h *o 1-5t L1. Apri, in n
legal rep *:.:t.0 -^ "
: . the trial.

oaut. because k ?:-" hiad
I aisen in the Court a
Contention y the Defence
T I- the T;i h.:,uld be
stopped i th, Court. of0
I 'peal had .~-e on a
- otion filed by them 1 ::
..the G. :2 ".;r' r r?!".n

-* ---a4:ii a LI .4 .


'- ge Byron refused to stop 1, uMIr
Ie ial and, on ith April, Mr
Rasa informed the Cirt that on
the i 1truction- of the a--ccused, "All
C-,'o.:l Vil i vithdrav from the
"--rt a, ths point in the case and
--_:. no part n any s- posed trial
-ce.edig _,i- he A-opeal of the
A:,p-lc.t.s to the Cou- of Appeal,
'n+ovi.g cc 11z-- tioL 1 j-isdiction
.. "- L Cr as w. heard and

..mi-ed. t
.+R said the ---E- Team ould
". ; t- c e.t a. ..:1. . ... d ; tL
,: A .- +--ut -.: ". + "iiot co-operate with Gu:

-* ... .. + it-r' - -
: -- : 7:, .- ,e see *-

age n. refused to pz-: the .:- -
T -: .to ithd,-."-- rr ..-rn the Tr : i 'i-l- still

maintaining their -eser-taio:n of the
accused in the Appe.a The action of
C1u'se!., he said, vas in direct .- of
his On' -; r that the Trial should ;: :-d, and
he threadienld COnCnA r: of C':irt f-eed-
ings against them.
Must Have Miszderstood
After a weekend -i Mr Ramsay
told T:.,e : '.:,:,- on April l: Lp, :.,.t te
(, .:..) m ust 1. -- .. ... the
po siionof heDeDfence T-r.:;.
"You .'. 1 -tho' ,e inte)p ded to
-.'hd:' termporari.," he told .e Court,
"but we wiqsh .. -"ijhd;, -'.--

The :.-fe:.: T '. -.
at this point a d the
._cc e..,". .er:-e ,-_ :. from
this tnies or.',r' and for
the dPura on of the trial
spent liMW e lime in Court.

With the os c .:i.u- of their
Counsel, they Deb- lred. their
.n .. ,in-co-o ei':' 1,i the
C,.-.e't ?iaf 'i -i. - .,y to
._.... p. the ..... ;r .e of the
.ea t:'.-j bv ,:-fo -. :g, Pc:oppin
*7--,:h, s.. vih ,':

1cNISTER The T:i- Judge t ie_, first
Sf ,d afll, f ,).., the situation
by itiung then for on. ci::t an-, :en th!is
failed, he e:: I ed, th .....-. -he court-
O'.m.. th Lhe1' A i d-is r ,utive_ .
pP, .S'ti,-c.e ..
Was In The -3 r:s
The Pr::e,.cutiorin ":, in th rdsm of Trini-
.m barrister r HudsonF ; Phillips
.'-. W hith ..,.- ehia .: . C, re-
adia's Cire.:,t.:-r of Public -:: ':'. and
G'uyaesi e 1h. Dood: .c 4- :- Iri+
.:ne1 (the G.': = .. ". of

Of th 19 .: .-'e, one.. Fat.-i G.:,riel,
became a for the P'iurosecution in
return for a v..on .c. -f:' h:-:, Raeburn
Ne..... as freed I .

O_ t-i rem:mi. i ,, 17. .... .n.y it:h&1
2 .L... JoseP a Dj C osm, S_ Richar,: 4TI-, the
Ploeie ooe JUDREMEIT Pace


The Grenada Newsletter Saturday 13th July 1991 Page 7

I ctual executioners ': f the ,:'.' of Eight,
were forai gi ., of i-^Lri,.I.91br
SMiitchel on 8" cc-un:. (the Grc:.ip of Ei,'t.)M
u the two -n all eleven counts.

T e ... '- ii
. -- '.-, -: :-. .;: H: : ._ ,.s

. 11 .1 --.-.... - .
a .iz:-, .as _a-- of ,

6, ai.ld ri V ,B

1 -- c4 T [T

|- .- 1.r 1a n"'' ,' .. '. ... i '
n _. '

. stld t e dc:--' h.'I t. 9, .. i F
-n-, t : V_ 4-- .

- l) oth e of tie c:ra.,. ,

1", the rema.r1, i-4

.^vas .. ..1.ty on 9.
counts, JudIge ha,

.-- 2 "--.._' for hIm "'",
d..-T to the deaths of

1Ilh t 7 BLT

r : -
- 7 r U i, l

- i ......- .. .

:a__ .-! a ac o Fo pert

.s t roiup of Eight later rn.-:'re-
n;..2_"'-.--,. o 1._ : ^rade sq are-

At the he.-irin' bef'- : eh- Court of Appeid,
le ,-, s ...t., .-.. for the Pr..-cution w7as
the ,-:: as at ..-- tr.:. Pe.;pri ..a-ion
for the Deferrc was ..-' e as at the
start of the T:i) addition of
Guyanese Mr Clar.ern Hughes, _,ern:'r
C,: -,e:-l, who was retained by Hud-',:ri,
A ."i. lin.
ConfirmEad The Sate nce
' jiudgeir~t~ of the C.urt of ApFt" l
CrfirImed the sentence of r slaughter on
8 counts (tlhe Gro'.- of Ei-ght) against Andy
'1 [Jhell The ,_--r::e of rn.laughter
.-.-i b, b,.h :.- ?l.- ,t Joseap Cand ,:- :
Ric! ar1 -:-,n with reference to the first 8
c.:1_,u (the Group of Ei ght) vere
c: .irmre, h.-. their -, '..; against th~
other count,'- ":- '`1: died in h
: .:_.) vere al. red.


..' r,* for F l;,- :-., v :-:.'., -.- -.,^ y
interred 3-.;:.. for i:-.:- ai r' l

"Fou n nre/ty you .- t' brou hO

McTy 'tI

ir c-^ ..'..onM? 10th. thei --:- fir t d1, oin
_, ,

Pleae _-e -: -HMElT Page 8

Page 8 Saturday 13th July 1991 The Grenada Newsletter

should have been ic..und. guilty of murder,
not manslaughter. He said, however, that
the Appeal Court does not have the power to
vary the jury's verdict.


Judge McKay, too, presentin_ Ar- section of
he judgement, related details of events at
i the time of the e:ecui -n of the Group of
SEight which give an into the mind of
I, by h1:-:h insight the Appeal Court
v .s influenced in its pirin as to the ver-
dict. wui'ch should hz-v.e been returned
Had Been Lined Up
The ei'.idence shows : t F..Tr Bishop anid
his Group b.. 1 tee. inedJ up against the
wall, just before they ,,ere nrhine-
guimed, 1aq ..elire. Cref, one of the Group,
held up her han and a ;id "Comrades, vait
hil", to wir h :..itchel, respJ-ndpi-1 "No
r tim;e for t-- ".

-.,., n Bi'th,-o:,_ ".mtred his cigarette lit
iand soni.e m,..-ed to -.lie hinim Mitchell
had "v'~ei that perioi, off -ith 1-ii gun,
y1 R "No f. .in Pri. Minister i,,,. "

Commenting on Mitchell's behavi-
our, Judge McKay said vith some
.,arcasm, "And that is the gentleman
vho vas convicted of manslaughter."

: fe remaining :c ari..icod persons, i1pir
_etet:'I- for nrd,--r relative to counts I to
f. hte -..r iup of Eight) .,A 9 (F-i ,is..n)
,a 11 v(Elrn.r) vere .:-.f; .irmedi ind tir
.:pp-l agair-t count 10 vere ,.*l.,.
SC.ut 10 refer- to Vincer Noel, the cir,,.un-

stances of hose death are unclear.

Judge McKay said the Appeal Court
had found it "puzzling" that the jury
had found Raeburn Nelson not guilty.
Of all the accused, Nelson vas the
only one who had not joined in the
effort to disrupt the Court by stamp-
ing, chanting and clapping, and the
Judge thought the "not guilty" ver-
dict had been returned by the jury
out of sympathy for his good behavi-
our in Court.

One Ground of Appeal referred to the fact
that the jury was impanelled in the. absence
of the accused vid, r"--" the cion of
the judgement relative to that Ground,
President Srith re.-:'.uited the circum-
Ltanr,,es which accouinted for that absence

He pointed out that the accused had been
absent from the Court because the Trial
Ju.d ye had had to exclude them as a result of
their disruptive behaviour. The President
said also that the state merit and attitudes of
the accused sh Yed clearly that they did not
intend to co-,peratt vi?. "'e Court.
Have The Gall
A.-L. the accused
mnw have the gall
to file a Ground
of that
the .u'y was
not properly
selected, he
".. said


.. 01
* .. : -, ." ,, ; .

T' The President.
f said that, per-
haps, never be-
fore has a jury in
t.he British Com-
:mnnwealth been
lese:ted in the ab-
*rice of the accus-
d,, but there always
has to be a first

JACQUELINE CREFT "4renl."u has
that honour," he sp. It. o-u7id be out- us to allov acc "c persons to frus-
trate their trial."

Please See JUDGEMENT Page 9

The Grenada Nevsletter Saturday 13th July 1991 Page 9


is,' the 'v.".s ;'..:.r ? dcedmg', the a'creisedi
There f'-':- :. y put out- of th courtroom at
Crit.i:. i e. o-f the trial id,, in this con-
.i-: one p--int red up by the Appearl
.Court --.?::-rTiGt is the controver-.:7 over
_!n .p:. ::. ion .of ,-. ,:,n 8 of the Gr.n-.'ia

k% "
*^- 1

-| ......- -... ..A

Tlivt Scti .. if aper ::n accused of
a crmin 1 -.o'. "so 'n.duci: hindelf as to
render t.e t:i: of the Zpr1.ihgs
(of tie i !. r, len; irp,..:ic l,
f" ..c .i h -1 in i i....".

There Is A Proviso
o-eer, th-r is a pr -* r.. i'h says the
'ial r:- take pLlrE in the absi c of the
-. .L /'. ."..''....e t o f

Mhe gvpwt a01 caCC7 "

prrso if their c- ,1; s 4 fourd guilty,
they cor '. not be sentenced bec1i! the tri-d
I ad .: e ..: in their -- ..,e.

if accept. the Applicants
-. -' .- c ot9tion,- .-Judge Kendall
a! T leJads to the conclusion that
Sc .d can effectively frustrate
3i .,: ,r,- oci~eity must be protect. ted
it is .r ta.nt that the innocent be
.e- f; b it is also important that
he ty be r ought to trial."

*. tn-s -:p".:t it appears that the
Appeal Court slr-s. *:i.pirii. r. of thea

Prosecution vhich is ant, .vhen an accrued
person nmisbeha:.'es ax. has to be excluded
from the c:rr'.r om, the trial may take
place in his abT'_ne provided that, in the
event of a conviction, the accused must be
brought: back into Court to be sentenced
Misdirected The Jury
Pridiert. Srmir said the Trial Judge had
misdirected the jury on the subject as to
bit-1--r -any of the accused could have to be .-.ti- in self-defence vhen
they did the acts which they did. In the
face of this, th_ Appeal Court, iTself, had
looked into the. matter, he said, and had
found,: the evid'ene fell far short of what a!e i.u'y could h-ve f,..vld to be self
'efen.ce onthe p .of theac:tried.

In explaining to the jui y vait evidence they
should look for in coming to a d1 cision. as to
.l'h..ther the accused had. a-ted "vith a
c. .rrinon desi." in bringing about the death
of Fish,:,op lid others, the Trial Judge gave
an example.

He pointed to the f-,ct that the accused had
a.c'ed together to clap, stamp and chant to
disrupt the Court and he said this was clear
evidence of acting "with a con::n.o design "

The App% -1l Court ' i.d.e Byron's ex-
.:cuVpit had hber 'unfor."rt" but it could
not wree that .hi: action was so prejudiii:il
-.. to .Offe:t the of the Trial.

.id..Je B'r:.n attr -:te- the criticism of the
Court a:c-.... ith r*efrer.c to a piece of
evidence he allc- -._' to go to the .jiu'y. This
evidence is of a lite,. sent by Prime Min-
i-rE Bishop, then in Cuba, to PRA Lieut-
enant Colonel Liam James in Grenad a
Was Not Connected
in that letter, Bishop -Spo.::l: of a report he
h received of an "assassination plot". The
App'-Ai Court :-aid the evidence was
i,,')n.isibie be: M.',e it ? .:.pird. .ns other
than rhose of the writer i.Euh:p) and it ,as
not ,:,re acted .-:-: any of the .c used

Even thl',ugh e.idi. '-a of '.thi' doc.:m-en .'..:s
w.ronsgly allowed to go to the jury, the
Appe:l Court said, it :.,:i.' not have
influenced the ji'.. sii-c it r-ferred to a plot
to o"verthr."., the P:G, not to ..*-v.:sirite

Please See JUDGEMENT Page 10

j Page 10 Saturday 13th July 1991 The Grenada Nevsletter
I dUDGEMENT From Pare 9

The C'ourt did not consider, President Smith
said, that these errors of the Trial Judge
:ere of sufficient magnitude to invalidate
S.e Trial.

At the end of the reading of the judgement,
the cor.v'icied persons were first taken from
'he C'...-i .d then returned, two by two, to
hear their fate.
Wore A Wan Smile

This report, "together vith such other
information derived from the record of the
case or elsewheree, is to be taken into
consideration at a meeting of the Advisory
Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy,
and, after obtaining the advice of the
Committee, Mrs Purcell "shall decide in her
own deliberate judgement whether to advise
the Governor General" to e3rcise any of
the powers which the Constitution gives

Those powers are wide. He may grant a
pardon to the convicted person. He may
order a delay in the execution of the sent-
ence, he may substitute a less severe form of
punishment or he may remit the whole or
any part of any punishment.
Must Exercise These Povers
According to the Constitution, the Govern-
or General must exercise these po.vers in
accordance with the advice given him by
Mrs Purcell. Informed opinion is that she
is likely to take the matter to Cabinet and
that the advice given the Governor General
in her "own deliberate judgement" vill re-
flect a Cabinet decision.

An informal spot-check of opinion state-
vise indicates little sympathy for the
convicted persons and a desire to have the
e::ecutioris carried out as soon as possible
A typical attitude is that these persons had
no mercy when they were in over, least of
all when they committed the murders, and
there is nothing to justify being merciful to
them now.

Another widespread feeling is that the Trial
and Appeal have cost Grenada a large sum
of money, and to do anything now but carry
out the eecutiio-ns will increase the cost by
the amount required to house and feed the
convicted persons.

Exr ept for Phyllis Coard who vore a van
smile, they were all subdued with drrawn
I faces. As the President read the verdict of
"-., Court to each, one, saying at the end,
"Take him out", they boved and were taken
away quietly by the police guards Most
vere silent, some said, "Thank you, M'hud",
oA her.- a i-rnple Thank you".

I or were there any ou.tbursts of emotion
from their friends and relatives who were
in the court-ro-i:m The feeling of anti-
cl ire:x vas strong..

Under Grenada's present Court System,
introduced by the PR G after the revolution
of 1979, there is no appeal from the
decisi,:. of the Appeal Court. There can
be, h,,,,ever, action by the "Advisory
C n-rLjrtte9 on the Prerogative of Mercy"
-:hich, at this time, is he.:aded. by Minister of
'T1. u'rir ..frs JoanPurcell.

7ith her in that Committee are the
Aftorne- General, Mr Francis Alexis .and
. an Friday, Chief Medical Officer, both
-,:tv? There are also three citizens on
Committee, Carnon Leopold Baynes, an
AZgliicanm clergyman, Mrs Judith Palrier, a
ioD,.eviife and Mr Jerome Joseph, a

Get A Written Report
'- rd n, to the Constitution, when anmy
...rsn.. h1, been sentenced to death for an
'-er., Mrs Purcell must get a written
-p:ort from--the trial judge, in this case,
e J e.- Pyron of the Supreme Court. of
"e Or ..s -tt ion of East Caribbean States


Al r Hfughes
1 July 1991
Printed & P blushed By The Proprieior
Alister Hughes, Journalist,
Of Scott Street, St Georges,Grenada, Westidies
(P.O.Box 65: Phone [8091 440 2538: Cables HUSON, Grenada)

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